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Democrat Shuts Down Bad Faith Reporter About Debt Ceiling - Pondering Politics

Woke mind virus breakthrough!

After lifetime of bouncing back, Rocky Bleier to receive Semper Fidelis Award from Marine Corps

Thousands evacuated as Philippines warns of flooding, landslides from approaching Typhoon Mawar

Sign using homophobic slur in front of Tallahassee business draws criticism

Shooting in Florida

Hollywood FL police respond to reports of multiple people shot at Broadwalk

Donald Trump fought to save Texas ally Ken Paxton from impeachment. It didn't work.

Unkle - Eye for an eye

A gay first lady? Yes, we've already had one, and here are her love letters.

Who is likely to be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 FL US Senate Election?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about juries in the US....

Don't fall for any third-party baloney. It's the last thing we need in 2024

Kosovo: Serb protesters throw teargas at NATO soldiers as internal frictions escalate - Guardian News

DeSantis Tells 'Fox & Friends' He 'Will Destroy Leftism in America,' 'Leave Woke Ideology' in the

Florida supporters of abortion rights ready to fight back -- possibly with ballot referendum

Pro-Trump activist claims that Casey DeSantis is 'exaggerating' her fight against breast cancer

Anybody (else) figured out in late age missed whole life mission/purpose?

Teens Kicked Out Of Ron DeSantis Fundraiser After Mocking Him With Chocolate Pudding

Texas House names Ken Paxton impeachment managers; Senate trial will start by Aug. 28

Lawyer currently leading Texas attorney general's office has been swept up in Ken Paxton's legal cha

Marmot tastes delicious mango for the first time

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Vietnam prisoners of war reunite at Nixon Library for 50th anniversary of their homecoming

"The Last War of the Russian Empire." Exclusive interview with Garry Kasparov - TVP World

Is the U.S. prepared to fight in space amid threat posed by 'provocative' Russia & China? - WION

Depeche Mode - Wagging Tongue

Tweet of the Day

Metals, the Carbon Impact of Metals, and So Called "Renewable Energy."

Lunatic Appointed To Oversee Social Studies Curriculum in Tennessee - TYT

Garbage - Cities in Dust

War Gamers-TV series documentary. Women's Royal Navy Service

The Warning - MORE

Mass shooting at Florida Beach

Tried to turn the central air on.

Canucks know what sh!t's important! Staying at an AirBnB in Nanaimo. Turned on the TV to watch

The National - The Alcott (feat. Taylor Swift)

If at first you don't succeed, blame god.....

9 people, including minors, shot on Hollywood [Fla.] Broadwalk

Y'all have to take a listen to this: Mandi Sagal "Holy Smoke"

Uganda imposes death penalty for 'aggravated homosexuality'

Oh, this is adorable!

Russia issues arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham over Ukraine comments

The son of a friend just dropped out of college to join a professional e-game team.

Homeless population spikes in Skagit County

Why no Beethoven?

Memorial Day - Senator Bernie Sanders

Is Central Asia happy with Erdogan's win? - Eastern Express - TVP World

Man who crashed U-Haul truck near White House wanted to end U.S. democracy, prosecutors say

Who's listening to Dan Pfeiffer's audiobook (or reading) Un-Trumping America:

I don't even *want* another beer - or a DU post

The water hazard.....

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Woke Week in Review!

A new report from the Washington Post details the Deepening Radicalization of trump's Rhetoric

44 Years ago, Alien was released... (epic Twitter thread)

Remembering and honoring the nation's fallen on Memorial Day - PBS NewsHour

Memorial Day (One soldiers story)

45 years ago today, The Cars released "Just What I Needed"

Remember (walking in the sand) - Ronnie Wood, Johnny Depp, Imelda May - Jeff Beck Tribute

Wish the New Democratic Party luck in Alberta. They are in an election in

What weird thing do you do? or you dog? or cat? Mine is writing weird questions.

What was Drumpf's heartfelt message for Memorial Day/Gold Star families?

The deal makes sense. Having a debt ceiling doesn't.

In honor of those who served and have reposed.

Geez, I've been at this for awhile . . .

They're just so fragile

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Billionaire gives Boston grads cash, asks them to pay it forward - NewsNation

The MAGA Song - Make Attorneys Get Attorneys - Don Caron - Parody Project

Kishida removes son as political secretary over party photo controversy

Trump Just Posted This Deranged Message on Truth Social! - Luke Beasley

Remember you gotta enjoy the little things

I went to a combination seafood buffet and disco last week

Watching "The Day Kennedy Died" on the Smithsonian channel

The IRS is broken/corrupt. Without significant changes, any amount of increased funding won't help.

White House Briefing on the Bipartisan Budget Agreement

Uruguay, hot and dry, adds saltwater to public drinking supply

Kevin "the Jellyfish" McCarthy, like his namesake....

29 May: Russians try to destroy Patriots with rockets... doesn't work well. - Reporting from Ukraine

Sine Die day and Texas SB 1029 (adult trans care ban) did not pass

Has anyone called CPS in Colorado after Boebert's son called 911?

Russia launches assault on Kyiv - ABC News

Why talking to MAGATs is useless

Thought I'd try capturing the moon again tonight . . . Hope you enjoy!

Suggestions for visiting Los Angeles.

partially collapsed building in Iowa, will demolish it in a few hours. people are protesting

Horse racing authority calls for emergency summit with Churchill Downs in wake of 12 deaths

Horse racing authority calls for emergency summit with Churchill Downs in wake of 12 deaths

The QAnon Shaman Is Out of Prison and Hawking Merch

14 years ago I had a WTAF moment

Kosovo: Fresh clashes as Nato troops called in to northern towns

Abbott called special session within three hours of adjournment

Danielle Smith's UCP holds onto power in Alberta, CTV News declares

Gov. Abbott just called for a special session of the Texas legis with 3 hours of adjournment

Climate Groups Slam Debt Ceiling Deal for MVP Approval and Other 'Polluter Giveaways'

NETHERLANDS: Farmers' party BBB could get 18 seats in Senate election tomorrow

when I was first selling on eBay, I required payment via USPS money order.

Latvian vote on new president could break up ruling coalition

Right-Wing Coalition GERB-UDF to Form Government in Bulgaria

LGBTQ+ Group Issues Florida Travel Advisory - Raw News And Politics

Going on in my neck of the woods...

What's in the debt limit agreement and its potential effects on the economy - PBS NewsHour

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about why republicans did so bad at the negotiation....

Prosecutors say Sam Bankman-Fried's arguments to dismiss cryptocurrency charges are meritless

Nevada legislature blocks governor approving guns to those convicted of hate crimes after prison

Mastodon: Dear bigots... People have a right to express views you don't agree with.

Drones hit buildings in Moscow, several downed on approach to capital - officials

Just watched "Reality"

McCarthy's far-right critics balk at debt limit deal - American Voices - MSNBC

Republicans opposed to debt deal forget 'the power of incrementalism' - NBC News

Ron DeSantis Finally Takes Shot at Trump - Luke Beasley

Breakfast Tuesday 30 May 2023

Japan court rules that a bar on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional

Pamphlet on what fascism is given to US soldiers fighting WWII

'Deadly Thursday': Far-right activists threaten violence at Jerusalem Pride Parade

(Jewish Group) 'Deadly Thursday': Far-right activists threaten violence at Jerusalem Pride Parade

(Jewish Group) With Watchful Eyes, a Nationwide Network Tracks Antisemitic Threats

With Watchful Eyes, a Nationwide Network Tracks Antisemitic Threats

Museums race to save the stories of the last Holocaust survivors amid rising antisemitism

(Jewish Group) Museums race to save stories of the last Holocaust survivors amid rising antisemitism

Manhattan DA Lists SECRET TRUMP RECORDING as Evidence of Crimes - Meidas Touch

Race and ethnicity can be hard to define. Here's why

serial car arsonist caught

This Crisis Threatens All Life On Earth... But Nothing Is Being Done To Stop It? - Thom Hartmann

Temu Is Losing Millions of Dollars to Send You Cheap Socks

Wordle 710 (5/30) ***SPOILER THREAD***

DeSantis Disney governing board appointee quits a few months into job

eco activists run onto stage during Swedish dance reality show finale

Fort Point Lighthouse

Warrior Update

Elizabeth Holmes starts her 11-year prison sentence today.

Tuesday TOONs - Not Enough!

Turkey Delight for Russia - Erdogan Wins Election, $20BN Nuclear Deal & Sweden NATO Veto Remains

Moscow attack: Several drones shot down over Russian capital - Al Jazeera

Drones attack Moscow, damaging residential buildings

Disney sexualizes children?

Woman wins UK cheese rolling race despite being knocked unconscious

Rippling Trumpism

Companies Push Prices Higher, Protecting Profits but Adding to Inflation

How Ukraine foiled Putin's air attack - @StarskyUA - Times Radio

On this day, May 30, 1944, actress Meredith MacRae was born.

Bacon ranch pasta salad

On this day, May 30, 1922, the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated.

DOJ - Trump Indictment Countdown

Trump's Lawyers Start to Wonder If One Could Be a Snitch

Now the UK is finally tackling 'Londongrad', it's time the US upped its game

Woman Visits A Chained Up Dog For Over A Year

Someone on Morning Joe called DeeSantis "Noun/Verb & Woke"

Survived a two-week vacation in the UK.

Rock 'flour' from Greenland can capture significant CO2, study shows

The revolt of the Christian home-schoolers

Trump lawyer said to have been waved off searching office for secret records

China declines invitation to meet Llyod Austin - WION

30 international peacekeepers injured in fierce clashes with ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo

NTSB to Hold East Palestine Investigative Hearing

freddie king...

Three-Day-Old Rescue Pittie Needed To Be Bottle Fed 24/7

Woman wins UK cheese rolling race despite being knocked unconscious

With all the disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, lies, and Artificial Intelligence...?

So Ron De Santis is upset because the fashion industry will discriminate against his wife,

Little Wing

Most of us grew out of this phase by the time we started first grade

News & Commentary May 19, 2023

A cartoon I recall.

Rep Nancy Mace: "Republicans got outsmarted by a President who can't find his pants."

There is always more money for defense contractors

The revolt of the Christian home-schoolers

Why Have Chinese Industrial Profits Collapsed?; China's Labour Shortage; Solar Power - China Update

Ron DeSantis kicks off his campaign in Iowa today

China rejects U.S. request for a meeting of the defense chiefs

Benny Goodman was born on this date.

Colleges squirm under anti-diversity, equity and inclusion pressure

Tom Morello has a birthday today.

Killer Whales Are Starting To Sink Boats

"It's crazy in there": Knives out on Trump's legal team over worries one of them could be a "snitch"

Trump lawyer said to have been waved off searching office for secret records

Drones strike Moscow in first attack on capital's residential areas since the war began

Ron DeSantis wants to "make America Florida": That's a dire threat

Devil in the grooves: The case against forensic firearms analysis

What's the most useful thing/things you own?

Illinois set to become first state to end book bans

RAISE THE WAGE: Join me and @RevDrBarber this week (Bernie on Twitter)

This may have been posted before but it needs to be repeated

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about things over Moscow....

Team Trump Scrambles to Unmask the Feds Investigating Him

Democrats hope the Senate could finally have more than one Black woman

US ends probe into Tesla allowing video games while vehicles are moving, says feature was disabled

Centuries later, Connecticut expunges crimes of accused witches

TFG working hard to unmask the feds who are investigating him...


We should not be applauding the use of drones on civilians by our side of any side just because

2 off-duty Marines attacked by approximately 15 high school teens in California

Va. Dems make risky bet that abortion issue spells doom for Joe Morrissey (D?)

Air Force veteran once imprisoned for being gay still endures the stigma of a felony record

Billionaire donors give Mike Johnston a big financial boost in Denver mayoral runoff

TCM tonight:

Ohio State Issue 1 is a sucker punch to the face of majority voter rule and democracy

These Queer Kids Aren't Going to Let Ron DeSantis Ruin Their College

Trump is OVERWHELMED By NEW LEGAL STRATEGY in J6 Federal Civil Cases - Meidas Touch

Just learned the billionaires own more money than the Federal Treasurery

The Shame of the Suburbs

Trump Bucks Article - Good Read

The Urgent Warning That Got Cut From a Supreme Court Opinion 20 Years Ago

A pizza is basically a real time pie chart of how much pizza is left!

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 30, 2023

Katie Porter Delivers EPIC Breakdown Of "Gouging" PBMs - TYT Investigates

Donald Trump Jr. Is Trying To Make Republican Primary As Stupid As Possible - Farron Balanced

Debt Deal Raises Military Spending & OKs WV Pipeline While Introducing Work Rules for Food Stamps

I'm trying to identify this 90s era rock song and it's killing me

Fury as Chinese scavengers desecrate war graves

Ha ha, laughing at the #2 seed at the French Open tennis tournament is just having fits with this

"King: A Life": New Bio Details Extensive FBI Spying of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Your guesses on who else enters the GOP race.

Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch

On this day, May 30, 2005, Natalee Holloway, age 18, vanished on a trip to Aruba.

3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time

Struggles continue for thousands in Florida 8 months after Hurricane Ian as new storm season looms

The remains of a Medal of Honor recipient killed in the Korean War will be buried in Georgia today

odogaron arena fight - Monster Hunter World

Former Sacramento councilman Steve Hansen running for mayor with focus on safety.

Far-right members, unhappy with debt deal, float threatening McCarthy's speakership

On this day, May 30, 1968, the Beatles began recording "The White Album."

Efforts for ranked-choice voting, STAR voting gaining progress in Oregon

11-year-old charged with armed robbery, assault in Northwest

Show them.

'Numbers Nobody Has Ever Seen': How the GOP Lost Wisconsin

Former President Of El Salvador Receives 14-Year Sentence For Gang Talks

At least 150 people jailed under El Salvador's emergency powers have died, according to new report

Pa. limited a board's power to regulate abandoned oil and gas wells. Democrats want to restore it.

"Lawmakers are gathering in Washington"

Ukraine war comes to Moscow as both capitals hit

Pa. Dems turn to bonds in race to plug orphan wells

Texas House names Ken Paxton impeachment managers; Senate trial will start by Aug. 28

My state has turned into a dictatorship with draconian rule. And sycophants

Everett son's struggle to get mom into assisted living

Тяцмp honors his own kind on Memorial Day

She feeds Everett's homeless; 'no sit' ban makes her mission harder

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 30, 2023)

Only way to get Pretty Litter is with subscription?

Little competition for NJ Legislature primaries, and ballot gives party favorites an edge

Cartoons 5/30/2023

Purdue Pharma can protect Sackler owners in opioid bankruptcy, court rules

New York lawmakers want early voting through mail

Russia expert: Moscow attack 'very bad' for Putin - CNN

How do I get rid of iMessage "inviting" to sign in?


Why Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's impeachment fight isn't finished yet

The fast-moving Nova Scotia wildfires, mapped

English Women, cost of living crisis there, child care costs& abortion

Steve Bannon's drunken rant about the debt limit agreement

Gun violence rages with at least 20 mass shootings recorded over Memorial Day Weekend

Minnesota governor readies to sign bill legalizing recreational cannabis

Paxton says Trump would have lost Texas if he hadn't blocked 2.5 million ballots applications

Florida deputy faces trial for alleged failure to confront Parkland school shooter

Debt ceiling: DeSantis and a few other Republicans speak out against deal

Non-verbal child found alone in Glendale, police trying to locate family

Gunman in Pittsburgh synagogue massacre harbored 'malice and hate' for Jews, prosecutor says

Malaysia detains Chinese ship suspected of looting British WW2 wrecks

Former first lady Rosalynn Carter diagnosed with dementia, Carter Center announces

Rep. Roy threatens McCarthy's speakership over debt deal - CNN

Judge postpones showdown over 14th Amendment debt powers

And the Josh Hawley connection: Right-wing activists for children craft affair lie about reporter wh

If you could make any food zero calories, what would it be?

Reddit does love our AOC 😝 (another Snapy)

'National embarrassment': Judge heaps shame on MAGA rioter who echoed sovereign citizen rhetoric

This is actually funny in its own crumby way:

LA County deputy accused of being in 'Executioners' gang reveals tattoo in court, names names

LA County deputy accused of being in 'Executioners' gang reveals tattoo in court, names names

Sen. Hawley responds to column about 'petty trolling' with 'petty trolling'

Will Bunch: Real DeSantis launch glitch was its fascism

Five Fake Crises That the GOP Has Manufactured To Deflect Our Attention From the Real Crisis

Opinion: A map of 1,001 novels to show us where to find the real America

Trump Promises To End Automatic Citizenship For Children Of Undocumented Immigrants

'The best deal is no deal': Freedom caucus members threaten to burn down US credit over debt limit

What's the most useless thing/things you own?

Burning cardboard started fire that destroyed 2 Ann Arbor buildings

Chris Christie Gets a Super PAC Ahead of His Likely 2024 Bid.

Former chairman of Bay County Republican Party dies in motorcycle ride for charity

Biden pays respects to the fallen; Trump compares himself to fallen troop

CJ Box's Joe picket character has a new

2,700-year-old petroglyphs depicting people, ships and animals discovered in Sweden

Bald Cypress in the Backwaters

Mystery pathogen is stripping sea urchins of their flesh and turning them to skeletons -- and it's sp

Sad news from the Carter Center

World War II 'horror bunker' run by infamous Unit 731 discovered in China

NLRB General Counsel Issues Memo on Non-competes Violating the National Labor Relations Act

Air New Zealand to start weighing passengers before they board their flights

The Daily Dufus: MTG even gets the Memorial Day tweet wrong. (RW sites like being called Daily ...)

Virginia dispensaries now accept debit card payments

People my age, 62 or older, should remember the litter along the highways. I don't remember if it

Thank you, President Biden!

Todays Othello

Human, you have me:

What is going on with Ted Cruz? Like what?!

When you're in time-out but your best buddy won't let you do time alone:

Romantic beach walk

Biden's underrated deal-making prowess strikes again

What did the baseball glove say to the baseball after the game was over? We have a winner

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes reports to prison to serve her 11-year sentence for fraud

Daddy gorilla playing with baby:

South Africa grants Putin and Brics leaders diplomatic immunity for summit

UT-02: Chris Stewart (R) plans to resign from Congress

Difference between European and US workers:

Woman who threatened Nancy Pelosi with hanging during Capitol riot gets over 2 years in prison

The criminalisation of journalism in Guatemala, the latest on Jineth Bedoya's case, and standing up

Michael Beschloss tweet: 78-year-old Robert Todd Lincoln at dedication of Lincoln Memorial

Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with? My answer--Presidents Obama

1-year-old dies after being left in a hot car outside of a hospital for nine hours, police say

Trump's Lawyers Start to Wonder if One Could Be a Snitch

Chile appoints first ambassador to Venezuela since 2018

Minnesota becomes 23rd state to legalize recreational marijuana

"With the Death Squad Dossier, I understood that Guatemala is designed for impunity"

Minnesota becomes 23rd state to legalize recreational marijuana

Why was the cat

Feds Say Jefferson Parish Deputies May Have Violated Law in Death of Autistic Teen

DeSantis Presidential Priority: "Destroy Leftism" - Pondering Politics

Ukraine creates 'anxiety within Russia' through drone strikes - Roger Boyes - Times Radio

Medicare only pays for one AC1 test every 3 months?

"Ain't Got Time to Be Unhappy" by Bob Luman

King Abbott Calls A Special Session

Tweet of the day Day

Kira and Raven!

A landmark appeals court ruling clears way for Purdue Pharma-Sackler bankruptcy deal

Here comes well needed rain right across the Caribbean

Petting the paw of a squirrel

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 30, 2023

Woodbridge man accused of kicking kitten to death

Picture of a crow will fool you:

New statue honoring Dave Grohl unveiled outside The Atlantis

Is this how a fly trap works?

This panther playing the hand stacking game

Heartbreaking news. Roslyn Carter has dementia.

First Republican publicly supports ousting McCarthy as Speaker

Remember Tara Reade? She's defected to Russia 😂

Double surprise:

Nothing shows having resoect

Warrior Update

Even doggo knows you can't move once the cat gets comfortable

McCarthy Threatens to Hold FBI Director in Contempt

Trump Pledges to End Birthright Citizenship

Republicans Divided Over Debt Ceiling Agreement! - Luke Beasley

A camel greeting his herder who was absent for a few days.


Trump Wants the Names of Those Investigating HimTrump Wants the Names of Those Investigating Him

Puppy discovers his toes:

Ex-Trump White House official Peter Navarro to go on trial in September in Jan. 6 contempt case

Learning to let sleeping dogs lie:

Florida Auto repair shop puts up the most hateful sign

German Shepherd babysitting the Doberman puppies:

Armenian-Azerbaijani meeting in Moscow - Eastern Express - TVP World

Quite the fierce little fighter:

Man who crashed U-Haul truck near White House wanted to end U.S. democracy, prosecutors say

Tortoise lseems to love playing with ball

Quote of the Day

Corgi leaps into bathtub with kids:

OPINION The New Climate Law Is Working. Clean Energy Investments Are Soaring. (NYT)

Former Coinbase Manager and His Brother Agree to Settle Insider Trading Charges Relating to Crypto A

Kitten dives for couch treasure:

Blinken urges Turkey to immediately approve Sweden's NATO accession

Explainer: The Old GOP and the "New" extremist GOP.

ChatGPT 'hallucinates.' Some researchers worry it isn't fixable.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about those opposed to the debt ceiling deal....

"We must stand up for working families": Bernie Sanders to hold trio of $17 minimum wage rallies

Charley Cathy has been dead for a while ...

Critics accuse Elon Musk of intentionally legitimizing fake AOC account

idiots are pissed at chik fil a now

Does anyone understand AI??... and if so.. what does that really mean

Conservatives Are Now Boycotting Chick-fil-A for Not Being Homophobic Enough

Capitol rioter raked in thousands for legal fees - even though his lawyers were free

CBS Philly: Trenton police find 14 guns, arrest 3 in Pa. gun store burglary

Liz Cheney Obliterates Her Own Party Over Anti-Democratic Actions! - Luke Beasley

Lawsuit challenges Nebraska law that bans abortions after 12 weeks, gender care for minors

Billboard outside Orlando airport warns travelers of DeSantis' anti-abortion policy

Are the GOP acting like Russians? Or is it ...

Joe's Severe Cognitive Decline - Luckovich Cartoon

Chick-fil-A Is Latest Target of the Bud Light Boycott Movement 🤣

A GOP congressman says DeSantis threatens to primary House reps who don't endorse him over TFG

Permitless firearm carry bill takes step forward in Louisiana Senate

Why most young voters will never vote Republican

Ashli Babbitt's mean grifting mother just got scammed 😂

(Jewish Group) Who won the debate over defining 'antisemitism' in new White House report?

Russia may ban surgery to change gender under draft bill: TASS

My best friend invited me to a Victorian tea luncheon

Manson follower Leslie Van Houten should be paroled, California appeals court rules

Who's watching Ted Lasso? (Warning: Spoiler-ish for Season 3 episode 11)

How Did Lazy Trump Get All Those Documents Out of the White House? - Ring of Fire

NY-17: Former Bedford Town Supervisor MaryAnn Carr (D) files to run for Congress.

Biden accuser Tara Reade announces defection to Russia on Russian state TV

AZ-03: Phoenix City Councilmember Laura Pastor (D) has filed for Congress.

LGBTQ activists call for new strategies to promote equality after Target backlash

MD-06: U.S. Commerce Department official April McClain-Delaney (D) to run for Congress

2 Kittens Who're Sweet and Talkative

This Could Be The Biggest Strike In U.S. History - More Perfect Union

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Jim Comey on Nicolle Wallace doing his Kev dance

TX-HD02: Special election to replace expelled Bryan Slaton in Texas House set for Nov. 7

Corporations: You'll Never Appease Anti-LGBTQ Boycotters. They Want to Be Angry

Bodycam: Two Wisconsin Cops Killed in Deadly Shootout with Man Who 'Trained to Kill' Police

NJ: Suspect arrested for murder of Sayreville councilwoman

AOC Says Musk Has Boosted 'Fake Account' Imitating Her on Twitter

Chic-fil-A Goes Woke

New Ad: Justice Thomas thinks the rules don't apply to him. He must resign.

If the Professor on Gilligan's Island was a real Professor, why couldn't he invent a way to get off

100 pages in 3 days?

I read Fox (sometimes) so you don't have to. About Tara Reade's defection.

AI industry and researchers sign statement warning of 'extinction' risk

Hmm: Biden accuser Tara Reade announces defection to Russia on Russian state TV

Bodycam: 'Power Tripping' Texas Cop Pulled Off Streets After 'Buc-ee's' Traffic Stop - Law&Crime Net

Trump campaign uses Pete Buttigieg's picture to mock veterans over Memorial Day weekend

Clinton police officer fired for putting GPS scrambler in his car - WBIR Channel 10

Wisconsin Republicans try to make 1849 abortion ban more severe

Freedom Caucus vows to torpedo debt agrmt

I dunno . . . is it safe to post some Farmer's Market photos from today?

I am highly suspicious of this no labels party

DeSantis Threatened Lawmakers Who Endorsed Trump

Connie Schultz' husband, our Senator y'all

America's Poverty Is Built by Design

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Isn't Scott Perry currently being investigated by the FBI?

How can Tubberville's hold on general officer promotions be sidestepped or overcome?

AZ senator who spearheaded QAnon-linked COVID hearing spread QAnon online

Tesla Versus Porch (sic). Warning! Auto crash photo. No people in the photo.

Nazi Paul "Nazi" Gosar (Nazi-AZ) tired of being called a Nazi for doing Nazi things

Texas GOP passes bills allowing Abbott appointee to take over Democratic county's elections

Elizabeth Holmes Immediately Defrauds Biggest Inmate To Gain Other Prisoners' Respect

Fox News Hosts FURIOUS After Hearing This Commencement Speech - Rebel HQ

Check yourself before you hex yourself: An expert's guide to the evil eye

Future of Feinstein's Senate seat devolving into proxy war in California - MSNBC Reports

PBS NewsHour live episode, May 30, 2023 - PBS NewsHour

Fmr. FBI Director Comey: Trump 'represents a serious threat to the rule of law' - Deadline - MSNBC

Sports and the Anti-Fascist movement - spoiler

Tara Reade, who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, defects to Russia.

Florida groups warn America of danger from 'dictator' Governor DeSantis

Billionaire Ken Griffin: New 'Don't Say Gay' Law Is Too Far, Even for Me

The Secret Garden Flat in Camberwell named London's best new home renovation

Writers Guild Targets Executive Pay In Letters to Netflix, Comcast Shareholders

The revolt of the Christian home-schoolers

Republicans go OFF SCRIPT and TURN on Kevin McCarthy during live press conference - Meidas Touch

Federal Judge Makes History in Holding That Border Searches of Cell Phones Require a Warrant

Saudi Arabia Wants to Have Buses Running on Hydrogen Next Year - Bloomberg

Senator Warren is a no on debt bill

How Rosalynn Carter reduced stigma around mental health and caregiving - PBS NewsHour

Hollywood has lost another great actor.

Toyota, Daimler Truck, Hino, Mitsubishi Fuso joining forces in ecological technology

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle (Live From Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, 1973)

Debt Limit Bill Heads to the House Floor

Ramaswamy Aides Also Paid by LIV Golf

How McCarthy's Freedom Caucus feud could stall the debt ceiling deal - MSNBC Reports

Karl Rove funded Nader in 2000 and 2004 and Harlan Crow is funding No Labels

A fun and encouraging article about New College

Vandenberg - Burning Heart (live on Texel beach in the Netherlands, 1984)

Survivors, ex-employees say Kanakuk Christian camp 'ministered' to its sexual predators

Trump legal snitch? Trump lawyers fight as insider was reportedly 'waved off' searching for docs

Trump legal snitch? Trump lawyers fight as insider was reportedly 'waved off' searching for docs

CBO's Estimate of the Budgetary Effects of H.R. 3746, the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023

Florida elections officials quietly made it easier for Ron DeSantis to fund his 2024 bid

Chipmaker Nvidia joins exclusive club of companies with a $1 trillion market capitalization

Trewhela Williams adds louvred oak facade to London mews house in Belsize Park

Unique 'bawdy bard' act discovered, revealing 15th-century roots of British comedy

General Question: Have you gotten more paranoid

Bought this today at Target. To support them and Pride.

South City Police Chase Ends in Shootout With Robbery Suspect - PoliceActivity

Biden won't claim debt ceiling win, because he must play the owned lib

Trump lawyer says he was BLOCKED from searching Trump office at Mar-a-Lago for classified documents

Trump lawyer CONFESSES and throws Trump Under the Bus - Meidas Touch

Texas House swiftly passes property tax bill, abruptly adjourns

Texas House swiftly passes property tax bill, abruptly adjourns

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

North Korea launches 'space vehicle' amid military spy satellite plans