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How would OH US Representative Greg Landsman-D do in a statewide election?

Greg Bluestein on the latest of Trump's potential indictment in Fulton County, Georgia - MSNBC Reports

Targeted for truth: voices against war crushed as Putin's repressions escalate - UATV

Biden Rips Boebert, Jack Smith Grabs Trump By The Twitter

Rising political threats take US into uncharted territory as 2024 election looms

and I swear my last post about my hummers.......when the heck do they leave?? 😂 🤣 😂

Does Las Vegas have a pool on when Trump will violate

New tools aim to protect art and images from AI's grasp (CNN)

Trump blames left for legal costs

I am quite confused about the Fulton County process.


What to know about the Georgia probe into Trump's 2020 election subversion

Last cover for awhile.... but its goooooood :D

Biden and carbon capture:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how Trump can win....

I'm told that the AR-15 is a 'Modern Sporting Rifle'

Florida Man ain't got nothin' on Tommy Tuberville

Neil Diamond "I Am... I Said"

'Amazingly devastating:' FEMA official describes Maui fire's speed and environmental dangers - MSNBC

Kyle Rittenhouse: Self Image vs Reality

Experts reveal what's ahead in Trump's Georgia election interference case - Symone - MSNBC

US Senate Elections in 2024 that the Democrats will win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Does anyone else turn the channel or mute the tv when this advertisement comes on??

Racial tensions linger in Montgomery after dock brawl

NY: AG Letitia James steps aside as Gov. Hochul's counsel in right-to-shelter case

Ivana Trump's lonely grave is barely visible in overgrown grass, just a year after she was buried at

Why the Montgomery, Alabama brawl matters - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Top 20 Guitar Solos of All Time (Rick Beato)

Polish minister says reinforcement at the border with Belarus is due to hostile rhetoric and actions

Ron DeSantis blames child care crisis on mothers having to work

Smart dogs! Some of them are tricks but others are just smart dogs!

Update on sister and family situation, Edit out asking if it was okay.

DeSantis in Iowa Faces Protesters

Republican Senator's Dishonesty Exposed, Caught Blatantly Contradicting Herself! - Luke Beasley

Liberalism against capitalism

How long would have the ND Democratic US Senators Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan would have lasted if

Illegal raids contribute to death of newspaper co-owner (Marion County Record)

I've been watching "Painkiller" - Netflix' answer to "Dopesick"

Jenna Ellis & the J6 Cases

father reads riot act to cashier that cracks a joke when 12 year old buys pads

NPR: Barrels of drinking water for migrants walking through Texas have disappeared

The Hunting of Hillary: The Forty-Year Campaign to Destroy Hillary Clinton

Dead Allen Ginsberg is being milked for more money with AI poetry from his photographs

Should we be surprised by what happened in Utah? - MSNBC Reports

Three Demographic Trends Underlying Our Growing Partisan Polarization

Bonus Quote of the Day

Brahmin Left Vs. Populist Right

Ex-Lawmaker's Florida Seat Could Come Back

Trump Lawyer BLOWS UP his Only Defense on Live TV - Meidas Touch

Ivana Trump's Grave Is Completely Overgrown

If you don't fancy mindfulness, then try cooking instead

The meteor shower will peak late Saturday night into the early-morning hours of Sunday

The GOP "is not really a political party. It's a white-collar criminal organization."

Being shot is a 'hazzard of the job' if you are a teacher in Virginia (Threads):

Missouri couple who entered Capitol through broken window plead guilty in Jan. 6 case

I wrote an email to Judge Brantley Starr who told SW Airlines they needed to attend religious

AG Garland on Doomed Quest Over Hunter Biden Special Counsel

'Like a scene from a war movie': Eyewitness reflects on Charlottesville rally 6 years later - Velshi

Ron Filipkowski tweet:

6 ways the Inflation Reduction Act changed America and the world in 1 year

Ron & Casey DeSantis at the Iowa State Fair find more ways to alienate voters:

Lunch at El Gringo!

Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels

Former FBI Official Issues Ominous Warning on Trump Supporters' Threats


Opticat illusion:

Illegal police raids on Kansas newspaper contribute to elderly co-owner's death:

Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face

American Democracy has turned a corner.

Seinfeld may have inadvertently come up with a sure way to save the DeSantis campaign.

You know times are tough when....

How to help residents affected by the Maui wildfire disaster - KTLA 5 Los Angeles

Trump Plotted 'AUTOCRATIC' Military Takeover, Ex-Official Says

GQ Clowns Itself, Weakens (Then Deletes) Story Critical Of Incompetent Discovery CEO David Zaslav

Path emerges for North Florida Black-performing congressional district in 2024

Wow!! SHOCKING GOP Indoctrination Plot in Schools UNCOVERED - Meidas Touch

What the Flagnard? Install a Shut-Off Valve on a Pressurized Copper Water Line.

Hawaii AG to review wildfire response to understand 'the decisions that were made'

While nursing, kittens wag their ears instead of their tails as puppies would:

Run away! Run away!

Mandarin ducks just don't look real!

Records: Michigan voting machines exchanged at mall, 'manipulated' in hotels

First Time Hearing Prince - Creep Reaction

Not gonna lie--I'd be scared, too!

This dog!

A baby Pallas cat was born in the Helsinki Zoo and you need to look at him. LOOK AT HIM

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia and the moon....

12 Aug: Russians Are in Big Trouble! All Bridges Burned Down! - Reporting from Ukraine

Me too please?

Saratoga Springs rally against fascism planned Sunday - Albany Times Union

Question about AIs and what happens when they mine human intellectual property

Robin Vos is unhinged for even floating this possibility. It's clear he doesn't believe in separatio

A prison guard says she was forced to stay at her post during labor pains. Texas is fighting compens

Guardian of the Topiary Garden

Chokepoint Capitalism Explained

Nectarine-Mango Pie

Ai learns to turn every wifi router into a camera that can 'see' through walls, in the dark,

ABC News finds 54 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults.

Democracy in crisis: unveiling a DeSantis power grab and Thomas' ethical failures - Symone - MSNBC

I'll just leave this here. 😎

Breakfast Sunday 13 August 2023

Prison Director Threatened By Z40 Is Executed in Mexico City

Trump: We don't take plea deals. I did nothing wrong. That's a wise guy question

New Democratic Star FIRES BACK at GOP in Pitch Perfect TAKEDOWN on Live TV - Meidas Touch

Sunday Funnies 8/13/23


Top U.S. cyber official offers 'stark warning' of potential attacks on infrastructure

Hawaiians organize:

Al Franken: Stuart Stevens is Ashamed

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Loveable Jerk Edition

🟩 Wordle 785 8/13 SPOILERS

Why an Unremarkable Racist Enjoyed the Backing of Billionaires Aug. 12, 2023

Oklahoma sued for funding US's first 'state-sponsored' religious charter school

too liberal v. too conservative in the media

As death toll from Maui fire reaches 93, authorities say effort to count the losses is just starting

Well Sheeeeeit, I'ma Just Run for Dogcatcher, then Rob a Bank

Ohio Was Just the Start: More Abortion-Related Ballot Initiatives Are in Motion Across the Nation

worriedaboutsatan - I'm Not

$2 billion building plan challenges climate goals, but OPPD confident emissions will drop

Georgia prosecutors have messages showing Trump's team is behind voting system breach

I love David Hogg

Georgia prosecutors have messages showing Trump's team is behind voting system breach

Fun game: Connections

Dealing with mental illness: Two steps forward, one step back for a lifetime because we deserve it

tRump Ignores Warning by Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan: Trump is back to making deranged posts on so

On this day, August 13, 1920, Neville Brand was born.

On this day, August 13, 1920, Neville Brand was born.

On this day, August 13, 1913, Jack Fina was born.

Illegal raids contribute to death of newspaper co-owner

On this day, August 13, 1952, Big Mama Thornton recorded "Hound Dog."

On this day, August 13, 1860, sharpshooter and media sensation Annie Oakley was born.

I see Weiss with a Comey style announcement

Of Course Republicans are Angry. They Have Been Out Gamed... AGAIN.

"Supreme" Court Check On Power Question

On this day, August 13, 1908, actor Gene Raymond was born.

CNN: Camp Pendleton Marine Questioned About Girl Found in Barracks Faces Charges in Different Case

My Proposed Draft for Biden Statement Re: Hunter

Operation Lone Star: Girl, 3, dies on Texas migrant bus

Art in the car: Watercolor of view from Blue Hill mountain, ME.

On This Day: Influential war strategist, by attribution, crowned Eastern Roman Emperor- Aug. 13, 582


Florida sent a Colombian woman to California. Now she's on the brink of homelessness

Remember life is short spoil your dogs.

Police raid local Kansas newspaper office and homes of reporters

Happy International Left Hander's Day

Miss Universe Organisation cuts Indonesia ties over sex abuse claims

Maine blueberries, Watercolor and Wc pencils.

Tried it in a big town

Where toddlers are shooting people... map

"Crooked Joe is the WORST PRESIDENT IN U.S. HISTORY!" said the worst president in U. S. history.

You raised $15.00 on August 12, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

7 killed in Ukraine's Kherson region, including a 23-day-old baby girl

Michigan AG Nessel blasts commission responsible for investigating lawyers' wrongdoing

You raised $10.00 on August 12, 2023 Unofficial DU for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

Housing Market 2023: 3 States Hurt Most by Climate Change

Minneapolis police search for suspects in backyard shooting that left 1 dead and 6 wounded

Lock Trump up now. He is thumbing his nose at both Judge Chutkan and her court's magistrate orders.*

LGBTQ+ people in Ethiopia blame attacks on their community on inciteful and lingering TikTok videos

***BREAKING*** Georgia prosecutors have messages showing Trump's team is behind voting system breach

Why does the Secret Service get to decide whether Trump gets fingerprinted and mug shot taken?

S8:E4 (The Chicken Little Cowardice of Ryan Walters)

"Impeach Biden" is a Republican's way of saying "there is no defense for Donald Trump"

The Clean Energy Future Is Arriving Faster Than You Think

S8:E4 (The Chicken Little Cowardice of Ryan Walters)

AI Causes Real Harm. Let's Focus on That over the End-of-Humanity Hype (Scientific American)

When they say they are terrorists, believe them

By next week this time

Hello All! I'm thinking of moving to SC and need some info....

Apropos of nothing, TFG is an emotionally and intellectually stunted Tony Soprano

Orange County, FL teachers lousy working conditions in the Orlando Sentinel

LAURO: That wasn't a threat at all. That was an aspirational ask.

Has hell frozen over? Someone is subbing for Ali Velshi, the

I'll Take You There

World Change, Get Ready Pt 2: The Global Security, Geopolitical, and Digital (Dis)Order

In the wake of the Hunter Biden special counsel, I think Jarvanka let out a huge sigh of relief.

The music of Depeche Mode - CBS Sunday Morning + Web exclusive on their hunt for interesting sounds

We just spent Thursday night calling up CWA members Because our governor changed the law regarding

Yep, That's me!

How is this shart stain on humanity still a free man?

A lawyer's take on CNN and Jake Tapper-"Smirking b.s."

Getting out of bed...

Is there an online list of bills introduced by specific members of Congress?


Dogs: Man's Best Friend. Noble beasts working with humans for the good of us

Historical French Toast, Pain Perdu 18th Century 🥖

Ukraine Makes 'Tactically Significant' Progress in Its Counteroffensive

Uranus is lovely.

Anyone know who the judge will be in the Geordia case?

Kamala Harris Says She's 'Worried' About Voter Turnout Ahead Of 2024 Election

Paint day

BBC Editorial: How did Netflix know I was gay before I did?

2016 election!

Phillips continues to make the rounds. Earlier with Chuck Todd

Can we please stop talking about "voter fraud?"

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Fulton County, Trump, and warming up....

Is there a way to get my message to the DCCC?

Trump Goes Absolutely Bonkers With Social Media Meltdown Over Biden Beating Him - Farron Balanced

Hastings (NE) judge reprimanded for pulling strings for priest friend who was ticketed

tiedrich: "fuck yes, Donald Trump's trials should be televised there needs to be a visual record"

Anyone else avoiding the "trump melts down" threads?

Looking for a fun British comedy? Check out "Golden Years."

This is what we are dealing with in Florida...

Right Wing Supreme Court Justice CAUGHT in Biggest Scandal Yet

Biden's climate law stokes fresh fights in the states a year after passage

4th indictment looms for Trump, now for alleged election interference in Georgia - GMA - ABC News

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 13, 2023?

The GOP's Growing Concern with Big-City Issues

Texas teen was told girls of color couldn't do well. She's graduating college at 14.

The Donald Called Down To Georgia

The latest attack on democracy failed in Ohio, but voters should be ready to face it in Utah

Spent the day with relatives at Senecaville Lake in Ohio

Federal court hearing on Alabama redistricting to begin Monday

Death toll in China mudslide rises to 21, with six people missing

How Do White People Not Know About This? - Lovett or Leave it

Valley fever: Why the fungal disease is spreading into Northern California

Raskin compares Trump White House to Putin's Kremlin

I have a question about pronouns

Drugs and prostitution in the office: 'Telemarketers' doc illuminates world you don't know

Happy 50th Birthday, Hip Hop!

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 13, 2023)

TCM today

Lukashenko boots Wagner out of Belarus

Crime is so bad near S.F. Federal building employees are told to work from home

Taiwan VP Lai's visit to US gets angry reaction from China - DW News

Democracy Docket.

Monsoon season is finally ramping up. Here's how it could impact California:

Battle brewing in Chicago over the placement of a statue of Mother Jones

Disputed disposition of a body question.

Dems are going on offense re: the Trump spawn

While millions are entertained by the latest antics from the former felon-in-chief.......

QAnon's weirdest obsession: Why does the radical far right fear the Masons?

Big news, Illinois! Chicago once again ranks #1 in the Midwest for startups

I'd like to pass on this bit of relationship advice I just read online.

Ruble in freefall: how war against Ukraine wreaks havoc on Russia's economy - UATV

Meet the drag queen who hit No 1 on the Christian music charts - with help from a Trump ally

Maybe I should have used these for the August contest

The Lincoln Project-Matt Gaetz as AG. This is the America MAGA wants. We can't let them have it.

The Lincoln Project-Matt Gaetz as AG. This is the America MAGA wants. We can't let them have it.

Cartoons 8/13/2023

Comment: What made July the hottest month on record?

Republicans Wanted a Special Counsel Investigation of Hunter Biden. Now Many Oppose It.

Jason Momoa Sternly Warns Tourists to Stay Away From Maui

Wisconsin judge rejects bid to dismiss case against fake Trump electors, attorneys

Who was your most interesting teacher. Please do not give out the teacher's name, just grade and/or

Obama spokesman drops bad news for Trump over criminal trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Listening to You Tube

Nestle recalls some Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough bars due to wood chips

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 14 August 2023

I'm going on a cruise. What can you tell me?

Marc Elias' upbeat patriotism (mastodon)

'Signs of trouble' for Trump among Georgia Republicans on eve of expected indictment

Ron Johnson Says COVID Was 'Pre-Planned' in Batsh*t Fox News Rant

Roundabouts Are Safer. So Why Does The U.S. Have So Few Of Them? - CNBC

Can Fani Willis who is in Fulton County do anything about Trump and Co. "work" in Coffee County?

'We Did Nothing Wrong': Trump Steams Over 'Wise Guy Question' About Georgia Case

'Stressed beyond her limits': co-owner of Kansas newspaper dies after police raid

Fourth Circuit Concedes to Congress on [Joe Manchin's] Pipeline

In Tuberville's state, one base feels the effect of his military holds

Vote Him Away

If the Degenerate is Not Reigned in Now... His Terror Will Grow!" Dean Obeidallah & Stephanie

Wandering Pup Stays On Couple's Porch Until They Adopt Her Back

Biden's Inflation Reduction Act Brings Jobs, Money to Red States! - Pondering Politics

U.S. Rep. Jill Tokuda, who represents Maui, says warning sirens "likely did not go off"


double post of Neglect. oops . . .

CA: Laguna Niguel starts process to move to district elections by 2024

Lewis Black's Rantcast

Arkansas dumbs down...

Small Town Cops Raid Newspaper and Reporters' Homes

Jeff Tiedrich: fuck yes, Donald Trump's trials should be televised

CA: Temecula teacher on leave after 'Angels in America' controversy hopes to return to class

My senior moment part deux - Sanjay Gupta was correct about seniors & medical marijuana.

Saudi Arabia Concluded Jared Kushner's Investment Firm Was a Joke, Gave Him $2 Billion Anyways

This is true.

Jack Smith May Force Donald Trump To Return Millions In Campaign Donations - Ring of Fire

Rep. Comer says Merrick Garland blocked his interfering plans with the special counsel appointment

Massachusetts passed a 4% millionaire's tax last year. Now every public school student is going to g

When a job raises red flags immediately, should workers cut and run?

Can we please have robo-umpires?

I'm sick of hearing "The American people want to know..."

Russian warship fires warning shots on cargo ship in Black Sea

Reviewbrah is perplexed by Burger King Italian Chicken Sandwich

Dancing in the Light of O'Shae Sibley

Swan rescue

More 'just flowers'

A "switch" turns a pistol into an automatic

LGBTQ+ Political Caucus backs Sheila Jackson Lee for Houston mayor

And his name shall be Merlin, because he casts a spell on everyone who sees him.

Illinois governor signs ban on firearms advertising allegedly marketed to kids and militants

CBS News Chief Neeraj Khemlani Exits

I know of 3 DU'ers living in Hawaii. 2 are currently posting.

Is trumpism' a Mental Health Issue in This Country? Dana Goldberg & Stephanie

A walk on the beautiful wild side...

Fil (Wings of Pegasus) rant about Randy Meisner's live '70s performances being AUTO-TUNED now

PACT Act in one year aided 340,000 ailing veterans and survivors, Biden says


Afternoon on the river

'My colleagues and I are still in shock.' 32 majors marked for elimination at WVU

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 13, 2023

I need to lower my blood pressure, so I Trashed the The Defendant's name. I need a break...

Hunter Biden's lawyer says trial 'not inevitable' as scrutiny mounts

Arkansas education department nixes AP African American Studies course at last minute

The latest from Ukraine: The Kerch Bridge was hit again yesterday

Chuck Todd calling the race a "Special Counsel Election"

Pope Francis to 1.5 million youth in Portugal: Be 'beacons of hope in dark times'

From a Kansas newsroom to a soccer pitch, why the right hates America and democracy

Former [Democratic] Rep. Al Lawson's Florida congressional seat could come back under new agreement

Former [Democratic] Rep. Al Lawson's Florida congressional seat could come back under new agreement

Federal judge tells Trump she WILL NOT ALLOW his political campaign to interfere w/orderly justice

Do you remember Judge Luttig?

Trump Plays the Debate Game Again

Patron: Training

Plane crashes during Thunder over Michigan Airshow

5 people, including a child, are dead after an explosion destroys 3 homes in Pennsylvania

The Supreme Court is taking a wrecking ball to the wall between church and state

Robbie Robertson's last live performance.

Home from the beach....AC is out.

Voters Aren't Buying Bidenomics Yet

When the neighbor's dog has to show you her stuffie before you go to work:

Which OH Democrat is a perfect candidate for Governor in 2026?

Tired but proud little mama:

Very cute dancing baby:

from neighbor's garden

NJ-SEN: Bob Menendez tests Democrats' loyalty as feds target him again

O hai. Octopus waves back:

MI poll shows danger of Cornell West run

Deer plays in sprinkler with children:

MiG-23 crashes in Thunder over Michigan airshow.

Baby rescue beaver builds dam in her room:

BREAKING: trump Dealt Major Blow in Georgia with Bombshell Revelation

Puppy brings stool for Grandma to sit down:

Happy birthday Son Seals

Tomorrow night at 9pm on Maddow - HillaryClinton

Impeccable Timing -- Dolphin smacks a fish into the air, seabird catches it.

RFK Jr. says he'd sign a federal ban on abortions after three months of pregnancy

What happened to this once great state?

Dog comes running for selfie with boy:

Tom Jones Dies: Wrote Book And Lyrics For Long-Running 'The Fantasticks', Was 95.

It's the climate

Kitten: "You want some of dis?"

Chris Christie to Trump - "Say it to my face"

The way this adorable baby looks at her daddy!

"I'm tired... you babysit for awhile"

Siamese kittens climbing the wall:

Has The Mysterious Ancient Underground Labyrinth Of Mitla Finally Been Found?

'Quantum superchemistry' observed for the 1st time ever

Horse frolicking at the beach with a ball:

2024 Democratic US Senate nominees that will get over 60 percent of the popular vote.

Former prisoners restore mural to those who disappeared during Chile's dictatorship

Out of State Schools Should Raise Level for Fla. Student Admissions

True ass story from this afternoon some guy told me, "Well what about the $20 million a month ....

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP trying again in Ohio....

Is the 2024 NC US House gerrymandering by the veto proof Republican controlled NC state legislature

Conservative Legal Group Files Complaint Saying Kellogg's Is 'Sexualizing' Their Foods- Ring of Fire

Turn On Your Lovelight - Dick's Picks. 1970

Trump: I'm Buying Pork Chops for Everyone!

I Wonder if Adolf Trump Still Believes Climate Change is a Chinese Hoax?

Pence says he 'doesn't recall' if he was told about false elector scheme leading up to Jan. 6

MTG Goes Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs... Literally - Rebel HQ

Tennessee hospital faces civil rights investigation over release of transgender health records

Tennessee hospital faces civil rights investigation over release of transgender health records

Trump's Lies Obliterated by His Own Former Staffer! - Luke Beasley

Ted Cruz Is Furious Merrick Garland Did Exactly What He Asked in Hunter Biden Case

Jaimie Raskin: report to be released about the millions $$$ Donald Trump, Ivanka and Jared made

Trump supporters and DeSantis super PAC officials spar at a Des Moines dive (Politico)