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University of Houston students brace for LGBTQ Resource Center closure in response to Texas' DEI ban

I shudder about Boris Johnson as PM- a low point that could have been even worse

University of Houston students brace for LGBTQ Resource Center closure in response to Texas' DEI ban

Every Destiny 2 Player should know this New Season 22 Info!

University of Houston students brace for LGBTQ Resource Center closure in response to Texas' DEI ban

MSU researchers using solar and wind power more efficiently

Red Bell Pepper:

China's rover maps 1,000 feet of hidden 'structures' deep below the dark side of the moon

MTG Baselessly Claims Georgia Prosecutor Is 'Guilty of' RICO Crimes, Not Trump

Lionesses have 'inspired millions' despite falling short in first World Cup final

Bearded Bigot Humiliates Himself Without Realizing - Rebel HQ

NASA's Lunar Trailblazer satellite is ready to hunt for water on the moon

PNNL: Next-generation Flow Battery Design Sets Records

Lucy Letby news - latest: Hospital bosses 'should be investigated for corporate manslaughter'

History Channel : Bermuda Triangle mysteries, NAZI treasure, Ufo footage and Easter Island.

Traditional TV 'past the point of no return' as viewership hits record low

Today, Zelensky announced that the Netherlands is donating 42 F-16 fighters jets to Ukraine.

Russia says its Luna-25 lunar lander has crashed into the moon

Dave Bromberg Band - Loaded and Laid - around 75....

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee calls threat of attack on her, Chutkan 'chilling'

Statement from President Joe Biden on Tomorrow's Visit to Maui

Environmental users abandoned Twitter after Musk takeover

Ecuador votes in historic referendum on oil extraction in the Amazon

TFG's lawyers are trying to negotiate not to have his mugshot photo taken

Elon Musk fighting with CatTurd and James Woods 😂😂😂

Ukraine hails 'historic' decision to supply F-16 jets

Military's Gain Is Democracy's Loss In Peru - Analysis

James Woods Threatens to Leave X (Twitter), Elon Musk Responds: 'Delete Your Account'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, bills, and speculation....

Brazil plans to mend relations with Cuba, a senior diplomatic official says

Since DC_Draino is a piece of garbage, here is Brian Tyler Cohen roasting him.

He's Lived 50 Years Off The Grid in Appalachia 🐿

PPPL: Scientists discover shortcut that aids the design of twisty fusion facilities

Threats against those working to hold Trump accountable ramp up

David Bowie -- Ashes to Ashes

Palm Springs just recorded its heaviest hourly rainfall on record, and intense tropical downpours co

Ecuadorians vote for president without violence, but overseas voting system sees cyberattacks

Albert Hammond - It Never Rains in Southern California

Ecuadorians Vote on 'Monumental Referendum' to End Oil Drilling in Yasun National Park

With heavy police presence, Ecuadorians vote for president without violence

Tropical Storm Hilary makes landfall in California, bringing powerful wind and rain

Adobe co-founder John Warnock, a giant in the tech world, dies at 82

Press Release: SHINE Technologies Achieves Visible Proof of Fusion

Sweet slow dances

Mary Trump reacts to her uncle's fourth indictment - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Hmm All These F16's Going to Ukraine....

A group of rebellious nuns took their monastery back, banning a bishop, until he 'repents' for his a

Guatemalans Await Results in Election Criticized by the US

Sweet slow dances

Roger Corman's Fantastic Four

I think I found the ideal name for Musk's Social Media Sewage Stream

Polls close in Guatemala's presidential runoff as voters hope for real change

ERCOT asks Texans to reduce electric use Sunday after thermal generation breakdown

hihowdi all.

The day democracy died

Swiss national arrested in military-ruled Myanmar for allegedly insulting Buddhism in film

'Defendant or cooperator?': Weissmann on bombshell report that Trump's chief of staff talks to feds

The Rolling Stones -- Hot Stuff

As per CNN, the jurors who indicted TFG have been doxxed. They're receiving death threats

Newsmax Told Ramaswamy to Pay for More Coverage

What's Florida Republican Congresswoman Kat Cammack doing here?

GOP senator: Trump should drop out of the 2024 race - CNN

"You Can't Polish a Turd. Rudy Giuliani Tied His Fate to Trump." Glenn Kirschner to Stephanie Miller

Trump's Mugshot

California GOP May Drop Opposition to Abortion

The real victims of Donald Trump's election lies - Ayman - MSNBC

At long last, an HONEST Republican

Trumpet Concerto in E-Flat Major, S. 49: II. Andante

TIMELINE: The events leading up to Donald Trump's indictment in Georgia - Ayman - MSNBC

Grisham: Trump continuing down this path would be a 'mistake' - CNN

just finished watching Netflix' "PainKiller" - story of Sackler family, Purdue Pharma, and Oxycontin

Does anyone have experience with online college courses

Hilary Update - Tropical storm crosses into Southern California - ABC10 Southern California

He's Lived 50 Years Off The Grid in Appalachia 🐿 - NC

Live Radar: Tracking Hilary's path and the tropical storm warning in Southern California - ABC10 SoCA

Walter Murphy -- Russian Dressing

Jan. 6 committee staffer: "Zero evidence that Ray Epps was a federal agent"

Ron DeSantis decides to STRIKE.....

Girlfriend took me to see Blue Beetle

NY Times: Ukranian Commanders are Buoyed to be on the Offensive

Irony is not dead in the "X" world

trop storm hillary rainfall totals in so cal at 4:32 local


Stunning new reporting about Mark Meadows and something super important he can't remember

Wynton Marsalis - Cherokee

Finally saw Barbie!

NREL: 100% Clean Electricity by 2035 Study

Kemp says he's sure to be witness in trial, slams GOP focus on stupid things

Bush 43 A.G.: Trump should be jailed if convicted - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC


761st Tank Battalion of WWll, the original Black Panthers...

Trump BLATANTLY Disturbing Post Threatens Entire Judicial Process - Meidas Touch

Billy Bragg's answer to Oliver Anthony: "Rich Men earning North of a million"

George Takei on Threads:

MI: Wixom Voters to Consider Charter Changes on Nov. 7, 2023 Ballot

Incredible Facts About Chipmunks: Small But Mighty!

Marjorie Taylor Greene Predicts Trump to Face 5th Indictment in This State

The Jonestown Massacre

White dudes need to stop using "witch hunt" and "lynch mob" just because an asshole is facing

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 22: Summer Under the Stars: Geraldine Chaplin

The Biggest Climate Spending Bill Ever Just Turned One. Here's What It Has Achieved.

Older LGBTQ adults fear going back "in the closet" upon entering assisted living

(Jewish Group) Ian Explains: Why antisemitism is increasing around the world (video)

(Jewish Group) New York man charged with hate crime for antisemitic graffiti on synagogue

(Jewish Group) Popular kosher eatery near Paris defaced with graffiti saying 'Jew' and 'thief'

LGBTQ fears grow in Malaysia as Islamists shatter reform hopes

Georgia Republicans look to go after DA Fani Willis as retribution for Trump indictment - MSNBC Reports

A Republican lawsuit threatens a Biden immigration policy thousands have used to come to the US

A/C is great... until a bunch of forest fires pop up in your area

on Meta, male reproductive healths ads are ok, Female reproductive health is restricted

TCM later:

Trump to skip GOP debate with plans for an interview with Tucker Carlson - MSNBC Reports

Hundreds of migrants killed by Saudi border guards - report

Hundreds of migrants killed by Saudi border guards - report

Spanish soccer president kisses player on the mouth during trophy presentation (without her consent

Florida's Teacher Shortage Is Getting Worse


Imma drop this, and THIS. Right here

WA: Spokane mayoral candidate Lisa Brown (D) speaks on proposed jail tax

Anti-corruption candidate Bernardo Arevalo wins Guatemala's presidential election


Confused Trump SO DESPERATE In Disastrous Live TV Interview - Meidas Touch


GA: Cobb School Board votes to fire teacher who read book about gender identity

Cuba's Worsening Food Crisis Means US Blockade Must End Now, Not Later

I checked on my kid in hot AF TX today

Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore in concert tonight (Lancaster, PA)

The Appalling Commodification of Children

Breakfast Monday 21 August 2023

You are going to hate me for saying this

'He is scared': Psaki on unusual signs of fear from Trump after new indictment - Inside w/Jen Psaki

Trump's closest ally throws him under the bus in federal trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, commentary, and expectations....

20 Aug: Incredible Operation. Ukrainian Spies Hit Russians From The Back! - Reporting from Ukraine


Tourist Town--by Marti Jones. Pleasant, brilliant obscurity!

Trump's deadline to surrender to an Atlanta jail overshadows first GOP debate - American Voices MSNBC

Judge blocks Georgia's ban on hormone therapy for transgender minors

A presidential runoff is likely in Ecuador between an ally of ex-president and a banana tycoon's son

WA: Spokane mayor (R) accepts re-election endorsements from neo Nazi and Christian nationalist.

Before Trump, Fani Willis used RICO in a cheating scandal - Velshi - MSNBC

NASA spacecraft reunites with Earth after 17-year trip around the sun

WORDLE 793 (Aug 21) ***SPOILERS***

Firearms killed a record number of children in 2021, study finds

Jack Smith BULLDOZED Resistance and Got THE GOODS on Trump - Meidas Touch

Salmonella outbreak across 11 states linked to small turtles

'Fired on like rain': Saudi border guards accused of mass killings of Ethiopians

On This Day: Vodou ceremony leads to slave rebellion, revolution, independence - Aug. 21, 1791

Canada to deploy military in British Columbia to tackle fast-spreading fires

Remember when John Lennon caught all that flack for saying that

Al Franken: Tim Miller & Charlie Cook On The 1st GOP Debate

Covid-19 linked with higher risk of high blood pressure, study finds

A little Florida history

Monday TOONs - Irrefutable Proof

Poll finds Trump's big lead grows, as GOP voters dismiss indictments

One week sober.

Proud purple to angry red: These Florida residents feel unwelcome in 'new' Florida

Biden's Schedule for Monday, August 21, 2023

This week's major U.S. economic reports (August 21 -- August 25)

Lowered expectations -- but still room for optimism in MI crop forecast

On this day, August 21, 1939, one of America's first sit-ins took place.

Image Dump 8/21/23

On this day, August 21, 2015, there was an attack on board an Amsterdam-to-Paris Thalys train.

Biden administration announces more new funding for rural broadband infrastructure

Biden weighs meeting with Saudi Arabia's MBS at G20 to talk mega-deal

On August 20, 1989, as their parents watched television, Lyle and Erik Menendez shot them to death.

Software Must Be Secure by Design, and Artificial Intelligence Is No Exception (

Don't Worry About Me

ONLY a #MAGA #TRump cult fan would even start to believe that photo. Yes, it is sickening that some

Tudor and Dylan had a good night. Me? not so much.

Scientists discover that Trump's strange hair is actually an alien parasite!* - by Tom Tomorrow

Is Defendant Trump a "flight risk"?

Mom Helps Son Befriend Rescue Fox

Nancy Pelosi Nailed It Again

The Rundown: August 21, 2023

The Day After (Hilary) in Palm Springs, CA.

'Ponzi Scheme' Threatens China's Financial System; BRICS; Corruption Crackdown - China Update

I'm at the grocery. There is a chunk of fancy cheesewith toothpicks HOLD ME BACK

On Motherfucker asking for a SCIF* to be built (at taxpayer expense) in Merde-a-Lardo

Innocent until proven guilty and guilty beyond a reasonable doubt...

This dog came to the owners funeral.

You raised $135.00 on August 20, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Welcome to "the new normal" of climate change

You raised $73.00 on August 20, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema

"The rooms are nasty__ It smells nasty__ You know they're going to put Trump by himself."

Worth a watch

Let's pour one out for Mike Lindell: MyPillow Guy wasn't important enough to get his own indictment

Ecuadorians reject oil drilling in the Amazon, ending operations in protected area

On this day, August 21, 1945, physicist Harry Daghlian was fatally irradiated at Los Alamos.

One MAGA juror can ruin it all


Meet The Most Pampered Pittie Ever

On this day, August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse traversed the continental United States.

On this day, August 21, 1958, Steve Case was born.

North Carolina kills effort to make its building code energy-efficient

Scoop: Inside Trump's new plan to limit immigration

4 indictments so far,

Another DEATH(s) due to trump Rhetoric

Rudy Giuliani Floats New 'Scientific Evidence' to Prove Innocence

The Great Salt Lake Is Becoming Too Salty to Support Life

Friz Freleng was born on this date.

Art Farmer was born on this date.

Count Basie was born on this date.

Jenna Ellis discovers the truth...

Man arrested after allegedly dumping pipe bomb in car wash trash can: sheriff

Joe Strummer was born on this date.

Too few Republicans fighting for our country.

October Rust 27 years ago today. Type O Negative - My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

There will be as many Tropical Storms in the Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico as there are

The courage of Aragorn

Michigan teen's death fueled anti-vaccine rhetoric. We got CDC's investigative report.

Jackie DeShannon has a birthday today.

Was this a harbinger of what might come today?

Elon Musk admits X 'may fail' after glitch deletes Twitter photos

It's not so much that they love TFG. It's that they hate us so very very much.

Meanwhile at TFG's irrefutable proof press conference location . . . (Twitter video)

Officer Jeffery Smith, A hero of 1/6 who took his own life after injuries sustained on 1/6

Loophole allows Boebert to blast back against attack ad


Tudor's sisters are back!!!

Another Stochastic terrorist attacks Judge Chutkan

Geoengineering sounds like a quick climate fix, but with potentially harmful results

Three found dead after Moscow guided sewer tour hit by heavy rain

My clinical organization uses the EPIC medical software program. It just occurred to me:

Florida abortion clinic volunteers launch fundraiser to save center from state's 'targeted attack'

We all need a hug sometimes.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia, India, and the moon....

Looking for a new car under $20,000? Good luck. Your choice has dwindled to just one vehicle

Fun at the Deep State Beach

Husky would like endless ear scritches:

My view of DU

Ultimate catitude:

Trump Lawyer Spotted Following Alex Jones Around Capitol During Capitol Riot - Farron Balanced

All these polls show so much support for TFG, over EVERYONE running against him. WHY?

A boy and his cat:

Ecuadorians reject oil drilling in the Amazon, ending operations in protected area

Ecuadorians reject oil drilling in the Amazon, ending operations in protected area

FOX playing with ball:

Been awhile since I checked out a JL Cauvin video...

Ted Cruz, falling for a decade-old internet hoax

Let's ride in the front on The Beast.

Iowa Poll: Donald Trump holds commanding lead in first test of 2024 Republican caucus field

Pupper's tail says he's having a happy dream:

Who is/are your favorite female singer/singers--any genre, any time. The women who use their voices

'Gigantic step backwards': far-right gains in Chile threaten abortion rights

'Gigantic step backwards': far-right gains in Chile threaten abortion rights

2nd tweet -- Puppy thinks sleeping dog's tongue is a toy:

$500,000 reward for DC pipe bomber information:

Man gets no respect from his dog:

The 'Evil' Football Coach Who Scammed His Way to ESPN

AI-generated art can't be copyrighted federal judge rules, with potential consequences for Hollywood

Prosecutor warns Trump about prison sentence - Brian Tyler Cohen

Impressive pottery skills:

S.F. lawmaker shelves bridge toll hike that aimed to save public transit agencies

Fox News Blames Biden for Letting Hurricane "Into the Country"

'Dangerously Rebellious' Nuns Stage Mutiny Against Bishop

Joe Biden should announce

The zombified carcass of what was once Twitter, just purged photos prior to Dec. 2014.

Flooding sends rockslide rumbling down hill in San Bernardino County mountains

Dog leaps over fence to play with piglet:

Progressives Aren't Winning Headlines, But They Are Winning Legislation

Should we name heatwaves as we do other extreme weather events? Politicians & Companies?

Federal Judge Blocks Trans Care Ban In Georgia, Debunks "Experimental" Talking Point

Pic Of The Moment: Signs You Might Be In A Cult

'A new type of candidate': Kansas education groups worry over school board races

An Obvious trump Inspired HATE Crime

Basket full of baby red pandas:

As ranked choice voting gains momentum, parties in power push back

'Why is my child gone?': family demands answers after teen found dead in Atlanta cell

PA-SEN: Trump advisor charged in Georgia fake elector scheme worked on McCormick's U.S. Senate bid

Doggo says not today:

Did Texans freeze because of greed?


You have to work at statistics.

This cat is broken:

Day 21, no one suspects a thing:

VA: Youngkin retools message for new elections with 'Parents Matter' talks

Get out of my way:

New bills would let Pennsylvania local governments hire firms as managers

Steve Bannon Attacks Fani Willis And Suggests We're Close To 'Revolution' - Farron Balanced

DeSantis against Floridians. I did extract this from Reddit, seems a good summary IMO.

Dog dancing along to grandma's singing:

The Virginia Senate is poised to look very different next year

Divided Indiana Supreme Court clears way for near-total abortion ban

On Trump indictments, polls tell GOP what it doesn't want to hear

excuse me, coming through

Virginia Republicans are two seats away from an abortion ban. Here's how we stop them

Woman Shortage, indeed!

Why doesn't the Secret Service have snipers at the top of US Capitol

What do they think would be a "serious charge"?

Power off:

2nd tweet -- corgi at work:

Tiedrich rant: don't give me any bullshit about how unfairly Donald Trump is being treated

Just a big kitten:

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 21, 2023

This owl does a happy dance when landing

U.S. presidential candidate vows to end 'special treatment' of Israel

UFOs are sneaky.

Safeway was caught overcharging. How to find out if your grocery store is doing the same.

Guatemalan Presidential Candidate Bernardo Arvalo Wins in Landslide Rejection of Ruling Elite

Ukrainian drone destroys Russian supersonic bomber

2 years later--still no major US improvements in US Capitol security

Trump says he'll skip ALL the Primary Debates

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 21, 2023)

Vivek Ramaswamy admits he is "not familiar" with the nuclear triad.

Ronan Farrow: Elon Musk's Shadow Rule

Republican feud over 'root canal' spending cuts raises US gov't shutdown risk

Anti-corruption candidate Bernardo Arvalo wins Guatemala presidential election

Cartoons 8/21/2023

Wildfire smoke floods Puget Sound region

Post-Tropical Storm Hilary pushes into Nevada after drenching Southern California

My daughter was killed by a hit-and-run. A simple step makes it easier to catch drivers who flee

Blame 'storied' Kennedy name for Bobby Jr.'s campaign

Pioneering wind-powered cargo ship sets sail

well, i got some very good health news.

South Africa Hosts Major BRICS Summit as Bloc Eyes Global South Expansion to Counter Western Powers

Jon Meacham: GOP Must Keep Losing to Fix Trump's Mess

Hutchinson says Trump may not qualify to be president, citing 14th Amendment

Indiana Supreme Court denies rehearing on abortion restrictions clearing way for law to take effect

Reliving some of the magic of the Barbie Movie

Top Florida Democrat passes on challenging Sen. Rick Scott in 2024

Zelensky hails 'historic' supply of F-16s as Ukraine seeks to counter Russian air supremacy

Maddow Blog Despite DeSantis' plea, Disney isn't 'moving on' from lawsuit

Ukraine running out of options to retake significant territory

PA: More Labor Groups Back Innamorato

8,500-year-old village discovered beneath Albanian lake is oldest known in Europe

Trump's former lawyer was indicted in Georgia. She wants his defense funds to pay her legal fees.

British Columbia in State of Emergency as Climate Change Fuels Canada's Worst Wildfire Season Ever

Republican feud over 'root canal' spending cuts raises US gov't shutdown risk

Spotted Lanternflies

Trump has already recorded his debate-night counter-programming interview with Tucker Carlson, sourc

Pastor Greg Locke must be a MAGAt.

PA: Planned Parenthood Reminding Voters that Carluccio Scrubbed Anti-Abortion Resume from Website

Rich Men North of Richmond and Profile Politics

Three years after a foiled plot to kidnap Michigan's governor, the final trial is set to begin

State board taking control of Miami-Dade toll expressways after MDX loses court fight

Judge blocks Georgia ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender minors

The Unbelievably Bonkers Conspiracy Theorist Running For Governor Of North Carolina

Trump to be booked at Georgia's notorious Fulton County Jail at center of DOJ probe

George Santos Says Ex-Fundraiser Caught Using A Fake Name Tried A New Tactic: Spelling It Backwards

Joni Mitchell, Woodstock, BBC Live 1970 🌻

Freedom Caucus rebels against a short-term funding bill with new demands

Houstonians worry new laws will deter voters who don't recall the hard-won fight for voting rights

The electoral college

Ukrainian Meme Game Is Strong

Nobel economist Paul Krugman mocks Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy as ignorant on economics

Trumpworld is a bubble within a bubble

John Eastman has submitted to pretrial release conditions in Georgia

How will we be able to find our bookmarks on the new DU? (Solved)

Sunsetting and pre-dawn southern MD 8/20-21

DOJ finds police officer's suicide after Jan. 6 attack was a death in the line of duty

Baltimore Oriole Juvenile - Central Park, NYC

Rescue Dog With Wild Zoomies Becomes The Calmest Big Brother

Florida health officials issue warning about flesh-eating bacteria after 2 dozen cases confirmed

Vivek is easy to classify. He's a snake-oil salesman

*When* MAHER is on our side, nobody better. Toe to toe with motormouth oligarch RAMASWAMY

Trump's Tiny White Balls 2: Now It's A Campaign (Fun with AI)

School year approaching, so I get to 'supervise,'

Strongsville teen sentenced to life in prison for double-fatal crash


Where to go to change signature line?

Trump presidential bid poses dilemma for big business

River morning

Tarrio is a complete shit but after reading this I expect he will flip on both Stone & Trump

Peach and Chile Galette With Pistachio Frangipane

TCM Schedule for Saturday 8/26/23: Summer Under the Stars: Doris Day


Leonard Bernstein's Kadish Symphony this evening on PBS

Editorials and other articles is missing!

US citizens urged to leave Belarus immediately

Georgia sheriff pleads guilty to groping Judge Hatchett, resigns effective immediately

Looks like mutherfucker has turned himself in.

The Guardian/Bernie Sanders: The US and China must unite to fight the climate crisis, not each other

American Airlines pilots approve new contract that boosts compensation by more than 46%

Ronan farrow: Musk deliberately throtted Starlink which Ukraine

User Customizable Font Selection.

The Guardian: Anger is most powerful emotion by far for spurring climate action, study finds

This is how Tudor wanted to spend the entire afternoon.


I have an impossible ask & then a coment.

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Little League coach from Cuban team missing

Trump Seems Really Shook Over Georgia Case With Arrest Looming

I'm getting my meds. Doc is furious that I might not get my pain pills. He's disgusted. So am I.

Three were granted Bond in GA election conspiracy case

No super powers link and powers link is grayed out on OPs

Rare footage of 1950's housewife on LSD (Full Version)

Q. Would wild birds eat cherries if I put them near the feeder?

Conservative repubs don't want tfg to run. The state's SOS can refuse to put him on the ballot

Donald Trump Junior being prepped to assume the throne?

I think...

Special counsel says Trump team is exaggerating the volume of discovery it has to review

Trump agrees to $200,000 consent bond in Fulton County.

Maryland man charged with ISIS-inspired plot pleads guilty to planning separate airport attack

Maddow Blog GOP senator's call for Trump's withdrawal comes with fine print

Wow Spoiler

Here's a song I can't in good faith put in the Music Appreciation forum.

Mike Luckovich-How long have you had a hot tub?

So, this is my first entry using DU4

Trump's bond set at $200,000 in Fulton County election interference case

What happened to the page number navigation...

Timnit Gebru Looks at Corporate AI and Sees a Lot of Bad Science

The Fox Sewer manages to Blame the Tropical Storm on President Joe Biden.

Dammed if you do, Dammed if you don't

When's today's BIGLY news conference?

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 21, 2023


How do I get DU4?

I would like to hide the sidebar.

Liking it! But I do miss the contiguous display of Latest Videos on the Home page

Far Side has an appropriate cartoon for the irrelevant Republican debate

How will I know when someone has replied to an OP of mine, or even to one of my replies in a thread?

Scarlet Tanager - Central Park, NYC

Trump Must Surrender at Atlanta Jail by Friday

Meadows seeks dismissal' in GA indictment amid 'presidential immunity' claims

He can afford it.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Cassidy, and a call to withdraw....

LOL! Nicolle Wallace and David Jolly making a fool out of Asa Hutchinson on MSNBC!

Republican candidates make fatal mistake ahead of debate - Brian Tyler Cohen

If Trump were to be declared ineligible to to run due to the 14th amendment

Billy Bragg releases pro-unionisation response song to viral country hit Rich Men North of Richmond

tuolumne county ca and environs on flash flood watch details below.

Some unsolicited advice for Republican primary candidates

If you want to feel good can you maybe throw a few dollars to the Maui Humane Society?

Wet Grass in the Morning...

BREAKING: Eleventh Circuit allows enforcement of Alabama's ban on gender-affirming care for minors

I just Googled my name because it's been a while since I looked.

some recent reptile and amphibian photos, including embryos of red eyed tree frogs....

I am in tears watching Judge Esther Salas speak with Nicole

Well, after a week's long of trying to avert calamity with the GOBer part of my siblings

Question re: Georgia criminal case

This gentleman was checking my mother in law out at grocery store she widowed since 2009

Using Hydrogen to Power Disaster Relief - DHS

Enjoy the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's annual open-air summer concert

Rudy Giuliani has vowed to fight the Georgia charges...

It's not going to be normal, it's going to get worse and worse, probably" BillNye #Hillary aftermath

Hydrogen Buses come to Nevada

Judge FINALLY imposes gag order on Trump in his Georgia RICO case - Glenn Kirschner

Historic Win by Biden Threatens China's Ambitions! - Pondering Politics

Running Wild In The Streets - W*A*S*P

A "go fund me" for Siwsan?

Any watch collectors?

Florida's largest HOA is unraveling the mess caused by its ex board. It's costing millions

House Republicans subpoena IRS and FBI agents involved in Hunter Biden case

" German tanks are on fire and the Swedes are caving" - Break the Fake - TVP World

House GOP Subpoenas IRS and FBI Investigators

Re-Watching the CNN "decades" series

I love Christopher Meloni...

DeSantis Gets Personal

Group of US House members oppose bill that would overturn California animal welfare law

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Checking out DU4 beta; It looks exceedingly cool.

don't give me any bullshit about how unfairly Donald Trump is being treated: JEFF TIEDRICH

San Francisco Archdiocese declares bankruptcy amid hundreds of lawsuits alleging child sexual abuse

Court Finds that Texas Law Requiring the Rejection of Mail Ballots and Applications Violates the

Found on FB

Eric Trump Tells The Most Outrageous Lie Ever About His Father - Ring of Fire

The initial online search spurring a raid on a Kansas paper was legal, a state agency says

Montana asks judge to allow TikTok ban to take effect while legal challenge moves through courts

Neil Gorsuch is preparing his revenge!

Prosecutor asks judge to throw out charges against Black truck driver mauled by police dog in Ohio

Trump has no challengers for the nomination.

I am amazed and dismayed at the same time re Women's World Cup

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 22 August 2023

Female soldiers in Army special operations face rampant sexism and harassment, military report says

Breaking News, just now on CBS news.

Be Free or Die... Robert Smalls book, my thoughts

What?! Is Trump Disqualified from Being President?! - Luke Beasley

Okay I know they're republicans, but

President Bidens press conference now

Day 1 of the slow intro of Tudor to the kidcats

In Tanzania, Beijing is running a training school for authoritarianism

Should I be worried about my family members who move to Tennessee next month?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau slams Facebook for blocking Canada wildfire news

Turkey - sleeping with the enemy? - Eastern Express - TVP World

Woman in Louisiana running for Attorney General makes wild accusation...

Texas moves large floating barrier on US-Mexico border closer to American soil

Texas moves large floating barrier on US-Mexico border closer to American soil

"an end to the myriad criminal cases pending against Donald Trump".

FDA approves first RSV vaccine for pregnancy to protect newborns

The Secret First World War - Full Story of the Seven Years War in 3 Continents from 1756-1763 - Joe Blogs

Teva to pay $225M to settle cholesterol drug price-fixing charges

House Freedom Caucus: Let Trump Walk or We'll Shut Down the Government

We know this, but a reminder...

Russian space agency chief blames decades of inactivity for Luna-25 lander's crash on the moon

Vivek Ramaswamy condemned for 9/11 and Jan 6 conspiracy theory remarks

When will Trump go to jail?

Trump rocked with nightmare news in Georgia trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Somewhere out of a memory Of lighted streets on quiet nights

Heart. One of my High School favorites is still one of my favorite bands.

Furious Hawaii Resident Hijacks Steve Bannon's Show To Call Out Reporter - Waldorf Nation

As the death toll in stifling Texas prisons climbs, congressional Democrats ask for investigation

A right-wing sheriffs group that challenges federal law is gaining acceptance around the country


Appeals Court Lets Alabama Enforce Trans Care Ban, Cites Anti-Abortion Ruling

Trump's Effort to Delay US Election Trial Blasted by Special Counsel

I think Arthur is confused. He thinks he's actually Merlin

Trump's Sickening Plans for an All-Out War on Immigrants

I'm often amused by the willful ignorance of conservatives

House GOP Subpoenas Mayorkas

Ferry Chelan out of service after running aground while leaving Orcas Island

Perseverance Mars rover spies big sunspot rotating toward Earth (photos)

Former Trump attorney John Eastman agrees to $100,000 bond, release conditions in Fulton County

Tic toc, the rat will definitely break the gag order!

Journalist points out what's 'remarkable' about Trump's bond agreement - CNN

Michigan elections panel OKs recall petition against Democratic state rep, rejects others

Busted: Trump vet Roger Stone caught on tape - admits Trump lost while lying about the 'steal'

Paxton Lawyers Fret Over His Reputation

MAGA Pastor Does The Unthinkable During "Church Service"

Sunset southern MD 8/21

Political Experts React to Filthy trump Indictment & Legal Ads

Justice Department objects to Trump's proposed April 2026 date for DC trial