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Meet the Democrat running against that corrupt castrated jellyfish Kevin McCarthy

Spicy Cat Learns To Ask For Rubs

"F*ck them boats"

Kevin McCarthy's Freedom Caucus headache is just getting started

Grandma and grandpa get off you lazy dead asses and work if you want to eat - the GOP

A new Tinykittens video!!

A rose from my garden

"Support trans rights and read banned books ... Don't let them take away our love."

Donald Trump Sometimes Showed Classified Docs to Mar-a-Lago Visitors, According to Witnesses

Texas AG Ken Paxton is calling on Texans to peacefully protest for him at the Capitol.

Texas AG Ken Paxton is calling on Texans to peacefully protest for him at the Capitol.

Puppy Abandoned In A Basket Chases Her Rottweiler Sister Now

Willie Nelson - Rare Video Recording (1962)

Trump's Attorney Warned Him About Classified Docs - Raw News And Politics

Pittie Thrown Away In Trash Does The Happiest Zoomies Around His New Yard

NM: 'Multiple shot' in Red River

Who is Nate Paul, the Austin real estate investor with connections to Ken Paxton?

Does anyone know more about the provisions for payments to caregivers now discussed by Democrats?

Gen X: Fuck Everything, BUT

The key flaw in Ted Cruz's partisan take on civil rights history

Tweet of the Day

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about when it's going to start in Ukraine....

White House and G.O.P. Strike Debt Limit Deal to Avert Default

🚨 BREAKING: House Republicans have an agreement in principle with the White House on a debt-limit..

Optical illusion: which way is this turning?

Sinema joins debt ceiling negotiations

nice evening for snora ca. evening temps are 80 degrees f.

Debt Limit Crisis Looms as First Big Test for New Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries

Gov. Hobbs vetoes Wendy Rogers' bill banning speed cameras and GOP-sponsored election bills

For countries with public health care, free meds for those who struggle to pay

Ron DeSantis Thinks There's a Fashion Magazine Political Bias Against Wife Casey Because She's a 'Co

Cheney criticizes DeSantis for Jan. 6 pardon remarks

Protective Mama Cat Scared Of Humans Falls In Love With Her Foster Mom's Cat

Director of Children's Ministries arrested for child porn, molestation in Norman

Parents charged after 7 kids found living in home with rats in cages and padlocked refrigerator,

The UN wants to drastically reduce plastic pollution by 2040. Here's how - PBS NewsHour

McCarthy signals that debt ceiling deal is close - ABC News

Maru's 16th Birthday Party.

Debt ceiling deal details

So I wanted to learn Italian.

BREAKING: Biden and McCarthy reach a tentative deal to raise the debt ceiling - Ayman - MSNBC

mass shooting of the day: big motorcycle rally Red River New Mexico, 3 dead, 5 wounded

'Trump Bucks' promise wealth for MAGA loyalty. Some lose thousands.

Debt ceiling deal is not great but better than I hoped for.

A debt ceiling deal has been reached

Massive worker-led march in Homestead happening right now against Florida's recently passed anti-i

What is Abbott to do after he lost his Costello(aka Ken Paxton)?

Oh my, Kevin! Trump can't be very happy with you?

McCarthy told GOP that Dems are getting nothing in deal

McCarthy says House will vote on Wednesday to raise the debt ceiling - MSNBC

Greetings from lake Eufaula

I have a funny feeling that.....

State Farm no longer accepting property insurance applications in California

Something we already recognized

Autonomous F-16 fighter jets being tested by the U.S. military

US Senate Seats that the Democrats will win in 2024 by a landslide to narrow margin.

How come every time I see a picture of Kevin McCarthy, he is flanked by an entourage and

Pres. Biden on debt deal (via Twitter)

Brother finds long-lost sibling while visiting Horseshoe Curve in Altoona

Watching Band of Brothers

Sunday Digit: 6/10 - We may squeeze in most outdoor activities and

Republicans Get Called Out By House Democrats Over Debt Ceiling Crisis! - Luke Beasley

Notice of Meeting The State Board of Elections, public may observe the meeting online or by phone

Betty Bowers: How to Tell the Taliban & Republicans Apart...

Celtics win!

"Illegal, Unfounded and Unethical"

LIVE: Jack Smith Looks READY TO INDICT Trump Legal AF

Tonight's moon from my back deck

Speaker Boebert opines...

Manhattan DA Makes BIG Move to FORCE Trump Ally to Turn - Meidas Touch

LOL! Crazy how the left and right fringes are enraged with this deal- This is a HUGE win for PJB/Ds

US to give away free lighthouses as GPS makes them unnecessary

Trump Panics, Lawyers Prepare for Another Indictment - Luke Beasley

Still binging Lou Rawls - Listen to this. Good Goddamn this performance is a wonder

Up to 70% of California beaches could disappear by end of the century

Sha Na Na @Woodstock "At The Hop"


Disgusted by Racism, Brazilian Hometown Rallies to Defend Soccer's Vincius

27 May: All Weapons Unleashed: Ukrainians Conduct An Extensive Strike - Reporting from Ukraine

Republican Donors Say DeSantis' Presidential Campaign Is Dead On Arrival - Ring of Fire

Arlo Guthrie ...sings "City of New Orleans" Please enjoy this,... 5 minutes & 47 seconds

3 dead, 5 injured in Red River NM shooting

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about when it's time to leave....

Tonight's Waxing Gibbous Moon

Kurt Bardella on the deal: A win for Dems. Republicans are now in a real bind.

While we may have secured a win on the Debt fight,

Kari Lake needs an intervention. Seriously, she needs help.

South America's War Criminals Face a Growing Clamor for Justice

Yorkshire man finds scorpion in his suitcase while unpacking after holiday in Cuba

Anyone need a hug tonight?

Documentary produced by New Mexico man who died rafting explores Osage Nation murders

SC Senator Mia McLeod on abortion ban fight: 'all we're asking for is a choice' - Velshi - MSNBC

Can satellite imagery fight illegal logging in Mexico?

New plastic recycling collection center opens in Tijuana

US Fish and Wildlife certifies Mexico's failure to protect vaquita marina

Democratic Leaders CALLED OUT GOP in Press Conference Perfectly - Meidas Touch

Butterfly Sanctuary Boss Caught in Border Crisis Chases Away Texas Cops

I catch myself thinking sometimes if I had a time machine ,I'd drop 18 & 19 off in the 1980's.

Nicaragua accuses Catholic Church of money laundering, freezes accounts

Nicaragua accuses Catholic Church of money laundering, freezes accounts

Up dated saying

Sunday Funnies 5/28/23

Billionaire Harlan Crow speaks on relationship with Justice Thomas in new interview - Katie Phang

How would you feel about an agreement of supply for Speaker McCarthy?


'Earth Monster' sculpture points to ancient beliefs in Mexico

This is all fallout from how terrible Hoffa junior was as union president.

THIS WAS TAKEN during the COVID...pandemic.

Michael Cohen DEMANDS Jack Smith BRING DOWN THE HAMMER on Trump - Meidas Touch

Charlotte bus driver shoots it out with passenger. fired for bringing gun to work

#VelshiBannedBookClub: 'Maus' by Art Spiegelman - Velshi - MSNBC

Breakfast Sunday 28 May 2023

5-33 San Francisco Bay Area #5 of 6: The Streets of Sausalito Freeway

Marc Elias on Paxton Impeachment: There are no heroes, just self-interested villains.

REACTING to *Shin Godzilla* A HORROR MOVIE??!! (First Time Watching) Monster Movies

Biden reaches milestone in judicial appointments - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Elon Musk's 'Painful' Dance Moves at Mexico Rave Go Viral: Internet Reacts to Awkward Performance

These 3 New Mayan Museums Will Open In Mexico's Yucatn Peninsula This Year

Families of missing Mexicans take over a prominent space in Mexico City

#VelshiBannedBookClub: 'Maus' by Art Spiegelman - Velshi - MSNBC

Former Mara Member Reveals How The Sinaloa Cartel Trained Him To Take On Los Zetas

What is this sorcery?

MAGAs believed $99 "Trump Bucks" could be cashed for $10K, "Now I realize, well, that was stupid"


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Wriggle And Roll Edition

Former Republicans LEAVING the Party SHARE their Stories - Meidas Touch

2nd mass shooting for May 27th. three dead in Mesa AZ in shooting spree

Actor Vincent Price was born on May 27, 1911.

As for that pork crisis in Massachusetts............

Florida man at center of fatal human smuggling case pleads not guilty in Minnesota

On this day, May 28, 1949, Wendy O. Williams, lead singer of the Plasmatics, was born.

On this day, May 28, 1918, Edith Massey, actress in John Waters's films, was born.

Al Franken: QAnon - Weirder Than You Know!!! Author Will Sommer

At the G7 in Hiroshima, the US, Japan, South Korea Announce Support for Romanian Reactor Development

Why You Shouldn't Move to Japan (And Conditions for Those Who Should)

India's new Parliament: World's largest democracy gets a new house - WION

Wordle 708 (5/28) ****SPOILER ALERT****

DeSantis accused of 'catastrophic' climate approach after campaign launch

Testing difficulties delay launch of faster Acela trains, Amtrak says

Summer breeze

Florida has the feel of 1930s Nazi Germany


Factbox: What's in the debt ceiling deal Biden, McCarthy agreed?

Ed Ames, '50s pop singer with Ames Brothers and '60s TV star in 'Daniel Boone,' dies at 95

THE SPICIEST RAMEN in Tokyo at Karashibi Kikanbo - DEVIL LEVEL Japanese Food!

Vermont's Official Legislation On The 'Optimal' Way To Eat Apple Pie

Biden, GOP Reach Tentative Deal To Raise Debt Ceiling, Avoid Calamitous US Default

Boebert lives in a glass house and shouldn't throw stones.

Vermont's Official Legislation On The 'Optimal' Way To Eat Apple Pie


I would like to post my last endeavor.

I trust Joe & a rant.

The Extremist Wings Of Both Parties

'Start the Kevin McCarthy death-clock' after compromise with Biden: Rick Wilson

Guy Is Determined To Save Cat Living Out In The Snow

Typhoon Marwar Now Among Top 10 Strongest Storms Since 2000; 897 MB, 185 MPH Winds

What happens when Trump is charged with espionage?

TFG looks like shit without his makeup

How a $3.3M settlement against Texas AG Ken Paxton put him on path to impeachment vote

Have the fireworks started around your neighborhood? People were shooting them off last night.

Tina Turner hanging off the Eiffel Tower - Peter Lindbergh photo

50th anniversary of the Watergate Hearings on PBS this morning.

Set the WABAC machine on Dan Snyder and FedEx Field.

Experts warn of increased risk of US terror attacks by rightwing 'lone wolf' actors

"Argo" is a great movie. I loved it (even tho some stuff was made up for theatrical purposes).

Janet Yellen Gets Honest About Debt Ceiling Negotiations - Lovett or Leave It

What the conman might look like without his bird nest hair

The formerly daily Daily Progress is only gonna publish on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Since Kevin McCarthy claimed that the Democrats demanded the work requirement

Tech Expert Shreds Mike Lindell's Election Data As Complete 'Gibberish' - Farron Balance

Fragile - Sting / Cover Cello by HAUSER (Lyrics)

Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day

Need a car to shop? Naww. 😉

Politico: McCarthy races to sell debt deal amid rumblings of right-wing rebellion

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about who won the debt ceiling negotiations....

Just out of curiosity.. Is there a term for a male Karen??

France bans short-haul flights to cut carbon emissions

The Problem with Work Requirements

If you have a problem, get to the dr. before it's too late

US, Saudi Arabia call for warring sides in Sudan to extend 'imperfect' cease-fire

The North Face does what Target SHOULD HAVE DONE...

Just a Dream - Milk 'n Blues

7 Secrets of The Hebrew Ten Commandments

Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor's Earth Shattering Discovery of the Taylor Cone Took Place at Ages 78-83.

Bad trend

The truth about DeSantis' awful record on covid

Every time people thank me for my military service on Memorial Day

Now then, do you think that Republicans aren't prepared to modify the SC?

Name the worst or best purchase you ever made. Please let us know if it was the worst or best.

Even the 'moderate' Republicans are awful.

Zorro: When Friends Go Wild.

When life gives you lemons, make anti-poverty strategies

The Debt Ceiling Deal Blows Up Republican Biden Narrative

'The intensity is increasing': Ukraine says first steps in counteroffensive have begun

S7:E20 (Special Guest - Sean Cummings)

Across the Desk - S7:E20 (Special Guest - Sean Cummings)

Lauren Boebert is...Piss Cop The Daily Show

Scientists use AI to discover a new antibiotic

Red River, New Mexico Shooting: 3 dead, 5 injured in Red River shooting

Chicken bake for dinner

Josh Hawley gets bad news in his own state - Brian Tyler Cohen

Three people killed and five injured in shooting at New Mexico biker rally

Jan. 6 rioters are raking in thousands in donations. Now the US is coming after their haul

Please DO NOT post this image on social media platforms

Hi! New here

Much needed good news from @IEA : (Al Gore on Twitter)

What Could Trump Possibly Get Out of Attacking Special Prosecutor Jack Smith?

Trump: 'Happy Memorial Day' to WWll enemy

What Fiction are you reading this week, May 28, 2023?

Morning walk with a different lens and a cutie little flash.

The Horrific Future of '1984' Explained

Repub Civil War officially erupts as Trump Jr's gf Kimberly Guilfoyle THREATENS Ron DeSantis

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 28, 2023)

Steve Schmidt: Is Anybody in the Mood for Diet trump??

AOL News: Republicans criticize McCarthy, Biden debt ceiling deal

Hey Paxton

I think 2024 will be a bloodbath for the rebukes

If....this deal doesn't work out and we default

611 will be running at the Strasburg through today and tomorrow.

Did Trump ever attack Robert Mueller the way he routinely attacks Jack Smith?

Russia Announces Plan To Halve Abortion Rates To Spur Population Growth

Hotez: COVID-19 was just the warm-up act

In honor of Joe Biden running circles around Quev and

It's RACE DAY! Live timing and scoring link

Oops! Trump Junior Accidentally Insults His Own Dad And Doesn't Correct Himself - Farron Balanced

Note to MAGAs:

Democrat knocks Supreme Court as 'fact free zone,' says Congress can impose ethics rules

OH! OH! Gear heads listen up!

How's the runoff in Turkey going.

Liz Cheney urges graduates not to compromise with the truth in commencement speech

25 years since we lost Phil Hartman

If you want to be mayor of Toronto, have better social media sense than this fellow

I am reading everything I can on the debt ceiling debate..Kevin McCarthy this op is for you

Wild Groundhog Thinks She's A Toddler

Where Was Christopher Nolan's Movie 'Oppenheimer' Filmed?

Rand Paul is all poopy faced over the debt ceiling deal

Congressional Black Caucus nationwide tour re:protecting fundamental Black rights

$123M project starting on Highway 529 interchange, I-5 HOV lane

Cartoons 5/28/2023

'Why do [RW'ers] see pedophiles under every proverbial bed?

"Ghost Bird": Scientists Track Last Spotted Owl Left In The Wild In Canada; Logging Never Stopped

LTE: Election denier Sutherland shouldn't run for county auditor

Climate change could trigger gigantic deadly tsunamis from Antarctica, new study warns

Conservative backlash against Kevin McCarthy has begun

Dinner Saturday Evening

Name one fact that you know that most people in the Lounge do not know. I have two

As long COVID turns three, Americans play disability roulette

Buffalo Chip Roy says they will try to prevent the debt limit agreement from passing the House

A land dolphin in its natural habitat:

Wonderful pet meme:

Texas AG Ken Paxton's Impeachment Riles Trump and His Minions

Okay, so here we go. The CD is called BILE.

White House Tells Rep. Lauren Boebert: 'Antisemitism Isn't Conservative, It's Evil'

Turkey's Erdogan prevails in election test of his 20-year rule

My grandson finally got a job.

Hakeem Jeffries says he has 'no idea' what Kevin McCarthy's talking about

White peacock in flight

Putin is losing control of his 'warlords' says Lt. General Ben Hodges - Times Radio

Never give up:

Is there such a thing as a blue county in Florida?

Good boi in the band:

Texas AG Ken Paxton impeachment sparked by 2020 investigation - American Voices - MSNBC

Debt Limit Deal EXPOSES Perverted GOP Hypocrisy on "Fiscal Responsibility"

2 tweets: (1) kitten trying to catch a fly; (2) to a kitten, everything is a toy:

Dolphin nonconformist:


'Jesus, Guns, Babies' Lady is BACK and Crazier Than Ever

Play with me!

Unknown WWI soldier, found a century later, will now be buried with honors

Arizona judge declines to sanction Kari Lake, legal team for conduct in election challenge case

Republicans Fear Women Voters Will Destroy Trump's Election Chances - Ring of Fire

The jump at the end

Does this haircut make my butt look round?

Anthropocene 'sixth mass extinction' event predicted to be worse than previously thought

Service dog accepts his own diploma:

Enjoy these puppies, especially the one in the second tweet!

US Presidential Elections in the states Biden will win in 2024 by a landslide to narrow margin.

DeSantis Craters Among California Republicans

Horse romping with ball

BREAKING: Debt Ceiling DEAL IN PRINCIPLE may be END of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker

Kitten & cow -- good friends:

Ken Paxton now using his Government office to challenge his impeachment

Well those far right GOBers are falling apart!

Patron: Happy Sunday!

DeSantis says he would push to repeal Trump criminal justice reform if elected

With the MAGAs going nuts on the debt ceiling deal, if the outcome fails the republicans will get

The Str8 to Fascist Pipeline James Somerton

A NY Woman Has Been Charged Over Threats to "Shoot Up" LGBTQ+ Businesses in Colorado

Pa. parents charged after seven children found living in deplorable conditions and removed from home

It Takes Two - Tina Turner & Rod Stewart ♥️ ♥️

Police: Michigan woman wanted to blame vandalism on Ukrainian militia

Debt Limit Update: Biden Outplays GOP on Final Deal

Turkey's President Wins Re-Election

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Experts warn of increased risk of US terror attacks by rightwing 'lone wolf' actors

Cat always beats her human in races!

Right-wing populist Javier Milei gains support in Argentina by blasting 'political caste'

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are siding with Ken Paxton's side on impeachment.

Texas AG Paxton to face Senate trial following historic impeachment - American Voices - MSNBC

Ukraine war: Zelenksy praises air force after Russia's largest drone attack yet

Ukraine war: Zelenksy praises air force after Russia's largest drone attack yet

Trump's own employees flip on him in bombshell legal development - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Euclid spacecraft will transform how we view the 'dark universe'

Republican priority bills fail as tensions persist between Texas House and Senate

Twitter Owner Elon Musk Gets Owned by Twitter After False Claim DeSantis Set Fundraising Records

All eyes on Sen. Angela Paxton as Texas Senate takes up her husband's removal

I think my wife is putting glue on my antique weapons collection.

U.S. accuses Russia's Wagner Group mercenaries of fueling war in Sudan


Looking for something a bit different? "Space Oddity"

Trump-appointed Judge Kacsmaryk set to hear Planned Parenthood lawsuit - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about why Republicans impeached Paxton....

Any Decorah eagle nest watchers today?

Good thing Ken Paxton didn't commit premeditated murder. Mastodon

Two kids went to Ron DeSantis's donor retreat and walked around eating pudding with their fingers

Why have a 14th if it is never used?

GOP wacko can't even defend her insanity.

Which US Senate seat does the Democrats have a chance of winning?

You see in this pouch here, it's my baby!

I expected too much and was disappointed

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 28, 2023

If you're going to embarass your kid, do it right:

#MonsterHunterWorld #Iceborne #TzitziYaku #Hunt

This Guy Stopped Traffic To Save A Kitten In The Road

to thwart a shoplifter, clerk locked doors. customers begged/screamed for 8 minutes to get out

Eyes dilated and barely able to remember his own name, the ex-President stared at the reporter for w

What I Like About You - The Romantics 🎤

Republican held US House seats in 2024 the Democrats will win in 2024.

Trace Lysette on Her 'Monica' Moment and Leading Lady Status

Let's face it we're already in a second civil war

Oath Keeper Elmer Rhodes gets 18 years in prison; Trump & DeSantis pledge to pardon insurrectionists

Is this sob going to make it until prison time ?

35 years ago, Tracy Chapman's first album was released.

Christian group sues to block law meant to combat online hate speech

It appears that Biden's deal expands SNAP benefits

Visibly Confused Lauren Boebert Humiliates Herself Live on Air! - Luke Beasley

At this point, would you prefer that he just kick the bucket and spare us the court theatrics?

Watchdogs warn Proud Boys planning big Pride Months protest nationwide

Middle of the Road - The Pretenders - Live - Iggy Pop, Guests ♦️

The global phenomenon is now the #1 movie in the world! (The Little Mermaid)

The Roads with Beau: Let's talk about the roads to fact checking....

Loverboy - The Kid Is Hot Tonite

Russian state media calling for unpaid 6th day of work to fund Ukraine invasion, Western intel says

George Maharis, TV Heartthrob of 'Route 66,' Is Dead at 94


Matthew Good Band - Apparitions

Kevin McCarthy's Freedom Caucus headache is just getting started

Arizona man arrested after random shooting spree leaves 4 dead, 1 injured

Watching a program on Local 10 Florida about the post hurricane Ian state of Fort Myers

Barbara McQuade-Trump's last-minute Merrick Garland letter is a desperate pre-emptive strike

A robot painting

Cat Rolls Down The Stairs 5x A Day

Supreme Court takes on case about politicians blocking critics on social media

When This Debt Ceiling Gets Voted On This Coming Week - All Dems Should Be....

US committee urges India's inclusion to NATO+ - WION

Kevin McCarthy dispels right-wing conspiracy that Biden has dementia

Which Incumbent US Senator up for re-election in 2026 is highly vulnerable? Ossoff-GA or Tillis-NC?

A snappy retweet by George Takei on CRT and Gen Z...

No Quarter - Led Zeppelin

IOWA Governor Signs Law to Loosen Child Labor Regulations: 600 Child Labor Investigations in US


SC Juneteenth event banner depicting white couple gets backlash

IOWA Governor Signs Law to Loosen Child Labor Regulations: 600 Child Labor Investigations in US- L

Tortoise vs. Hare - Who Wins?

On this day in 1982, Roxy Music released their eighth and final studio album "Avalon"

Easy corn dog recipe

How Many Democratic House Members Will Vote Against the Deal?

Conservatives keep calling for an American dictator. Believe them.