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Midwife' on PBS @ 8 p.m., DC area. NOW

Just checking in with a new Yoyoka drum cover.

Midwife' on PBS @ 8 p.m., DC area. now

Saw a yard sign Labrador pups for sale , out fishing today.

I just gotta say, what i just DON'T understand.

Nujabes- Battle Cry

Foreign National Extradited to the United States for Kidnapping and Assaulting U.S. Army Soldiers in

7 killed after car crashes into migrants in texas

Should Democratic candidates and reps refuse all NRA funding and/or support?

Will I be able to watch Netflix on my laptop in England?

Sheep, did ewe not read the memo?

Did the officials in Allen, TX give an official briefing today? Or was none given? I have

Marjorie Taylor Greene LIES TO SCARED AUDIENCE - Tells Them About Plan to POISON THE SOIL!!!

The Other Americans: Press Freedom is Under Attack in Central America

Glenn Kirschner: "They are all out to Get him". More trump LIES.

Oprah's commencement speech at TN State U

I Smell Rats, too!

How Mexico's Victory Over The French On Cinco de Mayo Aided The Union In The Civil War

Wild Fish Finds Diver Whenever He Makes This Noise

Sorry Texas

Democracy or Pinochetism is the stark choice facing Chileans tomorrow

Spelling Bee

Woman "Catches" Birds On Her Face

Utada Hikaru- Come back to Me (English)

The Rolling Stones released their song 'Paint It Black' 57 years ago, May 7, 1966

Maybe there should be an "age limit" for owning an arsenal, instead of worrying that Joe Biden

Donald Trump posts provable lies; prosecutors should seek gag order - Kirschner

Third-place finisher in Paraguay's presidential election arrested

influential evangelical Christian pastor placed on indefinite leave

Texas Mass Shooter Posted Neo-Nazi Content, FBI Document Reveals

Astronaut Hall of Fame inducts Sen. Mark Kelly

Female Astronauts May Be the Ticket for Mars Trips, Women's bodies strain a ship's resources less

Biden calls for assault weapons ban after Texas mall shooting - MSNBC Reports

Jesse Watters' DISGUSTING Comments May Come Back To Haunt Him

Reparations: If something is moral, it's moral regardless of political or economic cost

Republican governments solve mass shootings with prayers as they unleash guns unabatedly on us all.

Dude and Dude Daddy

Keith Self, the Republican Congressman from Allen,TX that has mentioned Thoughts and Prayers is in

california super bloom 5.7.23

SamboMaster -Sekai wasore wo ai to yobundaze

Gwen McCrae - Rockin Chair

Musk wants to hire Tucker?

Is there anyone here

That Second Civil War we keep talking about, actually started about 12 or 13 years ago

The NRA has engaged in potentially illegal activities. Why hasn't the IRS revoked its tax status?

Monday's digit - 8/10: Maybe a little fog early, but a good-looking spring day overall. Jason, CWG

Pariah no more? Arab League reinstates Bashar Assad's Syria

Texas lawmaker outlines legislation needed to reduce gun violence - MSNBC Reports

🐦 Good Monday Morning Relaxing Jazz and Bossa Nova Music

WI Deputy shot and killed when directing driver to do sobriety test, driver then kills himself

we should recognize the victims of mass shootings that are never talked about.

The (japanese drama) BeachBoys Theme song

The Rude Pundit: Human Life Is Cheap in the USA

mrs. betty bowers asks a great question regarding prayers (mass shootings & abortions)

The Gorge Trail, Watkins Glen State Park, NY (2016)

New Mule!

Takashi Soremachi - poison The great teacher Onizuka

Texas shooting witness: 'I need people to help me' - NewsNation Prime *Graphic descriptions*

Just when you thought Elon Musk couldn't get any more despicable... (Bowers to Musk)

cops cracking down on the side shows... trying to

KOTOKO- Shooting Star

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, deals, and Georgia....

Texas Mass Shooter Was a Neo-Nazi

VE Day, May 8, 1945 - Nazi Germany Surrenders - Victory in Europe Day - End of World War II Europe

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Tucker Carlson have linked mass shootings to antidepressants.

Trump Publicly Humiliates Himself When Asked About His Faith! - Luke Beasley

Love Hina opening/ closing

TX Rep. Jasmine Crockett: Elected officials offer prayers instead of policy solutions - Velshi - MSNBC

Steady decline in US Latinos that identify as Catholic, steady decline in religiously affiliated

Here is an honest question, if you take away the afterlife

Before you click this post, have a seat (it's a shocker) Maybe pour a drink

VE Day, May 8, 1945 - Nazi Germany Surrenders - Victory in Europe Day - End of World War II Europe

Middle Age Riot tweet of the evening:

Cops BEAT UP Woman, Then This Happens...

Kamichu opening/closing (my favorite Anime)

BREAKING: Trump MISSES Big Deadline in Federal Court - Meidas Touch

Jamie Raskin Says Jack Smith Could Conceivably Charge Trump With Seditious Conspiracy

It's telling that NO Republican politicians are criticizing Biden over the near-daily mass shootings

what does it take? will people stop voting for these monsters when THEIR kid is slaughtered?


so yea I have faith that the democrats will prevent the default

hole in the bucket.

A statement that I want to make--based on some politicians and a former newscaster. AntiDepressants

Gerry & The Pacemakers - Ferry Cross The Mersey (1965)

Rep. Raskin: Special counsel could 'absolutely' consider seditious conspiracy for Trump - Jen Psaki

Daily Dilly: Woman Refuses To Buy Toilet Paper In Order To Save Money😳

Kim Fowley - Ugly Stories About Rock Stars And The War

07 May: Fear set in. Russians Dress as Civilians to run away from the front - Reporting from Ukraine

I can't get my Android phone back to Mobile view.

The Searchers - Needles and Pins

Drifters - Under the Boardwalk

George Benson - On Broadway (12" version)

Lou Rawls - Tobacco Road

KANABOON -Silhouette

Do you make an active shooter plan when in public spaces?

My brother died 2 years ago. Miss him whenever see something interesting

What happened to Boa KWON, Queen of Kpop?

Severely over did it today

It's Time.

Mar-A-Lago Witness Is Spilling Trump's Secrets To The Special Prosecutor - Farron Balanced

J. Geils Band - (Ain't Nothing But A) House Party

The Keyboard Circle - Protuberans

Florida Actually Does Something Right: Police Will Help Oust Squatters Under New Law

Our former cottage in Quebec. My parents lent it to us when we were

The ultimate live 🌸Concert-Psy Gangdam Style

On 7 May 1945, German General Alfred Jodl signed the surrender in the French town of Reims.

A new chapter for Arabs and Jews - at Auschwitz

Jerusalem Open House threatened ahead of LGBTQ+ Pride march

SNSD Girls Generation -The Boys (Kpop)

in other countries if you want a gun be a military member of that nation

Thomas Canning's 'Fantasy On A Hymn', Indianapolis Symphony

New Rule

Boa Kwon live at San Francisco City Hall

Eudicella trilineata, the snake tongue chafer.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about everything on the table with SCOTUS....

Russian evacuations near Zaporizhzhia nuclear facility raise suspicions - FRANCE 24

Jinnyoops -California Rock n Roll

McCarthy's dangerous debt ceiling game - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Mexico's blood ritual for bringing rain

Michael Cohen REACTS to Jack Smith's Latest Moves - Meidas Touch

California's epic snowpack is melting. Here's what to expect (NPR)

California's epic snowpack is melting. Here's what to expect (NPR)

How Mexico City's mural movement transformed walls into art

Deputy Treasury Sec. Adeyemo 'Default would be catastrophic for the United States' - The Sunday Show

if you are a sand digger, no deeper than your knees and FILL IT BACK IN

GQP now treat shootings as if they were bad weather. COUNTDOWN

Alaska & Willam Recap Met Gala Fashion - Lovett or Leave It

El Chapo's sons take aim at the Daily Star in scathing letter to US government

News Wrap: Police identify shooter who killed 8 at Texas outlet mall - PBS NewsHour

Lula Is Working to Revive Brazil's Democracy Against a Powerful Far-Right Bloc

Ghosts of Karbakh: Armenia and Azerbaijan's Tense Ceasefire (documentary from 2021).

Indigenous Shipibo-Konibo-Xetebo Group Defends Peruvian Amazon From Destruction


Thailand election: The young radicals shaking up politics

Amnesty International Slammed Over AI Protest Images

The Moon from my archives on May 7, 2019.

Tweet of the Day

The Artists Resisting the Myth of "White" Argentina

FUNG BROS - what is AAPI?

stephen king on allen tx & a first responder

Fire kills at least 27 in deadly Peru gold mine accident

Brazil's Amazon megaprojects threaten Lula's green ambitions

Steve Hofstetter -- George Santos: Story of a Lying Failure

Chile votes again to draft new Constitution

Assembly report against impeachment is voted down but Lasso supporters say 'mission accomplished'

Mastodon: The funniest/saddest thing about tech bosses fighting unions

(Jewish Group) Study: Gaucher disease, common among Ashkenazi Jews, protects against tuberculosis

(Jewish Group) In Poland, Canadian Holocaust survivor returns to native village as sole local Jew

Mehdi has Had Enough of Republican Inaction on Gun Violence

Breakfast Monday 8 May 2023

Search continues for 8 y/o boy lost in Porcupine Mnt state park

Fox Lawyers CALLED OUT for Threatening Letter to Media Matters - Meidas Touch

TX high school after prom party: father and 2 teens ALL pull out guns and start shooting

Wordle 688 (5/8) ***SPOILER THREAD***

West Hollywood driver plows into pedestrians..caught on video

Remember: Republicans have only won the popular vote ONCE in the last 30 years!

video of that HVAC collapse at the Gaylord Rockies Resort

New York Democrats lost the crime debate. They want a redo.

A caste survey in India could upend politics in world's largest democracy

From his kitchen table, Erdogan's challenger gets his message out

Add trains to the list : shooting on a DART train in Dallas leaves 1 dead and 2 others injured

Paul Sarbanes's son(John Sarbanes) and Ben Cardin's nephew(Jon Cardin) are going to remain in their

Opinion: Why Joe Biden Needs a Primary Challenger

Out-of-control wildfires cause evacuations in western Canada

Was telling the boys how rough we had it as Gen X.

Texas is a republican paradise ... a 2nd amendment heaven

MD US Representatives David Trone(MD-6) and Jamie Raskin(MD-8) successors will be black.

Something is seriously wrong when people are openly displaying labels like RWDS in public

My worries that Skittish would relocate Owain were all for naught

On this day, May 8, 1944, Gary Glitter was born.

On this day, May 8, 1941, John Fred was born.

Nearly 25,000 Evacuated As More Than 100 Fires Burn In Northern Alberta, Most Uncontained

Iran executes two men convicted of blasphemy

On this day, May 8, 1943, Danny Whitten was born.

Monday TOONs - I'm Charlie The 3rd I Am, Charlie The 3rd I Am, I Am

Tanked Biden FCC pick shows influence of dark money on US politics

Fire deep in gold mine in southern Peru kills 27 workers

Tucker Carlson's Dark and Malign Influence Over the Christian Right

I worked in a slaughterhouse when I was 15.(A bit of a graphic story, but relevant to recent events)

Should President Biden Invoke The 14th Amendment?

Surprise!! Larry Fink Shambles Away From Putative Climate Goals As "Woke" Screaming Gets Louder

Abandoned Cat Who Was Found In Parking Lot Loves To Cuddle With His Dad Now

Nature: Unprecedented 21st Century Heat Across PNW Of North America - 17 Feb 2023

Killing the defenseless is an act of cowardice.

Riddle for Gov Abbott of Texas

Kitten Refuses to Share Her New Puppy Sister with Anyone

On this day, May 8, 1970, the album "Let It Be" was released.

Republicans say there's nothing they can do to address the gun problem, yet they ban guns

Soliciting Multiversity: Best of the Rest for July 2023

The Rundown: May 8, 2023

The World's Cutest & Fluffiest


Wang Chung - To Live and Die in LA

You raised $100.00 on May 7, 2023 UNOFFICIAL DU for Biden-Harris

Worse governor? Greg Abbott or Ron Desantis?

Teacherbot activated -by Tom Tomorrow

Thoughts about gun scum

You raised $10.00 on May 7, 2023 DU for Ukraine

Russia bans jet skis, ride-hailing ahead of WWII tributes

Just heard someone , the mayor, I think say

"Why didn't anyone protest?"

The next time Abbott or other gun nut mentions mental health, they should be asked

My house moaned this morning

On the RWDS patch

After the Kentucky Derby the Media is looking to flog

What has gotten into Republican women

American exceptionalism kills

Tiny Chicken Learns To Walk

After successfully identifying a giraffe...

Why it's important for Biden to use whatever tools necessary

ProRodeo legend Larry Mahan Passes Away

"He has no defense": Judge "calls Trump's bluff" after he threatens to "confront" E. Jean Carroll

who grew up laughing st don rickles?

Their blood is on your hands

GOP threatens Blinken contempt charge over Afghanistan docs

Cops Get SUED After Falsely Arresting Innocent Teen - Audit the Audit

The Epidemic of Mass Shootings Is Neither Inevitable Nor Unsolvable

Hotel manager charged after guest woke up to him sucking on his toes

Congress eyes new rules for tech: What's under consideration

Abandoned Mama Dog Refuses To Leave Her Puppies Behind

Tanked Biden FCC pick shows influence of dark money on US politics

The shelter dog everyone ignores

St Kitts and Nevis is not totally free under King Charles III, says PM

Everyone Was Wrong About Reverse Osmosis--Until Now

A morbid but definite gun solution,

Abandoned dog rescued carrying stuffed animal in Detroit

US truck drivers push for better working conditions: 'We've lost our patience'

One reason the Republicans have GOT to be loving all these gun massacres:

We Already Have the Law to Get Weapons of War Off Our Streets

Alarm after lawyer who aided Trump's 2020 election lie attacks campus voting

So how good is the equipment we photgs use these days?

Begin Japanology- Shinkansen

Know your enemy - the Russian SVR

Chile constitution: Far-right party biggest in new assembly

E Jean Carroll case: fast verdict? long deliberations? For or against EJC?

Begin Japanolgy- Ekiben

'Like a kidnapping': Migrant family separated under Trump reunited after four years

'Like a kidnapping': Migrant family separated under Trump reunited after four years

Guest claims he woke up to Hilton hotel manager sucking his toes

The war on Bud Light continues

Trump's OWN cabinet member TURNS ON Trump live on stage - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Real Reason Why Texas Republicans Are Criminalizing the Vote

The Real Reason Why Texas Republicans Are Criminalizing the Vote

Why in the world did the newly crowned king appear on American Idol???

The Hangover: A look back at the Big Day via Twitter memes

Steph: Are we Tired of this Yet?

Japanology plus - miniatures

If we're being honest

PA in Westmoreland county

Let It Be released this date in 1970

Voting issues in PA

The GOP does straight and gay genocide, too

Robert Johnson was born on this date.

Lines stretch down the block at food banks as costs go up and pandemic aid expires

Lightfoot reflects the gun society of today

UN urges Afghanistan's Taliban to end floggings, executions

Has anyone seen anything from Dan Rather?


Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 8, 2023

GOP committee chair threatens Blinken with contempt of Congress over Afghan withdrawal information

Begin Japanology -masks

There just was an earthquake in the SFV.

Amid Growing Anti-Immigrant Hate, 8 Killed as Driver Plows Into Group Near Migrant Shelter in Texas

Just put our hummingbird feeder out........saw a scout, they're here......just haven't come to eat yet.

"She's not my type"

The Coronation Not Seen on TV: Anti-Monarchists Arrested; Reparations Demanded By Ex-Colonies

With MAGA Courts and Legislatures allowing, essentially unlimited access to firearms in this

Got 56 seconds? Please Watch this video at link below. Originally posted by:.... MagaSmash

Black bear caught in Rockville, Md.:

The Supreme Court ethics mess is today's Watergate. Let's treat it that way

Why Is Inflation So Sticky? It Could Be Corporate Profits

E Jean Carroll case -- closing arguments live updates

Gunman in Allen mall shooting may have had right-wing extremist beliefs

On living in today's hyper-gun culture

Can Justice Clarence Thomas Be Held Accountable for Secret Dealings with Billionaire GOP Megadonor?

Begin Japanology- Kabuki

Elizabeth Holmes ... Recalls 'Sleeping in Walmart Parking Lots' in RV Ahead of Trial

'A rabbit hole of darkness and extremism' Ex-Navy Reservist sentenced to 4 years in Capitol riot c

Stopping the scourge of false confessions

In the Post-Roe Era, Letting Pregnant Patients Get Sicker--by Design

UCHealth named in lawsuit for alleged illegal tactics to sue for medical debt, says it would be

Sister Helen Prejean on Richard Glossip's Stay of Execution: I Believe He Will Walk Out a Free Man

Tucker Carlson Ready to Torch Fox News

Regarding Trump vs E. Jean Caroll and rape in general

Why the Filthy gun industry wants Malls and Schools to be War Zones

Driver in deadly Texas crash charged with manslaughter

Jerry Vale - The Nearness Of You

I'm not entirely convinced all those conservatives actually have the best interests of kids at heart

House Judiciary chair threatens to hold Google in contempt of Congress for failing to produce

Do they not know if the Brownsville driver deliberately drove into

Many Americans are under the illusion that it is all "just politics".

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 8, 2023)

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

5th Circuit merits panel - re mifepristone case

Middle Age Riot tweet:

I'm pondering dandelions

Cat lovingly grooms dog.

If I pee here. . .

Who do you feel doesn't belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? And who should be in it? I love

GOP Package Pending Arrival

Moscow lighting up ahead of tomorrow's celebration

So what happened to the wise practice of naming mass shooters as infrequently as possible?

Hmmm. I haven't liked that post yet.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 51% of Likely U.S. Vote

Kabuki Theater- based on STARWARS!

I'm pondering dandy lions!

I'm sick and tired of hearing that "both sides do it" when it comes to media fearmongering.

Jeff Jackson on likely debt ceiling moves by congress. Has McCarthy pegged. 😏

AI machines aren't 'hallucinating'. But their makers are

Murdered Behind the Wheel: An Escalating Crisis for App Drivers

"A religion that has to force people to put up a poster to prove its legitimacy is a dead religion."

One of the joys of my adult life is never going hungry and having food in the pantry and fridge.

101 Facts about the KGB

Did you know that the US straight up ignored the International Court of Justice in 1986?

For Floyd R Turbo:🍔🍟

Good debt ceiling video for us hard of hearing folks.

The gunman who killed 8 people at a Texas mall was removed from the military due to mental health

Cartoons 5/8/2023

What's Wrong with the Polls?

I wish someone on Tee Vee would make a viable threat re: Thomas

US truck drivers push for better working conditions: 'We've lost our patience'

Today's Ponderance:

Trade fair gives Snohomish County kids glimpse of college alternatives

Dog is REALLY Obsessed With Playing With His Sister's Barbies!

We are going insane, and the world is watching

insider video from heritage found bragging about how they are passing voter suppression laws.

Truth in advertising!

AI machines aren't 'hallucinating'. But their makers are (Naomi Klein in the Guardian)

Master carver, students chip away at Archbishop Murphy healing pole

MD-SEN: Angela Alsobrooks to Launch Bid for Senate Seat in Maryland This Week

Steve Schmidt: trump's reelection in 2024 would Destroy American Democracy - The Warning

Texas singer James McMurtry wearing a red dress on stage to protest Tennessee drag show law

What's working in U.S. elections? Small-dollar donations

I remember that for a time I was a big supporter of John Edwards until...

Carroll trial comments are hilarious

Regular Link light rail service to resume Monday morning

Utada Hikaru -Simple and clean

Ohio abortion foes are banking on a low-turnout August election. In Kansas, that didn't go so well.

So, it looks like Gen Z has come up with a solution to the voter suppression

PA: Progressive PAC putting its stamp on the race for Allegheny Co. DA

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Tucker, Elon, Fox, and what to do....

Ukraine moves day to mark Nazi surrender in shift towards West

The Problem with Planned Parenthood

Trump's own cabinet member turns on Trump live on stage - Brian Tyler Cohen

New NLRB ruling sets higher bar to fire employees for misconduct

Three GOP appointees, including 2 from Trump, will hear the next phase of major abortion pill case

Americans bet $220B on sports in 5 years since legalization

Mylissa Farmer says Missouri's abortion laws put her life at risk: 'This can happen to anyone'

Fox News Freaks Out After Release Of Damaging Footage Of Tucker Carlson - Farron Balanced

If E. Jean Carroll prevails in her case against Trump...

Gavin Newsom Points Out Greg Abbott's Brutal Self-Own On Gun Violence

The joys of being owned by a cat:

Trump Supporter: I Only Read Factual Information

In surprise move days after Allen mall shooting, Texas House panel OKs bill raising age to buy semi-

In surprise move, Texas House panel OKs bill raising age to buy semi-automatic rifles

In surprise move, Texas House panel OKs bill raising age to buy semi-automatic rifles

And cut!

Social Security payments could end if Congress doesn't raise debt ceiling: Schumer

Early voting numbers: Higher than expected turnout from GOP in Jacksonville mayoral race

President Zelensky compares Putin's Russia to Nazi Germany - Times Radio

Murder paws will getcha if you don't watch out!

Mail voting is most common in Philly neighborhoods that have high turnout overall

Precious overload:

New Republic: Who Are These Supposed Lefties Who Love Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?

Kevin Sorbo's Bonkers Take On Assault Weapons Gets Instant Fact-Check On Twitter

A write-in candidate is trying to disrupt North Philly's District 5 election

These 2 cats are such posers!

Russian forces have 24 hours to capture Bakhmut Kadyrov is back! Ukraine Update

What? I'm just yawning.

How to sell an AR-15

Mayor Jim Kenney voted for Cherelle Parker in Philadelphia's mayoral primary

Shaved Keanu looks like he's about to take 50 points from GryffIndor:

Jen Psaki Calls Out Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott for 'Politicizing Tragedy' After Texas Shooting

PA: Dauphin County: Who's Running For Office?

I'm just trying out the new sink!

14th Amendment emerges as last-ditch fix to ward off default

For those of you doubting the Allen shooter was a Nazi/white supremacist

'We Just Want Someone Sane': What Happens When a Small Town Goes MAGA

Canadians in disarray: the Halifax VE-Day riots, 7-8 May 1945

Raphael Warnock Delivers Moving Call for Action on Gun Violence! - Luke Beasley


Joe: Shouldn't we know more about who Leonard Leo is?

Kelly Brough banks on women voters to win the Denver mayoral race

SPARE ghostwriter bears all

Clarence Thomas Wife BOMBSHELL Explodes In Unimaginable Secret Defense

Hurricane Ridge Day Lodge a total loss after fire

Biden admin proposes requiring airlines to compensate travelers for cancellations and delays

Six year old boy lost both parents and younger brother in Saturday's massacre in Allen, TX

US Virgin Islands Struggling To Serve Google Co-founder Larry Page With Subpoena in Jeffrey Epstein

On this day, May 8, 1913, Bob Clampett was born.

The "yoink" accuracy is staggering.

Kamala Harris Is Finding Her Stride

Adorable deer playing with fall leaves:

Disney expands lawsuit against DeSantis after governor signs bill to void land deals

Hilton Hotel manager arrested for waking up guest by sucking on his toes

They think DeSantis support is higher than for Disney? I say bull!

There is a sickness in Texas and that sickness starts at the top with Greg Abbott - Morning Joe

Fact-checking my Congress member

MI: Canceled Bangladeshi festival is back on after Warren Mayor Fouts changes mind

Too bad David Bowie isn't alive today

There's some movement in the Texas Legislature

debris. ;-(

Crossing the 'road' & in a field

We Already Have the Law to Get Weapons of War Off Our Streets

John Reischman and Sierra Hull - Salt Spring

Newly-elected chair of South Carolina Democrats looks to 2024 - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Celebrating over 20 years of Republican thoughts and prayers - The Daily Show

RWDS: A Massacre in Texas and a Warning to Us All (Jay Kuo)

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez talks Brownsville migrant tragedy and the coming end of Title 42 - MSNBC

Woman who sued over Subway tuna seeks to quit case, Subway demands sanctions

Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts NEW:gunman in Allen, Texas, kept a profile on a Russian social media

Stewart Rhodes asks court to credit him for years of 'service and dedication'

Former Trump Staffer Says Everyone Working For Trump Will Be Either Indicted Or Fired - Farron Balanced

King Charles III as head of state in St Vincent and the Grenadines 'absurd'

Closing arguments begin in E. Jean Carroll civil rape trial against Donald Trump

E. Jean Carroll was 'exactly' Donald Trump's type, her lawyer says in closing arguments

Texas mall shooter shared extremist beliefs against Jews, women and racial minorities

Texas GOP legislator resigns ahead of expulsion vote over alleged sexual misconduct

Wall Street Journal, New York Times Among Pulitzer Winners

Advertisers Return to Tucker Carlson's Old Time Slot

In closing argument, Trump's lawyer posits a conspiracy among a group of women.

Boy did Alexa get it Wrong

Iran expert: Nuclear program 'advancing at the speed of light' - CNN

Simulation suggests 2020 census missed many noncitizens

God will judge America over abortion and gay marriage

Angela Alsobrooks to Launch Bid for Senate Seat in Maryland This Week

You Have a Week to Stock Up on Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests

Mastodon meme:

Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend accuses golfer of sexual harassment - GMA - ABC News

Asian American registered voters and political party

Biden delivers remarks on consumer protection from flight cancellations, delays - ABC News

Apparently Republicans haven't been told that CNN is now a Fox News wannabe.....

Lobbyist Admits Something He Shouldn't About The Effort To Rollback Child Labor Laws

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republican solutions to Texas....

Sick toucan bird reveals true beautiful colors

Judge: Wisconsin fake electors complaint must be reheard

Warming-stoked tides eating huge holes in Greenland glacier

Hoping someone on here can help me find this short video.

Marjorie Taylor Greene nominates Kyle Rittenhouse for Congressional Gold Medal

Why Lauren Boebert & her ilk are so obsessed wtih LGBTQ+ people

Anna Wolfe and Mississippi Today win Pulitzer Prize for "The Backchannel" investigation

Here are the winners of the 2023 Pulitzer Prizes

Rasmussen ⁉️ says Biden's approval rating is 51%‼️

Twisted Sister's Dee Snider whines about SF Pride dropping him because of his transphobic statement

EJ Carroll's attorney sums it up perfectly:

Trump In BIG Trouble As Fake Electors Accept Immunity Deals In Georgia Investigation - Ring of Fire

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 9 May 2023

Biden opens the door to a debt ceiling solution the GOP won't like

Mississippi Free Press Receives National Izzy Award Named for Famed Journalist I.F. Stone

So, I discovered a new YouTube channel called "Squirrels at the Window" and it's addicting, lol

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 8, 2023

Local Atlanta station describes Allen TX killer as "a man believed to have shot and killed 8 people.

DOJ charges 'Pink Beret' Jan. 6 rioter IDed after an ex spotted her in a viral FBI tweet

Bonus Quote of the Day

State Rep. Bryan Slaton resigns ahead of expulsion vote over inappropriate relationship with aide

State Rep. Bryan Slaton resigns ahead of expulsion vote over inappropriate relationship with aide

A WaPo Poll Found That Significant Majorities Support Pro-Trans Policies, But Reported The Opposite

Texas is investigating children's hospital because they might be helping trans kids

Willie Nelson "Tower of Song"

Why non-White people might advocate white supremacy

is the debt ceiling unconstitutional?

Tweet of the Day

Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough 🎂. Cheers to a wonderful man!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 9: Directed by Preston Sturges

Are there some illiterate dogs. My dog has no vocabulary

Russians 'seen wiring explosives' near nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia - Times Radio

Alex Jones Threatens Man Who Impersonated Tucker Carlson & Said They Should Suck Each Other's Nipple

Nenana Ice Classic - TriPod down!

Georgia GOP chairman says he was just following orders from Trump lawyers

Biden uses humor to try to defuse concerns about his age

The rising Republican movement to defund public libraries Libraries bolster democracy.

Knowledge, wisdom and philosophy meme.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The news in Germany is now talking about "the Trump Syndrome" re: the upcoming Turkish election

ANOTHER road rage demolition event in CA. Person purposely ramming their car into others

2023 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Choose! Choose the form of the destructor!

GOP states trying to stop Biden's student loan forgiveness push their own relief programs

A lousy speller

Canada set to name foreign labs, universities that pose risk to national security

Katie Porter Explains America's National Debt Limit - Lovett or Leave It

A 'Nonprofit' Watchdog, Led By A Former Trump Official, Is Largely A Phantom

Do Evangelicals Think Trump Is Jesus?

The Texas Nazi shooter's social media is STILL up

A DEVASTATING Closing Argument in E. Jean Carroll Rape Trial against the Orange Slimeball

Canada expels Chinese diplomat accused of targeting lawmaker

the official portraits

QANONSENSE: Trump hosts white supremacists at his Doral hotel for Mother's Day

giant Asian hornet vs butterfly net

Trump Ordered to Not Post Case Evidence on Social Media

Chinese militia boats cross Indian, ASEAN warships exercising in South China Sea

White House issues veto threat for Republican border security bill

Golofa claviger and Calcolepidius porcatus

Texas mall shooting victims include 3-year-old boy and his parents

Can we please stop saying he was mentally ill and that his motive is unknown or unclear?

West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins uses a homophobic slur to refer to rival school fans

RIP Milo the Bat Dog:

trump's former AG Barr; TORCHES HIM during Live Interview

Has FBI/DOJ been monitoring and ready to charge with seditious conspiracy or other planned

TCM Schedule Saturday 5/13 - The Adventures of Robin Hood, Flamingo Road


Elk Grove father says he's grateful to be alive after Tesla catches fire near Highway 99

Pa. could get an earlier presidential primary -- if other election fights don't get in the way

Westminster Kennel Club

Colin Allred ad is fabulous. He is running against Ted Cruz for Senate.

NPR reported some very graphic info today from the closing remarks of E. Jean's trial.

We knew Texas officials were lying.

Hyper-rugged individualism & the terror of the 2nd Amendment

Story about Homeless people in a major city in the U.S.A.-- Phoenix

Wee tiny pollinators on a thistle bloom.

Oath Keepers Leader Wants Leniency for 'Public Service'

DeSantis Accuses Trump of Making 'Democrat Attacks'

Kira asleep on my computer desk...

If Dems don't expand SCOTUS, it'll be 2065 until next liberal majority

Soft And Quiet (NetFlix)

This looks like someone tried to build a car out of a Lego kit for an airplane.

So law enforcement in TX doesn't even have the decency to

Sarah Huckabee Sanders selling 'Real Women of Politics' koozies amid Bud Light backlash

Tanked Biden pick highlights escalation of dark-money forces

Anyone have an arthritic

Why Hollywood writers are striking and the immediate impact

A couple of random flowers that caught my eye today, while I was out . . .

News & Commentary May 2, 2023

Here is a thought.

I imagine people in most ethnic groups, when something horrible or embarrassing happens...

Disney updates lawsuit after Ron DeSantis presser: Florida governor, 'without hesitation or prompt,'

Twitter Criticized for Allowing Texas Shooting Images to Spread

The Daily Beast's Confider newsletter has another round of leaked Tucker Carlson text messages: "I'm

Anyone been to Madagascar?

Judge to order Wisconsin Elections Commission to reconsider fake elector complaint without the commi

Fox News braces: Tucker Carlson ready to 'torch' network after firing (MSNBC)

Judge takes down North Idaho College board again over firing of president. 'It is a sham'

I've been amusing myself with ChatGPT.

Jeopardy Regulars - spoiler