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After a 2 hour meet no deal reached on debt ceiling

Most favor pairing debt limit rise with deficit cuts, but few following debate closely: AP-NORC poll

Petstores putting live animals in dumpsters.

Ex-prosecutor: Former Trump lawyer may be "waving red flag" at DOJ that he wants to "testify"

Who did the DE Democratic establishment endorsed in the 2008 Democratic Primary for DE Governor?

REAL! (out of focus but good.)

I didnt know about this

Drag show restaurant files federal lawsuit against Florida and Gov. DeSantis

Negotiating with post-Trump Republicans is like dealing with a toddler's tantrum

Sidney Powell's Tossed Ethics Case Appealed by Texas Bar Panel

Sen. Chris Van Hollen Points Out The 'Farce' Of Republicans' Demands Amid Debt Ceiling Talks

Los Angeles Dodgers Re-Invite Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to Pride Night

Former Trump lawyer may be 'waving a red flag' that he wants to cooperate with DOJ: legal expert

MLK's daughter jabs Cruz over NAACP Florida travel advisory

Irish Actor Ray Stevenson dies at 58.

There is ANOTHER "more explicit" US debt payment law, signed by Pres. Nixon,

Katie Porter BRINGS THE HOUSE DOWN and EXPOSES Republicans to their faces

First time in US history that a former president and his counsel are being gagged

Putin & Russia Just Sanctioned a MASSIVE LIST of Trump's Personal Enemies!!!

Former W.H. lawyer predicts Trump 'will go to jail' in documents case - The Beat - MSNBC

Chris Hayes is covering the fake veterans story in New York

VP Harris to be first woman to deliver West Point graduation speech

GOP Rep. James Comer Implies Biden Family Probe Is Really About Helping Trump In 2024

Rep. Eric Swalwell: Democrats need to make clear raising debt limit is paying 'Trump's tab'

Vast Pile of Discarded Clothes in Desert Is So Big It's Visible From Space

Incoming US Senators of 2024.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

DeSantis Caught Sneaking Into Matinee of "Little Mermaid"

Jim Jordan Announces HILARIOUS INVESTIGATION Into Hillary Clinton!!!

Billionaires are self-made men and women, right?

E. Jean Carroll seeks new damages from Trump after CNN comments - All In - MSNBC

CNN's Ratings Have Cratered Since Trump Town Hall

Seniors are flooding homeless shelters that can't care for them

Awright, do we face AI or hope it doesn't wash us away.

Should NOW join with the NAACP in FL travel advisories?

How the Quantum Computer Revolution Will Change Everything with Michio Kaku & Neil deGrasse Tyson

I had a tooth bonded last week. Dentist told me to be careful. My tongue keeps going to the tooth.

Michigan governor signs red flag gun law as questions linger over enforcement

Scoop: Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin reconsiders 2024 bid

Prog metal band Sleep Token - Take Me Back To Eden & Ascensionism

Heads Up: Bernie Up Next on Rachel Maddow: Debt Ceiling

Dreaming - Blondie

Fox News runs with fake story about migrants displacing homeless veterans - All In - MSNBC

Remember when trump spent couple hours with putin alone

Will the full depth of Trump's corruption

Mitch McConnell limping to the presser with Qevin today made me think he looks like death is just

E. Jean going back to same judge. Minimum ask is $10M plus punitive plus costs.

Carnegie Mellon University to receive $20 million for artificial intelligence institute

'Happy Pride, every body; we're not going anywhere.'

Kamala Harris visits Silicon Valley to highlight huge new Applied Materials chip project

Chris Hayes: What the Republican debt ceiling threat is really about - All In - MSNBC

Trump Attorney DELIVERS Smoking Gun to Jack Smith - Meidas Touch

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Senator Thune's unexpected endorsement....

Trump accidentally makes fatal error on campaign trail - Brian Tyler Cohen

Kari Lake loses again

Blood, Sweat and Tears - Spinning Wheel

Signs You're Fucked #2

Tim Scott: the man with no face?

Rascals - People Got To Be Free

Sam the Sham and the Pharohs - Wooly Bully

Bruch's 'Violin Concerto No 1', Zurich Orchestra, Julia Fischer on violin

Zombies - She's Not There

It is time for Medicare for All. - Senator Bernie Sanders

Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels

22 May: Tables turned. Ukrainians conduct a special operation. 10 km in 1 Day!!!- Reporting from UKR

Sir Douglas Quintet - She's About a Mover

Spencer Davis Group - I'm a Man

Trump finally gets the bad legal news he's been waiting for - Brian Tyler Cohen

I think Joe Biden has a debt ceiling plan and is prepared to use it if need be.

Social Security Could Be Wrecked by Debt Ceiling

Get Out Of Florida While You Still Can! Warning From America's Oldest Civil Rights Organization

Remove Gorilla Glue from hands

Such a hardworking mother:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Persecutes Drag Performers... While Dating One - Pondering Politics

Sea lions:

Ted Cruz gets nightmare news in Texas - Brian Tyler Cohen

Planet will likely clear 1.5C barrier for the first time before 2027

Water levels plunge in half of Earth's largest lakes

A large pod of leaping dolphins:

Texas Senate again advances proposed restrictions on lessons about gender identity and sexual orient

These giant 'drop bears' with opposable thumbs once scaled trees in Australia. But how did they grow

BREAKING: Kari Lake loses in Court.....again

MT: Gianforte vetoes bill that would provide funding for law enforcement on Flathead reservation

Scientists find fungi that can eat plastic

OR: Gov. Kotek calls Senate Republicans 'disrespectful' after closed-door meetings

DeSantis Cover-Up gets EXPOSED in STUNNING Expose - Meidas Touch

Mother sloth cuddling her baby:

Billy Idol - Hot In The City

Crystals and rich ores drawn from deep inside active volcanoes might lead the way to a better future

Judge rules against Kari Lake, affirms Hobbs as AZ governor in election signature verification trial

The Third Party Bid That Could Sabotage Trump and Biden - More Perfect Union

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a different Republican Senator weighing in....

Oil changes?

Adam Schiff says it perfectly!

Windows 11 License Authentication After 2023-05 Cumulative Update 22H2 (KB5026372)

School shooter asks for mercy from life sentence; teacher, principal want him to stay in prison

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper 🎈

Mind reading breakthrough immediately raises questions of ethics

Berlin - Metro

Lauren Boebert Interview Goes Bad Very Quickly! - Luke Beasley

Stacey Abrams: Black women's underrepresentation in U.S. Senate 'is an American issue' - The ReidOut

School Bans Parents For Not Being Hateful To LGBTQIA+ People - Waldorf Nation

And Kari Lake immediately pivots to...

Republican Nominee for Pennsylvania Supreme Court Wiped Anti-Abortion Language From Website

Jim Jordan Has Complete Meltdown And Threatens To Investigate Hillary Clinton Again - Ring of Fire

Minnesota Legislature closes 2023 session by passing bills on health, infrastructure

Generation X - Dancing with Myself

Jester's Tears - Break the Fake - TVP World

Caitlyn Jenner at Mar-a-Lago. Which bathroom does she use there?

Adorable little mini-me:

'Putin is a sending signal to MAGA base': Fmr. CIA director on Putin sanctioning Trump's critics

Petting puppies to sleep simultaneously:

Ice, ice, baby (2 tweets):

Dueling Banjos (Asian Folk Metal Cover) NiNi Music

U-Haul crashes near White House; multiple buildings evacuated

Apparently he belongs there:

National Archives Has Evidence That Could Guarantee A Trump Conviction - Farron Balanced

A dog & cat & 2 budgies, just hanging out:

Trump's Own Lawyers Warned Him: You Can't Keep Classified Docs! - Pondering Politics

DeSantis envisions shaping '7-2 conservative majority' on Supreme Court

His arrival was foretold:

Tweet of the Day

Anti-Putin Russians based in Ukraine allegedly stage incursion into Russia - CNN

Trump LAST DITCH Scheme to BLOCK Jack Smith EXPOSED - Meidas Touch

Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown

Bonus Tweet of Day

Unbelievable Road Rage in Canada ...

1971 far right book about the supposedly civilization-destroying school sex education

Buckinghams - Don't You Care

A joke:

Paul Revere & the Raiders - Just Like Me

HIMARS and Storm Shadow: Ukraine's Once and Future MVPs - William Spaniel

'You need to be careful who you patronize': NAACP official explains its Florida travel advisory

"I Can't Teach Like This": Florida's Education Brain Drain Is Hitting Public Schools Hard

Brussels urge for further sanctions on Belarus - Alan Flowers - TVP World

WH Gov Chips Act:

Beau Brummels - Laugh, laugh

A Minnesota Muslim Community Lives in Fear After Fifth Attack on Mosque This Year

McCoys - Hang on Sloopy

Amanpour: Dissent about war in Ukraine in Putin's circle is 'silenced' - CNN

HEY TIM SCOTT!! New Research...That Opportunity Zone Tax Breaks Are Costly and Ineffective

White Supremacists Assault Man At Pride With Pepper-Spray - Waldorf Nation

Oh fuck

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's Colorado River deal....

Republicans Attack DeSantis After Disney Feud Costs State 2,000 Jobs - Ring of Fire

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Outlines Priorities for Building America's Energy Infrastructure Faster

Jimi Hendrix - I Don't Live Today

Lawrence: Why does Clarence Thomas's billionaire friend own 'the garden of evil' & Hitler's teapot?

Argent - Liar

Federal judge extends temporary halt on appointed judges in Mississippi capital

Small Faces - Ichycoo Park

Donovan - Jennifer Juniper

MI Sen. Mallory McMorrow: 'We're not done' on gun safety - The Last Word - MSNBC

Rolling Stones - Paint it Black

Zelenskyy a skilled diplomat - Eastern Express - TVP World

Youngbloods - Darkness, Darkness

Jimi Hendrix - One Rainy Day Wish

Claire McCaskill on how Democrats should handle debt limit talks - The Last Word - MSNBC

Pink Floyd - See Emily Play

Mamas and Papas - California Dreaming

E. Jean Carroll moves to teach Trump lesson he failed to learn from loss in court - Rachel Maddow

2023 NATO Summit in Vilnius - Andrius Prochorenko - TVP World

7wo7rees has passed away

DOJ's reported interest in Trump foreign business deals reframes scope of Mar-a-Lago probe - Maddow

Long time A's baseball announcer fired after N-word slur on the air.

State Lawmaker Obliterates Nebraska Republicans with Stunning Speech! - Luke Beasley

Saddled with Trump, unpopular policies, GOP toys with tanking economy under Biden - Rachel Maddow

New study finds Almost half the world's species are seeing rapid population declines

Can Biden use the 14th Amendment to raise debt ceiling? - NBC News

Oregon: vandalization of the tampon dispensers placed in the boys bathrooms by law

As FEMA struggles to keep up with climate disasters, extremist groups see an opportunity.

Kari Lake loses another court battle in bid to overturn AZ gubernatorial defeat

Kari Lake loses another court battle in bid to overturn AZ gubernatorial defeat

Biden-McCarthy meeting 'productive' as default looms - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

*sigh* the house GOP is making noise about investigating Hillary AGAIN

Incoming US Senators of 2024.

Illinois lawmaker: All-gender bathrooms will 'cause violence from dads like me'

Nuthin' says "Putting America First" ...

How a fake image of a Pentagon explosion went viral - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Hollywood legend Julie Newmar gives a tour of home garden - CBS News

California, Arizona and Nevada reach deal to conserve Colorado River - CBS News

Anti-Putin militia diverts Russian troops away from Ukraine - Colonel Brendan Kearney - Times Radio

Story of migrants displacing homeless veterans was false - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

I have now realized that Liz and I failed as parents in a Biblical aspect.

the mountain of books removed from Florida schools for vetting

White supremacists with "Tra***es kill kids" signs beat & pepper spray Pride-goer

Around what year did Musk start to become "odd"?

Black female US Senators in 2026 and 2028.

"I look forward to the day that democrats are so rare, we have to hunt them with dogs."

What Happens If the U.S. Doesn't Raise the Debt Ceiling? - Robert Reich on The Last Word - MSNBC

The Daily Show: OneVestigation App is Perfect For Organizing Your Crimes

Man crashes car into home, then goes crazy with a pickaxe with roommates barricaded inside

Puppy having fun

Laura Ingraham's gay brother celebrates her impending demise: "My sister's day of reckoning is long

The Daily Show: Conservatives Try to Define "Woke"

Belarus opposition activist sentenced to 8 years in prison receives pardon from Lukashenko - DW News

Breakfast Tuesday 23 May 2023

German police are investigating the suspected poisoning of two Russian journalists - DW News

Driver detained as truck crashes near White House; Nazi flag found

Avoiding an Israeli fascist isn't the brave move the EU thinks it is

How China is driving Indian and US engagement in the Pacific Islands - DW News

The Vanguards from Indianapolis

Trump Slammed with Nightmare Legal News! - Luke Beasley

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

"In 20 years of living in Holly, I would have never imagined chasing a cow down 75,"

Have you noticed, Republican voters?

Autopsy finds 'severe neglect' to blame for man's death in bedbug-infested Georgia jail cell

On the wrong side of Britain's history

Seniors are flooding homeless shelters that can't care for them

Trump has finally met his match and her name is E. Jean Carroll

Violet-ear Hummingbird

Wordle 703 5/23 ***Spoiler Thread***

Why is Armenia now willing to give up Nagorno-Karabakh? - DW News

Why Greece is Heading for Another Election After Just One Month - TLDR News EU

El Popo moves closer to Popping

Fox Host Gets Schooled On The Constitution - Waldorf Nation

The economic case for affordable housing

Columnist Gives 'Brittle Ego' Ron DeSantis A Brutal 2024 Reality Check

Argentina on Brink of Collapse as Inflation Hits 109%, Interest Rates 97% & President Announces Exit

Make no mistake about it, every Republican candidate running for president wants to ban


Tuesday TOONs - Wimpy Logic

Social media is driving teen mental health crisis, surgeon general warns

The WEIRDEST Republican Campaign Commercials Russell Howard

Republican Celebrates Trump's Debt Ceiling Hypocrisy - Pondering Politics

Taxpayers will wind up paying over quarter billion dollars in Joe Arpaio's racial profiling case

A hidden warehouse apartment in the heart of Shoreditch, east London

Las Vegas Private school recalls yearbook after it includes quote from American Nazi Party founder

😃🇺🇸🍬🗓️❗️Yay or no way?

Judge Dismisses Kari Lake's Last Claim After Losing Arizona Race

E. Jean Carroll Suing Trump AGAIN After CNN Town Hall. TYT

Donald Trump to appear by video as judge reinforces ban on attacking witnesses

Opinion: CNN needs a new chief. Here's the ideal candidate.

That morning show on CBS is so fake, they ALL seem to be trying so hard to have a fun time. Ugh.

Pa. is sitting on billions in unclaimed property. This bill would get some of it back to its owners.

Jeff Bezo's girlfriend.

From: THE WHITE HOUSE - Counsel of Economic Advisors

Why do so many Black women die in pregnancy? One reason: Doctors don't take them seriously

Finally! I got eight hours of sleep!

Yesterday was one of if not the worst day of Trump's life and it will just get worse.

The 'Terrifying' Systemic Crisis Which Threatens Chinese Economic Growth China - China Update

Air Pollution Advisories In UT, MT, CO And ID Thanks To Massive Spring Fires In Alberta & BC

Expert: Jack Smith subpoena for foreign deals suggests DOJ concerned Trump tried to "monetize" docs

Colorado's Fracking Operators Doubled Freshwater Use In Midst Of Multi-Decade Drought

US Landfills Produced 3.7 Million Tons Of Methane In 2021; NAS - These EPA #s Are Likely Low

On this day, May 23, 1934, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow died, outside Gibsland, Louisiana.

14 Dead, 36,000 Homeless After Record-Setting Italian Floods; "Roads Have Disappeared"

How an artist and architect converted a war bunker on the wild Isle of Wight coast

"just in case fund"

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what happened in DC....

New simple message needed: "If we default, your government check will not come."

Erdogan Secures Endorsement of Former Rival for President

Lucas Kunce's new add "You Can't Fake Courage"

Eleven days before his death, Robert Kennedy as if looking into the future, Astoria OR, May 24, 1968

Would You Work For Bernie Sanders If He Hated You? - Lovett or Leave It

The little-known unintended consequence of recycling plastics

I have something absolutely precious to share, this morning

Closing Of Climate Niche In Which Humans Evolved Will Likely Set Billions Of Us In Motion

Durable and enduring, blue jeans turn 150

You Can Leave Your Hat On

TCM Special with Ann-Margret tonight (Tuesday)

On this day, May 23, 1928, Rosemary Clooney was born.

19-year-old arrested on multiple charges after crashing into barriers near the White House

AGU - 50% Plus Of Cities Most At Risk From Sea Level Rise Underestimate How High It Will Go

In praise of the bollard

Is Timothy Parlatore a set-up to get Trump off on stolen documents charges?

EU Parliamentarians, Members Of Congress Push To Dump UAE Oil CEO As Climate Conference Chair

Awww. A brand new (happened yesterday) great rescue by a friend.

19-year-old Missouri man arrested in U-Haul crash at White House security barriers

Today the Nazi's Invaded DC

Learning Module: Democracy

Opinion Ron DeSantis's presidential campaign could be brief

News & Commentary May 14, 2023

Ron DeSantis's presidential campaign could be brief

Iris are early this year

Artie Shaw was born on this date.

The Sweetest Raccoon Love Story

DeSantis-Backed Board Hires DC Litigator Cooper for Disney Fight

Pope sends Vatican official to Bolivia as abuse allegations escalate

Helen O'Connell was born on this date.

Kind fox adopts babies who lost mom

New rule: NFL teams to have third QB active on game days without using roster spot

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 23, 2023

Here's a weird change that arrived with the latest Windows update.

Climate protesters dragged from Shell shareholder meeting as they rush stage

'Creepy': Jim Jordan buried over Hillary Clinton 'fixation' after new threat

Pic Of The Moment: After Just Four Months In Power, House Republicans Have Already Run Out Of Ideas

As FEMA struggles to keep up with climate disasters, extremist groups see an opportunity.

NFL approves limited flexible scheduling for Thursday night games

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross."

Border Patrol kills Arizona man who reported migrants on property, family says; FBI investigating

On this day, May 23, 1910, Scatman Crothers was born.

"After Uvalde": Maria Hinojosa on Guns, Grief & Community Outrage 1 Year After Texas School Shooting

Marmot lying down enjoying the shower

Back in hoodies and gym shorts, Fetterman tackles Senate life after depression treatment

The GOP is only investigating the Biden family to drag President Biden's poll numbers down.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper declares 'state of emergency' for public education

Florida school bans poem read at Biden inauguration after objection of just one parent

alert for anybody who uses stained glass there is a sale w/ glass, cutters, irons etc

Texas professor misuses ChatGPT and fails most of class for AI plagiarism (a new wrinkle)

Florida's "Terrifying" Anti-Immigrant Crackdown Sets Stage for Gov. Ron DeSantis's Presidential Run

What was the last thing you binged watched? During Covid people were watching this Tiger Man series.

Florida school bans poem read at Biden inauguration after objection of just one parent

a new supernova just discovered

Jailed 30 Years for Drowning Her Kids, Susan Smith Is Making a Pitch for Freedom

Trump hurls more lurid claims at E. Jean Carroll after she asks court to punish him again

Pasta Prices Have Surged, Prompting Crisis Meetings in Italy and Calls for a Strike

BREAKING: 4th Circuit upholds Thomas Jefferson High School admissions policy

SCOTUS has previously ruled on the 14th amendment debt clause

Florida restaurant Hamburger Mary's sues DeSantis for law restricting drag performances

Justice Dept. investigated Clinton Foundation until Trump's final days

Drag show restaurant Hamburger Mary's sues Florida, claiming law hurting business

The Poem Read at President Biden's Inauguration Has Been Banned in a Florida County

Bill Gates says A.I. could kill Google Search and Amazon as we know them (CNBC)

Chet, Doc and Leo.

VoteVets - Go For Broke - AAPI History Month

Watch moment truck carrying apparent swastika flag crashes into barrier near the White House

Adam & The Ants - Antmusic

Multiple Trump Lawyers Throw Him UNDER THE BUS and Predict DOOM

Russia extends arrest of US journalist Evan Gershkovich by 3 months, his parents barred from hearing

Public Criticism Might Be the Best Way to Reform the Supreme Court

DeSantis suggests next President could shape '7-2 conservative majority' on Supreme Court

Smoke of a Distant Fire

NE: After a floor fight, legislative committee's voter ID bill wins support over Slama's

Australian Indigenous TV host quits program over racist backlash.

Yeah, this isn't shady at all

Student Stabbed After AI Weapons Scanner Missed Knife (Gizmodo)

I'll be cheering for the Nuggets in the Finals

Illinois AG probe: Catholic clergy sexual abuse of kids was far more common than church acknowledged

Just had a patient who was the spitting image of a young Rutger Hauer.

Voting restriction bill moves in the Alabama Legislature as voting access legislation stalls

Trump allies 'bracing for indictment' as special counsel wraps up Mar-a-Lago document probe: report

Trump Falsely Claims FBI Offered $1 Million To 'Frame Him' - Farron Balanced

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 23, 2023)

Nevada bill to protect abortion patients from prosecution elsewhere heads to governor's desk

5th Circuit grants an appellate injunction(!) against the ATF's new "braced pistol" rule

Trump's fatal flaw will be....

America's farthest-north state representative is planning to leave the Alaska Capitol

Who would want to marry this guy anyway?

This Just In! There's Worse Legal News for Donald Trump. The Stephanie Miller Show

S.C. governor's office says he was joking about hunting Democrats with dogs

The baloney argument that Nato expansion forced Russia to invade Ukraine

Hillary Clinton on China, Putin and the threat to US democracy

Marjorie Taylor Greene Buys Kevin McCarthy's Used Chapstick at Auction

DISDallas, #Texas parents concerned about 'run, hide, fight' Winnie-the-Pooh book

MGT pays $100,000 for McCarthy's used chapstick.


GOP skepticism grows over Yellen's June 1 debt ceiling deadline

The long journey home for a Marine veteran killed in Ukraine

Denver's mayoral runoff takes a negative turn with a new super PAC ad

Presidential reviewing stand at Union Army victory parade, May 23, 1865

Michigan will stop ranking public schools, issuing them A-F grades

"defund Disney" chants by morons who paid to get in to Disneyland

Detroit City Council weighs ordinance to ban evictions without 'just cause'

The Durham Report Was Incomplete

US Treasury asks federal agencies for payments clarity as debt ceiling default looms

TFG's attorney took notes that say the former president wanted to fight subpoena for classified docs

Trans Youth Organizers Held a Prom in Front of the U.S. Capitol

Billionaire Harlan Crow, Benefactor to Justice Thomas, Rebuffs Senate on Ethics Probe

Sam and Ren: Blind Eyed live ft. Angry Car Park Attendant

House Democratic Whip Katherine Clark accuses Republicans of "extremism" amid debt limit talks- CBS

Cartoons 5/23/2023

2 candidates emerge to face Somers for Snohomish County executive

Amazon employees plan May 31 walkout over in-person work, layoffs

Republicans Push More Funding After Devastating Report Exposes Defense Contractors Greed - Waldorf Nation

DeSantis's $13.5m police program lures officers with violent records to Florida

Climate protesters dragged from Shell shareholder meeting as they rush stage

Harlan Crow's attorneys argues Congress doesn't have the authority to investigate the Supreme Court

New Mexican Spanish, a unique American dialect, survives mostly in prayers

Harlan Crow's lawyers tells the Senate to fuck off

Guam residents stock up, batten down as dangerous Super Typhoon Mawar closes in

The Ultimate Guide to Carry-On Limits for Every Major Airline

The cyber gulag: How Russia tracks, censors and controls its citizens

Thomas Zimmer: All the Wrong Lessons from Trump's Rise

We Talked To Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar About Universal School Meals - More Perfect Union

'Narcissistic collapse is coming'. Prediction from Shallow State. Reminds me of

Finished this kitty painting today. I see some mistakes I need to fix though.

How a U.S. debt default would hurt small business - CBS News

Why Trump Wants U.S. to Default on Debt

Miami-Dade K-8 bars elementary students from 4 library titles following parent complaint

House duo introduce bipartisan immigration package offering 'dignity status'

A week back, I included the band Turnpike Troubadours on a Country Music OP

Senators issued satellite phones, offered demonstrations on upgraded security devices

Trump Justice Department kept Clinton Foundation case open until last days of presidency: report

BOSTON: Tom Scholz / Brad Delp "More Than A Feeling" Story #1 In Our Hearts Professor of Rock

Justice Gorsuch's Conspiracy-Theory-Adjacent Rant About COVID Restrictions

Who-is-sai-varshith-kandula? And why did he crash into the White House fence?

'Like nothing we've ever seen before': Arizona set for unpredictable Senate race

Power restored at Ukrainian nuclear plant after 7th outage during war - CBS News

Tom Brady reaches deal with Raiders for minority ownership stake in franchise

DeathSentence will launch his campaign tomorrow on Twitter in a conversation with

SNAP Tweet of the day (MAR on Krazy Kari)

Ray Stevenson, Actor in 'Punisher: War Zone,' 'RRR' and 'Thor' Films, Dies at 58

Rick Scott gets cute and issues warning about "Socialists" visiting Florida.

Per Bloomberg: DeSantis will announce his presidential bid alongside racist, bigot, antisemite

'Last dance vibe': After 100 years, the International Ice Patrol is winding down N.L. iceberg flight

Why Montana is emerging as a must-watch climate battleground

Let's Revisit How Unhinged Tim Scott Is Now That He's Running for President

Russia's Wagner group accused of a massacre hidden from the world

Apple closes in on a $3 trillion stock market valuation

Paramount+ to merge with Showtime on June 27; Max streaming service launches today - CNBC Television

Ron DeSantis announcing tomorrow live with Elon Musk

Nebraska Lawmakers Shielded 'Clearly Ill' Colleague Who Left the Hospital to Help Ban Abortion

The Republican-Backed Group Behind the Surge of GOP Election Lawsuits

Nature and us: why biodiversity matters

Tuesday Morning: "Asked whether he was close to a deal, McCarthy responded, "no,"

Trump criminal trial over porn star payoff set for March, months before 2024 election

Republicans claim to be concerned about the national debt but fight for tax breaks for the rich

'It destroys democracy': Republicans bid to rewrite Ohio's abortion rules

Multiple lines of evidence suggest the persistence of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker

Keystone pipeline owners knew of defect years before Kansas spill

Keystone pipeline owners knew of defect years before Kansas spill

Lawyer who co-led Virginia's 'election integrity unit' resigns from AG's office

Everything Goes Wrong During Republican Senator's Presidential Announcement

VA: A Republican lawmaker delivered doughnuts to teachers. Then came a political food fight

Get rid of the archaic debt ceiling.

Texas Republican lawmakers aim to remake Harris County elections with new state oversight

Screw the GOBer Congress! Do the 14th Amendment!

Republican blitz on LGBTQ issues exposes fractures among Texas Democrats

Will Bunch - Debt limit: The nihilism is the point

If the U.S. breaches the debt ceiling, these states would feel it most...........

Has anyone ever watched Pine Gap on Netflix?

I think The Donald is going to plead insanity at his next upcoming trial

So, what was Rude's role in getting DeSatan elected gov? Buried in the Parnas/DeSantis article

Ron DeSantis appoints Judge Meredith Sasso to Florida Supreme Court

Ron DeSantis appoints Judge Meredith Sasso to Florida Supreme Court

"Negotiations" on the debt between McCarthy and Biden are a mountain of bullshit

Dumbest motherfuckers in the whole world: Lauren Boebert Edition

Small homes in Shoreline? Council considers 'cottage housing

Duncanpup lost his million mile safe driving award

Man who crashed U-Haul truck near White House had Nazi flag in vehicle

How do you expect anyone who had no problem with the attempted overthrow of the US government

Memorial Day weekend storm could menace Southeast, Mid-Atlantic

I kind of feel forced into this defense to prove a point...

DeSantis Set to Announce 2024 Run on Twitter With Elon Musk [Wednesday]

Father and son sentenced for decadelong, $20 million lottery fraud scheme

South Carolina Governor Was 'Joking'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about running into Russia....

NYC: DA Katz re-election campaign endorsed by teachers union, more Queens elected officials

McCarthy Auctioned Off His Chapstick to GOP Lawmakers

Ron Musk and Elon DeSantis????????????

Sex Abuse in Catholic Church: Over 1,900 Minors Abused in Illinois, State Says

Florence Statuary

Fuel depot ablaze near key Crimea bridge in Russia

Nigeria opens Africa's biggest oil refinery in drive to self-sufficiency - FRANCE 24

You Know What I'd Like to See? Church signs that say "Jesus was Woke!"

Republican embarrasses himself on air over one simple Trump question - Brian Tyler Cohen

US New-Home Sales Unexpectedly Rise to a More Than One-Year High

MN: As session ends, Democrats 'run the table' at Capitol

Activists blast Milwaukee Police for suspending video policy during Republican National Convention

WI: Delayed abortion rights activism 'frustrating,' Kelda Roys says

Wondering, does anyone else put a dry, large and thick towel in with your items in your dryer??

PA: Pittsburgh Is Now The Progressive Beacon In The Keystone State

Stray Dog Too Scared To Come Inside The House

Just saw Aaron Rodgers first press conference after his first OTA's in New York.

Democrats advance gun-control bills through Pennsylvania House

Republican Nominee for Pennsylvania Supreme Court Wiped Anti-Abortion Language From Website

More Crappy Wildlife Photos That Are So Bad They're Good

Child sexual abuse amendment stuck in political quagmire in Pa. legislature

Judge Torches Giuliani For Claiming He's Too Broke To Turn Over Documents - Ring of Fire

Energy Dept. cancels $200M grant to battery maker after GOP criticism over alleged ties to China

PA: Allegheny Co. DA Zappala nabs enough write-in votes to appear on GOP ballot in the fall


Chris Hayes nails it. 70% of the debt occurred under R presidents, they run debt UP!

Here's the Kari Lake "big announcement"

KY-GOV: Gov. Andy Beshear campaigns in Newport ahead of election

GOP Admits Biden Witch Hunt is to Help Trump in 2024! - Pondering Politics

KY: For first time ever, Black woman appointed as Louisville's top prosecutor

Ted Cruz Makes a Fool of Himself on Fox News, Spews Dishonesty - Luke Beasley

T-Mobile's 5G network threatened by Pennsylvania home security system (No, this is not April 1)

Goldman demolishes a lot of the spin surrounding the Durham report in short order

10 facts about Americans and Twitter

Judge set Rumps Stormy trial date "right in the middle of primary season" Trump is having a hissy

NY-03: Former Rep. Suozzi looks to reclaim old House seat, now held by George Santos

deSatan will launch his POTUS bid w/ Muskrat on Twitter 'Spaces'

Rick Scott issues travel advisory for 'socialists,' warning Florida is 'openly hostile' to them

College Young Republican Clubs Provide A Preview Of A Dying GOP

Stray Chihuahua Ran From Rescuers For Months -- Until This Guy Threw Her A Ball

Pretty clever idea for fancy ice.

Biden Will Be Blamed - Luckovich Cartoon

Someone found a weakness in the den doorway 'barrier'

In recent years the Rethugs lied us

Kari Lake says she's taking her newest loss to the Supreme Court

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 23, 2023

Heartbroken, that's all ...

James Webb telescope discovers gargantuan geyser on Saturn's moon, blasting water hundreds of miles

Minnesota governor to sign sweeping right-to-repair law

Will tim scott, nicki haley and all the other rethug Presidential candidates

DeSantis installs another conservative on Florida's Supreme Court

How drunk was TX GOP Speaker Phelan? So drunk Paxton asks for his resignation

Governor Whitmer is so awesome, lol.

Strange star system may hold first evidence of an ultra-rare 'dark matter star'

Ron DeSantis will launch his presidential bid with Elon Musk

Amage: Sarmatian Warrior Queen/Regent Who Impressed With Remarkable Military Skills

Ron DeSantis will launch his presidential bid with Elon Musk

Kari Lake promises to 'push the legal envelope' in ballot-chasing announcement after court loss

Johnston says no to public inquiry on foreign interference

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 24 May 2023

[Canada/China] Johnston says no to public inquiry on foreign interference

Virgin Orbit shuts down after bankruptcy sales

I'll drink to that.....

Texas AG Ken Paxton calls on House Speaker Dade Phelan to resign, accusing him of being drunk

Pedro Silva discusses toxic polarization and creating systems to fix it.

Citizens Bank fined $9 million for mismanaging fraud complaints

Schiff tells Jordan: 'You may not like the witnesses' answer but we will hear it'

Colombia's prosecution cornered over drug links

Par Funding probe: Principals indicted in long-running Philly financial fraud

Hero Cop Saves Public From Future Crime at Buc-ees! - The Civil Rights Lawyer

DOE earmarks nearly $42M to produce, store & deploy clean hydrogen, goal of $1/kg within a decade

Former Army brigadier general breaks down the latest in Belgorod after a cross-border incursion- CNN

Heat Wave and Blackout Would Send Half of Phoenix to E.R., Study Says

New College of Florida faculty votes to censure university's board of trustees

Court sets legal showdown on debt limit 14th Amendment argument

So I went to the dentist this afternoon ...

So the House ethics committee closed the Swalwell

Ron DeSantis' wife is calling campaign shots. And she's not going to soften his extreme stances.

Nazi who crashed U-Haul into WH barriers was definitely a Nazi

Trump's Hush Money Trial Set for March

Poem Amanda Gorman recited at Biden's inauguration banned at FL school

Special Counsel Wrapping Up Mar-a-Lago Probe


Trump appears virtually in hush money case hearing - MSNBC Reports

Global heating will push billions outside 'human climate niche'

Ronny on the Run

Moldova's pro-European stride - Eastern Express - TVP World

Jimmy Carter, 3 months into hospice, is aware of tributes, enjoying ice cream

Israel accuses Iran of using civilian ships as 'floating terror bases'

GOP negotiator on debt ceiling: 'I don't think things are going well' - MSNBC Reports

Gaetz admits Republicans are holding the economy hostage

Spoiler 😡 😡 😡 Jeopardy.......

Trump Goes Completely Bonkers And Accuses Special Prosecutor Of 'Treason' - Ring of Fire

BREAKING: DeSantis to launch 2024 campaign on Twitter with Elon Musk - MSNBC Reports

Why my son won't attend a Florida college

GOP lawmaker threatens to beat people up if all-gender restroom bill passes

Tweet of the Week.

Any idea what it means that Special Counsel Jack Smith is wrapping up the Mar-A-Lago investigation?

Texas man near deadly police shooting during Capitol riot gets nearly 7 years in prison

Had my appointment with

The Unbelievable Story Behind Gordon Lightfoot's Biggest Hit! Professor of Rock

Boebert:A kid is cheaper than birth control.

DOJ Special counsel wrapping up Trump classified docs probe according to WSJ - Deadline - MSNBC

George Takei on Mastodon:

Dodgers backtrack, renew 'Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence' Pride Night invite

Hamburger Mary's

Candidate without a ballot: CFK will campaign to ensure transfer of votes

There will be a hearing on Ken Paxton tomorrow in the Texas house

Matt Friend on Ari's show is really talented.

Nebraska Teen Pleads Guilty to Charges Related to Self-Managed Abortion

12-year-old boy arrested for armed robbery had 6-year-old brother as accomplice: report

S. Carolina [Legislature] votes to send 6-week abortion ban bill to governor. Court challenge coming

11 people are responsible for majority book challenges.

There will be a hearing on Ken Paxton tomorrow in the Texas house

Can we make a T- Shirt out of Hakeem Jeffries alphabet speech?

another reason why desantis will never be president...

No pics, but good news!

Global Citizen announces major climate concert in Paris - Morning Joe - MSNBC

China's new ambassador warns of 'serious difficulties' in relationship with U.S. - NBC News

A year after Supreme Court's abortion decision, Planned Parenthood announces layoffs

Manhattan DA Makes BIG Move to FORCE Trump Ally to Turn - Talking Feds


Colombian Ex-President Uribe to Go to Trial in Witness Tampering Case

The Republican-Backed Group Behind the Surge of GOP Election Lawsuits

Just 11 people filed most school book challenges last year

Nicknames for co-workers

Paul Simon Hearing Loss

Additional early voting locations rejected in La. House committee

Chris Christie's Plan for Revenge on Trump Revealed - Luke Beasley

Money laundering trial against former Panama President Martinelli and others begins

Britain Pledges $102 Million for Brazil's Amazon Fund

Man set free after setting Asian students on fire.

Pope Francis sends top sex crimes investigator to Bolivia as abuse scandal escalates

Trump in FULL PANIC over Jack Smith's Latest Subpoenas - Meidas Touch

Please check out Meatball Ron's website 😂

its time for the NCAA to take a stand on florida and texas

Mike Pillow Loses It Over Kari Lake's Court Defeat - Waldorf Nation

$100K Chapstick. The Lincoln Project

Band of Democrats Readies McCarthy Lifeline for a Moderate Debt Compromise

Jabari Wamble withdraws as nominee for federal judge in Kansas

Biden's shift on F-16s for Ukraine came after months of internal debate

Twitter Is a Far-Right Social Network

Driver who crashed near White House told officials he was prepared to kill Biden and 'seize power'

UPS strike looms in a world grown reliant on everything delivered everywhere all the time

Ranking Member Nadler delivers his opening statement during today's immigration subcommittee hearing

Target removes some LGBTQ merchandise from stores ahead of June Pride month after threats to worker