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Time to stop giving in to the confederacy

Your opinions: At this point, should DjT be quarantined in cell and his T. S. posts shut down...

Since some say they will be reluctant to lock him up,


On why he detests Speaker Emeritus Pelosi

Got to realize what Trump is doing

He's unraveling in real time.

Vivek Ramaswamy calls Juneteenth a 'useless' holiday, suggests canceling

Hannah Arendt

Harry Truman wasn't perfect, but he made progress. Take the win.

The $267,230 RV Clarence Thomas 'scrimped and saved to afford' was financed by wealthy friend

I just saw little Dot, Dewi and Dylan's mysterious sibling, join them in the shelter!!

Enough rain, eh?

few show up to hear Ron DeSantis shout "woke woke woke" in Iowa yesterday

My senior moment

Trump's attorney crashes and burns on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

If I were running the campaign for a republican non-Trumper for 2024,

Florida loses more insurance coverage. AAA drops bundled auto/homeowners

LIVE: Expert on Fascism WARNS of trump and MAGA's NEW THREATS after Indictment

A deranged defense

Pence disputes Trump legal team's claims, and says Trump asked him "what he thought" they should do

Trash the vote: Why Arkansas rejects more of its mail-in ballots than almost any other state

Trump just attacked the U.S. Women's Soccer Team

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Tuberville vs DOD....

When You and AI Become BFFs (WSJ)

Vintage stereo receivers, speakers, reel to reel and phonos

Chris Christie returns from surprise trip to Ukraine with tales of horror - CNN

Trump Blames Biden for Women's Soccer Loss

ONE more fur baby photo. This one of the illusive Carys

'They're very grotesque' Fulton DA opens up about threats made against her in Trump election probe

Offstage ballet dancers

Severe weather NGA to SPA especially DelMarVa area tomorrow

Russian and Chinese ships patrolled 'near Alaska' but were not 'a threat,' US officials say

Man bonds with infant squirrel he rescues:

Black Oak Arkansas-Hot Rod

I'm early. I'll just wait right here . . .

VA Senate Districts Which Will Determine Whether Youngkin Gets to Turn Virginia Into Florida

Racist Louisville Woman Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison For Terrorizing Interracial Couple

Barbie Tops $1B at the Box Office

The secret weapon that sank Russia's warship

At least 2 buildings destroyed in flooding in Alaska's capital from glacial lake water release

Trump arguably violates conditions of pretrial release AND tries to insult his way out of a DC trial

Retired general explains strategy behind Ukraine's attacks on key bridges - CNN

Well I called it. The right wing never once cared about women's sports.

Graphic - Petroleum Engineering Undergrad Enrollments Collapse @ Multiple Universities

How true is this?

Can we just TOMBSTONE trump from posting anywhere, RIGHT FUCKING NOW?

Video - Since 1980s, 90% Of FL Barrier Reef Coral Gone; Remnant Bleaching Out In Weeks

'We're changing the clouds.' An unforeseen test of geoengineering is fueling record ocean warmth

It's Midwinter In South America, And It's 86F In Buenos Aires, 101F In Central Chile

☦️ The Orthodox Church: Exploring the Feast of the Transfiguration

Vivek Ramaswamy implies America involved in Ukraine war because of Hunter Biden - NBC News

Rep. Bennie Thompson: It was clear to Jan. 6 committee that Trump should be charged - Velshi - MSNBC

Kamala Harris Sparkles for 'Date Night' at Beyonce Concert with Husband Doug Emhoff

Kari Lake Makes Most Insane Claim Yet in Unhinged Interview! - Luke Beasley

I think we should consider two possibilities regarding Motherfucker

There I Fixed It For You Trump (U.S.A Womens Soccer Team)

Why count four in Trump's indictment could be 'central' to Jack Smith's case - Velshi - MSNBC

Why am I asked to type in confirmation

Scared Puppy Dog

Just finished watching "The Pink Panther Strikes Again"

Crowd tells Mitch to RETIRE.

Have I got a disease for you ...

☦️ The Orthodox Church and The Ukrainian Catholic Church ✝️ share same hymnography

Music for the Soul

Can we build AI without losing control over it? - Sam Harris TEDSummit Banff, Canada, June 29, 2016

Rumplestiltskin, naming the enemy.

Trump is nuts...His knocking the U.S. Womans Soccer Team is proof to everyone.

SNAP back at idiot Scott Adams... (image from Reddit)

Ex-Google Officer Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI - Mo Gawdat - E252

☦️ Orthodoxy and Catholicism ✝️ The Jesus Prayer in Ukrainian

Judge Luttig: If Trump wins in 2024, "we would have little hope of saving American democracy" - Velshi

Johann Georg Weichenberger - 'Works for Lute'

Super storm in Dubai:

Could Trump lose his right to vote?

I am a gen X,here are my thoughts of generations.

Here's the Intelligence Assessment of Donald Trump that the Government Can't Write

Iggy Pop with the Cramps

Donald Trump's foolish & stupid critique of Biden & U.S.A. Woman's Soccer Team will hurt Trump in

This is stunning

Trump Makes Horrifying CRIMINAL THREATS during LIVE Speech CAUGHT ON TAPE - Meidas Touch

Alaska flooding takes away huge home

Monday's digit -- 2/10: Dangerous storm threat and gross humidity levels

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's signs....

'Bogus defenses': Psaki picks apart Trump legal team's arguments - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

drag queen story hour battle in San Diego

"Those Noble Qualities": Classical Pseudonyms as Reflections of Divergent Republican Value Systems.

Subaru TSB 06-87-22R (Elec. Parking Brake) for 2015-18 Legacy, Outback & 2015-2018 WRX's with CVT.

Trucking Firm That Got $700 Million U.S. Bailout Declares Bankruptcy

Trump's attorney says the former president is 'immune from prosecution,' evoking Nixon

Putin is currently trying to "buy time" hoping Donald Trump wins the 2024 election


Rep. Raskin: Trump legal team's "freedom of speech" argument is 'preposterous' - Inside w/Jen Psaki

Healthcare exec who helped Clarence Thomas buy his $267K RV clams up about financial arrangement

Early voting on Issue 1 in Ohio ends with no waits in rural areas, long lines in urban counties

OH: Hamilton County early voting turnout for special election breaks record

If trump can get to 270 he wins period.

Some Republican officials are trying to keep abortion off of state ballots. Here's how

Glacial break causes major flooding in Alaska, officials issue emergency declaration

keith olbermann on trump (of course) & a GREAT/charming story about elizabeth montgomery

Psaki calls out one big problem with MAGA world's 'unhinged reaction' to Trump indictment - Jen Psaki

I would like to make mention of a legal

LAWS (a play on Jaws - Threads):

Donald Trump expected to be indicted in Fulton County election probe this week, county insiders say

Breakfast Monday 7 August 2023

A thought about the removal of

'Possibly Criminal': Fmr. WH Chief of Staff Ron Klain reacts to threatening Trump posts - Jen Psaki

elderly Florida man killed elderly man for striking car he mistakenly thought was his

As San Diego County deputy leaves jail for sexual assaults, taxpayers pay nearly $10M to victims

Tweet of the Day

New Democratic star utterly DESTROYS Top Republican over DISGUSTING border stunt - Meidas Touch

Cass Elliot - Dream A Little Dream Of Me

BLACKPINK - 'Typa Girl' Live at Coachella 2023

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen: Trump's Trial Needs to be Televised - Ayman - MSNBC

BLACKPINK 'You Never Know - Live Performance

Leon Bridges - River (Live on Austin City Limits)

Adele - Daydreamer (Live Jools Holland 2007)

Trump LASHES OUT with NO ONE LEFT to Save Him - Meidas Touch

New voting locations pitch in for Ohio's unexpected August election

WI: Amid controversy, Supreme Court's new liberal majority hires Walker appointee as state director

Possible explosion at Sherwin-Williams plant in Texas, police say

Voters re-elect expelled Tennessee Democrats as lawmakers prepare for special session on gun reform

Wordle 779 8/7 ***Spoiler Thread***

Big Thief - Change

2 Southern California firefighters and a pilot were killed after a midair collision, officials say

On this day, August 7, 1942, B. J. Thomas was born.

'Everyone's so overwhelmed': Hurricane Ian survivors battle heat, FEMA, red tape, grief

Ken Paxton, lawyers test limits of gag order restricting comments on impeachment trial

When cruelty is valued more than the common good

TX: Eagle Pass residents sour on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star

On this day, August 7, 1927, actor Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer was born.

Veterans and survivors have until August 9 to submit for Pact Act benefits

Enough With the False Narrative About Trump's Rise

Ohio special election could play decisive role in abortion fight

Last night the house was cool so I tossed a blanket on the bed and then left the room. Big mistake.

Florida bans AP psychology classes, proving Ron DeSantis wants a return to the pre-Stonewall days

Which brand of cookware do you have for your kitchen?

Let's go for a ride on the Dominator!

Republicans Launch Vendetta Against Jack Smith to Protect Trump - Thom Hartmann

Trump Indictment Presents New Obstacle in Spending Fight as Shutdown Looms

On this day, August 7, 1926, Stan Freberg was born.

Exclusive: North Korean hackers breached top Russian missile maker

Brookings institute just released some of those race demographic charts that anger/scare MAGAs

Atlanta streets closed near courthouse as officials prep for possible indictment of former president

On this day, August 7, 1926, Stan Freberg was born.

"I smell a rat"?

On This Day: Kennedy awards Frances Kelsey for preventing birth deformities - Aug. 7, 1962

George Van Eps was born on this date.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk was born on this date.

Bad behavior at 'Barbenheimer' reflects a worrying trend

Strike One!

Some state Republican parties are struggling and seeing deep divisions

Rodney Crowell has a birthday today.

@LindseyGrahamSC has left the building and gone to the Dark side!

Before all the votes had been counted in the last election, he rushed to announce his candidacy.

Wild squirrel's unusual friendship may have impacted her lifespan

Ruby-throated & Blue Salvia

'Renowned' NYC Cancer Doctor Kills Her Infant and Herself

Trump THREATENS KEY WITNESS in Criminal Case and is in for RUDE AWAKENING - Meidas Touch

Lecturers in the UK refuse to mark exams in labor dispute, leaving thousands unable to graduate

Saturday afternoon on the river

One of neighbor's gardens

Tracking Traitor Trump's criminal cases, in one place.

Link disappears after I read it. Can I get it back? this year it's hot weather that's forcing higher gas prices

Southern MD morning 8/7

Soliciting Multiversity: Best of the Rest for October 2023

The Courtroom Campaign

How much money do doctors really make and why is it such a lot?


Professor Denied Tenure Sues New College of Florida

a brain teaser from fb- imagine a 747 on a conveyor belt- updated

The creature is awake

In Louisiana, Rate Of Sea Level Rise (All Together Now!!!) Faster Than Expected

Cass Elliot - NOT DALDOM

Tens of thousands of young scouts to evacuate world jamboree in South Korea as storm Khanun looms

Trump Flips Out In Hellishly Bizarre New Social Media Meltdown: 'I Wasn't Scared'

Baby Elephant "Lek Lek" Plays With Ball For The First Time


Thousands of US sailors, Marines reach Red Sea after Iran tensions

News & Commentary July 28, 2023 law firm Outten & Golden unionize.

Tuberville deserves credit for being a traitor.

Panama criticizes Colombia for not helping stem record flow of migrants through Darien Gap

How Bluetooth could be making your car a target for Bay Area break-ins

Swans becoming addicted to poppy seeds at Slovakian farm

Monday TOONs - Projection, Projection. Projection!


For the love of God.. what do people see in such a whiny baby

Two Baby Foxes Rescued From Net

Woman sues over false claim vaccine killed her son

Joe Scarborough wants paper receipts who one votes for.

MAGA delusion bites back.

Ex-White Sox reliever Keynan Middleton rips club's 'no rules' culture

... Trump legal team may ultimately oppose having cameras in the courtroom during Trump's J6 trial

The new liberal majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is off to a tense start

The Pelosi Factor: Trump's longtime antagonist played an essential role in his historic indictment.

The new liberal majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is off to a tense start

NYT: Is Social Justice for the Birds? Audubon Attempts an Answer.

Corporate media wants eyeballs, not journalistic integrity or moral justice.

Swatting: A hideous prank that's on the rise...

Do you remember your first crush? I was in 6th grade. He didn't see me as a crush --just a classmate

I have quibbles with this Freep article about 2024, but agree that we can't be complacent. At all.

Why is Ron De Santis so bobbleheaded?

i will be going for a colonostopy today @ 1000 hours pdt.

Trump and OJ. Both claimed the items they tried to steal were rightfully theirs.

Russia blasts Saudi Arabia talks on ending war in Ukraine after Moscow gets no invitation to attend

Harry's Razors are about to get the Bud Light Treatment

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 7, 2023

Marvel Studios' - Am Groot Season 2 - Official Trailer - Disney+ - Streams 9/6/2023

Joe: The Silence from republicans on Diaper Donnie has been Deafening

Indictment talking points - by Tom Tomorrow

Here are the people who voted YEA for Judge Chutkan. For future reference.

Holocaust scholars explain why Trump has ramped up his Nazi-style rhetoric: "Words can kill"

Bullwinkle's daddy?

Ohio DUers..... Check your polling location for tomorrow's election

Cannon reveals Jack Smith is using an "out of district" grand jury to investigate the docs case.

On Trump and the attitudes of January 6 invaders to his squealing and squirming

Four Tiny Foster Kittens Heal Woman's Broken Heart

"overly friendly dog" is redundant for plain "dog". Video inside link.

Rep. Dean Phillips still undecided on 2024 presidential run

Ex-Minneapolis officer unrepentant as he gets nearly 5 years in George Floyd killing

U.S. Navy sends 4 destroyers to Alaska coast after 11 Chinese, Russian warships spotted

Where Did 20,000 Jews Hide From The Holocaust? In Shanghai: NPR

Dana Goldman and Stephanie Miller

"It's a Way of Reparations": Why Henrietta Lacks Settlement Matters for Bioethics & Racial Justice

Therapy is health care. So why won't your health insurance pay for it?

Will Donald Trump be jailed before his trial? (Poll)

Pic Of The Moment: Much Like The Cult He Operates, Trump's Legal Defense Involves Living In An Alternate Reality

Here is TFG' signature on his terms of release which iclude pledge not to tamper with witnesses

The Public wants McConnell Gone.


Pregnant Woman's False Arrest Shows "Racism Gets Embedded" in Facial Recognition Technology

Predictions when the Georgia indictment drops?

Cannon's decision reveals exisistence of grand jury Special Counsel wanted sealed

#SayHerName: Kimberl Crenshaw on Black Women Killed by Police & DeSantis's Pro-Slavery Curriculum

Members of extremist group Patriot Front sue activist who infiltrated, identified them

Hillary Clinton: The Weaponization of Loneliness

A federal judge has DISMISSED trump's counterclaim against E Jean Carroll

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 7, 2023)

Aileen Cannon back to trying to help Trump

Main Street closes in front of Fulton Co. Court House beginning today.


Trump attacks special counsel Jack Smith and judge assigned to 2020 election case

The left picture was released by the pro-DeSantis Never Back Down PAC. The right picture is reality.


'Of course' Trump lost the 2020 election, DeSantis says after years of hedging

How tfg could walk away from the Jan 6th indictments using his 1st amendment rights

Streaming Devices To Watch Local TV Channels For Free

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Elon Musk bragged about lifting '45 lb weights' on Friday. Now he says he has to get an MRI on his

Stolen From Rambo

The Ones We Sent Away: I thought my mother was an only child. I was wrong.

Judge overseeing Trump documents case criticizes special counsel

I want to know what happens at 5PM today.

Steven Seagal Maximum Conviction Is So Bad It Tells You About Its Stupid Kids - Worst Movie Ever

Reuters: Train derails and roads flood as Sweden, Norway hit by torrential rain

Elon says he has scheduled an MRI of his neck & back.

I wanted to clarify my post that Donnie Dipshit MUST NEVER got back in power

Zoom Contradicts Its Own Policy About Training AI on Your Data

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Pence, Barr, and Trump....

President Biden welcomes the Houston Astros to the White House to celebrate their 2022 World Series

President Biden welcomes the Houston Astros to the White House to celebrate their 2022 World Series

Lindsey Graham ridicules himself about losing to and liking Trump as he warns folks to stay loyal.

DeSantis's Florida Approves Climate-Denial Videos in Schools

Trump In Serious Trouble After Appearing To Violate Court Order - Ring of Fire

I like to go for walks through the bird sanctuary

Tiedrich: how sad it is that Donald Trump is melting straight the fuck down

Clarence Thomas's R.V. Stranded After Engine Runs Out of Caviar

Cartoons 8/7/2023

Reuters: Fires again threaten Indigenous community in Canada's B.C. province

Trump's past will speak to his disbelief in his own lies

Reuters: Iberian Peninsula braces for heatwave as wildfires blaze on in Portugal


Trump & team seek to destroy credibility of his election subversion trial before a date is even set

Tiny lion cub sneaks up on his mother:

DeSantis says Republicans will lose if election is about Jan. 6 and Trump

Why Japan Has Surpassed China; Stock Market Investment Moves; Chinese Energy Security - China Update


The Clock is Ticking for the defendants team to respond to Protective Order Request

Pence, Trump attorney clash over what Trump told his VP ahead of Jan. 6, 2021

"A Bear Named Winnie". The charming true story of the origins of "Winnie-The-Pooh".

This cat--ridiculous:

Kremlin Says 'Theoretically Possible' to Not Hold Presidential Elections

Baaaad Omen! Trump Motorcade Blocked by Goats Returning from Court Appearance

Otter: "Oh, myyyy!"

Something bad, then VERY interesting happened where my grandson was working

Pool play--Pupper gone wild!

William Friedkin dead at 87: The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial and The Exorcist director dies after

Trump's three indictments are not the end of his legal troubles

I warned you!

MUSICAL INTERLUDE while we wait the next 3 hrs

Jack Smith didn't ACTUALLY tweet this

BF's Trumpster coworkers completely silent since Tues.

'Extremely bad omen' for Trump in Jan. 6 case dropped last week: former Watergate lawyer

'Fake' elector plot raised concerns over legal peril, indictment shows

William Friedkin, Oscar-winning director of 'The Exorcist' and 'The French Connection,' dead at 87

Tornado watch issued until 9 p.m. for D.C. area; widespread damaging winds possible

Lunch with John Mayall with and without The Bluesbreakers

DeSantis' affordable housing director suspended pending investigation

Illinois to ban advertising for guns allegedly marketed to kids and militants

DiSantis campaign explains smaller venues

It's Not That Hard To Figure What Eh-Lean Cannon Did,

Judge dismisses Trump's defamation lawsuit against Carroll for statements she made on CNN

CDC says COVID variant EG.5 is now dominant, including strain some call "Eris"

OMFG - they are shameless

I hope this will be Donny's day tomorrow

It's 'America First' -- unless the U.S. women's national team is involved

Black Security guard jumped by several white people who refused to move their boat.

Come here; no, you come here

Red pandas play fighting:

So who else will be indicted along with the Slobfather in Fulton County

Judge Cannon issues New INAPPROPRIATE Order

Magical puppy generator bag:

BREAKING: Tornado Watch issued for Washington, DC...

If you withdraw funds from the Vanguard, beware. A new screen, confusing and hindering (to me)

Defense lawyer Lauro has given Jack Smith 'a roadmap of what they intend to argue' at trial

Trump is the GOAT

Frontline: Lies, Politics and Democracy J Michael Luttig interview. Never forget.

Tornado watch issued until 9 p.m. for D.C. area; widespread damaging winds possible

In August of 1945, the United States of America dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan

Just a thought.

Ancient Skull Found in China Is Unlike Any Human Seen Before

Reuters: Heatwave caused higher than normal death rate in southern Italy

Worthless "behind the scenes" claims

Imma just squeeze in there:

Rainy day here

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 12 - Summer Under the Stars: Deborah Kerr


Ohio Republicans wanted to kneecap abortion activists before November. It may backfire on them.

Horrible design of Apple's soldered in SSDs; it's WORSE than you thought! - Louis Rossmann

William Friedkin: Director of The Exorcist and The French Connection dies aged 87

Husky's moment of zen:

High turnout, long lines: A look at Ohio's last weekend of early voting on Issue 1

Dog at park finds that cockatoo can speak his language:

William Friedkin: Director of The Exorcist and The French Connection dies aged 87

Charles Pierce: No Labels Is Such a Weird and Desperate Grift

One at a time:

1) organized crime; 2) Cat really wants that eggplant!

Experts: Cannon daring court to replace her after "coming out swinging" at Jack Smith in new order

You know that faceless gray and tan corporate conference room?

Severe weather in Appalachia! Live coverage...

Denying Healthcare: Kolkhorst, Harless, And The Blood On Their Hands

New Hampshire is sued over removal of marker dedicated to Communist Party leader

Cops beat up Ronnie Jackson, the former WH doctor.

Charles McGonigal, fmr FBI counterintelligence chief, in talks to enter guilty plea

I heard DeSatan is rebooting his campaign.

Any fans of the movie 'Fried Green Tomatoes' and Idgie the bee charmer? I'm a kitten charmer

How John Fetterman Came Out of the Darkness - cover story on last week's TIME

Just stop and think--the Republican Party fully supports Trump who is under indictment

Real GOATs of different sports. IMHO. Feel free to name/add your own.

New York is key to Democratic House, and Jeffries is in the redistricting driver's seat

What is your pet peeve? Here is your chance to express things that get on your last nerve. Mine is

'No Wonder Trump Is Kicking His Ass': Newsom Calls Out DeSantis Over Debate Demands

False neutrality is propaganda.

Lawyer at center of Trump election plot asks California judge to postpone disbarment proceedings

re: colonstopy

Progressives Are Trying to Make 2024 the Year of the Rematch

Gallbladder removed, now I need to relearn my digestive process

A new music video for 'North' will premiere on the Fever Ray YouTube channel on August 9th at the

Ukraine arrests woman over alleged plot to kill Zelensky

Watch Out for Renewed GOP Assaults on No-Fault Divorce

One, just one, fucking burpee

WI: Bullied by own party, election official's GOP roots mean nothing in volatile new climate

Democrats urge US House Republicans not to cut food aid to the poor

Shift in majority leads to bitter fighting on Wisconsin Supreme Court

What The World Needs Now - Jackie DeShannon 💕

Black men defend a black security guard from white men

Bearded Dragon Spoons With His Favorite Sock

GOP legislators file lawsuit challenging cost estimate of Missouri abortion-rights amendment

Kevin McCarthyism: Why the GOP's culture war on the troops will end badly

John Eastman, awaiting potential indictment, asks judge to postpone his disbarment proceedings

Red Cross ends blood-donation restrictions that singled out gay and bisexual men

A West Coast ocean heat wave adds to a summer of extremes

I think trump is double-dog-daring the judge to send him to jail

Patron is Alive!

Architect Ben Ridley on life in his low-energy house in Muswell Hill. London

This Saturday, WETA reprises three classic episodes of Agatha Christie's Marple,

WP Exclusive: China hacked Japan's sensitive defense networks, officials say


Ohio People

A sad day for America?

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is taking leave of absence due to clinical depression

OH: LaRose says "no reasonable person" is talking about banning contraceptives. But his allies are

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is taking leave of absence due to clinical depression

The Groove Krewe, brand new old music

What is your favorite song or songs for getting pumped up or fired up?

Tim Anderson suspended 6 games for fight, Jose Ramirez out 3

John Eastman shows the path from misinformation to revolution

I just got my second Shingles shot. **UPDATE**

NH: Want to nuke a GOP majority in a key legislature? Here's how we do it

Here's a deprogramming technique that surprisingly worked. One less Trump supporter!

Turnout, polling, and spending all point to loss for GOP effort to rig Ohio's ballot measure rules

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 8 August 2023

Germany Is so Much More Than Oktoberfest and Berghain

Ex-FBI counterintelligence chief in talks to plead guilty over work he did for Russian oligarch

Nearly 600K Ohioans cast early ballots, polls show voters equally divided on Issue 1

Eric Trump once promoted 'lock her up' chants. Here's what he's saying now

Colorado wants more electric cars on the roads. So it's offering up to $26,500 in discounts

So today I cooked and baked.

Wisconsin judge orders the release of records sought from fake Trump elector

JUST IN: Trump has filed his response to the special counsel's motion for a protective order.

Bertrand Russell on WWII and fascism

Where did 20,000 Jews hide from the Holocaust? In Shanghai

TX: Lawmaker Seeks to Create God's Government on Earth

The Secret Hand Behind the Women Who Stood by Cuomo? His Sister.

The Pac-12 implosion is latest example of the farce that is college sports

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 7, 2023

Is Jack Smith coming for Rudy?

Former Giuliani colleague and Trump ally Bernard Kerik meets with special counsel investigators

Michigan Republicans took in thousands from fake electors facing felony charges


Florida appears to reverse effort to bar AP Psychology's LGBTQ content

Democrats see Michigan and Minnesota as guides for what to do with majority power

India's Chandrayaan-3 moon rover enters lunar orbit, snaps stunning photos (video)

Most Think Probes Are About Stopping Trump

LOL: Trump also wants to make sure Judge Chutkan is aware of Dark Brandon.

DeJoy's 10-Year Plan Could Gut USPS. He Doesn't Want You to Know the Details.

International backlash grows after Chinese vessel fires water cannon on Philippine boats

Democrats Urge Republicans Not to Cut Food Aid

Judge Cannon asks about legality of using DC grand jury in Florida-based Mar-a-Lago case

Fanning the flames: Wildfires emit potent climate-warming organic particles

tfg's lawyer complains about the timeline given him bu Judge Chutkan

A lost family member (hominid) has been found!! Cool!!!!

So... Did anything happen by the 5PM deadline?

Biden's student debt forgiveness for defrauded borrowers blocked by conservative court

Conservative Group Pushes Religious Books While Seeking to Ban Others

Could the T lawyers create a mistrial as a ploy to delay longer?

Senator Larson on the new Supreme Court in Wisconsin

This Trump team of lawyers is such a joke, making Truth Social arguments in court filings

Mike Luckovich-anyone who laughs at TFG's attorney closing argument gets removed

Please share fresh tomato recipes/ideas?

Married couple in the Florida Keys accused of involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Trump lawyers seek to narrow proposed limit on what he can say publicly in election case

The tortoise and the hare and the cat

MIT engineers create an energy-storing supercapacitor from ancient materials (cement, carbon black...)

TFG's attorneys wants to share sensitive info to volunteer attorneys

8-year-old Chicago girl fatally shot by man upset with kids making noise, witnesses say

Judge Aileen Cannon got mad at 2nd Grand Jury news for a reason.

Ohio polls close tomorrow at 7:30 PM...

Feds Reveal Hipster Crypto Couple's Hilarious Attempt to Cover Their Tracks

The dream of the first hydrogen rail network has died a quick death

Some Northeast Ohio polling locations have changed; here's how to check By: Morgan Trau

sometime astrophotography doesnt work

Ari has this Eastman attorney sweating bullets

Who is this lunatic Charles Burnham - on Ari right now n/t

Someone is going to get hurt before Trump's trial!

Brutal Mexican cartels pimping up Mad Max-style monster trucks with machine gun turrets

Woman hunted down 10 Mexican cartel members that kidnapped her daughter

8 Municipal Officials and Taxi Drivers Massacred in Guerrero Highway

Depraved Killer Stays Behind Bars: US Citizen Who Targeted Tijuana Sex Workers

Former pastor, 83, charged with murder in 1975 death of 8-year-old girl

The Unacknowledged, Grueling Labor Behind the Mexican Tortilla

Terror Birds: The Terrible Reign Of Giant Killer Birds

Bobbi Humphrey - The Trip

Trump's Election Defense: Sway One Juror With 'Reasonable Doubt'

Reuters: Brazil official defends progress on protecting forests, blasts EU ban

Some YouTube creators have gotten a kinda savage on Gop members.

McConnell heckled with calls to 'retire' during speech at Kentucky event

Tony LaRussa makes a return to the ballpark for induction of some A's Hall of Famers

Over 11,000 L.A. workers plan to strike, hoping to 'shut down' city

Lindsey Graham mocked for 'humiliating himself' in face of Trump at SC Republican dinner

Want to smile?

In case you haven't seen this yet -

Turnout Is Off the Charts for Ohio Special Election Designed to Thwart Abortion Vote

Two Teens Sentenced to Federal Prison for Attempting to Smuggle AK-47-Style Rifles Into Mexico

Protecting the world's forests means protecting indigenous rights

Anyone watched SBC's The Dictator?

G.O.P. Contenders Feed Voter Distrust in Courts, Schools and Military

Pre-storm, southern MD.

Nebraska Attorney General sues EPA to allow summer sale of E15 gasoline

Warning by Sam Harris: AI Could Destroy Us, The Internet And Democracy (7 Aug 2023)

Rural northwest Ohio boards of elections preparing for special election Tuesday

New voting locations and stricter ID requirements: What Ohio voters need to know for Tuesday's speci

Is there anyone more useless than David Brooks?

Toll Group Introduces First Hydrogen Long-Haul Truck In China

Ex-Georgia Lt. Governor Subpoenaed

Wisconsin Supreme Court gets second gerrymandering lawsuit

Time to Lay Out America's Aims in Ukraine

Dionne Warwick - I Say A Little Prayer - Burt Bacharach, RIP

George Takei on Threads:

Newly minted ny doctor is a serial rapist, used anesthesia to abuse at hospital

Tulip's masterpiece today

Former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan subpoenaed in Fulton's Trump probe

Leon Black's failed rabbi father Eli killed himself in 1975 after trying to bribe Honduras to lower

OH: Free rides to polls available in Lucas, northern Wood counties

Reuters: Winter heat wave sends Peruvians flocking to beach

What About Jesus?

Alabama redistricting: State says two majority-minority Black districts would be unconstitutional

TX: Galveston County redistricting trial, a major test of Voting Rights Act, begins


NEW: Special Counsel's team just filed a reply to Trump on the protective order

Mississippi Officials Made 161 Voting Precinct Changes Since November 2022

Litigation That Could Impact Congressional Maps Before 2024

Amazon rainforest gold mining poisoning threatened species

George Duke - Brazilian Sugar

Wisconsin abortion ban doesn't exist, attorney general argues

George Takei on Threads (election interference from 2016):

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