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Electricity Prices Plunge By 75% As Finland Opens New Nuclear Power Plant

Duran Duran - Girls On Film (Salt Tank Extended Mix - EMI 1998) 🧂⚗️

Biden to end Asia trip early following G7 to return for debt ceiling negotiations - MSNBC Reports

Last Week in the Republican Party - May 16, 2023

Democrat Donna Deegan is the new mayor of Jacksonville, Florida! YAY!

Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Sen. Blumenthal opens AI hearing with a deepfake recording of his own voice

DeSantis' face when he signs bill removing funding for equity programs in Florida colleges

Philadelphia Democratic Mayoral Primary results: Parker leading Rhynhart; Gym in 3rd

Separated at birth?

Marsha Blackburn Parrots Brain Dead Clinton Russia Conspiracy - Waldorf Nation

Trump always after the fast buck.

Last Week in the qPublican Party.


Carys has been spending an unusual amount of time sitting on or next to me.

Fulton County DA DISMANTLES Trump in New Legal Filing - Meidas Touch

Report: Tucker Carlson Plans to "Torch" Fox News Over Firing! - Luke Beasley

Unprecedented Trump crime exposed in bombshell development - Brian Tyler Cohen

Only guy that could take Hendrix and make it at least as good if not better.

Navy retirees face bills, benefit cuts after payment error - MSNBC Reports

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the find out stage and readiness....

I'm glad Anderson Cooper

Leader Jeffries on The ReidOut

"Kraken" Attorney Lin Wood Has Disciplinary Hearing This Week - Raw News And Politics

Reaction to override of Gov veto of abortion ban #ncga

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Thread!

Rhapsody In Blue

made a promo vid for the new album. posted in marketplace cuz it is a sales pitch of sort....

There is Only One Way Republicans Can Win in 2024.... It's to Cheat and Trump Know It!

North Carolina GOP overrides abortion veto, putting 12-week ban into effect BY JOSEPH CHOI - 05/16/2

Dr. Michael McDonald on the Jacksonville election's significance.

North Carolina GOP overrides veto of 12-week abortion limit, allowing it to become law

Take your time, buddy...

Ren: The Hunger

Howard Stern blasted for past comments toward female guests: 'The creepiest man on earth'

Pennsylvania House District 163 results

Progressives looking strong in Pittsburgh-area primaries.

Repugs still can't find any 'there'...

Rising number of Americans are switching religions

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton says world leaders saw Trump as a 'laughing fool' and

The Chief Judge of the Northern District of Texas responds to Chuck Schumer

Progressive independent just elected mayor of Colorado Springs.


Jim Jordan Gets GRILLED For Repeatedly Dodging A Question

Tweet of the Week

Women are the ones that will save America

Dianne Feinstein: oldest serving senator says she 'hasn't been gone' despite absence

badfinger -baby blue(remastered)

Favorite Baby Animals? I got a List. 😄

'Even worse than it sounds:' Warren rips GOP push for Medicaid work requirements - All In - MSNBC

Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman (from Black & White Night)

MAGA County Commissioner candidates getting crushed in primary

Piroshky Piroshky owner Olga Sagan running for Seattle City Council

☦️ 🕊🐦🦋🤍 Orthodox Church 40 Days of Pascha

BREAKING: Democrats Get STUNNING Election Victory

If an animal could talk, which would be the funniest with the best sense of humor?

Remember how we used to josh that goof Stephen Miller?

Farmer's Market--a slightly different view . . .

John Fetterman's Question at Senate Hearing Leaves Witness Speechless

Elon Musk: 'So be it' if tweeting conspiracies, extremism loses him money - All In - MSNBC

'We're fighting for survival': Writers on the picket line talk pay, family and how the strike is

10 yr old Zo SLAYS "The Heretic Anthem" by Slipknot / O'Keefe Music Foundation

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese cancels Quad meeting after US president Joe Biden pulls out

Pit Bull Brought Home a Pregnant Stray Cat And Helped Her Give Birth

House Dem Leader Jeffries: We hope to find some reasonable Republicans to prevent default crisis

Tom Nichols FTW over Elon Musk

Just infantile mocking here, not hidden clickbait satire: Clarence THOMAS's latest plush gig

If an animal could talk, which would be the smartest and why?

rightwingers have turned their outrage towards Miller Lite, over this ad

Aretha Franklin - Think - feat. The Blues Brothers

Yemi Mobolade elected mayor of Colorado Springs -- the first Black man elected to lead the city -- in

Dan McCaffery wins Democratic primary for Pennsylvania Supreme Court seat

Elizabeth Holmes loses latest bid to avoid prison and gets hit with $452 million restitution bill

Where is the easy to use alternative to Twitter?

I want to report

McCarthy demands work requirements on 'all the programs' including Social Security, Medicare, Med...

I genuinely believe that the new FL immigration law is economic suicide: Immigration attorney - ReidOut

Quote By Steve Schmidt (About Little Boots From Florida):

Marc Berthoumieux with trio: "Sunny"

POLITICO: Cherelle Parker has won the Democratic primary for Philadelphia mayor.

Cherelle Parker (likely Philadelphia Mayor) campaign positions

Matt Dugan tops Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala in another win for progressive criminal justice

Democrat Cherelle Parker wins primary for Philadelphia mayor

PA Primary election results

Pricing Power: This Is Kate Spade's Hottest Bag...and It Costs $500

The Milky Way galaxy may be a different shape than we thought

The Disappearing White-Collar Job

Finally, my new home is all set and moving in next week!

"You Don't Mess Around With Jim" lyrics conundrum...

TX: Progressives claim school board seats in Plano.

Cyber and Crypto News Update from web3 is going just great

NY: Moms For Liberty candidate getting her ass kicked in school board race.

SD: Sanity wins in the Sioux Falls School Board election!

Elon Musk says 'get off your work-from-home bulls**t'

PA: Innamorato claims Democratic nomination in 6-way race for Allegheny County executive

Michigan boy uses slingshot to thwart sister's abduction 2:10

Corrupt Trump Prosecutor HUMILIATED by Weakest Report - Meidas Touch

US State Department won't rule out designating Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, Blinken says

Breaking: Democrats score huge surprise victory - Brian Tyler Cohen

Douglas Lilburn's 'Allegro for Strings'

"We want to go over to PMC Wagner" - Break the Fake - TVP World

Ummm! That didn't take long!

The election returns tonight are promising.

Kids Expertly Dunk on Climate Denial

Nebraska Legislature passes combined transgender, abortion bills following chaotic debate

North Carolina GOP votes to override Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of abortion ban - The Last Word - MSNBC

The joke's on unwoke DeSantis and trumpcult.

How do you make Hatred?

16 May: Russian Most Potent Weapon Meets Ukrainian Iron Dome - Reporting from Ukraine

Anand Giridharadas - Biden's "Freedom" Pitch

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Dems trying to oust Santos....

Clyburn: Discharge petition 'should be on the table' to force debt ceiling vote - The Last Word - MSNBC

Denver mayor debate: Brough, Johnston on school safety, homelessness and more

Florida to send law enforcement officers to help 'secure' Texas border

Anand Giridharadas knows that President Biden, Democrats and the Left now own the word "Freedom"

Biden runs for reelection on 'freedom' after Trump's 'American carnage' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Lauren Boebert telling women to stay in their bad marriages and chase Jesus

Congratulations, Mayor Donna Deegan!

NY: Student-backed candidates hold off challenge for Orchard Park School Board seats

Zelenskyy's diplomatic blitz - Eastern Express - TVP World

AZ: Hamadeh asks for more ballot inspections to prove AG's race was unfairly won

MT-02: Hamm announces bid for Congress

Florida Democrats win Jacksonville mayor's race, dealing blow to DeSantis

MT: Gianforte signs additional abortion restriction bills; one court challenge already refiled

Texas A&M Prof Flunks All His Students After ChatGPT Falsely Claims It Wrote Their Papers

Ron DeSantis UNLEASHES HELL on his own state as it CRUMBLES - Meidas Touch

OR: Republicans press on with walkout as fourth senator gets 10 unexcused absences

thinking of visiting my old church for a Sunday service

George Santos expulsion coming before House as Democrats force vote

Democrats keep Pennsylvania House majority, positioning party to prevent limits on abortion rights

Orange bread :)

Make America Great *FOR US* Again

Trump Calls into Deranged QAnon Event, Horrifies the World! - Luke Beasley

First Listen Angelina Jordan - Suspicious Minds Elvis Presley Cover Reaction

White House keeps positive face on debt ceiling despite GOP threats - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Finland's 'visionary' fight against disinformation teaches citizens to question what they see online

Schnittke, Stamitz (Some Schnittke different renditions of same movement)

How Pennsylvania Democrats are preparing for 2024 - CBS News

Crucial local elections take shape in Kentucky and Pennsylvania - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Opposite Party Pinch

im so disheartened about the debt ceiling hoopla

Fake rehab clinics reportedly fleeced state of 'hundreds of millions,' victimized tribal members

A.I. company C.E.O. asks Congress for regulatory help before things 'go quite wrong' - Alex Wagner

Trump ATTACKS Jack Smith in Latest Sickening Posts - Meidas Touch

State may interview Tampa Bay kids whose teacher showed Disney film with gay character

senate hearing on AI (OpenAI CEO Testifies on Artificial Intelligence)

Dems beat DeSantis-endorsed candidate in Florida's biggest city

'He's got this sort of god complex': Kara Swisher on Elon Musk's controversial tweets - The 11th Hour

Voting Rights Advocates Prevail In Pennsylvania Voter Purge Lawsuit

The Constitution Says Biden Must Avoid GOP-led Default - Pondering Politics

PA: Stefan Roots declares victory over Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland in Chester primary

TV bloopers:........"the Titanic sank in 1912, and Lake Wissota was formed in 1917."


Biden needs to show strength at G7 'but get back and finish this deal': Claire McCaskill - 11th Hour

Texas: 54 year old man kills neighbor over loud music

Breakfast Wednesday 17 May 2023

US urges 'calm, restraint' ahead of contentious Jerusalem Flag March in Old City

(Yawn) Just (by phone) helped my friend pack, and get a car service to the airport...

anti abortion Rep. Schmidt asked about her top aid financing an abortion for his mistress

"Where's The Beef?" Bannon Reacts To 'Disappointing' Durham Report - Waldorf Nation

Democratic Governors likely to be on the 2028 Democratic ticket for President/Vice President.

International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia: Statement by the High Representative

Remembering this Russian Polish Jew we talked at pub called E.K.U. in Butzbach West Germany

Colombian journalist Luis Gabriel Pereira shot and killed in town of Cinaga de Oro

New trio of telescopes scans the southern sky for gravitational waves

Russia, homophobia and the battle for 'traditional values'

Update on Arizona Pitty rescue

Burglars That Hit Home in Gated Poway Community Could Be Tied to Chilean Theft Ring: Deputies

Italian police dogs find 2,700 kilos of cocaine hidden in a banana shipment

Bolsonaro questioned by Brazil police in vaccination forgery case

Ecuador's president defends himself at start of impeachment trial

Jon Stewart Owns Newsmax Host - The Kyle Kulinski Show - Secular Talk

Wordle 697 5/17 ***Spoiler Thread***

Latin America's largest cargo ferry to operate in Gulf of California

Canadian killed in southern Mexico, second tourist slain in Oaxaca in less than a week

Texas slowing border shipping again

Guess Farve is just a talented jerk...

Ted Lasso Season 3

Virginia Is Now Only One Of A Few Southern States Where The GOP Hasn't Banned Abortion

DLCC Statement: Democrats Protect Majority In Pennsylvania House

DLCC Statement: Democrats Win New Hampshire State House Special Election

Global warming set to break key 1.5C limit for first time

Cherelle Parker hospitalized within hours of winning Philadelphia mayoral Democratic primary.

Global warming set to break key 1.5C limit for first time

One of my siblings has two sons

Horrifying driver of McCarthy's work requirement

Apparently the novelty has worn off.

Ohio Republicans choose to fight abortion amendment the hard way

On May 15, 1979, Willie Nelson and Charley Pride presented Jimmy Carter with a gold record.

Yemi Mobolade elected mayor of Colorado Springs

George Santos releases his mug shot.

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, May 17, 2023

OR: Slate of parents' rights candidates falls short in Canby School Board races

On May 16, 1937, actress Yvonne Craig was born.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein does not remember that she's been gone from the Senate

TX: Frisco, Plano And McKinney Voted Against Conservative School Boards

39 missing after Chinese fishing boat capsizes in the middle of the Indian Ocean

Johannesburg, Where Mayors Last Just Months, or Even Only Weeks

"Escalation Confirmed": Putin agreed to lose 968,980 soldiers. Wagner is ready to betray Russia.

Key Trump attorney departs legal team

Florida passes bill to prevent billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos being sued if their mega-r

Pittie Must Be In The Pool At All Times Or Else She Gets So Sad

Wednesday TOONs - Less Filling

CBS Mornings @CBSMornings: ( NC ) Starting July 1, most abortions will be banned after 12 weeks

Poynter Institute: Given a do-over, with a few tweaks, CNN would do the Trump town hall again

The Weekly Pull: She-Hulk, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Arcade Kings, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (5/17/23)

The Webcomics Weekly #233: This Water Level's Great (5/16/2023)

Hundreds of banks are vulnerable to collapse. Here's the latest outlook

The Rundown: May 17, 2023

Talk me down, please.

Re. McCarthy trying to condition receipt of government benefits conditioned upon

Florida to help protect the US border against the workers it needs.

Russian Industrial Crash - Independent Data Shows Major Fall in Output for Russian Industry - Joe Blogs

Thick haze of smoke here from the northern fires.

On May 5, 2009, Barack Obama and Joe Biden Had Lunch at Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington.

You raised $5.00 on May 16, 2023 for the DU unofficial for Biden-Harris 2024

Poem (prose?) about my surprise 3 a.m. visitor!

"I've come across A LOT of good 17th- and 18th-century Quaker names over the past 3.5 years..."

A Great Week for American Labor

John Bolton: "World Leaders think trump is a Laughing Fool

On May 5, 2009, scandal erupted when Barack Obama ordered Dijon mustard for his hamburger.

"There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain"

Some stats on political donors and who gets the money...

Colorado driver tried to avoid DUI by switching seats with dog, police say

Women drinking beer clothed: why are rightwingers melting down over Miller Lite?


The Twilight Zone

Abortion pill ban appeal to be heard by 3 GOP-nominated judges ahead of expected return to SCOTUS

So, the 5th Circuit argument on mifepristone case is today.

Taj Mahal has a birthday today.

Jesse Winchester was born on this date.

Sam Altman: CEO of OpenAI calls for US to regulate artificial intelligence

Belarus claims nuclear weapons were not brought to them from Russia: it was just an announcement

NY-03: Republican Doctor Who Stepped Aside for Santos in '22 Will Run Against Him in '24

How about Walking the Walk, Republicans?

Head of NYC Campaign Finance Board resigns six months after taking job

NYC: Mayor Adams' campaign is fined nearly $20K for campaign finance violations

Sounds . . . Problematic: Ocean's Capacity To Hold Dissolved Oxygen Dropping As Warming Accelerates

TNN (Trump News Network) - The Lincoln Project

Sochie Nnaemeka of Working Families Party discusses future of party

Astroturf caller on the Stephanie Miller show

NYC: Kristin Richardson Jordan drops re-election bid in crowded Harlem council race

Pittie Only Misbehaves For His Grandma

Copernicus Climate Service - Heatwaves And Rain More Common In Greenland; Albedo Shifting Rapidly

Great Neck Democrat Enters Stacked NY-03 Race in Quest to Unseat Santos

Heads Up: Military Installations Beginning to Move Out Of Red States...

Not quite a "dead carcass on the side of the road" A Democrat wins in Florida.

Heads Up: Military Installations Beginning to Move Out Of Red States...

Era Of Greenwashing In Advertising Is Over, Say Ad Agency Executives

Duped by Durham: Media fall for the spin on report about Trump-Russia probe

Drug Shortages Near an All-Time High, Leading to Rationing

CA-SEN: Porter, Schiff and Lee each make the case they're the most labor-friendly Senate candidate

CNN plans ANOTHER trump "town hall" -Keith Olbermann

Guillermo Lasso: Ecuador's President dissolves parliament

Living like Rudy: Giuliani is the face of MAGA "freedom"

CA: Huntington Beach Leaders Considering Removing Prayer from City Meetings

Baby Donkey Loves Snuggling On Couch With Dad

Explaining the Debt Ceiling Through Porn - Lovett or Leave It

Large language models' surprise emergent behavior written off as 'a mirage'

Ford recalls 310,000 trucks to fix problem with driver's front air bag

CA: Aliso Viejo Will Convert to District Elections Starting in 2024

Brightline Now Selling Tickets for Trips Between Orlando and South Florida

Louisiana legislative committee advances permitless carry gun bill

Hakeem Jeffries Just Used George Santos To Set Up House Republicans

Big Log

On this day, May 17, 1954, Brown v. Board of Education was decided.

Graphic images of Texas mall shooting spread on Twitter, rekindling debate on how much to share

Was the Starship Explosion a Health Hazard?

Missing Informant Wanted Poster

Titanic: First ever full-sized scans reveal wreck as never seen before

Pygmy hippo attacks, kills sitatunga at John Ball Zoo

RI: Cranston councilman (R) arrested for drug possession

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 17, 2023

I'm told that we are all perfectly safe from gun violence, that

Constitutional law prof: In 1880's Wild West, nobody believed that more guns reduced violence

PA: Reformers Soar in Pittsburgh Primaries, Opening New Chapter for Decarceral Efforts

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about North Carolina and the override....

Florida Democrats get some welcome good news with win in Jacksonville mayor election

KY-GOV: Kentucky Governor's Race Starts as Lean Democrat

If The MSM Was Fair And Balanced

AZ: Katie Hobbs vetoes anti-trans, gun bills

"The Budget Farce": Robert Kuttner on Why Biden Admin Can't Give In to GOP Demands to Gut Safety Net

Buckle up because El Nino is almost here, and it's going to get hot

MN: DFL grapples with third controversy over Minneapolis endorsements

Supreme Court Ethics Crisis - Clarence Thomas Under Scrutiny as Key Witness Speaks Out

Austin falls in ranking of best places to live

1-year-old boy accidentally shot by 4-year-old brother in Texas, authorities say

Trial Begins Over Kari Lake's Last Challenge To Arizona Governor's Race Defeat

Driver tries to trade places with dog to avoid DUI arrest

Trump Lawyer Can't Find Any 'Good Character' Witnesses To Attend Disciplinary Hearing - Farron Balanced

Now throw the ball:

Who is Cherelle Parker, the Democratic nominee for mayor in Philadelphia?

Rubin: Trump not doing himself any favors with recent comments on investigations - Deadline - MSNBC

"The U.S. Should Be a Force for Peace": Nat'l Security Experts Demand U.S. Push to End Ukraine War

Lisa Caldern announces endorsement in Denver mayor's race

Cops say they're being poisoned by fentanyl. Experts say the risk is 'extremely low'

Yemi Mobolade (I) defeats Wayne Williams (R) in Colorado Springs mayoral race

Pic Of The Moment: 21st Century Republican Christians

It all comes down to mitch stealing two scotus places.

Ohio August election: Some voting locations will change; poll workers needed

Officials planning for strong turnout in Ohio special election over amendment issue

Reclaim Osage: Mike Africa Jr. on Push to Buy Back MOVE House 38 Years After Philly Police Bombed It

Women drinking beer clothed: why are rightwingers melting down over Miller Lite?

CNN is really going down. I just want news and they are talking about Harry and Meghan

I am beginning to hate my cat. There are plenty of little lizards outside and they never bother me

KY-GOV: A resilient Dem governor vs. an ascendant Kentucky GOP

Ex-congressman welcoming Trump reelection with 'reckless' third-party candidate effort: columnist

Penguin Random House and Florida parents sue school district over book bans

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Illinois assault weapons ban

'A Hero for Me': Peter Gabriel on His Long Friendship With Jimmy Carter

Senator introduces bill that would ensure abortion access for female servicemembers - Morning Joe

If you can watch people invade our Capitol, break windows, terrorize the occupants,...

Missouri voters likely to reinstate abortion rights if given the chance, Republicans say

Oops, wrong photo:

Abortion coverage for RI state workers, Medicaid wins Senate committee approval by one vote

Black victims of violent crime disproportionately denied aid in many states

The Lincoln Project-CNN is #BrandUnsafe.

The Lincoln Project-CNN is #BrandUnsafe.

McCaffery (D), Carluccio (R) win Pennsylvania State Supreme Court nominations

Rep. Jasmine Crockett (TX) zings Santos & Repubs with one shot:

Solar 'superflares' millions of times stronger than anything today may have sparked life on Earth

The Lauren-Jayson Boebert Divorce saga is brilliant marketing on her part

We were warned before that Rudy was selling Trump pardons

Harry and Meghan in 'near catastrophic' car chase - spokesperson

Scientists discover giant crater from ice age explosion that has methane-spewing mud volcano inside

President Biden delivers remarks on preventing U.S. government default -- 5/17/23 - CNBC Television

DeSantis might have met his match in Disney's Iger as both sides dig in

DeSantis might have met his match in Disney's Iger as both sides dig in

Adam Schiff on expanding the Supreme Court:

Trump Supporters Screwed After His NFT Trading Cards Lose 99% Of Their Value - Farron Balanced

'Please come': Lin Wood struggles to find 'good character' witnesses for disciplinary hearing

Are yesterday's election results a warning signal for the Republican Party?

TNN - The Lincoln Project

1-year-old boy will be OK after he was accidentally shot by 4-year-old brother, HCSO deputies say

Rising number of Americans are switching religions

Why China's Economy Faces 'Downward Spiral'; Chinese Comedian 'Cancelled' - China Update

For those thinking Senator Feinstein should resign, how would her replacement on the judiciary

Appeals court denies Elizabeth Holmes' bid to stay out of prison - CNBC Television

The Right-Wing Money And Influence Behind Moms For Liberty

Building telescopes on the moon could transform astronomy - and it's becoming an achievable goal

If you could travel back to any point in history, what would it be? What event,place, or person

If A Person Bought A Presidential Pardon From Rudy (Tr**p)......

Titanic cosmic bubbles blown by the Milky Way are surprisingly complex

No One Is More Dangerous For The White House Than Ron DeSantis -- Including Donald Trump

MTG got laughed at in a hearing. Witness throws it right back at her.

The Closest Living Relative of the First Animal Has Finally Been Found

Professional athletes' unions are standing in solidarity with WGA

Democrats keep Pennsylvania House majority, positioning party to prevent limits on abortion rights

Synchronous dogs:

If it's true that history repeats itself...


The Willow Project Promises a Worse Future for Alaska. And For the Earth

Clever bird:

Tiny cuddle puppy:

Babies & cats best friends:

has been network cnn promotes trumps town hall moderator

Justice Department watchdog finds US attorney in Massachusetts tried to influence DA election

You have been chosen:


Democrats keep Pennsylvania House majority, positioning party to prevent limits on abortion rights

San Francisco DA releases video of Walgreens security guard fatally shooting alleged shoplifter

Messi the puma is sooo graceful:

Biden Pushing for Saudi-Israeli Peace Deal

Debt Ceiling

Musk says George Soros 'hates humanity,' compares him to Jewish supervillain

The Truth About Your Phone: 17+ Phone Myths Answered (WIRED)

(Jewish Group) Musk says George Soros 'hates humanity,' compares him to Jewish supervillain

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 17, 2023)

Florida school district sued for violating first amendment rights with book bans

School Bus Driver SAVES Teen From Reckless Cop - Rebel HQ

Polar bear cub being adorable:

Yahoo Finance: The Democrats' long-shot plan to solve the debt-ceiling crisis

Cops say they're being poisoned by fentanyl. Experts say the risk is 'extremely low'

Trump's Michael Cohen lawsuit reveals just how bad things really are

Ruh Roh

Florida's Trans Bathroom Ban Signed: Arrests To Follow Regardless Of Legal Gender Status

Sara Innamorato leads a huge night by winning the Dem primary for Allegheny County Executive

Aww; she's divorcing her hubby for HIS sake...

TCM tonight:

@WaltDisneyWorld gets ready to celebrate Pride amid ongoing fight with @GovRonDeSantis

Nation's largest publisher files federal suit to block Florida county's book ban

Kari Lake gets one more chance to look like an idiot.

. @WaltDisneyWorld gets ready to celebrate Pride amid ongoing fight with @GovRonDeSantis

A possible issue with malware? Pixel 6 Pro

Has CNN covered the lawsuit against Rudy at all?

Pre-dawn, southern MD 5/17

How Garland's release of Trump-Russia probe report differed from Barr's

MTG is busy, busy, busy..

Connecticut starts Baby Bonds program, provides every baby $3,200 trust fund - NewsNation

Cartoons 5/17/2023

So was yesterday another blue wave?

Teaser trailer for "The Creator" - upcoming film (9/29) about war between humans and AI

Ohio House lawmakers proposing extremist right-wing rewrite of state social studies curriculum

WA lawmakers punt hunt for major airport site far into the future

Arlington nixes $3,500 in security fees for Pride event

Did the FBI Miss a Russian Asset In The White House?

Baker Heights pitch: Mixed-income tenants, 'transformation' of Delta area

Doctor Who 2023 - 60th Anniversary Specials Trailer - BBC

11 Laziest Dog Breeds - The Pet Collective

Lessons from a successful fight for affordable housing in the heart of Silicon Valley

Cherelle Parker won the Democratic nomination for mayor of Philadelphia

Many older workers have difficult jobs that put them at risk

Students at Florida college targeted by Ron DeSantis will hold alternative graduation ceremony

Amazon sued for breaking grocery store lease in Renton

The truth about Russia, Trump and the 2016 election

Invitation: Biden-Harris Administration Briefing on Preventing Default with VP Kamala Harris

Size comparison between Titanic & modern cruise ship:

Former French President Sarkozy's 3-Year Sentence Upheld by Court - WION

Migrant construction workers have left FL. Thanks Ron Desantis!

Elon Musk documents subpoenaed in Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit by US Virgin Islands

In Red States, 'Gun Reform' Means Making It Easier To Buy And Carry Guns

Fetterman floats work requirements for bailed-out bank executives

The Six Moons Most Likely to Host Life in Our Solar System Vast quantities of liquid water may exist

Jellyfish Kevin McCarthy wants work requirements for all programs

Sharks are older than Saturn's rings

Marjorie Taylor Greene Humiliated Again During Hearing - Pondering Politics

Mother Fletcher, a living survivor of 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, turns 109

The biggest threat to birds isn't windmills -- it's agriculture

Muskrat goes full anti Semite

Eric Swalwell calls out Durham

Extending the 2017 Tax Cuts Would Cost $3.5 Trillion: CBO

And now; the Bees are coming. SoCal

Mike Luckovich-Kevin McCarthy-Debt Ceiling Bomber

DeSantis, drama free? What a joke. Ask Florida, where he has inflicted Trumpian chaos

NOW AVAILABLE: The Red Ripple Tells the Story of the 2022 Midterm and Looks Ahead to 2024

"He Throw" ! Cockatiel looks to be a reincarnated cat!

A scent hound has been brought inside the Capitol, to help find the missing "fake" Biden informants.

Coyotes concede defeat after Tempe voters reject hockey arena deal

Texas passes bill stripping authority from cities

'I knew it was tilting': Penthouse in San Francisco's Millennium Tower hits the market

Save it, Republicans. NC's 'mainstream' abortion ban is anything but

The Right's Abortion 'Back To The States' Lie

Rumors: Laura Ingraham fired?

Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on how judiciary handled 2011 complaints against Thomas

Marjorie Taylor Greene Fumes After Being Laughed at in Congress

Michigan lawmakers to introduce legislation banning conversion therapy for minors on Thursday

The Government of Jamaica just raised pay for themselves

DeSantis signs bills targeting drag shows, pronouns, bathroom use and transgender children

I saw a friend of mine post shes

Kari Lake's latest exercise in banging her head against the wall is on live.

Santos Begs For Donations After Being Indicted For Abusing Donations - Ring of Fire

Grand jury indicts Bryan Kohberger in connection with murder of 4 University of Idaho students

Rudy Giuliani sued in NYC for falsely accusing Staten Island ShopRite employee of assault

Florida: Children will still be allowed to dine at Hooters and other so-called "breastaurants"

"New school" anti-(COVID-19)-vaxxers are all-in on "old school" vaccines-cause-autism antivax

North Carolina Has a Brutal New Abortion Ban Thanks to One Woman's Betrayal

Meet the Red Bike Guy who in a viral video heckled white nationalists

So what should we do about shoplifting, from an ethical or politics perspective?

The Seething Hate Republicans Legislate By

David Corn: How John Durham Succeeded by Failing

In Tampa, DeSantis declines to speak with reporters following electoral night disappointment

MD: Moore signs gun bills, measures that bolster responsibilities of the Attorney General's office

Why all the whining about immigrants?

10 Facts About NC's Photo ID Requirement for Voting

After committee vote, Maine is one step closer to allowing harm reduction health centers

Michigan Senate OKs bill making Juneteenth a state holiday

America's Largest Mass-Transit Systems Are Speeding Toward a Cliff

When JIM HENSON left us 33yrs ago today, Disney Imagineers sent this drawing

Philly Democratic mayoral nominee Cherelle Parker is resting at home after brief hospital visit

IDAHOBIT Day 2023: What is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia?

Inigo Montoya weighs in on the Musky jagoff.

Defy the Supreme Court on abortion?

Spread of abortion restrictions in South puts pressure on Virginia

Huge news coming out of Colorado Springs

Michigan Democrats want to give teachers more say in classroom assignments

Michigan House bills would strengthen unions' political fundraising

"I'm a Professor. Florida Just Banned Everything I Teach."

(Jewish Group) Stunning new fertility treatments are being developed. Would rabbis approve?

(Jewish Group) Another Jewish Democrat launches campaign against Santos to defeat the 'MAGA mishegas

Another Jewish Democrat launches campaign against Santos -- to defeat the 'MAGA mishegas'

Russia agrees to extend Ukraine grain deal in a boost for global food security

Ohio House lawmakers proposing extremist right-wing rewrite of state social studies curriculum

many many moons ago, my

Artificial Intelligence? What are the limits of AI?

Pleading the 5th: Rep. Andy Ogles Stumbles Into Congress

JACKSONVILLE: Joyce Morgan (D) knocks off Jason Fischer (R) to win Duval Property Appraiser race

News & Commentary May 9, 2023

Possum Snuggles In Her Dad's Hoodie

Smoke is pouring into Montana from the wildfires in Edmonton, Alberta.

NV: Lombardo vetoes three Democrat-backed gun control bills

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 17, 2023

Brent Terhune on book banning (parody)

picture. DeSantis grinning over stack of fascist bills he signed today

Fani Willis trashes Trump's attempt to quash special grand jury report

State may question Florida students who watched Disney film with gay character in class

Hampshire potholes daubed with penis graffiti

NY-03: The Democrats positioning for a special election in George Santos' district

Steam Now Offers 90-Minute Game Trials, Starting With Dead Space

every FL resource is marshalled for DeSantis' WH bid: pension $$ into underperforming donor funds

So Tiny D took time away from sparring with Mickey Mouse to outlaw certain pronoun usage ...

Exclusive: New evidence in special counsel probe may undercut Trump's claim

Watch What Happens when Betrayed German Shepherd Feels Love Again

Young voters are going to change this country

Secret Service director 'livid' over apparent security lapse that allowed intruder

A sick cockatoo lost his human. Here's how the vet responded.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 18 May 2023

Republicans blah blah blah and lies....

Eric Prince indicted in Austria reports Eric Garland

Misunderstanding Misinformation

Volcanoes may carpet surface of newfound Earth-size exoplanet

That's about as clear as it gets.

Federal judge calls out judicial panel's handling of 2011 ethics complaints against Clarence Thomas

the red states are committing sedition

Jack Smith Testing Espionage Act?

President Biden Gets It - Trump/MAGA Are Responsible for Killing Roe v. Wade

Schizophrenic woman attacking women in Chicago gets busted...

I suppose it was predictable but Trumpsters won't accept the truth...

Katy Tur shows humaneness by telling the inconvenient truth. We failed & we need immigrants.

Big Update - Charges Pressed After Cover-Up Revealed (LackLuster)

It appears Madoc might be coming to a point of acceptance of Sian and her shennanigans

Boebert's BREATHLESS After Busy Day Doing Nothing

Ecuador is going the route of Peru.

Michael Steele: MAGA losses are acceptable to them because they are playing the long game.

'Sounding the alarm': World on track to breach a critical warming threshold in the next five years

God, I love Maryam Nemazee from Al Jazeera English.

'the offer' on prime. story of how the godfather got made.

Trae Crowder on conservative cancel culture being out of control

Joe Scarborough Says Biden Calls to Debate Him

Teen Threw Baby in Garbage After Giving Birth in Locked Hospital Bathroom (Law&Crime Network)

DeSantis's book banners face a tough new foe: Angry moms with lawyers

Tragedy Averted

Yemi Mobolade makes Colorado Springs history, becoming city's first elected Black mayor

'Post image' seems to be 'sick!' (Was ok earlier today.)

Floods and torrential rain devastate Northern Italy.

Elizabeth Holmes will start 11-year prison sentence on May 30 after losing her bid to remain free

Text book company removes Rosa Parks' race

Ex girlfriend not allowing me to attend my friend's scattering of ashes

Liberal Redneck - Conservative Cancel Culture Outta Control

House Republicans block Democratic effort to expel George Santos from Congress

There's now even less reason to blame Clinton for the Russia probe

$50 Million For the Upkeep of Jeff Bezos' New Mega Yacht

'It was extremely disturbing': Police chief on discovering officer's hate-filled online comments

Tensions continue at Nebraska Legislature after bill on abortion, gender-affirming care advances to

What you won't see at the G7 this week 😀😀😀😀😀

Rudy Giuliani hit with ANOTHER devastating lawsuit - Brian Tyler Cohen

The inventor of the throat

The republican party needs to be sued for emotional trauma.

The shadowy financial empire built around Liberty HealthShare is showing signs of strain

Today's Abortion Pill Hearing Went Fully off the Rails

Ron DeSantis Runs Crying Out Of Child's Birthday Party After Surprise Visit From Elsa

☦️ Proverbs 10:23 (Expository)

Law firm unveils findings from Boise police racism investigation

Kira and Raven actually get close to each other for a while!

"I repeat, interrogations of 5th graders by Florida state officials for watching a Disney movie."

Tomatoes and avocadoes in a new light . . .

Maryland Gov Moore signs gun control bill into law. NRA sues within a minute or two.

Montana becomes first state to ban TikTok after governor signs bill into law

When Tucker says his firing was an unwritten term of Dominion settlement, this is why he's lying

Joe Manchin is a NO on Abudu (Biden's 11th Circuit nominee)

Crazy good Mike Patton song mashup

I don't know how to get it done, but it needs to get done

Yemi Mobolade elected mayor of Colorado Springs

Mr. Bean

Death Penalty by gun now; for Shoplifting

When She Meet's Someone With The Same Vibes

A song of growth and redemption

Another tfg lawyer fleeing.

Four children found alive in Colombian jungle after their plane crashed May 1

Erik Prince indicted in Austria

Return To Sender

Tom Hanks on Ari

So, Kevin

I am a white male who went to elementary school through the 1960s

A large freighter is [was] stuck on the shore of Belle Isle Park.

Republicans vote down resolution to expel Santos

Laura Ingraham was not fired, contrary to some posts that assumed that based on her losing her time

Shirley, You Didn't Know This

Accepting second submissions for the May contest.

How Democrats Lost the Courts

Justice Matters public service announcement; Interview series - Using Humor in the Fight for Justice

Procrastinators Club meeting, March 18, 2023

Trump is now offering grievances in a package deal...

Josh Harris's Commanders deal contains 'earnout' payment to Daniel Snyder

Harry and Meghan chased by paparazzi in car chace.

DOJ gets incriminating docs from NA showing Trump's awareness of declassification process

'We will not default': Biden addresses debt ceiling negotiations before G-7 trip - MSNBC Reports

"It's your ribs..."

That settles it...I've got to go to Italy again.

Pennsylvania GOP Doubles Down on Election Deniers, Including a Fake Trump Elector

U.S. considers new land swap deal in Alaska wildlife refuge

Secret Service director 'livid' over breach at national security adviser's home - MSNBC Reports

Russia says hypersonic missile scientists face 'very serious' treason accusations

New Hampshire Democrats just crushed it in a special election. An even bigger one looms

Study finds it is better for environment to keep you old car on the road longer.

The Underground Man

A bit of perspective on transgender college athletes

The Lessons of Watching Donald Trump With the Sound Off