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Archives: May 12, 2023

Powerful Indie film "Shelter" starring Jennifer Connelly!

Rep. George Santos finalizing deal to avoid prosecution in Brazil case - CBS New York

Watch it and know that you're next - Break the Fake - TVP World

Any Human Resources folks here?

Dear Ari Melber

CNN Employees Are Not Happy With The Network's Trump Town Hall

'Thanks,' Chris Hayes, for telling us how great cnn and tmp are/were,

How To Stop Train Derailments - More Perfect Union

Sunset, southern MD 5/11

Trump's comments on Mar-a-Lago documents 'like red meat to a prosecutor'

Trump's defiance at the CNN town hall may scare off many voters -- but not the GOP base

Joe's priorities vs the orange blob's

Caught on tape: Hear George Santos talk about seeking payout - The Beat - MSNBC

Who's going to build their houses?

Don't worry everyone, CNN will correct its course for a Joe Biden Town Hall

North Carolina's 12-week abortion ban bill: What's at stake

Gov. DeSantis signs SB 1580 aka "​​License to Discriminate in Healthcare"

McConnell opposes Alabama Republican's blockade of military nominees over Pentagon abortion policy

CNN leadership under fire after 'disastrous' Trump town hall

A big reason more Americans aren't buying EVs: Two-thirds of dealers don't have any

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a Tuberville quote and readiness....

Trump snaps at CNN's Kaitlan Collins: 'You're a nasty person'

Fox News Is Showing Carefully Edited 'Highlights' of Trump's CNN Town Hall Last Night.

'Dumpster fire,' 'Disaster,' 'Disgrace': CNN under fire for Trump town hall - The Beat - MSNBC

Tweet of the Day

WA: Candidates will be forced to reveal donors of money shifted to new campaigns

YouTuber accused of deliberately crashing plane for views pleads guilty

HEADS UP, Oklahoma: Severe storms popping up around the state

I took a red eye from San Diego last night, and saw a great movie on the plane, Tar.

Trump's CNN Performance

Mike Pence: Trump White House 'could have done a better job of controlling spending'

I just deleted the CNN app from my phone.


Patchwork River

Judge orders tfg to attend lecture on how not to violate evidence disclosure rules.

Hello, He Lied: CNN Goes After Trump Lovers - and Fox Viewers - With a Fabrication-Filled Town Hall

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Thread! Robyn Kincaid subs for Mike!

Common disinfectant wipes expose people to dangerous chemicals, research reveals

Full movie The Retired Samurai(starring: Toshiro Mifune) samurai action drama

Expel George Santos? GOP leaders aren't ready to take that step - Eyewitness News ABC7NY

King County Metro suspending 20 routes, starting in September

In the 80s when video stores were a thing, the major studios didn't start their own stores

Watch AOC take on that weasel, Tom Bakk


I Didn't Watch The Town Hall Last night Because I didn't Want To See Or Hear

Vivek Ramaswamy Proposes Constitutional Amendment To Raise Voting Age to 25

CNN Faces a FURY of Criticism

Chris Hayes on Trump town hall: A seditious candidate can't be debated, only defeated - All In - MSNBC

Five Years

Justice Dept. seeks to put Trump deposition on hold in case of FBI agent fired over text messages

Why did CNN do it? (Robert Reich)

breaking . mag 5.5 temblor an hour ago 5.5 prattville ca.

Things that make you go hmmmm

Dow chooses a Texas site for a nuclear reactor to decarbonize heat demands of a process plant.

NASA selects Brown-led team to study the Moon in effort to establish permanent lunar base

breaking . mag 5.5 temblor an hour ago 5.5 prattville ca.

Chris Hayes on the 'dehumanizing' border coverage of the end of Title 42 - All In - MSNBC

What does the GOP have on Biden? A whole lot of nothin'.

LGBTQ+ ally announces she's running against "disgrace" George Santos

Biden at 50% approval rating! YouGov Poll

Trump's incriminating statements at CNN town hall WILL be used against him at trial - Glenn Kirschner

Hayes: CNN town hall showed how not to cover Trump ahead of 2024

Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills & Nash - Live

Crusell's 'Clarinet Concerto No. 2'

CNN could have avoided all this unpleasantness

There goes any respect I had left for Anderson Cooper

June 6, 1944, D-Day, Operation Overlord Colorized WW2

If You INSIST on Interviewing Trump...THIS Is How You Do It!

Trump's Ballot Box Fibs Are Seriously Threatening The 2024 Election - Greg Palast

Things are happening around Bakhmut tonight. Possibly very good things.

Jean Dawson - PIRATE RADIO

Saturn Re-takes the Moon Crown

FDR revisited

Pastrami or Corned Beef?

Biden utterly HUMILIATES Kevin McCarthy with must-see response to GOTCHA question - Meidas Touch

CNN town hall schedule for the year

Here we go...we need just $26 for the Biden-Harris 2024 fund to reach our current goal of $500

On Twitter's new CEO... This will shock you

Man falls in love with blind lab goat

DeSantis nominee who pushed preaching about Jesus to students has his confirmation blocked

Eric Burdon & The Animals - When I Was Young

Chris Licht

The Four Freshmen - Mood Indigo

Job satisfaction at a 36 year high

Kansas City becomes sanctuary city for gender-affirming care after City Council vote

my new album is here at last, Msongs Songwwriter Demos.....see a 3D version

George Santos backs bill to fight crime he's accused of - ABC News

my new album is here now, Msongs Songwriter Demos as CD or download....

Hundreds attend funeral for the Cho family - FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Police - Bring On The Night - (Reggatta De Blanc)

Fed up Fox host finally shuts down Trump ally on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump judge halts Biden immigration policy and regurgitates Republican talking points in his order

This exact one on now: 'Norfolk Phapsody' by Vaughan Williams

11 May: Desertion spreads by minute. Russians run away en masse - Reporting from Ukraine

You cannot defend the indefensible.

Biden, McCarthy postpone debt limit meeting to next week - CBS News

When do wary Dems take down the rightwing 'terrorist front' with a fierce battle plan?

The man who lost to George Santos - FOX 5 New York

Trump wants to give Michael Flynn & Jeffrey Clark roles in his administration

Wait until the end:

Trump's incriminating statements at CNN town hall WILL be used against him at trial

Georgia Secretary of State responds to Trump's town hall comments - CNN

Republicans work to thwart state constitutional amendments protecting reproductive rights - PBS NewsHour

Republican at Trump Town Hall Says Many in Audience Were 'Disgusted' or 'Bewildered' By Ex-Presiden

Obvious Trump doublespeak

Trump suggests arming teachers to deal with school shootings at CNN town hall - The Last Word - MSNBC

Anderson Cooper addresses criticism about Trump town hall - CNN

Ohio: Upcoming August special election is illegal, law experts say

Grace Potter - Mother Road

CNN Cuts Off Trump Lawyer After She Goes Completely Nuts - Ring of Fire

This fucker is mental! (re: Trump judge halts Biden immigration policy...)

Pakman: Audience DISGUSTED with trump CNN Town Hall

US ambassador accuses South Africa of providing weapons, ammo to Russia

What Would Happen If Russia and NATO Went to War (Day by Day) - The Infographics Show

SHAME: Jake Tapper challenged Karen Finney & Hillary Scholten on gun statement. Gives GOP a pass.

Jen Psaki nails Texas politicians as TX Rep Colin Allred provides the empowering gun narrative.

Bloomberg Opinion Senior Columnist Tim O'Brien on Trump's verdict: He's a loser.

'It was blatant fascism meets The Jerry Springer Show': Joy Reid slams Trump town hall - The ReidOut

You Have to Grind This Motherfucker Down

CNN told audience only allowed to applaud

I have a couple of questions about the E Jean Carroll case.

I don't have a TV right now, but I do have Sirius in my car so...

'Based on evidence we've seen Penny had no business putting hands on Neely's neck': Legal expert

Ladies you have $5 to build your perfect man

Fox leans into fear mongering, dehumanization of people migrating to the border - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia, Ukraine, and Garland....

CNN is now the New Coke of news networks.

'Why did you do this?': Migrants share story of why they left Venezuela - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

What's behind the attack against Brazil's Landless Rural Workers' Movement?

Glossed over amid the overall astonishment: 'Did you ever show those documents to anyone?'...

Twitter now requires users to log in at least every 30 days to keep their accounts active.

Covid's legacy seen in human desperation at U.S. border - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Trump Contradicted His Statements to Prosecutors

Trump's Town Hall Had 3.1 Million Viewers

Dear Mr. Cooper

I challenge those DUers who look for content for the DU Discussion

The Latest COVID Variants Have a Surprising Feature in Common

Void in GOP leadership leaves Trump's corrupting influence intact - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Trump's incriminating statements at CNN town hall WILL be used against him at trial

Tulip Thursday (or Flower Friday)...

Mastodon meme:

Santos backs crackdown on fraud he's charged with committing - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

End of Title 42 tests U.S. image as beacon of hope - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

El Salvador's Bukele claims 365 days without murders

I'm 58 this morning. We celebrated it at a great restaurant. I had the best

Migrants crossing dense Darien jungle at Colombia-Panama border find increasingly organized route

Anne Arundel County,MD County Executive Steuart Pittman is endorsing Angela Alsobrooks for the

Amazing video of Russian surrendering by going thru no man's land

Breakfast Friday 12 May 2023

DeSantis' new law: Doctors can't deny treatment for unvaccinated patients but can refuse LGBTQ ones

Lawrence: Trump town hall failure proves media can't use 'conventional tools' with him - The Last Word

Azurite Nebula

Judge orders Trump to attend lecture on how not to violate evidence disclosure rules: report

Fallout from Trump town hall - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Nayib Bukele Signs Bill to Eliminate Technology Taxes in El Salvador

Samurai TV The Tale of Zatoichi, Season 1 Episode 1

A fighter jet makes an emergency landing while on fire at El Salvador International Airport

If free market economy capitalism is so great.

Liz always had a plan thinking of my wife smiling

Pakistan is dying (and that is a global problem) - CaspianReport

Rural Women's Constant Struggle for Water in Central America

Oscar Martinez: 'Journalism is indispensable'

US Man, 79, Beaten To Death In Mexico While Delivering Donations To The Poor

'CNN's lowest moment' was also a 'ratings disappointment'

WORDLE 692 (5/12) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Republican at Trump Town Hall Says Many in Audience Were 'Disgusted' or 'Bewildered' By Ex-President

U.S. Citizens Are Getting Caught Up in El Salvador's Mass Arrests

Florida Passes State Bill Renaming Highway After Rush Limbaugh

Countering El Salvador's Democratic Backsliding

A Massive Texas County Turned Blue. Then The GOP-Controlled Senate Voted To Overturn Their Elections

Sorry, Anderson - Not Buying

You ever think the Nazis started out as Christian nationalists.

The Magic of YouTube: Go Your Own Way (1982)

Endorsements for the Democratic candidates for the 2024 MD US Senate Elections. Angela Alsobrooks

"You gave evil a cheering section..."

Is it even possible . . . . .

5.2 Quake in Northern California few minutes ago

Older woman behind me at the store

Ah, the joy of round the clock kitten feedings

Today's my birthday and my mom's

CNN leadership under fire after 'disastrous' Trump town hall

George Santos inks deal to avoid prosecution in Brazil over bad checks

Is this Trump's last round-up or will he return in 2028?

Friday TOONs - Trash News

On this day, May 12, 1968, C&O passenger train the Fast Flying Virginian (FFV) made its final run.

I'm thrilled to report that there is POOP in the kitten's litter box!!!

538 gives a blowjob to Donald Trump

Virginia is pulling out of an interstate voter list program targeted by Trump supporters

There is a labor shortage. States are rolling back labor laws

Russian military incompetence and ours

Phoenix Records Earliest Triple-Digit Temperature (102F On May 7th) Since 1943

Extreme Pitfight Hunters vs Nargacuga - MHW

Turkey President Erdogan to Lose Election & Power on 14 May Enabling Sweden to Join NATO - Joe Blogs

His Psychological Condition is Worsening.

Let me make this pellucidly clear

How An American Dream Solar Generator Business Became A Ponzi Scheme That Scammed Buffett, US Bank

Photos: A Holly Blue Butterfly Egg

Spain Approves $2.4 Billion In Emergency Drought Relief For Farmers After Hottest, Driest April Ever

Spectrum Cable up here in the great Northeast has a new plan. Pick 15 channels

The Rundown: May 12, 2023

Aussie vegans ask neighbours: No more shrimp on the barbie, please.

The origin of Superheroes: Gambit (Marvel Comics)

Congrats CNN you've

You raised $286.00 on May 11, 2023 for the DU unofficial Biden-Harris 2024 POTUS fund (updated)

Moonage Daydream

I'm back from the vet with Sian. Well, the vet is ALMOST positive this is a female

Daniel Penny released on bail after being charged with manslaughter in Jordan Neely subway chokehold

Russia to Build 'Migrant Village' for Conservative American Expats - The Moscow Times

Admission of guilt.

Florida judge blocks quick migrant release policy, raising concerns about overcrowding

PHILADELPHIA: Mayoral Race in Dead Heat

Another Fox Defamation Suit Filed By Former Government Official

Putin claims Ukraine isn't a real nation. Has anyone in the media pointed out

PA-HD163: Race to watch: Heather Boyd and Katie Ford duel for pivotal Delco state House seat

Some astounding advances in AI.

Audits of Chinese Companies Are Highly Deficient, U.S. Regulator Says

Exile on Main Street was released on this date in 1972

Need we ask this question again?

Lol, in their quest to ban drag shows, TX GOP ban may affect Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

IA: Reynolds sued for denying jobless Iowans federal pandemic assistance

Joe Maphis was born on this date.

Burt Bacharach was born on this date.

Ian Dury was born on this date.

Steve Winwood has a birthday today.

My Keurig is dying and the one at Costco is no longer on sale! Woe is me!😢

Elon Musk hires ex-NBCUniversal ad chief Linda Yaccarino to be Twitter's CEO

Jim Jordan Goes Completely Nuts After Being Called Out For Lying - Farron Balanced

My bonding session with Sian while waiting in the vet's parking lot was lovely

"unfortunately, or fortunately, men have been able to get away with abusing women for millions of

CNN and Kaitlin Collins are like the blind squirrel that found an acorn.

Overweight Pittie Loses Over Fifty Pounds

Keep Repeating the Lie and Promise them Everything. How one Fascist rose to Power in a Democracy

TurboTax owner Intuit ramps up lobbying as debate over government-run free tax filing heats up

"Our country is being destroyed by stupid people -- by very stupid people." -- Donald Trump

Trump's team revels in town hall victory as CNN staff rages at 'spectacle of lies'

The Browns need your help picking a new logo

For years, we all knew what he was. CNN did too. What the hell is wrong with this Country?

I went to youtube and came to a fork in the road so I took it. I came home with this. Yum.

Trump says he would pardon a 'large portion' of Jan. 6 rioters (NBC)

dailyfail trying to make Daniel Penny the hero

Raskin's Oversight role gives him pause for Senate run

"It's Started": Ukrainians Push Across Multiple Frontlines. Russians Abandon Bakhmut. Total Panic.

Another Trump joke (I know that's repetitive)

Santos Indictment Leaves Many Lies, Mysteries, and Scandals Unaddressed


@BruceBartlett: Leonard Leo is quickly joining the ranks of Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch,

They weren't going to boo an answer': Trump town hall audience reportedly only allowed to applaud

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump and debt ceiling 101....

Leonard Leo's Group Spent $183 Million in a Year

Steve Winwood (75 today) - Dear Mr. Fantasy (Live at PBS Soundstage 2005)

Tweet of the Day

Trump Defends CNN Town Hall Because It Got 'Sky High Ratings'

One more update: Post first vet visit, first bath (She was SO GOOD) and first doses of medicine.

Judge blocks ban on 18-20 year olds buying guns

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill legalizing anti-LGBTQ+ medical discrimination (***and others**)

I think Trump has decided that if he is going to go down, he's

Divine sound when marmot eats pineapple

Toyota: Data on more than 2 million vehicles in Japan were at risk in decade-long breach

N.C. Couple and N.Y. Woman Sentenced on Felony Charges For Actions During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Pic Of The Moment: James Comer Delivers His Latest Nothingburger

Utah Man Sentenced (36 months) for Assaulting Law Enforcement Officers During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

General Zaluzhny, head of Ukraine's Armed Forces, salutes the NAFO Fellas!

Variety: Kaitlan Collins Expected to Anchor CNN's 9PM Hour After Tangling With Trump

News & Commentary May 5, 2023

After the Germans surrendered after WWI, many Germans

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 12, 2023

US Postal Service taking new steps to prevent carrier robberies, stolen mail

Southwest Airlines pilots vote to authorize strike as they push for pay raises in new contract

Our country wide U. S. Postal Service food drive is Saturday.

The CNN town hall revealed Trump as a "political mirage"

Let's talk about Trump and debt ceiling 101....

Hubby fell in the bathroom yesterday. EMTs on scene FAST. Y-NH hospital staff read to receive and

A little weirdness for you

Chinese Economy: Wage Slowdown & Deflation Fears; US-China Relations - China Update

Astronomers detect largest cosmic explosion ever seen (AT2021lwx)

As Title 42 Ends, Asylum Seekers Face Harsh Border Conditions, New Restrictions & Fast Deportation

U.S. Internal Revenue Service Files Claims Worth $44 Billion Against FTX Bankruptcy

U.S. can avoid default in July if Treasury can make it through June cash crunch

Bison Stampede Across Bridge in Yellowstone National Park

Katie Couric interview with Neal Katyal

NBCU ad chief Linda Yaccarino in talks to lead Twitter

U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela & Cuba Fuel Migration Even as Biden Restricts Asylum Seekers at Border

Fed Governor Philip Jefferson named as new vice chair to succeed Lael Brainard

Lauren Boebert Gets Torn To Shreds By Angry Constituent Over 'Cruel Joke' - Farron Balanced

Donald Trump Already Wants to Go Back on CNN

Rachel Maddow walks us through the rightwing armed escalation protests, before 2021.

Politico: As the border heats up, Dems fracture over a migration solution

I am sorry but Kaitlin Collins was not masterful, she was not good.

Obama/Тяцмp meme

AI is incompatable with our oligarch run economy.

Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan Freed on Bail After Days of Mass Protests over His Arrest

Pope Francis warns pets must not replace children in Italy

Republicans yell about locking up opponents but not Trump or his family - Morning Joe - MSNBC

"Shock & Surprise": Serbia Reels from Two Mass Shootings, Demands Stronger Gun Control

I'm crying and can't breathe at this video

Graduation gift

Ex-Kan. legislator going to prison for COVID relief fraud

Hillary was wrong!

So Jordan Neely's killer turned himself in. Will be charged with 2nd degree...

Lilly Singh ruins The Muppets Mayhem on Disney+

Honey Tonk Woman

January 6 was not a "beautiful day."

January 6 was not a "beautiful day."

I think it's important to spend time around

This clip of Kaitlan Collins from her Daily Caller days is incredibly damning. Good work CNN!

Trump to get schooled on judge's rules barring him from using evidence to slam witnesses

(Update) Major Minnesota gun control legislation nearing Capitol finish line

Tuberville's MAGA Social Agenda - VoteVets

Film/TV Shoots at L.A. Hotels May Be Disrupted as Hospitality Workers Back Writers Strike

The Border Crisis and Social Media

Kinda related to CTyankee's husband fall in the you all sit when taking your shower??

Teen arrested for Michael Brasel murder was involved in violent Harding HS robbery

The Senate just passed two resolutions disapproving endangered species declarations

Teen arrested for Michael Brasel murder was involved in violent Harding HS robbery

Rep. Tricia Cotham on 72 Hours Informed Consent - HB465

Debt ceiling standoff pushes consumer sentiment lower (U. of Michigan Consumer Sentiment)

Cartoons 5/12/2023

'Andor' Showrunner Tony Gilroy Ceases Producing Work On Disney+ Series Amid WGA Strike

Trump slammed with more bad legal news in defamation case - Brian Tyler Cohen

Submissions for the May Contest are now being accepted! ---NOW CLOSED--

Abortion rights battle intensifies in Ohio

Comment thread for May contest submissions go here.

Drug-sniffing dog suffers apparent fentanyl overdose in Everett

Warnings not to visit Florida are global now. It is dangerous for many people. What a commentary

VA STATE SENATE: Morrissey (D), Aird (D) face off for Senate nomination with abortion in spotlight

'It's hell': life under the American mobile home king who calls himself a 'grave dancer'

Islamic group wins permit battle south of Snohomish

Marysville schools serving layoff notices for up to 45 teachers

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Foundation -- Season 2 Official Teaser - Apple TV+ - Streams 7/14/2023

Morgan Freeman narrates Grandma Sandy (Twitter)

A manufactured crisis over a manufactured ceiling

Russia Wants to Build a MAGA Colony for US Conservatives, Lawyer Claims

Flamin' Hot - Official Trailer - Hulu - Streams 6/9/2023

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 12, 2023)

How Many Lies - The Lincoln Project

Speaking of proms, did anyone attend or have at their elementary school, a Father/Daughter Dance? It

Debt ceiling deal is there, but it's all up to McCarthy

Today, Great Grandson of French Impressionist Artist Renoir to Paint in NYC Soho Gallery, May 12

Be careful which roofing company you hire, so you don't end up with this:

Supreme Court backs California law for more space for pigs. Producers predict pricier pork, bacon

Yay! Friday!

Treasury secretary says invoking 14th Amendment would be 'legally questionable'

What Flat Earthers see on a clear day:

Lullaby - Low

Trump's sexual assault verdict marks a rare moment of accountability. And women are noticing

Pomerantz's opening statement in Judiciary deposition

Zelensky Urges Caution on Timing of Counteroffensive as Ukraine Advances in Bakhmut

What News Media Do You Consume?

Migrants face new border reality as Title 42 pandemic restrictions expire

U.S. Says South Africa Supplied Weapons, Ammunition to Russia

Large explosions in Russian-occupied Luhansk

Supreme Court Puts New Limits on Fraud Prosecutions

Some good transgender healthcare news!

Rape victim tweets about the audience laughing with Trump

This giant snapping turtle in the Chicago River is an internet sensation: Meet 'Chonk'

Minnesota poised to close state park, return land to Dakota tribe

Landmark Elephant Car Wash sign lands at new Seattle location

Elon Musk just announced via tweet that Linda Yaccarino is Twitter's new CEO. RW fanbois NOT happy.

Biden and Hill leaders postpone debt meeting as deal talks continue

Wildfire smoke from Alberta and British Columbia reaches US

David Rothkopf: The GOP Is the Party of 'Fuck You'

Some ob-gyns have to wait until a woman faces 'imminent death' before performing an abortion.

Trump's Second-Term Goal: Shattering the Norms He Didn't Already Break

Reports: Myanmar soldiers kill and burn bodies of 19 villagers, including 4 children

Tom Brady reportedly in 'deep discussions' to become minority owner of Raiders

Erdogan rival says has evidence of Russia's online campaign ahead of Turkey election

What you need to know about Ohio's August election to change how constitution is amended

The Media's Past Indifference to Trump's Past Abuse of Pardons Invites Him to Do it Again

Ohioans are organizing to use their voice. Will the state let them?

I want Biden to go after DeSantis NOW!

Thanks for the Lecture Anderson Cooper; and FU. -Stephanie Miller

Trump tells Republicans 'to do a default' -- risking the US economy -- if the GOP doesn't get 'massive

PA: Next week's Allegheny County and Pittsburgh elections mark a coming of age for progressives

Cat and dog torture videos litter Twitter, adding to concerns about moderation


Jeffries: Trump default comments complicate debt talks

The most critical thing to remember when it comes to Trump's statements about the Georgia election:

Trump Made His Legal Problems So Much Worse During CNN Town Hall - Ring of Fire

Stephen Miller is looking to represent white people who are victims of racial discrimination.

Incoming reports about Ukraine using the Storm Shadow cruise missile for the first time today.

PA: 2 candidates loan their campaigns $90,000 or more in primary race for Erie County judge

Trump-backed candidate for Kentucky governor downplays jury verdict against former president

Supremes on NBC's "Hullaballoo," today 1965:

Alabama Republicans Want To Charge People Who Get Abortions With Homicide

Election deniers running to make Pa. voting rules

You Consider Yourself A Star.

Dunc pups birthday is 5/20 he will be three told his brother's probably give them invite

#CNN should stop defending town hall

Ukrainian breakthroughs in Bakhmut area; Russian soldiers are panicking; Ukrainian update

Trump Had No Defense For E. Jean Carroll

PA: Central Bucks Voters Must Reject MAGA Millionaire Paul Martino's School Board Candidates

Trump Don't Care about No Court Judgment.

Russian woman who left note on grave of Putin's parents convicted amid dissent crackdown

Joanna McClinton's Historic Pa. House Speakership At Risk In Delaware County Special Election

Another "good guy with a gun". Woman killed by stray bullet as she's lying in her bed

Julian Castro is not as confident as the Democratic Establishment that Biden can beat Trump.

US Passport Processing Times - Late expedition request

Hodding Carter III, State Department spokesman during Iran hostage crisis, dies at 88

A solution for some of our more reactionary states (maybe tongue in cheek? I dunno)

CNN's Trump town hall was a fascist ritual

Unaccompanied migrant child died in U.S. custody, officials say

In POW exchange, Russians shave the heads of Ukrainian women before release.

Trump STUNNED Over The Fact He's The Worst

Elon's Twitter update will make Twitter completely unusable for women

New poll: Is DeSantis's war on 'woke' Disney falling flat?

Facebook, Google Owners Hit With Wrongful Death Suit Over Buffalo Massacre

The world is a cat...

The Book-Bans Debate Has Finally Reached a Turning Point

Verdict in Lori Vallow Daybell's trial will be livestreamed - 12:45 MT

Looks like the dire news about Jamie Foxx was untrue

Someday Soon - Judy Collins

What Clarence Thomas is going to do.

A 22-Year-Old Texas Man Fatally Shot His Partner for Traveling to Get an Abortion

So many CNN/Trump TownHall threads, I cannot keep up with them... STILL I have a ?

What's the name for

Lori Vallow guilty on all counts

Brave Councilmembers DEFEND What's Important - TYT Investigates

The Big Lie About Nuclear Waste

I spent 90 minutes on the floor, keeping Sian company

How to Survive Whistleblower Retaliation - Thoughts On Being Hung Out to Dry as an Informant

The Inherent Dishonesty of Texas Republicans

Trigger warning (no visuals): Under Musk Twitter has allowed animal torture videos.

Kids as young as 13 could have criminal records released in 3 majority-Black parishes

Former Trump prosecutor mostly mum before Congress on details of hush-money investigation

TTH - "No Threat"

McDonald's found liable for hot Chicken McNugget that fell from Happy Meal and burned girl

Steve Schmidt on the CNN Fiasco

SCOTUS Unanimously Sides with Transgender Refugee, Affirming Her Identity in Historic Ruling

Is there a drop dead date for the resolution of the "debt limit"?

Texas School Picture Day Photographer Expands Offerings To Include Memorial Posters

Woman Couldn't Get This Senior Shelter Pittie Out Of Her Head

Fresno Cops Shoot Suspect Armed With a Knife in Front of Police Station

This song nails my teen years:

⛳️ 3rd round of Div. 3 women's golf CANCELLED due to unplayable hole location

TED Talk on AI by Gary Marcus (tweet & links to video and transcript)

Wow Nicolle is going after Anderson Cooper and CNN

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Ramaswamy proposes raising voting age to 25, unless people serve in military or pass a test

IMPORTANT ask GOPs why they never tried to force Trump to make cuts based on the debt ceiling

Oregon GOP walkout threatens bills on abortion, trans care -- and senators' careers

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the SCOTUS shadow docket case that could make waves....

Prime-age workers are flooding back into the workforce. Older workers are staying home

There is an old saying!

Who would/might have been able to keep Trump from being Trump...

Report today on the northern flank of Bakhmut:

British wind power overtakes gas for the first time in Q1 2023 - report

'He's got a gun!' Dashcam Shows Driver Shoot Illinois Trooper Who Pulled Over To Help Him

One last try...

How Ukrainian forces denied Russia victory in Bakhmut by Victory Day

US Postal Service honors civil rights leader, Ponca tribe Chief Standing Bear, with stamp

SPring Cleaning Music...taking suggestions....!!!

OK we need just $4 to make an even $600 donated to un-official DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Reynolds sued for cutting Pandemic unemployment benefits

2:00 - Jon Stewart on NewsMax slamming Republicans on Veteran spending.

Ricky, the "J" is silent.

Would someone PLEASE ask the obscene orange slug, "Under what circumstance ...

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 12, 2023

In classified docs case, did Trump publicly admit a bit too much?

As indicted Trump flails, see GOP leaders stake out life after MAGA - The Beat - MSNBC

I'm still waiting for Trump to peel off the mask

Obscure stats.

Statement on House Democrats Reintroducing President Biden's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

Title 42 is gone as of midnight last night,

TFG is running to be dictator of the US.

Frank Zappa and Stevie Vai

Brave browser for iPhone has site by site preferences.

Best thing I've seen this week...Kid's Song in the style of Dad's favorite bands

Elderly circus bear tastes freedom after 20 years

'People in need of help': Fmr Sen. Harris Advisor on Border Challenges - MSNBC Reports

I had the Tinker Bell!!!

Jalopnik: City Tests Traffic Light That Only Turns Green for Drivers Who Obey the Speed Limit

Joshua Benton@jbenton:Astonishingly racist-The Louisiana House votes to make juvenile records PUBLIC

"I look at a White Nationalist as a Trump Republican' - Tubby the NAZI

FRONTLINE : CLARENCE AND GINNI THOMAS Politics, Power and the Supreme Court

DeSantis losing to Disney in new poll with key voter bloc

George Santos: What to know about his indictment - Washington Post

Border appears calm after lifting of pandemic asylum restrictions

President Zelensky blocked from addressing viewers at Eurovision Final

Ritchie Torres on George Santos.

Montana Supreme Court strikes down law that bans abortion care by nurses, reaffirms right to abortio

The Daily Show: The Best of Roy Wood Jr. as Guest Host

the post office is jacking up its fees again...

Woolrich closing the store that was a destination point in Pa.

FL: Middle School teacher resigns after 'offensive' student presentation

Josh Harris has signed, exclusive deal with Daniel Snyder for Commanders

The shopping mall in Allen Tx is still closed after

New lawsuit alleges social media platforms helped radicalize Buffalo shooter - Deadline - MSNBC

7th Circuit keeps Illinois' assault weapon and magazine bans in effect, consolidating SIX appeals

Washington Commanders (formerly Redskins) sold

Katie Porter meeting with WGA Negotiating Committee cochairs ⁦at the Amazon picket today

"Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings." - Heinrich Heine

Montana Supreme Court strikes down law that bans abortion care by nurses, reaffirms right to abortio

This Week at Justice - May 12, 2023 - The Justice Department

Obamas arrive for Sasha's USC graduation (pictures in article from TMZ)

Youth lawsuit challenging Montana's pro-fossil fuel policies is heading to trial

Season finale spoilers of ghosts. Spoilers.

Santos Admits to Using Stolen Checks, Congressman signs confession over 2008 theft in Brazil

Kansas governor vetoes measures to aid anti-abortion centers, limit health officials' power

America has a Three Party platforms now, it just hasn't acknowledge it yet.

Publix Wouldn't Write "Trans people deserve joy" on Cake, Grocery store reps have since apologized

Federal judge temporarily blocks law that creates a seperate court in Jackson, Mississippi

So proud of the kids in TN taking a stand on gun reform!

From the Archives: May, 2008.

High school kids in Richardson Tx walked out of school in protest of gun violence

Anyone visit Peaks of Otter in Bedford?

Anderson, we've been dealing w/trump for 9 yrs. We know who he is. What silo do you think we're in?

Nice job Ari Melber. You forgot Grover Norquist to round out your panel on selfishness. nt

Jordan Neely Killing: Debates About Mental Health, Crime Are Misguided

Santos Indicted REVEALS Underlying Threat to Democracy - Talking Feds

Yikes......Todd Pletcher suspended.......only 10 days but wow.

PM Update: Cooler with showers Saturday, but pleasant for Mother's Day

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive USPS 13 May 2023

Alleged drunk driver involved in crash that killed bride 'said she did nothing wrong'

Congratulate to Sasha Obama who Graduating from USC Today.

Montana Supreme Court says advance practice nurses can perform abortion care

MN: Democrats celebrate public safety deal; Republicans outraged over being left out of negotiations

Who said it? Charles Manson or Trump?

forget backyard railways , g guage. o guage . 1 guage. check this out .

WA: Repeal effort targets law to help trans youth in crisis

In El Paso, pastors offer waiting migrants shelter and counsel

See Trump Town hall 'debacle' shredded, roasted and toasted - The Beat - MSNBC

The Cost of White Discomfort

SCOOP @PuckNews: CNN's Chris Licht summoned @OliverDarcy and his editor to a meeting with himself

MS: Another stay blocks law to create separate court in Jackson

What was the first song you and your SO danced to at your wedding? Mine was Roberta Flack's "The

UFCW union formally rejects planned $24.6B Kroger-Albertsons merger

Group files lawsuit against Ohio special election in August

Ron DeSantis is a deranged megalomaniac. He will be more dangerous than Trump if elected.

Ukraine says it has retaken territory near embattled eastern city of Bakhmut

It's a Friday!

Largest US public utility switching from coal to gas, despite proposed EPA carbon pollution limits

CNN to air story on San Francisco asking whether city could become a 'failed state'

AZ: Maricopa County BOS Appoints An Election Denier To Replace Election Denier Liz Harris

Idaho jury convicts woman in murders of her two youngest children and a romantic rival