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Senior Investigator for Jan. 6 Cmte reacts to 'incredibly damning' new indictment details - Velshi

See no evil: GOP lawmakers don't believe in any venue to hold Trump accountable

Joint UCSC study provides insights into ancient Incan society

People in China mined and burned coal as early as 3,600 years ago

Texas ELIMINATES Libraries In Chilling Disciplinary Takedown

'Traitor': Trump supporters harangue Pence in New Hampshire

Hydrogen-powered buses launched at Beijing E-Town, China

Fears rise over Japan's upcoming release of Fukushima nuclear wastewater

Lindell Loses It Over 'Deflamation', Trump's Lawyer Admits To Charge

Something I just saw reminded me of the poverty that surrounded me when I was a kid. (late 50s)

NASCAR driver Noah Gragson suspended for liking meme making fun of George Floyd's murder

Shaligrams, the sacred fossils that have been worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists for over 2,000 year

BREAKING: Federal Judge Delivers INSTANT SMACKDOWN to Trump - Meidas Touch

Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang (music video + live, acoustic, w/ a string quartet, London 1995)

Portrait of my father toiling in his koi pond

Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang (music video + live, acoustic, w/ a string quartet, London 1995)

The economy is good, and Republicans have no idea what to do

Ahead of Ohio abortion vote, Republicans try to change the rules

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump revealing his emotional state....

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Finally charged! in 2021, after man dies, probate judge and buddies ransack the house

The Climate Change Denial Campaign - 2013 findings by Scholars Strategy Network

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia and ratios....

On Jack Smith (Threads):

8-Mile-Long Canvas of 12,600-Year-Old Rock Art Discovered in Amazon Rainforest Ancient Architects

Mad World - Gary Jules and Curt Smith (Tears for Fears) Live

Alabama Republican Party bans AEA contributions in most school races

KY-GOV: Beshear, Cameron face off before a raucous crowd

GOP Jesus

Jim Crow-era lifetime ban on felons voting is unconstitutional, court rules

Trump team denied more time to respond to special counsel's protective order - American Voices MSNBC

I've been thinking about the responsibilities and duties of the judges in TFG's cases,

Ukraine's Peace Plan & Jeddah Talks: Understanding the Crisis with Sergei Erofeev - TVP World

The GOP Justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court are taking their new "minority status" very well

Exclusive: Biden campaign manager responds to Trump Indictment - American Voices - MSNBC

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024 by a landslide to narrow margin.


France backs West Africa's bid to undo Niger coup - Reuters

Trump Supporter Realizes That He Did Nothing For Them While President!!

Celebrity Accomplice (Threads):

'tis a fine kettle of fish we're in."

Keep it up Donnie!

Retired colonel says this one fact could make sea drones a game changer - CNN

If Russ Feingold ran for the open Herb Kohl seat in 2012 against Tommy Thompson, Would he have won?

Fox News Host Admits Trump is in Big Trouble! - Luke Beasley

Trump's legal team pushes "freedom of speech" defense - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

White House asks Cabinet agencies to 'aggressively execute' return to in-person work

George C. Scott

Supreme Court Justice Issues DANGEROUS STATEMENT and Democrats FIGHT BACK - Meidas Touch

Trump said this tonight:

No group has done more to harm their own cause than the Green Party USA

Russia and China Sent Large Naval Patrol Near Alaska

"Hey NYPD. It's us. NYC residents. The ones who pay your salary."

Striking Nigerian doctors to embark on nationwide protest over unmet demands by country's leader

Trump makes MASSIVE mistake, sets himself up to be JAILED pending trial

The Quintessential PNW Wildland Fire Lookout Tower in Morning Smoke Layers

Its so funny. No, its not funny at all its horrible. Someone I know who is old and disabled

Record snow brings Great Salt Lake back from the brink of drought - CBS News


Hopefully someone in this group may be able to answer this question

Fulton County Sheriff Delivers POWERFUL WARNING to Trump - Meidas Touch

TFG's attorney will be on all of the Sunday TV shows

MSNBC doing some kind of a story on a documentary of Four Seasons Landscaping?

Trump Scores Rare Legal Victory After Judge Grants Him Presidential Immunity - Ring of Fire


Lido Shuffle by Boz Skaggs for ProfessorGAC

Tim Anderson and Jose Ramirez throwing punches, bench-clearing brawl ensues

Alright, a disabled eldery person with older dogs is getting kicked out of their house.

North Charleston PD fires school resource officer charged with child sex crime

Inside CERN's 'antimatter factory' creating antihydrogen - BBC News

Kitty got busted.

The Court of Fuck Around and Find Out is about to unload a pile of shit on his head

Rudy Giuliani Sexually Assaults and Calls Matt Damon Homophobic Slur - What a Week! - Lovett or Leave It

Here's the Intelligence Assessment of Donald Trump that the Government Can't Write

attempted murder

For any Americans still out there asking...

The truth behind Trump's third indictment: Actions speak louder than words - Symone - MSNBC

Rod Serling.....wish he was still with us..

Trump has, for 2 days straight

The Dynamic Rhythms of Rodgers and Edwards (on a Saturday Afternoon)

Trump attacks Jack Smith again

You know what grinds me?

Russian Serfs: Kremlin is Replenishing Army with More Mobilised, None Can Escape - UATV

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a GOP constitutional amendment....

Joe Biden's 'Buy America' policy on infrastructure projects leads to factory jobs in Wisconsin

Why Chief Justice Roberts should allow the Trump Trial to be televised?

"New monsters" ahead: Arizona Secretary of State unmasks his 2024 election nightmares - Symone MSNBC

Countdown with Keith Olbermann..."Trump Violates Release Terms, Must be Detained.

Just finished a re-watch of season3 of A Discovery of Witches and had forgotten how good it was.

Hillary Clinton was right about EVERYTHING

Another delusional wacko (Elon) offers to pay your legal bills.

Texas abortion bans are back in place after state appeals judge's order

Fireworks In Lambeau For Family Night

I saw this outside in the grass

Google "How Many Judges Has Trump Attacked ?" ...

Bryon Taylor Cohen and Glen Kirshner analyze Trump defying court order.(10 and 1/2 minutes.)

Jon Lucien - Together As One

Democrats vs. Republicans (Threads meme):

This song flat out rips

Gino Soccio - Try It Out

Simone Biles CRUSHES floor routine in return to competitive gymnastics

Threads Has Lost More Than 80% of Its Daily Active Users

Trump NOT READY For Jack Smith's NEXT CHECKMATE Move - Meidas Touch

Sunday Funnies 8/6/23

2023 Booker Prize Longlist

Spotted Lanternflies Are Flapping About Again. Squash Their Buggy Brains Out.

Jack Smith Slams Trump For Delay Tactic in New Court Filing

GOP reacts to latest Trump Indictment - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Women's healthcare clinics are taking Alabama to court - Velshi - MSNBC

'I Want Water To Pour Down On Me': Trump Has Cold Words For Showers At GOP Dinner

US Senate Races in 2022 where the Democrats margin of defeat was smaller than OH(Ryan-D).

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Probably Bob Edition

Tweet of the Weekend

Breakfast Sunday 6 August 2023

#VelshiBannedBookClub: "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi - Velshi - MSNBC

Colonialism: The Russians hunting for cheap flats in occupied Mariupol

Anyone up watching USA-SWE? (potential spoilers)

New Trump attorney fought for disgraced NBA ref who bet on games

Wordle 778 8/6 ***Spoiler Thread***

OH-SEN: High-stakes Ohio ballot measure sets the stage for another hostile Senate race

Women's World Cup spoiler

Ahead of abortion vote, Ohioans weigh making it harder to amend constitution

repubs thinking of even more ways to suppress the vote

Rick Wilson got a message from trump team member?

On this day, August 6, 2009, Willy DeVille died.

GOP Wants These Five Lies To Convince You To Kill Americans - Thom Hartmann

The Loss of Space Command Headquarters Brings an Alabama City Down to Earth

Here's my prototype - 3 season shelter for ferals. It's a work in process.

Al Franken: Neal Katyal on Jack Smith's Very Smart Case

On the 70% of the Cult Party

On August 5, 1949, thirteen firefighters were killed in the Mann Gulch fire.

On this day, August 6, 1930, Judge Crater got into a cab and was never seen again.

3 killed, 2 hospitalized in shooting in Anacostia

Jamie Foxx apologises and deletes Instagram post

Simone Biles makes winning return in US Classic after two-year break

On This Day: Warsaw Resistance captures food supply. Populace/city later decimated.- Aug. 6, 1944

Hoop dancing championships highlight mastery, spectacle

This date marks the 78th Anniversary of the Atomic Bomb over Hiroshima.

Trump ATTEMPT to CHANGE VENUE in NEW Criminal Case is DEAD ON ARRIVAL - Meidas Touch

Spoiler Alert

El Salvador and 'the world's coolest dictator'

El Salvador Army Receives Batch of 1,000 Arad Assault Rifles

What actually happens in WA when someone's not competent to stand trial

AP: Governments are gathering to talk about the Amazon rainforest. Why is it so important to protect

China releases TV documentary showcasing army's ability to attack Taiwan

Leprosy may now be endemic in Florida, scientists say

What Would Jesus Do?

Doonesbury - Happy Bingeing!

Why Mexico, U.S. can't work together on guns and drugs

120 Special Forces Military Personnel Arrive In Nuevo Laredo To Reinforce Security: Tamaulipas

You raised $250.00 on August 5, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024 (nearing current goal)

Well, someone had to do it.

Why I'm leery of televising the trial.

file under- how the blue do it. A New Illinois Law Shifts Repatriation and Reburial Power to Tribal

Colorado Republicans reject rule change that would have made it easier to close GOP primary

Ok, now it's Nancy Pelosi's turn

Richard Hanania, Rising Right-Wing Star, Wrote For White Supremacist Sites Under Pseudonym

Racism at heart of US failure to tackle deadly heatwaves, expert warns

Not a Great Lake, but a very good lake, St. Clair at 'Heart' of it all

Republican Presidential Candidate Sues DOJ For Indicting Trump - Farron Balanced

'What a joke': Gavin Newsom's team slams Ron DeSantis' debate proposal

How Art Night Detroit fuels the creative flame of the city's multifaceted artists

Stephanopolous just allowed Lauro

Jose Ramrez punch puts Tim Anderson on the ground in wild Guardians-White Sox brawl

Elon Musk says X will fund legal bills if users treated unfairly by bosses

A little history of the NRA.

Rethugs actively root against the USA - Womens World Cup Spoiler inside!

How do Courts generally deal with Defendants who appear to suffer some form of Mental Illness?

Putin's Forever War

Chubby Checker - Mama Look A Boo Boo

Morning thoughts and a question here.

C&H - Summer Days

TFG: "I am your vengeance"

And about the judge

VOTE: Pennsylvania Ave is getting a makeover

Russia launches massive assault on Ukraine, says Ukraine attacked Donetsk - DW News

Actors and writers aren't the only ones worried about AI, new polling shows (LA Times)

So this idiot father thought he could drink beer and let his 12 year old son fly the plane

OK, once again hoping for help from DU where Google fails.

Mangey Street Puppy Completely Transforms

How Does AI Affect Kids? Psychologists Weigh In

Phony Soprano's threat on social media, and his attack on Pence, served to

Code 404

Everybody Is A Star

Here's a win-"win" for tfg and America

Michigan's 2020 election fraud case exposes scale of the broader MAGA plot

Trump's own cabinet member wrecks his only defense live on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's continuing social media mess....

Sen. Sherrod Brown proposes bill to curb investment firms buying up single family homes

The election that could determine the future of democracy in Ohio

this is old for them.QUIET NO MORE - A Choral Celebration of Stonewall

My prediction for tomorrow - judge, in addition to protective order, issues gag order sua sponte

Mike Pence does not rule out being witness for Trump's prosecution

When we held up a mirror to Elon Musk's Twitter/X he tried to sue us into silence

Inside one city's battle over textbooks, teaching and Harvey Milk: 'It can happen anywhere'

DeSantis' 'anti-woke' bills are costing Florida millions of dollars in business

Eight Months Pregnant and Arrested After False Facial Recognition Match

What's on your Google home page today

BTRTN: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing -- Mike Lawler (R-NY17) Holds a Town Hall

BTRTN: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing -- Mike Lawler (R-NY17) Holds a Town Hall

How a Pinochet 'death flight' helicopter became UK gamepark prop

A Sunday Tale...

Nebraska Sen. Ricketts seeks investigation of Hunter Biden attorneys

Hole-in-one leads to manslaughter arrest of Florida man who continuously punched 87-year-old

JarVankaCrimes JarVankaCrimes JarVankaCrimes JarVankaCrimes JarVankaCrimes

Every start-up is an AI company now. Bubble fears are growing. (Washington Post)

U.S. eliminated from Women's World Cup in heartbreaking loss to Sweden

Historian on the Indictment and the Importance of holding Criminal leaders Accountable

Watched Dana Bash and Chuck Todd both interview John Lauro.

The Ronettes. 1963 Be My Baby

Take Me Home Tonight Song by Eddie Money 1986

RepRaskin: There are people in jail for counterfeiting 1 vote-He tried to steal the entire election"

Is U.S's Interest in Niger REALLY Just About the Uranium There?

Why Eagle Pass Tx is where migrants are crossing, mostly due to US

Chris Christie wants to Kick trump's Ass

Mike Pence does not rule out being witness for Trump's prosecution

Breakfast Waffles Over The Fire - 18th Century Cooking 🧇

Rule of law

Who the fuck is this Dean Phillips on Face The Nation?

Prosecutors Easily Dismantle the Bogus Legal Defenses

Happy Birthday Lucille Ball

Deja vu: Drumpf's lawyer LAURO, oozes slime, aggressiveness, slithering.

Congress' Long Summer Break Leaves It Little Time To Avoid A Government Shutdown

I lost a family member today (THANK YOU for the kind words and R's)

The way to de-Trumpify is to take away his support

Across the Desk - S8:E3 (The Continued Assault on Public Education)

Across the Desk - S8:E3 (The Continued Assault on Public Education)

Elon Musk announces fight with Mark Zuckerberg will be live-streamed on X - Al Jazeera

Made a wonderful salsa verde yesterday...courtesy of DUer Hotler.

New Rule: Forthwith TFG shall be known as The Scared Puppy

So, Clarence may be a tax cheat, as well as a liar and a grifter?

Historian on Trump indictment and holding leaders accountable

Veteran opines on TFG...

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Cannabis is having a senior moment

Sanders: It's Time for DOJ to Treat Fossil Fuel Giants Like the Liars They Are

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 6, 2023)

The GOP's Identity Crisis: Trump's MAGA Extremists vs. Never Trumpers

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 6, 2023?

These Christian Nationalists Want to Stone Adulterers to Death

old du'er wndycty gets an rt from the rude one.

Trump may have committed 'a technical violation of the Constitution,' not a crime, his lawyer says

Marlena Shaw - Theme From "Looking For Mr. Goodbar" (Don't Ask To Stay Until Tomorrow)

One thing about being called "too honest" by *rump, that's not a high bar. n/t

Hold My Beer

Full Trump lawyer: Election fraud case will be 'most important' civil rights case in decades - NBC

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 8: Summer Under the Stars: Joan Blondell

'Pretty sad at this point': Top House Democrat pushes back on Trump's Jan. 6 defense

Trump lawyer- Move to W. Virginia would create "more diverse" jury

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 9: Summer Under the Stars: The Nicholas Brothers

Here's what makes action against Trump problematic

Aren't I too young for this?

Multiple vehicles were broken into on our street last night. One of them belonging to a Police

I blame the media.

Who is on board for

Major train derailment in Pakistan

Full Raskin: Trump lawyer offers a 'deranged argument' in Trump defense - NBC News

How many years until TFG is no longer the in the news every day?

Pakistan train tragedy updates: Around 30 dead, at least 100 injured - WION

What I want to say to the Slobfather - with a the Fuck

Security Service of Ukraine Brings the War Back to Russia. What's next? - UATV

A key U.S. ally wants to walk back its 'atrocious' embrace of China


Jeff Tiedrich strikes again... a must read, people.

I Enjoyed "American Dirt"

Does anybody else feel like they're stuck in some weird TV series

A New Frontier for Travel Scammers: A.I.-Generated Guidebooks

Zooming across time and space simultaneously with superresolution to understand how cells divide

Ali Velshi thread: "Democracy is on the line"

New photocatalytic system converts carbon dioxide to valuable fuel more efficiently than natural ph...

Nifty term that I suspect will come in handy once the right-wing goons begin their reign of terror.

Cue the Price is Right Fail Horn

DEATH - Politicians In My Eyes

Ask your local magaloonians if they would watch the conmans trial

If TFG can't stop intimidating witnesses and sabotaging the trial.....

Slobby DEMANDS Judge Chutkan to RECUSE herself immediately from Jan.6th case.

Cute stalker (wait for it):

" zero (0) people spoke in favor of maps introduced by LaMahieu & Vos at a nine-hour public hearing"

DeSantis Bans AP Psychology Out Of Fear People Will Figure Out What's Wrong With Him


GOP Rep. Chip Roy threatens to defund DOJ, DHS

Mama cat adopted orphaned otter pup:

Trumps Lawyers ADMIT TO HIS CRIMES in Bizarre Press Appearances

The Pig has already begun to Attack the Judge

baby otter sucking his fingers:

Sound on:

Sliding in for a kiss:

Green Tile Social Club Is Making Sure a New Generation of Asian Americans Fall in Love with Mahjong

Lion & tiger cubs playing:

Trump. Worth 2.5 billion dollars. Asking you to contribute to pay his legal feels. Why?

Donald Trump's Former Lawyer Believes Jared Kushner Sold Out His Father-in-Law in 3rd Indictment

Amazing variety of animals come to drink water at night.. Watch until the end.


Trump's Problem Is That He HAS No Defense.

Interesting rubbish defenses

Marmot enjoys his bath:

Trump faces his fourth potential indictment in Georgia. Hear from the DA on the case - CNN

Heat Waves Are Killing Older Women. Are They Also Violating Their Rights?

Trump threatens to let Ukraine fall to Russia unless Biden admin cooperates with House GOP witchhunt

Triumph at the WGA/SAG-AFTRA Picket Line

Under pressure in Ukraine, Putin lashes out at US in Syria

What's for Dinner, Sun., August 6, 2023

Family walk:

Go woke, go far from broke: Barbie clears $1 billion worldwide

This cat!

Penguins outfitted for a hike:

Damn! I missed this show. Now I'll never know!


Kombucha assistance needed!

I'm a remote worker and my opinion on the work from home issue

Has John Eastman agreed to be the "fallguy"?

Dog aces the mean run in opposite directions trick, by rejecting the premise:

Stop that, human!

Florida eyes "classical" education agenda (Christian indoctrination)

Trump Wants 'Nightmare' Judge Chutkan Off His Jan. 6 Case

Stop teasing and just hand it over:

God sending you a message about vending machine Skittles

2nd tweet --orangutan feeding & cuddling tiger cubs

What is this sorcery?

The battle is between justice and the arena of public opinion.

Trump lawyer goes off the deep end with stunning move - Brian Tyler Cohen

2nd tweet -- Cat goes vroom vroom with a flipflop.

Kari Lake Calls For All Trump Rivals To Drop Out Of Presidential Race - Ring of Fire

Kitten discovers it has feet:

Ukraine calls Jeddah talks productive, Russia calls them doomed

Former Lostprophets Singer Ian Watkins Stabbed In U.K. Prison

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Georgia, Jaws, and antici....

all the forbearance & dignity of a howler monkey with his balls caught in a saltwater taffy machine

A baby gorilla gently interacts with a deer.

Bird plays with ball:

Hiding Unsafe Conditions Behind Suicide

MICHAEL MOORE: Dear Disgraced Indicted-Felon Man-Baby Ex-President:

The election that could determine the future of democracy in Ohio

Russia unleashes missile and drone strikes against Ukraine, retaliating for an attack on a tanker

DKOS: 3 Voters and a Funeral: People I talked to Yesterday in Ohio

OH: Issue 1 backers, detractors canvass Lorain County for last-minute votes

Marla Maples should be careful around stairs

The roads to dating advice for men.... The Roads with Beau

US calls suspected Israeli settler attack terrorism

Are GOP Voters Tiring of the War on 'Wokeness'?

CO: Last chance for feedback scheduled as county redistricting process nears end

DENIED. Stephanie; Glenn

Animals Tasting Freedom For The Very First Time

Let's go for a ride on the Wicked Cyclone!

Napoleon Bonaparte quote:

The Donkey and the Tiger

Today is hard

What if the orange blob died of natural causes or an accident at home? Who would maggots blame?

NYC: Left-Leaning Democrats Meet in Secret to Find a Challenger to Eric Adams

The airline said her bag was lost, but her tracker said otherwise. So she flew to get it

Mother who was accused by Southwest of trafficking her biracial daughter files federal discriminatio

Lauren Boebert Faceplants with Absurd Attack on Biden Administration - Luke Beasley

I've been crunching numbers today.....

Trump says he'll seek a new judge in election case

Gwinnett County police officer arrested for child molestation, sexual battery

I hadn't ever seen a comprehensive list of all of Trump's failed businesses. Here you go!

Whats the temperature where you are ?

Delegation of US House Democrats to visit Israel, occupied West Bank this week

Holy crap---Trump attacks Nancy Pelosi:

CNN's Dana Bash stood down Trump's attorney John Lauro trying to rehabilitate former thug-in-chief

Texas AG appeals judge's order relaxing abortion ban for women with pregnancy complications

Dolloy Pardon at 13-years-old. (Photo)

I want to thank everyone that helped yesterday, DU Rocks!!

What's your stripper name?

Once the Judge gives Trump his new marching orders tomorrow...

Conservatives have already written a climate plan for Trump's second term

Catch LA's Hoagie Wave with This Punk Rock, Philly-Style Pop-Up

Fmr. top DOJ official: Any other defendant would be 'sent to jail' for threats like Trump's - MSNBC

About that Billionaire v Billionaire cage match

Biden's surprising soft spot

I can't remember who said it

Today is the 56th Anniversary of the signing of the Voting Right's Act in 1965

Pacino and Deniro - Letterman- top 10

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 7 August 2023

☦️ Orthodox Christianity: 'Troparion of the Feastday of the Transfiguration', 06 August

The Reckoning That Has Chinese Officials Dropping Like Flies

The sweet sight of success

TV Commercial for Trump, The Game (Trump's board game)

Why America is going backward: Being the richest nation in history isn't enough


Rice market in turmoil as India curtails exports

Catch LA's Hoagie Wave with This Punk Rock, Philly-Style Pop-Up

Idaho has quietly dissolved its committee tasked with understanding maternal deaths

Idaho has quietly dissolved its committee tasked with understanding maternal deaths

Indictment poetry

Coal Use Hits Record High Despite Clean Energy Boom

Drought-hit Panama Canal must 'adapt or die' as water levels drop

What do you use for image hosting? n/t

please...... DO NOT FORGET..............."TIME IS LOVE"........................

Uhm This not a post from a well man

Trump's Defense Strategy Could Result In A Very Quick Conviction - Ring of Fire

58 years ago today, President Johnson signed th Voting Rights Act. And every

The nuts are all cracking...

I "had" to look at this all afternoon....

Conservative groups sue to block Biden plan canceling $39 billion in student loans

Where were you and what were you doing in the mid-50s

its time to end primary elections

A couple of things, I hope the judge takes into consideration about Trump's gag order?

Early voting wraps up in Ohio: Why polls are closed Monday

"A technical violation of the Constitution is not a violation of the law..."

Gag orders are going to be torture for a narcissist like Trump. He may completely lose it

Fall abortion battle propels huge early voter turnout for Ohio special election next week

A long overdue photo of Sian

The stars aligned properly for a summer project *Finally*

MI: Ottawa County GOP declares 2023 as 'Year of the Bible'

Can the Judge

FL: Miami map battle goes to U.S. Supreme Court after city wins appeal

Cat loves to swim and doesn't want to stop!

US scientists repeat fusion ignition breakthrough for 2nd time

Is Zoom stealing our images?

Former AG candidate Abraham Hamadeh (R) asks Arizona Supreme Court for new election trial

U.S. invites new Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Washington - World Today - TVP World

Analyzing the new liberal majority on the WI Supreme Court


Baby Gorilla at this link knows more than Donald Trump...(sarcasm)

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2026 by a landslide to narrow margin.

DeSantis thinks 'the libs' are afraid of him. But it's GOP voters who want him to get lost.

Column in Orlando paper about the PragerU poop that will be forced onto kids

Reince Priebus Says GOP Leaders Don't Contradict Trump Because 'They Would All Lose': 'It's a Market

Former January 6th Committee Adviser Riggleman Reveals the MVP of the Investigation - Katie Phang

Donald Trump thinks he is above the law...Jack Smith will prove Trump is, " NOT ABOVE THE LAW."

Temporarily tolerable rats

'There's the traitor!': Pro-Trump protesters gather outside Pence town hall

Trump Rants About His "Gorgeous" Hair at Bonkers South Carolina Speech! - Luke Beasley

Underground CCR

This cult of TFG is one strange thing to witness