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TFG plays games with attendance at Iowa state fair

Trump and DeSantis Supporters Involved in Screaming Match in Iowa: Report

TFG plays games with attendance at Iowa state fair

NY Times Pitchbot: Dems in disarray after clash of Trump and DeSantis supporters in Iowa

Let's compare and contrast physical fitness of President Biden vs. TFG

'I do not think there is a legitimate appetite for another Democratic candidate' in 2024 - MtP - NBC

Happy Birthday to Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

Jimmy Carter's grandson Hugo Wentzel gives health update on former president and first lady

The Case for Eating Pizza with a Knife & Fork! 😄

DeathSantis tried his best to create an "Obama moment" at the Iowa State Fair.

Musician Destroys All MAGA Morons with One Line - Rebel HQ

Sunset southern MD 8/13


George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her Today

Joni Ernst margin of victory from 2014 to 2020 has narrowed.

Jamie Raskin makes a big announcement

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump already ignoring the judge about social media....

When you're asked if you plan to follow the law, anything other than "yes" is a no

Dozens of news organizations condemn police raid on Kansas newspaper and call for seized materials

Convicted felons in Georgia

James Comer Tries Attacking Biden, Fails Miserably! - Luke Beasley

Oldie time! Shapes of Things - Yardbirds

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 15: Summer Under the Stars: Ronald Colman

Regarding Kevin McCarthy: When a clown moves into a palace, he does not become king

Los Angeles-area canine search-and-rescue teams head to Maui

ABC News: Security was an afterthought with AI developers. Text & image- based models are "pitiable"

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 16: Summer Under the Stars: Katy Jurado

I haven't seen LilBit since Friday,

Trump's Legal Defense Fund Launches With a Big Typo and Bigger Ethical Questions

60 minutes was exceptional tonight.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Learning To Fly

What the fuck has Kevin McCathy done?

How the PAC-12 scramble will impact WSU's athletics

Prince George cop Darryl Wormuth texted that black officers were "black people in a white man's job"

Multi- agency press conference w Gov Green, Maui mayor Bissen, Fema head

Costco choice steaks

Why the Issue of Abortion Will Save Arizona Democrats in 2024 - Let's Talk Elections

Argentines vote in primaries, with neo-fascist candidate ahead

Argentines vote in primaries, with neo-fascist candidate ahead

Angel From Montgomery

So Trump's legal $ is abour $100MM now....

Nimarata Nikki Randhawa truly annoys me.

*Newman and Woodward, Long Hot Summer NOW,

NASA telescope spots cosmic question mark in deep space

Sunset central Washington August 12th, '23

Just another day on the Kerch Bridge.

The legal battle in Oklahoma over public funding for a religious charter school - PBS NewsHour

Tweet of the Day

Utah Farm Bureau President arrested for assault, investigated for human trafficking

Florida approves whitewashed school curriculum - American Voices - MSNBC

Tasers, taunts, torment: How 6 White officers subjected 2 Black men to hours of grueling violence, a

I obsess over this kind of stuff for days.

Trump supporters and DeSantis super PAC officials spar at a Des Moines dive

All Biden an Dem PAC money should go to

Poilievre's Conservative Party embracing language of mainstream conspiracy theories

Local Kansas Newspaper Raided by cops?

IN: Confusion reigns over whether county redistricting committee is needed

FL: Aaron Bean (R) lying in wait as redistricting development threatens congressional seat

CA GO-Biz Director Dee Dee Myers on push for hydrogen market development

AL: Federal Judges Vote on Proposed Redistricting Map Monday (Video)

Matt Gaetz Has A New Gig At Newsmax And It Could Cause Serious Problems - Ring of Fire

Heart of Jesus (Caladium bicolor at Longwood Gardens)

Latino Republicans join in defunding a planned national Latino museum because its "woke"

CA GO-Biz Director Dee Dee Myers on push for hydrogen market development

Aiding and Abetting

Donald Trump is 'playing with fire' in election interference case - Ayman - MSNBC

Well, that was disgusting. I had clicked on KO's latest podcast on youtube,

BofA and JP Morgan Chase just revised their economic forecasts upward--takes time for messaging to

The Trump campaign is adept at creating the illusion of larger crowds using a variety of methods

*MS Marple on ch 26, WETA

Web coders: help 3% Firefox look more like 65% Chrome

Is she leaving BLACKPINK? Jennie may not have renewed contract with YG

Xenoshot: Mom Of The Year -- I don't want them anymore. I'm not paying to support them.

Don't be fooled by the spin: Republicans are banning courses and harassing teachers out of their job

What is your least favorite color? Mine is green. Bright green --no. What is yours?

Trump's election interference exposed: analysts unpack what's ahead in Fani Willis' Georgia case

Massachusetts passed a 4% millionaire's tax last year. Now every public school student is going ...

Anna Bower of Lawfare: what will happen on Indictment Day

They're all cowards

Maj. Gen. Enyart: Congressman's ISIS airstrike allegations 'appalling' - NewsNation

Whenever I'm feeling down, which is rare

Dire Straits - Walk Of Life

Trump's 'Co-Conspirators' Are Already Starting to Turn on Each Other

'Overlapping conspiracies': How Trump's team accessed confidential voter data in Georgia - MSNBC

Have you ever gone a day without wearing underwear?

Perseids Meteors Cross the Milky Way

White Punks on Dope

13 Aug: Finally! Ukrainians Penetrate Russian Defense By 3 Km In 1 Day - Reporting from Ukraine

*CAT on a hot tin roof, now, TCM

VP Harris' Role in 2024 campaign - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Republican Almost Realizes Why Her Party is So Bad on Live TV! - Luke Beasley

Marjorie Taylor Greene's campaign manager to pay $25k for Ohio train disaster scam

George Will: Neither Trump nor DeSantis will get Republican nomination - NewsNation

Psaki calls out Republicans like MTG who took credit for programs they tried to tank - Jen Psaki

NC Politician Humiliates Himself With Stupid Comment - Rebel HQ

Former Georgia lieutenant governor to testify in Fulton County on Tuesday - American Voices - MSNBC

Frank Zappa

How Roma and Jews went from 'familiar strangers' to partners in Holocaust memory

Georgia prosecutors have messages showing Trump's team is behind voting system breach - CNN

Looks like I'm going into the psych hospital

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Musk v Zusk and billionaire trash talk....

While we all loveLilBit

Trump Loses It After Receiving Nightmare News! - Luke Beasley

Jack Smith Delivered BRILLIANT Response to Trump Inappropriate Behavior - Meidas Touch

The federal government is doing A LOT to help Maui

Some advice from the internet

Pentagon tries to mitigate the effects of Tuberville's radical holds

Thanks, louslobbs!

Taylor Swift - ME!

@JoeBiden Aug 11 It's been three years since I announced @KamalaHarris as my running mate.

trump DEFIES JUDGE. SHE MUST CRUSH HIM. Monday Countdown

Texas Revamps Houston Schools, Closing Libraries and Angering Parents

An eyewitness account of the Maui wildfires - American Voices - MSNBC

RFK Jr.'s campaign tries to walk back his support of three-month federal abortion ban

Hawaii governor addresses sirens failure and 'grim' aftermath of Maui wildfire - The Sunday Show MSNBC

power outage in tuolumne and caleveras county ca sparked by lightning.

Trump's OWN LAWYER is Jack Smith's BIGGEST GIFT - Meidas Touch

Breakfast Monday 14 August 2023

'Online trolls' target 26 synagogues in series of antisemitic swat calls and bomb threats: ADL

(Jewish Group) 'Online trolls' target 26 synagogues in series of antisemitic swat calls and bomb thr

Retired colonel walks through 'big problems' of Ukraine's counteroffensive - CNN

One thing to keep in mind this week on the upcoming indictments (yes there will be indictments)

(the opposite question) What is/are your favorite color(s)?!

Niger's President Mohamed Bazoum faces 'high treason' charges - Al Jazeera

Trump's Former Top White House Lawyer RUTHLESSLY MOCKS Him - Meidas Touch

one of many reasons frank zappa is my lifelong hero

Recycle the paper?

The Daily Show: Jordan Klepper Takes On a Handful of Trump Arrest Protesters

The Clean Energy Future Is Arriving Faster Than You Think

Georgia : How a Neglected NATO Ally Became a Russian Puppet State? - Geo Perspective

🟩 Wordle 786 8/14 SPOILERS

More states expect schools to keep trans girls off girls teams as K-12 classes resume

Does TFG *really* want to be thrown in jail for contempt of court?

Taiwan will not back down to threats, Taiwan VP says on US trip

I've had a surgery recently and not allowed to wash my hair. What have you found the best way to

On this day, August 14, 1958, Larry Williams recorded "Bad Boy."

On this day, August 14, 1971, the Who released "Who's Next."

On this day, August 14, 1954, Mark Fidrych was born.

On this day, August 14, 1819, the Nacogdoches Texas Republican was first printed.

On this day, August 14, 1961, East Berliners awoke to see a wall going up between them and W. Berlin

DUers are the best

The sky at 6:30, this morning

Nothing to say -

Girl With The Dogs: The LONGEST groom I've EVER done! The Komondor Dog

On this day, August 14, 1945, Steve Martin was born.

NOAA Releases Updated 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook

On This Day: Emperor impeached on 1,127 offences after 27-day reign - August 14, 74 BC

On August 13, 2020, it was reported that the U.S. Agency for Global Media had hired Frank Wuco.

More whining from the defendant

Dolphin glides through bioluminescent waves

Happy Birthday To You

On the night of August 14, 1966, the Beatles performed a concert in Cleveland.

Oh my, now they see the light? Not really!

Russia's ruble hits a 17-month low to the dollar as the Ukraine war bites

On this day, August 14, 1945, Japan surrendered.

Brutal Takedown Of Merrick Garland

Newest "anti-woke" tantrum: Right-wingers don't think kids of different races can be friends

On this day, August 14, 1969, Hurricane Camille formed.

"We can't have any accidents here" -- Bear

Two Months in Georgia: How Trump Tried to Overturn the Vote (NYT)

2023 Harvey Award Nominations Announced

The Rundown: August 14, 2023

CQ Roll Call: Some members of Congress using donor money to repay themselves

Ivana Trump's Neglected Golf Club Grave Site Becomes 'Barely Visible' Surrounded By Overgrown Grass

White House reporter sues Karine Jean-Pierre after losing press pass

Clearly Harvard hires very smart people to be their professors

Gen Z influencers, quietly recruited by a company with deep GOP ties, rally to impeached Ken Paxton

Peter Zeihan - Why Can't We Trust the Media? (AKA Propaganda)

I am shocked...SHOCKED, that rich people's kids get into fancy schools

The PragerU goal: "Indoctrinate kids at a young age into a far-right belief system"


All this Hunter Biden crap was started from Russia. As per the GOP run senate intel committee.

BC Hydro bids to raise EV charging fees, but customers say time-based fees are unfair

It's FAFO time: Bankman-Fried heads to Brooklyn jail notorious for poor conditions

Perseid meteor showers are just passing peak visibility. Plenty of good viewing left!🌠💫

Numerous crashes block I-395 after truck hit-and-run suspect steals Arlington ambulance

Revealed: neo-Nazi active club counts several of US military as members

Long-planned riverfront path to Belle Isle set to open in October

The constitutional case that Donald Trump is already banned from being president

Chuck Rosenberg: The Road we're on leads to a Federal Courthouse

Analyst Steve Rattner: How Jared amassed his $3.1 billion post-WH hedge fund

Dog Loves His Grandpa's Koi Pond

This is blatant witness tampering. No other way to say it.

Walk On By - Dionne Warwick 🧡 RIP Burt Bacharach

wow, what a nite with the monsoons in ca !!!

Back To School With The GOP

Action McNews: 2123 - by Tom Tomorrow

We need to make this point to MAGAts about TFG's Desire to Suspend the Constitution

I had to bury another outdoor fur baby, this morning.

Just because it's that kind of day...

The stochastic terrorist is about to fafo, he posted last night and included a picture

Far-right populist Milei finishes first in Argentina's presidential primary

You raised $10.00 on August 13, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

'Fully expected the downfall': Inside DeSantis's brawls with Fla. Republicans

Previous post on SF homeless trouble didn't garner a blip

North Korea's Kim orders sharp increase in missile production, days before US-South Korea drills

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 14, 2023

Exclusive: Georgia prosecutors have messages showing Trump's team is behind voting system breach

As Trump faces potential 4th indictment, what to know about Georgia election case

Trump claims he barely knows Geoff Duncan

The dinosaurs didn't rule

Is the Hunter/Jared Story a Sinister Russian & Saudi Operation? THOM HARTMANN

She Wasn't Able to Get an Abortion. Now She's a Mom. Soon She'll Start 7th Grade.

She Just Had a Baby. Soon, She'll Start 7th Grade.

Trump's "perfect" call to Raffensperger

Get Free Photo ID Cards from County Boards of Elections

This one was really a lot harder than I expected.

Do you guys get approached by scammers?

Georgia Prosecutor FINAL TOUCHES on trump Indictment Spell Doom for Him

On a hot day, one can actually chill with a Legiana in the arena!

Millions of kids are missing weeks of school as attendance tanks across the US

Pic Of The Moment: Ted Cruz Outraged And Disgusted That His Demands Have Been Accepted

Jay Kuo - Georgia RICO Law: An Indictment Week Primer

Remember this Coffee county Georgia video

What do you do with fat green beans?

Washington Post: How a Georgia prosecutor will target trump and his allies

"He is just daring the judge now": Trump targets Chutkan in Truth Social attack

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Georgia Indictment of Trump (Just Security)

Vacationing in Chicago what to do: social-justice-minded walking tours along Lake Michigan

We The People are going to have to confront

What to know about the EG.5 coronavirus subvariant, now dominant in the U.S.

What is your favorite Motown, Soul, R&B. song? Kicked for BOSSHOG

Just so you all know that's my Dear departed Aunt Cora

Heart - Magic Man (Midnight Special, March 4, 1977)

Houston school district to turn libraries into disciplinary centers

A Look Inside What Might Be The Most Sprawling Legal Case Against Donald Trump

Florida's academic standards distort the contributions that enslaved Africans made to American socie

Maine Environmental Regulators Move To Ban PFAS- 'Forever Chemicals' In Food Packaging 🍟

Six former Mississippi officers have pleaded guilty to state charges for torturing two Black men

Maine Environmental Regulators Move To Ban PFAS-'Forever Chemicals' In Food Packaging 🍟- ME

Georgia company pursues multistate voter registration cancellations

The GA RICO statute is karma coming home to roost, bigly.

Unhealthy Health Report, I'm sick

Russia targets city of Odesa with missiles and drones but Ukraine says it shot them all down

Dutch F-16s Deployed as Russian Jets Flew Toward NATO Airspace

Lost a member of the family.

Who is this Coffee County election official texting


The Deliberate Dumbing down of America.

How Colonialism Set the Stage for Maui's Destruction by Fire

A police raid of a Kansas newsroom raises alarms about violations of press freedom

Fall Vibes

SHAME on Sen John Kennedy, Repug from Louisana!!...

Judge overseeing Trump hush money case will not recuse himself

War is messy. AI can't handle it. (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Sheriff says U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson cursed at officers, threatened his job in rodeo altercation

Group of up to 50 people shoplift about $100K worth of luxury items from L.A. mall, using bear spray

Trump's bid to remove judge in hush-money case is rejected

Fire Lookout Life: The Incipient Dawn

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 14, 2023)

Boiling point? Canada's warming oceans enter uncharted territory

'Better martyrs': the growing role of women in the far-right movement

I'm done

Fox News execs shower Joe Manchin with campaign cash: report

Sorry, that Reuters corespondent deleted his own post

Judge rules in favor of Montana youths in landmark climate decision

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

'Coming after you': Ammon Bundy's release from jail came after sheriff reportedly harassed at his ho

I am Koz

"This Is the Climate Crisis": Climate Scientist Michael Mann on Maui Wildfires

Hey, malaise! 260,000 posts?!

Georgia court website briefly publishes, removes document about potential Trump charges

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Middle Age Riot tweet:


Ecuadorian VP Candidate Says Government is Linked to Cartels, Had Role in Shocking Assassination

Cartoons 8/14/2023

Amazon adds AI-generated review summaries so you don't have to read the comments

Naval Chief Retires -- Leaving Navy, Army, And Marines Without Leadership Amid Tuberville's Abortion

As tenant protection ends, landlords can evict without mediation again

Meteorologists expect this will be the most intense heat the region has seen so far this year.

Mothers Against Greg Abbott Scorecard - Sneak Peek

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King - Born Under A Bad Sign

Today's phrase is "Without wearing underwear" Modify a DU thread to include it.

Apparently DeSnotis is also a slob:

Maui wildfires show no place safe from climate change

Two Dozen Riders Attacking Wildlife, Endangered Species, and At-Risk Habitats in House Spending Bill

UBS to pay $1.4 billion over fraud in residential mortgage-backed securities

Lahaina, After the Fire

Elections need a specific law against interference

Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do (1997) 😶‍🌫️

GOP has wasted the summer attacking DEI and ESG

OH: Multiple signs that federal corruption investigation might be heating up -- again

WA agency acquires shuttered behavioral health hospital in Tukwila

Ohio Supreme Court could reinstate 6-week abortion ban ahead of Nov. vote

Fill in the blank: The ending of __________ totally bummed me out! 🚨Possible Spoilers🚨

Judge rules in favor of Montana youths in landmark climate decision

How Donald Trump tried to undo his loss in Georgia in 2020

NJ-GOV: Super PAC linked to Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop continues to swell reserves

Hawaii wildfires kill at least 93 people

Right Wing Watch: "Lazy Immigrants With Demonic Religions"

Michael Oher of "Blind Side" alleges he was tricked and ripped off by Tuohy family

Lahaina residents worry a rebuilt Maui town could slip into the hands of affluent outsiders

Man Pleads Guilty to Sending Bomb Threat to Arizona Election Official

Montana Judge: Plaintiffs have "fundamental constitutional right to a clean and healthful environmen

Trump is now explicitly telling a witness slated to testify Tuesday that he shouldn't testify.

Morgan Freeman on rescuing a Black WWII tank battalion from obscurity

Lilly Winwood and Steve Winwood - Higher Love

Remember the movie "The Blind Side"? It was filled with lies.

Neoacid 01 - Jacidorex + Epidemie + Mr. Gasmask (2017) ⚗️🧪🧬💉🔬🩹 Belgium Acid Techno

Biden Campaign Announces Ballot Access Team As 2024 Operation Grows (Exclusive)

How Fani Willis oversaw what might be the most sprawling legal case against Donald Trump

Court doc Reuters saw briefly pop up on the Superior Court docket outlined multiple Trump charges

Potential Biden primary challenger suggests president's image is corrupted by probe of son Hunter

Georgia court website briefly publishes, removes document about potential Trump charges

Trump jabs at judge in election case, testing warning against 'inflammatory' statements

Motherfucker loses effort to move New York trial to feds

TCM Saturday, 8-19-23 -- Summer Under the Stars - Carole Lombard, Fred Astaire

I finally had all that I could take of the "Civil War" bullshit.

Rep. Marjorie Traitor Greene Stirs Mockery With Question About 'Proven' Trump

The Ten Commandments - given to the electorate by Donald Trump

fulton county accidentally posts court document showing charges against trump

best news in awhile - Montana youth suit v. polluters!!

MSNBC Anchors Stunned By GOP's New Faux Outrage: 'Whole Thing Is A Joke'

Never mind: the court documents Reuters saw weren't correct:

GOP sees turnout disaster without Trump

Former DOJ official takes down each of Donald Trump's defenses for 2020 election overthrow

Georgia RICO Law: An Indictment Week Primer

State's public drug use law now in effect

Nigerian Sextortion Case in Michigan Involving the Suicide of High School Boy

Veterans Group DESTROYS Top Republican with POWERFUL New Ad

Republicans Get Desperate for a Wisconsin Senate Candidate

International polling: Support for U.S. rebounds under Biden

The Hidden Fee Costing Doctors Millions Every Year (Pro Publica)


Trump said this key witness 'shouldn't' testify. Hear his response

Idaho's Teacher of the Year Winner Leaving State Following Right-Wing Harassment

Georgia Judge Rules Cameras Will Be Allowed in Courtroom if Trump Indicted

Category 3 purricane:

Donald Trump's possible Georgia indictment could be the only televised case he faces

AP African American Studies is "prohibited topics"

Panda & cat--same energy:

Here's the Georgia RICO Law

OMG, this is so sweet:

DeSantis Allows Insurance Companies To Devastate Florida Residents

Monkey playing basketball with ball that looks like watermelon:

I know VERY little about RICO laws, but what I do know...

These old dudes are still chill af!

Does anyone know why Nicole Wallace isn't on the air?

Drive-by cuddles:

Judge Chutkin: Trump has spit on your order. The ball's in your court.

Chidi, Duncan to testify to grand jury ahead of schedule on Monday

Stunning black leopard:

'This way of farming is really sexy': the rise of regenerative agriculture

Newsom vs. DeSantis debate stalling over Fox News audience

A pile of meerkats:

Pike Place Market and Rachel the Bronze Pig

U.S. extradites two Nigerians in sextortion case linked to suicide of Michigan high school athlete

Georgia Judge Says Cameras Will Be Allowed To Cover Indictment As Media Awaits New Charges Against

A feud is heating up between Arizona workers and the world's leading chipmaker

Republicans flipped out as Rep. Eric Swalwell ran through a list of racist Trump statements and pos

Election-interference charges loom for Trump as docket posted then removed

Puppy Found With Garbage Wouldn't Stop Shaking

Central Bucks School District's Board Fed Community False Information, Says ACLU of Pa.

The adults in The Flintstones have usual names

Happy indictment week - George Takei

RI-01: Voting by mail for the primaries? Here's what you need to know

Come for DeSantis's facial expression. Stay for Joni Ernst and Casey. (Aaron Rupar)

MSNBC: ''Could see something come down today" in Fulton

PA-SEN: Top GOP pick busted for living out of state

Several House Democrats Are Calling On DOJ To Investigate Clarence Thomas

New Ohio redistricting ballot proposal would end lawmakers' map-drawing power

Book battles are raging nationwide. A WA library could be nation's first to close.

A mile a minute...

Hey EarlG - when do I get my star?

Ukraine gains foothold on Dnipro's left bank in Kherson Oblast, confirms Deputy DM

Retailers say organized theft is biting into profits, but internal issues may really be to blame

How Merrick Garland just helped the GOP gaslight America

TurboTax is freaking out about the free tax filing in 2024

Rep. Matt Gaetz calls LGBTQ+ people "degenerate" while announcing prayer-in-schools bill

How America Got Mean

Blessings on the fourth Indictment Eve of the year

It's dog food cooking day!

Hunter Biden, David Weiss, and the right's perpetual bad-faith scandal machine

David McCormick is gearing up for a Senate run in Pennsylvania. But he lives in Connecticut.

Think Bank......"we've disabled your debit card due to unusual transaction attempt"

Australia mushroom deaths accidental, says cook

Six former Mississippi officers have pleaded guilty to state charges for torturing two Black men

Niger junta says it will prosecute deposed president for 'high treason'

Former Republican legal officials endorse special counsel's speedy trial date proposal in Trump Jan.

Hear key witness respond to Trump saying 'he shouldn't' testify

Witness testifies early in case against Trump, saying: "They're moving faster than they thought."

(Held v. Montana) 'Game-changer': judge rules in favor of young activists in US climate trial

Sounds like TFG might not even be eligible for bail in GA!

Jared Kushner's money from Saudi Arabia comes into sharper focus - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Eighteen people received notices from Fani Willis

'There's no police or state': Haitians helpless as violence and brutality soars

'There's no police or state': Haitians helpless as violence and brutality soars

Trump Officials Blocked Puerto Rico from Hurricane Aid

3...2...1. I hear the sound of indictments whispering his name

Is there an "indictment watch" thread?

**Exclusive**Former Republican legal officials endorse special counsel's speedy trial date proposal

Media, please KEEP the city name on the screen if topic is 'judge advises trump'

You all missed what I did!!

Andrew Weissmann calls for the DOJ to investigate Clarence Thomas.

China issues national guidelines to catalyse hydrogen energy industry

Dan Froomkin: A pliant political press is wildly overplaying the Hunter Biden story

Court room is being held open tonight

Former Brick Twp., NJ woman accused of taking part in Jan. 6 Capitol riot

How a recent court ruling could put the brakes on water and sewer privatization in Pennsylvania

Trump's 'Co-Conspirators' Are Already Starting to Turn on Each Other

Is Bernie Sanders the new health care pragmatist?

Any postcarders on DU?

From the Democratic National Committee to the DU (thanks for the $2.4 MILLION+ in 2020)

Curious to know - if one is sentenced to imprisonment by various states and/or fed...

Reuters got a copy of Georgia charges against Trump that were inadvertantly posted

Dad shoots, kills Dept. of Corrections truck driver who fatally struck son, police say

Bankman-Fried charged with using stolen customer funds for $100 million in US political donations

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 14, 2023

Does Marjorie Traitor Greene EVEN remember that she voted AGAINST President Biden's "Infrastructure

Four reasons Donald Trump might want to campaign from jail

MSNBC: Former LtG Geoff Duncan and other witnesses still waiting to testify in Georgia GJ.

Anyone have normal pressure hydrocephalus? ** Good news! **

Joke- What do cats take to meetings to take notes or draw on? A scratch pad

Tullahoma man training for the TN National Guard picked up on child porn charges

Fulton County Courthouse did NOT close at 5 PM

Maggie May - Rod Stewart

4m "The courthouse is still open at this hour. Typically it closes at 5:00 on the dot. They would ki

a happy couple

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Coffee County, and Fulton County....

Why I --DON'T-- think an indictment is coming tonight.

In honor of Fani Willis, here is the full transcript of djt's phone call to

Federal judge Outsmarts Trump in the courtroom - Brian Tyler Cohen

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 15 August 2023

Utah Farm Bureau President arrested for assault, investigated for human trafficking

Study suggests rise in global photosynthesis rate due to increase in carbon dioxide has slowed

FEMA chief says federal government has the 'right amount of personnel' aiding in Hawaii

The rapid warming of Svalbard is triggering a positive feedback loop

China Focused Hedge Funds Bleeding Money; Chinese Economy; Tourism; LGFV Debt - China Update

Federal Judge Gives SIMPLE ROADMAP to Throw Trump in Prison - Meidas Touch

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. walks back abortion comments: 'Always the woman's right to choose'

Parents cannot challenge Maryland school's gender identity policy, court rules

We Found The Real Leader of the Conservative Movement - More Perfect Union

Argentina raises interest rate, devalues peso after shock primary election

Argentina raises interest rate, devalues peso after shock primary election

Ex-Prosecutor Spots A Major Problem For Donald Trump That People Are Missing

Russian rouble falls to 16-month low against US dollar

The document is fake!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Alabama, maps, and proceedings....

Dogs keep stalking this doggy playdate from the balcony

'Just to be clear, this is happening..."

Trump Lashes Out At Fani Willis & Tells Witness Not To Testify - Waldorf Nation

Philadelphia teen arrested, charged in FBI terrorism investigation

Is the F.B.I. Truly Biased Against Trump?

At this point, any pro-tRump witness is being confronted with tons of evidence against tRump

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Rachel Maddow TONIGHT

Lawsuit over student-loan forgiveness for over 800,000 borrowers dismissed for lack of standing

Yellen says the U.S. economy is on track for stable growth thanks to Inflation Reduction Act boost

Robin Williams

All Charges Dropped Against Trans Man Beaten by Cop in Video

Mike Luckovich-Mountain of Evidence Against TFG

Saudi Arabia appoints first envoy to Palestinians amid talks on Israel normalization


Who is having popcorn for dinner tonight?

Just to be clear, this is happening whether or not there is certain other news breaking this evening

Dengue spreads to Broward County; 10 people in FL have gotten sick this year

Deranged Trump SNAPS at Reporter at Iowa State Fair! - Luke Beasley

Summer Boy Summer Girl -Lienel

DonRico Trump

Just a reminder, extortion phone call to Georgia Sec of State

I Am Hoping That Mark Meadows Isn't Indicted

Someone Turn On Fox,

South Carolina state Sen. John Scott, longtime Democratic lawmaker, dies at 69

Arkansas education department won't allow credit for AP African American Studies course

The PragerU goal: "Indoctrinate kids at a young age into a far-right belief system"

Federal judges question Alabama's new congressional map, lack of 2nd majority-Black district

School district uses ChatGPT to help remove library books

"Very serious crime": Expert says allies in RICO case would have "huge incentives" to flip on Trump

Scientists Warn of Toxic Particle Pollution in Maui Wildfire Smoke

Geoff Duncan has completed his testimony and left the building (5:50pm)

Biden invests in WV, even though they didn't vote for him

NY: Redistricting case to be argued before Court of Appeals in November

Judge McBurney now saying he's been told he needs to stay for another hour

Scottsdale saved water during July.

DEI Fund Supports STEM Workshops and Coding Camps Preuniversity students learn Python, Scratch, and

November vote could give Ohio among the strongest abortion protections in the region

Threads: If The Planet Was A Bank, It Would Have Already Been Saved!

Democrats bring 'Take Back Florida' tour to North Florida

Exerpt of body cam footage of Ronny Jackson being a raging asshole

Alabama Republicans refuse to create second majority-Black district


Appreciation Thread for DU's Omaha Steve, the powerful DU Act Blue fundraising maestro.

Stanley Clarke & George Duke - Wild Dog

Robert Reich on Threads:

Fulton County DA appears determined to finish presenting evidence in the Trump case...tonight

Michigan AG joins multi-state effort to remove bans on trans youth health care

It appears Trump will be indicted this week

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