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Archives: May 16, 2023

Man attacks Rep. Gerry Connolly's staff with baseball bat - ABC News

Payback? Project funds axed after Kansas lawmaker defies governor on abortion, trans rights

Biden administration may halt plans to move Space Command to Alabama over state's abortion law

Holmesburg Prison's medical experiments are Philadelphia's 'lasting shame'

Sunset, southern MD 5/15

Data Corrections At The Mauna Loa CO2 Observatory and the 2023 Concentration Records.

Unlawfully fired Starbucks barista back to work at Ann Arbor store following court order

TX 12 year old boy kills Sonic employee by shooting him repeatedly with an AR15..

Man dies after gun fires accidentally while leaving Lenoir City High School graduation

Andrew Weissmann on the Durham Probe: There is no 'there' there - Deadline - MSNBC

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson's Amazing Inauguration Speech 5/15/23 !

Trump-era special counsel's final report criticizes FBI's Russia probe

U.S. Marshals Spied on Abortion Protesters Using DATAMINR

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about why there's so much Turkish election coverage....

And anyone asserts that Biden's mentally incompetent??

Losing: Trump and Barr lose two cases and 'dud' DOJ report - The Beat - MSNBC

Biden calls white supremacy 'greatest threat' to US - ABC News

If there was any doubt about the media bias against democrats

News & Commentary May 8, 2023

Rachel is going to have E. Jean Carroll on in a few minutes

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread! Robyn Kincaid Subs for Mike!

Colorado man trying to avoid DUI arrest attempted to swap places with dog

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Alsobrooks has received a lot of endorsements for her 2024 US Senate Democratic Primary Campaign.

'We can do better': Space Force chief says mission statement's a dud

Johnson takes office, says 'a brand new Chicago is in front of us'

Almost all Minnesota workers may get paid time off for family and medical leave

America in a nutshell.

Report: Gosar's congressional staffer linked to neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes - All In - MSNBC

MN: As DFL drives final pieces of agenda, business interests object

Motherfucker rages

Guess what tough gun law Gov. Lee approved after the Covenant School shooting?

This is why America still needs Joe Biden.

E J Carroll and lawyer Kaplan are on Rachel's show

Mass shooting 5-15-23. 12 shot..3 dead New mexico

IRS tests free e-filing system that could compete with tax-prep giants

'We don't have a choice': Sen. Markey on expanding Supreme Court to 13 seats - All In - MSNBC

Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time

12-Year-Old Charged With Murder, Accused of Killing Sonic Employee

The Investigator of the Investigation should be Investigated

World's Wealthy Call For Removal Of Stars Obstructing View Of Universe

Chasten Buttigieg on FL teacher under investigation for showing Disney movie with gay character

All spending bills originate in the Congress.

Wait...... This is who Comer says is his missing informant 😂😂

Superior National Forest and northern Minnesota tribes make 'historic' agreement

Right now, there's no AI. There's just someone else's work.

It's late. While I detest the focus point, he is real.

Lord Shorty---Om Shanty Om----soca music

Biden EXPOSED the GOP with these SIMPLE WORDS during Speech - Meidas Touch

White House Plumbers

Patriot Front struggling with the difference between left and right in their "leaked training video"

DAMN it's just gonna keep getting worse,

Do you ever wish that you majored in something different in college?

Breaking it to my dog am getting another (additional, not replacement) dog

Giuliani Sued For Sexual Battery - Raw News And Politics

A dog's mind versus a cat's mind

Bombshell: Rudy Giuliani hit with career-ending news - Brian Tyler Cohen

A Lingering Question for Republicans

NC Gov. Roy Cooper on abortion ban: 'Creates an obstacle course for women' - MSNBC Reports

Something different. The Marimba Project

The Media Is Normalizing Debt-Ceiling Extortion

Georgia DA Willis files 22-page smackdown of Trump's motion to quash/throw out grand jury report

MSNBC guests were saying the crucial words today: fascism and cult

Bad News from Florida: Joyce Vance

back by unpopular frogs

Just retrieved an email offer: "Get 20% off your alcohol order."

140 fakes recently found on Twitter

Disturbing Footage Shows Alleged Shoplifter Was Retreating When Walgreens Guard Killed Him

Elections tomorrow (May 16)

Early voting numbers down as Kentuckians prepare to vote on Tuesday

WA-GOV: Franz kicks off gubernatorial campaign at Seattle event

U.S.-Made Technology Is Flowing to Russian Airlines, Despite Sanctions

'All strands of right are openly, aggressively embracing right wing vigilante violence': Columnist

OR: Senate GOP-led walkout gridlock deepens as 3 senators hit 10 unexcused absences

Texas GOP's broadest attempt yet to erode blue cities' power gets one step closer to becoming law

NE: A guide to Tuesday's debate on amendment to combine gender-affirming care, abortion restrictions

Has anyone seen the new Dolly video?

Man convicted of breaking cop's back claims both share fault

A stolen purse, a thriller writer and a particular set of skills

E. Jean Carroll 'thrilled' to finally hold Donald Trump to account for his lies - Rachel Maddow

Philadelphia mayoral race: Democratic primary is a toss-up, experts say

DeSantis Accuses Disney of "Waging a Jihad" and says Disney is a danger to all of Florida

Creepy experience with a MAGA store owner today.

OmGED! Boebert is so dumb. How dumb is she?

US MALD flying decoy used in #Ukraine

Lavish gifts from Santa

Durham report, long-awaited by Trump supporters, fails to deliver on hype - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

NY-04: Olympic gold-medal figure skater Sarah Hughes (D) is running for U.S. Congress

Kentucky teacher suspended after student was videotaped in a Ku Klux Klan costume on a school bus.

15 May No Antidote. Storm Shadow Missile Destroys Another Russian Base - Reporting from Ukraine

Marijuana harms babies in first trimester of pregnancy, study finds

CNN comes in fourth place Friday night, behind Newsmax - Forbes

2,300-year-old scissors and 'folded' sword discovered in a Celtic cremation tomb in Germany

East Naples 'Proud Boy' Christopher Worrell guilty in attack on Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol.

Lullaby for a kitten:

Marjorie Greene Makes a Fool of Herself with Absurd Prediction! - Luke Beasley

Bunny and duckling are good friends:

The mothership:

Wisconsin judge allows for lawsuit against fake Trump electors to proceed

Bicyclist brings white supremacists low with skilled heckling - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

A lesson in genetics:

Extremely possessive cat:

Selling Pardons; and Guliani getting Oral Sex while on the phone with trump. Keith

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about learning from Lauren Boebert....

Kiss makes tiny puppy smile:

Cat knows his own value:

Tag, you're it.

Man Rescued After Getting Trapped Inside Famous Sculpture

NC gov. on vetoing abortion bill: It would operate as an effective ban on abortion for many women

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

Baby seal checks out wildlife photographer:

How's this for a prize?

Republican-turned-Democrat Jennifer McCormick seeks to defy history

When this happens on your walk you better stop and pet that good boy!

His coming was foretold:

A Strangler in a Strange Land

Tuesday Digit: 7/10 - Comfortably warm 70s to near 80 are still great with needed raindrops by late.

I hope no one saw that!

Donors Terrified Of Trump, But DeSantis Unpopular Outside Florida - Raw News And Politics

Fine, you can sleep here's but only for tonight:

It might take a minute:

The look of love:

McGovern faces pushback from activists on Cuba, Venezuela sanctions

Ecuador Debt-for-Nature Swap in the Galapagos Islands Launched

Lawrence O'Donnell: The most dangerous phrase for Giuliani in sexual assault lawsuit - The Last Word

Guatemala's ElPeridico Shutters Amid Government Crackdown

This kitten is taking forever to load:

Will China's diplomacy tour work? - Eastern Express - TVP World

Breakfast Tuesday 16 May 2023

Giuliani accused of sexual harassment & wage theft in new lawsuit - The Last Word - MSNBC

IWI to produce ARAD family of assault rifles in Peru

Astronomers observed first radiation belt seen outside our solar system

Cuba among ten countries with highest coverage with COVID-19 vaccines

If they ever find a cure for Dyslexia

US Senators Reintroduce 'Accountability for Cryptocurrency in El Salvador (ACES) Act'

Chairman Whitehouse Questions Former Conservative Politicians on Climate Change in Budget Hearing

Republican Suffers Humiliation of the Year on Live TV! - Luke Beasley

OpenAI CEO to testify at Senate hearing - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Top 15 Mayan Sites in Central America

Chasten Buttigieg on FL teacher under investigation for showing Disney movie with gay character- CNN

Chasten Buttigieg on being an ally, attacks on LGBTQ+ youth - One-one-one with Stephanie Ruhle

Is there anything more cliche in the movies

Survivors commemorate 43rd anniversary of Sumpul River massacre

Thanks in Advance!

Student Catches Racist Teacher On Camera; Gets Suspended - Waldorf Nation

Frank Zappa Speaks...

Wordle 696 (5/16) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Schoharie limo trial heads to the jury far earlier than expected - Albany Times Union

Online Reviewers Are Being Absolutely Brutal About Josh Hawley's 'Manhood'

Hmmm...Durham appears to be the warm-up act for Hur

The 'Family-Values Party' Song, by Mangy Fetlocks


A (literally) Modest Request

Republicans Consider Plan To CUT Minority Groups From Leadership

video clip..showing the billboard truck they hired to park outside the #FoxNewsUpfront -

Caracas to Santo Domingo: Creating Access to Pediatric Liver Transplant from the Ground, Up

Tuesday TOONs - Virtue Signaling

Nigerian chef cooks nonstop for 100 hours to set new world record

Ukrainians breach defenses and surround Bakhmut. Russia ran out of soldiers. Putin's dream is over.

Horrifying moment 14-year-old male student stabs his female classmate in the FACE multiple times usi

Profiting from Pardons: Giuliani Aide Told CIA Whistleblower a Trump Pardon Would Cost $2 Million

Warren Buffett's company recommits to Bank of America stock while dumping other banks

Hey! I just saw the GOBer informant!

Senate bill would create 'intellectual diversity' centers at Ohio State and the University of Toledo

Russia launches 'exceptional' air attack on Kyiv as Europe, China look to exert influence

Why The Durham Report Wasn't Reported As A Huge Failure

Threats against the LGBTQIA+ community intensifying: Department of Homeland Security

'Vulgar and racist': Mexican ambassador slams GOP senator over comments in hearing.

CALL TO ACTIVISM @CalltoActivism: A group of parents in Tennessee are OUTRAGED that a local school

Martha Stewart, 81, becomes oldest Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover star

Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love

So, Fox News finally decided to take on the GOBers and their lies?

Alive N Kickin - Tighter, Tighter

Beyond The Arctic Circle, Residents Of Kotzebue AK Trying To Deal With Toxic Algae Blooms

Was It A Good Idea For Biden To Negotiate With McCarthy?

Giuliani accused of offering to sell Trump pardons for $2 million each in new lawsuit

Al Green - Here I Am (Come and Take Me)

Christiana Figueres - UAEs Hyping Of CCS "A Direct Threat To Survival Of Vulnerable Nations"

NPR Music's 2023 Tiny Desk Contest winner is Little Moon


South Australia Minister For Energy Tells O&G Industry That The State "Is At Your Disposal"

The smartest dog in the world. . .

How did nonstick "forever chemicals" get into our food? Blame pesticides

Long-Term High Plains Drought Means US Farmers Will Abandon Most Wheat Acres Since 1917

El Nino's Approach Has Farmers, Commodities Firms, Governments Bracing For Impact

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman will testify before Congress today - some background on him + links 4 watching

Animals Being Bros@AnimalBeingBro5: Raccoon and his deer best friend.

Mystery 'poop' rains down on cars in drive-thru, family says

Wind Pushes 90 Fires In Alberta, 23 Uncontained; 30K Residents Evacuated, 3.7% Of Oil Output Shut In

IRS audits Black taxpayers more often than other groups, agency confirms

I am shocked. Totally shocked. Have I've been living under is a rock?

Day 136 of the year. Mass shootings* SO FAR: 225. Dead: 315. Wounded: 758.

For those keeping score at home . 16th day of May. 40 mass shootings. 61dead.

On this day, May 16, 1984, Andy Kaufman died.

Five men found guilty over 113m Dresden jewellery heist

On this day, May 16, 1919, Liberace was born.

Of course he was a Sexual Harasser while IN office too....

Roughly, how much time do you spend on the computer/phone each day for nonesential reasons.

On this day, May 16, 1905, Henry Fonda was born.

North Carolina Became an "Abortion Destination." That's in Danger.

Classic Dark Brandon - in Fox News's face

Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore

Josh Hawley Needs to Learn a Thing or Two About 'Manhood'

Republicans don't send their best

A tweet from David Hogg to Sen. Chuck Schumer

On this day, May 16, 1946, Robert Fripp was born.

What Might the Approaching Ukrainian Offensive Achieve?

8-Pound Naked Cat Comforts His Great Dane Brother When He's Nervous!

Tucker Carlson's Ouster Was Part of the Dominion Settlement

Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation

5 things to watch in Tuesday's primary elections in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Florida

Does anyone here like to go fishing? If so when was the last time you went and what did you catch?

Possible End of Humanity from AI? Geoffrey Hinton at MIT Technology Review's EmTech Digital

On May 14, 1970, Jack Fina died.

Kyrsten Sinema Is Just Another Politician in It for the Perks

Butterflies originated in North America after splitting from moths, new study suggests

So, pistachio fans ... you buy them in the shell or just a bag of nuts?

You're on your patio or porch, hot day, what is in your glass to drink?

Was the FBI correct in opening an investigation on Russia?

Rudy Giuliani is sued for alleged sexual harassment; plaintiff says he made racist remarks

Tucker Carlson's Ouster Was Part of Settlement

MyPillow CEO Begs For Help After Blowing Fortune On Election Lies - Farron Balanced

Biden rethinking moving space command to alabama

Sluggo was a true hero on this island - peace at last my friend

Port Sanilac man injured after car goes down shoreline embankment

Livestreams for OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's testimony before Congress, starting 10 a.m. ET

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Durham report....

Can the World Make an Electric Car Battery Without China?

Crazy inflation for food costs here in Sweden. If a 10kr (I'll artificially set that at 1 USD) tin

Driver pulled over for speeding tried to switch places with dog, police say

test -- because I keep getting a "403 Forbidden" message

Love this older woman's philosophy!

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 16, 2023

Hillary Clinton speaks out on McCarthy's plan to default on the national debt.

"Deplorable": Former Sen. Doug Jones Slams Tuberville for Defending White Nationalists in Military

Biden administration announces nearly $11 billion for renewable energy in rural communities

Severely Matted Dog Gets Rescued from a Blizzard

Horrifying Bee Attack Caught On Camera In California

Couple Rescues Cat Stranded On Mountaintop

As long as Madoc is in the sun room, behind the closed, sliding glass door, Sian can roam free

Rep. Paul Gosar's Ties to Neo-Nazi Movement Under Scrutiny

Illinois Supreme Court is hearing oral argument today in a challenge to the state's assault weapon a

Fascist DeSantis will decide which college majors are acceptable.

The Sex Change of Lillian Travers

Elon Musk subpoenaed in Jeffrey Epstein trial

Blonde on Blonde released this date in 1966.

'There's no point in staying': Transgender Missourians describe toll of legislative session

Cleopatra Doc Tanks.

DOJ charges former Apple engineer with theft of autonomous car tech for China

Pet Sounds released this date in 1966

Alabama GOP legislators push for tougher abortion laws as Democratic repeal efforts stall

Mischievous Jack Russell Puppy Steals Everything He Sees

How redistricting reform is launching the Virginia General Assembly into a new era

Report from U.S.-Mexico Border as Title 42 Ends: Human Rights Violations, Funerals & Makeshift Camps

Mayorkas impeachment pressure builds inside the House GOP

TX-15: Democrat Michelle Vallejo seeks rematch against U.S. Rep. Monica De La Cruz in 2024

What is iOS Security Response 16.4.1?

Gilchrist touts Michigan's progressive wins at national Dem conference in Detroit

The demographic makeup of the country's voters continues to shift. That creates headwinds for Republ

China's Foreign Firm Crackdown Fuels Investment Flight; G7 & China; Russia-China - China Update

Randy Rainbow 🌈 has done it yet again!

Funding becomes a sticking point in Alabama suicide and crisis hotline bill

FYI, the annual Maine Fiber Frolic is coming up soon on June 3-4 Windsor Fairgrounds

Pa. awards $6M to fight overdose deaths in underrepresented communities

Wow! McCarthy is going nuts over Biden going to the G7 Summit!

Election Day has arrived. Who will become Jacksonville's mayor?

Pennsylvania House control up for grabs yet again in special elections

3 judges who chipped away abortion rights to hear federal abortion pill appeal

Tlaib and Bush only two lawmakers to vote against a resolution supporting National Police Week

BREAKING NEWS: DOJ promises to give Durham Report "exactly the amount of attention it deserves"

'John Durham is wrong': McCabe responds to FBI-Russia report - CNN

Cowboy Junkies - Misguided Angel

New study quantifies link between climate crisis, wildfires

Sneaking out:

'Absolutely Terrible Idea': Jayapal Warns Biden Against Accepting GOP Assault on Food Aid

Flower mantis--stunning bug:

Hair parted all the way to the horizon!

Handsome Lynx is all that:

Florida is now rejecting books on the Holocaust

John Durham Owes the American People an Apology for Wasting Their Money (Daily Beast)

Calling all Jacksonville Democrats!! GOTV for mayor TODAY!!

Republican's Complicity In Transgender Genocide

Giant Condor flies in to thank this guy who nursed him back to health:

Doggo's polite and subtle implication that he is interested in going for a walk:

Name something that can only be learned as you age. When you were younger you thought you knew it

Make Pho with Jimmy Ly from Madame Vo

12-Year-Old Charged With Murder, Accused of Killing Sonic Employee

Jim Jordan Gets Slammed By Prosecutor During Sham Hearing - Farron Balanced

This is cool and amazing:

Black communities endured wave of excess deaths in past 2 decades, studies find

The duck is worried for a second:

Kentucky's GOP Secretary of State takes on the 'kooks'

KOTOKO -SAKURANOAMEMOEGINOYO (Cherry blossom rain moe technique)

Stellantis recalls nearly 220,000 Jeep Cherokee SUVs worldwide due to fire risk

Emmanuel Macron Courts Elon Musk Amid Duel With U.S. for Battery Supremacy

Sloth & baby resting:

Appeals court pauses ruling that could end Obamacare's preventative care mandate

Ukraine Shoots Down Six Hypersonic Missiles Fired by Russia--Kyiv

One of my high school classmates was killed by a drunk driver last week.

President Biden FTW

Woman shot dead in northern Israel in 16th case of femicide in 2023

The first kiss

'Question Mark Guy' gets 80th birthday surprise from Adams Morgan neighbors

CIA urges Russians to get in touch, Moscow puts spies on alert

Russian Claims of American officer killed in Russian drone strikes are confirmed!

Paisley's Pioneer Saloon and Restaurant celebrates 140 years

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 16, 2023)

What in the hell is this? A psychopath pretending to laugh.

CBC: What is Putin's endgame?

Ballot measure isn't about parental rights

Homebuilder sentiment pulls out of negative territory for the first time in nearly a year

Cartoons 5/16/2023

Republicans: No Proof of Biden's Crimes, But He's Still Guilty! - Pondering Politics

The Media needs to remind the United States citizens of this regularly

For those who lived through addiction, a split on whether jail can help

Giving food, supplies, water in protest of Everett 'no sit, no lie' law

New Twitter CEO still means Musk calls the shots

Barb McQuade dissects the Durham Report

Proposal to raise voting age to 25 won't stop there


TSA is testing facial recognition at more airports, raising privacy concerns

Trans Teen Hatches Nefarious Plot To Undergo Years Of Medical Treatments And Counseling To Win At Sw

Sheep Who Couldn't Stand On Her Own Now Runs To Her Favorite People

How the American Dream convinces people loneliness is normal

A Stray Sick Kitten Walked Into Family's Life

The Worst Part Of The Durham Report Is What's Not In It

Is America over?

Sails on river, southern MD

Storm co-owner's Interbay property to host region's first safe parking lot for RVs

Comer's witness disappearance explained.

Flower Children

Search for the missing informant/whistleblower

Christianity Today Editor Quotes Jesus To Explain Why He'd 'Never' Vote Trump

Joe Biden is definitely going to prison! As soon as the GOP finds its missing informant. (satire)

Abortion Pill Fight to Be Heard by One of Nation's Most Conservative Courts

Olympic gold-medal figure skater Sarah Hughes is running for U.S. Congress

Three GOP-led states are set to vote on new abortion bans today

North Carolina lawmakers to vote on overriding veto of 12-week abortion ban

Disney asks court to dismiss DeSantis board's lawsuit in fight over special tax district

Ohio's Aug. 8 election puts nearly 175 years of majority voter authority on the line

What cable news doesn't get is that our minds are made up already. We don't need their opinion.

What they're saying about the Durham Report in loony right-wing chat rooms

PA: In Harrisburg's suburbs, national issues cast a shadow over a local school board race

How Russia's Wagner group exploits Africa to fund the Ukraine war

Durham's "confirmation bias". My 2 sense

I deactivated CNN on my YT channels

Actual footage of last night's Russian attack on Kiev:

@JohnFetterman to SVB exec Greg Becker:"Shouldn't you have a working requirement after we bail out

Why California's High-Speed Rail Is Taking So Long

A new approach to order on 3rd Ave

Louisiana Supreme Court: Prosecutors are absolutely immune from liability for intentional misconduct

On this day, May 16, 1913, Woody Herman was born.

James Comer's 'STAR WITNESS' w/ All the Evidence is 'MISSING' Conveniently & Suddenly!!!

Marge defends "persecuted" J6 criminals--wants to impeach DC's US attorney

Texas Republicans Move to Limit Local Control

Tweet of the Day

Another Drag Queen ?

Bobo getting divorced?

Planned Parenthood wants to pack the court

NC Dems Brace For Final Passage Of Abortion Ban That GOP Passed 'In The Dark Of Night'

Human programmer vs. Bard AI

Expulsion motion to be filed against George Santos

Pennsylvania Primary May Offer Clues on GOP's Direction

Chef reacts to a Salt Bae recipe:

The Kentucky Governor Republican Primary will be fun...

The Deadliest Drug Epidemic in History

Liz Cheney

Why This Classic Romanian-Jewish Dish Is Nearly Impossible to Find

Federal judge holds California's corporate board racial diversity law violates the Constitution

House Democrat introduces resolution to expel Santos

Haven't seen our daily mass shooting posted yet, so . . .

Don Denkinger, umpire haunted by blown call in 1985 World Series, dies at 86

Louisiana Opts Not to Clarify That Miscarriages, Ectopic Pregnancies Are Exempt from Abortion Ban

Two on DeSantis Endorsement List Flip Back to Trump

Biden vetoes bid by Congress to reinstate tariffs on solar panel imports from SE Asia

Judd Legum: Florida teacher under state investigation for showing 5th graders a Disney movie

Trans Teen Hatches Nefarious Plot To Undergo Years Of Medical Treatments And Counseling To Win...

Update on Arizona Pitty Rescue (happy ending)

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 17: Star of the Month: William Powell: Peak Powell

Rep. Jasmine Crockett spits fire during House hearing

Rep Connolly Bat Attacker - Gun Control

​​Democrats reintroduce Supreme Court expansion legislation

I take ten minutes to vote once every two years. So give me what I want.

Word is that people are being told to "ride it out" as far as De Santis is concerned.

Update on Arizona Pitty Rescue (happy ending)

The VA sends me information about

Never travel with this guy.

Former Trump appointee forced to repay Treasury for misuse of funds, GOP senator announces

DeSantis's celebration of vigilantism is a new low in MAGA extremism

Democrats have a huge opportunity to win back rural voters

Washington Post is furtively sitting on a secret trove of Discord leaks

@GovRonDeSantis says Florida is "deploying" state assets to the Texas border and lists as available

Don't let those big blue eyes fool you. This is a very fierce predator!!

Trumpworld declares Russia-probe victory, as it was always going to


A federal judge ENJOINS enforcement of numerous parts of New Jersey's post-Bruen gun law

Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970)

July 4th 2018, just a reminder

Katie Petersen - What'll I do

Giuliani forced aide to give him oral sex while on speakerphone to Trump (accusation)

Trump hit with nightmare news in new legal trouble - Brian Tyler Cohen

Egg prices are crashing. Here's why

Union support: another issue Democrats and Biden are way ahead in popularity

I'm surprised Trump didn't try to sell the White House.

Tuberville: "Let's don't have elections anymore."

2 Republicans on DeSantis' N.H. endorsement list say they still back Trump

Russia 'will lose big time' in air war: Maj. Gen. Chip Chapman - Times Radio

In Center City Philly, voters focus on electability and issues

Man adopts a husky. Then he discovers his tantrum problem.

New Mexico shootins is being called the Farmington mass shooting

An intruder broke into Jake Sullivan's home at 3.00am two weeks ago

Beijing LGBT Center closes its doors, a blow for diversity in China

Please observe Ron DeSantis in approachable/likeable mode

Biden to cut Asia trip short to return and negotiate debt ceiling

Marjorie Taylor Greene: 'I am introducing articles of impeachment' for DC's US Attorney

Intrusion at national security adviser's home under investigation

It's time to investigate the Secret Service. They let a guy walk into Sullivan's house.


I'm gonna tell you why I personally find this Giuliani thing so revolting...

CNN to hold townhall with Rudy Giuliani on employee rights/fostering a healthy work environment

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Rudy, at least parts of it....

Margaret Thatcher 'totally on board' with National Conservatism conference

Abbott threatens special sessions if lawmakers don't pass 'meaningful' school choice bill

Lauren Boebert files for divorce.

Woke, Woke, Woke, Snowflake, Cancel Culture, Woke, says Lee Anderson

Triggered Republican Issues Insane Political Threat! - Pondering Politics

Rachael Rollins to step down as US attorney following ethics probe

WABC-AM (NYC). RW Shill Talk Radio

Fox News, Newsmax give oxygen to small far-right Alberta group that wants province

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 17 May 2023

John Waters on the sorry style of today's rebels

Highway Star

Will America Split?

Inspired by Mike C.

Take back the word "conservative". The right in this country is not conservative in any way.

In just 4 years, a doubling of insanity...

Vice Media Files For Chapter 11 To Facilitate Sale To Soros, Consortium.

Congress votes to block D.C.'s policing bill, despite Biden veto threat

DeSantis to Send Troops and Police to Texas Border

John Hiatt - Slow Turning

The Petoskey Piano

Biden, McCarthy hopeful on debt ceiling deal, US president cuts Asia trip short

The Durham report examined the FBI's Trump-Russia probes. A basic guide.

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 16, 2023

Conservative pundits are increasingly open about who they think should be killed

The biggest threat to America is

witch head nebula

How do you like your beef prepared?

Feinstein responds to questions about her absence from Washington

Cat goes WILD for Trader Joe's ciabatta!

Bill could put appointees of Ohio lawmakers, governor in charge of K-12 social studies standards

How Veterans Benefits Could Be Delayed in June by a US Default

I think Carys found the experience of meeting her miniature auntie to be emotionally exhausting

Intruder got into Sullivan's Washington home during a night at the end of April.

Elon Musk Among the Anti-Semites

HEADS UP IN SW VIRGINIA: Thunderstorms with 90 mph winds in western VA moving east

Recalled Gerber baby formula was sent to US retailers after recall began, wholesaler says

Green Lyte Sunday - My Own Time

Justice Department Announces Five Cases as Part of Disruptive Technology Strike Force - Justice Dept

PM Update: Some showers into the night, then cooler and breezy Wednesday

Lauren Boebert's Husband Furious as He's Served Divorce Papers

Mistakes were made

The Normalization Song - Dedicated to Maga Republicans - Don Caron - Parody Project

Jesse Fuller - Let Me Hold You In My Arms Tonight

'Is this funny?' Marjorie Taylor Greene flips out after witness laughs at her during House hearing

Apple will let you teach your iPhone to speak in your voice

Saw a couple of good movies on Netflix

Sandra Rhodes - No Such Thing As Love

He 'can resume his life': Case against Andrew Gillum dropped

Biden's G7 summit trip adds pressure to debt ceiling talks

McCarthy blames Biden for catching more terrorists at the border than Trump

Fiddleheads are here!

Sloppy Glenn [Grothman] #Repub, cementing his reputation. Vote him out, Wisconsin.

Rudy Giuliani allegedly offers to SELL PARDONS for $2 million a pop & split money with Donald Trump

UK and Netherlands agree 'international coalition' to help Ukraine procure F-16 jets

Just thinking, AI disrupts the hierarchy of deep study and how

Disney Asks Florida Court To Toss Lawsuit Brought By Ron DeSantis's Handpicked Board Over Walt Disne

Radiohead - Paranoid Android

Biden speaks out against 'antisemitic bile' during Jewish American Heritage Month celebration

Negotiators see progress on debt ceiling, as Biden's liberal allies worry

Thoughts from Techdirt On How AI is Thought About

Intrusion at national security adviser's home under investigation

Extended boycott disqualifies 2 GOP senators, 1 independent in Oregon Senate from being re-elected

WA Legislature passes drug law with modified gross misdemeanor

Franklin Graham once compared Trump to Jesus

Reporters questioning Sen. Feinstein in the hall should know her hearing is affected by her illness

Two more candidates enter Michigan's U.S. Senate race

Biden Admin Says Mountain Valley Pipeline Can Run Through National Forest

Early Kentucky Primary results...

A3 - Woke Up This Morning

Auschwitz museum begins emotional work of conserving 8,000 shoes of murdered children

♫ The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary (The Howling Mix) / Assault On Sanctuary (1985)

China says ready to 'smash' Taiwan self-rule as US prepares major arms package, sends advisers

WGA member Jeanie Bergen: I'm a TV Writer on Food Stamps

This Is Florida - Luckovich Cartoon

The idea of Guiliani

NFL fans will need to subscribe to Peacock if they don't want to miss a playoff game

This is astonishing. Between 2019 and 2023, the % of Republicans who said parents should be able to

Very Genuine Laughter Coming From Charismatic Candidate DeSantis

Interesting development in Kentucky SD-28 Special Election.

Writers From 'The Handmaid's Tale' and 'Abbott Elementary' Speak Out on the Writers' Strike - WSJ

Marjorie Traitor Greene moves to impeach FBI director, US attorney for DC

Rudy Giuliani accused of offering to sell Trump pardons - Deadline - MSNBC

Tesla lawyers want court to reconsider Musk tweet deemed 'threat' amid labor dispute

GOP casts accused Jordan Neely killer as 'Good Samaritan' to hammer Dems on crime

GOP senators: Trump's legal problems won't stop him from winning nomination

white NYC hospital staffer is on leave/under review after trying to take rental bike from black man

Democrat Donna Deegan elected mayor of Jacksonville

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Fears rise after rampage inside Rep. Gerry Connolly's district office - Deadline - MSNBC

Who loves America more?

Senator's opening remarks crafted by Chat GPT

Durham's investigation reveals nothing except a broken process

Stuart Russell talks about how to regulate Generative AI -- OECD.AI Expert Forum April 19 2023

Decision Desk HQ projects Donna Deegan (D) elected Mayor in Jacksonville, FL (R to D flip)

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MTG Makes Complete Fool Of Herself In House Hearing

Democrat Donna Deegan becomes first female mayor of Jacksonville

Secret Service investigating intrusion at national security adviser's home

Is there a pill to treat greed?