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QAnon Shaman is Back And Worse Than Ever - Rebel HQ

Dolly Parton, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr come together on her 'Let It Be' cover

Trump trial 'not going to happen before the election': Georgia's governor

Fired founder of right-wing org Project Veritas is under investigation in New York

Kelli Ward

Friday Talking Points -- Quad-Indicted?

What product brand mascots do you remember? When you see these you associate it with the product.

Coup bomb goes off: New video places indicted Trump ally at Capitol on Jan. 6 - The Beat - MSNBC

Today (August 18) is my birthday.

US Ambassador to Australia: Assange case coming to an end?

Sheep herding as seen from above:

Trump's lawyers make ABSURD request - ask Judge Chutkan set an April 2026 trial date in DC case!

Family of 7 takes in 82-year-old widower neighbor as their new 'grandpa'

Problem with archive.XY solved?

Elon Musk Says X (aka Twitter) Will No Longer Let You Block Other Users

Window detail, downtown bank building

Kari Lake Nukes Her Own Party, Republican Nightmare! - Luke Beasley

Downtown Moscow paralyzed with fear - Break the Fake - TVP World

Tick Tock, Donald

San Francisco's AND OTHERS' real estate markets have been crippled by a cyberattack on MLS

Moon sets @ 9:16 p.m. southern MD Waxing Crescent, 5% visible

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, 2 events, and cold feet....

Judas Priest -- Diamonds and Rust

Visitors to sunflower fields urged to stop posing naked for photo shoots (CNN)

I just donated $1 to Asa Hutchinson's compaign.

Activists tout Trump indictments as win for civil rights - The Beat - MSNBC

Rainbow -- Man On the Silver Mountain

Garden of Eden

Bill Barr Tells FOX NEWS AUDIENCE That the "Federal Case Against Trump is LEGIT!!!"

A new Republican tradition: Ron DeSantis' presidential campaign dud follows a long history

The Band's Richard Manuel-isolated vocals. Beautiful singing. RIP Richard.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Trump, Trump & Associates - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Ukraine to start "negotiations" with the European Union - Times Radio

How Ty Cobb thinks Trump will react to Fulton County jail - CNN

"Conservatives arrive at Target to make more outrage videos only to discover the Pride section has

How a special type of neutron star, a magnatar (might) form

Is an Asian NATO blossoming? - Eastern Express - TVP World

This dog jumping into the swimming hole:

Friday Night Rum Buzz. Ask me anything.

An oldie that needs to be resurrected to rebel against the anti-gender benders.

An oldie that needs to be resurrected to rebel against the anti-gender benders.

Arizona Investigators 'Aggressively' Looking at Top Trump Ally Kelli Ward

Cat eating watermelon:

Jomboy breakdown of an intentional hit by pitch:

Wait to the end:

Judge cites Trump's 'advanced age' as he rejects latest attempt to delay E. Jean Carroll case

Asa Hutchinson: I will prosecute Trump at the debate--whether he's there or not - All In - MSNBC

I wonder how thorough TFG's body search will be when he turns himself in.

Pupper makes himself comfy:

Waiting to see if we have to evacuate from wildfire in Kelowna, BC

Not without me!

Trump Plans to Steal Viewers From GOP Debate Will he talk to Tucker Carlson? Or will he surrender?

5 days till Mercury Retrograde

Get me real food!

Why Trump shouldn't be allowed to move Fulton County case to federal court - Morning Joe - MSNBC

If Trump decides at the Last Minute

Panda LOVES his new bed!

Wisconsin Republicans propose eliminating work permits for 14- and 15-year-olds

A Neo-Nazi online troll challenged Natan Levi, A Jewish UFC fighter to square off

Robert Reich on Threads:

Trump's been hacked :)

NewsMax pushes Trump to debate:

Bernie Sanders to deliver a speech in New Hampshire next week.

'Rare and historic': California under first-ever tropical storm watch - All In - MSNBC

Kansas police chief resigns days before felony charges of possessing child porn

James L. Buckley, Conservative Party nominee elected in three-way Senate race, dies at 100

TCM tomorrow/Saturday

Court sets dates for examination in Michigan 2020 false electors cases

Ken Paxton's team said there was no evidence to support impeachment. The House published nearly 4,00

Ken Paxton's former personal assistant and "second son" a star witness in impeachment probe

RI-01: Matos (D) campaign alleges 'illegal coordination' in Regunberg (D) Super PAC funding

While on a MD HWY thru Fredrick, I saw a Trump sign

CO: Andrews drops out of Aurora mayoral race, leaving Marcano as Dem frontrunner against Coffman (R)

Pakistani brothers arrested for blasphemy after mob burns churches

Right on cue, the Atlantic tropical season is ramping up

"A Million Miles Away"...Plimsouls (1982)

GA: State senator could be suspended over Trump indictment

Trump makes RIDICULOUS PROPOSAL in January 6th Case - Talking Feds

Oral Arguments for cases challenging Georgia's state maps will begin on Sept. 5.

This looks like it was written by a 5th grader...... no offence.

People should show more respect for the gravity of his situation

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 20, 2023 - Summer Under the Stars: Barbara Stanwyck

Civil Rights Organizations File Amicus Brief in Supreme Court Case Addressing Racial Gerrymandering

Ron DeSantis Drops to Third in New Polls as Start of Campaign-Ending Trend - Let's Talk Elections

TCM Schedule for Monday August 21, 2023 - Summer Under the Stars: James Stewart

Classic example of get owned

Morgan Freeman on his new doc honoring heroes of World War II's first Black tank battalion - ReidOut

State regulators cut Cruise's fleet after S.F. crashes involving its driverless cars

BREAKING: The latest betting odds on The Groper's posted weight on Booking Day in Georgia

NEW: Matt Gaetz is introducing a resolution to censure Judge Chutkan for being too tough in her

Michael Jackson sexual abuse lawsuits revived by appeals court

Current and pending cases on ex-president's docket

Moldova kicked out Russian Diplomats.

How do you prepare for a hurricane? SoCal person - no hurricane experience!!!

Thermometer for cat owners

2: EPA's New Definition of PFAS Could Omit Thousands of Forever Chemicals. Contact Lenses w/o PFAS

Newsmax guest says fellow conservatives 'need to be more homophobic'

'Capitulation is built into DeSantis campaign': Brian Tyler Cohen on derided debate strategy memo

Minneapolis council passes minimum pay for Uber and Lyft drivers despite companies' threats

Minnesota attorney general launches investigation of Allina Health's billing practices

Thought-provoking one-liners

LA-GOV: Dark money, infighting could change Louisiana governor's race

Library tax vote in Cole County shows why Missouri campaign disclosure laws are vital

AI Origins. Will It Kill Us Or Save Us? - Good Times Bad Times

Doggy Doodles and Kitty Musings

California GOP may strip opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage from platform

Rep. Swalwell: Justice is no longer sleeping on Donald Trump - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

Financial Crisis Talk; Chinese Economy: Yuan Facing Crash?; Housing; Floods - China Update

Reuters: Brazil govt pushes Congress to approve 'green' bills before COP28

Tweet of the Day

CA-SEN: How Trump's indictments may shape California's Senate race

Planned Parenthood asks Nebraska Supreme Court to hear challenge to abortion law

Dwight Yoakam - A Thousand Miles From Nowhere

Reuters: JetZero looks beyond Pentagon to airlines with radical jet

Law professor asks 'Why are so many of Trump's alleged co-conspirators lawyers?' - Velshi - The Last Word

um, wut?

Reuters: US places tariffs on some big solar companies for dodging China duties

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - All Along The Watchtower


NEW: If Republicans succeed in extending the Trump tax scam, it'll cost us $3.3 TRILLION.

American Airlines sues a travel site to crack down on consumers who use this trick to save money

A Girl Like You - The Smithereens

Comer Wants Biden's Spokesman To Stop Picking On Him - Waldorf Nation

U.S. intelligence community assesses that Ukraine's counteroffensive will fail to reach Melitopol

Why Trump's alleged cheapness could cost him big in Georgia

L.A. Guns - Over the Edge

WGA & AMPTP Meet Again Following Latest Studio CEO Huddle

At least 111 killed, hundreds missing in Hawaii wildfires as electric company sued - The Last Word

Vain - Beat The Bullet

Breadfan - Budgie

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how to predict the future....

18 Aug: Nice! Ukrainians Create a Huge Graveyard of Best Russian Tanks - Reporting from Ukraine

Legal expert believes Roger Stone will see federal charges despite current DOJ focus on Trump trial

The Little Rock School District is defying Arkansas.

George Santos Called Out For His Lies in Awkward Interview! - Pondering Politics

Apparently the Barbie movie is triggering people in toxic relationships to get out of them.

Democratic Star Becomes INSTANT NIGHTMARE for GOP in Congress - Meidas Touch

FL: Annette Taddeo (D) eyes run for Miami-Dade Clerk

FYI: POCs and allies, what is the real reason for wlid fires in Hawaii, a state whose image is...

FL: Cost of taxpayer-funded security, travel for Ron DeSantis soared ahead of presidential bid

Meet the 34-year-old judge who will oversee Trump prosecution in Georgia

US Senate Elections that the Democrats will win in 2024 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Florida town, students resist letting state's war on Black history be forgotten - Alex Wagner (2 videos)

Florida town, students resist war on Black history

Suspected 9/11 plotters could avoid death penalty in possible plea deals - CBS News

Trump expected to surrender in GA late next week - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Someone is FINALLY willing to risk talking about this....

On the ground in Maui: An inside look at recovery efforts - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) Academy of Motion Pictures mum on how Jews fit into new inclusion standards

Who are the UNINDICTED CO-CONSPIRATORS in Trump case? - Talking Feds

(Jewish Group) Who decides who is privileged? (video)

(Jewish Group) What is the Jewish legend of the Golem? (video)

If you want to understand how to fix a problem in the world, you have to ask who is profiting from

Breakfast Saturday 19 August 2023

Going Up The Country

Trump Gets SMACKED DOWN in New Federal Order - Meidas Touch

NPR text only link

Threads - When they call the Jan 6 rioters in jail "political prisoners" - show them this:

What news source is pandering Inflation

The charges against Trump are...nitpicking?

The judge should grant TFG's request (demand?) for an April 2026 trial date.

A Walk Down Georgia Ballot Memory Lane

Did The Barbie Movie Change Politics Forever? - Thom Hartmann

OH: Maureen O'Connor delivers on a new redistricting plan, but GOP already blasting it

🟩 Wordle 791 8/19 SPOILERS

The 14 most important ways to prepare for a hurricane

AR: Petitions filed to put amendments on 2024 ballot to legalize abortion

Trump Legal Fees Question

Ecuador election: assassination looms large as voters prepare to go to polls

Haiti: 97% of households in some areas suffering from severe hunger

An Assassination in Ecuador

Brazil Found the Last Survivors of an Amazon Tribe. Now What?

Flower journalling in watercolor and ink

Tracking Hurricane Hilary amid tropical storm warning in SoCal - ABC7 Southern California

Major Escalation: Putin to draft 1.2M soldiers and declare martial law. Moscow is attacked. - TRD

Disney isn't going to let DeSantis walk away from their feud unscathed

Is The U.S. Betting On A Stalemate With Russia? - Thom Hartmann

experts on how to survive a wildfire: Fill bathtubs with water, lie face down in a ditch..... or run

MI: City clerk's error results in candidates' names being removed from ballot in Ferrysburg

Delaware Governor Signs More Restrictions On Where Residents Can Carry Guns

Golden's 'Blue Dogs' get money from Sallie Mae after opposing student debt relief

View from Australia on trump

I knew nothing about the 1920 massacre in Ocoee, Florida until I watched Alex Wagner

North Carolina Files More Than 400 Charges Against Shelby Nissan Dealership Employees

Obsessive Cat Disorder

WOW! I think I just stumbled on the most down-to-earth reply to "voting is pointless"!

Cornel West is broke, despite minimum $250,000 household income

Image Dump 8/19/23

Has Go Woke, Go Broke finally hit a wall?

Former Top Trump Intel Official SPEAKS OUT Against Trump in Exclusive Interview - Against All Enemies

Whatever happened to Dis and Dat? Haven't seen one in ages

HEY SoCALers.. Who remembers this?

The winner of the battleground 2024 US Senate Elections.

Weekend TOONs - One Indictment, Two Indictment, Three Indictment, Four

I made the right choice about Tudor, last night

Ecuador: 3 people arrested in Manta mayor murder probe

On this day, August 19, 1962, this president was not wearing a tan suit.

Peru: Congress Speaker to be removed?

Haiti - FLASH : More than 30 dead in the attacks in Carrefour-Feuilles

On this day, August 19, 1943, Billy J. Kramer was born.

Chinese military launches drills around Taiwan as a 'warning' after a top island official went to US

On August 18, 1923, Katherine Victor, star of such Jerry Warren films as "Teenage Zombies," was born

On This Day: Harvard-educated minister hanged for witchcraft - August 19, 1692

Tucson Firearms Smuggler Sentenced to 60 Months for Conspiring to Smuggle Firearms into Mexico

Graphic:Chilling video shows inside house where five Mexican students' charred remains were found af

Maryland reports state's first case of locally acquired malaria strain in over 40 years

Changing Faces: Sinaloa Cartel's Longtime Colombia-Connect Sentenced to Prison

Impeached Kentucky prosecutor indicted on fraud, bribery charges in nude pictures case

Containing billions of tons "permanently" for, um, well, a few thousand years anyway.

From God's shoes to satellites in heaven - children weigh in on religion

MAGA: "Biden is only giving $700 to each household in Hawaii!"

Could Paul Thurmond(R-SC) get elected to the US Senate from SC these days?

These parts of California could get a year's rain in a few days thanks to Hurricane Hilary

Five Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Swedish Prime Minister: 'Planned terrorist attacks have been averted'

Gun dealers are upset that the Biden administration is

Which US Senate seat up for re-election in 2024 is going to decide which political party controls

Music to prepare us for a mighty fine day. Louis Armstrong with a spoken message

ok, this is off the wall, i admit.

You raised $100.00 on August 18, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Volodymyr Zelensky visits Sweden for talks with government and royal family

Alabama priest 'groomed young girls' before fleeing to Italy with 18-year-old

Russian missile attack kills 7 in northern Ukrainian city as Zelenskyy visits NATO candidate Sweden

Still Life With Orange?

Happy Caturday with a flash back Arthur photo from 1 year ago, today!

AI-Created Art Isn't Copyrightable, Judge Says in Ruling That Could Give Hollywood Studios Pause

And now a Gryff Caturday photo. He's a bit of a weirdo.

Is the VA GOP the "Gross Old Perverts" Party?"

Monkey Man/Happy International Orangutan Day

dolly parton,paul mccartney,ringo star,mick feetwood and peter frampton performing let it be

Why Donald Trump + Marjorie Taylor Greene would be a DISASTER in 2024 The Warning w/ Steve Schmid

Where were the "no" votes on Womens' Suffrage?

Magnetars and "zombie" stars: New type of ultrahigh magnetic star discovered

Schools are teaching ChatGPT, so students aren't left behind

CBS News is reporting that Ukraine forces have broken through and are approaching Tokmak

Canada wildfires: British Columbia in state of emergency as 19,000 flee Yellowknife fire

Feast of flowers

Trump's refusal to pay Rudy Giuliani worse than we thought:

Friends, Laura Loomer needs YOUR help.....

Mucking around with compost this morning

Kid Rock was caught drinking Bud Light and we can't stop laughing at him

Why 'pro-life' Texas is arguing in court that a fetus has no rights

May I take your order?

2014 Billy J. Kramer interview + his recording of Lennon-McCartney song I'm In Love + Lennon's demo

Bruce invites a 4yo to the stage....

Russian women fear return of murderers freed to fight for Wagner

PragerU's whitewashing of Frederick Douglass is exactly how you indoctrinate children with falsehood

I want to be this optimistic.

Ali's show is great this morning

Atlantic, Tribe, The Hill Op Ed, and on MSNBC Velshi: Trump can't run for potus

I've been watching documentaries on You Tube

Chicago police officer charged with abusing sleeping teens, filming child porn

6 examples of the Courts preventing attempts to overthrow elections

Ignore function not working sometimes

FUNNY! The Baby's Reaction to the Latest Georgia Indictment is EPIC! Bob Cesca & Stephanie Miller

A state of emergency has been declared in B.C. due to wildfires. Here's what that means

Law enforcement expects Trump to surrender at Atlanta jail at the end of next week

James Buckley, conservative senator and brother of late writer William F. Buckley, dies at 100

What's in the doggy bag?

Trump's tweets count as an 'overt act' in the Georgia case. What does that mean?

Arkansas law firm sues Tile creators after stalking issues with device

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley is ranting again

There were 147 republicans who refused to certify the election in 2020, yet very few of them were

9 Bay Area cops have been arrested by FBI for cheating, racist abuse, drug dealing

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Hawaii and $700 payments....

Disqualification from Public Office Under the 14th Amendment

Thousands under evacuation orders and some homes burn as wildfires race through Washington state

Ex-NYPD top cop Bernie Kerik fingered as co-conspirator in Trump's Georgia election interference cas

Bolsonaro's legal woes mount as Brazil police probe his finances

I had a Caturday stalker while I was out weeding a garden.

Tommy Tuberville Is Putting Our Country At Risk....

I completely forgot the appointment with my hairdresser today. What can I do to further show my

Prosecutor on arresting Trump for state crimes in the White House if he wins in 2024 - Brian Tyler Cohen

NYtimes article details how Guiliani, despite making $400k per year, is broke and begging Trump

Physics Informed CNN.

"I was the apple of his eye." Trump discusses his unique relationship with the Butcher of Moscow,,.

What kind of sicko wants to look at fetal photos of babies that are not his, for pleasure.

Scientists are reducing or eliminating X usage as misinformation and harassment rises

Get yer fresh freeper tears here: no names or links: sanitized: Donors dump trump reactions

Allow me to share the best advice/suggestion I've seen in decades

WATCH: Jewish UFC Fighter WRECKS White Supremacist

Dog entertains himself the only way he knows how!

Hard to believe

Those F-16s for Ukraine? Four or Five years from now.

Keeping fringe ideas at a volume commensurate with their representation

Kari Lake and supporters keep bringing cases to overturn the 2022 election without evidence.

Cartoons 8/19/2023

Eco-nomics: Excessive heat isn't good for humans or the Earth

Smerconish show just explained tfg's growing support among republican voters

Nye County Sheriff's captain indicted on federal charges.

Not a good idea Eloon

Putin sets sights on re-election but cost of war can only grow

Republicans want to protect children?

Benny Goodman- Sing, Sing, Sing : Anthem of the Swing Era ⭐ Swingjugend

homeowner's house almost demolished after SWAT team extracts Terran Green

Trump criminal charges: Here are all 91 felony counts against the former president across 4 cases

FBI searching for Proud Boy after he disappears days before January 6 sentencing

What quirk/quirks does your pet/pets have? Dolly needs to do the "dance" before she gets her treat.

Everyone at West Virginia University Knew Something Was Up. I Hate That We Were Right.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 19, 2023)

Turkish artist creates gorgeous sculptures from discarded spoons & scrap metal:

pre post t.s hilary temps check in for sonora ca .

Kelowna. Yellowknife. Tenerife. Maui. Keremeos. And We Haven't Even Officially Hit 1.5C

The very dangerous "parental alienation" lie (Pro Publica)

The battle for White votes in the South

A Texas Dairy Ranks Among the State's Biggest Methane Emitters. But Don't Ask the EPA or the State A

What one adjective best describes the Defendant?

Court records show Cyber Ninjas' CEO Doug Logan is 'Individual 25' in Georgia's Trump indictment

This or That--Sausage or bacon ? Think wisely and pick one of the two choices listed.

Mission impossible:

If it fits, I sits!

Pakistan police say 87 Christian homes, 19 churches damaged in blasphemy riot

Best wishes to all California DUers in the path of the storm.

The Thinker:

Please Don't Gender My Dinner (the whole "girl dinner" trend)

Puppy bellies:

Congratulations BigmanPigman, 50000 posts!

Please Don't Gender My Dinner (the whole "girl dinner" trend)

Please Don't Gender My Dinner (the whole "girl dinner" trend)

2nd tweet --fierce kittens:

Yep yep yep


Evidence, Criminal #1 (DJT) is losing his base popularity...

Kitty weekend mood:


Anti-Abortion Groups Are Coming for Birth Control--Just as Reproductive Rights Activists Warned

Anti-Abortion Groups Are Coming for Birth Control--Just as Reproductive Rights Activists Warned

Anti-Abortion Groups Are Coming for Birth Control--Just as Reproductive Rights Activists Warned

Anti-Abortion Groups Are Coming for Birth Control--Just as Reproductive Rights Activists Warned

Happy 77 birthday President Clinton

Excessive Heat is causing Watermelons to Explode

Sneaking in for a kiss:

Is HOPE really a solution?

Days of the Theocracy --Kristin Lems

Days of the Theocracy Kristin Lems

Basketball birds:

Nissan recalling more than 236,000 cars to fix a problem that can cause loss of steering control

Puppy invites cat to play:

I just love this video of people kissing their doggie and seeing the reactions....

Surviving Sri Lanka!! Eating the RAREST Food in South Asia!

Observe, then cuddle:

Why Barbie, Greta and You Should Invest in a Better World

Why Barbie, Greta and You Should Invest in a Better World

Why Barbie, Greta and You Should Invest in a Better World

Dog elated over her new dog bed:

Why Barbie, Greta and You Should Invest in a Better World

What's Up With The Automobile Companies - Re: Recalls......

About the contest size limits

Rail whistleblowers fired for voicing safety concerns despite efforts to end practice of retaliation

Evergrande Declares Bankruptcy; US-Japan-Korea; China Economy & Housing Crisis - China Update

Students' Futures Are Better Off Debt-Free

Students' Futures Are Better Off Debt-Free

Students' Futures Are Better Off Debt-Free

Students' Futures Are Better Off Debt-Free

Rescued Dog Places Her Newborn Puppies In the Lap of Her Foster Mother

Sunrise over the creek, southern MD

Student Loan Debt Is a Gender Issue, Especially for Women of Color

Student Loan Debt Is a Gender Issue, Especially for Women of Color

Student Loan Debt Is a Gender Issue, Especially for Women of Color

A question for any historian that studies

The CO Secretary of State was on Ali's show this morning.

Gibbon tormenting tigers:

I halp!

Hungry, hunted, terrified: unending plight of the Afghan women who served in military and police

"Here, have a hat my friend":

Hungry, hunted, terrified: unending plight of the Afghan women who served in military and police

Hungry, hunted, terrified: unending plight of the Afghan women who served in military and police

Hungry, hunted, terrified: unending plight of the Afghan women who served in military and police

This might hit pretty high on the Squeeeee meter

Is Defendant Trump scared that he will be incarcerated in the Fulton County Jail?

The Hives - Hate to Say I Told You So

The Orange Chicken is Deathly Afraid of the Fat Man.

update on my hairdresser: he wouldn't take my money!

Rupert Holmes - Partners In Crime

Trump Claims He's the Putin Whisperer: 'I Was the Apple of His Eye'

***Questions about download speeds and file sizes****

2 Chainz Samples Opulent Cannabis Cuisine MOST EXPENSIVEST

Most Expensive Marijuana Meal with 2 Chainz, Hannibal Buress and Tommy Chong

Favorite MSNBC contributors/analysts? (I hope this is the right forum)

Crow Fair 2023 packed with history and culture, and all are invited

Biden quietly sells off border wall parts

DEPT. OF DON'T START NO S**** WON'T BE NO S****: Ron DeSantis

British and Swiss police break up a crime ring and recover a valuable Ming vase in a sting operation

'Now Is the Time to Act': Sanders Pushes Bipartisan Bill to Solve Primary Care Crisis

Stray Puppy Leads Rescuers To Her Secret Hideout

The Five Stages Of A Monday

Matt Gaetz gives away the game on the GOP's push to impeach Biden

How Russia Weaponized the Maui Fires

The Isley Brothers - Climbin' Up The Ladder

Why was Alex Jones "holding" up to 49 firearms for the insurrectionists after Jan 6?

Almeta Latimore & John Freeman - Mr. Sweetness

LMAO: "The Kimberly Guilfoyle effect" (tweeted image)

#2 (or 3) gop candidate wants to run the government like musk runs twitter

Shop owner shot, killed over rainbow flag outside clothing store near Lake Arrowhead

Who is watching the World Athletics Championships? Spoiler

'Hire more attorneys': Trump may be put under the gun by Judge Chutkan

What are some nice things that people have done for you? Your kindness and understanding were

Bets on Trump's weight but are there any bets on...

Georgia GOP's Endless Fight Over 2020 Could Help Biden

The simple joy of buying a lawn mower, or the state of modern customer service.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Tucker, and skipping the debates....

DeSantis attacks the MAGAts

Takei on Post says gop trying raise voting age?

Thousands more evacuated as Tenerife fire rages on Spain's Canary Islands

'Useful American idiot' Trump facing furious backlash for boasting about Putin closeness

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 19, 2023

China holds drills near Taiwan, response to VP's US trip - Reuters

🎉 Happy 77th Birthday to President William Jefferson Clinton! 🇺🇸

An Astrological Analysis and Takedown of Donald Trump

free streaming HistoryHit Channel (one of Amazon's FreeVee channels)

Donald Trump arraignment oddsmakers offer bets on how much he will weigh at Georgia booking

Bobby McFerrin - El Brujo


LA-GOV: Democrats face challenge in keeping Louisiana governor's mansion

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggests course on Black history spreads 'hate' against U.S.

Brian Eno - Windows 95 Startup

NJ: Republican sues over 'statistical impossibility' of Democrats' winning streak in ballot drawings

US can cut building emissions by up to 91%, saving $100 billion a year in energy-related costs, ...

Buzbee may enter the race for Houston Mayor

How to anticipate Hurricaine Hilary.

WI: Three resign from Dane County Board, which seeks replacements

Lawrence Tribe: "He's simply not eligible to be the president again"

Robert Reich on Threads:

Trump's right to lie is at core of his criminal defense

Pornhub's War With a Local Kebab Restaurant Isn't Helping Its Quest for a "Fresh Start"

Ex-Trump administration officials target corporate diversity efforts

Saints tight end Jimmy Graham arrested after medical episode, team believes he may have experienced

Updated Fact Sheet detailing the massive response by FEMA, etc. to the Maui wildfires.

storm Hilary watch!

Is Jesus Too 'Liberal' For U.S. Evangelicals?

Gym Jordan subpoenas Cititbank in investigation into bank info sharing with FBI

Nebraska: Crete Public Schools moves forward with random drug testing of 7th-12th graders

Nebraska: Crete Public Schools moves forward with random drug testing of 7th-12th graders

Visibly Confused Trump Struggles to Talk Policy in Bizarre Fox Interview - Luke Beasley

'$170K a year is a bit of an exaggeration': This UPS driver wants to set the record straight about

Five transgender Kansans allowed to intervene in case centered on gender ID on licenses

Li Ziqi: That season when the fruit and vegetables are too many to eat

business owner openly states that he doesn't want Muslim customers (Michigan)

Mike Lindell Cries, Rants and Suffers Tech Failures Throughout Election Summit

Christians Explain Why Jesus Was Too Liberal - The Onion

Chess official calls for more research as decision to block transgender women from events draws fire

Why Trump canceled his press conference on bogus election claims

Ohio State wrestler Sammy Sasso shot, recovering in hospital

Utah judge overrides probation deal, sentences to prison smug Shark Tank jerk Nate Holzapfel

'Shameful' Nicolas Sarkozy under fire for defending Putin's Ukraine invasion

Kansas judge allows ACLU to intervene in lawsuit over gender markers on driver's licenses

Russia has lost contact with noble and superior Russian science lunar lander.

For those who have birds.

Glenn Kirschner answers questions submitted by viewers

''I have four of them now''

Yikes, my man Carlos Alcaraz lost the first set to that Hurkacz guy.....dang.

Magats here this

Who is defendant Trump "negotiating his surrender" with?

Republicans Fear A Trump Primary Loss Will Destroy Voter Turnout In 2024 - The Ring of Fire

Wilmington music radio station flipping to Christian talk

US readying plans to evacuate drone bases if necessary under Niger's new junta, commander says

Like her or hate her, this song is great!

Ex-soldiers and PCC Member Suspected of Participating in Mining on Yanomami Land (Brazil)

Brazilian Federal Supreme Court Ignores Vape, Hashish, and Oil in Decriminalization of Marijuana Tri

Widely Favored in Polls, Arvalo Faces Long Path to Presidency 48 Hours before Vote

"If I win the presidency there will be efforts to stop the transfer of power"

Ron Filipkowski FTW

I like it better when...

unhinged united airline pilot

Colombia to renegotiate trade pact with US: Petro

Appeals court finds parental kidnapping law does not apply to tribal nations

ABC Weekend News just reported the reason for gasoline price increases.

Lawyer warns Bolsonaro might flee Brazil in view of accusations

So what illness will he feign?

Inside the Collapse of Hunter Biden's Plea Deal

Mexico began prosecuting 116 people in the Ayotzinapa case

Grandson of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, says 'we're in the final chapter' in health update

Appeals court strikes down Utah oil railroad approval, siding with environmentalists

UFO -- Doctor Doctor

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Capital City Pride pulls out of Mississippi Book Festival in response to Pence visit

DeSantis Mocks Trump Supporters as 'Listless Vessels'


Lawrence Tribe and J Michael Luttig: The Constitution Prohibits

Stone Cold Dead

Trump to Skip GOP Primary Debate in Massive Blow to Fox News - Let's Talk Elections

I'll close out Caturday with a photo of Rhys, Merlin and Snowden's mom

Re-watching The Handmaid's Tale

Florida man connected to Proud Boys pleads guilty to assaulting police during Capitol riot

Trump to turn himself into GA authorities. Here's how DA Fani Willis CAN give Trump a speedy trial.

Why God is Imaginary #2


Slide of 91 criminal charges against tfg: 40 Florida, 34 New York, 13 Georgia, 4 Washington, DC