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Lucifer Hummingbird - Calothorax lucifer (Arizona)

Ron DeSantis signs bill allowing Florida to shut down Disney World's monorail

PA: House Dems discuss bill to expand access to contraceptives at Delco hearing

Pastors for Trump

Friday Talking Points -- Coming Home To Roost

Dianne Feinstein casts first votes for Biden nominees upon Senate return

Evangelical Christians have made a huge mistake supporting Trump

NYC: DA Katz (D) endorsed by eight Queens City Council members in re-election bid

Trump's Townhall Ballot-Box BS Is a Bigger Threat Than You Think

Trump's Townhall Ballot-Box BS Is a Bigger Threat Than You Think

NY-03: Accused of campaign fraud, Rep. George Santos keeps asking donors for more money

Bob Iger warns Florida governor Ron DeSantis his feud with Disney may cost state up to $17 billion

Sasha Obama just graduated from USC. Her proud parents were there to watch.

NY: Two candidates seek a spot on RVC library board

Democratic US Senate Nominee in each seat up for re-election in 2024.

Democratic Leader Delivers STUNNING Take Down of Trump GOP - Meidas Touch

Kansas GOP considers kicking minority, youth and women's groups out of party leadership

Russia acknowledges retreat north of Bakhmut, Wagner boss calls it a 'rout'

So this just happened (Stephen Miller related).

CNN Crumbles Over Trump Interview Disaster

Arrests in domestic violence cases will be mandated in New York under new law

The New York Times @nytimes "Some people say it's not the gun that shoots the bullet of a man"

Aww to the nth degree

Hey, CNN & Anderson Cooper, how's platforming trump working out for you?

Migrant teen from Honduras dies in custody of Florida facility sheltering unaccompanied minors for H

Has Santos resigned yet?

NY-03: Rep. George Santos Skewered As 'A Disgrace' In Democratic Challenger Ad

"We Are Not Crooks"

Judge sets court date to school defendant Trump on protective order to guard against Trump's threats

Interactive map showing the infrastructure projects in all 50 states.

Goose incubating

Counties in MD that Angela Alsobrooks will win in the November 2024 General Election.

Trump Call for Debt Default Echoed by House Extremists

Winger - "Tears Of Blood" - Official Music Video


Chris Licht told Oliver Darcy he was too "emotional" about CNN Trump Rally

Chonk the snapping turtle delights locals with Chicago River appearance

British Vogue releases its first braille edition

Foghat - Slow Ride (Live)

It seems I'm really just a big old chew toy

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.


Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy. Thread! TGIF! Robyn Kincaid subs for Mike!

St. Paul mosque vandalized weeks after arsons at Islamic centers in Minneapolis

Sunset, southern MD 5/12

It's bigger than guns: Why the right does little to stop violence

@NormOrnstein: After the property had been on the market for two years and miraculously sold

"You're rotten to the core!"

Chris Hayes to Trump opponents: He is not inevitable - All In - MSNBC

What's the matter with Ron DeSantis' Florida?

What's the matter with Ron DeSantis' Florida?

From Keith Olbermann:

DeSantis angry Donald Duck still running around with no pants.

We Have to Default' on Something If Congress Fails

Grab 'Em By The Money! Christopher Titus Armageddon Update

Report: Trump wants to bring back Jeffrey Clark, Michael Flynn for 2nd term - All In - MSNBC

Ukrainian fighter's combat GoPro footage is amazing; so is his message

No Labels Warned Against Misleading Voters

Fascists deserve a platform

GOP rep: Party will 'blow crap up' if Biden takes 14th Amendment route

Florida man charged with setting off explosive device in Capitol tunnel during Jan. 6 riot

WI Judge Orders 2nd Fake Elector Review - Raw News And Politics

Breakthrough antibody kills all known variants of SARS-CoV-2

Hodding Carter III, State Department spokesman during Iran hostage crisis, dies at 88

Another way to send Trump to his reward

Executive fired from TikTok's Chinese owner says Beijing had access to app data in termination suit

Well, I Have a New Least Favorite Town Hall (Ferret)

We should move past 'trust the science' - editor-in-chief

CNN host goes viral with response to Trump's town hall - Brian Tyler Cohen

'Absolutely disgusted': Town hall audience member says not all cheered Trump - All In - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about defenses of Trump and a mistake....

Group trying to gain official party status warned against misleading voters

Deep Purple - Woman From Tokyo (studio version + video about the song)

Found this beauty on my toolbox

Extreme animal cruelty videos going viral on twitter

" Ukraine's counter-offensive picking up steam " - Break the Fake - TVP World

T Rex conducts Jurassic Park theme symphony performance

Sunday, May 14, is the one year anniversary of the racist mass murder in a Buffalo supermarket.

Jamie Raskin utterly DESTROYS Republicans to their face during hearing - Meidas Touch

12 May: Ukrainians Crushed Russian Flanks - Reporting from Ukraine

Team Austin?

Proposed EPA rules would force power plants to slash carbon emissions - PBS NewsHour

"Small wheel turn by the fire and rod..." (short Twitter vid clip)

And Then I Heard... Rammstein DU HAST (First Reaction)

Seriously, if you want to feel good about America,

Hey, Jude

Gun rights groups asks federal court in Texas to enjoin waiting period of 2022 bipartisan gun law

Gen Z goes retro: Why the younger generation is ditching smartphones for 'dumb phones'

How many lies did Trump tell during the CNN Town Hall? See for yourself.

REO Speedwagon - Roll with the Changes (Color Version)

Deputy Gets Shot 3 Times During a Wild Shootout With The Suspect

Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon falls 68% in April

Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon falls 68% in April

Anti-Semitic speakers to skip Trump stop on right-wing roadshow tour - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Vice President Kamala Harris challenges Georgia Dems to rally in 2024

Tulip Festival has started in Ottawa. These are from the middle of the cemetery

So this latest George Santos thing got me thinking.

I watched the spectacle

MT: Hearing for Great Falls library election monitor set; COPP responds to candidate's complaint

Abortions shift west as Idaho cracks down

Amor Eterno (A year in the life of a grieving Uvalde mother)

Badfinger - Day After Day - Television - 1972

NH: Sununu signs bill allowing telehealth opioid prescriptions

I have cleansed my in-box by unsubscribing from 8 political beggars, this early in the season...

An Ominous Warning to the E. Jean Carroll Jury

Bigots Get Triggered By Bud Light; Assault Couple - Waldorf Nation

Florida rejects Holocaust education textbooks in clampdown on 'woke' instruction

Former Press Secretary Admits Trump Was Constantly Harassing Female Staffers While President - RoF

Sen. Sherrod Brown signs onto Manchin/Sinema/Tester bill for two more years of Title 42 expulsion au

"Go Away" - New painting by Germs...

A man called Otto -Netflix- is excellent. So good I watched it twice

Jim Jordan running 'political circus, theater' as Judiciary Cmte. Chair: Rep. Madeleine Dean - ReidOut

Edmonton is a sea of orange signs. What's going on?

Musk the censor

There is a full page ad in today's WSJ promoting RFK Jr. placed by AMERICAN VALUES 2024

More than 60 migrant families found living in dilapidated greenhouse in rural California

Offensive post #1: Which sport is most jerky - do NOT say "soccer" (aka The Prince of Games)

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 14, 2023 - Mother's Day

Buffalo shooting victims' families sue social media companies - NBC News

So Smug. So So Stupid and Misinformed

TCM Schedule for Monday May 15, 2023 - Special Theme: James Wong Howe

Which billionaires own DeSantis???

Gods help me, I've commited serger

Ron DeSantis Bans Credit Card Companies From Helping Track Gun Criminals

Ben Shapiro Slammed For Denying Bernie Sanders' Jewishness

Joy Reid: We didn't need a Trump pep rally to understand what Trump is - The ReidOut - MSNBC

CUNY Law School Graduates Turn Their Backs to Mayor Adams

CNN Chair reportedly bullies lone internal critic; and Where are the Good Reporters? Keith Olbermann

Order temporarily blocks appointed judges in mostly Black city and county in Mississippi

on mass shootings; meidas touch tweets "This is who Republicans like Ron DeSantis are assisting."

George Santos Staffer Faces Discipline for Menacing Sexual Comments to Reporter

Think DeSantis is evil? His newest atrocity

Easing Concerns Over the Debt Ceiling (From a fund manager)

Santos Takes A Plea Deal - Raw News And Politics

Right-Wingers Turn on Elon Musk Over New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino

Gonna be 'nother slightly stormy night, with 2 more worse to come

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine, and whether it started....

White Christian nationalism emerges from shadows of GOP politics - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Toyota: Car location data of 2 million customers exposed for ten years

After all the BS of Elon Musk, I believe DU should divorce itself from Twitter

Need information about what to do about my signature

Institute for the Study of War: Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 12, 2023

Feeling like H-E- double hockey sticks. But still around.

Group associated with conservative activist spent $183 million in one year: NYT - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Somebody Remind Anderson Cooper

Florida college students arrange separate commencement, rejecting board's Trumpy speaker - Alex Wagner

Salvadoran Schoolteacher Denounces Systematic Torture in Prison

Election-Denying Attorney Dodging Subpoena - Raw News And Politics

defense fund for Jordan Neely's killer tops $300,000

Knoxville Zoo needs bamboo donations to feed red pandas

Little-Noticed Part of G.O.P. Bill Could 'Make It Impossible to Regulate'

Microbes discovered that can digest plastics at low temperatures

Rep. Crockett: Republicans trying to stay in power by cheating - Ali Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Florida college students arrange separate commencement, rejecting board's Trumpy speaker

Zatoichi 3 - A New Tale 1963 (English Subtitles)

New audio captures George Santos asking filmmaker to pay him for interview

Trymaine Lee on how Buffalo is 'helping their own' one year after mass shooting - Velshi - The Last Word

Republicans are 'waging a war on my family' father of trans kid says - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Hi there. All of you w backyards w, or w/o bird feeders - what kind of birds are you seeing now....

The future of the GOP: Friday Nightcap - The 11th Hour - MSNBC (2 videos)

Wordle 693 (5/13) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Jacksonville's mayors race, entering final days, expected to come down to the wire

Missouri GOP failed to pass a measure to make it harder for voters to end their abortion ban.


There will be no default.

Beaver County school board election RESULTS

life in Florida. This is the response to a teacher showing the Disney Cartoon "Strange World"

How Did Art Media Get Here? An Essay in Nine Headlines

Breakfast Saturday May 13 2023

The counties Alsobrooks will win in the 2024 MD US Senate Election against the Republican nominee.

Look who has nice bright eyes, this morning

Scored chicken thigh boneless fire up the crockpot

Sometimes you have to trust your integrity.

DOJ Blocks Trump's Deposition

Couple Tries Not To Foster Fail Their Second Pit Bull

Funniest thing I've read in days

Carper-DE and Raskin-MD should not run for the US Senate in 2024 in order for their state to get

Europe's Future Is Hotter And Drier: Spain Moving Rapidly Into A North African Climate

Joe Louis was born on this date.

Gil Evans was born on this date.

Monster Hunter World, Arena FIGHT - Diablos

US-Can Heat Dome Reaches From Oregon To Arctic Ocean; 80s-90s In Nunavut, NWT, Alberta, Manitoba

Red Garland was born on this date.

Stevie Wonder has a birthday today.

That's Nice. Nearly Half Florida Republicans Polled Think Human Activities Driving Climate Collapse

😃🇺🇸🍏🍎🥧🗓️❗️ Ala mode or ala fromage?

After a 300-Year Ban, Irish Moonshine Is Making an Epic Comeback

Pilots at United picket for higher pay as pressure builds before summer travel season

What Is The Debt Ceiling Shitshow About? Simple - Gutting Biden's Climate And Energy Policies


Rush - Time Stand Still

Worth a separate post: The Founder, President and CEO of No Labels is Nancy Jacobson.

I have a trans grandson, and a few years ago, at the beginning of his transition, we watched this

38 Special - If I'd Been The One

So I was having a discussion last night...

Billy Squier - In The Dark

Putin accepted defeat: Ukrainians encircle Bakhmut. Crimean bridge targeted - The Russian Dude

Former Trump Prosecutor Mostly Mum Before Congress On Details Of Hush-Money Investigation

McCarthy drops the hammer on DeVolder aka Santos. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

My God! Thanks for the Lecture Anderson Cooper. Was the Trump Town Hall Worth It? Stephanie Miller

The state of discrimination 2023: Annual report from the Swedish Equality Ombudsman (in English)

The day free-market Republicans became Soviet economic planners

Politico: Miami's mayor mulls a White House run

The Gen Z cliff: Student loan debt and high costs of living are making it even harder to thrive

Politico: How to watch the Turkish elections like a pro

GOP Senators disavow Trump on debt ceiling, signaling growing rift

This is an inquiry for a good Spa in the Fulton, Buckhead area.

You raised $22.00 on May 12, 2023 for DU unofficial for Biden-Harris 2024

On this day, May 13, 1975, Bob Wills died.

George Santos Has Been Charged With Stealing America's Hearts - What a Week! - Lovett or Leave It

Shake Rattle And Roll

The Butcher at my local market: "Get here early! They'll all be gone in less than an hour!"

On this day, May 13, 1951, Roxy Music drummer Paul Thompson was born.

As Trump's lies and scandals deepen, the GOP responds as usual - with silence

One can only hope. (??) (Nuance in MAGAT audience at Town Hall)

CNN Humiliated As Trump Source Thanks Them For Campaign Contribution

Is Justice Thomas the worst Supreme Court justice ever?

Republican Senator Says People Should Just Pretend That Biden Broke The Law - Farron Balanced

Weekend TOONs - Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Randy Rainbow-One more time for the cheap seats... #Santos

Speaking of Andy Griffith and death threats

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Missouri and a failed power play....

End of a love affair: AM radio is being removed from many cars

Dominionism 101- Frederick Clarkson

Tennessee company refuses US request to recall 67 million potentially dangerous air bag inflators

Former Manhattan prosecutor declines to provide details at GOP-led deposition about Trump case

Can we find something to train ChatGPT with besides human knowledge?

Florida Removes Holocaust Textbooks For Being 'Too Woke" - Waldorf Nation

If you're not planning to attend an event, do you have to RSVP to say that you're NOT attending???

What's your stance on the death penalty?

Chinese Outbound Investment Collapses To 8 Year Low; Europe - China Diplomacy: & Policy - China Update

If Hitler would return today

International soccer returning to Comerica Park this summer

New Democratic star goes megaviral with speech of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

DeSantis and Trump will look to sway Iowa GOP activists at dueling events

DeathSantis is a menace worse than tRump.

Steve Schmidt on trump's Fascist Rhetoric & the Rise of Anti-Semitism - The Warning

Lab-grown meat could be 25 times worse for the climate than beef

Title 42 migrant "surge" -- more breathless media hype than reality

Mass Psychosis -- How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill

msnbc NOW** NC Gov Cooper speaking at Rally--will veto abortion ban at rally.....

Boy, NC Gov Cooper is hitting it out of the ballpark.

FBI agents raid condo unit owned by Russians at Trump Towers in Sunny Isles

Alleged leaker fixated on guns and envisioned 'race war'

FBI agents raid condo unit owned by Russians at Trump Towers in Sunny Isles

Florida rejects Holocaust textbooks for falling afoul of 'woke' education ban

Santos' case in Brazil adds new pressure to Republican leaders

Ramsey Lewis - Tondelayo

Life hands you unexpected, unwanted discoveries. I just discovered that Sian had a sibling.

Video shows Russians appearing to flee Ukrainian attack near Bakhmut

Any good expat chat rooms out there?

Elno Musk tweets a mass shooter meme

Caldera - Exaltation

If you're planning to attend an event, do you have to RSVP to say that you ARE attending even if

Michael Cohen does some trump Roasting.

What song do you wish was written about you? How many for Pattie Boyd?

We have a migrant crisis because we have massive labor shortages

Raul De Souza - Water Buffalo

Parallel parking question...

trump would be NOTHING; were it not for these fucking Plasterhead Idiots: What to do about THEM???

Libraries offering out-of-state cards

Joe Farrell - I Won't Be Back

Opinion What does the GOP have on Biden? A whole lot of nothin'.

Germany Announces Its Biggest Military Aid Package Yet for Ukraine

GOP lawmakers are now attacking Disney at the federal level


Elon explains the U.S. Constitution

I reserve books at the local library.

"Hey wait a minute!"

This Guardian story on disinfectants got lost in the headlines this past week

Musk trying desperately to re-establish his RWNJ dumb-troll cred after upsetting his fellow trolls

Great shot of Mount Touchmore

I need ideas for summer jobs.....

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 13, 2023)

Yellen Calls Invoking 14th Amendment to Raise Debt Limit 'Legally Questionable'

India to push for UK to hand over Koh-i-Noor diamond as part of 'colonial reckoning

Two more photos of azurite

What songs do you feel compelled to sing along with when they come on? Even if you don't know all

The late-night TV hosts sent free ice cream via ice-cream truck to striking writers

Is this really how we want our government to be ?

Allies Of Tucker Carlson Say He's About To Go Scorched Earth Against Fox News - Ring of Fire

Seth MacFarlane & showrunners exit Family Guy, American Dad till striking WGA gets new contract

History of Mother's Day as a Day of Peace: Julia Ward Howe

History of Mother's Day as a Day of Peace: Julia Ward Howe

The bottom line of CNN's broadcast:

A stinky whiff of Musk

DeSantis Backs New York Subway Vigilante

Nordstrom says it has no plans to close downtown Portland store

Our Crisis in Maternal Healthcare Is Uniquely American

Our Crisis in Maternal Healthcare Is Uniquely American--Happy Mothers' Day

Our Crisis in Maternal Healthcare Is Uniquely American Happy Mothers' Day

Cartoons 5-13-2023

Kitten Shows Up On Couple's Boat And Stays Forever

Without the Public Infrastructure Needed to Support Families, Moms Will Continue to Feel Like Failur

The miracle of the free market...

Without the Public Infrastructure Needed to Support Families, Moms Will Continue to Feel Like Failur

Patience, please, for those of us with limited mobility

Without the Public Infrastructure Needed to Support Families, Moms Will Continue to Feel Like Failu

Teeny Puppy Demands To Be Let Out Of His Incubator

Jon Stewart owns Newsmax

Newsweek - Trump Confessed to Crimes During CNN Town Hall: Harvard Law Professor

Where's the beef? Here's why the fake meat fad sizzled out.

One dead as tornado hits south Texas town near the Gulf coast

Robert F. Kennedy Jr proves he's clueless

Nonbinary students were crowned prom royalty. Then came the threats.

Nonbinary students were crowned prom royalty. Then came the threats.

Ukraine's Frontline Mothers

Ukraine's Frontline Mothers

Ukraine's Frontline Mothers

North Carolina governor vetoes abortion limits, launches override showdown

Texas Case Shows How Abortion Bans Facilitate Domestic Abuse

Another example of the "other" side of stochastic terrorism

Texas Case Shows How Abortion Bans Facilitate Domestic Abuse

Texas Case Shows How Abortion Bans Facilitate Domestic Abuse

Trump Town Hall Audience Called 'Embarrassing' by Their Own GOP Governor

Women face political barriers ahead of Turkey elections

Women face political barriers ahead of Turkey elections

Women face political barriers ahead of Turkey elections

Angry Ex-Staffers Speak Out on 'Pro-Choice' Democrat's Stunning Abortion Betrayal

The False Tropes About Rape We Must Destroy

If Georgia's fake electors get busted, so could Arizona's

The False Tropes About Rape We Must Destroy

I have nothing for the contest but I'm still chasing polinators on the thistles . . .

The False Tropes About Rape We Must Destroy

The Proud Boys Have Only Just Begun to Fight

The Proud Boys Have Only Just Begun to Fight

The Proud Boys Have Only Just Begun to Fight

Opinion: How Joe Biden should solve the Kamala Harris Conundrum - Bai, WaPo

Why Ron DeSantis Is Limping to the Starting Line

US panel advises breast cancer screenings should begin at age 40

Check out this excellent organization; "Elevated Access" Pilots flying patients across state lines

US panel advises breast cancer screenings should begin at age 40

I got into a Scrabble fight and

There are rumors that Tucker Carlson will be hired by CNN

Scoop: VP Harris quietly convenes abortion allies for 2024

Please don't use guns to fish, Kansas officials warn

Warning when debating a MAGAt

How a rural Arkansas prosecutor advocated for her pedophile uncle

North Carolina governor vetoes abortion limits, launches override showdown

Clyburn urges Biden to use 14th Amendment to avoid debt crisis

The Dandy Warhols - Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth

Mastodon meme:

TCM later:

President Biden Delivers the 2023 Howard University Commencement Address

Pre-dawn, southern MD 5/13

Bob Iger to Ron DeSantis: Does Florida want our jobs and taxes or not?

Bob Iger to Ron DeSantis: Does Florida want our jobs and taxes or not?

For fun: did you know that "pleaded" is the correct past tense?

Video of Jordan Neely on subway before he was murdered

Who is going to be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 FL US Senate Election to face Rick Scott?

How Tall Is Ron DeSantis?

Name a fad that came and went. Mine would be the pet rock. White lipstick------

Dead Body Found In Arby's Restaurant Freezer Identified As Manager

TFG is holding another rally and so we get to laugh at TFG supporters

How Putin Walked Right Into an Election Sex Tape Scandal

Let's take a cab ride from Bolzano to Brenner on the Brenner Railway.

Mouse Study Reveals Unlikely Connection Between Menthol And Alzheimer's

(LGBT) We're here, we're queer, we're Yiddish: LGBTQ stories, and silences, in the Forward archives

(Jewish Group) We're here, we're queer, we're Yiddish

'Please Seek Shelter or Safe Haven!': Iowa tornado watch prompts Trump to 'delay or cancel' rally

We're here, we're queer, we're Yiddish: LGBTQ stories, and silences, in the Forward archives

Afternoon, southern MD

Alleged leaker fixated on guns and envisioned 'race war'

In Berlin, the Nazis burned Freud and Fitzgerald. In Florida, they're banning Carle and Atwood

Tucker Wanted to 'Start Threatening' Fox Staff After 2020

Passenger shouts 'f**king devil' Jews in shocking London bus attack

(Jewish Group) Passenger shouts 'f**king devil' Jews in shocking London bus attack

(Jewish Group) 'We will never give up' Tunisian Jews defiant in wake of synagogue attack

Governor Cooper SB 20 Veto Rally, Speeches by Planned Parenthood S. Atlantic & Others, 13 May 2023

A Tennessee company is refusing a U.S. request to recall 67 million air bag inflators

The 'Stop the Steal' Judge Who Wants a Seat on Pennsylvania's Supreme Court

News & Commentary May 7, 2023

Investment opportunity! Don't miss out!

Video Showed an Officer Trying to Stop His Partner From Killing a Man.

A Texas woman was fatally shot by her boyfriend after she got an abortion, police say

Hard ears yuh won't hear, own way you gine feel..............

The World's Oldest Dog Is Turning 31

Newly elected US Senators in 2024.

Trust linked to porn-friendly bank could gain a stake in Trump's Truth Social

🚨#BREAKING: A group called the Patriot Front are currently marching towards U.S. Capitol

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's NY warning....

New Leaked Recordings SPELL DOOM for George Santos - Meidas Touch

What republicans really think about Mother's Day

Donald Trump's rough week - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Town Hall Audience Was Told They Were Not Allowed To Boo Trump - Farron Balanced

This HAS to have been posted before but....

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 13, 2023

When you're at a party but you find the dog:

New Study Finds a High Minimum Wage Creates Jobs

Judge makes surprise order against Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

Those cardboard lids that have foil on the underside and top a foil

"Don't tuch the but!"

Pros and Cons of Trump/DeSantis

'The point is intimidation': Florida teachers besieged by draconian laws

Splogenessabounds - Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please

Native Religious Freedom Lawsuit Settles After Raising Awareness

Super blep:

Zelensky, in private, plots bold attacks inside Russia, leak shows

ABC canceling really good shows....

NATO Military Committee for Ukraine Defense Summit press conference: Russia will not stop at Ukraine

Fox News Host Goes Off Script, Destroys Republicans Over Biden Probe! - Luke Beasley

Red pandas wrestle in the snow:

Long time Packers kicker Mason Crosby is done.

Who will succeed Senior US Senators Grassley,McConnell,Murray,Wyden,Durbin,Reed,Collins,Schumer and

Russia's Air Force Has a Very Fiery Day at the Border as It Tries to Bomb Ukraine

Just clowning around:

Angry Ex-Staffers Speak Out on 'Pro-Choice' Democrat's Stunning Abortion Betrayal

NY Prosecutor who investigated Trump's crimes SCHOOLS Jim Jordan on subpoenas AND the rule of law

Flyers Citing '8 Million Germans' as WWII Victims Alongside Jews Distributed at Roger Waters

Israel and Islamic Jihad agree ceasefire after days of violence

How non-white people are embracing white supremacy ideology

'Right to be let alone': Montana Supreme Court unanimously extends abortion rights

'Jesus is King': South Dakota bull statue vandalized by people who mistook it for Satanic imagery

Mr Pillow guy pleads for financial help

Fueling the future

Tess and I love you all

Mary Trump DESTROYS CNN's trump 'town hall'

'The point is intimidation': Florida teachers besieged by draconian laws


Competitive grooming:

Austin doctors who treated trans kids leaving Dell Children's clinic after AG Paxton announces inves

Biden to graduates of historically Black Howard University: US history hasn't been a 'fairy tale'

Happy feet:

"Extremely Severe" Cyclone Mocha Approaching Cat 5 Near Border Of Myanmar & Bangladesh


oh jeebus, pRicksnot has decided to speak out

No stick, no problem:

My kiddo took his first solo flight today!

David Trone is going to win more counties in the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary Election.

Tommy Tuberville vs. the U.S. Military

2 Deputies Get Shot in The Head by Suspect While Responding To Neighborhood Dispute

Happy Birthday, Wonderful Stevie Wonder

The early heat wave gripping the Northwest is rare -- and worrying

Final Jeopardy- President Sam. Yikes

Fruit Rollups and Ice Cream

Congrats to Sasha Obama, who graduated from University of Southern California May 12:

Ukraine's President Zelensky meets political leaders in Rome - BBC News

Holy Crap!!! Talk about a fish story!!!

Trump Just Posted This Video Hilariously Mocking Ron DeSantis - Luke Beasley

The Student Protesters Were Arrested. The Man Who Got Violent in the Parking Lot Wasn't.

A town built on a bridge in China's Chongqing city:

Physicians at Dell's Children's Adolescent Medical Clinic in Austin have been terminated (?!)

Japan, South Korea agree on visit to Fukushima nuclear plant ahead of planned water release

Republican US House member that will leave office in 2024 by defeat.

My wife makes the best muddled cucumber gin martini ever!

A breakdown of the legal arguments in Trump's rape case

Eurovision Grand Final (spoiler)

Locked Up For A Year Before Massive Lawsuit - Officer Fired

Counties in MD that Alsobrooks and Trone will carry in the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic primary!

The Story of Japan's Most Hated Woman

How many Republicans support the January 6th insurrection?

Columbia University student: You have no idea how much we're using ChatGPT

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis tells Illinois crowd that Biden's reelection would leave US 'unrecognizabl