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Eric Adams Says He's a Progressive. Democrats Beg to Differ.

Trump Changed GOP Rules to Make Winning the Nomination Even Easier -- for Trump

Wagner mercenary boss suggests Russia may have downed its own military aircraft

10 more arrested in April mass shooting that killed 3, injured 3 at local bar

The counties in MD that Alsobrooks will win in the general in the 2024 MD US Senate Election.

Spoiler Alert: UAE-Hosted Climate Confab To Be Another Parade Of Discredited Tech, Zero-Impact Lies

Trump Rips Enemies, Ignores Melania in Mother's Day Post

The lies that are acceptable.

Gave My Wife of 51 Years This For Mother's Day.

American Exceptionalism - Ca. 1877

LTE: It could take years, but voting Republicans out is the only way to fix things

Sudden Heat Melting Utah's Huge Snowpack; GSL Rising Fast, But Farms/Ranches Submerged

A second Trump administration would be much worse (we kiss our democratic form of govt. goodbye)

Maren Morris says she 'felt a little badass' when Tucker Carlson called her a 'lunatic'

Study: "Sustainable" UK Pension Investment Firm Holdings Often Chockablock With Big Oil Stocks

Sunset, southern MD 5/14

(Jewish Group) I have ordered my set of these pins

Musk's Twitter A Sea Of Abuse, Threats, Lies, Disinformation And Bots Targeting Climate Scientists

Someone flew by.

White Supremacists at the Capitol today inspired by trump

New Poll shows young voters overwhelming approve of the job that President Joe Biden is doing

Nancy Pelosi explains: San Francisco values are American values

I don't know why someone hasn't tried this...

This popped up on my IG. A guitar teacher shared this as an example of a 5 count rhythm.

My 6 year old granddaughter is newly inspired by an M.C. Escher book,

The GOP's latest nothing-story is starting to push its way up out of the muck...

While out and about, this came to mind -- except I'm not sure whether it's legal

Cyclone Mocha: Deadly storm hits Bangladesh and Myanmar coast

Future Reform of Gun Laws

We need leaders that will rid our country of the corruption.

New Twitter CEO is Grateful to Elon Musk

NYTimes Live Feed: Turkey Runoff

At last! Mainstream media highlights that inflation & food prices are falling--end of the doom.

Modi's Hindu nationalist party loses India's Karnataka state in crucial polls ahead of national vote

The GOP is in a race with the Mouse, and they are losing

Do you think that the right has started to get a clue yet?? that the Democrats mean business..

Too bad we can't have a tornado threat every time that Trump has a rally?

The "Freedom Matters" exhibition

Jim Jordan's Looking Stupid AGAIN (Song) - Bruce W. Nelson

ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman Season1 # 15 samurai action drama Full movie

Trump rages after sexual abuse verdict but legal woes have only just begun

The ONLY crisis in the US is the violent GOP fascists trying to seize power.

Progressives top poll as Thailand votes for change

The Who - The Kids Are Alright

Colombian police dog sniffs out cocaine worth millions concealed among bags of BLOOD

Former Jewish first lady of Peru flees to Israel after extradition request

Doug Jones: Sen. Tuberville's verbal gymnastics when asked about white nationalism - Velshi - MSNBC

Bill Penzey supports New College

Not what you think: Coca leaf gets flavorful makeover to chew

INXS - Don't Change

Just saw a mess of satellites floating by

San Diego Volunteers Create Phone-Charging Station for Migrants at US--Mexico Border

Patron: Happy Mother's Day!

It is now the Thomas Court

Scat singing, defined.

Ende plans to build more than 1,000 kilometers of power lines to reach 66,345 Bolivian families

Media owner's trial designed to silence Guatemala's leading daily

Russia Announces Deaths of Two Colonels in Bakhmut

I had the nicest Mother's Day!

'Lose Your School, You Lose Your Town': Educators in Rural States Mobilize Against School Vouchers

You ARE NOT a failure:

Indigenous people in South America are twice as likely to die from wildfires

U.S. fighter jets intercept Russian planes near Alaska

Dead Russian colonels, downed Russian aircraft, and Russian aircraft flying close to the US and UK

Rick Perry teases possible presidential bid, declines to support Trump campaign

General who captured 'Che' Guevara buried without honors

How a rural Arkansas prosecutor advocated for her pedophile uncle

Tom Nichols comments on the Mehdi Hasan show.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about assumptions, perceptions, and silence....

Rick Perry teases possible presidential bid, declines to support Trump campaign

The Florida Department of Education is erasing history from textbooks - Velshi - MSNBC

The battle against fascism in Florida

Tom Nichols - @RadioFreeTom on Twitter - was on HBO's Succession tonight, & he wrote about it

Jacksonville Mayoral candidates make a last-minute push as early voting ends

JACKSONVILLE MAYOR: Bonus Tweet of the Day

Wanna hear a joke about the Russian Victory Day parade?

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Helen Gym rallies with Bernie and AOC as Philadelphia's primary nears

Vatican experts uncovering gilded glory of Hercules statue

Wagner chief offered to give Russian troop locations to Ukraine, leak says

Belarus PM replaces Lukashenko at ceremony, sparks speculation

MCKEESPORT MAYOR: Cherepko Faces Two Challengers for Re-Election

14 May: A huge group of Russians gets taken into a pocket and destroyed - Reporting from Ukraine

PA: School board races serve as culture war battlegrounds

Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder & The Dixie Hummingbirds - "Loves Me Like A Rock"

Could a Michigan School Shooting Have Been Prevented? Families Still Waiting for a Full Accounting..

Let's guess at the list of show topics for Anderson Cooper's "Whole Story"

Suicidal Tendencies - You Can't Bring Me Down Guitar Cover by Mel (No Whammy Bar)

Monday Digit: 7/10 - Cloud coverage is a bit of a question mark,

I'm a child of the 80's. So what's trending on Twitter?

How misinformation feeds authoritarian politics - American Voices - MSNBC

Illinois woman giggles, dances after killing couple in DUI crash, video shows

Pearl Jam - Last Kiss

Some Christian leaders say it's an 'abomination' to use the Bible to cause harm with anti-trans laws

Modern English - I Melt With You

'Harvesting water': Indigenous Bolivian women lead organic farming project against climate change

Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "Do You Wanna Touch Me

Lincoln Quote of The Week...

Kiss - I Love It Loud

How, exactly, has "liberal ideology" broken the leg or pick-pocketed the wallet of conservative

Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown (1974)

Madness - One Step Beyond

Bang Wa Cherry - Chin Chin

CNN Caught Red Handed- Keith Olbermann

TV Host Gives BEST TAKE DOWN of Trump CNN Event Yet - Meidas Touch

On This Day in History May 14, 1804 Lewis and Clark depart to explore the Northwest

The Jim Caroll Band - People Who Died

The Damned - Jet Boy Jet Girl

I have great faith that the gen z and millennials will kick butt next year

The Cramps - Human Fly

(Jewish Group) The Deep South is changing, but Jews are still stuck in the middle

(Jewish Group) GB News presenter in hot water after reposting Nazi-linked imagery

The Daily Shooting Report: Neighbors have argument over discarded bedframe; gun drawn.

WWII is slipping away into realm of mythology

Philadelphia Inquirer hit by cyberattack causing newspaper's largest disruption in decades

I am fascinated by the intricacies of nest building:

Are Texas governors term-limited?

Kevin McCarthy Stands By Trump And Santos After Their Terrible Week - Ring of Fire

JOIN the Anthropology Library Occupation at UC-Berkeley: Fight to Win!

New Democratic Star BRINGS THE HOUSE DOWN with POWERFUL speech

Bolivian EV startup hopes tiny car will be a hit in lithium-rich nation

Victims remembered one week after Allen Premium Outlets mass shooting - FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth

"Mom, I wrote this just for you."

Full movie ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman Season2 #3 samurai action drama

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the conventional and unconventional....

Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike

The blue-footed booby looks like a cartoon character:

Gang of gorgeous big cats:

Hoo boy...the cult members live in a fact free fantasyland.

Jen Psaki: 'Party of family values' defends Trump after sexual abuse verdict - Inside w/Jen Psaki

woman pulls gun on neighbor who gives her a shove. Per Texas law, gun owner is in the right

Gloria Molina, trailblazing LA political leader, dies at 74

Best friends:

The Constitutional Sheriffs movement subverts democracy - Velshi - MSNBC

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Detailed image of Jupiter, Wow!

How Kyrsten Sinema Uses Campaign Cash for Her Marathon Habit

Biden's Mother's Day message vs. Trump's Mother's Day message.

The Daily Show: The Best of Wanda Sykes as Guest Host

The Mystery Of The 40 Meter Tsunami [ENG]

It's all going to be BAD - and that's GOOD

Reproductive care crisis worsens in the South - American Voices - MSNBC

'I was 13. I thought that's what was expected of me'

Thailand opposition crushes military parties in election rout - Reuters

Gov. Cooper needs just one Republican to help him save abortion rights in NC - Velshi - MSNBC

Bill Nye tours the Ark Encounter. "is this the best use of $100 million" ( from 2017)

Rare and deadly albino cobra slithers into house during intense rainstorm

Mysterious, ultra low-frequency noises detected in Earth's atmosphere -- and scientists can't explain

1 million cosmic baby pictures form a vast star atlas for astronomers

Pentagon leak suspect Jack Teixeira was preparing for a violent 'race war' against Black and Jewish

In Chile and Elsewhere, Crime Is the New Corruption

Drawings by Guantanamo 'Forever Prisoner' Abu Zubaydah Expose Details of US Torture

Another Bolsonaro Takes Center Stage

Breakfast Monday 15 May 2023

The Intergenerational Heartbreak of Bolivia's Urbanization

That Bud Light tantrum has to be one of the pettiest episodes in a long time.

Rebrand 'Mass Shootings' as 'Second Amendment Celebrations'

Zelensky arrives in UK for surprise meeting with Sunak

AMAZING cast, on this OLD Law and Order I'm watching,

Hertz apologizes after refusing rental car to Puerto Rican customer

Hertz apologizes after refusing rental car to Puerto Rican customer

May 15: Jasper Johns born in Augusta, Ga (1930) .. Edward Hopper died in NY, NY (1967)

Mike Lindell asked supporters to buy stock in his online channel because of $40m overturn campaign

Final Kentucky governor poll shows Daniel Cameron stretching lead over GOP primary field

DeSantis signs bill banning a 'centralized digital dollar' in Florida

WORDLE 695 (5/15) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Jon Stewart nailed it.

Why France and Germany have fallen out - TLDR News EU

Russia's economy is still marching along. Here's how to slow it down.

Rishi Sunak pledges 'hundreds' of missiles and drones as Zelensky arrives in UK - Times Radio

Sen.Todd Young. (R.) Not Supporting a Rump Nomination.

Photos: Helen Gym - Thanks to all who came out tonight to rally support

Groundbreaking politician Gloria Molina dies at 74

Anyone else watch "Sam Now" on Independent Lens on PBS?

I asked my M.I.L. Brother in law why are you not in Florida picking crops.

Cat heard the cries of an orphan

Major upset in Thailand

On this day, May 15, 2008, California became the second U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage.

Lone Justice - Shelter

France pledges more military aid as Ukraine's Zelenskyy makes surprise Paris visit to meet Macron

On this day, May 15, 2001, CSX had a runway train from Walbridge, Ohio.

Pakistan in Deep Trouble as IMF Refuses to Release $1 Billion & Deadly Riots Break Out - Joe Blogs

On this day, May 15, 1948, Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno was born.

MAGA People Don't Realize We're All Laughing At Them - Rebel HQ

Vice Media files for bankruptcy to facilitate sale

Lovers in Arms: UK PM Rishi Sunak and Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

So Florida taxpayers arer paying for DeathSentence's fight with Disney!

Ultimate Grooming

outrage in TN: Moms for Liberty gets M's day event cancelled for acknowledging kids w/o trad moms

The Rundown: May 15, 2023

An influencer's AI clone will be your girlfriend for $1 a minute

Dam In NC Mountains Exemplifies Problem W. Thousands Of Dams Well Past Their Useful LIves

Good God in Butter DeSantis has all the charisma of wet toast

Happy Mothers Day from the Orange Shit Stain

This week's major U.S. economic reports (May 15 -- May 19)

Happy Horton day! 🐘

Rail workers see cuts in benefits due to previous debt ceiling deal

Neil Young - Out On The Weekend (Live )

WaPo: The Wagner Group's commander offered to give Ukraine intel about the Russian Army

Trump's dogwhistle to the Christian right is a permission slip to openly hate women

HBO's 'Succession' last night was too realistic and terrifying

His Army of Idiots

James Comer and the "Missing Whistleblower Spy" and other Nutjob Conspiracy theories

Utah Philips was born on this date.

A judge is mulling Lake's last-ditch attempt to overturn the 2020 election

'Sales Collapse' as China Housing Crisis Returns; Chinese Banking Profits Smashed - China Update

NE: Proposed 12-week abortion cutoff hits sooner than Riepe's, with no exception for fetal anomalies

Trump may 'hear me call him names again': Perry on potential presidential bid - CNN

Brian Eno has a birthday today.

Question About The Saudi LIV Golf League

Republican's strategy of trying to create leverage with investigations may have

Wisconsin Republicans Appoint Election Denier To Senate Elections Committee

Madoc seems to be the holdout in peacefully accepting Sian

You raised $100.00 on May 14, 2023 for the DU unofficial for Biden-Harris 2024

Randy Rainbow-#WelcomeToDeSantis

Randy Rainbow-#WelcomeToDeSantis

You raised $10.00 on May 14, 2023 to help the people of Ukraine

Randy Rainbow-#WelcomeToDeSantis


Workers at Georgia school bus maker Blue Bird vote in favor of United Steelworkers union

Another regrettable incident -by Tom Tomorrow

The Media Monopoly

Cat reverses role with human

New College alternative commencement

Nobody has ever had as much fun at a party as these two are having at this party

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Republican investigation into Biden....

'What Price Was My Father's Life Worth?' Right-Wing Doctors Are Still Peddling Dubious COVID Drugs

Jack Teixeira: "Jews scam, n----rs rape, and I mag dump"

Crossings at the Southern border plunge - ABC News

Republicans: NOT the party of "god"

Republicans Want People to Die

Still vermin

Honest to God. I think he might actually be able to do it!!!!!

Horse dies at Churchill Downs, 8th recent fatality at home of Kentucky Derby

Virginia plant flagged by feds for repeated chemical releases

Pic Of The Moment: Let's See How James Comer's Big GOP Investigation Into Joe Biden Is Going

Doyle Brunson, the 'Godfather of Poker,' dies at 89

"My dog ate my informant" J Comer

Republicans are crazy! This is just plain crazy.........

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 15, 2023

Woman said she went into sepsis before she could get lifesaving abortion care in Texas

OK. I want to party with these two.

Dogs making fun

Man convicted in 2020 White Sox ticket scheme is charged with selling fake Cubs gear outside...

Historian expects ANOTHER trump Presidency. Let that Sink In.

Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi to receive PEN America's Freedom to Write Award

A Rare Encounter: Jackal and Cobra Trapped In a 25-Ft- Deep Well

Mexican border crossings are down 50% since Title 42 expiration, homeland security chief says

Tweet of the Day

Arhoolie Records Founder Chris Strachwitz Dies at Age 91

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Voting for trump because "he'd be fun to have a beer with"

Turkey Presidential Election Heads to Runoff as Erdoğan Faces Toughest Challenge of 2-Decade Rule

Arhoolie Records' revered Mexican music collection is now online

Some days are better than others.

13 Things Dogs Hate That Humans Do

Ongoing Catastrophe: Israel Threatens New Expulsions as Palestinians, UN Mark 75th Nakba Anniversary

North Carolina beach houses have fallen into the ocean. Is there a fix?

Gil Strang's Final 18.06 Linear Algebra Lecture!

The Cure - End (from Wish - The 30th Anniversary Edition) ❤️💙

Ja Morant suspended after video shows Grizzlies star with gun

M51 the whirlpool galaxy

Happy birthday! Oldest dog in the world celebrates another year

How Florida became a conservative bastion

Turkish presidential election going to runoff with Erdogan narrowly missing outright victory

Trump lies out of necessity.

WHO advises not to use non-sugar sweeteners for weight control in newly released guideline

Another reason to loathe and fear Manchin

Fox host humiliates herself with most insane claim possible - Brian Tyler Cohen

reQublicans have found their new "Benghazi"

As schools let out for summer, some students won't return next year. Here's why.

Another two bite the dust (senior Russian commanders)

Message to all non-Floridians on this website:

Who Attacked the Kremlin: False Flags, Ukrainian Drones, or Russian Partisans? - William Spaniel

Republicans revel in divine plan to turn Kansas into 'conservative sanctuary'

OH: Supermajority amendment opponents sue, arguing 'no legal basis' for August election

Supreme Court rejects Alabama's bid to use lethal injection against inmate's wishes

Republican gubernatorial candidates make final-hour plea to voters during flurry of campaign stops

Mrs. Hughes

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 16: Happy Hour

Hello in There

PA: The Lehigh Valley's May 16 primary ballot is filled with important contests

Elon Musk loses bid to end SEC 'muzzle' over tweets

'They are missing': Marjorie Taylor Greene confirms GOP has lost several Biden 'whistleblowers'

A Florida Exodus?

North Carolina's Governor has vetoed the abortion bill there.

PA-HD163: Biden endorses Democrat in special election with Pennsylvania House control at stake

Cartoons 5/15/2023

Want to run for office? Candidate filing week is May 15 to 19

U.S. climate spending dwarfed by what diasters cost us

Right-wing trolls have taught me something interesting: The Northwest is a dystopian hellhole.

Benefits exceed risks for over-counter birth control

Trump says he'll bring back Michael Flynn if he's re-elected - Morning Joe - MSNBC

EPA picks wiser clean-up rules for dirty power plants

For nation awash in guns, is there hope tide will turn?

JACKSONVILLE MAYOR: Donna Deegan (D) narrowly leads Daniel Davis (R) heading into Tuesday election

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 15, 2023)

the Inventor of Yodelling just recently died.

Supreme Court to consider House Democrats' quest for records related to Trump's D.C. hotel

PA: Big money is flowing in Chester's tight mayoral race

Supreme Court to consider South Carolina plan that 'exiled' Black voters

GOP state lawmakers try to restrict ballot initiatives, partly to thwart abortion protections

The Great Climate Migration.

The power of A.I.: Cancer detection, digital twins and an 'A.I. god'

Off-Grid Solar brings light, time and income to the remotest villages

China sentences 78-year-old US citizen to life in prison on spying charges

Justified: City Primeval - Official Teaser - FX/HULU - Streams 7/18/2023

PA: SEIU, progressives on verge of biggest win yet in Allegheny County

In 1950 Yogi Berra had 656 ABs.

GOP fears Trump's problems with suburban women will only get worse

OPINION PIECE: Helen Gym Has Won Big For Working People (Philly)

You can almost taste it

Can Anyone Help Me With Stimulus Card

i do love steve martin. atheists dont have no songs.

Jeff Tiedrich on white supremacists:

The media is not equipped to handle the return of Donald Trump

So... Now they have lost 9 whistleblowers

Mexican border crossings are down 50% since Title 42 expiration, homeland security chief says

When your boss asks who can stay late at work:

Federal prosecutors move to dismiss Andrew Gillum indictment

Welcome to DeSantis! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

2nd tweet--this little dancer!

This is what I call an influencer:

Why American Subways Are Some Of The World's Most Expensive

Florida teacher investigated by state agency for showing Disney movie in class

Badger & fox having dinner together:

Eight suspected overdose deaths in Portland show 'a concerning pattern,' police say

'It's kind of wild': Multiple shootings across Portland; 1 man dead, 8 injured

Cat & baby pony do zoomies together:

Tuberville appears to defend white nationalists in the military

Clever ninja dog:

With Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon music, podcasts,... does anyone subscribe to SiriusXM anymore??

Politico: The Religious Landscape is Undergoing Massive Change. It Could Decide the 2024 Election.

Donald Trump is endlessly willing to endorse extrajudicial violence

Emergency phone not installed:

Sea turtle sleeping under water:

Anyone else getting a lot of DeSantis mailers?

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Has Groyper Working In His Office, On Purpose

This guy Feeding the birds and then this happened:

Brand Unsafe - The Lincoln Project

December 2022: Tyson tells Fifth Circuit that laws protect it from Covid claims

The largest bird sculpture on Earth. The artist spent 10 years creating this bird sculpture (200ft).

For M$Greedia, fair and balanced means

After coming in from her first ever play outside!

Learn the Alphabet with donnie

Baby elephant holding caretaker's hand:

I halp:

TCM Schedule for Saturday 5/20/23 - 12 Angry Men, Fiddler on the Roof, Mad Mad World, Casablanca(!)

Dem Rep. Connolly (VA) district office staff assaulted by man with a bat

Compilation--cute puppers:

TCM tonight:

The stretchy toes of a sleeping puppy:

In Nigeria, many people blackmailed for being LGBT+

Bat-wielding attacker injures Virginia congressman's district office staff

Wait... Wut?!??!? Josh Hawley Edition

"Stop working and give me attention!"

After school shooting, Tennessee governor signs bill to shield gun firms further against lawsuits

Here's your daily dose of CRT

Lowland gorilla uses sign language to tell someone that he's not allowed to be fed by visitors:

Vice Media, once worth $5.7 billion, files for bankruptcy

Convicted child rapist, former Baltimore Catholic school teacher dies in prison

Dolphins enjoy watching squirrels:

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA11) reports attack on two of his staffers by person with baseball bat


Martha Stewart Featured As 2023 SI Swimsuit Cover Model (at 81! Brava!)

I just need one, darn it!

Stoat plays on trampoline:

Tiny Chihuahua puppy goes at patient Great Dane:

Two broods of endangered red wolf puppies born

Guy Decides His Dog Will Be His Plus-One Everywhere He Goes

Gloria Molina, Chicana who blazed paths across L.A. politics, dies

Duo in Austria charged with playing Hitler speeches on train intercom

(Jewish Group) Duo in Austria charged with playing Hitler speeches on train intercom

Randy Rainbow: Wellcome to DeSantis!

(Jewish Group) This Neo-Nazi Gets Paid to Groom Children. Who's Supporting This?

This Neo-Nazi Gets Paid to Groom Children. Who's Supporting This?

Hospitals create police forces to stem growing violence against staff

I'm actually a whistleblower and an informant...ASK ME ANYTHING!

Russia scrambles jet as France, Germany conduct NATO patrols

Village People Slaps Trump With Cease and Desist Following Recent 'Macho Man' Mar-a-Lago Performance

Sad Stray Pup can't Hold Emotions During Reunion with his Lost Mom

DeSantis signs bill to defund DEI programs at Florida's public colleges

Why do Americans want guns? It comes down to one word.

Will S.S be affected by failure to raise debt limit? One point of view says no, because SS in in

Who blew up Nord Stream?

Goalkeeper scores full-field goal in Mexico

A Thought Experiment For GOPpies and Gunloons

Village People Slaps Trump With Cease and Desist Following Recent 'Macho Man' Mar-a-Lago Performance

How AI Knows Things That No One Told It

DeSantis turning FL's college system into... High school

Cat born by mistake is raising eyebrows

There may be a new lead on Comer's secret informant.

Suggested campaign slogan for DeSantis: "Pudding America First"

Biden proposal would let conservationists lease public land much as drillers and ranchers do

From the ones who brought you a good guy with a gun: a new meme straight out of the NRA and

Tired of "liberal ideology"? You can move to Russia.

The Atlantic: The War On Poverty Is Over, Rich People Won

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 15, 2023

Bill would essentially ban active shooter simulations at Minnesota schools

王菲 Faye Wong《白癡 Idiot》(高音質 High Quality)

Lawsuit claims Rudy Giuliani 'took Viagra constantly' and was recorded demanding sex...

DURHAM report coming at 4pm.

Biden taps Harvard cancer surgeon Monica Bertagnolli to lead National Institutes of Health

New Mexico shooting, 3 killed, two police shot and in hospital, shooter

Writing with AI help can shift your opinions (Cornell study)

Charles Pierce: Alleged Pentagon Leaker Jack Teixiera Posted About Getting Ready for 'Race War'

"What was gained from this?": Trump's CNN town hall was a failure

Breaking - the Durham Report has just been released

At least 3 civilians dead, 2 cops injured in New Mexico shooting: Police

Post-9/11 wars have contributed to some 4.5 million deaths

Supermajorities Skew Legislative Priorities

Florida Agencies Manipulated Research To Ban Trans Care And Coverage

Durham report sharply criticizes FBI's 2016 probe of Trump campaign

How The Media Made A Villain Out Of Jordan Neely

Google Bard is a glorious reinvention of black-hat SEO spam and keyword-stuffing

Florida professor sets underwater living record - 74 days. Plans to stay for 100 days

How Trump's Team Egged Him On During Town Hall

8 Things to Know About Union Station's Proposed Redesign

Question about Florida politics and the future

Governor Whitmer's father-in-law has died

Durham report sharply criticizes FBI's 2016 probe of Trump campaign

Florida Agencies Manipulated Research To Ban Trans Care And Coverage

49-year old Xuan Kha Tran Pham of Fairfax, Virginia suspect in attack at Rep. Connolly's office

Anyone shop at WinCo grocery stores? [UPDATED OP]

"abuses of power, wide-ranging sexual assault and harassment, wage theft, and other misconduct"

River Dolphins Spotted in Rare Playful Interaction With a Beni Anaconda

Durham doesn't mean crap!

3M Fires Longtime Executive, Citing Inappropriate Personal Conduct

You are what you eat meme

In 1910 the first identification of a white dwarf star

Connecticut high court nominee regrets signing 2017 letter supporting Amy Coney Barrett

The whistleblowers who would testify that MTG and Josh Hawley kill and eat children "are missing"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 16 May 2023

Durham was very good @ the job Barr wanted him to do and that was to stop the talk about all ...

Free speech or federal crime? Protesters are still marching outside conservative Supreme Court justi

Do Not Read On A Full Stomach

Wait for it! Trump will claim that he has vindicated again!

Russia attacked the hometown of Ukraine's Eurovision band just before its performance

Road Trip! (to Fort Worth area)

Looks like the attacker at Rep Connelly's office was nuts

Online Reviewers Are Being Absolutely Brutal About Josh Hawley's 'Manhood'

China sentences 78-year-old US citizen to life in prison on spying charges

So will Jordan have Durham testify?

U.S. Virgin Islands issued subpoena to Elon Musk in Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit

Durham just the latest person to have his reputation ruined by association with tRump

Senator Dianne Feinstein made me do it!

Village People Lead Singer Slaps Trump With Cease and Desist Over 'Macho Man' Performance

BREAKING: Durham report on handling of Trump-Russia investigation released to public - MSNBC Reports

Hillary Clinton: SCOTUS shouldn't be the only

Republican politicians all seem to be on the take. They

I regret to inform you that the Supreme Court will hear another voting rights case.

U.S. government has 'clearly been able to penetrate a lot of Russian communications' - MSNBC Reports

MAGAts are having meltdowns on Twitter! #MAGATears

WATCH: Biden delivers commencement address at Howard University

Sian has two speeds - zoomie and zoomier

Flagpole Not Required - Luckovich Cartoon

GOP Rejected White House Effort to Close Tax Loopholes

Tiedrich for the win

I didn't realize Dicky Betts and Don Johnson collaborated on songwriting.

How Trump Put DeSantis in a Bind

New York mom hosts $3,000 'bed party' for daughter headed to University of Alabama

5th Circuit stays the nationwide scope of the ACA preventative care decision pending appeal

MAGA Attempts To Define "WOKE"

Trump Commemorative Handcuffs

Ben Shapiro Slammed For Denying Bernie Sanders' Jewishness

ADL Calls For 'Full Investigation' Into GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Staffer's Reported Links to Neo-Nazi Nic

LOVE - Forever Changes 1967 Full Album HQ

CNN Durham Headline

Pres Biden gets in Peter Doseys face and ....

The End Jew Hatred Movement

I want to recommend a podcast: Tiffany Dover is Dead

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine spy news....

Toto - Hold The Line (Official Video)

I gave up trying to get this sport bra off. It's a hat now (Twitter)

Lauren Boebert humiliates herself with stunning comment on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Elon Musk subpoenaed in Jeffrey Epstein litigation in U.S. Virgin Islands

CNN's Annie Grayer tweets that "missing informant" on Hunter B. is Israeli wanted for arms dealing

On this day, May 15, 1905, actor Joseph Cotten was born.

Boston - More Than a Feeling (Official HD Video)

This has probably already posted, but it's good. Rep on ten commandments in schools.

The Media Is Normalizing Debt-Ceiling Extortion

Ted Cruz's Dishonesty Gets Called Out To His Face by Reporter! - Luke Beasley

Wagner chief offered to give Russian troop locations to Ukraine, leak says

New York Times report finds political network with Wisconsin ties deceived donors

Bambi Brings Florida Teacher Down

DeSantis signals he's the biggest GOP turd by signing repressive laws at New College.

GOP Senator struggles to clean up 'White nationalists' comments - CNN

AR: The Student Protesters Were Arrested. The Man Who Got Violent in the Parking Lot Wasn't.

Former Hawaii Executives Plead Guilty To Sending Illegal Donations To US Sen. Susan Collins

Good luck getting any job with any major corporation Florida college graduates

15 Minutes Of Jim Gaffigan

At about $11 million raised, Jacksonville Mayor's race sets record as most expensive in city history

Polls, voter turnout favor Democrats, but Jacksonville Mayoral race still up for grabs

Spanberger doesn't want Congress to get paid until it solves debt crisis

Proposed WA drug possession law to make it a gross misdemeanor

Oakland A's reach agreement for potential stadium site on Las Vegas Strip

So! Anyone seen the GOBers' informant?

Tuesday election has implications for Philadelphia and all of Pennsylvania

Hey, CNN.... How's that whole Fox Lite rebranding going?

Repelled by high car prices, Americans are holding on to their vehicles longer than ever

Ashley Moody urges Florida Supreme Court to snuff out marijuana amendment

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Rudy Giuliani said he and Trump were selling pardons for $2m apiece, ex-aide claims

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