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OMG! Mike Lindell has found a smoking gun.....

We'll be friends forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet.

Britain says it intercepted two Russian bomber aircraft north of Scotland

Democrats GO ON OFFENSE and Announce Report on Trump Corruption

MSNBC Breaking News: Grand Jury Voting Now


GJ is voting now. MSNBC

Georgia Grand Jury voting now

*** MSNBC reporter Blayne Alexander: Grand Jury is CURRENTLY VOTING!***

DOJ shows clear case Trump should not have a SCIF at MAL or any other residence.

Coming up on Rachel tonight

Has this been covered today, "tRump witness intimidation"

I've got a metaphorical raging hard-on as we await

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

Ammon Bundy Finally Appears In Court After Weekend Arrest

please, someone, post a live link to MSNBC (that works)?

Canadian couple win damages from Italian ruling party

Trump's new Secret Service code name

Relief Efforts Underway On Maui; Officials Ask For Cash Donations

*****BREAKING NEWS*****The jury is now voting

FL Abortion Rights Activists Pushing For Constitutional Amendment

southern md afternoon +, 8/14

Biden administration begins canceling student loan debt for 804,000 borrowers

sonora ca evening temps at 6:30 pm.

goose parade.

Major flood outburst from Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska not possible without climate change

MSNBC: Nicolle Wallace is downright giddy.

I might be sheltering TWO kittens from the rain, tonight.

Why can't DU start a raise money for Hawaii fund???? Like we have for Ukraine.

Mehdir Hasan (Threads): Absolute must-read of the day from Marc Elias

I am sick of these doctors that have huge organizations under

This song never gets old

Guess who is not having a good time right now?

Per MSNBC: GA Grand Jury is currently voting!!

Looks Like The 'Perfect Call' Will Result With.....

Glenn Kirschner wants Pre-Trial Detention

Judge Robert McBurney just returned to the courtroom: "The convoy is mobile"

Trump tells a witness 'not to testify' in Georgia grand jury. Time to detain Trump pending trial.

Live footage of courthouse in GA

Live feed for GA court now turned on.

Let's talk about Hawaii and theories....

Courtroom video feed on now in Fulton County

Live feed now of courtroom on MSNBC and I assume all other stations

The courtroom has just gone live.

***Dunkin' is joining the spiked drink trend.

Indictment approved

If the smell of justice isn't sweet enough, try the schadenfreude!

This Day In History: Aug. 14, 1935, FDR Signs Social Security Act

Georgia On My Mind

If they indict Trump, can the judge put a gag on the defendant and the others charged tonight?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

After grand jury has voted a foreperson walks the indictment to a window,

'The threat of violence is real': Trump rallies base ahead of yet another potential indictment - Deadline

You know this is killing his racist ass!

DO NOT allow Trump to have this Georgia case taken federal

Ten indictments returned in GA.

10 indictments

I like that judge! He has a bit of a sense of humor!

A Perfect 10 for a "perfect" phone call.

OK, we're focused on Trump "speaking out of turn" pre-trial.

Lightning strikes

Rachel Maddow right now - Georgia grand jury has returned an indictment

I love that the clerk walking the indictments where they need to go is wearing TFG orange dress.

All the excitement of Geraldo opening up the vault

Lots of personnel shadowing the county clerk.

If trump goes to jail for anything, anytime

A lot of turning in bed for many of Trump's goons!

Nothing on abc, nbc or cbs

Did I or did I not predict that it would be handed up

shit that sucked

Turned on fox for 10 seconds to see Ted Cruz saying to hannity he's pissed... biden/democrats weapon

10 indictments, 0 no true bill (charge for which there was no indictment)

Corey Taylor "Snuff" (Acoustic) REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach/Opera Singer

Happy Indictmas!

Nicolle: 'Haunting' texts from Trump allies in GA show they knew 2020 coup was 'B.S.' - Deadline MSNBC

GA: MINIMUM 5 years in prison for at least one of the counts!

HRC is on MSNBC RIGHT NOW! That is my big news!, just delivered 10 indictments

I believe that trump is watching the live feed and is SEETHING

So is Trump one of those indicted?

A perfect call! 10 indictments and 0 no true bills.

3 hours worst case until release

As Trump fears prison, meet the lawyer at the center of Trump's legal hurricane: Melber Report

MAGA is a criminal movement with the trappings of a political one.

This is like a brazillion Fitzmases

Hey Trump! Your Rico indictments are calling!

There is a lot of evidence on DU that people have no patience.

Important point on Rachel just now: the 10 indictments doesn't refer to number of defendants.

Check in Waterman😀😀😀

So, what are y'all drinking tonight? I've got a Dead Guy IPA - yum!!

Not giddy, satisfied


is CLARENCE THOMAS waiting by the phone for the call to overturn the grand jury? and

Will there be named co-cospirators in Georgia?

Psychedelic Furs: Heartbreak Beat

Question regarding the Grand Jury in Georgia --

How many people have been indicted as many times as djt? (Especially a former

DA's office says it will be holding a press conference AFTER the indictments are processed (1-3 hrs?

Georgia indicts Trump and 18 allies on charges in election interference case

Has TFG posted anything yet tonight? NT

'Cashing in on their own father': House Dems preparing report on foreign money to Trump family

I gotta believe

Trump and Graham didn't accept the ballot box results in 2020, which is why we're here.

Pic of the day

If I understand what I am hearing...

10 Georgia Indictments have been Returned

Looks like Fani Willis got 100% of charges she presented to jurors.

Funeral held for 5-year-old killed during protest against police violence in Rio

Does Trump have a case to move the case to federal court ?

Do you think TFG rage eats when he's upset?

Congratulations to Admiral Lisa Franchetti

I hope the Central Park 5 take out another full page ad in NYT

Rachel and Hillary on now


Hillary on Rachel - Could this be Gods handiwork?

pic of the night

Watching Hillary right now I can only think how much she

Neal Katyal-The Georgia Indictments say there were zero "no bills."

The New Trump Train.

"It was a perfect indictment"

OZZY OSBOURNE with Post Malone - "Take What You Want" (Live Video)

The Internet Demolishes Lauren Boebert For This Tweet

Turned over to faux

Look Ms. Willis, I need you to find me 11,780 more indictments.

Playlist for August 14...

Hillary barely stifled a laugh when she said of the possibility of Trump going to prison

Could somebody please post Parody Project's "Ketchup on the Wall"? Thanks

Central PA pastor hosting Cuba's first ever Little League World Series team

I realize that Hillary isn't running for any office, but dayum she's good.

Trump CHALLENGES Authority of Federal Judge in January 6th Case - Talking Feds

Hillary: "I don't feel any satisfaction. I feel great, profound sadness

Let's talk about Hawaii and theories....

If I Was A Juror On This Case - I'm Pleased That My Part Ended Tonight.....

"Just tell me when to show up next time, we will see what he is charged with then." LOL

There will be a Distict Attorney Willis press conference tonight

Federal judges express frustration with Alabama attorneys over congressional map

Throwing Ketchup On The Wall.....

ID: Bundy, released from jail, can't move property, large cash sums for two weeks, judge orders

Thank you!

MI: DePerno present for 'tests' on voting machines, court documents say

The perfect tweet doesn't exist.....oh, wait


Oregon Secretary of State launches database with campaign finance violations

House GOP eyes short-term spending stopgap to avoid shutdown

Federal agency sends letter of concern over equitable access to Medicaid in Montana

The perfect tweet doesn't exist...oh, wait

tfg posted

TX: Bodycam video shows confrontation between U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson (R) and law enforcement


Court filing accuses Louisiana House candidate (R) of lying about residency status

Florida adds 'pronouns' to long list of education stressors

Anyone know why msnbc has the weird red and black set?

Expert says Judge Chutkan 'knows exactly what levers to pull' to hold Trump's 'feet to the fire'

The slap heard around the world

Trump got his number

A thorium pertechnetate complex.

Sing it, tfg

Excellent news from Montana!

How many are staying up until midnight?

If you're the President with historical economic numbers in a good way.

Workers at SF Federal Building told to work from home due to crime: report

PA: Bucks commissioner candidates spar ahead of election season as county government at stake

Do they make diapers big enough for Trump?

Trump caught committing new crime out in the open - Brian Tyler Cohen

Massive fire breaks out at Mercer Street homeless encampment

PA: John Waldenberger To Face Off Against Extremist Robert Jacobus For Telford Council Seat

Rachel just said

A growing number of current and former NY lawmakers are running for Congress

So now it starts the Republicans can remove the prosecutor in Georgia now. This

NY-17: Liz Gereghty is Liz Whitmer Gereghty (D), if you haven't noticed

A caveat on the 10 indictments

Did you notice that the 2 official Fulton County clerks were both wearing orange?

The Wagner Group is searching for new recruits in Warsaw's public restrooms - Break the Fake - TVP

Q-Pop: Peru's social media phenomenon Lenin Tamayo fuses Quechua and K-pop

Alabama Republicans refuse to create second majority-Black district

Team Trump's SINISTER MOVE in Georgia has Backfired Massively - Talking Feds

Democrat Exposes Republicans' Dishonesty with Brilliant Move! - Luke Beasley

'It's rooting against America': Clinton on Trump bashing US women's soccer and American institutions

Pic Of The Moment: Breaking News

Indictment unsealed - TFG gets nailed. 98 pages - 19 people

Rachel just announced....TRUMP INDICTED in Georgia

Per Rachel: Trump indicted +others. I caught some of the names.

Eastman, Giuliani both indicted so is Sidney Powell...

Pence 'not going to engage in negative personal attacks' with Trump - ABC News


Youtube Live Feed from the Fulton County Courthouse

Meadows is indicted, so does that mean he isn't testifying against trump?

41 counts in all from the 10 indictments

It's A Good Night To Be Alive, Friends

So.... Meadows wasn't cooperating...? nt

Jeff Tiedrich tweet: Monday Night Indictments is my new favorite TV show

Why not 45 indictments for 45?

Also indicted:

Didn't desantis say he wouldn't extradite trump from Florida?

This is the one I really love.

What is blood red and running down the wall?

Holy shit! Everyone is indicted for Everything....Rachel reading now

Mark Meadows charged (longtime DU concern) along with a cast of likely suspects

How long til the orange menace starts spouting?

I just heard the worlds biggest elephant take a big 'ol shit!!!!! n/t

Those indicted in Georgia include Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani,Mark Meadows and..............

Biden urges UAW and Big Three automakers to reach deal to avoid strike

Trump is charged with 13 counts.

Anyone here old enough to remember Helen Gahagan Douglas?

Georgia Indictment - names just reported on MSNBC & link to Indictment document

Fani FTW

Trump and 17 Fox News Guests Indicted

Ukraine is breaking through Russian defences - Eastern Express - TVP World

A Criminal Enterprise

IL: Gun rights group files federal lawsuit against firearm manufacturer liability measure

161 separate racketeering acts! RICO, baby!

Georgia Indictment PDF here:

Brian Kemp is now one of the most important political actors on the stage now.

Monday Monday


Breaking: Trump indicted in Fulton County, Georgia - Brian Tyler Cohen

Here's the Indictment...

Fani Willis's indictment document

30 un-indicted co-conspirators!

A little dedication to the TFG criminal enterprise,, RICO Suave

Live right now- ROFLMAO

Fox News background, while they're reading the charges: "Fake GA Indictment."

Fani Willis up in a minute (11:19 EST) n/t

I understand that Brian Kenp has NO pardon power.

5 Facts About Trump's Indictments - Robert Reich

Watching MSNBC with H. Clinton and she looks and sounds AMAZING.

Observation: Lindsey Graham not included.

There are apparently 30 unindicted co-conspirators

☦️ Orthodox Church - Dormition of the Theotokos, 15 August

So where is Lindsey?

'A terrible moment for our country': Clinton reacts to string of Trump indictments - Rachel Maddow

Courageous: Fani Willis!!!

Raised on CNN - Act 19 is a biggie - TFG directed a strategy for disruption on Jan 6

the advantage of dual monitor systems for photo processing

30 unindicted co-conspirators, 18 indicted + Trump indicted. CNN That's

If I was a Trump advisor...

How Sweet It Is

I WILL NEVER understand how people, especially educated professional people

And the Best part is

Harry Litman: plus 30 unindicted co-conspirators

Suicidal Tendencies "How will I laugh tomorrow" // Pastor Rob Reaction and analysis

Turned on channel 7 ABC. There was breaking basic terms, they were saying, "He's fucked."

Unindicted co-conspirator 1 helped Trump draft PRE-election speech claiming voter fraud

Just wait! Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin & other states.....

Thank you Fani Willis!

Donald John Trump

I love the way Fani is spitting these names out as if they are poison.

Poor Jenna Ellis

Two stories about young young women forced to give birth because of abortion bans

Willis' remarks are being broadcast on NBC, ABC, and CBS too.

TFG (and all others) have to surrender by noon on Friday 8/25

Whoa! Fani gives them until Friday 8/25 to turn themselves in

Surrender by noon on Fry day

Ron Filipkowski: Sounds like Lin Wood ratted out his old pals Sidney, Jenna and Rudy

DA Fani Willis opened a can of whoop ass on tfg

Willis has given every indictee until noon Friday 25/8

How do you think establishment Republicans are feeling?

I love love love Fani Willis but if I was one of the defendants I would be terrified...

And yet he keeps on lying.

So Donald, what is your schedule like for next few months?

Aiming for a trial within six months.

Just asking

What if Trump doesn't turn himself in? Will they arrest his ass?

There is something very satisfying about having Women of Color take the liar down.

so will the trump crowd melt away like the crowd in the song "guitar Man"?

MeidasTouch has the full indictment online

Ten, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more

Cliffgard FAFO (cop chaplain indicted along with Trump and 17 others)

This Indictment is Brutal. Read it Here:

Cameras will be positioned from today until Aug 25 in front of the Fulton County Courthouse

the only think the token repubs have on CNN is in Fani not addressing

How many Co conspirators ?

'This country is too precious': Clinton calls on GOP to quit Trump 'cult,' help U.S. heal - Maddow

14 Aug: Russians Are Speechless. Ukrainians Cross The River & Take Captives - Reporting from Ukraine

BREAKING: Donald Trump indicted in Georgia election case - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

I am astonished that the 3 major networks are covering Atlanta!

Just switched on Fox

Let's Go RICO!

Should we be surprised? I'm not.

Donald Trump indicted in Fulton County, GA for trying to overturn 2020 election - ABC News

Why would the DA say she wants to try all 19 together?

This is just too good! (Referring to the indictments)

GA: Indicted state senator (R) represents a vulnerable district.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis discusses Trump indictment in election interference case - CBS News

Feeling some kind of way

Thank you, Georgia!

Georgia Indictment: charges filed against each Defendant

Let's here it for Fani

Tweet of the Day

Ted Cruz caught in humiliating lie! - Luke Beasley

Fulton County DA Fani Willis holds press conference August 14 2023

Statistically, will one of the 19 attempt to flee the country?

Mary Trump FTW

Dear MAGA,

Fulton County DA Fani Willis speaks after Trump election case indictment is unsealed - CNN

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Let's hear it for Fani Willis

Fani Willis Statement

News ticker on Russian building blasts Putin as Ruble sinks - CNN

By noon, Friday, August 25, 2023, Trump needs to surrender himself on account of his arrest warrant!

I just have to put this here - Scott Jennings is a horrendous hack.

So how did the indictments line-up

Breaking the law, breaking the law !!!

Oops! Marjorie Greene's Campaign Manager Busted Scamming East Palestine Victims - Waldorf Nation

Will Giuliani flip and who will pay his lawyer's fees?

Ammon Bundy says he has no intention of paying St. Luke's

Tell us how you're really feeling this evening.

I know why tfg hasn't posted anything yet

Going forward when you encounter a magaloon

Who especially doesn't like the legal system and think it's unfair?

Rudy Guliani has hastily put together a press conference outside the Ritz in Houston

thoughts on those false statements...

A song for tonight...

Takin' bets today, Red?

John Dean "she didn't just charge him, she threw the book at him"

Hillary Clinton laments political system that rewards theater over results - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Montana judge rules in favor of 16 young people in climate change case - NBC News

Ivana Trump's grave...

Ambassador: Poland bracing for 'further provocations' from Russia - CNN

Dancing in the street, by the Mamas and the Papas..... would you believe I caught COVID?

Hey, there's an ad for "Republican Singles"

RICO unsuave.

NYC: Brooklyn Dems endorse diverse, capable candidates for Supreme Court of New York

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Trump Georgia indictment contents....

NYPD arrests suspect for trashing Bronx GOP headquarters in Morris Park

Hillary's reaction & my reply to her:

Hundreds of NYC shelter beds sat vacant while migrants slept outside Roosevelt Hotel: data

Conservative retired Judge says trump 'Corroded and Corrupted American Democracy'

A democrat, independent and Republican smoke weed, and discuss politics,

WI: Madison City Council Holds Work Session On Redistricting Process (VIDEO)

Texas wants Planned Parenthood to repay millions of dollars

Question about Georgia case

What about Roger Stone?

trump INDICTED ON 13 COUNTS. MIGHT NOT GET BAIL. Tue.Countdown. Yes There will be a Mug Shot

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC Announces First Round of Candidate Endorsements for the Virginia 2023 Gene

Who do you think "co-conspirator #20" is?

Trump's Rivals Refuse To Call Out His Biggest Weakness - The Ring of Fire

VA: New VPAP Analysis of 2021, 2022 Elections Implies "State Senate would be 21-19 Dem, House 50-50

You know who wasn't indicted in GA? Boris Epshteyn wasn't indicted, and he did testify.

Some of you were asking about Coffee County...

Stupid quote of the night:

NY: All There Is To Know About the Town of Oyster Bay's 2023 Elections

republican voters listen to the phone call that got trump in trouble, see what they say

"Fani Willis, American Hero", by Mangy Fetlocks

CA-40: Congressional Hispanic Caucus' BOLD PAC backs Allyson Damikolas for CA-40


FBI: Philadelphia teen arrested on terrorism charges - NBC News

About the conditions for bail that Georgia applies...

Indictments are not moving the needle on Republicans' view of Trump

Schumer, Jeffries Joint Statement on The Fourth Indictment of Donald Trump

Why did they list the grand jurors on the indictment?

I got this big ole cheesy grin!

So all up in all indictments of Trump

We should start a raffle guessing Trump's weight.

"If you're indicted, you're INVITED!1" - Roy COHN's parties.

MI: Recall language approved for school board member charged with being fake elector for Trump

Vickie Lawrence - The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia

Salon: Fani Willis unleashes the Kraken

Vivek Ramaswamy: I will make a 'deal' with Putin if I'm elected - NewsNation

WA teacher shortage remains rampant heading into upcoming school year

Mother whale disentangled from fishing gear off Massachusetts coast

The Newest Under-the-Radar Attack on Academic Freedom

Hillary Clinton interview 8/14/23 - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC (4 videos)

Huffpost good article explaining the Georgia indictments

Reporter blocked from DeSantis Iowa State Fair event says he's 'not used to that sort of hostility'

Dont you just love it.....

Breakfast Tuesday 15 August 2023

that PA house explosion caught on Ring cameras

"despite the fact that Donald John Trump lost..."

2 school trustees that are against posters of kids holding hands, are members of "Mama Bears Rising"

Florida kids will now be taught PragerU's climate denialism amid record heat

Top Democrat announces BOMBSHELL REPORT that will DEVASTATE Trump LIVE on air - Meidas Touch

Trump may be indicted in Georgia. But 2020 still casts a shadow over its elections

Brace for (more) racism

Trump might still escape conviction...

Reuters: BP backs green hydrogen start-up aiming to cut fuel's costs

Former Trump adviser Michael Flynn blamed Jews for boarding trains to Auschwitz -- here's all the off

(Jewish Group) ADL teams up with Jewish frat AEPi on initiative to tackle antisemitism on campuses

(Jewish Group) In a first, NYC mayor appoints a Persian Jewish deputy mayor

Texans still getting abortion pills by mail with out-of-state help, GOP tried to block IP address

Proverbs 21:15

Oppenheimer's nuclear warnings more relevant than ever - CaspianReport

Arizona GOP leaders threaten lawsuit over proposed elections manual

AZ: Mayes warns counties against GOP-led efforts to count ballots by hand

TONIGHT will go down in history as a turning point. August 14th, 2023. History is being

WI: Gov. Tony Evers calls for legal consequence for false electors

Al-Qaida calls for terror attack on Sweden and Denmark

U.S. Rep. Vows To Use Force To Achieve Far Right Takeover... - Thom Hartmann

Dwyane Wade: From basketball to politics? - On Balance - NewsNation

More and more republican pundits, George Will being the latest to say trump nor desantis

The Problem with Jon Stewart (Threads video): Trump

Bills removing barriers for transgender Michiganders seeking name changes to be introduced soon

What is the Deep State?: Historian explains - Times Radio

MI: Muskegon fake voter applications probed in 2020, referred to FBI, Nessel says

MI: A majority of Flint City Council members now face approved recall petition drives

Abortion rights amendment could motivate young Ohio voters this November

Girl, 13, gives birth after she was raped and denied abortion in Mississippi

Republican Congressman in LEGAL TROUBLE after DRUNKEN THREATS - Meidas Touch

'Much bigger than Watergate': John Dean weighs in on Trump's Georgia indictment - CNN

Marijuana initiative could end up on Ohio November ballot alongside reproductive rights amendment

Jonathan Pie - Stop The Boats

15 tries Kevin slams the indictments

Biden administration advises colleges on how race of students can be considered in admissions

Fani Willis Gives Trump and 18 Others a Hard Deadline to Hand Themselves In

Rudy Giuliani, who pioneered the use of RICO when he was a US attorney, just got indicted on RICO ch

Donald Trump....MAGA-hatted national disgrace

You know who never got indicted on RICO charges...

Ex-IDF general likens military control of West Bank to Nazi Germany

An updated photo of the 'trump train'

The genius of Luckovich - he gave us this on 7/13/22

Big Move! Ukrainian Special Unit Breaks Into Key Russian City. Russians Retreat. "83km to Crimea" - TRD

Another political leader killed in Ecuador, days after presidential candidate's assassination

🟩 Wordle 787 8/15 SPOILERS

100-year-long 'megastorms' on Saturn are creating radio signals that scientists can't fully explain

The piano man

Note to Newt!

Ideal meme for trolls

Latest travesty from scandal-ridden Hobby Lobby owner's Bible Museum

On this day, August 15, 1969, "An Aquarian Exposition in White Lake,N.Y." began.

The call to arms for trump supporters

They have to turn themselves in by Friday!

Meet the Judge in the Georgia RICO Case against Trump and 18 Others

Need a chuckle this fine indictment morning?

On this day, August 15, 1969, "An Aquarian Exposition in White Lake,N.Y." began.

Trump's attempt to undermine Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's case badly backfires

With no chance of a pardon and a State case

I feel this is what Democrats are & why we work together.

August 15, 1961: E. German border guard Conrad Schumann leaps into the French Sector of West Berlin.


On this day, August 15, 1946, Jimmy Webb was born.

South Korea's Yoon calls for strong security cooperation with US, Japan ahead of Camp David summit

Those that stand with democracy and the law will be rewarded.

The Georgia indictments: Will each defendant have their own, separate trial?

The indictment itself shows how pervasive this conspiracy to overthrow the US government was.

Co-conspirator Ken Chesebro once "ran in liberal circles."

And the Eastern Atlantic wakes up as we approach peak season

Poor Carys had a very traumatic night.

Why they chose Georgia?

China Slips into Deflation: What Next? - TLDR News Global

Georgia's GOP governor signs bill that could remove local prosecutors and DAs from their jobs

This week's major U.S. economic reports (August 14 -- August 18)

Explosions and fire at a gas station in Dagestan leaves dozens dead - NBC News

To Create His Geometric Artwork, M.C. Escher Had to Learn Math the Hard Way

Republicans have little faith in democracy or the jury system.

Invasive Plants, Long-Term Warming And Drought All Played A Part In Maui Catastrophe

I dedicate this song to the idiots of MAGA

Cook Inlet broader region seems to have more earthquakes than usual

Why did Rand Paul prevent the US from having an ambassador in Niger

Indian police retain carrier pigeons as backstop against disasters

Beef, Bullshit And All-American Testosterone - Why White-Wingers Whine About Meat


Will all court proceedings regarding the rico charges be televised

On August 15, 1941, Don Rich was born.

Why NATO jets scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft - Sean Bell - Times Radio

Environmentalists retrace Charles Darwin's voyage - Reuters

And another, and another, and another, and another...

No TOONS post today (either)

I've lost count,

Front page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Russian Ruble Collapses Below 100 Against US Dollar, Euro, Yuan & Rupee as Economy Crashes-Joe Blogs

Early morning southern MD, 8/15

The Rundown: August 15, 2023

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 8/9/23

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 8/6-8/12/2023

Can you keep your law license if you've been convicted of a RICO crime?

FYI "the other 18" who were indicted along with Trump

No wonder Meadows did not stop Trump on J-6?

July 2023 was the hottest month on Earth since at least 1880 'by a longshot,' NASA says

Lindsey Graham not indicted.

Pessimistic timelines I've heard for Georgia prosecutions don't account for plea deals

Blind Side 2 - The sequel for the Michael Oher story.

On This Day: Wow! signal appears to come from constellation Sagittarius - August 15, 1977

What a complete 360 degree?

But...Hillary's emails...Hunter's laptop...blah blah

About the GA law allowing the recall of DAs: there's an interesting clause. What do y'all think?

Russia unleashes a missile barrage on Ukraine, killing and wounding civilians

Word of the Day: Schadenfreude

Pakistan's Russian Oil Discount Dream Crushed; Crude Import Halted - Here Is Why - Hindustan Times

Is this what you call "poetic justice"?

You raised $30.00 on August 14, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Hey! Where is MTGoofball?

You raised $10.00 on August 14, 2023 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

I think there is going to be a lot of flipping and pleading out in the next few weeks.

REO Speedwagon - Time for Me to Fly (Midnight Special, 9/22/1978)

Unca Rico?

Did I Hear Fani Willis Right?

Ruby Freeman and daughter, Shaye Moss were on my mind last night as the indictments came in...

Enjoying listening to the magas whimper this morning

All this talk of Pardons. A PARDON equals acceptance of GUILT.

Sam Bankman-Fried charged with using stolen funds for over $100 million in political donations

As America Burns, Roasts And Drowns, Mike Pence Rolls Out Energy "Plan" W. Gas Pump Fail

Were you conspiring against the U.S. on Pearl Harbor Day, 2020?

Freeperville ignoring that upwards of 70 GJ citizens have deemed 4 indictments viable

AZ GQP State Senator: Those Who Can't Take Deadly Record-Crushing Heat "Welcome To Leave"

On August 10, 1963, Stuart Gorrell died. He wrote the lyrics for a song you've heard.

Janet Yellen explains her 'magic mushroom' experience in China

So did Lindsey throw him under the bus?

Security for peanuts: Pets on Patrol ...

New TWITTER header

Just Heard (MSNBC) TFG's Next Step

Looking at the big picture, what does this say about all of the election deniers?

Taking out garbage while black

Some Georgia Republicans get it: Fani Willis just did them a huge favor

Well folks, it looks like we got the "stealing the election" thing all wrong.....

De Ganzenfanfare: The Goose Parade a little more info on a prior vid i posted .

Proposed talking point in 2024 election, to be pivoted to in any debate or on any Sunday

"Make attorneys get attorneys": Trumpers face prison in Georgia -- some are already starting to turn

I am not going to start such a discussion online.

I recall that the Georgia Special Jury report suggested "multiple instances" of perjury...

Tom Jones, the lyricist (not the singer), has passed away

Crash Course in Georgia RICO & the GA Indictment

This Isn't the Last Indictment

That American Taliban judge (Kacsmaryk) I posted about the other day is battering women again

Where's Lindsey?


NEW: Donald Trump INDICTED In MASSIVE Georgia RICO Case - Giuliani, Meadows and Others Also Charged

Justice for Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss. The party of law and order is bit upset.

DjT is one tiny typo away from blurting out the 'N' word!

Champagne And Reefer

Where's Madge the Barfly?

This is the first time a former president has been indicted.....

Barbie movie too gay for ... (three separate stories)

Putin Rebukes U.S. For 'Blocking' Russian Delegates At Asia-Pacific Forum; 'Abusing Status...'

So much for Marc Meadows cooperating with Smith

We know what the discussion is around the trump breakfast table is like this morning. BUT...

Activists call for resignation of Shelby Twp. clerk after he's charged in false electors scheme

Chinese Economy: So Much Bad News To Cover...; Yuan Decline; Poor Data; Zhongzhi - China Update

Indictments: What kept me awake last night.

Environmentalists sue Puerto Rican government over location of renewable energy projects

How to help the Maui Humane Society - they are slammed.

Florida man allegedly shoots friend in both legs during drunken argument: police

DeSatan is now 3rd place in New Hampshire

Trump's Last Song - Thanks to Gene Autry. Here it is

On Motherfucker holding a press conference on Monday

What to know about the judge who will handle the Trump case

Senators Markey, Sanders, Warren Urge Department of Education To End Legacy

Russian soldiers board cargo ship in the Black Sea - Times Radio

Former Forward Party Staffer Speaks Out Against the Organization! - Luke Beasley


Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about your questions on Trump's indictment....

Texas sues Shell over May fire at Houston-area petrochemical plant

Anchorage's city bus driver shortage brings cancellations and delays for riders

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis speaks

"In important ways, the Georgia complaint is about getting justice for Freeman and Moss."

Trump Freaks Out After Learning What Evidence Georgia Prosecutors Have On Him - Farron Balanced

Who was Joan Meyer? Kansas paper co-owner who rebuked police raid as 'Hitler tactics' - and died....

It's gonna be a perfect report

timeline of events leading up to Donald Trump's indictment in Georgia

I know we're all celebrating the GA indictments, but watch this space...

VIDEO - Rep. Jackson arrested & slammed on the ground. Texas Tribune

Well, Donald... This sure didn't age very well...

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 15, 2023

I really do need a score card at this point.....

Lindsey Graham's Defense Of Donald Trump Goes Spectacularly Awry

Will your star membership end this week or between now and August 2024?

Retail sales increased 0.7% in July, better than expected as consumer spending is holding up

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes

Duncan the golden retriever pup on our walk was like father I'm not stepping one paw on the bridge.

A look at the 19 people charged in the Georgia indictment connected to Trump election scheme

Georgia Grand Jury Charges Trump & 18 Allies with Racketeering for 2020 Election Interference

Who's who in the Georgia Trump indictment

This one goes out to you, Donny T., Rudy G. and company.

A Fani Willis Georgia Limerick

The guy who tweeted this definitely gets it:

Black Voters Matter Co-Founder: Trump's Georgia Indictment Is "Step Forward" in Defending Democracy

Weirton, WV: Renewable Energy Plant Coming On Site of Once Thriving Steel Mill, Jobs Hope: Biden Act

What is The End Game?

45 has 2 impeachments

TheDonald uses "Riggers" in place of the nword

POLL: What will Trumps weight really be??

4 indictments,91 charges,2 impeachments,1 act of sedition&threatening civil war. 26 sexual assaults

Party hacks are defending a guy who wants to be an autocrat - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Let's clear something up right now

Butterflies, bees and a stung-ing wasp

A throng of interfaith leaders to focus on combating authoritarianism at global gathering in Chicago

Legum: Arkansas rejects AP African American Studies, cites Arkansas law on "prohibited topics"

donny's Monday presser

Tiedrich: Little Donny Four-Indictments fucked around in Georgia and now he's finding out

Maui is suing Big Oil...

All the people dragged under in the wake of Trump

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Why No Insurrection Charge? Ralph Nader on How Trump Could Still Be Reelected Unless DOJ Acts

Why haven't summer's extreme heat waves caused any blackouts? Renewable energy is helping.

A Glimpse of the Real Joe Scarborough...

Oscar Peterson was born on this date.

The Importance Of Controlling The Narrative

Rose Maddox was born on this date.


An important TRUTH for Republicans

Will any of the 19 plead guilty

I am just curios about that infamous phone call to find 11,000 votes

Uh Oh, Donald (Georgia Remix) - The Lincoln Project

Why This Company's Financial Crisis Threatens China's Economy

CA: Supe Candidates Make Their Final Case with NBA Star and Fact Check Mailers

only asking for $1

The 2023 Guide to Generative AI and Political Misinformation

Baby Orangutan Rescued 8 Years Ago Is Finally Ready For Release

Trump just got a Fani kick'n

Advocates sue federal government for failing to ban imports of cocoa harvested by children

Fitch warns of potential downgrade to several major U.S. banks - CNBC Television

A comparison of Trump supporters being reluctant to give up on him.

If you have not listened to the phone call in its entirety please do

Until yesterday, THIS was my favorite meme (and it's a good one)

15 August 1928 A Polish girl, Czesława Kwoka, was born in Wlka Złojecka

The five "known" unindicted co-conspirators from DC were all indicted in Atlanta

Palm Beach County supermarkets are out of ketchup

Why is Defendant waiting until Monday to give major announcement?

Another question for legal minds: Could Georgia Gov. Kemp (R)

Trump Allies Say They're ALL Throwing Sidney Powell Under The Bus - Farron Balanced

Just this to put a pardon by Gov. Kemp to rest.

Hillary Clinton's reaction live on TRMS last night to BREAKING NEWS of TFG's 4th indictment

When Trump says RIGGERS in all caps

This fool is in over her head and is a defendant in a rico case

Now that he's been indicted for the 4th time....

Hey Trumpy, What day are you going to turn yourself in? Friday the 25th is quickly approaching!

Perhaps the GOP would not be rallying around TFG if one member stood up to him. Sadly that person

The best time to shoot someone on 5th Avenue is while running for President

Advocates take first step toward independent redistricting commission in Ohio

Ruth Ben-Ghiat tweet:

Statement by Governor Kemp:

Advocates take first step toward independent redistricting commission in Ohio

The United Bank of Kharma had to close temporarily this morning

'Scouts Honor': Netflix Reveals the Boy Scouts' Child Sexual Abuse Cover-Up

Question on yesterday morning accidental leak of Trump charges

Christie pulls ahead of DeSantis in New Hampshire GOP primary: poll

Amazon Pharmacy automates discounts to help insulin patients get pledged prices

The new Schultz (Hogan's Hero) defense?(I mean Trump defense)

bail for babyboy

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 15, 2023)

I think Pelosi was goading Trump to say something illegal to further bury him

Carlos De Oliveira pleads not guilty in classified documents case - MSNBC Reports

Our great President Biden's complete remarks at 2023 White House Correspondents' Dinner

hair fuerhair is a "flight risk".

Call to End Federal Subsidies for Wildlife Slaughter

55 Things You Need to Know About Chris Christie - Politico

Hunter Biden's Lawyer Steps Down From Case

Carlos De Oliveira is coming to Court for arraignment today

Messing with the jury pool

Pete Strzok: "Good chance unindicted co-conspirator Individual 20 is Mike Flynn or Patrick Byrne."

Former Warriors coach Don Nelson opens Hawaii homes to Lahaina fire victims

Many thanks to the person who gave me a star membership!

A Ron DeSantis supporter had to fire undocumented staff who'd worked at his restaurant for decades a

Republicans introduce bill to repeal D.C. Home Rule Act

Here comes the Judge...

Prosecutor warns Trump about "pre-trial jail cell" - Brian Tyler Cohen

I had an amazing experience, this morning. Amazing and nearly tragic. (kind of long)

President Biden Delivers Remarks in Wisconsin on how Bidenomics is Investing in America

Can Putin Survive a Lost War? - William Spaniel

Cartoons 8/15/2023

Sen. Cruz: Every time there's more bad news about Hunter Biden, Trump gets indicted again - MSNBC

Georgia issues arrest warrant for racketeering

Marysville post office master keys stolen, used to steal mail

Do guards in schools work to prevent shootings?

$250K in federal money to boost transit in east Snohomish County

Apropos of nothing

LOL! Siblings!

Looming child-care cliff will send workers home

Stealing Democracy from 330 Million Americans- Steve Schmidt- The WARNING

Trump's Fulton County indictment, unpacked

Brian Kemp responds to Trump: "The 2020 election in Georgia was not stolen."

What to do about record youth unemployment? Stop telling anyone about it, China decides.

Coltrane! Heart healer...

Puppy: "I meant to do that"

Come Monday! I wonder if they Georgia(Fulton County) Judge would put a gag order on Trump....

When Trump used RIGGER do you think he really wanted to use the N word?

Leaked Text of Large Complex Detailed Irrefutable Report!

Puppy pile making room for a friend:

Mmmmmm Kraken

Attention Republicans! Donald Trump's administration is what happens when you want

Knock out:

Post a song for Donnie

If I find out who posted that bobble-headed DeSantis, it will not be pleasant.

I don't think that they really believe that trump won the election...

WY: How should the state govern political parties? A pair of election complaints seeks a change.

Trump Digs His Own Grave With Latest Attack On Judge - Farron Balanced

Steve Schmidt: Trump will never be king. He may be locked up for the rest of his life.

Harris County Elections Administrator's office will be allowed to run the upcoming November election

Harris County get ruling stopping GOP voter suppression plan to abolish local election office

Jon Meacham Gets Blunt About Trump's 4th Indictment: 'This Was a Coup D'Etat'

CO: El Paso County officials hope to finalize redistricting process Tuesday

'Russian spies' in the UK arrested - Times Radio

Question for defense lawyers on DU.

So how did one moron screw up "The Greatest Country in the World?"

Dianne Feinstein's bombshell new lawsuit alleges financial abuse over husband's estate

AL: Madison City Council Holds Work Session Focused on Redistricting Process (VIDEO)

Elaborate Flower Arrangements by Lewis Miller Design Cascade from Fixtures of New York City Streets

'She Obviously Wants Me Behind Bars': Donald Trump Plays Victim, Defies Judge's Warning to Refrain

FL: Parkland's Balancing Act: Redistricting Plans Unveiled Ahead of 2024 Elections

"I like Presidents who are bigger criminals than John Gotti"

Trump's campaign dilemma

Biden speaking on the Maui wildfire devastation now n/t

Where's the link to buy gold stars?

New probe confirms Trump officials blocked Puerto Rico from receiving hurricane aid

Jenna Ellis Mocked For Invoking God After Getting Indicted

Christie rejects Trump-Gore comparison: 'When Al Gore lost his legal challenges, he conceded'

The kitten's energy recovery is in process

Virginia voters will soon determine the commonwealth's course on abortion

post malone - tiny desk concert - posted 2hr ago, it has 20K likes already

With Putin weakened by the war in Ukraine, could Defendant slip into Russia and take over?

McGonigal pleads guilty to one count conspiracy

Why is Trump staying away from his home in Florida?

Russia Hits Panic Button After Ruble Collapse - Interest Rates Hiked by 350bps to Stop Fall In Value

Former Trump lawyer mocked for invoking God after indictment: 'Honor the Lord by not racketeering'

TFG's PAC will not "pay a penny" to help Jenna Ellis

O'Keefe is still active

I'm thinking of getting into Taylor Swift.

About that secret trump pocket pardon....

Songhoy Blues - "Nick"

In Georgia case, Trump can't count on a pardon from GOP's Kemp

Trump property manager pleads not guilty in classified documents case

John Meacham says this was a coup d'etat. It is not hyperbole to say these words apply today:

Trump haunted by misguided bravado as Georgia indictment arrives

How to handle someone who lives in their trauma?


Here is the little survivor, Tudor

AP African American studies canceled by Arkansas officials just before school begins

Florida hits Orlando abortion clinic with $193K fine

Tiniest kitten grows up with a big dog as best friend:

Determined cat:

Who is Trevian Kutti - one of the folks indicted in Georgia?

D.C. Council member fears for the future of Ward 8's only grocery store

Video shows Texas US Rep. Ronny Jackson berating officers after being wrestled to ground at rodeo

DU Lawyers, please explain how TX and GA laws allowing gov to remove ELECTED officials

2nd tweet -- wing chun master kitty:

There Is No First Amendment Right to Organize a Coup

Rudy G's response to the indictments?

BREAKING: Latest video update from Mark Meadows

My gift to you: a joke I've been telling for a long time, repurposed

Do I remember correctly that the prior GA grand juror who spoke out said there were

Elon Musk's X is throttling traffic to news and websites he dislikes

Mike Luckovich-Frankly my dear....

More Americans Are Ending Up Homeless--at a Record Rate

Prediction about the upcoming "irrefutable" report

Why can't my phone see images from, eg,

Texas judge temporarily blocks state from dissolving Harris County elections chief position

Up to $300K stolen in "flash mob" robbery at Westfield Topanga Shopping Center in Canoga Park

Dog complains until his treat is dipped in sauce:

As a crime boss, maybe Trump should be called "Don Donald", or just "Don Don".

Cat brings her kittens every night to her human's bed as a sign of trust:

Canadian inflation jumps in July, raising prospect of another rate hike

Trump's Georgia Indictment Will Be Cataclysmic for 2024 Campaign - Let's Talk Elections

Golden brings his toy to the new baby:

John Eastman (tRump lawyer) under current disbarment proceedings in CA

Trump will finally tell us all.....

Mother pleads guilty to felony child neglect after 6-year-old son used her gun to shoot teacher

The Smithsonian has amassed at least 30,700 human bones and other body parts, including 255 Brains.

Oh I love this thread!

What the Heck Happened in Coffee County, Georgia?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's Georgia case is different....

California grads headed to HBCUs in the South prepare for college under abortion bans

How cool is this?!

Special prosecutor will examine actions of Georgia's lieutenant governor in Trump election meddling

2nd tweet -- insistent cat wants to cuddle with Husky:

New Mexico investigates whether 'fake electors' violated state law in 2020 election

Outrage as Arkansas tells high schools to drop AP African American course

Tricky Dick Nixon

Full Press Conference: Georgia DA discusses indictment of Trump, others in election interference pro

New on my breakfast list. Whenever someone turns on Chump I will have a

How Bears Went From Cat Sized To Car Sized

DeSantis violated First Amendment by removing elected official, judge rules

LOL! Wait to the very end:

Huffington Post does have a way with headlines

Donald Trump Faces 641 Years in Prison - Hasanabi reacts

Any Brave gurus here?

Thanks to Willis, we now know he doesn't just sound like a mob boss

30 Unindicted Co-Conspirators from the Georgia Indictment

Kansas newspaper says it investigated local police chief prior to newsroom raid

Election 2023: A Look At The PA Supreme Court Contest

Do You Know This Animal?

Reading the indictment explaining this "Criminal Enterprise" is very sobering.

Canadian News links (if Google and/ or Meta removes links)

RIAA Piles On In The Effort To Kill The World's Greatest Library: Sues Internet Archive

Someone hacked a news ticker in Russia to insult Putin after the value of the ruble plunged

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 16 August 2023

Trump supporters "collective psychosis"

Workers Are About To Get Way More Power. Here's How. - More Perfect Union

10 dogs dead after flash flood at canine daycare, official says

George Santos Missed the Deadline to Reveal His Finances. Now What?

Frank LaRose Ohio Sec of State wants to be VP with apricothellbeast or a Senator

Too cute. Wait for the end:

Special prosecutor will examine actions of Georgia's lieutenant governor in Trump election meddling

Walmart Chile To Create First Industrial-Use Green Hydrogen Production Plant in Latin America

Georgia court acknowledges releasing Trump document on website

Can you imagine that Flynn was one of them who flipped?

40% of Florida parents surveyed want to leave the state because of the Don't Say Gay law.

Israel has started printing food. You can see fish being printed and tasted. What's next?

Barbara McQuade: DA Willis understands the value of using RICO - Morning Joe - MSNBC

The MAGAt's Monday Extravaganza

The Indictments Ain't Over! Stay Tuned!

Beaver eating provides ASMR:

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 15, 2023

Excellent Neal Katyal article on Conspiracy in Yale Law Journal

A puppy pile of big cat kittens:

Trump's PAC won't assist @JennaEllisEsq with one penny of legal fees because she has been complimen

Read the article not the headline before you post

The Federal election fraud indictment was issued in the past month...

The Daily Show: Arizona's Vote Recount - Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse

Belarus-Poland Border and the Military Buildup - Eastern Express - TVP World

Ha! Remember the pillow that cost over $50.00 from the....

The Smithsonian's 'Bone Doctor' Scavenged Thousands of Body Parts

Squirrel fascinated by dog:

My first, and likely last, haiku in the age of Trump.

What happens when thousands of hackers try to break AI chatbots

Trump hit with SPRAWLING INDICTMENT in Georgia - Talking Feds

Back to the Farmer's market . . .

Tweet by Jojo from Jersey re: Hunter

Meadows Seeks to Move Georgia Case to Federal Court

So is it safe to assume that Trump won't self-surrender before Monday morning?

Russia no longer Controls the Black Sea: Ukrainian Sea Drones Changed the Game - UATV

Little League World Series permanently removes bunk beds in wake of Easton Oliverson's head injury

Entire police department in Minnesota city resigns

DU Post #5,000

What Recession?

This Is The Period Where Tr**p & His Lawyers Obtain A Lot Of Free Legal Advice.....

Up close and personal at the farmer's market!

Trump LOSES IT ALL with Dysfunctional Strategy - Meidas Touch

Remember when a bunch of Trump supporters ran Biden campaign bus off the highway?

Fani Willis 'indicted co conspirators' hold 'all the enablers' 'to account for what they did' - MSNBC

Looks like Lin Wood was a stool pigeon

Just saw on fb

Meanwhile here in Omaha Neb!

This is some funky heavy metal

Moscow residents on Ukrainian drones striking the Russian capital - Break the Fake - TVP World

Who ratted on Sidney Powell, and will she get the stiffest punishments?

Fani Willis brings 'a tough and broad case' against Trump, and he 'should be scared' - MSNBC Reports

MAGA Morons Prove They're Too Stupid To Vote - Rebel HQ

Death toll rises to 11 in powerful explosion near the Dominican Republic's capital; 11 still missing

PA Fracking and Cancer Rates Report

southern md afternoon 8/15

Now that we have the indictments, we can all see the benefits of Ari interviewing

Meacham: Pence probably saved the republic, but I don't always want to count on one person to do it

Ukrainian Cluster Shells Massacred Russian Troops Fleeing Urozhaine

Visiting grands.

It's not a political strategy. It's the predictable behavior of a narcissist.

GEORGIA ON MY MIND...Other arms reach out to me, Other eyes smile tenderly, Still in

Some fun facts for you today

I'm having trouble logging on

Joe: Party hacks are defending a guy who wants to be an autocrat - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Comes A Time - Neil Young

Does Anyone Else Feel Their Emotions Are Riding a Rollercoaster?

Still trying to do water color - Boggy lake in northern Minnesota

Los Angeles Times used this photo on the front page, & the Defendant looks like crap

Sumo wrestler Hanada catches on quick as he learns to be a defensive lineman for Colorado State

How Did Peter Navarro & Lindsey Graham Not Get Indicted In This.....

As Ohio Prepares to Vote on Legalization, Report Says State Could Make $403 Million In Annual Mariju

Wittgenstein in the classroom

Georgia election indictment highlights wider attempts to illegally access voting equipment

Folks in the lower Great Lakes/Ohio Valley enjoy these next few cool days (67 was my high today!)

Trump Stiffed His Co-Conspirators

Trump earned himself a new shitty theme song and nickname

George Carlin on Soft Language

Watching Ari, trying to describe Rudi

RICO charges against Trump EXPLAINED - Talking Feds

Trees and poles standing amid Maui fire wreckage aren't unusual, contrary to conspiracy theories

Judge blocks Internet Archive from sharing copyrighted books

After Georgia indictment Chris Christie is feeling sorry for Trump

'Bidenomics' delivered a once-in-generation investment. It shows the pros and cons of policymaking

Early signs suggest WA could see a late-summer COVID wave

I made a small change to the Biden-Harris DU donation link etc

Press conference grooming question

Conservative Woman Listens To MAGA Chauvinits, Decides Not To Vote

Ron DeSantis has entered the "what if we just say I win?" stage of his feud with Disney

I just gotta ask this.

Georgia's Top Election Official Releases Scathing Response To Trump - Waldorf Nation

Georgia Secretary of State Shuts Down Trump in Two Sentences

Trump's Comms person, who is involved in the documents case, is writing the "election fraud report"

Georgia State Sen. Elena Parent: did not expect 'terrifying threats made against my children' - MSNBC

🏳 ️ ‍ 🌈 brandi and catherine carlile - closer to fine (live july 2023) 🏳 ️ ‍ 🌈

The local oldies radio station mid-morning DJ was hilarious today.

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy says China can have Taiwan after 2028 if he is elected

Surprising study shows...

Former FBI agent says he was not aware of interference in Hunter Biden probe

Anyone here who has had MOHS surgery?

Bodycam footage of Rep. Ronny Jackson being detained at a Texas rodeo - CNN

Chai Komanduri on Ari

New Jersey Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic school that fired a teacher

Fani Willis 'recognizes' her 'obligation' as DA and won't let the 'residents of Fulton County down'

Remember the mysterious meeting that Ruby Freeman had at a police station?

POLL - How Many GA Indictees Will Flip?

A Path to Institutional Pluralism

Mystery Stickie Person: Thank you for the stickie!

When did the right-wing strategy of talking over opponents become so widespread?

Ty Cobb says there's 'no chance' Fani Willis' case begins within two years. Hear why - CNN