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Trump told Mark Levin that China released Covid-19 in response to him imposing tariffs

White House says Russian casualties 'stunning'

(Different) Message in a Bottle

SCOTUS: A 'Statement of Principles' is not a code of conduct

Don't ask us why we don't just leave

Anti-Immigration group seeks to "take down" the SPLC...

Fascism won't pass! - Break the Fake - TVP World

May Day rallies underway across SoCal to fight for worker and immigrant rights

Kevin McCarthy has no chance at a budget deal: Joe Biden has learned from Barack Obama's mistakes

Blessed Beltaine. And it is May Day.

Could somebody please post "The Lusty Month of May" video with Vanessa

Aerosmith announces farewell tour starting in September

The Daily Shooting Report: New Orleans Waiter, Dead; and Tourist Wounded

Mainstream Media Never Asks Republican Why They Ignored Debt Ceiling

Angela Alsobrooks is the only likely female candidate for the 2024 MD US Senate Election.

Americans fault news media for dividing nation: AP-NORC poll

GOP blocks gun reform as mass shootings surge: Ari Melber breakdown - The Beat - MSNBC

Bride killed moments after wedding by alleged drunk driver who hit golf cart

Supreme Court under fire following what critics say is a wave of ethical lapses

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

DeSantis signs law allowing death penalty for child rape, defying US Supreme Court ruling

I voted today.

Just what I needed!

Youngkin says he won't embark on presidential campaign 'this year'

Al Franken blasts Supreme Court: It's 'illegitimate'

Man Wins Ladies Event at WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown

Opinion: Reproductive health censorship bill threatens the open internet

Ayman on Gov. Abbott's 'indifference' towards gun violence--and victims of color - All In - MSNBC

Marine Vet Rep. Ruben Gallego Issues 'Poser Alert' Over Nikki Haley Gun Photo

Watching Picket Fences and wondering, why is there an eye chart in the

Inslee is on Rachel now n/t

Jeffrey Epstein's contacts included CIA chief, Noam Chomsky and White House lawyer

Jeffrey Epstein scheduled meetings with Noam Chomsky, CIA director and others: report

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, charts, and a new line of inquiry....

Gordon Lighfoot has passed away at the age of 84 years old

E. Jean Carroll returns to witness stand as judge denies Trump mistrial bid - All In - MSNBC

'The Godfather of A.I.' Leaves Google and Warns of Danger Ahead

TX: All students in third grade and up to be trained in battlefield trauma care

Marjorie Greene Comes For 'Adult Websites' - Waldorf Nation

DU Music Gurus and Sleuths: Trying to locate a 1980s MTV Music Video--Hamburger, Greasy Fries & Coke

Following Kansas' footsteps, Tennessee sends bill to Gov Lee to legally erase trans people

Tucker Carlson Is Only One Part of Putin's Disinformation War in the Western Media

Gordon Lightfoot has passed away.

Wow! You know that happy feeling you get when someone says you you look better naked than clothed?

Fred Guttenberg: America in its history has supported gun safety - Deadline - MSNBC

Canadian folk music icon Gordon Lightfoot dead at 84

The Intelligence War and Ukraine's Spring Counteroffensive - William Spaniel

Tucker Carlson gets unwelcome surprise in newly exposed footage - Brian Tyler Cohen

Tucker Carlson fired: Fox News mocked by POTUS - The Beat - MSNBC

King of the Hill's "hidden" gem- Wings of the dope

Why Didn't She Scream? And Other Questions Not to Ask a Rape Accuser

Gordon Lightfoot, Canadian Folk Rock Troubadour, Dead at 84

Whistleblower: Wife of Chief Justice Roberts made $10.3 million from top law firms - All In - MSNBC

Gordon Lightfoot, 1938-2023

Islamic State leader killed by Turkish spy agency, President Erdogan claims - ABC News (Australia)

Gordon Lightfoot "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" HD audio w/lyrics

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 2: Gina Lollobrigida Tribute

TRUMP RAPE Trial - May 1, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

What the Trump civil trial could mean for legal accountability in sexual violence cases - PBS NewsHour

Trump attorney cross-examines E. Jean Carroll while Trump flys off to golf; judge DENIES mistrial

[IN MEMORIAM] Gordon Lightfoot - Pussywillows, Cat-Tails

Poor Trump Jr, he is upset that Fox News hasn't had him on in nine months!

Oregon House passes sweeping bill to guarantee access to abortion, gender-affirming care

TX: Attorney General Ken Paxton to investigate COVID-19 vaccine makers

Gordon Lightfoot: The Carefree Highway Never Ends (2006 interview, and 1974 song)

Colorado voters would be asked to approve Democrats' 10-year property tax relief plan

01 May: Russians on quarantine! Defense line is empty!!! - Reporting from Ukraine

White Kansas lawmaker denies racism in House: 'This body is more compassionate and loving'

Never forget what former president trump gave us

Teachers union asks judge to block new Kentucky law barring payroll deductions to pay union dues

Gordon Lightfoot: The Carefree Highway Never Ends (2006 interview, and 1974 song)

Gordon Lightfoot The Circle is Small 1968 from Back Here on Earth

Right-to-unionize amendment clears Pa. House committee

7 bodies found on property of convicted rapist. Oklahoma

Biden invites top congressional leaders to debt ceiling meeting

Sen. Whitehouse and Lawrence Break Down the Latest Ethics Scandals Swirling Around the Supreme Court

217 Republicans voted to send manufacturing overseas

Manchin's 'playing with fire' -- and some Democrats are tired of the drama

Minnesota Lawmaker (R) Casts Vote Shirtless And In Bed

My favorite Gordon Lightfoot song

Report: Ted Cruz Getting Top Notch Democratic Opponent in Senate Race

Just tried a chatbot

Elderly Rancho Santa Fe woman accused of terrorizing, animal abuse, and aiming a gun at neighbors

What do you want for dessert? I would like some raspberry gelato.

Man frustrated by Oakland sideshow gets attacked by crowd

Mayoral race takes center stage in Lincoln general election

That Virginia Beach Tornado

US House speaker says Biden should invite Netanyahu to White House - FRANCE 24

money plant

Texas man wrongly identified by FBI as Cleveland shooting suspect is now in hiding over safety fears

FL: Further limits on School Board terms heading to the Governor

Lawrence O'Donnell: Supreme Court 'is in crisis' over lack of ethics rules - The Last Word - MSNBC

Military voting access boosted with new Michigan election law

Michigan Democrats pursue uniform septic code, an elusive water goal

If Minnesota legalizes weed, will marijuana-related criminal records be cleared?

Indiana Republican state Rep. Ann Vermilion, who often voted against her own party, leaves office

Did you see Conor Lamb with Stephanie Ruhle just now?

Gee, Even the Antinuke Paper of Record Is Opening It's Mind.

Michigan school district bans backpacks, even clear ones, amid concern over guns

Condon/McPartland Chicagoans 1969 "At The Jazz Band Ball" Gene Krupa, Eddie Condon, Jimmy McPartland

any news regarding Jimmy Carter? (he is still alive)

Kimmel: Tucker Carlson & Don Lemon Text Post Firing, Trump Flees to Scotland & MyPillow Mike Owes

Harry Connick Jr. Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Seth Meyers- Fox Hosts Scared They Could Be Fired After Tucker, Paranoid About "Snitches": A Closer Look

Boycott CNN if they Insist on giving this soon to be Convicted RAPIST a "Town Hall" Forum

Sen. Whitehouse: Supreme Court justices' behavior is starting to 'alarm' other judges - The Last Word

The Ransom of Orange Chief: A Quora post that continues to delight

Pornhub, the largest porn site in the US, blocks (ALL) Utahns ahead of new age verification law

May is Jewish American Heritage Month

Goin' down the Road Feeling Bad (Live at Jahrhundert Halle, Frankfurt, Germany

Keith: The Transformation of CNN into a Journalistic Whorehouse is Complete:

The real reason Bud Light sales are plunging

Plastic People by Birth Control (in honor of plastic in our bodies) as God intended

Mass shooting leaves 3 women and 1 man dead in the Mojave Desert as detectives search for answers

The skills gap is so big that nearly half of workers will need to retrain this decade.

Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot dies at 84

White House Correspondents' Dinner host Roy Wood, Jr. on roasting Biden, Clarence Thomas - The ReidOut

Blue states passing laws to protect against red state overreach - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

I Know You Rider (Live at Jahrhundert Halle, Frankfurt, Germany, April 26, 1972)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a signal from Fox....

U.S. religious extremists help push radical anti-gay laws in Africa - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Me and My Uncle (Live at Family Dog, San Francisco, CA, 8/28/1969) (feat. Bob Weir)

Hollywood Writers Will Go on Strike, Halting Production

Anti-trans neo-Nazis in Ohio find common cause with state Republicans - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Why Tucker Got Fired Angry Fox Viewers Turn to Newsmax Brits: DeSantis Is No Star

Once in a while -- My ex reminded me, it was about 2 years ago. We were in Trader Joe's.

Trump's DERANGED campaign rally EXPOSES his MAJOR weakness - Meidas Touch

'Some of her admissions made her more credible': legal expert on E. Jean Carroll's new testimony

MI: 13 candidates to face off in Lansing City Council primary

MI-07: Slotkin's Senate run may complicate Dems bid to retake House

Throwback Tuesday - Time Has Come Today

Thomas Helped Kill Eviction Ban Threatening Benefactor's Business

Treasury Secretary: U.S. could default as early as June 1 - CBS News

Florida bill protecting 'conscience' allows doctors to deny treatment

Political paradox: Three possible scenarios to raising the debt limit - MSNBC Reports

Florida lawmakers eye ban on fertilizer use restrictions

'You're going to take away food stamps?': Rep. Khanna slams GOP debt ceiling demands - The ReidOut

Breakfast Tuesday 2 May 2023

Muslim N.J. mayor barred from White House Eid al-Fitr celebration, Secret Service says

U.S. could hit debt limit in a month - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Military tracking another mysterious balloon, says it poses no threat - MSNBC Reports

Blackpink's Jennie Kim Makes Her Met Gala Debut in Vintage 1990 Chanel

For Buddy Guy fans...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/1/23

NY-04: Dems target GOP Rep. Anthony D'Esposito on Medicare, Social Security

NY: Assembly Member testified re. environmental impact of crypto-mining.Then Twitter account hacked

The Democratic Primary Election for the 2024 MD US House Election.

The Sleepless Moon


For quiet moments or those searching for one: Accordion Bells by Leo Kottke

I needed a new wide brim straw hat for summer walks and gardening and saw this

Mexican strats I love them a few upgrades and you are still ahead of the game in savings.

Here something's to ponder?

Hunter Biden must answer more questions about his finances and art sales in Arkansas paternity case

Were on a mission from God in memory of Boog ,Jake and Elwood are done at 07:00 work this morning

The 3 Places Ukraine Might Stage its Counter-Offensive - TLDR News EU

Little Blue Heron

Seven bodies found during search for two missing Oklahoma teens

On May 1, 1906, actress Rose Hobart was born.

On May 1, 1852, sharpshooter and raconteur Calamity Jane was born.

On May 1, 1940, actress Joy Harmon was born.

Tuesday TOONs - The Cleanup Continues

Oklahoma's case against Richard Glossip is flimsy. The state still plans to execute him anyway.

Abbott is a disgusting piece of shit

Muslim mayor blocked from White House Eid celebration

In the land of the free, why can't we have mini-pickup trucks like the Taliban and ISIS?

Massive success! Russians victoriously retreat from Avdiivka. Wagner is ready to abandon Bakhmut.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 3: Star of the Month: William Powell: Starting Out

After fleeing Annapolis stabbing, suspect killed walking into traffic in Prince George's Co.

Supreme Court Ethics Crisis - Prominent Retired Judge Calls for Ethics Rules for SCOTUS justices

Temporary Sexual Violence Protection Order Filed Against Former Butler Board Member (Republican)

BTRTN: The GOP Shows Their (Losing) Hand

BTRTN: The GOP Shows Their (Losing) Hand

Trump was greeted by bagpipers when he arrived in Scotland. Here's the thing, though:

EIB: dispensing billions to corporate profiteers

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 4/26/23

Soliciting Multiversity: DC's Top 10 for July 2023

Ghosts of Comics' Past: May in Comic History - TMNT, literacy, and more

Shocked, Shocked: Just 3 "ESG" Funds Invested $1 Billion+ In Fossil Fuels Feb-Apr 2023

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 4/23-4/29/2023

BP posts $5B quarterly profit on strong oil and gas trading

The Rundown: May 2, 2023

1 dead after car falls off ramp at Springfield Interchange onto railroad tracks

Portugal & Spain Hit All-Time April High Temps; Provisional Record 101.8 At Cordoba Airport

The South Korean Chefs Redefining the Art of Pastry

This is why the WGA is on strike

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (the best version, imo):

it looks like another lovely spring day to REMIND YOU DELINQUENTS TO STOP "RESCUING" BABY ANIMALS.

Here is an idea for fraud voting?

Michigan clerk (Stephanie Scott) who denies election results faces recall in divided county

Ron DeSantis' ongoing disaster with Disney is getting worse for him. It turns out his own memoir...

Earth in hot water? Worries over sudden ocean warming spike

The GOP's Ukraine feint

Federal programs republicans are holding hostage:

Uganda parliament passes harsh anti-LGBTQ bill mostly unchanged

The Silent Generation? 1928 - 1945

Lorenz Hart, lyricist, was born on this date.

Link Wray was born on this date.

Gordon Lightfoot - The Edmund Fitzgerald

Chuck Todd Roasts 'Anti-Woke' GOP Candidate Over Plan to 'Shut Down the FBI'

Pornhub blocks access in Utah in protest of new age verification law

Edmund Fitzgerald - If You Could Read My Mind"

Opinion: How DeSantis accidentally handed Disney a potent weapon against him

How DeSantis accidentally handed Disney a potent weapon against him

From now on when anyone says " they were an illegal immigrant"

LA Deputies Sued For Racial Profiling -Kidnapping Innocent Man

"Get The F*** Off"

Bradley Whitford FTW

CNN Faces Calls for Boycott Over Including Trump in Town Hall

Scooby doobie don't: Discarded joints pose hazards for dogs

Illinois billionaire attacking Ohio voters also funded Jan. 6 and election deniers


Don't Repeat Their Mistakes

Greg Abbott demonized the victims of the Texas shooting. It says a lot about why the GOP loves guns

The new Republican presidential candidate is surging in the polls.

Update on Kira...

President Biden: I hear House Republicans out on TV saying they would never vote to cut veterans'...

Okla. makes gender-affirming care for minors a felony

Vice Is Said to Be Headed for Bankruptcy

Here's why you need to be cultivating awe in your life

WARNING :"The imaginary president ...?

Tornadoes in Virginia and Florida, flooding in other states

Parenting - I just want to be clear on this

Congrats Serena and Alexis

WATCH LIVE: Senate Judiciary committee hearing on Supreme Court ethics reform

more hotlips-

Day 5 E. Jean Carroll rape case

"Repeatedly shut down by Judge Kaplan": Experts say Trump lawyer's cross-examination was a disaster

Bernie Sanders says income over $1bn should be taxed at 100%

'I'm worried': Harvard professor explains why AI technology could imperil democracy in the future

Look what I bought for $10!

'They can survive just fine'

Surgeon general declares loneliness epidemic, saying it poses risks as deadly as smoking

Sudan crisis: Civilians facing 'catastrophe' as 100,000 flee fighting - UN

Fang Bin: China Covid whistleblower returns home to Wuhan after jail

You raised $10.00 on May 1, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate (beat Senator Sinema)

Kristi Noem kicks up her hatred for LGBTQ+ kids another five notches with latest far-right partnersh

Officer who held back crowd during George Floyd's murder convicted of aiding and abetting manslaught

Prominent Palestinian hunger striker dies in Israeli custody

Smokey Yunik's Race Car Mods: The Greatest Cheats in Racing History

🎷 Boz Scaggs - Down in Virginia

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 2, 2023

Excellent TED talk re learning and AI

Jackie Little, suspected in mosque fires, vandalizing Rep. Ilhan Omar's office, arrested and facing

There are mean conservative ladies here occupying all the benches in the hallway to prevent @ZoAndBe

Hollywood Writers Strike: Abbott Elementary's Brittani Nichols Decries Streaming Era's "Gig Economy"

The first arrests from DeSantis's election police take extensive toll

May is Volcano Awareness Month. We have volcanoes. You are now aware. See you next May.

I think the debt ceiling will be raised

Job openings tumble to lowest point in nearly two years

"God's Word"


60 Years Ago: Police Attack Children's Crusade with Dogs & Water Cannons in Birmingham, Alabama

Naked Corruption: Abbott's Private Business Courts

U.S. sending 1,500 active-duty troops to southern border amid migration spike

CDC Expands Autism Tracking

Is down. I can't seem to reach it. Other sites working fine

pharmaceuticals--advertising and price--only two countries

Ocasio-Cortez calls for Feinstein to resign

When Russia is defeated in Ukraine, look to Chechnya

On this day, May 2, 1922, Roscoe Lee Browne was born.

BLS report: March job openings decrease; layoffs and discharges increase

hey andy, check out the freaky background on this shot i made

Pending Debt Issue.

Not sure what this means but MSNBS reported that "proud boys jurors have sent a note."

Coward #Republican Sen. Marco Rubio posts on Trumps TruthSocial to cut down Pres. Biden!..

lizzo at the met-

What would the Devil look like if you saw him. Would you recognize him? Donald...

Global operation takes down dark web drug marketplace Monopoly Market

What'd I Say - Ray Charles Orchestra - Antibes, France Jazz Festival 1961 🎹

Stores and Restaurants that are no more. Since Covid, stores and restaurants have closed down. Many

C-SPAN is showing a Senate hearing on the Supreme Court (Supreme Court Ethics Oversight)

Grapevine, TX: Christian activists are fighting to glorify God in a suburban Texas school district

Nina Turner up to her old tricks again. Pushing fantasies about RFKjr and Williamson

On this day, May 2, 1983, Microsoft introduced its two-button mouse.

ya love to see it- pilots at o'hare this a.m.

What do you make of this from yesterday Carroll trial ?

Some Personal Weirdness (somewhat long)

The Manager of the local IKEA is retiring so I sent her a cake!

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 2, 2023)

Lawmakers led by Democrats urge the Fed to halt rate hikes ahead of Wednesday's announcement

Has anyone else watched the show "Jury Duty"?

Spotlight PA: A complete guide to Pa. primary Election Day 2023

Oklahoma Gov vetoed funding for PBS citing "endoctrination"

Jessica Leeds takes the stand in E Jean carroll case

Broken promises: Federal contractors made diversity pledges. They didn't keep them.

The Lie at the Heart of the States' Case Against Student Debt Relief

MD-SEN: Maryland county councilmember launches campaign for Cardin's seat

NY-SEN: Zeldin 'keeping an eye' on run versus Gillibrand

Snow in Yosemite today.

Does Ted Cruz require daily inflation so as to carry a sufficient supply of hot air?

With Inslee out, here's who might run for Washington governor

Closed for the people's business: Montana House gallery lock-out continues

Billionaire backing effort to raise Ohio amendment threshold funded election deniers, Jan. 6 rally

Who thinks trump will settle with E.Jean Carroll before case is over

OH: Measure to legalize recreational marijuana could be on November's ballot

Woman IDs 4 of 7 Oklahoma bodies as daughter, grandchildren

Discreetly, Berlin Confronts Russian Spies Hiding in Plain Sight

Hochul approves measure to expand abortion access

Ron DeSantis's nose is growing

Job Openings Near Two-Year Low as Layoffs Jump

Wisconsin Supreme Court won't order hospital to use ivermectin for COVID-19

Media: "Debt Default is a Political Loser for President Biden"

Wisconsin's abortion lawsuit comes before a judge this week.

The Next Front in the GOP's War on Women: No-Fault Divorce

Ending no-fault divorce is on the legislation agenda in increasing number of states

Deadbeat Alert! Rudy Says He Can't Afford To Search Own Records

Abbott Doubles Down, Vows To Keep Busing Migrants To Democratic Cities

Women to testify they can corroborate E Jean Carroll's rape allegation against Trump

Truck Driver Rescues Puppy Covered In Ice

My futile quest to buy a fuel efficient car in Central Maine in 2023

Red States Target College Students' Voting Power

The Dobbs Leak Didn't Wreck the Supreme Court--the Justices' Scandals Did

Chief justice doubles down in letter to Senate Dems day before hearing on SCOTUS ethics reform

Nearly a third of nurses nationwide say they are likely to leave the profession

Texas officials face major setback over plans for a border wall: 'It's absolutely devastating'

Just watched Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes and Thieves

Supreme Court Justice Stevens' private papers open to public

'Suicide bomber': Muslim town official hit by racist comments at Illinois meeting

Would you live next to co-workers for the right price? This company is betting yes

Food Collection - US Postal Service- Saturday May 13th

Republicans are trying to occupy all the benches in the Montana state house

Virus 'eating away at Republicans' brains' is Biden's best weapon: columnist

Joe Biden's CHIPS Act to reduce dependence on China for computer chips AND create jobs

Dubai princesses who tried to escape their controlling father were tranquilized after they were caug

Muslim mayor turned away from White House Eid event: 'There is a secret list'

IBM's CEO expects A.I. to be so good at back office work that he plans to pause hiring humans

Joy Reid explains what the Republican Party is up to, and it's chilling.

Abandoned Oil Wells Offer New Source Of Lithium

I was asked to speak at a May Day event in Olympia, WA yesterday

On this day, May 2, 1939, Lou Gehrig took the day off.

Another reason to hate Facebook...

Dominion sees rapid growth for electric vehicles in Virginia

Michael J. Fox: Do you have Parkinson's? New test is 'breakthrough' in diagnosing disease.

Surprise, surprise, it's said out loud

Justice Stevens' Scathing "Citizen United Dissent"

House Democrats take steps to force vote on clean debt ceiling increase

Senators spar over calls for Supreme Court ethics reform

Why people want Dianne Feinstein to resignstein

"Come with me and you'll be

Bob Ferguson announces exploratory campaign for Washington governor

Yuka--free, simple app that scans food and personal care product barcodes, evaluates health impact.

News & Commentary April 23, 2023

Manu Raju: Dick Durbin told me he wants to move on a bill to impose a code of ethics on justices, bu

Who paid for Ron DeSantis' trip overseas? No one will say.

House Democrats Move to Force a Debt-Limit Increase as Default Date Looms

Despite CBS' high hopes, "I Stabbed Lucy" failed to generate ratings and was cancelled.

Rolling Stone:Gordon Lightfoot: 10 Essential Songs by the Canadian Folk Icon

Putin claims he's cancelling public celebrations over safety fears. The truth is more humiliating

The Stone Roses' first album was released 34 years ago today

A Brutal Sex Trade Built for American Soldiers

Is the Debt Limit Constitutional? Biden Aides Are Debating It.

I saw a Mercedes sedan

Abortion Can Be an Act of Parenting

New questions just asked by the proud boys trial jury:

No sibling rivalry here.

"Our terrorist enemies hate homosexuals more than WE DO."

My wife told me

Cannabidiol and covid

That moment Taylor Swift Tells her dad she's not staying quiet anymore, MarshaBlackburn is wrong

Three Stories From The Classroom

The Lie at the Heart of the States' Case Against Student Debt Relief

Editorial: Only strong candidates need apply for governor

'Caveman' Jan. 6 attacker appears to have violated his probation already

Cartoons 5/2/2023

Illinois highway reopens after dust storm crashes kill 6

In visit, DelBene warns GOP bill could slash food assistance

There's still time to see Skagit tulips, and maybe with less traffic

'Zero Emissions': New breed of plane gets spotlight at Paine Field

100 year old billionare

Blame America's pitiful vacation policy for burnout

Tesla enters Pacific Northwest with facility in Marysville

Loneliness as risky as smoking up to 12 cigarettes daily, surgeon general says

Black Turnout Dropped Sharply in 2022

More than 100 dolphins feared dead in Black Sea due to war in Ukraine, scientist says

Trump looks to rebuild media relationships, starting with CNN

Female ruby throated hummingbird arrived today, dark and windy, but she found my little feeder

I'm out of surgery

This frosts me! I am now getting messages from tRump and McCarthy !

Blood, Swear & Tears were blackmailed by the Nixon admin.

Feinstein 'hopeful' she can return to Senate next week, Schumer notes say

Florida may ban attorneys with DACA from practicing law in the state starting in Nov. 2028.

Hoping CNN will ask TFG tough questions during his free campaign ad

Who is Going for Cardin's Seat

Remember the Texas man who sued his wife's friends after they helped her get abortion pills?

Difference in how Republicans and Democrats govern

A quite unfortunate language malfunction here on the broadcast during the Phillies dodgers game

Why aren't Democratic Party Senators and Congress folks entering into the record

YOU can be the first to donate to our UN-official elect Biden-Harris ActBlue link!

Feinstein May Return Next Week

Over the past two days, the Senate has confirmed two judicial nominees and voted cloture on 2 more

Did Trump solicit a crime of violence against his own vice president?

Cops Taunt Man After They Make A Huge Mistake (LackLuster)

NEW: Florida Senate just passed a law that bans attorneys with DACA from practicing law in the state

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 2, 2023

Viral AI Images of Donald Trump Dressed As Soldier Spark Backlash: 'Insulting To Those That Actually

Woman testifies that she too was sexually attacked by Trump

Cops Point Guns Over THEIR Dumb Mistakes (The Civil Rights Lawyer)

Putin Grooms Russians for Defeat in Leaked Crisis Manual

AP - Florida just passed immigration law

Oop! Ron DeSantis's Own Memoir Comes Back To Bite Him In Disney Battle

Trump Won't Testify in Carroll Trial Over Lawsuit Alleging Rape

Ryan Walters calls Oklahoma teacher unions a 'terrorist organization' in Capitol hearing

Mackinac Island residents, historic businesses warned of e-bike battery fires

Trump Town Hall - Luckovich Cartoon

House Republicans' Budget Bill Doesn't Spare Veterans. Democrats Are Making Them Regret It.

Biden Works to Spend Trillions

Results of New Rules - April Preliminary Results

A Federal appeals court has ruled police can shoot hostages-

Overhaul of Supreme Court ethics runs into GOP opposition

The first statement here looks like an admission of guilt

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 3 May 2023

Gordon Lightfoot SCTV

Marc Elias: We Cannot Out-Organize Voter Suppression

Why Is Inflation So Sticky? It Could Be Corporate Profits

massive search underway in Davis California after third stabbing

Armed Ohio Neo-Nazis Waving Swastika Flags Target Drag Event Again

Viral picture: Florida Jeff Holcomb says "our terrorist enemies hate homosexuals more than we do"

Friend of E. Jean Carroll testifies about phone call after alleged Trump attack - MSNBC Reports

Chip Franklin Demolishes the idea Joe Biden is too old to be President

Well, since lots of folks here are posting about health issues, here's mine...

An Anti-Trans Doctor Group Leaked 10,000 Confidential Files

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about McCarthy, McConnell, and Biden....

If you thought the AI images of Trump the soldier were bad, what RWNJ Trump lackey Nick Adams posted

Trump lawyer's stunt backfires horribly in courtroom - Brian Tyler Cohen

Knead some dough?

GOP governor rejects funding for PBS because Clifford the dog "indoctrinates" kids

Grace Potter - "Whole Lotta Love" (Led Zeppelin) Monday Night Twilight Hour (5.4.20)

AI makes mindreading possible

Leaked Footage Shows Tucker Carlson Brutally Attacking His Own Network - Ring of Fire

Schumer calls for two-year debt ceiling hike - Washington Post

Feeling very weighed down

Strong Challenger Emerges for Ted Cruz's Senate Seat

The Media Hid Donald Trump's Physical Attack On A Reporter For 37 Days

Marc Elias ACTION ALERT: 3 things we need to do to defeat voter suppression

the most photographed frog in the world...

US-China Tech War Heats Up; Semiconductors; Chinese Energy Security & Policy - China Update

Sen. Whitehouse and Katy Tur Discuss the Debt Ceiling and the Push for Supreme Court Ethics Reform

Ban on trans healthcare for minors advances from Louisiana House committee

sonora ca weather update .

FL: Lawmakers approve measure to allow doctors to withhold care because of 'conscience'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the CNN Trump town hall....

Joy Reid's call to action

Holy shit. Texas DPS officers just roughed up peaceful protesters in the House Gallery as Republican

Has anyone watched Season 2 of "The Terror: Infamy"?

Cumberland Co. Dems file civil complaint with Attorney General over TN House Speaker's residency

Analysis: State of the Nashville mayor's race

TFG aide Dan Scavino and his legal team have left the federal courthouse in DC

MI: Whitmer, Planned Parenthood Advocates call for legislation to remove barriers to abortion care

Almost half of midterm voters cast ballots early or by mail

City groups push to increase voter registration ahead of Philadelphia's democratic primary

Female hummingbird is hanging out, she seems to like the little clip-on feeders

Zelensky says White House told him nothing about Discord intelligence leaks

Republicans Seek to Disrupt General Election Debates

Trump's WORST Nightmare Comes True in Jack Smith Investigation - Talking Feds

How Russian casualty figures prove Ukraine was right to disregard US advice on Bakhmut - Times Radio

PA: Inside this year's fight over Pa. school board seats and what happens in the classroom

Tony Rice covered a lot of Lightfoot songs.

PA:The Allegheny County executive race has a six-pack of options for Democrats, one for Republicans.

Judge rejects Zooey Zephyr bid to return to Montana House

PA: Pro-Trump candidate arrested for allegedly strangling daughter

PHILADELPHIA: Mayoral candidate Cherelle Parker gets Maria Quiones Snchez's support

Trump Throws Reporters' Phones During Unhinged Melt Down - Waldorf Nation

I am hauling a load from Pasco Wa to San Jose Ca.

PA-HD163: Democrats Keeping Pennsylvania House Majority Hinges On Electing Heather Boyd

My Lightfoot Story

Wow, sadly another great singer has passed.

Alito doesn't understand the Supreme Court is already destroyed

Wisconsin Republicans vote down paid family leave, free school lunch and legalizing marijuana in Gov

We need a diabetes support group over in Health

Sheldon Whitehouse:shows up to the hearing on Supreme Court ethics with receipts

Former Milwaukee County Clerk Joseph Czarnezki appointed to Wisconsin Elections Commission

Trump Suggests China 'Created' COVID To Steal Election From Him - Ring of Fire

Jack Smith's LATEST WITNESS has MASSIVE IMPLICATIONS on investigation - Meidas Touch

Bill would allow 14-year-olds to serve alcohol in Wisconsin

Pure Imagination v2.0

Utah judge delays implementing statewide abortion clinic ban

Sen Whitehouse: Did you think I'd show up to the hearing on Supreme Court ethics without receipts?

We have to prevent TFG from doing a CNN "Town Hall"

Feinstein 'hopeful' she can return to Senate next week, Schumer notes say

Ocasio-Cortez, Gaetz part of group introducing lawmaker stock trading ban

Michigan Democrats look to change teacher evaluation system

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Several boxes of pudding -- no spoons -- delivered to Ron DeSantis' office in the Florida Capitol.

Several boxes of pudding -- no spoons -- delivered to Ron DeSantis' office in the Florida Capitol.

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TCM tonight:

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US states opposing student loan forgiveness made false claims, files reveal

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