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I want to weigh myself.....

Even chimpanzees like having pet "kitties"

Trump's RICO jail nightmare echoes amidst bail and Young Thug disparities - The Beat - MSNBC

How'd I miss this story: Pround Boy goes on run to avoid sentencing

Why do they allow this Doocey creep to continue to ask question after question????

Holy shit! Trump-appointed judge holds 1/6 rioter IN CONTEMPT & jails him for 5 months

Jack Smith's team questions witnesses about how drunk Rudy Giuliani was while advising Trump: report

Last Week in the Republican Party - August 29, 2023

Timothy Teagan's dark, violent journey to a Boogaloo Boys membership

Venus at the U S Open.......she's getting killed by the drop shot........

Jack Smith investigates Rudy Giuliani's drinking & its possible impact on Trump 's January 6 crimes

Ted Cruz Desperately Tries to Attack Biden, Faceplants! - Luke Beasley

A little bit of levity

Canada, citing potential dangers, warns LGBTQ travelers of US risks

Dan Hicks & the Acoustic Warriors - Willie Jumps (Live)

GOP silence member of Tennessee Three again during debate on gun safety - Velshi - Deadline - MSNBC

Judge sets bond for only Trump co-defendant jailed in Georgia election interference case

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Idalia, evac, and tough guys....

Cancer Runs in Families. Too Few Are Getting Tested.

Sitting with my cat just waiting for hurricane 🌀 Idalia to pass. Wednesday Update

'Very shaky ground': McCabe on Mark Meadows taking the stand - CNN

The current Hurricane Idalia map

Meta says Chinese, Russian influence operations are among the biggest it's taken down

Is anyone noticing an increase in scams just thefts from their credit cards etc?

A big f-ing deal': Dem convention delegates will stay within Chicago city limits

The walls conservative evangelicals have built that caused the march on Washington in 1963

Five Proud Boys members to be sentenced for Jan. 6 riots - NBC News

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Arizona Prosecutor has MAJOR DEVELOPMENT in NEW Trump Criminal Investigation - Meidas Touch

Countdown With Keith Olbermann today. If you have not listened to today's

Kari Lake Has Never Been This Delusional Before... - Rebel HQ

In memory of the anniversary of Katrina

We were never preppies, but enjoyed the 80s Handbook and eventually got rid of it

In memory of the anniversary of Katrina

Michel Sheldrake's kittens have their eyes fully open...

Poor quality of the 2024 Republican US Senate candidates in battleground states is why Democrats

If Inmate P01135809 is convicted early next year...

"The Great Mother Russia" - Pope Francis transcends common sense - Break the Fake - TVP World

Fox Host Can't Figure Out Why Hillary Hasn't Been "Prosecuted" Yet - Waldorf Nation

TRACKING HURRICANE IDALIA: Latest Track, Interactive Forecast Q&A, New Models - Tracking the Tropics

I only have

Florida Mugshot Man could skip television opportunity

Strange but true, I was polled by Rasmussen again

Will DeSantis have new boots?

WOW! just WOW!!!!!!

Harrison Floyd posts bond

Ex-judge: Trump election trial judge should have 'The Talk' with lawyer - All In - MSNBC

Play-by-play of Meadows's testimony in federal court. First court testimony of election interference

Tonight Ukraine launched a massive drone strike on Russian territory:

Paul Desmond - Emily

Navarro tells court Florida Man ordered him to defy Congress

Republicans Are RAGING After This Country Music Artist Diss

Throwback Tuesday: Electric Light Orchestra

Trump Plans to Destroy Checks and Balances, Seize More Power in 2024 - Pondering Politics

"Populist" Republicans come out swinging on behalf of Big Pharma

Horace Silver - The Sophisticated Hippie

Trump tells Republicans to impeach Biden or 'fade into oblivion' - All In - MSNBC

Eastman's defense is shattered in state bar proceeding

If you were to dance like no one was watching, what song/songs would/do you dance to? I didn't like

Damned if you do, damned if you don't...

The snake.

How Meadows' testimony in Georgia could help shape case against Trump - PBS NewsHour

MSNBC Is Having Its Super Bowl With Donald Trump's Indictments

These guys were President once but not twice!

Posted without comment

some of the text messages sent and received by University of North Carolina students during lockdown

Ex-federal prosecutor: What judge's move in Meadows' case suggests - CNN

Neon and rusted tin

Anna Bower: Mark Meadows Takes the Stand (play-by-play of his testimony)



Trump Coup Clowns - Aug 29, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Republican Says Obama and Clinton Are Controlling Biden - Luke Beasley

Secretaries of State weigh Trump disqualification over 14th Amendment - Brian Tyler Cohen

Wow - The front page of tomorrow's Daily Tar Heel

Eastman vouching for Clarence Thomas' integrity

Top Trump official gives SHOCKING TESTIMONY in Georgia - Talking Feds

Iowa Voters Oust Conspiracy Theorist From County Elections Post

Godley & Creme - Cry

Damn. Just heard that Idalia might be Cat 4 by landfall. Tampa Bay's

What do you call this menu that pops up when you long press a word or phrase?

Just gonna zone out for a little bit

Russian nationalist Igor Girkin loses detention appeal - Reuters

This video (10 minutes) makes me think that 2024 election year is...

I Work 13 Hour Days. I'm Only Paid For 5. - More Perfect Union

Trump Lawyers SCREWED UP at Federal Hearing - Meidas Touch

Tweet of the Day

Roxy Music - Out of the Blue

Court orders trial over how Michigan's district lines treat Black voters.

Complying With Right-Wing Supreme Court, Biden EPA Guts Wetland Protections

Tennessee St. Rep. Justin Jones: 'The House is out of order under the leadership of Cameron Sexton'

Tennessee prosecutor threatens pride event, warning he will enforce anti-drag law

Virginia Democrats do better than expected in special election with no Democrat.

MI: Paid leave, clean energy part of Gov. Whitmer's "What's Next" address

Trump THREATENS Jack Smith after Disastrous Hearing - Meidas Touch

Okay, Mathew Dowd took care of choice regarding the age question tonight.

Colorado Reproductive Health Advocates Plan Abortion Ballot Measure for 2024

MD: Why a third comeback try by a disgraced Baltimore ex-mayor could be the charm

A B.C. study gave 50 homeless people $7,500 each. Here's what they spent it on

PA-SEN: Likely Senate candidate Dave McCormick is still registering his cars in Connecticut

Louisiana elections are badly underfunded. This ballot measure would make it worse


'Toxic': DeSantis push to transform university drives out students, faculty - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

WI: Election conspiracists testify at disputed confirmation hearing for election administrator

AL: Rep. David Cole (R) arrested on voter fraud charges

We have been bingeing Ragnarok tonight.

Lawrence: Who to believe about Giuliani's drinking habits, Rudolph Giuliani or Rudolph Giuliani?

AZ: Maricopa official shares emotional story as harasser sentenced to prison

Russia invades Georgia's economy - Eastern Express - TVP World

The Real Estate Hustle-Culture Con That's Exploiting Investors and Wrecking the Housing Market

Chaotic Scene as TN House Speaker Shoves Dem Representative

Trump Counts On Stupid People

New Mexico Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on local abortion-ban ordinances

This Gen Z Trump Supporter Will Make Your Blood Boil - Rebel HQ

US says a smuggler with terrorist ties helped get migrants from Uzbekistan into the country

Claire Golomb, Holocaust survivor and scholar of children's art and dreams, dies at 95

What will be Trump's final message on his Truth Social platform?

(Jewish Group)Shellfish dumped on UC Berkeley's Jewish fraternity house on first Shabbat of semester

(Jewish Group) Amid the Horrors of the Holocaust, Jewish Musicians Composed Songs of Survival

WI: Vos says GOP would consider impeachment if Protasiewicz doesn't sit out redistricting cases

LIVE - Meteorologist Covering Hurricane Idalia & Tornadoes - Live Weather Channel

(Jewish Group) German state leader demands answers on anti-Semitic flyer

Bob Woodward: Jack Smith's election case is most important one Trump faces - The Last Word - MSNBC

AZ-03: Pastor (D) influenced the drawing of the congressional district where she's no longer running

(Jewish Group) 'Borat' fights online hate speech on 60th anniversary of March to Washington

Telethon planned to benefit false Trump electors facing charges in Michigan

Is DeSantis already screwing up his emergency response?

Diana Krall - I Remember You

Biden Fulfills Major Promise, Forces Big Pharma to Negotiate Drug Prices! - Pondering Politics

DeSantis mini me State Superintendent in Oklahoma is one to watch out for!

Jacksonville mayor glad DeSantis came 'face to face with that pain' at vigil where he was booed

Joy Reid says she is almost "impressed" by Fox News' racism

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about tarps and preparedness...

Biden blasts GOP for voting against law lowering prescription drug prices - The Last Word - MSNBC

NY: Town of Southampton 2023 Election Roundup: The Candidates And The Positions

"Ride it out Ron DeSantis" lauds mobile homes during hurricanes.

The Lincoln Project-Mugshots, meltdowns, and lies... they're spiraling again.

The Lincoln Project-Mugshots, meltdowns, and lies... they're spiraling again.

LA: Federal judge rejects GOP officials' request to cancel Oct. 3-5 hearing for selecting a new map

The Lincoln Project-The GOP has a Message for Suburban Women

The Lincoln Project-The GOP has a Message for Suburban Women

Hurricane Idalia Now Forecast to Reach Category 4 by Landfall 'EXTREMELY DANGEROUS'

Eric Burdon & The Animals : San Franciscan Nights

Los Super Seven - Learning The Game

29 Aug: New Record! Ukrainians Destroy Dozens Strategic Aircraft Overnight. - Reporting from Ukraine

Trooper tracks down teens that ding dong ditched his house, handcuffs them, beats one up

'What country are we going to be?': U.S. faces reckoning in right-wing backlash to racial progress

Breakfast Wednesday 30 August 2023

(Threads) Dear Seniors who support Trump:

Republican nominee for the 2024 US Senate Elections in AZ,MI,MT,NV,OH,PA,and WI.

South Dakota woman creates fake rape story to get free STD testing

Hurricane Idalia strengthens to 120mph. Expected to deepen into a 130+ mph Cat 4 hurricane,

A judge let this Jan. 6 defendant deliver his FedEx route. But FedEx says he doesn't work there.

Interesting mark meadows take.

good non hysterical hurrican LIVE report from ABC news in florida....

Has the Barbie movie changed your feelings about the color pink?

Off on the summer cruise - Kingston-on-Thames, mid 1970s

10 Drug Prices To Be Negotiated For Medicare Patients - Raw News And Politics

Why does DeSantis always have an Army guy attend all of his press conferences?

Former Trump advisor facing trial makes HAIL MARY move - Talking Feds

another non hysterical hurricane news live from tallahasse in the path of the main storm...

Edison quote (reposted)

Swing Voters Feel "Rage" And "Despair" Over A Second Trump Term - Raw News And Politics

For CaliforniaPeggy!

Major auto manufacturer will run 100% renewable electricity by 2030

He was arrested for a covid joke. It was free speech, court rules.

Will Fukushima's Nuclear Water Turn the Pacific Ocean Into A Radioactive Dump? w/ Kevin Kamps

"We've Never Had Fish Kills On The Cowichan River" - Dieoff Across Species On Vancouver Island

Nearly 600 Fires In Louisiana In August Burning 60,000 Acres; Two Confirmed Dead

UAE Expands Greenwashing Efforts In Africa With (All Together Now!) Yet Another Carbon Credit Scam

After Nearly 60% Voted To Block Oil Drillling In National Park, A Big Fuck You From Ecuador's Govt.

I guess I was liberal before the nametag and they've been trying to kill us for a long time now.

Will Trump Indictments Crash Economy After LATEST GOP Tantrum - Thom Hartmann

GQP Rep. Loudermilk (GA) Comes Sooooo Close To Figuring Out Climate Cause And Effect . . .

***Idalia's a Cat 4

Hurricane Idalia slams Florida coast with 'catastrophic' storm surge, damaging winds

5:00 AM EDT NHC - Idalia Category 4; Max Sust 130 MPH; Landfall Likely Big Bend Counties

Canada's Wildfires Made Twice as Likely by Human-Caused Climate Change

WORDLE 802 Aug 30 ***SPOILERS***

Oz Intel Services Report On Climate, National Security So Secret Govt. Won't Say When It Was Written

Democratic Star DISMANTLES GOP Schemes in New Interview - Burn The Boats

Ryan Hall is live on YouTube and the surge cameras around Cedar Key are getting concerning.

Prosecutors ask for prison terms for Watertown, NY pair at Capitol riot

Massive breach! Ukraine penetrates two frontlines. Russians pull defenses and retreat. - TRD

Updated: Judge's illness delays sentencing for ex-Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio in Jan. 6 case

Illinois judge refuses to dismiss case against father of Highland Park parade shooting suspect

Court orders trial to decide whether Michigan legislative maps harm Black voters

Cornell West Declares Democratic Party "Beyond Redemption"

Telethon Planned to Benefit Fake Electors

Hold on, it will be a very strong storm!

Tighter And Tighter-- Alive And Kicking.

Gabon coup: Army cancels elections and seizes power

What else can the Republicans do to protect the criminal Defendant ex-president?

A Rare Blue Supermoon Is Coming This Week, Here's How to See It (tonight, August 30th)

Ukraine has breached the Surovikin Line (The tank ditch and dragon's teeth)

Typhoon Saola strengthens as it passes Taiwan on its way to China

About the 2 people shot at the White Sox game this past weekend.....

Drone attack on Pskov: Ukraine's Defence Intelligence confirms destroying 4 Il-76 aircraft and

On This Day: Senate confirms Thurgood Marshall to Supreme Court - August 30, 1967

'Kind of used to it:' Not everyone chooses to flee possible monster Hurricane Idalia

A dear friend of mine in Brunswick, Georgia just posted on FB

'...Americans have paid more for prescription drugs than any major economy. '

Idalia has a taste for Florida red counties.

Reporters do not need to stand outside in hurricanes.

The Weekly Pull: Ms Marvel: The New Mutant, G'nort's Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Conan the Barbari

The Rundown: August 30, 2023

The Webcomics Weekly #248: Zombie Survival (8/29/2023 Edition)

Comics Should Be Cheap (8/30/23)

Military officers in Gabon declare coup and place president under house arrest

U.S. job growth slowed sharply to 177,000 in August, below expectations, ADP says

Kyle Rittenhouse sued by estate of man he killed at Kenosha anti-racism protest

3M settled its combat earplug lawsuit for $6 billion - but don't get too excited

Your Mac Has a Hidden White Noise Generator

'I find it wrong': Cosmetics brand ends Alice Cooper collection after he called trans people a 'fad'

Area Equal To State Of Georgia Has Burned In Canada As Suncor CEO Calls For More Tar Sands Output

Shooting at White Sox ⚾️ game - gun got in park in lady's belly fat. Accidentally discharged.

Major storm surge in Horseshoe Beach, FL from Hurricane Idalia. [Before/After]

You raised $50.00 on August 29, 2023 DU for Sarpy County Democrats

I will only say THANK YOU! to my DU community. Marcy thanks you, too.

China Threatens Philippines - USA on Alert to Support as Military Tension Rises in South China Sea

Maybe Sian should have been named Godiva. In the right light her fur is chocolate color

Full Moon, setting

DeSantis won't call out Trump's silence on Hurricane Idalia

And sometimes Ohio surprises me.

Licht out at CNN -- Mark Thompson taking over

OK: At odds with the tribes, Stitt stripped of power over Native American education council

Mark Thompson named new CNN head

MD: Changing Board of Elections bids farewell to its first administrator

Inspired by Van Gogh...

GOP voters can't cope with Trump charges -- so Republicans double down on anti-democratic attacks

WI: Dems, Republicans spar over legitimacy of confirmation hearing for Elections Administrator Wolfe

Enrique Tarrio sentencing has been called off,

Racist killings in Florida stoke outrage at state's loose gun laws

Just WHO does Colton Moore plan to shoot?

I am so glad Simone Biles is back. She is such bright light

trump's GEORGIA TRIAL COULD START IN 55 DAYS - 8.30.23 Countdown

Cool Yule/ Happy Full Super Blue Moon (not another til 2037)

Released on this date in 1965

yesterday i got this photo of a squirrel monkey playing a harmonica

WI: Circuit court judge hears arguments about making ban on 'ballot spoiling' permanent

From NOAA a few minutes ago

Election deniers rail in Wisconsin as state Senate moves toward firing top election official

West Virginia man pleads guilty to illegal voting in 2020 election

FL: Ocala woman accused of election fraud; investigation continues

Maine Secretary of State prepares for threats ahead of 2024 election

TN: How the Knoxville City Council races are shaping up for the November election

On this day, August 30, 1919, Kitty Wells was born.

Parents Don't Understand How Son Could Spend So Much Money To Live In Place That Brings Him Joy

Brave Puppy Rescued By Firefighters

On this day, August 30, 1910, Roger Bushell, of the "Great Escape," was born.

Tarrio sentencing delayed because the judge is out sick.

How the Right Retired "Negrophile"--and Substituted "Woke"

House conservatives flirt with shutdown: 'So be it'

Biden rule would give overtime protections to millions more workers

Trump tells Glenn Beck he'd 'lock up' political opponents if reelected

Harrison Floyd, only Trump defendant not out on bail, granted bond in Georgia election case

Liberals Have Won the Culture War

TARRIO sentencing is rescheduled for Sept. 5 at 2 pm. First workday after LD holiday

ABC says Alabama Repug lawmaker arrested on voter fraud charge

Judge Mehta rules against Navarro on executive privilege claim

My friend tripped on rough pavement and fell Sunday

Faster trains to begin carrying passengers as Amtrak's monopoly falls

This is very possibly the finest sculpture of all time.

ABC says Alabama Repug lawmaker arrested on voter fraud charge

A brilliant explanation of how Vivek Ramaswamy made his money.

I rarely think about drinking anymore.

Mothers wept in anger at inaction when Tennesse special session on public safety ended.

I got my 2nd Shingrix vax yesterday morning.

Turns Out I Jumped the Gun on Cassandra

Conservatives Plot To Dismantle US Government, Replace With TFG's Vision

Judge grants default judgment to Ruby FREEMAN and Shaye MOSS

Judge grants default judgment to Ruby FREEMAN and Shaye MOSS in defamation lawsuit against Giuliani

Ukraine offensive's next target?

Gun humpers will do anything to keep their precious nearby:

Could somebody please post "rudy and the beast", and, "giuliani (here you go

Drain the sewer not the swamp

Does anyone think Russia/China behind recent African coups?

Judge orders default judgment, sanctions against Rudy Giuliani in election workers' lawsuit

Republican Women, Fearing Backlash on Abortion, Pivot to Birth Control

2 tweets -- animals freak out when first experiencing mirrors:

2nd tweet -- Compilation -- funny horses:

Spot the imposter:

2nd tweet -- Compilation -- 3 minutes of cute dogs:

..just asked DeSantis for Pres Rapid Response Director Christina Pushaw if Governor is going to drop

Smile pretty:

Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan released August 30, 1965

not you ron ron

New York City mosques can now broadcast Muslim call to prayer on Friday afternoons without permit

Pupper puts the baby to bed:

The kittens just had their first experience of getting their faces washed

D.A. Fani Willis has a spokesperson named Jeff. .DeSantis. Seriously. Actually,

RW Billionaires & GOP want a nation of

Cat O'Lantern

Froomkin: A desperate appeal to newsroom leaders on the eve of a chaos election

India's moon rover confirms sulfur and detects several other elements near the lunar south pole


CNN names Mark Thompson, former BBC and New York Times executive, as its new leader

Out of the pool, kid:

My friend has her cats and I have mine

Kitty shares with pupper friend:

Cockatiel feeds spaghetti to Malamute:

Trump Losing Significant Ground to Biden among White Voters, New Analysis Finds

Saudi man receives death penalty for posts online, latest case in wide-ranging crackdown on dissent

Saudi man receives death penalty for posts online, latest case in wide-ranging crackdown on dissent

Cat and lowercase cat

Pupper blowing bubbles:

Critical fire weather in arrives Northern California's interior; PG&E cuts power to 8,400 customers

It's more than home prices making housing unaffordable

Puppy: I eat your face!

I figured it out. Fox isn't a news organization. It's a multi-level marketing firm.

Anti-Abortion Centers Spent Over $600M in One Year. That's the Tip of the Iceberg.

Six Figure No Principles, errrrr, No Labels donor is MAGA!!!

Pennsylvania is considering an earlier 2024 presidential primary, partly to avoid voting on Passover

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Cartoons 8/30/2023

Huckleberry Flats Fire contained; Suiattle River Road reopens

Judge rules Navarro didn't prove Trump invoked executive privilege over Jan. 6 testimony

Kremlin says Prigozhin plane may have been downed on purpose

Uganda charges man with 'aggravated homosexuality' punishable by death penalty under new law

The wheels are coming off

Lawsuits challenging Georgia's congressional and state legislative maps go to trial Sept. 5

New Trump Choir idea--"The J6 Co-Conspirator Choir"

Rare blue supermoon brightens the night sky this week in the closest full moon of the year

Exposing a Multibillion Dollar FRAUD - Ft. Vivek Ramaswamy for President.

More in U.S. See Unions Strengthening

Judge's illness delays sentencing for ex-Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio in Jan. 6 case

Lawyers indicted with Trump say they were doing their jobs. But that may be a tough argument to make

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 30, 2023)

An Emergency 'Go Bag' Is An Essential Tool During Natural Disasters: NPR 🎒

Overtime Pay to Be Extended to Millions of Workers

Ukrainian drones strike deep in Russian territory, Moscow says, while a barrage in Kyiv kills 2

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 30, 2023

Ohio redistricting up in the air as attorney general says governor must reconstitute commission

New initiative petitions seek to add rape, incest exceptions to Missouri abortion law

What makes Idalia so potent? It's feeding on intensely warm water that acts like rocket fuel

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's partner Andrea Giambruno condemned over rape comments

This is my favorite Roberta Flack song - Reverend Lee (Live 1970 KCET-TV Studio)

Could the 14th Amendment keep Trump off Michigan ballots?

Biden vs. Big Pharma: Medicare to Begin Negotiations to Lower Price of 10 Costly Drugs & Insulin

Judge says Peter Navarro can't use privilege as defense in contempt case

Tera Hunter: If "Woke" Dies, Our Nation's Truths Die With It

Trump and co-defendants in Georgia election case will be arraigned Sept. 6

ONE PIECE - Final Trailer - Netflix - Streams 8/31/2023

As Trump and Republicans target Georgia's Fani Willis for retribution, the state's governor opts out

House Oversight Republicans ask National Archives for documents related to Hunter Biden travel

I give tRump a 4 week time frame to part ways with attorney Lauro...

Harris County leaders dismantle Elections Administrator's Office

Texas Rep. Greg Casar Talks Progressive Dems Visit to Latin America, Condemns Gov. Abbot on Border

Va. soccer dad charged with beating son's coach has a violent past

Speaking of Rudy Giuliani, here's a reminder of the breadth of his evil

How Meadows' removal claim in Georgia compares to Trump's in New York

Trump claims he'll appeal his D.C. trial date. That's a loser idea.

"Modern Form of Slavery": Haitians at Dominican Sugar Plantations Work Under Inhumane Conditions

VISIBLY SHAKEN Rudy Giuliani realizes He LOST IT ALL for Trump

Judge dismisses sex abuse case against ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick

New research finds Late Pleistocene glaciations terminated by Earth's axis tilt rather than ...

Mitch McConnell freezes, struggles to speak in second incident this summer

Patron sends a gift to Britain's departing ambassador!

Mitch McConnell freezes, struggles to speak in second incident this summer

I'm on pins and needles waiting for the third thing to happen today.

Rudy Giuliani loses major court case - Brian Tyler Cohen

I Want To Take This Opportunity To Commend Biden For The Quality Of People He Has Hired.....

Farming weird ( trying, and thriving, outside the corporate paradigm)

Ukrainian intelligence confirms destruction of 4 Russian aircraft in Pskov

'Is That Even Legal?'

Mother is arrested in Bangladesh after son in the U.S. criticizes government online

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about impeachment in Wisconsin....

Vivek Ramaswamy is having his 15 minutes of fame.

I am so pleased Shaye and Ruby (GA election workers) won their lawsuit!!!!

Mitch McConnell just "froze" again during a press conference......

Jeffrey Epstein set up meetings with Trump allies before 2016 election

Public University Accreditation Is Latest Front in Right-Wing War on Education

In the last decade, an estimated 40 million Americans lived within 1 mile of a mass shooting

Mike Lindell Claims Bank Cut Off His Line Of Credit Over Election Lies - Farron Balanced

Gen Z on Republican Party (from Reddit)

'I just hope it ends': Arizona election official shares emotional story as his harasser is sentenced

Who says the Repuke party isn't able to sift out their candidates

Feral cats become blue-collar workers in Washington D.C.

Tree falls on Florida governor's mansion

Blue Moon - Billie Holiday 🫂

McConnell appears to freeze when asked about re-election - MSNBC

Hard to watch... Mitch needs to resign now. (EDIT: LONGER VIDEO)

Heard a 'tweet' but didn't see any;

Per a recent interview, DjT threatened to imprison his political enemies

Pro-Trump defendant accuses 'devil' Fani Willis of election 'cover-up' as he's bailed from jail

Iowa MAGAt Mark Rissi of Cedar Rapids gets 2 1/2 yrs prison still wants people hung.

When Mitch McConnell dies I will grave dance my feet bloody.


Millions of workers earning less than $55,000 could get overtime pay under Biden proposal

Pre Jacksonville shooting event not covered enough, IMO.

Haven't seen any cedar waxwings here in AGES, but plenty 'fruit.'

Woman Rescues Dog Living On A Mattress In The Woods

On Bloomberg news feed they report on the McConnell incident, and immediately transition into

Who knows when Judge Steve Jones is going to rule on Mark Meadows in federal court.

Russia launches 'massive' attack on Kyiv, official says - CNN

The scariest thing about McConnell's health

Judge knocks out key defense for former Trump adviser Navarro ahead of contempt of Congress trial

'Anti-woke' Oklahoma school chief faces calls for impeachment over series of scandals

I shall take the heart

73-Year-Old Woman Dies In Arlington Jail, The Eighth Death In 8 Years

I wonder if more insurance companies will pull out

Freeze Job Turtle is now "Mitch the Glitch."

87% Collapse, China's Housing Crisis Spreads To Real Economy; US-China Relations - China Update

Screaming at an automated voice while trying to get to "customer service."

First alleged Jan. 6 rioter to enter Capitol tunnel apprehended by FBI, more than two years later

UPDATE: If anyone would like to do more than just pray for Peggysue2's very ill granddaughter,

TCM today

American Airlines flight attendants vote to authorize a strike

Judge blocks new Texas law that would erode cities' power to enact local rules

McConnell's Legacy if he leaves office

Don't be a sucker

FCC says "too bad" to ISPs complaining that listing every fee is too hard

Which Rethuglican MAGA is angling for Mitch's Minority Leader spot?

Gabon military coup: President Ali Bongo under house arrest - Times Radio

Pa. is one step closer to having an earlier 2024 presidential primary election

"Where do I go?"

Newbie says Hello.

I learned something new about my iPhone (nothing new for others, I am sure)

I got to really enjoy the 'fruits of my labor' today. Made Lasagna using my homemade Marinara sauce

"Porch pirate" in Virginia doesn't even wait for the package to get to the porch, steals it right ou

I do believe Senator Feinstein could best Mitch McConnell in Trivial Pursuit

Pillow Guy's HUGE, PERFECT plan revealed at Aug 16,17 "symposium "

President Biden on Hurricane Idalia response, Maui recovery efforts

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Meadows and more questions....

Mitch McConnell needs to hang on until after the KY-Gov election in Nov.

DeSantis tells Biden: Keep your IRA money

I knew a memory would stir for me when I saw that hideous angry mugshot

New York AG's office alleges Trump inflated his net worth by as much as $2.2 billion in 1 year

What room in your home or apartment do you just hate to clean? Mine is the bathroom. Kitchen is

New York AG's office alleges Trump inflated his net worth by as much as $2.2 billion in 1 year

Peter Navarro is NOT having a good day. 😆

Dog 'toons

The Problem With Carpetbaggers

Harry Litman (Talking Feds) explains Fulton County DA's clever motion that challenges Judge McAfee

After 2024 Elections-There needs to be serious discussions

There was a post during late night that Ramaswamy got rich...

I'm going to miss those Jardiance commercials

Wife got a call from her daughter yesterday

US economic growth for last quarter is revised down to a 2.1% annual rate

I Got A Line On You. Spirit.

I guess Andrew Weissman is on vacation

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 30, 2023

Judge blocks new Texas law that would erode cities' power to enact local rules

Case histories

Case histories

Judge rules Giuliana liable for defaming Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss.

Old Odd Black and White Photos That Cannot Be Explained

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 31 August 2023

Jose Andres once again with World Central Kitchen already helping out in Florida

Capitol rioter who bragged he 'took the White House' charged with lying to the FBI

'This Is the Authoritarianism We Are Fighting': Tennessee GOP Silences Justin Jones

Two Presidents - The Lincoln Project

Visceral reactions

Marcy the Hero Rat has had a setback.


Six Russian Il-76 Planes, Tu-22 Bomber Hit in Night Drone Raid on Pskov

Donald Trump vows to lock up political enemies if he returns to White House

Pretty good description of a human baby

People are made entirely by other people.

Liberal news and opinion people listen to the lies every day

Giuliani's discovery default foreshadows Trump's own risk in obstructing court

Oh No, The Daily Beast And Its Lover Satan Are Chasing Perfect Christians Matt And Mercedes Schlapp

light a candle..........

My new hero . . . woman protesting Peter Navarro at press conference (Twitter video)

Is Russia going to assassinate trump in order to collapse America into chaos? Just askin'

Fox Host Thinks Black Americans Love Trump's Mug Shot - Luke Beasley

Strike Force Five - new podcast.

Kremlin jesters furious after Russia hit with UAVs - Break the Fake - TVP World

More watercolors done during in-service.

Drone attacks 'reminding people in Russia that there is a war,' says Fiona Hill - CNN

More that we're not being told enough about -- BRICS

Gloves off: Fani Willis makes aggressive move against Trump in Georgia - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump's Tariff Proposal Would Cut 0.7% From GDP

GOP voter fraud. again

Brooklyn Day Massacre - The Police Blew It Off

Overtime Pay to Be Extended to Millions of Workers

Does anyone remember the newspaper "The Grit"?

More in U.S. See Unions Strengthening

Tucker: We're 'Speeding Toward Assassination' of Trump

10 people arrested in the kidnapping, killing of Ithaca man in May, more arrests expected

Election Officials Are Considering Removing Trump from the 2024 Ballot! - Pondering Politics

Oldie Time!

Reducing inequality benefits everyone -- so why isn't it happening?

Patients have better outcomes with female surgeons, studies find

Narcan nasal spray for overdoses will be available over-the-counter at major pharmacies

Trump tells Glenn Beck he'd 'lock up' political opponents if reelected

Group of college age individuals throw crawfish at uc Berkely Jewish fraternity

Russian sleeper cells in the West - Eastern Express - TVP World

Trump Inflated Property Values by Up to $2.2 Billion, New York A.G. Says

Ex-Trump lawyer moves to unseal names of unindicted co-conspirators: report

More drone strikes in Russia tonight.

Judge rules Rudy Giuliani is LIABLE for defaming Georgia election workers Shaye Moss & Ruby Freeman

I witnessed an act of kindness yesterday...

I still see a parallel to general MacArthur with the slobfather

marijuana is being de-scheduled

Nicolle: Giuliani's defamation lawsuit ruling 'a big win for democracy and the truth' - Deadline MSNBC

"Close, but..."

you can't scream "witch hunt"...

Ocasio-Cortez ponders leaving X: 'A formal break is something that we actively discuss'

One more bird - a sandhill crane.

NC Republicans Try to Remove Black female SCt Jurist for Mentioning the Existence of Racial Bias

Liberals fight Republican attempt to boot Wisconsin Supreme Court justice from redistricting case

This pic hurts my heart:

Why isn't there a MSABC or a MSCBS?

homeless family living at the hotel we are vacationing in up in Milwaukee!

Gov. Pillen signs executive order narrowing definition of male and female

people are idiots

3 States Just Banned Nonconsensual Pelvic Exams

'The game isn't working anymore': Trump's attacks on Jack Smith's WH meeting fall flat - Deadline

Alabama can prosecute those who help women travel for abortion, AL attorney general says

Sheng Wang

Where is Idalia headed and how will it impact you? - WFMY News 2

A look at the damage after Hurricane Idalia slammed Florida as a Category 3 storm - PBS NewsHour

Coup evidence bomb goes off: Trump's Jan. 5 Roger Stone outreach echoes amidst smoking gun tape

Group Assuring Public Of Clarence Thomas' Moral Character Includes Jan. 6 Defendant

Wildfire in Tiger Island Louisiana burns on after leveling 30,000 acres of land

Rare video shows American Paul Whelan inside Russian prison