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Sunset southern MD 8/17

Wouldn't it be ironic

Mike Pillow's 'Election Crime' Summit Starts Off With Hilarious Flop - Waldorf Nation

Georgia pivots to China - Eastern Express - TVP World

'Disturbing': Top Dem warns Trump, MAGA World about threats amid legal earthquake - Deadline MSNBC

U.S. intelligence says Ukraine will fail to meet offensive's key goal

The fall of Rudy Giuliani: How 'America's mayor' tied his fate to Donald Trump and got indicted

Trump requesting April 2026 for Jan. 6 trial date shows his 'consciousness of guilt': Legal expert

Trump: "You should schedule all the trials of those in pretrial detention awaiting trial before me."

How do we stop The Assault on Reason across the Globe

Indicted Ex-Trump Official's Weird 'Witches' Gripe Gets The Treatment Online

'Red Flag': Leaked DeSantis memo reveals head-scratching debate strategy - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

GOP Lawmaker Is Suing Newspaper Into Bankruptcy for Reporting on Homophobic Slur

"Is Your Child A Left-Wing Extremist?"

What to expect from the BRICS summit - Reuters

This boy has absolutely no shame

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about whether Trump wants to be detained....

I'd be conflicted about Marjorie Taylor Greene as Trump's VP candidate

People believe this b/c it's true.

No Monday TFG press conference with his magical report on voter fraud

DUH, WE ALL KNEW IT - Trump Cancels Monday News Conference

So here's Roger Stone

Negotiating his surrender.

Just Security: Unindicted Co-Conspirator #1 is Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch

Rare footage of 1950's housewife on LSD (Full Version)

Texas woman acting on trump's suggestion for violence now JAILED

Chris Hayes......tell it.

Rudy Giuliani pocketed $300,000 from farmers investing in anti-Biden documentary that was never made

How big of a threat is Hurricane Hilary to Southern California?

Tester's biggest re-election challenge is if Montana race 'becomes all about' Trump and Biden - NBC

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

CEO regrets her firm took on Facebook moderation work after staff 'traumatised'

'Perfect storm': Psaki and former GA prosecutor on why new indictment poses stark threat to Trump

The Lincoln Project has a contest on guessing TFG's weight

More infrared, this time just some flowers.

The 'Nervous' Pastor Swept Up in Trump's Racketeering Case

Maui's top emergency official is out after failing to sound sirens as fires approached

The Problem isn't Trump or his MAGA supporters.

Hillary has always been correct.... "It is a vast right wing conspiracy." nt.

Sheriff: Trump Will Be Arrested Like Everyone Else, Handcuffs, Mugshot, Etc.! - Pondering Politics

Jeff Clark wants his disbarment proceedings stayed during his trial

So......,if God asked me....

Chris Hayes: Trump is 'obviously' fomenting violence against judges, prosecutors - All In - MSNBC

Who gets more money from big pharma, Sinema or MSNBC?

If someone says "I'm not Left or Right..."

Supreme Court sides with Miami commissioners in ongoing redistricting dispute

GOP Panics Over Trump As Polls Roll In

This is insignificant In the grand scheme of things, but why was Roger Stone dictating?

Sunrise in Heavy Drift Smoke

Rogan said Canada is falling apart from his Texas studio, which has the largest US prison population

Grisham says GOP presidential candidates need to stop 'kissing up' to Trump (CNN)

As Rosalynn turns 96, the Carters continue to defy the odds

If I was the Chief Goddam Proctologist of the Universe.

I go outside and scream at the universe.

These are the people that want to start a civil war.

Folks, the wait was worth it: Donald Trump is going to prison

Two details from my county's courthouse

Delaware judge dismisses Hunter Biden tax charges - NBC News

Randy Meisner - Take it Easy

MAGA judge: Abortion pill robs doctors 'joy' of fetus pictures - All In - MSNBC

hawaii, what the sirens are for. a tsunami zone map...

The Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line

Prosceutors are seeking 33 years in prison for Proud Boys leaders Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs.

Sometimes The Universe Finds Ways to Send You What You Need

Iggy Pop - The Passenger

Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers

Trump Delivered SMOKING GUN Evidence Against Himself to Prosecutor - Meidas Touch

Republican Senator Says the Quiet Part Loud on Trump's Indictments! - Luke Beasley

Donald Trump Canceled Monday Press Conference

Donald Trump calls off press conference where he said he would share report on Georgia election frau

A Trial of George Tyndall? Politics and Courts from Rick Caruso to George Gascon

Of Monsters and Men - Alligator (official video, official lyric video + Jimmy Kimmel Live, 2019)

THIS, among a long list of contenders, is the supidest thing you will see today.

Michel Sheldrake has a new mother cat, with 6 kittens!

Trump issues stunning request to judge in election theft trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

"Planting" Rocks In Farms, Along With Emissions Reductions, Could Help Meet Key IPCC Carbon Removal

We got the Money from the state

Of Monsters and Men - Alligator (official video, official lyric video + Jimmy Kimmel Live, 2019)

He stole our highest level secret docs. We still don't know where many of them are

Trump Files Very DISTURBING Motion in New Criminal Case TESTING Federal Judge - Meidas Touch

Pennsylvania 6-year-old named 2023 Kids Mullet Champion

Phillips on PBS NewsHour and now trashing Hilary?

Beware Right-Wing AstroTurf Posing As Working Class 'Heroes'

North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources warns more CO2 needed to sustain oil production long-te

I was just remembering how good Cassidy Hutchinson was...

Prosecutors seek 27 to 33 years in prison for Proud Boys guilty of seditious conspiracy

NHL News -

US reportedly approves sending F-16 jets to Ukraine from Denmark and Netherlands

Aggressive moves by AG's office ahead of runoff cause outcry in Guatemala and beyond

Seeks to delay federal election case until April 2026

Just because:

Three years to get ready for trial?

The Mighty Zeppelin getting spiritual...

I received bad news at the beginning of this week

Brazilian Drug Gang Takes Root in Peruvian Amazon

Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro sought to hack into voter machines, hacker testifies

Giuliani can't dodge discovery in Smartmatic suit

Video Evidence: Election Fraud Was A Fairy Tale - Raw News And Politics

Trumpers vs. Traditionalists: Michigan GOP Split Echoes National Divide

US will reopen immigration office in Cuba to tackle family-reunification backlog

height in Fulton County Jail

Trumpers vs. Traditionalists: Michigan GOP Split Echoes National Divide

Ron E. Newman - Meatball of the Year

In the 2016 Pres debates Trump was already talking rigged elections & would not say he would concede

17 Aug: What a day! Ukrainians shoot down helicopters & breach Russian defense - Reporting from UKR

Eastman already waived Fifth Amendment privilege

2 men arrested, accused of telemarketing fraud that cheated people of millions of dollars

Jeffrey Clark asks courts to postpone bar discipline proceedings

Mexican investigators find decapitated, burned bodies possibly linked to grisly video

Jenna Ellis is toast

US escalates trade dispute with Mexico over genetically modified corn

Trump co-defendant makes DESPERATE REQUEST - Talking Feds

Ecuador election: Narco politics rule ahead of polls

No Hunting

Chesebro, brains behind fake elector scheme

When this all over...(tweet)

Trump Fumes At Fox For Using 'Ugly' Photos Of Him - Waldorf Nation

Trump supporter arrested for threatening judge presiding over Trump's DC trial for elections crimes

VA: Chesapeake OKs plan to cut 2 early voting locations, despite concerns about impact

Pierre Poilievre, the class tourist who didn't read the guidebook

Lawrence O'Donnell: Georgia is the indictment that made Donald Trump shut up - The Last Word - MSNBC

Robert Cheeley: Georgia Lawyer

Politico: Meet Biden's Gen Z hype man

My aunt and uncle are across the lake from a fire emergency in Kelowna, British Columbia.

'Sooner rather than later': Experts pan Trump calling for 2026 Jan. 6 trial date - The Last Word MSNBC

WATCH: Sally Yates says 'Trump has trampled the rule of law' at 2020 Democratic National Convention

Always use a divider when paying for your groceries.....

The Right-Wing Group Doing Starbucks' Dirty Work - More Perfect Union

Avenging Annie - Andy Pratt

Stephanie Ruhle,

NYC: Migrants Are in a Harsh Spotlight in Competitive City Council Elections

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about blended wing aircraft and dads....

Foghat - Slow Ride

PragerU Staffer's Racist Tweet Is Even Too Much for His Colleagues

Grateful Dead -Turn On Your Love Light - Dicks Picks 4 - 2/13/70

Attak of the Drones, latest edition.


Nearly Two Thirds of L.A.'s $1.3 Billion in COVID Relief Funds Went to Cops and Firefighters

Unsung Heroes of Trump's Georgia Indictment - Robert Reich

...And then they said

Metro to host first Back-to-School Celebration and School Supply Giveaway.

Jorma Kaukonen - I'll Be Alright

'Slow rolling surrender': DeSantis urged to defend Trump in GOP primary debate mocked memo shows

My next "Goofy Grampy" moment

Why Trump doesn't need until April 2026 to read the evidence in his federal trial - Alex Wagner MSNBC

I'll be damned if I can find out what the "syn gas power constant" is.

GOP elites 'scared to death' being stuck with Trump going into 2024: McCaskill

GOP elites 'scared to death' being stuck with Trump going into 2024: McCaskill - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

*Quartet on HBO now.

How a weird McConnell video may explain the embarrassing leak of DeSantis' debate strategy - Alex Wagner

Trump asks for major delay in DOJ election trial - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Sorry to say, bought Lindt Intense Dark Chocolate Intense Orange twice in 10 days,

Search warrant for Kansas newspaper withdrawn - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Two young brothers inspire members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

evem though it is a parody. it is 100% true YOU CAN'T GET NO RE-ELECTION - The Founders

Hayes: Republicans must be 'completely and totally politically defeated' to save reproductive rights

Charlie Kirk accuses Biden of not reponding to wildfires

Breakfast Friday 18 August 2023

LAPD officers have a new weapon. BolaWrap, a lasso that wraps around the body

Trump RAGES on Social Media over Fox Coverage - Meidas Touch

Trump enjoys strong support among Republicans

Charli XCX - Speed Drive (From Barbie The Album) [Official Music Video]

University of Houston students brace for LGBTQ Resource Center closure in response to Texas' DEI ban

My interpretation of the 2nd Amendment

Former Trump DOJ official seeks to pause disciplinary case due to Georgia indictment

The Courts are Still Treating him Too Daintily- COUNTDOWN

Denis Joelsons juxtaposes linear house with circular garden terraces in Sao Paulo

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez calls on US to declassify documents on Chile's 1973 coup

Trump's Most Dangerous Crimes You Don't Know About...! - Thom Hartmann

Trying to upload a photo for a stickie, but even

FBI working with sheriff's office after threats to Fulton County officials

She Threatened To Kill the Judge Overseeing the Trump Case? - Thom Hartmann

The winners of the 2024 US Senate Elections.

Sweden raises terror threat alert to 'high', another Quran burning expected in Stockholm on Friday

'Bored Apes' investors sue Sotheby's, Paris Hilton and others as NFT prices collapse

The Dutch defense minister says the US has approved the delivery of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

No, Georgia officials didn't err in releasing Trump indictment with grand jurors' names

Will Russia's Coming Economic Collapse End the War In Ukraine? w/ Phil Ittner - Thom Hartmann

🟩 Wordle 790 8/18 SPOILERS

'he ran a secretive in-house intelligence unit for the conservative Koch brothers organization'

Well, that was short lived!

Army Vet utterly SHREDS MAGA Republicans' Dangerous Schemes with VIRAL New Ad - Against All Enemies

Genius! Ukraine's deadliest trap. Russia sends elite unit for Bakhmut slaughter. - The Russian Dude

The peaceful transfer of power... words for our times from Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Ben Shapiro Is Gaslighting America

The winner of the battleground 2024 US Senate Elections.

Monday morning, August 18, 1969, Bethel, New York: let's wrap this thing up.

Trump's most racist supporters are coming to his defense

On This Day: 19th Amendment ratified, guaranteeing the right of women to vote - Aug. 18, 1920

On this day, August 18, 1943, Carl Wayne of The Move was born.

Sympathy For The Devil

On this day, August 18, 1977, Steve Biko was arrested. He never saw another day of freedom.

On this day, August 18, 1977, Steve Biko was arrested. He never saw another day of freedom.

Mike Lindell is hawking Wi-Fi filters called 'WMDs' that he claims will protect you and -

Why is the US Economy Outperforming the EU? - TLDR News EU

Dylan's mom was at the door, waiting for me to bring him out

Michael Parkinson, broadcaster and talkshow host, dies aged 88

I think this is a Turk's Cap Lily.

Keep an eye on #3 and #4

April 2026?

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever want a President like Trump again

Smoke From Canada Will Blanket Minnesota w. Potentially Dangerous Pollution Through Saturday

Joe Scar is doing for Christie what he did for trump.

CDC tracking new COVID variant BA.2.86 after highly-mutated strain reported in Michigan

The bridge blocker is bloviating about becoming small and divisive 😀😀😀😀

I did a terrible job at trying to make a point about Women's Chess Tournaments yesterday

"Elevated Catastrophic Losses", "Deteriorating Underwriting Results" Behind Downgrade Of Allstate

😃🇺🇸🍨🥧🗓️❗️What's your favorite ice cream🍨 pie🥧❓

Hypocrite Chris Christie is on Morning Joe!

After 'unexpected' $20M windfall, state to fund train from New Orleans to Baton Rouge

Chinese property giant Evergrande files for Chapter 15 bankruptcy protection

This summery tomato and caper pesto comes from Italy's islands

Friday TOONs - Which Hunt

Wildfire nears capital of Canada's Northwest Territories as fleeing residents fill roads and flights

The Rundown: August 18, 2023

The origin of Super Villians: Doctor Phosphorus

Happy 96th Birthday Rosalyn Carter

Mary Trump: "If a Republican wins in 2024...we will never have another democratic administration."

Trump judge's actual argument for abortion bans: Doctors are harmed without cute sonograms

What would you suggest be done about growing government debt?

China Industrial Output Crashes, Yuan Tumbles, Property Defaults, Exports & Imports Falls, Deflation

Because the Malignant Orange Menace & all those suckers who seem bound & determined to be his ride

I wrote the LCMS about Stephen Cliffgard Lee - indicted with tRump

Chill Out

You raised $10.00 on August 17, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema

I have a question for anyone who wants to take it on.

Little Rock schools will allow African American class to count for graduation

'Coral are going to die': Maui wildfires take toxic toll on marine ecology

Please Understand What Magats Are Doing

Santos Fundraiser Indicted for Impersonating Top Aide to Kevin McCarthy

Hillary Clinton nailed him in 2016. She was right. Again.

Cleta Mitchell's new voter suppression organization. This is very serious...

After Destroying COP Credibility, Summit Host UAE Mutters About Lotsa Money For "Clean" Energy

Men prefer to go to the office to get away from families and steal stationery

In Louisiana Prisons, Suicide Watch Incidents Spike By 1/3 On Hottest Days

Regal Cinemas Created the Worst Short Film Ever. Now I Hate Movies.- Rant Wheel - Lovett or Leave It

A joke popped up in my fb memories

GQP Has Been Digging For The Next Solyndra For A Solid Year Now; They Haven't Found Shit

Evergrande: China property giant files for US bankruptcy protection

Bald eagle populations are rising from the brink of extinction. Here's how Michigan helped lead....

Judge dismisses Hunter Biden misdemeanor tax charges

I feel special

Trump Conduct SPARKS Massive Sheriff Investigation After Indictment

Politico: Why San Francisco is make or break for Gavin Newsom

Awkward Americans see themselves in Ron DeSantis

West Maui Wasn't Always This Dry - A History Of Money, Monoculture And Water Diversions

Something has really been bothering me

CA: S.F.'s recent redistricting drama might lead a 2024 ballot measure. Here's why

The U.S. imports most of its solar panels. A new ruling may make that more expensive

Mueller she wrote: Breaking news Direct evidence linking the

Speedometer vs. Waze

After the golden escalator...

No! Donnie Dipshit isn't "hoping to go to jail"

3.5 million black Americans targeted for deterrence from voting in 2016

Mike Lindell is still peddling election lies and ways to subvert elections

Listen to the Music

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's requested date....

Goin' To Work In Tall Buildings - John Hartford, Live 🌼

Had a bit of a scare, this morning. One of the kittens was missing. I thought mom was moving them

Hmmmmm Kemp said the trial won't happen before the election

US has cleared way for F-16s to be sent to Ukraine, say Denmark and Netherlands.

Scripps Oceanography retires seagoing research platform after 61 years

Will a trump Mug Shot be Good for America? Stephanie

Major 'Population Correction' Coming For Humanity, Scientist Predicts

HEY norCalers.. who remembers this??

What is "crack"? Why are so many recipes using the term in their title?

Chaos at Frankfurt airport as rainstorms flood runways & train station

New tax-credit rules could unlock $1Trillion in cleantech investment

The polycrisis

Fani Willis puts violence front and center

Peter Daou is a jerk

Why do my double-cousin's Ancestry results differ from mine?

Hozier - story/interview, partly about new album, on CBS Mornings today (video + article link)

A dreamy tribute to the music of Brian Eno, rendered in paint, soap and water

Joe Manchin's Extremely Annoying Political Strategy Is Backfiring

FBI arrest California police officers involved in racist text messages scandal.

I'm Starting to Think Donald Trump Is Untrustworthy

Fed. judge rejects Trump's bid to delay E. Jean Carroll's second defamation suit.

Pic Of The Moment: Trump-Appointed Judge Compares Pregnant Women To Wild Animals

REO Speedwagon - Roll With The Changes (The Midnight Special, 12/5/1980)

Fragile Fiber Lines In Lahaina Were Burned And Battered, Taking Out 911 And Cell Service.

NPR: Far right websites target Georgia grand jurors

LA: Hurricane recovery among top issues for Terrebonne Parish Council District 3 candidates

Judge declines to block Florida law banning Chinese land ownership

Judge declines to block Florida law banning Chinese land ownership

Methuen police officer arrested on child porn charge

Hurricane Hilary: Category 4 hurricane approaches California

BBC:China real estate giant, Evergrande files for IS bankruptcy

Mike Luckovich-Yeah, I know. I should probably quit (TFG)....

Republicans suffer surprise loss with news in Florida - Brian Tyler Cohen

On advice of counsel, I'm pleading the fifth. Trump is a weak loser

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 18, 2023

MI: 'Extremely unlikely' that Ottawa Impact member recall will be on November ballot, clerk says

A woman interrupts a Quran-burning protest in Sweden by spraying activist with a fire extinguisher

Yet another group 'protecting' Ohioans springs up to oppose recreational marijuana measure

Sweden raises its terror threat level to high for fear of attacks following recent Quran burnings

Conservatives on Wisconsin's Supreme Court are having an epic meltdown

****'Coward' Trump Mocked After 2 Backpedaling Announcements In A Row****

'Oh my God, a bear!' Woman gets surprise visitor

Taliban official says women lose value if their faces are visible to men in public

Dallas cops laughed after disabled military vet was denied restroom, urinated on himself

Why tump + greene would be a DISASTER in 2024 The Warning w/ Steve Schmidt

Plantation Disaster Capitalism: Native Hawaiians Organize to Stop Land & Water Grabs After Maui Fire

Mayor Adams' admin wants permission to house migrants in notorious NYC jail where Jeffrey Epstein di

Trump scraps plans to release 'irrefutable report' claiming election fraud in Georgia

New York City's mayor just conceded defeat to remote work--and declared war on the housing crisis. He

One time when I was out drinking

If it's one of us in MHS ty for my star

PA: There Is A Civil War Inside The Bucks County Republican Party

'Mother Nature' Don't Care. Like the Honey Badger

Justice Department seeks 33 years in prison for ex-Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio in Jan. 6 case

Gov. Mike DeWine and Catholic bishop to raise money to defeat November abortion amendment

Pennsylvania legislators look to move 2024 primary for Passover

Disenchantment: The Final Season - Official Trailer - Netflix - Streams September 1st, 2023

Planned Parenthood focusing on Pennsylvania's Supreme Court race in new ad

Kenneth Chesebro, alleged architect of fake electors' plot, followed Alex Jones around Capitol groun

President Biden is fostering better relations between Japan and South Korea

California school district forces teachers to out trans kids to their parents

The Mysterious trump Whisperer. RIGHT WING WATCH

Teach No Lies: Historian Marvin Dunn Takes On Ron DeSantis & Florida's Attack on Black History

PA: Former Somerset County District Attorney (R) Sentenced to Prison For Attacking a Woman

Japan scrambles jets amid Russian and Chinese naval patrol in Pacific

Conservative think tank (Heritage Foundation) emerges as force behind DeSantis campaign

OMG!!! - AI Republicans Make Incredible Laxative Ad (Strong Language + many Poop Jokes)

Philadelphia Republicans appeal decision to allow Working Families Party candidates on the ballot

No 'Good Republicans'.

Thanks for my star

Very Very Scared of the Fat Man

If Tr**p Were To Choke On KFC Chicken Or A Big Mac & No One Was There To Perform The.....

VA: Custis switches parties in Woodbridge School Board race

Hydrangea blossoms never fully bloom

In reversal, Virginia, N.C. make it harder for people with felony convictions to vote

Guess Trumps weight at Booking

What was/is your favorite game show? Mine was Password. what was yours?

VA: Roanoke County School Board approves transgender policy as another person arrested

SNL Trump Chicken Ad/Skit (old news story)

VA: Youngkin to make high-dollar pitch to Hispanic voters in legislative races

Inside the Smithsonian's "Racial Brain Collection" & the Eugenics Project Behind It

Will the conman make a big scene when entering the Fulton County Jail ?

Kenneth Chesebro, alleged architect of fake electors' plot, followed Alex Jones around Capitol

I'm selfishly hoping Hurricane Hilary can avoid San Diego Pacific Beach

The Jeopardy championship and non-gendered pronouns

A reassuring sight

why does one person get to cripple the military?

Indict the Shite

Wisconsin Baptist Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges

Sarah Cooper's latest advice to mentee Jenna Ellis

In remote Arizona town, scars of crushed labor strike still linger

Disney Files Countersuit In State Court Against Ron DeSantis-Appointed Special District Board

Disney Files Countersuit In State Court Against Ron DeSantis-Appointed Special District Board

Why are Republicans forcing Trump on us (again)

Minn Post: D.C. Memo: Blowback for Dean Phillips

Environmental Voter Project Newsletter: Overlooked in Climate Politics

Catastrophic fires 13,000 years ago drove mass extinctions -- and humans may have lit the match

RUDE PUNDIT: The Georgia Indictment Is a Defense of the Workers Who Make Democracy Function

Twitter/X to block "blocking"

Reuters: Europe must step up solar efforts to compete with cheap China panels - Meyer Burger CEO

U.S. Hurricane Hilary prompts first-ever tropical storm watch for Southern California; "dangerous"

Fort Worth Independent Schools have shut down the libraries

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 18, 2023)

Per Bloomberg: GOP Presidential Hopeful Ramaswamy Sued Over Strive's Practices

'Nonfiction' Book About Maui Wildfire 'Smells of AI,' Gets Pulled From Amazon

READ ME FIRST! Important things to know

The fall of Rudy Giuliani: How 'America's mayor' tied his fate to Donald Trump and got indicted

Instead of Debate - Loser Trump will be interviewed by Loser Tucker Carlson

Speaking of Isaly's:

Friday at the Art Museum

Alex Jones connection to January 6 through Cheseboro

READ ME FIRST! How to use the DU4 Bug Reports forum

Friday weirdness

Proud Boy on house arrest in Jan. 6 case disappears ahead of sentencing

Talking Heads to Appear Together for First Time in 21 Years

Cartoons 8/18/2023

'I don't care': Tommy Tuberville digs in on blockade of hundreds of military promotions

desantis calls for summary executions at the border.

Sting - They Dance Alone (Cueca Solo)

Microsoft pulls AI-written article telling tourists to visit the Ottawa Food Bank

Providence nurses: Conditions at Everett hospital still dire, or worse

Believe them the first time when they say who they are

A prosecutor who knows best response is no response

Dolly Parton - Let It Be (feat. Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr) (Official Audio)

DipYourCar: The World's First SCRATCH AND SNIFF Car Paint (Yes, for real)

Desantis Debate Prep Docs Reveal His New Strategy

Can Biden use an Executive Order to promote/assign military officers ?

American imprisoned in Russia faces espionage charges, reports say

Trump's 2024 GOP rivals converge on Atlanta just days after his latest indictment

A speedy trial and favorable outcome, for an indicted candidate who knows he's innocent.

GFS temperature forecast for next week

Do you like to go to the casino?

James Buckley, former conservative US senator, dies at 100 -Washington Post

In nursing homes, impoverished live final days on pennies

Mobsters 'thrilled' to see Rudy Giuliani hit with RICO charges he used to jail mafia bosses

Ukraine making progress in counteroffensive, U.S. officials say

Georgia law enforcement probe threats after Trump grand jury identified online

Even the horse gets it

Pondering. When you breathe through your nose, does both nostrils take in the same amount of air?

Trump is a COWARD by Adam Kinzinger.

This is disgusting. Shows an absence of empathy on a level I can't even comprehend.

Proud Boy on house arrest in Jan. 6 case disappears ahead of sentencing

Looks like Rudy's goose is cooked

AR-15s and big pick up trucks

Canada demands Meta lift news ban to allow wildfire info sharing

Fifth tornado this year touches down in Massachusetts

Report: Potential NYT lawsuit could force OpenAI to wipe ChatGPT and start over

What was your favorite animal character in a television show or movie? Mine was Lassie.

Meidas Touch: Trump Conduct SPARKS Massive Sheriff Investigation After Indictment

Hozier - story/interview, partly about new album, on CBS Mornings today (video + article link)

MAGA Crybabies Beg Georgia To Rewrite Pardon Laws To Save Trump - Ring of Fire

Former Az. GOP chair under investigation for 2020 fake elector plot.

Disney Files Countersuit In State Court Against Ron DeSantis-Appointed Special District Board; Compa

The Kremlin's top brass are trying to pass the buck over the ruble's collapse.

Chesebro seen at Capitol on January 6

Pre-dawn, southern MD 8/18

Why the closing of the U.S.-Canada border plunges migrants into despair - DW News

Loses another effort to delay E. Jean Carroll case

On the river

Wonkette: TX AG Ken Paxton Says Voters Loved His Criming, And That Makes It Legal

An interview with Glenn Seaborg.

Wow, he's so macho!

Kid Rock caught drinkiing a Bud Light

Bad Religion - The Answer

Ten Years After - Portable People

This South Korea, Japan, and U S summit is amazing

Joint defense a focus at Camp David as China warns Japan & South Korea against closer ties with U.S.

Kentucky 'Freedom Fest' Cancelled Due To Lack Of Interest

Democrat Are Running Texas - Stupid Shit Republicans Say

Trump Plans to Skip G.O.P. Debate for Interview With Tucker Carlson

Left or right arm: Choosing where to get vaccinated matters, study suggests. Here's why

To Stop an Extinction, He's Flying High, Followed by His Beloved Birds

Town Hall in Coffee County GA tomorrow regarding voting system breach

Republicans In Shambles Over Possible Trump 2024 Nomination - Rebel HQ

Trump to Skip Fox News Debate to Hang With Tucker Carlson: NYT

'It's misleading, frankly': Trump team argument to push DC trial to 2026 criticized by legal experts

Russia sanctions UK politicians and journalists

Happy 87th Birthday Robert Redford

Alabama priest 'groomed young girls' before fleeing to Italy with 18-year-old

Anyone try that knee sleeve for knee pain??

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the California bound hurricane....

AJC: Firing of Cobb teacher over book doesn't end controversy

Jordan's secret police accused of targeting LGBTQ+ community

The RUBLE COLLAPSED - What Can You Buy for 1$ in Russia Now !

Tiedrich Rant: Ron DeSantis is a twenty-megaton shitshow. why the fuck were we so afraid of this guy

India's supreme court issues handbook against use of archaic terms for women

Pretty little Bronwyn paid me a visit.

US 'concerned' over reports of Russia-North Korea nuclear cooperation

Why was there no water to fight the fire in Maui? Naomi Klein and Kapuaʻala Sproat

One of the great old school metal tunes

So will the Slobfather tell Fucker why he cancelled

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 18, 2023

Tiny Puppy Thrown Out Like Trash Can't Stop Kissing Her New Sisters

You're not going to believe a word of this, but George Santos says...

I get a lot of fraud on my credit cards. I received a charge from the "United Negro College Fund

(Jewish Group) Rahm Emanuel concerned by America's returning to 'ugly' past of attacks on Jews

District attorney drops at least 30 cases that involved officers charged in death of Tyre Nichols

(Jewish Group) The crucial Jewish ingredient that you probably don't think of as a Jewish ingredient

(Jewish Group) How the sesame seed became the most Jewish of all ingredients

Nearly 4,000 pages show new detail of Ken Paxton's alleged misdeeds ahead of Texas impeachment trial

My cousin in Kelowna just got evacuation order.

Lyft and Uber say they could leave Minneapolis if the mayor signs a minimum wage bill for drivers

Hospital Nurse Guilty, Murdered 7 Babies: Worst Child Serial Killer Mod Brit Hist - Graphic Material

GOP candidates claim to qualify for the debate -- and dare the RNC to say no

Leaked DeSantis memo by his PAC giving advise to More Ron for coming debate.

Have there been any reports of how many Native Hawaiians were/are victims of the fire?


Pew Research Center: What the data says about Americans' views of climate change

Nick Sandmann loses his libel claim Again.. the smiling Covington Catholic student

Looking for a good scary flick? Check out "Splinter"

Biden strengthens ties with Japan and South Korea at Camp David summit

Rescue Horse Loves His Mom -- But He's Obsessed With Her Boyfriend

Brice Marden: Abstract painting can take you to paradise

A family of crow teamed up with human to save their baby

Made me lick my lips - and put a smile on my face

Judge cites Trump's 'advanced age' as he rejects latest attempt to delay E. Jean Carroll case

Mechanically minded people might enjoy this : Wristwatch Revival

UMass Amherst: America's Wealthiest 10% Responsible For 40% Of Us Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Primary loss forces Allegheny County DA Zappala to forge unconventional alliances

Europe Braces for 'Poor Man's Cocaine'

FBI joins investigation of threats to grand jurors in Trump Georgia case

Susan Sarandon sues over 'extensive problems' with $2m VT Dream House

Federal judge partially strikes down Georgia ban on giving people food and drink in voting lines

Trump Will Skip First Debate

150 or so miles from home

Has Donald Trump Met his Match in Georgia - Malcolm Nance Breaks it Down - Malcolm Nance

George Santos: most people lie

After caged for 7 years, bird reacts to being in wild

This Week at Justice - August 18, 2023 - The Justice Department

Oh no. Tokitae, aka Lolita, has died.

Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode (from American Graffiti)

I think Aerosmith invented/perfected the power ballad

Pass along to school attending kids.

Wolfman Jack - 4 hour aircheck on XERB -- This is rock 'n' roll, baby...

Instead of calling Trump '45' I think I will call him '91'

Is it too much to hope that......

FBI joins investigation of threats to grand jurors in Trump Georgia case

On Delays (Oh, Noes!)

Hurricane Hilary: Category 4 storm barrels toward California

Alberto Gonzales: he should serve time if convicted

Fresno Officer Shoots Masked 15-year-old Boy Pulling Replica Gun From Waistband

Dan Ingram aircheck - WABC 10-7-64

GOP: How low can they go?

Dolly Parton - Let It Be (with help from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr)

NYC: Brooklyn Councilwoman Inna Vernikov gets unwanted kiss from fleeing creep

GA Republicans look to 'change the rules' in effort to stop Fani Willis 'by any means necessary'

Man Suspected of Murdering Maryland Mom Rachel Morin Caught on Ring Doorbell Video

Fed judge BLOCKS GA ban on giving voters water and food

Majority of Americans say the economy's bad, but their own finances are good: poll

My Dark Brandon mug has arrived...

NY: Town of Riverhead 2023 Election Roundup: Who Is Running And For What Positions?

Elon Musk Comes Up With What May Be His Worst Idea Yet for Twitter

Trump's legal earthquake: Capitol Police officer refuses to 'shut up' until conviction - Deadline MSNBC

Who's running in NY-17?

NYC: New Questions Arise Over Adams Donors: One Says She Was Reimbursed, Others Say They Never Gave

Meta gets tough with its return-to-work plan, warns employees they could be fired if they don't comp

Feed your head.

NJ: Gottheimer keeps raising money for '23 Democrats, this time in Monmouth

Impeachment case alleges Texas AG Ken Paxton used multiple phones and an alias to conceal an affair

Court tosses Jan. 6 sentence in ruling that could impact other low-level Capitol riot cases

Dallas cops are filmed laughing - one seen slapping his knee - 'after making disabled vet wet himsel

Wisconsin Republicans propose eliminating work permits for 14- and 15-year-olds

Wisconsin Republicans propose eliminating work permits for 14- and 15-year-olds

Coming back to me.

Dr. Nathaniel Horn, the husband of US Rep. Robin Kelly, has died at 68

Toki dead at Miami Seaquarium

Nicolle: Trump 'running on a promise to make the American people his human shields' - Deadline MSNBC

New York judge blocks retail marijuana licensing, a major blow to state's fledgling program

Tokitae, Southern Resident orca, dies in captivity after calls to bring her home

Trump dealt another loss in New York court - Brian Tyler Cohen

Dont believe I have shared this one with everyone before.

Homes destroyed by fast-moving wildfire as thousands ordered to evacuate in B.C.'s Okanagan

Biden handles sensitive investigations very differently than Trump - Pondering Politics

David Frum zings Trump:

Sunsetting southern MD 8/18

Rupert Murdoch encouraged Virginia's Glenn Youngkin to seek presidency

How Hurricane Hilary looked from the International Space Space as of approx 7 pm EDT Thursday night:

Biden discusses meeting with leaders of Japan and South Korea - MSNBC Reports

Would home-confinement for breaking a judge's order have a benefit in Trump's mind?