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Strange Saturday Funky Mood Blues

'She is hope' Dispatch dog provides comfort in Calhoun Co.

This is just wrong...

Giuliani Repeatedly Sought Financial Lifeline From Trump

Vulnerable US Senate seats in 2028?

Sunset southern MD 8/19

Mommy what's a contradiction?

J. Michael Luttig and Laurence Tribe make the case for Trump's disqualification from public office

Heaven forbid, but if Trump were to win the next election...?

$200,000 fine is threatening to shut down a Florida abortion clinic. But half has been crowdfunded

Hot Tuna - Down and Out - 2004

I'm speechless.

Saturday night is a good night for power ballads.

Hilary approaches California. Republicans claim Biden is attacking Newsom

(Threads): It is now once again legal to provide food and water to people waiting in line to vote

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the FBI, California, and 9 cops....

Republicans suffer major setback in Texas - Brian Tyler Cohen

Criminal indictments against Donald Trump are 'political persecution,' Utah GOP leaders say

Jorma K. - Police Dog Blues

On Trump indictments, polls tell GOP what it doesn't want to hear

Politics Girl: This Must Stop

'Nearly impossible' for Trump to run presidential campaign while facing 3 prosecutors in 4 cities

Tweet of the Day

This cockatoo is probably smarter than your dog

Sgt. Pepper

Sarah McBride May Become the First Openly Transgender Member of Congress - Lovett or Leave It

Oh oh. Donald Trump's Legal Defense Fund website is hacked.

Comparing Biden and Trump on job creation doesn't help the latter

I'm speechless, part 2

This was texted me

Wynton Marsalis - Mr. Jelly Roll / Standard Time - Smokehouse Blues

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Elephant Talk - King Crimson

Enjoyable story on CBS Evening News

Russia's Luna-25 spacecraft suffers technical glitch in pre-landing maneuver

Ronnie Gilbert

Didn't there used to be a forum for requesting features?

I enjoy this Youtube Channel - Practical Engineering

UB40 & Chrissie Hynde - Breakfast In Bed (music video & Top Of The Pops)

Shameful Sarkozy, former French President, supports Putin invasion of Ukraine

Branford Marsalis - Hear Me Talking to You

South Jersey Capitol riot suspect changes his plea. What's next?

Threads: Make America Sane Again

#VelshiBannedBookClub: The U.S. Constitution - Velshi - MSNBC

The conman won't be treated as other defendants being processed at the Fulton county jail

I've been working on the boys trying to tame them.

Governor Newsom Proclaims State of Emergency As Hurricane Hilary Approaches California

Even George Carlin said f Tucker he's aas

DeSnotis grinds his teeth:

Can someone tell me the time, adjusted to NYC the English are playing the Spanish team.

Is Pravda....

Just read that it's against the law to post mug shots in Ga, so we won't see TFG's mug shot

Penguin bubble party:

Former Anaheim mayor pleads guilty to federal charges

We know the con will get special treatment at Fulton county jail but what about the other 18

Baby bird wants to snuggle with its mother (wait for it):

The Conservative Activist Who Brought Down Affirmative Action Has a New Target

Baby otter gets belly rubs:

baby tree kangaroo crunching on leaves

Top 5 Bee Gees Bass Lines

Dog grooming tiny kitten:

Puppy antics:

Barbie and Oppenheimer out of the top 1 & 2 spots for the first time in 29 days

Kitten & his reflection:

Did someone say breakfast?

Are there any country club prisons in Georgia?

Packers-Patriots Preseason football game suspended after player has head injury.

'Bella!' Review: Taking the Fight to the Streets and the House

Jimmy Carter's grandson says former president, first lady are 'in the final chapter'

Rudy Giuliani Humiliated by EVEN MORE Devastating News! - Luke Beasley


The bad news is: GA state code prohibits agencies from posting mugshots to the web, but...

Tom Petty - Wildflowers

New Report Emphasizes Importance Of Upcoming Judicial Elections In Pennsylvania

Another kiss your pet video:

2nd tweet -- this dog is a deliberate sh**-stirrer!

In talks with prosecutors, Hunter Biden's lawyers vowed to put the president on the stand

Gotta ADMIT....

Texas State Library and Archives Commission to Leave American Library Association

Mark Hamill on The Groper's whining about Fox's picture choices...

The 14th Amendment disqualifies Trump

PA: In Central Bucks School District, Students May Have To Certify Gender

Desantis demands all Florida libraries remove US Constitution as "too woke"

Pa. will track voting machine malfunctions under new settlement with election security groups

8:35 pm pdt and snora ca has thunderstorms !!!!!!! hillary is here.

GA: Accountability sought after Coffee County elections breach and charges

Huskies arguing over who made the mess

This rarely happens: The L.A. City Council blocked a commission appointee

Dear conservatives, you cannot praise the song, Rich Men North of Richmond and complain about...

Lake Arrowhead store owner shot and killed over Pride flag hanging outside shop, officials say

Governor Newsom Proclaims State of Emergency As Hurricane Hilary Approaches California

CA: Recall election of Santa Ana Councilmember Jessie Lopez set for Nov. 14


William Gladstone's descendants to apologise for family's part in slave trade

20 minutes of Canadian News about the fires in BC & NWT tonight

Donnie, Donnie, Donnie, you sleepin' okay?

Anyone here remember Roman Gabriel?


The new old people

Trump sparks derision for saying he was 'apple of Putin's eye' as EU diplomats 'terrified' of 2024 w

Just started watching The West Wing AGAIN.

Cuban expert warns against environmental risks of mega-cruise ships

This is sort of hard to see, but it's a screech owl in my water source.

My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) - Neil Young

Breakfast Sunday 30 August 2023

Debbie Denise - Blue Oyster Cult

Heart - Barracuda

The RNC's Legally Dubious Power Grab Before the GOP Debates

Hang in, California.

Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) - The First Edition

Why Florida Kids Are Getting Cheery Right-Wing Indoctrination Videos in Public Schools

Strange Way - Firefall

VA: 'MAGA base' remains question in push for early, absentee voting

"I don't like to eat alone!"

Rival Sons - Pressure and Time (killer!)

Draw The Line - Aerosmith

The real 'Rich Men North of Richmond' are laughing in their boardrooms

Trump is pretty much the anti-Mandela; we shouldn't be surprised that he's getting the order wrong

How are our friends in California? That storm is hard on you

West Africa bloc warns of 'D-Day' intervention in Niger

Lonesome Drifter by Royal Wade Kimes

Police Said Driver Was Shot Lunging at Officer. Video Shows Otherwise.

Photo of Fetterman with supposed new look. Can people weigh in? Is it him?

Pierre Poilievre cancels his anti-carbon pricing rally because of wildfires fueled by climate change

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Gov. Hobbs says Arizona should press charges against Donald Trump over 2020 election

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

What a lawsuit challenging Wisconsin's GOP-drawn maps means ahead of the 2024 election

Jack Smith Totally OUTMANEUVERED Judge Cannon and Trump is Panicked - Meidas Touch


Drag queen makes historic run for office to bring 'voice to the voiceless' in Florida politics

Maui water is unsafe even with filters, one of the lessons learned from fires in California

Ecuadorians Urged to Vote for Murdered Candidate

19 Aug: That One Hurt! Russian Strategic Airfield Suffers A Devastating Strike! - Reporting from UKR

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Hawaii, sirens, and changes....

A short --The history of gerrymandering in Wisconsin..........

Has anyone here ever set up a store on Shopify?

Housing, rental reform on the agenda for Michigan legislature this fall

WORDLE 792 (Aug 20) ***SPOILERS***

TX Attorney General Used Burner Phone, Fake Uber Account - Raw News And Politics

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Tuna Juice Edition

Russia's first lunar mission in 47 years smashes into the moon in failure

pics -the calm before Hilary hits--and the MT grocery shelfs, flooding [Hilary closing in}........

Feds to MTG: Tell us more about that anti-Islam, Nazi-adjacent provocateur who used your credit card

I'm in agreement with this guy... a third Trump term WOULD be terrifying

Trump TARGETING Federal Judge has Dangerous Consequences - Meidas Touch

Patriots defeat Packers, 21-17, in suspended preseason game

Jack Smith Obtained MASSIVE DISCOVERY about Trump's Messages - Meidas Touch

'I could sell golf': How DeSantis and aides courted lobbyists for campaign cash

Turbine blades for the first US utility-scale offshore wind farm have arrived

Michigan 'bill of rights for the homeless' to be introduced as part of larger housing package

Hilary weakens to Category 1 hurricane as storm moves within striking distance of Mexican peninsula

European Recession Spreads as Dutch Join Germany, Hungary & Estonia & 24 More on Verge of Recession

Finally, the truth about the GOP. This is a 'must read' people...

Nearly 20 million in Southwest face rare tropical storm warning - MSNBC Reports

27 Books by LGBTQ Authors to Read Now and Always

On This Day: Alfred Wallace and Charles Darwin first publish theory of evolution - August 20, 1858

Sucking up to Donald Trump 101: A wannabe's guide for the Republican debate Opinion by Rex Huppke

U.S. Rep. Underwood named 2023 winner of Democracy Award for Constituency Service

A Legally Besieged Trump Focuses on a Personal Goal: Revenge Against Hillary Clinton

Do you believe the prosecution of Trump is mostly a battle between Democrats vs Republicans?

KidRock drank a Bud Light -Brent Terhune😀😀😀😀

PA: This obscure county commission race will tell us which party will has the upper hand in 2024

Canada wildfires: thousands told to flee in British Columbia, as drone-flying tourists criticised

Old Trump contractor said he used to be kinda human

What did Elon Musk have to gain by withholding Trump's Twitter information?

An Ever-Smaller Board on which to play the human game

An Ever-Smaller Board on which to play the human game

Corrupt, Homicidal Dictatorships Don't Handle Massive Fires Well, As Syria Is Now Discovering

McCarthy EMBROILED in New Crimes by GOP Colleague - Meidas Touch

Who still likes Donald Trump? Lots of Republicans -- but we looked for specifics

Carbon Capture, Ocean Plastic Trawls, Space Junk - All Part Of Big Tech's "Solutions" Bullshit

Pennsylvania's judicial elections matter. Here's why

Tweet of the Weekend

Keep On The Sunny Side

On this day, August 20, 1989, "Saved by the Bell" aired for the first time.

A tanker believed to hold sanctioned Iran oil starts offloading near Texas despite Tehran's threats

On this day, August 20, 1934, Peter E. "Sneaky Pete" Kleinow was born.

Spain beat England to win first Women's World Cup

On this day, August 20, 1968, "Operation Danube," the invasion of Czechoslovakia, began.

On this day, August 20, Finnish architects Eliel Saarinen (1873) and Eero Saarinen (1910) were born.

I'm not actually sure Sian is a kitten. I think she might be a spider monkey disguised as a kitten

Enrique Tarrio Is a Curious Case of Latino White Supremacy

Appeasing Donald Trump Won't Work

Here are the things the Biden-Harris administration have done in response to the tragic wildfires in

Material to be applied in Maui burn zone to stop contaminated run-off

On this day, August 20, 1923, "Gentleman Jim" Reeves was born.

Shanghai Is Finished? Guangzhou Is Even Worse! Numerous Malls & Stores Have Shut Down

Meadows told special counsel he could not recall Trump ever declassifying Mar-a-Lago docs: Sources

As world warms, Sweden sees opportunity to grow its young wine industry

Sarpy County Dems show support for Veterans (UPDATED ALREADY)

MEADOWS via ABC This Week - update what he's been testifying:

The Catchy Comedy TV channel is running a marathon of "The Monkees" all day today.

Trump calls for the termination of the Constitution - A poll based on TFG's musngs

Sunday Funnies 8/20/23


Gretchen Whitmer Is Taking Her Defense Of Abortion, LGBTQ+ Rights Directly To Red States

Update on Tudor and a pic

Brazil arrests capital's military police leaders for alleged role in Jan. 8 riots

Brazil arrests capital's military police leaders for alleged role in Jan. 8 riots

Was at grocery store and this woman asked if she could pet Dunc the golden retriever.

Tweet of the Day

Several Virginia School Districts Simply Said No to Implementing Anti-LGBTQ+ Policies

Several Virginia School Districts Simply Said No to Implementing Anti-LGBTQ+ Policies

WE All Need More Kindness In This World

Little girl wants nothing to do with DeSantis:

‼️Although Trump will have his mugshot taken when he's arraigned next week at the Fulton County jail

SoCal DUers' Hilary Check In

Thanks to my anonymous start membership gift member!

Levon, Live In New York City.

Environmental Photography award winners

How it started vs. how it's going..

Newsweek misses the point on Democrats and the 14th Amendment talk

Rep. Kat Cammack (FL) has Kim Guilfoyle energy:

The Sweep and Force of Section Three...

A Glorious Day, indeed!

Across the Desk - S8:E5 (Special Guest - Chaunte Gilmore)

Biden wades into GOP primary with $25 million ad blitz, starting with economy focus

Jack Teagarden was born on this date.

How Ron DeSantis Joined the 'Ruling Class' -- and Turned Against It

Is Industrial Society on the Verge of Collapse?

The No Surprises Act left out ground ambulances. Here's what's happening now

This queer youth choir gives teens a place to feel safe and change the world

With one day to spare, Asa Hutchinson says he'll make the GOP's first primary debate

Gato Barbieri - Why Did She Choose You?

What do "think tanks" actually do?

My liberty or yours? An open letter to Moms for Liberty Opinion by Bruce Diamond

Chick Corea (Feat. Flora Purim) - What Game Shall We Play Today

Christie: I don't regret endorsing Trump in 2016.

Trump patriot defense fund website hacked?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's internet problems.....

Former Trump White House lawyer on how he thinks Trump's surrender in Georgia will play out

Reuters: As fires rage in British Columbia, more residents prepare for evacuations

Pence called trump "my former running mate". On ABC this Week.

Reuters: Wildfire spreads on Spain's Tenerife, forcing thousands from homes

Chinese firm launches WonderJourney satellite with AI-powered 'brain'

From what I understood on the morning news shows.

Schemers or patsies? Michigan Republican electors played key role in Trump election plot

*SIGH* MAGAS Trust TFG More Than Their Own Kin

Dumping of Radioactive Waste into Hudson River Banned After Advocacy by New Yorkers

Democrats Closer to Putting Abortion on 2024 Florida Ballot

Mississippi politicians appear afraid to let citizens vote on abortion like in other states

VA: Will abortion issue derail GOP hopes?

On the Front Line, Ukrainian Commanders Are Buoyed to Be on the Offensive

Climate Scientist reacts to Jordan Peterson

Robert Reich: Trump's coup continues. It will soon enter its fourth phase

Failure to Think

Study shows how the meat and dairy sector resists competition from alternative animal products

The timing of the Trump indictments

Pleasant Green: Nigerian Scammers Extradited to the U.S.A.!

More birds in the series

ICYMI: Monica Tranel (D) seeks rematch against Ryan Zinke (R-MT) for Congress

It appears the mom is moving the kittens.

Walz appeared on the CBS program? Promoting Biden, apparently

I currently have multiple close friends in distress....

Rain / Happy World Honey Bee Day

Former Minnesota Gov. Al Quie dies at 99

Smirking Chimp blog: Democrats need to stop self-cutting

Robert Plant is 75 today.

Yes, it appears I'm a Mom of 6.

Texas drivers vexed by toll road payment problems got little relief from state lawmakers

Wattstax was 51 years ago today.

Chicago trombonist James Pankow is 76 today.

John Hiatt is 71 today.

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 20, 2023?

Mini-series, Painkiller....

Linoleum on Hulu. Jim Gaffigan's a very good actor.

Are using post-it notes laughably passe?

The Rolling Stones released "Angie" 50 years ago today.

Black Rock and Vanguard own the Hawaii "public utilities" They neglected the islands for years

Pakistani Christians hold Sunday services at churches burnt by mob

Large wildfire ravages forest in northern Greece as 8 villages are evacuated

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 20, 2023)

The Evisceration Of A Public University

This or That--Batman or Superman. Think fast. Only two choices. Mine is Batman

The Disturbed Degenerate still harping about Dishwashers and Water Pressure

size test

In the process of moving I found this. Better late than never. 🤞🏼

Why is Graham still spewing and getting away with it? He is deeply in on it.

The Evisceration Of A Public University - WV

@GOP REp. John James voted NO but takes credit for the project in MI.........

Okay, this is maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen ...

Mike Pence says he wasn't aware of any 'broad-based effort' by Trump to declassify documents

Host of U.N. climate summit moves to 'counteract all negative press'

Host of U.N. climate summit moves to 'counteract all negative press'

Now that the DNC is watching, I updated the DU for Biden-Harris ActBlue page

Why no insurrection charge? Ralph Nader on how Trump could still be reelected unless DOJ acts

Eating at the highest rated Philippines restaurant in San Diego

Biden will reassure Maui fire victims they will control rebuild, says Fema chief

Whitmer 'proud' to support Biden, despite call to launch a primary challenge

What is more likely to happen? Democrats holding on to the GA US Senate seats in 2026 and 2028?

The sign language interpreter behind the Mayor is the greatest thing ever.

92-Year-Old Republican's Opinion on Donald Trump

Trump: I Will Primary Any Rep Who Won't Defund Jack Smith

Reuters: EV battery imports face scrutiny under US law on Chinese forced labor

Battleground US Senate Elections in 2024 that the Democrats will hold onto.

Tweet to those who didn't vote for Clinton

Anyone know why

New lawsuit could flip the House to the Democrats - Brian Tyler Cohen

Legal scholars increasingly raise constitutional argument Trump should be barred from presidency

A valuable movie speech for our times - Judgment at Nuremberg

Talking Heads, Useful Idiots, & Other 'Employees' of Russian Propaganda - The Gaze - UATV

Going full Fascist: DeSantis vows to use deadly force on suspected drug traffickers

Hilary makes landfall in Mexico's Baja California peninsula as rain begins in Southern California

Kid Rock Drank a Bud Light???


Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Watching Painkiller on Netflix

Jared Kushner Caught By Suspicious Saudi Funding BOMBSHELL

Foster Pup Has A Serious Love For Opera Music

On The Grind: DC Ranked No.1 Most Overworked US City

Twitter/X link formatting change

Guy Rescues Hawk Tangled In Fishing Line

You can't "Save Democracy with this one weird trick".....

Let's play "How many minutes until noon Friday in Atlanta?"

Indian police stop a conference of activists and academics discussing G20 issues ahead of summit

Memes 🍹for a Sunday afternoon 😎

Aaron Rupar: This is what you see when you enter the gates of hell

US sanctions 100 Nicaraguan municipal officials over rights abuses

India imposes 40% export duty on onions to calm rising prices

▶️ Female Rufous Hummingbird Sips Sap

Marjorie Taylor Greene Suggests That She's Ready For A Higher Office - Ring of Fire

MMA fighter says Trump - a cardio king with huge hands - would win fight with Biden

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 21 August 2023

Prof. Jason Johnson slams Senator Tuberville for legislative terrorism harming national security.

Prof. Jason Johnson tells the inconvenient truth about the Ohio voters even with their recent win.

Rep Jamie Raskin debunks Trump's lawyers' spin. The president is an insurrectionist, period.

Record-high American credit card debt is the result of sustained theft from corporate America.

Heroic defender of the Constitution? - welp, that didn't last long for weasel PENCE!

American rugged individualism and meritocracy is a farce that kills living in a community.

Mexico replaced China as America's top trade buddy -- and it shows how the global economy is rapidly

Mexico replaced China as America's top trade buddy -- and it shows how the global economy is rapidly

Now Grannie's mad!

Tweet of the day

I had to school a Right Wing caller on Social Security. It's not a savings account.

Ron DeSantis caves in an interview. He and Hillary Clinton share the same thoughts about MAGA.

Will Bunch: There's no Jan. 6 justice while Roger Stone, Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon walk free

At last Tudor's buddy has arrived

"... In a cryptic post on X on Saturday, Musk hinted that the social media platform,

Ramaswamy: 1. Who the fuck is he? 2. Where did he come from? 3. Who's funding him? . . . . .

A Utah man accused of peddling silver as a COVID-19 cure led the feds on a 3-year manhunt and spamme

what a thunderstorm, ohm former ts hilary , 8/20/23 from 9 pm to 10 pm pdt

New Jersey requires climate change education. A year in, here's how it's going

Court documents suggests reason for police raid of Kansas newspaper

Republicans Furious as Biden Sells Unused Trump Border Wall for Millions

Dr. Oz lent his PA Senate campaign $27M. He's now raising money to pay himself back.

Crazy video footage of wipeouts from surfers in Newport Beach, California during Hurricane Hillary

Well done Coco

A fellow Yale secret society member said Ron DeSantis rolled his eyes when she talked about her

Ron Cephas Jones, This Is Us star, dies aged 66

Texas Young Republicans Go To War Against Texas Old Republicans

What car out of any year, maker, style would you like to have if money was no problem and even if

Just stumbled upon the scientific study where they raised a human child with a chimp

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine and a GOP split....

Niger coup leader Gen Tchiani promises to handover power in three years

Esther Choi's SPICY Korean Food Crawl - Chicken Feet, Crab, & INSANE Ktown Challenge Heat Eaters

DeSantis has brought the ideology of Scott Yenos ( the woman hater) to Florida

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 20, 2023

Vivek Ramaswamy: Elon Musk-backed Presidential candidate

Agncia FAPESP: Amazon dark earth boosts tree growth as much as sixfold

The Best Case Scenario for Democrats in the 2024 Senate Elections - Let's Talk Elections

Ron DeSantis's "Listless Vessels" Comment Roils MAGA Supporters, Sparks Feud With Vivek Ramaswamy

Ecuador and Guatemala vote on presidential elections

How Mexican Narcos Use Remittances to Wire U.S. Drug Profits Home

Russia-Ukraine war: Russian bomber destroyed in Ukrainian drone attack

UVM: Plans to plant billions of trees threatened by massive undersupply of seedlings

the story behind the miracle house of Lahaina, Maui

Trump campaign demands apology from DeSantis over 'listless vessels' comment - CNN

Scientists Trapped Light Inside a Metamaterial and Made It 10x More Magnetic

Trump criminal charges: Here are all 91 felony counts against the former president across 4 cases

MSU: New research: Political attitudes did not change during COVID-19 pandemic

Trump's Lead Keeps Growing

Dear New College Student: thoughts from a professor

How Putin's War Is Unleashing a Crisis Back Home in Russia

Tropical Storm Franklin has formed

Begger Doggos

Meadows Says Trump Never Declassified Documents

Tropical Storm Hilary: Water levels continue to rise along the LA River

Videos Show Massive New York Blaze as Firefighters Injured, Fire Spreads

How Three Women Exposed an Army Lt. Colonel's Secret Life Carlos gonna beat the joker today?? Did once already at Wimbledon.....May-be a 2nd time??

California shop owner shot dead over LGBTQ+ Pride flag displayed at store

Bill Cassidy wants to burn more natural gas & penalize China as the solution to slow CO2 emissions.

I want to say something about Grovelbot's Big Board Stickies for 2023.

Songs That Don't Mean What You Think They Mean

Which 2022 US Senate candidate came close to getting 2 million votes. Warnock(D-GA) or Budd(R-NC)?

Leonard Nimoy's 'highly illogical' appearance on The Carol Burnett Show

Biden Wades Into GOP Primary with Ad Blitz

All of the Atlantic/Gulf spaghetti plots current at 5:15 pm EDT, 8/20 (image heavy)

captain & tennille - do that to me one more time (live- grammy's 1979) you know you love this one :)

It's back to school season and our well regulate militia in Virginia is out there flexing their guns

126 degree heat index in NE Kansas. Temp 103.

Neighborhood crepe myrtles


Earthquake Felt In Woodland Hills

News & Commentary August 17, 2023 unionization by private-sector doctors gathers steam in Minnesota


Sickening: Conservatives lose it as Biden administration sells off Trump's border wall materials

John Mayall - Chicago Line

Chris Christie Shuts Down Fox Host's Defense of Trump to His Face! - Luke Beasley

trump just told us all that MORE Indictments are On the Way. Total 7

I've had my vintage booth for almost a year

Ireland's Golden Hour - Cinematic video

Las Vegas declares state of emergency ahead of Tropical Storm Hilary's impact

Earthquake Rattles Los Angeles as Tropical Storm Pelts the Region

Little Dot (Dylan's sibling) is getting braver.

UN-official DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema, just $41 short of curret goal!

Will everyone who has to surrender in Georgia by noon Friday will wait until the last minute?

Meadows wants federal court to dismiss Georgia charges

The Biden Family will vacation at Lake Tahoe for the 2nd week of their vacation..........

Loss of Connection to the 'Aviation SWIFT.' Russian Airlines Face New Challenges due to Sanctions - UATV

Hurricane: "I've got people in southern California freaking out like never before."

Louisiana AG hopeful Liz Murrill randomly claims abortion pills may be laced with fentanyl

Kimberly Gargoyle Tinfoil: Pumped up Lips; Disinflated Brain

Ojai is rocking and rolling: 5.1 largest so far

A 2 and a half minute video about rain in Los Angeles:

Here's a guy with funny shoes who keeps falling on his face...

Pete Strzok: Such historic, abject lowness

A thought to consider.

California store owner, mother of 9, fatally shot over a Pride flag displayed in her shop

Trump says he will skip GOP presidential primary debates


I learned a new word today; locum. Thank you Midsomer Murders

I have to say as a 15 y.o. boy, the Pointer Sisters told me what it was all about

A Fifth Grade Crush Revisited

Senator Fetterman reveals new look

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

US Appeals Court Halts 'Climate Bomb' Oil Rail Project Over Environmental Concerns

Why Trump's Georgia case likely can't be removed to federal court

Looking for other Pittsburghers

Preliminary magnitude 5.0 earthquake hits Ojai

Georgia Golf Course Told DeSantis to Stop Coming for Free

Just did six posts in 80 minutes. I'm sure that's six times my average. Can't explain it.

Democrats could regain control of the US Senate in 2026 if they lose it in 2024.

Skip navigation Search 6 Avatar image LIVE LIVE storm coverage as Tropical Storm moves t

The Evil which is today's Russia: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn"

This evening's Watercolor

Just saw the Airforce Jazz Band Today

Russian Generals 'Feel Bad': Mysterious Deaths and Disappearances - UATV

MIT News: To improve solar and other clean energy tech, look beyond hardware

This Is Why I Stopped Eating Pho For Breakfast...

Got a star to spare?

David Bromberg - Jelly Jaw Joe - 1979.

This will be a hard night for Tudor but things will get better from this point, on