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If Pence refused to do it, then Alito was the backup.

Ukraine Scores First Hit with 'Iconic' SAAB RBS 70 Laser Guided MANPAD, Taking Down Russian Chopper

Customer Are Not Allowed

Nobody wants to help my rescued injured (domesticated) rat. Her name is Marcy.

School board member in Texas town sneaks into school library looking for pornographic material

This Kennedy should run...

Look how renewables are making a difference in California!

Groucho Marx Black Cat Quote

Chris Packham: We're precipitating a mass extermination event

*De-Lovely on HBO now!

Greetings From Clark the Church Cat

Inmate P01135809 Continues to GRIFT off his Disgusting Mug Shot, and other Updates

Wisconsin Supreme Court flips liberal, creating a 'seismic shift'

Joe the - not a - plumber has died

Just there going to be a "Home" page in DU4?

Girl With The Dogs: Who is responsible for this?

Womb transplants may be the dawn of a new age, but they fill me with foreboding

Two fascist mugshots from history, same gaze & not by accident.

I was sitting outside the RV watching the stars in the mountains of Washington

Not much makes me acutely angry but

Another harebrained idea from Kenneth Chesebro

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Two Big Court Hearings on Monday: trump's DC Trial Date to be Set- Glenn Kirschner

I came! I saw! I

'The whole story': Psaki on Trump mug shut and Republicans pledging to support him if convicted

Mapping 100 years of forest fires in Canada

Mike Malloy's take on the trump Scourge

Emperor penguin colonies lost all their chicks due to ice breakup

Trump could 'absolutely' be thrown in jail if he violates terms of his release - Inside w/Jen Psaki

Early this morning, about 3:30 a.m., a big boom woke me up.

What kind of concert only costs 45 cents?

Joe Wurzelbacher, known as 'Joe the Plumber' in 2008 election, dies at 49

Some wildfire evacuations end in British Columbia, but fire threatens community farther north

Velshi: The injustice of Cash Bail - Velshi - MSNBC (2 videos)

Jacksonville does not welcome Ron DeSantis

DeSantis leaves campaign trail and returns to Florida amid crises

'A forum he cannot control': Weissmann on the trial that could be Trump's worst nightmare - Psaki MSNBC

Bill Frisell: "Surfer Girl"

T. Cruzi infections (understandably confused with the Senate's T. Cruz malady)

I happen to remember today that I have to pick up some John Lewis postage stamps tomorrow.

Mrs. Betty Bowers on the feckless putz Rand Paul...

Patron celebrated International Dog Day!

I wish I could take Kit Kat out and about on my shoulder like a monkey would go.

Wynton Marsalis - Smokehouse Blues

What smell brings back great memories? Mine is lavender , it reminds me of my wedding.

link to post in thread/permalink

Jen Psaki on a Trump PRISON sentence - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Memphis and scorpions....

Liberal Fox Host Ruins Her Co-Hosts' Day by Sharing Facts Live on Air! - Luke Beasley

Little Rock Nine member: I thought 'if they don't kill me, my own fear might take me out' - Velshi

Experts Slam Trump's Proposed Economic Policy As 'Horrifying Lunacy' - Ring of Fire

Happy Birthday to my favorite president

More Republicans Threaten Civil War if Trump is Held Accountable! - Pondering Politics

Ramaswamy defends comments about White supremacy and the KKK - CNN

Robert Reich on Threads:

GOP Candidate Will Hurd: 'Donald Trump is a loser' - Velshi - MSNBC

Trump hit with nightmare news from his own fake electors in court - Brian Tyler Cohen

Where is your favorite place to

Rev. Raphael Warnock on Threads:

27 Aug: Genius. Ukrainians Use Thermal Tech to Break Through Minefields - Reporting from Ukraine

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Fox, a story, and context....

Biden Triggers MAGA With Hilarious Response to Trump's Mug Shot! - Luke Beasley

Ibram X. Kendi reacts to Vivek Ramaswamy calling him 'grand wizard of the modern KKK' - Velshi MSNBC

Ramaswamy is going full nazi/KKK idiot. just spewing as much racism, anti lib as he can

Red Alert: Republicans Scared Over Swing State Potential in Texas - Let's Talk Elections

KS: REDISTRICTING UPDATE - Alternative Map released

Tweet of the Day

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Dave Wasseman and wife welcome a new pundit into the world.

Is Trump Disqualified for the New Hampshire Primary?

'The hypocrisy is rampant': Harris slams attacks on voting rights 60 years after March on Washington

Oregonians can now sign Initiative Petition 14 to create an independent redistricting commission

Simone Biles makes history with 8th US Gymnastics title

Marjorie Taylor Greene Posts Fake Mugshot Of Herself Then Cries About Persecution - Farron Balanced

Test For 2024 Election

Vivek nails the VP's REAL authority.....

Fox News apologized this weekend to a Gold Star family for publishing a false story in July claiming

This Katy-area cat has been committing the purr-fect crimes

Most SERIOUS DISQUALIFICATION Case Yet Against Trump Gets Filed - Meidas Touch

Joe Biden Celebrates the Power of Women in New Campaign Ad! - Pondering Politics

It's never a good sign when The Weather Channel shows up in your town..

Jamie Raskin on Trump's Disqualification from running in 2024 - Brian Tyler Cohen

Girl In The Black Bikini

Russia says genetic tests confirm Prigozhin is dead - CNN

Biden on Jacksonvill shooting:

Help save Marcy the Hero Rat (Orig posted in General Discussion)

After the cold front

What kind of a person "needs" to cheat at golf?

NH-HOUSE: U.S. Rep. Chris Pappas stumps for Hal Rafter (D) in run-up to special election

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about dinosaurs and the weather....

Wildfire update: At one point, every 15 minutes the fire traveled 5 miles.

A Night at the Roxbury, Ukraine style.

Saudis & Russia were the major funders of Musk's twitter buyout

Dan Hicks - I Scare Myself (Live and studio w/Rickie Lee Jones)

How Ron DeSantis Let Billionaires Destroy Florida - More Perfect Union

crazy violent brawls at Curtis Sliwa's anti migrant rally

Statement from President Joe Biden on the shooting in Jacksonville Florida

Creepy Fox News Host Salivates over Trump's "Hard" and "Fierce" Mug Shot! - Luke Beasley


TCM tonight

Raimondo's China Trip Has Chance of Success - Bloomberg Television

The origin of student debt:

Debunking false GOP abortion claims - American Voices - MSNBC

MAGA Nuts Refuse To Condemn Their Cult Leader - Rebel HQ

Ramaswamy's claims he came from 'no money' clash with prep school upbringing

GOP Candidate CAUGHT LYING in STUNNING Fact Check - Meidas Touch

Florida Governor Ron Desantis booed at vigil as hundreds mourn more racist killings

Florida Democrats!

SC,1 week after parents move son to college, he's shot dead trying to enter wrong home on his street

'We need to get to the truth': Maui County sues power company - NewsNation Prime

LGBTQ rights under legal attack around the world

Idalia down to 990mb, should be a hurricane by 11am advisory

Help. My search engine says Google but I end up with a Chinese website

Trump raises $7.1M on mug shot - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Barbie has grossed 1.3 Billion, in a few days it will over take Mario Brothers to become #1 for 2023

DeSantis called the gunman a "major league scumbag."


The new poll that's bad news for Trump - MSNBC Reports

Wordle 800 8/28 ***Spoiler Thread***

3M Agrees to Pay More Than $5.5 Billion Over Combat Earplugs

A fighting fit 215 lbs? Just how healthy is this guy.

"It's Always About Oil": CIA & MI6 Staged Coup in Iran 70 Years Ago, Destroying Democracy in Iran

"It's Always About Oil": CIA & MI6 Staged Coup in Iran 70 Years Ago, Destroying Democracy in Iran

A Russian who worked at a US consulate is accused of collecting information for US diplomats


Japan suspends H-IIA rocket launch for moonshot because of strong winds

Why do so many DU members still use Twitter?

Monday TOONs - The Rest Of It

Point by point take down of Tucker's pet military propagandist

All 5 Wis @GOP US Reps voted AGAINST Bidens broadband bill even though it is needed in North WI....

My niece's joyful puppy livin' it up in Alberta.

On this day, August 28, 2014, America lived through its most unspeakably horrifying day of shame.

Jacksonville Shooter Had Been Baker Act Hospitalized

The Real Story Behind Ron DeSantis' Newest Fired Prosecutor

On this day, August 28, 2003, Brian Wells died during a bank robbery, in a most unusual way.

A House Impeachment Inquiry Of President Biden Is A 'Natural Step Forward,' Speaker McCarthy Says

Removal of Criminal Cases to Federal Court: Two Dozen FAQ's

It's been rough but I've taken a break to grieve, and now to pick up where I left off

Owen - Nobody's Nothing

Glenn Youngkin should change his name to "Cashedin"

Always a good idea to have a demo reel when applying for a new media job.....

Trump's indictments: Polling shows half of Americans want him to suspend his campaign, and more

Why Russia's Economic Inequality is Getting Worse - TLDR News EU

'This little African American woman couldn't be ready to go to trial'

Simone Biles wins record 8th U.S. Gymnastics title

Julian Castro: Certain republicans have created a climate of hate - American Voices - MSNBC

Breakfast Monday 28, August 2023

'Ronan Farrow's new report alleges 'set of warnings about Elon Musk'

Please be safe on ATVs. A 22yo woman was killed in our area this weekend.

'Ronan Farrow's new report alleges 'set of warnings about Elon Musk'

Arleen Sorkin, the Original Harley Quinn, Dead at 67

The Rundown: August 28, 2023

Hey Ken Dilanian:

It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

UK air traffic control says it has fixed a technical problem that sparked delays and cancellations

Russian Economy Starts to Collapse as Current Account Falls 85% & Oil & Gas Revenues Crash in 2023 - JB

Putin's administration has made a decision not to register any presidential candidates for the 2024

Democrats renew push for voter protections on the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington

Just got back from serious genealogical research

Fox Host Slams Colleagues Over Their Disgusting Lies - Rebel HQ

On This Day: "I Have a Dream" - August 28, 1963

Hear what Conway thinks about Meadows' defense argument in Georgia case - CNN

New California rules would crush rooftop solar for renters

New California rules would crush rooftop solar for renters

On this date in 1963

We must keep marching toward Dr. King's dream

Today Is A BFD

Analysis of Tucker's Putin propagandist's claims

New type of crime wave sweeps Oakland's waterfront: 'Pirates'

Green Onions

UNFIT, First time I've seen this.

You raised $53.00 on August 27, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

CNN Host Forces Vivek Ramaswamy to Admit Comparing Ayanna Pressley to KKK Grand Wizard Was 'Fringe'

some RED EYED TREE FROG photos from last night....

Trump Legal Spokesperson Undercuts 1 Of His Defenses Live On Fox News

'Widespread fuel contamination' reported at some Florida gas stations as Idalia looms

Thanks to the wonderful people here who are helping an injured rat get better!

Trump gripes on Truth Social that indictments are keeping him from PGA championship in Scotland

Desantis gets BOOED by Jacksonville Community after Shooting; as he should

Another Biden Accomplishment

How do you get diabetes? Causes of Type 1 and Type 2, according to an expert.

And they're off -by Tom Tomorrow

Tourists sprint towards a family of bears, causing them to run off

Raskin: Trump is disqualified under 14th Amendment - CNN

Pope Francis laments "reactionary," politicised, US Catholic Church

anyone have experience with cushing disease with dog

Trump, other defendants set to be arraigned Sept. 6 in Georgia election case

Who else is watching Dark Winds?

DeSantis demolition law clears way for hit job on Al Capone's Miami mansion

'Bring them to justice': Georgia town residents demand answers in Trump election plot

Trump's prison jumpsuit

Nikki Haley Repeats Call To Raise Retirement Age For Millennials And Gen Zers

Why Confidence In China's Economy Has Collapsed; Chips, Tech & Huawei - China Update

Chipotle to pay D.C. $322,400 to resolve child labor allegations

Jordan Peterson is a dangerous crank.

anyone have experience with cushing disease with dog

Trump, co-defendants to be arraigned in Georgia on Sept. 6

Wild Turkeys Are Deeply Obsessed With This Man!

Magats Are Pulling Out All The Distractions

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Meadows this morning.....

Foxconn founder Terry Gou announces run for Taiwan presidency, pledging to fix China ties

Pope says 'backward' U.S. conservatives have replaced faith with ideology

Americans Are Bailing on Their Home Insurance

Image Dump 8/28/23

Judge Chutkan: 'Mr Trump, like any defendant, will have to make the trial date work.'

'Despair is settling in': female suicides on rise in Taliban's Afghanistan

Lighthouse, blueberry fields, and clock.Watercolor.

MAGA candidate blames racially motivated shooting on Democrats

FACTS- love them or hate them

Why wouldn't Gov. DeSandrathal want tRump disqualified?

For those who keep asking why anyone would use Twitter these days...

So I have a story for you:

Twitter thread on hearing on the trial setting for federal J6 trial

Conservative Activist 'Joe The Plumber' Dead at 49

Haley performance leaves some in GOP seeing path to winning women

My SS attorney has told me to call my congressperson.

"This powerful photo of Rep. Angie Nixon is all of us."

Jordan Klepper Shows Trump Supporters January 6th Hearing Clips - The Daily Show

My attorney told me to call my congressperson. (cross-posted)

I finally shared a secret that has been a burden for more than 30 years.

US, China agree to discuss export controls as commerce secretary visits to warm up chilly ties

Pic Of The Moment: Sycophants Create Fantasy World To Soothe Hurt Feelings Of Gangster And His Angry Mob

Trump vows to appeal after judge set federal election trial for March 4, 2024

Emmett Till murdered August 28, 1955

Trump drops 6 points in post-debate GOP poll

Eastman's defense is shattered in state bar proceeding

Hakeem Jeffries' New Democratic Machine

Mark Meadows takes the stand at his Federal removal hearing...

Gov. Shapiro refuses to intervene on Pa. police officer data disclosure

This is what is happen in the DC and Georgia Courts today [3 major hearings]......

The rule of law matters - The Republican Accountability Project

Margaret Atwood: Murdered by My Replica? (AI trained on her books). The Atlantic

10 minutes...

Virginia Gov. Youngkin eyes a 15-week abortion ban as a 'consensus' voters would back

BREAKING: Judge Chutkan sets Federal Jan 6 trial start for March 4, 2024

FL: Pensacola group is part of a statewide effort to put abortion rights on 2024 ballot

Here's the thing about a theoretical 15-week abortion ban.

Joe The Plumber R I P

Kevin McCarthy To Investigate Biden For Hawaii Wildfires J

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 28, 2023

ngc 7822

Tweet of the Day

March Fucking 4th

Elon Musk's X follower count bloated by millions of new, inactive accounts

Someone prepared a great graphic of the players: "(TFG) Pyramid of Guilt"

March 4th with Chutkan!

Check out our new explainer of Ohio's proposed redistricting reform

Jacksonville Shooting: Why America's Gun Problem "Makes Its Racism More Lethal"

Hey DeSantis! Your method of idiocy is peaking thru!

"Democrats have Decided NOT to Hang Mike Pence"

You have entered the Twilight Zone

AI could 'turn good jobs into bad jobs'--3 labor historians on what the future of work might hold

stephanie miller just read a duer's post on her show -- (spoiler alert: aristus!)

Gary Younge on 60th Anniversary of March on Washington & Reclaiming MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech

Not so Super Tuesday.

22 Days Until Pennsylvania District 21 Special Election!

22 Days Until Pennsylvania District 21 Special Election!

No malarkey:

Paywall bypass link to WaPo on Eastman disbarrment extravaganza from Jen Rubin

Thank God!

"Nikki Haley is not a racist." (She's just using racist tactics against Kamala Harris)

"We call that kind of love a cult" - disturbing poll of Trump supporters

Lauren Boebert In Trouble As Poll Proves Her District Hates Her - Farron Balanced

Columbus Dispatch pauses AI sports writing program (Axios)

Kyle Rittenhouse is being sued by the estate of the man he killed, complains that lawsuits make it '

Mark Meadows takes the stand at removal hearing -- and it's 'not a good look' for his case: analysis

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 28, 2023)

The Federalist Society's mugshots

Ancient Brick From 2,900 Years Ago Turns Out to Be a DNA Time Capsule

Russians Weirdly Stumped About Why Moscow Is Getting Bombed

Biden approves emergency declaration for Florida

Palestinian fears grow amid rising Israeli settler attacks

Donald Trump has heard a "roomer"

That's it for Trump. He had one job, and he failed

France's education minister bans long robes in classrooms worn mainly by Muslims

We Fact-Checked Republicans' "Biden Corruption" Timeline. And It's Bad.

Is there a live thread for the Fulton County hearing? EDIT: Oh, nevermind. It's a FEDERAL hearing

bbc: Iowa man spread Election Conspiracies is in Charge of Elections

For all to have a listen.

ChatGPT breaks its own rules on political messages (Washington Post)

Early morning southern MD, 8/28

Anyone ever been asked to bring their will to the hospital when having an operation?

TFG's arraignment in Fulton County, GA has been set for 9:30am on Sept. 6, per the court docket

Speaking of the Spanish soccer kiss: Why have you read 'The Great Gatsby' but not Ursula Parrott's '


Loud wake-up calls, southern MD

Shiba Inu smiles are irresistible:

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro testifies in his defense in contempt of Congress criminal case

Trump faces a crowded trial calendar. Here's a breakdown of the dates so far

58 seconds of funny dogs:


Gerbil sleeping with a teddy bear:

The best live updates I could find on Mark Meadows federal hearing

Family of Kenneth Chamberlain, Black Man Killed in 2011 by Police, Settles with City of White Plains

Not Over Yet: Late-Summer Covid Wave Brings Warning of More to Come

Bunnies eating carrots:

How can Meadows say that political activity in violation of the Hatch Act is part his official duty?

Am I Blue - Hoagy Carmichael 💙

Trump federal election interference trial set for March 4; arrainged September 6 - MSNBC Reports

O hai.

McCarthy starts to plot Biden impeachment strategy while GOP skeptics remain

11months after Hurricane Ian decimated Ft. Meyers Beach, FL, this documentary

How robotaxis are dividing San Francisco

"Joe the Plumber" has died

Here! I got more in my pocket!

I support the Police...

So familiar to cat owners:

Florida Democrat: DeSantis has 'blood on his hands' after Jacksonville shooting

I assume this is to drive up food:

When animals love you:

RI-01, UT-02: Spending nears $3.9 million in special Rhode Island, Utah races

Biden speaks with DeSantis as Tropical Storm Idalia heads for Florida

BREAKING: Don Bacon (R-NE) just announced his run for re-election

California is suing to stop schools from outing trans kids to their parents

Two tweets -- Mondays:

The significance of March 4, from Michael BeschIoss...

House Republicans' road to power runs through New York. Stefanik is driving.

Ron Johnson was re-elected in large part because he assured voters he had "no involvement" in the at

Cartoons 8/28/2023

Hurricane Idalia update - Ryan Hal Y'all

Meadows: 'I don't know that I did anything that was outside of my role'

Lemme just squeeze in there.

Labor unions get another leg up from the NLRB in unionization battle

FL: The Real Story Behind Ron DeSantis' Newest Fired Prosecutor

Everything I know about Trumpism I learned from my dogs

How Restarting Student Loan Payments Could Change Millions of Lives -- And The Economy

Ohio Redistricting Commission set to begin work again

Workers exposed to extreme heat have no consistent protection in the US

Pebble portrait:

I was hungry!

Missouri groups look for the strongest abortion-rights ballot measure voters would back

Meadows gives potentially self-incriminating testimony in Ga. Federal removal hearing

Really cool insects! Leaves & flowers:

Stunning--butterfly wings under microscope

KY-GOV: How abortion is set to shape the Kentucky governor's race

WI: Protasiewicz prohibited from hearing abortion, gerrymandering cases if impeachment commences

Japan asks China to urge citizens to halt harassment after start of Fukushima wastewater release

House Republican aims to defund Trump prosecutions until 2024 election

Damn Mark Meadows has put on some weight. No, I'm not fat shaming.

Trump drops 6 points in post-debate GOP poll

TX: Grayson drafting abortion resolution

From the Department of FAFO

60 Years Later - For Jobs and Freedom - From Lauren's Blog


Tiny snake:

Opinion-Trump and Ramaswamy Show Us How the Worst Get to the Top

60 Years Later - For Jobs and Freedom

WH public engagement director Stephen Benjamin on Trump supporters comparing tfg's mugshot to MLK's

NY-17: Democrats Want to Flip N.Y. House Seats. But There's a Primary Problem.

How Prigozhin Could Wreak Havoc From Beyond the Grave

I'm sure DeSantis is on the phone recruiting Indian teacher to apply in Florida

Pa. Republicans slowly are learning to embrace mail-in ballots

Florida math under DeSantis

PA: Appellate court candidates discuss campaigns

How Pennsylvania's Supreme Court Race Could Affect Reproductive Freedom

Pentagon official calls out Gaetz at hearing. See the moment

Birds - and ornithologists - flock to huge rubbish dump in Spain

Scientific American: Evidence Undermines 'Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria' Claims

LAWSUIT!Ohio Ballot Board over language voters will see on the November ballot for the proposed repr

Trumps court dates so far.........

Trump's Georgia case falls apart before his eyes - Brian Tyler Cohen

Im not saying that Russian air crash investigators aren't concerned about preserving evidence, but:

Indicating lack of reserve forces, Russia sends elite Air Assault troops to stop AFU breakthrough.

UNC Chapel Hill in lockdown. Active shooter

WH presser - questions about pandas and beers

For horse lovers, this is such a great story.

The Real Story Behind Ron DeSantis' Newest Fired Prosecutor

Suspect at large, UNC Chapel Hill on lockdown due to 'armed and dangerous person'

California sues district that requires parents be notified if their kids change pronouns

When you were a teen (or now) did you clean a room by shoving the mess in a closet or under the bed?

McDonald's must face antitrust claims over worker 'poaching,' court rules

John McCain's final message before his death:

Trump attacks special counsel over report that an investigator had a meeting at the White House

Squirrel's Tail Is All Tangled Up!

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 28, 2023

I usually watch the Stephanie Miller show on

Defense rests, Meadows steps down

NH voter to @GOP Sen Tim Scoot: "If you don't stand up to Trump, how are you going to stand up to th

These pilots fly women who need abortions to states where it's allowed

Airlines tried to stop fake service animals. It kept blind people off flights.

Bernie Sanders urges left to back Biden to stop 'very dangerous' Trump

ACC moves toward vote to bring in Pac-12 refugees Cal, Stanford

Opinion Joe Biden: We must keep marching toward Dr. King's dream

Opinion Joe Biden: We must keep marching toward Dr. King's dream

Off his head: 'Trump demands Jan. 6 committee be criminally charged'

Texas hates children...and especially parents

Poland, Baltic states warn they could seal borders with Belarus if military, migrant tensions grow


Scared Puppy

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Idalia, Florida, and Florida man....

They opened the 1828 lead box found in a monument at West Point! Amazing news!

Update: Lockdown ended after apparent shooting at University of North Carolina's flagship campus

Xi to go after bank deposits?

(anonymous) House Republican Calls Out Biden Impeachment: "There's No Evidence"

The last time two full supermoons appeared in the same month was in 2018. It won't happen

Geo Perspective : Estonia's 32 years of Freedom: From Soviet Ruin to Economic Wonder

Barbie blew my mind............

Lacking evidence, McCarthy defends plan for Biden impeachment inquiry

First Ugandan charged with 'aggravated homosexuality' punishable by death

Remember when...

Grant could help secure $171M hydrogen 'factory from the future' in Michigan

I love Ali Velshi.

Grant could help secure $171M hydrogen 'factory from the future' in Michigan

Pre-trial dates to know for Federal Election Interference trial (as reported on MSNBC @ 4:14 EDT)

R*O*C*K in the USA

Peter Navarro says Trump told him to assert privilege during Jan. 6 committee investigation

.......12 states with abortion bans are collecting menstrual cycle data of teen athletes.

Wow, um, UNC shooter already identified apparently (former LSU student)

CNN legal analyst says Trump's hope to appeal March 4 trial date is an "uphill climb"

No-nonsense straight up discussion on Idalia from Dr. Levi

American Airlines Flight Attendant Union to Announce Strike Vote Results at Pickets Across U.S.

Judge Hits Trump with Devastating March 2024 Trial Date! - Pondering Politics

The AZ Supreme Court rebuffed 2 more requests to overturn GOP losses in 2022

Sixth day of bomb threats targets Union Public Schools, authorities conduct building sweeps

American Airlines Flight Attendant Union to Announce Strike Vote Results at Pickets Across U.S.

These people are fucking delusional

The Most Shocking Vintage Ads That Would Offend Anyone Who Saw Them Today

Rep. George Santos' fundraiser indicted for identity theft

U.S. soldier in Texas wounds man in unusual cross-border shooting

NY: Town of Huntington 2023 Election Roundup: Who Is Running And For What Positions?

Maui-related investment possibility

Tiedrich rant: holy fuck, Vivek Ramaswamy sure says a lot of stupid shit

NYC-COUNCIL: Ari Kagan outraises Justin Brannan in most recent campaign finance reporting period

Georgia secretary of state testifies that Trump's phone call looking for more votes was political

Minnesota returns voting power to thousands. The question is whether they'll use it

MI: Whitmer to call for passage of the 'Reproductive Health Act' in Wednesday speech

Star membership question

CA: Mark Ridley-Thomas sentenced to 42 months in prison

CA: An L.A. County D.A.'s union leader, veteran judge latest to challenge Gascn's reelection

Convicted ex-Ohio House speaker moved to Oklahoma prison to begin his 20-year sentence

Was MLK was assassinated because he was anti war rather than because he was pro civil rights?

Record shattering:Earth had its hottest July in 174 years

Luis Rubiales: Spanish Football Federation regional presidents call for resignation

Are we angry enough yet?

once a towering figure in Los Angeles politics, Mark Ridley Thomas sentenced to prison

U.S.-Russia prisoner exchanges - Eastern Express - TVP World

So, last month, I bought a new car....

Police ram straight through climate activist blockade in Nevada

Peter Navarro, facing trial for contempt of Congress, says Trump invoked executive privilege

The best begging occurs with a tin cup.....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 29 August 2023

Phoenix breaks another record as First Alert for excessive heat continues through Tuesday

Steve Sack FTW

@GOP NY Rep. Claudia Tenney's galaxy brain conspiracy theory...: "They're trying to create this appe

ACLU sues over Indiana law blocking gender-affirming surgery for inmates

texas national guard shoots a guy i working out IN MEXICO

Trump projects so much... he needs an IMAX screen.

COVID-19 virus rapidly evolving in Ohio deer, study shows

New Attack Ad Demolishes Trump On FOX News! - Luke Beasley

Anybody take advantage of the $4 movies yesterday? I saw Oppenheimer

'Bring back Twitter': Elon Musk roundly booed at Valorant championship in LA

Which war movie will you watch again? Here are some I will watch again:

Wisconsin Republicans May Impeach Judge to Protect Rigged Voting Maps! - Pondering Politics

Faculty member fatally shot in University of North Carolina building

I think the 'West Point Time Capsule' may contain silt from the Kosciuszko Mound in Krakow

Watercolor Dahlia

NEW: Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights files lawsuit challenging misleading ballot language

TCM Schedule for Saturday, Sept. 2: Bogie & Bacall, Glenn Ford, James Dean, Claudette Colbert

(JOE ROCKS!!) President Biden visits D.C. middle school to mark the start of classes

I'm not much of an artist, but I present: Angry Word Cloud

Larry Klayman is still at it...

Why was Nicolle Wallace off again today?

I have recommended some replies.

'Interesting' sky, after cloudy southern MD 8/28

Data Point

Trump, again yells to dismiss his case....

Meadows Testifies in Bid to Move Georgia Trump Case to Federal Court

JFC: Anti-vaxxers get stupider...worry that vaccines can give DOGS autism

UNC Chapel Hill faculty member killed in shooting inside Caudill Labs, Chancellor confirms

Just chilling with a couple of the kitcats

Eminem just sent a cease-and-desist letter to Vivek Ramaswamy demanding he stop playing and rapping

Be gentle, Stock Market is all new to me so I have questions:

First Fulton County defendant pleads not guilty in Georgia 2020 election interference case

Wilderness Moonset at 1 AM on 8/28/2023

This, that or neither. Hamburgers. Hot Dogs or neither. You can fix them any way you like if you

So DeathSentence was booed at the vigil last night

Feel the love

Pence Criticized Over Call for "Expedited" Death Penalty for Mass Shooters

Summary of Closing Arguments for Meadows' hearing


'Bring back Twitter': Elon Musk roundly booed at Valorant championship in LA

'Bring back Twitter': Elon Musk roundly booed at Valorant championship in LA

"You don't have to prep much when you've done nothing wrong."

Harrowing video of a kidnapped child - Break the Fake - TVP World

Chicago TV news crew robbed at gunpoint while filming a story on robberies in West Town

Trump's citation of 'Scottsboro Boys' case falls flat with Chutkan

UNC shooting at the Caudill Labs will rile up the Q Anon/anti-vax crowd.

Monsters among us - four dead including two very young kids

OK, it's time for another "I remember..." post.

Trans Woman Wins Landmark Settlement in Suit Over Mistreatment in Jail

Biden visits a school

If "I smell Your BullShit" was an image

Abortion rights advocates will ask Ohio Supreme Court to rule on amendment's 'deceptive' summary

Amid multiple criminal cases, Trump faces civil lawsuit from Dem lawmakers over 1/6 - Deadline

Where's 'Woke'? Republicans Test a Different Education Message

GOPers think getting arrested makes Trump popular to Black folks

GOP silences 'Tennessee Three' Democrat on House floor for day on 'out of order' rule; crowd erupts

Anybody watch Cowboy Kent Rollins cooking videos?

I want to speak with the DOJ manager

Bonds, levies and a trustee recall on the ballot this Tuesday in Idaho

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