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A Day In The Life Of A Tanker:

a little gem i found on prime-

It was a rigged election

FBI declines Comer's request for a document some Republicans claim will show Joe Biden was involved

MAGA bingo card for TFG/CNN fake town hall


Kara Jackson - pawnshop

Missouri Republicans Refuse To Let Gay Man Speak Against Anti-Trans Bill, Silence Opposition

Ok, this is a FAWKING not watching, she just can't control him.

How do I watch tfg town hall? I don't have cable.

Rachel is coming up shortly on the C Hayes show MSNBC NT

He's a nightmare. The audience laughing at his quips is disgusting.

To the corporate sponsors of tonight's 'town hall'...we will know who you are by your actions

George Santos courtroom sketch

For those following H&G's Home Town Takeover featuring Ft.Morgan CO

CNN is a clusterfuck

Finally (for me]), movies I can look forward to 2023

The fifty megapixel cellphone is upon us

While You Are All Suffering Through Trump's Town Hall

Jamie Raskin Busts GOP Lies By Releasing Evidence Showing No Biden Pay For Play

News & Commentary May 4, 2023 (PART 2)

Morcheeba - The Sea - Big Calm

Dumpy must have crashed SlingTV, I can't watch any channel and downdetector says problems...

DNA Sheds Light On Mystery About Where Native Americans Came From

She doesn't ask anything about the Covid deaths

If she calls that sexual abuser Mr. president one more time


Ben Harper - Yard Sale [feat. Jack Johnson]

Since these people are all Republicans, did they write their questions or were the questions handed

Trump is walking all over Kaitlan Collins. She's barely getting a word in edgewise.

Chinese Economy's 'Shocking Steel Collapse' & Trade Data; EU's China Sanctions - China Update

Rachel is on Chris Hayes celebrating Ultra's award from last bight

I hope Ms Carroll files another lawsuit tomorrow

Is it really so hard to support and respect an aged, ailing octogenarian wanting to finish her job

"Trump has turned every question about J6, sexual abuse, and election fraud into a comedy routine"

Montana GOP Gov. Taps Far-Right Conspiracy Theorist For State Humanities Board

AOC: This falls squarely on CNN... This was a choice to platform lies...

Well, I tried. I tried watching the town hall.

Super excited tonight, I received an oral job offer this evening

Makes me feel young and old at the same time: Janis Joplin - Ball & Chain

trump is taking credit for overturning Roe vs Wade!

Texas. Woman uses false id to rent machine gun capable of firing 900 rounds per minute. gun missing

George Santos Rants About Biden as He's Hit With Stunning Fraud Indictment

Renowned Artist Rip Conk Restores Iconic Mural 'Homage to a Starry Knight' on Venice Beach Boardwalk

Chris Hayes Has Completely Ignored The Elephant On That Other Channel

"They've aimed a camera at a madman and given him a room full of brown shirts on laughing gas"

Rick Wilson (is on fucking fire): "I have words."

In debt ceiling fight, GOP targets how a bill becomes a law, too

Wyden: Harlan Crow in for 'cold dose of reality' in probe of gifts to Thomas

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Feinstein's return....

"CNN is committing the same errors that helped to normalize Donald Trump and his neofascism"

CNN needs to stop. those

Bob Iger Chides Ron DeSantis: Do You Want Our Biz, Taxes Or Not?; Slams Florida Governor's "False Na

Jonathan Swan reporting Trump advisers are thrilled at how this is going so far for him

Sen. Chuck Schumer: Speaker McCarthy refused to take default off the table in debt talks

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Thread!

If Trump's town hall gets high ratings, it's probably our fault.

Angela Alsobrooks is going to win the following counties in the November General Election.

MSNBC just referred to George Santos as a "serial fabulist"

Stroke out already!!!! He's starting to lose it

Soap can make humans more attractive to mosquitoes, study finds

The Conservative Justices Are Just Doing What Their Friends Ask

More evidence against Trump with this Town Hall? nt

Which 2024 MD Democratic US Senate candidate are Representatives Hoyer,Ruppersberger and Sarbanes

Why are people watching CNN's town hall?

The Diplomat on Netflix

Florida Lawmakers Want To Pave Roads With Radioactive Material George Takei's Oh Myyy

Send feedback to CNN about this idiotic Trump town hall. Link in post

Just turned off MSNBC

CNN says they don't have enough time to fact check all of Trump's lies. nt

If you are on here telling people what they should and should not watch you are mistaken.

so when does joe get his softball town hall?

Jury finds Donald Trump liable in E. Jean Carroll case: Three main takeaways from the verdict

"You're a nasty person" -- Trump to Kaitlan Collins (the audience cheers)

Prigozhin sinks to exploiting children - Break the Fake - TVP World

Gish Gallop

North Cascades Highway SR 20 re-opens after winter closure

WHY GIVE CNN THE RATINGS for having this shit on???

Did CNN end the circus early?

Mutual Toupee Society?

Trump did tell a whole new story about E Jean Carroll. Here are his words

"Jamie Foxx's family and loved ones are reportedly preparing for the worst"???

'White Boy Rick' arrested, accused of punching woman after saying wrong name during sex

Hear George Santos on indicted money scheme and his joke about 'Jews' - Exclusive audio - The Beat

CNN is not being nice about Trump. /nt

Silencing Opposition Is Now Standard Procedure For GOP Controlled Legislatures

Joe Biden is fundraising off CNN's townhall

From Mastodon: South Carolina House Dems bring 1,000 amendments to an anti-abortion ban

Growing up in Ohio we called people who married relatives hillbillies. I guess if I'd grown up in

The Orioles game against the Rays ended a few minutes before 9.00. Os won!

Who was the last switch-hitter to win the American League MVP award?

Ralph MacDonald - Calypso Breakdown

It's post-a-thread-with-no-text-other-than-the-headline night here at DU! Join in!


It was a shitshow, Trump steamrollered the ex Cucker Tarlson Daily Caller moderator, and the packed

AOC is on MSNBC decrying the free campaign ad

Mousetrap Monday: I Need Your Help Dealing With Tik Tok & Why I Am Quitting Youtube Shorts.

Crap! Byron Donalds is on CNN now. He should be sent to Russia.

Rachel Maddow: Trump sexual abuse verdict 'established a truth' - All In - MSNBC

Inslee lifts COVID-19 vaccine requirement for Washington state workers

Arizona's Roosevelt Dam spill gates releasing more water due to wet winter

RW Twitter is deliriously happy with CNN's town hall.

Turkey: Erdogan's challenger Kilicdaroglu pledges 'true democracy' ahead of election - DW News

Still no details on exactly how the cop took down the shooter. I hope he didn't accidentally

Here's an article on how TV ratings are calculated. I doubt few here watching CNN tonight are

Airto - Endless Cycle

Tuckums has a Twitter show. Can we remove Twitter share links NOW?

CNN chucked another dagger into the heart of our democracy tonight.

Fire the homophobic shitbag now!

Steve Schmidt reacts to CNN's "embarrassing" town hall with Donald Trump The Warning

'He has a tough road ahead of him': Fmr. Asst. Manhattan DA on George Santos' indictment - MSNBC

We thought it was our ability to love that made us human. Actually it's our ability to select each

Biden's post-town hall tweet: It's simple, folks. Do you want four more years of that? If you don't,

McCarthy was 'disrespectful' in Biden meeting on debt limit, sources say - NBC News

OK CNN, Give Joe an hour now

U.S. attorney general OKs transfer of forfeited funds from Russia oligarch for use in Ukraine

I think I saw Trump's weakness tonight in a town hall format anyway.

Surely we can get a Judge to declare Trump

Santos 'has a shamelessness matched only by Trump' says Rep. Torres - Deadline - MSNBC


Rick Wilson on tonights CNN townhall: It's fucking .

George Santos gives unhinged response to his arrest - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump continues lies about election and lashes out after N.Y. verdict in town hall

If you're able to send feedback to anchors like Anderson Cooper, do so


When the orange idiot says what he will do if elected.

Biden releases a new ad using footage from Trump's disastrous town hall.

This was not a Town Hall meeting.

For the people who insist this is bad for trump...

Tuberville on white nationalists in the military: 'I call them Americans' - All In - MSNBC

Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes - The Lemon Song

TFG says January 6 was a "beautiful day"


Steve Schmidt reacts to CNN's "embarrassing" town hall with Donald Trump The Warning

George Santos WORST DAY of His Life IS HERE - Meidas Touch

BTW, this was CNN's tweet leading into tonight's clusterfuck:

Tomorrow is the day to register disgust with Trump

It's better for E. Jeanne Carroll if Trump appeals...

It was more like a rally than a town-hall.

☦️ 🪻 Orthodox Church 40 Days of Pascha

If I could read your mind, dog

President Biden responds to Trump saying the J6 crowd 'had love in their hearts'.

How did we descend this far that we can't clear a low bar on the ground?

'Republicans are holding the economy hostage,' says Biden - ABC News

Seems like a good thing to make the election a referendum on January 6th.

MLK's famous criticism of Malcolm X was a 'fraud,' author finds

'Profoundly irresponsible': Ocasio-Cortez rips 'atrocious' Trump town hall - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Is anyone else not seeing DU rendered correctly??????

Gun-toting gold miners resist Brazil's attempt to take back the Amazon

Beyond Ukraine's Offensive

Now Russia has really gone too far

JPMorgan alleges former executive 'thwarted' efforts to cut ties with Epstein

Criminal Accountability FINALLY Comes for George Santos - Talking Feds

Obama advisor Dem Axelrod said trump did ok on CNN Town Hall

OK, CNN. Ready for the Dem (Pres Biden) Candidate

Trump HIT with NEW SUBPOENAS which Spell BIG Trouble - Meidas Touch

As Title 42 ends, more migrants from South America are crossing the Darin jungle en route to US

Santa Ana artist shares her family's story in exhibit co-created by bees

I think CNN hosted the town hall not just for tonight's ratings, but for ratings for the next two

New York Congressman George Santos charged with fraud and money laundering - PBS NewsHour

How one of Vladimir Putin's most prized hacking units got pwned by the FBI

Political Wire: Some Thoughts on Trump's Town Hall Event

"NY Times:House Republican Report Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by President Biden.

'Donald Trump's not worthy of a town hall': Rep. Swalwell slams replatforming of former president



If Trump wins the nomination

Jen Psaki: Biden camp not underestimating Trump's 'evil charisma' - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Good v Evil

I wish commentators would stop saying Santos gave an unhinged interview.

American Lithium unit gets green light to explore new area in Peru

Ohio lawmakers send 60% supermajority amendment to the ballot

SD: Ballot question group sues Minnehaha County, alleges new policy undermines First Amendment

'He told a pack of lies tonight': Jamie Raskin sets Trump Jan 6 lies straight - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Deaths from firearms keep climbing in Texas, decades after lawmakers began weakening gun regulations

Former Republicans seek to create new centrist party and utilize fusion voting in Michigan

House panel weighs bills ending child marriage in Michigan

Dutch suspect in Natalee Holloway disappearance will be sent from Peru to US to face fraud charges

North Carolina governor makes last-minute plea to block new abortion limits

Keith Olbermann's tweet

Exceptions to Louisiana abortion ban, including for rape and incest, fail in the Legislature

Thoughts on dealing with the next nineteen months.

Nebraska lawmaker tries to rekindle effort to further restrict abortion

Mastodon meme #2:

One thing I really don't understand about CNN

Nevada advances proposal to enshrine abortion rights into state constitution

Alabama would prosecute abortion as murder under newly introduced bill

Oil spill in Ecuador Amazon region blamed on 'sabotage'

Jessie Helms' grandaughter hopes to reverse legacy of anti-abortion policies

Anyone here familiar with "Family Trusts"...?

Pence joins latest Ohio fight against abortion access

Second Michigan school district bans backpacks after 3rd-grader found with loaded gun: 'a drastic st

Clarence Thomas' staggering corruption is a gift we cannot ignore.

Why Trump should be concerned about the George Santos fraud charges - Alex Wagner - MSNBC


US appeals court judge sues to halt competency probe

Trump Was Awful. CNN Was Worse.

two internet/blogger/tik toker stars died this week

Rick Wilson has words.

Joy Reid: Many Republicans have rushed to Trump's defense and normalized sexual assault - The ReidOut

The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle 10/5/2023 [11PM] 𝐌𝐒𝐍𝐁𝐂 BREAKING NEWS Today May 10, 2023

Longtime friend of E. Jean Carroll reacts to verdict: 'It was very, very moving' - Deadline - MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

'Reckless & Dangerous': Rep. Jeffries blasts Trump for urging GOP to default - The Last Word - MSNBC

'Mr. President, if you're listening...': Laurence Tribe on how to end GOP debt default crisis

Remember "the walls are closing in"?

Suspect in Natalee Holloway Murder Case to Be Extradited From Peru

Telegram Brazil Distorts Fake News Bill and Talks about Censorship

Brazilian Politician David Miranda, Journalist Glenn Greenwald's Husband, Dies

A CNN Abomination- Steve Schmidt

Space Age Love Song (Official Music Video) - Flock of Seagulls

Mothers of Mexico's disappeared march on Mother's Day

I wasn't able to watch the Town Hall

Fornasinius russus

Breaking: Trump makes disgusting claim at CNN town hall - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Tucker on Twitter....

Al Franken: Trump tests media in CNN townhall - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Israeli air strike kills missile commander in Gaza

Trump talks Ukraine and pardoning Capitol rioters in CNN townhall

Idaho man who dangled from Senate balcony during Capitol riot receives 15-month prison sentence

10 May: Ukrainians doubled the scale of operation in 1 day - Reporting from Ukraine

Ex-Kansas legislator who committed COVID relief fraud seeks to avoid prison sentence

George Santos ARRESTED, indicted On 13 Counts - Raw News And Politics

North Carolina Veto Rally Saturday, May 13, at 10 a.m. Bicentennial Plaza

Workers at Georgia school bus maker Blue Bird begin voting on whether to unionize

This is an annotated version of Trump's Town Hall on CNN broken down to 2 minutes. You won't have to

Man charged over Somerset gimp suit incidents

Rep. Jeff Jackson on the Republican outrage machine - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Western professor works to revitalize clam gardens

Western professor works to revitalize clam gardens

Why has nobody ever pointed out that TFG never sued Ms. Carrol for defamation?

Breakfast Thursday 11May 2023


Whoops, I duped an article already posted. Derp!

GOP senators criticize Trump following sexual abuse verdict - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Staging of religion on rock paintings that are thousands of years old in southern Egypt desert

Stone Age Dagger Dating Back 3,700 Years Ago Discovered by Child at Norwegian School

Sexual assault is not rape will be one hell of a campaign slogan.

Ancient Egyptian Figurines of God Osiris Found in Poland

On CNN, Trump was as delusional and deceitful as he ever has been...maybe even more so.

"Smoke archaeology" reveals early humans were visiting Nerja Caves 41,000 years ago

Neanderthal Noses Influence Human Honkers

Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iran hold high-level talks in Moscow - Al Jazeera

Wordle 691 (5/11) ***SPOILER THREAD***

GA Delays Security Fixes to Touch-screen Vote Systems Until After 2024 Election

There is reason to believe that George Santos's treasurer does not exist

George Santos's constituents: 'He should go to jail' - Washington Post

TX: Teachers are losing hope that lawmakers will give them a big raise this session

Is the comments section of Twitter generally representative of what the general public believes?

Queens leaders, political opponents react to George Santos indictment

NYC-COUNCIL: Andy King is off the ballot again, after appeal

GOP lawmaker takes shot at Kaitlan Collins while on CNN panel after Trump town hall

My guys getting a taste of life as union dock workers, they will appreciate college in the fall.

An EPA proposal to (almost) eliminate climate pollution from power plants

Scientists Might Have Found the Best Way to Catcall a Cat... pspspspsps

Trump is not a serious person.

Stop sending women one-third the bulk of Motherfucker

Will E Jean sue the conman again ?

'F-king Disgrace': CNN Gifts Trump Primetime Campaign Rally (CNN insiders)

Today's the last day to get free home covid tests from most insurers.

CNN packed that 'Town Hall' with cult members for a reason

trump campaign workers spotted in CNN audience

On this day, May 11, 1911, comedian and actor Doodles Weaver was born.

Big Mac sloppy joes in the crockpot,for my fellas once they get home

For those inclined to defend Kaitlin Collins at CNN Town Hall

On this day, May 11, 1939, R. Dean Taylor was born.

Chris Licht, on his first day as chairman and CEO of CNN:

War, natural disasters left record 71 million people internally displaced in 2022, report says

On this day, May 11, 1968, Richard Harris's version of MacArthur Park entered the Billboard Hot 100.

CNN's Kaitlan Collins tried, and tried, to rebut Trump's election lies

This Woman Couldn't Sleep -- Until She Rescued a Pit Bull

Woman Fosters A Pittie And Has No Idea How Much Her Life's About To Change

Bank of England raises rates and Bailey promises to "stay the course"

POLL: The reason CNN had the Trump town hall was

from empty wheel this morning- i concur

On May 11, 1955, Ed Wood's "Bride of the Monster" premiered at Hollywood's Paramount Theater.

Ted Lieu understands politics.

Trump's CNN Town Hall Goes Bad Very Quickly! - Luke Beasley

Alberta Government Stopped Even Discussing "Net-Zero" Once Oil Lobbyists Intervened

This Pittie Was Not Supposed To Make It...Now Look At His Transformation!

Addressing an ex-President

On May 10, 1969, the Temptations and the Turtles performed at Tricia Nixon's masked ball.

@kaitlancollins started at the Daily Caller, and .....a bit of her bio.....

Meanwhile, Biden trolls Trump by fundraising off tfg's town hall

FEMA Projection - Flood Insurance Premiums Will Soar; Up 200-500% In Coastal Louisiana & Florida

If I'm a VP at Warner Bros Discovery (Owners of CNN)

Thursday TOONs - Grabbed

The Attacks On Kaitlin Collins Are Misplaced

Mayor Adams orders exceptions to decades-old right-to-shelter law as NYC preps for more migrants

Why did the audience last night have to be Trump supporters or leaning toward Trump?

Record-setting Heat Dome Setting Up 5/12-15; Nearly 1 Million Acres Burned In Alberta Already

Of course he whined and cried?

We finally have eggs

Biden's Senior Climate Advisor (Podesta) Supports Joe Manchin's "Permitting Reform" Demands

Hakeem Jeffries Torches Trump Republicans By Naming Their 3 Basic Pillars

These blue state senators have not yet announced reelection plans for 2024.

Photos From the 2023 Westminster Dog Show

CBS this morning just showed the clip of the con

UK sending Ukraine long-range cruise missiles

I don't understand. Why did some watch it? I won't even watch other programs this morning because

A joke

When does Joe get his town hall?

Why have Russia's Arms Exports Collapsed? - TLDR News EU

Bo Jackson has hiccups (for 1 year) and has smelled the ass of a porcupine


How the Texas Shooter's RWDS Patch Became a Meme

the white house should pull cnns press pass as wekk as fox

Why are there so many migrants at the southern border now?

Happy National Twilight Zone Day!

Massively successful counteroffensive of Ukrainians in Bakhmut. Russians risk being surrounded

What is horse racing doing to prevent catastrophic injuries? Dark week at Churchill Downs

I am a star(in my own mind)!

House Republican Report Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by President Biden

Newly Rescued Elephants Interact Immediately With Others When They Arrive To Sanctuary

Trump Humiliates Himself with Stunning Answer to Question About E. Jean Carroll! - Luke Beasley

Toe-curlingly bad television: Trump's torturous town hall backfires on CNN

Disney CEO Fires Back at Florida's DeSantis, Makes Clear Threat

Laws to end child marriage in Michigan re-introduced before House Judiciary Committee

CNN is no longer on my Favorites page

Heavy Snowpack Means Powell May Rise 50-70', But In Bigger Picture, It Just Bought Roughly One Year

You raised $165.00 on May 10, 2023 DU unofficial for Biden-Harris 2024

Pakistan: army deployed across country as unrest triggered by Imran Khan arrest continues

THREAD: "... Trump's power depends on his performed ability to defy truth."

30 Years And 700K Tons Of Trucked-In Sand Later, Barcelona Abandoning Beach "Replenishment"

CNN's humiliation continues

"He's not just a misogynist. He's a predator."

WI: Republicans propose to restrict books, prosecute school staff

Dear ma and pa maga

Locust outbreak in Afghanistan's 'breadbasket' threatens wheat harvest

Gerry Rafferty BAKER STREET

You raised $100.00 on May 10, 2023 DU for Ukraine

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/10/2023

Marmot's first experience with durian fruit

Big Day 2023

Mignolaversity: August 2023 Solicitations

Art of the Week: Week of 5/10/23

The Rundown: May 11, 2023

KY: 'Down ticket' races include election denier's challenge of Republican secretary of state

Juror who listened to conservative podcaster Tim Pool joined verdict against Donald Trump

Gosh, how do the Trumps keep "accidentally" hanging out with Hitler fanboys?

Filmmaker Reveals The George Santos Demand That Saw Documentary Fall Apart

From celiac to asthma to eczema, how did autoimmune diseases become so common?

TN: Father of Covenant School student calls for alderman resignation

Why Is Trump Campaigning So Hard So Early?

House committee passes bill banning trans athletes from Ohio women's sports, talks higher ed bill

CNN faces harsh criticism after Trump unleashed a firehose of lies during its live town hall

China War Risk High Warns Top Chinese Expert; Chinese Economy & EV Industry - China Update

News: CNN chief Chris Licht started the network's morning editorial call by congratulating Kaitlan..

Watching a mini marathon of Jordan Peele's "Twilight Zone".

Salvador Dali was born on this date.

The human genome scientists use to scout for disease just got a major makeover

Youtube remix of Ukrainian face puncher

It wasn't a "town hall" it was a CNN produced trump rally

King Oliver, influential musician of the early 20th century, was born on this date.

Is this true that CNN's new owner John Stankey funded and supported OAN?

'We're living in madness': George Santos's constituents on federal charges

If It's CNN, They Let You Do It:

Trump Admits to His Own Dishonesty on National TV! - Luke Beasley

Progressives look to extend winning streak in Philadelphia mayoral primary

Some Supreme Court rulings are expected this morning at 10. Stay tuned...

I did not watch the CNN sponsored "Donnie the Rat" rally...

Tommy Tuberville's office clarifies his white nationalist comments

After lying about offer to convert Muslim woman, Kansas senator opines on 'lost souls'

Fox News: "You don't actually have any facts"

Difference between Dems and Rethugs. Elena Kagan turned down a gift.

Brynn Tannehill breaks it down perfectly in this twitter thread. Namely: the audience.

I wonder if anybody will look at what TFG does with all that money

Not Biden vs. Trump Again! The Disgruntled Voters Who Could Decide the 2024 Election

Oregonians prepare to vote next week in increasingly political school board races

Amazon poised to win $1 billion in tax breaks from one of Oregon's smallest counties

I had mixed feelings about the Trump town hall on CNN, but I think he did a fantastic job

MD-SEN: EMILYs List endorses Angela Alsobrooks

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, CNN, and laughter....

How should Republican candidates respond to Trump with the following question?:

Abandoned Puppy Walks Up To A Study Abroad Student And Asks Her For Help

Dedicated this morning to CNN... (hat tip to Twitter user ISingLikeAHummingbird🌻 @4_odays)

Virginia could be key to abortion access in the South. Its laws could hinge on this Democratic prima

The second worst thing CNN did.

26 Empire State Buildings Could Fit Into New York's Empty Office Space. That's a Sign.

FDA paves way for more gay and bisexual men to donate blood with new risk-based assessment

How Do We Recover Politically From This?

Republican asks press to find the proof of "Biden's crimes" which they can't find.

First on CNN: DeSantis takes steps to again send migrants to Democratic-led cities

Finally! US House Republicans introduce meaningful legislation!

Peloton recalls 2.2 million exercise bikes due to safety hazard

Cereal milk latte

Man finds kittens in shed

Laura Loomer adds stalker to her resume...

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 11, 2023

The PACs spending big money in the 2023 Philadelphia primary

I got him!!!! Owain is in the playpen!!!

PA SUPREME COURT: Pennsylvania GOP Puts Clout Back on Line in Primary

Va. Attorney General Miyares defends staying out of abortion pill case

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Bernie Sanders and AOC Coming to Philly

Lawyers Claim Former Trump Lawyer Has 'Gone Missing' To Avoid Subpoena - Farron Balanced

CNN towh-hall party for TFG: how were the ratings?

Virginia county loses second registrar in 2 months

Remember Gary Hart and the 'Monkey Business'?

PA Supreme Court: Money, Endorsements May Tip Scale In Primary

SheltieLover, if you're reading DU - I hope you are - PLEASE come back. I miss you. And

E. Jean Carroll Wins Major Victory for Sexual Abuse Survivors Even as Trump Continues to Target Her

Have you ever noticed it's the GOP is the one always announcing, "OPEN BORDERS"? Of course, they

Republican says no smoke is proof there is a Biden crime to be exposed.

Hollywood mogul says he will deliver 'all the resources' to Biden's re-election campaign - Morning Joe

WA-GOV: With 'epic' announcement, Hilary Franz enters race for Washington governor

Irving Berlin, born on this date, was a great songwriter

PA: Campaigns turn up heat in crowded Democratic primary race for Allegheny County executive

For Those Who Said To Wait To Condemn CNN Until After The Town Hall....

"Community" here and there

Biden War Room reminder...

Eric Burdon has a birthday today.

PA-HD163: Reproductive Freedom and Voting Rights on the Line in Upcoming House Special Election

PA: Sen. Fetterman Endorses Neil Makhija for Montgomery County Commissioners Office

George Santos Charged with 13 Felonies, But GOP Leaders Refuse to Expel Him from Congress

He seems to have calmed down and enjoys cuddles

It's Time For Democrats to Declare War Over the Debt Ceiling

I have a question about a patch

Justice Elena Kagan was worried about the ethics of accepting bagels from friends...

Remember when the Roman elites would throw Christians to the lions

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos withdraws from PEN America gala, citing writers strike

"I'm Shakin' " - Little Willie John

Eric Shoutin' Sheridan, charismatic jump blues singer, dies at 72

Last nite's CNN "Town Hall" in my opinion was not a good thing for Trump.

New Mexico constitution focus of legal fight over oil and gas drilling

A Year After Israeli Sniper Kills Shireen Abu Akleh, No Justice for Palestinian-American Journalist

Well, at least the CNN thing didn't improve Trump's betting odds. He actually went down

A microcosm of Christian Dominionism

Chicago media scrutiny of unexpected immigrants

"If it's CNN, they let you do it."

Catholic groups oppose FDA panel's recommendation for over-the-counter birth control pill

SC House Democrats file 1,000 amendments to proposed anti-abortion bill

'Just believe our lies': Ron Johnson dragged for declaring 'you have to infer' Hunter Biden evidence

I have a question for the board...

They can say whatever they want about Speaker Pelosi

A thing that got remarkably little coverage in my opinion is the fact the jurors in the Trump rape

Hollywood mogul, Jeffrey Katzenberg, pledges 'all the resources' Joe Biden needs to win in 2024

So are we going to dispense with the primary season since the media has already decided

Supreme Court upholds California law on humane pork sales

Biden-Harris and 2024 competitive Democratic Senator donation links

The CNN website's take on the shitshow last night...

The Daily Shooting Report: Kids shot for playing Hide and Seek

"I'll stop the war my first day in office"

Happy National Eat Anything You Want Day! What do you want to eat today?

Trump town hall was a 'disgraceful performance' - Morning Joe - MSNBC

NY: Rebranded LGBTQ political club emerges in Queens

I need advice on a WiFi extender / repeater.

The QNN Town Shill was only bad for Donnie Dipshit in a democracy where votes matter

100 people, including children, discovered in North Monterey County living in makeshift housing

NY: Queens GOP Chair Stands By George Santos Following Indictment and Arrest

The immigration system is broken...OK, what IS the fix?

Westchester DA Moves To Vacate 26 Convictions Following Release of Police Whistleblower's Secret Rec

Cartoons 5/11/2023

Our Forests are Disappearing

Trump Already Has Plans To Scam His Supporters After Assault Trial Verdict - Farron Balanced

NYC-COUNCIL: Innovation QNS Fallout Rains on LIC City Council Contest

COVID-19 public health emergency officially ends

Trump accidentally commits another crime after loss in court - Brian Tyler Cohen

Not to be insensitive about hiccups, but the best time to argue with someone is when they have them!

What was ruined when it became popular? And everyone was wearing it, saying it, doing it, watching

What Trump verdict means for Carroll, other women

Report: "Sharp increase" in crimes against abortion clinics post-Roe

If Cats Had Podcasts

Texas man sentenced for killing Black Lives Matter protester - GMA - ABC News

Fox News fired Tucker Carlson; but he's still got GOP

How Trump Uses His Legal Woes as an Advantage

There's only one thing I'm looking for from the next TV journalist that interviews Trump

Gerrymandered Ohio GOP lawmakers launch tyrannical assault on 170 years of majority voter authority

Trump Deepened His Legal Jeopardy

Muharrem Ince: Turkish candidate dramatically pulls out before election

Ohio Constitution question aimed at foiling abortion rights push heads to August vote

Deep Fried Bananas Foster Bao Recipe (video)

Trump's CNN town hall was a reminder. . .

Love Affair - Everlasting Love (Official Video)

Brian Kemp No Longer Ruling Out Presidential Bid

Bombshell development in Natalee Holloway case - ABC News

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 11, 2023)

US weekly jobless claims hit 1-1/2-year high; producer inflation cooling

Woman Saved a Stray Cat From The Street, But The Cat Had a Big Surprise

Wholesale prices rose just 0.2% in April, less than estimate as inflation pressures ease

Axelrod: Trump Has Proved There's Some Advantage To Being A Sociopath And A Politician

Why Republicans Are Targeting Professors' Job Security

This is how you respond to mass shootings...

Tfg introduced fascism to the USA

With Sen. Feinstein in attendance, Sen. Judiciary advances judicial nominees

Havasupai tribe in Arizona marks a spiritual homecoming: We are still the Grand Canyon

In major climate step, EPA proposes 1st limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants

Hmmm. Just took a better look under the kitten's tail. I MIGHT have to pick a new name

I use Google News for quick updates to see if there's any breaking news throughout the day

On CNN, lying Trump was a late-night comedian for an America I didn't recognize

Norfolk Southern to compensate Ohio homeowners affected by toxic train derailment - GMA - ABC News

From guns to immigration, here's how Texas' challenges echo the country's

Why Team Biden Was 'Positively Giddy' Last Night

Expel George Santos? GOP leaders aren't ready to take that step

Lyrics of Dolly Parton rock lead single issue warning

Is there another prefix we can use for Representative other than Rep?

trump could literally be President from a Rikers Island Prison Cell. Glenn Kirschner

Weaponizing the debt limit should not be normalized

Rick Reacts: (and he is Angry) at CNN Town Hall -The Lincoln Project

Russian Olympic Committee president hits out at IOC after top athletes excluded

Feinstein returns to the Senate Judiciary Committee, helping advance Biden judges

Santos backed a bill to fight unemployment fraud. Now he's charged with it.

Live: Is the Great Lakes region a climate haven?

'This was violent': Wheelchair damage leaves traveler mostly stuck at home

"Nasty Person" Kaitan Collins can simply not overrun the Goons Flurry of Non Stop Lies.

Jackson Felon Sentenced to 14 Years in Federal Prison for Using 3D-Printers to Manufacture Machinegu

Trump on networks like CNN...

At least 2 cases of drug-resistant ringworm infections found in the U.S., CDC says

Are You My Mother?

No Bigotry on this Ship

CNN's Trump Town Hall Gets Failing Grade From Viewers and Calls for Chris Licht to Resign

keith olbermann podcast: "the hindenburg disaster of tv news 5.11.23"

Tuberville wants MORE white nationalists in the Military

Best transformation of a homeless dog will put a smile on your face 😊

Future Commander in Chief.

Hakeem Jeffries Perfectly Sums Up The Republican Party George Takei's Oh Myyy

The Police Chief "Retired" After This Stop - Audit the Audit

Ken Jennings Crosses the Picket Line to Keep 'Jeopardy!' Running

Mar-a-Lago Meme

Disinfectant Wipes, Sprays w 'Quats' Chemicals Linked to Serious Health Problems: Use Soap & Water

Three million people watched tRump last night.......

Before Dobbs, what were anti-abortion activists doing to prevent abortions?

Guess who's out selling t-shirts today based on his CNN appearance last night?

Biden Leaves Reporter Speechless After Incredible Exchange! - Luke Beasley

Cat + box...

UK donating long range missiles to Ukraine, says defence secretary

You know what? The Republicans' #1 tactic of scaring the bejesus out of people is working . . .

Hillary was right-- they are "deplorable"

Hear why this GOP senator isn't supporting Trump for the GOP nomination - CNN

I need help with the usage of a word.

Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers' restraining order against reporter dismissed by Flagstaff judge

CNN Trump Town Hall Flops With Ratings Lower Than 2016

I don't think the CNN moderator

Influencer who created AI version of herself says it's gone rogue, saying sexually explicit things

Kevin McCarthy Dodges Question About Trump Telling The GOP To 'Do A Default'

I want the exact same drugs Jeff Lynne was doing in 1978.

Fishing tournament cheaters get sentenced...

US Approved $42B Student Debt Forgiveness, Public Service Work- Teachers, Nurses, Law, Military

Twitter Users Mock Ron Johnson For His Plea To 'Infer' Things About Biden Family

Questions about US government support for Ukraine? Here is the DOD site that you need

South Carolina House Dems bring 1,000 amendments to an anti-abortion ban.

Sunday May 14: GOTV Philly Rally for Helen Gym with Bernie Sanders and AOC

Did you go to your prom? I didn't. I couldn't see wasting my money on a dress, shoes, etc for one

Beau of the 5th Column: Let's talk about Trump, CNN, and laughter....

From Pres. Biden in response to DjT on CNN, re his praise of J6:

The writer's strike is clearly having an impact on the orange slug.

The upcoming MSNBC Trump Town Hall

Trump does his defense attorneys no favors with town hall event

Town Hall: Awful that laughter and cheering was allowed...

Moorea Tahiti 5 Fun and (Mostly) Cheap Things to do in Moorea

Florence still

He should be asked if it he tried to rig the 2020 election

DeSatan escalates his WD World battle--could he use eminent domain land seizure?

Trump thinks that Democrats

Republican whines that FBI won't provide the fish for their Biden fishing expedition.

This is a different Trump than the one that lost the election in 2020.

The Audience

Oregon woman's 13-year stolen car odyssey uncovers deceit, purged records and state DMV gaps

About the laughing last night

Labor Organizers Launch New Model in Fight Against Ruthless PE-Private Equity Industry Giants

My latest foster. Found alone, no sibs, no Mom. Folks already lining up to adopt him!

Keith Olbermann: Trump Town Hall was a ratings failure for CNN

E. Jean Carroll May Sue Trump a Third Time After 'Vile' Comments on CNN

I'm going to the opera tonight - "Don Giovanni"

Why haven't we heard about "McCarthy's jet"???

Patron: Grateful Lick to You!

Trump said Raffensperger 'owed me votes'

TCM tonight:

Supreme Court upholds California law on humane pork sales

I Ate 3D Printed "Steak" Made From Plants, And It Blew My Mind

You gotta be cruel to be mine. trump to minions

Cuddle Buddies

18-to-20-year-olds can't be barred from buying handguns, judge rules

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 11, 2023

Elon Musk says he's stepping down as Twitter CEO, will oversee product

Pre-dawn, southern MD 5/11

"Donald Trump's CNN Town Hall was a Disaster". Slate

Early Morning Rain, Live - Gordon Lightfoot, RIP 📀

The Supreme Court rediscovers humility -- in a case about pigs

Stonekettle: Caveat Emptor

All thegood car names

Molly Jong-Fast - The Right's Assault on Divorce Will Put More Women at Risk

A Trump joke

E. Jean Carroll Bought Me A Dress

Texas lesbian bar denied insurance for hosting drag shows, owner says

New Polls Show Donald Trump is Gaining Ground on Biden. Really? Is Trump's Grievance Tour Working?

Stray Cat Kept Sneaking In For Food

Elon Musk and Donald Trump are .."TOTAL POISON"

Daniel Penny Expected to Be Charged in Jordan Neely Chokehold Death: Sources

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of CNN?

2022: Overhaul of Baltimore station will help speed trains through busiest rail corridor in nation

Debt ceiling meeting between Biden, congressional leaders postponed

Tourism rebound takes tollーNHK WORLD-JAPAN NEWS

Supreme Court throws out convictions in sweeping New York corruption probe

The Proud Boys Targeted Me, and Then White 'Leftist' Dudes Accused Me of Making It Up

I just re-watched Seth Meyers vicious 2011 WHCD takedown of Donald Trump..SO on point

Bed head, all over:

Inspectors check that State Fair rides are ready for thrill-seekers

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 12 May 2023

Four arrests in Tokyo robberyーNHK WORLD-JAPAN NEWS

The 'Stop the Steal' Judge Who Wants a Seat on Pennsylvania's Supreme Court

"#HSMOTD is the Yuma (AZ) Criminals who moved into an abandoned prison in 1910."

What a Typical Tokyo Neighbourhood is Like

Clarence Thomas, who accepted lavish gifts... argued that a law prohibiting taking bribes is too vag

We moved into a vacant house in the Japanese countryside (and only pay $300/year for rent)

Charges expected for NYC subway rider who put Jordan Neely in fatal chokehold, sources say

"Commanders using the look and feel of the Washington Metro subway maps for their 2023 schedule."

Comparing the Environmental and Economic Costs of Additive Manufacturing and Traditional Machining.

Oils vs. Acrylics: My Goldfinch

Staying a night at the Spirited Away Sekizenkan onsen 🐉 Gunma & Nagano trip VLOG

Generation Connie

House passes Republican border security bill hours before Covid restrictions lift

Generation Connie

Generation Connie

Unanimous Supreme Court gives transgender woman from Guatemala new chance to fight deportation

Busted: See GOP's DeSantis shredded on TV over book bans, as writer claps back - The Beat - MSNBC

A sixth grade teacher in FloriDUH asked her class how many were Trump fans. (Joke)

Trump's biggest rally crowd of all time

ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman Season1 # 12 samurai action drama Full movie English sub SAMURA

Conservative group Mackinac Center just asked a federal court to end student-loan payment pause imme

Republican front-runner for North Carolina governor attacked civil rights movement

In case anyone has missed the news,

A yodeler with a megaphone has shut down a Republican press conference.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #14-14: Wheel Of Corruption: Quantumania Edition

Todd Day Wait. I've posted a few of his tunes here before. I find him charming

Eddie Glaude, on my TV right now, has the fucking nerve to complain about Motherfucker

The kitten weighs in at just over 19 oz and looks to have all its baby teeth

Trump has MOST SHAMEFUL Appearance Ever - Meidas Touch

Gerrymandered Ohio GOP lawmakers launch tyrannical assault on 170 years of majority voter authority

Trump files notice to appeal of E. Jean Carroll verdict

The Ugly Truth Behind "We Buy Ugly Houses"

Tesla shouldn't call driving system Autopilot because humans are still in control, Buttigieg says

George Santos - much worse than you thought.

Bolivian leader open to using yuan for trade, touting 'trend'

Trump's lawyer thinks 2016 is too far back, to bring up other women accusers.

Musk Stepping down from Twitter in 6 weeks - but is yet to name her

Man who choked NYC subway passenger to death will face manslaughter charge, prosecutors say

SOMEone's been flying around but not my faves.

BREAKING: New evidence has been unearthed in the Carroll v Trump case

EJC should file

Sengoku burai (AKA Sword for Hire AKA 戦国無頼) (1952) (English Subtitles)

This one simple unasked question would STUN Donald Trump

Inside Japan's Mini North Korea Unreported World

Transcript of the CNN propaganda hour here.

XUAN ZANG: Chinese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film|Huang Xiaoming, Xu Zheng 大唐玄奘【Huashi TV】

JAX MAYOR: Republican airs ad attacking Democrat for attending Black Lives Matter demonstrations

DHS Readies for End of Title 42, Migrant Surge

Rhiannon Giddens - You're the One

"Everything is electronic and requires more repair"

The English Beat - Tears Of A Clown

Facing 'make-or-break moment,' GOP's Comer fails spectacularly

Adams considers housing migrants in shuttered prison

18-to-20-year-olds can't be barred from buying handguns, judge rules

A news organization is NOT TO MAKE NEWS, it is to REPORT news.

GA-20 - Dry Run

We can not normalize this man

Biden Leaves Reporter Speechless After Incredible Exchange!

Why that CNN town hall with Trump should terrify you about the future of this nation.

Serbians hand over thousands of weapons after mass shootings

Biden campaign releases a second campaign video off last night's Trump town hall

ALMOST caught someone! (Fluffy end of ???)

Jeh Johnson: As long as conditions in home countries persist, migrant families will 'keep coming'

Georgia's Fort Benning renamed Fort Moore

The Daily Show: The Best of Jordan Klepper as Guest Host

Wrongump - The Lincoln Project

#Breaking Mass shooting right now in Logan in Philly. 5900 blk N 21st St. Police on scene. Multiple

First night of The Cure's US Tour 2023 was last night, here's a Spotify Playlist!

YouTuber who staged airplane crash will plead guilty to obstructing probe, prosecutors say

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McConnell, Manchin, and leopards....

The CNN Townhall audience showed their stance. Pro bully, pro rapist kids that never grew up

Chairman Whitehouse: "There Is Nothing Inherently Conservative About Ignoring Climate Change"

How Democrats plan to win back South Carolina voters - CBS News

Loved the movie Book's a little something about the new movie with all the women.

Man indicted on 98 charges including hate crimes for 2022 shooting at Taiwanese church in California

Man indicted on 98 charges including hate crimes for 2022 shooting at Taiwanese church in California

New poll: Is DeSantis's war on 'woke' Disney falling flat?

Fake Georgia Elector Throws Trump And His Lawyers Under The Bus - Ring of Fire

New Biden ad based on last night CNN Town Hall

Daniel Penny to be charged with second-degree manslaughter in Jordan Neely's death

US Senator Doubles Down On Support For White Nationalists: "We All Got Different Beliefs"

title 42

President Biden's CNN town Hall's ratings beat TFG's CNN Town Hall's ratings

Does Daniel Dale still work for CNN?

What an honor. My little town in Germany made worldwide headlines today.

The CNN Town Hall was great

South Africa supplied arms to Russia - US ambassador Reuben Brigety

CNN town hall highlights media's struggle with how to cover Trump and his lies - PBS NewsHour

Turkey Votes. Erdogan's Last Dance? - Good Times Bad Times

We all had a Renee in our lives......

A 5.44 magnitude earthquake has occurred near East Shore, California at 16:19!

Onsen in Japan Japanology 温泉

Why the Clarence Thomas Timeline of Gifts Isn't Pretty

An AI Program Is Currently Trying To Destroy Humanity. It Has Access To The Internet.

Bathhouses in Japan Japanology Sentō (銭湯)

The Worst Thing to Come Out of Trump's Town Hall Didn't Come From Trump

This is insane, but it looks like fun

Last Covered Bridge in South Carolina