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Stevie Wonder - They Won't Go When I Go

i just downloaded a basic list of commands for linux.

Attorney: Lawyers begging for cash should have "expected" Trump to throw them under the bus

Asylum seekers are being set up for rejection at a New Mexico detention facility, rights groups say

Asylum seekers are being set up for rejection at a New Mexico detention facility, rights groups say

Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis' bond set for $100,000 in Georgia - MSNBC Reports

Minnie Riperton - Strange Affair

To Trump, Foreign Business Is Scandalous, Unless It's His Own

DeSantis teeth grinding video goes viral

Witness in federal trial flips on Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

"Democracy needs its gatekeepers": The Republican Party is too corrupt to care about the country

Sunset southern MD 8/22

Why John Eastman was no ordinary lawyer

Downtown Seattle visitor traffic inches toward 2019 levels

Time to talk about the Dark Money that funds the GOP

man crashes jeep into 30 cars in neighborhood. crashes into every car he sees

The Mobster Cosplay of Donald Trump

Federal agencies are trying to ban noncompetes. New research shows how they affect innovation.

Why the Roger Stone tapes hurt Trump's RICO Case: Melber breaks down Beat exclusive - The Beat MSNBC

2024 GOP Hopeful Pocketed Up to $5 Million from Far-Right Newspaper

Otis Rush - Reap What You Sow

At Texas Border, Some Support for Abbott's Crackdown Is Waning

Will Trump be allowed to continue to violate the restrictions

200 Attend Protest Against West Virginia Univ Proposed Cuts To Programs & Faculty; Students' Union

'Get out of my house!' Video shows 98-year-old mother of Kansas newspaper publisher upset amid raid

What's a day without a worry?? Also a photo

Busted: Trump & co-defendants begin surrendering for arrest in Georgia - The Beat - MSNBC

Poll: DeSantis's support collapses ahead of 1st GOP debate

Hollywood studio brings back mask mandate amid spike in COVID cases

Jack Smith DROPS THE HAMMER in Brief that Judge Cannon DID NOT EXPECT - Meidas Touch

Jessie Hill - Ooh Poo Pah Doo

Attorney: New bombshell report confirms Mark Meadows "ratted out Trump to the Feds"

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Iowa polling, Trump, and the GOP....

New Trump poll proves Obama and Clinton were right: The GOP base are deplorable, bitter clingers

All of this ***BREAKING*** news about the security aide recanting false testimony

Is Earth's Largest Heat Transfer Really Shutting Down?

Last Week in the Republican Party - August 22, 2023

Is anyone really surprised?

Rudy Giuliani still hasn't found a Georgia-based lawyer to negotiate his surrender - CNN

The Atlas Network and the Building of Argentina's Donald Trump

Study: Living Happy Life Strongly Correlated To Thinking About Property Values All The Time

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Today's Filing By Jack Smith In The Documents Case - A Guide For the Perplexed

Mar A Lago Employee Flipped, Coup Clowns Turn On Each Other - Raw News And Politics

Michel Sheldrake's latest kittens are opening their eyes...

I really wish Orange Slug could be arrested and extradited like anyone else.

Congratulations Irish_Dem, 40,000 posts!

Who is Carlos Curbelo going to endorse in the 2024 FL US Senate Election?

'This power is reaching a natural end': Michael Wolff's new book predicts the fall of Fox News

Two from my Alt. Mix 3

Hysterical FB smackdown of the GOPee:

Chris Hayes: How the 'hermetically-sealed' MAGA world views Trump vs. Biden - All In - MSNBC

Andrew Weissman and Danya Perry explaining the attorney conflict with Witness #4.

Killing a woman for flying a rainbow flag didn't come out of nowhere

Tuesday leftovers meal: Ground spicy meatloaf mixed with mac & cheese garnished with grated dill

DTE's Fermi 2 nuclear power plant shut down after leak detected

What should Rudy do next?

George Santos Blindsided By Fact Checker On Live TV

Is the Belt and Road initiative over? - Eastern Express - TVP World

U.S. Senator Says Mexico Spends More On Their Children Than U.S.

Fess up! I liberated a root beer mug from the A&W in Delaware, Ohio in 1963!

Won't ya tell me baby, mama how ya want your rolling done. Just Taj Mahal and a National Resonator

David Koch interview Newsmax Mag, November 2012

Trump arrest IMMINENT as surrender date is ANNOUNCED - Talking Feds

No ordinary lawyer

Your Grateful Dead song that hooked you?

More than 200 ships are in a traffic jam outside the Panama Canal, showing we can't get through a ye

Suspect in killing over Pride flag had long history of anti-LGBTQ posts - All In - MSNBC

I'll Fly Away/Title One

I just love Dolly Parton, especially with Paul McCarthy and Ringo Star

There are 2 Black US House Members endorsing David Trone for the MD US Senate Race.

Dark Star

GOP Threatens To Tank US Economy If Trump Prosecution Continues - Raw News And Politics

The indisputable truth

Giuliani seeking face-to-face meeting with Willis in Atlanta.

Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake

Trump's lawyers push for April 2026 trial in DC election theft case, & Jack Smith pushes back, hard.

Lawrence O'Donell: "They couldn't even make it through one week without turning on each other". 😄

Just For A Moment

Where is the line drawn regarding influencing co-defendants by paying for their lawyer ?


Poll: Curious how DU feels: Which tinhorn meglomaniacal dictator is biggest world threat

5th Circuit Schedules Oral Argument in Louisiana Congressional Redistricting Case

I'm currently serving on a jury in a criminal trial. Ask me anything!

Welcome to Hell: Inside El Salvador mega prison where 12,000 gang members are held... and plead for mo

Tonight's NH special election yet another Democratic over-performance.

1 in 5 women report mistreatment during maternity care, according to CDC report

50th Anniversary Info

Protesters stood outside Austin high school with anti-LGBTQ, abortion messages

***MARTIN SHEEN will close out Lawrence O'Donnell's show tonight,

Did Trump get CIA agents killed?

What is your favorite kind of soda (or pop as we say in western PA) currently?

Federal court rules in favor of Michigan man who refused to host same-sex weddings

Almost 48,000 international visitors arrived in Cuba between June and July

Federal pandemic relief prevented a rise in homelessness, housing agency says


Coney wants some more (peanuts)

DeSantis 'just doesn't care' about law, Constitution elected FL prosecutors suspended by him say

Kevin McCarthy Threatens Impeachment Inquiry Over Biden Bank Statements

When the Netscape Navigator browser dropped in the mid 90s, a lot of people were dismissive about...

Ron DeSantis wants to strip Disney workers of free passes and discounts

James Hansen et al: Uh-Oh. Now What? Are We Acquiring the Data to Understand the Situation?

Stop calling twitter X

The degree of arrogance is unbelievable.

Jan 6 Court Ruling Could Alter Hundreds Of Cases - Raw News And Politics

Chicken Grease is probably giving

Man I wanted to do this tune soo bad, couldn't convince the rest. Such the shame.

State superintendent Arntzen claims to have evidence for litter boxes in Montana schools

florida College Allegedly Tells Student Leaders to Remove Pride, Black Lives Matter Pins

First mugshots of co-defendants Scott Hall and John Eastman released

PA Gov. Josh Shapiro will headline New Hampshire Democrats' convention on Sept. 30

My condolences to the good people of Eastern Tennessee.

DeSantis Appoints Three to the Florida Museum of Black History Task Force

'Mad, mad world': Republicans make a mockery of primary debate before it even starts - Alex Wagner

Georgia Tech: Thinning Ice Sheets May Drive Sharp Rise in Subglacial Waters

U.S. Justice Department argues for removal of Texas' floating border barrier in federal court

Xenoshot: Creepy Man Gets Caught Sniffing Women In Public (ZOMG! NSFW)

'An evil enemy will burn his nation to the ground to rule over the ashes'

Is Earth's Largest Heat Transfer Really Shutting Down?

TN: Covenant School mom in tears after being kicked out of special session subcommittee meeting.

'Facing Fani Willis in a courtroom ought to scare Trump': Georgia St. Rep. Tanya Miller - The ReidOut

Rolling Stones - Not Fade Away (live, Amsterdam, 1995)

Edith Cowan University: Move over lithium-ion: Zinc-air batteries a cheaper and safer alternative

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump's Georgia co-defendants are already turning on each other - The Last Word

Dinner with Mitch McConnell.

Landslide Victory for Arevalo Rattles Political Mafias in Guatemala (Analysis)

Kinda ironic repukes screaming for states rights

UWM: New approach shows hydrogen can be combined with electricity to make pharmaceutical drugs

(Jewish Group) Jewish life in York thrived after massacre, researchers show

Twins Joined at the Head Separated after 4 Surgeries in Brazil

Mark Meadows Pleads to Judge to Avoid Arrest in Georgia

Brazilian Federal Supreme Court Ignores Vape, Hashish, & Oil in Decriminalization of Marijuana Trial

Andrew Weissmann on Alex Wagner said "11 million docs, I think small"

U.S. Supreme Court asked to hear high school admissions case concerning race

The War on Drugs' 50th anniversary Part 1: applying cocaine to a CIA penis (graphic)

Drug trafficking group infiltrated party of Colombia's president

Meet the Democrat running to take Rick Scott's Senate seat - The Last Word - MSNBC

Alabama Judges Use Abortion Ban Logic to Block Care for Trans Minors

The rats need to turn quick. First one gets the cheese. Second one gets the squeeze.

Martin Sheen delivers powerful speech at Hollywood union rally - The Last Word - MSNBC

Colombia preparing tropical paradise for tourism after 500 years of chaos

NYC man convicted of attempted murder for terrorizing Black Lives Matter activists with bladed glove

I'm addicted to reality TV. Should I worry?

John Eastman's mug shot has been released

Rudy Giuliani Set to Meet With Fani Willis in Georgia: Report

Just watched the first two episodes of 'Ahsoka' (No spoilers)

Kari Lake says she has a First Amendment right to lie about Stephen Richer

I listened to a npr segment today about home caregivers...

Breakfast Wednesday 23 August 2023

Musk plans to strip headlines from news articles on Twitter/X

Guy (wearing a trump tshirt) bullies young bikers and gets the lunch sandwich he claimed reddit

mid WI at Wed. 1 am 82 degrees F: Dangerous heat and humidity WARNING in effect......

MN: Scott Jensen back on speaking circuit with anti-vaxx activists

Key Mar-a-Lago witness flips after dumping Trump-aligned lawyer, court filings reveal - Alex Wagner

NM: Watchdog groups file brief in congressional gerrymandering case

WI: Redistricting litigation filings made public

Long on bills, short on time: Trump co-defendants may consider their options - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

22 Aug: Ukrainian Bradleys Demolish Russian Tanks - Reporting from Ukraine

Georgia Republican EXPOSES Team Trump - Talking Feds

Ted Cruz Humiliates Himself With Shockingly Stupid Tweet - Rebel HQ

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about leopards, opportunity, and a likely underreported story.

(Jewish Group) Germany: Series of attacks on memorial sites sparks concern

Key witness in Trump's classified docs case retracts testimony - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Springdale man arrested on 13 counts of child porn

NAACP Director reacts to Sarah Huckabee Sanders' comments over AP African American Studies course

'Where I was supposed to be': US man taken as infant in illegal Chilean adoption meets lost family

Democrats guide to a US Senate majority in 2024.

Narayana Rheiner: Baltimore man sentenced to 15 months in prison over Jan. 6 riot

Students and teacher rescued after being trapped in a cable car - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Rightwing nut Kevin Sorbo whines cuz no one will hire him

Andrew Tate prosecution files reveal graphic claims of coercion ahead of trial

'A blockbuster': Former prosecutor on new development in Trump's documents case - CNN

Poll: DeSantis's support collapses ahead of 1st GOP debate

Mike Pillow Backtracks On Illegal Election Surveillance Plan - Waldorf Nation

Mississippi Police Officer 'No Longer Employed' After Arresting 10-Year-Old for Public Urination

DeSantis appointee leaves Ethics Commission while revealing his own ethics violation

The non CA and NY US House seats the Democrats will pick up in 2024.

WHOW--From the Minaqua Brewing Co.---WOKE brew and coffee............

Tulsa Superintendent to Step Down Amid Feud With 'Anti-Woke' School Boss

This For Profit Corporation Started Maui Fires & Will Burn Your Neighborhood Down For Profit Next

PragerU says it's approved in Texas schools. It's not.

Mayor Karen Bass announces task force targeting smash-and-grab robberies

They Want To Crash America's Economy & They Can - Same Old Song & Dance... - Thom Hartmann

When I mark a forum as read, I get a pop-up asking if I want to mark the forum as read.

How Putin's behavior has changed since the Wagner mutiny - CNN

In 1969, BBC News spoke to Mr Glynne Wood - who had a pigeon living on his head.

🟩 Wordle 795 8/23 SPOILERS

Minneapolis mayor vetoes measure for minimum wage to Uber and Lyft drivers

OH: Shaker Heights man found guilty of double voting in 2020 and 2022

So if a Florida Jury Finds Trump 'Guilty', Judge Cannon sentences trump?

Case against Georgia's lieutenant governor for alleged 2020 fake elector scheme awaits prosecutor

Ex-Republican Congressman Completely SLAMS what the GOP has Become - Burn The Boats

2.6 earthquake in New Madrid, Missouri today

BLACKPINK - 'Pretty Savage' Live at Coachella 2023

45,000 Russians sacrifice themselves for Putin. "Unpleasant surprise" in 24 hours. Wagner is back. - TRD

A tiny step forward in the introduction of Tudor

India's Chandrayaan-3 probe to attempt historic moon landing today: Watch it live

Latham, Shafer surrender to authorities at Fulton Jail

Archdiocese of San Francisco Becomes the Latest to File for Bankruptcy

Mug Shot - Parody of "Bus Stop" by The Hollies - Rocky Mountain Mike

GA: Cobb County school district removes 'inappropriate' books from libraries

On This Day: Western North Carolina declares itself an independent state - Aug. 23, 1784

In deadly Maui fires, many had no warning and no way out. Those who dodged barricades survived

Bail bonds granted so far for the GA defendants

Elon Musk's X plans to remove headlines from links to news articles

A one of a kind baby giraffe.

2 More defendants sneek in at 2 a.m.for booking

Rufus-tailed & White-necked Jacobin Hummingbirds

Spare a thought for the folks in DR, Haiti and Turks & Caicos

Giuliani Doesn't Have a Georgia Lawyer Yet

Are you trying to sleep?

Warming Near-Shore Ocean Temps Broaden Opportunities For Vibrio Infections As Cases Head North

Dengue Cases Spiked 10-Fold Globally Since 2000; Warming The Main Driver Of Disease's Expansion

Feds fine ship company $2 million for dumping oil and garbage into ocean off U.S. coast

Ukraine destroyed a Russian S 400 missile system in Crimea today.

MAGA Attacks ESCALATE with DEADLY Consequences - Against All Enemies

Report - Coal 2.0: Appalachian Fracked Gas Boom Didn't Help That Region's Flailing Economy

USA War Machine - Reasons, Outcome, Casualties & Implications of 5 Major USA Wars from 1950 to 2000

Found some from Salzburg while

Summons through the messenger: Russia lacks cannon fodder - UATV English

G20 Nations Provided $1.4 Trillion In Subsidies To Oil, Gas & Coal In 2022, Despite Climate Pledges

Who takes advantage of Donald Trump's absence and other things to watch in the Republican debate

"I just flew down here from New York - Boy, are my arms tired!"

Various websites showing a timeline of Trump-inspired violence by his supporters

"Yours in Service".. Legalese for "Bless Your Heart".

TFG's lawyers may have negotiated more than just prime time...

Could somebody please post Randy Rainbow's "Don't Arraign On His Parade"

It appears that Mark Meadows made a deal with the Federal prosecutors?

Australian Communities Urged To Prepare For Potentially Deadly El Nino Fire Season

He's In The Jailhouse Now

Public Rage Builds As UK Govt Postpones Once-Annual Water Quality Testing To Once Every Six Years

The Secret Weapon Hackers Can Use to Dox Nearly Anyone in America for $15

Philippine supply boats breach a Chinese coast guard blockade in the hotly contested South China Sea

FAFO John Eastman's Mug Shot


The criminal-in-chief speaks


The Weekly Pull: Immortal Thor, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Magic Planeswalkers, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (8/23/23)

The Webcomics Weekly #247: Dr. Frost's Final Case (8/22/2023 Edition)

The Rundown: August 23, 2023

I Follow College Wrestling

I now have morning office hours to clean kitten eyes

India makes historic uncrewed landing on the moon's south pole

Am I considering watching the GOP presidential debate?

You raised $85.00 on August 22, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

A sex educator in Michigan refused to be shamed. Then came the backlash.

Isn't denying women reproductive health care discrimination?

Pacific coral reef shows historic increase in climate resistance

Malvina Reynolds was born on this date.

Flooding expected as Tropical Storm Franklin makes landfall on Haiti and Dominican Republic

Keith Moon was born on this date.

Who's going to watch or listen to the debate tonight?

Major DeSantis donors later gave big to Chris Christie, records show

Listen M$Greedia

On this day, August 23, 1891, Elijah Barrett Prettyman was born.

Florida report on insurance failure raises more questions than answers

Tweet of the Day

New Thai PM takes office, vows four years of change

Bonus Tweet of the Day

G20 poured more than $1tn into fossil fuel subsidies despite Cop26 pledges - report

Lough Neagh N.I., Largest Lake In The British Isles, "Dying In Plain Sight" From Toxic Algae, Runoff

FBI says North Korean hackers preparing to cash out after high-profile crypto hacks

Trump's real height and weight poll

With All These Traitors Surrendering In Fulton County It's Like Appomattox

When facing legal jeopardy, ask the assistance of friends with life experience.....

A Christian Crowdfunding Site Has a White-Power Problem

New College student orientation leaders push back when told to remove Pride, BLM pins

Rudy whines, "They're destroying my right to be a lawyer."

FAA announces millions in airport funding to tackle near collisions

Russia's ghost ships and the evolution of a grain-smuggling operation

On this day, August 23, 2011, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake was felt across the eastern U.S.

Trump paid lawyer (Woodward) exposes witness (Tavares) to perjury.

Thailand's billionaire ex-PM Thaksin taken to hospital on first night in jail

Working Class Hero

Anyone else find it curious that a song about suicide is being used to advertise a huge

Apropos of nothing, Rudy Giuliani looks like The Penguin.

Hey Rudy G! Couldn't you have just waited one more day to turn yourself in?

Democrats and Republicans deeply divided on extreme weather, Post-UMD poll finds

US wildland firefighter pay threatened by Republican feud in Congress

A sex educator in Michigan refused to be shamed. Then came the backlash.

BREAKING NEWS: Facing charges, Giuliani turns self in at Six Flags Over Georgia

Roger Stone's hubris exposes Trump's plan: New video shows lawyers faked distance from Capitol riots

Minnesota names first Black chief justice of state Supreme Court, Natalie Hudson

IMO MSNBC with Ana Cabrera is stupid having Andrew Yang speaking.

DeSantis defends 'listless vessels' remark: These lawmakers putting 'entertainment,' 'personality' f

How to debate a missing Donald Trump: Go after his family business

WI: GOP lawmakers file motion to force Protasiewicz off redistricting lawsuits

Voting in Zimbabwe general election delayed by lack of ballot papers

OH: Commissioners unanimously approve to leave redistricting as-is

How Trump With Help From Foreign Governments Planned To Seize Power

Brought Down by the Hired Help;

South Carolina Supreme Court rules six-week abortion ban is constitutional

Tudor is on the loose in the den.

I was faced with two numbers this morning: one was the current temperature - 82

Low-IQ Republicans want people to believe there is nothing criminal, it is all "politics".

'Chinese activist Kwon Pyong' fled to South Korea on jet ski

Tuberville changes his story, targets career military officials

South Carolina's new all-male highest court reverses course on abortion, upholding strict 6-week ban

florida losing more conventions due to desantis

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 23, 2023

VA: Two candidates will be on November ballot for Chesapeake treasurer's seat

Why should there be so much focus on Iowa Republican primaries?

this made me cry.

AI cheating is hopelessly, irreparably corrupting US higher education (Florida professor's opinion)

The parade of Republican conspirators into Atlanta is like a "march of shame".

GA: Raffensperger expected to be subpoenaed for Meadows' Fulton hearing

'Dark Brandon' Takes Over Fox News' Homepage on Day of Republican Debates: 'I'm Bringing Roe Back'

Are Musk's followers fake?

Caught in the act of petting a dog? (The President)

11 Alive Atlanta news has running total of Trump co conspirators booked

Vivek Ramaswamy's 'Mansplaining' To CNN's Kaitlan Collins Riles Up Critics

To those who say 'deplorable' was too mean: you were wrong.

CNN: Giuliani has not yet negotiated terms of his bail with the Fulton County DA...

American Airlines Flight Attendant Union to Announce Strike Vote Results at Pickets Across U.S.

Climate change protestors are blocking some roads in DC again

Musk's Erratic Behavior May Be Caused By Escalating Drug Use, Associates Say

Alberta woman organizes rescue mission for horses from Yellowknife

South-east Asian countries demand Denver museum return looted artefacts

South-east Asian countries demand Denver museum return looted artefacts

Emails reveal Secret Service contacts with Oath Keepers

The Mets are playing the Braves today.

Biden ad on fox

Subscribed forums--new discussions (sidebar)

Bingo Cards for tonight's debate

Trump Judges Have a New Strategy for Gutting Minority Rights

Could somebody please go to our wonderful Bill Penzey's website, and post

Trump's final card to play... And the purpose for all the Top Secret docs

I'm on the Home Page, and I wanna Search DU for something.

any recs for bulb suppliers? anyone heard of these guys?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about documents, employee number 4, and Trump developments....

Georgia RICO case: Booking mugshots for John Eastman and Scott Hall (they were booked on Tuesday)

Yeah, Cruz Is A Traitor, But How Many Know About Rand Paul?

"They Fired On Us Like Rain": Saudis Accused of Killing Hundreds of Ethiopian Refugees at Border

Russian Mi-8 helicopter with its crew surrendered after landing at Poltava airfield.

The closest I got to Paul McCartney and Malia Obama in one place!

Trump's potential disqualification from running in 2024 surges into national spotlight - BTC

Marta and I just joined Costco

Most Republicans Would Back Trump If He Were in Prison

China's Economy is in Serious Trouble - Government Bans Talking About it!

Little girl explaining to her younger sibling why you don't use the N-word

Any college profs or administrators here?

Two tankers collided in Egypt's Suez Canal, briefly disrupting traffic in the vital waterway

Pic Of The Moment: How You Can Tell Donald Trump Is Getting Arrested Again This Week

Kenneth Chesebro has been booked in Fulton County

Four more Trump co-defendants surrender in Fulton County - MSNBC Reports

"It's Always About Oil": CIA & MI6 Staged Coup in Iran 70 Years Ago, Destroying Democracy in Iran

Rudy on the ground in Atlanta.

Rudy Giuliani is supposedly indigent , but he just landed in Atlanta on a private jet.

On this day, August 23, 1933, the Chesapeake-Potomac hurricane made landfall on the Outer Banks.

Tennessee Titans player Caleb Farley's father dies in massive home explosion

Why Confidence In China's Economy Is Collapsing; US-Japan-South Korea & China - China Update

Roy Rogers "Don't Fence Me In"

MI: Ottawa County board tells health department to advertise child vaccine waivers

Arab Israelis bury official as crime wave toll nears 160

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 23, 2023)

Walz picks Natalie Hudson as new Minnesota chief justice

Arizona pilot for secure ballot paper won't move forward as planned

John Goodman's Walk of Fame ceremony - Bridges brought the original Big Lebowski sweater

Indiana's near-total abortion ban set to take effect as state Supreme Court denies rehearing

How Have Your TV Watching Habits Changed Since The Writer's & Actor's Strike?......

things i would rather watch than the GOP debate


Who is/was your favorite male singer/singers? No limited on the amount. Any genre, any time. Solo,

Tweet: As far as I can tell, DA Fani Willis doesn't seem to own a pair of kid gloves.

What if Donald Trump's conspiracy is even more sinister than we suspected?

Jordan Peterson has lost his court battle with the College of Psychologists of Ontario

Why Giuliani won't flip on Trump.....

Cartoons 8/23/2023

Trump can be removed from ballots, starting in Georgia

Russia Crashed; India Safely Lands on Moon

So, do you still believe the "We're all equal under the law" bullshit?

Long-awaited Tacoma light rail extension finally has an opening date

Two more Fulton County defendants have turned themselves in..........

Somebody needs to tell the big picture story ASAP.

Not real but cracking me up

Jet that crashed near Moscow may have had Prigozhin on board. edit: confirmed

"The Karen of criminal defendants": Experts trash indicted Trump co-defendant's "entitled" demand

The difference.

Green-eyed visitor

Wisconsin Republicans ask newly elected liberal justice to not hear redistricting case

Donald Trump wined and dined prominent members of the print and broadcast press last night.

Clearspace-1 space debris cleanup target in orbit just got struck by space debris

Flames devour forests and homes as wildfires that have left 20 dead in Greece burn out of control

Reiki Practitioners........Dallas

Trump's classified-documents indictment does more than allege crimes − it tells a compelling story

Prighozin falls out of a window at 40,000 feet.

Dallas - Reiki Practitioner..

A remarkable day at Fulton County jail as Trump's surrender looms

AP: Rescuers evacuate over 100,000 people from flood-hit areas of Pakistan's Punjab province in 3 w...

How Fox News Plans to Have Trump 'Appear' at Its GOP Debate

This buys a year': Hurricane Hilary edges up Lake Mead water level

How Oklahoma's schools superintendent became the state's top culture warrior

IA: More than 160 Plan B reimbursement requests for rape victims are pending at the AG's office

Trump Is Hosting $100,000-Per-Plate Dinner For Cash-Strapped Rudy Giuliani. Snark Is Served.

How long before Putin's demise?

Video shows Philadelphia police fatally shoot man seconds after officer steps out of vehicle

Reports that the plane which crashed with Piggy aboard had windows. There were signs.

Russia's "General Armageddon" reportedly dismissed after vanishing in wake of Wagner uprising

A re-alignment with sanity

Anybody enjoy "Lewis" on Britbox

Freedom Caucus Threatens To Shut Down The Government If Trump Prosecutions Aren't Dropped

Don't Arraign On His Parade!

GA: Cheseboro requests a speedy trial.

A show of hands

Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell granted bond

Ron DeSantis vs. The Republican Party & Burger King vs. Carl's Jr.- Beef Freaks - Lovett or Leave It

Well, I'm writing this to 1.Warn folks who are waiting for PASSPORTS. 2. Express fustration.

Vivek Ramaswamy would give Putin parts of Ukraine and then go visit him

BREAKING-GOP candidates Larry Elder and Perry Johnson sue RNC after they fail to qualify for debate

Prigozhin meme game is afoot

Maybe Prigozhin is trying to fake his own death

Just can't get used to the new du4 format.......

Unwanted greyhound keeps grinning after adoption

Puppy Rescued From Road Gets Tiny Human Best Friend

On this day, August 23, 1973, the bank robbery that led to the Stockholm syndrome started.

Peter Navarro Contempt of Congress hearing scheduled for Monday

There's a court hearing Thursday on a challenge to Florida's new Congressional district maps

A few days ago there was an OP on artist Edward Hopper's "Night Hawks."

Keep seeing these commercials come up on other sites....

anyone planning on watching the shitshow on fox tonight? & why or why not

Donald Trump Gives Rudy Giuliani Money Amid Fears

On August 22, 1936, Chuck Brown was born.

Butch Walker & The Black Widows - Synthesizers (feat. Matthew McConaughey)

SEC to Impose New Rules on Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms - Bloomberg Television

Where can I live stream the GOP debate tonight? I'm in Canada and we don't get Fox.

Tropical Forests May Be Getting Too Hot for Photosynthesis When trees get too hot, energy production

Tropical Forests May Be Getting Too Hot for Photosynthesis When trees get too hot, energy production

Tiedrich rant: Mark Meadows: poster boy for the entitled male dipshit

Outrage erupts as only Black students at Florida school singled out for low test scores

meidas touch is updating their MUGSHOT page

wonderful signs of flippery in 2 of Trump's cases

A debate tonight? Or an "I'm the biggest fascist" contest?

FDA Says To Stop Using 2 Eye Drop Products Because of Serious Health Risks

Any thoughts of the timing of that plane crash in Moscow

Well at least this Russian drama

Dogs know

Project Veritas' Financial Woes Go Beyond Layoffs

Yay! Hatch chili season!

Here's why 6,000 octopuses like to be under the sea at an "octopus garden"

"I'll pay for your lawyer but you'll have to go to jail for me" and his employee said "Fuck that"

Rain changes perspective...

New to the zoo.

Marjorie Taylor Greene served Anheuser-Busch Beer After Pushing Boycott over Bud Light

Declassified Aliens Launch Extrasatellite News Commentary Show

**Mercury retrograde starts on August 23,

At tonights coven of rep witches, who will be first to state

Ludwig van Beethoven Triple Concerto in C Major, Op. 56

Wagner's Prigozhin has already died once before in a plane crash in Congo.

Did you know that the opposite of disgruntled is gruntled?

GOP Prioritizes Cultural War Over National Security

House Democrat presses big banks on the status of over $32 billion in racial equity pledges

Ted Nugent and Kid Rock should do benefit concerts for the indicted MAGAS

Another J6er identified and arrested

50th -- Why is it called golden when we're silver-haired now?

The propaganda is deep.

Ron DeSantis Seeks "Judicial Gerrymander" in Florida Courts

How to Flip Texas by 2030

Giuliani surrenders to authorities in Ga. probe of alleged election interference

Trump might be reassessing a flight to Russia

Top Republican sells his soul on air for Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell booked in Fulton county.

DeSantis Dropped 11 Points After Campaign Reboot

Rudy Colludy's booking sheet (Twitter)

What good reruns are on tonight?

Nashville school shooting families removed by state troopers at gun law hearing

Ex-N.Y. police chief who once led Gilgo Beach probe charged with soliciting sex in park

Prigozhin's past disguises

20 cross species adoptions and Bffs.

Nashville judge blocks new statehouse rules after a woman was removed for holding a gun safety sign

DA Fani Willis gets that all of this is 'unpleasant' for Jeffrey Clark

Trump-lovers have a new favorite word. And we shouldn't ignore it.

Words of Wisdom.....or something

She was right

Over on Twitter/X, Mueller, She Wrote posted a comment by DUer Aristus!

Pamphlets blaming Holocaust on LGBT people appear for 2nd time in a week

(Jewish Group) Pamphlets blaming Holocaust on LGBT people appear for 2nd time in a week

I'm ashamed to admit I was scammed on the internet. Filed report with FTC this

Huge "Clown Car Coup" sign behind Rudy

What the.....

Ireland, Dublin to Sligo

Pelosi Schumer Master Class on dealing with Donald Chump

Nothing but Reruns on tonight

Rudy appears to be walking into the office of "A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds"

MSNBC reporting Wagner Telegram channels say Piggy is dead

What Are These People Thinking, Eating Pudding With Team Trump?

Nebraska Republican Pete Ricketts officially announces U.S. Senate campaign for 2024

i dare you to do this . run at all ahead full, play music and music without sheet music.

Did Rudy post bond? Who paid it?

Trump throws a shit fit at his post 2018 midterm failure press conference

Hair of the Dog: Wear Your Best Friend

Hey, Aristus, Mueller She Wrote tweeted at you:

Anyone has a pic of that lovely Clown Car Coup

Theodore Roosevelt presidential library taking shape in North Dakota Badlands

Has anyone had the RSV vaccine?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia, Putin, and restructuring Wagner....

Anger is needed: Anger is most powerful emotion by far for spurring climate action, study finds

Throwback Wednesday--60 Minutes reviews Trump's shameful call to Georgia Sec of State

Trump Uses His Arrest to Sandbag Fox News, Republican Rivals! - Pondering Politics

India's Moon Landing Raises One Big Question

DA Fani Willis opposes Meadows' motion to move case to federal court

I'm in the Western suburbs of Chicago. It's 98 degrees with 107 heat index right now.

Happy Arrestmas Eve, DU!

India's First Hydrogen Bus Hits the Public Roads in Leh, Ladakh

Tommy Tuberville turns his battle on Pentagon abortion policy into waging war against individual U.S

What to Expect During the First GOP Primary Debate - Let's Talk Elections

Clown Car Coup sign

'A barrage of gunfire': Police respond to active shooting in Pittsburgh's Garfield neighborhood

Looks like Rachel is gonna be on after the debate @ 11 PM ET.

Fish Oil Supplement Claims Don't Match The Science, Study; Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Heart Health

Crazy about Prigozhin!



What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 23, 2023

Right wingers havent been this crazy since..........

A rare fire whirl, a combination of high fire intensity, strong winds and air mass instability, was

I rather like it overall, but had hoped for the return of superscripts and subscripts for scientific posts.

I think all the insurectionists should not be allowed to wear those American flag pins

Fulton defendant demands speedy trial in Trump election interference case

Giuliani: His trust in DJT to raise money for him will fail

facebook owes you money. (for real)

Ukraine attacks the South, Russia the North. F16s for Kyiv. [Mapped] - Good Times Bad Times

Video of Prigozhin plane crash (source: AP)

Prigozhin plane crash: Wagner group won't respond well to a 'domestic Russian power battle' - Times Radio

New True Crime Series

Aneurysm - Nirvana

Biden-Harris campaign ad: "Fought Back"

Federal judge DENIES Jeffrey Clark's motion for an emergency stay of criminal proceedings

Will the conman be the last of the 19 to go into the jail

rudys mug shot

Biden to name first drugs for Medicare negotiations early next week

Release the Kraken*

Just an opinion, but I'm beginning to think

Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: the devil's alliance - David Marples - TVP World

Judge rejects former DOJ official Jeffrey Clark's attempt to avoid arrest in election case

Guliani and Trump chat about the Bedminster fundraiser for Rudy

Former Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis has surrendered at the Fulton County jail

Georgia RICO case: Mugshots for Chesboro, Shafer, Latham, Smith, Powell, Ellis, Giuliani

Can Trump be banned from the primary ballot?

Chocolate Lab Is Obsessed With His Activity Jar

Charles Pierce: What Are These People Thinking, Eating Pudding With Team Trump?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 24 August 2023

Texas elementary student fires gun while on school bus; no injuries reported

What stands out to me in this mugshot

Head of Zelenskyy's office posts AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell'

Ohio attorney general rejects language for amendment aimed at reforming troubled political mapmaking

Alert has no text

I'm 6 episodes into Succession, and I can't stop!

Do Americans Realize How Absurd It Is To Let Tr**p Run For The Presidency.....

collect em all

Prigozhin is murdered. Russia on the edge of civil war. - The Russian Dude

Out of these 10 of the 19 Rico Defendants who will flip and sing first

Mark Meadow's bid to avoid arrest rejected by federal judge.

Its official my data was hacked

I was thinking about the $100k a plate con...

As Wildfires Rage, Canada's Oil Sector Looks to Ramp Up Production

Judge Decision Finding The Saldivar Group Unlawfully Threatened, Interrogated, and Fired a Worker...

Dear BRICS leaders: It's not too late for action - Break the Fake - TVP World

Putin said to have asked Weird Al Yankovic for a new parody song

Mark Meadows plea to put his arrest on hold struck down

Remember Rudy laughing gleefully in 2016 about the FBI's up coming rat fucking of HRC.

Judge denies Meadows, Clark attempts to block arrest in Georgia

DU fantasy football: no charge, no prizes, but lots of fun!

hey, aristus,

2 minutes too cute not to share!

Trump Judges Have a New Strategy for Gutting Minority Rights

The RICO Bunch.

Will someone be doing a rethug debate thread

Best chili ever! Today is trash day, & the day I clean out my 'fridge & parishables.

Tulsa Superintendent to Step Down Amid Feud With 'Anti-Woke' School Boss

RNC Ads Running on Pro-Hitler Videos

Ted Nugent Fried His Brain with MAGA Kool-Aid - Rebel HQ

Terry Funk R I P

Carville just said

Remaining defendants might have an argument not to get on a plane

I'm choosing AEW Wrestling over the Repub debate because...

DU fantasy football: no charge, no prizes, but lots of fun!

There's a "Dark Brandon" mobile billboard at the Republican Debate hall for tonight.

Remember the 2017 "Fyre Festival" fiasco? The organizer wants to do it again!

Rudy is still true to Trump and still kissing up to his throne!

A Trump appointee argues in dissent that OSHA's workplace rules are unconstitutional

Are you watching the debate tonight?

Amazon employees are quitting instead of relocating to 'hubs' - CNBC Television

Utkin also said to be on the downed aircraft. Putin's denazification efforts working.

Remaining Wagnerites should stay away from windows and airplanes

Watchdog uncovers 'inappropriate access' to Biden's personal data

Ron "Weaselly" DeSantis

Trump's Mar-a-Lago IT director gets out from under a MAGA lawyer, gets a new lawyer & flips on Trump

Russia - Wagner Leader Yevgeny Prigozhin Dead after Failed Revolution as Jet Plane Crashes in Russia

Republican Debate

murder suspect is son of LA fire captain

All the Mug Shots for your Viewing Pleasure.

Giuliani melts down amid his booking in Georgia, mugshot released - Brian Tyler Cohen

I'm not sure if this joke has been posted before ... it's one of my favorites

Mug shot bingo. Who's flipping?

Nicolle: Trump's co-defendants 'kicking and screaming' trying to evade justice in GA - Deadline MSNBC

A friend finally got a good side by side photo of Tudor and his sister Rhian

Top 19 adult Halloween masks this year

FCC open public comment on denying fox a broadcast license

What will you be doing rather than watch Repuke Primary debate?

The Fulton County Sheriff's Office released the mugshot taken of Rudy Giuliani today.


Fmr. DOJ official thinks Rudy Giuliani doesn't have a 'coherent' defense in Fulton County - Deadline

Senator Rubio urges Biden administration to reject a former warlord's extradition to Colombia

Shut up and go mow your mom may be the best insult I've ever seen in my life.... (don jr.)

Women playing two games at same time - Rapinoe

HATE AMERICA!--China Brainwashes Kindergartners!

Women playing two games at same time - Rapinoe

Insurrectionabilia at the Smithsonian

There's a bad moon on the rise. TN River 2009

Judge denies motion to move Meadows' case to federal court

Greta Thunberg zings Trump (parody account):

The weather goddesses are smiling down on us!

Ever hear of scopophilia? Meet Judge Ho, who feels "damaged" if he can't see you be pregnant

Voting rights attorney: Trump is 'simply not eligible for the ballot in 2024' - Deadline - MSNBC

Ever hear of scopophilia? Meet Judge Ho...

Fani Willis Brutally Rejects Mark Meadows' Attempt To Delay Arrest - Waldorf Nation

Online Safari (wild world of webcams)

update on case from last year: Woman Pleaded Guilty to Fatally Shoving Beloved Vocal Coach

"Democracy needs its gatekeepers": The Republican Party is too corrupt to care about the country

Does RICO mean Really Incompetent Criminal Organization?

The key for the Trump indictments...

Hey MAGA's, There's no Denyin' it, Dark Brandon is Fucking

'The world's watching us': Global concerns rise over potential Trump return - Morning Joe - MSNBC

I wonder if Putin invited Prigozhin to fly to see him because all is forgiven...

TFG is still acting like he's holding a winning hand

Is the tucker/trump shitshow really on twitter tonight ?

Fani Willis DROPS THE HAMMER on Trump's Co-Defendant in New Motion - Meidas Touch

MAGA Fox Host Gives Unhinged Rant, Seems to Mistake Biden for Trump! - Pondering Politics

Founders of crypto mixer arrested, sanctioned after US cracks down on Tornado Cash

Taliban stopped 100 women flying to Dubai for university scholarships, UAE billionaire says

Ukrainian strikes reportedly hit bases in Russia housing supersonic warplanes

Justice Department announces charges against hundreds of alleged COVID-19 fraudsters

more spooky

One Of Strongest Heat Domes Is Spreading Triple-Digit Record Highs From Midwest To South

With Apologies to Cheap Trick


Fury at Michigan officials charged in 2020 false electors scheme: 'This isn't who we are'

Jan. 6 defendant representing himself at trial compares himself to Brett Kavanaugh

Russian agency says mercenary leader Prigozhin was aboard plane that crashed, leaving no survivors

Cats.. 😂

I know I live in Florida but do I have leprosy?

Slate's Dahlia Lithwick: Trump's DC and Georgia indictments compliment each other perfectly - MSNBC