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MAGA nut cases are not happy that Sheriff did not hold door for TFG

Justice Clarence Thomas's megadonor friend collects Hitler memorabilia - report

Gov. Greg Abbott backs call for pardon for Daniel Perry, who killed Austin protester in 2020

I feel terrible.

Isaac "Redd" Holt Unlimited - Flo

Could Mary Peltola(D-AK) win a US Senate Election in AK?

Ecuador eases access to guns amid spike in violence

Ecuador eases access to guns amid spike in violence

N.H. House passes cannabis legalization bill, sends measure to Senate

It's not often someone blows me away with Led Zeppelin covers, but damn this young lady is great!

Virginia Senate Democrats and Gov. Glenn Youngkin clash on tax cuts ahead of veto session

Jerry Vale - Two Different Worlds

VPN and DU question

ChatGPT: Cardiff students admit using AI on essays (BBC)

What in pop music old and new do you really hate?

Anti-'cancel culture' Republicans in hiding after expulsion of Tennessee lawmakers

Hummingbird Nestlings

Mr. Lee Grant - Yo Yo

Gloria Johnson. Saved from being expelled by the Tennessee

Texas judge's ruling to ban mifepristone nationwide cites Wikipedia, contains pro-life talking point

Fmr. Sen. Doug Jones on the Tennessee 3 and how GOP supermajorities stifle dissent - Velshi - MSNBC

Anonymous posts they have many GOP pornhub accounts.

Leak of secret Pentagon documents on Ukraine sparks probe, raises fears of more to come

MORE CORRUPTION: Harlan Crow made a $500,000 contribution to Ginni Thomas' Liberty Central

Why Ukraine is finally kicking out the Russian church

Blue Mountain Meadow Pond

Mayor closes museum of memories in battle over story of Peru's violent past

Mayor closes museum of memories in battle over story of Peru's violent past

ChatGPT Can 'Corrupt' a Person's Moral Judgment, New Study Finds

Chicago man who stormed Pelosi's office on Jan. 6 found guilty as new details emerge

Ron DeSantis after messing up with Disney the first time around, vows to get it right this time

rush - spirit of radio (toronto rocks - 2003) crowd looks like about 200,000 strong

There was an active shooter incident at Christiana Mall

Watchdog accuses Leonard Leo of funneling $73M in non-profit funds

Eddy Arnold - The Streets of Laredo

Nashville council set to vote to reinstate Justin Jones to state House - MSNBC Reports

Florida's Ron DeSantis threatens Disney with tolls and taxes

AI like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and voice-cloning tech is already raising big fears for the 2024 election

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Former cast member Molly Shannon returns tonight to host Saturday Night Live for

Tweet of the Weekend

Reaction to Texas Abortion Pill Ruling: Outrage, and Muted Praise

Israeli spy chiefs led secret revolt against Netanyahu overhaul plans, leaked documents say

AL: NAACP files suit challenging racial gerrymander of Jefferson County Commission.

7 Black People Killed After Cops Falsely Discover a Gun That was Never There

Officer who shot his sergeant: 'I thought he was going to rape me!'

Can't Find My Way Home- Blind Faith 🌙

Iowa attorney general halts payments for rape victims' EMERGENCY contraceptives.

Acoustic Type O Negative - Wolf Moon

Taiwan threat from China serious, House GOP chairman says


Iowa won't pay for rape victims' abortions or contraceptives

'It was heartbreaking' - Ukraine children back home after alleged deportation

Washington Senate passes assault weapons ban, HB 1240 returns to House

What if Rammstein wrote Livin' on a Prayer

With more costs to come, Shasta County will spend $950,000 on new voting system

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust (A&E Live By Request 2002 & live in London, July 1973)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Nashville vs DC....

Johnny Thunder - Loop De Loop

Assault weapon ban passes Washington Senate

Ben Ferencz: Last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor dies, aged 103

Pete Buttigieg's Trump smackdown surges into spotlight - Brian Tyler Cohen

Plastics In Contact with Our Food May Be Making Us Gain Weight: Hormone Disrupting Chemicals

Morning Joe & his crew ridicules MAGA Republican politicians for false criminal conservatism & more.

New Democratic Star RISES UP after DESPERATE Republican Stunt - Meidas Touch

How to understand competing medication abortion rulings

Rev. Barber bringing Moral Monday to Nashville on April 17

"...this brings us closer to a democracy, which y'know, that is not a good thing."

Spring is officially here!! I spotted my first dandelion!

I was looking for information about an item I have

Daft Punk, One More Time, 2000. Saturday night techno music to dance to

Nazis hang banner in Orlando

Humans, SMDH... 76 year old Grandmother raped and murdered on PA bike trail.

From Ukraine, a soldiers story... CBS Saturday Morning... This one got me...

Grieg's 'Nordic Melody in Folk Style'

DOJ seeks nearly 16-year sentence for Jan. 6 rioter who pinned officer in door frame

08 Apr: footage: Ukrainians hit Russians with HIMARS - Reporting from Ukraine

Nancy Northup: Mifepristone opinion out of TX 'has zero basis in law and fact' - Velshi - MSNBC

Difference between ojyama shimasu and shitsurei shimasu in Japanese

North Carolina: Bill to limit Gov. Cooper's sway on key panels clears Senate

Memphians talk Pearson ousting: Pearson confirms re-election plans

Ask a Japanese Teacher - When to use OTSUKARE-SAMA?

Ron DeSantis Gets Slammed by New Trump Attack Ad! - Luke Beasley

Pink Floyd - Us and Them

Ben Ferencz, the last Nuremberg Prosecutor has gone to honored glory today.

Ben Ferencz, the last Nuremberg Prosecutor has gone to honored glory today.

My 9 year old granddaughter just told me I can't dance.

Sunset Remnants

Conflicting rulings put abortion pill access in limbo - MSNBC Reports

One Sundae 🍨 Saverio Mercadante's 'Flute Concerto'

The Marjorie Taylor Greene Insults You Didn't Hear on 60 Minutes The Daily Show

A Tale of Two Lawsuits: What you need to know about the abortion medication rulings

The WSJ is very upset with ProPublica's choice of "words and phrases"

'This is a crisis in our country:' State lawmakers react to abortion pill rulings - MSNBC Reports

Jon Stewart HUMILIATES Republican in Blistering Interview!!!

I could NOT be prouder of being in WA State right now.

James Comer Makes a Fool of Himself Responding to Trump Indictment! - Luke Beasley

69 years ago today

StarWars Celebration Asoka unseen footage

Trump Risks Being DETAINED With New THREATS - Meidas Touch

In April, 2008, I drove into Orange County and there I found this:

Alice In Chains - Down in a Hole - MTV Unplugged

Remarkable Rabbits on PBS

I recieved a chilling voicemail from my bestie


Ukraine brings back 31 children from Russia amid war

Gov. Abbott calls for pardon of Daniel Perry - KVUE (ABC)

Stop using Konnichiwa when meeting your friends

Ink hadn't dried, sentence hasn't been given and

We're one step closer to reading an octopus's mind

Gov. Greg Abbott announces he will push to pardon Daniel Perry who was convicted of murder

Another police to the wrong address killing

Thabo Bester: 'Facebook rapist' who faked death arrested in Tanzania

LIPSTICK 2017.02.05 @ Meguro ROCKMAYKAN, Tokyo

"The View" Host Predicts Republicans Won't Win Anymore National Elections! - Luke Beasley

Push to reinstate ousted Tennessee lawmakers - ABC News

SNL: Trump Easter Cold Open

Jerry Brown says he'd primary Biden if he were younger

Republicans pull ILLEGAL MOVE in plain sight

Tennessee lawmakers protesting gun control laws is 'textbook civil activism': Expert - NewsNation

'The Russians are afraid'; Confident Ukrainian soldiers showcase weapons in Donetsk - Times Radio

Gun deaths among U.S. children and teens rose 50% in two years

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about doomsday planes and Facebook memes....

The Hideous Resurrection of the Comstock Act

Here we go again...

New Doo Review

Tesla workers shared, mocked drivers' car camera footage, lawsuit says

Trump Faceplants Responding to Wisconsin Supreme Court Election! - Luke Beasley


Rimsky-Korsakov Russian Easter Festal Overture

Jeff Tiedrich tweet of the very early morning:

Foreigner Habits That the Japanese HATE

Jimbo's Lullaby - Debussy

A picture is worth 1000 words - Easter weekend 1973

3 by Rachmaninov Sacred Choral Selections (One of Kievan Melody)

China launches series of military exercises off coast of Taiwan

Something interesting I have found on the changes to the upcoming hurricane season

What Can We Do About Gun Violence? The Problem With Jon Stewart Apple TV+

9 warships and 71 jets encircle Taiwan - WION

INDIANA JONES 5 and the Dial of Destiny Trailer 2 (NEW 2023)

Powell-Hyde Cable Car 4 @ Hyde Street Cable Car Turnaround San Francisco California

Next time a Trumper Accuses on social media that Biden is weaponizing the Justice Dept. Post this....

California's reservoirs refill after historic storms, but snowmelt poses risks - PBS NewsHour

SNL: Weekend Update

China adds fuel to border dispute fire, India Story - WION

Sunday Funnies 4/9/23

The Lawless Ruling Against the Abortion Pill Has Already Prompted a Constitutional Crisis.


Which states are the most and least obese?

Witches and herring: Seven traditions that reveal it's Easter in Sweden

Florida sheriff goes on rant against gun laws while announcing arrests in shootings that killed 3 te

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Ether Bunny Edition

Hummingbird - Paper Sculpture

I Support the Second Amendment

30 poems in 30 days

Wordle 659 4/9 ***Spoiler Thread***

On this day, April 9, 1942, Brandon DeWilde was born.

Breakfast Sunday 9 April 2023

Photos: Traditional Ukrainian Flower Crown Headdresses Recreated

On this day, April 9, 1954, Dennis Quaid was born.

Al Franken: Harry Litman - A Panorama of Trump's Massive Legal Problems

On this day, April 9, 1894, Al Jolson arrived in the United States.

Great Blue Heron Nesting

Kissing A Boo-Boo

The Guardian is asking for US readers' reaction to TFG's court appearance

Update on Dumble pedal / And email this morning about a Burny super grade RLG for sale.

On this day, April 9, 1997, Mae Boren Axton died.

Violet-tail Sylph (Ecuador)

Body And Soul

Down Memory Lane with Bush ReTHUGs and the Terri Schiavo case

Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young 🍁

On this day, Easter Sunday, April 9, 1939, Marian Anderson performed at the Lincoln Memorial.

"12-Year-Old Cyclist Vs The Breakaway! Tour Of Britain 2021"

Happy Easter!

Doctor My Eyes - Jackson Browne

Florida is God's waiting room, they say.

There are 49 million registered Democrats in America. If we collected just a penny from each one...

Memphis & Nashville Taxed without Representation

Taylor Swift is single again. Pete Davidson..,

A day trip to Charleston (again) for Easter

5-year-old passenger killed after ATV driven by 7-year-old flips

Easter Greetings DU

Isn't it strange that Jesus is Risen every year?

"Painting Spring" - Dogen

Double-A Rocket City Trash Pandas threw a no-hitter and lost 7-5

"I always wanted to play it down"

This has flown way too far under the radar, as some powerful men probably intended it to do:


Mel Brookes History of the World - Last Supper

Police: Fleeing father dropped toddler who died in brook

Trump gets applause at UFC 287 appearance

The 'Messiah' with a devout, uplifting and inspiring Easter message

Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

who's the bigger pedo?

happy easter du .

New Weekly CO2 Concentration Record Set at the Mauna Loa Observatory, 422.60 ppm.

France: Marseille building collapses, fire stymies rescues

Young Frankenstein in Bologna

One Liberal Senator Fights Back Against Judicial Tyranny

Plotting revenge?

Justice Clarence Thomas's megadonor friend collects Hitler memorabilia - report

Good Morning

What's wrong with this picture?

The real message of Easter?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Finland and Putin's paranoia....

Dimash - Together

U.S. investigates whether classified Ukraine documents were leaked, altered

Celebrate the Anniversary today of

The worst federal judge in America now has a name

Nashville Skyline was released on this date in 1969.

Across the Desk - S7:E13 (OK Sec. of State Ryan Walters and the Autocratic Theocracy)

Republicans Are Freaking Out Because Trump Judge Gave Fifteen Dollars To Biden - Farron Balanced

For some reason; murder laws just don't apply to white men.

my easter tradition.

World's biggest paper airplane?

Mance Lipscomb was born on this date.

Justice Clarence Thomas's megadonor friend collects Hitler memorabilia

Is this baby shower gift done?

Platypus rescue:

Made rolls

How long until they try to ban contraception?

Lamb's ready

Art Van Damme was born on this date.

Carl Perkins was born on this date.

Don't count on forests to sequester all our carbon

when all of the U.S. fascists die

Red States May Thank You Tennessee! The rest of us, not so much

What are the chances Lil Lindsey gets indicted in Georgia?


Fox Host Whines Over 'Violence' of Expelled Lawmakers

Who remembers *this* board game??

An Easter walk down memory lane.. Pysanka Ukrainian decorated Easter eggs..

I wonder what was said after Clarence Thomas left?:

Across the Desk - S7:E13 (OK Sec. of State Ryan Walters and the Autocratic Theocracy)

Roseate Spoonbill - Hint of a Nest

The true meaning of Easter:

Reports: Tesla plans Shanghai factory for power storage

I wonder how many Easter baskets had toy guns in them along with candy?

Anyone With Experience Using Acrylic Clear Gesso?

The paradoxes of identity games are no fun below the minor league level

Because they're all about the kids.


Nearer Blessed Lord - Nina Simone

Frosty, the orange menace's newest attorney,

Senator Richard Blumenthal fractures his femur at UConn victory parade

Better Off by Overcoats, 2023 album Winner

What does a dog get when he eats a clock? we have winners already.

I love how the media puts Bill Barr on TV like he's some impartial observer

Sunday will never be the same - Spanky and Our Gang

Limpkin Parent and Chick

Thinking abut the Supreme Court...

Extending Equations of State to Inhomogeneous Systems.

I think Trump's attorneys know EXACTLY what they're doing on the Mar-a-Lago docs case

What bird is always sad? Mourning Dove or Blue Jay(Blue Bird) Post finished for answers..

The Men Who Ruin Us

Kan. Legislature packages new flat tax rate with quicker end to food tax

Gavin Newsom for President...some day in the future?

Hannity: "Yes he's going to jail ...he was complicit in making sure that he hid his affair"

Northern Lights Over Inside Passage

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 9, 2023)

Misty Mountains Over Skagway

I'm taking a break from meal prep because this is too good a meme to keep to myself

What Fiction are you reading this week, April 9, 2023?

Can Daniel Perry (Texas protestor shooter) be charged federally if Texas pardons him?

In big climate move, EPA set to unveil tough limits on auto emissions

With the latest revelations about Thomas

Did anyone ever get a new outfit for Easter. I remember a dress, shoes, purse, gloves and oh my a

Happy Appomattox Day


'Not going to be bullied': Why DeSantis went after Trump, then retreated

Brooke Shields and the Curse of Great Beauty

Barr says US potentially has 'very good evidence' Trump obstructed justice in classified documents c

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about Clarence Thomas:

Troops Reveal Pact to 'Destroy' Putin's Empire From Within

Pittsburgh Public Schools files federal lawsuit against social media companies

Golden Retriever is proud of his shenanigans:

Easter meal anyone?

The only true Rock & Roll song about Easter that I know:

Majority of Americans Think Trump Committed Crimes

Bunny enjoying a snack:

Iowa Stops Paying for Rape Victims' Morning After Pills

I NEVER doubted Anita Hill, regarding Clarence Thomas.

Trump knows Easter.

This is how the London Zoo celebrated Easter for its animals:

When do the big Supreme Court decisions come out, and what are they?

On April 8, 1941, Mouseketeer Darlene Gillespie was born.

Late Congresswoman Louise Slaughter was raising alarm bells about Thomas and Harlan Crow in 2011

Ousted Tennessee lawmakers say they felt targeted by GOP since Day 1

This is adorable:

Kitten tries to imitate little girl's cartwheel:

The Abortion Pill Ruling Is Bad Law, and the Biden Administration Should Fight It

Health secretary slams abortion pill ruling as 'not America'

Expelled Tennessee lawmakers both seeking seats again

Naughty doggo interrupting important work

2nd tweet--Bunny the "talking" dog tells her human she has something painful in her paw:

As usual, the hypocrisy is the point

Vogue Cover-106 year old Indigenous Women

Madman Musk has now labeled NPR, PBS, VOANews & the BBC "government funded"

The Last Supper was a Passover seder

12 Foot Python Pops His Head Out From Someone's Toilet

Governor Newsom shuts up Ron DeSantis in takedown of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

'A disaster': Dominion has painted Fox into a corner with Rupert Murdoch ruling

From Discord to 4chan: The Improbable Journey of a US Intelligence Leak (Bellingcat)

Terrifying Investigative Journalism II

Meet the judge who ruled medication abortion must remain available in some states

Happy Confederate surrender day to all those who celebrate the defeat of treason. #Appomattox

Trump returning to New York as E. Jean Carroll trial looms - American Voices - MSNBC

"Sunday open chat: happy Ēostre, everyone! eggs and bunnies and spring fertility festivals, oh my"

C'mon, seriously...who would have GUESSED that a McCarthy-led House would be a clusterf*ck?

Weekend Update: Jafar comments on Desantis vs Disney

Newt Gingrich's latest venture

'Not something personal': ABC host grills Trump lawyer over death threats to judge's family

Nearly 100 (Ooohh!) "Conservative Environmentalists" Show Up To Talk About Messaging, Rebranding

Eiri Amach na Casca

Congresswoman Lee calls abortion pill ruling 'the most dangerous decision since Roe' - Ayman - MSNBC

Enjoying sunny Easter on owl box!

Dear friends, do any of you have Psoriasis? Need advice please.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 10 April 2023

Neighborhood's looking good.

Amazing Grace. Happy Easter from Ireland☘️

Neighboring my home

I wonder if Edward Snowden is serving with Wagner or the regular Russian army?

News & Commentary April 4, 2023

Legal issues 'will greatly weaken Trump' in the general election: Bill Barr - This Week - ABC News

Costa Rica fighting malaria outbreak in east coast

Senate chaplain says he reached 'tipping point' on gun violence in addressing Nashville shooting

National Science Teaching Association Expels CO2 Coalition From National Teachers Conference

TFG's lawyers again raised the so-called Clinton sock case to defend TFG

You can only keep one. Which is it?

Iowa Attorney General Halts Plan B and Abortion Assistance for Rape Victims

'We will never negotiate under pressure', ex-Cuba envoy to US says

Graham Nash: Crosby died of Covid, second infection

'Can I vote?' Florida's new elections bill leaves voters in the dark -- by design (Opinion)

Missouri gun nuts accidentally stop gun stores from opening

Blumenthal breaks leg at UConn parade, to undergo surgery

Midnight Rider - The Allman Bros Band 🐎

Will Bunch: GOP wages an asymmetrical war on democracy because it can't get the votes

American Masters: Dr. Tony Fauci........

Thoughts on an unprecedented indictment

Disgraced ex-mayor once ousted amid scandal plans another run for office

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Massie introduces bill to end gun free zones

The Texas Abortion-Pill Ruling Signals Pro-Lifers' Next Push

Tennessee expulsion vote is 'voter disenfranchisement': Pearson - This Week - ABC News

This American flag famously covered a Saddam statue. Now it's in a basement.

Cartoons 4/9/2023

Do Trump nuts want him to get the nomination just so there can be a bigger insurrection attempt?

What's for Dinner, April 9, 2023

Nikki Haley Somehow Outraises Trump In First Weeks Of Campaign - The Ring of Fire

Dozens Of Exotic Animals Seized By Mexico Police During Raid

Opinion: Idaho's new abortion law is first to challenge the right to travel

Nice try...

Iranian police to install cameras in public to identify, penalize unveiled women

Breaking - Hurricane Ian was Florida's most expensive hurricane ever

In Wisconsin, a big win for liberals and a warning for the GOP

David Crosby died during battle with COVID-19, according to Graham Nash

After Growing GM Corn For Decades, Some US Farmers Open To Mexican Restrictions

Clarence Thomas defends lavish vacations. Hear AOC's response - CNN

Idaho at the epicenter of American Redoubt, white Christian nationalism movement

Hobie Landrith, the First New York Met, Dies at 93

I've been reading a book on teleportation...

There's A Good Chance I May Have Committed Some Light Treason...



Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Recovering America's Wildlife....

Clarence Thomas's Billionaire Benefactor Collects Hitler Artifacts

This Progressive allowed a Trumpist to get the upper hand in a failed moral argument. ARGH!

Impressionist Look

Ousted Tennessee lawmakers say move is 'attempt to crucify democracy'

Florida teacher fired for asking students to pen obituaries for active shooter drill

every holiday involves a domestic crisis

Quantum Leap Season 1 Finale Review *SPOILERS*

Isn't it interesting

Here's Why TV Writers Might Strike Adam Conover Lovett or Leave It

"Clarence Thomas is part of Harlan's collection"

Help me understand US position on Taiwan.

2 Wisconsin police officers killed in traffic stop shooting; suspect also dead

Ian Millhiser @imillhiser: I think that Republican-aligned organizations that are working to get Rep

Nazi Memorabilia-collector, Harlan Crow, funded the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth

Jim Jordan Just Made The Biggest Mistake Of His Career

I'd STILL like a list of all those benefits our Beachnutt posted.

These are Mangalicas...

My stock pick of the day...

POLL: Majority of Republicans Believe Anti-LGBTQ Bills Are "Political Theater" - Luke Beasley

Spring, that most ephemeral season, is with us again here in southern Illinois.

Republicans suddenly silent on abortion -- they know the chickens are home and roosting

Tennessee underscores role of state legislatures as political battlegrounds

10 games played, and a potential playoff tie-breaker has already been decided

Andra Day - Rise Up [Official Music Video] [Inspiration Version]

Fareed Zakaria: This should send chills down every American's spine - CNN

House Republican suggests defunding FDA if Texas abortion pill ruling not followed

Ousted Tennessee lawmakers blast 'undemocratic state,' vow to run in special election

3 people, suspect killed after domestic violence incident in Orlando, Florida

Hear Biden admin's plan after judge's abortion drug ruling - CNN

Will North Carolina Be the 'Beginning of the End' of the Medicaid Expansion Fight?

Ukraine attacks continue amid Easter pleas for peace

PA: From voter registration to mail-in ballot requests: what to know ahead of the May 16 primary

weather for sonora ca @ 1458 hours easter sunday.

Four Pennsylvania appellate court positions are on the primary ballot; meet the candidates

13 year old driving stolen SUV kills 1, injures 10

My opinion FWIW- Harlan Crow WANTED the public to know about his Nazi memorabilia

China Doll

CO: Abortion rights organizer Bernal-Montanez announces Pueblo City Council bid

Abortion was a 50/50 issue. Now, it's Republican quicksand.

Fox settles defamation lawsuit from Venezuelan businessman over broadcast tying him to Dominion

Easter dinner. Hell Yes. I'm the only one not sick in the house.

Abortion - a brief history

'A plague of locusts': Barcelona battles port authorities to curb cruise tourists

On April 8, 1984, Nena released their compilation album "99 Luftballons."

Driving Downtown - San Francisco 4K - USA

What does a 19th century 'anti-vice' law have to do with the abortion pill ruling?

At the (sportswashing) Masters today

How cool is this?

Grieving horse finally makes a new friend

Rescued Pigeon Falls Madly In Love With Mom's Boyfriend

Easter Cocktail -- A "Harvey" Wallbanger

Stray Kitten With Adorable Ears Goes To a Shelter And Wins People's Hearts

Call the Midwife - Retirement? Nurse Crane's Review Interrupted By Her Biggest Fan - Season 12

Puppy flung from pickup in high-speed Los Angeles police chase survives

Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult

2026 and 2028 will be the year Democrats will gain seats in the US Senate.

We used to watch pro golf.

don't click here if you have a phobia of frogs...

Trump's lawyer forced to answer fatal question on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Dogs in drag

Someone Asked an Autonomous AI to 'Destroy Humanity': This Is What Happened (Vice article)

Some of the ways democracy has been smothered to death in Tennessee

Yes, it could happen here...

Oscar-nominated actor Michael Lerner of 'Barton Fink' dies at 81

Any idea how much longer will the golf game last? If I want to watch 60 min? Maybe

When you get off the plane with the legendary Joan Baez you know it's a movement

What a final round at Augusta

street cars . market street sanfransco cal. 6 days before the 1906 earthquake.

You know it's a movement when Joan Baez shows up!

Ireland Readies a Warm Welcome for Biden, 'the Most Irish' President Since J.F.K.

Settlement reached in defamation lawsuit against Lou Dobbs, Fox News

Justin Jones and Joan Baez singing "We Shall Overcome" at the airport together

When will the next indictment drop?

Have a blessed Easter 🌷