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Gerry Mulligan & Ben Webster - Go Home

Trump Releases Deranged Message Responding to Latest Indictment! - Luke Beasley

That's It The End (Video)

Joey Bishop in A Guide for the Married Man

Jack Smith's latest Trump indictment was built from Republican witness testimony

Good Kevin McCarthy caricature

'Fearless': The judge Trump will face in Jan. 6 criminal coup trial - Deadline - MSNBC


Hmong community recalls devastation of cluster bombs as Biden promises bombs for Ukraine

Louis Armstrong - Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll

MG (Ret.) Paul Eaton Has A Message For Tommy Tuberville And His Reckless Military Promotions Hold

Dexter Gordon - Modal Mood

He Spent Decades Collecting Presidential Signatures. Then Lost Them in an Instant.

The incredibly savvy simplicity of Jack Smith's latest Trump indictment

Any Prolon fans?

What's kinda cool about Jack Smith is the lawyers on TV

MIT grad Rona Wang asked AI to make a photo for LinkedIn more professional. It made her Caucasian.

Trump closer to prison with coup charges: Melber on how this 'changes everything' - The Beat - MSNBC

Russian State TV Host Says 'All Our Hope' Placed in 'Beloved' Donald Trump

Who is going to be the Republican nominee for the 2024 US Senate Election in-

Rudy Giuliani snaps, loses it on air over Trump indictment - Brian Tyler Cohen

Comparing his indictment to Nazi Germany, Donald Trump is right for extremely wrong reasons

Jack Smith's Indictment of the Entire Legal Profession

No shooter, no injuries at US Capitol after 'bogus call,' police say

Boebert CRACKS Over Trump's Third Indictment

'A deeply deranged man': Lawmaker trapped during Jan. 6 reacts to Trump indictment - Deadline - MSNBC

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a Trump ally in Michigan....

Could Trump lose by attrition ?

Please listen to Keith Olbermann's latest podcast

Alabama researcher will succeed Fauci in infectious disease post

Saw on the news this evening that trump was enjoying golf yesterday

See the coup charges that can send Trump to prison: Melber Report - The Beat - MSNBC

Gov. Kim Reynolds deploys Iowa National Guard to border, will use ARP money to pay for it

Can someone confirm that Mike Pence is actually running as a Republican?

Abortion Funds Are Hanging On By A Thread A Year After Dobbs

He's just teasing...

Leprosy is probably endemic to central Florida, CDC reports, posing yet another public health threat

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

trump Co-Conspirators UNMASKED and Should Prepare FOR THE WORST - Popok

Rudy Giuliani in Vile New Audio Transcripts: 'Jewish Men Have Small C---s' (NSFW)

Chet Baker - Kiss Of Spain

People already lined up for tomorrow's Trump courthouse appearance

BREAKING: Jack Smith files motion to disqualify Walter Nauta's Attorney

Cone Health security guard fired after caught pushing a man with a cane down to the floor

Between Disbarment Proceedings and Trump Indictment, John Eastman Finds Time to File Election Lawsui

Studio Salvages Terrible Film's Box Office Numbers By Marketing It As Movie Liberals Don't Want You

Donald Trump prepares for his arraignment after being indicted on four counts - MSNBC Reports

Jimmy Smith & The Oliver Nelson Orchestra - In A Mellow Tone

GOP Culture Warriors' Next Target: Young Voters and Colleges

Costa Coffee Latest Victim Of Anti-'Woke' Anger Over Design Featuring Trans Person

Law and Order

Advocates say I-5 lid projects could add open space, connections over freeway

Vince Guaraldi Trio - Samba de Orpheus

Phil Hendrie & The 91 Characters He Does On His Radio Show

Want A Glimpse Of Dystopia? Visit The Self-Service Checkouts

Roland Kirk - Quintessence

Most STUNNING DETAILS in Trump Jan 6 Indictment REVEALED - Talking Feds

(IN MEMORIAM) Tony Bennett - On Green Dolphin Street

British cuisine. Best in the world. (I would try this) 😄

Herbie Hancock - Oliloqui Valley

Republicans take while Democrats share.

'Conspiracy against rights': Trump charged under anti-KKK law with long history - All In - MSNBC

Watters: 'Lock Her Up' was sarcasm

NYT: The Dance Delight in 'Barbie' Belongs to the Kens

Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine safest, most effective for older adults, study says

Neil Degrasse Tyson

A post bewailing self checkouts at the grocery store

Former Vermilion County pastor facing sexual abuse charges

Speaker Emeritus Nancy Pelosi is coming up on Lawrence

Keith Jarrett - Nomads

Jamie Raskin: Prosecutors build on Jan. 6th committee work to charge Trump - All In - MSNBC

Madam Speaker Emerita on live with O'Donnell

Don't turn around, Donald.

I just did a close reading of the indictment

A woman escaped a makeshift cinder block 'dungeon' in Oregon, police say.

Rep. Mike Waltz, R, FL says Trump should get "special consideration" because he's a former president

MAGA Melts Down Over Trump Indictment - Raw News And Politics (2 videos)

Post a quote or two from a novel & see if anyone knows the novel w/o using Google

Gran Turismo

This country is in a heap of trouble and some of us don't see it.

Naomi Biden tells us who her father, Hunter, is (X thread):

Fed-up MSNBC host TORCHES Trump with must-see takedown LIVE on air - Meidas Touch

Wisconsin Court Flips Blue, Saving State Democratic Party - Let's Talk Elections

"Trump lied, Democracy nearly died"

Georgia DAs challenge new law allowing state oversight of their prosecution choices

Tomorrow afternoon, my wife has to travel from Treasury to Union Station to get a train home...

WA: Ex-lawmaker and election denier trailing in Snohomish County auditor contest

N.Y. Times says Boris Epshtein is Coconspirator #6

The Trump indictment tramples no one's First Amendment rights

Several Northwest Ohio counties still need poll workers

Only 46 people in our history could have been indicted for these alledged crimes.

A Rather Complex Diagram in a Technoeconomic Analysis of Biomass Based Carbon Neutrality.

As someone who has partial hearing loss, the following is pretty cool.

OH: Election to stop out-of-state special interests funded by out-of-state special interests

OH: Voter turnout surges for Ohio's Issue 1 decision in Harrison County

Early voting surge continues in Ohio ahead of Aug. 8 election, rural counties are catching up

Following Oliver's death, Murphy returning to N.J. on Thursday

New York State BOE certifies controversial digital voting system

Hear Nancy Pelosi's message to Republicans following Trump's indictment - CNN

NY: Nassau Democrats, residents sue county legislature over proposed map

Always handy to have a character witness to call on...

I've been singing this loudly all day, and someone here isn't very happy about it.

'Let people see with their own eyes': Historian says televise Trump election interference trial

Jesse Watters instructs Repub to use impeachment as a political stunt to distract from Trump trials

NYC: What are the competitive City Council races in the general election this fall?

I am in shock. I had email to work through, the Red Sox game was this afternoon - so I put on...

That day on the escalator

California ballot proposal could make more government records public

The Overlooked Reason Our Health Care System Crushes Patients

CA: Special Interests, Elected Officials Obstructed Corruption Probe

Brownstein: Trump's Threat to Democracy Is Now Systemic

CA: Santa Ana City Council Deadlocks on Setting Police Union-Backed Recall Election Date

Pelosi praises 'courageous' Jan. 6 Cmte. for work leading to Trump indictment - The Last Word - MSNBC

CA: Westminster City Council is Morphing into an Authoritarian Governing Body

CA: Temecula school board sued for critical race theory ban

This year's indictments represent just a FRACTION of overall number of disgraceful aspects of the

TCM now,

Trump Proposes to Move Trial to West Virginia

Missionary accused of blowing $33M of Bible donations on diamonds, gambling and $7M on family farm

Missionary accused of blowing $33M of Bible donations on diamonds, gambling and $7M on family farm

Russian priest tells soldiers to die as 'sacrifice to God' - CNN

Barr warns Republicans about getting caught in Trump's 'carnage'

Howard Goodall's 'And The Bridge Is Love', cellist Julian Lloyd Webber & English Chamber Orchestra

The Daily Show: 26 Minutes to Fuel Your Ted Cruz Fury The Daily Show

wells fargo commits fraud again

another private religious university shuts its doors

So say the Circus Peanut is convicted on the January 6th indictments

An up-close look at the buoys at the center of the Texas border battle - ABC News

Lawrence O'Donnell: Roadmap to Trump election indictment begins with Speaker Pelosi - The Last Word

Listening to indie radio tonight, tourist trap at the height of the season

Michael Cohen: This is who the sixth co-conspirator could be - CNN

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about an old car and Smith's indictment of Trump....

2 Versions of Gorecki's 'Three Pieces In Olden Style'

Pence speaks on Trump indictment in 2020 election interference probe - MSNBC Reports

Can you imagine what must have been going thru Jack Smith's mind....?

Trump Proposes to Move Trial to West Virginia

I'm sitting here calmly wondering about packaging.

Matt Gaetz is LYING!!:There was no 'permit' for protesters to go to the Capitol-it was CLOSED

'Smith already has Trump': Legal expert on how co-conspirators 'can't escape' through a DOJ deal

Ron DeSantis Accepts Gavin Newsom's Challenge to Debate on Fox News

CBS News: Trump's arraignment -- what to expect.

'Deranged and deluded': Republican strategist slams ongoing GOP 'stolen election' conspiracies

RFK Jr. is the fifth Kennedy to run for president?

I honestly hate to see so much media attention spent on the subject of what IQ45 'really believed'

Trump Lawyer has UNETHICAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST and Jack Smith CAUGHT IT - Meidas Touch offers new in-person identity verification for Veterans

our credit rating was downgraded tuesday in part due to january 6th

'I think we're going to see a lot more indictments': Michigan AG on overlap in Trump cases- Alex Wagner

New Yorkers tackle fleeing perp while police were "following closely"

MTG Had a White Supremacist With Ties to Nick Fuentes on Payroll: Report


Um, where are our voting machines? The bonkers details of the new MI election indictments - Alex Wagner


Rudy's voice almost seems like he is crying toward the end of his rant.........

You know what I love most about tomorrow's arraignment?

Breakfast Thursday 3 August 2023

How the Ku Klux Klan Act ended up in the Donald Trump election subversion indictment - Alex Wagner

hitler neighbor

John Ireland's 'Evening Song'

Trump Allies Arrested, Charged In Michigan - Raw News And Politics

Democratic Star DELIVERS POWERFUL MESSAGE Exposing House Republicans - Meidas Touch

Dark mode...

Trump faces third criminal arraignment in four months - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Mooresville Police officer arrested, charged with 4 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor

Trump indictment impact on Republican Party - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Gay Louisiana Pediatric Heart Surgeon Leaves

2 Aug: Nice. New Ukrainian Drones Catch Russians Completely Off Guard - Reporting from Ukraine

Turning the camera: Stephanie Ruhle challenges viewers to capture fewer Karens and more Codys

Archaeologists may have discovered lost settlement of Apancalecan in Mexico

How to get more comfortable with death

Texas man sentenced to 4 years for smuggling ammunition to Mexico

High-Ranking CJNG Operator 'El Caiman' Extradited to the US

Mexican Drug Cartel's European Kingpin Arrested By Spanish Police

Jan. 6 committee investigator on findings that led to newest charges against Trump - PBS NewsHour

Body found at buoy barrier Texas set up on Rio Grande, Mexico says

Florida tourism declines, hotel occupancy down. Disney to focus on its California parks

remember "Sore Loserman" after the 2000 election?

How Louisiana's Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws Forced This Gay Heart Transplant Cardiologist to Move

In private meeting, Obama told Biden he would do whatever it takes to help in 2024

Whaddya mean "no mug shot"?

How the loss of local newspapers fueled political divisions in the U.S. - PBS NewsHour

On this day, August 3, 1963, the Beatles played at The Cavern Club for the last time.

U.S. orders departure of non-emergency government personnel from Niger

On July 22, 1963, the Beach Boys released the single "Surfer Girl."

Brazilian police raids leave at least 45 dead in a week

Deep-red Arizona county rejects proposal to hand-count ballots in 2024 elections

On this day, August 3, 1966, Lenny Bruce was found dead in his Los Angeles home.

On this day, August 3, 1926, Tony Bennett was born.

Indiana case on transgender school bathroom use left for Supreme Court to decide

What happens at an arraignment

On this day, August 3, 2006, Arthur Lee died.

Trump Indicted! Everything You Need To Know - Thom Hartmann (2 videos)

🟩 Wordle 775 AUG 3 SPOILERS

Dog not sure about the new puppy:

'Cop City': civil rights groups urge US to investigate surveillance of protesters

Chechens ambushed Russians! Putin risks being arrested. Russians victoriously retreat from Avdiivka

Gimme dat arm!

Round trip flight from Bedminster, New Jersey, to Washington DC and back.

Pool pupper:

When you finally get that best friend:

Ex-Marine CAUGHT in DANGEROUS Scheme Against America Gets UNMASKED - Against All Enemies

Tell me you're in a cult without telling me you're in a cult

Why yes, thank you:


When you lie on your resume but still get the job:

Washingon Post: The indictment argues that Trump knew the 'big lie' was a lie

Bunny: "Put down the phone & pay attention to ME!"

I don't like Mike Pence, but...

Pretty in pink:

UK Triathletes Can't Train In Irish Sea For September Championships; The Water Is Full Of Shit

Stealth pupper:

Bud Light sales plunge following boycott over campaign with transgender influencer

Jack Smith's latest Trump indictment was built from Republican witness testimony

An oldie but goodie:

Thanks to Dewi, I've had to re-work my morning feral feeding routine.

Baseball-Sized Hail Shattered NE Solar Farm; What Will Weather Extremes Do To Renewable Energy?

On this day, August 3, 2019, 23 people were killed and 22 injured in a mass shooting in El Paso TX.

Thursday TOONs - The Sound Of Many Hands Clapping

Black Bear, Cub Killed After Attack Near Wyoming State Line

Bill Barr opines...

133 self-storage rooftops in 3 US states are about to power community solar


The question Dems should stop addressing

For those wondering

It's midwinter, but it's over 100 degrees in South America

Ron DeSantis agrees to debate Gavin Newsom on Fox News

he wasnt just watching and dancing, he was working the phones.

Government grooming in Louisiana

Do you think The Defendant can win the 2024 Presidential election?

Humanity will use 1.7 Earths' worth of resources this year

😃🇺🇸🍉🗓️❗️Salt🧂 or no 🚫salt❓

Live cam outside DC court building

Wordle 775 ***SPOILER THREAD***

Why Trump's Jan. 6 indictment feels so different: This time, there are victims

Experts and reporters speculate who mystery "co-conspirator 6" in Trump's latest indictment may be

US: Weekly Initial Jobless Claims rise to 227K as expected

You raised $155.00 on August 2, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

I have a new story for you. And a pic.

On this day, August 3, 1934, Haystacks Calhoun was born.

On This Day: Renowned scientist completes 5 year expedition to Americas - August 3, 1804

What Can You Do When A.I. Lies About You?

Jeffrey Clark plotted to reverse Trump's loss. Now he's a GOP luminary.

Credit downgrade shocks Biden aides, as more debt fights loom

No one is above the law,

Give him NOTHING

Trump supporters view the latest indictment as evidence of a crime - against Trump

Climate change is settled science: many Republicans don't see it that way

No Maggie, it's not Lies vs Free Speech

Criminal don's New Defense: John Eastman Did It. - Countdown

Greenpeace demonstrators drape UK prime minister's house in black to protest oil expansion

Seriously, if you wanted someone to represent every man and woman,

[You Caught Me] Smilin

Jack Smith's Indictment of the Entire Legal Profession

Biden world eyes Cornel West and No Labels as potential obstacles for his reelection campaign

A fucking criminal who hugs up the flag in oublic had his goons tear it down and replace it

IT's PERSONAL: Jack Smith writes, Trump attacked OUR "right to vote, & to have one's vote counted"

Special Administrative Measures (SAM)

Inmates Find Redemption Through Cats

Trump is not a cult, it's a religion


Big Ten having preliminary conversations about more expansion if Pac-12 crumbles, AP sources say

Lines of people ahead of Trump DC court appearance

The point is to justify their own escalating violence & lawlessness. They hate difference

I hope people learn from me

US Initial Jobless Claims Tick Up, Still Near Lowest This Year

HELP Please!

Just a few reminders (Graphic)

Supreme Court says web designer can deny LGBTQ+ couples. New York photographer suit resurfaces

US productivity surges in second quarter; labor costs growth slows

Maybe Kim Jong Un can keep this one...

Obama promises Biden he will do all he can to get him reelected

What is the actual time the orange piece of sh*t is going into court???

Body caught in Rio Grande floating barrier, says Mexico

Canada has zero pro-choice Conservative MPs, watchdog says

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 3, 2023

China denies the bears @ the Zoo are just humans in costume.

Ari Melber helps lay out the timeline from the indictment

Minocqua Brewing Company - Progressive Company In Northern Wisconsin Shut Down By MAGATs

New Ad - trump Did This; He'll Do It Again

I will say this, you gotta give Gavin Newsom a "B" for "Balls"...

Ford Trucks plan fuel cell powered heavy-duty trucks

I need some fucking help

Glenn Kirschner- Cameras in the Courtroom are a MUST

Devon Archer rejects right-wing conspiracy

Trump continues to lash out.

Trump met with FOX's Board of Directors

Politico replaces FT as top news source for EU decision makers

NEW AD: Donald Trump's lies caused January 6. Airing in AZ, PA, GA, and WI starting tomorrow!

No mugshot.....

Cats interrupting interviews

What is the guy saying on the loud speaker

Why It's No Surprise That Trump Is Being Charged Under a Reconstruction-Era Law

Pic Of The Moment: About That Democratic Witch Hunt Of Trump

His lawyers did not advise him - he advised his lawyers.


Hyundai and Kia recall nearly 92,000 vehicles and tell owners to park them outside due to fire risk

Tr**p Is Just Relishing In The Spotlight Of This Indictment.....

Ken Paxton moves one step closer to trial on long-delayed securities fraud charges

Sidney Powell

Ken Paxton moves one step closer to trial on long-delayed securities fraud charges

Judd Legum: The biggest misconception about Trump's third criminal indictment

Because we need a laugh: qbert is claiming SHE was instrumental in Biden's

A new threat to democracy has emerged in Georgia

Dark Brandon for the win:

Minocqua Brewing Company being shut down by MAGA county zoning board

Burnt-out ship carrying 3,700 cars towed to Dutch port of Eemshaven

Comparing the Trump Indictment and the January 6th Select Committee's Final Report

Rubin on No Labels Party farce

Minocqua Brewing Company being shut down by MAGA county zoning board

Reputed founder of white supremacist group extradited from Romania on riot charges

Reputed founder of white supremacist group extradited from Romania on riot charges

A week ago, outlets ran headlines about Hunter creating the 'illusion' of access to his

Trump Demands To Be Tried By Jury Of His White Peers, In West Virginia


According to indictment, Trump's crimes were "fueled by lies"...

Federal jury acquits Louisiana trooper caught on camera pummeling Black motorist

"Never Again": Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Sentenced to Die. Jews Against the Death Penalty Respond

Sneaky paws:

Devon Archer said the opposite of what Republicans claimed

when you go to a hotel, do you like the top sheets tightly tucked in or do you pull them out

A 'failure to launch': Why young people are having less sex

The circus is in town...

Republicans don't dare criticize Trump over Jan. 6. Their silence fuels his bid for the White House

Some really good news

I don't know that I would recognize Trump without that orange rats nest hair.

Wall Street Journal Favors Imperial Presidency...

This is not a, "Top of the world, ma!" moment (Motherfucker context)

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 3, 2023)

China's Latest Problem: People Don't Want to Go There

Center for Countering Digital Hate Vows to Keep Monitoring Hate Speech on Twitter Despite Lawsuit

Montana teen takes his own life after sextortion scam; father speaks out

House Republicans have finally released the transcript of their own witness' testimony -- and guess w

Orange barricades, orange jumpsuits... I see a stunning symmetry emerging. When we finally see that hi

Some happy news, for a change!!

Vivek Ramaswamy can go fuck himself

Ohio Democrats Eye August Election as a Chance to Prove They Can Still Win

There needs to be a primetime fireside chat where...

Ohio marijuana advocates file additional signatures in an attempt to get measure on ballot

Ford EVs Lost $32K Per Unit In Q2 2023

Michigan lawyer who filed election challenges charged in voting machine probe

Wisconsin Supreme Court chief justice accuses liberals of 'raw exercise of overreaching power'

DKOS: Excitement Building in Ohio for the WIN on Tues

Barr calls Trump indictment 'tip of the iceberg' in Jack Smith's case

Recreational marijuana advocates gather 10 times more signatures than needed

Ohio Issue 1 backers, opponents crank up TV ads in final week before Aug. 8 election

Any Magats Gathering In DC?

FBI & Colorado Springs Police Sued for Targeting & Spying on Racial Justice Protesters

Judges choose plaintiffs' recommended cartographer in upcoming Alabama redistricting hearing

A shout-out to MIRT. The trolls & bots are out all over social media today.

Liberals file redistricting lawsuit day after Wisconsin Supreme Court balance shifts

Cartoons 8/3/2023

2,744 to 2,744: On primary night, Snohomish school board race is tied

MN: Redistricting adds surprises to St. Paul City Council races

'We want better': DC High School Valedictorian Lived in a Tent Under a Bridge For 2 Yrs

Tim Parlatore, a spokesman for Donald Trump?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how the GOP indicted Trump....

A body is found stuck in Texas' floating buoy barrier in the Rio Grande

Museum in New York state returns remains of 19 Native Americans to Oneida Indian Nation

NH-HDRockingham: Sacrificing to Molech? In this economy?

Scoop: DeSantis' state-funded office hires ousted campaign aides

Nervous NATO nations are beefing up security due to Wagner fighters across their borders in Belarus

Wisconsin Supreme Court chief justice accuses liberals of 'raw exercise of overreaching power'

Mike Pence continues to slowly up the ante on Trump as he says he should never be president.

KS: Brandon Whipple (D) and Lily Wu (L) advance to election for Wichita mayor

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's securities fraud trial to wait until end of impeachment trial

Illegal shooting along power lines a leading cause of death for bald eagles, protected birds in the

NC-AG: Dan Bishop (R) to Run for North Carolina Attorney General

Devastating missile strike wipe​s out hundreds of Russian soldiers gathered on beach

Republican Politics is Unhinged from Reality

Ron DeSantis Agrees To Televised Debate With Gavin Newsom

Henrietta Lacks - Exploiting Minorities for Medical Research (from Lauren's Blog)

Trump told his top military advisor 'we're going to give that to the next guy,' apparently conceding

Trump Indictment Leaves Alleged Co-Conspirators Facing Tough Choices

An inflatable Trump is outside the courthouse mocking the ex-president.

Conservative Arizona county votes against hand-counting ballots in 2024 election

OK, the O.J.-style slow-speed chase has started -

Donald Trump fires back at Mike Pence after strong rebuke over federal indictment

Germany out in Women's World Cup group stage

Russian Gas Disaster as $75 Billion Revenue Evaporates But Europe Faces More Issues in Winter 2023

Former Fox News Reporter Ordered by Judge to Reveal Anonymous Source

Now Go to Jail. Go Directly to Jail. Do not pass GO

Cornel West Owes More Than Half a Million in Unpaid Taxes

Eric Trump shows why his picture's in the dictionary under clueless

AK: The Fake Church Behind Sarah Palin's Crusade Against Voting

Mike Lindell Claims Planned Parenthood Is Now Killing Parents - Farron Balanced

Israel's Supreme Court hears case against a law protecting Netanyahu from being removed from office

Andrea Mitchell is toeing the Trump line....

Purging the Idaho GOP's big tent: Some Republicans say summer meeting divided the party

Look at the kids, they tell a story:

Pro-Trump attorney is third indicted in Michigan vote machine probe

Aaron Rupar: Trump is closing in on an arraignment for every finger

Michigan libraries launch citizen initiative to fight book bans

6 months after the East Palestine train derailment, Congress is deadlocked on new rules for safety

County Officials Tried To Force Wikimedia To Remove Truthful, But Unflattering, Content From Page

Trump Cites Self Incrimination Concern in Lawsuit Against Cohen

Laurence Tribe: 216 yrs ago today Aaron Burr's treason trial for plotting an insurrection against

How many steps can Andrea Mitchell do without falling down a flight of stairs?

Do not be fooled by the distractions.

Giuliani Freaks Out, Gets Humiliated Over His Trump Defense

Canada has zero pro-choice Conservative MPs, watchdog says

Officers Will Try to Attend Trump Arraignment

LOL! Barb McQuade made the Trump indictment her new phone screen saver

The problems with Trump's 'advice of counsel' defense

What's up, Sheila E.?

Trump allies who 'orchestrated' plan to tamper with voting machines face charges in Michigan

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Jonathan Turley is a big dumbass

Ukraine Deploys 10th Corps. Russia Gathers 100K Men Near Kupiansk [Mapped] - Good Times Bad Times

Caroline Kennedy recreates her father JFK's heroic World War II swim

RFK Jr. Sues 'State Actor' YouTube for 'Censoring' His Interviews

GA fired a state trooper for his conduct. Now he leads Seward Co (NE)'s Homeland Security task force

Question - How much does it cost for flying Trump's jet?

Almost 2 Million Women Now Live in 'Double Deserts' Without Abortion or Maternity Care

Will Bunch: It's justice that Trump, who wanted to toss Black votes, gets charged under a KKK Act

EarlG, can we wheedle y'all for an updated version of "Hate Mail" this week?

Trump Cites Self Incrimination Concern in Lawsuit Against Cohen

"Jan. 6 rioter who Tucker Carlson guest said was a fed is arrested by the FBI"

Homemade Focaccia Recipe - Autolyse Method (video)

Vice President Harris visits Wisconsin to tout Biden efforts on high-speed Internet

Florida! Come for the sunshine, stay for the malaria, leprosy, and COVID!!!

Want to see my 2023 State Fair Decorated Cake entry?

Wisconsin Senate Democrats: Launch new program to compete for Senate majority

US military may put armed troops on commercial ships in Strait of Hormuz to stop Iran seizures

US military may put armed troops on commercial ships in Strait of Hormuz to stop Iran seizures

The Ohio Constitution declares all power inherent in the people. Issue 1 seeks to rob that from us

ATTN my DU friends I know it seems to have taken forever but in under 2 hours Donny Trump ....

With Affirmative Action gone, conservative activists take aim at black businesswomen

Us vs. Trump - The Lincoln Project

Where have all my favorite restaurants and stores gone?

Ron DeSantis Mocked for Vow to 'Start Slitting Throats' if Elected President: 'This Isn't a Clint Ea

Proposed relief for child sex abuse survivors won't reach Pa. ballot in 2023

Traditional elm bark lodges return to Minnesota

The US wants Kenya to lead a force in Haiti with 1,000 police. Watchdogs say they'll export abuse

The US wants Kenya to lead a force in Haiti with 1,000 police. Watchdogs say they'll export abuse

Wonder why President Joseph R Biden gets ZERO credit?


Woman makes bomb threat to Democratic Party office, gets 18 months in jail

LIVE COVERAGE....he's about to leave the plane

Would we want to have a way to extend the life of someone if

Andrea Mitchell's name is Andrea Mitchell

Update: anti Trump protester holding up "Lock him Up" red sign

'The Cruelty Olympics': TX Construction, Outdoor Workers Condemn Gov's Elimination of Water Breaks

Our tax dollars are transporting a rapist

DC Press is live streaming from inside the back of the motorcade itself.

Plans have been put in place in the event that Trump refuses to surrender to police for Jack Smith's

Dammit! He is NOT the President!

I say again: Dear media, it's not news that 70% of Republicans believe something insane

Razzlekhan and husband guilty of $4.5bn Bitcoin launder

Razzlekhan and husband guilty of $4.5bn Bitcoin launder

This hate group is squeezing the life out of the Constitution & it is up to all of us to stop it

This video starts great and gets better and then peaks and then peaks again. (Twitter video)

Florida bans AP Psychology - Fascism is alive and well in the Sunshine State.

The 643,869 Meanest Things Barr Told CNN About Trump, From 'Crimes Are Illegal' To 'Don't Do Crimes'

Trump pleads not guilty to federal charges that he tried to overturn the 2020 election

Gosh. Tens of people at the courthouse.

To me the problem with MSNBC and CNN coverage is not

Victoria-based artist designs new commemorative loonie honouring trail-blazing female engineer

Rec Marijuana advocates got enough signatures, now for signature check by SOS

(Rude Pundit) New Trump Indictment: Trump Didn't Give a Solitary Fuck About Anyone But Himself

Recreational marijuana advocates gather 10 times more signatures than needed

A hospital's mistake left two men estranged from their heritages. Now they fight for answers

Scatter shooting of some random thoughts of the week; and some frank statements

Officers Will Try to Attend Trump Arraignment

We should have a separate forum here at DU...


Extraordinary clip of mysterious aircraft with spinning fiery thrusters branded 'UFO' Story

Any predictions on who the six co-conspirators are in the latest Trump indictment?

Trump ally throws him under the bus live on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

New Rare 'Kaiju' Star Discovered With a Lens Made of Dark Matter

CNN: Jack Smith is in the courtroom.


Trump's worst judge will hear a $1.8 billion attack on Planned Parenthood

Jack the giant killer is in the house

I Know A Way To Get This Trial Televised......

Exclusive: About half of US Repugs could spurn Trump if he is convicted, Reuters/Ipsos poll shows

No one person gets to decide the outcome of a democratic election

Chinese Economy: 'Desperate' Moves; China's Counter Espionage Campaign; Services & Coffee

Jeff Clark's Insurrection Act Remark Was Even Worse Than It Sounds

Ozzy Osbourne - Rock 'n' Roll Rebel

NPR: Sales are way down at a Florida flea market. A new immigration law could be to blame.


It's gossip.......kinda juicy tho......why the Trudeau's are divorcing.....

Baby Penguin at New England Aquarium

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Texas, definitions, and people....

VA: Richmond Electoral Board (R) will comply with law on city's early voting locations, chair says

Stephanie Ruhle made this point about GOP candidates running for President

Magistrate now in the courtroom*

Toon: tfg begging his small donors for money to pay for his lawyers

Msnbc live stream link anyone? TIA. nt

Mike Luckovich-TFG editing facts with his sharpie

Frum on Trump (facepalm #33321 - discovery goes both ways, dumass)

Live cam outside courthouse

And now BIDEN for something HARRIS completely different!

Trump attorney-- Trump was made aware he lost:

up to 55 years

Trump's sentencing exposure:

The Charges

The big reason tfg's trials should be on TV is it may get through

Now that ain't going to happen!

Judge tells the orange clown

TFG was addressed by the court as Mr. Trump

It's a face-off!

Trump's conditions of release seem pretty broad

Rachel Maddow is describing what is happening court with Trump.

Fox News Host Makes Threat in Response to Trump's Indictment - Luke Beasley

Trump using "insanity" defense?!?

Leprosy is now Endemic in Ron DeSantis's Florida

Those most responsible for this global crisis must finally be held accountable.

Benefit of disbelief...

The Big Truth: Trump tried to steal the election from Biden! nt

Donald Trump's fingerprints

My wife as Trump descends the airplane stairs:

Trial Date will be set at August 28 Hearing.

Appropriate for the times: Defenders of the Flag by Bruce Hornsby

Ron DeSantis Promises To 'Start Slitting Throats' In Government On 'Day One'

Fired, Jailed, Sued - Can NEVER Be A Cop Again (LackLuster)

Trump legal fees eclipse second quarter fundraising, reports say

NATO's eastern flank prepared for provocations - Eastern Express - TVP World

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 3, 2023

Impeaching Trump Again

I'm listening to the indictment coverage on C-Span

I know zero *rump voters who have switched sides. How about you?

Tesla faces California class action on its EV range claims

It's been about 20 minutes since the arraignment. Has Trumpy violated the conditions of release yet?

Duran Duran - Nite Romantics EP (1981) HD vinyl rip 🟢🟢🟢🟢

ICYMI: A statement from the NBPA on the Orlando Magic's recent political donations

Trump has 'irrevocably divided' the United States of America - Joe Walsh - Times Radio

DeSantis vows to 'start slitting throats' of federal workers on Day One of presidency

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #15-3: Hate Sells... But Who's Buying? Edition

Has anyone else noticed the pictures of the orange guy

Does Not Tampering With A Juror Include.....

Jeff Tiedrich on Threads:

The best shot at justice for the American people

Fat marmot sitting on a chair munching on a piece of cold watermelon

Florida effectively bans AP Psychology course over LGBTQ content, College Board says

"Violence at the core": Trump could face 55 years behind bars in DOJ indictment - Mehdi Hasan - MSNBC

Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park, Alaska 2023

Judges in the back row as spectators to historic arraignment

Justifiably a dark day in our nation's history?

Court throws out conviction after judge says Black man 'looks like a criminal to me'

Exclusive: About half of US Republicans could spurn Trump if he is convicted, Reuters/Ipsos poll

Sign Petition To Remove Animal Cruelty From Facebook

Guy Risks Life To Rescue Cats From Trees

Joy Reid: 'Trump's arraignment isn't solemn for me. What I feel is schadenfreude.' - MSNBC Live

DjT just boarded his private plane after his court appearance...

My latest garden flag . . . hanging at my mailbox in red rural VA

China: Wisdom Motor to deliver 147 hydrogen heavy-duty trucks to Australia

How much MAGA devotion is dependent upon him being invincible?

Texas A&M reaches $1 million settlement with Black journalism professor

"We're going to have all of these deep state people, ..., we are going to start slitting throats

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 4 August 2023

Twitter memes of the day


BREAKING: Trump enters 'not guilty' plea at arraignment in federal election subversion case - MSNBC

Trial set for Sept. 11 on ballot title for Missouri abortion rights amendment

Body found stuck in buoys Texas installed in the Rio Grande

Lawrence: 'There is nothing Donald Trump respects. He tried to defraud a whole country.' - MSNBC Live

Biden is out biking on Rehobeth Beach Trump is under arrest and has been taken into custody by the

WATCH: Trump gives remarks after pleading not guilty to 2020 election felony charges - PBS NewsHour

If the buoys that Abbott has placed in the rio grande river

2 US Navy sailors arrested for allegedly spying for China

Progressive bar in red Wisconsin county is being shut down

Trump pleads not guilty to charges he attempted to overturn 2020 election - ABC News

DeSatan wants to slit throats, bans AP Psych in FL schools.

Voters soundly recalling 3 Richland school officials after they defied WA mask mandate

Ian Millhiser: America's worst gerrymander may soon finally die

MOST DAMNING ADMISSION in Trump indictment - Talking Feds

If Trump is found not guilty, does that mean that Joe Biden automatically gets a second term?

This J6 Trump Trial Will Be Scheduled Before The Election

The civil rights law used to charge Trump in 2020 election case, explained - PBS NewsHour


While not quite a roller coaster my emotions reccently...

2nd tornado warning in Ottawa in 2 weeks. Tornado Alley has shifted

JUST LEFT the courtroom where Trump was arraigned. The most interesting parts?

Medical Group Backs Youth Gender Treatments, but Calls for Research Review

Ponderous Motherfucker stalking the ramp

I have Trumper relatives. I love and despise them... but I try avoid politics/religion when we are

Inside the 'very intense' courtroom where Donald Trump was arraigned - MSNBC Live

Sisters Rescue A Kitten At The Indy 500

☦️ Georgian Orthodox Christian Chant

Trump's hair attempts to fly away at Reagan Airport in order to avoid DC arrest today.

Ole Bull's 'Solitude On The Mountain'

He looks like "The Penguin"

News & Commentary July 27, 2023 Amazon's in-van surveillance cameras is leaking online

First courtroom sketch

Trump Indictment Reveals TERRIFYING SCENARIO We Narrowly Avoided - Talking Feds


House Judiciary targets anti-hate speech organization CCDH in censorship probe

Fulton County DA says special counsel indictment won't affect charging decisions - MSNBC Reports

If asked why I have a big smile, I will say:

"This is the rape of a Russian woman" - Break the Fake - TVP World

Federal appeals court upholds ruling giving Indiana transgender students key bathroom access

It's midwinter, but it's over 100 degrees in South America

Don't be alarmed: FCC and FEMA planning nationwide test

What happened in the courtroom during Trump's third arraignment this year - PBS NewsHour

Jan. 6 committee member reacts to Trump indictment for push to overturn 2020 election - ABC News

@JoeBiden - A cup of dark Joe 😂

Harry Dunn: Trump is on the road to accountability -- and the destination is a guilty verdict - MSNBC

Ronald DeSantis Promised to 'Start Slitting Throats on Day One'

Just Saw Tr**p's Plane Land In NJ And The Convoy That He Travels In.....

Trump trashes his grille at Bedminster

Officials making final preparations ahead of Tuesday's special election in Ohio

BREAKING: Trump has MOST DEVASTATING DAY of His Life - Meidas Touch


Texas separates migrant families, detaining fathers on trespassing charges in latest border move

August 3rd 2023


'It's absolute nonsense': Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose responds to claims he has broken fede

Ohio Republicans push early voting, hope to change narrative among skeptics

I think I invented a phrase

What Can Go Wrong With Trump's Defense?

I suppose the 2 navy sailors caught selling classified information

So, What kind of things does the Federal Governent provide for yuu today?

Media outnumber demonstrators at Trump arraignment stakeout

Merriam-Webster - Word of the Day : August 3, 2023 - INCARCERATE

Poor little Trumpy!

Ron DeSantis Weirdly Loves to Talk About 'Slitting Throats'

Convicted Murderer Freed to Fight in Ukraine Accused of Butchering Six When He Got Back Home

Timothy Snyder tweet:

Judge emphasizes Trump 'not commit a crime,' 'try to influence a juror' in terms of release - MSNBC

Two US Navy sailors arrested for allegedly sharing sensitive military information with China

Ukraine says it launched July attack on bridge to Crimea

World's largest offshore wind farm is getting its first turbines

So where was Melania? Ivanka? Don Jr? Eric? Barron?

The sharp contrast shown between Biden and DjT today..

I tried the frozen cinnamon roll baked with heavy cream hack.

16-year-old Harrisburg (NC) Chick-Fil-A worker sent home over 'unnatural' hair color

Silviakaka (Silvia Cake) Swedish goodness

A record 270 GW of solar is predicted worldwide for 2023

Weissmann: I was a prosecutor for 21 years. I've never heard a judge warn a defendant like this- MSNBC

People sitting in running cars

Trump sued Michael Cohen for $500 million. Now he's worried he's at "risk of self-incrimination"

Central Africa is heating up...

Just saw the synopsys of tonights "World News Tonight"

Former first-round NBA draft pick is sentenced to 10 years in prison in $4M health care fraud

A Democratic Governor in Mississippi?

Trump went to court, Biden went on a bike ride

Candace Owens And Andrew Tate Have A Misogynist Contest

EPA rejects Alabama's plan for coal ash management

Neal Katyal-Why the Trump trial should be televised-Washington Post opinion

Taylor Swift pays $100,000 bonuses to her truck drivers

One in each color:

Bill Barr

Judge rejects attempt to temporarily block Connecticut's landmark gun law passed after Sandy Hook

Those eyes!

☦️ Orthodox Christian - 'Words for the Anxious Soul'

Capitol Police officer: "They should've arrested Trump on Jan. 7" - CBS News

Prosecutor wants to defend conviction of former Missouri detective who killed Black man

Little puppy has adorable response to his human's pushups:

Congratulations Jan 6 committee members:

Baby donkey zoomies:

When Whiny left the court he declared something that this should not happen in America

I stepped outside to see how the little guys were doing. I guess they are doing just fine

Summer Lee's different path in Congress

Political persecution my arse!

If DJT does not win back the presidency in 2024, there will be riots in the streets

Four SC family members who were 'ringleaders' in Jan. 6 Capitol riot sentenced to prison

Garrett Haake: Trump is getting way more comfortable at his arraignments - MSNBC Live

The New York Post Sucks But Its Weiner Coverage Was Brilliant - Lovett or Leave It

Kitten shows big dog who's boss:

Invasive fruit flies have been found near Los Angeles, prompting a produce quarantine

Too cute puppy moves:

CLB Architects rural Wyoming compound influenced by agricultural buildings

Jeffrey Clark is GOP star after trying to use DOJ to overturn election

Covid hospitalizations are rising again. Here's what to know.