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Archives: August 31, 2023

Tony Lakatos - Tax Free Waltz

Mick Jagger is 80. Mitch McConnell is 81.

Why are commercial vehicle manufacturers switching to hydrogen fuel?

Board Revises Standard on Employers' Duty to Bargain Before Changing Terms and Conditions of Work

White House says Putin and Kim Jong Un traded letters as Russia looks for munitions from North Korea

Doctor analyzes Sen. Mitch McConnell's latest episode - WCVB Channel 5 Boston

Police: South Carolina homeowner who fatally shot CT college student will not be charged

Milt Jackson - Serious Grease

'Freedom Convoy' leaders' criminal trial goes beyond mischief charges

Most confusing MAGAT sign yet

Laura Ingraham Tells John Eastman 'I Haven't Seen' Any Evidence Of Election Fraud

Apparently, both Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly were on the shooter's "hit list"

Trump County in Iowa Ousts Conspiracy Theorist, Elects Democrat Instead

Carol Sloane - Night And Day

!FINALLY a decent-looking sun set sky! southern MD 8/30

Kris kobach

I think I know what's wrong with white Americans

Arizona Secretary of State says he has no authority to keep Trump from ballot.

Federal Judge Drops MAJOR HINT in Trump RICO Case - Talking Feds

Lou Rawls - See You When I Git There

Proud Boys sentencing postponed

"We Have To Act Fast" 2 Degrees of Warming Could Cause 1 Billion Deaths Over Next Century

'Anti-woke' Oklahoma school chief faces calls for impeachment over series of scandals

Lalo Schifrin - The Monk (From "Enter The Dragon")

"We Have To Act Fast" 2 Degrees of Warming Could Cause 1 Billion Deaths Over Next Century

Who are you most sick of?

Take a ride on the Loch Ness Monster

Giuliani Suffers MAJOR LOSS in Federal Court Order - Meidas Touch

Tesla is reportedly under investigation by the DOJ and SEC over its mysterious 'Project 42'

Amazing sunset in DC area right now as high clouds from Idalia filter light and offer texture!

Amazing sunset in DC area right now as high clouds from Idalia filter light and offer texture!

This from OnlySky website. . .

London's Ultra Low Emission Zone Expands to Entire City

The long version (2 min) of Mitch McConnell's statue prank. his poor aid. She wanted to drag him off

Labour civil war erupts as frontbencher attacks Khan's ULEZ - pressure mounts on Starmer


The Beatles - This Boy

An FR Braintrust discussion - Why Are Hundreds of People Still Missing on Maui?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Chris Hayes: Giuliani defamation ruling is 'down payment on actual accountability' - All In - MSNBC

John Cale - You Know More Than I Know

Republicans demand a ransom: Defund the prosecution of Donald Trump or else

Jr. Walker & The All Stars - And When I Die

Not just Ohio: Biased language is the hot new tactic to thwart ballot measures

Rainforest study: Scientists now know the temperature at which photosynthesis stops

No presidential primary for you: Idaho lawmakers call for special session to restore election

Maricopa County GOP wants the cash-strapped AZGOP to fund a costly presidential primary

Quincy Jones - Walkin'

AZ: Tom Horne (R) is targeting LGBTQ students, and putting them at risk in the process

Giuliani's drinking may be important in legal case

GOP attorneys general warn law firms against using race-based hiring practices

WI: Assembly elections committee considers bills on ballot signatures, campaign finance rules

MAGA Morons Go INSANE Outside In-N-Out Burger

Isaac Hayes - Good Love 6-9969

Government shutdown would not affect TFG trials or the Special Counsel

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's street cred in Atlanta....

Lawmakers take step to give Pa. voters a bigger voice in presidential primaries

Are Trump MAGAts Donating to Georgia Election Victims?


Judge knocks out key Navarro defense

Alabama GOP Lawmaker Arrested on Felony Voter Fraud Charge

CLINTON - Before The Fizz Is Gone

That lovely 100 year old oak falling on the governor's mansion in Tallahassee was

NY-AD27: Berger (D) and Hirsch (R) compete in a bellwether special election in Queens

Abortion ban exceptions are a lie

Good news from Idaho: two right-wing extremist school trustees recalled

Middle Eastern/North African candidates have had several wins in New York - and more close calls

Prosecutors Want To Know If Giuliani Was Advising Trump While Wasted - Waldorf Nation

Chris Hayes blasts 'deranged' GOP climate plan: 'Hurl ourselves into the fire' - All In - MSNBC

US FDA warns 3 baby formula makers to correct manufacturing process controls

Texas turning some school libraries into discipline centers (ali velshi on MSNBC just reported this)

Chaka Khan (Feat. Miles Davis) - I'll Be Around

I hope that they give TFG a prison jumpsuit made for someone who is 6'3" and 215 lbs.

"Marry someone you can laugh with, you'll be together forever." (Sound all the way up)

Francis Suarez ends his presidential bid, the first GOP candidate to drop out of the race

Arizona Supreme Court to hear near-total abortion ban arguments

Democracy is not dead, yet.

Georgia's GOP House Speaker slams push to defund Fani Willis amid hurricane

What "back to school" means in the era of PragerU

Just taking a leisurely drive on the highway in Nebraska...

Oops! Another Republican Busted For Voter Fraud - Waldorf Nation

Housing and Healthcare

TX: Sugar Land City Council approves new redistricting plan for equitable representation

Former US Cardinal McCarrick not competent to face sex abuse trial, judge says

Biden cancels $72 million in student loan debt for borrowers who went to for-profit Ashford Univ

Hurricane Idalia generates a tornado in Charleston, SC

WI: Filing: Move to remove Protasiewicz from redistricting case an effort 'to nullify the election'

Prince & The Revolution - Anotherloverholenyohead

CO: Avon voters approve Downtown Development Authority in special election

Convicted rapist who escaped from Arkansas prison using jet ski in 2022 is captured, authorities say

MS: Hinds County supervisor challenging results, calls for new election

9th Circuit reverses itself, upholds 'qualified immunity' for LAPD officer in gym shooting

Giuliani's hitherto 'complete fealty' to Trump will likely be tested in Georgia NYT reporter says

Let's spin a tune for Rudy!

Russian influence in Africa: Western fears over growing closeness to Moscow - Al Jazeera

North Idaho voters oust West Bonner school leaders by a convincing margin in recall Read more at: h

Texas town has 249 people and 50 sworn police officers, 1/2 kicked off other jobs

Mark Meadows's job wasn't to help Trump steal the 2020 election

Man sentenced over threats to "hang" Arizona officials over 2020 election

A man faces prison time after recording himself during federal grand jury proceedings saying 'I'm ab

Molly Jong-Fast: From Trump to Vivek: The GOP Is Primed for Another Charismatic Phony

Radicals Took Over the Michigan GOP. Now They Can't Stop Losing.

Fulton Prison Blues

I've heard that sleep is the best doctor

Sixteen Tons

A Ukrainian boy is given the flag that draped his father's casket at a military funeral.

Records show California prisons are reporting U.S. citizens to ICE, ACLU says

Records show California prisons are reporting U.S. citizens to ICE, ACLU says

Eastman: "I've decided that I should be on the pardon list"

Bernie Sanders Shuts Down Cornel West's Criticism, Reaffirms Support for Biden! - Luke Beasley

'This is all a PR campaign': Ex-Trump lawyer Eastman doubles down on election lies - Deadline - MSNBC

Blake Masters plans another Arizona Senate bid -- this time for Sinema's seat

Americans Are Bailing on Their Home Insurance

Nikki Haley has a problem with Pres. Biden and his age

New College students murals wiped out by Desantis 'beautifying'

Grandmother Mops The Floor With GOP Gun Nut

This Texas town has about 250 people. It has 50 sworn police officers.

Cornershop - Sleep on the Left Side

Brian Cox - Alien Life & The Great Filter Hypothesis

So there is life on Mars!

Deranged Trump Incoherently Rants about Indictments, Wants Revenge! - Pondering Politics

I just saw that Richard Cordray is the Federal Student Aid chief operating officer under Biden!

Connecticut US Senator Chris Murphy tests positive for coronavirus

Late-night TV hosts launch podcast to help striking writers - Reuters

UNC student paper chief on 'universal experience' of campus shootings captured by stark front page

Furious Trump Junior Trashes Republicans For Copying His Dad's Grift - Ring of Fire

Where Are They? Neil deGrasse Tyson's Favorite Solutions to The Fermi Paradox

Long journey home - the bodies of 3 US marines prepared for one last flight. - ABC News (Australia)

Uvalde mayor calls for district attorney's resignation, new lawsuit filed

As much as many of us hate the Musk man, SpaceX quietly docked on the ISS

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump co-defendant Eastman lied on television about GA indictment - The Last Word

Christopher Rufo's Alarming and Deceptive Crusade Against Public Universities

US firms see China as "uninvestable", commerce chief warns - DW News

Who is likely to be the Republican nominee for the 2024 US Senate Election in AZ,MI,MT,NV,and WI?

Country Garden Posts Record Loss, Warns Default Possible - Bloomberg Television

LIVE - Super Blue Moon "Once in a Blue Moon"

DeSantis warns hurricane pillagers: 'You loot, we shoot'

TN Dem Justin Jones: Tennessee GOP House Speaker 'afraid' of gun reforms - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Sequel: Full Blue Moon

Biden puts country over party once again, supports Florida despite DeSantis. - Pondering Politics

Nebraska Guv Signs Order Outlining Definitions of 'Male' and 'Female'

Massive Bee Spill in Canada; Roughly 5 Million Bees.

Don't like abortions? Ignore them like you ignore school shootings.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Putin's possible positions....

Blue Moon of the Supermoon variety

If you are not advocating for sane gun laws, you are not pro life.

China urges calm after India protests map claiming disputed areas - CNA

Tropical forests may be warming to a point where plant photosynthesis fails, study warns

Houston school libraries turned into 'discipline centers' in 'hostile takeover' by state - Velshi

How a mere 12% of Americans eat half the nation's beef, creating significant health and environmenta

trump "Saved Us All from a Nuclear Holocaust" -COUNTDOWN

State hijacking of Houston schools leaves parents anxious for answers - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Hot - Angel in Your Arms

What's next for Giuliani after losing defamation suit - CNN

I'm bound by the beauty. Jane Siberry.

2 Cristians reaction to George Carlin.

'Insurance companies know': More people vulnerable as cost of climate disasters rises - Velshi - MSNBC

This might sound a bit conspiracy theory-ish... but...

Lawsuit filed over Tennessee prosecutor's anti-drag law letter

Republican Proves He is Clueless in Embarrassing Interview - Luke Beasley

Democratic Star UNLEASHES on Tennessee GOP after JAW DROPPING Special Session - Meidas Touch

30 Aug: Unbelievable! Ukrainians breach 6 km of defenses in 1 day! - Reporting from Ukraine

As Idalia sweeps the Florida coast.....

Can everyone stop with the "too old" BS

Coins and medal found in mysterious West Point time capsule from 1820s

Andrew Tate: Chats in 'War Room' suggest dozens of women groomed

Mississippi Democrat Fabian Nelson wins primary, set to become the state's first openly gay lawmaker

Mississippi Democrat Fabian Nelson wins primary, set to become the state's first openly gay lawmaker

Wordle 803 (8/31) ***Spoiler!***

How to modify your flagpole for our new reality

Rep. Clyde says he will introduce amendments to defund any state/local/federal prosecution of a pres

Gonna be picking up some Campbells soup today...

Just in case anybody was wondering about pets in Ukraine

Trump Statements Leads to DISASTROUS Consequences Yet Again - Meidas Touch

Breakfast Thursday 31 August 2023

At least 73 dead after fire tears through South Africa building housing informal settlements

Trump supporter indicted in Georgia charged with assaulting FBI agent in Rockville, Md.

eviction notice triggers Pittsburg police and suspect to exchange 1000s of rounds, 75 cops on leave

Bridging Worlds Through Art and Indigenous Wisdom

What happened with Mitch McConnell is very sad.

Multiple explosions rock Quito downtown in suspected car bomb attack

Trump Posts More than 30 Video Rants in One Day

Trump County in Iowa Ousts Conspiracy Theorist, Elects Democrat Instead

Panama Canal restrictions expected to last for at least ten months; large containers to reroute to

T. Rex - Bang A Gong (get It On)

Chile to launch a search plan for those 'disappeared' during the Pinochet dictatorship

2 days after crash, electric truck still smoldering on Carson street, California

Bird flu kills scores of sea lions in Argentina

CA library receives 3 bomb threats with anti-LGBTQ speech, after it kicked of Moms for Liberty

100 Million Seeds From Native Plants Are Released Into the Brazilian Amazon by Daring Skydiver

Just for laughs

Microsoft to unbundle Teams from Office, seeks to avert EU antitrust fine

Read this on twitter. Top reason the house is not clean

So I read that Jesus Christ name originally was going to be Gary.

No way! 31 "barely elite" Ukrainians liberated the entire city. Russia faces "complicated" decision - TRAD

So to all the nuts who say Drag Queens are grooming children I have one question

Climate change, pests threaten Mexico City's iconic palms

On this day, August 31, 1957, Gina Schock and Glenn Tilbrook were born.

A Fitting Final Gift From Jimmy Carter

Two of The World's Most Advanced Telescopes Remain Closed Following Cyberattack

Tropical Storm Idalia descends on North Carolina after pounding Florida, Georgia and South Carolina

Profit Trumps People and Planet in Brazil's Eucalyptus Industry

On this day, August 31, 1940, Pennsylvania Central Airlines Trip 19 crashed near Lovettsville VA.

Are People in China Now Substantially Richer Than People in Mexico?

P01135809 Does Atlanta: Republican Revenge Porn, Optics, and the Denial of Justice

Well, it's Groundhog Day ... again

Climate Activists Attempt to Block Brazilian Meat Giant JBS's IPO in the US

On the edge of unrest in Peru

At least 73 killed as fire engulfs five-storey building in Johannesburg

Grant Shapps to be Defence Secretary - Private Walker appointed head of Home Guard

Colombia extradites celebrity designer Nancy Gonzalez to US over alleged leather smuggling

Doctors react after Sen. Mitch McConnell appears to freeze during media briefing

13, the Mark of the Mexican Mafia (Feature article, lengthy, informative)

Fani Willis' RICO Trial May Get Busted Up

Average White Band - Queen Of My Soul

NPR: why Biden Is Taking the short stairs up to Air Force One

On the fight to preserve the new Wisconsin Supreme Court justice

Chile: The Secrets the US Government Continues to Hide

Lotti Golden - Lately (I Feel Like I Wanna Wake Up Out Of This Dream)

Exclusive: GOP donors fret over Scott's single status

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/30/2023

Art of the Week: Week of 08/30/23

The Rundown: August 31, 2023

Santa Cruz Metro leans in to hydrogen-fueled future

'The Great Resignation is over.' And here's why.

Trump County in Iowa Ousts Conspiracy Theorist, Elects Democrat Instead

Silence in a small town: Feds say Brad Reger abused dozens, but wasn't stopped for years

Possible rail strikes in 2024 could disrupt Northeastern commutes and public transit's Covid recover

After lots of hype, West Point treasure box opening yields no bombshells, just silt

In court, Trump supporter faces election official he violently threatened

Old News: My Pillow guy loses $5 million.

Gabon - Military Coup Declared in OPEC Country Following 'Rigged' Election & Ends Bongo Family Rule - JB

Not You, Ron-Ron - A Parody Freedom Toast & Cinebot Video - Parody Project

Ceilings are just...

Vatican Girl

Trump conspirators beware: Rudy Giuliani's loss is a reminder that the courtroom is MAGA kryptonite

On This Day: U.S. passes first in series of non-intervention laws - August 31, 1935

White House asks Congress to pass short-term spending deal, boost food aid

Need more proof that Vivek Ramaswampy is nothing but a snake-oil salesman? Ok...

Did you guys see this?? Blake Masters

First kid under the bus

California Invests $757 Million to Create Affordable Housing and Clean Transportation

'Evergrande 2.0' Is About To Be Triggered; Chinese Economy; Huawei; UK-China - China Update

This is going to be a very rough day

U.S. jobless claims fall to lowest level in four weeks

The GOP zombie: Why the media refuses to let the myth of a "good" Republican die

I watched Biden yesterday provide information about the hurricane and Florida.

Electile Dysfunction - The Lincoln Project

US driver pulled over with huge African bull riding shotgun in car

Alabama attorney general says he has right to prosecute people who facilitate travel for abortions

A Tempest in a Teapot in a Far, Far Away Place

Top North Carolina judge faces potential sanctions for talking about racial discrimination

You know what makes me ill?

Seventy-five years old today.

McConnell/GOP enjoy privileges/benefit of the doubt they would never extend to Democrats.

How big is the "criminal enterprise"?

For those of you who buy mayonnaise

Ohio Republican lawmakers propose allowing chaplains in public schools

Erdogan, Putin to meet in Russia to discuss Ukraine grain deal - FRANCE 24

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Reveals Ukraine and EU Goals to Achieve by December

No End In Sight For Climate Denial Bullshit; Omnipresent In Press, Broadcast And Social Media

Nigerian police raid gay wedding, arrest 67 people - FRANCE 24

Did data from Georgia voting machine breach play role in alleged Michigan election plot?

Lyricist Alan Lerner was born on this date.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about helping after Idalia....

Van Morrison has a birthday today.

MSMs take on Frozen Mitch? It's bad for President Biden

Joseph Biggs is here in his orange jumpsuit.

19 Days Until Pennsylvania District 21 Special Election!

North Korea says it simulated nuclear attacks on South Korea and rehearsed occupation of its rival

Itzak Perlman has a birthday today.

The Fed's Preferred Inflation Gauge Ticked Up in July

Bob Welch was born on this date.

Vampyre Cosmetics cancels Alice Cooper line after he calls being transgender 'a fad'

On this date 26 years ago, the world lost a Princess......Aug. 31, 1997

MA: Barnstable Nov. 7 election: Who is already running for town council, school committee?

Clarence Thomas officially discloses private trips on GOP donor Harlan Crow's plane

This Couple Has 150 Guinea Pigs

Answering Judge Jones' Question About Removal of Meadows' Case

SC: Walterboro City Council General Election Candidates

Ted Cruz: Regular Guy Who Drinks Beer And Not Even Everybody Wants To Punch Him In The Face

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pursued perks beyond impeachment allegations, ex-staffers say

With democratic control, Michigan Gov. Whitmer pushes for health care and climate change laws

Mitch McConnell is not ok

NY: Judge orders second Democratic caucus in Mount Morris after Election Law violation

Finally, truth in advertising

No Comparison.

Kari Lake's actions remind me of a Linda Ronstadt song, "Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me"

AZ: Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announces run for Mayor of Fountain Hills

Got my new hot cup o' joe!

Groucho Marx - Lydia the Tattooed Lady

Wisconsin taxpayers on the hook for up to $2 million in legal fees to defend GOP-drawn election maps

Thunderfoot on how sequestration of CO2 is a non-starter

Jamie Raskin Asks Republicans To Subpoena Jared Kushner's Investment Firm

The Rome Edition opens in converted 1940s bank building

Presidents I like

Proud Boys Joe Biggs and Zachary Rehl are to be sentenced today.

Trader Joe's recalls black bean tamales, its sixth recall since July

Common sense gun laws.........

Moon over Lake Arenal and the first night in our new home.

Ron DeSantis Warns Trespassers In Hurricane Idalia Aftermath: 'You Loot, We Shoot'

MT: Election denier Douglas Frank presents conspiracies in Great Falls, meets with elections officer

There are no Oak trees on my property so Merlin has chosen a Lilac Tree as his lair.

It's Now Mainstream for the GQP to Support Criminality. trump's Stain on Politics. Stephanie Miller

Moms Demand Action volunteers gonna wipe the floor with Justice Thomas

6' 3"

Marjorie Taylor Greene says Mitch McConnell is 'not fit for office' after he appeared to freeze up...

Trump pleads not guilty to election charges in Georgia, waives arraignment

MAGA to President Joe.

'The Shocking GOP Plan to Dismantle the American Government Revealed'

Cats and dogs get dementia. Here's how to spot signs and support pets.

AP: Climate activists target jets, yachts and golf in a string of global protests against luxury

White House warns GOP Biden impeachment will backfire

AP: Native nations on front lines of climate change share knowledge and find support at intensive...

West Point time capsule mystery takes a twist: There was something in there after all

Georgia Republicans pull stunt to remove Fani Willis - Brian Tyler Cohen

Gov Kemp WILL NOT approve a commission to remove Fani Willis as DA.

Donald Trump pleads NOT GUILTY, waives arraignment in Fulton County, Georgia.

Groundhogs addicted to broccoli have trained a woman to feed them

Reuters: Equinor, BP seek 54% hike in US offshore wind power price, filings show

Poland is a powerhouse in the making - CaspianReport

Sherrilyn Ifill tweet "Behold. Two former law clerks to Justice Clarence Thomas."

Reuters: World Bank, IDB to deepen cooperation on Amazon, Caribbean, digital access

Reuters: Germany's gas imports fall 17.9% in year 2023 to August - BDEW

Jamie Raskin Asks Republicans To Subpoena Jared Kushner's Investment Firm A $2 billion Saudi investm

I'll Take Care Of You

Oprah and Dwayne Johnson are donating $10M to Maui. Where are the Republican donations?

Court upholds Michael Avenatti's conviction for plotting to extort up to $25 million from Nike

How does one gift a star membership?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Throws Tantrum Because No One Likes Her Stupid Ideas - Farron Balanced

Do you prefer Miracle Whip ? I like Miracle Whip . I Thought I would start a

Reuters:Investors call on ISS to overhaul its net-zero proxy advice

Trump is running out of other people's money to pay lawyers. Save America PAC is almost broke

All the Ways We Deny Antisemitism

From awhile back but always enjoyable.

Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Alito release financial disclosure forms - MSNBC Reports

WSJ: Ukrainian Counteroffensive Pierces Main Russian Defensive Line in Southeast

Reuters: Philippines to auction off 8-gigawatt power capacity in push for renewables

Your Thursday weirdness

Judge Tells Banks They Can't Hide Their Trump Documents - Ring of Fire

For George Santos, a life in Brazil at odds with his GOP politics

Reuters: Japan PM tells fisheries minister to apologise for calling Fukushima wastewater 'contamina...

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 31, 2023)

She's Running for Congress as a Dem. She's Taking Cash From a GOP Lawyer Who Fought Trump's Loss.

Reuters: Canadian province Newfoundland picks 4 wind farm projects to power hydrogen plants

'Too little, too late': Legal analyst reacts to Clarence Thomas' financial disclosure - CNN

Of all the people to challenge Putin in the next election...

Biggs, Proud Boy got 17 YRS in prison. No other source

AP: States at the forefront of fights over wetlands protections after justices slash federal rules

Trump Says He Was Too Busy Averting 'Nuclear Holocaust' to Commit Fraud

BREAKING: Proud Boys Leader Biggs Sentenced to 17 Years

Proud Boy Joe Biggs receives 17 years in Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy case

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023: Highly Commended

dip-de-dip-dip, moon, moon, moon

China's new national map has angered its neighbors

Xi Jinping to skip G20 Summit in New Delhi? - WION

The state treasurer has written the FTC, objecting to the proposed merger of Kroger and Albertsons.

AP: Maine wants to expand quarantine zones to stop tree-killing pests

Cartoons 8/31/2023

The lady behind Pete Navarro is Anarchy Princess

*COLD* and cynical: The marks of wingnuts. Cases in point, Cancun CRUZ and McCONNELL

Jammed roads, busy airports: Labor Day weekend travel starts ... now!

Meta driver data

Christian Nationalist Store Opens In Army PX - Hundreds of Soldiers, Mostly Christians, Want It Gone

AP: Maine's puffin colonies recovering in the face of climate change

US applications for jobless claims inch back down as companies hold on to their employees

per MSNBC, Biden is proposing to eliminate the gun show loophole

What to expect out of Medicare's drug-price talks

Rescue Crow Goes On Walks With His Favorite German Shepherd

Richard Ojeda Debunks Trump's Biggest Lie - Rebel HQ

T-Mobile layoffs will affect hundreds of Bellevue employees, filing reveals

Texas judge has declared unconstitutional a law that limits the power of Democrat-led cities

MeidasTouch...reports on a strange and disturbing series of videos Donald Trump made of himself.....

Very good WSJ article on Ukraines breakthrough reported here yesterday.

"It could be you,... that's dealing with the issue of #electiledysfunction. Symptoms include .......

Kim says North Korea must be ready against US-led invasion plots, while US, allies start new drills

Trump dismissive as New York attorney general accuses him of inflating his net worth by $2 billion

White House Press Pool alert.....

Biden needs to end the trump investigations!!1!11

Liberal groups seek to use the Constitution's insurrection clause to block Trump from 2024 ballots

Biden administration proposes regulation to eliminate 'gun-show loophole'

Korean Pork Bone Soup Recipe (video)

First Republican presidential candidate drops out of 2024 race

Listen to Marc Elias speak on the Georgia law/commission republicans want to use to remove DA Willis

US government cancels loans for former Ashford University students and plans to recoup costs

GOP senators weigh 'special' meeting on their leadership after McConnell's freeze

Mitch McConnell: The 3 Republicans who are likeliest to succeed him

Saudi man sentenced to death for tweets in harshest verdict yet for online critics

'Just Confessed': Law Experts Say John Eastman's Fox Interview Was A Very Bad Call

Black Alleged Donald Trump Co-Conspirator Announces He'll Run for Congress; Supporters Donate Nearly

Southern MD 8/31 north eastern morning sky

DJ Porkchop linked to a documentary about the great Chuck Leavell in

Mitch McConnell freezes for a second time.

Pedestrian, dog struck, killed by Amtrak train on Ghost Railroad Bridge near Ridgefield

The Proper Use Of A Sharpie

Molly Jong-Fast: Ramaswamy is all style, no substance

If Mitch steps down,

Trump inflated net worth by more than $2 billion in one year: N.Y. AG

Protester Gives Perfect Response When Navarro Tries To Grab Her Sign

AL attorney general says he has right to prosecute people who facilitate travel for out-of-state abo

If you're trying to eat less meat

Anyone watching weather channel? Jim cantore

Russ Feingold said Biden has fell behind Trump in getting Judges confirmed?

Christian website writer threatened to slaughter LGBTQ+ people. He just pled guilty.

Car with giant bull named Howdy Doody crammed into passenger seat pulled over by Nebraska police

''holy shit, Donald Trump is fucking losing it' Jeff Tiedrich

TED CRUZ will replace Mitch mcconnel as senate minority leader

Justice Clarence Thomas reports he took 3 trips on Republican donor's plane last year

Seeking advice and tips for a good thing

Times-Shamrock selling newspaper group, including The Citizens' Voice

My goodness, President Biden is such a nice man

6205 days is 204 months is 17 years!

Republican Representative Arrested For Voter Fraud

Got a contractor

Disney's firefighters backed DeSantis as he feuded with the company. Now his new board ignored their

FAFO "Former Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs sobbed as he was sentenced to 17 Years"

Friday Stumper - but on a Thursday!

I was looking for the latest covid data for Arkansas and something maybe interesting popped up.

Alabama Attorney General doubles down on threats to prosecute out-of-state abortion care

Trump asks to sever Georgia election case from co-defendants seeking speedy trial

After further study, West Point archeologists find items in time capsule

Florida lawmakers cower in gun-free zones with bulletproof glass while criticizing 'safe places' for

Florida lawmakers cower in gun-free zones with bulletproof glass while criticizing 'safe places' for

Jury Note in Brandon Fellows case

Ruby Franke, Utah YouTuber, arrested on abuse charges after malnourished child in duct tape found

Florida Wanted "Opposing Viewpoints" on Slavery in A.P. African American Studies Course

Florida Wanted "Opposing Viewpoints" on Slavery in A.P. African American Studies Course

WI: Knodl (R) doubles down on impeachment as GOP ramps up attacks against Justice Protasiewicz

Top Democrat demands ethics panel's findings from Santos investigation

Top Democrat demands ethics panel's findings from Santos investigation

Dahlia Lithwick: The Horse Race Has Started, but It's Always Been Here

Mitch McConnell is 'medically clear' to continue work, U.S. Capitol doctor says

Ohio Republican lawmakers propose allowing chaplains in public schools

ICE sends deportation flight to Haiti after warning US citizens to evacuate

The Shocking GOP Plan to Dismantle the American Government Revealed

A Progressive White Knight Rides In To Save Texans From The GOP's ERCOT

Trump asks to sever Georgia case so he can milk the clock

Exclusive: Brazil's Petrobras plans China subsidiary in push to boost ties, CEO says

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 31, 2023

X, formerly known as Twitter, will collect user biometric data, job and education history

US driver pulled over with huge African bull riding shotgun in car

Election workers have gotten death threats and warnings they will be lynched, the US government says

Billionaires to Guliani--we're not paying your legal bills

Tiedrich rant: holy shit, Donald Trump is fucking losing it

Biden administration proposes rule that would require more firearms dealers to run background checks

Over 30 dead dogs found in New Jersey home

TEMPO - Nitrogen Dioxide air pollution over North America

Scientists say study found a direct link between greenhouse gas emissions and polar bear survival

Texas high court allows law banning gender-affirming care for transgender minors to take effect

Did I miss the sentencing for tarrio and the other terrorist after a delay

Waseda University: Direct Power Generation from Methylcyclohexane Using Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

It's virtually impossible to make an A.I. model 'forget' the things it learns from private user data

Why the electric-vehicle industry is talking about 'black mass'

Delaware judge orders status report on felony gun charge against Hunter Biden

Is it bad for a laptop if Kitty wants to lay on keyboard for warmth for hours?

New York City Council is getting younger - defying national trends

ACLU sues Tennessee district attorney who promises to enforce the state's new anti-drag show ban

I wonder if anyone else loves Playing for Change as much as I do.

After losing defamation suit, Giuli faces ruinous damages

For Many COVID-19 Patients, Loss of Smell and Taste Lingered, Study Finds


Mexican Navy hopes to expand net-snagging hooks to protect endangered vaquita porpoises

Mexican Navy hopes to expand net-snagging hooks to protect endangered vaquita porpoises

A prosecutor threatened to enforce Tennessee's anti-drag law that was declared unconstitutional and

School vouchers are back up for debate in Pa.

Pleads not guilty in Georgia, seeks to sever

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp dismisses GOP calls for special session to impeach DA Fani Willis

Cat. Accompanied by piano.

Our justice system is essentially aiding a traitor to our nation

Real estate shakeup: Buyer found for nearly $1 billion in mortgages tied to S.F.'s largest landlord

Occasionally, I suddenly remember how great U2's Boy is

Kia recall to fix trunk latch that won't open from the inside, which could leave people trapped

In trouble for inflating his net worth?

"Medically cleared"

Judge rules white man will stand trial for shooting Ralph Yarl, Black teen who went to wrong house

Military Coup in Gabon Seen as Part of Broader Revolt Against France & Neo-Colonialism in Afric

Texas federal judge halts state's drag ban

US crude oil output rises in June to highest since Feb 2020 -EIA

Texas federal judge halts state's drag ban

Texas federal judge halts state's drag ban

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump and the NY case....

FYI: Major Bay Area highway closure set for Labor Day weekend

As Shutdown Looms, Romney Puts Fellow Republicans On Blast for Hypocrisy! - Pondering Politics

Fulton judge says Trump court proceedings will be televised

Eastman clarifies: I wanted Pence to break the law

Ukrainian forces advance towards 'first line' of Russian defenses in southern Zaporizhzhia region

Die Toten Hosen - Hier Kommt Alex

Drag shows have never bothered me in the least.

Baltic-Black Sea Defense Union initiative - Sergej Sumlenny - TVP World

Georgia lawmakers threatened

a whole flock of orange fruit-stealing tree bears came through this morning...

Proud Boy Zachary Rehl, convicted of seditious conspiracy sentenced to 15 Years

dwarf black-capped forest chimp in it's native habitat...

GOP senators weigh 'special' meeting on their leadership after McConnell's freeze

Trump's Jan. 5 Roger Stone outreach

#FAFO is Right (Lincoln Project)

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 31, 2023

lots of news in tuolumne county

Kemp dismisses ReTHUG calls for special session to impeach Fani Willis

Proud Boy Zachary Rehl receives 15 years in prison, half of government request

Trump message to Proud Boys: "Stand Back and Stand By"

An open letter to David Brooks . . .

MI-SEN: Ex-congressman Peter Meijer launches exploratory committee for Senate run

The Yosemite High Sierra webcam is back online, and better than ever.

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Lawmaker Over Bills Benefiting His Own Gun Stores

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #15-5: Wheel Of Corruption: Fury Of The Gods Edition

Check out our billboard in Times Square:

Georgia prosecutors respond to Meadows motion to move case to federal court.

Rick Wilson tweet:

Megachurch Pastor Jack Hibbs Launches Nationwide Campaign to Out LGBTQ Students

Little kid gets red carded at football game.

Ex-Proud Boys leader Zach Rehl sentenced to 15 years in prison in Jan. 6 Capitol attack case

Rep. David Cole (R) to plead guilty to voting fraud charge, resign from Alabama House

Cat tries ice cream for the first time:

People sometimes forget who else suffered on 9/11/2001.

Ah, it's the US Open people.......isn't anyone watching??? Lotsa good stories.....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 1 September 2023

Chicken strut:

Democrats Push to Subpoena Jared Kushner's Firm

New College destruction of student art

Where blue birds fly

Tiniest Pomeranian puppy:

This is cool, if you like maps - Getting Lost in Fictional Maps

Why wasn't Trump charged just like Giuliani for defamation of Ruby Freeman?

TCM tonight

Great Pyrenees thinks he's a lapdog:

Kemp Rejects Special Session to Punish Fani Willis

I halp!

DeSantis Super PAC Scales Back Door-Knocking Efforts

Chicken flying around the plane.

Scientist Peter Kalmus: Hurricanes, Floods & Fires of 2023 Are Just Beginning of Climate Emergency

When your heckin' foot fights back!

The illusionist Ramasmarmy or another con artist for magaloons

Updating garden experiments...

Medicare Price Negotiation: Ten Drugs That Made the List, and Ten That Should Have

I just put a bourbon cake in the oven!

I am having a really bad day

Stop what you're doing right now and watch this. Chris Mann just won the internet

Unsung heroes of Trump's Georgia indictment

U.S. Aquifers Are Running Dry, Posing Major Threat to Drinking Water Supply

catching up on Bob Cesca's podcast, he just played

Couldn't have said it better myself (from Ukraine's FM Dmitro Kuleba)

Biden Administration Seeks to Expand Overtime Pay to Millions of U.S. Workers

Giuliani loses again: Found liable for defaming election workers over 2020 lies - The Beat - MSNBC

From a twitter conversation about music & intros to lyrics, Shaft 1971

well, I am now following Strike Force Five on iHeart

I wonder if Mitch McConnell is actually having seizures

Judge says Kansas shouldn't keep changing trans people's birth certificates due to new state law

Biden: The difference between talking and delivering (Twitter image)

Court Rules in Pornhub's Favor in Finding Texas Age-Verification Law Violates First Amendment

Owners of Scranton Times-Tribune, 3 other Pennsylvania dailies sell to publishing giant

The Latest Republican Debate; a Commentary. Funny

CHAOS UNFOLDS in Fulton County - Talking Feds

hurricane clean up will be slowed by desantis anti immigrant law

Albert Goering , hero

trump Co-Conspirator CRIES HYSTERICALLY as Judge Gives BRUTAL SENTENCE -Meidas

[MS] Governor's race now tied, Presley internal poll says

Disgraced lawyer & RICO defendant Sidney Powell files an ABSURD "legal brief" in her Georgia case

Federal judge issues TRO, says Texas law banning drag shows is "likely" unconstitutional

Trump, Orwell and The Scottsboro Boys

2 Wings of Pegasus analysis videos of Jerry Garcia & the Grateful Dead in 1976 & 1989

Gizmo's Top 10 Videos Of All Time

Hey, RandySF!

UAW president says union has filed unfair labor practice charges against GM, Stellantis

Giant watusi bull named Howdy Doody rides shotgun in car - KHOU 11 Houston

Biden makes his first judicial nomination to a US District Court in Texas

TRUMP is running out of other people's money to pay lawyers. Save America PAC is almost broke

Learn the Alphabet with Samuel L. Jackson. (Warning, Language)

Former NH state senator (Andy Sanborn - R) accused of spending COVID-19 relief loan on luxury cars

On a dark desert highway...

Wut? Where'd she go?

Notes: Patent and Trademark Office downsizing puts Alexandria's largest landlord in hot water

Georgia DA: Helping overturn election wasn't part of Meadows' official job

I just picked up an Rx

Orsted delays 1st New Jersey wind farm until 2026; not ready to 'walk away' from project

The Most Dangerous Spy of WW2 - The Limping Lady

Rule allowing rail shipments of LNG will be put on hold to allow more study of safety concerns

Rule allowing rail shipments of LNG will be put on hold to allow more study of safety concerns

DA Willis responds to Judge Jones's question about Mark Meadows federal removal

If 're-elected', DjT promises to imprison all his political enemies...

Republicans explain why he is innocent (Onion)

As loathe as I am to give this person attention, uh oh someone is turning (?)

Courts are not fucking with Texas today! Federal judge bars Texas from enforcing book rating law

World War I helped popularize the modern bra.

Botanical Garden

'That can be fatal': Why Meadows gambled big time by taking the stand in Georgia - Inside w/Jen Psaki

Jones Soda has a new cannabis drink brand

Fani Willis bares her teeth to keep the flock together.

'Bomb Mexico!' Inside Trump and the GOP's latest insane and dangerous proposal - Mehdi Hasan - MSNBC

"Dude, you're already facing charges." (Woman to Peter Navarro):

BIGGEST Lawsuit to DISQUALIFY Trump Yet has Now Been Filed - Meidas Touch

As office returns ramp up, workers are commuting more -- and it's costing them

Abortion anecdote from DeSantis at GOP debate is more complex than he made it sound

Sunset southern MD 8/31