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Archives: August 10, 2023

A message to the country': Ohio voters deliver decisive win for abortion rights supporters - Deadline

Zoom updates TOS to say that they do not train AI on audio, video, or chat

Putin is likely counting on Trump or another Republican to win the 2024 election

High ocean temperatures are harming the Florida coral reef. Rescue crews are racing to help

Radiation Exposure in Ukraine and Covid Susceptibility.

Trump plants seeds for delay in 2020 election interference case

Jack has the giant's beanstalk by

POTUS on wildfires in Hawaii

Condolences for Hawaii

First Extinction Alert Issued In 70 Years For Rarest Marine Mammal On Earth

Climate Change: "We Completely Underestimate How Bad Things Are Going To Get"

'An Aspirational SCIF'

Jack Smith got a warrant for Trump's twitter account

James Comer Has a New, Unlikely Story for Missed Deposition

Part of Hunter Biden's plea deal involves a crime that the 5th Circuit just declared void

In a Tale as Old as the West, Wealthy Californians Moved to Montana, Blocked Historic River Access

Jack Smith DOES NOT MESS AROUND Investigating Trump Crimes - Meidas Touch

Jesus Is Just Alright with Me - The Doobie Brothers The Midnight Special

"Might have to give those millions back": Legal experts say Jack Smith could "seize" Trump PAC cash

Fani Willis Denies Rumors Spread by Trump

Trump's Allies Prepare for Indictments in Georgia Probe: 'They're Coming for Everyone'

New Trump co-conspirators searched, shamed and shook: See Ari Melber's breakdown on MSNBC

In the Italian mountains, this is the weather today!

Borowitz strikes again!

'My Blood Ran Cold': Former Army Officer Blasts Trump Amid Jan. 6 Charges

The talented Jason

Michigan mom is charged with buying guns for son who threatened top Democrats, prosecutors say

How many people have died in the name of trump?

interesting debate on Chris Hayes between Nick Akerman and Charles Coleman

Threads: Holy shit. 98% of the people in Ohio State University's precinct voted NO on issue one.

Trump 'co-conspirator' wrote out scheme that could land many in prison: Melber on NYT bombshell

Oh ghod did I get hot at a Trumper today ragging on Cali on a opinion page

Rapper Lil Tay, who burst onto the scene in 2018 at age 9, has died at age 14

Rep. Jamaal Bowman rules out run for NYC mayor after weeks of speculation


Threads: This is Harris Rosen. In 1993, he adopted a Florida neighborhood called Tangelo Park.

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

I remember this song like it was yesterday.

Conspirituality: How New Age conspiracy theories threaten public health

Three ways to help survivors of the Maui fires

PREVIOUSLY SECRET TRUMP MEMO Shows Full Plot to End American Democracy in 2020!!!

Elon Musk wanted to tip off Trump to secret search warrant in Jan. 6 case - All In - MSNBC

Biden issues an executive order restricting US investments in Chinese technology

2023 Red Hawk Native American Arts Council Powwow at Bear Mountain State Park, NY

Suffolk County Executive Candidate Forum to be hosted by Schneps Media and Suffolk AME this Septembe

The scene in Lahaina, Maui this morning's absolutely devastating. The entire town is being destroyed

Fake News alert.

NY Republicans are suing to keep their outside income. Here's how much they make.

Ecuador Presidential Candidate Assassinated

Alternative math

NY: Hochul Recalibrates On Crime, With Control Of The House At Stake

Special Counsel GOES AFTER social media giant - Talking Feds

German Shepherd Puppies Learning to Swim!

NJ-07: Ex-State Department official will enter race against Kean

Yakuza Princess - Official Trailer

Attorneys rest their case in Harris County election trial to throw out November results

New details emerge on Trump's alleged plan to use fake electors to overturn election loss - PBS NewsHour

Trump worst speech yet in a tiny high school gym.

PHILLY: Two candidates against 3rd District Councilmember Jamie Gauthier hit with ballot challenges

Republican adds DHS to the list of agencies the GOP should defund

Put Trump away! Now.

Went to some ex-band mates' festival a few weeks back

Since TFG is still looking for counsel with security clearances, here is a suggestion

58 percent of Alabama voters say Tuberville should end hold on military nominations

Target sued by investor over backlash to LGBTQ merchandise

Utah Crazy Killed by FBI.. Threatened Biden & Bragg

Special counsel obtained search warrant for Donald Trump's Twitter account

Dems eye 'creative' solution to Tuberville's military blockade

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump requesting a SCIF....

Sen. Tuberville brags about voting against funding for Ukraine - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Methuen police officer arrested on child pornography charge

Steve Bannon Cries Salty Tears After Ohio Blowout - Waldorf Nation

"We do it for George."

Democrats score massive surprise win - Brian Tyler Cohen

loggins & messina - lahaina (studio-1973) just spun up their full sail record

Trump Says Weaponizing DOJ is Bad... Unless He's Doing It! - Pondering Politics

"Affordable housing" in Minneapolis. Talk about some BS.

'5-alarm fire' for GOP: Abortion rights have won in every post-Roe election - All In - MSNBC

Grateful Dead - Standing On The Moon (studio + live in Philly 7/7/89) + 1989 interview

I heard a horrible thing tonight

Effects on Animal Migration from Projected Industrialization of Land for Solar Facilities

An important question which might get a few gears turning: "Was Jesus woke?"

"Black Russia' should be free" - Break the Fake - TVP World

I am somewhat loathe to diagnose from video BUT

Trump hurls attacks at Fulton County district attorney ahead of anticipated indictment - Atlanta News First

Singer and songwriter Sixto Rodriguez, subject of 'Searching for Sugar Man' documentary, dies at 81

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about another Trump investigation and finances....

We are just $55 short of the current goal for Biden-Harris ($15,000)

Idaho is sued, again, over an abortion law. Educators say it violates free speech

Federal appeals court strikes down law prohibiting users of illegal drugs from possessing firearms

Man accused of threatening Biden is killed in FBI arrest attempt - CNN

'Co-Conspirator 5': Ken Chesebro and the evolution of Donald Trump's Jan. 6 strategy

'Obsession with queer people': DeSantis rocked as FL schools drop AP class citing 'Don't Say Gay'

Priorities priorities - got home/Lyft - surprise, neighbor's dogs in my fenced yard

Ecuador presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio assassinated at campaign event

Judge Chutkan Gets Extra Security Following Trump's Threats - The Ring of Fire

Ecuador presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio assassinated at campaign event

Ecuador presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio assassinated at campaign event

Wow: Job Satisfaction Hits 36-Year High in the United States! - Luke Beasley

'He's weaponizing politics': Elected state attorney DeSantis suspended says he threatens democracy

Trump says he won't sign Republican loyalty pledge, flouting debate requirement - again

If Trump flees, it will be to Dubai - my 2c

Last Punk Standing by Wild Billy Childish/CTMF - Music from The state51 Conspiracy

Republicans Refuse to Challenge Democrats in Wisconsin Senate Race - Let's Talk Elections

The great Fred Neil

2 more arrested in Alabama riverfront brawl more that drew national attention

Sweaty and Scared Trump VICIOUSLY ATTACKS Georgia Prosecutor - Meidas Touch

Wow, totally impressed with the David Hoagg interview tonight

Ukrainian heroes are vanquishing Kadyrov's fighters - Military Mind - TVP World

Fed court lawsuit charges racial gerrymandering in TN Congressional, state redistricting

Martin Scorsese Remembers Robbie Robertson: 'I Could Always Go to Him'

New fundraising tactics raise campaign finance concerns - PBS NewsHour

Trump Hit with Even More Devastating News! - Luke Beasley

Trump says he won't sign Republican loyalty pledge, flouting debate requirement

6-year-old boy who shot teacher later boasted about it, **Also tried to chock Another teacher!!!

Trump Seeking to Incite 2nd Civil War - Malcolm Nance Gives the Facts

How many times has a better argument changed my mind on DU.....

'A bit unhinged': Lofgren reacts to Trump's Truth Social post - CNN

For a LOL LAUGH. JUST Google MAGA Cult


Arizona Republicans Don't Want to Hear About the Deadly Heat Wave

D.A. Fani Willis responds to racist and sexist Trump attack ad - The Last Word - MSNBC

VA: Democrats question Youngkin election order and ex-lawmaker's status as judge

Marjorie Taylor Greene Celebrates Executing Political Enemies at Town Hall! - Pondering Politics

Tweet of the Day

Phoenix police officer violated policy when detaining Wall Street Journal reporter, department finds

Powerful explosion injures 57 outside Moscow - ABC News

OH-SEN: Ohio Vote Is Crushing Defeat for Sherrod Brown's Likely '24 Opponent

There's something weird about the shooting in Utah

Lawrence: Trump's lawyers are too cowardly to quit or to tell Trump to shut up - The Last Word - MSNBC

DLCC Announces $11 Million Raised For The Cycle

Just chillin:

Proposed relief for child sex abuse survivors won't reach Pa. ballot in 2023

A veteran FBI agent told Congress that investigations into Giuliani and other Trump allies were 'sup

World's largest radio telescope gets help from smart maintenance robots

Ginger cat is thoroughly flummoxed!

Presidential candidate assassinated in Ecuador

More than a dozen indictments expected from Georgia DA in Trump case - CNN

Stunning images from the flooding in Norway ...

MI: State senator from Detroit apologizes to Arab Americans for Israel trip

Goodboi asks to have food put in the proper bowl:

It's midnight, 87 degree temperature with a real feel at 103 degrees

David Hogg: We can't hide from the responsibility to fight for a better future - The Last Word - MSNBC

Amazing coordination in this martial arts performance.. 👌 Tagou Martial Arts School of Shaolin

Winter 2023-24 Forecast: How Much Snow Will MD Get?

Republican's Wife Admits To Removing Pride Books & Replacing Them With Bibles - Waldorf Nation

CA: Kevin de Len and activist won't be charged over their fight. Here's why neither is happy

CA: Big risk, high reward for Newsom if he tries to end Hollywood strikes

California has made voting easier, but regular voters still skew white and old, poll finds

Kitten trying to catch the wind.

CA: Hotel Workers in Dana Point, Long Beach and Santa Monica Confront Violence on the Picket Line

Kari Lake Trashes Ron DeSantis For Telling The Truth About Trump - Ring of Fire

Crazy question for those that know my history, but....

We Can't Afford Space Travel?

Trump-Filed Lawsuit COMPLETELY BACKFIRES - Talking Feds

Malaysia state polls: Opposition set to make inroads, could trigger more political instability, say

GOODBYE, TWITTER! -- Christopher Titus -- Armageddon Update (BEST OF '23 ...SO FAR!)

The paws!

Republicans Get Spanked In Ohio - Raw News And Politics

'Control your client': MSNBC's O'Donnell has a message for Trump's criminal defense lawyers

Alito Urged to Recuse From Case That Could Preemptively Ban Federal Wealth Tax

VA: Hampton City Councilman Chris Bowman censured after encounter with prostitute

Red panda:

FL: Education Commissioner pulls out of town hall on Black history education standards

Which school districts are planning to use PragerU as start of school approaches

Florida Dems slam latest move from Ron DeSantis state office to campaign

Pupper excited to see himself on camera:

☦️ Greek Orthodox St Nektarios, 'A Wellspring of Humility'

Thursday's digit - 5/10: Showers on and off all day, interfere with outdoor play. David, CWG

Foresight lacking:

'Outrageous lie': Lawyer debunks Trump campaign ad saying Fani Willis had affair with gang member

Just purchased my THIRD dishwasher in ten years.


Woman gets tattoo so dad with Alzheimer's can always remember her

Breakfast Thursday 10 August 2023

Bear cub says, "O hai."

"Might have to give those millions back": Legal experts say Jack Smith could "seize" Trump PAC cash

'His mouth has been his biggest enemy': Trump Georgia indictment could come with gag order


Trump's Twitter habit comes back to haunt him; Here's what a search warrant might reveal

Trump's Twitter habit comes back to haunt him; Here's what a search warrant might reveal - Alex Wagner

'His mouth has been his biggest enemy': Trump Georgia indictment could come with gag order - Alex Wagner

Norway is flooding and Hawaii is burning

"The free man, who lives among the ignorant, strives, as far as he can,

Man who made violent threats against Biden and prominent Democrats shot dead by FBI - Alex Wagner

What protein is good in cheese fondue?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Senator Tuberville's Ukraine analogy....

The LARGEST Explosion in Human History

GOP Frantically Moves Goalpost: "It Doesn't Matter if Joe Was Bribed!" - Pondering Politics

Tech workers react to UPS drivers landing a $170K a year total renumeration package.

Donations for Maui/Lahaina Fire Relief for Victims, to include pets/other animals.

Most Alabama voters want Tuberville to drop military hold: poll

Riverboat brawl. Riverboat Captain says same group has caused problems in the past

Some GOP voters in this key election state aren't backing Trump. Hear why - CNN

@BarackObama: If you'd like to help, you can do so here {Hawaii fire victims}.........

(Jewish Group) Man allegedly brandishes machete while driving by Jewish camp funded by Kars4Kids

A neo-Nazi is building a compound in rural Maine for his 'Blood Tribe'

Special Counsel executes search warrant of Trump's Twitter in DOJ's election interference case.

I just saw a delightful movie called: "Red, White, and Royal Bule."

Ohio Doc Who Said COVID-19 Vaccine Was 'Magnetic' Suspended Indefinitely

FBI shot and killed Utah man who allegedly threatened Joe Biden and Alvin Bragg - The 11th Hour MSNBC

More info on the two 16 year old Riverboat employees

CEO of General Motors Mary Barra on leading GM under Biden and Trump, economy and EV's - The 11th Hour

The Who - Who Are You (Promo Video) Filmed in London on 4 May 1978, 4 months before Keith Moon died

Judge Cannon Appears to Be Following Instructions from Trump on Fox

How climate change is making Hawaii more prone to wildfires - CBS News

Funny how the night moves......

At least 36 killed on Maui as fires burn through Hawaii and thousands race to escape

Veteran FBI agent told Congress investigations of Giuliani and other Trump allies were 'suppressed'

Why Can I Eat Endless Bread and Gelato in Europe and Never Feel Bloated?

Ex-prosecutor: What DOJ may be looking for in Trump's Twitter account - CNN

FBI fatally shoots man accused of making violent threats against Biden and Alvin Bragg - MSNBC Reports

Dist Judge Starr, nephew of Kenneth Starr, sends Southwest Airlines to right-wing reeducation camp


Have Trolling & Hate Become the Essential Core Identity of the Post-Trump GOP? - Thom Hartmann

Kiss an angel good morning.

Pepco Violation Could Cost Community Solar Owners Thousands

DEF CON 31 Opens Today!

Rodriguez, Singer Whose Career Was Resurrected, Dies at 81

Marvel's VFX artists become the first in their industry to unionize after months of speaking out abo

Peace Now: Israel approved more settlement development in 2023 than any previous year .

Can This Save Abortion Rights Across America ? - Thom Hartmann

KY-GOV: Court fight raises doubts about Cameron's commitment to transparency

Freaked out reporter going for a ride on Steel Vengeance 🤣

OH: Local, national groups praise Issue 1 defeat, buckle up for November fight

Wordle 782 8/10 ***Spoiler Thread***

This Conspiracy Could Have Handed the 2024 Election To Far Right Fascist Fake Electors - Thom Hartmann

OH: Issue 1 supporters pointing fingers after resounding loss

OH: How Issue 1 was defeated

TX: In federal trial, Galveston County challenged on efforts to undo Black and Latino voting power

Putin is scared: Pentagon "Green Lights" the most lethal weapon. "Something" happened in Moscow- TRD

FL: GOP Candidate Plagiarized Massive Segments of His College Thesis

Amtrak data is {are, you know what I mean} stale right now.

It really takes a level of arrogance to believe that whatever the fuck you believe

Army Veteran CALLS OUT Ron DeSantis, goes MEGAVIRAL - Against All Enemies

Trump's co-defendants set to enter pleas on new charges in classified documents case

Biden's new data trove boosts Dems for 2024

Fulton County DA urges staff not to respond to Trump campaign ad

At Berlin's Sanssouci Palace, Centuries-Old Trees Dying From Drought & Heat

How did I miss Dark Brandon strike down of Princess Greeny?

NYT Rhetorically Asks Where To Go For Summer Vacation Amid Fires, Floods; MAGA Shrieking Ensues

Ukraine announces 'humanitarian corridor' for ships stuck in Black Sea ports

Aliens Will Reveal Themselves in 2027, Claims Former CIA Agent

When you're getting indicted but your lawyer won't stop beatboxing

When Is DOJ Going To Investigate Clarence Thomas

On August 6, 1956, the DuMont Television Network ceased network operations.

Clarence Thomas' 38 Vacations: The Other Billionaires Who Have Treated the Supreme Court Justice

House Republicans issue new report on Joe Biden corruption... that again offers no evidence

Why unicorns became extinct:

Trump says he won't sign Republican loyalty pledge, flouting debate requirement

China Exports & Imports Collapse as Economic Downturn Accelerates & Outlook for 2023 Worsens - JB

Thursday TOONs - Their Hill To Die On

Obama asks us to donate to Maui disaster

The Parliament of World's Religion

Don't be fooled by the spin: Republicans are banning courses and harassing teachers out of their job

Supreme Court justices and bribery? Or is it maybe blackmail? Are we looking at it wrongly?

Why ReTHUGs are terrified. - Jack knows what they did

Pritzker Administration Announces $10M in Grants to Strengthen Mental Health Services in Schools

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/9/2023

Art of the Week: Week of 8/9/23

"You will get violence": Leading democracy expert says Trump is not runnng to win election.

Has anyone read (and understood) the new Microsoft service agreement?

The Rundown: August 10, 2023

An atheist drinking game hosted by dring master Sir Sic!

Ukraine is 'punishing' the Russians - Colonel Brendan Kearney - Times Radio

There Is No Such Thing As Italian Food

I Remember The Early Days Of December 2020 And January 2021

Fraud at the lottery.

CPI comes in at 3.2% for July, less than expected

Give us this day our daily idiot! Brainless dipshit starts fire on beach as "Romantic Gesture"

You raised $155.00 on August 9, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024 (NEW goal $20,000)

TN Rep Justin Jones at the Up in Arms exhibit memorializing gun violence victims

July CPI report shows inflation gauge rose 3.2%, less than expected

Tribute To The Band, Robbie Robertson, RIP - Watkins Glen Rock Festival, NY, July 28, 1973 🎈

Note to right wing nut jobs: it is a dangerous and a losing proposition to open fire on FBI agents.

News & Commentary August 4, 2023 Google and Accenture accused of illegally terminating employees

This was (is) a massive plot to destroy the fabric of America

Bang-Bang Boebert Praises Wind Funding She Voted Against; Dark Brandon Notices, Drags

Trump is worse than Nixon.

I kind of feel like I'm enduring a hail storm of anxiety triggers, right now

On This Day: Elcano begins first ever circumnavigation of the globe - August 10, 1519

"She's a Kyrsten Sinema Wannabe": How a House Democrat Sold Out

arrest clarence thomas

Staggering Ohio loss ignites an identity crisis within the anti-abortion movement

At the Grand Canyon with President Biden by Senator Sinema

On this day, August 10, 1928, Jimmy Dean was born.

Maui fires overwhelm hospitals with burn patients

Michigan doubles down on free community college

On this day, August 10, 1963, Stuart Gorrell died. He wrote the lyrics for a song you've heard.

NV: Democrats reject Lombardo's $3.2M funding request for private school scholarships

On this day, August 10, 1984, "Red Dawn" was released. Wolverines!

IN: City council hires Chicago firm in redistricting lawsuit

NC: Chatham Commissioners presented with alternative plans for redistricting

This is the provocative anti-Issue 1 ad that ran in Ohio.....

How Wisconsin's pre-Civil War abortion ban remained untouched during decades of political battle

After airing an interview in which Trump denied he lost 2020 election, Newsmax's reads a statement:

Trump Viciously Slanders Georgia Prosecutor Ahead Of Indictments - Farron Balanced

A man sitting in a big-deal French restaurant

Pennsylvania's 'fake electors' are unlikely to face consequences. Here's what they're up to.

Donald Trump has gone off the deep end for real: He's a danger to humanity

Deprogramming Magahats, Step #1. Begin with this question: "Wasn't Jesus 'woke'?"

This is the Captain speaking: "You have been traveling with a very special companion."

WeWork warns there's 'substantial doubt' about its ability to stay in business

Anyone have any news on yesterday's J6 hearing?

Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation

I went to the bank & took my money. I believe it was my money, I think it was my money.

Leo Fender was born on this date.

Fox News on J6 info

Anybody know when the Galactica launch is today?

90 degrees, real feel 109 degrees dew point 80

Caption this.

Just sayin...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Georgia, and new insight....

Grinnell family donates Barbie collection to Ronald McDonald House for charity auction

Broward School Board approves LGBTQ resolutions after heated debate

US Indigenous leaders say uranium mining left toxic legacy - Al Jazeera

Supermarket AI meal planner app suggests recipe that would create chlorine gas (Guardian)

Lawsuits accuse 49ers CEO Jed York of insider trading, securities violations

Iowa Returns Record $4.5 Million To Rightful Owner Of Forgotten Stocks

Maui fires updates

Hong Kong police arrest 10 people accused of supporting overseas activists after 2019 protests

D.A. Fani Willis responds to racist and sexist Trump attack ad

Russian Ruble Crisis as Value Collapses v Dollar, Euro, Yuan & Rupee as Russian Economic Slumps - JB

Trump wants a SCIF at Mar-a-Lago

I'm waiting for it

Justice Roberts wrote 'condescending' letter to Senate when asked to testify about ethics - CNN

Trump insults D.C. to get his trial moved. The city rolls its eyes.

Fine. I'll accept it. I accept that he really believed he won

On this day, August 10, 2020, a derecho in Iowa became the most costly thunderstorm disaster in U.S.

who needs a logging truck when u can use a modified motorcycle.

How long have you had your current car? Husband just took car to be inspected. We have had it for

Clarence is in Pro Publica, again. Ruh roh.

Tweet:Imagine if Hunter Biden accepted the gifts Clarence Thomas did, Republicans would've impeached

The Continental: From the World of John Wick - Official Trailer - Peacock Original - Streams 9/22/20

Hospital bosses love AI. Doctors and nurses are worried. (Washington Post)

Newsmax Ends Trump Interview With Super Awkward Disclaimer

On Chris Christie

Trump, aide plead not guilty in documents case. De Oliveira does not enter plea

Pittsburgh's air quality has improved dramatically in the last 7 years

Ex-Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs sentenced to 3-10 years in fatal DUI crash

Idaho's largest newspaper humiliates Trump's "Patriot Front" white supremacists in a devastating op

If you are or were a Republican I think you are responsible for all these fires that are killing

Politics has become a battle of egos not using intellect to solve problems

Opinion: Coal country voters demand nothing from the GOP. That's what they get.

Disney's Bob Iger Vows to Help 'Find Solutions' to Resolve WGA and SAG-AFTRA Strikes

Trump Tells Audience He'll Keep Violating Court Orders - Farron Balanced

Pic Of The Moment: House GOP Again Accuses Biden Family Of Corruption -- With No Evidence. Meanwhile...

Tackle greed?

The Republicans on the Federal Election Commission want to stop it from regulating AI

Do you feel bad when you step on a bug?


Thomas- "The job is not worth doing for what they pay,but it is worth doing for the principle.

GOP donor Anton Lazzaro sentenced to 21 years for sex trafficking minors in Minnesota

Idaho loses its 'Teacher of the Year' after right-wing parents chase her out of state

Maddow Blog GOP reconsiders whether anti-Biden evidence actually matters

Trump co-defendant arraignment delayed in classified documents case - MSNBC Reports

Samurai Champloo - Shiki No Uta (HQ) BY Minmi

Adobe has announced AI-powered capabilities for Photoshop

2 robotaxi services seeking to bypass safety concerns and expand in San Francisco face pivotal vote

Judge Cannon GETS CAUGHT Taking Instructions from trump on TV

Barbie Movie Kuwait and Lebanon

2 robotaxi services seeking to bypass safety concerns and expand in San Francisco face pivotal vote

After all those Pesky Lawsuits; the newsmax Sewer has a new Disclaimer:

Photos: Deadly Wildfires Sweep Across Maui

Justice Elena Kagan was worried about the ethics of accepting bagels from friends.

Joe Scarborough: Evangelicals are fiercely fighting for and backing, according to a judge, a rapist.

A Mango Mussolini legal tactic you

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 10, 2023)

Suspected fentanyl-caused overdose deaths alarm Eugene officials (Nine in one week)

Jack Smith teases new nightmare news for Donald Trump & allies - Brian Tyler Cohen

President Biden approves Hawaii disaster declaration

What a great cartoon about Mike Pence's campaign swag

Gifts to Supreme Court justices should be limited to

Johnny Hardwick has died

Americans held in Iran placed under house arrest as part of a planned prisoner swap

February 12th 1984, astronaut Bruce McCandless

I had visitors last night...

Steve Schmidt reacts to trump's UNHINGED interview on Newsmax The Warning

Let me get this straight. Hunter Biden's partner said that his dad would occasionally talk to him

Cartoons 8/10/2023

If Trump absconds, will he lose his Secret Service protection?

Golly, I hope his injuries are covered by insurance.

Number of Americans applying for jobless aid rises, but not enough to cause concern

Ohio vote shows abortion winning issue for Democrats

Anheuser-Busch unloads Redhook Brewery as part of 8-brand sale to cannabis company

Cross-posted from Latest

Safeway - when does this shit become an actual consumer legal issue? bait and switch?

Cross-posted from one posted 1st by OP

"Drownding in Gespatcho"

The Utah man killed by the FBI after saying he would kill Biden...

In California, wildfires are prevented by crews of unlikely firefighters: goats

Judge dismisses consumer antitrust lawsuit regarding Kroger-Albertsons deal

People on English beach yards from being crushed by thousands of tons of rock

Trump adviser groped 2 women in 2021 at Scottsdale club, one tells police

908 Days Above Earth: Why China And Russia Fear The X-37B Space Plane

Sen. Joe Manchin says he's 'absolutely' thought about becoming an independent

Finally! I've discovered why the women's soccer team lost!

Jeff Tiedrich rant: Donald Trump's lawyers knew they were doing all kinds of illegal shit

Sheesh. Just had a repressed memory come back.

Staggering Ohio loss ignites an identity crisis within the anti-abortion movement

Why Rudy Giuliani's 'no contest' strategy is likely doomed

US and China spar over shipwreck-turned-military outpost

Security bolstered for judge overseeing Trump election case

A small Mississippi town keeps losing power and residents are tired of being left in the dark

Hospitals rationing or delaying care, including for cancer, because of drug shortages, survey shows

intellectually challenged nepo baby fox News "reporter" Peter Ducey is so stupid

Republicans claim Biden administration 'coerced' Facebook to take down content

US set to unveil long-awaited crackdown on real estate money laundering

Gloria Johnson of the 'Tennessee 3' Is Coming for Marsha Blackburn's Senate Seat

Newsmax Runs 2020 Election Disclaimer After Trump Interview: 'Legal and Final'

Dozens of Reality Stars Accuse Bravo, NBC of 'Grotesque and Depraved Mistreatment'

Joe Biden Goes Full Dark Brandon Barking Back At Fox News' Peter Douchey

Pence Says He's 'Deeply Offended' By Vivek Ramaswamy's 9/11 'Truth' Claim

If you have time for advice, thanks!

Matt Gaetz Has Crazy Scheme To Give Trump Immunity From Prosecution - Farron Balanced

Legal experts: Judge Cannon risks "recusal" as Trump asks to bring docs back to "scene of the crime"

Michigan named top state to live and work in the U.S.

Michigan named top state to live and work in the U.S.

Student pays off lunch debt, fundraises to eliminate debt at other Missouri schools

Have any of you men shaved your beard off since the pandemic?

Breaking - special Counsel proposes Jan 2 2024 for the start of the J6 trial

Phil Mickelson bet ONE BILLION DOLLARS on sports over 3 decades.

Indictment shows White House lawyers struggling for control as Trump fought to overturn election

Polling places reduced in Milton after city takes over elections. City Council restores one precinct

Michigan 'fake electors' charged in election scheme plead not guilty during arraignments

Trump campaign, in shot at DeSantis effort, warns state GOPs against super PAC activities

Shouldn't Clarence and Ginny Thomas at the very least

U.S. seeks Jan. 2 trial date for Trump election subversion case

He said Biden's responsible!? Republican Prosecutors and Republican Witnesses.

Despite Reported Death, Lil Tay Allegedly Alive (Updated)

Kayleigh McEnany declares: 'You're saying it's not a big deal that the president of United States li

Mississippi Supreme Court won't remove Favre from lawsuit over misspent welfare money

Michigan fake electors arraigned in Lansing court Thursday

"O, woe is me...

Irony Deficient story out of Colorado ...

Huron County woman charged with illegally purchasing guns for son who threatened Michigan officials

White nationalist Patriot Front members sue for being exposed for who they are

Michigan mom is charged with buying guns for son who threatened top Democrats, prosecutors say

Teen worker lost hand in meat grinder. Now, his boss owes $1,143 fine, officials say

DeSantis-appointed state attorney cancels diversion programs, nixes policy following Worrell's ouste

Ohio Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in 'Heartbeat' Abortion Ban

OH: Gov. DeWine says it's too late to change state abortion law, shifts focus to November

I'm puzzled by reporting that the Montgomery Brawl wasn't racial

Am I high in thinking that Elons and Taibbi's twitter files

*HAIR the musical on HBO now.

Wake up Floridians! Ron De Santis is diving deep into your pockets.

Ocean heat is off the charts, so where are the hurricanes? Forecasters warn a change is coming

Pence mocked, by repubs, for gas station fill up cosplay

Conservative Case Emerges to Disqualify Trump for Role on Jan. 6

Biden-Harris and 2024 competitive Democratic Senator and House donation links (8/10/23 update)

Joe Manchin 'thinking seriously' about leaving the Democratic Party: report

Michigan Republican activists face misdemeanors for fights at GOP meetings

Heart of Stone - Gal Gadot - Final Look - Netflix - Streams 8/11/2023

Pastor Shocked Pro-Trump Congregants Dismiss "Weak" Jesus Quotes as "Liberal Talking Points"

TCM tonight

What a temper tantrum by the Wisconsin Supreme Court's chief justice tells us

Miho Fukuhara -Let it out

Examiner reporters travel WI Assembly District 47 following lawsuit

Hinoi Team - everybody dance

US: Weekly Initial Jobless Claims rise to 248K vs. 230K expected

O hai! Cow photobombs reporter's live shot:

Supreme Court blocks Purdue Pharma's massive opioid settlement, will hear challenge

1) gorgeous school of manta rays; 2) cute ray by itself:

Germany: 2 killed in crash at Nrburgring car racing track

The guy Michael Sheldrake who takes care of Momma cats having kittens...

This raccoon is a manic little hog-piggy:

Lil Tay says she and her brother are 'safe and alive': report

DeSantis-appointed state attorney cancels diversion programs, nixes policy following Worrell's ouste

Was Merrick Garland's Approach Correct All Along?

Can't get it out of my head today: Iz singing Maui, the Hawaiian Superman...

Not today:


Whuh?! Where'd he go?

Just googled "ron" and Ron Filipkowski was first. desatan was second.

Puppy holds his own bottle:

Olbermann had a great explanation of what Jack Smith's grabbing of Trump's Twitter account meant ...


Cat has business here:

Funny spaghetti sauce commercials

Chinese Economy: Deflation Is Here...; US Restricts China Tech Investment; China Banking- China Update

Catch me if you can!

Alabama Sen Tommy Tuberville Actually Lives in Florida: Report

Disney is threatened with Bud Light-style boycott over hiring gender-fluid influencer Seann Altman

News & Commentary August 6, 2023 OSHA fines Amazon for workplace hazards

What? What is that? Where can i get .. OMG!!!

Biden asks Congress for $24 billion in more Ukraine assistance

3rd anniversary of rigged elections in Belarus - Eastern Express - TVP World

Skillet Chicken Puttanesca sounds good to me, tho chix breasts not my faves, prefer thighs.

Malaysia warns owners of LGBTQ-themed Swatch watches could face jail time

Cute little bird enjoying a bath:

These words about Biden from DjT a day after Biden's life was actually threatened:

Neo-Nazis Blackmail Power Grid in Bid to Free Bumbling Bank Robbery Suspects

You scratch my back, I'll, um, really enjoy it:

Smol and sleepy:

Doin me an amgry!

Rare video footage of Jews from train leaving Bergen-Belsen unearthed

"Help me choose, while I still have my passport!" (Reddit humor FTW)

U.S. announces tax credits for clean energy programs in underserved communities

So, when did you want to go on that walk we discussed?

Dedicated to the people of Maui today: IZ singing "Maui" and "Hawai'i Aloha"

Court filing of Special Counsel's request for January trial date. (via Mueller She Wrote)

Putting Donald Trump behind bars isn't as hard as you think

Life is just better upside down:

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 10, 2023

Jacks filing requesting Jan. 2nd date

Feds arrest white supremacist Hardy Lloyd, who called for violence against Jews during Pittsburgh sy

Puppy winding down for the day:

Switzerland Freaks Out After Veselnitskaya Plot Is Exposed

Maui County Mayor Addresses Wildfire Devastation

Biden declares Hawaii wildfires a major disaster

Hawaii wildfire, according to ChatGPT, the deadliest in US History

People Get Ready. Talkin' About A Revolution. Finally the tables are starting to turn

Jeeez, Not This Shit Again...

Cop KEEPS Job After Brutal $10 Million Lawsuit - LackLuster

Girl Rescues Animals Everywhere She Goes

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #15-4: Check Mark Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Edition

So cute:

Detroit police changing facial-recognition policy after pregnant woman says she was wrongly charged

Trump Lawyer Drafted Secret Memo Outlining Plan To Steal Election - Ring of Fire

Why Elon Musk Fought a Federal Search Warrant to Help Trump

Uganda president defiant after World Bank suspends funding over LGBT law

potato: ruk tur pai took wun

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 11 August 2023

Brett Favre can't be removed from lawsuit over misspent welfare money, Mississippi Supreme Court ...

Putting Donald Trump behind bars isn't as hard as you think (MSNBC)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Wagner leaving Belarus....

VA-HD21: Recordings show Va. swing district candidate (R) seeks 'total ban' on abortion

Stage Fright

Opinion How I 'bribed' a justice to take a no-expenses-paid trip to Mississippi

Small towns don't vote like other rural areas

Golden Earring - Sleepwalkin

Campaigner Blasts Climate-Denying 'Arsonists' as Maui Fires Kill at Least 36

How many guns do you need? At least one for each kid - Break the Fake - TVP World

It's a Democratic plot but we've got the Pillow Guy ... (Right Wing Watch)

You can't be a Democrat and be a Christian (Right Wing Watch)

Texas judge says no quick ruling expected over GOP efforts to toss 2022 election losses near Houston

Egypt inflation at 38 %

Florida's Third Senator?

Please read the story behind Sotomayor's supposedly request for libraries to purchase her books

Trump Lawyer ARREST for HORRIBLE Acts Caught on Bodycam Video - MeidasTouch

US Senator Joe Manchin says 'thinking seriously' about leaving Democratic Party

Homemade Korean Japchae Recipe (video)

Biden's pretty popular among Democrats. Like 87%.

House GOP Will Subpoena Biden Family

2024 US Senate Elections in AZ,FL,MI,MO,MT,NV,OH,PA,TX,WV,and WI.

Ukraine war: 'He's got something on Putin' Belarus emboldened by Wagner presence

US proposes January start for Trump election trial

FBI agents on their way to Ecuador to investigate assassination of

Trump Mocks DeSantis, Spews 2020 Election Lies to Newsmax... Who Fact Check Him After!-Pondering Pol

Mississippi supreme court won't remove Brett Favre from welfare fraud lawsuit

*Just heard, on PBS Newshour, Maui fire 80% controlled,

Anyone watching "Fisk"?

The Band "Up On Cripple Creek" on The Ed Sullivan Show

In A Station

Horace Campbell on Opposing Military Intervention in Niger & Disastrous U.S./French Role in Africa

No-Confidence motion: Voice vote in Lok Sabha seals the win for NDA Alliance - WION

Will the Republican 2024 presidential candidates debate in good faith at their primary?

Ex-Trump aide Stephen Miller's legal group files complaint against Kellogg's 'woke' programs

New memo reveals Team Trump's secret plan to STEAL ELECTION - Talking Feds

Unprecedented levels of damage from storms this year is upending US towns and the insurance industry

The heart of Lahaina

Malaysia makes owning an LGBTQ+ Swatch punishable by up to 3 years in jail

Dark Brandon Trolls Lauren Boebert In Epic Fashion - Rebel HQ

SCOTUS Blocks Purdue Opioid Settlement

Somebody remind me. Is Ecuador a colony of the USA?

Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas took lavish vacations with a billionaire who criticized student

Stew Peters says the Hawaii fires are from "directed energy weapons."

Public Supports More Drug Price Regulation, Unaware of Inflation Reduction Act Provisions

Lawmakers pledge to double down on Biden's new China investment ban

Report details gifts Justice Clarence Thomas received since 1991 - Morning Joe - MSNBC

I think this was the background music

Long-term use of acid reflux medications linked to higher dementia risk

Animated Frederick Douglass calls slavery a 'compromise' in conservative group's video

Illinois abortion: Gov. Pritzker flexes political muscle to defeat Issue 1 in Ohio special election

I absolutely love Ari's involvement with music culture

Yep! Trump was absolutely right about one thing!

Immediate disqualification': Conservative law professors say Constitution bans Trump from presidency

Legal Weasel

Assessing the damage of Nixon and Trump's presidencies - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Confused Trump Supporters Left Tongue Tied - The Young Turks

I got stung by a bee today--first time ever.

How will Adam Frisch(D-CO3) do in his 2026 re-election bid if he is the incumbent and Lauren Boebert

trump Baits the Judge - The Bulwark Podcast

Recordings show Va. swing district candidate favors 'total ban' on abortion

Is Trump trying force Judge Chutkan to threaten to incarcerate him to get SCOTUS to intercede?

Prosecutors deliver knockout blow to Trump with new update in federal trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Woody Harrelson Appears to Endorse Anti-Vaxxer RFK Jr. for President

Chris Christi is a puke.

dont walk your dogs during the afternoon in this heat!!!

Two young musicians killed in Russian missile attack on Zaporizhzhya

"Insurrection" & "Rebellion" Are True Legal Names Without Artful Euphemisms

Jack Smith subpoenas Trump's Twitter account; this will be evidentiary gold for prosecutors

Jack Smith could send Trump to prison: See rare footage of him in action - The Beat - MSNBC

Tennis: Carlos Alcatraz vs Hurkacz (Poland) ........

Mike Luckovich-due to the stress of press coverage, we need another vacation

If you haven't been keeping up with Trump's Jan 6 indictment...

There are clues to 74 bands in this picture:

PBS NewsHour: Antarctic sea ice at record lows as global temperatures rise

I just bawled seeing the devastation in will NEVER be the same. Wow. Just wow.