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News outlet asks court to dismiss former Mississippi governor's defamation lawsuit

News outlet asks court to dismiss former Mississippi governor's defamation lawsuit

Jen Psaki in for Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

N.H. Republicans feud over bid to knock Trump off 2024 ballot

Turns Out Ron DeSantis' Tale About a Fetus in a Pan Was Actually a Coat-Hanger Abortion

Trump's new prison nightmare: A notorious and 'inhumane' Georgia jail - The Beat - MSNBC

Could Tolkien foresee 2024?

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet

Wisconsin Supreme Court chief justice accuses liberal majority of staging a 'coup'

I'm sorry, but Joe the Plumber was one depraved person.

Journey - Just the Same Way (The Midnight Special, 5/18/1979)

Missouri man is 33rd from state charged in Capitol riot -- the eighth since June

I really enjoy watching younger people than me reacting to music from my youth.

Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak (The Midnight Special, 3/25/1977)

Iowa man who threatened to kill Arizona officials sentenced to 2 years in prison

MTG Gets TROLLED By Her Constituents

Another gullible idiot faces prison for believing agitators like Trump, Biggs and Lake

Trump gets nightmare news in DC trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's date being set.....

Eminem Sends Ramaswamy a Cease and Desist Letter

A Florida GOP rep who defended the state's new slavery curriculum is now helping create its first Bl

Along Trump's journey to jail, Black Atlanta residents mix outrage with pride

Nationwide Train Delays Reported After Norfolk Southern Hardware Failure

"He's Incredibly Smart" Lawyer Explains Why Trump Isn't Doing Trial Prep - Waldorf Nation

Interesting Chart regarding Media Bias

I don't have children

Mexico sends 1,200 more troops to Michoacan state after weekend of cartel violence

'Client from hell': Trump's courtroom calendar fills up ahead of election - Ali Velshi - Deadline

Tucker Carlson Disturbs the World in Delusional Speech! - Luke Beasley

In 2018, Brown(D-OH) won by a 6.82 percent margin,Tester(D-MT) won by a 3.55 percent margin.

Boomers have a new retirement strategy: Buy the dip

Frank Sinatra - Night And Day

Guatemala arrests former UN anti-corruption commission representative

Green Day capitalizes on Trump's viral mugshot with new merchandise benefiting Maui wildfire victims

Swiss Town Blanketed By Season's First Snowfall

President Biden Drops By Meeting with March on Washington Organizers

Trump's prison fears rise as indicted chief of staff takes the stand in RICO case - The Beat - MSNBC

MD family excited about school!

Guatemala's electoral tribunal confirms Bernardo Arevalo's victory shortly after his party is suspen

Biden's campaign manager is one of the worst interviewees I've heard in a long time.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Sammy Davis Jr. - Lush Life

Dion - The Wanderer

Sadistic CaliforniaCops Indicted. WARNING. ⚠️ Descriptions of brutal cop behavior ⚠️

Trump loses to Jack Smith again: Coup evidence bomb goes off in March 2024 trial - The Beat - MSNBC

Biden says action needed against 'hate-fueled violence' after racist shooting in Florida

No one does context better than Rachel Maddow

Donald Trump's Election Trial Will Drastically Impact His 2024 Chances - Let's Talk Elections

Miami Herald: White supremacy claimed three lives. But Florida would rather fight acronyms

'Weak sauce': Trump braces for trial as judge knocks indicted aide Navarro's defense - The Beat MSNBC

Johnny Mathis - The Twelfth Of Never

Meadows' tough time

House Republican (Clyde - GA) aims to defund Trump prosecutions until 2024 election

Judge scolds fuming Trump lawyer after he accuses Jack Smith of violating his oath

How Los Angeles Taught the Mara Salvatrucha to Hate (Lengthy feature article.)

MAGA Preacher Prays for a Jesus 'Fire' to 'Consume Spokane'

Biden campaign manager: GOP debate was 'race to an extreme agenda' - Jen Psaki - All In - MSNBC

'Anyone Else Would Be In Jail!' Former Trump Voters Turn On Him - Waldorf Nation

He can spend a little of his own money on legal defense

Trump.....he is fucked.

Murdered Chapel Hill professor identified

Rachel beyond compare tonight. NT

Peter Navarro evidentiary hearing

Nikki Haley Is Starting to Look Like a Real Threat to Trump

Papillion La Vista board affirms decision to keep 'All Boys Aren't Blue' library book

'Like any defendant': Judge says Trump must 'make the trial date work - Jen Psaki - All In - MSNBC

I was without mains power for almost 5 days...

Judge Chutkan sets speedy trial - March 2024 - in Trump's trial for trying to overturn 2020 election

What makes you feel old? For me, I am tired alot,

Trump doesn't pay his bills.

Mafia and high crime in the Balkans helping Russia evade sanctions - Vanya Petrova - TVP World

'Vivek Is a Liar': Fans Race to Don Lemon's Defense as Clip of His Fiery Exchange With Vivek Ramaswa

You know, it's funny, it kinda looks like that QAnon's "Storm" of mass arrests happened after all...

Moody Blues: Evening (Time to Get Away)

Geopolitical tensions between NATO and Russia increase in the Arctic - DW News

Prehistoric bird once thought extinct returns to New Zealand wild (rewilding)

Bold store theft

Toyota's Japan production at standstill as system failure hits assembly plants

Tonight's sunset in the city (SOOC)

Search and Rescue Dog Training

Bundy's financial block extended while Idaho judge considers longer order


TN: Democrats walk out over Jones silencing, as House-Senate remain in stalemate

Wisconsin Supreme Court chief justice accuses liberal majority of staging 'coup'

DeSantis slammed by FL state rep.: 'He had a lot of audacity to come there after he lit the match'

Rachel Maddow Book Tour Announced Tonight

My friend just had her student loans cancelled.

Making progress with Raven and Kira...

Federal judge flat out REJECTS Trump lawyers' proposal - Talking Feds

California's plastic bag ban is failing. Here's why

MAGA Santa Claus has a Message for "Dumb*ss Democrats" - Rebel HQ

Furious Florida Democrat TORCHES Ron DeSantis in MUST-SEE takedown - Meidas Touch

If you need a laugh

AMANPOUR in Odessa now. on PBS.

72 degrees outside never felt so good

Joe Strummer says, "you know you cast a long shadow on the ground" and I hope yinz all do so.

The True Story of Alexander the Great in Ancient Egypt

Jeff Tiedrich on Threads:

Shit kicker alert. Cahalen Morrison, "Over and Over Again"

The Republicans' paramilitary wing reemerges in Jacksonville

I've been getting this message today when I click on Twitter links...

Phish/Stevie Wonder - Boogie on Reggie Woman

GOP Leader Launches DESPICABLE ATTACK on Fani Willis for Prosecuting Trump - Talking Feds

MSNBC Is Having Its Super Bowl With Donald Trump's Indictments

'Never going back′: Gov. Reeves says no more mask mandates amid slight uptick in COVID hospitalizati

MU Health Care denies access to puberty blockers, hormones for established youth patients

Ramaswamy called them 'modern grand wizards of the modern KKK.' Rep. Pressley and Dr. Kendi respond

Is there an email we can use for bug reporting?

The formation of some notable powerful carcinogens from the degradation of carbon capture agents.

Betty White cracks up Steve Harvey in hilarious interview

Trump Snaps, Releases Dangerous Message on Truth Social! - Luke Beasley

Inga Rumpf - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Live 2008)

Such a romantic. Song.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump's lawyer just previewed what Trump will say if found guilty - The Last Word

OK. So it's changin ya say?

What happened while Meadows was in the security car and shut the door on Hutchinson, twice?

28 Aug: Nice. Ukrainians track down and demolish a Russian column - Reporting from Ukraine

Lawrence: American Nazis can legally purchase AR-15s thanks to Republican politicians - The Last Word

What was the Earth like at the time of Pangea?

Lou Reed - Satellite of Love

Paging NNadir! Energy from air!?!

Fox News Debate Viewership Blew Tucker's Trump Interview


Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 2 questions about Meadows....

Kieth Olbermann 1 minute 30 seconds of pure glee

I love Tootsie Rolls

The Kinks Song - I'm Not Like Everybody Else.

Hawaii power utility takes responsibility for first fire on Maui, but faults county firefighters

The Tempations - Can't Get Next to You

Report on Trump's private remarks reveals true stakes of 2024 election

Otis Redding - Try a Little Tenderness

Republicans in Congress ATTACK Prosecutors to Help Trump and it's SHAMEFUL - Meidas Touch

Report on Trump's private remarks reveals true stakes of 2024 election - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Great drumming underpinning great music.

#MeToo exposed the abuse of women in Spain. It took football and #SeAcabo to spark a revolution

Meadows takes risk with surprise testimony that has potential to backfire - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

'Dying by the dozens every day' - Ukraine losses climb

Recruiting is underway for Trump-like 'wrecking ball' to shrink government and fire federal workers

Why it's wrong to assume a single gunman is a 'lone wolf' shooter - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

What Would Be Meadows Next Move If The Judge Rules Against His Ask?....

Farmers Insurance Laying Off 11% of Workforce, Citing Industry Challenges

Denver to pay $4.7 million to settle claims it targeted George Floyd protesters for violating curfew

Denver to pay $4.7 million to settle claims it targeted George Floyd protesters for violating curfew

PA: Luzerne County files legal actions over ballot question

Conspiracy theorists push Louisiana referendum to ban private election funding

A new ballot measure would dramatically reform redistricting in Ohio. Here's how it would work

Libya's foreign minister suspended, flees country after meeting with Israel's chief diplomat

The Limits of Vivek Ramaswamy's Racist Con Game

Trump bid to put off federal trial for years falls flat; Judges consult on speedy trial schedule - TRMS

Israeli finance minister to renew funds to Arab communities after backlash

64 year old Convicted former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder begins his 20 year prison sentence

Kansas college accused of forcing out Black students must reform after DOJ probe

TCM tonight

'Prequel' book tour dates announced - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Haiti police launches operation to recover bodies after deadly church-led protest

David Bowie - Queen Bitch

Breakfast Tuesday 29 August 2023

sarcastic tweet of the week contender

Ted Cruz Busted For Sharing Yet Another Wildly Misleading Tweet

Meadows Defense Eviscerated, DC Coup Trial Date Set - Raw News And Politics

FEMA changes wildfire compensation rules for New Mexicans affected by last year's historic blaze

FEMA changes wildfire compensation rules for New Mexicans affected by last year's historic blaze

Racist Jacksonville shooter wore Rhodesian army patch, a symbol of white supremacy, law enforcement

Shaker Heights lawyer who donated to Trump headed to prison in election fraud case

Top Trump Official Makes STUNNING Move at Federal Hearing NO ONE SAW COMING - Talking Feds

How Vivek Ramaswamy makes money from climate denial

Mike Pence and "The Book": A master class in disingenuous biblical interpretation

How Vivek Ramaswamy makes money from climate denial

Powerful quake and aftershocks rock Indonesia's Bali and Java islands. No casualties reported

Trump trial date set in federal election case - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Bobbi Gibb: The Boston Marathon pioneer who raced a lie

Former Trump chief of staff testifies in Georgia - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Poll: Majority Of Americans Disagree With GOP Policies - Raw News And Politics

The only way out is through Why appeasing and surrendering to the abuser won't bring peace.

Bruce Springteen on Biden:

Biden budget proposes making the rich pay their fair share in taxes

'Oh my god': live worm found in Australian woman's brain in world-first discovery

Los Super Seven - Learning The Game

Frightening Study Reveals Personality Disorder That Turns Politicians Into Chaos Agents - Thom Hartmann

US Open honors Billie Jean King on 50th anniversary of equal prize money for women

Voters Jumping Off The Trump Train? - Raw News And Politics

Wordle 801 (Aug 29) ***SPOILERS***

Idalia strengthens to a hurricane, pushing a surge of ocean water toward Florida

Hurricane thread...

Did Florida Governor Inspire Jacksonville Shooter? - Thom Hartmann

'Doing the right thing' was worth $40 million to this Marine veteran and mother of three

2017 Inauguration Image

American Airlines hit with record fine for keeping passengers on tarmac for hours

Lemire: Way Too Jerkoffy

Former Trump Official ATTACKS Trump and MAGA for SELLING US OUT in Time of Need - Against All Enemies

Zambia-Egypt plane seizure: The cash and fake gold that no-one is claiming

Amtrak: Temporary Service Adjustments in Place Due to Tropical Storm Idalia

On August 28, 1921, actress Nancy Kulp was born.

On this day, August 29, 1924, singer Dinah Washington was born.

Panama Canal authorities set restrictions on cargo ship travel due to unprecedented drought

Idalia this morning - the good news

Big Whoops! Russians fell for "clever trap" and destroyed their own forces. UKR enters key city- TRD

Mysterious Loops in The Fabric of Reality: Physicists Get First Glimpse of 'Alice Rings'

On this day, August 29, 1944, troops of the 28th Infantry Division marched down the Champs Elysees.

On this day, August 29, 1944, troops of the 28th Infantry Division marched down the Champs Elysees.

Racing greyhound goes to the beach and his reaction is priceless

I need a favor, this is brand new

Pope says some 'backward' conservatives in US Catholic Church have replaced faith with ideology

Cardiac arrest

How the 'urban doom loop' could pose the next economic threat

Namibia: Live stream in the Namib Desert -- NamibiaCam

Judge Chutkan made it pellucidly clear that the Slobfather is

Tuesday TOONs - Always On Brand

Biden administration unveils first 10 drugs subject to Medicare price negotiations

Bullshit Chris Christie!

On This Day: Last presumed isolated Native American emerges - August 29, 1911

Good lawd, Casey DeSantis' shtick is past it's sell-by date! Way past.

Trump chief of staff Meadows says actions laid out in Georgia indictment were part of his job

Michigan activist files legal challenge to disqualify Trump from 2024 presidential race in state

Kyle Kondik: Forget about Ohio. It's Fool's Gold.

Fani Willis proves the skeptics wrong: 18 co-defendants is a big problem for Donald Trump

'It's been festering in Florida': DeSantis accused of hypocrisy over response to racist shooting

New Texas laws going into effect - a wishlist for authoritarians

Kevin Smith Auctioning Off His Entire Comic Book Art Collection, Including Frank Miller & Matt Wagne

Apparently-Leaked Image Comics Document Gives a Surprising Look at What Drives Indie Comics Sales

So much squealing and excitement that one staffer marveled, "This is like the Beatles."

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 8/23/23

Trump's Claim Of Election Interference

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 8/20-8/27/2023

The Rundown: August 29, 2023

'Brought to you by big oil': US billboards call out companies for record heatwaves

America: The land of gun care and health control.

Neurosurgeon probing patient's mystery symptoms plucks worm from woman's brain

Thief steals former governor's SUV as he hosts a radio show

Must see TV on Netflix

'Brought to you by big oil': US billboards call out companies for record heatwaves

Dinoflagellate (Brown Algae) Bloom 100 Miles Across Has Formed In The Gulf Of Maine

On this day, August 29, 1533, Pizarro Executed Atahuallpa, Last Emperor of the Incas.

Two Disastrous Peach Harvests In A Row Have Southern Orchardists Reeling

#Idalia is officially a hurricane. Today's path is lined with low shear and hot HOT water, a recipe

A little quality time with Merlin and Dylan

I Have Studied Emperor Penguins For 30 Years. We May Witness Their Demise In Our Lifetime

The Christian home-schooler who made 'parental rights' a GOP rallying cry

SE Australian Sea Temperatures Projected At Off-Scale Hot - Well Over 2.5C Above Average

3 Hosts of an Eric Adams Fund-Raiser Are Said to Face Indictment

Gina Schock...The House of Schock - Smile Pretty

Georgia Election case arraignments: Wednesday September 6.

Yuan Crash & Investors 'Flee' China Economy As Stock Market Support 'Fails To Impress'- China Update

You raised $50.00 on August 28, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Vivek Ramaswamy seen in 2003 footage questioning Rev. Sharpton's experience

Anti-mask Republicans' cognitive dissonance

After 4 years, couple is pregnant. Wife is no longer a virgin. 😳

A Reminder About Trump's March 4th D.C. Trial

oh donny jr. you are so silly. do you really think putting those books behind you that folks will

'The Proud Boys are here and wearing their prison-issued orange jumpsuits.'

Let Me Love You Baby

Dirty air biggest external threat to human health, worse than tobacco or alcohol, major study finds

Ancient Atlantean Sculpture Discovered At The Mayan Chichen Itza Archaeological Site

Railroad operator Norfolk Southern says outage impact to last for weeks

LOL, Glenn Youngkin at Just Virginia! (Trump at 47%, DeSantis at 13%)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Texas, Mexico, and over the Rio Grande....

Exclusive: First Ugandan charged with 'aggravated homosexuality' punishable by death

Vatican seeks to tamp down outrage over pope's words of praise for Russian imperial past

D.C. to pay $5.1 million settlement after judge finds Second Amendment violations

Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant. Look where it's located.

"He is toast": Legal experts call out Mark Meadows' "incriminating admission" on the witness stand

Meadows Hearing ends, no decision from the judge

Line forms here

US given OK to enforce maritime law around Palau as Washington vies with China for Pacific influence

Tiny Monkey Saved From Petting Zoo Loves His New Family

Important read about history and the Jacksonville killings

MAGA really took on true meaning,

The UN is undertaking an unprecedented 6-month withdrawal of nearly 13,000 peacekeepers from Mali

Breaking: Crime boss claims trial interferes

"this public library is an irretrievably compromised entity, it needs to be removed from our midst"

Parker's 50 Favorite Things about Northwest Rivers

8,000-year-old encampment -- with tridents and war paint materials -- found in England

Imran Khan: Pakistan court suspends former PM's corruption sentence

Is anyone having issues with their SS?

Tomb of Ancient 'Priest of Pacopampa' Discovered in Peru After 3,000 Years

How likely will the new Georgia Law have the Georgia legislature remove Fani Willis? Didn't Florida

Iran summons Swiss diplomat over US seizure of Iranian crude oil that's now at port in Houston

The Unbelievably Bonkers Conspiracy Theorist Running For Governor Of North Carolina

There are two kinds of dogs:

Multicolored Ceramic Dish Featuring Protective Spirits From Maya Mythology Unearthed During Excavati

Bavarian governor orders his deputy to fully explain himself to clear allegations of antisemitism

Smile pretty:

'The stakes of the 2024 presidential election are existential' Steve Schmidt

After Court Rejects Approval, What's Next For Uinta Basin Railway?

Shooting that wounded 2 at White Sox game likely involved gun fired inside stadium, police say

Ants' impressive teamwork:

Inside Matt Schlapp's Offer to Settle the Sexual Battery Lawsuit Against Him

"Fear me!" - - "Whatever."


2nd tweet -- "This is taking too long."

Oklahoma's Academy nominations...

Biden administration names 10 prescription drugs for Medicare price negotiations

Ian Millhiser: America's Trumpiest court just put itself in charge of nuclear safety

My delegation's unqualified Academy Nominations...

Snow leopard cub:

2nd tweet --bottle feeding lion cub while rubbing her belly:

Square root of cat:

Republicans demand answers from Garland on Covid relief fraud

Smaller snow leopard cub:

The US economy is doing way better than the rest of the rich world

Criminal defendant P01135809 has a message for Democrats

Astronomers May Have Spotted the Birth of a Planet

Lizard Man gif.

I mean, don't we WANT TFG to be the nominee?

I think the kidcats are coming up with ways to make me smile.

Steve Scalise has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer.

Dog politely signaling he wants to go for a walk:

Panther sneaks up on man for a kiss

Would you rather be a dog or a cat? I'm still thinking. Cat or dog, Dog or Cat.

Florida reviewers of AP African American Studies sought 'opposing viewpoints' of slavery

Steve Scalise announces he has "very treatable" blood cancer

Healthcare control and Affordable guns

Charlie Parker was born on this date.


Trump's historic mug shot to become a bobblehead

Dinah Washington was born on this date.

MSNBC has DeSatan doing presser about hurricane.

Rachel Maddow-If TFG wins in 2024 there will be no further Presidental Elections

Tony MacAlpine has a birthday today.

seen this little video a # of years ago. never have i seen so many hummers

Dog playing red light-green light?


How the Right Retired "Negrophile"--and Substituted "Woke"

Gay former Trump official shocked by Republican Party's latest anti-LGBTQ+ move

Conservatives are on a mission to dismantle the US government and replace it with Trump's vision

Been a great trip so far!

March 4, 1789, date US government set to begin. Just read that on KO's

Police watchtower installed at 24th St. BART Plaza

August 29, 2005. Hurricane Katrina hits LA.

Conservatives are on a mission to dismantle the US government and replace it with Trump's vision

@mattgaetz Judge Chutkan is a political operative in a robe. We should set her censure for a vote

Snopes: Was Pastor Among 18 Trump Co-Defendants Arrested in Georgia Election Case?

Georgia judge orders Trump-implicating special grand jury report publicly released

'White supremacy is not a mental health issue': Justin Jones scolds GOP after Jacksonville shooting

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Chicago TV news crew robbed at gunpoint while filming a story on robberies

invasion of monkeys at the bird blind!

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

"I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been."

Investigation finds late founder of Japanese talent agency for boy bands sexually assaulted teens

Can you imagine TFG???

US Ryder Cup Captain's picks are in.

Prosecutor on a Trump conviction in federal court - Brian Tyler Cohen

Frumpy, featuring the great Inga Rumpf - Backwater Blues (Live 1971)

Quote of the Day: Trump has the moral compass of an axe murderer.

Ray Smith enters plea

Wisconsin Supreme Court's Conservative Chief Justice Accuses New Liberal Majority of Staging a 'Coup

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 29, 2023)

Refugee wins last-minute extradition reprieve after trying to return from holiday

Patients in England will be first to access seven-minute cancer treatment jab

The moral compass of an axe murderer

Citizens United 2.0 on the way? Benefits "both parties" but short-run advantage for Repukes

After Supreme Court curtails federal power, Biden administration weakens water protections


Enough has not been made about the racism, anti-semitism and

The Christian home-schooler who made 'parental rights' a GOP rallying cry

from stonekettle-

Donald Trump has the moral compass of an axe murderer. - Geoff Duncan (R - GA)

Trump supporter was comfy in senator's chair

GOP on the Verge of Major Campaign Finance Win

Republican State Rep. Bob Young has been arrested... AGAIN. - wife beater gop guy

Bwaaaah Ramaswamy is on Andrea Mitchell

Patients in England will be first to access seven-minute cancer treatment jab

State attorney says DeSantis fired her because she was 'prosecuting their cops'

A good journalist calls out bad talking points.

Spear thrower weapon use by prehistoric females equalized the division of labor while hunting

Well, damn. Andrea Mitchell taking on Vivek Ramaswamy on everythng from

Repugs are trying to concoct a reason to impeach President Biden.

Chinese Official Promises New Efforts at Cooperation

The mirror of "election interference"...

Our universe may be a bit more stable than was supposed

I had to turn off MSNBC and switch to CNN today.

Scientists discover that neanderthals were getting high on psychedelics millions of years ago

Latest developments on the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson fronts

GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin scheme to remove elections chief

The 122-year-old US Steel is reviewing "numerous" buyout offers

RI-01: Proxy war over safe seat pits Democratic factions against one another

Marc Short: Meadows' actions undercut legal argument

Fact check: Data doesn't back Ramaswamy on climate policy deaths

They are NOT going to fight fair

Switzerland indicts Algerian ex-minister for alleged crimes against humanity during 1990s insurgency

remember that Foxconn plant that the orange asshole promised for Wisconsin?

Ray Smith Becomes First Defendant To Enter Plea In Georgia Election Case

The market is dictating how we raise young children

Court: Edmonds can build beach walkway in front of Ebb Tide condos

Fortney, Johnson race for sheriff shatters record for campaign cash

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 29, 2023

Cartoons 8/29/2023

This pupper posed still as a statue for me.

Cartels Take Over As Ecuador's New Power Brokers

HBCU president lauds students, officer for stopping Jacksonville killer before racist store attack

How Trump's Election Lies Left the Michigan G.O.P. Broken and Battered

Dogs Know

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis faces Black leaders' anger after racist killings in Jacksonville

March 4th, 2024 may be considered a "speedy trial" by some....

Geez. 20+ fla counties must evacuate. Not fun.

Voting Rights At Heart of Trump's Legal Troubles; Federal Trial Set for Day Before Super Tuesday

Gov. Whitmer to seek repeal of 'antiquated' abortion restrictions in Michigan

Hurricane Idalia live updates: Evacuations ordered as storm forecast to make landfall in Florida

Tiedrich rant: Judge Chutkan isn't putting up with any bullshit. Donald Trump should be very afraid

Well done FEMA and President Biden

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35

Anyone see "The Pope's Exorcist"?

Redistricting reshapes key Southwest Virginia races

Fishing on the creek

Great John Oliver compilation

Hurricane Idalia poised to teach Gov. Desantis a Lesson in "fake" Global Warming

Racial Terror in Jacksonville, from Dollar General Shooting to 1960 Ax Handle Saturday

Former GOP Official Slices Trump With Brutal 'Ax Murderer' Comparison

Eugene Robinson: Black people again are killed for being black

Congress needs to vote on RE-qualifying Trump for office

Vivek Ramaswamy is kind of missing the key point here

Jacksonville Shooting: Maxwell Frost Blasts DeSantis for Pushing Bigotry & Ignoring Gun Violence

Ron DeSantis is on the TV box pretending that he cares.

The conservative meltdown on Wisconsin's Supreme Court just got worse

Where were you on 8/28/2014?

Russian troops could surrender 'en masse' if defensive lines are breached

Meadows 'removal' judge poses question for both parties to be answered by Thursday 5pm

Rapper 50 Cent postpones Phoenix concert due to extreme heat

Matt Schlapp's Junk Pummeling Its Way Back Into News Cycle

A Ugandan man is charged with aggravated homosexuality, and faces the death penalty

Vivek Ramasway triggers me in many different ways.

Australian scientists make world-first discovery of parasitic worm in woman's brain

Biden and Harris on now with price reductions for much needed drugs n/t

The Worst State in the Country for Voting Rights Just Got Even Worse

Joyce Vance: Despite Super Tuesday, Trump has to show up when the judge orders

This orange cat confirms stereotype is real

msnbc is showing Biden harris new Medicare Drug targets. ..

Adopted Dog Gets Abandoned And Then... ❤️

On this day, August 29, 2007, Richard Jewell died.

Suit targets gun initiative over Missouri AG claim it would spike rape and murder, cost millions

The Cannibal South - An inferiority complex-ridden region depends on eating its own.

Any violin players know the trick

My brain hurts

PA: Internal document sounds the alarm for Democrats in Bucks County Commissioners race

What's for Dinner, Aug. 29, 2023

Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism in America

Compilation--funny birds:

"Stew Peters took the stage at the 'Reawaken America Tour', and said when Trump wins the presidency

NYC: Curtis Sliwa calls for migrants to be housed on Rikers Island

By All Means.

New Potomac bridge: Officials take first steps on project to double passenger rail capacity

Support the Writers' and Actors' Strikes, but man, do I miss. . .

Disregarding law again? Is it contagious or what? Trump defendants' lawyers had their cars booted

MI-SEN: Former Republican congressman Mike Rogers expected to run for US Senate in Michigan

Legendary furniture brand Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams closes its doors

Anti-abortion activists who blockaded DC clinic found guilty on all counts

Palo Alto: Best Place to Rob Bank or do Other Crimeing--For as long as no Cop *sees* you, you're OK

Who'd Believe There Really Was A Song Titled....

Fox News WH Reporter DERAILS Press Briefing w/ STUPID QUESTION About Beer!!!

What's your opinion of the 14th Amendment solution for keeping Trump off the ballot? (poll)

(Labor Book Store) Celebrate Labor Day with 20% off your order!


the shark nebula

U.S. to send $250 million in weapons to Ukraine

Philly officials refuse to fix "courtesy-tow" problem as class-action lawsuits proceed

Conservatives Build Government in Waiting

How do you like ribs cooked?

'Life or Death:' AI-Generated Mushroom Foraging Books Are All Over Amazon

Regional banks face another hit as regulators force them to raise debt levels

Checking out.:.

Touche, Kestrel! Just had to share:

Touche, Kestrel! Just had to share:

"Silly cat video

Job vacancies, quits plunge in July in stark sign of cooling trend in the US labor market

Secret phone call reveals Christian Right plan to 'take down the education system as we know it'

Powell pleads not guilty

Report: Republicans could force Protasiewicz off redistricting case with Assembly impeachment vote

LIVE - Hurricane Idalia Coverage With Storm Chasers On The Ground

Skeptical about these Mediaite-reported bias/accuracy ratings for cable news shows

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what Americans want to do with Trump....

Question about Georgia Electors.

WILLIS is asking the judge in the Trump racketeering case to fast-track all 19 of the defenants

Grab a tissue

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

James Webb Space Telescope gazes into the Whirlpool galaxy's hypnotic spiral arms (photos)

Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell enters not guilty plea in Georgia election interference case

Reuters - Live view of Key West marina as Hurricane Idalia nears

The new DU4

NEW LAW: If Hannity And Kilmeade Both Pants You The Same Week, You Have To Let Nikki Haley Beat You

FBI announces it has dismantled global network of hacked computers used in major fraud scheme

Bizarre super-puffy exoplanet hosts rare 'thermometer molecule'

Secret phone call reveals Christian Right plan to 'take down the education system as we know it'

How individual, ordinary Jews fought Nazi persecution − a new view of history

(Jewish Group) How individual, ordinary Jews fought Nazi persecution − a new view of history

Fani Willis is not playing any games!

Insane Battle on the Dnipro - Russian 205-th brigade Grim Reality Check of the Southern Offensive

Metallic spheres found on Pacific floor are interstellar in origin, Harvard professor finds

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 30 August 2023

World Languages at WVU is no more

US in danger of running out of groundwater from overuse: NYT

I think REO Speedwagon may have found its new lead singer.

Democrats should be ashamed

Any Blues lovers in here?

Meadows's federal court testimony could backfire

Depending on track, Hurricane Idalia could cause more damage in Tallahassee than Michael or Hermine

Child safety bills are reshaping the internet for everyone (info about KOSA)

What have you named your pet moth?

Fluffy Tabby Kittens are just adorable

Trump has 'moral compass of an axe murderer,' says Georgia Republican

South Carolina Supreme Court will not reconsider abortion ban decision

A Win for Cassandra!

Will Bunch: The gross hypocrisy of 'woke Donald Trump'

Some good news for the Liver Are Us family

I just saw Dr Deborah Birx on the local news

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman trusts answers from ChatGPT "the least of anybody on Earth"

The history of abortion/Are economics behind GOP's anti birth control & anti abortion push?

America's Trumpiest court just put itself in charge of nuclear safety

Teen killed outside McDonald's in sweet-and-sour sauce dispute, police say

Why Trump's outlandish legal maneuvers are backfiring with the federal judge in the Jan. 6 case

Watch video of Hurricane Idalia as it lurks along the Fort Myers Beach coastline

EPA head says he's 'proud" of decision to block Alaska mine and protect salmon-rich Bristol Bay

Texas National Guard disbanded intelligence wing after members used WhatsApp to spy on migrants

Texas National Guard disbanded intelligence wing after members used WhatsApp to spy on migrants

Massive emergency alert test message to be sent to US cell phones, TVs, and radios

Defenses of Georgia phone call robust arguments against another term

Twitter Removes Its 'No Political Ads' Policy Ahead of the 2024 Election

Willis seeks to have all 19 defendants in Georgia election interference case tried together

So it turns out I'm related to James Arness and Peter Graves!

Foxconn Selling Two Empty Wisconsin Buildings After Failed Promises to Bring Jobs to the State

Former VP at San Francisco tech company stole nearly $3M, feds allege

Conservative groups draw up plan to dismantle the US government and replace it with Trump's vision

Israeli PM orders ministries to get his OK before secret talks, as drama over Libya meeting persists

Trump Campaign Sees Nikki Haley Surging in Iowa

A new Titanic expedition is planned. The US is fighting it, says wreck is a grave site

Tennessee Speaker Shoves Black Lawmaker

Jon Batiste on performing from NOLA to Biden's White House and growing up in music - The Beat - MSNBC

Wisconsin Supreme Court chief justice accuses liberal majority of staging a 'coup'

Today's WI Republican malarkey reported by State Senator Chris Larson:

Texas Guardsmen spied on migrants via WhatsApp, mishandled secret docs

Cliff Road Studios II, Cliff Road, London NW1

Biden unveils 10 drugs Medicare will target for price cuts - MSNBC Reports

Ray Smith Becomes First Defendant To Enter Plea In Georgia Election Case

Canada, citing potential dangers, warns LGBTQ travelers of US risks

I'm working on improving the shelter on the deck. (pic)

Five Late Night Hosts Unite to Launch Podcast, Colbert, Oliver, Myers, Kimmel, Fallon

Alabama describes proposed nitrogen gas execution; seeks to become first state to carry it out

Louisiana plagued by unprecedented wildfires, as largest active blaze grows

Judge Requests More Information On Mark Meadows' Request To Move Trial

Florida Gov. DeSantis expands state of emergency to 49 counties - MSNBC Reports

Racial diversity surged at Johns Hopkins in the last decade. Will it last?

Key West getting winds from hurricane right now. Cedar Key must evacuate

Trump says he'll appeal federal trial date, which he can't do - CBS News

right now on Joy: Rethugs and Fox are saying that Trump, due to multiple felony indictments, now

Apparently, Jack Smith is asking questions about rudy's drinking

Maine's puffin colonies recovering in the face of climate change

127-year-old water main gives way under NYC's Times Square, flooding streets, subways

A judge told Kansas authorities to destroy electronic copies of newspaper's files taken during raid

Ted Cruz proves he's a dumbass once again

New report says Special Counsel Jack Smith grilled witnesses about Rudy Giuliani's drinking - Deadline

Texas education board members vow to keep PragerU out of public schools

Thinking of all our Florida DUers --- Please stay safe!

A shutdown wouldn't halt Trump's trials, so Republicans seek to rein in his prosecutors

Jack Smith's team questions witnesses about how drunk Rudy Giuliani was while advising Trump

Marjorie Traitor Greene Fumes At Republicans Over Lack Of Biden Impeachment Inquiry

TN woman pulls magazine out of 9MM gun, then fires it at 4-year-old to scare her

Cost of car insurance just went up over 50%

Georgia's election board leader who debunked unfounded 2020 election fraud claims is stepping down

Biden DOJ Tells Court There Is No Constitutional Right To A Stable Climate - CleanTechnica

The Trump Show Ep 12: MUGSHOT Special

Ramaswamy defends proposal for Ukraine to concede territory to Russia

Meadows gambles with 'last-ditch, hail-mary' attempt to have GA case moved to federal court - Deadline

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to call on Democrats to codify 'Obamacare' into state law

Eighteen years ago right here on DU we were watching Hurricane Katrina

California's governor isn't trying to block Trump from the ballot, despite what fake headline claims

Mike Lindell claims he's promised employees 'we're going to be OK' after bank cuts off credit

When your neighbor forgets to close the blinds...

Who has afib?

Trump loses to Jack Smith again: Speedy coup trial ordered, and RICO D.A. demands fast-track trial

So, has anyone heard how many of the DeSantis campaign staff have been allocated

Sunset southern MD 8/29

PSA for MAGA: They won't read this, but I had fun writing it none the less.

Eastman: "We did nothing wrong"