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Whose endorsement of Angela Alsobrooks is worth more?

Sunset southern MD 8/15

I decided to err on the side of caution and bring Tudor and Bronwyn inside, tonight

Indicted Trump's mob nightmare comes true, Giuliani charged for Rico law he once used - The Beat MSNBC

It's gummy time.


Jamie Raskin on C. Hayes show now,

Michigan man with ties to Whitmer kidnap plotters pleads guilty in U.S. Capitol riot case

Trump's Lawyer Crumbles on Live TV After Being Confronted by Fox Host! - Luke Beasley

Woman's car dealership issued 1,037 dealer tags, but sold no vehicles, records show

St. Luke's filed a new lawsuit. An Idaho judge just restricted Ammon Bundy's finances

What are the odds that cheato actually gives a press conference on Monday?


This Day In History, August 15, 1969 - Woodstock Music Festival, Bethel, New York

60 MINUTES: California's Marijunna fields, Colorado's Marijuna


A Quick One One While He's Away

A man who set a fire at an Illinois Planned Parenthood clinic sentenced to 10 years in prison

Sen. Ted Cruz Torn Apart Online Over Response To Trump Indictment

US's Blinken says 'overall approach to Iran' unchanged - Reuters

The latest occupants of my guest room.

Even after Planned Parenthood stopped performing abortions, Texas is still trying to shut it down

Trump's Last Two Indictments Complement Each Other Perfectly

The Idaho AG's Office maligned a federal judge for its own legal incompetence

*The King's Speech on HBO now.

Grandma intervenes when Walgreens mgr tells black boys to leave the store or she will call the cops

Judge rules in favor of Montana youths in landmark climate decision

I feel sorry for David Trone.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Held v Montana and a win....

The Wind Cries Mary

Fulton County sheriff says "defendants can turn themselves in at any time. The jail is open 24/7"

YouTube announces new policies to target medical misinformation

Judge REJECTS Trump's Latest Request in SCATHING Order - Meidas Touch

Two links for filings on Trump-Twitter search warrant

Michigan mentioned in Georgia grand jury's Trump indictment

I'm Sticking With You

Glory and I

Yesssssssssssssss. Joe diGenova an unindicted co-conspirator??!!

It always comes down to this big mouth

School has started here.

So we are literally screwed? or we are literally not screwed?

Air Force Reserve 'Hurricane Hunter' Charged for Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Death toll rises to 11 in powerful explosion near the Dominican Republic's capital; 10 still missing

Mark Meadows asks to move Georgia election case to federal court - CBS News

Some Hank Williams Sr.

So why would a federal jury pool be different from a state jury pool...

Possible removal to federal court for trump, meadows, etc..

North Korea asserts US soldier bolted into North after being disillusioned with American society

Trump vows (again) to bolster election lies with new 'report'

King County issues Stage 2 burn ban in light of high temps

Long-awaited studies show relationship between children's health and shale gas development

Your favorite brothers?

Top Republican publicly calls out Trump, signals disaster for his defense - Brian Tyler Cohen

How Trump wrecked the Georgia GOP

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Western states will not lose as much Colorado River water in 2024, despite long-term challenges

How long are you in a hospital for a hysterectomy? Sister's operation is tomorrow. Thanks, Debbie

'Ludicrous': Hayes on GOP's 'painful' defense of Trump after 4th indictment

'Ludicrous': Chris Hayes on GOP's 'painful' defense of Trump after 4th indictment - All In - MSNBC

CO: Georgia and Colorado election security breaches part of same ongoing threat, Griswold says

Peruvian fossil challenges blue whales for size (BBC)

Does it make anyone else feel crazy

RI-01: After signature review, state elections panel affirms Matos' place on ballot

Looks like Smith has a 2703 Twitter warrant for trump.

If Rashida Tlaib entered the 2024 MI US Senate Election, How would she do in the Democratic primary?

The background music for Touch of Frost is a combo of really crappy film noir and even worse porno!

Whenever Trump promises to present something in a week or two weeks, or sometime in the future,

The New Yorker re imagines Trump's descent down the escalator

"Quick one" is the phrase for today. Modify a DU thread title to include "quick one".

Virginia elections board declines to help Democrat bounced from ballot over party's typo

Tom Horne (R), Kris Mayes (D) clash over dual-language teaching in AZ classrooms

TFG's "CONCLUSIVE Report" - I really don't understand this.

AG Mayes (D) asks AZ Supreme Court to reject Hamadeh's (R) appeal

OR: Gov. Kotek signs abortion and hospital staffing bills

Just a live theater thing

Loss of Medicaid coverage in FL raises concerns, 'possible violations,' policy experts say

Vice President Harris visits Seattle, discusses climate crisis, economy

controversy of the "exaggerated" prosthetic nose worn by Bradley Cooper to resemble Leonard Berstein

Special Counsel Sought Trump's Direct Messages

11-year-old boy now in custody, weeks after killing of 8-year-old

Billy Strings - "War Pigs"

Trump 'doesn't have excuse to delay' surrender at arraignment Fri. Aug. 25 by 5 pm Katie Phang says

Anyone involved with this election meddling & coup d'tat BS need to be given the harshest sentence

Giuliani streaming last night as indictment is being revealed (second video)

Kamala Harris highlights clean energy investments during Seattle visit

People don't seem to be clear about why Trump (or Meadows) want to move State cases to Federal Court

CO: El Paso County Redistricting Commission finalizes new commission districts; not all pleased

Could Trump face an indictment in Arizona?

North Florida congressional district challenge to be expedited to Supreme Court

Mark Meadows seeks to move Georgia conspiracy case to federal court - All In - MSNBC

Don Bacon (R-NE) says FBI told him Chinese hacked his emails

24 hour service for your convenience....

Giuliani struggling under massive legal bills after defending Trump

Defense Secretary Condemns Republican's Obstruction of Military Promotions - Luke Beasley

Robert Plant Alison Krauss Live in Montreal

Politico: Trump indictment forces a GOP reckoning on 2020

For the person who used the Steal Your Face logo on their contribution....

Politico: How Trump wrecked the Georgia GOP

The House GOP chose Matt Gaetz over the Constitution

Jan. 6 committee lead investigator examines Trump's Georgia indictment - CBS News

Sea Level - Grand Larceny

Rob Filipkowski - Georgia Trump Indictment: Explained

Why do superheroes have perfect physiques?

Where is that beautiful 41 year old baby I knew so well.....

The Devils Goin Down To Georgia - Raw News And Politics

DeSantis' appointees ask judge to rule against Disney without need for trial

Bob Weir and Rob Wassermen (with some JGB) - KC Moan

Please let their be no coverage of

Republican mayoral nominee in Connecticut (Gino DiGiovanni) now faces Jan. 6 charges

Chris Christie Taunts 'Coward' Donald Trump on GOP Debate

West Maui beyond Lahaina cut off and struggling

Biden Wins (Threads):

In this WaPo video summary, only Asa Hutchison and Chris Christie

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band - Trouble in Mind

License to Kill without Liability? Florida Bill Seems Like It.

And another bird - a magpie.

Kari Lake begs DeSnotis to stop wiping his snot & sweat on people:

TFG and the closed door policy ...

John Prine - My Old Man

Ted Cruz Crap and My Not-At-All-Original Thoughts

Special counsel obtained Trump DMs despite 'momentous' bid by Twitter to delay

"Alms for the poor..."

Can This Anti-Mafia Law REALLY Stop Trump? w/ Greg Palast - Thom Hartmann

Plum, PA House Explosion, Homeowners Having Hot Water Tank Issues Before Deadly Blast, East of Pgh

Faces - 1976 - Stay With Me.

Morning Magic - Pacific Northwest Lookout Sunrise

Cruise vehicle gets stuck in wet concrete while driving in San Francisco

Workin' hard, or hardly workin'?

Rudy claims Fani Willis is "Not an honest, honorable lawyer.&

'Norm of constitutional order' eclipses norm of not prosecuting former president strategist says

Be good, have fun, See you Thursday , Keep my sister in your thoughts. Her surgery is tomorrow.

Buncha car tunes cause I'm going to LOG!

The evening sprinkler play with Maybee and Nova.

The Often Startling Numbers Behind Trump's Indictment in Georgia -- a 2-minute read

Where is Judge Chutkan?

in 3 short years, America celebrates 250 years of this great country--share your thoughts

Will Arizona be the next state to indict former president Donald Trump?

Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

Trump's Lead Lawyer Donated to Fani Willis

⭐ Santana, 'Soul Sacrifice' - Legendary Performance, Woodstock Music Festival, Aug. 16, 1969 🇺🇸

The Jean Genie

Jeff Tiedrich on Threads:

The Putin Connection: Rupert Murdoch 'might be in love' with Elena Zhukova.

An old post I saw on FreeRepublic years ago makes me think many R's deep down know Trump is guilty

What's next for Trump after his 4th criminal indictment - PBS NewsHour

The Stranglers - Golden Brown

Flying Burritto Brothers - 1971 - White Line Fever

Warren Zevon - Boom Boom Mancini

The Dave Clark Five - Don't Be Taken In

Supersonic tsunamis 3 times as tall as our sun are breaking on a distant 'heartbreak star'

People - I Love You

Count Five - Psychotic Reaction

The Doors - Gloria

Dinosaur track site in Alaska reveals remarkable details of the past

Trump hit with RICOUP charges!!!! nt

Pee-Wee Herman guest hosting the Joan Rivers Show

Threads Mediaite: The Final Frontier of Trump Defenses Is Just Refusing to Understand How Law Works

VA Dems Call on GOP Chesapeake City Council NOT to Slash Early Voting Locations, Eliminate Sunday Vo

Former Kanye publicist named in Trump Georgia case; could mean justice for election workers - Alex Wagner

Pink Floyd song reveals that music can be identified in brain activity


Don't owe you a THANG, baby!

Lawrence: Historians & screenwriters will use GA case to tell the story of Trump election plot

Lacking political power in California, conservatives turn focus to local school boards

You could replace "girls" with "Republican children" and it still holds true.

McCarthy floats stopgap funding to prevent a government shutdown at the end of next month

Funny Michael Beschloss "quiz question" re: indicted co-conspirator...

MTG for the win (Threads):

Stuart Stevens: Every Republican elected official who refused to acknowledge

The "next Try that in a Small Town"

'Significant legal peril': Andrew Weissmann on Giuliani calling RICO charge 'ridiculous' - Last Word

(Jewish Group) The only Jew in remote Greenland sometimes feels like 'the last person on earth'

(Jewish Group) Holocaust 'book box' at German deportation memorial destroyed in apparent antisemitic

(Jewish Group) From 1934: Panama's Jewish Colony is Meeting Place for Jews from Many Countries

2 synagogues evacuated during livestreamed Shabbat services as wave of bomb threats enters 4th week

Damnit man! Brother Glam kinda been doing some drinking in the hotel room whirlpool tub.....JELLYFISH!

Seriously, does MSNBC not have the best collection of analysts discussing the Trump Indictments?

Rare 'offering to the gods' unearthed by amateur treasure hunters

German police probe homophobic attack on Berlin monument

Dead/Ron "Pigpen" McKernan - Operator

Adorable kitten & his reflection:

Blinken and Biden are building a foreign policy framework to last By David Ignatius

Bird collects leaves for nest & stashes them under her wings & back feathers:

15 Aug: Russians Are Furious! Their Commander Leaked A Key Weak Spot In Defemse - Reporting from UKR

Christian nationalism's opponents are getting organized

No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper

Wait for it:

The rico defendants will be booked into Fulton county jail

Flemish Giant rabbit:

Puppy with hiccups:

Ok. Why are US Marines called crayon eaters?

Senate Democrats Are Locking Down the Blue Wall in 2024 - Let's Talk Elections

The Shadows of Knight- Gloria

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Colorado, Alabama, and a General's house....

Cougar playing with a squash:

MSNBC's 9 pm coverage of Trump's indictment led all of TV with 3.9 million total viewers

MSNBC's 9 pm coverage of Trump's indictment led all of TV with 3.9 million total viewers

This squinchy-eyed pupper always makes me smile:

Giuliani finds himself on the wrong end of his favorite anti-Mafia tool in Georgia case - Alex Wagner

Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin - Turn on Your Love Light 7/1970

With new indictments, things get real for Trump's fake electors - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Cute jealous bird:

'Shockingly embarrassing': Trump stuck on old tricks even as the game has changed - Alex Wagner MSNBC

An open letter to Comrade Combover

Wonder if this would work

Grateful Dead - Mason's Children (12-28-69)

This gentle giant petting a rescued kitty as softly as he can

Doggo and Raccoon are BFF

CA: OC Judge Ferguson pleads not guilty to murdering his wife in their Anaheim Hills home

In case anyone else hasn't

Who dat in the lounge hot tub

Pastor Niemoller revisited

Alsobrooks margin of victory in the primary and general election. 2024 MD US Senate Election.

CA: Effort to recall Alameda County DA Pamela Price moves forward

Right-Wing Extremists Take A Beating In Mississippi - Raw News And Politics

I'm going to quote Harry Chapin's song "Song Man" for this song I wrote for you

Poetic Extinction .. a reminder

Countdown begins for Trump, 18 co-defendants to surrender - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Restart Of WGA-AMPTP Talks Brings Hope As Window For Seasons Of Scripted Broadcast Series Narrows

Please be advised, Trump supporters ...

Legal deep dive on Trump's fourth indictment - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Am I The Only One Who Hears Rico Law....

Lindsey Graham's Trump Defense Hilariously Backfires - Waldorf Nation

Breakfast Wednesday 16 August 2023

Mahalo for your kokua: Pro surfer springs into action in Maui wildfire recovery - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

GOP Chairwoman Indicted After Mocking GA Law - Rebel HQ

George Santos still won't turn over his financial information -- here's what's next

NOAA: 'Above Normal' Hurricane Season Now Twice as Likely

Special Counsel obtained Trump's Direct Messages on Twitter

Why don't 71% of Americans know about the money they can get from the IRA?

Trump INTIMIDATION Tactics Show He's CORNERED - Meidas Touch

Like Trump, Kari Lake is approached by imaginary people "with tears in their eyes"

US-made wind and solar components are now cheaper than imports

Jenna Ellis invokes god after being named as an indicted co-conspirator in tRump's coup attempt

Saw this on a t shirt why I'm not republican.

The Full Reading Of The Fulton County Indictment of Donald Trump by Ellie

Wisconsin GOP Chair Brian Schimming mentioned in Trump's latest criminal indictment

Wisconsin GOP Chair Brian Schimming mentioned in Trump's latest criminal indictment

Is This The Indictment That Can Break Trump? Everything You NEED to Know! - Thom Hartmann

Georgia's top Republican party official slams DA Fani Willis as 'power mad' after Trump's indictment

Women hold higher number of positions in Bolivian tech startups, report says

The Halloween costume that will probably be banned in Florida.

Susan J. Demas: Why pundits still can't admit they were wrong about abortion

Colombian Trafficker "Chupeta" Who Testified Against "El Chapo" is Sentenced to 20 Years

Ohio Rep. charged for domestic violence had police called in 2020 for physical domestic disturbance

MI: Fake elector accusations leaves Shelby Township residents seeking resignation from clerk

Lanarkshire family 'traumatised' after man shot in face at poolside at Cancun holiday resort

So, yesterday at Walmart

Mookie Betts hits home run, has baby girl named after him

Ecuador: how this 'island of peace' in Latin America has become a hotbed of violence run by criminal

Meet The 18 Co-Conspirators Charged In the Trump Indictment: Who Will Crack First? - Thom Hartmann

Evacuations ordered as Northern California fire roars through forest near site of 2022 deadly blaze

Judge calls new Texas election law unconstitutional but state says it will appeal ruling

Cuba's 'Ironman' beats himself with a sledge hammer and survives unscathed

GOP strategists warn Trump's post-indictment political resilience could falter after Georgia

'It's always the ones that terrify children': New species of snake in Peru named after Harrison Ford

Peruvians Are Protesting Their Unelected President

Trouble for Trump in Georgia: A tape recording, a TV trial and all those co-defendants

Hiking Ecuador's Inca Trail on three weekends

When will they pay? Floridians say state not holding insurance carriers accountable post-Ian

President Joe Biden visits Ingeteam Inc., a Milwaukee manufacturer

Florida students and professors say a new law censors academic freedom. They're suing to stop it

Law Professor Uncovers MORE CORRUPTION by Right-Wing Court - Burn The Boats

Couple finds a big surprise in their new dream house

Wordle 788 8/16 ***SPOILERS***

Grand betrayal! Chechens turned against Russians. Putin faces the greatest dilemma. - The Russian Dude

Oklahoma Supreme Court agrees to review 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre survivors' appeal

Couple knocks on neighbor's door to ask for music to be lowered They say he responded with gunfire

Lawsuit with MAJOR IMPLICATIONS Filed Against Right-Wing Group - Against All Enemies

Donald Trump, allies will be booked on charges at Georgia jail, not court, sheriff says

Video has been released of the July attack on the Kerch bridge

The babies has their first (brief) cardboard box experience, this morning

Wednesday TOONs - Everything's Just Peachy

Marion County Chief of Police refuses to discuss raid on newspaper

Ukraine news - Artur Rehi

OK, I'm very confused about the kitten's mom

Rico Defendants Fulton county jail is leaving the light on for you

2 Quotes to make you happy

Domestic Cultivation Of Rice, An Iraqi Staple, Collapses In Drought, Upstream Shortages

Ukraine News - Artur Rehi

TX Has Zero Regulation Of Groundwater; Now, Springs & Wells Across Hill Country Drying Up. Oops.

On This Day: War foes clash with House Un-American Activities Committee - August 16, 1966 is now CCP foreign shill, wu mao haven.

EPA Dumps TX Environmental "Regulator" Plan For Air Quality As Haze Shrouds National Parks

Giuliani struggling under massive legal bills after defending Trump

Rudy's security guy came down and said he won't be leaving the building for the next 3 weeks.

While ReTHUGs will continue fighting over Georgia indictments, Biden will

The Weekly Pull: Uncanny Avengers, Knight Terrors: Catwoman, Godzilla: War for Humanity, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (8/16/23)

The Rundown: August 16, 2023

Fail to turn in, get arrested?

UPDATE: Newsflash for doubters of Fani Willis': "she cannot try all nineteen defendants in one case

Well, I'm still playing with my soft pastels....waiting to hear when my surgery date will be...

TFG and codefendents surrender themselves ...

In Ukraine War...Neither side is winning. Is it time to negotiate?

How a new law is complicating vaccines for children in Tennessee

You know you are getting old

Czechs ratify defense treaty with US that makes it easier to deploy US troops in Czech territory

Canadian sport policy slammed after trans woman shatters female weightlifting record

I can't stop listening to this and smiling

You raised $23.00 on August 15, 2023 Unofficial DU for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

Next rightwing delusion/Trump trial

You raised $100.00 on August 15, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

How the legal pundits on TV are like the idiot dentists posting online.

Kimberly Guilfoyle Cites John Gotti To Defend Trump, Makes The Opposite Point She Intended

You raised $25.00 on August 15, 2023 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

Former F.B.I. Spy Hunter Pleads Guilty to Aiding Russian Oligarch

Melania Concerned That Trump Will Be Unavailable to Attend Divorce Proceedings

Thank you Georgia for continuing to give us more than

Been listening a lot to Scretary Pete (can't remember spelling)...

On this day, August 16, 1966, the Monkees relased "Last Train to Clarksville."

Highest July Temperatures On Record In Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart During Austral Midwinter

Let's Go....

Marjorie Taylor Greene on potentially running for Senate: "I haven't made up my mind whether I will

"Teflon Don" is a collective fiction -- it's time to tell the story of Trump in jail

Caroline Orr Bueno on what a civil war today would look like....

Montage of Trump indictment announcements

FL Orange Production At 6.5% Of Historic Peak; Storm Damage, Heat, Incurable Citrus Greening Disease

Donald Trump's real conspiracy: It's much larger than even Fani Willis imagines

Bidens to visit Hawaii on Monday following Maui wildfires

Outstanding movie scenes (possible spoilers)

A Day In A Life

The REAL Border Crisis In America

Bill Evans was born on this date.

Just so ya know. Corrections officers are uniquely qualified to protect trump in prison or jail.

Hold onto your hats.

Catering to Highly Educated Whites is Disastrous for Housing Policy

Independent: TruthSocial users are doxxing grand jurors who indicted Trump in Georgia:'Karma is a B'

On these mythical poll numbers showing Motherfucker having the support of 55%, er, 59%, er, 63%....

Trump's free-speech defense in January 6 case is danger to democracy, experts say

Republicans are going to continue to deny reality.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 16, 2023

Target Q2 sales ebb on inflation, Pride month shopper backlash and it cuts profit outlook for 2023

A mandatory toe bean photo

fucking wars. fucking goddamn wars. :( nt

Why Billionaires Fund Anti-Trans & Anti-Black-History Political Movements

Trumpers and the 5 stages of grief

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Kemp, and spaghetti...

Jesus wept.

Banned: 19 books pulled from Mason City School Libraries

Elon Musk's X is throttling traffic to websites he dislikes

Is Trump's big "press conference" a diversion from another big story?

We need to be calling it now "The Republican Party's effort to overturn the election"

Gift idea for your Democratic (or MAGA) family and friends.

How Should DeSantis Handle Trump? Strategists Suggest Dropping Out or Becoming a Different Person.

WAPO OP ED: I testified in the Georgia probe. I hope Trump's indictment is a pivot point.

Kansas to Probe Police Raid on Local Newspaper; Co-Publisher Dies from Stress Day After Raid

DA Fani Willis Barbie

Pittie Who Was Scared Of Men Becomes Velcro To His Dad

And now for your newest candy pleasure. . .IndictMints !!

Tech company behind Kentucky school bus problems had similar issues in Ohio last year

Has anyone given their cat CBD oil? We have a very sweet cat with high anxiety.

Pressure Grows on Clarence Thomas to Resign as ProPublica Finds More Undisclosed Lavish Trips, Gifts

So, I'm not looking forward to the weekend!

Aldi to Acquire Winn-Dixie, Harveys Supermarket

Opinion: What are Aldean, DeSantis and Hawley are so afraid of?

Are_grits_groceries Started this OP over ten years ago - it was prescient

Trumpers vs. Traditionalists: Michigan GOP Split Echoes National Divide

Law Firms Financing Fascism Choose DeSantis Over Trump

Are you a human? Not so fast.

Quick question about federal/state criminal procedure for those in the know.

Festival of Fire and Explosions- Monster Hunter World

Pic Of The Moment: Checking In With The Upcoming Schedules Of The Leading 2024 Presidential Election Candidates

"Watershed Moment": Montana Rules Youth Have Constitutional Right to Healthy Climate

State ethics commission chair has conflict of interest as boss of Disney's usurped special district

We're Three Years Into Biden's Administration - Tr**p Thought The Election Was Stolen.......

Sorry, one more hummingbird topic.......A MALE Baltimore oriole is trying to get the liquid!!!!!

The Evisceration of a Public University

My star expired this morning - I was going to renew it today

Chaos at New College of Florida

What will the con do

Meet the architect behind Alabama's voting rights defiance

Trump told co-conspirators to claim election was rigged before it even happened

Pence: "The Georgia election was not stolen"

Jury Says Man Owes $1.2 Billion After He Allegedly Used Explicit Photos To 'Torment' Ex

Open 24/7, Fulton County Rice Street Jail ready to book the 19 conspirators at their convenience!

Tourists lost their summer vacations. Maui's locals lost everything

Blue Jean Blues

We have lost K.C., our KittyCat. Been gone two weeks now -- we think coyotes took him from us.

FBI NYC Charles McGonigal pleaded GUILTY -same man who convinced Comey to reopen email investigation

Putin to discuss capital controls to help prop up rouble, report says

Jay Kuo: Twitter, Trump and a Potential Trove of Data

This Otherworldly 'Sky Island' Might Be America's Next National Park

The Assistant Chairman of the IDU was indicted in Georgia. The International Democratic Union.

So, if I pass a note to a bank teller which says put this is a robbery, give me all of your cash...

A Public Service: Translating the President's many crimes for the Fox News watchers

If you haven't read the Georgia indictment, do so

Rudy G ---- This is dedicated to him

Kyle Rittenhouse launches nonprofit with far-right Texans as he ramps up political engagement in the

Come on TFG make it to an even 100...

Project Implicit, test your implicit bias

Kim thinks this is a flex: "John Gotti never even had 4 indictments at once. "

How Fire Turned Lahaina Into a Death Trap

Operation Reunion seems to have worked! I think all 4 kittens are in the shelter with their mom.

Planned Parenthood patients need volunteer escorts to protect them from protestors.

Trump desperately wants to frame his court cases as BIDEN VS. TRUMP

Planned Parenthood patients need volunteer escorts to protect them from protestors.

Trump seems to be double-dog daring Judge Chutkan to lock him up before the trial. She should

Biden's success:

Civil War re-enactors don't want any slaves to ruin their play acting. "We don't represent this par

The Beautiful Origins of the Vim Text Editor

Cartoons 8/16/2023

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

On this day, August 16, 1962, Pete Best was fired, and Ringo Starr was hired.

Fire breaks out in underground pipes at Brightwater Treatment Plant

If Trump doesn't show up in Georgia

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 16, 2023)

A Few Names Of Tr**p Minions That Haven't Been Indicted Yet.....

LTE: Oil companies charging our state more than others for gas

On this day, August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley died at his home in Memphis, some sources say.

How Mitch McConnell's failures led to the rise of donald trump -The Warning

The 'smoking gun' in Trump's Georgia indictment

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Police raid on newspaper a blatant abuse of power

Precious puppy:

Fed up cat mom finally finds her kitten.

Seattle unveils 4 projects as part of Rainier Valley housing initiative

TCM tonight

There's always one:

Remember Lindsey Graham in 2016?

LOL! Stop touching me! (It's so obviously deliberate.)

Feds indict paid fundraiser for Rep. George Santos for allegedly impersonating Speaker McCarthy aide

Pre-dawn, southern MD 8/16

Kitten's masterful reversal:

Gov. Beshear Proposes Largest Pay Increase for Teachers in 40 Years

Americans are divided along party lines over Trump's actions in election cases, AP-NORC poll shows

What would happen if IQ45 just ... didn't show up by Friday the 25th?

Yay! Water!

Continuing Criminal Enterprise/Conspiracy? Questions?.....

Invasive yellow-legged hornet spotted in U.S. for first time

Rolling down the stairs:

On this day, August 16, 1969, Hurricane Camille headed for the US after striking Cuba.

Tommy Tuberville continues his war on our military

What? This is mine now!

America just isn't into you, Tucker

On this day, August 16, 1969, Hurricane Camille headed for the US after striking Cuba.

How a half-trillion dollars is transforming climate technology

How a half-trillion dollars is transforming climate technology

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose fires press secretary over tweets criticizing Trump

Important Note: They want you to believe the Trump indictment is led by Democrats.

--IF-- you believe Trump won't show up for his arraignment...

Crews repair sinking Seattle light rail track

On this day, August 16, 1969, Charles Manson was arrested.

The Indictments Are Only a Snapshot of Trump's Conspiracy Against Democracy

What are Trump and his 18 alleged co-conspirators accused of?

Washington Democrats call for federal funding for high-speed train that can reach 250 miles per hour

Interesting outcomes for cult leaders

Anyone up north in CA near the Head Fire?

Trump prosecutor Fani Willis faces racist abuse after indicting ex-US president

The 'brains' behind fake Trump electors was once a liberal Democrat

Trump team is "negotiating" with Fulton County DA's office about the logistics...

I object to the media saying, "Everyone has indictment fatigue"

Giuliani strapped for cash after defending Trump


Invasive yellow-legged hornet found in US for first time

Hey Mark - Was It Part Of Your Job To Steal The Election And Break The Law?....

Parenting with Pride' aims to take on conservative Moms for Liberty in Florida schools

Philly is one of the worst big cities for aging in place. Local experts aren't surprised.

CFPB Looks To Restrict The Sleazy Link Between Credit Reporting Agencies And Data Brokers

Delarage is having an 80s flashback.

Truthout: A Televised Trial in Georgia Could Damage Trump, Experts Say

A 13-Year-Old Girl Is Apparently The New Leader Of the JFK-QAnon Cult

Only 35% of Americans have a favorable view of Donald Trump and 62% have an unfavorable view

California State Bar Officials say John EASTMAN's disbarment proceedings should continue next week

Can I make one tiny request of donating DUers?

Here's the thing about Malignant Narcissists (and why TraitorTrump is stiffing co-conspirators)

The news is that the Anal Fistula's weight will be disseminated (big word for me). Anyways,

What organization is the best for my donation for Hawaii??

And more Scott Walker failures!!

Texas' Rio Grande buoys are mostly on Mexico's side of river, international agency says

Kudos to whoever posted and/or created the Grovelbot stickie ...

The inheritance of social status: England, 1600 to 2022

Texas' Rio Grande buoys are mostly on Mexico's side of river, international agency says

TN's anti-vax laws complicating routine childhood polio and measles school vax compliance

And here's confirmation that they are all in the shelter

Walgreens, CVS Close More Locations, Start Tmrw, RX Chains Mass Shutdns, Grocers: Retail Apocalypse

Statement on President Biden and First Lady Traveling to Hawaii

Fifth Circuit publishes its mifepristone ruling. (TLDR: The 5th Circuit is useless)

Republicans take aim at the Biden White House's emails with tech platforms

Appeals court imposes restrictions on abortion pill, but drug will stay on the market for now

Kansas prosecutor finds insufficient evidence to justify newspaper raid

The Ghost of Achilles on Snake Island

Guy Promises Himself Not To Adopt Again Until...

Arkansas education chief pushes easily debunked excuses for rejecting AP African American Studies

Ex Santos staffer charged with impersonating 15 tries Kevin to raise funds

With Students Set To Return, Some Northern Virginia School Systems Defy Youngkin On Transgender

Heads up for Schumer and Biden

Note to GHOULiani: No, you weren't covered as a lawyer. You took *ACTION* & became culpable.

Mike Luckovich-Lion, Giraffe, Zebra and Co-Conspirator

I dunno... I think elephants have been getting a bum rap here

Happy Fourth

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis is crowdfunding her Georgia indictment defense fees

A former fundraiser for Rep. George Santos has been charged with wire fraud and identity theft

Joyce Vance: Can a state criminal case get transferred to federal court?

Fani proposes March 4 as start date for the RICOLaw!😀😀

2 weeks ago, today, Dixie one of my cats slipped out. Her sister & I mis her dearly

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis is crowdfunding her Georgia indictment defense fees

DA seeks March 4 trial date for Trump Georgia election case

NYC mobsters and mob lawyers are "f--king thrilled" to see Giuliani charged with RICO

Trump's Georgia case goes from bad to worse with brutal news - Brian Tyler Cohen

History Falls Apart: Florida Man (Dearest Nestor...)

New gun analysis determines Alec Baldwin pulled trigger in 'Rust' shooting, prosecutors say


5th Circuit rules that challenges to mifepristone's approval likely fail

About "Indictment Fatigue"

There is a saying that probably applies to every state in the country and

NASA working to get private space stations up and running before ISS retires in 2030

More Workers Are Getting Hurt on the Tarmac

Ex-Trump White House attorney says Trump's new 'report' could backfire - CNN

Trump supporters post names and addresses of Georgia grand jurors online

DEPLORABLE! Trump supporters post names and addresses of Georgia grand jurors online

On Motherfucker's cultists doxxing the grand jury

Former Santos staff member charged with impersonating McCarthy aide to raise funds

I don't like Katy Tur

A mob in Pakistan burned a church and Christian homes after blasphemy accusations

How is this going to work?

New Details Of Paxton Affair Published In Impeachment Motion

Tiny puppy dance contest--one of my all-time favorites:

A mob in Pakistan burned a church and Christian homes after blasphemy accusations

Court says two abortion protesters in DC can proceed with freedom of speech lawsuit

Chocolate Is Going To His Fur-Ever Home Today!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about negative turnout for Biden and Trump....

Wiseguys Rejoice at Seeing NYC Mafia Buster Rudy Giuliani Indicted on Trump RICO Charge


Re: "Indictment Fatigue"

Peter Strozk explaining what data FBI is able to retrieve from Twitter.

Richard Ojeda Laughs As Ron DeSantis Crumbles - Rebel HQ

Most Populous Animals On Earth

Material seized in police raid of Kansas newspaper should be returned, prosecutor says

Mark Meadows offered cash from Trump campaign to investigator auditing Georgia's mail-in ballots:

Poll: Most Americans say Trump should face prosecution over 2020 election

How a Small Group of Firms Changed the Math for Insuring Against Natural Disasters

Colleges Spend Like There's No Tomorrow. 'These Places Are Just Devouring Money.'

'Red, White and Royal Blue' Gets Politics All Wrong

Quote from FR re: Fulton Co. Jail

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 16, 2023

Indictment number 5 incoming?

Ozempic Settles the Obesity Debate: It's Biology Over Willpower

MSNBC reporting that Fani Willis has requested March 4th trial date and

'Chaos' reigns at Florida college that DeSantis filled with far-right cronies: report

GOP-dominated Utah embraces mail voting despite party rhetoric

Indiana Blocked Abortion Provider Who Treated 10-Year-Old Rape Victim From Prestigious Award

'Circular saw blades' divide controversial Rio Grande buoys installed by Texas governor

More than 60 die after migrant boat found off Cape Verde coast

The Florida Republican chairman has announced they basically want all LGBTQ+ out of Florida.

DeSantis says he sold all stocks; House disclosures show otherwise

Steve McGarrett would be ecstatic

The thing I hate the most since tfg came on the scene...

💲 Wells Fargo, Bank of America Make Move Customers Will Hate, Branch Closings, Sign of the Times

I have been thinking about Trump's claim...

Why the Republican Party Isn't Moving On from Trump

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 17 August 2023

KY-GOV: The Sex Harass Scandal Inside a Rising GOP Star's Office

Adam Ant - Wonderful

Trump's New Indictment Could Hurt the Georgia GOP for Years

Congress Moves Towards Short Term Funding Deal

TX: Impeachment managers accuse Ken Paxton of working to hide relationship with Nate Paul

Chart: Names of the "Unindicted Co-Conspirators" in Fulton County Georgia Indictment

Unsealed court filings show "momentous" battle between DOJ and Twitter over Trump

MI: Capitol Commission unanimously adopts gun ban with exception for lawmakers

Really? Past president should be left alone?

Democrat calls McCarthy 'pathetic and shameful' for protecting Santos after aide charged

Judge James Ho (CA5) is a Clarence Thomas stunt double (re mifepristone case)

Ada Deer Has Passed On

Prisoner #11780

Wildfire could reach Yellowknife's outskirts by weekend

Shoppers Boost Retail Sales for Fourth Straight Month - from the WSJ

Signed up to Roku briefly to watch a movie.

Canada calls gender violence an epidemic after triple femicide inquest

Trump Republicans have fully embraced what Russian political theorists called "political technology"

Ada Deer, First Woman To Head The BIA Has Passed On

LE better figure out how to muzzle Trump.

Scathing Letter Reveals Tension Among New York Democrats Over Migrant Crisis

Senate Democrat calls on Saudi official to testify in probe of PGA Tour-LIV merger

We could be 16 years into a methane-fueled 'termination' event significant enough to end an ice age

Nicolle says she's giving some Maui updates after commercial break, for those interested

Just gets worse and worse- KS judge who approved newspaper warrant

A marijuana legalization question will be on Ohio's fall ballot after lawmakers failed to act on it

Recreational marijuana makes Ohio's Nov. ballot, joining abortion rights amendment

Trump supporters post names and addresses of Georgia grand jurors online

Plea negotiations could mean no 9/11 defendants face the death penalty, the US tells families

Michigan Republicans protest Capitol gun ban, threaten possible lawsuit

British Museum says staff member dismissed after items were found to be missing, stolen or damaged

Raided Kansas newspaper to have seized items returned after search warrant is withdrawn

Ari Melber with tape of Roger Stone & elector plot

No "Jill Steins" in 2024! Democrats must be united.

Cancer among younger Americans is on the rise, new study shows

Trump Reneged on 'Gentleman's Agreement' To Pay Broke Giuliani - Waldorf Nation

Trump is going to release a report with incontrivertible evidence that the 2020 election was stolen?

Majority Says They 'Definitely' Will Not Support Trump in 2024: Poll

Climate change was the spark, invasive grasses were the tinderwood in Maui.

How do you feel about strangers stopping and handing you their phone number?

Clip from the Beat today - For those of us who have not heard about FOS, Friends of Stone

Witnesses of Buffalo mass shooting file rare lawsuit against social media and gun companies

Court watchdog files complaint against a judge who ordered 'religious-liberty training' for lawyers

Nato official apologises over suggestion Ukraine could give up land for membership

Biden takes a victory lap one year after signing Inflation Reduction Act

Hey Donald, Take Your Greatest Exonerating Report Ever and

WI: Dane Co. judge denies Legislature's request to dismiss lawsuit over absentee ballot witnesses

Kremlin Propagandist: Crimea is not Russia - Break the Fake - TVP World

Hawaii braces for crushing wildfire death toll with estimated 1,300 missing

The Danish filmmaker who was on Ari tonight has

Now see, all these people in front are getting horribly smashed here...

New Democrat on Wisconsin's budget committee calls for transparency

I know this is been said before, but it bears repeating...

WI: Ousted state courts director files complaints against 4 liberal Supreme Court justices

Sam Olens former GA AG a Republican on Ari Melba

Bolton thinks one thing could change Republicans' minds about Trump - CNN

Conservative justice on Wisconsin Supree Court rails about the "Democrat Party" in written opinion

A movie pitch...

Trump Supporters Dox Georgia Grand Jurors After Fulton County Indictment 'MWHAHAHAHAHAHA'

Forget Corn Flakes - this is how you fry chicken!

Fresh look at DNA from Oetzi the Iceman traces his roots to present day Turkey

Kansas prosecutor says police should return computers and cellphones seized in raid on newspaper

Ohio certifies petition for a recreational marijuana initiative.

United Faculty of Florida files another lawsuit at the University of South Florida

Democrats Are On Track to Win Kentucky's Governorship in 2023 - Let's Talk Elections

Politico: Schumer trumpets Dems' party-line law as GOP pummels Manchin

Veto overridden: Ban on gender-affirming care for minors takes effect in North Carolina

Russia hits Ukrainian grain depots again as a foreign ship tries out Kyiv's new Black Sea corridor

California authorities say Eastman disbarment trial should continue despite Georgia charges

Pence: 'The Georgia election was not stolen'

Is PA's Richest Billionaire Trying to Buy a State Supreme Court Seat?

I am not tired of indictments. I am tired of justice deferred

So Trump has now invented a new racial slur.

From 'America's Mayor' to Criminal Defendant: Giuliani's Long Tumble

See why indicted Trump may go to prison in Georgia: Mandatory sentences, no quick pardons - The Beat

🎺 Higher and Higher - Sly & The Family Stone Live, Woodstock Music Fest, Aug. 17, 1969 🎹

Not only did the Grand Juries indict a ham sandwich?

Biden's Age Might Not Be a Problem

Trump plunges to 35% favorable rating in dire new poll that says 53% back indictments

Video: VA House Dems Launch Ads to Protect Abortion Rights from MAGA Extremists

See Trump vet Roger Stone pushing elector plot on tape: Beat Exclusive - The Beat - MSNBC

Former Mass. Republican Party chair sues his successor and the state GOP itself

Fed. judge orders an evidentiary hearing in Mark Meadows' bid to remove his Georgia charges

Virginia Beach approves district election system

Mark Meadows surfaces at last -- and it sure looks like he's flipped on Trump

Attorney repping defendant Carlos De Oliveira- is also counsel for three potential trial witnesses.


Update from Direct Relief: Maui Wildfire Response

NY: Town of Southold 2023 Election: A List of Candidates

Biden highlights benefits of Inflation Reduction Act on anniversary of passage

Clarence Thomas Shaped Suppository Stops Woke Mind Virus (AI)

More Florida Fun

Florida Felons Want Their Guns Back. Florida Supreme Court May Hear Them Out.

If Cops are going to Cuff this Innocent guy; they MUST Cuff trump.

Texas would be a massive game changer if we could flip it

The Indictments Are Only a Snapshot of Trump's Conspiracy Against Democracy

Judge who approved raid on Kansas newspaper has history of DUI arrests

johnny marr - how soon is now (live in studio - 2021) this rendition kicks so much ass

Wisconsin GOP Chair Brian Schimming mentioned in Trump's latest criminal indictment