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Archives: August 5, 2023

Trump prison fears mount as new charges show "all roads lead to coup": Melber Special Report - The Beat

MAGA Cultist Kari Lake Makes Case Against Impeaching Biden?! - Pondering Politics

DeSantis Disney appointee taught seminar falsely claiming white people were also slaves

John Bolton: Why prosecutors need convictions in Trump's court cases (CNN)

The genetic legacy of African Americans from Catoctin Furnace

Florida mayor shocks meeting attendees with 'racist' comment about Hispanic commissioner

Fox Host Gets Massively Triggered by Co-Host Sharing Facts on Trump! - Luke Beasley

Coup Indictment: Here's Why Trump's Usual Defenses Won't Work

Some people just suck SO bad....

This Week at Justice - August 4, 2023 - The Justice Department

SuperSpeedersRob: Sixt Tried Screwing Me Again - I Won This Time (Always Take Pics of Rental Cars)

VP: The people of Tennessee stood up and spoke out

Pediatrician group reaffirms support for gender-related care for minors

Of course MAGAs went rabid 1/6/21 - read the indictment...

he couldn't last a day!

Hell Yes, Pennsylvania Finally Ends State Funding for Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Blasts in Crimea, pro-Russia officials report Ukraine drone attack

Rudy Giuliani Bitterly Hits Back At Mike Pence - Waldorf Nation

Newsweek reports today that Ukraine strike last month against the Kerch Bridge

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump seemingly ignoring the judge....

Indicted: MAGA violence becomes criminal evidence against Trump in coup case - The Beat - MSNBC

Sunset southern MD 8/4

The DeSantis-Newsom Feud Is Now Poised to Be a Televised Slugfest

Keith Olbermann bulletin regarding Trump violating the magistrate's warnings

Workers at a Los Angeles Cinnabon strike to protest Pride policy

New liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court majority moves to weaken conservative chief justice

The Defendant has Already Threatened Prosecutors. It Didn't Take Long.- COUNTDOWN

I don't envy TFG's counsel for this third indictment.

Big DeSantis Donor Cuts Off New Money

Russia adding to Syria's plight - Eastern Express - TVP World

Elon Musk STUMBLES Over Colossal Twitter X Financial Escalation

Trump's National Lead Grows

Golly gee, "Brandon" is an insult? Who knew?

How much money do oil CEOs make?

My fiance made taco spaghetti yesterday

A little Friday evening levity

When we get through this nightmare I hope there is a law passed

Which Democrat has a chance of becoming the next US Senator from SC?

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Reuters: nearly half of republicans wouldnt vote for trump if convicted of a felony

Dear Trump and maga,

News Wrap: Trump enters plea on additional charges in classified documents case - PBS NewsHour

Is John Lauro a double agent?

The Alternate Reality of MAGA Media

Friday Night Champagne Buzz. Ask me anything.

Trump's predictions about mass post-indictment protests prove false

Lawfare Docket Watch: All the legal papers of Trump indictment

Rudy Giuliani's DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR Exposed In New Recordings

"About as narrow, committing, and epic as it ever gets" El Rio Claro !

Tweet of the Day

msnbc should book Charles Coleman more often

Mike Thompson in Mpls Star Tribune on Taylor Swift giving her staff big bonuses

Tell me pictures of Polievre w/out his glass should not be described as "man

Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force feat. Herbie Langhans (Full-Band-Cover)

Chris Hayes: Mitch McConnell blew it with Trump impeachment acquittal - All In - MSNBC

'Banality of evil': Trump conspirator's path from 'unremarkable' to coup plotter - All In - MSNBC

Judge's order exempts Texas women with complicated pregnancies from state abortion ban

Trump screws himself one day after court appearance - Brian Tyler Cohen

Idaho voter groups remain determined to halt new registration law

Pod Save America: Mike Pence Takes Aim at DJT over Latest Criminal Charges

Mrs. Betty Bowers tweeted an observation today... (re The Groper's all caps threat)

How the system works in America

State, legislative races to watch in the Mississippi Primary Election

Blobverbs 8/24/23

'Look where we are now:' Congresswoman rips Senate Republicans who acquitted Trump - All In - MSNBC

The 2026 Democratic US Senate nominees in AK,IA,KS,ME,MS,MT,NC,SC,and TX?

Yngwie .J. Malmsteen - Fugue [HD 1080p]

Pod Save America: Chris Christie on why he turned on trump-eventually

Man And His Hamster Have A Special Bromance

If Florida institutes their new AP Psychology classes...

***Breaking ***DOJ Wants Protective Order After Deranged Trump Post

Breaking News: DOJ asks for protective order against Trump.


And there it is. Jack Smith is reading your socials, Donald

Love in Vain - Stones - 1971

Tiny Dogs Who Were Chained Up Insist On Getting Adopted Together

Special Counsel alerts DC judge about Trump's social media threat today, proposes protective order

Breaking: Velshi says Kyle Cheney/Politico reports Jack Smith just filed for a protective order

Not Fade Away - Dead - JFK Stadium, 1973

Trump boasts at Alabama fundraiser that he needs 'one more indictment to close out this election'

The Asher House Dog sanctuary needs help if anyone can. Terrible sad situation.

'I'm coming after you!' Donald Trump issues threat on Truth Social

Jack Smith seeks protective order citing Trump's threat on Truth Social

Push for Debbie Mucarsel-Powell to take on Rick Scott is growing

Star Trek strange New World. Subspace Rhapsody

Jimmy Hendrix - If 6 was 9

Donovan - Atlantis - 1971?

'Sound of Freedom' movie funder arrested for Felony Child Kidnapping.

Trump back in court, the Judge directly admonishing him, and eliciting a response from tfg

Doris Kearns Goodwin: It takes grace, humility to give a concession speech - Morning Joe - MSNBC

DOJ proposed a protective order against trump tonight?

I received an email from NerdWallet saying someone has logged into my account using my IP Address

Greg and Duane Allman - Down and Out

The Rule of Janet Is Here. Wisconsin Republicans Should Be Afraid.

JoyceWhiteVance "..revoke Trump's pre-trial bond & put him in custody. Let him explain it to the jud

Trump's arraignment: a speedy trial is coming; Trump's threatening post; and possible consequences

Fetterman recaps six months in Congress: 'Fixation on a lot of dumb s--'

How soon can the judge issue a protective order

Apartheid Clyde promotes racist CT on his social media platform

This 20-year-old 'ancient' dog has baffled vets

Desantis rhetoric makes him sound like a psychotic, anti-social, deranged demagogue.

The similarities between the OJ case and Trump's

Michael Jackson (AI Cover) - Careless Whisper (George Michael)

We all have heard about the Christian Nationalism movement...

Lock that orange motherfucker up!!!!

Dead - He's Gone (Live at Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT, February 28, 1973)

To fix the labor shortage, economists point to women -- and better child care

You know how Putin is finding out? Time for Trump to find out

You can't scream witch hunt ...

Can you speak louder Donnie?

Just curious, GOP

☦️ Orthodox Christian Tradition of Faith - The Jesus Prayer

A judge has ruled Texas' abortion ban is too restrictive for women with pregnancy complications.

How is Twitch streaming personality charged with inciting riot but Trump isn't?

☦️ Orthodox Christianity - The Jesus Prayer (chanted in English)

☦️ Eastern Orthodox: Background for the Jesus Prayer - 'The Way of a Pilgrim'

Dead - 1970 - Ron (Pigman) - Lovelight - McKernan drove the Dead,

Fox host sounds upset...

DOJ's Protective Order Against Trump

VA: GOP-Controlled Richmond City Electoral Board Eliminates Sunday Voting

The perplexing aftermath of the Wagner mutiny shows Putin is more vulnerable than ever

VA: Lawson (R) leads in PWC chair fundraising; Roem (D) lands big haul in Senate race

VA: Hampton councilman says he was extorted out of $5,000 after visit to prostitute

BREAKING: Special Counsel cites inflammatory Trump social post in protective order request - Last Word

Welp, *that* was embarrassing. Reading the room yada.

☦️ Eastern Orthodoxy- Greek Orthodox Chant of 'Agni Parthene'

Florida History Teacher Job Interview

WA: Top Seattle City Council candidates appear safe after Friday results

CA: Orange County judge arrested after his wife is shot to death in their home. 'It's a shock'

Texas man who threatened poll workers and Arizona officials is sentenced to 3 years

The upcoming trial of TFG is more than prosecuting a criminal. Is about truth.

Thousands of L.A. city workers to strike Tuesday

Bank of America now expecting 'soft landing' instead of recession

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christianity - '9 Things You Might Not Know About the Holy Cross '

AZ Secretary of State speaks out on the impact of Trump's election lies - The Last Word - MSNBC

CA: Congressman Adam Schiff Joins DemOC PAC August 16

New AI-Powered Brain Implant Restored Feeling And Movement For A Quadriplegic Man


Opinion: Why the Trump trial should be televised (WaPo)

Florida officials tell state schools to teach AP Psychology 'in its entirety'

costa rican sunset outside my ocean view door.....

Russia says tanker hit in Ukrainian attack near Crimea

Meet DC District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, the judge who don't play.

Can't wait to see how Rush Limbaugh and Andrew Breitbart react to indictments

This has been spinning round my head for the past few days

'Supporting Trump a failure of civic character': Nichols slams allies condemning Jan. 6 indictment

Did TFG just back down on his threat to go after people?

'Apparently it's all good because he didn't send in the tanks?': Joy Reid on Trump lawyer defense

when threatened

US National Archives presents Marijuana hosted by Sonny Bono

Dems move to protect abortion access in Ohio - Velshi - The Last Word - MSNBC

How Jack Smith Structured the Trump Election Indictment to Reduce Risks

Livestreamer Kai Cenat faces multiple charges after chaos erupts at Manhattan's Union Square during

A question about Trump's threat

DeSantis culture war drives AP Psychology out of Florida schools - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

'Extremely volatile situation': Trump could put himself in jail before a prosecutor does- Alex Wagner

Breakfast Saturday 5 August 2023

I have discovered a magical trick which gets our cat to eat

UAMPS subsidiary applies to NRC to begin CFPP construction activities.

Trump's mask slips further with choice of Alabama political event - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

DeSantis Bans AP Psychology Out Of Fear People Will Figure Out What's Wrong With Him. (The Onion)

Prosecutors cite Trump post in protective order request - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Middle of the night moon!

Is Climate Change Really Worse Than Anything We Imagined? - Thom Hartmann

RI-01: Democratic race heats up as candidates take jabs over PACs and privilege

OH: Early voting continues with just days until special election

Last weekend for early voting on Ohio Issue 1


Ex-White House Press Secretary Says She's 'Nervous' Following Trump's 'Chilling' Post

Westland, Warren mayoral primaries could hamper Michigan Dem House majority

Trump claims he only needs 'one more indictment' to win 2024 election

Texas Cops Fired After Accidentally Texting Swastika to Wrong Number

The Rule of Janet Is Here. Wisconsin Republicans Should Be Afraid.

New Social Security Poll Makes Voters Question How Democratic America Really Is? - Thom Hartmann

Judge Rules Texas Abortion Ban is Too Restrictive for Women With Pregnancy Complications

Ohio Police Officer Charged with Murder for Shooting Unarmed Black Man in His Bed

Russian Black Sea Fleet's flagship, the guided missile cruiser "Moskva", listing heavily to port as

Federal Jury Acquits Louisiana Trooper Caught On Camera Pummeling Black Motorist

African female chief rises to power- annulled 2600 child marriages and sent the girls back to school

Mississippi cannot strip convicts of right to vote, federal appeals court rules

Why Jack Smith Hasn't Asked the Court to Resind Trump's Bond...

DeSantis's biggest donor cuts off funds, demands moderate shift (on abortion)

Are These Far Right Groups the Power Behind SCOTUS? - Thom Hartmann

Sen. Whitehouse & Joy Reid Rip Justice Alito's Bizarre Interview for the WSJ Editorial Page

NYC progressives fear 'total failure to coalesce' around mayoral primary challenge

Georgia attorney accused of kicking in Nancy Pelosi's office door on Jan. 6 sentenced

FL,OH and TX from most Republican to least Republican in the 2024 US Presidential Election Level is

New road closures outside Fulton County courthouse could indicate indictments are close

Connecticut troopers under federal investigation for allegedly submitting false traffic stop data

At a snails pace

Wordle 777 🟩 AUG 5 SPOILERS

African female chief rises to power- annulled 2600 child marriages and sent the girls back to school

NASA restores contact with Voyager 2 spacecraft after mistake led to weeks of silence

2026 US Senate Election in GA(Ossoff-D vs Kemp-R) and NC(Tillis-R vs Cooper-D).

Ukraine last night took out a Russian transport ship.

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan sentenced to three years in jail

Republican CAUGHT LYING in Newly Uncovered Footage, accidentally EXPOSES Dangerous SCHEME - AAE


A neuroscientist warns: We're watching the largest and most dangerous 'cult' in American history

Rolling Stones - She's a Rainbow

If Mark Udall(D-CO) had won re-election in 2014, would he and his cousin Tom Udall(D-NM) had ran for

Patron loves Summer!

Some watercolor flowers and a landscape lesson.

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Prosecutors Ask Judge To Issue Protective Order After Trump Post Appearing To Promise Revenge

On this day, August 5, 1956, Maureen McCormick, Marcia Brady on "The Brady Bunch," was born.

After helping prevent extinctions for 50 years, the Endangered Species Act itself may be in peril

On this day, August 5, 2010, the 2010 Copiapo mining accident occurred.

On this day, August 5, 1969, the Lonesome Cowboys police raid in Atlanta occurred.

Noted defense attorney Charles Ogletree dies

Wisconsin Supreme Court enters a new era as it flips to liberal control after 15 years

Mark Margolis, Actor on 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul,' Dies at 83

Long targeted in abortion battle, U.S. global AIDS program gets new home in state department

Genetic variant linked to lower levels of HIV virus in people of African ancestry

Snowy-bellied Hummingbird - Costa Rica

The Madisonian Case Against Trump


Happy😃 National🇺🇸 Oyster🦪 Day🗓️❗️Yummy😋 or Yucky🤢❓

What is this sorcery? 😂

You want kraken? You got kraken -- law & order

Train delays are up from D.C. to Boston. It will not get better soon.

Let's talk CD4 count.

On this day, August 5, 1974, Richard Nixon released the "Smoking Gun" tape, recorded June 23, 1972.

Chris Christie meets with Zelenskyy during Ukraine trip

On this day, August 5, 1914, Parley Baer, the Mayor of Mayberry in The Andy Griffith Show, was born.

On This Day: Reagan fires more than 11,000 air-traffic controllers - August 5, 1981

6 Mississippi officers known as 'Goon Squad' plead guilty to torturing 2 Black men

Baytown couple dies in home after air conditioning failure in Texas heat

This meeting has been ended by the host

On Writing. And on Trump.

A dramatically close election in Kentucky gives clues for both parties

On this date-

Bigotted, racist Former Police Union Chief Gets Prison Time for $600K Fraud

I Saw the Hollowness Inside Andrew Yang's New Third Party

Rick Derringer has a birthday today.

MT: Why I filed a campaign finance complaint against the Realtors PAC in Missoula

The lights have gone out on the Kerch Bridge

GOP Firebrand Files Complaint Over Dem Transgender Committeewoman

Justice Dept to seek 33-months prison in Capitol riot case of Dan Phipps of Texas

Mark O'Connor has a birthday today.

Man Accused Of Torturing Wife After She Helped Get Him Out Of Assault Charge

And, the Asshole Of The Week Award goes to the asshole who abandoned their dog at PIT

LaRue County man pleads guilty for involvement in Jan. 6 attack

You raised $170.00 on August 4, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024 (nearing current goal)

Five Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

You raised $25.00 on August 4, 2023 (unofficial) DU for Gallego Senate AZ (beat Senator Sinema)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Wisconsin Supreme Court....

Trump trying to walk back his threat - No one is going to buy his BS

Gen Z for Change Leader Interrupts Biden Press Secretary to Demand Climate Action

Isn't this how it goes?

4 Aug: Genius. Ukrainians Use New Tactic And Destroy 2 Russian Ships - Reporting from Ukraine

Good Morning from Little Sir Bright Eyes

Letter carriers send message to Ron DeSantis after 'slitting throats' threat

Chief Mouser - The Downing Street Cats

Weekend TOONs - That's A Lot Of Chickens

You're Playing Us Too Close

California Truck Parts Manufacturer Sinister Diesel Agrees to Pay $1 Million After Pleading Guilty

Things get worse for Alexey Navalny

Putin is compromised and ready to talk. Russia under attack and demands "security guaramtees".-TRD


Costa Rica soccer player eaten by crocodile in front of horrified onlookers

Putin's navy and air force are 'psychologically damaged' by Ukraine's drone strikes - Times Radio

Next on my reading list...

"Do you not speak English?" -- Nazi Gorka to BBC Host

Trump makes fatal mistake, hands Jack Smith massive opportunity - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about DOJ filing about Trump already....

Fugitive captured in Florida was leading posh lifestyle, flaunting wealth

Brush fire kills 2 and destroys 9 homes in suburban Tacoma, Washington

Is there a connection between Chris Christie visiting Ukraine

In Canada today, there are 1057 wildfires, 677 out of control.

"I saw a scared puppy": Pelosi says Trump showed no bravado during Thursday's arraignment

Power at the gas pump: Oregon lets drivers fuel their own cars, lifting decades-old self-serve ban

You can't make this up: Trump as a fictional character

Trump Regrets Suing Michael Cohen And Fears He'll Incriminate Himself - Farron Balanced

Illinois Improves Law for Staffing Temp Agency Workers:

Two people caught swine flu after visiting pig exhibits at agricultural fairs, CDC reports

Cruising into Caturday...

Eastman Reiterates Support For Full Insurrection

USA Today: The world inches closer to feared global warming 'tipping points': 5 disastrous scenarios

Are Dems Better Off if Trump's Cases Go Beyond the Election?

Vim: Message from the family of Bram Moolenar

Is Dead Bounce Ron Going YOLO?

Who the fuck is gonna wanna cross THAT bridge?

AP: Vermont's flood-wracked capital city ponders a rebuild with one eye on climate change

The last thing you ate is what you have to eat for the rest of your life

"I'm coming after you"

Started/Going (Dowd)

What is the likelihood that if Trump returns to the White House

Fuck You Saudi Arabia

Willamette Week: Oregon Cherry Harvest, Thrashed by Climate Change, Needs Emergency Aid, GOP Rep Say

Clarence Thomas's $267,230 R.V. and the Friend Who Financed It

Prison would mean difficulties for the Secret Service?

I love my dog and maybe two humans

Ali Velshi is a real treasure

A scofflaw of the greatest magnitude

Inside Climate News: New York Activists Descend on the Hamptons to Protest the Super Rich Fueling ...

When are we going to start treating Trump like any other American would be treated

Russian Oil Profits Collapse as Refined Sales Crash & China & India Refine Cheap Russian Crude - JB

Gov. Tony Evers calls for legal consequence for false electors

Everyone needs to stop pretending that Donnie Dipshit will EVER be president again

Trump's Business Hauled In $2.4 Billion During Four Years He Served (Forbes)



A neuroscientist warns: We're watching the largest and most dangerous 'cult' in American history

Breaking Judge Chutkan orders Slobby's lawyers to respond to Jack Smith's request for a protective

John Eastman Comes Clean: Hell Yes We Were Trying to Overthrow the Government

Trump's lawyers are now ordered to appear before the court by 5 PM on Monday

Opinion Here's the Intelligence Assessment of Donald Trump that the Government Can't Write

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 5, 2023)

Docket entry where TFG is ordered to respond to Special Prosecutor's motion on protective order

Saudi Arabia kicks off Ukraine talks that exclude Russia

EPA Approved a Fuel Ingredient Even Though It Could Cause Cancer in Virtually Every Person Exposed..

Perfidia - Helen Forrest - Benny Goodman 🎵

Justine Bateman - sounding resolute, but despairing/anguished - on AI & Hollywood (Politico)

Anyone have a link to the complete MJ segment on concession speeches?


DeSantis Busted Using Florida Taxpayer Funded Vehicles For Out Of State Campaigning - Ring of Fire

What makes you laugh? a Joke? a comedy show? What sets you off to laugh?

"Trump Duped America" (grab a Kleenex)

Man Thought He'd Rescued An Ordinary Kitten Until He Saw Its Huge Paws

Evil doings in Canada

Clarence Thomas's $267,230 R.V. and the Friend Who Financed It

Attainder: my fantasy after a Shakespeare binge

Guy Sleeps In Bed Full Of Rescue Animals

Given Chump's statements of martyrdom for his Zombies, and consumption of Big Macs,

Why Liverpool is hosting Kyiv Pride ...

Cartoons 8/5/2023

Cute doggo cartoon:

Lowdown - Boz Scaggs 🎤

Before 2015 Drumpf was an inconsequential buffoon. Then he became president.

Trump indictment emerges as central GOP concern at Utah special election debate

Dog reacts to being sung happy birthday:

Bumper sticker I saw yesterday

Who would you like to see LOCKED UP?

15 Month Decline: Chinese Economy & Housing Crisis; US-China; Taiwan; Australia - China Update

Double take:

Trump Indictment Presents New Obstacle in Spending Fight as Shutdown Looms

Dance like no one is watching:

MINUTE ORDER as to Donald J. Trump

Puppy finds a friend in the mirror:

Who in your opinion was/is the best late night show host. I have to go with Johnny Carson.

Kid (goat) on a trampoline:

Fancy paws!

We Drove the Worst Reviewed Car in America

Kinzinger: Putin hopes to 'spend lives to buy time' in Ukraine before 2024 election - CNN

One Reason We All Want to Live in Barbieland? There Is No Gun Industry.

Rudy Giuliani's Shocking Harassing Statements Revealed In Court Transcript

One Reason We All Want to Live in Barbieland? There Is No Gun Industry.

One Reason We All Want to Live in Barbieland? There Is No Gun Industry.

Smol personal trainer:

One Reason We All Want to Live in Barbieland? There Is No Gun Industry.

Determined kitty knows where the food is:

Stop Gun Violence With a Reproductive Justice Approach

Stop Gun Violence With a Reproductive Justice Approach

Stop Gun Violence With a Reproductive Justice Approach

Stop Gun Violence With a Reproductive Justice Approach

Owls are just cats with wings (sky cats):

DeSanctimonious will never be President.

Apparently tired of all the Republicans taking credit for a bill they voted against, the White House

Pupper lifeguard --"I've got you, little fren":

What I would like Judge Chutkan to say to Motherfucker's mouthpieces

TFG's attorneys just filed a motion asking for three more days to respond to protective order

OpenAI has "improved" ChatGPT with ways to help you do less thinking on your own

Rest in Power: Katie Early, Long-Time Champion for Reproductive Justice

Rest in Power: Katie Early, Long-Time Champion for Reproductive Justice

Rest in Power: Katie Early, Long-Time Champion for Reproductive Justice

Rest in Power: Katie Early, Long-Time Champion for Reproductive Justice

Little bird stops by to chat:

Global Reproductive Justice Is What We Need Right Now

Global Reproductive Justice Is What We Need Right Now

Global Reproductive Justice Is What We Need Right Now

Fulton County Sheriff Delivers POWERFUL WARNING to Trump

Global Reproductive Justice Is What We Need Right Now

Hold on there, young man. I'm going to need to see some I.D.

Plaintiffs challenging City of Miami's redistricting map over racial gerrymandering dealt legal blow

Why We Need A Reproductive Justice Bill of Rights (Trigger warning for graphic violence)

Gaslighting explained (for obvious reasons)

Why We Need A Reproductive Justice Bill of Rights (Trigger warning for graphic violence)

Why We Need A Reproductive Justice Bill of Rights (Trigger warning for graphic violence)

Why We Need A Reproductive Justice Bill of Rights (Trigger warning for graphic violence)

KY-GOV: A dramatically close election in Kentucky gives clues for both parties

Postcat delivering the mail:

Anti-Wokeism Is Kind of a Big Problem for Black Republicans

What would your life be like right now if the air conditioning went out

Puppy learning to howl:

Wagner Men Exiled by Putin Threaten New Firestorm in Europe

Thousands Rally In Bulgaria Against Domestic Violence After Shocking Case

Thousands Rally In Bulgaria Against Domestic Violence After Shocking Case

Moon setting early morning over river:

Girls painting toenails together:

Why is Meidas Touch

Cambodia electoral body confirms Prime Minister Hun Sen's party as the winner after final vote tally

In Bulgaria, A Loophole In The Law Is Killing Women

In Bulgaria, A Loophole In The Law Is Killing Women

In Bulgaria, A Loophole In The Law Is Killing Women

Rudy G. & Roger Stone

Compilation --toddlers eloquently arguing:

Compilation -- Babies and mirrors:

The Glamorous, Sexist History of the Women's Restroom Lounge

The Glamorous, Sexist History of the Women's Restroom Lounge

Founder of OceanGate has new project

The Glamorous, Sexist History of the Women's Restroom Lounge

Starfish walking:

The judge did not ask Trump if he would comply with her order..

Because we could use the lift--DNC Fight Song 2016

Chipmunk stuffing his cheeks:

Federal judge issues aggressive order against Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

Welcome To Wonkette Happy Hour, With This Week's Bar Snack, Candied Angostura Nuts!

Who Do We Call To Solve Our Most Complex Problem? Vice President Harris.

Who Do We Call to Solve Our Most Complex Problems? Vice President Harris

Ukrainian sea drone hits Russian target for second day in row

Clarence Thomas's $267,230 R.V. and the Friend Who Financed It

Nailed it!

For those who would like to see Trump in prison before the GE,

Kremlin extend Navalny's sentence as a tactical 'deterrent'

That magical moment, right before you toss the salad ...

Question: All those convicted because of Jan. 6 have lost their voting rights, correct?

Question about Trump request for 3 day extension

See Me, Feel Me

The Fat Orange Slug NOT READY For Jack Smith's NEXT CHECKMATE Move

Kara-Murza's Courage is a Message to All of Us

How Niger's Coup Might Lead to War - TLDR News Global

Prosecutors ask judge to issue protective order after Trump post appearing to promise revenge

Would some kind person please tell this deafie what Casey DeSantis says in this speech?

Politico hit piece on Dem fundraising manages to confuse increases for decreases

Lincoln Lawyer season two, not nearly as good as season one.

We don't want our political opponents in prison.

ratfucking Rethugs are doing a dance at the Fitch downgrade + praying that Moody's & S&P follow suit

Massive turn out for early voting in Columbus OH

Legislation Filed To Prevent Fox News From Using Defamation Payout As A Tax Write Off - Ring of Fire

Judge questions Giuliani over not forfeiting lawsuit after conceding false 2020 election statements

Bad behavior at 'Barbenheimer' reflects a worrying trend

If Devin Nunes had not taken the CEO job at the Trump Media Company, Would his US House District be

Lawfare Docket Watch: January 6 indictments

I don't want to think about what would happen to me

"You're Too Honest"

Watching some interviews on MSNBC right now of Trump supporters.

Lawfare Docket Watch: Trump Prosecuted in Florida

DOMI on the complexities of writing music...

Jack Smith has filed a motion asking the Judge to reject the proposed three day delay

Who is likely to be the next US Senator from IL?

Aileen Cannon, the judge in the Trump documents case, made multiple errors in an earlier trial

Country lacks a unifying voice in aftermath of Trump charges

Would there be any benefit for Trump's PR if he is given a gag order, breaks it and goes to prison

Is Sherrod Brown's margin of victory in the 2024 OH US Senate Election be above or below 5 percent?

anti book banner protest in texas

Lee Asher (The Asher House Rescue)

The Great American Displacement Is Coming

I don't see why the secret service can't protect Trump in jail

DeStupid really is a blood thirsty. "Slitting throats," and overseeing executions

Democrats Drastically Overperforming in Special Elections

Anybody play the Washington Post's Mini Meta Crossword? For the first time,

'Rather than spend time complying, defendant drafted a filing on why he didn't have time to review'

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 5, 2023

Just wondering something that is a bit trite

Star Trek MAGA question

The Donald and the Perons

'Sound of Freedom' Fans Shrug Off Arrest of Donor for Child Kidnapping

An honest question for this group:

The Age of the Breaking of the Human Spirit

I finally got a good photo of one of Rhys' siblings. The other is almost identical


X in Chinese names is pronounced as "sh"

Steve Schmidt on the Newsom-DeSantis debate & how good a man Newsom is

Al Gore Presents Climate Crisis Slideshow NowThis

Venting furious data breach

Why didn't Trump just call his social media platform Pravda?

Trump's lawyer needs more time to respond to the DOJ's motion but is booked on All Sun. shows!!

If Trump breaks a gag order, say twice and is sentenced to prison. Would he try a Cliven Bundy move?

Rev. Al with the moves!

Trump just went after a witness against him in his case

1,400-year-old village -- with burial ground and colorful ceramics -- revealed. See them

From the DC sentencing hearing

Judge Chutkan denies Trump request for more time

It's no longer illegal, but I still smile

Russia promises retaliation after Ukrainian drones hit a Russian tanker in 2nd sea attack in a day

Bad politics is the result of the loss of rational thinking.

Judge Denies trump extension

Is IN US Representative Greg Pence going to win re-election in 2024?

So, trump wants a delay...I don't t'ink so.

How dare a two-bit con man like djt mock Jack Smith?


Almost Heaven in the Pacific Northwest

damn it's hot in DFW

Am I wrong but does it not seem like the walls are closing

Police say Eden Christian security guard traveled to Mississippi to meet girl for sex

After Trump Is Gone...

Jest funnin' here.

Just 24 hours after being told by judge not to threaten witnesses, Trump appears to violate order

***BREAKING***TFG ignores judge's order and attacks the star witness

what is with the vests with their names on them? Why????

This Man Has The Ear Of Billionaires -- And A White Supremacist Past He Kept A Secret

'He's delusional': Trump lashes out at Mike Pence--a key figure in elections case

Trump and the Pope

Texas man who threatened poll workers and Arizona officials is sentenced to 3 1/2 years

DKOS: Quick Report on Hope Springs GOTV in Ohio Today

Kentucky voters weigh in on McConnell's health scare

When Jan. 20th 2029 rolls around

Trump's lawyer's attempt to delay the response to the protective order DENIED.

Influencer Kai Cenat charged with inciting a riot after New York City mayhem

Judge denies Trump legal team's motion to extend deadline over protective order

I dare the Slobfather and his goons to keep up the threats

Simone Biles to make a comeback at about 7:40 or 8 o'clock. Good

I got an email from Dark Brandon. I love it!

Democrats will gain at least 1 US Senate seat in 2026.

Zelenskiy condemns attack on blood transfusion centre as 'war crime'

An unexpected life lesson.

Tweet of the Day

How long until the Defendant lights into the judge?

Treat Trump like every other defendant who doesn't comply with court instructions.

Gig Economy: I'm 57, Shattered, Reality of Deliveroo Rider; Food Truck Workers Fight Heat, Metal Box

Know what's funny ? mr. trump can slam, mock and belittle Jack Smith

If any media is covering Trump's magaloon conventions

DU and my IPhone...

California Attorney General to probe Chino Valley schools' transgender student policy

Sherrod Brown/JD Vance counties.

Boygenius on CBS Saturday Morning - interview/$20/Cool About It/Not Strong Enough

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Why were Mr. and Mrs. Sweet Potato

Pence was already targeted by Trump on Jan. 6. This latest intimidation is an extention of that

The latest Trump indictment is not just about the Jan. 6 insurrection. It's about the vote. - Velshi

Prosecutors cite Trump's social media posts as they seek limits on handling of evidence

Someone just said on MSNBC, no one wants to really see Trump go to jail tonight

World's Oldest Stone Tools Were Made By Ape-Like Hominid 3.3 Million Years Ago

NASA's interstellar Voyager 2 probe resumes communication with Earth

This dog spent two years looking for a family to take him home

Massive solar explosion felt on Earth, the moon and Mars simultaneously for the 1st time ever

Jeff Tiedrich on Threads:

Nature tries global warming in a small town, and succeeds.

Lawsuit challenges Biden administration's new $39 billion student loan forgiveness plan

Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche

Welcome to fuck around and find out Saturday! (RE- Judge Chutkan's denial of trump delay motion)

'Indigenous languages are asleep, not extinct,' says Kokama linguistics researcher

Alan (I kept my underwear on) Dershowitz slams Barr for 'dead wrong' comments on Trump indictment