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In case you thought YOU thought you had a bad day at work ...

Charges in Texas for threatening Judge Chutkan in Federal Jan 6, 2021 case.

Kim and Vladimir: A marriage from hell - Eastern Express - TVP World

Adorable gorillas having a spat in the pouring rain ... But baby, I said I'm sorry!?! FUCK OFF!

The fight over whether courts can ban mifepristone is headed back to the Supreme Court

NYT, CBS Beat Covington Student's Defamation Suit on Appeal

Rudy Giuliani, now both an indicted AND un-indicted Trump co-conspirator, would make a POOR witness

Federal Judge Overseeing Trump D.C. Criminal Case Threatened

Rate the Republican candidates for the 2026 GA US Senate Election.

Hillary Clinton Demolishes Trump over Fourth Indictment - Luke Beasley

Chart: Names of the "Unindicted Co-Conspirators" in Fulton County, Georgia Indictment

'We Are Coming to Kill You': Woman Charged in Threat to Judge Chutkan

Wannabe GOP Senator Tricked Donors To Pay His Debts - Rebel HQ

Video of Roger Stone laying out plans to steal the election

Bombshell: MAGA's Roger Stone pushed elector plot before 2020 race was even called - The Beat MSNBC

Has someone been bribing or threatening the AMPTP not to settle with WGA?

Texas counties don't have the power to ban solar farms, attorney general finds

Siberian Carbon 'Sink' May Soon Become Net Source of Emissions - Study

Roger Stone on November 5, 2020 - The Lincoln Project

How South Dakota progressives are using the ballot box to make big changes in a red state

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Santos, fundraising, and another indictment....

Southern md evening, 8/16

China's Economic Crisis Spreads From Housing To Financial Sector - China Update

A Trump co-conspirator's fast-changing district shows why Republicans are freaked out about Georgia

It's official: Ohio will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana in November

University of Chicago agrees to pay $13.5 million to students ...

Which 2024 Democratic US Senate Nominee wins by a wider margin? Alsobrooks-MD or Warren-MA?

Nikki Fried rips Ron DeSantis' 'outrageous' appeals court judge

MD-SEN: Sen. Chris Van Hollen endorses Angela Alsobrooks in open-seat Democratic primary

NASHVILLE MAYOR Rolli (R) parts ways with consultant, citing Proud Boys ties

Rio Grande buoys mostly in Mexican waters, survey finds

Rio Grande buoys mostly in Mexican waters, survey finds

Ted Cruz Could Lose 2024 Texas Senate Race - Let's Talk Elections

Greene speculates on political future as Georgia senator, Trump's VP

Rancid - Timebomb

When Twitter cut DT off, they were concerned his tweet invited an attack on the Inauguration itself

I need help finding a book; it's a serial novel written by 20

Disturbed -- The Sound of Silence

4 more cases of locally acquired dengue reported in Florida as virus continues to spread: Officials

OpenAI now wants online platforms and forums to use its GPT-4 AI to replace moderators

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Trump REJECTS Request by Criminal Co-Defendants for Help

Ban on gender-affirming care for minors takes effect in North Carolina after veto override

Marjorie Greene Thinks Fani Willis Should Be Going After 'Rapists'; She Actually Is - Waldorf Nation

Aaron Lewis -- Black (Pearl Jam cover)

Cool school field trips? One of my favorites was in grade three or four when we went to the Wonder

The last couple weeks I've really been missing Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver

9 days to surrender

billy strings & willie nelson - california sober (live in studio - 2023) this is greatness

Chris Hayes: This is who Rudy Giuliani has been all along - All In - MSNBC

MTG: it would be an honor to be 2024 running mate

Texas woman charged with threatening to kill judge overseeing Trump case, Democratic congresswoman

Rudy Giuliani made desperate appeal to Trump to pay his legal bills in Mar-a-Lago meeting

All aboard! Beloved suburban restaurant rides again

Donald Trump: The American Dream is Dead!

New York City bans TikTok on government-owned devices over security concerns

"NBC gets conned by conservative talk show host who claims she's a Democratic voter

Judge suggests Elon Musk withheld Twitter data to 'cozy up' to Trump - All In - MSNBC

Gym updates. . .smaller in waist, but larger in muscle

Juvenile charged in fatal shooting of 8-year-old Jenesis Dockery

Walter Isaacson: Americans have to keep pushing the narrative of why Democracy is Sacred

Rudy Giuliani, now both an indicted And un-indicted Trump co-conspirator, would make a Poor witness

Frank Shaeffer: Put him in JAIL Tonight.

Had a long cry today

TN Dem State Reps Justin Jones & Justin Pearson featured in Harper's Bazaar

In light of developmemts like this should MAGA REPUBLICANS be subject to enhanced scrutiny? ?

Tropical Storm Hilary expected to deluge Southern California with heavy rain

White House orders federal agencies to shore up cybersecurity, warns of potential exposure

Fani Willis makes aggressive move in Fulton County case against Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

I have indictment excitement

Why was Twitter PROTECTING TRUMP? - Talking Feds

Ken Paxton used burner phones, fake Uber name in cover-up, impeachment lawyers allege

City of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in Canada, surrounding itself

Is Ken Buck asking somebody to shoot Trump on Fifth Avenue?

Scientists Recreate Pink Floyd Song by Reading Brain Signals of Listeners

Canada wildfire: Car 'began melting' as family evacuated north

Political violence and insecurity loom large as Ecuadorians get ready to vote

Trump Destroys His NY Case, Tries To Undermine GA Case - Raw News And Politics

Loving monkey finds forever home after losing family

Veto overridden: Ban on gender-affirming care for minors takes effect in North Carolina

Native Hawaiian discusses cultural landmarks, art and artifacts destroyed by Maui wildfire - PBS

Gov. Tony Evers has called a special session to address the "unmitigated crisis" of Wisconsin's work

Trump's charges could result in more than 700 years in prison

Trump refusal to sign loyalty pledge puts RNC in bind

Conservative retired judge (Lutting) says Trump 'corroded and corrupted American democracy'

Former Santos aide charged with impersonating McCarthy aide to raise funds - MSNBC Reports

It's a witch hunt!

New COVID vaccine and booster shots for this fall to be available by end of September

Conservative group sues Washington over law to protect trans youth in crisis

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Stay With Me (Red Rocks, 7/28/2023)

Court hears arguments in challenge of Oregon gender identity rule

I'm still listening to Russ a month later

Denver Archdiocese sues Colorado over right to deny preschool to LGBTQ families

Two Brands Suspend Twitter Ads Over Nazi Posts

I've heard differing opinions on this...

Ted Cruz Pretends to Have Genuine Emotion, Fails Miserably - Luke Beasley

Fani Willis Files POWERFUL Motion to Set Trial and it's Trump's Worst NIGHTMARE - Meidas Touch

Osama Bin Laden was brought to justice--Trump must be brought to justice also...........

16 Aug: It's official! Ukrainians liberate towns. Immediately push deeper - Reporting from Ukraine

Here's something: (No clickbait - "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders)

Peru allows abortion of 11-year-old rape victim after UN pressure

The Pledge to the Flag is bullcrap. Line by line analysis.

'This thing he created has snapped him up': Expert on Giuliani RICO indictment irony - The ReidOut

Guatemala's Rivers of Garbage

GA: Cobb commissioner (R) dropped as plaintiff in redistricting suits

I think the most ludicrous thing I continually hear - "a presidential election should not be

Unmasking Trump's Co-Conspirators

MT: Missoula County calls for public comment for 2024 voting location changes

FL: More Hillsborough commissioners? Stay tuned.

Progressive Arevalo leads in poll ahead of Guatemala presidential election

The NY City Hall POLICE RIOT of '92 (Rudy was There)

'A frightened little boy, deep down': Defendant Trump struggling with new status: Mary Trump

AZ: Attorney General Kris Mayes comments on 'fake electors scheme' (VIDEO)

Fine, am in the mood & will indulge in all the sweet animal threads

Asa Hutchinson says 14th Amendment "should keep Trump from presidency" - CBS News

September 2020. THE ELECTION THAT COULD BREAK AMERICA. The Atlantic. An article by Barton Gellman.

Roger Stone Exposed: Shocking Recording Reveals Devious Fake Electors Plot

Bad Influence 'Guide' Dog Always Leads Her Dad To Her Favorite Bar

At this moment, if America was under a Pearl Harbor-like attack, would we be united?

Robert Reich says despite GOP naysaying the Biden economy is a 'Goldilocks economy' - The ReidOut

Rep. Katie Porter on Threads:

CA: Ex-Anaheim mayor (R) to plead guilty to corruption charges tied to Angel Stadium sale

Just some odds and ends from the farmer's market yesterday . . .

CA: District 4 Supervisor election will likely go to Nov. runoff

Maui officials defend decision not to sound sirens during wildfire

CA-45: Aditya Pai (D) lets go of majority of his congressional campaign staff

Verdict in Guatemala Expected for Massacre from Ros Montt Years

Republican finds limit to his 'back the blue' stance in aggressive arrest - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

This L.A. Democrat is a 'New Testament kind of guy' and one of California's most powerful voices on

Lawrence O'Donnell: Georgia indictment of Trump is 'ingenious' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Guy shares the trials/tribulations of trying to learn to read&being heartbroken by Charlotte's Web

Would TFG bring the Country a whole lot less trouble if he ran and lost

Relatively new "pet peeve" of mine: BRIGHT HEADLIGHTS

Soils forming on the branches of trees are an overlooked forest habitat

This is what the Capital Times has to say about sweet robin vos and the Supreme Court in Wisconsin.

Sudan civil war 'spiraling out of control,' UN says, as more than 1 million flee

Studio Saxe Designs a 'Hotel' of Stilted Jungle Pods in Costa Rica

Will defendant Trump find himself in a fitness-to-proceed evaluation

The Timebomb That Exploded Twice: Behind The Massacres in Honduras' Women's Prison

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: Prosecutors will 'follow the facts' in Trump election interference case - Last Word

Alex Jones Reveals His Dumbest Conspiracy Yet - Rebel HQ

@SenTomCotton #republican You need to RESIGN. You do NOthing for us citizens except bi**ch and whine

UK in Deep Trouble - Wage Spiral, House Price Crash, Brexit, GDP, Inflation, Interest Rates - Joe Blogs

"Indigenous communities are leading the struggle in Jujuy" (Argentina)

The Sorcerer, the Apprentice, and the Media

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about government shutdowns, continuing resolutions, and more..

Largest Virginia School District Defies Gov. Youngkin's Guidance On Bathrooms, Pronouns

White Supremacy (A Rebuttal) Christopher Titus

In Brazil, Ocasio-Cortez Meets with Brazilian Foreign Policy Adviser to Discuss Broad Cooperation fo

When Naomi Klein Realized People Regularly Confused Her With Naomi Wolf, She Went Down a Rabbit Hole

A New Study Appears to Stunningly Contradict Newton and Einstein's Theory of Gravity

Child Labor: songs dedicated to Sara Huckabee Sanders

Alex Wagner: Criminal processing can take up to 12 hours at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta

Distressing but unsurprising: Targets of Trump vitriol face real threats from his followers - Alex Wagner

TFG looking for "Volunteer" lawyers!

Texas woman accused of threatening to kill judge overseeing Trump election case and a congresswoman

Bruce Hornsby and Bonnie Raitt--"Rainbow's Cadillac"

Lauren Boebert hypocrite (Threads)

Sir Tony Blair's institute continued to receive Saudi Arabian money after murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Midday Jail In Georgia - featuring Mary in Ann Arbor - Rocky Mountain Mike

S$1 billion in assets seized in one of Singapore's largest money laundering probes - CNA

Black Sea Security - Joanna Siekiera - TVP World

Lawrence: Georgia indictment of Trump is ingenious

"I've never seen anything like it": Economic analyst stunned at sources of Jared Kushner's funds

Giuliani struggling under massive legal bills

DA Willis proposes trial date for Trump, co-defendants - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

olbermann's podcast--listen to the politics, cry your eyes out over a lovely but heartbreaking story

Lindsey wants Donnie's fate to be determined at ballot box

How to identify a conservator

Florida's auto insurance rates are getting out of control

Report: Elon Musk's 'X' slowing down traffic to websites he dislikes - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

FaceBook pun, equals restrictions

A desperate search: Inside the burn zone as search efforts in Hawaii pick up - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Biden hopes to tighten South Korean, Japanese bond at Camp David (Threads)

(Jewish Group) Windows shattered at headquarters of Holocaust memorial site foundation in Germany

(Jewish Group) A Jewish security group tipped off FBI to a neo-Nazi who said he wanted to kill Jews

Breakfast Thursday 17 August 2023

Haifa residents receive pamphlets blaming LGBTQ+ community for rise of Nazism

Mysterious ruins discovered at the bottom of Lake Van, Trkiye's largest lake

Protesters march through Miami to object to Florida's Black history teaching standards

The Maya coveted mercury. It may have hastened their downfall.

Maya Sacrificial Victim Discovered With Jade Ring in Mexico

Eastman's disbarment trial to proceed

Unveiling Japan's ancient practice of cranial modification: The case of the Hirota people in Tanegas

Knives out in TrumpWorld for indicted lawyer

NASA's New Horizons will investigate Uranus from the rear (Neptune, too). Here's how you can help

Van Jones reacts to Marjorie Taylor Greene asking if she'd be Trump's VP

@SecretaryPete Let's talk about fish culverts for a minute. They're critical infrastructure that we'

America finally facing someone who has Mussolini's willingness to see people die -- and it's not who

vandals ride 4 wheelers over recently renovated historic public golf course

Trump says he did 'nothing wrong.' Even Republicans disagree

Historians & screenwriters will use GA case to tell the story

Is Democracy SO Fragile That a Vote For Cornell West Is Literally Risking Fascism? - Thom Hartmann

Trump Aide ALTERCATION with Police CAUGHT ON CAMERA - Meidas Touch

Stolen Voting Equipment Exchanged At A Mall - Raw News And Politics

The Insane Scale of Europe's New Mega-Tunnel

Texas AG impeachment trial gets juicy!

If Reagan had not emptied the mental institutions.

Right Wing Judge Makes DANGEROUS MOVE Against Media - Meidas Touch

Former Fox Anchor Trashes Tucker Carlson During Interview - Rebel HQ

North Carolina Republicans finalize passage of an elections bill that could withstand a veto

Inside the Fukushima nuclear plant 12 years after catastrophic meltdown - PBS NewsHour

Jan. 6 rioter who stole police shield and kept it as a souvenir is sentenced to prison

WORDLE 789 (Aug 17) ***SPOILERS***

Several hundred archaeological finds discovered on Khortytsia after destruction of Kakhovka HPP

Reflections on historical moments

Black Cat Appreciation Day. 🖤

🖤Black Cat Appreciation Day 🖤

NH-HOUSE: Tweet of the Day

On this day in 1966, a friend and I saw The Beatles in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens.

Congressman Dan Goldman Advocates for Federal Support in Sheltering and Supporting New Migrants

The Hard-Tweeting Defense Lawyer GOP Candidates Have Learned to Fear

Proposed Ohio abortion rights amendment gets national endorsement from Human Rights Campaign

It begins! Ukraine deploys 2,000 "ridiculously powerful" soldiers. Next key city within reach - TRD

New poll surveys some Georgia voters on what they think about the Fulton County Trump indictment

Let me Make it Pellucidly Clear - the Party's Over

Why The Rich Want You Fighting Over THESE Social Issues - Thom Hartmann

Trump may not be headed to next week's Republican debate, but Democrats will be there

Ex-Republican Congressman TURNS AGAINST Former Colleagues - Against All Enemies

On This Day: U.S. loses 60 bombers in ambitious attack on German industry - August 17, 1943

Lara Trump Rages Against Hillary's Indictment Laughter - Rebel HQ

Georgia Republicans Reject Calls to Change Pardon Rules

The louder DjT blows his horn...

Hospitals Sued Thousands of Patients In North Carolina for Unpaid Bills, Report: Property Liens

Julie is a great name for a flamingo chick.

Hospitals Sued Thousands of Patients In North Carolina for Unpaid Bills, Report: Property Liens - NC

Republicans drop the Elephant for their new mascot the Naked Mole Rat.

A good morning created by a lap full of Squeeeeee

Will a federal judge in Texas force Planned Parenthood to repay millions?

Rudy Giuliani pocketed $300,000 from farmers investing in anti-Biden documentary that was never made

Bad Bunn Burn this morning.

On this day, August 17, 1962, Peter Fechter was killed trying to get over the Berlin Wall.

Maui wildfires expose rift over island's tourism: 'We're more vulnerable than anyone admits'

Hey, Republicans! It's Trump who "criminalized politics" by turning GOP into a two-bit mafia

You lucky guy! 🍀

I found "The Last Waltz" on Pluto TV On Demand

Trump may not hold his press conference. I just saw

Adam Fox, Barry Croft want new trial in Whitmer kidnapping case

The more women speak up and hit the gavel in court... especially women of color...

TFG calls on Republicans to interfere with the criminal justice process.

On this day, August 17, 1959, Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" was released.

On this day, August 17, 1915, Leo Frank was lynched in Marietta, Georgia.

International chess body bans transgender women from women's competitions

Trump Allies Likely to Be Booked at Notorious Atlanta Jail

EVER. If republicans of any stripe can't stand up to trump, how can they stand up for America?

Tears From My Eyes

Freeperville vibe: game over. They know the gqp is toast

Am I the only one wondering why Roger Stone was wearing earbuds

The image of people fleeing the fires closing in on Yellowknife in the North West Territories ...

Thursday TOONs - Down

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/16/2023

Art of the Week: Week of 08/16/23

The Rundown: August 17, 2023

South Korea's spy agency says North Korea is preparing ICBM tests, spy satellite launch

Mike Lindell's Big 'Election Crime' Summit Flops at the Start

On this day, August 17, 1915, a category 4 hurricane made landfall in Galveston, Texas.

Reinsurance Rates Rose Up To 40% On January 1st; Industry Pulling Out Of Iowa Agriculture Market

Maybe it's just me, but don't Madoc and Tudor look like brothers from another mother??

The Michigan Republican Party Has Descended Into Chaos

Why Democrat Dean Phillips says Biden shouldn't run

Sooo. What did trump tweet the day AFTER that video of Roger Stone dictating plans to steal?

How Trump Could Pull Off the Ultimate Upstage of the Republican Debate

Looking thru headlines on the computer this morning.....

How ironic it is that the people who were oppressed the most and the longest...

Anybody have sightseeing tips for Bangkok?

Judge who approved raid on Kansas newspaper has history of DUI arrests

You raised $203.00 on August 16, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

This is one reason why who is President is so important...

Inside the Fukushima nuclear plant 12 years after catastrophic meltdown - PBS NewsHour

You raised $10.00 on August 16, 2023 Unofficial DU for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

I'm glad the USA and other countries are supporting Ukraine

Mobsters 'Fucking Thrilled' With Giuliani's RICO Charge

Brookings Institution: "How younger voters will affect the future of American politics"

You raised $10.00 on August 16, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema

University Starts Probe Into Author of Superconductor Claim

FaaMai and ThongAe rival for Mother Lek's attention

AI is coming for your audiobooks. You're right to be worried.

Lindell: God Told Me New Election Plan and Satan is Against It

This Couple's Daughter Is A 600-Pound Pig Named Hannah

Hunter's gun charge...

UAE Has Failed To Report Methane Emissions For Nearly 10 Years, But Has Shiny New Targets!

Hunter's gun charge...

"The Poor will not go to Heaven"

Oil Majors Seek To Dismiss Climate Disinformation Suit In Hawaii Supreme Court Today

U.S. jobless claims applications fall as labor market continues to show resiliency

***BREAKING*** Trump Consiglieres Urge Him To Cancel Press Conference To Refute GA Charges

Clues point to identities of 'unindicted co-conspirators' in alleged Coffee County breach

Walmart earnings smash expectations after weaker quarter from Target

Aide for Rep. George Santos accused of defrauding donors

This is where Trump's minions will be spending a few hours.

They idolize Trump based on envy

A brief note on Georgia.

Trump plots counterprogramming for GOP primary debate, sources say

Trump enraged at Fox & Friends:

Next week's Republican debate

OMG!! I just got a personal email from Chief Justice John Roberts!!!!

When will they pay? Floridians say state not holding insurance carriers accountable post-Ian

Trump Lawyer Yells At Fox Host For Not Loving Trump Enough - Farron Balanced

My daughter's b-day is tomorrow; today she got her


Has anyone found an online way to engage in sensible discourse with any Republicans?

Lindsey Graham Makes WTF Claim About Trump Indictments And Gets Corrected

Trump officials hatched the idea for the Rio Grande buoys that Texas now uses to block migrants

64% won't support Trump in the GE.

After sitting for 12 hours at the hospital yesterday with my mother, The results were good. She had

Marjorie Taylor Greene accidentally screws Trump with embarrassing misstep on air- Brian Tyler Cohen

Vile Homophobic Bigot Jenna Ellis Did Good Deed One Time, Please Pay Her Legal Fees

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about whether Arizona is next to indict Trump....

Can the "unindicted co-conspirators" be called as witnesses?

A State Official Refused To Release Water For West Maui Fires

Inside the Russian effort to build 6,000 attack drones with Iran's help

The Cult is what they are and they are not going to change.

How GOP lawmakers are pushing for Confederate monuments to be (legally) set in stone

Guess what? There's no evidence exonerating Trump. ABC News is reporting that his big press conferen

North Korea's Kim vows solidarity with Russia

Finally there seems to be a concerted effort by the MSM to actually not playing the "both sides"

"I sing lullabies to my basil plants, so they won't fear the night."

"No president in history has ever acted MORE STEREOTYPICALLY LIKE A GANGSTER": TPM

When the republicans have their debate, will anyone ask the question should trump, who tried to

Your cheat sheet to the climate law's consumer incentives

I just spent five minutes on the phone and put my student loans on "Fresh Start"

New Mexico attorney general working with Jack Smith to investigate fake elector scheme

Your cheat sheet to the climate law's consumer incentives

I Confess

It's all going to fall apart quickly for Trump and his allies

"Is the U.S. Headed Towards Another Civil War?" - TED Talk, Barbara F. Walter

Every time I click on Trea's WellRed Podcast, I tell myself it's only for a moment...

Michigan Democrats eye stricter gun restrictions for domestic abusers

COVID vaccine program for uninsured could be late to pharmacies

There is no honest person who watches or listens to this and concludes

The $362 million warship the US Navy just decommissioned wasn't even in service 5 years

He helped build N.Y.'s Moynihan Train Hall. Now he's rebuilding D.C.'s Union Station.

When will the 18 co defendants begin turning themselves in ?

Flight risk? The rat's in the corner, the cases look bad, no mob is storming the ramparts,

A plan to stop diverting road $$ to Pa. State Police could be a final piece of this year's budget

Man released after sex abuse allegations arrested days later in more attacks

K.C. CAME BACK HOME LAST NIGHT!!! Thank You All for your sweet support!

Left or right arm: Choosing where to get vaccinated matters, study suggests. Here's why

Mississippi judge declares mistrial in case of 2 white men charged in attack on Black FedEx driver

This is not parody. 🤡

Joke-What does a dolphin say when its confused about a question? answer-what is the porpoise of your

Here's the feral shelter my nephew made. I added some 'flourishes'

Financial Times & Gary Marcus on why the generative-AI bubble (ChatGPT, Midjourney etc) might burst

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Prepares For Big Reveal

Eye on China, Biden Pulls Japan and South Korea Closer

And hee's what I found when I checked to see if anyone was home

Chinese Economy: Things Are Looking Scary; Flooding; Zhongzhi & Financial System - China Update

It's almost lunchtime. Let's make our favorite sandwich. Mine is a tuna fish on whole wheat. Tomato,

Trump's legal advisers urge him to cancel press conference to refute Georgia allegations

WORLD ORDER "HAVE A NICE DAY " Shibuya Ver. (Flash mob video)

NYT: Defend Trump and 'Hammer' Ramaswamy: DeSantis Allies Reveal Debate Strategy

Got my tmj orthotics update

Safety concerns as Georgia DA unveils proposed trial timeline - MSNBC Reports

Hurricane Hilary to threaten flooding rain in California, Nevada and Arizona

Spotlight PA seeks to unseal key document in DuBois official's corruption case

Class action lawsuits of the future should hurt a lot of media, they seem undaunted by treachery?

I owe Stephen King a deep apology...

Maddow Blog Republicans miss the point of Trump scandal with 'ballot box' talk

"Flipping" and/or "cooperating" defendants - does it really matter?

Tiedrich rant: reckless rhetoric is going to get someone killed. is that the Republican plan?

hot weather for california to break this evening with lower temps starting to mrrow.

The entire town of Yellowknife, NWT has been ordered to evacuated as the wildfires close in

Perhaps some of the inmates at fulton county jail

Elections Commission declines to vote on whether to authorize Wolfe to testify before Senate committ

So...waiting for my new dishwasher to be delivered/installed today and my A/C just went out.

Trans women banned from world chess events while review takes place

The #1 Goal Of Magats From Now Till Election

Google Tests an A.I. Assistant That Offers Life Advice (despite warnings that it shouldn't)

"how stupid & obnoxious" - ya just need 1 guess who it is

Sen. Colton Moore trying to impeach Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis .

Sits on couch drinking too many beers

I'm so glad I put on a raincoat and took a tour, looking for kittens

The balance of my student loan has been forgiven after 22 yrs. Thank you

OMG - A look inside Fulton County Jail where Trump may be held

WI: Justice Rebecca Bradley (R) rips Janet Protasiewicz for not recusing on redistricting case

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 17, 2023)

The Devil Went Down to Georgia JOYCE VANCE

Fulton County Jail is leaving the light on for ya

Maine governor calls for disaster declaration to help recover from summer flooding

Anyone watch "The Mick"?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 17, 2023

Rising GOP Star Named In Harassment Lawsuit - Rebel HQ

Pakistan: Mob burns churches over blasphemy claims

Lost Dog Can't Believe It's Really Her Mom

SD: Rapid City senator (R) resigns after she violated constitution for accepting COVID-19 funds

Wake Up Fort Bend County, You're Being Royally Screwed


Irish musician Hozier would consider strike over AI threat to music (+ praise of Sinead O'Connor)

Have you ever held a grudge against a friend, neighbor or relative, where you think to yourself what

A short comment about the "Marion County Record"

Cartoons 8/17/2023

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - For You

Dome Peak wildfire swells to 770 acres east of Darrington

Stevens Pass ski season upgrading lift, launching app for winter

I just finished reading the 4th indictment.

Pianos return to sidewalks of downtown Everett for Street Tunes

John Dean: "Rudy is going to get destroyed"

US weekly jobless claims fall; tight labor market underpinning economy

well, this was a fun find. posting in 1 of those nostalgia groups on fb-

GOP senator's block makes Democrats look pro-military

Flowers are life's music

GOP would rather act against voters than lose

A tape recording, a TV trial and all those co-defendants

Seattle unveils plan to incentivize use of electric freight vehicles

Homemade Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipe (video)

Trump's Republican Opponents Are Still Refusing To Attack Him -- Even After Four Indictments

Louis DeJoy: From Trump villain to Biden's clean energy buddy

Democratic Group Plans $10 Million Push to Protect Election Officials

Judge Chutkan, please, please lock him up before he causes more deaths

Inside the Pac-12 collapse: Four surprising moments that crushed the conference

A 13-Year-Old Girl Is Apparently the New Leader of the JFK-QAnon Cult

Researchers have identified a new pack of endangered gray wolves in California

Sometimes cats just have to put up with their pupper friends:

Looks like a stairway to heaven:

Cat's cradle:

2nd tweet -- The way kittens conk out:

Talk of divine mandate at Lindell's Springfield event

Even after Planned Parenthood stopped performing abortions, Texas is still trying to shut it down

I halp:

Hawaii is vowing to protect landowners on Maui from being pressured to sell after wildfires

PBS: Study Estimates Nearly Half US Water Supply Contaminated with 'Forever Chemicals' PFAS: Filters

Every year people gather to watch cows in Sweden get let back into their field when it is warm enoug

Nikki Haley wants to be 'Madame President.' GOP voters aren't sold.

Watergate hearings broadcast begins May 1973

Right-wing Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley caught trying to rewrite history

Catch me if you can!

Congressional effort grows to defund Jack Smith's Trump prosecutions

Rick Wilson twitter thread. And so their pain continues.

Work smart, not hard:

Pioneering survey into censorship of the climate crisis in global storytelling

Cute little family out for a walk:

Sen. Tommy Tuberville just disclosed $250K in futures trading in corn, wheat, soy and cattle

Federal court strikes down a portion of Texas voter suppression law

This dog!

Amtrak begins its first electric bus service to complement train schedules

A North Carolina Property Manager Was Caught Pouring a Soda Bottle on 11-Year-Old Boy's Face Before

Want in on the fun on twitter? Talk about the horrors of Fulton County Jail

Nice dog beds:

Marijuana is getting out of hand. The federal government must step in.

Pondering---Why doesn't glue stick inside the bottle????? Once it is outside the bottle it sticks.

2nd tweet -- smol:

Tonight's the last 8:00 p.m. sunset until May 1, 2024.

VoteVets - AWOL (TV)

Kitteh sweetly strokes woman's face:

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1 in G Minor, Op. 26

PA: Rural Dems Gather In Jefferson County For 'Demstock'

Dog caught sneaking into neighbor's yard to swim.

New Jersey shutters 27 Boston Market restaurants over unpaid wages, related worker issues

PA: Scott Perry (R) Rents Offices from Man Who Assaulted Cops on Jan. 6

Maddow Blog Matt Gaetz gives away the game on the GOP's push to impeach Biden

"As long as you keep repeating something, it doesn't matter what you say":

Why isn't Biden ahead of Trump by 20 points in the GE polls?

There's a rare tropical storm heading to SoCal

Fulton County Sheriff's Office is investigating threats against grand jurors.

'What's he got to lose?' Fascism expert says Trump's only option is to 'stage a coup'

Roger Stone Recorded Details of Fake Electors Plot Days After 2020 Election: Report

World's biggest model Airport!

Petition to change "Commanders" name back to "Redskins" is picking up steam

Rabaa Massacre: A Decade After Egypt Slaughtered 900+ Protesters, No One Has Been Held to Account

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

Hurricane to hit San Diego this weekend: worse impacts in inland mountains and deserts

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

Could Fani Willis be negotiating plea agreements with some of the 19 defendants right now?

I met people from this century, last century and even the one before that. How about you?

Just now on MSNBC, former prosecutor told Katy Tur

The young Honduran drowned in Greg Abbott's Texas had a name: Norlan Bayardo Herrera

(Jewish Group) From Bad To Worse: Amplification and Auto-Generation of Hate

Anyone else sick of that Jardiance diabetes drug commercial?

(Jewish Group) My Family Was Proud To Display A Yard Sign Identifying Us As Jews. Then...

(Jewish Group) Hate machine: Social media platforms pushing antisemitic recommendations, study finds

Hate machine: Social media platforms pushing antisemitic recommendations, study finds

Perjury Charges - Georgia Indictment

Roger Parloff: Why I Doubt Trump's "Sincere Belief" Defense Will Fly Before a Jury

Any other Republican, except Trump, would have accepted a peaceful transfer of power.

Don't you just hate it when there's two?

Any suggestions on what kind of camera I could purchase and put inside of a feral cat shelter?

Today in Jewish-American History: Leo Frank was lynched.

(Jewish Group) Today in Jewish-American History: Leo Frank was lynched.

Am not understanding why the Cincinnati folks are rooting for Carlos Alcaraz over the American

Titles for the TV series: "Re-Indicted, And It Feels So Good."

Of Monsters and Men - Stuck In Gravity (studio track + live at Iceland Airwaves, 2019)

Why should Willis or Smith need any of them to flip?

Trump-Appointed Judge Cites Wildlife Cases As a Reason to Ban Abortion Pills

Antioch (CA) police officers arrested by FBI, mayor says

The coruts need to yank trump's passport

"Angel Hernandez, is that you?"

Tucker Carlsons much hyped biography only sells 3227 copies

What was your favorite cereal as a kid? I liked Rice Krispies. would always listen for the snap

The State of Texas deployed man traps in the Rio Grande.

My new favorite tomato...

NE: Abortion rights advocates lay groundwork for ballot initiative in 2024

Trump's tweets count as an 'overt act' in the Georgia case. What does that mean?

FBI, Sheriff investigating threats made against grand jurors in Georgia election tampering case

What a relief: Public restrooms coming to Downtown Pittsburgh

'Criminal enterprise': FBI vet compares Trump 'threats' to Mafia

Group Plans $10 Million Push to Protect Election Officials

A look at the tumultuous life of 'Persepolis' as it turns 20

FBI arrests Jan. 6 rioter who confessed to assaulting an officer in front of courthouse

Sliabh Liag Cliffs (County Donegal, Ireland)

Secret emails, burner phones, and fake Ubers: the Paxton scandal

Manhattan Beach Historical Society

Ken Paxton trial latest

A true "Goofy Grampy"moment

Rethugs barred from adopting child in MA. Good.

Trump taunting DC judge

New Nuroligist, same not listening.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 17, 2023

A Well Respected Man - The Kinks

Trump blasts Fox

Florida Republicans' New Plan Is To Fine Abortion Clinics Into Bankruptcy

In their most desperate hour, Maui's residents may lose their right to water

X-Ray truck

Medicare users, questions

Canada mulling 'game plan' if U.S. takes far-right, authoritarian shift - Foreign Affairs Minister

Anti-Obama, anti-Biden conspiracy theorists peddle their wares after Maui wildfires

Enjoy your hurricane, uh, California

Such a nice coat

Biden admin imposes sanctions & visa restrictions on 4 Russian operatives tied to Navalny poisoning

Here's Mike Lindell's killer idea to defeat election fraud.....

Reuters Analysis: A year on, Europe less fearful of U.S. green subsidies push

If Donald Trump was caught peeping into the window of a teenage girl ...

Is this the end of the hydrogen highway?

US judge won't block Florida law barring Chinese citizens from owning homes

Has a single ReTHUG leader or elected official condemned the threats to

Stephanie, Thom, Randi - Stop it!

Left or right arm: Choosing where to get vaccinated matters, study suggests. Here's why

House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Garland and Wray

Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia Demands End to Azerbaijan Blockade Amid Accusations of Genocide

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 18 August 2023

So, about the President's children using their family name to make money...

How after-school clubs became a new battleground in the Satanic Temple's push to preserve separation

What is everyone's problem to day?

Democrats are the party of decency, integrity and honesty.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about dengue in Florida....

Major updates on Trump mugshot and judge in Fulton County trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Bush baked beans, goyafied trump supporting company?

GOP Debate: Will they have an empty podium for TFG so everyone can speak to Clint Eastwood's chair?

Inside the mind of Trump's 'ruthless' early lawyer, Roy Cohn - MSNBC Reports

Hawaii governor warns against predatory land-buying - NewsNation

GA state Rep. calling for a "Special Session" to investigate Fanni Willis.

World chess body bars trans women from competing in women's events

So Gym is escalating a 'probe'

Chuy Hinojosa - A Republican In A Democratic District

Bodycam Footage Shows intense Moments as Gunman Fires on Fargo Police Officers

Michael Cohen: GA indictment reads like a 'really good book' that ends in 'guilty conviction'- Deadline

Florida ethics chairman told that his $400K job on DeSantis Disney Board is a conflict

2 Florida men sentenced to federal prison for participating in US Capitol riot

Trump tries to intimidate witnesses as MAGA doxes the grand jury - Pondering Politics

The Core: Bill Kreutzmann

Mississippi judge declares mistrial for 2 white men charged in attack on Black FedEx driver

CNN listing the unindicted co-conspirators

Just think. Some where in the world right now. Justice Thomas is on an exotic vacation...

Russia charges leader of a prominent election watchdog

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders under fire for pulling AP African-American studies

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders under fire for pulling AP African-American studies

Ron Johnson's Brain Taken by Space Aliens (They use it to run their toaster) - Bruce W. Nelson

Floridians stung by DeSantis veto that cost $346 million in energy-saving programs

Russia Likely Helped North Korea with Missile

US appeals court blocks Idaho's transgender student athlete ban

Just curious: why is the case against Whiny et al not managed by the State of GA?

Rod Stewart - Sailing (live)

'Parenting with Pride' aims to take on conservative Moms for Liberty in Florida schools

'Parenting with Pride' aims to take on conservative Moms for Liberty in Florida schools

Albacore has unmasked one of the co-conspirators!

Minister embarrassed by Russian super robot - Break the Fake - TVP World

I have two guest again tonight

Mike Luckovich-Operation Tommy Tuberville

Republican lawmakers target Trump prosecutors amid indictments - CBS News

YOU CAN'T GET NO RE-ELECTION - A Founders Sing Parody

Everything's up to date in ______ ____!

Hate-speech watchdog sued by X responds to House GOP to 'set the record straight'

Belarus declares 19th Century nationalist poems 'extremist'

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The early polls are garbage anymore.. not the pollsters who are trying to do a job

Montana Senator Jon Tester needs our help! A Republican Navy Seal is likely to oppose him.

Trump's DANGEROUS MESSAGE to followers creates MASSIVE THREAT - Talking Feds

Do you give to panhandlers?

A frightening prediction

Appeals court dismisses challenge to NJ gun liability law

Crosslinking good news FL activism from Eugene's General Discussion post. Needs some K&Rs

Citibank subpoenaed over US House probe into alleged Jan. 6 data sharing with FBI

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Misty Zone featuring vocal : mictim Music Video

Trump's surrender, arrest, mug shot could overshadow GOP debate - Deadline - MSNBC

Drinking water of millions of Americans contaminated with 'forever chemicals'

Lawmakers urge Biden to resolve offloading delay of seized Iran oil tanker

Trump team seeks to delay federal election interference trial until 2026

Hurricanes Have Become Deadlier, Especially for Socially Vulnerable

Residents flee, airlifts begin as wildfire approaches capital of Canada's Northwest Territories


Did the U.S. Push Imran Khan from Power? Leaked Cable Shows How State Dept. Pressured Pakistan

House Oversight Committee member asks chairman to refer Dan Snyder to the DOJ for investigation

House Oversight Committee member asks chairman to refer Dan Snyder to the DOJ for investigation

Calling people what they want to be called is simple respect

UC Irvine scientists say deepening Arctic snowpack drives greenhouse gas emissions

Fantastic New Yorker OP-ED about Tribalism in the era of Trump

CNN: The identities behind the 30 unindicted co-conspirators in Trump's Georgia case

I bought printer paper today.

Mortgage rates soar to their highest level in 21 years

China's Xi calls for patience as Communist Party tries to reverse economic slump

Defend Trump and 'Hammer' Ramaswamy: DeSantis Allies Reveal Debate Strategy

Wine & Spirits names 5 Washington wineries to global Top 100 list

Elie Mystal: Blackface through animation *Twitter clip*

A stroll in Polliwog Park . . .

Southern MD neighborhood

Pentagon review calls for reforms to reverse spike in sexual misconduct at military academies

TraitorTrump wants a DC Jan6 trial date of .... APRIL 2026!!

Federal Judge Overseeing Trump D.C. Criminal Case Threatened

American citizen in Russian custody accused of espionage

Trump Co-Conspirator CAUGHT IN ACT and Prosecutors Love It - Talking Feds

US House Republicans seek Joe Biden's emails from National Archives

Inflation Reduction Act and Affordable Care Act Working Together to Lower Health Care Costs

Dear Republicans, May I have your attention please.

Alabama medical marijuana licenses put on temporary hold again

Image Dump 8/17/23

Big Brother's "Nether Region" - still the worst show on TV. But it gets 3.3M viewers

The 6 Kinds of Republican Voters

Forest Fires Force Evacuation Of Yellowknife NWT - 20k Residents Urged To Leave By Noon Friday 8/18

t.s hillary is now hurricane hillary

Majority of Americans think Trump's Ga. election interference case is serious: POLL

8/17 23: 1,067 Active Canadian Fires; 2023 Fire Season "Far And Away" The Worst In Past 40 Years

Trump Judge's Anti-Abortion Ruling Followed Payments From Group Leading Case

As death toll in Maui fire rises, here's how it compares to the deadliest fires in the US

Could artificially dimming the sun prevent ice melt? (Spoiler: Not without cutting emissions)

What's known about the rare flesh-eating bacteria that's killed 3

Brigadier Jerry la Philharmonie de Paris😀😀😀😃

Wildfire smoke may be headed toward Bellingham as heat lingers, burn bans ramp up

MAGA Bombshell: Trump allies discussed electors scheme before Trump lost 2020 - The Beat - MSNBC

Neil DeGrasse Tyson on How Did America Become Stupid

All lanes of I-405 will be closed between Renton and Bellevue this weekend

Evacuation orders lifted after massive fire at Fort Steilacoom Park

China Evergrande seeks Chapter 15 protection in Manhattan bankruptcy court

I am tired of being held hostage by MAGATs

'Suspicious device' found at Lynnwood Goodwill, store evacuated