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6-3 215 my ass.

Does the Baron still go to school? If yes where? Florida or New Jersey or another place?

If T2FIFG says he is 6'3" tall, then Barron is close to 7 foot tall.

Motorcade passed KFC without stopping...tfg's nails

Rumors tonight about the offensive in Ukraine

Landscape and a chair, wc and wc pencil

I bet it's pretty MUGGY in Fulton County tonight?

Railroads resist joining safety hotline because they want to be able to discipline workers

Do you know Judge Scott McAfee* has a YouTube channel where he records his trials?

I guaranteed he wouldn't get a mugshot and was wrong

Where's Melania? Where's Ivanka? Where's Don Jr?

That #TrumpMugshot isn't real. It's from this photo.

Inmate # P01135809...

Sunset southern MD 8/24

Whoops...slight typo there Fulton Co Jail...

Oh, bullshit

Same height/weight Trump just self-reported to the Fulton Jail.

Montana man sentenced to federal prison for threatening to kill US Sen. Jon Tester

Trump's intake docket in the Fulton County jail was incorrect!

See Rudy Giuliani's fall from top prosecutor to RICO defendant: Melber Report - The Beat - MSNBC

trmp has floodlights and may speak at his trmp plane - MSNBC & CNN WILL NOT SHOW

I've decided to write a historical novel: "The Bounty Hunter and the Secret Service"!

Trumps weight- What if you placed a large bet with a sportsbook house? Would they pay?

In Georgia, does defendant need to appear for their arraignment


WWE star Bray Wyatt, known for the Wyatt Family and 'The Fiend,' dies at age 36

Lawyer Says Cops Secretly Copied Kansas Newspaper Data After Raid

Lawyer Says Cops Secretly Copied Kansas Newspaper Data After Raid

I just got an email from the Biden-Harris campaign,

I have been arrested almost as many times as tfg....never once did they weigh me

tfg is 6' 3" tall and 215 lbs - no way.

What Trump said on 24 August 2020

He spoke. It was the usual.

Update from "trump country"

I'm self reporting as handsome, brilliant,


That blimp's arrival here in ATL and his schlep PRE-EMPTED JEOPARDY. GDMFSOB.

Utopia - Sunburst Finish

Ember channels Dark Brandon while observing rump's motorcade

We should just call him Strawberry

Mark Meadows weight is 240

What? More photos! Have a look . . .


Tornado on the ground in northwest Grand Rapids moving southeast,

We fought to be free from a king's dominion and have a free country

(RIP: Windham "Bray Wyatt" Rotunda) Mark Crozer & The Rels - Broken Out In Love

How much money did it cost the city and state to pull off this spectacle?

Windham Rotunda, also known as Bray Wyatt, passed away on Thursday, Aug. 24, at age 36

Rachel says "President Trump" too often.

Come on folks. Trump does weigh 216.... KILOGRAMS!

NY and CA lose $1 Trillion of economic activity each as Financial firms leave.

India To Ban Sugar Exports In Addition To Rice As Corn, Soybeans And More Crops Falter In HEAT

Swervedriver - Last Train To Satanville

Don Jr. Lose It On Fox News For Not Letting Him In Spin Room - Waldorf Nation

Trump's plane flight track

Our Republican debate poll finds Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy won

His plane is taxiing. Flee to Russia! Flee to Russia! Flee to Russia!

The Trump entourage to and from the courthouse was stinking huge.

Trump's exit is anything BUT what a booked person would get.

Rachel Maddow: Trump unable to convince followers to protest on his behalf as he is arrested -- again

Florida DUers pay attention - this is not good

What would have happened if he had won 2020 election and he was still the president?

I think we'll have to wait until tomorrow for the Mugshot

Edsel - Quaintly Drained

Why does he look like Angry Bird...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about all the Trump, georgia, Meadows, Chesebro news....

Mugshot I think this is real

Quick...before his mugshot is released

Republicans suffer unexpected setback in Georgia - Brian Tyler Cohen

Rick Wilson: If Trump weight 215lbs, then I have flowing blond locks past my shoulders.

If the GA Leg pulls off a criminal removal of Willis to spike the Trump case.

At 92, MLK's speechwriter confronts a new 'insane' moment in U.S. history

Mary Trump: What happened to the good old days when there was a height chart painted on the wall?

they are saying this one is the real deal

MAGA-Cult FREAKS OUT on Chris Christie - Truth About Trump SENDS THEM OVER THE EDGE!!!


The Gories - Early In The Morning

Lawrence O'Donnell: The simple fact behind the agony of being Donald Trump - MSNBC

Just saw Pendejo45's mugshot on MSNBC ...

WATCH: Cops Laugh At Disabled Veteran Who Wet Himself At Restaurant

Ron Filipkowski: At least they finally released his fingerprints.

EXTREMISM The Far Right Turns on 'Rich Men North of Richmond' Singer for Touting Diversity

NEW: Updated official mugshot for Traitor trump

kidneythieves - Placebo

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Georgia judge sets October 2023 trial date for Trump's RICO co-defendant, Kenneth Chesebro

Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues - Live at San Quentin (Good sound quality)

For me it is quite tiresome to hear the babbling media spew how sad the indictment of a president is

trump Mugshot Released.

Jake Tapper presses Trump co-defendant attorney about Georgia case - CNN

P.J. Harvey - The Garden

Neither MSNBC nor CNN carried Trump's "We did nothing wrong" whining live

Help! Need some examples of recent Fox News lies

The $16 BILLION Plan to Rebuild a Failing Northeast Corridor The Gateway Program

6'3" and 215 Lbs

Rachel Maddow reports on TFG's mug shot

Rachel Maddow reports on TFG's mug shot

Al Stewart - Roads to Moscow (Live 1981)

Co-defendant in Georgia says false electors met at Trump's 'direction'

Rules for female nurses 1880

Trump speaks out after being booked in Atlanta jail in 2020 election case - CBS News

This is 6'3" 215 for real


Trump arrested, mug shot released in Georgia - Brian Tyler Cohen

Donald Trump transferred ownership of Mar A Lago estate to his son days before arrest

How our MSNBC favorites reacted to Trump's reported height, weight & hair color

The light of autumn...

No one else would be in and out of booking in an hour.

Granfalloon - Nursery Crime

Defendant looks really rattled

Trump Mug Shot (Lincoln Project)

Florida judge skeptical of arguments to keep DeSantis' congressional map

Trump unable to convince followers to protest on his behalf as he is arrested -- again

Trump Mug Shot (Lincoln Project)

See Trump's mug shot: Rachel Maddow reports on the 'heft' of historic booking photo - MSNBC

7 defendants have not yet surrendered. Are they flipping?

Florida judge skeptical of arguments to keep DeSantis' congressional map

Genesee County MI is under a tornado warning

Insider shares a look at the inner workings of the legal process Trump is going through - MSNBC

trump's inmate number

Floor refinished. Got a quote. Guys did a great job and left

Cat detective (mouse over the image)

Presidential Portraits

The Process To Fire Fani Willis Will Happen This October

Like many, I want to know why TFG's mugshot doesn't match the others. He's

This is a fake TFG mugshot, but it's still funny

If Douglas Adams wrote poetry about your music, you were doing it right.

Back On The Chain Gang - The Pretenders 🪒

The Devil Went Down To Georgia

They said he used a bail bondsman...

Trump insists he is not guilty after Georgia surrender

Historic: Trump becomes the first former president with a mug shot.

ABC: Trump's height (6'3") and weight (215) were "pre-recorded" in order to speed processing.

The Doors - live in NY 1970

'Doesn't look like they put him on a scale': CNN's Dana Bash questions Trump's weight

Chris Hayes pointed out something that has not really been digested.

Grab him (...tfg...) by the penal code

Alaska lieutenant governor disqualifies legislative term-limits ballot measure

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that the Democrats will win.

Scary evil human-looks like a psycho mob boss who is finally cornered-elect a clown, expect a circus

WILX in Lansing is reporting a "large, dangerous tornado on the ground" moving into Livingston Co.

What I would like to see the US Senate do?

What for it! Trump will claim that he got mugged!

17 seconds of "fuck yeah"

The PERFECT photo

Fed. judge holds exposure to books with LGBT characters does not likely burden religious exercise

tfg is back on Twitter/X - posted mugshot with the Fulton County Jail seal removed

Donnie, they've got your number...

Light My Fire

The Massive Standoff That Could Shut Down The Auto Industry - More Perfect Union

The future of Douglas' historic churches

Roseanne Barr and Rep Lauren BoeBert weigh in on Rump mug shot........

45: P01135809!

Oh ironic wonders of our country!

The US can't go the the way the MAGA movement wants. LFR Rant.

How long before someone records a parody song called "Donnie--113-5809"

In pure dollars and cents, posting the full bond yourself is least costly option to the arrestee.

Lawrence is on talking about the MUG SHOT

Summer's Almost Gone

Question about vertical spacing.

Reaction at a sports bar today re chump

is there something special about the South Pole of the moon, where the India's robot landed?

Per mugshot, I need some technical assistance please

Man sustains thermal burns in Yellowstone National Park, faces federal charges

TFG's official presidential portrait

Okean Elzy - Myt / The Moment, a rendition by LilaTrokhymets

Michigan State Police warn tornado reportedly headed eastbound toward Webberville

One wonders how many top secret documents he had to pledge as surety.

Tornado warning Wayne County Michigan

Barbara Boxer: What message is Trump trying to send with his angry mugshot?

Pulling out this Randy Rainbow classic!

All Alone, Trump walks up the stairs of his plane after surrendering to fly back to NJ.............

Don't you think?

'Rage': See Instant reaction to 'instantly iconic' Trump mug shot - MSNBC

Only people on his payroll show up for him

Favorite foreign films?

'I Am Literally Furious' Marjorie Greene Claims Fox News Is Censoring Her - Waldorf Nation

Scapegoated for reporting

His mug shot

Hillary was right: Trump is always the victim against a "rigged" system - Hillary is our north star

Stephen Cliffgard Lee: Illinois pastor charged in indictment with Trump to turn himself in Friday

Inmate No. P01135809--that is now his name

Does anyone know the ratings of the debate vs Trump's interview? nt

Tornado warning for Monroe County, MI.

D.A. Fani Willis Arrested Trump: See how Georgia GOP is trying to remove her - MSNBC

Tornado spotted in Gibraltar, MI.

The mugshot grift has already begun

Reggie Bush files lawsuit against NCAA - ABC News

Best shot of the Defendant today

I wonder if trump and his cult regret the "Lock her up" BS!

I just couldn't help notice the resemblance and the eyes.

'This is justice': Joy Reid recounts Trump wanting The Central Park Five dead amid historic arrest MSNBC

Why Some Politicians Smile for Their Mug Shots

"I done nothing wrong".

Letter of the day: P

Just in time for Halloween

EXTREMISM The Far Right Turns on 'Rich Men North of Richmond' Singer for Touting Diversity

More than half of U.S. workers don't have access to employer-sponsored retirement plan - CBS News

Defendant/Jail resident Harrison Floyd has a colorful past.....

Ramaswamy epitomizes the malignant incentive structures of the modern Republican Party:

AZ-SEN: Kari Lake set to announce 'any day now'.

Trump last night BULLHORN ALERT "Fani Willis in Atlanta, she's getting killed"

Trump SURRENDERS in Georgia and Whines like a Total Coward - Meidas Touch

A talking head on MSNBC said the Fulton jail is infested with bedbugs.......

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, Fani Willis! Tonight, the first peaceful night's sleep since

Alright, when is the 1135809 song parody of 8675309 going to drop?

West Virginia AG wins dismissal of challenge against new abortion pill legislation

Will those members of Congress involved in all this ever be charged with anything?

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump's mug shot is his presidential portrait - MSNBC

Trump's mug shot?

24 Aug: Night Ambush: Half-Asleep Naked Russians Run in Panic - Reporting from Ukraine

Great, now the jerk is back on Twitter-X

I need suggestions for Novellas......

Kalispell man gets over two years for threatening to kill Sen. Jon Tester

trump has a new name to go by

What's the fuss?

Lawrence O'Donnell: Donald Trump's mug shot will live in history forever - The Last Word - MSNBC

In April Trump told court officials in Manhattan he was 6' 2" and weighed 240.

L.A. County sheriff's deputy accused of trying to cover up DUI crash of fellow deputy

Joe Jackson - Got the Time

Qanon still thinks all is going according to plan.

Our Last 5 Presidents

Love the mugshot. But at some point, we can't let Trump dominate the TV with free airtime

Rex Chapman I'm 6'3 215.

Criticism for Ryan Walters intensifies after 3 days of bomb threats at school in retweeted video

(Jewish Group) A Pattern of Non-Jews Portraying Jewish Characters Is Leading to Offensive Prosthetic

Is it odd for a 'billionaire' to use a bail bondsman? Yes. - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Wisconsin Republicans ask newly elected liberal justice to not hear redistricting case

Buy copium stocks now

If tfg is found guilty, do you believe he will be imprisoned?

GA State Rep.: Trump criminal case isn't Fani Willis's 'first rodeo' - The Last Word - MSNBC

the night dad went to jail

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine, special things, and what happened....

'Scares them to their soul': DOJ vet on Trump co-defendants possibly flipping - The Last Word - MSNBC

GA: State Senator Shawn Still and Former Trump campaign staffer Michael Roman booked

GA: Who flips first?

maga: my ass got arrested

Trumpy dumpy is back on twitter

The War of 1812 USA v Great Britain - Full Details of the Reasons Why, Battles Fought & Consequences

Breakfast Friday 25 August 2023

Rep. Crow: GOP turning Trump investigations into 'political theater' - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Biden goes positive. Can voters handle it? Washington Post

Math fact of the day. 1135809 is an odd composite number composed of four prime numbers multiplied together.

'Devoted to a criminal defendant': GOP panned for Trump loyalty no matter what - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Wisconsin secretary of state on lawsuit: I don't have any records

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024 to increase their majority.

Vivek Ramaswamy -- who also stands accused of getting rich off pushing defective drugs -- has been

Trumps Co-Conspirators Are In The Find Out Phase - Raw News And Politics

Trump returns to Twitter (X) with mugshot in hand - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

OR: Campaign to recall state Democratic Rep. Holvey qualifies for ballot

Kari Lake Adnits She Lied About Election Official That Sued Her - Waldorf Nation

CA: Stanton voters could decide on term limits for mayor and City Council next year

Ramaswamy is an avatar for Musk

TFG never heard of the Tom DeLay rule on mug shots.

CA-47: Public Employees Endorse Dave Min For Congress

CA-45: ASPIRE PAC Endorses Kim Bernice Nguyen for Congress

Has anyone checked out the new tRump merch with his new photo?

CA-45: National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) Endorses Kim Nguyen for Congress

CA: Efforts to Start a Recall of Anaheim City Councilwoman Natalie Rubalcava Are Underway

CA: Voters to Decide Santa Ana Council Member's (D) Fate in Police Union-Backed Recall Election

'Almost impossible': Judge in Trump Georgia case 'stress tests' legal system with limits on Trump

WI: 'Impartial' Republican state Supreme Court justice attended GOP presidential debate.

Houston! We just tied our all-time record high of 109! The feels like temp is 117.

Othello says Hello.😸

Accused Coup Clown Arrested For Attacking FBI Agent - Raw News And Politics

It's Not A Cult (Photos)

Jack Smith Made Shocking Revelation About Trump's Secret Service In Court Filing - Ring of Fire

Former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark surrenders to authorities in Georgia election probe

WWE champion Bray Wyatt dies, aged 36

Russian Threat Must Be Eliminated for the Peace to Return to Crimea - UATV English

Ramaswamy is trying to outsmart white power. It won't last

Kansas City suburban farmers' market removes shockingly vicious racist vendor:

Trump ARRESTED in Fulton County Jail - Talking Feds

What China's electric bike charging stations can teach us all

@MTG follows Trump around like a little puppy..... Marge Greene shows up at the Fulton Jail,

Donny 113-5809

Vivek Ramaswamy Is Trying to Use His Campaign to Dodge a Legal Battle

Wordle 797 ***Spoiler Thread***

India's lunar rover goes down a ramp to the moon's surface and takes a walk

Vivek Ramaswamy wants to force 18-24 year olds to pass the US citizenship exam in order to vote.

Does CNN ever ask Democratic voters for their reaction to ANYTHING?

Tim Scott last night: "The only way we change education in this nation is to break the backs of the

Grifter Central sent this around yesterday to the tiny-brained folk...

Important and disturbing thread on the firing of Texas Trubune reporters

Buggy collision leaves sprinter Hudson with glass in eye for world 200m semi

Is America Run By A Psychopathic Cult? w/ Seth D. Norrholm - Thom Hartmann


Putin Sends Condolences to Prigozhin's Family...On His PRESUMED Death... w/ Phil Ittner - Thom Hartmann

Gambling sites are showing 75% chance of conviction

Former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark surrenders to authorities in Georgia election probe

Trump thinks he's like Winston Churchill

The GA mugshot proves how important it was to take them for ALL his charges

Little Britain in the Dordogne Documentary

Can A New Civil Rights Movement Take Down Right-Wing Extremists? w/Bishop Rev. Dr. William Barber

Wyoming bishop accused of serial sexual abuse dies

6'3" 215 from Twitter

Nearly 10 Years After The Blob: North Pacific Has Still Not Recovered From Multi-Year Heatwave

New Trump Tower

Wyoming's cowboy party boss takes a stand ... against 'gay rodeo'

CDC launches effort to bolster hospital sepsis programs

Astroturf Young Republican Environmental Group Gobsmacked By Candidate Answers On Climate

On this day, August 25, 1944, Paris was liberated.

On August 24, 1919, Ray Caldwell survived a lightning strike during a baseball game.

Testing whether the subscripts and superscripts available in DU4 work in DU3.

On this day, August 25, 2001, Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas.

India Will Ban Sugar Exports Starting In October; Drought Hitting Cane Crop Yields

In Bold Move Into Clean Energy Future, TX Officials Approve 12,000-Acre Lignite Coal Mine Expansion

On this day, August 25, 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated while doing the laundry.

A muggy day in New York


Why are Republicans so fearful of the jury system?

On This Day: Great Moon Hoax published in The New York Sun - August 25, 1835

OK, I did see his mug shot

Trump is back on Twitter/X

My last bird painting...

I need help with a door.

It begins! Ukraine deploys "invincible marines" and enters Crimea. Everything changes now. - TRD

MI: Dispute over documents delays considerations to move election tabulators trial

Treasury yields edge higher ahead of Powell's Jackson Hole speech

What Prigozhin's Death Means for Russia, Ukraine and Africa - TLDR News EU

Sarah Palin Says Civil War Is 'Going to Happen' After Trump's Arrest

Trump looks like the Antichrist in that mug shot.

Image Dump 8/25/23

A few words about the GOP debate from Steve Schmidt as only he can do...

"Could be devastating": Indicted ex-GOP chair "explicitly" throws Trump under the bus in new filing

Turkey Warns Russia After Boarding Ship in Turkish Waters as Inflation Rises & Currency Crashes - JB

Judge tosses RNC's lawsuit against Google over emails sent to spam folders

Democrats accuse tax prep firms of undermining new IRS effort on electronic free file tax returns

Poll: Trump could be in big trouble for 2024 if convicted of crimes

Actual SEALs Fume at DeSantis' Navy Service Claims

The Phony Republican Primary

Lincoln Project: Live Reaction to Trump Mugshot Photo

Of course, they are grifting off his Trump's mugshot!

Right wing more likely to commit violence than the left wing:

Friday TOONs - Trump Presidential Portrait UPDATED

The Rundown: August 25, 2023

The origin of Superheroes: X-23

U.S. says it will train Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16s in Arizona

Ben E. King - Stand By Me


Judge rejects argument by abortion pill maker that state ban violates Constitution

You raised $35.00 on August 24, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

The Kubrick stare

The 100 Largest Low-Wage Employers Have Spent $341 Billion on Stock Buybacks Since 2020

Will Challenge Overthrow The US Dollar System?; Will China Use BRICS To Challenge The West? - China Update

Split ballot board approves reproductive rights amendment summary written by Ohio Sec. of State

Carlos Santana gives anti-trans speech during New Jersey concert

Guess who is back on Twitter (or X or whatever)!

Defendant Trump prefaces everything with a lie.

On this day, August 25, 1921, Monty Hall was born. But was that behind Door #1, Door #2, or ...?

Mug shot drops, crowd goes wild!

On Original OP I do not have a reply button

"Thug" is how John Bolton put it.

TCM SEPTEMBER 2023 AT A GLANCE -- Star of the Month - Dirk Bogarde

Remember the "Just Stop Oil" activists?

Politico: Lock Him Up? A New Poll Has Some Bad News for Trump

Panel 4 is me

Climate Change Is Already Worsening Homelessness

Welcome to the Republican VP Primary...

GA Watergate 2.0

"Queen Charlotte," #3 in the Bridgerton series

I'm in love with a tall, willowy, strawberry blond. Actually,

Obstacles abound as Pa. plans for surge of federal broadband funding

Where is this hotel in the Travago ads that charges

Mandatory evacuations started yesterday (wildfires in Louisiana) UPDATE: Post #18

Today's the day. After being rescheduled twice, I'm seeing the rude, problematic APN, again.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution This Morning

Florida elementary school principal and teacher are placed on leave after Black students are singled

Pic Of The Moment: How It Started, How It's Going

Enemy of American Democracy

Do sheep get static cling when the rub against each other? We know that their wool doesn't shrink in

A Michigan storm with 75 mph winds downs trees and power lines; several people are killed

(NYC) Mayor Adams' admin 'aggressively' pursuing new strategy to scrap right-to-shelter

I lost track of Tudor in the house, this morning

TFG mugshot: "He doesn't want to look weak, and that's what that's about."

Billionaire-linked US thinktank behind supreme court wealth tax case lobbying

A cpl pics to compare, Mitt Romney is 6'2"

Dating my wife.

Mike Lindell's Wacky New Way to Fight Vote Fraud Might Get You Arrested

Arizona Supreme Court rejects request to order recount of 2022 election

Georgia prosecutor and judge both call Trump ally's bluff - Brian Tyler Cohen

Joy Ann Reid explains what that Trump mugshot means to her & all the Black & brown kids in NYC

Florida judge skeptical of arguments to keep DeSantis' congressional map

Biden administration unveils new crypto tax reporting rules

Look at this photograph

Dutch Supreme Court confirms immunity of former Israeli officers over a deadly 2014 Gaza airstrike

A New Study Has Named the Best Taco Cities in America

I have a big announcement.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's Twitter tantrum....

****Poll Closed***

Putin: "If you cross me, you die"

Savannah picks emancipated Black woman to replace name of slavery advocate on historic square

Savannah picks emancipated Black woman to replace name of slavery advocate on historic square

Dan Rather: The Trump Diet: Get booked, lose dozens of pounds.

Unhinged and a threat to the USA

Looking ahead to 10 blissful days home alone with only Colt, the new pup, and

Dropping CSS/scripts: makes text only view

Invasion on Apple TV - anyone watched both seasons yet?

The impact of recent federal health care grants in rural Pa.: 'We've seen a benefit already'

Most recent ex-president arrested for fourth time: What the hell country is this?

Let's be honest--do you nave a kitchen drawer filled with junk? Yesterday, I found a number

One aspect of the "public execution" of Prigozhin that I haven't seen addressed

Muhammad Ali weighed in at 6' 3" and 215.0 pounds in his

Ohio Republicans change mentions of 'fetus' in proposed abortion amendment to 'unborn child'

House Freedom Caucus GOP lawmaker calls on Trump to tell supporters 'to stand down'

The Defendant belongs in jail, but...

Ukrainians Are Cutting Open U.S. Cluster Shells To Make Drone Munitions

The Global Business of Professional Trolling

carlos santana anti trans bullshit

Danish government to present draft law making it illegal to burn the Quran or other religious texts

Did ya see author & genius Christopher Moore's take on the mug shot?

Danish government to present draft law making it illegal to burn the Quran or other religious texts

💸Rich Men Earning North of A Million, Billy Bragg ProUnion Song Reply To Oliver Anthony Country Hit

Arizona Prosecutors Are Probing Rudy Giuliani's Role as Fake-Elector Kingpin

Trump raped E Jean Carroll

I have a hunch Chesebro is going to flip and plead guilty.

If the election is held before any of the scheduled trials...?

Zillow Reports Mar-A-Lago Was Just Sold. Junior's Corp Is New Owner

Instant Karma

LA: St. Gabriel City Council looks to create at-large district

Lauren Boebert utterly SHREDDED by her OWN colleague - Against All Enemies

Washington isn't rushing to redraw districts, despite court order

It was a dark and stormy night...

Jeffrey Clark: Look Directly into the Camera! (Scott Macfarlane tweet)

Three beloved South Philly restaurants are at risk after theft of two vans critical to their operations

Abortion amendment backers threaten lawsuit over ballot language they say amounts to propaganda

'He's an insider': Ramaswamy's deep ties to rightwing kingpins revealed

BREAKING: Stephen C. Lee, the last of the 19 co-defendants to surrender, has just turned himself in

Joe: "THESE GUYS don't have a clue about the power of women. They are about to find out."

So I was at park with Dunc we stopped look at the stream and Dunc decided hey man I'll hump your leg

Autoworkers Vote to Authorize Strikes if Negotiations Fail

Mike Luckovich-Fortunately there is a two-tier justice system

MI: Bill requires prisons to give voting registration info to exiting inmates

I can personally attest to normalcy on Oahu for tourists

Trump self reported his height & weight at 6' 3" & 215 lbs. during booking. ...

Heatwave - Boogie Nights [The Reflex Revision]

It's amazing

F-18 military jet crashes near San Diego, fate of pilot not known

BREAKING: All Trump co-defendants have surrendered in Georgia (MSNBC)

Apple backing right to repair is an important U-turn for the tech world

Bolton on Trump's prepping for mugshot- They spent almost as much time as done combing his hair.

A Slobwork Orange

George Conway: Trump 'Will Probably Die in Prison'

TFG gets mocked on X

Nearly 2 million excess deaths followed China's sudden end of COVID curbs, study says

MAGA is now desperately trying to compare Trump to MLK Jr

The MAGATs have really gone off the deep end

Why Isn't Trump in Jail?

EMILYs List Endorses June Trisciani (D) for Mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire

A treasury of Drumpf mugs:

Newly declassified US intel claims Russia is laundering propaganda through unwitting Westerners

Sadly-this would work.....

The downed Russian jet carried Wagner's hierarchy, from Prigozhin's No. 2 to his bodyguards

MAGAT goes over the edge

I Would Like To Be A Fly On The Wall In The Room They Practiced Mug Shots.....

A Slobwork Orange

Bahamas introduces bills to legalize marijuana for medical and religious purposes

DUers, do you own vacant land? Watch out for this fraud exploding across the country!!!!

Maui has released the names of 388 people still missing after deadly wildfire

mugshot merch!

Scores of women and girls were sexually assaulted after peace deal in Ethiopia's Tigray, study shows

Trevian Kutti booking photo.She too tried to intimidate Ruby Freeman& Shaye Moss

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 25, 2023)

President of Guyana demands slavery reparations ahead of apology from plantation owner descendants

Broiling in prison

Tiedrich: say hello to inmate P01135809

And the Shitbags Of The Week Award goes to,.........

Frank Shaeffer: The Republicans are an Inmate P01135809 Cult.

Trevian Kutti booking photo.She too tried to intimidate Ruby Freeman& Shaye Moss

CIA stairwell attack among flood of sexual misconduct complaints at spy agency

No, not requiring vaccines for school isn't a "Liberal thing"

All 19 defendants in Fulton County election case surrender

Got my Medicare card

UK Serious Fraud Office drops 10-year corruption inquiry into Kazakh miner ENRC

Oklahoma schools head takes aim at Tulsa district. Critics say his motives are politically driven

Georgia Defendant Kenneth Chesebro Got His Speedy Trial Date; He May Soon Lament Not Being Careful

NASA moves a step closer to supersonic passenger flights

Need a laugh?

Supporters of silenced Montana transgender lawmaker Zooey Zephyr won't face trespassing charges

Autoworkers overwhelmingly authorize a strile

Maggie Haberman last night on CNN gave a great summary of Trump

US man kidnapped as child in Pinochet's Chile reunited with family

North American grassland birds in peril, spurring all-out effort to save birds and their habitat

UAW workers overwhelmingly vote to authorize strikes at GM, Ford, Stellantis

Boeing to delay 737 Max deliveries after new supplier defect surfaces

Biden campaign targets answers at Republican abortion debate in new ad

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 25, 2023

Indonesia's tropical Eternity Glaciers could vanish within years, experts say

Ron DeSantis accused of overselling his Navy SEAL career at GOP debate

One question for Vivek Ramaswamy

Ramaswamy Has Deep Ties to Rightwing Kingpins

Myya Helm: The Oligarchs' Assault on WVU

The real enemies are China and Russia

💸Rich Men Earning North of A Million, Billy Bragg ProUnion Song To Oliver Anthony Hit

Obama's only mugshot.

Update--Astroturfing and Profile Politics: Being Oliver Anthony

Is Julie Pickren A Liar Or Did She Simply Spill The Beans Early?

Judge Raises Questions Over DeSantis Map

Inmate P01135809: Trump Surrenders to Jail in Georgia, Booked on 13 Felony Counts

The FAA will consider tighter regulation of charter flights that look more like airline service

The FAA will consider tighter regulation of charter flights that look more like airline service

Album released this date in 1975.

Leonard Bernstein was born on this date.

Board Issues Decision Announcing New Framework for Union Representation Proceedings

I visit a lot of local forums. (This post is about Covid).

GOP picks Houston for Republican National Convention in 2028

Elvis Costello was born on this date.

Lumen Field named one of NFL's top 5 venues in new ranking

What It Looks Like When Trans Kids Are Simply Allowed to Play Sports

Mugshots for the last 7 cretins

So, regarding that "Strawberry Blonde, 215 pound, 6 foot three inch" guy.

Yesterday, I laughed till I almost threw up ... Trumps mug shot

🎵 Donny, Donny, who can I turn to?! 🎵

Fani Willis' strategy pays off as indicted fake electors "point the finger" at Trump

Building Colorado's new wolf pack means help from other states -- and Mother Nature

Michigan man banned from Yellowstone National Park and facing federal charges after traveling off-tr

Are "Mugshots" Unethical? How Jailhouse Photos Undermine Defendants & Reinforce Systemic Bias

This is what 6'3" and 215 lbs looks like.

Prediction of trump's future

Largest U.S. women's group makes early Biden endorsement, citing abortion rights threats

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Stormy Daniels- I have spent some time beneath 215lb men and Tiny was not one of them.

Curtis Logan Tate: Man arrested for assaulting officers at Jan. 6 after USA TODAY investigation iden

Wouldn't it be fun

Trump is the new jesus!!!

I can haz some?

Former Georgia Lt. Gov: Jan. 6 wouldn't have happened if Trump had conceded Georgia

Crowd erupts over mugshot

Put food in here, please:

Sound Transit unanimously approves East Link starter line to open spring 2024

Seattle waterfront receives $45M donation to connect parks

GOP launch probe into Fani Willis: 'This is all about the Trump protection racket'

NEVER SURRENDER! --DJT ... Does it mean starting after he surrendered?

Think fast-This or that..hard or soft tacos. I like soft.

Marc Elias: "Something has gone tragically wrong in the GOP and in the legal profession."

NJ-SEN: Prosecutors Weigh Charges Against Bob Menendez

Fed Chair Powell calls inflation 'too high' and warns that 'we are prepared to raise rates further'

Things Keep Getting Worse For Mark Meadows In Georgia Case - Ring of Fire

the letter 'S' seems to be misssing from trump's inmate number

In Hypocritical Move, RNC Releases New Ad Promoting Mail-in and Early Voting

What will it take to break Republicans from Trump?

Bodies and flight recorders recovered at Wagner boss Prigozhin's jet crash site

ROFL! Lincoln Project is selling 'Mug Shot' shot glasses

Backers blast approved ballot language for Ohio's fall abortion amendment as misleading

Jim Pendleton's Barn House in Bowling Green, Indiana

Trump once said he preferred people who weren't taken prisoner....

So Phony Soprano returns to "X"

Writers strike continues as WGA rejects proposal from Hollywood studios - CBS News

100+ groups urge DHS to condemn Abbott's 'brazen, cruel, and deadly' Operation Lone Star

I just got word that my union has authorized a strike.

"Shameful": Reelected Tenn. State Rep. Justin Jones on GOP Silencing of Critics on Gun Control

Eastman's disciplinary trial at State Bar Court in Los Angeles is ongoing today.

Wisconsin Democrats want to ban sham lawsuits as GOP senator continues fight against local news site

'I can show them the heavens': meet New York's traffic-halting astronomer

Just found a company that prints custom toilet paper.

'Everyone's been hopping sections': Glacier Peak wildfires disrupt PCT

Civil War 2.0 General, Marshmallow Jackson, surrenders in Atlanta to descendent of slaves

How superconductors could change everything - CaspianReport

Everett Pallet shelter village can keep going with $700K in state funds

'say hello to inmate P01135809 it's about fucking time' Jeff Tiedrich

Chat GPT answers my question: Why do people lie about their height and weight on official forms?

Cartoons 8/25/2023

'Typical mafia talk': Browder on Putin's statement on Prigozhin - CNN

Vivek Ramaswamy is America's demagogue-in-waiting

What powers the Sun's mysterious wind? A daring spacecraft has some answers.

Is Trump disqualified for the N.H. primary? N.H. secretary of state is seeking legal advice.

Here's why he'll never spend a day in jail, even if he's tried and found guilty.

Australia, Philippines to organise joint patrols in South China Sea - CNA

Not quite, Donald. Not quite.

I see a lot of comments that state that Trump will never be imprisoned.

(Jewish Group) The Holocaust: Countries With the Highest Percentage of Jewish Deaths

(Jewish Group) Jewish WW2 resistance fighter's remains finally identified after 80 years

Union-busting just got a lot harder.

Jenni Hermoso 'didn't consent' to Luis Rubiales kiss as Spain players refuse to play

Jenni Hermoso 'didn't consent' to Luis Rubiales kiss as Spain players refuse to play

NH: Tweet of the Day

The Lincoln Project - Trump Mugshot

Any word on the flooding in Puerto Rico

Entire Louisiana town under mandatory evacuation because of wildfire

Nothing is more infuriating than someone promising to pardon TFG if they become president.

🔥Ukrainian hackers made sure russia is listening to good music on Ukraine's Independence Day : hack

Oklahoma schools chief takes aim at Tulsa district. Critics say his motives are politically driven

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Will Trump be jailed pending appeals?

Ramaswamy is running the same con that Trump runs.

The mug shot seen 'round the world: Donald Trump's forever photo

The Cannibal South

The Kubrick Gaze...tgf mug shot info.

States with the most artists/writers/etc.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

My appointment at Oak Street went surprisingly non confrontational

A slight appreciation of Mar-a-Lago's value...

Puerto Rico returns the favor

A Completely Fabricated History of 'Saturday Night Live,' According to ChatGPT

This week's major U.S. economic reports (August 28 -- September 1)

6'3 and 215 lbs

Businesses cracking down on abusers of disability accommodations - CBS News

He's an insider': Ramaswamy's deep ties to rightwing kingpins revealed

Dems tap Obama for crucial redistricting push

Now we know the real reason Donnie wouldn't join the Republican debate

Nominate Trump's Mugshot As His Official Presidential Portrait

Reuters: UN rights experts raise climate change concerns with Saudi Aramco

Why Jeffrey Clark's increasingly zany legal shenanigans are doomed to fail

Is the weight shown on your drivers license your actual correct weight?

UPDATE 1-U.S. consumer sentiment slips slightly in August

Problem : We are a bunch of old farts in an echo chamber

Reuters: India's ACME Group to invest nearly $3.3 billion in green hydrogen project

The World is Watching our former President sell Coffee Mugs with his Mug Shot on them.

Donny Donny 113-5809

Undercover With the New Alt-Right by Amanda Moore

While it's interesting to discuss Trump's prosecution,

Hummingbird takes off from the wire. They will be leaving me soon. I will miss them

Strawberry cheato is my

Other Scenes we'd Love to See Captured by the Trump Courtroom Sketch Artist

No, ChatGPT Can't Be Your New Research Assistant (warnings from librarians & other experts)

It's rather sickening to watch a former president act like some king or royalty horseshit.

Manipulated video portrays a 'sleepy' Biden at Maui wildfire event

Real arrest -- and prison time -- for man who plotted false arrests of NC judges

Real arrest -- and prison time -- for man who plotted false arrests of NC judges

Great Democratic/Biden/Harris ad on Abortion Rights

Vivek Ramaswamy Is Trying to Use His Campaign to Dodge a Legal Battle

Great Democratic/Biden/Harris ad on Abortion Rights

Republican "Comedy Show" Goes Off The Rails Immediately - Rebel HQ

Houston will host 2028 Republican National Convention

'Rage': See instant reaction to 'instantly iconic' Trump mug shot MSNBC 5.91M subscribers Subscrib

Brent Terhune on the Trump mugshot (parody)

Well, here they all are.

prisoner 01130809

Michael Beschloss, historian: 'When Churchill said, "Never surrender" in 1940'...

Birding in Ulm

My favorite feature of YouTube is playback speed

Trump Supporting Karen Gets Kicked Out Of Walmart

Paycheck protection program distribution of funds

Interesting polling on effect of indictments and TFG being viewed as a criminal

We should all use Trump's mugshot pose, the "Kubrick Stare," next week...

World Champs - Noah Lyles takes the double

(Jewish Group) ADL Dallas Walk Against Hate 2023

ADL Dallas Walk Against Hate 2023

ADL Dallas Walk Against Hate 2023

Major update poses serious issues for Trump in Georgia trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Houston, water, and Texas....

What's for Dinner, Aug. 25, 2023

Science: Uncovering Death by Fire: Wildfires, intensified by climate change and perhaps human ...

Trump's mug shot pose meant to hide his chins. Who said it first?

Not sure where to ask this

Sidney Powell demands a speedy trial.

Can deals be made that avoid the mandatory minimum sentence? nt

More toons on P01135809 surrender

Shy shelter dog turns out to be 'crazy'

separated at birth?

Don't Forget Me - Lara Benito

Poor Louisiana, being hit by so many things

Does the public get to find out what questions were asked during jury selection? nt

Famous non-surrenders in history, according to Trump supporters

Seriously And Realistically - How Likely Is It That Tr**p Could Be Elected President In 2024?.....

Rescue fox giggles when she sees her favorite human

the ineptness of ERCOT

Couple Finds Puppy Living In A Hole

'Georgia is a must win for Republicans,' and Trump's legal woes might cause problems in 2024 race - MSNBC

Rock and Roll Woman - Buffalo Springfield

T45's photo got me in my core - rapist vibe on steroids

House Republican demands unredacted Jan. 6 panel transcripts from White House

Why does Fulton county even allow smiling for the mug shots?

Putin loses trust of Russia's elite by axing Prigozhin - Times Radio

It's uncanny, isn't it...?

Wells Fargo repays clients $40 million for excessive investment advice fees

Are people born inherently mean,nasty, or selfish? Or do they become that way because of how they

More questions.

Pay Attention- What will be Idalia Looks like a Florida problem in a few days

I think I've cracked the 215 pound issue

With Chump's description as 6'3 and 215 pounds, with strawberry hair,

Your Free Legal Tip Of The Day

Judge blocks Texas ban on gender-affirming medical care for trans minors, state expected to appeal

Outraged Fox News Trolls Scold Co-Host For the Dumbest Reason... - Pondering Politics

CPAC Imploding - CPAC vice chair resigns amid turmoil

ICYMI: Ohio Republicans Twist Ballot Language For Pro-Choice Provision In Likely Attempt To Confuse

My wife had nothing else to do today while waiting for something...

you should listen to the new song by Prince, "Strawberry toupe' ". LOL nt

No more outdoor for Tudor

The Rise of Black Superheroes - From Lauren's Blog.

Great and Powerful Ooze

Presidential Portrait Going Up

Spain women's football team refuse to play until Luis Rubiales resigns

Oh, please, Jesse

Hell Toupee

Were you awardered any ribbons for your 4-H projects at a county fair?

Question about dental plans while on traditional medicare

Tesla Lands In Hot Water With New Lawsuit Over False Driving Ranges: '(They Have) A Duty To Deliver...

The funniest part of the Trumptown-Jonestown comparisons

Lots of people have mugshots. No big deal.

Couldn't we just do a soft rendition of tRump?

TFG fingerprint card

Putin honors Trump with new postage stamp

Dollar Tree eyes locking up merchandise, discontinuing sales of some products

Florida lawyer files legal challenge to disqualify Trump from 2024 presidential race

Pres. Biden was asked if he had seen Trumps mugshot..........Response..............

Any chance someone can edit Trump's Wikipedia page so Mug shot is primary photo?

Now that Trump is a Federal and State defendant

Ukraine Just Blew Up Russia's Main Missile Base In Occupied Crimea

"Rich Men North of Richmond" singer blasts "aggravating" conservatives

Bunker Granpda confirms the death of his chef. Who's next? - Break the Fake - TVP World

All of this mugshot BS is offensive

Wait, does George Takai read DU?

School districts in Kentucky, Texas cancel classes amid 'surge' of illnesses including COVID

Feds bust human smuggling ring using snap chat

Memories of John Lennon

A big thanks to Prairie_Seagull

Average global temperatures per year since 1880 until 2023

That Time Taylor Swift Surprised My Engagement Party

Oliver Anthony It's a pleasure to meet you - part 2

The trend is not a mirage -- crime is down in St. Louis

The conman is selling coffee mugs and shirts with his mugshot saying Never Surrender

President Biden on Former President Trump's mugshot: "Handsome guy. Wonderful guy."

Celebration of life for Tokitae to take place in Friday Harbor

Michigan Dems rally around bills aimed at increasing access to solar energy

Hey, where's Lyndsey Graham? Hiding under the couch?

Judge temporarily blocks Texas' ban on puberty blockers and hormone therapy for trans kids

DOJ officials meet with civil rights leaders ahead of March on Washington

Texas judge blocks state's upcoming ban on gender-affirming medical care for minors

Been busy. Is it too late to guess tfg height and weight? My guess is

IMF: Globally, fossil fuel subsidies were $7 trillion in 2022 or 7.1 percent of GDP

'Law and order' MAGA GOP exposed amid Trump arrest, 'historic' mug shot - Deadline - MSNBC

Haley spars with Stephanopoulos over Biden: 'Kamala Harris is going to be the next president'

There should NOT even be a question as to the legality of the 14th Amendment

Isaac Yoder: Missouri man dressed in Revolutionary War costume during Capitol riot gets jail time

George Takei shared an Aristus post on Mastodon!!!!!

I made a medical discovery today. I have been on psych meds for most of my life.

What Happened To Mug Shots That Have A Straight On Photo & A Profile Photo?.....

Did he say he was 6'3" and weighed 215 when booked???

Sharp cheddar biscuits

NASA Shares First Images from US Pollution-Monitoring Instrument

'It's A Pleasure To Meet You' Oliver Anthony On His Song 'Rich Men North of Richmond' At GOP Debate

I had no idea that there were tapes of Kennedy discussing Vietnam.

Wow........ great question from a person in a diner.......

please excuse the bird link, but this is 1 of my fave things about the place. hoarse whisperer's

Many of those that attacked our Capitol on January 6th thought it was a blast.

Rebel nuns in a high-profile chastity dispute with their bishop have one hope -- and it's that the Va

Nicolle: Prologue over, chapter one just beginning for Trump, co-defendants in GA - Deadline - MSNBC

The anti-abortion movement insists everything is really fine

Looks like Mark Meadows wants to be seperated from the other 18 defendants

Dems tap Obama for crucial redistricting push

Politico: Will Politicians Ban Their Best Way of Reaching Young Voters?

anyone else have a mugshot?

President Joe Biden says he will request more funding for a new coronavirus vaccine

....and don't EVER forget that

"This latest covid variant could be the best yet at evading immunity" wapo's free article

Make a sure you watch Joy Reid's intro tonight

Politico: What happens when the world's most powerful nerds gather and unplug

Ukrainian forces appear to make headway on the southern front lines - CNN

Owl trapped in water trough rescued from certain death

EF-1 tornado travels nearly 9 miles in northern Kent County ending just west of Rockford High School

Anita O'Day - Sweet Georgia Brown & Tea for Two

British Museum director Hartwig Fischer resigns after suspected thefts

Wagner's Boss Jet Falls from the Sky Mi-8 Pilot Defects to Ukraine Ukrainian Update

Oppenheimer: Behind the Scenes with Los Alamos National Laboratory

Will there be a movie about all this? Or a documentary?

NYC: Brooklyn Democrats appear alongside Curtis Sliwa at rally against migrant shelter

'It's narcissism with steroids': Trump's misguided complaints about two tiers of justice - Deadline

Lauren Boebert Swears Vengeance Against Biden For Trump - Rebel HQ

Yo-Yo Ma: This is for Maui, from a far away friend. I am so terribly sorry.

Rockland breakwater lighthouse, watercolor, wc pencil, ink

Trump valet's lawyer complains of threats after special counsel revealed Mar-a-Lago worker changed

Ask Your Mom For Fifty Cents

If a felon can run for president of the United States...

This Week at Justice - August 25, 2023 - The Justice Department

Trump's Arrest in Georgia Shows a Two-Tier Justice System

New Germs art and Cheech Marin's Papalote mezcal bottle label...