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Clowns threaten Poland with mercenaries - Break the Fake - TVP World

Omaha street renamed to honor LGBTQ+ advocate

Republicans against Trump: Trump expects to be indicted "any day now."

Florida Democratic Chair Nikki Fried to start voter-registration tour in DeLand Wednesday

Threats of Violence, Child Indoctrination At Creepy Trump Rally! - Pondering Politics

VA: Man arrested for trespassing at chaotic Roanoke County School Board meeting

Trump rocked with nightmare news in Fulton County, Georgia - Brian Tyler Cohen

Why I Call Trump a "Competent Authoritarian" RUTH BEN-GHIAT

Appeals court lets Kentucky enforce ban on transgender care for minors

Republicans and Democrats in Virginia are now competing for early voters

The Guardian: Backtrack on net zero and lose votes, Tory MPs warn Sunak

VA-GOV: Spanberger's next step

For Putin it's about staying in the war, historian says - CNN

Ohio Republicans Now Throwing Everything at the Wall to Stop Abortion Referendum

Voter turnout for Ohio's August special election 'difficult to predict,' election official says

Would you want to be a famous person? If so, in what area would you like to be famous--music, art,

Janet Porter Admits Ohio's Democracy-Restricting 'Issue 1' Is All About Protecting Anti-Choice Legis

Chris Hayes out again

Banning Books in America

What Florida's Corals Look Like After Catastrophic Bleaching

PROMO for my next MAGA-mercial

OH-SEN: Secretary of State Issues Ultimatum to Senate GOP Challengers Over Anti-Abortion Vote

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Poland, Belarus, and sneaky stuff....

Will Trump be let out of prison to debate Biden?

DKOS: Voter Registration Shenanigans in Ohio

Fulton County DA on election probe: We're ready to go - Deadline - MSNBC

Tuesday is the deadline for mail-in ballot requests for Aug. 8 election.

I'm so sick of his ugly face. the only way to see it...

Princeton student who joined mob on Jan. 6 pleads guilty to felony count

Guess Everybody Hates Angry Loser Weenus GOP Congressmen Who Yell At Teenage Senate Pages

OH: More than 300,000 votes already cast in Issue One election

Ervin Duggan & Bill Kristol want to deny FOX Television a broadcast license

Ervin Duggan&Bill Kristol team up to back FCC inquiry of FOX's qualification to hold its tv licences

MI: Whitmer signs bipartisan $57.4B state general government budget in Wyandotte

Crack Network New To Science, Atmospheric River Rainfall Newest Greenland Ice Sheet Threats

Trump's 'recklessness' has put U.S. troops at risk says fmr. CIA Director - Deadline - MSNBC

Sidney Powell's Wild Claims Could Play A Major Role In Upcoming Trump Indictment - Ring of Fire

Reuters: Big US asset managers cool on climate issues -think tank

Teen spray painting building struck, killed by Seattle Center monorail

New Steaming Mike Huckabee Bullshit! It's A Book Of Climate Disinformation Aimed At Children

Michigan Supreme Court: No-fault auto insurance changes don't impact prior services

Reuters: Explainer: What is carbon capture and storage and will it cut emissions?

They Want to Rewrite My History and I Cannot Stop Crying

Wagner Group in Belarus: What's on Lukashenko's mind? - Eastern Express - TVP World

The Cars - Bye Bye Love (US Festival, 1982 + France 1978 + album track + demo)

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

What's the weirdest thing that happened at a wedding? My husband(Best Man) accidently toasted the

Andrew Wheeler - Trump's EPA Hack - Resurfaces In VA, Doing Opaque, Shitty Analysis For Youngkin

Third co-defendant in Trump docs case in court today as Trump braces for new indictment - The Beat MSNBC

NYC: Justin Brannan knows what it takes for Democrats to win in Bay Ridge

Walter The Cat tries mind control

Republicans in N.Y. swing districts don't back - or rule out - Biden impeachment inquiry

Steely Dan -- Bodhisattva

Even with all Trump's bloviating

And the grass continues to grow.

31 Days Straight At Or Above 110F For Pheonix As Streak Ends; Heat Returning Later This Week

New Yorkers could start voting on controversial touchscreen machines, as vote goes to board

My God, I just got polled by Rasmussen

York Fire In Mojave Desert Explodes To 120 Square Miles In Two Days; Crosses Into Nevada

Nature News: Scientists Develop a Genetic Approach to Making Sex Unnecessary.

BREAKING: Georgia journalist who observed fake electors subpoenaed in Trump case - All In - MSNBC

BBC launches an 'experimental' Mastodon server - The Verge

NY: Environmentalists Blast Suffolk Legislature's Flushing Water Quality Act Off Ballots

Rishi "Fuck It!!" Sunak Announces 100+ New N. Sea Oil & Gas Permits; Vows To "Max Out" UK Reserves

NJ Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver taken to hospital for undisclosed medical care

The civil war in the ReTHUG party is on in earnest

FL: U.S. Court of Appeals grants stay in city of Miami's redistricting case.

Omaha street renamed to honor LGBTQ+ advocate

NJ-SD02: Democrats change Senate candidate in 2nd district; Fitzpatrick (D) will take on Polistina

Russia Is Cannibalising Its Economy. But That's Not Enough. - Good Times Bad Times

CA-41: LGBTQ+ culture wars in a key House race

Florida's conservative PragerU teaching texts labeled 'indoctrination'

Jeez, weird dreams.

Hear Trump's past comments on destroying evidence as he faces new obstruction charge - CNN

CA: Shasta supervisors declare county a 2nd Amendment fortress in 'war on guns'

DeSantis touts corporate culture war in economic plan as poll shows message falls flat

CA: What's next for Irvine as it considers changing its election process?

Desantis' reset shows he is running a RINO campaign

Supreme Court is Above Checks and Balances, Says Conservative Justice! - Pondering Politics

Vogtle 3 AP1000 Goes Commercial, Joining 4 AP1000s Operating and 6 Under Construction.

Fed-up MSNBC host brutally DESTROYS Trump LIVE on air after recent rally - Meidas Touch

Hunter Biden sold 'illusion of access' to his father, former business partner tells Congress

'Betrayal:' North Carolina lawmaker who switched parties was courted by GOP before election - All In

We not only talk to our dogs, we give them choices & respect

Memphis, Tennessee, police shoot suspect after he fired shots outside Jewish school

Fox Host Greg Gutfeld Thinks Trump Has The Right To Destroy Evidence Against Him - Ring of Fire

1st batch of grape jam done for the season 😋

Ex-Fox News Star Bill Kristol Joins Fight to Get FCC to Come Down on Fox

Tfg abuses immigrants.

Gov. Shapiro touts $400 million program meant to train workers for infrastructure jobs

Russia, China, and the U.S. in Race for the Arctic World Today TVP World

RIP GOP: 'Devastating' new evidence Trump still 'owns the Republican Party' - All In - MSNBC

Putin's War - Petro Burkovskiy - TVP World

KC & The Sunshine Band - Please Don't Go (1979) TopPop

George Conway's advice for indicted Trump co-defendant - CNN

Homelessness, public safety in spotlight ahead of Seattle City Council elections

In Honor and Memory of Mr. Bubby, I Wave at Drivers

House Republicans Vote to Block VA from Changing Motto to Include Female Veterans

California Gov. Newsom offers to mediate Hollywood strikes - CBS News

Reuters: Pipeline companies to pay $12.5 million in penalties after spills in Montana, North Dakota

WI: Waukesha Co. Judge dismisses GOP lawmaker's military ballot case

Georgia DA provides MAJOR UPDATE in Trump Investigation - Talking Feds

The Failed Promise of Electric Cars - More Perfect Union

The Cars - Good Times Roll/Bye Bye Love/My Best Friend's Girl (Paris, 11/27/1978)

Biden needs to announce a new Manhattan Project for renewable energy and carbon capture

Georgia Judge SMACKS DOWN Trump's Desperate Filing in SCATHING Ruling - Meidas Touch

The worst thing about this Hunter Biden investigation that Republicans are conducting....

Georgia Judge Hilariously Torches Trump! - Waldorf Nation

A proposal for liberal corporations

Cows With Guns -- The Original Animation

Newly Indicted Trump Co-Conspirator Could Pose MAJOR THREAT to Trump - Talking Feds

Vacancies raise concerns about military readiness.

I saw the Barbie movie this afternoon

Trump Employee Cooperating? - Raw News And Politics

*Tomorrow We (the U.S.) begins to chair the Security Council.

'Why they try to hide history': Joy Reid on reports that Alabama GOP seeks to gut Voting Rights Act

New Prius Helps Environment By Killing Its Owner

Tuesday's digit - 9/10: A winning beginning to August with a low dew point

Samuel Alito Just Took an Indefensible Jab at the Progressive Justices

In a recent post about my travels, I described how I liked to converse.

I just saw a pharmaceutical ad with a song and dance number.

Up to 12 Xe-100 Small Modular Nuclear Reactors planned for Washington State.

Moscow mayor accuses Ukraine of drone strike on city buildings

Exposed: DeSantis using Florida Taxpayer Money on His Campaign.

'They hate him like poison privately': Pollster on certain DeSantis campaign committee GOP insiders

Ukraine war continues

Justice-elect Janet Protasiewicz to be sworn in Tuesday as next Wisconsin Supreme Court justice

Hydrogen locomotives coming to U.S. railways?...

Naked woman abandons car on Bay Bridge and fires gun, causing major delays

Local to me over 100 till Monday the 7th

Lawrence: Trump co-defendant could save himself by telling Jack Smith about that phone call - Last Word

Reminder: Over one year ago (July 22, 2022) Steve Bannon was convicted & sentenced to four months...

Republicans finally suffer the ultimate humiliation - Brian Tyler Cohen

Things To Never Say To A Fan Of Ben Shapiro - The Onion

Taiwan has a secret doomsday plan for China - CaspianReport

Amb. Thomas-Greenfield on U.S. priorities for UN Security Council presidency - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Crazy Party is insufferable.

This was on Rachel Maddow to night.....

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, Guillen, and you causing change....

Biden Rolls Out New Student Loan Relief Program As Promised! - Pondering Politics

'Kill the gays' law in Uganda tests Biden admin with huge amounts of aid money at stake - Rachel Maddow

Heather Cox Richardson Aug 1 Peace negotiations on Ukraine

Nebraska AG says he 'strongly supports' reproductive health privacy

Tart cherries!

Nebraska parent involvement hearing devolves into talk of slavery, CRT, porn and Bill Gates

VA: Judge dismisses federal lawsuit over firing of former Nottoway election official

Secret public sentiment exposed in new poll explains weak GOP presidential field - Rachel Maddow

AZ: Legislature passes Prop. 400 bill, ends lengthy session

Idaho AG can't prosecute providers for abortion referrals, federal judge orders in injunction

U.S. Sen. Katie Britt receiving medical treatment for facial nerve swelling

Indiana's near-total abortion ban takes effect Aug. 1. Here's what you need to know

Illinois to invest more than $23 million in abortion access, reproductive health care initiatives

Ohio abortion rights issue: Fall race looks to be expensive, fueled by out-of-state money

'Exciting, blustering nutjobs': Money problems, chaos seen in state Republican Parties - Rachel Maddow

ACLU of Indiana asks state's high court to keep hold on near-total abortion ban in place for now

'Armenian Folk Songs and Dances' - Avos Chamber Orchestra

Federal judge blocks Idaho prosecution of out-of-state abortion referrals

'Shushiki' by Komitas, Armenian priest

'Stop the Steal became a cash machine': Dishonest fundraising could come to bite Trump - Rachel Maddow

31 Jul: Breached! Ukrainians advance 5 km on multiple axes - Reporting from Ukraine

Another version of 'Hoy Nazan Im' by Komitas, Armenian priest

Coeur crois, Polo & Pan with English translation

Beer, barbecue and a bus: Inside Ron DeSantis' awkward comeback effort

Imminent Indictments? Countdown

Bax - 'In The Faery Hills'

Trump Utterly STUMPED by Supporter's Question During Town Hall - Meidas Touch

Breakfast Tuesday 1 August 2023

Maddow Blog As his blockade continues, GOP's Tuberville pitches new defense

New signs DOJ, Fulton Co. DA closing in on possible Trump charges - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Small Children Chant 'Let's Go Brandon' As Proud MAGA Mom Watches - Ring of Fire

Chinese zoo denies its sun bears are humans dressed in costumes

Biden administration announces launch of HHS office focused on long Covid research

Dodgers held Christian Faith and Family Day and no gay people protested

Conflict of interest concerns over Trump legal payments - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Trump receives deposition notice in his $500 million lawsuit against Michael Cohen

What's the best thing about being retired?

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi has some of her prison sentences reduced - FRANCE 24

Waves of strength: Surf therapy event empowers children with special needs - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Australian childcare worker charged with sex abuse of 91 children

NASA loses contact with Voyager 2 spacecraft, operating almost 12.4 billion miles from Earth

Judge blocks Idaho prosecution of out-of-state abortion referrals

Wordle 773 (Aug 1) ***SPOILERS***

Georgia Prosecutor Delivers DIRE WARNING to Donald Trump with MASSIVE Update - Meidas Touch

After Paying Lawyers, Trump's PAC Is Nearly Broke

The 2020 Election/Jan 6 grand jury meets this morning.

As New Hampshire voting machines age, state weighs alternatives

After Paying Lawyers, Trump's PAC Is Nearly Broke

Euphoria cast pay tribute as 'beautiful soul' Angus Cloud dies aged 25

Happy (belated) birthday to the incomparable Buddy Guy, Born July 30 1936

Did Trump Threaten "Son of a B*tch" Biden In Shocking Rant? - Thom Hartmann


No Labels to GOP donors: We are your anti-Trump alternative

Early vote figures continue their tear in Ohio's August special election

OH: Issue 1 supporters target parents without the need for fact-checking

Yard sign in Ohio

Trump is killing the republican party

Florida's New Racist Textbook Erases Entire Civilizations - Thom Hartmann

100,000 Russians "vanished" from the East. Ukraine confirms total destruction of Crimean Bridge- TRD

Tweet of the Day

Trump Supporter's DANGEROUS THREATS Exposed on Live TV - Against All Enemies

Tuesday TOONs - Confounding Father

There are 6 photos of Agent Orange on the DU home page right now.

There are 6 photos of Agent Orange on the DU home page right now.

China's $9 Trillion Debt Nightmare as Local Government Financing Vehicles Threaten Economic Collapse

US restricts visa-free travel for Hungarian passport holders because of security concerns

Leaked Chats Reveal How Nazi Symbol Made It to DeSantis Staffer's Twitter: Report

Republican mindset vis-a-vis' Trump:

On This Day: British Abolition Act comes into force. Slave-owners to be paid. - August 1, 1834

Is it just me, or do you also find Phil Mattingly annoying?

Oklahoma parents, faith leaders and education group sue to stop US's first public religious school

turning a huge Kentucky coal mine into an 800 MW solar farm

Couple of questions about the new rule about having a Visa to travel to Europe:

Trump receives deposition notice in his $500 million lawsuit against Michael Cohen

On this day, August 1, 1953, Robert Cray was born.

German solar cell factory plans to build a US factory instead

On this day, August 1, 1930, actress Julie Bovasso was born.

Leprosy could be endemic in Central Florida, CDC says. What to know about the disease.

Meta's AI 'personas' might launch next month (Get ready for new, data-gathering AI chatbots)

Waves of strength: Surf therapy event empowers children with special needs

Judge McBurney

Apparently The Slobfather said he'll be indicted for J6 any day now

Geez The Difference In Headlines (MSNBC/CNN)

Vivid dreams

UK spy agencies want to relax 'burdensome' laws on AI data use

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 7/26/23

Soliciting Multiversity: DC's Top 10 for October 2023

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 7/23-7/29/2023

Make Prison Great Again

Wagner mercenaries in Belarus move closer to the Polish border

no postings for the rest of the week.

Well Said!

US restricts visa-free travel for Hungarian passport holders because of security concerns

MAGA Confused: Why do they keep indicting Trump if it makes him more popular?

The Hate State Lost Another Multi-Million Dollar Event - Raw New And Politics

On this day, August 1, 1966, the Texas Tower Sniper shootings occurred.

Anybody Think The Reason There Are So Many R's Running

Trump's New "Patriot Legal Defense Fund" Raises Red Flags

Moon Shadow/ Happy August / Super Full Moon

On July 31, 1969, Gary Allen Hinman was found murdered in Topanga Canyon, California.

NFL expands sexual assault policy, penalties in wake of Deshaun Watson's suspension

Tina Peters Urges Others To Commit Crimes - Raw News And Politics

Stars with superpowered magnetic fields could narrow the search for alien life

Oops! Leaked Memo Reveals Laundry List Of UAE Talking Points For Pending Farcical Climate "Summit"

California Sober

The 2024 presidential election appears to be mostly baked in.

You raised $2,025.00 on July 31, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Supply chain report investigates deforestation tied to palm growing in Colombia

Something just occurred to me... A valet, a social club manager, an IT supervisor...

Good Morning!

Candace Owens To Andrew Tate: Women Ruined Everything!

I Was Just Subpoenaed By Trump's Georgia Grand Jury. Here's What I'll Tell Them.

Interview Reveals Sunak As Mentally Paralyzed, Ecocidal And Flamingly Arrogant (For Good Measure)

After yearlong fight, a near-total abortion ban is going into effect in Indiana

My painting of the Dean Village Bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It's not just hot. Climate anomalies are emerging around the globe

42 years ago today this happened.

DeSantis Super PAC Has $97 Million, Trump Campaign Committee Burning Cash on Legal Bills

Miami Dysfunction: That landslide win Mayor Suarez brags about? That's not the whole story - Opinion

I've met several of my son's clients, talked to them even

Google review helps lead to arrest in fatal Riverview motorcycle crash

"There are more normal people than the weirdos out there would have us believe."

Iran will close government offices, banks and schools for 2 days over high temperatures

What is the most inappropriate song to play at a funeral?

Iran will close government offices, banks and schools for 2 days over high temperatures

Lk99 superconductor...will change the world!

So sick of hearing that government "inaction" brought about climate change.

Chinese Economy: Why New Measures Will Fail; Chinese Military Purged; Housing Crisis - China Update

We're now finding out the damaging results of the mandated return to the office-and it's worse than

Never Back Down PAC spent $34 million for DeSantis with little to show for it in polls

Mexican Demographics: Where Are All the Kids? Peter Zeihan

Crowd Gives Library Board the Finger After Library Director Is Fired

#TheMoment the northern lights and lightning converged over Saskatchewan

Kansas City man Agelo Pacheco spent 6 seconds in Capitol on Jan. 6. Now he's charged with 4 crimes

Trolls panic as Twitter collapses

Hundreds in Toronto ride the 'Underground Freedom Train' to mark Emancipation Day

So a legal question that has occured to me

"Trump has no way to escape at this point": Ex-DOJ prosecutor says new charges spell real trouble

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Huntsville, Colorado, and Space Command....

Let the flipping begin! - Special Counsel discovery includes "additional CCTV footage from [MAL] -

In Wisconsin, a court that almost overturned Biden's win flips to liberal control

East Coast DMV area still recovering after Massive Storms unlike ever seen before.

What percentage of MAGA would support interning their political opponents or worse?

All the evidence they need - the Devon Archer nothingburger

The median home listed in Los Angeles will soon cost more than $1 million -- up 30% in 5 years

Since the republicans have decided to tear apart Hunter Biden for 5 years.. when do we

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 1, 2023

Will Bunch: An authoritarian right has rigged the Supreme Court to win, and defies it when it loses

'Even more insidious than the NRA': US gun lobby group gains in power

Tweetless tuesday.

DeSantis's dour, odd, pratfalling campaign does have one useful quality

When asked about a singer or band, what singer or band do you always recommend?

Henrietta Lacks' family reaches historic settlement, wins compensation for her stolen cells

Weak, small and reckless: how Ron DeSantis, Republican Napoleon, met his Waterloo

Positive Thought About The 2024 Election

Judd Legum: Meet the "scholars" who created Florida's new Black history curriculum

"Truly stunning": Republican admits hyped Biden witness "didn't know anything" about alleged bribe

Rep. Goldman: 'Hunter Biden investigation is now very clearly a fishing expedition with no basis'

Using AI, scientists bring Neanderthal antibiotics back from extinction

Jen Psaki: Next Jack Smith indictment is about more than Jan. 6

"We cannot allow no longer the failed ruling class in this nation to dictate our nation's politics"

Thermo Fisher Scientific settles with family of Henrietta Lacks, whose HeLa cells uphold medicine

Social Security 2024 COLA expected to jump 3% - NewsNation

Some worry Michigan GOP can't afford Grand Hotel rental fees for conference

The Icelandic embassy in Moscow is closed from today. Icelandic authorities promised to leave by Aug

Since Tr**p's CFO Allen Weisselberg Went To Jail & Was Ultimately Released - What's......

Did Western Military Presence Help Foster Coup in Niger, Where U.S. Has Drone Base & 1,000+ Troops?

Pic Of The Moment: How Republican-Led Investigations Work

A Contentious Encounter With the Architect of the Right's Attack on 'Critical Race Theory'

Job openings fall to lowest level in 2 years as demand for workers cools

Christian Nationalists Can't Wait for This School in Oklahoma to Open

Who still wears a watch other than me?

Pence, Scott pile on DeSantis over stance on nationwide abortion restrictions

Thermo Fisher Scientific settles with family of Henrietta Lacks, whose HeLa cells uphold medicine

Trump has spent millions more than he's raised in 2023

In The South, There's An Art To Making The Perfect Tomato Sandwich

Remembering Juan Ramos, Puerto Rican Activist & Leader of Philadelphia Young Lords

Fun fact about Barbie movie - if true

The first generation of solar panels will wear out. A recycling industry is taking shape

Reuters: Ford revs up electric truck output, testing mainstream EV demand

Jerry Garcia would have been 81 today. Happy birthday, Jerry!

Tom Tomorrow: X marks the spot

Steve Schmidt exposes Kevin McCarthy's "witch hunt" of the Biden Family The Warning

Inside Trump's Plan to Scapegoat His Lawyers

Reuters: BP, Equinor revisit US offshore wind projects power sale agreements

Stop getting "Scam Calls"....and "Calls trying to sell medicare benefits"

Netflix Documentary 'Poisoned' Reveals How Shockingly Dirty Your Food Is

I've been very depressed about Issue 1 here inn Ohio

Whoever is Running the WH Twitter Account Deserves a Raise. A Big One.

Reuters: Spain's cava makers seek creative fixes as drought threatens grape harvests

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 1, 2023)

Federal Grand Jury reconvenes to consider charging Trump over Jan 6 -- live.

Matthew McConaughey shares new initiative to curb gun violence after Uvalde shooting - ABC News

'After prayerful consideration,' KC-area Catholic school kicks boy out to punish his mom

German shepherd saves six-year-old from being attacked by another dog

An abortion ban made them teen parents. This is life two years later.

Can anyone recommend a good book on Hildegard von Bingen?

Superconducting Electromagnetic Holy Grail Batman?!?!?!?!

U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson "briefly detained" by officers at rodeo near Amarillo

NASA hears signal from Voyager 2 spacecraft after mistakenly cutting contact

A new Supreme Court case could allow criminals to get guns without background checks

CBS News: U.S. "Chasing arrows" plastic recycling symbol may get tossed in the trash

Tom the Dancing Bug: Hey Billionaires! What good is all that money if you can't have some fun?!

NJ: Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver has passed at age 71

NJ: Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver has passed at age 71

New Jersey's lieutenant governor Sheila Oliver dies

Rashes, diarrhea and vomit: Lakes across Central Virginia close due to algae bloom

Conservatives Predicted Barbie Would Flop. It's About to Make $1 Billion

Cartoons 8/1/2023

Seal Gives The Best Tickles And Head Scratche

Lynnwood roommates plead guilty to Jan. 6 breach

Impeached Texas AG Ken Paxton seeks to have most charges dismissed before September trial

Ron DeSantis wants to debate the vice president on the personal benefits of slavery

RFK Jr.'s outrage machine runs on scientific half-truths

Elephant Herd's Conversation - ElephantNews

New Jersey Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver dies unexpectedly after undisclosed medical issue

Save America PAC shelled out $108,000 for Melania Trump's hair stylist

Harrell unveils $27M plan to address rising drug overdoses in Seattle

Trump's Rivals Can't Compete With His Version Of Masculinity 😂

The One-Mile Rule: Texas' Unwritten and Arbitrary Policy Protects Big Polluters from Citizen Complai

Buildup of American forces in Persian Gulf a new signal of worsening US-Iran conflict

Mobile homes turn deadly when tornadoes hit. This year has been especially bad, AP analysis finds

Trump Immune From Suit for Election Comments Made in Office

USC as a Political Football - The Prosecution of Mark Ridley-Thomas and Marilyn Flynn

I have had it with Elon's X

Tuberville blasts Biden's Space Command decision: 'This is absolutely not over'

Nebraska's AG says he won't seek medical records to prosecute women who get abortions

Plans to plant billions of trees, fight climate change threatened by low seedling supplies

Cell phone videos lead to arrest of Southeast Texas man accused of rioting during Jan. 6 insurrectio

'Get out': Donald Trump threatens House Republicans to impeach Biden or risk losing their jobs

You can stand for law and justice or you can stand for Trump.

Gov. Inslee, AG Bob Ferguson say Idaho abortion travel ban 'illegal'

Photo proof Rs love Fascism.

Gov. Inslee, AG Bob Ferguson say Idaho abortion travel ban 'illegal'

CEO of HCA hospital in Florida that allegedly had roaches in the operating room leaves job

SCIENCEalert: Giant Umbrella Tied to Asteroid Can Help Fight Climate Change, Scientist Says

Congrats to Wisconsin DUers

Jury nullification inTexas Houston man found not guilty of feeding homeless

Flurry of Dem doom reports today

The Swedes know the secret to happiness: You are not your stuff

Ron DeSantis just sent a letter to Kamala Harris requesting a meeting to discuss Florida's new...

New liberal majority on [Wisconsin] Supreme Court to fire director of state court system

trump will win the Nomination for President by the maga party.

Inside the Republican Plot to Dismantle US Environmental Policy

The Guardian: Billionaire investor threatens to pull out of UK amid global outcry at new oil rush

J urors spotted leaving courthouse.

The Arrogance of Samuel Alito

Smart lynx:

Clown Convention -- The MAGA circus came to town

The Guardian: 'Silent killer': experts warn of record US deaths from extreme heat

What percentage of MAGA would vote for new amendments to replace the 13th, 14th, and 15th ones?

CNN's Paula Reid: the Grand Jury foreperson remained behind when the others left.

ASP perform a PIT maneuver on a car with its emergency lights flashing exiting into a hospital?

On July 30, 1989, Lane Frost died after a bull ride in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Bidenomics: 'The manufacturing sector ... now employs the most people since 2008'

Two days until The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Astros Land Justin Verlander in Trade with Mets

NV: GOP Senate leader Heidi Seevers Gansert won't run for re-election in 2024

VP: There is no roundtable no lecture, no invitation we will accept to debate an undeniable fact.

Middle Age Riot tweet:

bobcat decides to jump across once it hears the ice cracking:

Happy, happy, joy, joy:

Ohio Libertarian Party says Frank LaRose violated federal law with Issue 1 campaign

2nd tweet -- smile pretty:

OH: Voters in Franklin County turn out for early voting a week before the special election

Michigan: Matt DePerno, ex-Rep. Daire Rendon charged in tabulator probe, court records show

Nebraska school meeting devolves into culture war debate with repeat of beneficial slavery claim

"A True Prophet": Why Sinad O'Connor Risked Her Career to Call Out Catholic Church Abuse

Come see what I made!

PA: Judge rules Trump false election claims while in office covered by presidential immunity

Here, you can hold this for me:

Bob Weir - Weather Report Suite - acoustic demo

CNN: Grand Jury Foreman remains behind.....

Congratulations FakeNoose! 30,000 posts (real ones, not fake..)

2nd tweet -- Pupper tries to cover up baby:

Rep. Rosa DeLauro Gets Inked At 80 Alongside 18-year-old Granddaughter

On July 30, 1953, Hugh McDowell of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and Wizzard was born.

Goat celebrates after butting other goat off table:

WY: Crowd Gives Library Board the Finger After Library Director Is Fired

Conservatives Predicted Barbie Would Flop. It's About to Make $1 Billion

Ohio voters are deciding if it's too easy to pass ballot measures. Other states are watching.

National Party: Irish far-right party's stolen gold bars sparks funding query

Peak indictment watch

A couple of posts in The Lounge made me think of this one.

Democratic lawmakers slam the lack of attorney access for asylum-seekers in Border Patrol custody

Michigan prosecutors charge Trump allies in felonies involving voting machines, illegal 'testing'

I said no pictures!

I can't believe the GOP is running on a pro-slavery platform.

Cat & egg:

Republican Faceplants on Live TV, Advocates for Higher Utility Costs - Luke Beasley

Another GOP 'bombshell' fails to detonate

Some day this Trump war is going to end

2nd tweet -- You're gonna need a bigger...door:

Pritzker: DeSantis 'isn't smart enough to be president'

Half of All G.O.P. Voters Wish Party Would Nominate Some Other Criminal Besides Trump

Wrong-Way Driver Accused Of Killing Five Not Sane Enough For Trial, Court Finds

Tortoise knows how the game is played:

Looks like Dak is in mid season form. 🏈

Monkeys invent a cute game:

Unregulated AI Will Worsen Inequality, Warns Nobel-Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz

Dog refuses to get out of the fountain:

New AI systems collide with copyright law

Trump rearraignment on superseding indictment in Florida set for Aug. 10.

Cases of leprosy on the rise in Florida: CDC

Abortion advocates sue Alabama AG over prosecution threats for out-of-state travel

New Jersey Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver dies after briefly serving as acting governor - CBS News

Yeah, you better run!

Cuties eating watermelon:

Op-Ed in today's LA Times: Offshore wind is key to the future of California's grid.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Hunter, Archer, and an old video....

Wait for the plot twist:

Astros, Mets Agree To Justin Verlander Trade

Look up to the sky: It's a rocket launch -- and a Supermoon

Alien on the beach:

Turns out there's another problem with AI - its environmental toll (The Guardian)

New York attorney general's Trump lawsuit "ready for trial," her office says

Compilation -- cat & dog friends:

Ayman called Ari out!! Epic, "six minutes until the first rap reference." Give it a rest Ari.

DeSatan is betting Trump is out of the running come the Primaries.

Is the grand jury meeting today?

Lauren Boebert's Past Exposes Her Mediocre Apology - Rebel HQ

Bluevirginia -- Connolly and Beyer urge Youngkin to end participation in "Operation Lone Star"

Punganur dwarf cattle--very cute:

"Poor Kaitlyn Jenner" - not happy with DeSatinis (Reddit pic and discussion)

Brewers Acquire Andrew Chafin

Peter Hickman set the fast lap at the Isle Of Man this year - 136.358mph

OK is now pellucidly CLEAR - here comes the drop UPDATE

Cuddling a koala:

Pacific Northwest Fire Lookout by Moonlight

Coyote finds a squeaky toy left outside:

Outrage at the women's World Cup

Pupper has skills:

The Insane Hardware Behind ChatGPT

Wish? Did somebody say wish?

Trump announces he's been indicted again

In September of 1983 John Glenn was ahead of Reagan and Mondale was tied

The Life I Never Intended to Love: Dog Owner

SF Giants deadline preview: Ranking every one of Farhan Zaidi's 70 trades

It's hard to get excited about Trump indictments when, even if they come, actual punishment is...

Federal Judge Rules Second Amendment Doesn't Protect Commercial Gun Sales

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 August 2023

Yanmar Announces 300kW Marine Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

Interesting - Party affiliation by state

Some thoughts on the Oppenheimer movie- which I saw yesterday- no spoilers

Leave No Pet Behind: Returning U.S. Soldiers, Diplomats Work to Bring Home Furry Friends

New York attorney general's Trump lawsuit "ready for trial," her office says

CSPAN's all in

Is this it, Jack Smith?

Trump's indictments are having diminishing returns for his political fundraising

Pennsylvania Republicans withdraw their appeal of a decision that upheld no-excuse mail-in voting

Hey Elon!!

Grand jury returns indictment in election probe...JACK SMITH to deliver statement SOON 4 counts

Imagine If Corporations Were Like Taylor Swift

Jack Smith is in Prettyman Courthouse. So is the foreperson, going to the Magistrate Judge.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders signs new child labor bill into law.

How I Learned to Live With the Destructive Deer in My Garden

Grand jury delivers sealed indictment

Trump hit with sweeping indictment in alleged effort to overturn 2020 election

CNN: Donald Trump informed that he has been indicted by Jan 6 Grand Jury

It's like 11:59 pm on New Years Eve

Pic Of The Moment: Breaking News



BREAKING: Indicted.

It's Smithmas!! Four indictment of tRump!


Trump just indicted in DC. Just announced at 2:30 PM, PST on MSNBC.

Here is the TFG indictment

Here it is...

WAPO: Jan. 6 grand jury files indictment in Trump 2020 election probe

Truck hauling 40,000 pounds of chocolate leaves mess after catching fire

Ok, Donald Trump, add this to your accomplishments

MSNBC: Donald Trump NOT be charged with "Insurrection"

Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!


Here are the charges

Florida to Lose Millions After DeSantis Alienates Black Groups

Tanya Sue Chutkan assigned to Jan 6 case. (MSNBC)

When the Levee Breaks--Led Zeppelin

Six other people indicted by Grand Jury. (MSNBC)

Six co- defendants

A good Judge has been assigned to TFG case

Could Ginni Thomas be one of those named as coconspirator.

A bunch of attorneys are being charged too in the indictment.

Trump Indicted Again - LIVE Breaking News Coverage & Updates - Agenda-Free TV

Conspiracy means

RFK Jr. super PAC got more than half its funds from GOP mega donor Timothy Mellon

TCM tonight

Can the general public sue trump for violating right to vote

Should I go to the liquor store for some champagne, or stay home and watch tv

ABC's Jon KARL is about bursting into tears

Judge in Trump case

SEVEN pairs of soiled underwear and counting...

One has to wonder?

At least one of the co-Defendants is Sidney Powell.

The new indictment looks like a killer.

You can read the indictment here.

Did you buy a tree for the third Feast of St. Indictment

What is on the propaganda channel ?

Trump arraigned on Thursday per MSNBC chyron.

This indictment is the worst of all.

Who is old enough to remember the Nixon Death Watch?

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 1, 2023

Name that defendant!

NOW, can we put that M-Fer in a cell?!


An NYT/Siena poll today somehow finds Biden and trump both polling...

Re-indicted and it feels so good...

Anyone speculate why Mark Meadows wasn't indicted?

AUG 1 2023: Special Counsel Jack Smith speaks on Jan 6 Indictment

Expect for MAGA racist attacks to accelerate


do you think trump will ask

Jack "The Reaper"...

I'm thinking we are that point that Watergate reached forcing Nixon to resign.


Today's Indictment!

Time to seize the orange anus's passport and airplane ....just a thought

Guess the co-conspirators.

I just love the karma


Listen Ginni Thomas IS a political consultant

about 6 in 10 republicans still think President Biden

Uh oh, 3.0 - The Lincoln Project

Rachael is having a "indictment special tonight @ 8:00" on MSNBC. EST

Jack Smith Up on CNN 6:14 EST


so if that orange anus is found guilty on these charges what

New Episode of "Law and Order"!

jack smith just said that: our investigation into others continues n/t

How can someone this dangerous and criminal be the leading candidate for a political party?


I just cracked open a lime Perrier. Prosit!

The Judge will determine how fast we get a trial

Am I the only old lady out here crushing hard on Jack Smith right now?

I don't understand why tfg wouldn't be held pending trial.

Lightning strikes again!

Funny animal videos.

Peter Navarro not indicted yet, even though he described his participation...

Well, I have PT tonight, and generally don't drink, especially on work nights, but a nice cool...

Here's a link where you can downland the PDF file for the Jan 6th Indictment

Trump compares what he is going thru

Co conspirator #1 called 6 members of congress

The big news here is that it finally cooled off enough that

Presiding District Judge -- Tanya S Chutkan

I don't know where the courthouse is in DC that drumpf will be arraigned at

Thank you Ari Melber for your legal analysis

Indictment Celebrations

Those with cable boxes should record this live

Which kind of indictment do you prefer? (poll)

remember, of course we can't know - but we could still get superseding indictments

does anyone know

Asa Hutchinson calls on Trump to end Presidential campaign

Thank You Attorney General Garland

There's fireworks going off in my neighborhood. Anyone know what's going on?

BREAKING: Attorney General Garland will speak shortly (MSNBC)

WOW, This is BIGLY

Posted without comment

Come on Americans

Serving duck with a red sauce!

Mike Fanone on Trump's indictment:

Less Than 10% Of US Nurseries Have Enough Seedlings To Even Begin Major Reforestation Projects

Jack Smith

Had to clip this for posterity...

More funny animals (video compilation):

Please excuse my ignornance on this, but at what point does this apply?

District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan

Updated Covid Boosters Could Be Authorized By End of Month, Pfizer Says

Former village of Oregon police officer charged with child molestation

How did Trump actually say this?

Special Counsel Jack Smith's speech

Across the Desk - S8:E2 (15 Years of Republican rule - The Bottom of 15 List)

Across the Desk - S8:E2 (15 Years of Republican rule - The Bottom of 15 List)

Trump Will Learn Valuable Skills in Prison

Andrew Weissmann: Trump indictment shows that Jack Smith wants to go to trial 'quickly' - Deadline

Mark Meadows Flipped

To the Magaloonians

4-month-old infant tries so hard to sing along with his mother:

Weather permitting, there will be a brilliant aerial display visible across the Mid-Atlantic tonight

Need a chuckle? Steve Harvey on the Steve Harvey burger

Sustained applause as Justice Protasiewicz enters WI state capitol rotunda for her investiture

Fox was just discussing Hunter Biden. Surprise! Surprise!

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith announces Trump election interference indictment

I work across the street from the Prettyman Courthouse.

BREAKING: John Eastman reveals he is "Co-Conspirator 2" (MSNBC)

CNN. #6 is Jason Miller

'The biggest legal case in our lifetimes': Neal Katyal reacts to indictment in election probe - Deadline

CNN names co-conspirators

Aaron Rupar tweet: Here's how Fox Business is covering the Trump indictment

Like F---king Clockwork MAGA Social Media Is Making Racist Attacks On The Judge And Jury

Is There A Link (PDF)

Neal Katyal on the judge who will preside over the Trump trial

Jill WIne-Banks pin is awesome as ever!

"One day Canada will take over the world: then you'll all be sorry"

Your move conman

Just ordered pizza and settling in for the next 4 hours of the new hit Law Class

Indictment Duck song by Rocky Mountain Mike

Mother's Boy has jumped ship

Donald Trump Indicted For 2020 Election Interference - READ THE FULL INDICTMENT - Meidas Touch

Our FRiends opine...

I followed Watergate when I was in high school

And just think... they haven't even STARTED on the documents hijinks yet...

Oh Mother - Mike Pence Helped Jack Smith Out A LOT

Remember how some people panicked when Garland announced he was appointed a special counsel?

Just finished reading the indictment.

Hillary has some advice for the rethugs

AG Garland speaks after Trump indictment - The Beat - MSNBC

Apparently Pence took notes.

Quick trial date prediction

t or f? President Biden withholding funds from schools with hunting programs

If there was a god laura ingraham would be struck dead by lightning right now on live tv.

The Letter - Joe Cocker, Leon Russell 🎩 Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Someone needs to remind Trump that there is one way he can escape as an innocent and free man.

"Our investigation of other individuals continues" . . . Jack Smith, August 1, 2023

4-alarm fire burns five buildings in San Francisco

BREAKING: Jack Smith DELIVERS the FINAL BLOW to Donald Trump - Meidas Touch

John Eastman co conspirator #2

Statement from Mike Pence

Neal Katyal is making the point that this trial needs to be broadcast -- that the people need to see

Six co-defendants listed in indictment in 2020 election probe - Deadline - MSNBC

President Biden and FLOTUS currently in a movie theater watching Oppenheimer

Boom! There are more who are going down with Trump!

Lewis is on Britbox!

The Only Scary Thing About the New Disney 'Haunted Mansion' Movie Is How Bad It Is (Spoilers)

I know everyone has posted about the new indictment but

Ginni Thomas preparing to drunk dial Jack Smith

Just read reactions on Fox site.

The Untold Story of the Insular Texas Family That Invaded the U.S. Capitol

If this trial is not publicly broadcast

Once nearing extinction, Brazil's golden tamarins have rebounded from yellow fever, scientists say

Russian scientists have grown watermelons in the coldest place on Earth

What Jack Smith did as a war crimes prosecutor:

Jill Wine-Banks just stated that a trial before November 2024 is possible,

Surge in early voting continues as Ohio special election draws closer

Up spake their Antichrist: 'I'm Being Indicted For You!'

Rare 'Einstein cross' warps light from one of the universe's brightest objects in this stunning imag

So, I Did Deep Frying Today

Indictment timeline shows co-conspirators trying to overturn election through 11:44 PM on Jan. 6

DeSantis-controlled Disney World district abolishes diversity, equity initiatives

Deadline approaching to get marijuana issue on November ballot

Jill Winebanks says that we CAN have cameras in the court, and we'll have a trial by November.

Bizarre giant viruses with tubular tentacles and star-like shells discovered in New England forest

In DeSantis rebuke, 2 major Black orgs move their conferences & millions in revenue -- out of Florida

Olivia Troye said something really sad.

What do you say now

Remember "Fitzmas" and "Mueller Time"?

Massive sun 'umbrella' attached to asteroid could help fight global warming, scientist says

Cedar Point newest roller coaster.