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ATTN job seekers!! The Secret Space Program(TM) is now hiring technicians to

Project Veritas Founder Is Under Investigation, and the Organization Is in Shambles

Conservatives, the Lowest Hanging Fruit

Russia and China have ended their three-week joint military exercises - DW News

Three years after plot to kidnap Michigan's Gov. Gretchen Whitmer failed, final defendants go on tri

Huge Ancient Sarayini Underground City Is Twice As Large As Previously Thought

Holy Cow! I just took Tudor outside and the mom came running up.

I wonder if MTGoofball isn't one of those un indicted co conspirators

Michael McFaul...

West Africa's ECOWAS rejects Niger junta's three-year transition plan - FRANCE 24

I may have missed it

Innocent Man Arrested & Charged - The Civil Rights Lawyer

Please help me understand why DeJoy is still heading the postal service

Could America Have A General Strike Like France? - More Perfect Union

EARLY Tues morning on TCM:

Trump says he will surrender at an Atlanta jail on Thursday in Georgia election interference case

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Georgia, $200,000, and bail....

Steve Khaknacki is not wearing Corni's!

Joni Mitchell - "Coyote" with Jaco Pastorius and Pat Metheny

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 23: Summer Under the Stars: Vincent Price

A large-scale genome-wide association study meta-analysis of cannabis use disorder.

ARK Dept of Ed Demands Schools Hand Over African-American Studies Materials

Is Mike Pence really as dumb as he acts?

'Sung like a canary!' Former GOP lawmaker says Meadows flipped on Trump - Deadline - MSNBC

There is one aspect that is overlooked with the Barbie Movie

So a birth certificate is not enough for getting a social security card!

The new DU Version is beautiful and very intuitive to navigate. Way to go, EarlG!

News & Commentary August 18, 2023 ordinance mandating higher compensation for rideshare drivers

Four hikers dead in Mexico after falling 16,400 feet while climbing Pico de Orizaba - an active volc

What's the World Record for the number of federal charges successfully defended against in the U.S.?

An anonymous DUer has gifted me a Star Membership

Gun control: Brazilian government confronts dismantling of firearms regulation

Update on my wife and her Green Card - Documentarily Qualified

Mysterious society once inhabited Mexico. Now construction has uncovered its remains

Jack Smith Calls B.S. On Trump's Claim J6 Evidence Was Deleted

House panel subpoenas senior IRS officials over Hunter Biden tax case

No Relief In Sight For Florida's Remaining (And Rapidly Bleaching) Coral Reefs Amid Ocean Heat

'I don't understand what you just said': GOP candidate waffles on RNC loyalty pledge - Deadline MSNBC

Biden blows it. Fails to throw paper towel rolls at Maui residents.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

These Cops LOSE CONTROL Over A Simple Statement - Audit the Audit

More Than 200 Ships Are Waiting To Transit The Panama Canal, Thanks To Regional Drought

BREAKING: Trump says he will surrender Thursday on Georgia charges - All In - MSNBC

Irony Written In Letters Of Fire (And Smoke) Courtesy Of Canada's Conservatives


Re: DeSantis

'Benefits of Slavery:' Google's AI Search Gives Ridiculous and Wrong Answers (Gizmodo)

Sian finally outgrew that kitten bitty business. Now I'm dealing with Tudor's teeth!

The Worker Bidding War Is Over. Companies Are Cutting Pay for New Hires.

Here's a stupid one: Is there no longer a Home Page for DU?

Trump RICO case: Indicted coup plotter's lawyer won't say if Trump is paying - The Beat - MSNBC

So school is starting up again

Has the guy who shot and killed that shop owner in California been identified yet?

The 19 defendants will be treated like anyone else

final rain totals TS Hilary in san diego, riverside, san bernardino counties...

More disturbing proof that MAGA is a literal cult. - Pondering Politics

Greece's leader pledges to keep up military support for Ukraine as Zelenskyy visits Athens

From 'steal' to RICO: See tape of Trump vet Roger Stone scrambling in his Jan. 6 hotel room - The Beat

Psaki: Why GOP candidates' 'looking to the future' line is a 'cop out' - All In - MSNBC

Help Jimmy Carter finish the job!

The loathsome nepotism governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Fleetwood Mac anyone?

Wildfires in Washington state force thousands to evacuate

Here's an interesting reminder...

Matt Gaetz Files Resolution To Censure Judge Overseeing Trump Trial - Ring of Fire

Off Topic: I think I'm in Love with DU4!! And Love the Night Mode too!

What's Wrong with Korean Language Education Overseas

More than 800 people still listed as missing from Maui wildfires

GOP 2024 race: Majority of Iowa caucusgoers say their minds aren't made up - All In - MSNBC

The Oscar Brandenburg Orchestra - Scufflin'

Many thanks to the anonymous donor who gave me a star in the fund drive!

A new X-ray telescope set to launch this weekend could unveil the structure of spacetime

stormage damage in Oak Glen Calfornia

Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw - Alto Glide

Identified, the killer of the Lake Arrowhead store owner who flew the Pride flag

i wonder what trump will wear to his big "surrender"

**KADDISH on PBS now, MPT, ch. 22

NJ judge recounts story of son's murder, need to 'protect judges' amid rise in violence, threats

Phil Upchurch & Tennyson Stephens - Don't I Know You?

If there are debates between President Biden and trump, I really hope they don't have a live

Trump's legal woes are part of his quasi-religious mythology of martyrdom (Sidney Blumenthal)

OMG! This cat!

Frank Owens - I Don't Need No Help

Robert Reich on Threads:

Lion cub cuddles his caretaker:

Truman called Oppenheimer a "Crybaby".

VA-LEGE: Va. Democrats raise alarms that Gov. Glenn Youngkin could be building toward national bid

man punches bar owners dog. public holds him down for cops. dog is ok

MT: Former lawmakers propose ballot initiatives that would open primaries, require a majority winner

Jon Stewart, Acceptance Speech, Mark Twain Prize, April 24, 2022

Scientists Have Finally Cracked the Code on How the Mayan Calendar Works

Republican Tries to Explain Attack on Black History, Fails Miserably! - Luke Beasley

Spain football chief says sorry for kissing World Cup winner on the lips

Slo-mo eagle catching fish:

'You can't bring a small sign but you can bring a gun': TN St. Rep. Justin Jones on new House rules

I said a dozen bagels, Karen. BAGELS!

OH: Gov. DeWine wants to remove politicians from redistricting but hasn't endorsed new proposal

Ex-Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor says she'll stay out of Ohio redistricting process if overhaul pas

Third-party 2024 bid "very likely," former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says - CBS News

The New Bard of the Right

Could the Wisconsin GOP protect their gerrymandered maps by impeaching Protasiewicz?

Ominous words which often precede a disaster...

Accused Jan. 6 honchos 'got to sit around for 3 years' without facing legal action Tim Miller says

Affectionate lioness surprises busload of tourists:

another catholic archdiocese files for bankruptcy over sex abuse

The Big Lie: Will gqp debaters be asked if tfg lost, or stolen?

Michigan elections panel OKs recall petition against Democratic state rep, rejects others

Tonight's Number

Moon in Velvet

Crowdfunding may save Florida abortion clinic hit with $200K fine

Crowdfunding may save Florida abortion clinic hit with $200K fine

Former Trump official tries to SAVE HIMSELF - Talking Feds

Lahaina wild fire escape video - fierce high winds, damage, lines down, and fire as it

Elon Musk's Shadow Rule : How the U.S. government came to rely on the tech billionaire--and is now struggling to rein him in.

'His father, having seen the horrors of war and the rising tide of fascism,

NC-GOV: The Unbelievably Bonkers Conspiracy Theorist Running For Governor Of North Carolina

Sha'Carri Richardson wins 100M gold at World Athletics in Budapest

The dog that didn't bark: Trump's calls for massive protests go unanswered - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Found on FB

AZ-03: Laura Pastor drops out race for Arizona congressional seat once held by father

What is going on?

Nebraska activists race to pass abortion amendment before GOP can adopt harsher ban

Sen. Warnock (D-GA): We know who Trump is, but who are we? - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

The Original Changeling . Questor Tapes 1974 vs Star Trek Picard / DS9

Totally LOVING dark mode!

MY STUFF reverts to Default after Save All Settings

Fox News Hits Back at Trump Over Debate

Climate extremes are reshaping Antarctica

DeSantis' tourism district wants to end Disney 'perks' for workers

CA: San Clemente starts process to move toward district elections

This woman sings right to my soul


Car Radio

F-16s will have a 'crucial' effect in Ukraine - @StarskyUA - Times Radio

Genetically Engineered Insects

Fox News Blames Biden For 'Letting In' Tropical Storm Hilary - Waldorf Nation

(Threads) GOP is anti-American.

Google's AI Bots Tout 'Benefits' of Genocide, Slavery, Fascism, Other Evils

Historic 'Little Rock Nine' school pushes back on Arkansas law limiting race studies - Rachel Maddow

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia and who they don't want to face....

State senator eyes new panel as way to punish Fani Willis over Trump indictments

About as fine a topical song as I've ever heard:

Just bought 6 tickets to Barbie.

☦️ Orthodox Chant - 'Cry My Soul Always'

What will Life in Prison for Donald Trump be like?.....

Eastman's disbarment proceeding will be suspended tomorrow and Wednesday for arraignment

21 Aug: Successful Ambush! Ukrainians destroy Russian strategic bombers! - Reporting from Ukraine

Breakfast Tuesday 22 August 2023

Trump Gets Hit with POWERFUL ORDER in Georgia Criminal Case - Meidas Touch

TN House GOP limits free speech, peaceful protest

Sunset at Spring Lake

FBI Investigating Georgia Grand Jury Threats - Raw News And Politics

Tesla stops on its own and saves a little girls life.

Could this STOP TRUMP in 2024?! - Talking Feds

Jack Smith SMACKS DOWN Trump in Powerful Reply Brief - Meidas Touch

Trump says he will surrender at an Atlanta jail on Thursday - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

California Community mourns the death of Lauri Carleton - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Whenever a GrOPer says "if TFG is convicted we will do the same for every Democrat" reply:

Extreme weather continues across the nation - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Flight Global site: US arms regulators approve AH-64 sale to Poland 🇵🇱

Had An Epic Night With Some Packer Legends

(Jewish Group) Five things Jews can do to stop climate change

(Jewish Group) In remote North Dakota, endless sky, a few gravestones, and the remnants of a little-known Jewish history

(Jewish Group) Video surfaces of Hunter Biden reciting prayer for justice at Georgia synagogue

(Jewish Group) An unused synagogue building in Connecticut could soon become affordable housing

Fmr. Harvard president on how 'Necessary Trouble' brings change - The Last Word - MSNBC

GA: State senator eyes new panel as way to punish Fani Willis over Trump indictments

NY: Latest on legal battle over redistricting

TX: Tony Buzbee, lawyer for Ken Paxton, running for Houston City Council seat

AZ: GOP lawmakers say Phoenix is breaking state law over firearm donation to Ukraine

Now I understand

'Nothing normal about this': What to expect from the first GOP debate and the reckoning ahead - MSNBC

GAG ORDER VIOLATED by trump After a Mere 4 Hours. COUNTDOWN

Taylor Greene thinks the California Hurricane Disaster is for Political Laughs

U.S. San Francisco Archdiocese files for bankruptcy in the face of sexual abuse lawsuits

Meadows Destroys Trumps Defense, New Fake Electors Investigation - Raw News And Politics

Harold makes landfall in Texas as tropical storm: Latest

Female special ops soldiers face rampant sexism, other challenges: Army study

Thanks so much, Earl G for adding the NIGHT MODE Setting

Pence throws Trump UNDER THE BUS - Talking Feds

Wind-powered cargo ship sets sail in a move to make shipping greenertitle

Wordle 794 8/22 ***Spoiler Thread***

Let's ride on the "Son of Beast" ( Kings Island)


Did This Deadly White Supremacist Riot Inspire Trump's January 6th Coup? w/ Nora Neus - Thom Hartmann

The police sent me a picture of me speeding.

Domino's Pizza Ending Business in Russia

S&P downgrades five US banks following Moody's lead

Let me make this Pellucidly Clear

On This Day: De Gaulle ambushed, later inspired The Day of the Jackal - August 22, 1962

Is it ok just to share a family size bag of peanut butter M&M

DU4 and the use of Twitter

Trump Floats Plan to Flee to Russia

Do you believe/think that the MAGA "Movement" will fade away

GOP's Violent Rhetoric Just Killed Another American! Are You Next? - Thom Hartmann

Jack Nicholson and his hydrogen powered car in 1978.

OH: Abortion amendment ballot language submitted, Ballot Board set to meet Thursday

At state lawmakers' summit, experts discuss election policies that implicate Ohio

Ohio Republicans split on marijuana legalization and could repeal proposal the day after it passes

On this day, August 22, 1914, country music impresario Connie B. Gay was born.

What is this "formerly known as Twitter" crap?

I wish I had abs like this

Boy, Republicans missed the boat years ago...

Star Wars humor

Can we still not copy and paste photos/images?

Tudor's siblings were all in the shelter, this morning, so I guess they are back

Frida Kahlo Art Exhibition: "Frida & Diego, Love & Revolution" Mexican Modernism, Feminism

Good morning from the Miracle Boy, Tudor

Kremlin purge: KGB want Shoigu head. Putin disposed of his best friend. General died of "illness".

Physical therapy

This simple little pledge will make you feel better. "I promise not to watch the GOP debate."

Birdcast Migration Dashboard

One path to saving democracy beyond 2023...

Virginia Democrats raise alarms that Gov. Glenn Youngkin could be building toward a national bid

Tuesday TOONs - Elephant Riders

So this wife saw her husband in kitchen with fly swatter.

The Rundown: August 22, 2023

crack up the clerk is my favorite hobby.

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 8/16/23

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 1973

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 8/13-8/19/2023

The African Union suspends Niger until 'the effective restoration of constitutional order'

How Trump's attacks on prosecutors build on history of using racist language and stereotypes

Why the Far-Left and Far-Right are Surging in Austria - TLDR News EU

Mark Meadows is singing like a canary......

RNC 'Soulless Ghouls' Ripped After Launching 'Dumbest' Attack On Biden Yet

Hey Rudy G! It looks like you're paddling upstream with a hole in your boat!

'A miracle:' Virginia man meets Chilean family 42 years after he was stolen as newborn

The Injustice of Place: Uncovering the Legacy of Poverty in America

Markets & Analysts Shocked By This China Economy News; PBoC Rate; Financial System - China Update

Kristi Noem at the southern border: "The people of South Dakota live on the frontline of this mess

Watercolor based on a screen grab from a movie

"The dog that didn't bark"...

Occasional glitchy or missing style sheets/page layouts

Thinking about TOLLs NY is owed more than 300 million

FL-SEN: Sen. Rick Scott picks up a Democratic challenger for 2024

You raised $61.00 on August 21, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Two More Firms Leave CA Home Insurance Market, Along With State Farm, Farmers, Allstate

You raised $25.00 on August 21, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema

Trump says he will be arrested on Thursday in Georgia election case

China hoped Fiji would be a template for the Pacific. Its plan backfired.

You raised $250.00 on August 21, 2023 UN-official Democratic Underground for Michelle Vallejo TX-15

Jonathan Edwards - Sunshine

A right-wing sheriffs group that challenges federal law is gaining acceptance around the country

As Va. school districts split on transgender policies, state enforcement tools appear limited

Spike & the Slickers - Cocktails For Two

First Trump co-defendant surrenders in Fulton County jail

Where Was You At

MSNBC says: John Eastman Surrenders Today

The "Republican Party" Is A Terrorist Organization

Greek authorities say the bodies of 18 people have been found in area struck by a major wildfire

Kitten Grows Up Wrestling With Huskies

TFG's attorneys have never raised the magical declassification issue in court

Senators Casey & Fetterman are urging Norfolk Southern to join feds' close call reporting system

Neil Gorsuch is Preparing His Revenge - You would hope the SC couldn't get worse....

First Trump co-defendant surrenders to Fulton County jail

Citizens ordered to trim proposed rate hikes for home insurance policies

On this day, August 22, 1880, George Herriman was born.

On this day, August 22, 1961, Ida Siekmann became the first person to die at the Berlin Wall.

Gregg Abbott sent another bus of immigrants to CA last night

The Democratic party has now become the only American political party...

Los A. Mayor Karen Bass tears into Greg Abbott for sending migrants to LA during a tropical storm!

Now the Georgia defendants are ratting each other out.

Maui Fire Victims Pursue Legal Tactic That Led to $13.5 Billion California Settlement

GQP proud of its 91-count felony-indicted gqp front-runner: GOP Is Crime

Where is the DOJ on the kidnapping and busing of Migrants across state lines? Enough is enough.

Something I didn't know existed -- potty coins.

Save the Environment: Bring Back Eight-Track Tapes

One of the most magnificent concert venues in L.A. is the dome of this 100-inch telescope

Saw this in the Inky this morning - RE: Scott Perry

A Black FedEx driver who said 2 White men shot at him has been fired, his attorney says

What does 'NT' mean ... I'm fairly new to DU

Reported to doctor today: best night's sleep in WEEKS with Tramadol last night

More watercolors. The mermaid and unicorn are inspired by Danielle Donaldson.

Most Humiliating Giuliani Moment

So Trump goes public with a fantasy about shacking up with Putin and everyone just shrugs?

Place yer bets

Did you know that "palinspastic" is a real word?

Did you know that you were using can openers wrong?

At Least One Child Rescued from Dangling Cable Car

John Lee Hooker was born on this date.

Tori Amos has a birthday today.

Freedom Caucus: Let Trump Go, Or We Crash The Economy

Eastman has surrendered

I'm in tears. A grow ass man in tears. My Student Loans are forgiven

MSNBC just reported that Eastman surrendered at the GA courthouse/jail and the video

No OB-GYNs left in town: what came after Idaho's assault on abortion

Favorite/least favorite MSNBC hosts

What is/are your favorite Beatles song/songs? Please try to limit to ten if possible. Mine are

People do have brittle spirits

Seriously? This story about Trump sounds like something I'd make up for laughs.

OK, now I'm not sure what the mom is up to.

Sandra Bullock Reportedly Feels The Blind Side Is 'Tainted,' But Here's Why She Is Not

Attorney John Eastman surrenders to authorities on charges in Georgia 2020 election subversion case

New Randy Rainbow! Don't Arraign on His Parade!

The Danger of how Indifference could lead a maga minority to become a narrow majority. Steve Schmidt

Charles Pierce has a simple solution to the justice system's Trump problem: Toss him in a cell.

You can Recommend comments on DU4!

Trump Thirsting Out Loud About Fleeing To Russia To Be With Daddy-Mir Vladimir

Will Chinese deflation help cure the West's inflation problem?

a new randy rainbow song

Dick's Sporting Goods stock tanks as retail thieves snatch profits

Smashing Pumpkins Tonight

Lovely acoustic piece to chill today... Embryonic Journey - Jefferson Airplane

Eastman Surrenders. Still Resistant.

Firefighters evacuate more than 200 patients from a Los Angeles hospital after a power outage

Man who fatally shot woman for having a Pride flag is a far-right religious zealot and son of a cop

Feline mystique - What is my furry gal trying to do/say?

MUG SHOT (rocky mountain mike)

Russia..failed state.

Gucci Pasta good with rum?

Entangled Photons are so Tao

How Hunter Biden's plea deal became a huge cluster ****.

Amtrak Orders 10 Additional Airo Trainsets

Fox News Said Hurricane Hilary Entered Country 'Because It's Biden's America'?

Judge Cannon Outdoes her own Stupidity:

Fantastic Quote From Stephanie Miller Today

As Tropical Storm Hilary shrinks, desert and mountain towns dig themselves out of the mud

SOME right wingers are starting to sweat a Trump nomination... SOME

Side bet: Over/under on Motherfucker's weigh in

RNC does not approve of Biden petting a dog.

My Search for the River of Fly Fishing Dreams

Once again I come to the smart people at DU

President Biden delivers remarks on wildfires in Maui

Jeff Clark has asked a Federal Court for TRO on having to be arraigned this week

"Trump mocked the potential $200,000 bond he faces...joking he might visit...Vladimir Putin instead"

I made this prediction months ago.

Attack on Shaikovka airfield: Ukraine's Defence Intelligence confirms at least one damaged aircraft

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 22, 2023

20,000 stolen babies... Heartbreaking.

Trump vows massive new tariffs if elected, risking global economic war

Randy Rainbow does it again with "Fani, Gurl"

Trump caravan blocked on 5th Ave. (Video)

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 22, 2023)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's associates....

Undercover With the New Alt-Right

Inside Notorious Fulton County Jail, Where Trump Will Surrender & 15 Prisoners Died Last Year

The Nation: We Are Witnessing the First Stages of Civilization's Collapse

PSA, "Threads" now available FOR SOME on the web. (Not me, got the "Apps" page, not login)

I keep seeing Trump's bond conditions misrepresented as a true 'negotiation' or discussion

First Lady, Dr Jill Biden's 'Women's Health' cover. She is beautiful and fit 🌟

Meet George Chidi, Journalist Who Uncovered Secret Meeting of Fake Trump Electors in Georgia

FBI seeking information after Omaha Boy Scout leader charged with attempted child enticement

JV - The Lincoln Project

Crazy Republicans now blaming President Biden for the weather

Maxine Hong Kingston, bell hooks among those honored by Ishmael Reed's Before Columbus Foundation

I have a question for any Lawyerly types on here about Trump's time-line...

It's Time To Roast Starbucks - Robert Reich ☕

Vijay Prashad on BRICS & Why Global South Cooperation Is Key to Dismantling Unjust World Order

Ohio Republicans are divided on the effort to legalize marijuana for recreational use in the state. Recreational marijuana may become legal this November and many Ohio Republicans aren't happy about

Prosecutors Will Have a Field Day Because Getting Trump To Shut Up Is Virtually Hopeless

"Get out of my way-I want to see what they are doing-those are personal things" are a few of the thi

Inside Notorious Fulton County Jail, Where Trump Will Surrender & 15 Prisoners Died Last Year

My assumption is not that Trump was admitting to being a flight risk by his TS post

Jeffrey Clark is ,about to discover reality

Mark Meadows 'decided to trust' Jack Smith and cooperate against Trump: NYT

Federal judge finally takes aggressive action against Trump in court - Brian Tyler Cohen

The missing Sunday Funnies are here

Melania Is Reportedly 'Seething With Fury' After Donald Broke This Family-Oriented Promise

On Motherfucker vomiting out 'understated airplane'

When TAF are those 3 KIDS getting indicted? (plus spouses/attention seeker)

Pakistan air rescue halted as two children saved from dangling chairlift

US businessman is wannabe 'warlord' of secretive far-right men's network

BREAKING: Texas Supreme Court denies Harris County's request to stop enforcement of #SB1750

Rescuers save 8 people trapped in cable car dangling above canyon in Pakistan (UPDATE)

In Major Win for Indigenous Rights, Ecuador Votes to Ban Oil Drilling in Protected Amazon Lands

Climate activists arrested blocking rush hour traffic into DC

NEW: State supreme courts are so powerful but so much about them is very under radar.

"Boogaloo" militia members prepare and train ahead of gun control protest in Gloucester, Virginia

Can a "weekend in jail" be a step a judge might take with Trump for breaking sanctions?

Airline Close Calls Happen Far More Often Than Previously Known

Word for the day: Inapposite

John Eastman speaks after leaving the jail building

Cartoons 8/22/2023

Frisch Leads Boebert in New CO-03 Poll

In the space of a couple of weeks, Trump has mused about moving to Russia and south of France

Prigozhin appears in first video since mutiny, says Wagner making Africa 'more free'

Russia Shoots Itself in the Foot - Interest Rate Hike will Reduce GDP & Push Russia into Recession

Everett's second Pallet shelter village nears open date

Republicans dig up some big dirt on Joe Biden. HE LIKES DOGS!

"The fact that you think this video will hurt Biden says everything about you and your stupidity."

Eastman surrenders

I know this platform is frowned upon

Which four Repubs didn't make the debate stage?

Mississippi officer out of job after 10-year-old is taken into custody for urinating in public

Why retirement dreams could be a nightmare for many in Gen X

There Should Not Be "Religious Exemptions" To Laws

Biden says federal government will help Maui 'for as long as it takes' to recover from wildfire

I'm likely breaking the rules by cross posting this yet again

BREAKING: Georgia ask the district court to allow enforcement of its ban on hormone therapy for mino

Trump Appears to Violate Consent Bond Order in Fulton County

Teeny Puppy Claims Big Dog As His Mom

No evidence January 6 committee destroyed records, contrary to online claims Fact check

California gas prices soar to the highest point of the year

Dog becomes deaf pup's guide the moment he meets her

X apparently added 5-second delay for links to sites Musk doesn't like

Media collectively pretending today that Iowa still picks presidents

Someone I love dearly has a gambling addiction.


Your Microwave's Most Underrated Button

Rudy Giuliani actually believed Trump would help with his legal bills?? (Chuckle.)

Mike Luckovich-I need you to find 11,780 excuses for removing Fani Willis

Vivek Ramaswamy Tries to Back Off 9/11 Comments--Then Doubles Down on Them

Shampoo maker heads ultra-right network that aims to make him 'warlord' of a collapsed US: Report

Well, damn. I visited the DU memorial page and

I am loving DU4!

China hoped Fiji would be a template for the Pacific. Its plan backfired.

DU4 forums and groups

The US and China must unite to fight the climate crisis, not each other Bernie Sanders

Meadows: Just doing his job when he offered officials campaign money

Re: DjT's posts threatening judges, prosecutors and witnesses:

BRICS summit of emerging economies gets under way without Putin - FRANCE 24

Texas To Implement Fascist Propaganda Outlet, PragerU In Schools

Hurricane Hilary soaked an already wet California. Is the drought over?

Do Republican anthems need to be so terrible?

Why am I getting "to continue, please type the characters below"

Alina Habba Prepares To Get Herself Sanctioned By Refiling Frivolous Lawsuit - Farron Balanced

Nuclear Verdict - Not Always Justified

Migrants bused from Texas to LA amid Tropical Storm Hilary in move Mayor Bass calls 'despicable act'

Two families sue Florida for being kicked off Medicaid in the 'unwinding' process

A rant here because I can't rant anywhere else. Regarding the Star Wars Series "Ahsoka".

Gustavus women's hockey player Jori Jones killed, 3 players injured in western Minnesota crash

Some photos that I might have lost - But thanks to Old Crank and a scanner, I have recovered

WATCH: "Joaquin's First School Shooting. It's a children's book. Because this is our reality."

How many offshoots of DU were there?

A question regarding storm water

10 of Justice Clarence Thomas's former SCOTUS clerks have gone on to help prop up Trump

US businessman is wannabe 'warlord' of secretive far-right men's network

Caught rising sun! southern MD 8/22

Trump co-defendants start to surrender in Georgia - NBC News

Do you have any comfort shows you watch?

BM selling The Weather Channel and the rest of its weather business

Come play Letter-Boxed (NYT game) Now with scores! (spoilers?)

Web Streaming TV / Radio / Video - Quick Access Page

Mark Meadows has filed a 19 page motion to keep from getting arrested in Geogia

(Jewish Group) Honoring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the New York State Capitol (video)

London in the 1970s

The Character to Lead: Republicans' Fork in the Road Between Trump and the Constitution's Eligibilit

(Jewish Group) Kissinger at 100: 'If it were not for the accident of my birth, I would be antisemitic.'

No OB-GYNs left in town: what came after Idaho's assault on abortion

Biden names a new White House counsel as he seeks reelection and faces congressional probes

Fulton County judge orders Trump's trial to be televised

How Rupert Murdoch Destroyed the News

Mark Meadows and Jeffrey Clark file motions to avoid arrest in Fulton County

How will the lower level traitors pay their bond and attorney fees

Vivek Ramaswamy is easily one the most unlikeable people ever foisted upon us

Mark Meadows asked for more time to surrender in Atlanta.

Ukraine has concentrated it's forces for the big push to Tokmak.

Grand entry Oglala Nation Wacipi Pow Wow 2023 Friday Aug 4th--

"Good Morning, Mr. Moran. Your client (Meadows) is no different than any other criminal defendant."

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how McCarthy can fix the House....

Fulton County judge orders Trump's trial to be televised

Students say they've been unfairly kicked out of school without legal protections

UK Guardian: US businessman is wannabe 'warlord' of secretive far-right men's network

Eric Trumpyis such a big spender!!

Heather Cox Richardson is on FB live right now if interested

Trump's most audacious delay tactic yet is getting well-deserved side-eye

Meadows asks judge for 'Get Out Of RICO Free' card

The Devil Went Down Georgia should be blasting when he surrenders

Web Streaming Video / TV / Radio - Quick Access Page

UPS workers approve massive new labor deal with big raises

Meadows' attorneys are digging a deeper and deeper hole

Trump will weaponize DOJ, says Trump's own Attorney General. - Pondering Politics


Donald Went Down To Georgia (2020)

Gotta love living in the Midwest:

Even dirty trickster Roger Stone admitted Trump lost:

Soon, all the MAGA's will be shooting their dogs on Facebook

Quick Access Page for web streaming TV / Radio / Video

One of the Justins from Tennessee is on Nicole Walllace now

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

This'll piss you off..

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 22, 2023

Fulton County judge orders Trump's trial to be televised

Republicans whine too many people don't pay any taxes. 1) destroying

Eastman's California bar trial (LAT)

Millions Expected to Watch World Lying Championship

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Judge Michael Lutig is coming up quick on MSNBC/Nicole Wallace...

Solar panels to surround Dulles Airport will deliver power to 37,000 homes

This should be trumps new walkout music at those rallies. Thanks Johnny Cash

Mark Meadows performing official duties as WH Chief of Staff!

For all those right-wingers who want 'Civil War':

TX State Sen. Roland Gutierrez (D) calls Abbott "Feeble Minded" lists his failures (TikTok vid)

She was a felon who was addicted to drugs. Then she became a lawyer. (and wants to primary Omar)

Hispanic Republicans vie to oust Democrats in diverse districts

Lachlan Murdoch Pays $840,000 to Site He Had Accused of Libel

Republican Elites Only Want the Easy Way Out

LA: Library board meetings at book challenge capital of the nation settle into predictable chaos

Texas Supreme Court lets state law eliminating Harris County elections chief stand, for now

As cities struggle to house migrants, Biden administration resists proposals that officials say

MI: Brawl at GOP committee meeting. 'I barely had time to take my glasses off.'

Shampoo Magnate Charles Haywood Runs Far-Right Men's Network

Several killed by floods on Moscow sewer tour

Conservative activist sues 2 major law firms over diversity fellowships

Right-wing groups sue Wisconsin official (D) over public records

CDC Weighs Lower Infection Safety Precautions For Healthcare Workers

WI: Opinion Cheater Vos doubles down on gerrymandering

My kid explained how the failure of the Titanic, WWII Liberty Ships, and Hinkley Nuclear Reactor...

Taiwan has a secret doomsday plan for China

D.C. Attorney General is probing Leonard Leo's network

Your State-by-State Guide to Every State Supreme Court

Abortion's next big battleground is in Virginia

I hope somebody is monitoring the ex wifes golf course grave

Jan6 US Capitol Arrest Updates

Breaking now: merdelago employee fingers tfg on erasing video

A french-fry boomtown emerges as a climate winner -- as long as it has water


It can be so damn inconvenient to be a defendant [J. Clark] in a criminal case...

PA-HD21: EMILYs List Endorses Lindsay Powell (D)

Meadows asks judge to move Georgia case to federal court or prevent DA from arresting him - MSNBC

Republicans have hit rock bottom in latest attack on Biden. - Pondering Politics

The 2028 Democratic primary has begun.

Tfg promised protests if indicted. Rachel: Dog that didn't bark.

Prosecutors: Trump Mar-a-Lago security aide flipped after changing lawyers

New Jersey LGBTQ Community Celebrates Court's Halt Of Parental Notification Policies

Test post: A screencap I put on postimage.

Foreigners pressganged on Moscow street - Break the Fake - TVP World

A right-wing sheriffs group that challenges federal law is gaining acceptance

A new study found that the top 10% of households responsible for 40% of U.S. greenhouse ga

A key witness in Trump's Mar-a-Lago documents case retracted false testimony

This or That--3 Stooges or The Marx Brothers .Only two choices, Think fast and decide-nyuk,nyuk,nyuk

Biden administration launches new student loan repayment plan application

The US approves Revolution Wind, its fourth major offshore wind farm

We are witness to history being made

Democrat Shuts Down Republican on CNN over Potential "No Labels" Run! - Luke Beasley

Florida ethics chairperson resigns after conflict with job with Disney district

93 year old bachelor is getting married at last...

John Eastman 'absolutely' believes the 2020 election was stolen - MSNBC Reports

Male cat just diagnosed with urinary crystals. He is only 2 yrs old.

Charles Pierce: The 14th Amendment Has Always Been Pretty Clear to Me

Mark Meadows asks for an extension of time to surrender. Fani Willis says...

Ari Melber is reporting on Rudy, and he's using the running hair dye photos.

There's more coal being shipped by sea than ever before

Jenna Ellis gets a $100k bond agreement

This is so (loosely;) ) appropriate now that the flipping has started

Arthur and Madoc took turns observing Tudor, today

Judge Michael Luttig not a Republican anymore

***BREAKING***Trump Mar-a-Lago security aide recants false testimony after changing lawyers

Why does Jen Psaki have Alberto Gonzales on as a guest?

Ukraine claims an attack on a base housing Russia supersonic bombers - CNN

Killing of U.S. biologist adds to rising violence against scientists in Mexico

Tweet of the Day

Watching Ari in MSNBC and was wondering who the blonde woman was with Stone.

Will GOP candidates at the debate take advantage of a witness turning against Trump?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Bodies, Destroyed Security Cameras, CJNG & Sinaloa Members Arrested - Criminal Violence in Mexico

Mexican army says drug cartels are increasing their use of roadside bombs

Fed up MSNBC host absolutely TORCHES Trump LIVE on air - Meidas Touch

ATTN Donny have you seen the latest pictures of Mark Meadows and your I.T. guy @ Merde a Logo?

PA Supreme Court says state police can't hide how it monitors social media

DC Atty General launches criminal probe into Leonard Leo non profit groups

China and Russia's 'sinister' relationship in the space-race to the moon - Roger Boyes - Times Radio

US seeks trade panel to resolve labor conflict at Mexican mine

Nicolle: A new chapter in holding the accused liars, fraudsters and coup plotters accountable - Deadline

Jack Smith Reveals Trump Employee Flipped After Ditching MAGA Lawyer

Scoop: Fox News restricts Trump team's access to debate "spin room"

Compare/Contrast MARK MEADOWS voter fraud with CRYSTAL MASON'S

Rudy Giuliani still hasn't found a Georgia-based lawyer needed to negotiate his surrender

BREAKING: Key witness in Mar-a-Lago documents case retracts false testimony after switching lawyers

5 Young Men Were Kidnapped in Mexico -- And a Disturbing Video May Show One Being Forced to Kill His

"Despite his mobster cosplay, he lacks even a gangster's sense of dignity."

Mark Meadows is humiliating himself,

Madam Secretary has a message for the 19 defendants

Who is Jalisco New Generation Cartel's leader Nemesio 'El Mencho' Oseguera?

D.C. Attorney General is probing Leonard Leo's network

Marion police never interviewed tipster who sent state document to newspaper, official

A.I. Generated Paintings as Web Page background images

Georgia's fake electors acted at Trump's direction, indicted ex-GOP chair says

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

How Section 3 of the 14th Amendment may be enforced to keep TFG off ballot

Navy shipbuilders' union approves 3-year labor pact at Bath Iron Works

Squee!!! A rare spotless giraffe was born in a Tennessee zoo

Jeff Beck - Constipated Duck

Fox News Host Whines As Trump Confronts Legal Consequences - Rebel HQ

Florida's redistricting case could have broad national implications

Florida's redistricting case could have broad national implications

Todays watercolor

Activist behind US affirmative action cases sues major law firms

Bob James - We're All Alone

Moms for Liberty ditches plan for presidential event in Milwaukee, pivots to Sen. Ron Johnson

Idea to merge Florida judicial circuits draws opposition, gerrymandering claims

Idea to merge Florida judicial circuits draws opposition, gerrymandering claims

Synopsis of Wednesday's Debate

In session reacting to school shooting, Tennessee GOP lawmaker orders removal of public from hearing

Trump and @ScottWalker -- winning combo. 🤦🏻‍♀️ NOPE

Fmr. federal judge: Trump, allies committed 'grave crimes' with 2020 election coup plot - Deadline

Dizzy Gillespie - Tango-Rine

New Hampshire Democrats retain state House seat in special election.

Supreme Court asked to hear Virginia high school admissions case concerning race

Just a couple of photos . . .hahaha! Enjoy, dear friends!

Can you name a sitcom you used to watch, but you won't now?

And the Last Of The Ice Cream Kittens

Victory for uncontacted tribes in Ecuador mining referendum

#Hilary inundated parts of California with feet of mud, burying roads and trapping drivers.

After 7 - Damn Thing Called Love

DOJ and Texas face off in court over border buoys to deter migrants after state moves barrier to U.S

DOJ and Texas face off in court over border buoys to deter migrants after state moves barrier to U.S

If Republicans Said the Quiet Parts Loud - Steve Shives

Rudy Giuliani, acting as his own lawyer, asks NYC court to toss suit by ex-ShopRite worker jailed fo

Why China's Property Crisis is Getting Worse - TLDR News Global

Pride flag killing suspect appears to have a long history of anti-LGBTQ social posts