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Kazakhstan's oil export routes - Eastern Express - TVP World

LIVE: First Republican presidential debate - Brian Tyler Cohen

Mike Luckovich-Fingerprinting

Fulton defendant demands speedy trial in Trump election interference case

OH: Petition Summary on Redistricting Is Rejected Due to Lack of Clarity and Accuracy

home owner won't let flooring guys use her bathrooms. "go to the bathroom at home"

AZ: State Supreme Court to reconsider 1864 law ordering prison time for abortion providers

"Could be devastating": Indicted ex-GOP chair "explicitly" throws Trump under the bus in new filing

"Truly shameful": Critics blast NY Times for featuring "openly racist and bigoted" Ann Coulter

18 just realized that yes I'm a man of mystery

Colorado moves closer to prohibiting "abortion reversal" procedure following medical board ruling

Is this a grumpy bunny? You decide!

My Primary Doc has a great sense of humor and

See Trump RICO defendants' jail bookings & mugshots on live TV - The Beat - MSNBC

Judge lets Smartmatic expand 2020 election defamation suit against Newsmax

Republican Presidential Candidates Undergo Mandatory Genital Checks Ahead Of First Debate

Indiana Governor Blocks Award for Doctor Who Provided Abortion to 10-Year-Old Rape Victim

Arizona court to review ruling that abortion doctors can't be charged under pre-statehood law

AZ-SEN: Kari Lake says she'll decide on Arizona Senate run by year's end

How Ron DeSantis Let Billionaires Destroy Florida - More Perfect Union

See Rudy Giuliani's RICO mugshot: Ari Melber on coup defendant's jail booking - The Beat - MSNBC

Sunset southern MD 8/23

GOPers Rip Biden's Maui Wildfire Response. They All Opposed Funding To Fight Wildfires.

Oklahoma's schools superintendent is turning the public school system to religion

Good idea for Fani re Chesboro speedy trial ??

Florida's Board of Education is forcing state colleges to fire employees who don't use bathrooms of

McCarthy to Biden: Give Us Your Bank Statements or We'll Impeach You

Aretha Franklin - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Live at Kennedy Center Honors)

Wisconsin Democrats want to ban sham lawsuits as GOP senator continues fight against local news site

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the debates and Trump on TV....

MI: Canvassers address concerns on 'grassroots' origins of recall petitions

OK, boys and girls, time to play Republican Debate Bingo !! (2023 edition)

So is the Repo debate only being broadcast on streaming services?

United Airlines in $30 million settlement with quadriplegic man's family

Catholic church, school lawsuits against Michigan civil rights law thrown out

Richard Engel on Putin and Prigozhin's tenuous relationship - MSNBC Reports

IMF frees $7.5 billion for Argentina, lowers bar for economy targets

IMF frees $7.5 billion for Argentina, lowers bar for economy targets

Babies are like tiny drunk people.

MI: 'Gut the whole department': Officials consider $3.9M cut to Ottawa County health budget

US FCC will release public comments on bid to deny Fox TV station license renewal

Baby's first taste of ice cream:

Just started "Travelers" on Netflix.

Vietnam's iconic 'kissing rocks' at risk of collapse

I Love This.

Couldn't have done it without him.

There is a crow obviously suffering from the extreme heat that we have been

Taking one for the team tonight.

I think the world needs more women entrepreneurs, but

Nepalese LGBT+ couple fight for legal rights

Trump co-defendants Meadows, Clark lose bid to delay arrests in Georgia - All In - MSNBC

Infant's first time at aquarium--mind blown!

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Anyone else NOT watching?

The Michigan SOS said on Nicole Wallace that there are ongoing discussions

Any streaming link for Republican debate?... please and thank you

Harbor seal imitates aquarium visitor:

Fury at Michigan officials charged in 2020 false electors scheme: 'This isn't who we are'

LIVE: 2024 Republican Presidential Debate on Fox News - David Pakman Show

Sweet hug:

Who doesn't love Cab Calloway?

Cedar Walton Quintet - Ugetsu

'Incredibly rare' fire tornado captured on video by B.C. wildfire crews

2nd tweet -- Cute pupper is ready for bed:


On intros, crowd booed Pence, Christie, and Asa

Key witness GOES BACK ON TESTIMONY, implicates Trump - Talking Feds

Otterly exhausted:

Lasted one minute

North Korea says its 2nd attempt to launch a spy satellite has failed, vows 3rd try

Tiny, bouncy dog:

they need to ask Pence

Ironic that all the male debaters are wearing red ties!


2nd tweet -- honestly, it's all just fluff:

Ted Curson - L.S.D. Takes A Holiday

The post debate analysis on DeSantis needs to be that he is just angry!

Just a puppy & kitten:

Who had Nikki Haley as the first candidate to diss Donald Trump in the Republican Debate?

Here, kitten. Have a puppy to hug:

How the suspected death of Prigozhin could impact Russia's stability - PBS NewsHour

Hundreds in Oregon told to evacuate immediately because of wildfire near Salem

Wrote my SOS here in NM and complained that Donald Trump

Fani Willis' secret weapon: Trump will face "the Michael Jordan of RICO"

Cleaning up after dinner:

Has anyone else noticed?


Opponents are unimpressed as a Georgia senator revives a bill regulating how schools teach gender

Opponents are unimpressed as a Georgia senator revives a bill regulating how schools teach gender

Where's the cat?

McFaul on Prighozhin death...

Just tuned into the debate. My takeaway so far.

GOP Debate "Highlights" (so far)

Pride Flag Shooter Was Big Fan Of Matt Walsh & Jordan Peterson - Waldorf Nation

Ohio attorney general rejects language for amendment aimed at reforming troubled political mapmaking

Baby dolphin believed to be dead after Florida man picked it up for Instagram photo

Poi dog Pondering - Postcard From A Dream

If we get a reply in one of these DU4-only forums, will we have to be using DU4

"Set your watches": Experts say there's "no chance" Trump won't violate strict bond conditions

Indicted Trump lawyer Kenneth Chesebro demands speedy trial in Georgia - All In - MSNBC

Movie surprise:

Can anyone tell me the passage in the Bible that I knew you in the womb quoted by pence?

Well I lasted about 15 seconds of the Rep debate

Hundreds in Oregon told to evacuate immediately because of wildfire near Salem

I hope Vivek is not trying to make friends tonight

Those of you who are watching the debate

Something from the 2016 general election debate timeframe to make you smile 😁😁😁

Bob Dylan - Dirge

Does anyone know where I can get a

Next up in debate is orange menace turning

I probably

I watched a few minutes of the FOX News debate and this is my conclusion

How many of you have had THE feux news talk

Hoarse Whisperer on Prigozhin

Rita Coolidge - Inside Of Me

Do you have a drawer with fast food packets in it? I have one with Ken's Salad dressings.

First, There is a Mountain.....

Ramaswany, Haley, Scott, Burgum would support Trump as nominee even if convicted.

My thoughts on tonight's debate. No wonder Trump is so far ahead.

Trump Challengers Shot Themselves In The Foot - Raw News And Politics

Fox Panel Destroyed By Co-Host After Lying About Biden... Again! - Pondering Politics

Booker T. - Tennessee Voodoo

Pence is such a dinosaur.

That's it can't watch the Republican debate anymore it is cray cray!

Fani throwing the Hatch Act Violations at Meadows

The Wild Magnolias - Jumalaka Boom Boom

The Prigozhin Explosion - Who Killed Vladimir Putin's Biggest Threat? Malcolm Nance Dives Deep

Lots of screaming and yelling

I've seen more dignified high school food fights than this bullshit "debate"


This is what it is about, DU.

Anyone listening to the Fucker and Tucker circle jerk?

Ramsey Lewis - Tambura

Bulgaria's Black Sea Stand-Off Shows the Tide is Turning Against Russia in Ukraine

Very good in depth CNN analysis of purported Prigozhin death

How often do you worry about the Southern border?

49ers: Purdy #1. Darnold #2. Lance #3.

Was the GOP debate theme supposed to be "THE REST OF THE WORLD IS AGAINST US !!" or...

Lonnie Liston Smith - Explorations

Breaking News from Fox: Lawmakers demand truth about secret UFO programs

THIS is today's republican party : All but two candidates say they'd support Trump if CONVICTED.

DeSantis talking about education is like

DeSantis robot malfunctions before executing the SMILE command:

The Wagner Opera's Crash Landing Finale - William Spaniel

Enjoying the bottom of the barrel debate. Nikki Haley has recently

I believe outside of the support of a few Libertarian types Ramaswamy is toast.

I wish SNL was back on already...

Florida Republican files bill that bans venues from canceling shows over political views, posts

He whose name must not be spoken

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: St. Vlasios (throats, animals), St. Paisios, Anxiety & Simplicity

Democrats guide to retaining majority control of the US Senate in 2024.

Fani Willis COMPLETELY EXPOSES Trump Co-Defendant in New Motion - Meidas Touch

*Rachel's highlights of the 'debate,' now.

Arizona Supreme Court to reconsider 1864 law ordering prison time for abortion providers

Grateful Dead - Touch of Grey

My take on the Gop debate

This "debate" would have been an embarrassment to the Republic of Fredonia...

Today, August 23rd in 1939, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was signed. WWII began one week later.

Has anyone noticed the viciousness with which

So they got nobody.

"Beautiful everything" (tweet)

Is Xitter dead?

I wasn't going to watch, but now I hope EVERYONE in America watched

Jill Wine-Banks: DeSantis misled w/ his reference to being with Navy Seals. He was a legal advisor

Giuliani being processed at Fulton County jail 'had to be humbling, humiliating' legal expert says

Ari coined a new term to describe the clown car. Loony toon conservatism

IMO, Opening question tonight, "If you still support Trump, why are you running for President ?"

Did the debate ask if 2020 was legit or stolen?

Jeanine Pirro Lies About Biden's Maui Trip

Was there any discussion about guns/gun control?

I held my nose and watched the Faux Slobber Fest for a brief moment.

Ronan Farrow's new report alleges 'set of warnings about Elon Musk' some close to him are sounding

bottom line: my biggest takeaway from the gop debate:

So we have 5 dead people shot in a bar with 6 more wounded here in CA tonight

Some musings about TFG, and his ilk

Ok, I said that I wasn't going to listen, but.....

I think it's outrageous Faux News managed to keep off the stage tonight

Joe: "What she said."

REMINDER: Doug Burgum Signed a Cruel Abortion Ban in North Dakota

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump's mugshot will be the greatest humiliation of his life - The Last Word MSNBC

Has there ever been a great leader who constantly brags

Cook's Corner Shooting: 5 killed, 6 hospitalized after shooting at historic biker bar in Trabuco Can

What a difference only a few hours can make...

the debate winner

How to solve the nation's problems: What I learned tonight --- teachers' unions suck.

Here is the reason why you never trust Donald J Trump! Never!

I Had To Turn Off The Debate Because I Was Blinded By.....

Rachel Maddow: I was shocked by how bad Ron DeSantis is at playing politician - Decision 2024 MSNBC

More than 500 children have been killed in Ukraine since start of war, charity says

Group Wants Service Members, Vets to Participate in Restoring Faith in US Election System

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tightrope

NY: Dying man's cries for help at Rikers Island went unheeded, fellow detainees say

'Dysfunctional' GOP family tested by 'dad's' absence: Melber on Trump-less debate - Decision 2024 MSNBC

Democratic leaders, not primary voters, plan to stack NJ district's ballot with hand-picked favorite

BRICS expansion faces eleventh hour hurdle - Reuters

Former GOP mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa leads protest against migrant housing at Floyd Bennett Fie

Joy: GOP candidates, by ignoring Maui, 'didn't even try to pretend there's any compassion' - MSNBC

Winners and Losers of the First 2024 Republican Presidential Debate - Let's Talk Elections

What happened to Prigozhin is

Christie and Ramaswamy Clash Over trump during the right wing Shit Show.

Ari: They're not all running for president -- they're here to be Trump's running mate - Decision 2024

At least 4 killed, 5 wounded in mass shooting at Cook's [Corner] biker bar, sources say

US approves new $500M arms sale to Taiwan as aggression from China intensifies

Debate Consensus of the Grandmas

I spent 2 hours hanging out with empty vessels. I'm damaged, but I survived.

'Factually false': Andrew Weissmann on Donald Trump's comments on Georgia case - The Last Word MSNBC

The slippery slope of gender segregation

"Never trust anyone who can't figure out how to smile naturally. What a fucking weirdo." BrooklynDad

4 Dead, 5 Others Shot After Mass Shooting at Biker Bar in Southern California

Republican primary goes off the rails - Brian Tyler Cohen

Professional wrestling legend Terry Funk dies at 79

Steve Schmidt reacts to the 2024 Republican presidential debate on Fox News

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Meadows, Clark, and removal....

Tim Snyder: Appears one Russian fascist assassinated another Russian fascist - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ramaswammy. It finally occurred to me - everything he says sounds like Jim Jones after

23 Aug: Insane Marine Operation. Wagner Chief is dead. Russian Helicopters Stolen. - Reporting from UKR

A surprise candidate is taking center stage at debate: onlookers

Is Trump the last conspirator to show up for arrest?

West Virginia can't force an atheist inmate to profess Christianity

Cursing Trump

Watch highlights from the first Republican presidential primary debate - MSNBC

DeSantis pledges to send US military to fight cartels on 'Day one'

DeSantis eager to disclaim his elitist roots to curry favor with MAGA populists - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Interesting that Nikki Haley was the only one tonight who defended our defense of allies....

Ecuador Rejects Oil Drilling In National Park

Update from Ukraine Wagner Boss Kaputt What is Next? Ukraine liberated Robotine

Brazil experiencing winter heat wave

'Naive' Secret Service had blind spot for Oath Keepers ahead of Jan. 6: report - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

'Revenge served cold' suspected in plane crash death of Putin warlord - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

olbermann on the debate AND who some well known reporters were dining with the night before!

Vivek channels Trump, DeSantis bombs: Brian Tyler Cohen on Republican debate - Decision 2024 MSNBC

The British Ministry of Defense honors Ukraine Independence Day!

Argentinian Resort Wakes Up To 11+ Feet Of Snow

GOP First Debate is TOTAL DISASTER as Candidates Get EXPOSED - Meidas Touch

Blood-red walls of Roman amphitheater unearthed near 'Armageddon' in Israel

Breakfast Thursday 24 August 2023

Drudge Poll of today's GOP debate: #1 Ramaswamy, #2 Haley, #3 Christie

Tropical rainforests could get too hot for photosynthesis and die if climate crisis continues, scien

Trump co-defendant scheme INSTANTLY EXPOSED by colleague - Talking Feds

KY: Louisville Republicans hear U of K swimmer turned anti-trans crusader

Poor Brazilians Would Need to Live Nine Generations to Reach the Middle Class

Cheer Up, Donnie, Lots of Presidents Go to Jail

Latin American Anthropologists Association Condemns Israel's Actions as Ethnic Cleansing

Bernardo Arevalo Victory Is a Turning Point for Guatemala

Campaigners sued an oil major for climate deception. Now the company is preparing to sue them back.

With the look of it, republicans are handing us the White House.

Male Royal Flycatcher

MAGA Man Charged For Threatening GOP Election Official - Raw News And Politics

Here's the TFG mugshot

Wordle 796 8/24 ***Spoiler Thread***

Ramaswamy may be one some MAGA'S will go for.....

Ukraine: Thank You, Sweden!

World Fukushima nuclear plant starts highly controversial wastewater release

Mom lends a helping hand

Viewers noticed this moment and rushed to social media to ask, "Is something wrong with DeSantis?

North Korea says its 2nd attempt to launch a spy satellite has failed

RNC Debate Rebuttal! Breaking Down Every Lie Republicans WILL Tell Against Biden & Democracy

The latest from Ukraine: 15 km to Tokmak!

Arizona court to review ruling that abortion doctors can't be charged under pre-statehood law

UPDATE: IT FIXED ITSELF. THANKS. I've been using the new DU4 the past couple of days... but now

Sociopath vs Psychopath: Inside the Most Dangerous Minds In Power w/ Dr. Seth D. Norrholm - Hartmann

Judge Cannon Plan Gets CRUSHED by Jack Smith - Meidas Touch

A little something to go with morning coffee

? I'm making potato stroganoff slow cooker

Republicans LOSE Big Federal Cases as Plan CRUMBLES - Meidas Touch

🎶🎵The Shady Bunch...The Shady Bunch.....

What should the 49ers do with/about Trey Lance?

On August 9, 1953, Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters recorded "Money Honey."

I didnt watch but I read faux was gonna show video clips of trump during the debate

If the Republican "debate" were discussed at a bridge tournament, it would be termed:

August 24th in history - a day that will live forever like AD79

On August 23, 1921, the girls who became the singing group the Del Rubio Triplets were born.

On August 23, 1970, River Phoenix was born.

January 6 Co-conspirators struggling to pay for legal fees...

On This Day: 6,000 Jews killed in Mainz after being blamed for plague - August 24, 1349

Trump's indictments shouldn't matter...

On August 23, 1915, actor James Millhollin was born.

I just read Trump should not consider this prison only alternative freedom.

On this day, August 24, 1889, film and TV actor Tom London was born.

Ohtani has UCL tear, won't pitch again in '23

On this day, August 24, 1814, the British set the Presidential Mansion and the Capitol on fire.

On this day, August 24, 1972, Neil Diamond performed a concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Winners and losers of the first GOP debate

Ron DeSantis left the debate untouched -- because no one bothered to attack him

Most disturbing - gun control as a topic at last night's debate.

Newsom is advocating a Constitutional Convention to address gun control. I agree with

Civil War, Dick Jokes, and Washing Machines: Tucker Carlson Interviews Donald Trump

Just had a thought about Ramaswamy.

Trump threatens to flee to Russia to avoid prosecution: 'I'd share a gold domed suite with Vladimir'

Trump expected to shake up Georgia legal team ahead of surrender

Minutes after getting off the debate stage, Nikki Haley is spewing MAGA extremism

Being old enough to know better should

Democrats must learn to hold victory close while daring to make hope into reality.

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/23/2023

Art of the Week: Week of 08/23/23

Meta Had A Tantrum, So Canadians In Danger From Fires Can't Use Facebook For News Updates

The Rundown: August 24, 2023

Are we sure Ramaswamy isn't Steven Miller with a wig and brown face paint on?

The GQP Debate On Global Warming - As Awful As You'd Think (But Vivek Got Booed, So There's That)

Back In The 50"s When I Was In Sunday School

I'm proud to be a "Savage Animal"

A question from last night's debacle debate.....

'Abject Panic': Lawrence O'Donnell Says Trump Allies Already Turning On Each Other

A significant organ

Nearly 90 Democrats urge Biden to do more to address student debt

Fox did block Trump puppets from the spin room. Empty Greene haz "furious"

If faux propaganda won't air the conman anymore

Look What They've Done To My Song

You raised $368.00 on August 23, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Ramaswamy goes up to the top of Trump's VP list

Love this soothing stuff. Sharing.

BTRTN: You Want the Truth, Republicans? Debate Proves You Can't Handle the Truth.

BTRTN: You Want the Truth, Republicans? Debate Proves You Can't Handle the Truth.

A Question for those who followed all of last night's shenanigans?

Ramaswamy's outstretched index fingers would be better placed . . . . .

Documentary Argues Bible References to Homosexuality Are Mistranslations

Having seen clips of Vivek for a few months now, I'm convinced he's just a grifter

Massive landslide in India. The buildings had been vacated.

Mike Pence is like a funeral director who keeps saying

Today's Daily News

"Raise your hand if you would support Trump if he is convicted of his alleged crimes?"

Vivek ripped off line from Obama. Christie called him on it.

T r u m p just replaced his lawyer

VP, just sayin'

Two Of Us

What a twisted, psychological mess of a political Party!

Nikki Haley just said on CBS that if trmp is convicted and she's elected prez, she would pardon him.

Rudy Giuliani can't find a Georgia lawyer -- so he's using an unindicted co-conspirator at "no cost"

Morning Joe is trash

Happy Holidays, to all who celebrate.

"Meaner, dumber, and wholly divorced from the issues Americans actually care about."


Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

On this day, August 24, 1975, Queen started recording "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Steven Beschloss on the debate

Conway: trump's playing Russian roulette with the Law

Big Boy Crudup was born on this date.

It was the RamaSmarmySwamy show

Korean Bean Sprout Side Dish Recipe - Kongnamul-muchim (video)

Reedy Creek Firefighter Decries DeSantis Panel's Plan To Stop Disney World Perks

Trump needs to be put out of OUR misery...

Joe Biden Drops 3 Sharp Words On GOP In A Swift Flip Of Nikki Haley's Debate Jab

A rapist, a con man and a tax cheat walk into a bar. The bartender says "Hi Donald".

He's freaking out. Per CNN he's changed attorney for GA case and

Subway sandwich chain sells itself to private equity firm Roark Capital

Florida schools got hundreds of book complaints -- mostly from 2 people

Commentary: The price American industry may pay for remote work

MTG: 'I literally am furious!' Marjorie Taylor Greene loses it after being 'blocked out' by Fox New

Pauly D looking good in San Francisco. wishing him the best of luck

Fairfax Va - man in black cowboy hat and 3 Parrots robs McDonalds

Springfield, IL man sent to Arkansas prison for Capitol breach; another has Sept. 22 hearing

Pic Of The Moment: In Case You Missed Last Night's Debate

Ramaswamy is NOT a registered Republican in Ohio

It is a bad thing if Trump gets a pardon if found guilty of the crimes he has committed?

The olive burger a Michigan original

It's His Party

Have you ever gotten a very bad haircut? I have. I asked for a trim. What I got was horrible. This

Can someone please explain the "recommended" box?

Judge dismisses lawsuit against Alec Baldwin by family of slain Marine

Do you find it ridiculous that the right keeps blabbing about weaponizing the DOJ while they

Remember The Ala...ah...FOXCONN

Nothing says love like a gallows, broken windows, and shit smeared on the wall.

Man Saves Dolphin Stuck in Mud

Woman On Vacation Finds A Family Of Dogs And Can't Leave Them Behind

Wynonie Harris was born on this date.

More Steve Schmidt on the Disgrace of Last Nights Debate

Pic Of The Moment: Really The Only Thing You Need To Know About The Republican Party In 2023

If only this was true.

Vivek Ramaswamy "so I can say this -- that climate change is a hoax."

#TrumpMugShot on Twitter is producing some funny stuff. Like this:

NLRB Issues Final Rule to Restore Fair and Efficient Procedures for Union Elections

One of those clowns from last night could have won points with me....

Nicaraguan government bans Jesuit order and says all its property will be confiscated

US jobless claims fall as labor market remains tight

Jesus Camp

The Fat Man Speaks on the Surreality of it All.

Don Jr. and MTG Rage After Fox Boxes Them Out From Post-Debate Spin Room

Dollar Tree tightens outlook as theft hits inventory

Senator Rubio urges Biden administration to reject a former warlord's extradition to Colombia

A right swipe or a left swipe? Asking for a friend.

"I can't wait to hear what Ron, Vivek, Nikki, Tim, Doug, Mike, Asa and Chris have to say!"

It is notable that of all the clips of the GOP debate I have seen discussed on MSNBC

What is your favorite type of cookie? Mine is oatmeal raisin, soft. What about you?

A rock snake!

Texas School Board Censures Right-Wing Member Caught in Library

Texas School Board Censures Right-Wing Member Caught in Library

USA Gymnastics doesn't know who called Simone Biles a 'gold-medal token.' That's unacceptable.

What Don't You Know About Homelessness?

I see Niki Haley is on Bloomberg making her rounds. She would be the most forminable challenger

Texas arrests separating migrant families may hinge on a key element: Landowners' permission

Once again, I was standing too far from the TV.

Mike Pence quotes the Bible "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you" as anti-abortion. Analysis:

Vivek Ramaswamy reminds me of Jeryd Mencken from Succession

How can you tell a Trump supporter has been using your computer?

Reverend Gary Davis


90 percent plus of all last night repug playbook is straw man.

Nikki Haley Is President Of Calling Vivek Ramaswamy A Little Bitch, BUT ONLY THAT

I knew I had seen this Faux News debate before

GOP states take an ugly new turn in the culture wars with 'forced outing'

"The elephant that is not in the room"?

Keith O. said Eastman's mug shot

On this day, August 24, 1970, the Army Mathematics Research Center at UWisconsin was bombed.

Florida schools got hundreds of book complaints -- mostly from 2 people

Still no movement of N757AF from Newark

Radar Love turned 50 this month - or "saw Abraham" as the Dutch say

Jen Psaki: "It is not the result of partisan politics.... It is a result of his own conduct."

NC Gov. Cooper to veto expansive GOP elections bill

First trailer for Sean Penn's Ukraine documentary Superpower released

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 24, 2023

Democrats propose anti-SLAPP legislation as Republican senator's lawsuit against Wausau publication

Radar Love turned 50 this month - or "saw Abraham" as the Dutch say

I need ideas for Novellas ......

China bans seafood from Japan after the Fukushima nuclear plant begins its wastewater release

Jim Jordan 'Demands' info from DA Willis on trmp probe.

Jordan Launches Probe Into Trump Georgia Prosecution

RAFFENSPERGER has been subpoenaed to testify at Monday's federal hearing on charges against Meadows

Two Months After Mutiny in Russia, Wagner Group's Yevgeny Prigozhin Dies in Plane Crash

Using mobile view, no Recommend button with OPs. There is one with replies.

Marc needs to know... what happened to the Kraken?

height and weight. official guessing thread on trump's big surrender day

As COVID cases flare, some schools and businesses reinstate mask mandates

Kemp compared Trump's candidacy to a football team that lost despite holding a fourth-quarter lead.

CNN's focus group of 15 people say Vivek won last night

11 am in ga and still no trump.?

'Strange' Repairs Made on Prigozhin's Jet'Strange' Repairs Made on Prigozhin's Jet

Religious freedom takes practice, not just legislation

DOJ sues SpaceX, alleging hiring discrimination against refugees and asylum seekers

Quick Reference Guides for the Fulton County Election Interference Charges (Just Security)

Just got the price for a crown at my dentist

I have a question for the group which I'm certain

Enigmatic Underground Iron Age Monument At Navan Fort And Its Connection To The Ulster Kings Investi

For those asking what Time TFG turns himself in today, here's some info

It was a vice-presidential debate.

rudy walking into second chance bail bonds

Pittsburgh active shooting situation: Information about the suspect

happy MUG SHOT day!

A request for the Fulton County Sheriff

Where did they get that wild "cagematch" type audience last night?

"An Argument at the Kids' Table": John Nichols on First GOP Debate Held Without Trump

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 24, 2023)

CEOs of top 100 'low-wage' US firms earn $601 for every $1 by worker, report finds

University of Warwick: Graphene discovery could help generate hydrogen cheaply and sustainably

Public execution' of Prigozhin won't stop a new rebellion - Kira Rudik

Billionaire Art Collector Daniel Wildenstein's Estate Owes $17 M. in Taxes in IRS Settlement

Port of Baltimore Welcomes Largest Containership Ever to Call Maryland

Federal Court Vacates Forest Service Decision and Halts Massive Yellowstone Ecosystem Logging Projec

Caltrain to Pilot Stadler BEMU

Tiedrich rant: yesterday was a damned good day for justice

The Shady Bunch

"Fargo" Season Five

Threads just graduated from the iPhone to the desktop

Prigozhin's body was officially identified in the morgue

You Didn't Think Putin Was Going To Let Prigozhin....

Not too shabby for 15yo

22 Washington counties sue state over behavioral health care

Orange County mass shooter identified as ex-cop targeting estranged wife, sources say

LIHI apartment project on Aurora begins leasing as completion nears

LIVE camera YouTube stream on Fulton County Jail

Super Dog is Disabled Woman's Caregiver

Mark Hamill-May The Fourth Arrest Be With Him

Thing to ponder-Why do we say hair cut instead of hairs cut???????

Republican candidates fight each other, and mostly line up to kiss the (T)rump

Google vows more transparency on ads as new EU rules kick in

DA Willis calls Chesebro's bluff

The real Popeye

What do you call a caveman who's lost?

"I get DMs from cult members saying the quiet part:

GOP is still in thrall to Trump

The Wire - You Come At the King,You Best Not Miss

German Shepherd & His kittens:

Trump opposes October trial start in Georgia election case


Trump replaces lawyer on team hours before surrender at Georgia jail

Fossil fuels being subsidised at rate of $13m a minute, says IMF

Why so serious?

Dog and Pony Show

The whore house that calls itself the Republican Party

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on How Not to Pick a President

Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Says Racist Death Threat Against Jan. 6 Judge 'Happens'

WTAF! Apparently this is a real animal (Twitter and YouTube videos)

I have a question about his surrender today...

Defendant in Georgia election subversion case was previously charged with assaulting FBI agent

Wagner Mercs Break Down and Sob at Shrine to Dead Boss

Pupper so excited that his human has returned:

A Couple Of References Were Made In Last Nights Debate About Dems Stand On Abortion.....

What a great honor it is for the Defendant to be arrested once again...

sentencing in state courts versus federal courts

I meant to do that:

Is he going to have his entourage pull over to a restaurant after?

Bank Manager's Alleged Murder-for-Hire Plot Falls Apart Spectacularly

Can Tudor come out and play????

I'm at the age when saying goodbye is getting frequent

Fanni Willis subpoenas Brad Raffensperger for Mark Meadows hearing

My First Ankle Monitor!

I halp!

VA: Richmond Circuit Court clears way for 2nd casino referendum

Countdown with Keith Olbermann- today

Chimp helps tiger cub out of the water:

WI: Wolfe to skip confirmation hearing

Vivek Ramaswamy EXPOSED as a line stealer and a climate change flip flopper

Vivek Ramaswamy EXPOSED as a line stealer and a climate change flip flopper

Civilians targeted in war-torn Khartoum as poor and elderly remain trapped

Sad story of contractors trying to get paid by the criminal tRump organization.

Corgi mom as dining table:

Wisconsin secretary of state on lawsuit: I don't have any records

Transgender adults are worried about finding welcoming spaces to live in their later years

VERY smol!

Reuters: Prigozhin plane hit by missle

2nd tweet -- octopus egg hatching:

News & Commentary August 20, 2023 nurses at a Los Angeles based hospital go on strike

Jan 6 Rioter Profits Off the Government He Tried to 'Overthrow'

decided to try my hand making a korean soup

Kootenai County case dismissed against Ammon member of Patriot Front

Trump changes lawyers just before being arrested in Georgia.

In letter to Biden, PA mayors push president to act on immigration

4 friends enjoying breakfast together

Here's the status of Philly's new public bathrooms after six weeks

NY: The highly visible alliance between Assembly Member Jenifer Rajkumar and Mayor Eric Adams

In libraries, do they put the Bible in the fiction or non-fiction section?

Every time Trump has hired and then fired cabinet member revealed in hilarious video

On the topic of abortion up to the end of the third trimester, in response to R debate last night

Trump's new lawyer Steven Sadow.

I keep reading today that Chump is going to turn himself

NY: James takes action to prevent domestic abusers from accessing guns

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about who won the debate....

When is TFG arrest?

Latest musician to make a total ass of himself...

Chump's failures - for those who are keeping count

Tweet: It is fitting that Trump will surrender and be booked during prime time--

Mark Meadows checks in...

MSNBC reporting that Mark Meadows is at the Atlanta Jail

Beards,and mustaches are considered facial hair. Are eyebrows facial hair????

Ohio Redistricting Commission to meet Sept. 13 to begin work on new state legislative map

Meadows booked

The Shadows - Apache

Top 10 Conservative Idiots presents: Throwback Thursdays!

A 'shocking' 911 call and other key takeaways from NPR's ICE detention investigation

Quebec judge gives go-ahead for lawsuit over sterilisation of Indigenous women

More Friday night HS football games delayed due to heat

NC: Democratic Supreme Court justice stepping down.

Hospital services in the UK come to a standstill as thousands of senior doctors strike again

US Postal Service to unveil stamp honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Beach House - 10 Mile Stereo

Yale police union paints New Haven as a hellhole to new students, as part of contract negotiations

Carl: "By all means" it is okay for Alabama to defy federal court orders

Amazon's emissions 'doubled' under first half of Bolsonaro presidency

Amazon's emissions 'doubled' under first half of Bolsonaro presidency

Trump supporters gather outside Georgia jail where he is expected to surrender

Rightwing activist Leonard Leo under investigation in Washington DC

Tweet of the Day

Tucker Pretty Scared 'They're' Gonna De-Plane Trump, Just Like 'They' Did To Prigozhin

UK 'seeking to block ICJ ruling' on Israeli occupation of Palestine

Sunrise over the creek, southern MD 8/24

Harsh penalties approved for Florida state college employees who use restrooms that don't correspond

the pelican nebula. first test with new equipment

Lebanon drag show derailed by crowd of angry conservative men

Wild monkey seen roaming around Florida all week: Keep 'safe distance,' officials say

Civil war in Russia and Prigozhin crash update. Moscow under attack. Russians voluntarily surrender - TRD

"I'm so glad that I waited, and had the ears to know what I'm listening to, and for".

North Carolina governor to veto election bill, sparking override showdown with GOP supermajority

Trump arrest time

What time does Trump's arrest begin. I need to set my VCR!

Tucker asks Trump about a new civil war, his answer may surprise you... - Pondering Politics

DeSantis debate statement implies he was a Navy Seal or served like one

Live stream outside Fulton County Jail

Aviation Bill Would Provide Flight Attendants to Train for Self-defense at Airlines' Expense

Liberty University Students Are Challenging Its Anti-Dancing Policy

Vermont: Is the end of a political era approaching?

Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows turns himself in at Fulton County jail


Every single GOP candidate is a climate change denier. Every. Single. One.

Trump's new counsel is as maga dumb as the last one

Tucker & Trump - The Lincoln Project

We're not going to see

Three children rescued from sinking car in Newport News pond, mother arrested

Mark Meadows booked into Fulton County Jail, update below

Asian Americans have much higher 'forever chemicals' levels than other groups, study finds

Republican Senator Collapses into Pile of Lies Live on Fox News - Luke Beasley

Trump Allies Humiliated After Mugshots Posted Online - The Ring of Fire

I put on my mental HAZMAT suit and broached the "debate" last night.

T-Mobile will lay off 5,000 employees, or about 7% of its workforce, in the coming weeks

Sing jailbirds sing 😀😀😀

Clean up in aisle 45

Billy Bragg - Rich Men Earning North of a Million Dollars

Rudy flew on a private plane yesterday to Georgia

This longtime Trump adviser is raising eyebrows - CNN

Mark Meadows booking photo. 3:25 eastern image in story

So I'm quite impressed with the new "Latest Videos" page design


FOOLISH @GOP Rep. from NY, Elise Stefan still claiming "TRUMP WON."!!

Rebel Moon Trailer

The Creator Official Trailer

China's Economy Will Not Pass the US, Says Wright; 'CIA Spy' Arrested; South China Sea - China Update

GOLDA Official Trailer

Virginia school boards must adhere to Gov. Youngkin's new policies on transgender students, AG says

R. Kelly's Music Royalties at UMG Must Go to Sex Abuse Victims, Judge Says

Mug shots

Rep. Jordan demands information from DA Fani Willis on Trump probe - MSNBC Reports

Mugshots Batman Edition

Maui utility may have compromised evidence in probe of deadly fire, lawyers say

Why Japan and South Korea are Teaming Up Against China - TLDR News Global

When Chump reports for booking, how will you celebrate?

Here's Italian chicken cacciatore recipe and preparation method:

World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg has decided to retire, AP source says

Harrison Floyd, the guy who tried to mess with Ruby Freeman& Shaye Moss booking photo

What do you do if you're 76 years old and face 91 indictments? Prediction.

Putin lured Wagner leaders to their deaths with fake meeting

Departs Bedminster

The media is creating Ramaswamy before our eyes - we're stuck with him from here on in.

I have been watching Global News.

Harrison Floyd, who tried to get Ruby Freeman to say she committed voter fraud booking photo

Ronan Farrow Documents Elon Musk's "Shadow Rule"

JUST IN: Fani Willis Subpoenas Brad Raffensperger for Meadows Hearing In Georgia Case

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how India's on the moon....

House Judiciary Committee launches inquiry into Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis

On this hottest of days, when the heat index is 109,

Might Chesbro have requested an early trial because...

Trump Co-Defendant's 'Risky Gamble' Backfires in Georgia

Did anyone hear about the sub that imploded while visiting the Titanic?

Takes on a mugshot

Don't miss the big event being streamed at 7:30 p.m. EST tonight!

I'm watching Succession, and it pales compared to

Arraignment Night in Georgia

Judge grants Oct 23, 2023 trial date for Cheseboro

It was the perfect mugshot!

How very clever! The House Committee investigating the so-called "weaponization of government" ...

Today is trash pick-up day here.


Ugh! My mom's doctor told her to stop using a Q-tip.

Ukraine Defence Intelligence Chief on recent explosions near Crimean Bridge:There was another target

US Central states, Texas in danger of power shortages in heat wave

Every surrendered defendant suddenly believes Biden won.

Prigozhin plane crash: Putin has 'decapitated Wagner in one act' - Times Radio

Kenneth Chesebro's trial date set for Oct. 23

Republicans Reject Science, Deny Climate Change in Unhinged Debate! - Pondering Politics

Mike Luckovich-Another co-conspirator (the Devil)

Fashion curious

I think they are showing the motorcade.

New FSB Joke

One Trump Georgia Scheme Goes Much Deeper. Where Are the Feds?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 24, 2023

$100K-per-plate Bedminster fundraiser for Giuliani's defense

Eastman's disbarment proceeding has resumed

I only see dandelions like this once in a GREAT while...

Fran Drescher says actors strike she's leading is an 'inflection point' that goes beyond Hollywood

Little known fact: former presidents get one police car allocated per felony indictment according...

re: Georgia RICO case. IANAL so I have no clue - is severing each case better or worse?

Emerging economies group BRICS invites 6 new members, including Saudi Arabia and Iran

Bookies and gambling outlets begin taking bets on what TFG's weight will be

Malaysia: Sarawak tests the world's first hydrogen-powered Smart Tram in Kuching

John Eastman's State Bar of California profile has been UPDATED with a consumer warning

Maui County sues utility, alleging negligence over fires that ravaged Lahaina

Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran among six countries invited to join BRICS group

And Just Like That... season 2 finale: The meh return of Samantha Jones

TFG's jet is moving at Newark Airport

STFU M$NBC with all this fear mongering

Gov. DeSantis didn't meet the moment in Republican debate Editorial

Who these Iowa voters thought won Republican debate - CNN

Alternate elector theory allowed in Eastman ethics case

Question about Skinner Mode

US intelligence assessment shows intentionally caused explosion crashed Wagner chief's plane

The new loyalty test for GOP field

NM AG working with Smith to investigate fake elector scheme

A right-wing sheriffs group that challenges federal law is gaining acceptance around the country


Take the UNDER. Here's why.

Heads up in southern lower Michigan tonight.

Morning Gym

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 25 August 2023

MSNBC Chyron

Magdalene Laundries: Uncovering the gaslighting and shame

People flying on American Airlines say they want flight attendants to shut up about credit cards

Indictments yield diminishing fundraising returns

"The America Dreamer" Gene Clark

For those interested, a storm chaser is headed towards Lansing on I-69

So... the Trump mug shot. Blue Steel?

"The temperature is very high. Just the way we like it" - Break the Fake - TVP World

Happy independance day in Ukriaine!

Smoke in the Drainages at Dawn

The Fire Lookout Life: Dawn on the Forest

Man Wearing Jorts Accidentally Blows Up His Entire Yard Trying To Get Rid Of Pests

CNN is launching a live service on Max with new programming as the network reboots its streaming

The Fire Lookout Life: Pre-Dawn in the Glass House

Right at rush-hour. What a fucking ***hole.

viral meme from the debate ... the moment DeSantis tries to smile

Geez, he looks like lunch meat

Ari opened his show with a Drake quote about RICO

The Fire Lookout Life: Dawn with Smoke in the Drainages

The mugshots as DC Characters LOL

Women's soccer teams ditched white shorts at the World Cup. Here's why that matters

BREAKING: Fulton judge rules that Kenneth Chesebro will stand trial on October 23 - Deadline - MSNBC

Euthanasia for my beloved beagle Petey

jan 6th organizer photoshops herself into a mugshot

I kid you not, my birthday is October 23

Judge sets Oct. 23 trial date, but only for Chesebro

Study reveals how much carbon damage would cost corporations if they paid for their emissions

Not to distract from current TFG anticipation, but what's the latest on Jeffrey Clarke's compelled

squeeeeeeeee alert

Atlanta: Eighteen of the 19 charged have bond. Eight still need to surrender.

A bit of presidential advice, as to how to treat the defendants in question:

Smith may charge PAC with fraudulent fundraising

Nicolle Wallace: What's devastating about Trump's mug shot isn't the image, it's the acts - Deadline

Feds crack down on 'rolling coal' -- a troll-tastic pastime of some Trump supporters

The Fulton County Jail photographer has a chance to do something great today...

Rita Brent Mugshot song

Those who underestimate DA Fani Willis do so at their own risk: I'm looking at you Meadows & Chesebro.

DEA investigated for hiring agents who failed lie detector tests, report says

My favorite song of my favorite Artist

testing posting about movie "Heroes for Sale"

Democrats in Pennsylvania want to keep a Supreme Court majority. They are talking up abortion rights

Trump wannabe files an "arrest warrant" for Fanni Willis

Chotiner: The Constitutional Case for Barring Trump from the Presidency

FL: Judge scrutinizes DeSantis' map that erased U.S. House seat held by Black Democrat

Idaho district's dress code discriminates against Latino students, complaint says

Debate recap...

I am cracking up at the live feed on AP youtube -- THE COMMENTS ROLLING.

IL: Champaign discusses redistricting as population flourishes

Ohio Redistricting Commission set to restart debate on statehouse maps next month

What if Trump doesn't post the bound?

Ohio's Ballot Board adopts controversial language for the proposed abortion amendment

Has there ever been a Republican worthy of the American presidency in the last hundred years?

Live stream of Fulton county jail

I wouldn't worry about that Georgia commission removing Fani Willis, or ending the RICO case

The most vulnerable US Senate seat in 2026 and 2028.

'A slap in the face': Trump's co-defendants' mugshots are 'history in the making' - Deadline - MSNBC

Debate ratings: 12.8 million watched GOP candidates minus Trump battle on Fox News

Ohio Ballot Board approves ballot language for recreational marijuana law.

Lock her up - I need to see Obama's birth certificate

North Carolina governor vetoes election bill, sparking override showdown with GOP supermajority

'A wall of BRICS': The significance of adding six new members to the bloc

H.R. Haldeman: Nixon's Chief of Staff Mark Meadows: Trump's Chief of Staff

GOP Debate Climate Fiasco a "Disaster for Republican Brand"

MI: Catholic parishes' lawsuits challenging ELCRA dismissed by federal judge

Lauren Boebert Hits New Low on National TV with Vile Attack Against Biden! - Luke Beasley

Pres. Biden sitting down having a brew with folks he just met..............

Loss of Antarctic ice hurting survival of emperor penguin chicks, study says

The traitor has landed, Our American Flag is painted on

For those of you who've forgotten: The Biden Mugshot

WATCH: MAGA Male-Karen Harasses Biker & Gets Clocked

Our little humming bird is

Today was Tudor's first day, pretty much on the loose in the house.

So...what happened to Tim Scott last night?

Surrender - Cheap Trick (Live from Budokan)

Orange Shitler is a big Putin fan. Maybe he will let Putin's mechanics work on his ugly ass plane.

Trump covers cost of $200,000 bond by putting 10% toward it

'The mafia' that now is the GOP: Trump raises specter of violence ahead of surrender - Deadline MSNBC

I honestly feel that this is a sad day for America

"This is a mistake": Legal expert says Trump just abruptly dumped "the best lawyer he had"

trmp should be in a white Bronco

checking Flight aware

Moscow Mules, on the house. Extra ginger for some ...

Ukrainians training in the West - Eastern Express - TVP World

Is that 20+ vehicle motorcade all Secret Service?

Judge sets court date for Georgia co-defendant Jeffrey Clark

"Criminal motivations": Experts say Fani Willis just "skillfully" used Meadows' words against him

Final bet: 5'11, 236 lbs

having issues with nws radar site . wont function or anything else . checked on 2 browsers ,

Trump braces for RICO booking & mugshot as Giuliani, Meadows surrender - The Beat - MSNBC

Thought of the night.... "Book him Danno"!

I am excited

BREAKING: Harrison Floyd will spend tonight in Fulton County Jail

I understand the notion of security, but why a convoy seemingly of 47 black SUVs?

Southern Diversity

OJ moment. Loving it.

Jim Jordan launches probe into Fani Willis while "nobody is paying attention"

Hahahahahahahahaha! "Bllionaire" trump has to go to a bailbondsman to come up with his bail.

Yannow, he's done everything without spending the night in...

Jeopardy is being interrupted for Trump's arrival at county jail. (7:33PM) EST

Burns me up to see the flag on that traitor's plane.Nt

Campaign Grifter Plane. Nicole Wallace makes me laugh.

Did I miss the PERP WALK?

MSNBC just now.

Oh for Pete sake, now ABC, CBS and ALL the others are covering the orange piece of shit.....

Is there alive feed at the jail somewhere online?

Fani Willis Files MOST POWERFUL Response Yet to Trump Co-Defendant in federal court - Meidas Touch

Does Georgia have a lot of pollution or is it just the usual evening sky?

So Gym Jordan is upset that

Are you enjoying this? Trump's booking? I sure am

Former President Trump arrested, released at Fulton County jail in election case

Trump reported his weight as 215lbs!!!

738 EDT - Motherfucker has been arrested.

New York Governor Pushes Biden on Migrants

Already released, per msnbc

I am sick of that special treatment he gets.

Democrats could easily end up with 52 US Senate seats after the 2024 US Senate Elections.

Dozens of fans gather to show support

Just now NBC has a F.C. form posted: Jail Records Search Detail

215 pounds !!!

where does it say in the law or constitution that the secret service is above the law?

Some Trump supporters think rally outside Atlanta jail is an FBI setup - MSNBC Reports

Gun control already ruled out, Tennessee GOP lawmakers hit impasse in session after school shooting

How will mugshot lighting work with an orange stain?

Waiting on slobfather's mugshot

In Custody my ass,

Adding nutritional Yeast to your popcorn really enhances the flavor