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Japan adopts new sanctions on Russia, criticizes its deal to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus

This Week at Justice - May 26, 2023 - The Justice Department

Matt Gaetz Takes Out Half-Page Ad In House Bill Congratulating Teen Girl On High School Graduation

Caught on video: NYPD cruiser uses dangerous maneuvers to force scooter off Queens highway

Gusher of cash reshapes GOP presidential contest

Eating Disorder Hotline Fires Entire Staff (after they unionize) and Replaces Them with a Chatbot

ZOOMing into sunset, 5/26

Trump to join Sean Hannity for town hall

YOU MORON, RON RON -- DeSantis Vs. Disney, Trump... and Everyone Else! A Founders Sing Parody

Caught part of a Jon Stewart rant, I'd post a link but I saw it on Imgur and that doesn't seem to

FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON!! Christopher Titus Armageddon Update

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, Tuberville, and the Joint Chiefs....

I don't know about you, but I prefer presidents who like Mickey Mouse. 🤷

Google Withdraws 'Slavery Simulator' Game App After Brazil Outcry

Attacking rainbow T-shirt displays while wearing "FJB" and worse MAGA merchandise...

Tina in heels on the Eiffel

Trump could never have this moment. DeSantis could never have this moment. *Twitter*

NYC-COUNCIL: Hells Angels lawyer goes to bat for Marjorie Velzquez

"Will be Mild"?

Trump braces: Legal vets predict indictment as Mar-A-Lago worker spills - The Beat - MSNBC

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

NYC-COUNC: Carpenters Union Would Take Marjorie Velzquez Over Jesus Christ, But Will Bronx Voters?

Disco & ABBA didn't suck.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Biden Has Launched A Coup Against His Own Government - Farron Balanced

Le Zap de n280 -- Fun Diversion Video Collection

300-year sentence handed down to former Tulare youth pastor for child molestations in '90s

The Republicans holding the entire world economy hostage... - Senator Bernie Sanders

PM Update: Saturday's looking good, then the forecast gets trickier

Mississippi Democrats improperly excluded candidate for governor, judge says

South Dakota governor asks college board to ban drag shows, opens hotline

iron & wine and andrew bird - tiny desk - RIDICULOUSLY great. I wouldn't lie to you

Obama on Twitter on Mastodon:

Epic sunset in CA

Remember a few weeks ago when RFK Jr.

US: Chinese agents paid bribes in plot to disrupt anti-communist Falun Gong movement

Just got back from seeing my new GP...🤣🤣🤣

Liam Gallagher liked an AI Oasis album using his AI voice. His brother Noel had a different opinion

Vacation Time! What was you most memorable, fun or exciting vacation? Mine was visting the National

FL: Petition to remove Hernando Co. school board member for Disney movie complaint hits 18K names

Really? No shit? Turned on a Dracula movie and the warning read: "Contains scenes of

80% of this morning's rightwing talk radio was devoted to...

Rep. Kildee: GOP wants to solve the debt ceiling problem they created - Velshi - The Last Word MSNBC

California cops illegally share data with anti-abortion states, civil rights groups say

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's mistress at heart of allegations in impeachment papers

Intense Flyby By Argentina's New Presidential 757 Goes Viral

Eddie Condon, Gene Krupa, "At the Jazz Band Ball", 1968

If God Made a Fighter in Ron DeSantis, God Shouldn't Quit His Day Job (Ferret)

Democratic held US Senate seats up in 2024 that does not have a Republican candidate.




BREAKING: Treasury Department Gives DIRE WARNING to Kevin McCarthy

Treasury Department Gives DIRE WARNING to Kevin McCarthy - Meidas Touch

Gastrointestinal bleeding is dangerous . . . ask me how I know

Tina Turner and Janis Joplin together in 1969

25 year olds in 1980: 63% married, 39% had child. 2021: 22% married, 17% had child

Say It Again - MONEY SUCKS THE CONGRESS DOWN - a Parody - Don Caron - Parody Project

Jessica Watkins: Oath Keepers member sentenced to 8.5 years in prison for Jan. 6

Legion of Mary, "Boogie on Reggae Woman", 1974

Debt ceiling deadline now June 5, giving more time for negotiations - PBS NewsHour

Florida deputy charged after stun gun turned man covered with fuel into 'human fireball'

Mr. Patriot Dewine

Iowa Child Labor

The Pretenders - Talk Of The Town

TX State Rep.: GOP wants to 'hijack the largest urban voting district' - Velshi - The Last Word MSNBC

Disney pushes back on DeSantis's request that judge be disqualified in free speech case

NRPS with J. Garcia playing steel pedal. "I Don't Know You", NYC, 4/28/71

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 28, 2023 - Memorial Day Marathon

TCM Schedule for Monday May 29, 2023 - Memorial Day Marathon

US sanctions crushing Cubans: Cuba's rural towns are hit hard with fuel shortages

Focus on What they stand for

Grateful Dead - Ripple - New York

Richard Lui on the need to change the 'cultural conversation' on mental health - Velshi - The Last Word

In Berlin concert, Roger Waters compares death of Anne Frank to Shireen Abu Akleh

Classic Biden ..He says, "I am bored with me too" He says this at 1 min 27 secs.

Washington's $849 Million Capital Gains Windfall Shows 'Taxing the Rich Is a Really Good Idea'

Note to Drumpf: We're sick of you, been so since 2015 - please whatever, tia

Sun Setting

Southwest is having a hell of a week...

Trump Team Shows Their DESPERATION in OUTRAGEOUS Letter - Talking Feds

Youth Voter Suppression Is a Policy Problem. We Need Policy Solutions. (from Democracy Docket)

PA: Campaign finance limits come to Allegheny County

Nik Kershaw (love this song!)

The Real Threat to Freedom Is Coming From the States

Are Trump's Connection To These Murderers WORSE Than His Ties To Russia? - Thom Hartmann

PHILADELPHIA MAYOR: How Cherelle Parker's 'village' made a path to victory

On people who eat up fascism - Mastondon

Massive plumes of ash bellow from Mexico volcano

DeSantis campaign tells nervous donors in leaked audio that voters will care more about a recession

AZ: Hobbs issues 99th veto: Rejects election denialism, photo radar ban

IA: Reynolds signs law loosening Iowa's child labor restrictions

MT: School Board votes to certify election in Great Falls, but acknowledge 'irregularities'

OR: Republicans file campaign finance complaints against PAC targeting GOP senators for walking out

Any ideas on where to pass good quality magazines on to others?

As of 2022, we are at 523 ppm CO2e.

My prayer

After session ends, Oregon senators will face a new battle - in the courts

Raven joy flight

Study: At all levels of public office, threats now come with the job

MD: Search for new state elections director narrowed to three finalists

Aight. 2 more by Nik (ahm in L🩵VE)

TX: Attorney General Ken Paxton blasts pending impeachment vote, calls for protests

VA Legislative Black Caucus and VA Latino Caucus Endorse Lashrecse Aird in Senate District 13 Democr

Nik Kershaw - 'The Riddle' (better, remastered)

So how do you feel when you post a topic and damn near all the responses

Illinois Moves to Protect Abortion Seekers from Out-of-State Surveillance

WI: Proposal to help Milwaukee County employees gain access to abortion care stalled

Illinois Is the Midwest's Abortion Refuge. Clinics Are Being Terrorized

Virginia abortion funds strain as state becomes 'central access point' for procedure in the South, a

Let us consider our place in the geologic time scale.

but for Paxton's own request for a taxpayer-funded settlement-Paxton would not be facing impeachment

but for Paxton's own request for a taxpayer-funded settlement-Paxton would not be facing impeachment

First Quarter, 44% visible

AOC brings the House down with speech of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

Am I the first?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the vote tomorrow on Texas AG's impeachment....

The Old, Our dependance on historical fact, and the chasm between Age Groups

Iowa new law: Religious texts will be exempt from the library ban on books depicting sex acts.

Iowa law limits gender identity instruction, removes books depicting sex acts from school libraries

Rep. Dan Goldman on the debt ceiling crisis, Trump's 2024 run & George Santos - The Warning Podcast

26 May: Wagner Chief's Confession: 95% of Wagner Killed and Mutilated in Bakhmut- Reporting from UKR

Where is the Apple Tree in the Natural unblemished Forest

Texas' Top Cop Is About To Be Impeached - Waldorf Nation

Strangest fish:

A Tale of Two GOP Pigs

Mother otter shows off tiny baby:

Twitter staff meeting (parrots)

Baby rhino imitates her goat friend.

Scientists discover 417 Mayan cities in Guatemala's forested area

Turtle power: Panama gives legal rights to sea turtles, protecting against pollution and poaching

This Holocaust survivor threw out the first pitch on her 100th birthday

Breakfast Saturday 27May 2023

Vietnam prisoners of war reunite 50 years later at Nixon Library - KTLA 5 Los Angeles

Trump Just Posted This Video Mocking DeSantis' Campaign Launch! - Luke Beasley

Utrecht's new vertical forest will be home to 10,000 plants and trees. How will residents benefit?

Gutfeld Defends Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Student - Waldorf Nation

Mexico announces new temporary work permits for Central Americans

Another deceased Jesuit priest accused of sex abuse in Bolivia as pedophilia scandal grows

No matter what rank you are there is always a woman who outranks your ass.

Sentence that should not apply

Some Interesting Remarks on Lithium Ion Batteries and Magic Recycling Fantasies.

Fading FLA, dying before our eyes

Ed Ames, Singing Star Who Became a Familiar Face on TV, Dies at 95

Plant-covered roofs could help chill Brazil's heat-stricken favelas

Guatemala arrests former anti-corruption prosecutor

Senators urge Pentagon to investigate price gouging by military contractors after 60 Minutes report

The Man Who Kept the Secrets

Justification for the Estate Tax

Wordle 707 5/27 ***Spoiler Thread***

School Choice and TX repugs pass bills to allow unqualifed 'chaplains' in schools........

Human Resources at Star Wars Celebration

Woman called police after thieves hit a metro Lululemon store, she was then fired

I have never seen a Marder, but they cost me a *!'&!*! fortune nonetheless.

Loudoun Co. middle school students host 'fight clubs' with help from parents

Investments in Renewables Will Overtake FFs This Year

Russia acknowledges Vatican peace initiative, says no steps yet for a mission to Moscow

Stewart Rhodes' lawyers crack me up.

On this day, May 27, 1968, Glen Campbell recorded "Wichita Lineman."

‎Energy Evolution: Europe's solar revival dream overshadowed by harsh new realities

Arizona Republicans Embrace QAnon With Quack Covid Hearing

They Held Down a Black Teen Who Had Tried to Shoplift. He Died From Asphyxia. Why Was No One Ever...

State mine safety enforcement concerns emerge following report on fatal Mingo County mine incident

How a principal transformed disrupters into stars

Sydney Sweeney Gives an Unforgettable Performance in 'Reality' (Winner)

Call him Elmer.


US Fish and Wildlife certifies Mexico's failure to protect vaquita marina

Anyone had gallbladder issues?

Sian is spending a LOT more time with the big kids, which makes me very happy

Climate protesters face tear gas at oil giant TotalEnergies shareholder meeting in Paris

? for DU - going solar in Va. with Dominion Energy

Patriot Front member pleads guilty to child pornography charges in Utah

Thailand's Sripatum University commercial.

Watch how President Biden deals with crying baby at an event compared to TFG

Watch how President Biden deals with crying baby at an event compared to TFG

Russian Bailout for Cuba as Russian Oil Supply & Multiple Investment Deals Raise Concerns in USA

Liberals Aren't Discrediting the Supreme Court -- It's Discrediting Itself

a list going around twitter-

A service dog gets his own college diploma, winning huge cheers

JFK at Arlington National Cemetery for what would become his final Memorial Day, 1963

Arizona judge declines to sanction Kari Lake, legal team for conduct in election challenge case

THIS is how you negotiate with bare knuckles:

Amanda Gorman Quote

Isaac Yoder: Missouri man who dressed in Revolutionary War gear on Jan. 6 found guilty on four count


Maestro In Blue...

A Very Wonderful Open Chemical Review On A Most Powerful Analytical Chemistry Tool: IMS/Mass Spec.

Matted Dog Who Lived On The Street For Years Gets Her First Haircut

Miami Herald: If report of DeSantis squeezing lobbyists for cash is true, it's a stunning violation

The weekend. Same as weekdays...

This is what a high school student told the Granbury ISD School Board. Wow.

DeSantis disaster on Twitter was because Elon wasn't paying his bills.

First cheetah cubs born in India in more than seven decades die in heatwave

Why you should ALWAYS wear gloves when working with power tools:

Twitter cannot hide from EU rules after exit from code, EU's Breton says

Link to watch Ken Paxton impeachment hearing

Has the disturbance in the "Force" now stabilized?

Dash Hammett was born on this date.

Trump and the Saudis: Is Jack Smith finally looking at this clear-cut corruption?

Ramsey Lewis was born on this date.

Texas keeps on burying kids from gun violence -- while Republicans fight among themselves

Shocking New Data On China's Demographic Crisis; US-China Developments; G7 - China Update

Pardons for the criminals that attacked our Capitol on January 6th?

Effective Today State Farm Stops Selling Property Insurance In California; Existing Coverage Remains

New York's public housing is sinking -- literally

Stray Mama Dog Hid All Her Babies Under A Bed In An Abandoned House

Iran exchanges heavy gunfire with Taliban on Afghan border, escalating tensions over water rights

There isn't a 'masculinity crisis.' Conservative men are just babies

What do you risk when you go to see some random doctor whose advert you've seen?

Trump still has the MAGA touch: Republican women remain captivated

DeSantis On Global Warming: Either Pure Ignorance Or Deliberate Choice To Own Libs/Energize Rubes

Exhibit T. -Mike Malloy

US and Mexico sound alarm over cosmetic surgery-linked fungal outbreak

US and Mexico sound alarm over cosmetic surgery-linked fungal outbreak

Why Can't We Live Together

Have a safe and Memorable weekend

'Trump Bucks' promise wealth for MAGA loyalty. Some lose thousands.

'Trump Bucks' promise wealth for MAGA loyalty. Some lose thousands.

What a drag it is getting old...

When will the Supreme Court rule the13tn Amendment

Three Wisconsin men killed a black teen who had tried to shoplift. No one was ever charged.

Britain says border e-gates back in service after outage sparked delays

Firm's legal malpractice insurance carrier on use of AI in the practice of law

You raised $5.00 on May 26, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate (beat Senator Sinema)

The Republicans holding the entire world economy hostage (Bernie on Twitter)

One day a MAGA anti-choice woman was sitting in a restaurant.

Memorial Day Weekend

War criminal Kissinger turns 100, "should be ashamed to show his face in public"

I read a post about a guy who was hospitalized with Covid in 4/2020. Long Covid killed him, 5/23

Wonking Out: The Inflation Debate Is Cooling May 26, 2023 - P. Krugman

Would DUers please explain to me how this isn't brainwashing children

Conservative Has Mental Reboot During TV Interview

Politico: Biden will not invoke 14th Amendment, deputy Treasury secretary says

Remember: "🎶' 'xcuse me while I kiss this guy"

Black Magic Woman and Oye Como Va (Santana Tribute) - 2013 The Kennedy Center

Fun thread of twitter posts that should make you grin.

The case against a DC police lieutenant accused of helping Proud Boys is

World's oldest human footprint identified in South Africa (

Grand Funk Railroad - Mean Mistreater (live 1970)

John Eastman's Expert in Disbarment Proceeding Disqualified

Yellen should tell Congress to raise the debt ceiling...

Impeachments in Texas

Texas federal judge and Obama appointee, Judge David Guaderrama, is taking senior status today

Remember the Hell our fallen soldiers went through this Memorial Day

What was your job/boss from hell? Mine was the first year I taught. I was the newly hired.

The Sudan refugees in Egypt

Kitten playing Game of Thrones:

They built the digital world. Now they just want to sew and make chairs.

Fellow viewers, at what point if any did you tire of Ted Lasso's shtick? 🚨Possible Spoilers🚨

Pupper relaxes by blowing bubbles:

Come on, you're embarrassing me.

Is cybersecurity an unsolvable problem? Ars chats with law philosopher Scott Shapiro

Cat living his best life:

Trump and DeSantis....sociopath or psychopath? Which is which.

Puppies--cookies & cream & coffee ice cream:

Is the South Carolina Legislature officially taking on a Talibanish attitude to women legislators?

So, as we near a debt ceiling deal, how will Kev fare?

Tiny little joey (baby kangaroo):

Every day this good boy brings a carrot to his best buddy:

Remember this talking cats oldie from You Tube?

♫ Our house, in the middle of our street ... ♫

Tiger enjoying scratches and pets.

I'm guessing this adorable bear cub is a rescue. Otherwise, I would definitely worry:

Sometimes evil has limits, reminiscent of Leon the Professional's rule to not kill women or children

The $20 Billion Scam At The Heart Of Medicare Advantage

This deer (Nara Deer Park) seems to bow his head to say thanks:

This dog is overjoyed about dinner:

Carnival Cruz comes out against Paxton impeachment

Carnival Cruz comes out against Paxton impeachment

Newborn gorilla's first contact with potential foster mother:

The Ultimate Manliness Test!

Secret audio tape among evidence collected by DA in fraud case against Trump.

The Entire House is Laughing at her.

Any tarot readers here?

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 27, 2023)

This is very sweet:

Heart wrenching truth about how much US sucks.

The Chewy "talking pets" ads are so funny.

Can you name all these 1960s TV shows? (MeTV quiz)

SNAP Reddit meme of the week (AOC vs DeSaster) 😆

Firefox on Windows?

Ferret sliding into a sploot:

2nd tweet--I can see you!

Just cause some Spoon sounds so good on a Saturday AM, having hair of the dog with my lady ...

Ron DeSatan ... Ron DeNazi ... so many choices ... n/t

Cartoons 5/27/2023

Unbelievably stupid

Elon Musk gets owned by community notes on Twitter

More DeSantis cluelessness

Sen. Tuberville's hold on military promotions will apply to Biden's new Joint Chiefs nominee

#Caturday selfie

Harris, 1st woman to give commencement speech at West Point, welcomes cadets to 'unsettled world'

I can't post the video here, but Tiedrich's blog post has a hilarious video of an incompetent gun

Why aren't we talking more about Trump's business with the Saudis?

I'm going to be in an art show/auction, and now that I'm all signed up I'm feeling

Yellen's Debt Limit Warnings Went Unheeded, Leaving Her to Face Fallout

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Hey, stop scrolling!

It's 'More Expensive to Live,' and Workers Are Tapping 401(k)s for Help

'Trump Bucks' promise wealth for MAGA loyalty. Some lose thousands.

How Each of the Three Stooges Actors Died

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden taking the 14th Amendment off the table....

Conservatives Furious As Lawmakers Close In On Debt Limit Deal

Research skepticism

NPR: How Readers Feel about the End of the Covid Emergency - Long Covid, The Immune Compromised

Photon lights a path towards a nuclear clock

McCarthy says he spoke with Trump about US debt ceiling talks

Tom Hank: "Truth is now considered malleable, by opinion and by zero sum endgames."

TFG does not look a well man

Any Tarot readers here?

Immunologist Akiko Iwasaki: 'We are not done with Covid, not even close'

If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? I would get supper ready for the

Charlie Kirk's TPUSA Teamed Up With a Registered Sex Offender

A disturbing new detail about the photo of the classified documents found in Trump's possession...

How the Degenerate even Misled his Lawyers. Jack Smith to the Rescue

A Jan. 6 raider got a state regulator job from Ron DeSantis. Here's what has happened since

Don't be Fooled

Amusing Ron Filipkowski tweet:

Turkey votes again, with Erdoğan poised to extend his rule

"It's a story... Of a lovely Lady..." - Your new Nostalgia Dream Home... Only $5.5m !!

David Corn: Henry Kissinger at 100: Still a War Criminal.

Heads up, another email scam to watch out for.

NAACP: Travel to Florida At Your Own Risk

Has anyone seen any protests by racists of the new live action The Little Mermaid movie?

Inclusion vs. Exclusion

State Farm ceasing new applications in California for property insurance, other policies

Paxton impeachment vote here

Tesla's Reputation In The U.S. Absolutely Tanked In The Last Year

DeSantis campaign leaked auto to donation bundlers - "Daughters and wives are upset" about abortion

Livestream of the Texas House session on the Impeachment of Ken Paxton

The White House tweet:

Deranged Marjorie Taylor Greene Says 'Unhinged' Biden Has 'Pillaged' America - Ring of Fire

Kenny Pickett's car stolen with his Steelers' playbook on the back seat

Companies Are Learning That Gen Z Isn't the Easiest Generation to Work With

Grave Danger! 100% Our Democracy Will be Lost if Donald Trump is Elected in 2024! Malcolm Nance

Feds seek more than 15-year sentence for Jan. 6 rioter Kyle Fitzsimons of Maine

Canada issues grim U.S. travel advisory amid mass shootings: 'Risk of being in the wrong place at th

Trump and Ted Cruz mount last-minute appeals against Texas AG Paxton's GOP-led impeachment

NYC's public law school releases video of 'antisemitic' commencement speech

Did your elementary school ever have a summer garden program?

Right-Wing Moms For Liberty Group Admits They Have 'Moles' Inside Liberal Groups - Ring of Fire

The Judiciary, Blue slips, and red-state Democratic appointees in federal district courts

Trump Backers Scammed With Worthless 'Trump Bucks'

Texas House launches historic impeachment proceedings against AG Ken Paxton

College professor had students grade ChatGPT-generated essays. All 63 essays had hallucinated errors

Man accused of stealing police rifle arrested at Pentagon City mall

Team DeSantis Tells Donors He'll Move to Middle

GOP-led states plan new voter data systems to replace one they rejected.

Judge rules Missouri AG had no authority to order end of school mask mandates

Alaska justices rule against Dunleavy administration in long-running union-dues lawsuit

An extremely rare sighting': Mangrove Cuckoo sighted in Galveston County for first time in 40 years

Paxton impeachment video stream here

'Trump Bucks' promise wealth for MAGA loyalty. Some lose thousands.

Biden has one of the most viral moments of his presidency - Brian Tyler Cohen

Ohio banned August elections. Then the GOP planned one that could help preserve an abortion ban.

In Defense of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton: Lawyer, Lover and the Best Friend Money Can Buy

Cut the Crap - The Lincoln Project

Iran, Taliban exchange heavy gunfire in conflict over water rights on Afghan border

With red flag laws signed, what's next for Michigan Dems and gun policy?

A slogan for the party of Motherfucker

DeSantis Would Abolish the IRS

As part of the discovery process in TFG NY case, the prosecutors disclosed two page list of books

Jack Smith's SECRET WITNESS against Trump finally Revealed

Paxton is a crook a liar and a conman

For my 44,444th post

Question given to the proponents for the Impeachment of AG Ken Paxton:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump vs DeSantis....

State Farm to stop accepting homeowners insurance applications in California due to wildfires

Ukraine's General Zaluzhnyi: The time has come to take back what belongs to us!

DeSantis-appointee Michael Sasso resigns from Disney World oversight board

DeSantis-appointee Michael Sasso resigns from Disney World oversight board

The neighbor kid is using a John Deere lawn tractor

Things cats do:

Hong Kong's 2nd largest pro-democracy party disbands amid political crackdown

Tartaria: Are the cool old buildings in your town the repurposed remains of a lost civilization?

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 27, 2023

Mastodon meme: Children killed by guns in 2020 (international #s)

If Trump loses to Biden and thinks he is going to go to jail, how far will he push the envelope?


Why did Carol Brady need Alice as a maid? She had a job? Young children? I don't know.

Pre-dawn, southern MD

Playing across the creek

Tina Turner and David Bowie

Democrat Harold Dutton will vote against Impeachment resolution.....

Jordan Peterson Russian Invasion Take Is Pure (Fools) Gold

The anti-trans boycotts are hopelessly off-target

Ron DeSantis' Twitter Campaign Launch Was the Worst in History - What a Week - Lovett or Leave It

Air Force fighter pilot tapped by Biden to be next Joint Chiefs chairman has history of firsts

We are having a great time in my house!

Vengeance or politics? Democrat Harold Dutton explains why he advanced bill targeting transgender...

Unreasonable Cop REMOVED From Patrol - Possible Charges (LackLuster)

Paxton Impeachment hearing (Live) - Updated with recording

Paxton Impeachment hearing (Live) - Updated with full recording

Fast Eddie is living the dream

NATO urges Kosovo authorities to reduce tensions after ethnic clashes

Closing statements now being made on Paxton Impeachment vote.

'Don't Say Gay' Bill Signed in Iowa; GOP Gov. OK's Ratting on Trans Students

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tells Blue State Conservatives to Move to Arkansas

Kenneth Anger, Influential Queer Filmmaker and Hollywood Babylon Author, Dead at 96

Invasion Reversed: Russia's Border Vulnerability Exposed - William Spaniel

North Face Stands Up to Hate Over Pride Gear, Drag Queen Ad

It's hell growing old alone

"Mr PAXTON brought this matter to us."

My prediction for the Deal:

'Felony arrest' data shouldn't determine criminal justice policy

BREAKING: Attorney General Paxton Imnnpeached by the Texas House.

I really hope I'm wrong

Does Putin get kickbacks from a Russia that has to replace its

OK, Lounge--Who is the WORST musical performer (solo or group) in human history?

Paxton Impeached

Texas AG Ken Paxton impeached, suspended from duties pending outcome of Senate trial

I looked at the recent bird flu data, and now I'm really scared.

I'm hearing reports that anti-glbtq Texas AG Paxton has been impeached by the Texas House.

Deaf puppy is so protective of her blind brother

Biden Administration Announces Indo-Pacific Deal, Clashing With Industry Groups

House republicans from Paxton's home county voted to impeach

TX house republicans from Paxton's home county voted to impeach

digby: Ron thanks Elon in the very best way

Anyone seeing DeadCo on this last tour

DeSantis campaign will receive $500K raised by super PAC, a source says. Campaign finance experts ca

Math for the Kan Paxton Senate trial

I am impressed with Sian's ability to escape the den

She saw him sending texts about being stuck in a middle seat b/w "gay people" & a "big Black woman"

US 'Won't Tolerate' China's Micron Chips Ban, Raimondo Says

Tucker Carlson's Friends Try To Destroy Fox News By Releasing Their Bathroom Policy - Ring of Fire

The winner from the Texas Sand Sculpture Festival.

It's that time of year again.

The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent Was Memorial Day Weekend 2023 on Caesar's Head Mountain, SC

ChatGPT: US lawyer admits using AI for case research

How an All-Black Female WWII Unit Saved Morale on the Battlefield

Pics Of The Dog Park

Mastodon of the night:

Trump's Mar-a-Lago "dress rehearsal" to hide docs from DOJ shows premeditation to obstruct justice

Vietnam demands Chinese survey ship leave its exclusive economic zone - CNA

Twitter withdraws from EU's disinformation code as bloc warns against hiding from liability

Your desert island movie...the only one you will ever have forever ....

Gun Trauma Report by Everytown for Gun Safety Wear Orange Weekend, June 2-4.

Evening, southern MD 5/27

short slide show/video I made about book banning and where it could lead....

Rescued Shark Comes Back To Say Thanks