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Cubs Score 36 Runs Over 2 Games - Updated

FL effectively bans AP Psychology over gender studies.

More Older Adults Fill Insulin Prescriptions Under Inflation Reduction Act

Indictments Finally Shrink Trump Campaign Donations

Inside the courtroom...

Edward Blum is at it again: Black Females now targeted

The GOP's defense of Trump has been years in the making

Trump taken into custody by the government he tried to overthrow: Melber Report - The Beat - MSNBC

Can The TDP's New Executive Director Lead Us To Flipping The State?

Trump delivers unhinged response to arrest in Washington DC - Brian Tyler Cohen

"Tip of the iceberg": Legal experts say Jack Smith has "a lot more evidence" than indictment shows

White House says top Russian official pitched North Korea on increasing sale of munitions to Moscow

Michael Cohen thinks indictment suggests Jared Kushner is a "cooperating witness"

Do you avoid the news? You're in growing company. (WAPO)

Coup bomb goes off: Trump arraigned for Jan. 6 charges - The Beat - MSNBC

Trump draws judge who gave harshest Jan. 6 sentences and warned him "presidents are not kings"

The Two American Lefts

If Brian Baird-WA,David Obey-WI,and Jerry Costello-IL had not retired from the US House,

How Minnesota made a progressive agenda a reality through robust state-wide organizing

News & Commentary July 27, 2023 the organizing effort behind Starbucks notched another win

Someone sent me a photo

NSFW AI MAGA's NEW Health Supplement

Trump appears to stumble over his name and age at arraignment

Donald Trump: Biden DOJ 'Concocted' Charges To Waste My Time And Money

Appeals court allows Biden asylum restrictions to stay in place

YOU'RE BACK, JACK, YOU DID IT AGAIN - Founders Sing Parody of Jack Smith's Jan. 6 Trump indictments!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Finland, Russia, and David....

Venmo or Cash App? I need to sell some tickets by Saturday

Are the rethugs usually this quiet ?

Arragned. Appeared in Court. Pleads not guilty. Walks away to go back to campaigning for the GOP

Denver Woman Goes On INSANE Blackface Tirade At Target

Women make up 56% of turnout in Oh. for Proposal 1.

Thank you Waterman - you were and are right

Re: 'Freedom of speech':

Donald Trump perjured himself in court today.

Ghosts (UK) on CBS

Ladybug wears no disguises

Glastonbury Tor this morning (new Michelle Cowbourne photo)

Looking for feedback on a recent design

Trump plans to use charges to revisit 2020 election, a fraught topic for GOP

Margin of victory of the battleground US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024 by

OH: Women overwhelmingly represent voters who did not turn out for 2022.

Russia is raising its conscription age and calling up 70-year-olds

At a fund raiser I bumped into the state party chair, Jane Kleeb

Love courtroom sketch artists

Court throws out conviction after judge says Black man 'looks like a criminal to me'

Italy approves extradition of priest charged with murder and torture during Argentina dictatorship

White female Trump supporter in blackface goes bonkers in Colorado Target And Starbucks

Missing Middle - The Buildings America Won't Let You Build

'They've gone too far': Columnist laments there's no reset for damage DeSantis has done to Florida

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Montana garden bounty.


Sad Turnout At Trump's Arraignment, GA Still Calling Witnesses - Raw News And Politics

The moment Game of Thrones jumped the shark

Would LOVE to know what Chris Matthews is thinking.

'They got him': Chris Hayes says this Trump arrest is 'biggest of all time' - All In - MSNBC

Summer 2023 Is Our First Global Taste Of Life At 1.5C Of Warming; Are We Having Fun Yet?

Merriam Webster's Word of the Day

Lacking sufficient Air-cover, Ukraine is giving up on Western battle tactics

Louisiana law requiring 'In God We Trust' to be displayed in classrooms goes into effect.

Among MAGA extremists, Trump charges draw big talk, small crowds

Biden's Asylum Restrictions May Remain in Place

Sinema cutting into GOP support more than Democratic vote in three-way Senate race: Poll

Justice Kagan supports ethics code but says Supreme Court divided on how to proceed

Lizzo Fat-Shamed, Sexually Harassed Three of Her Dancers, Lawsuit Alleges + 'Arrogant, Self-Centered

Lauren Boebert's Brain Suddenly Stops Functioning During Live Interview! - Luke Beasley

I was watching MSNBC when Rachel said that Whiny was Mirandized

Huffington Post headline

Judge said No Crimes and no witness tampering, place your day when he will violate that?

why is parlatore going around giving interviews on msnbc

Again with lawyer Timothy Parlatore - the man is the definition of oily lawyer

Criminal indictments are not enough: Donald Trump must be defeated at the ballot box

Jack Smith CRACKS THE CODE on Trump Criminal Intent - Meidas Touch

Both expelled members of 'Tennessee Three' win back their state House seats

The Jan. 6 Trump indictment is traumatic -- and cathartic: We may be free of him at last

6 former Mississippi law enforcement officers have pleaded guilty to charges related to the torture

John Barleycorn

Where is BTA? Hope he is OK

found this quite profound and right up DU's alley

'Savvy': How Jack Smith made it so Trump's Jan. 6 trial will likely go first - All In - MSNBC

Narcissist abuses the public with logical fallacies

Aug 2 2023 -- Lawrence O'Donnell's Praise for Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Leadership

I just want to bathe in it.

Judge rejects attempt to temporarily block Connecticut's landmark gun law passed after Sandy Hook

Justin Jones & Justin Pearson both WIN special elections after being expelled by TN House Repubs

Adam Schiff tweet re Broadcasting trump trial

Fired, Jailed, Sued - Can NEVER Be A Cop Again

'Running for his freedom': Trump 2024 campaign is 'like the OJ Bronco case' - All In - MSNBC

Lawrence said Slobby's lawyer literally declared Slobby guilty on Fox News a while ago

OMG! check out my photo of the tongue sticking out of this parrot....

i took this macro photo today of the developing embryos....

Texas man arrested, charged with violent conduct toward police in Jan. 6 Capitol riot

I wonder if the DC judge has made arrangements

Alice Cooper with Keith Moon sharing a cocktail on the hoods of their Rolls-Royces (Photo)

'He's alone': Trump arraignment sees no family, no posse, no protests - All In - MSNBC

I just got banned from replying to news articles on

12,000-Year-Old Flamingo Egg Found in Mexico

Denying Constitutional rights to some Americans will have consequences for all Americans


TFG was very upset by the magistrate calling him Mr. Trump

Ancient DNA reveals the living descendants of enslaved people through 23andMe

KC Proud Boys' Jan. 6 riot case delayed again, but plea deal reached for former Olathe man

not much out there cuter than a ruddy-tailed flycatcher

Little Boxes

James Webb Space Telescope captures the Ring Nebula in never before seen details

I don't know how those of you who watch TV news can stand it, or keep your sanity

how long til trump shoots his mouth off

Georgia going next.

Sinead O'Connor - Danny Boy (a cappella, live, 1993)

California's online community college is adding, keeping more students

California's online community college is adding, keeping more students

Trolling Anti-Gay Protestors at Drag Story Hour

Assuming tfg doesn't testify, who would the defense call as defense witnesses?

Pence is a fucking worm

Florida is banning AP Calculus...

Stephanie Grisham weighs in on absence of Melania Trump during arraignments - CNN

Trump Losing in Court (or in Another Election) Won't Be Enough to Save U.S. Democracy

I guess I'm a little confused regarding Pence's heroism.

Part 35: Is Santos Leon the LA Fed Tapes Creator? - Mysteries of Love, Money, and Politics

Trump speaks to press. Says he hardly knew himself.

Have you ever been seriously gaslightled to the point of feeling like shit. It is with family, so it

Lt Col (Ret.) Hal Donahue Tears Into Tommy Tuberville's Dangerous Hold On U.S. Military Promotions

No, I'm not an attorney and didn't even sleep at a Holiday Inn last night...

News coverage ahead of January 6, 2021 on what to expect

Ron DeSantis wants to "slit throats" but I'm sure it's just a metaphor

'Trump's in full-blown autocratic, dictatorial mode': Rep. Raskin slams former president's threats

MI: Judge dismisses Macomb County GOP suit to decertify the 2020 election

MI: Special prosecutor announces final charges in 2020 voting machine probe

I don't see a path for TFG to win the next presidential election

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump's own lawyer just quoted Trump committing a crime - The Last Word MSNBC

Experts have found powerful antibodies that neutralize all Covid variants

OH: Election officials seeing hundreds of voters per day ahead of August special election

Protect Women Ohio (R) spends $5.5 million on Issue 1 ads in final week before election

Trump just made her -- Alina Habba -- his "legal spokesperson"

What is the likelihood of any of the six coconspirators flipping on Trump?

Oklahoma governor's order bars state from recognizing trans, non-binary people

Republican Tries Defending Trump on Fox News, Fails Miserably - Luke Beasley

Why child marriage is legal in California -- and the unexpected groups fighting to keep it that way

Neal Katyal: Why the Trump trial should be televised.

An Anthropogenic Iron "Invasion" of the Ocean Followed by Radioactive Polonium.

CA-45: Women in Leadership Endorses Kim Bernice Nguyen (D) for Congressional District 45

'It seems like an admission': Trump's lawyer makes things worse for Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

CA-40: WIL Endorses Allyson Muiz Damikolas for the 40th Congressional District

CA-47: IBEW Local 441 Endorses State Senator Dave Min (D)

*De-Lovely on HBO now!

'Complete garbage': Kinzinger reacts to McCarthy's criticism of Trump charges - CNN

A year out from conventions and General Election--battleground

Is a Pause a delay? Poll

"It's destroyed me completely" : Kenyan moderators decry toll of training of AI models

Watters the gaslighter

The Violence Was Part Of The Plan, And The Plan Was To Overthrow The Republic

Two Members of 'Tennessee Three' Win Special Elections

MTG Realizes She's Going Down With Trump - Rebel HQ

Marjorie Taylor Greene Urges Voters to Ignore the News and Turn to God After Trump Indicted For...

3 Aug: Partisans Poison 20 Russian Officers. Front Line Collapse - Reporting from Ukraine

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 6, 2023 - Summer Under the Stars: Debbie Reynolds

TCM Schedule for Monday August 7, 2023 - Summer Under the Stars: Robert Ryan

Conservative activist behind US affirmative action cases sues to keep black women from getting funds

Academy Award winner Helen Mirren faces the fate of a nation

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about colonizing Venus....

Eric Trump Tries To Rewrite History, Fails Miserably - Rebel HQ

Video needs spread far and wide. And keep it going through 2024.

6 Ex-Officers Plead Guilty to Civil Rights Charges in Assault on 2 Black Men in Mississippi

Trump might be charged in Georgia under same law as Young Thug Atlanta reporter says - The ReidOut

I'm cynical about Trump seeing jail time anytime soon, but this judge Chutkan gives me some hope

Most likely court tactic for Trump: Delay, delay, delay (and do not take the stand) - Alex Wagner

Holy Cow! Merriam-Webster trolled the hell out of Trump today, yes the dictionary! ....

'This is the one': Trump election case seen as having the highest stakes - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Quartet - ABWH

CA: Attempt to change Anaheim minimum wage special election date denied

Well, well, well - the mystery of TFG's hair may finally be solved. (yuck)

The Capris - There's A Moon Out Tonight

CA: Huntington Beach weighs voter IDs, cameras and more in 11 charter amendments

The Charms - Hearts of Stone

'Determined to move forward': Fani Willis indifferent to Trump's crowded court calendar - Alex Wagner

The Crystals - He's Sure The Boy I Love

Indiana Abortion Ban on Hold

The Temptations - Slow Down Heart

Dark Brandon meme (Threads):

*Lawrence appearing as 'special guest star' on West Wing segment I'm watching!

Visibly Shaken Trump gives DERANGED Statement Following BRUTAL Arraignment - Meidas Touch

Breakfast Friday 4 August 2023

Trump arraigned in D.C. court near site of Jan. 6 attack - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Mistrial in case of ex-San Jose State athletic trainer accused of groping female athletes

GOP relies on 'whataboutism' defense amid indictment - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Now we just have to wait for Fanni

Sgt. Gonell reacts to Trump indictment - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'Sadistic, cruel, barbaric': Texas governor revives Trump border policies - Mehdi Hasan - MSNBC

Six officers known as the 'Goon Squad' plead guilty to torturing two Black men, using a sex toy on..

BBC: Ocean heat record broken, with grim implications for the planet

Trump Indicted For His Attempted Coup - Raw News And Politics

Trump's Plan For Nationwide "Kent State" Massacre Revealed - Thom Hartmann

Trump is finally going to get some of those votes he's been looking for...

America's Credit Downgraded! Who's REALLY Responsible? - Thom Hartmann

TN-HD51: Tennessee's special legislative elections features a progressive upset in Nashville

Russian warship appears damaged in Ukrainian sea drone attack on key naval base

The latest from Ukraine: Ukraine sea drones have damaged a Russian navy ship (again).

Jobs report: US labor market growth set to slow further in July

Will The Texas Border Crisis Lead To War With Mexico? Rep Pramila Jayapal (D-WA, 7th) Responds...

OH: Growing number of Issue 1 boosters connected to election denial

Surging U.S. crude oil exports disrupt European, Asian prices

Ohio counties need more poll workers for August Special Election

Conservative lawmaker poised to be Washington's next state Republican party leader

Dems see a massive dip in grassroots donations as enthusiasm wanes

House Democrats ask for Trump's election conspiracy trial to be televised

On this day, August 4, 1902, actress Clara Peller was born.

Whatcha got there?

Congressional Magats Are Attacking Judge Chutkan

OH: Churches, ballot measures and lobbying law, explained

On this day, August 4, 1962, Marilyn Monroe died.

OH: Want to vote in the Aug. 8 election? Here's everything you need to know

On this day, August 4, 1904, Helen Kane was born. Or was that Betty Boop?

State Troopers TURN AGAINST Republican Governor's BRUTAL New Policy - Against All Enemies

Trump documents case judge made multiple errors in earlier trial

Lindsey Graham always sounds like he's in panic mode when he defends tfg.

On this day, August 4, 1947, Paul Layton of the New Seekers was born.

Let's play a round of "Dumb Donald: Indictment Edition!"

Wordle 776 (Aug 4) ***SPOILERS***

150,000 Russians escalate in the South. Ukraine "recycles" 450 Russians Per Day. Key city liberated.

Copernicus - Carbon Dioxide Output From Canadian Wildfires Jan-Jul 2023 Totals 290 Million Tons

Scott Adams, the stupid racist cartoonist, resurfaces to post something stupid and racist

Reminds me of being a kid again two hotdogs

So, the Orlando Magic now support throat slashing?

Oppenheimer pushed out of the number 2 spot after 13 days. Barbie still at number one



Culex Modestus - Tropical Mosquito And West Nile Virus Vector - Discovered In Finland

it's the combination- blackmail AND bribery.

On This Day: False naval incident - then, first U.S. combat deployment to Vietnam - August 4, 1964

Not one word from Motherfucker's four adult whelps?

Georgia to join China's Belt and Road Initiative - DW News

And just remember Jack Smith has one more indictment to drop on TFG, Wire Fraud

PETITION: Remove trump From the Debate

Mike Pence Found Jesus...

Judge taken into custody after wife fatally shot in Anaheim Hills (upscale Calif neighborhood)

France: President Emmanuel Macron blames single-parents, foster care for French riots - WION

On this day, August 4, 2019, nine people were killed and 26 injured in a shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

A cup of Joe never tasted better (Twitter Joe Biden Clip)

The Many Characters that showed up yesterday

A news channel should drive the route that Trump took from the airport to the courthouse

If TFG isn't convicted over January 6,

Friday TOONs - The Yamburglar

The Election Was Stolen - Luckovich Cartoon

FirstEnergy subpoenaed by state for role in $61 million bribery scheme

The money behind the far right. They view it as a war. (my words)

How would you describe the voice of the former president?

Environmentalists sue Alaska over sanctioned killing of 99 bears

My feelings about the media

MAGA Repubs attack the FBI, the DOJ, the Judges, the Jury System...

Republicans, our democracy depends on your willingness to read the Trump indictment

The U.S. economy added 187,000 jobs in July, less than expected

What has to happen now is a necessary civil war in the Republican Party.

Found this from two years ago but well worth a look ( The Republican Accountability Project

No, he isn't being indicted or arrested for them

The kitten stage

Re-up about flood of ignorant bs about what the investigation took to get to this weeks' indictment.

Keith Olbermann's podcast this A.M. is wonderfully funny

A "speedy" trial date is to be announced on August 28th.

A World On Fire, And 70% Of Republicans Think Climate Collapse "Minor" Or "No Threat"

Loose Cannon made multiple errors in a criminal trial 4 days after she was assigned Trump case

Chinese Stock Market; Trillions Lost: 'Zero' Fallout; Chinese Economy: Household Debt - China Update

Oops! PRC Official Talks Up Using Surrounding Provinces As "Moat" To Protect Beijing From Flooding

You raised $520.00 on August 3, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024 (nearing goal)

Trump motorcade blocked by goats on way home from arrest

I am too logical to understand Christians.

A North American Train Odyssey (Part 2 of 4) Vancouver Island by tourist train, rental car, & ferry

EMILYs List Endorses Sarah McBride for Election to Delaware's At-Large Congressional District

Black people presiding over the downfall of Donald Trump is poetic justice

Trump-Loving Attorney Is Third Charged in Michigan Voting Machine Investigation

Jim Gaffigan Smacks Down Joe Rogan's Lies About Capitol Riot - Farron Balanced

Donald Trump has lost control of his own image

Entrance To An Unexplored Ice Age Cave Discovered Near Engen!

Trump's Jan. 6 defense strategy: "Flood the zone with sh*t"

How Florida let a top insurer abandon homeowners in their time of greatest need

trump's Final Days?

Nebraska's paid sick leave petition drive raises more than $500,000

With Respect To This Recent Arraingment & Upcoming Trial......

"On day one, we're gonna slit some throats"

US economy adds 187,000 jobs, UE rate falls to 3.5%

Jewish school shooting suspect was present when police shot and killed his father, lawsuit says

On Motherfucker begging to move the venue to WV

She Drinks Bud Light - Luckovich Cartoon

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 4, 2023

Islamic State Confirms Top Leader Is Dead


DeSantis appointee to Disney board claimed White people were slaves too

Sorry Mr Trump!

The orange jerk wants the SCOTUS to intercede to stop all these pesky indictments...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the US, the Strait of Hormuz, and Biden....

Hearts, brains and bones: Stolen body parts scandal stretches from Harvard to Kentucky

Dem fear grows over massive grassroots fundraising hit

Who is Erin Carter? - Official Trailer - Netflix - Streams 8/23/2023

Republican senator who voted to convict Trump speaks out on his third indictment

Biden Odds are Better if Trump Is Not he Nominee.

Some Democrats Don't Like Eric Adams. But Can They Beat Him in 2025?

Police officer adopts kitten 'thrown from window' who clung to his shoulders

Longest Yard Sale, the 127

Former Police Union President, Ed Mullins, sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

Trump's big offense was being his awful self

INSANE DRIVING SKILL AND RECOVERY!!! Rally Driver Saves Crash With 360!! Rally Car

Trump & KKK Act: Carol Anderson on Reconstruction-Era Voting Rights Law Cited in Trump Indictment

Chance discovery helps fight against malaria

Now they are asking why DOJ waited two and a half years to bring charges

Trump's "big lie #2." "They" are going after me because I am doing so well in the polls.

Question about candidate Pence testifying against candidate Trump

Dumbest Capitol Rioter Ever Finally Gets Arrested - Farron Balanced

DeSantis appointee to Disney board taught seminar using discredited "White people were slaves" lies

Guess who is the next Oompa Loompa, and Jackass' response sounds like he's

What was/were your favorite book/s as a kid? Mine were the Velveteen Rabbit and the Nancy Drew books

The Boring Company will dig a 68-mile tunnel network under Las Vegas

The misery index (inflation +unemployment) is lower now than when Reagan won 49 states.

FBI finds 200 sex trafficking victims, 59 missing children in two-week sweep

DeSantis Disney Board Appointee Taught Discredited Info- White Slaves in America, Black Slave Owners

Former Columbus police officer charged with murder in death of Donavan Lewis

Republicans are willing to trash every U.S. institution for Trump - Morning Joe - MSNBC

CNN: Parts of South America are sweltering under a 'fierce' heatwave - and it's the middle of winter

New voting machines for NY? State OKs touchscreen models and opponents warn of problems

Former Columbus police officer charged with murder in death of Donavan Lewis

Today is the day Oregonians can pump their own gas

Heh. Judge called him "Mr. Trump" instead of "Mr. President" and Trumpy is pissed.

Trump Reportedly 'Irked' By 1 Word From Judge During Arraignment

L.A. County could have 1.7 million fewer people by 2060. It's not because residents are leaving


Newsom picks oil czar to watch for price gouging

The Guardian: Antarctica's heatwaves are a warning to humanity - and we have only a narrow window ...

There Is Only One "Mr. President" at a Time.

Can you spot the temperature difference between Summer in the North and Winter in the South?

Alexy Navalny has been sentenced to 19 more years in prison. .

'Sound of Freedom' Funder Fabian Marta Arrested For Child Kidnapping

'Sound of Freedom' Funder Fabian Marta Arrested For Child Kidnapping

Tonight, I think Mrs. Aristus and I are finally going to crack our bottle of champagne.

We have become desensitized to violent imagery in political discourse

Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny given more jail time on extremism charges

Does anyone know of an aggregate site or social media

Blowback in Africa: U.S.-Trained Officer Overthrows Pro-U.S. Leader in Niger, U.S. Drone Base Site

Cultural slapfight update

Desperate to show Democrats are "promoting atheism," Republicans divulged sensitive data

something extra special about Trump DC federal case--the Judges who are female

Looking at the Emerson Polls for Michigan.

A Huge Weather Pattern Flip Flop Is Coming

What I Wish Would Happen... Schedule All of Dump's Trials At the Same Time

Just wondering...what if Dumpf is found guilty and his lawyers say he is too sick to go to prison?

Trump shouldn't bank on moving his 2020 election case out of D.C.

Stealing...a roof?

Something entirely different: A sun bear at a China zoo -- or is he a person?

What kills me is they want it to be just the Biden's and just this one time on their alledged

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 4, 2023)

If you don't want your crimes tried in DC

Pic Of The Moment: "If The Facts Are Against You, Argue The Law..."

Iron & Wine (Sam Beam) and Andrew Bird - two awesome acoustic songs, played live at Yosemite

😃🌐🍺🗓️❗️What's the last beer 🍺 you had?

Thanks to AI, "Elvis" likes big butts and he cannot lie--here's how it's possible

EPA Approved a Fuel Ingredient Even Though It Could Cause Cancer in Virtually Every Person Exposed O

"These indictments that I have brought before you today, specific charges herein against the

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah did Speaker Pelosi just tell Andrea Mitchell that

Judge makes Trump team's "heads explode" with bombshell move - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Republicans want to eliminate the Department of Education. Some examples of what that would

Nigeria-led regional bloc ready to flex its muscle in Niger

Well I hope she is on the witness list:

Trump's Idiot Lawyer Undermines His Case Moments Before His Arrest

Osibisa - Woyaya (from an Austrian TV show, 1972)

Trump motorcade forced to weave through traffic "w-several middle fingers from bikers & spectators"

What are some excuses you have used to get out of a boring party, family get together, dinner or a

Sleepy, remain I

Joe Rogan Irresponsibly Suggests Kari Lake Has a Point About Election Fraud

Trump's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day made worse by goats

George Santos - another lesson in lack of GOP ethics or accountability

Trump wants Supreme Court to "intercede" in legal fights

Cartoons 8/4/2023

What happens when you worship a Criminal Sociopath from the Gutter

State launches refund portal for legal fees from vacated drug cases

A Republican 2024 Climate Strategy: More Drilling, Less Clean Energy

Graham says Judge in latest indictment "hates" trump

Gov. Tony Evers says Wisconsin's slate of fake electors should face prosecution

Both sides making allegations, but who has the goods?

Trump Losing in Court (or in Another Election) Won't Be Enough to Save U.S. Democracy

Romanian court releases influencer Andrew Tate from house arrest pending trial

The GOP's New Trump Standard: You Can Only Prosecute Him In Red Areas

DeSantis Finally Agrees to Debate Gavin Newsom, the Right Is Worried! - Pondering Politics

Nearly two-thirds of Americans think Jan. 6 charges against Trump are serious: POLL

DeSantis Dismisses Trump's 2020 Election Theories as False

This 2016 post-election rant was prescient and still resonates. Amazing, heartfelt, blunt...

My shopping cart at Kroger this morning had a praying mantis.

If RFK Jr. Wants To Be President, He's Running In The Wrong Primary

Twitter, now X, sues group that researched hate speech on platform

Pennsylvania contract with 'Real Alternatives' crisis pregnancy center set to expire by end of year

UK Conservatives got 3.5 Million from Fossil Fuel Interests in 2022

U.S. Capitol Police to open Texas field office, citing rising threats against members of Congress

Employers Cut Off Access to Weight-Loss Drugs for Workers

Republican National Committee boosts polling and fundraising thresholds to qualify for 2nd debate

CA5 holds that Mississippi's law disenfranchising various felons for life violates the 8th Amendment

GOP measures would undo protections for endangered lesser prairie chicken, northern bat

Trump was told not to talk to witnesses in 2020 election conspiracy case. That could be a challenge

Rolling Stone: Jack Smith Has an Indictment. Trump Has a Massive Plan for Revenge

Vanishing whale's decline worse than previously thought, feds say

Lawrence O'Donnell: His lawyer admitted on live TV that Trump obstructed justice.

Frackers Can Use Dangerous Chemicals Without Disclosure Due to "Halliburton Loophole"

Oregon crabbers and environmentalists are at odds as a commission votes on rules to protect whales

Remember the Paul is dead" hoax? Anyone know of a fiction

Michigan 2024: Trump and Biden on Course for Tight Rematch

Bobo brags about money she voted against.

Trump drops motion seeking removal of Georgia DA probing efforts to overturn election

Tuberville is destroying our nation's military readiness

For probably the first time in his life, Trump is genuinely frightened...

Brunch August 4, 2023

Will they flip? Why the six people cited in Trump's indictment pose a threat to him

Dozens injured, 100 or so arrested after 1,000 protesters storm Eritrean festival in Stockholm

Donald Trump's Lawyer Is Dumber Than Donald Trump

'Random Acts of Medicine' Review: Paging Dr. Chance

Lauren Boebert Puts Absurdly Positive Spin On Trump's Arraignment

'Just an old man alone': Chris Hayes says Trump's family has abandoned him....

I am retired, and not looking for a job. But why is it so many

The Guardian: Greens push Labor to release declassified climate crisis report 'full of explosive tr...

A quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky:

Trump Threatens Entire Country Before He Goes In To Be Arrested

Trump SPAC gets devastating news as it continues to CRASH AND BURN - Meidas Touch

Best of My Love by the Emotions, 1977.

Who will be the next US Supreme Court Justice that is going to step down?

Cyberattack causes multiple hospitals to shut emergency rooms and divert ambulances

for obama's bday today.

Judge in Trump's Jan. 6 case gives attorneys 2 weeks to propose trial date

Seems that Casey DeSantis is long-winded..........

Does DOJ have evidence Trump committed espionage

Ukraine 'bows hole' in Russian war ship at Black Sea port

I'm struck by how very few Magahats took to the street to protest

For the first time, I'm torn between two thoughts about tfg

'Jack Smith Has Set a Trap for Trump'

He could actually be pResident again. That is so sick.

Hell Yes, Pennsylvania Finally Ends State Funding for Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Inside look at new White House initiative to eliminate hepatitis C - CBS News

NOW Conspiracy - The Lincoln Project

Compilation--funny animals:

Just got home from Australia

Forget about win vs lose in 2024--what about certification of electoral votes in 2025?

The Guardian: Anger in China over plan to use cities as 'moat' to save Beijing from floods

There are three problems with Trump's planned defense

Who will be the next US Senator from CA and MD?

OH-SEN: Frank LaRose accepted money from disgraced real estate tycoon, tax felon whom Trump pardoned

Speaker McCarthy gives angry response to question about the 2020 election

Two of the eight seats on the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff are filled by interim officers

SCSJ, Texas Civil Rights Project Take Galveston Gerrymandering to Trial

What did Casey DeSantis do with $9 million of hurricane Ian relief money?

Given what today is

No comments on this WTF headline at CNN? "Trump wants Supreme Court to Intercede on Legal

OH: State Issue 1 drawing big numbers for Aug. 8 special election in Richland County

37 Hero Animals That Saved Human Lives

Power and truth in Roman libraries

OH: For some religious groups, Issue 1 is about abortion. For others, it's democracy at stake

Injunction halts new law aimed at ending deceptive practices at Illinois pregnancy centers

Judge Beryl Howell rejects Rudy's attempt to avoid discovery sanctions

Right-wing media and anti-abortion groups are muddying the water about an upcoming Ohio ballot measu

Ohio Cannabis Legalization Looks Likely to Be on November Ballot

Holy Moly - 5th Circuit holds Mississippi's law disenfranchising felons violates the 8th Amendment

This is precisely where we're at: Trump is ready to play his trump card: The Supreme Court.

DeSantis slams NBA players union over Orlando Magic criticism

Unprecedented Early Voter Turnout in Ohio as Special Election Centers on Abortion

Trump Is a Dangerous Criminal Who Belongs in Prison

After helping prevent extinctions for 50 years, the Endangered Species Act itself may be at risk

Question. Is there any chance INSURRECTION charge

Another Republican says racism didn't cause Tulsa Race Massacre- Oklahoma

Republican Group Demands 'Consequences' For Trump In Scathing Fox News Ad

Early voting remains strong. Here's what Ohioans need to know as Aug. 8 election nears

Perfunctory buy Profound

LOVING THIS from '17, after a rather boring week here.

White judge's comment that Black defendant 'looks like a criminal' leads to appeals court tossing dr

Another[Oklahoma] Republican says racism didn't cause Tulsa Race Massacre

Ukraine war: Sky News analyses videos of Putin since the mutiny

AL: Hearing for Redistricting Lines for Calhoun County Commission Turns Into Racial Conversation

The Ukrainian cyber warriors disrupting everyday life for Russians - George Grylls - Times Radio

Major cases await as liberals exert control of Wisconsin Supreme Court

The Worst Trump Judge in America is Kyle Duncan

The 'Flu Shot Cheerleader' is back -- with a warning about the anti-vaccine movement

'10 Million Names' project aims to recover hidden history of enslaved African Americans

MAGAs supported Trump because of his hatefulness and cruelty and now, it's karma time.

'Almost too many targets': Report reveals Trump has plans for a furious wave of revenge attacks

OH: The Next Big Abortion Fight

US ready provide "hundreds of millions" of dollars to Solomon Islands - ABC News (Australia)

Reuters: Lake Titicaca drying up as heat wave turns winter upside down

Trump documents case judge made multiple errors in earlier trial

Reuters: Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon fell 66% in July

God's Army Gathers in Fort Worth (Christian nationalists)

If Trump is convicted, Secret Service protection may be obstacle to imprisonment

This post is NOT about the Supreme Court. It's about Trump's level of desperation.

do any of u remember this coke ad. still makes me cry.

My 18 year old son registered to vote today!

Air Force pulls off first AI flight in pilotless plane

A Jupiter-size exoplanet formed around a tiny star. Astronomers aren't sure how

US House seats that the Democrats will pick up in 2024.

They say "If you come at the king, you best not miss." But if you try to overthrow

Ukraine's invisible battle to jam Russian weapons - BBC News

Congratulations: Kentuck, 110,000 posts!

Speaker Pelosi: Trump looked like 'a scared puppy' ahead of DC arraignment - MSNBC Reports

Divided Colorado Republicans plan consequential vote on primary election

Alito's Stab at Congress Violated Ethics Code, Senate Judiciary Democrats Say

Halfway through book report: Miles Taylor's "Blowback."

Margaret and Helen are at it again!

'Almost too many targets': Report reveals Trump has plans for a furious wave of revenge attacks

Joe Rogan suggests Jan. 6 Capitol riot was a set-up to bring down Donald Trump

Thoughts of Dog Twitter. Worth the follow & on Instagram

FCC issues historic $300 million fine against the largest robocall scam it has ever investigated

Cornel West Owes the IRS More than $500,000 in Taxes

If Trump is convicted, Secret Service protection may be obstacle to imprisonment

When you want a cat but have a comedian 😅

Exclusive: US declines to invoke prisoner of war status for Travis King

Glenn Kirschner praising Tanya Chutkan on Deadline: White House

Many thanks and an update

Could we give Trump his own Prison?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Tennessee sending a message to Nashville....

Orlando Magic's Political Donation Is 'Alarming,' Players' Union Says

PM Update: Isolated shower or storm this evening; warm and tranquil this weekend.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird at Heather Gardens - NYC

Opera Star's Texas Rape Trial Takes Unexpected Turn

Question for DU seamstresses/tailors/sewing experts regarding velvet.

Asshole couldn't last one day.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 4, 2023

There's a near-riot going on in New York City...

Who is going to be the 2024 Republican US Senate nominee in MI,MT,NV,OH,VA,and WI?

Argentina's 'notebook' scandal: police confirm calligraphic alterations and dictation

Argentina's 'notebook' scandal: police confirm calligraphic alterations and dictation

Trump pleads not guilty to new charges in classified documents case - MSNBC Reports

He Should Probably Stop -Lincoln Project

Hydrogen-powered flight is closer to takeoff than ever - Popular Science

Every trial involving DjT should be broadcast live.

Alina Habba INCRIMINATES Trump in VERY BIZARRE Arraignment Press Conference - Meidas Touch

The majority of Americans support the coup charges against the Slobfather

Attention baseball fans. The game is all the rage with kids in BHUTAN...

OMG this is hilarious. Casey strikes again! Good luck to the consultants trying to pry the mic out..

If Trump gets elected this country will be over.

Kari Lake and pro-assassination antisemite muse about using the Second Amendment to stop "tyrants"

Democrats pull brilliant move in Wisconsin - Brian Tyler Cohen

Why America's Gun Laws Are in Chaos

And there's nothing wrong with saying that, you know, um, that you've recalculated.....

Did Drumpf just violate the terms of his release?

Do you trust political polls? I don't put much faith in them any more.

MD: Fundraising firm launches super PAC to support potential Sheila Dixon mayor run

Motherfucker sends MAGA their new target list.

Spectacular restaurant Iris is now open in a Norwegian fjord

DeSantis Dismisses Trump's 2020 Election Theories as False

Quantum computer built by Google can instantly execute a task that would normally take 47 years

Meanwhile, in Africa...

earlier i had mentioned the coke version of this song,,, here is the real song

Exclusive: DeSantis' biggest donor says he won't give more money unless changes are made

Court blocks Mississippi ban on voting after some crimes, but GOP official will appeal ruling

Neil Sedaka & Elton John- Bad Blood

ME: Opponents still mulling potential people's veto of abortion bill

2026 US Senate Election in GA? Are David Perdue-R and Brian Kemp-R both going to run?

Anyone see "Bodyguard"?

In Tennessee, far-right groups flex newfound muscle

Trump Finally Facing SEVERE CONSEQUENCES for MAJOR CRIMES - Talking Feds

RI: Campaign finance violations are soaring. Here's why that's not a bad thing.

Today's google doodle honours Altina Schinasi Miranda, artist, women's rights

DeathSentence was involved with torture

Scoop: Biden pushes to end remote work era for feds

RI-01: Voter registration deadline is Sunday

Breaking - no Justin - the Tennessee Justins won back their seats

US judge blocks new Illinois law allowing state to penalize anti-abortion counseling centers

Biden expected to create Grand Canyon national monument to block new mining, sources say

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - San Francisco Dec, 8 1991

We're in it now. So what does The Donald do to stay out of prison?

Well! He must really wants to wants go to jail!

Rick Wilson responds to Trump with typical grace and restraint.

Happy Birthday, President Obama!

'A no-brainer': House Dems call for Trump's Jan. 6 trial to be televised - Deadline - MSNBC

Is Sharice Davids(D-KS) going to be the next US Senator from KS?

How brilliant is Mike Luckovich?

Guessing "MAGA Fans in rural Georgia" start with some reserves...

Trump already violated the Magistrate's order

A case 'unlike any other in American history': What's next for Trump - Deadline - MSNBC

Customers report missing deposits from Wells Fargo bank accounts

Lincoln Project: Cry more, MAGA:

WI: Statement of Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Dallet regarding transparency and account

Should be House Arrest in Bedminster, no internet--

FL Homeowners Shocked, Shocked To Discover Shitty Underfunded Insurance Companies Not Coming Through

Aviation Enthusiasts; Remember the iconic PBY Catalina? Want a brand new one?

North Dakota lawmakers eye Minnesota free tuition program that threatens enrollment

GT's Kombucha exploited its workers for years

Grand jury investigating bid-rigging involving DeSantis' education department

Just wonderin'

Why did Elon Musk rename Twitter -- "X"? Ego?

PA-HD21: For third time this year, special election will decide control of Pa. House

PA: Vote Mama PAC (D) Endorses Council Rock School Board Candidates

Mike Pence's Towering Hypocrisy

2 charged in attack on Muslim women in Milwaukee park, ripping hijabs from their heads

US Army no longer has Senate-confirmed leader, joining Marines

"It Rings a Bell."

Swiss scientists revel in meteoric arrowhead with roots in Estonia

"When It's Morning..."

What to know about mail-in voting in Pennsylvania in 2023

Reuters: North Dakota regulator rejects Summit Carbon Solutions carbon pipeline application

Biden-Harris campaign manager on how president will run against an opponent under indictment - Deadline

Fox News freaking about POTUS sipping from Dark Brandon mug is delectable

I need some help, part Deux

Frederick Francis Goltz, who threatened Arizona election officials, sentenced to 3 years in prison

'Sound of Freedom' Fans Shrug Off Arrest of Donor for Child Kidnapping

Bwah! My local radio talk wingnut station said Drumpf pleaded *guilty*!

Recovered debris offers 'undeniable' proof Russia is using Iran-made one-way drones in Ukraine

Two years after Tokyo, Simone Biles is coming back from 'the twisties.' Not every gymnast does

Mississippi School District Implements Transphobic Dress Code

Reuters: Alberta pauses approvals of some new renewable projects, greens unhappy

NYC: Acting Supreme Court Judge Rachel Freier garners support from Brooklyn's clerical leaders

Don't Choose Extinction - UNDP United Nations Jack Black Climate Action

Man Who Threatened to Bomb, Shoot Up Stonewall Inn Denied Early Release

Report underscores Judge Cannon's inexperience ahead of Trump trial

Jobless rate remains near half-century low in new jobs report

Big Ten adding Oregon and Washington, leaving Pac-12 with uncertain future

Reuters: Amazon nations to set up rainforest science panel, Brazilian minister says

Trump's laywer makes a DAMNING ADMISSION on live TV - Talking Feds

Threat to bomb Democratic Party office in Athens, GA lands woman in prison

Jack Smith Has an Indictment. Trump Has a Massive Plan for Revenge

Besides TX(Cruz-R vs Allred-D),which other Republican held US Senate seat up in 2024 that the

U.S. Prosecutors in Trump's N.Y. criminal case can have his E. Jean Carroll deposition, judge rules

US discussed 'creative ways' to help landlocked Mongolia export rare earths - officials

FDA approves first postpartum depression pill

Tim Scott says he'd finish border wall if elected president

Justice Elena Kagan says she supports an ethics code for the Supreme Court

Reuters: Lisbon on 'red' alert as temperatures soar on last days of pope's visit

Critique My Dating Profile

Trump's possible free speech defense is unlikely to work

***Spoiler***: Kate McKinnon as Weird Barbie

Mr. Trump, sit down and answer the question or I'll hold you in contempt.

Every day I do this.

Legal expert: Trump lawyer just confirmed "an element of the crime" outside of courthouse

Ohio Pro-Issue One Canvassers Have Been Busy the Last Couple of Days.

Friday Talking Points -- The Week We've All Been Waiting For

Year Of The Weasel! Armageddon Update Christopher Titus

Legal experts dismiss Trump's lines of defense: They don't 'hold any weight' - Deadline - MSNBC

Just think?

Showstopping performance by Belarusian commandos - Break the Fake - TVP World

Commonwealth Games: Will there be another event after Alberta and Victoria withdrawals?

GAYLE - abcdefu

MTG Is LOSING IT Over Trump's Newest Charges

Ukraine war rumors tonight: Crimea