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'You could get killed': National security analyst issues sobering warning to E. Jean Carroll jurors

SF-based software startup Rapid lays off over three-fourths of employees in two-week span

OPENING ARGUMENTS did a great breakdown of Mike Lindell's $5 M Court loss...

Very cute cuddle buddies:

Our FRiends have decided that Trump will appeal the Carroll trial verdict...

Kitty moves his bed into the sunlight:


PBS Frontline: CLARENCE AND GINNI THOMAS Politics, Power and the Supreme Court

Best man at a wedding?

Sunset, southern MD 5/9

Pope cat:

Why didn't Trump blame Santos for the E. Jean Carroll rape?

*Frontline tonight, PBS (WETA) ch 26 9 p.m.

*Frontline tonight, PBS (WETA) ch 26 9 p.m.

I halp.

Billionaire Harlan Crow REFUSES to hand over records of Clarence Thomas gifts:

Mom...Look what I can do!

Remastered footage of Pink Floyd 6/28/75 in Ontario

George Santos charged by Justice Department - Brian Tyler Cohen


FYI--The Last Word tonight

"You're a fucking neanderthal"

Alsobrooks is the only 2024 MD US Senate Candidate that has not served in the legislative branch.

A few flowers from today . . .

Tiny Pomeranian is sooooo careful:

PM Update: Seasonably cool tonight ahead of a beautiful Wednesday.

Biden presser

Sooo, this is happening over at Fox during Fucker's old time slot:

This is why we hate these people:

Breaking down the verdict as jury finds Trump liable for sexual assault and defamation - PBS NewsHour

Bunker Grandpa's pitiful parade - Break the Fake - TVP World

Orangutan Dawn stole a cloth and now she cleans off every day like the zoo workers:

Florida Dept of Ed provides examples of changes made to approved textbooks

How (NOT) to Mourn A Mass Shooting

Video of President Biden's press conference today, in a tweet from him

FEC to Trump's leadership PAC: Please explain these 1,450 pages of illegal contributions

There is an issue in the E. Jean Carroll verdict I have not seen addressed.

2 tweets-- father gorilla and his baby meet; loving daddy gorilla cuddles & plays with his son:

Sephardic Cuisine

Let me remind you.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP budget, veterans, and the diner....

Trump found liable for sexual abuse after bombshell admission video played for jury - Melber report

Sephardic Cuisine

Mayor Lori Lightfoot declares state of emergency over migrants arriving in Chicago

In case of emergency...

Snoop Dogg on Streaming services

Clarence Thomas, Harlan Crow, and Leonard Leo's Defenders Cannot Be Serious

The Debt Ceiling Crisis Is Here

Baby hippo zoomies:

My kind of drug...

Cops Harass & Search Delivery Guy Over Smell Traffic Stop Rights Explained

Man accused of installing hidden camera in public bathroom on Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Anti-abortion group meets with Trump, weeks after criticism

PBS series: My Music with Rhiannon Giddens

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is set to return to Washington Tuesday following an absence

Advertising that you live with a criminal, for a good cause

as a matter of curiosity, are leonard and karl leo related?

Constitutional Lawyers Mobilize Against Trans Care Bans Nationwide: 9 States Now Sued

See Trump civil rape trial witness speak after jury rules Trump liable for sexual abuse - The Beat MSNBC

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Thread!

Sen. Hagerty(R-TN)'s shockingly dismissive reaction to the verdict

Rep. George Santos charged by Justice Department in federal probe

What the New Poll Favoring Trump Got Wrong and the Pundits Missed

The right wing spin on Trump's being found liable in the E. Gene Carroll Rape Case will be:

Feinstein returning to Senate after facing resignation calls

Vendetta off the rails? Gov. DeSantis protects Floridians from Disney monorail

Elon Musk "we have not signed a deal of any kind whatsoever."

My Hero.

George Santos criminally charged by DOJ, calls for McCarthy to remove him from Congress - All In MSNBC

Trump just handed E Jean Carroll a new defamation case.

Hill reactions: Several Republicans are unfazed by Trump's sex abuse verdict

Here's one way to introduce the President of the United States ....

Attack near Tunisia synagogue kills four

Will Kaitlin Collins ask

Ancient writings

'There Are Farmers in Ukraine With More Tanks': Putin's Red Square Parade Gets Roasted

Trump's gambit to take his hush money case from state to federal is a long shot

Oregon House Speaker Rayfield says Stout should resign after judge upholds restraining order

Fox "News" guest TURNS on Trump live on air and leaves host SPEECHLESS - Meidas Touch

Today's verdict guarantees trump will select a woman VP candidate.

Leaked Google engineer memo warns that Big Tech could lose AI race to the little guys

How Trump's E. Jean Carroll deposition doomed his defense

Down DU Memory Lane from 2017 - you helped us reach today - I remember the planning

Trump meme

The Second Amendment is a ludicrous historical antique: Time for it to go

Liz Cheney is Airing This BILSTERING ANTI-TRUMP AD Before & During His CNN Town Hall!!!

09 May: 3 km Deep in 1 Day. Russian Flank is Collapsing - Reporting from Ukraine

Caveman stars.

OH: House leaders tee up supermajority amendment measure for floor vote

Raise-the-age gun bill in peril as Texas House deadline looms

Trump accuser Natasha Stoynoff reacts to E. Jean Carroll verdict: 'Moment of truth' - All In - MSNBC

NV: Senate Finance Committee pushes 988 funding through despite opposition from Republicans

Biden should stop worrying and learn to love the platinum coin

Steve Herman of Voice of America reports on how the FBI neutralized a Russian malware network

DeSantis signs anti-union bill, plus crackdown on social media in schools

'Unable to get a prestigious job on Wall street,'

See Donald Trump's post reacting to verdict in E. Jean Carroll case - CNN

51% says SCOTUS justices make decisions mainly "based on their personal political views"

That didn't take long! Trump response to the verdict!

About Trump's Chances of Getting Elected President Again...ZERO..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Cat snapchats

GOP judges hearing abortion pill arguments are a nightmare for protecting rights

Any Smurfs' Village players?

Truck nuts.

Vice President Harris withdraws from MTV event near L.A. that would have forced her to cross writers

Fake Elector Throws Attorneys Under The Trump Train - Raw News And Politics

its really dangerous the world now in United States now

Danforth interview(s) likely to get more, new attention.

Pentagon confirms Ukraine used a Patriot SAM to down a Russian hypersonic

Liz Cheney bought ad time on CNN to run this during Trump's town hall this week:

My bloodwork is almost perfect but my CRP is 1.3 and I am 54. It shows average risk

I'd like to thank the jury in the E Jean Carroll case for the best birthday present EVER!!! nt

Frontline is ripping Clarence Thomas a new one tonight

What the New Poll Favoring Trump Got Wrong and the Pundits Missed

Fake scientific papers are alarmingly common

'Pink Beret' Jan. 6 rioter charged after ex spotted her in an FBI tweet - MSNBC Reports

Today is John Brown's birthday. Long live John Brown.

I'm back at work

I agree with Donald Trump

Clarence and Ginni Thomas: Politics, Power and the Supreme Court (full documentary) - FRONTLINE

Insane Hail in Pratt, Kansas!!! May 9th, 2023

Stockholm Syndrome Liddle Marco Comes to Trump's Defense, Trashes Jury as a Joke.

Have you or someone you know experienced a Near Death Experience?

marmot experiences an orange for the first time

AR: Conway incumbents unseated in closely watched school board election

Sen. Whitehouse and MSNBC's Lindsey Reiser Discuss the Debt Ceiling Standoff & Supreme Court Ethics

What the end of the Covid-19 public health emergency means

Tucker Carlson makes unexpected announcement - Brian Tyler Cohen

Phys.Org - First Observation Of Beaufort Gyre Stabilization (Not Good News Re. Ocean Conveyer)

Husband Sued Over His Ex-Wife's Abortion; Now Her Friends Are Suing Him

MAGA Man CRUMBLES Over His Hatred Of Gen-Z

Dutch Police Arrest 154 Soccer Fans Over Antisemitic Chants

Greg Abbott Gets Pressed on Lack of Action on Gun Violence! - Luke Beasley

GOP refuses to drain biggest swamp in corruption of George Santos: Rep. Ritchie Torres - The ReidOut

75,000 Toxic Orphan Oil & Gas Sites & Counting Across Alberta; Who Pays For Cleanup? Who Knows?


Well, this makes sense.

After Literally Filling UK Rivers & Seas With Shit, 3 Private Water Firm's Execs Reject Bonuses

Kansas abortion clinic sues FDA over access to mifepristone pills used in telemedicine

400+ Confirmed Dead In Democratic Republic Of Congo Flooding; 5,500 Still Missing

Florida law takes aim at teachers union that defied DeSantis

How Troubling Are the Payments and Gifts to Ginni and Clarence Thomas?

It's an important verdict for women out there who are suffering: Lawyer on E. Jean Carroll verdict

Italian Oil Major ENI Facing Climate Lawsuit; It Knew Climate Risks For 50 Years, Greenwashed & Lied

How Food Delivery Apps Are Trying to Kill a Worker Uprising - More Perfect Union

Federal jury finds Cedar Rapids man guilty on 7 charges related to Jan. 6 Capitol riot

I lost my GSD today

Christina voters elect Manley, Lou to school board in race that saw unusually high turnout

Briton pleads guilty in US to 2020 Twitter hack

☦️🪻🐦🪺🦋🪷🩷🤍🩵Orthodox Church 40 Days of Pascha

Tuberville says Pentagon wrong to screen out white nationalists

woman goes on attack. swings bat on 8 different women, NY

Perimeter guards absent as 2 men escaped Philadelphia prison

Buddy Holly, a petit basset griffon Venden, named Best in Show!

I don't care if anyone know it, but I'm the best damn________in the whole world and not afraid to

'Lesbians being anti-trans is a lesbophobic trope'

The Texas Mall Shooter's Radicalization Is No Surprise

Former Prosecutor BREAKS DOWN Charges that Spell TROUBLE for the Former President - Talking Feds

Missouri Jan. 6 defendant who scaled wall, carried weapons violated bond but avoids jail

Why some people are spreading false rumours about the Texas gunman

Newsmax Brazenly Lies About Texas Mall Shooter - Waldorf Nation

First 'Smiley' & now another queer Spanish language Netflix series just got the chop

Michigan woman confronted with swastika after battling conservatives over local schools

Exclusive: Lawrence talks to E. Jean Carroll's friend who testified against Trump - The Last Word

Driver of SUV in crash that killed 8 had drugs in his system, police say

Eric Trump Threatens Lawsuit Against Rachel Maddow

So, let me get this straight

Otherwise known as the Golden Spike Ceremony, this historic event

Run, Liz, Run!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Santos being indicted....

California to pay $24M for man's death in police custody

A Snapchat influencer is peddling an AI version of herself to be your girlfriend for $1/minute

Kansas City considers becoming LGBTQ sanctuary city

Biden should invoke 14th Amendment (Section 4)

Dolly Parton's star-studded rock album "Rockstar" coming November 17

'They were little': photos show children illegally working in US slaughterhouse

Josh Hawley Slams Rand Paul As 'Ridiculous' For Not Wanting To Attack Freedom Of Speech-Ring of Fire


Federal charges for Santos are an added burden for McCarthy, Republicans - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Demonstrators chant while the former vice president talks about the Jan. 6 riot - NBC News

Former WH workers are "coming out of the woodwork" to report TFG's

Grabbed him by the wallet

Mastodon #2:

MEPs to vote on proposed ban on 'Big Brother' AI facial recognition on streets

Republicans struggle to position themselves on Trump sex abuse verdict - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Hitler-Loving Anti-Semites To Speak At Trump Doral Alongside Eric Trump.

Mastodon #3 (for your MAGA family members):

"(Trump) now has to run with the phrase noted sexual abuser after the (R) next to his name on the

Carroll victory over Trump seen as waypoint in winding path of progress - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

No one wants access to assault weapons more than white supremacists. No one ...

Does TFG now have to inform all his neighbors that he is a sex offender ?

Killer bees leave six dead in Nicaragua after bus crashes into hives

Argentina govt wanted to cut my head off: Pope Francis

Kelly Craft's comment on transgender issue roils Kentucky governor's race

Milo Yiannopoulos Caught in Marjorie Taylor Greene-Kanye West Campaign Cash Scandal

Donald Trump Has a Powerful New Enemy

Dog person brings home a cat and discovers he's actually smart - GeoBeats Animals

Peru: Evidence Refutes Official Account of Killings

'Trump was great at this': How conservatives transformed a Colorado school district

Breakfast Wednesday 10 May 2023

NY: Two bills aim to clean up future campaign messes

Interesting comment from John Cornyn about The Rapist and about 2024

GOP presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson on Trump, Republican base: One-on-one with Stephanie Ruhle

Alec Karakatsanis on Copaganda, Punishment, and Policing in the United States

NY: Laundry and Taylor-ing? Al Taylor spent campaign funds on laundry.

Argentina's Supreme Court suspends upcoming elections in 2 provinces

Opinion: Four-Year Sentence of Anti-Corruption Leader Deals a Blow to Guatemalan Democracy

NYC-COUNCIL: Hiram Monserrate (D) can run again, after judge strikes down law

Now that George Devolder / Anthony Santos / Anthony Zabrovsky is indicted, will Kev . . . .

Beatriz Trial in Inter-American Court Defies Total Abortion Ban in El Salvador

NY-12: Not stringing him along: Nadler tells Stringer he's running for reelection

Breaking down Trump sexual abuse verdict, George Santos federal charges - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

NY: Queens progressives look to primary Juan Ardila if he refuses to resign

Thaksin's daughter carries Shinawatra torch in Thai election

FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces Key Infrastructure Funding to Electrify Ports

Investigating and Prosecuting Political Leaders in a Democracy

Orange County, CA agrees to $7.5 million settlement in death of Black man shot by deputy

INDIA: 21% polling till 11 am; top politicians, cricketers, actors turn up to vote in Karnataka

Biden meets with Republicans as U.S. runs up against debt ceiling deadline - PBS NewsHour

New York law gave jurors three types of battery to consider in the Trump case.

San Francisco Supervisor Ahsha Safai Makes It Official: He's Running For Mayor

Accidental trip over Ambassador Bridge leads to drug possession conviction

Joe Kerr (D) to Challenge Young Kim (R) for CA-40

CA: Larry Agran (D) announces campaign for Irvine Mayor

Thwarting Democratic efforts, House Republicans revive border policing unit in early morning vote

Mexican president wants voters to choose Supreme Court judges

Kelly Craft--KY @GOP gubernatorial candidate "calls for excluding 'transgenders' from Ky. schools

Melania Trump says it would be "a privilege" to serve as first lady again

Mexico's 'salamander of the gods' edges toward extinction

Some of the first humans in the Americas came from China, study finds

Senate Republicans question Trump's 2024 viability after sexual abuse verdict

UK: UKIP on brink of wipeout after losing all seats in local elections

Frogs in Puerto Rico croak at a higher pitch due to global heating

AZ-SEN: Kari Lake to meet with senators as she inches closer to Senate bid

Colombia cancels US deportation flights, blasting 'cruel' mistreatment of migrants

The Democratic nominee for the 2024 US House Election in MD-6 is going to be Joe Vogel,Lesley Lopez

US man leaves job interview, rescues baby in runaway stroller, then lands job

Trump Farcically Claims He Was Forbidden From Defending Himself Against Rape Claim: I 'Will Appeal t

WORDLE 690 (5/10) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Are they just insane? Why do the American People overwhelmingly think the economy is doing poorly?

'Mind-boggling' methane emissions from Turkmenistan revealed

"Hey, you gotta try this." "Yeah, it's great, but really, you enjoy."

Always get your gear checked by a professional:

I just had an idea for an anti-Republican ad:

Robert De Niro a father at age 79

Police bust counterfeit Coca-Cola ring in Mexico City

Rare Rice's whale a picky eater

Smartest move by E. Jean Carroll's legal counsel:

Angela Alsobrooks is going to overwhelmingly win Prince George's,Baltimore City,and Charles County i

What the candidates are saying less than a week before Kentuckians narrow the field for governor

Early voting starts Thursday as Kentuckians choose statewide nominees, fill state Senate seat

Michigan could join states in the national popular vote compact.

Why Slovakia's Government Collapsed (and why it's bad news for Ukraine) - TLDR News EU

It should be unfathomable that a man found liable for sexual assault could run for POTUS

This should be rich: George Santos under Oath.

Trans minors protected from parents under Washington law

Tucker Carlson - Still Under Contract at Fox - Says He Will Start Show on Twitter

Is today (Wednesday) the last day for free Covid booster shots?

Hazy Moon (this morning at 4:35)

Wednesday TOONs - LFSA

'That Jury's A Joke': GOP Senators Defend Donald Trump After Sexual Battery Verdict

Dog person brings home a cat and discovers he's actually smart

E Jean Carroll will be on Morning JoeScum today

Yesterday's verdict against Donald Trump sets a marker

My Little Town - Simon and Garfunkel

Bob Casey US Senate: We have to protect our unions

China Attacks USA Law & Order - Illegal Police Stations in USA, UK, Canada & 50 More Countries-Joe Blogs

Commodores - Sail On

Sen. Marsha Blackburn Proposes Armed Grandparents Guarding Schools

E. Jean Carroll, lawyer talk court victory against Trump - GMA

Carroll Confronted Trump's Attorney

No, it wasn't MAGA. It wasn't the country. It wasn't the Republican Party. It was Donald Trump.

Hint for WORDLE fans.

Conway incumbents unseated in closely watched school board election

UK tabloid group admits it unlawfully gathered info on Prince Harry

A homeless PIT BULL suddenly jumps into a couple's car and refuses to leave

'He did it and you know it.'

MSG is the most misunderstood ingredient of the century. That's finally changing

Accentuate the Positive


Ukraine war: How old tech is helping Ukraine avoid detection

Unusual Heat, Busy Spring Fire Season In Eastern US; 350,000+ Acres Burned So Far In NJ, NC, WV, KY

Bolsonaro's vaccine status falsified before he entered U.S., police say


Inflation rose 4.9% in April from a year ago, less than expectations

I think that we can say that the Slobfather is a Sexual Abuser

Comics Should Be Cheap (5/10/23)

This Week in Shonen Jump: Week of 5/7/23

The Webcomics Weekly #232: Jazz Age Comic of Cats ... and Carnage (5/9/2023)

The Rundown: May 10, 2023

'Losers lost': Alabama Democratic leadership defends new bylaws as DNC expresses concern

It's Early May, And Forest Fires Are Sweeping Across Western Siberia; Fatalities Reported

Inflation (CPI) falls to 4.9% year over year

Brave, smart and classy- E. Jean Carrol is my type

Pa. House bill could return vote to people serving time for felonies

Prosecutors rejoice! Trump's rape trial shows "Teflon Don" is not immune from justice

WI: Knodl to chair Senate elections committee, special election scheduled to fill his old seat

Aaaaand Real Clear Energy Remains A Straight-Up Fountain Of Industry-Approved Climate Lies & Disinfo

Louisiana House passes 'Don't Say Gay' bill

And they say POTUS is too old, more like the media doesn't listen.

Debt-ceiling fight heads to battleground NYC suburbs

Final say on Nebraska gender care bill would be delegated to executive branch appointee and DHHS

Valley Interfaith: Guillen is 'actively suppressing' assault rifle age bill from reaching House floo

"He is not suited to be President"

New Jersey GOP wants more Republicans to vote by mail

Mike Pence @ the Center for Christian Virtue, Voters will not care about the Trump sex abuse.

Happy National Liver and Onions Day! Yum 😋 or Yuck 🤢?

Yes, Erdogan's Rule Might Actually End This Weekend

"Fire Weather": Catastrophic 2016 Fort McMurry Fire Is Starting Point For Our Future In New Book

On this day, May 10, 1869, a railroad from Omaha to Sacramento was completed, but not a transcon.

US regulators OK spent nuclear fuel facility in New Mexico

Have there been any calls for NY to change it's definition of rape?

Cousins in Poland getting ready for a night out ...

The saddest thing is that the verdict will not change the Magats' votes.

Should republicans be involved in raising my child

Is the con officially a sex offender now ?

Rep. George Santos pleads not guilty to 13 federal charges, decries "witch hunt"

Crockpot chicken Alfredo tortellini with bacon

Gov. Whitmer's sister, Liz Gereghty, running for key US House seat

Santos in Custody. The charges:

long rang forecast for sonora ca.

BTRTN: The New Silent Majority Enables the New Abnormal

Scared Pittie Melts In Person's Arms In Under 3 Minutes

GOP Sen. Tuberville says the NY verdict against Trump "makes me want to vote for him twice."

Russians Victoriously Retreat from Bakhmut. Frontline is open. Wagner is deceived. Putin's last tank


Santos arrested. tRump found guilty! Stock market booming!

National Nurses Week, and Mothers' Day. Our friend Bill Penzey has a wonderful

Well, waddya know, his name really is "George Santos"

Adorable French Bulldog Loves Eating Food With His Front Paws

Santos filed for unemployment benefits under the CARES Act despite making a $120,000 salary

Meeting a modern day dinosaur

Today's Weather Forecast for Florida:

Prosecutors allege Santos used campaign funds for personal expenses, such as designer clothes

April 2023 Atmospheric CO2 Concentration 423.28 ppm; April 2022 420.23 ppm; April 2021 419.05 ppm

Santos expected to plead not guilty.

Trump snaps, issues unhinged response to court loss - Brian Tyler Cohen

Being found liable for sexual assault would normally leave your career in tatters. But the cult.....

Santos arrival at federal court house

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's about claims about the budget caps and cuts....

"I'm not going to throw my president under the bus." "... for a bit of sexual assault?"

MO State Senators encourage police chief to arrest those in drag

Quebec confirms largest North American electric bus project with a C$2.1 billion price tag, more tha

House Republicans escalate attacks on Biden family, alleging business with foreign nationals

Cassius Clay...the most gangster politician ever:

Will tRump be added to the National Sex Offender Registry?

Catch the unique moment at the Dimash concert in Turkey

PA-HD163: Control of Pennsylvania House is once again at stake on Tuesday

Remember folks, the con is under indictment

BTRTN: The New Silent Majority Enables the New Abnormal

Jurors were anonymous but they were not anonymous to family members and close friends.

Capitol Rioter Who Praised Hitler Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison - Farron Balanced

Really Creepy Statements

Dave Mason has a birthday today.

Donovan has a birthday today.

About taxing the rich like we did in the past...

A Brief History of Presidential Raping

90 years ago today

Trump is a sex abuser. Three front pages.

Tragedy chanting: 'Vile' soccer songs about deaths fueled by 'need to hurt' opposing fans

Video shows Russian soldiers fleeing Bakhmut outskirts, handing 3 square miles back..., Ukraine says

Bono has a birthday today.

Catch the unique moment at the Dimash concert in Turkey

Drag Star "POISON WATERS" to be Grand Marshall of Portland's Starlight Parade

Sri Lanka Supreme Court clears path for decriminalisation of homosexuality

Make the GOP be known as the party of Takers

Palestinian militants fire rockets after Israel strikes Gaza

2023 NFL schedule: CBS reveals AFC Championship rematch as Bengals visit Chiefs in Week 17 showdown

Pic Of The Moment: "Party Of Law & Order" Stands Behind Abuser

(Amplify Energy) $3.4M fine proposed over 2021 California oil pipeline leak

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 10, 2023

MD-06: Risks and opportunities for both parties as race to replace Trone ramps up

Wendy's Drive-Thru orders to be taken by a ChatBot

The Corruption of Lindsey Graham

George Santos in federal custody as feds unseal 13-count indictment

MLK's famous criticism of Malcolm X was a 'fraud,' author finds

Trick question: Who is unfit to serve as President?

MLK's famous criticism of Malcolm X was a 'fraud,' author finds

Tesla driver dies in fatal shooting at Supercharger station after 'argument over charger'

50 years ago yesterday 🍽️🧆 👀

Crypto exchange Bittrex files for bankruptcy after SEC complaint

"The World Finally Knows the Truth": Jury Finds Trump Sexually Abused & Defamed E. Jean Carroll

Interesting shadows in our living room...

Lines Stretch Down the Block at Food Banks as Costs Go Up and Pandemic Aid Expires

Bruce Bartlett @BruceBartlett: Excellent news! Congratulations to every person who left this church

George RR Martin on the WGA strike - article, tweet and blog post

E. Jean Carroll: Yesterday was the happiest day of my life (MSNBC)

Trump SNAPS, issues UNHINGED response to court loss - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump Accuser Jessica Leeds "Really Pleased" with Verdict After Testifying in E. Jean Carroll Case

Carl Icahn's company stock falls 15% after prosecutors seek financial information

An apology for my insensitive post yesterday about TFG's rape of EJ Carroll.

Dark Brandon strikes again.

Trump verdict in UK Daily Mirror

"Solito": Salvadoran Writer Javier Zamora Details His Solo 4,000 Mile Journey to U.S. at Age 9

KY-GOV: Craft (R) Promises to Keep 'Transgenders' Out of Schools

Rabbit problem, need advice for home made repellent

Santos was triple dipping: salary from fake co, campaign funds for personal expenses AND unemploymen

The Orange Degenerate issues a response from his Plane:

"The same work but a lot less pay (for women)" NYTimes

How many children have to die so some yahoo does not worry about gun rights

Army sergeant who killed a Black Lives Matter protester in Texas sentenced to 25 years in prison

Speaker McCarthy is not calling on Santos to resign.

"I even don't know who this woman is." Tfg says about the verdict.

Microsoft ramps up A.I. game with bet on startup that helps coding novices build apps

I'm going to tell you a personal story which has a moral...

The latest scam?

Newsom declines to endorse reparations task force recommendations

W.Va. basketball coach Huggins will have his salary reduced to just $3.2 million for use of slurs

Can someone on tiktok find this clip and post it for all DUers to see?

Mission: Gold Chain Cowboy, Successful Space Launch to 124.5km

Meta and sex trafficking: The lawyer whose sex trafficking case against Instagram could spell troubl

Palantir's Plan for AI: 'Just Take the Whole Market' (including for military weapons)

McCabe: Here's the one thing that makes the US different when it comes to gun violence

Guy Tried To Release His Rescue Squirrel But She Always Came Back

Manchin Vows to Oppose Every Biden EPA Nominee

True Defendent: Episode Two

Joe Kerr to Challenge Young Kim for CA-40

Anti-Тяцмp T-shirt

Senator Whitehouse: 275 of 315 Pages of GOP Debt Limit Bill Are Big Oil Favors

Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Slams Trump Supporters After Trial Verdict

Greenpeace sues Italian energy company ENI over climate change; ENI says lawsuit is 'groundless'

I've been thinking about this stupid ass feud the desatan has started with disney

Celebration of Construction on the National Mall Ready to Roll into Washington, DC

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 10, 2023)

There are too many "Trump haters" for him to ever get a fair trial.

Trump/Biden debate should have a ramp entrance coming down each side of the stage.

A legitimate example of why people hate the government

Does anybody know where the name "dark Brandon" comes from?

Democratic US Senator Manchin says he will oppose all EPA nominees

A Poem for Clarence Thomas

Texas wants to post the Ten Commandments in every classroom...I have a suggestion

Dianne Feinstein appreciation thread

Marmot likes watermelon. Plums? Not so much.

More drips and drabs from Florence

If you could travel anywhere in the world, what country would you visit?

Mastodon meme:

Call Trump a Rapist Every Chance You Get

🏈 Champion Georgia declines White House visit, cites scheduling conflict

A small sampling of the long history of the Orange Pig's Vile Misogyny

Isn't today the day the GOP Oversight Committee is supposed to deliver the "goods"

What does "in custody" (SANTOS) mean - in jail?

Lawsuit filed against owner of Baltimore broadcast tower and its painting contractor over lead paint

Listening to a great book right now.


FDA advisors recommend sale of birth control pill without a prescription

Suggest social media tags for GOP criminals.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about George Santos:

John Albert, punk pioneer and chronicler of L.A.'s underbelly, dies at 58

Did you know if you garden naked in the backyard, your neighbors will build a privacy fence for you?

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Cartoons 5/10/2023

Middle Age Riot tweet about George Santos:

Everett nuclear fusion energy company nets first customer: Microsoft

Sun bears, just chilling:

'Irresponsible' CNN accused of packing Trump town hall with 400 'sympathetic' voters

Ukrainian military claims successful counterattack near Bakhmut

While the weather is getting warmer, the water is still deceptively cold, creating drowning risks, f

Any Alabama attorneys here?

Then and now (pupper):

Owl jogging:

Pa. Senate committee advances GOP-authored bill expanding canned cocktail sales

I'm gonna do a little update here.

Long parade of defeats marks 'Victory Day' for Putin

"If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck............ it's a false-flag duck."

Port of Everett settles stormwater lawsuit for $2.5M

Round boi

Biden speaking in NY. 1:53 PM EST CNN

Kevin McCarthy Mocked For 'Spineless' Response To George Santos Indictment

Biden Leads Both Trump and DeSantis

Speaker McCarthy is not calling on Santos to resign

What the royals are *good* for - hot GOSSIP about Charles & Queen Leticia of Spain (in Spanish)

Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson

WI: Assembly GOP likely to reintroduce transgender sports ban bill

As more women forgo the hijab, Iran's government pushes back


George Santos' 'Soft on Crime' Tweet Has Aged Like Milk

George Santos Claims Arraignment Conflicts with His Role in N.B.A. Playoffs

And on the seventh day ceiling cat rested:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein returns to D.C. after extended absence

Randy DeFoor (R) endorses Donna Deegan (D) for Jacksonville Mayor

Razor-thin race in Philadelphia's Democratic Primary Election enters final week

Gosh President Biden is great explaining taxes and budget plan in debt ceiling fight. Very down to

Will Social Security checks be late? How the debt limit fight could impact your July payments

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Helen Gym Has a Plan to Make Philadelphia Safe

Musk on Tucker Carlson's Twitter show announcement: 'We have not signed a deal'

What is the best and easiest way to apply for your social security

Judge finally takes AGGRESSIVE action against Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

Canvasser for progressive group shot dead by fellow staffer on campaign trail in Philadelphia

CNN spin on their town hall this morning

Documents Reveal 'How to Defund Trans Pediatrics' in Texas

Stephanie Grisham, who served as White House press secretary under Donald Trump, said she witnessed

3 unidentified people just now put up $500.000 Bond for Santos.....

PA-HD163: Late Money Pours Into Campaigns


She poisoned her hubby, then wrote a children's book about dealing with grief. BALLS!!

Pence says Americans not 'focused' on Trump sexual abuse verdict

Chattanooga Times Free Press cartoonist Clay Bennett wins National Headliner Award

Florida Democrats abandon weighted voting system for party decisions

An open letter to George Santos


Disney World governing board hires new administrator with $400K salary

Let's Take a Closer Look at the Abuse Allegation Against House Oversight Chair James Comer

Michael Fanone: "CNN Is Hosting a Town Hall for a Guy Who Tried to Get Me Killed --"

Nikki Fried calls Ron DeSantis out for debt ceiling double-dealing

Holy Shit!

RE: Hunter Biden and suspicious activity reports....

CNN will only have MAGAnuts/TFG supporters in this townhall

The thousands of 'soldiers' marching in Russia's Victory parade weren't actual combat troops, UK int

Road Built 7,000 Years Ago Found at The Bottom of The Mediterranean Sea

Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise in Small Trial

R.I.P. Joe!

The Main Takeaways from the Verdict: Glenn Kirschner

U.S. prosecutors look at short selling in bank shares - source

Isn't it remarkable.....

Two-thirds of Americans say they oppose elimination of the constitutional right to an abortion

Dad shot 3 times got into 'survival mode,' escaped Texas mall massacre

Tuberville on white nationalists in the military: 'I call them Americans'

Female Journalists Face Threats For Just Doing Their Jobs George Takei's Oh Myyy

May Fire Report: Lithium-ion Battery Fires Are Everywhere

Howard Stern Remembers Jerry Springer

When some shuffles off the mortal

Great song from my favorite artist

Santos about to address media

Tucker Carlson's new Twitter show could spell doom for Elon Musk

George Santos is being an ass telling people off trying to hear him speak.

Chicago mayor exits proud after getting 'a lot of s--t done'

Herschel Walker must be, or should be, sweating bullets over the Santos indictment.

video: Dianne Feinstein, 89, returns to the Senate after being absent since

Santos is calling the indictments a witch hunt.

Teflon Don No More (pic)

Ryanair places its biggest order ever for Boeing aircraft

South Pasadena first city in US to replace entire police fleet with Teslas

Did Santos surrender his passport?

When the Republican have their convention, there will be a nationwide shortage of brooms.

The US has approved $42 billion in loan forgiveness for public service workers. Here's what to know

What kind of sh*tshow can CNN put on tonight?

Tweet of the Day

Updated Santos Lies List - Forbes

It is a shame the Writers Guild of America hasn't been settled.

Georgia police sergeant, Matthew Atkins, has been sentenced to prison for raping a seven year old...

Sun rose, southern MD 5/10

There is reason to believe that George Santos's treasurer does not exist

Santos is limited in his travel ........

Out on the river

WSJ Exclusive: Microsoft Bets That Fusion Power Is Closer Than Many Think

Let's give Kaitlin Collins the benefit of the doubt

Walking around the pond

Question re. Santos' $500k bond.

Word of the day is "sequacity" ....

Feinstein returing gives Dems 11-10 edge on Judiciary Comm--they meet tomorrow........

The Texas Mall Massacre and the Disturbing Evolution of America's Mass Shootings

Missouri House sends bill banning transgender health care for minors to governor

A quiet trend in blue state Higher Education

A brief history of the right-wing scheme to corrupt the Supreme Court

Peonies continue to open!

On this day, May 10, 1888, Austrian composer and conductor Max Steiner was born.

im in sonora ca. why are the flags at half mast ? a friend in modesto ca also reports same

With the TFG Town Hall is CNN becoming an ersatz Fox News?

PA-HD163: Democratic spending approaches $1M in special election to decide control of the Pa. House

Interview on MSNBC with student from St Anselm College

Neighbors happily walking around their yard.

Ecuador gets cheap debt write-off with promise to protect Galapagos's nature

Los Angeles Times on CNN's Trump Town Hall

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 10, 2023

Trump world booked CNN hoping for a big audience. What Do You Think?

Pope remembers troubled years of dictatorship in Argentina

Are you going to watch the Town Hall on CNN tonight?

Imagine Dragons - Crushed

Imagine Dragons - Crushed (this was filmed in Ukraine on the front lines)

Shocking moment man loses control of his paraglider and crashes into pedestrian walking along Brazil

Will of the People? The GOP Pushes Unpopular Bills Against the Majority

Really, CNN? A town hall for Trump now?

Dave Mason (77 today) - Only You Know And I Know (studio version + live at Canada Jam, 8/26/1978)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP chair in Georgia and a novel statement....

Zooey Zephyr and the Illiberal Decorum of Montana's Christian Right

Dave Mason (77 today) - Only You Know And I Know (studio version + live at Canada Jam, 8/26/1978)

Ron Johnson on Biden accusations: We don't need evidence (basically)

Poll: Over and under how many lies does CNN allow to go unchallanged in Trump Town Hall?

Fox News editor's yearlong obsession with demonizing educators and the chaos that followed

How Milton Friedman Broke The American Economy - More Perfect Union

The Season of Accountability has Begun. (Get ready for "witchhunt" and "but Biden")

alert. breaking . 7.6 earthquake in tonga 1 hour ago. getting information now.

Louisiana man wrongly convicted of rape released after 29 years in prison

Britain: 1st babies born in country using DNA from 3 people

Extremists Receive Large Ethereum Cryptocurrency Donations

(Jewish Group) Israel's foreign minister cuts India visit short as Jews caught in crossfire...

(Jewish Group) Gunman in Texas mall shooting reportedly posted antisemitic rhetoric on social media

(Jewish Group) A Brazilian, Moroccan and Israeli singer brings her unique North African sound to NYC

Hmmm Jake Tapper just mentioned Don Lemon....

Google introduces Magic Editor, to make your photos REALLY lie

I Googled the word "shot" with News selected and "last 24 hours" - look, if you dare

Raskin: "Democracy, Gun Violence and the 'Insurrectionist' Theory of the Second Amendment"

The Dam Has Broken and There is a Post at link to prove it. Original Post by riversedge

Mandy Patinkin walking the Writers Guild picket line (with Bob Odenkirk)

The Poultry Lady from Trinidad and Tobago

On Motherfucker being this powerful 'man'

Marjorie Taylor Greene says Milo acted on his own, and didn't reimburse the $7K he took.

Hard to read? Oregon GOP boycott comes down to reading level

3 companies to pay $615,000 in NY attorney general investigation over faked net neutrality comments

3 companies to pay $615,000 in NY attorney general investigation over faked net neutrality comments

Google will label fake images created with its A.I.

I'm hoping for an add featuring, "Well... for millions of years...."

Ukrainians just annihilated an entire Wagner unit in Bakhmut Moscow parade failure Ukraine Updat

Will Trump lie into the camera tonight on CNN? Will it matter?

Putin's 'one-tank' military parade was an embarrassment for Russia, analysts say

Tuberville Defends White Nationalists in the Military

TV Writer Reports From Picketing Frontlines - Demi Adejuyigbe - Lovett or Leave It

Harlan Crow has donated to every GOP Senator on the Judiciary and Finance committees

Just did a check on Owain

Sometimes the earth just opens up

Listening to the discussion between David Jolly and Michael Steele on Deadline White House:

Louisiana Republicans Kill Rape, Incest Exceptions to Abortion Ban After Unhinged Hearing

Local news here spoke of the cnn town hall tonight

Trump Has Complete Meltdown After Assault Trial Verdict - Ring of Fire

Lisa Birnbach was a killer witness for Carroll.

Equal Time, CNN. Otherwise, it's an hour long disinfommercial.

Inside Trump's Truth Social rage bender: How Trump's spinning E. Jean Carroll's sex-abuse verdict

Exclusive: Japan is in talks to open a NATO office as Ukraine war makes world less stable,

Judge who presided over Parkland school shooting trial announces resignation

Mookie Betts ⚾️ won't stay in Milwaukee's supposedly haunted Pfister Hotel

SCROTUS wants to legalize AR15s in all 50 states

Idle curiosity. . .is george, or whatever his name actually is, dumpy's byblow?

Biden goes after Republicans on debt limit in campaign-style speech

Harris 1st woman to deliver West Point commencement speech

Michael Fanone: CNN Is Hosting a Town Hall for a Guy Who Tried to Get Me Killed

Will you be watching the TFG town hall With the carefully curated questioners?

Man's "Best" Friend

Russians near Bakhmut have retreated by up to 2km, Ukrainian official says

Be aware of the businesses and corporations buying ad time during the CNN shit show.

"I think you could say that....yeah."

Sandhill Crane and Colt

The Far North Is Burning--and Turning Up the Heat on the Planet

Bad Lip Reading - George Santos

Quite the conundrum...

New Defamation Suit Against Fox Signals Continued Legal Threat

Mark Pitcavage@egavactip : Attorneys for seditionist Stewart Rhodes say that his creation and leader

The Slobfatther will stink up the place tonight

Uh oh, I just swallowed my temporary crown

My fantasy: that in the middle of his "town hall" tonight

Did CNN/Licht fuck up, hoping tRump will increase ratings/$$$$ and would save them?

Minnesota Governor Signs "Democracy for the People Act" into Law! - Luke Beasley

House Oversight: Republicans Fail to Find Any Evidence of Wrongdoing by President Biden

Smartmatic subpoenas Trump campaign in $2.7B lawsuit against Fox News

"Right wing death squad": What to know about the Allen shooter's neo-Nazi views

Lauren Boebert Tells High Schoolers The Government Took Their "Freedom" - Waldorf Nation

today on rightwing talk radio.. disappointment and frustration that GOP house investigation of Biden

Fox host abandons Trump live on Fox after court loss - Brian Tyler Cohen

90 years ago TODAY, on May 10th, 1933, the Nazis burned tens of thousands of books

Jeff Beck Group - Going Down

cooking a u bake pizza. last one for the season unless we have a cool summer.

Laura Coates on CNN went there!

My God! What are they doing? Look at her!

George Santos Humiliates Himself During Post-Arrest Press Conference! - Luke Beasley

Tucker Carlson Won't Help Twitter's Ad Sales

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 11 May 2023

Is Regional Bias a Productive Pursuit for the Democratic Party?

Hey! Kansas City, MO is looking into becoming a Sanctuary

Texas Republicans Respond To Mass Shooting By Weakening Gun Laws - Ring of Fire

American Atheists Praises Colorado for Becoming First State to Tackle Problem of Health Care Denials

President Biden is in NYC and my neighborhood is blocked off.

US Army sergeant Daniel Perry sentenced to 25 years today... Will Abbott Parden him?

Florida teacher's union sues DeSantis over a new law that forces teachers to pay union dues through

Here is something just to anger the imperialists of Russia

Forgot to 'rate the kitty litter' I've been trying

The Best Jewish Food in Dublin

Over 31,000 miles of fish passage opened in the Chesapeake since 1988.

Statement from Senator Feinstein on returning to Washington

Millions of people have long COVID brain fog -- and there's a shortage of answers

Hope the DUers who are brave enough to watch slobfather tonight

Far-right faction pushes to oust 'traitors' from Georgia GOP

CNN to give Kaitlan Collins the prime 9 pm slot to anchor, and a new contract.

Let CNN know how you feel about giving the Racist Rapist a Platform tonight

Democratic group launches six-figure ad campaign demanding investigation into Trump family

The caption on this. Lol

Stand Up! Fight Back! Protect Reproductive Freedom in NC!

WITCH - Avalanche of Love (feat. Sampa the Great)

Trump town hall could be prime-time viewing for prosecutors across the country

Does tfg now have to register as a sex offender?

Court: EPA must regulate perchlorate, contaminant in water

Hear why McCarthy says he won't support Santos for reelection (CNN)

Sunset, southern MD 5/10