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Archives: May 31, 2023

McCarthy on debt limit bill: 'We couldn't get everything we wanted' - MSNBC Reports

Chinese jet flew past nose of U.S. plane, Pentagon says

Alabama expands ban on trans athletes to include college teams

Last Week in the Lunatic Party

Vandenberg - Skyfall (Official Lyric Video) - from their 2020 album, Ronnie Romero lead vocal

Graphic House - Hackney, London - by Office S&M

Bud Light Announces Monetary Support for LGBTQ+ Businesses

Norway says Beluga whale with apparent Russian-made harness swims south to Sweden

Economic Armageddon: Why the Debt Ceiling Deal Must Hold - Robert Reich

Sunset, southern MD 5/30

NATO to send 700 more troops to Kosovo to help quell violent protests

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has mercifully come to an end.

Twitter Now Worth Just 33% of What Elon Musk Paid

Studio Paul Chan references Wes Anderson at Boisson bottle shop in Los Angeles

Hooray, I'm out of the hospital! Damned stroke almost got me.

There are some very deep thinkers here.

Rep. Moore: Debt limit deal 'could have been worse' but White House pulled 'victory out of defeat'

American Ninja Warriors Women's Championship

Rick Scott says he will oppose bill to raise debt limit & vote for default and recession.

Buffalo Chip Roy tries to scuttle debt limit bill in House Rules Committee

Small earthquake in Cook Inlet, Alaska

AI Writing Apps

Saudis buying GOP via LIV Golf

Is Democracy "Beautiful"?

The Stylistics - You Make Me Feel Brand New

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Police: Pedestrian killed by train in Edmonds

Suppression of Black and LGBTQ+ voices in public schools is the real weaponization of government

Words from Rosalynn Carter

Debt limit deal clears key hurdle ahead of final House vote

Leader Hakeem Jeffries: Democrats will deliver the House votes to avoid default - All In - MSNBC

No sign of Mississippi governor fulfilling pledge on campaign funds tied to welfare case

Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life (1969) 4K

Nevada Republican governor approves abortion protections in rare cross-party move

So, do the McCarthy's, who have no other place to go, recognize

Too Much or Never Enough: Excess, Success, and Happiness under Capitalism

Carbon Intensity of Electricity of Some European Grids With Nuclear Power 5/31/23 3h21m Paris Time

So the fake Patriots are really pissed at McCarthy

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Texas impeachment trial scheduling....

Tina Turner and David Bowie

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024.

Extinction Looms; either from AI; or trump:

AFGE Wins Union Election at EPA Facility in Michigan

NE: Committee voter ID bill survives a second round of filibuster by Sen. Julie Slama

Impeached Texas AG Ken Paxton tries out Trump defense playbook - All In - MSNBC

Vandenberg - Sin (Official Lyric Video) - title track of their 2023 album, Mats Leven lead vocal

Anyone hear of Pink Williams

Saudis buying GOP via LIV Golf

"Why the f**k would you allow these drones to fly into Moscow?" - Break the Fake - TVP World

Chris Hayes: Biden delivering on 2020 promises makes for a strong 2024 pitch - All In - MSNBC

House Freedom Caucus neutered by debt ceiling deal

Gay Floridians Are Leaving in Droves, Says Pride Organizer

I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire Sharon Van Etten Michael Imperioli

Curious Case of the 'Lost' episodes of Jeopardy

Lawrence O'Donnell really helps me appreciate the negotiating genius of Joe Biden

House Dems in the No Labels-allied Problem Solvers Caucus are livid with No Labels

If You Could Read My Mind Diana Krall Sarah McLachlan

Rightwing calling for boycott of growing list of organizations: Kohls, Dodgers, even Chik-Fil-A now

Amid all the doom and gloom in the world, a bright spot...

What do you feel is the most overrated movie? I was thinking of Braveheart as it was William

Marjorie Taylor Greene: debt ceiling deal is like an 💩 sandwich that I'll likely eat

Saving Capitalism by Robert Reich

Nebraska Sued Over Law Restricting Abortion and Gender-Affirming Care

Santos Bail Paid In Secret Hearing - Raw News And Politics

Anybody had a torn meniscus? I tore my right inner meniscus back

Ashli Babbitt's Mother Arrested After Striking Woman at Pro-Jan. 6 Event

Mika Nakashima Koi Wo Suru

OR: Paychecks, perks continue for absent senators amid GOP-led walkout

Teenage Fanclub - Foreign Land

MSNBC for cord cutters. Tune In App

LA: House kills constitutional amendment to ensure representation on higher ed governing boards

black men are apologetic for blocking woman's drive way. Texas woman "I'm white, we rule"

stephen king tweet: "This whole transgender and sex change thing is classic bait-and-switch

LA: Senate Republicans kill minimum wage hike for Louisiana workers

Bill to require 25 feet between police and public advances to Louisiana Senate

I just found out this weekend that our cat is 17 years old.

AL: Gov. Kay Ivey signs ban on transgender college athletes

Debt deal moves to next stage with McCarthy likely to rely on lots of Democratic votes - Alex Wagner

AZ: Appeals court says some marijuana sales convictions can be expunged

6 Texas AG employees take leave of absence to defend Ken Paxton at impeachment trial

Lawsuit targets Nebraska's combo bill on abortion, gender-affirming care

Here's an example of a country with an enlightened approach to LGBTQ rights:

'This does smell a lot like obstruction': Expert on new reporting on Trump's classified docs stash

Mar-a-Lago prosecutors eye July episode with Trump surveillance cameras

VA: Senate District 13's Top Democratic Leaders Support Lashrecse Aird

State appeals court rules Manson follower Leslie Van Houten should be paroled

The Privacy of Private Conversations - Why The LA Fed Tapes Scandal Will Never Be Solved

SAN FRANCISCO: London Breed's Poll Numbers Are in the Dumps, 60% Disapprove of Job She's Doing

Marjorie Taylor Greene is now pushing Kevin McCarthy to include the impeachment of President Biden a

CA-GOV: Hillary Clinton backs Eleni Kounalakis for California governor

Church associate arrested in death of pastor, councilwoman gunned down outside her New Jersey home

Black man escorted out of Shasta County meeting for protesting white man's use of N-word

🍰'Magic Vanilla Cake'🍰

Trump Caught RED HANDED in Breaking Documents Reporting - Meidas Touch

Manson follower Leslie Van Houten should be paroled, California appeals court rules

'Joe Biden won': Lawrence O'Donnell on the President's successful debt ceiling strategy - The Last Word

Any Republican in the House can move to vacate the Speaker's position at any time

My DU is rendering in pink and purple text while I am in night mode.

NYC Council candidate's (R) claims of working as a teacher and living in Brooklyn in doubt

NYC Council member Vickie Paladino (R) failed to disclose debt on two conflicts-of-interest filings

among first Osprey pics, 2014

Indicted NYC 'Bling Bishop' Lamor Whitehead devised 'straw donor scheme' during Brooklyn borough pre

Stand By Your Man or How Bible Thumpers turned Ken Paxton into a 'hero'.

The Final BattleZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman Season1 # 3-3

So........What the actual F***?

John Beasley, Actor on 'Everwood' and 'The Soul Man,' Dies at 79

Oh, this is good

My brother and his family live in Florida.

Cher, Tina Turner, Kate Smith - Beatles Medley

Tina Turner, Elton John, Cher - Proud Mary

Biden is 'kind of a master of the inside game' says fmr. Obama campaign manager - The ReidOut - MSNBC

GOP leaders tout debt ceiling bill ahead of House vote - MSNBC

I have surgery Thursday

TN State Rep. Pearson: Our democracy can't become a GOP 'mobocracy' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde (Guitar Cover)

President Lpez Obrador States He is in Favor of a Pact Between Cartels and Missing Persons Search C

TN State Rep. Pearson: Our democracy can't become a GOP 'mobocracy' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Trump reportedly building revenge list against feds investigating him (MSNBC)

Torture & Executions - Damaso's Rebuttal to los Chapitos

TOOL - Vicarious (Mel cover)

Drug cartel's seizure of town in southern Mexico leads to clashes between civilians, army

Lawsuit challenges $3,700 fee, other new restrictions, on Montana citizen initiative process

Sen. Whitehouse and Lawrence Examine the Latest Ethics Troubles at the Supreme Court - The Last Word

MT: Lawsuit: Cascade County Elections Office mishandled, must redo, two district elections

Vocal Coach reacts to Rammstein: Paris- Du Hast. *Finally!*

Well, well, well. Color me not surprised

We have to talk about Maynard...

Colombian Peasants Are Taking on an Irish Multinational-- and Being Met With Violence

Looking ahead to the next contest.

Brazilian Indigenous groups protest as lawmakers approve bill limiting recognition of ancestral land

Remaining unannounced Dem/Prog. Senators ranked by chance of 2024 retirement.

NY fertility doctor accused of using own sperm dies when hand-built plane crashes

Chile set to lose ground in global lithium rankings to Argentina

Trump's lawyers reportedly beginning to turn on each other - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Man smashes Brazilian beauty pageant winner's crown after his wife comes second

Trump, DeSantis candidacies fail to deter crowd of 2024 GOP presidential hopefuls - Alex Wagner MSNBC

SpaceX could launch this wild, origami-inspired folding heat shield later this year

New record! 17 people are in Earth orbit at the same time right now

Trump Investigations - May 30, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Could drone attacks in Moscow change how Russian people perceive Putin's war in Ukraine? PBS NewsHour

Debt ceiling deal clears first hurdle in GOP-led House - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Independent group 'No Labels' could field third-party candidate in 2024 - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'Dr. Beach' Names the Top 10 Beaches in the US for 2023

Is it a good idea for men in their 80s to become new fathers?

Disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes begins 11-year prison sentence - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Breakfast Wednesday 31 May 2023

TX AG Impeached But FAR From Gone - Raw News And Politics

Mystery surrounds death of bankrupt bank trustee who fell from 15th floor of building in Bolivia

Donna Summer, 1978, Last Dance

Ron DeSantis called out for 'ignoring' Hollywood beach (FL) shooting: 'He doesn't care'

If I toss these diced chicken breast into a salad is it a chicken salad.

How a blend of science and art is improving neurological health - PBS NewsHour

The occurrence of PFAS in landfill gas.

Fighting antisemitism as Tree of Life shooting trial begins - MSNBC Reports

Brazil unlocks new achievement, recycles 100% of aluminium cans sold in 2022

North Korea's first spy satellite launch ends in failure and promise to send up another

Did An 80 Year Old WWII Warning Predict America's Descent Into Fascism? - Thom Hartmann

Stacey Abrams SLAMS Republican Extremists in EXCLUSIVE New Interview - Burn the Boats

Joran van der Sloot, last person to see Natalee Holloway, 'brutally' beaten before extradition

*****WORDLE 711 (May 31) SPOILER ALERT*****

Chinese jet flew past nose of U.S. plane, says Pentagon

Baby dies in hot car while parents attend church, police say

Ohio AG on bathroom policies: Law does not protect 'subjective preferences' of trans people

Ohio labor unions fight back against higher education bill banning strikes

OH-09: Republican candidate accused of lying about military record ends comeback bid

On Assignment with Richard Engel: Age of Hate

Samwise Gamgee, *not* eavesdropping:

Wednesday TOONs - Deal

I am watching a clip of DeSantis on Morning Joe....

Fox News calls Rep. Norman (R-SC) on his lame excuse

Margie's Latest Claim; The Left boycotted and targeted Chic-fil-A because they closed on Sundays

Changes to food aid in debt bill would cost money, far from savings GOP envisioned

Just when I thought my disdain for the GQP had finally hit bottom, I read this:

Climate Shocks Are Making Parts of America Uninsurable. It Just Got Worse.

Matt Gaetz issues major threat to McCarthy as feud erupts among Republicans - Brian Tyler Cohen

30 May: Mission Retribution. No one expected such results - Reporting from Ukraine

'When Correctly Viewed --- Everything Is Lewd'

The Rundown: May 29, 2023

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 5/24/23

Soliciting Multiversity: DC's Top Ten for August 2023

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 5/21-5/27/2023

Comics Should Be Cheap (5/31/23)

16,000 Evacuated In & Around Halifax, Nova Scotia As Racing Wildfires Burn More Than 25,000 Acres

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for August 2023

The Webcomics Weekly #235: The Daring, Dorito Defying Duke (5/30/2023 Edition)

Denmark making a big investment on wind

OSU Reacts To Garbage Bill That Labels Global Warming A "Controversial Belief Or Policy"

ESPN torches Brett Favre on the TANF scandal

Noted Asshole Joe Rogan Touts "Theory" (Popular W. Assholes) That Magnetic Fields Are REAL Problem

Hollywood, Florida shooting: 2 arrested in South Florida mass shooting investigation, police say

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about brains, reputation, and Elon Musk....

KY Dead Last In Renewables, Faces High Energy Costs, But Grandpa Coal Minin' God Something Something

The Rundown: May 31, 2023

Must See - Stacey Abrams

I was FAR too tired to post these, yesterday.

No ChatGPT in my court: Judge orders all AI-generated content must be declared and checked

Billionaire Sackler Family To Get Immunity In $6 Billion Opioid Settlement

Congress threatens to block Space Command headquarters funding

I have been watching, " The Strain" on Hulu....

Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten prevails in challenge to parole reversal

UAE Oil Minister Who'll "Lead" Global Climate Conference Gets A Bright Green Wikipedia Edit

Ukraine war: The mothers going to get their children back from Russia from the BBC

I Don't Need No Doctor

How to behave in Britain, 1943

I can't play music

Airports Have Become Accidental Wildlife Sanctuaries

The most sensitive documents at Mar-a-Lago were found in Trump's office?

NASA Panel to Hold Public Hearing on UFO Study Today

On this date the Johnstown Flood occurred

All Gone Horribly Wrong for Putin: Inner Circle Betrays Him. Russia Demands "Security Guarantees"

On May 31, 1980, the 9:30 Club opened.

Nearly 1/3 Of GB News Presenters (Including Farage) Use Airtime To Lie About Climate Consensus

As retailers leave some cities, one grocery chain is trying to stay

Trump White House Aides Subpoenaed in Firing of Election Security Expert

On this day, May 31, 1930, Clint Eastwood was born.

St. Stephen's Food Bank (Phx) reminder 5/31/23

It could be a's not...

Charlie Kirk's "Pastors Summit" Funded by Registered Sex Offender

Shorter GOP hostage-takers in the House:

The Box Mover asked the IT guy about DELETING Video. Countdown with Keith Olbermann

House Set to Vote on Debt Limit Bill Amid Republican Resistance

Train drivers to hold first of three rail strikes in England this week

'A Traitor to His Country!': Donald Trump Ripped Apart for Tone-Deaf Memorial Day Message

Drones attack Russian oil refineries near major oil port Novorossiisk

Pic Of The Moment: The Latest On The Debt Ceiling Negotiations

sonora ca weather update .

How Putin's taste for jail jargon changed Russia

Alaska state school board considers rule that would limit transgender athletes

Missouri rule takes effect putting library funds in jeopardy over 'obscene' material

boost and like syncing is coming to Mastodon

How Pa. lawmakers are clawing back the state's power to plug abandoned wells

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 31, 2023

Hey Ron your down in

Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows new live consert May 26, 2023

Maria Bartiromo has a sad that Biden probes fizzled.

What is Ron Desantis' Actual Record of Accomplishment?

WI: State Republicans circulate dangerous anti-abortion bills

IN: Rep. Jim Lucas (R) jailed on OWI, leaving scene after crash in Jackson County

"Betrayal": MAGA Republicans rage over McCarthy deal -- and threaten his speakership

More guns equals more chaos.

The War in Ukraine Has Come Home to Russia

So, has the media decided they are going to report on every DeSantan utterance?

OH BALLOT QUESTION 1: Republican Party molding Ohio into an authoritarian state

Brevard families leaving Florida: Why they say Sunshine State no longer feels like home

Ballot returns in Denver point to high interest in mayor's race

A Dirty Debt Deal: Biden Blasted for Backing Fast-Track Approval of Mountain Valley Pipeline

A Feast of Political Absurdity: Texas Republicans Take the Stage

SD: Mayoral candidates talk priorities as Rapid City elections approach

Wine at Wegmans? Not in New York, if Liquor Stores Can Help It.

MI: Cat declawing ban reintroduced in Legislature

The Women of Sierra Leone Have New Land-Ownership Rights

Michigan Democrats seek to boost turnout, allow vote preregistration at 16

WA woman launches home schools for Afghan girls kept out of class

Supreme Court Guts Clean Water Act as Conservative Justices Side with Polluters and Developers

No Pasties": Dress Code for Stonewall Pride Seeks to Skirt Wrath of DeSantis

BREAKING: Dan Bishop plans to challenge Kevin McCarthy's Speakership.....

On this day, May 31, 1911, the Titanic was launched.

NH: Exec. Council sets special election to fill House seat in Rockingham County, Dist. 1

Mothers' hilarious protest in Florida

Blue Jays' Anthony Bass apologizes for sharing anti-LGBTQ+ video

CA-12: CSU East Bay prof. Jennifer Tran (D) announces run for Rep. Barbara Lee's congressional seat

Ugandan Rights Activist: U.S. Conservatives Exported Anti-LGBTQ Hate That Led to "Kill the Gays" Law

SOME hunts just seem to suck, and thank goodness for team partners who persist (MHW)

Tennessee woman missing during cross-country trip found safe, boyfriend arrested: police

i found an estate sale w/ old radio/ham? old tech gadgets if anybody is into that.

If Chris CRISPIE declares candidacy, it'll be worth it to get him off ABC This Weak

RI-01: Narragansett tribal elder (D) announces run for Congress

Enter a dreamy French surrealist poem, where love and reality never quite touch The Trump Family's Immigrant Story

When you go into a Dennys with a gun & say gimme the money, if you just get breakfast that's a fail.

Maryland License Plates Now Inadvertently Advertising Filipino Online Casino

Nevada toughens penalties for election worker intimidation

Erdoğan Reelected to 5 More Years in Turkey as His Government Grows More Authoritarian & Nationalist

Newsmax Plays Footage From Iowa Building Collapse, Claiming It Was A Drone Attack Inside Russia

I'm gonna write a book about all the

Oklahoma Supreme Court rules two abortion ban laws unconstitutional

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's Day 1 promise....

More malicious extensions in Chrome Web Store

Frilly dresses and white supremacy: welcome to the weird, frightening world of 'trad wives'

Changes to food aid in debt bill would cost money, far from savings GOP envisioned

M16 the eagle nebula

Fox's Ratings Keep Getting Worse After Firing Tucker Carlson - Farron Balanced

What Experience Can Accomplish (my words)

India cuts periodic table and evolution from school textbooks -- experts are baffled

Traveling while crazy

Cute dog using his buttons to talk.

Living in a Frank Lloyd Wright House: 7 Homeowners Share Their Honest Experience

Federal Court Rules Sacklers Can Still Go To Heaven

Religious kooks in India are going the route of the religious kooks here in the US...

More on the brave mothers against DeSantis

On this day, May 31, 2013, the El Reno tornado crossed central Oklahoma.

New West Virginia Senate poll: Manchin vs. Justice (Justice up by 22)

Black Mirror: Season 6 - Official Trailer - Netflix - Streams 6/15/2023

WV governor fails to pay millions in fines for his company

West Virginia governor's coal empire sued by government over unpaid fines

North Miami Beach Mayor Anthony DeFillipo arrested over 'voting irregularities'

On this day, May 31, 1921, the Tulsa race riot began.

Oklahoma Supreme Court rules 2 abortion bans unconstitutional, but abortion is still illegal in most

Editorial: Set your muscle memory for work zone speed cameras

Bands With Produce Names

Trump's Golf Course Blacklisted by British Open

Umm...clean-up on aisle 45 -- djt didn't think about his son Barron's birthright...

"Just a kid who wanted to be a kid"

Elite High School's Admissions Plan May Face Supreme Court Test

Cartoons 5/31/2023

Project Veritas v. O'Keefe

Weeklong closure coming to Highway 9 section in Lake Stevens

To keep Camano lights on, PUD builds a new power line

Youngkin deploys 100 Virginia National Guard troops for border enforcement in Texas

The Revolt of the Other Mothers

Anti-trans boycott of Target misses its target

This Alabama Health Clinic Is Under Threat. It Doesn't Provide Abortions.

Tweet of the Day

Team Putin Spars Over Baffling Russian 'Victory Plan' in War

Does anyone have experience getting a same day in-person appointment for a Passport?

Why the GOP is holding on to its racial resentment

Former Capitol Hill QFC will make way for large mixed-use project

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 31, 2023)

Trump's Turnberry Golf Course Banned by British Open: Report

Moscow drone attack exposes Russia's vulnerabilities, fuels criticism of military

She had a dream job. Now, she's part of a massive brain drain hammering Russia

Just how screwy is Japanese animation?

Nevada becomes latest to enhance penalties for election worker intimidation after statewide exodus

Devastating new details emerge in alleged Pittsburgh synagogue shooter's trial

As Supreme Court considers affirmative action, colleges see few other ways to diversity goals

Trump critic Chris Christie to launch White House bid -source

Illinois most at risk from brain-damaging lead in water, but Florida getting bigger cut of EPA money

GOP Rep Whines About 99-Page Bill, Gets Schooled With Simple Math

Delta Air Lines hit with lawsuit over claims of carbon neutrality

Redistricting amendment from 2010 sparks Constitutional standoff with Gov. DeSantis

Texas lawmakers send anti-DEI bill to Abbott's desk

Buffalo Chip Roy Leads GOP Revolt Against Debt Limit Deal

What are your Top 10 all-time favorite television dramas?

Former Vice President Mike Pence to Launch Campaign for White House Within 2 Weeks

MTG wants impeachment in exchange for her vote on the debt limit.

Name something that annoys you, but doesn't seem to bother other people. For me, I need a certain

First it was Ted Cruz defending LGBTQIA people. Now it's...

Texas AG's Words Come Back To HAUNT Him

Horse's mouth: Pres. Biden 'walled off' cuts to Medicare and Social Security from debt limit deal

Question--What's the handle of our resident Professor? TIA

Teacher Meme

The Durutti Column - The Return of the Durutti Column (1980) (Full Album)

ChatGPT Risks Divide Biden Administration Over EU's AI Rules

Have a new mac air. problem

Fascinating Chris Krebs & John McEntee Depositions

The Ostrogorski Paradox - Why Republicans Win

McCarthy Commission to Cut the Budget

Federal Trump case gets serious update with attorney admission - Brian Tyler Cohen

Devin Nunes Steers Trump Media Company Into Dumpster Fire Defamation Suits

India hits the lithium jackpot - CaspianReport

Jan. 6 rioters are raking in thousands in donations. Now the US is coming after their haul

Goodbye, DU! (*sniff!*)

When you're hungry and it's not yet dinner time..

Kansas Republicans admonish Black lawmaker. His response: 'not my job to protect your feelings'

Any NPR Science Friday listeners? I'll be on this coming Friday. Link to the episode up

Dewey learns a lesson at Sunday school (warning - ant smiting discussed)

I was looking at photograghs

MS-GOV: Reeves (R) campaign says it still plans to give away donations tied to welfare scandal

Instagram scam? I had to upload a pic and my username? This OK?

MS-GOV: Judge puts Democratic candidate back on gubernatorial ballot

Gay Bars Aren't Disappearing; They're Changing

Jack Smith zeroes in on Trump's firing of his own 'disloyal' cybersecurity official: NYT

DeSantis signs bill renaming FL road after Rush Limbaugh, but some Dems couldn't honor a 'racist'

Why 2023 is the summer of anti-LGBTQ panic

Why 2023 is the summer of anti-LGBTQ panic

Remember when the movie, Contagion, was only sci fi and not reality?

Mother's Boy aka 'Flybaby' will enter the presidential race on June 7

The Storage Room Saga

Job openings show surprise increase in April

Texas man urges Supreme Court to stay out of major (DV Restraining Order) Second Amendment case

(LGBT) What the Anti-LGBTQ+ Movement's History Can Teach Us Right Now

What the Anti-LGBTQ+ Movement's History Can Teach Us Right Now

NJ-07: Sue Altman (D) announces bid to unseat Tom Kean

Teen fatally shot in back by S.C. store owner who wrongly accused him of shoplifting, sheriff says

Sign with a homophobic slur in front of Florida business sparks backlash

Jumping Pittie Helps Raise Her Human Brother

After years of delays, New Yorkers can finally register to vote online

AI Deepfakes of True-Crime Victims Are a Waking Nightmare (Rolling Stone) - TRIGGER WARNING

Prepare to say the following loudly and repeatedly

NY: Suburban Democrats lost. Now they wield all the power.

Woman Rescues 10-Year-Old Fish And Can't Believe Her Eyes When He Transforms

Police in Atlanta arrest 3 behind bail fund supporting protests against police training complex

Texas @GovAbbott appoints former Secretary of State John Scott as interim attorney general.

Doctors call for changes to laws that criminalize drug use during pregnancy

Texas Governor Greg Abbott appoints former Secretary of State John Scott as interim attorney general

NYC: Why super PACs may have even more influence in City Council primaries

AI intensifies fight against 'paper mills' that churn out fake research

Teens ate beloved nyc swan. Say they mistook it for duck

We Don't Hear Anything About It - But What's Going On With The Writers Strike?....

Watch This Stray Cat Do A 'Crab Dance'

NYC Mayor Adams rails against 'hot rays of socialism and communism' in Memorial Day speech

How to Spot a Fascist. Beginning in 1943, the War Department published a series of pamphlets

There Is A Shortage Of Candidates To Join Police Forces Around The Country.....

History of the Japanese Language

NYC: City Council campaigns say there is more interest in races with primaries approaching

Tennessee Woman Denied Abortion for Ectopic Pregnancy Was Left Infertile

Foggy morning, southern MD

Oklahoma Supreme Court Tosses Two Abortion Bans (life of the mother)

Rep. Comer, How come the FBI will not turn over a document? (that most likely doesn't exsit?*)

Which GQP presidential candidates are real and which are ringers?

(Jewish Group) Jewish doctors' secret study of Warsaw ghetto starvation rediscovered 80 years later

Jewish doctors' secret study of Warsaw ghetto starvation rediscovered 80 years later

Debt ceiling vote live updates: House will take up the Biden-McCarthy plan tonight

(Jewish Group) More than a 1/3 of people in Hungary and Poland have 'extensive' antisemitic beliefs

NC: GOP bill would expand UNC Board of Governors, change appointment process

More than a third of people in Hungary and Poland have 'extensive' antisemitic beliefs, says ADL

How a Russian Wanted by the U.S. Escaped From Italy

Elon Musk's Controversial Comments In China; National Security; EU-China: Trade & Ukraine - China Update

Chinese Spies Tried to Infiltrate Alaska Military Bases

Project Veritas is suing James O'Keefe.

Name one policy that the republicans support that helps working people/families?

Let's say this debt ceiling is a done deal. Won't we be talking a government

Utah Republican Chris Stewart is resigning from House

Bernie is a no on debt ceiling bill

Eating Disorder Helpline Disables Chatbot for 'Harmful' Responses After Firing Human Staff

When should social workers separate families? A federal lawsuit raises thorny questions

R's won. We lost.

Russian oligarchs would 'overthrow Putin' if he started war with Great Britain - Times Radio

Police called for incident at Cleveland area church; priest faces backlash for anti-gay comments

Tuberville adviser resigns after report on role in stalling military promotions

Amazon to pay over $30 million in FTC settlements over Ring, Alexa privacy violations

Pittie Was So Scared Of This Tiny Kitten

Jan. 6ther "Bigo" Barrett gets two big NO's from the judge (delay & low security)

Trump Debt Ceiling - The Lincoln Project

What the hell did Ken Paxton do?

This blew my mind!

Trump captured on tape talking about classified document he kept after leaving the White House

911 dispatcher and rabbi take the stand on first day of Pittsburgh synagogue shooting trial

(Jewish Group) 911 dispatcher and rabbi take the stand on first day of Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Trump captured on tape talking about classified document he kept after leaving the White House

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about special months and a question....

MAGA Republican Press Conference Goes Off The Rails, Total Disaster - Luke Beasley

With MLB embroiled in Pride Night controversy, a pair of Jewish players speak up

(Jewish group) With MLB embroiled in Pride Night controversy, a pair of Jewish players speak up

NASA talks UFOs with public ahead of final report on unidentified flying objects

Car Launches Off Tow Truck Ramp in Lowndes County, Georgia - PoliceActivity

The House vote on the rules governing the debt ceiling bill just passed.

Black Sabbath Paranoid (whole album)

Watching C-SPAN: What is HRES 456?

Hundreds gather at Florida school board meeting over Disney movie controversy

Hundreds gather at Florida school board meeting over Disney movie controversy

The Will Rogers Experiment (podcast)- E7

Debt ceiling bill passes in the House, advances to the Senate days ahead of default deadline

The Will Rogers Experiment (podcast)- E7

Bad Attitude Cops Needed A HELICOPTER For This? - LackLuster

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 31, 2023

Tommy Tuberville's musician brother distances himself over 'racial stereotypes, white nationalism'

China, Japan, South Korea & Germany in Deep Trouble as Manufacturing Crashes & Fears of Recession - Joe Blogs

Nicole Wallace on DeSantis vs. Trump - "Like two tarantulas in a bowl: nobody to root for."

When you leave your dog alone for a minute (Twitter video)

Sneaking past the boss's office when you're late for work (Twitter video)

RSV vaccines for older adults under the spotlight

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 1 June 2023

McCarthy suggests new commission could look at Social Security and Medicare cuts

This is fukkin hilarious ear hair waxing and harmonica.

After the workday is done...

Earth is 'really quite sick now' and in danger zone in nearly all ecological ways, study says

I keep getting calls said to be from Social Security asking...

'Trump Bucks' retailers' websites taken down, days after being exposed for selling bogus currency


Sanders to vote against debt bill, says Biden should invoke 14th Amendment

I rarely praise Republicans. But I have to give two thumbs up

MAGA's Reaction To The Debt Limit Agreement Is Just What You'd Expect: Dumb

What is the MAGA/Hard Right to do.

Just saw three baby raccoons in my yard under a maple tree!

Biden speaks on extreme weather and climate change ahead of hurricane and wild fire season - PBS News

Clause in the debt-ceiling deal that means bad news for Social Security

Actor Danny Masterson Found Guilty Of Raping 2 Women

Nicholas Brockhoff: Covington man dubbed 'green horn hoodlum' gets 3 years in prison for role in Cap

My guess is that Trump used the term "Super super duper classified"

Mike Luckovich-Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter-My Caregiver

Danny Masterson Convicted of Rape in Retrial

Long Cane Creek Trip

Nevada becomes latest to enhance penalties for election worker intimidation after statewide exodus

Trump's Lawyers Losing Grip On Reality Fearing One Of Them Is A Snitch - Farron Balanced

Nevada becomes latest to enhance penalties for election worker intimidation after statewide exodus

Trump captured on tape talking about classified document he kept after leaving the White House

Hundreds of Amazon workers protest company's climate impact, return-to-office mandate

Another argument against the flat tax

PVC Pipe Storage has become a New Home

poem/song lyrics about dementia

Manhattan DA responds to Trump's latest desperate move - MeidasTouch

Solution: Tots 'n pears.

Republican candidate sinks his OWN campaign with DISASTROUS answer - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump Slams "Milktoast" McEnany For Citing Correct Poll - Waldorf Nation

For all of the things Texas can rightly be criticized for

Pentagon leaders cancel drag show at a Nevada Air Force base

'Felt like a year': Worshipper describes fear during gunman's deadly attack on Pittsburgh synagogue

Trapdoor spiders build homes with an actual 'hinged' door (WATCH) *warning..... bugs*

What flavor of ice cream do you wish would exist?

Gov Evers: Tomorrow, I'll be hosting the 5th annual raising of the Pride Flag at the Wisconsin State

Trump Releases Disturbing Video, Stuns the World - Luke Beasley

Jury finds Danny Masterson guilty on 2 counts in rape retrial

Gradutate?? SMDH

Who was Trump's sidekick?

Iran Expands Stockpile of Highly Enriched Uranium

Putin is 'losing the faith of the Russian public' as Ukraine's counteroffensive looms - Times Radio

How Easy Is It to Open the Emergency Exit Mid-Flight?

Court: No lawsuit immunity for Michigan official who had rifle during online meeting

Refinery ignites after alleged drone strike inside Russia's border - CNN

spiral shaped walkway that looks like it's moving.... but it's not.

What are the moRons going to do about drag racing?

News & Commentary May 21, 2023

Why do animals keep evolving into crabs?

Mike Pence's motorcycle gang:

Tree heart

Neil deGrasse Tyson says this Chinese move is putting pressure on NASA - CNN

Florida leaving ERIC, the database that helps to prevent voter fraud

Trouble in Tuberville Land

New 'quasi-moon' discovered near Earth has been travelling alongside our planet since 100 BC

Neal Katyal: Jack Smith is 'looking under the hood' at personnel decisions - Deadline - MSNBC

'Boycott Target' song over retailer's LGBTQ 'agenda' tops iTunes ...

Why this Escambia County (FL) mom is suing her daughters' school district

Trump tape bomb is 'last nail in coffin': Audio has Trump talking about classified doc, report

Listen to the sounds of Pando, the largest living tree in the world

Right Wingers Are Attacking The FBI To Neutralize It For Future Criming

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin says he will vote with Republicans to overturn Biden's student-debt reli

BREAKING: Trump CAUGHT ON TAPE Making a DEVASTATING Criminal Admission - Meidas Touch

Where Things Stand: Save This Clip For Next Time They Pretend They Don't Wanna Cut Soc Security, Med

LAIST: Latest On WGA Strike: Putting Executive Compensation Under The Spotlight

Flying over southern MD

Impeached Texas AG Claims He Stopped Biden Ballots From Winning Texas

Why is the Texas AG bragging about disenfranchising 3 million people in Texas?

Bump of Chicken-Sailing Day

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, greets a baby during a campaign event at Sun Valley Barn...

I'm so frustrated, I'm nearly in tears...

Where's the vote thread, 8 eastern? - is this a link?

McCarthy Wants 'Able-Bodied Children' To Work For Government Benefits - Waldorf Nation

What do you want for supper? (cartoon) 😄 🤣 😸

Amazon employees stage walkout at HQ over frustrations with leadership

Is anyone watching FDR on the History Channel?

Grifter starts her own podcast under house arrest. Suckers couldn't be happier to listen.