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A/C: fan spinning, compressor not kicking on. Cause?

DeSantis gets millions in taxpayer money to fight lawsuits over hard-right policies

A/C: fan spinning, compressor not kicking on. Cause?

Tucker Carlson Mused About 'Threatening People' to Stop Fox News' Negative Trump Coverage,

Collins: About last night, the 70 minutes I spent on stage in New Hampshire with former president...

How A Violent Crime Wave Is Shaping Philadelphia's Mayoral Race

Why Google's New ChatGPT-Style Search Could Kill the Websites That Feed It (PC Mag)

Hissing Kittens Are So Scared But With Time And Love Something Amazing Happens

NC: Crowd cheers Gov. Roy Cooper as he vetoes abortion ban

Fear of a black Cleopatra

My proposed solution to the academic cheating with Chat GPT

Barack Obama says gun ownership has become a growing "ideological" and "partisan" issue

Winner of the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary Election based on counties if the candidates are

Alaska House bill to ban Israel boycotts sparks floor fights

JACKSONVILLE MAYOR: Final weekend for early voting

Jacksonville mayoral candidate Donna Deegan (D) touts bipartisan endorsements

Rick Scott to knock doors in Jacksonville with Daniel Davis (R)

Katy Tur gets beyond the numbers to explain an important gun sentiment to a Democratic Senator.

THE SUPREMES attempt to film a guerrilla-style promo video for WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO? on a busy...

Russia is floating an idea to build a village for hundreds of American and Canadian families who wan

South Carolina governor calls state legislature back for 6-week abortion ban bill, other issues

Russia is floating an idea to build a village for hundreds of American and Canadian families who wan

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Twitter's new CEO....

The house that Jack...

Kansas governor vetoes measures to aid anti-abortion centers, limit health officials' power

Speaker: Abortion rights will return to Missouri as ballot reform stalls in Senate

Got up to 80F today in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoying a Tequila Mockingbird right now.

Frank Zappa on Evangelicals

NE: Governor Wants "Heartbeat Bill" Brought Back to the Legislature

South Korea aims to fight Japan's plan to release water from Fukushima nuclear plant at tribunal

DeSantis: Is this guy for real? Like really this tone deaf?

Pa. Supreme Court election features races in both parties

Please help distribute this to the jerky idiot conservatives on Twitter. I haven't quit yet but I

Thanks to US firefighters from Alaska, Oregon and elsewhere for coming to

JET LI Best Fight Scenes Clip Compilation


Little Boots? A nickname for DeSantis?

I am going to share a little story.

ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman Season1 # 17 samurai action drama Full movie

Investigative journalist Patrick Lovell discusses the Big Con on Americans (Ep. 1 of 6)

From the Mintz law firm: Nothing for free - the real costs of ChatGPT

This Mothers Day, our table will remember specifically mothers who lost their children to gunfire

Pro-Trump Pastor Cites Bible to Suggest Violence Needed to Take Power

Body Language: Trump and DeSantis at a 2019 Sunrise FL rally.

Mail deliveries halted in some south Seattle neighborhoods

tfg Was A Presidential Abuser While In THe WH

#VelshiBannedBookClub: George Takei's 'They Called Us Enemy' - Velshi - MSNBC

Name one food that you would never eat or drink. Mine is calamari. Have no desire to try it.

Zatoichi 14 - Zatoichi's Pilgrimage (Ocean Voyage) 1966 English Subtitles

Former Ascension Parish deputy federally indicted in child sex crimes investigation

Change the World Inuyasha opening 1 full SPOILER ALERT

This early heat wave in Oregon is burning the tender leaves right off my vine maples.

Do you have any scary experience with guns?

UN envoy warns of crisis caused by "Chilean Chernobyl"

Silver Convention - Magic Mountain

KC & The Sunshine Band - All My Love

Queens lawmakers highlight new abortion privacy protections in state budget at Planned Parenthood in

An American died in Ukraine.. And how he was remembered...

Bee Gees - Can't Keep A Good Man Down

Dear Donald Trump, Time to Put the Pacifier Back in Your Mouth! Stephanie Miller & Karl Frisch

Getting CALLED OUT on his LIES like he DESERVES

Trump at RISK for ANOTHER Massive Lawsuit - Talking Feds

'Free Speech Absolutist' Elon Musk Under Fire After Apparently Admitting to Censoring Posts On Behal

CNN Licked Trump's Boots. Trump Was Untamed & Untruthful in CNN's Town Hall - John Fugelsang

Browder: Vladimir Kara-Murza 'may be the visionary that's right in this whole thing' - Velshi - MSNBC

Astronomers spot largest cosmic explosion ever witnessed

I went to a Broadway show tonight...

Ukraine Eurovision act's hometown 'under fire from Russian missiles during contest'

Tory anarchy breaks out as revolt looms on Brexit laws

Anyone here take Repatha?

If Daniel Penny was not a white Marine veteran, do you think the RW would be championing him?

Paige Herwig, Biden's Point Person On Judicial Nominations, Is Leaving The White House

Sunday Digit: 9/10 - Hard-to-beat Mother's Day weather!

Haydn's 'Cello Concerto No. 1', Steven Isserlis on Cello, Norwegian Symphony Orchestra

Mom and Me.

Albeniz: 'Pavane Capriccio' by Duo Van Dua

Archaeologists discover 4,000-year-old temple in western Peru

Two by Smetana

Woman was advised not to help this dog because of his breed

Trump's latest LIES on live TV could BACKFIRE in a MAJOR way - Meidas Touch

Vicious Piranha Moments BBC Earth

White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Facebook echoing in eternity....

Photo gallery: Veto rally draws big crowds as NC's governor vows to fight Republican-backed abortion

Anyone ever seen the 1956 movie La Sorciere (French: The Sorceress)?

Resources to prepare you for Pa.'s primary election

13 May: Genius. Ukrainians Conduct Aerial Ambush - Reporting from Ukraine

New MLK Jr. biography sheds light on the civil rights leader - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

PA: Allegheny County primary race for DA offers clear differences between candidates

It's Mother's day today

Sunday Funnies, Mother's Day Special

Brazil: United Nations representative speaks of indigenous genocide

Colombian president wants compulsory military service to end



New documentary shows Ukrainians' fight for survival, devastation of war - PBS NewsHour

Breakfast Sunday 14 May 2023

Swedish singer Loreen wins Eurovision Song Contest for a 2nd time

"MN Rep goes off about marijuana legalization"...and he's a fuckin Republican...

Scientists discover huge caves made by giant sloths, er, a, Vicious Piranha Swarm Attacks Beachgoers

USA Immigration Crisis - Huge Surge in Migrants After Title 42 Abolished Putting Strain on Resouces.

Secret Behind Amazonian 'Dark Earth' Could Help Speed Up Forest Restoration Across Globe

Ecuador fishermen increasingly fall prey to drug gangs

Chile's new law blazes trail for children of femicide victims

This showed up while searching on YouTube. I couldn't finish listening.

Hector Palma: Release of Sinaloa cartel's ex-leader blocked

☦️ 🪻🐦🪺🦋🌷🤍 Orthodox Church - 40 Days of Pascha

ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman Season1 # 21 samurai action drama Full movie

some snapshots of glass frogs....real frogs, not frogs made out of glass

So how's it going, CNN?

As states grapple with age limits for buying guns, what's the potential effect? - PBS NewsHour

Counties in MD that Alsobrooks will win in the 2024 MD US Senate Election in the general election.

The Daily Show: The Best of Desi Lydic as Guest Host


Hozier - Eat Your Young

Slide guitar class yesterday

from Adam Schiff:

DFL apologizes after fight breaks out at Minneapolis endorsement convention

my mom wanted the world to read this

Aimee Mann - Charmer

I'm up binging 'Carnival Row' on Prime

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Crinkly Paper Edition

Peru's Indigenous Revolt

The 1975 - Happiness

Colombian agents seize submarine carrying three tonnes of cocaine

$2072 minimum pay check gross. My guys just headed out for six punch this morning they signed up.

Al Franken: Dahlia Lithwick is BACK!

Wordle 694 5/14 ***Spoiler Thread***

David Bowie - Stay (fantastic live version)

On this day, May 14, 1939, Troy Shondell was born.

Big Country - In a Big Country

On this day, May 14, 1988, the Carrollton bus collision happened.

On this day, May 14, 1607, Jamestown was founded.

PA: The future of youth detention hangs in balance of Pittsburgh election

In Philadelphia, local organizations help voters with housing insecurity

KY-GOV: Kentucky's bitter GOP governor primary comes to a head

On this day, May 14, 1796, Edward Jenner inoculated James Phipps with cowpox.

'Haphazard' burial of 400-year-old skeleton points to tragic fate of 'indentured' teenager

Sian is 'full of beans' this morning. Jumping Beans

VIDEO: Pedestrian walks toward POTUS motorcade on 5/13/2023

NOW hubby wants to go on a cruise ship in Barcelona and elsewhere on the way!

C & H

What if everybody threw their hands up and let the idiots win

So my M.I.L. Asked me if I was fucking nuts , I was looking at lab pups online reputable breeder.

Dead and Company to live steam entire final tour. Happy Mother's day.

Stained glass window shows Jesus Christ with dark skin, stirring questions about race in New England

Dead City trailer (Negan and Maggie's spin-off from the WD)

Kerry challenges oil industry to prove its promised tech rescue for climate-wrecking emissions

Sidney Bechet was born on this date.

Sick New World music fest arrives in Las Vegas -- PHOTOS

Bobby Darin was born on this date.

'Go woke, go broke': Lauren Boebert joins Ron DeSantis in punishing Disney

Jack Bruce was born on this date.

Happy Mother's Day to the great DUer Mom!

DAMN--just realized I'll have to turn on CNN this morning.....

How to Raise $89 Million in Small Donations - And Make It Disappear (conservative scam)

On this day, May 14, 1961, a Freedom Riders bus was attacked and set on fire near Anniston, Alabama.

'Repowering' a wind farm

Happy Mothers' Day To All You Moms!!

From Rahmbo to Rahm-bassador: How an unlikely diplomat has wooed Japan

Do you feel like sometimes you are talking to a stump?

American Talibanism Descends Upon the UK

People got mad at me for calling CNN the Conservative Nazi Network

Report: Rescue completed after partial collapse of bridge over New Mexico river

I am not a mom, but I'm a "grandma".

Alberta's Government Gutted Fire Services, Because Conservatism; Now The Bill Comes Due

Crazy Mama

AI presents political peril for 2024 with threat to mislead voters

Texas strikes again- this time it's chaplains Iin public schools

On May 13, 1958, Eisenhower sent troops to rescue Vice President Nixon when he was endangered.

Do you limit yourself from going to public places because of mass shootings?

On ALL future debates TFG has

NFL players have a life expectancy of 55 years: study

Guess the finches are rearing their babies, haven't seen any finches on our feeder for a

Yick Cheong Building in Hong Kong

It's Hard To Describe The Complexity Of Our Disconnect From Nature; This Piece Comes Close

MY DIL is "not a real mom" to my grandson

Suspect leads Maryland officers on highway chase in stolen 5-ton military vehicle

Name one fad you would like to see the end of? Mine is people on i-phones instead of interacting

Sure, kitty is nimble. But puppy?

Help protect Florida women's rights--sign and return "Floridians Protecting Freedom" petition.

Spotify Has an AI Music Problem--but Bots Love It (Wired)

I liked the prettiest girl at my high school

Polls close In Turkey

Sorry I have to explain a visual cartoon

Happy Mothers Day

The reveal of Sian has begun

MTGoofball praises Melania Trump.......

Steve Schmidt talks to Keith Olbermann

Group looks to buy gold mine near Yellowstone to stop it from mining

Cat discovers her human is pregnant:

Heh. Republican says "The dog ate my 'Biden scandal' homework."

The EU's "AI Act: a step closer to the first rules on Artificial Intelligence"

Governor Cooper is on with Ali right tnow n/t

Dog Has The Best Reaction When He Reunites With His Rescuer

Home city of Ukraine's Eurovision Song Contest act attacked during performance

Low-key fascism tweet: "The United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy"

Grapefruit: Pink vs Yellow

The official Ron DeSantis plan on: Inflation: "I'm anti woke"........

Republican genocide of their enemies has expanded beyond trans people

Scabby the Rat gives bite to union protests, but is he at the tail end of his relevancy?

Cease-fire between Israel and militants in Gaza appears to hold after days of fighting

new fangled dope

In honor of Mother's Day, i want to pay tribute to my grandmother, who loved and raised me.

'I was born to do this': Ukraine's 2016 Eurovision winner Jamala on why Putin fears her people, the

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms...and to all the childless aunts and friends who helped them

He's at it again; attacking the Judge on his platform "LIES Social"

The Tubes - Talk To Ya Later

What Fiction are you reading this week, May 14, 2023?

Cops RAID The Wrong House, Instantly Regret It - Rebel HQ

An impossible question to answer: How many seniors and immunocompromised people in FL died ?

We can't track down the informant': James Comer says he lost top witness in Biden investigation

Nikki Haley attacks Trump on sex abuse verdict! (Just kidding. She wimped out)

Anyone here playing around with ChatGPT ?

My Verbs (Biden and Trump)

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 14, 2023)

Morning walk with a camera.

Love this guy heckling the Patriot Front chucklefucks

Oh, too funny. So I was planning to go to a sword festival in Atlanta, until I saw

TFG wants to bring traitor Flynn back if he gets into the Whitehouse

A Radical Plan to Make AI Good, Not Evil (Wired on OpenAI competitor Anthropic's chatbot, Claude)

Crackpot Comer, "Biden witnesses are missing"

Will Bunch: Why billionaires and right-wing extremists want to wreck your kid's public school

LTE: Do some among MAGA faithful want the economy to crash?

Cartoons 5-14-2023

Franklin Graham attacked famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawkins [Hawking] upon his death because ..

Abbott knocks Dominion over Tucker Carlson's departure from Fox News

Even the more left leaning media assumes Trump will the GOP nominee with no mention of indictments.

TFG's heartfelt Mother's Day message

How many here remember seeing these on the roads

Let's go Brandon crowd not going to like this

Zelenskyy recalls that during his presidency, Trump did not stop war in Ukraine

Andover Tornado, April 29, 2022, City Hall East Camera

If I Had Wings Peter Paul and Mary

UC football alum: Tuberville-era players deserve 'some type of reparations'

The Supreme Court has an electoral 'bomb' on its hands. Will it defuse it before 2024?

Make America great? We're having trouble just being good.

Top Democrat DEMOLISHES so called "town hall" on CNN

Rachel's podcast just won a prestigious award.......the Hillman Prize for broadcast journalism.

Let's talk about a North Carolina veto and one vote....

Who to address CNN snail mail to?

My father would be 100 years old on Thursday. Original Antifa.

Wagner mercenary boss suggests Russia may have downed its own military aircraft

On this day May 14, 1921, actor Richard Deacon was born.

During the cnn clown hall the con was asked

Republican Senator Goes On Disgustingly Racist Rant Against Mexico During Hearing - Farron Balanced

truckers boycotting florida over anti immigrant laws

Marmot loves copra and coconut water

Fox News' DISGUSTING Dream Finally Comes True

Flooding in Somalia displaces 200,000 people: official

Kenya Doomsday Death Toll Hits 200, With More Than 600 Reported Missing

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 15 May 2023

House GOP's Informant Is 'Missing'

How to Raise $89 Million in Small Donations

The New York Times fabricates a nonexistent shoplifting wave in San Francisco

A word about "genocide"

Arizona Mom Forced to Carry Non-Viable Pregnancy to Term Due to Abortion Law...

Woke is trending on Twitter. Upon review, I believe I'm woke AF. How about you?

Report from Europe: Erdogan is leading 51 to 43.5% with 69% of vote

What a contrast! Sian a week ago, and Sian today

Turkish incumbent Erdogan takes early lead in presidential election, state-run news agency says

My education rant

... when you've just been hit with a dart that was dipped in the woke mind virus

Journalist David Roth FTW - Best description of Twitter and Musk EVER (amazing blog post)

Jeff Tiedrich tweet about the debt:

Precious paws:

Tiny Tim - Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight

Trump's big mouth inspires 'unusual' rules about legal evidence - American Voices - MSNBC

Baby hippo steals limelight in couple's engagement photo

Latest arrests of 'Cop City' protesters 'feel like overreach', experts say

PA: Two former Republicans running in Democratic primary for Monroe County DA

Latest arrests of 'Cop City' protesters 'feel like overreach', experts say

Ron DeSantis' Latest Move PROVES His Disregard for Basic Facts

Heterochrome & her mirror mini-me:

Splash panda:

A pile of playful pandas:

DNA evidence reveals family man in Australia was teenage killer who escaped Nebraska jail

Bizarre but stunning moon photo:

George Santos Lies Again And Claims He's The Victim Of A Witch Hunt - Ring of Fire

Jeopardy Tournament of Champions: How are your fave contestants doing?

Bunny & budgie friends:

Russian missiles hit Ukraine Eurovision act's city - BBC News(As group performs at Eurovision)

This one, I choose this one

The co-founder of Wikipedia just schooled Elon Musk about free speech:

Ben Shapiro Slammed For Denying Bernie Sanders' Jewishness

Latino truck drivers are threatening to boycott Florida over DeSantis's new immigration law

Man in South Carolina is suing police after they shot at him 47 times during a mental health crisis

'Trump was great at this': How conservatives transformed a Colorado school district

3 Studies Just Confirmed The Best Diet!

Squeaky puma:


Two red panda tweets: yawning; grooming himself:

Here Comes Your Man - Pixies

man arrives home to find gunmen waiting

Man fatally shot at community pool in Agoura Hills

I find this charming:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what Zelenskyy said....

📣 LIVE 6PM ET - GOTV Philly Rally for Helen Gym with Bernie Sanders and AOC

Most want abortion pill to remain available -- CBS News poll

Cow playing fetch; pig playing with ball:

Z Radicals Panic About Counter-Offensive

AI presents political peril for 2024 with threat to mislead voters

Mastodon (Turkey Election):

Cute overload:

Justine Bateman. actress, SAG/WGA/DGA and coder on the misuse of AI in Hollywood

Mastodon (Good Covid news):

Wasn't there a ReTHUG/Fundie group that tried to set up

We might have taken this "anyone can grow up to be president" thing too far.

US senator denounced as 'profoundly ignorant man' over remarks on Mexico

Shooting at Arizona neighborhood gathering kills 2, wounds 5

Mother's Day Iris

Moment of silence, bell tolling for Buffalo supermarket mass shooting victims 1 year after massacre

What's your perfect room temperature for the summer? I remember when we had fans and no AC. It just

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 14, 2023

Trump didn't cancel his rally in Iowa yesterday due to bad weather. He cancelled it because nobody

2 dead, 5 injured in shooting at Yuma, Arizona, gathering: Police

Seattle to pay $2.3M to whistleblowers over ex-mayor Durkan's 2020 deleted texts

Ron DeSantis in Iowa:

Police: Baby, 10-year-old among 4 wounded in Northern California shooting; no arrests

Crazy Oregon weather

How to Raise $89 Million in Small Donations -- And Make It Disappear

Jon Stewart tweet:

Florida teacher defends showing Disney movie: 'I'm just being accepting'

Stray Dog Looks Like A Totally Different Dog Now

Last day of early voting for Jacksonville election that will decide the next mayor

CNN expert says the first thing that will happen in a debt default is interest

The Daily Shooting Report in gun infested 'Merca: Man shoots child in head for playing hide and seek

CNN Facing Internal Revolt After Disastrous Trump Town Hall - Ring of Fire

Philadelphia's Helen Gym is focused on her city. Progressives see a national star on the rise

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: 1 in 7 Philly voters undecided

Kids vs lawn chair

Cure your ballot: 1,400 Philly mail voters have a chance to fix errors

Unbroken Chain

Election count shows Turkey's Erdogan under threshold needed to avoid presidential election runoff

Across the Desk - S7:E18 (Stitt Fit - The Veto Vendetta)

Stubborn Frenchie Hilariously Argues With Mom For 3 Hours Over Dinner

Thailand opposition crushes military parties in election rout

Florida begins an investigation on a teacher due to allegations of indoctrination

Pita Limjaroenrat: Leading Thailand's political earthquake

Egret in infrared

7th Anniversary Memorial of Shintaro Katsu (VERY RARE VHS)

Stained glass window shows Jesus Christ with dark skin, stirring questions about race in New England

Only 2 days left, and the race for Allegheny County executive 'is really Sara's to lose'

Stained glass window shows Jesus Christ with dark skin, stirring questions about race in New England

Prayers of Thanksgiving for our Mothers and all mother-like figures in our lives.

Across the Desk - S7:E18 (Stitt Fit - The Veto Vendetta)

Loser man

Mastodon toon:

Nail-Biter Turkish Election Goes to Round 2 as Majority Eludes Erdogan


Is the arizona mass shooter caught yet?

For Mamas:

We can't defeat spotted lanternfly that could plague Michigan wine industry

Will the CNN Town Hall, Accelerate Jack Smith's Timeline to Indict Trump? Glenn Kirschner

Border crossings reportedly decrease after Title 42 rules scrapped

MAGA Monsters Are Publicly Embarrassing Their Frenemies

Mass murder fueled by white supremacy is domestic terrorism The Mehdi Hasan Show

CNN's Trump town hall leads to surprise bad news for CNN - Brian Tyler Cohen

tomorrow: my first ECT treatment

Republican billionaire & Clarence Thomas's bestie Harlan Crow says he won't provide info to Senate - GK

AI voice synthesising is being hailed as the future of video games - but at what cost? (Guardian)

Helen Gym battles in tight race for Philadelphia mayor

Anybody Here Use a Machete in Gardening?

Not having cellphone allowed Michigan boy to save runaway bus from crashing

Dr. Hook - Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

Would you feel safe on a "commercial flight" with one pilot, the other pilot is AI in the cockpit

Jon Stewart on CNN

Found on Facebook:

Gary the Sugarland Gator has been caught


😅 😅 😅 the beautiful Baltimore Oriole are here.......I quit feeding them, when we'd put out the grape

Capitol Hill Staffer Is A Prominent Follower Of Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes

Wagner chief offered to give Russian troop locations to Ukraine, leak says

Let's take a peek at what the MAGA speakers at Trump's Doral dump are saying...

Man on the silver mountain

Over Decades, Congress Failed Repeatedly to Address Immigration Dysfunction

I don't have understanding. If SS benefits are paid from a trust fund,

Jen Psaki points out that Trump's CNN town hall must be a wake-up call for Democrats.