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Security increases for judge assigned to Donald Trump's January 6 criminal case

Morelos attorney general arrested for obstruction in Ariadna Lopez murder

Voters4equality on Threads:

Oliver Nelson - Baja Bossa

PA: Robinson (R) Caught On Hot Mic Disparaging Philly Fire Dept. Captain

Meet the woman behind Mexico City's hummingbird hospital


Security increases for judge assigned to Donald Trump's January 6 criminal case

FL Approves Prager "University" Climate Disinformation Videos To Be Used In Public Schools

Rudy Giuliani selling $6.5m NYC apartment as legal woes pile up

Yahoo! News: Yes, it's raining more than usual -- and climate change and El Nio are 2 reasons why

This explains the 5 Oclock response

What Does The Little Ice Age Have To Do With Today's Climate Collapse? Nothing.

Best chyron of the day??

Secure ballots or boondoggle? Arizona county tailors project to politically connected firm

Are Jews aliens?

'The most magical equation in physics': How Paul Dirac accidentally revealed the strange world of an

In reversal, some states make it harder for people with felony convictions to vote

Federal appeals court upholds Josh Duggar's child pornography conviction

Johnnypalmadessa onThreads:

The dream of the first hydrogen rail network has died a quick death

Cousin of Uvalde school shooter, arrested for alleged threats against local school

GQP A Death Cult, Plain And Simple, But As Long As They Own Libs While Earth Burns, Cool!

Just heard from my sister in Ohio when I asked her about the vote on measure 1

This is what Prager U (not a real education institution) wants to teach Florida children

Absurd claim by Trump's attorney that Trump only "technically" violated the Constitution - Kirschner

Cigna using AI to reject claims, lawsuit charges

There once a man who wanted to the Attorney's General so bad.....

Judge In Trump Document Case Might Genuinely Be A Complete Idiot

TFG lawyers claim Biden's 'Dark Brandon' mug was 'thinly-veiled' effort to taunt TFG re prosecution

You lost: See Trump co-conspirator's lawyer confronted over coup charges on live TV - The Beat MSNBC

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Coup confession bomb explodes: See Trump's own words used as criminal evidence - The Beat - MSNBC

America, take note: New Zealand has figured out a simple way to bring down home prices

Far-Right Snowflakes Just Cannot Get Over This 'Woke' Razor Company

Just came across this site. . .

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Montgomery Docks....

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump in the zone....

Scientists confirm summer temperature spike following right wing meltdown over Trudeau tweet

X, formerly Twitter, commandeers '@music' handle from user with half a million followers

'Full mob boss': Trump slammed for threatening retribution - Deadline - MSNBC

Watching a documentary about Robert Pickton on Prime who by his own account murdered 49 women.

Duncan Junior Yo Yo 1950's

AP: The EPA's ambitious plan to cut auto emissions to slow climate change runs into skepticism

France is going to invade Niger

Trump handed court loss in surprise announcement - Brian Tyler Cohen

Government's reply in support of motion for protective order

Weissmann hammers Trump's Jan. 6 defense: 'Not a serious argument' - Deadline - MSNBC

Judge Chutkan orders 'parties' to meet by 3pm tomorrow; Defendant not required to appear

Stevie Wonder - Heaven is just 10 Zillion Light Years Away.

Finally: Jamie Raskin debunks Trump's entire case - Brian Tyler Cohen

So you think you had a bad day?

'A security issue': FBI vet warns of Trump's track record of inciting violence - Deadline - MSNBC

'The war on woke' - Florida Schools ban Shakespeare's plays

Judge Orders Rudy Giuliani To Explain His Gibberish Court Filing - Ring of Fire

Otis Redding - Try a Little Tenderness.

Disappearing video. A Russian general speaks on killed paratroopers - Break the Fake - TVP World

Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna Come

Mississippi Officials Made 161 Voting Precinct Changes Since November 2022

Judge Chutkan calls for a hearing Friday or before,

Biden's PACT Act Has Brought Relief to Thousands of Sick Veterans! - Pondering Politics

Judge Tanya Chutkan and Jack Smith's team aren't farting around .... as per Rachel Maddow

Al Green - Lets Stay Together.

Why ex-prosecutor believes Jack Smith's investigators are now focused on Rudy Giuliani - CNN

What's the weirdest thing a guest has done at your house? I was watching my girlfriend's toddler. I

Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long.....

Employees Win Forced Prayer Meeting Lawsuit Against Home Repair Company - Waldorf Nation

Indicted ex-president celebrates America's World Cup defeat in 'deranged' rant - All In - MSNBC

Trump's Lawyer Struggles to Defend Trump's Grift on Fox News - Luke Beasley

What magazines did you enjoy reading? Can be at any stage of your life. I enjoyed Reader's Digest,

Van Morrisson - Into the Mystic (take 11)

Alabama has lost a legend.

Video of Nixon right before he announced his resignation

'No, thanks': GOP voters, major donors losing interest in the DeSantis 'war on woke - All In - MSNBC

Is the end of the U.S. campaign in Syria in sight? - Eastern Express - TVP World

If Vegas had odds on "Associate Justice" Aileen Cannon being nominated in 2025...

Tweet of the Day

Ty Cobb: This is a 'jump-the-shark moment' in Trump docs case - CNN

For our annual nuclear guilt trip: "the most destructive single air attack in human history."

Trump is BEGGING TO BE ARRESTED with Latest Posts - Meidas Touch

If Trump would be remanded to jail for disobeying the Judge's ruling....

Chirs Christie unplugged : Anderson Cooper interview

Retired General analyzes the foiled plot to assassinate Zelensky - CNN

Trump's Lawyer Unveils WORST DEFENSE in New Interview - Talking Feds

Sheldon Whitehouse /Lawrence O'Donnell interview tonight.

GOP's Embarrassing Biden Investigation Frustrates Fox's Hannity

Trump's Greatest Hits (Threads):

Judge Tosses trump's Defamation Suit against Writer who Won Sexual Abuse Lawsuit against him

Fox News Host Gets Blasted By Lawyers On Fox News - Rebel HQ

Trump Files DELUSIONAL MOTION in New Federal Criminal Case - Meidas Touch

Germany's Gamble: Why the Ostpolitik Putin Policy Backfired - William Spaniel

2 dead, thousands of flight cancellations, 1.1 million lose power in eastern US storms

If Moms Talked to Each Other The Way They Talk to Their Kids

Who's the hero now?

Supreme Court CHAOS ENSUES as Democratic Appointee DEMANDS REAL OVERSIGHT - Talking Feds

Rep. Boyle calls Merrick Garland "weak" after Trump indictment - CBS News

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Had a EMC/NCV test today. It was only supposed to be on my left leg. When I went in they asked where

The Cato Institute is seeking a TRO against the Biden Admin. granting some loan forgiveness

Pennsylvania Realtor Arrested After Spearing Cops With Flagpole on Jan. 6

Indictments looming: Trump's legal team to appeal Fulton County judge's ruling

Judge sets deadline to decide on protective order restraining Trump on evidence, witnesses - Maddow

Say what you will . . . . .

California Politics: What to make of state GOP giving Trump a boost

This pissed me off!

CA: What else could be on the 2024 ballot?

Simon & Schuster purchased by private equity firm KKR for $1.62 billion

CLEAR at Airports - Not So Secure

Ohio's proxy war over abortion reaches its final battle

Lawrence O'Donnell: Jack Smith uses Trump lawyer's TV appearances against Trump - The Last Word

transcripts or audio recording of the Slobfather's trial?

Nazi symbols and child pornography found in German police chats

Illinois to outlaw gun advertisements that appeal to children, pose safety threat

Sen. Whitehouse condemns 'stonewall of silence' from Supreme Court after scandals - The Last Word

"She said she was 18 and she looks over 18...

Florida, Hillsborough schools will only cover excerpts from Shakespeare, avoiding sexual content

O'Shae Sibley's killer Lied About Being Muslim

What the Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn't Want You To Know Al Gore TED

The Trump fraud case you forgot about: Scammy scheme lawsuit unnoticed among big cases - Rachel Maddow

Authors are losing their patience with AI, part 349235 (Update Aug 9)

Judge creates temporary exemption from Texas GOP's abortion ban

one of the Riverfront brawlers identified and his business in Alabama

Don't Be Cruel

Here is a comment under a Youtube Video discussing the Barbie movie.

TN Dem Justin J. Pearson vows to fight for gun safety after winning re-election - The Last Word MSNBC

Ron DeSantis making Ameirca like Florida includes leprosy,

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about China, Russia, the US, and military effectiveness....

ACN video phone scam lawsuit scheduled

Anti-Gay Group Vows To Stop The 'Carnage' Of Same-Sex Marriage - Waldorf Nation

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

keith olbermann: "TRUMP'S LEGAL WAR AGAINST BIDEN'S COFFEE MUG - 8.8.23"

New Mexico's fake electors need to explain themselves

Exposed: Disparity between Trump's Jan. 6 arrest and gamer Kai Cenat's arrest detailed by Joy Reid

WI: AG Kaul refuses to confirm DOJ's decision to investigate fake electors after Trump indictment

Dane County clerk hopes to see legal action taken against Wisconsin's fake electors

Georgia GOP fundraising for 'fake' electors

'This is not a partisan issue': Activist on Ohioans uniting against GOP to preserve abortion access

All my electronics are smashed... Abuse issues

Falklands War - Is Argentina Planning Another Invasion? Why Does UK own the Falkland Islands? - JoeB

Illinois fights gun lobby to ban marketing guns to little kids - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Maddow: As states take lead on fake elector probes, Trump's role a likely endpoint - Rachel Maddow

MS: Hinds County Moves Two Polling Places Hours Before Polls Open

The Guardian: 'Virtually certain' extreme Antarctic events will get worse without drastic action, s...

The Guardian: Winter heatwave in Andes is sign of things to come, scientists warn

The torment of Alexei Navalny is just the tip of the iceberg - Sascha E. Ostanina - TVP World

Security Ramped Up In GA, Cannon Just Made A Big Mistake - Raw News And Politics

Breakfast Tuesday 8 August 2023

The Independent: Antarctica 'suffering' because of burning fossil fuels, say scientists

Columbus tells the kids that slavery was "no big deal" and that "being taken as a slave is better t

"It appears that her capital crime was to kneel for the national anthem and offer support for trans

Republicans Crumble After Dark Brandon Laughs In Their Faces - Rebel HQ

Trump lawyers, DOJ at odds over election case evidence - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Video of Biden (MSNBC interview)was altered to make it appear like he struggled to speak

Ohio special election may determine future of abortion - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

TX: Gerrymandering trial starts in packed Galveston courtroom

Kayleigh McEnany Lies to her Fox news audiance about Devon Archer testimony.....

Marjorie Greene Proves She is Clueless in Humiliating Interview! - Luke Beasley

The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer (full documentary) AMERICAN EXPERIENCE PBS

Trump Violated Judge's Release Terms - Will He Be a Martyr OR Remain Free to Make Death Threats?

Justice Department helping Ukraine in war crimes investigations, Attorney General Garland says

Take a ride on the 305 feet high Intimidator roller coaster!

Jack Smith CONTINUES TO HAUNT Trump as he SECURES new Key Testimony - Meidas Touch

How Ohio Issue 1 supporters, opponents are preparing for outcome of Tuesday's special election

Money paid, favors done. Messages detail relationship between Ohio regulator and energy executives

Final early vote tally shows nearly 700,000 Ohioans have already voted

Have a question or issue at the polls during Ohio's special election? Look for the helpers.

Double missile strike in Ukraine's Pokrovsk follows Russian 'pattern' - FRANCE 24

Bernard Kerik, close ally of Rudy Giuliani, meets with special counsel in Trump Jan. 6 probe

MAGA Man Extradited To US For Violence At Trump Rallies - Raw News And Politics

Tulsa Massacre survivors appeal dismissed case to the Oklahoma Supreme Court

too heavy

Proud Boys briefly gather in Saratoga on Whitney Day - Albany Times Union

Thousands of Los Angeles city workers walk off job for 24 hours alleging unfair labor practices

Will Trump Face The Ultimate Penalty For Treason? w/ Dean Obeidallah - Thom Hartmann

Wordle 780 8/8 ***Spoiler thread***

On this day, August 8, 1904, Elmo Tanner was born.

On August 5, 2011, 38 people were killed when a Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.

Energy bills soar as people try to survive the heat. What's being done?

DeSantis calls for deadly force at the U.S. border with Mexico.

CNN Host Laughs Out Loud At Trump Attorney's Revisionist History

Saw my first Desantis bumper sticker here in central Pennsylvania

What too many people do not get about the Slobfather's ReTHUG philosophy

One key figure is missing from the Trump indictment: Will he be revealed as a MAGA "traitor"?

At 11:35 a.m. on August 8, 1969, this picture was taken:

This Week in HIV Research: The Vagaries of Time

Unbiased omics method finds in vivo host restriction factors for HIV-1

How the Texas AG's office became a pipeline for conservative federal judges

The latest from Ukraine: Ukraine has established another bridgehead near Kherson in the west

The polls are now open in Ohio.

51% of Americans think Trump tried to stay in office illegally, CBS News poll finds - CBS News

On the night of August 8, 1969, Tex Watson took several Manson girls to 10050 Cielo Drive in LA.

Ahead of Ohio abortion vote, Republicans try to change the rules

🌞 Sunrise North Myrtle Beach SC 🕶️

DJ Casper: Cha-Cha Slide hitmaker dies aged 58

OH: Some quick early voting data points.


Kraken-Related Attorney Arrested, Cyber Ninjas Off The Hook - Raw News And Politics

Dewi, Dylan and Dot all showed up for breakfast

Need a pick-me-up, a little motivation? Don't look here!!

"You have 16 days left": Putin wants to sacrifice 3 million more. Ramzan Kadyrov "Disappeared" -TRD

Can This Technique De-Program Trump's Most Ravenous Followers - Thom Hartmann

Arkansas deputy shoots at small dog, hits dog owner then tries to gaslight her "I didn't shoot you"

Trying to understand the "appeal" of TFG.

Tuesday TOONs - May The Farce Be With You

Woman injured by towel dispenser door inside restroom at Magnolia Silos files $1 million lawsuit

A real, functional Transformer!

On This Day: Nuremberg Charter signed by France, Soviet Union, U.K. and U.S. - August 8, 1945

Arizona 'Audit' Leader Wants Texts to Stay Secret

Colorado's new age limit on gun purchases temporarily blocked by federal judge

Judge bars 'vigilante' defenses ahead of anti-abortion activists' trial

Fed Up U.S. Marine Hits Josh Hawley with WORST NEWS of His Career - Against All Enemies

Florida's PragerU climate videos. Theme - Climate activists are like Nazis.

Teen dies after learning Church mission destination

GOP lawmaker's wife says she's been replacing 'terrible books' with Bibles in local Little Free Libr

What Cuisine Means to Taiwan's Identity and Its Clash With China

The Weekly Pull: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Damn Them All, and More

Is San Diego redistricting fair? To boost diversity, this ballot measure would rethink who draws the

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 8/2/23

Ghosts of Comics' Past: August in Comic History

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 7/30-8/5/2023

The Rundown: August 8, 2023

Judge says E Jean Carroll allegation Trump raped her is 'substantially true' in court dismissal

Donald J. Trump is the Republican Party's Frankenstein Monster...

Zoom, a champion of remote work, calls employees back to office

Happy News! Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, "Native American history is American history."

A Cautionary AI Tale - "Glorbo, KliKclac, Zoop, and Quackion" - Oh My!

UK Electoral Commission hacked by 'hostile actors'

China's July exports tumble by double digits, adding to pressure to shore up flagging economy

Private Equity-Backed Oil and Gas Drillers Saddle Taxpayers With Costly Cleanup Risk

Arizona coalition launches effort to get abortion rights on the ballot

Where 'No One Wanted Girls,' a Dad in India has flipped the gender ratio back to 50/50

A Pacific Northwest Sunrise on a Peak

I think we should all chip in to send tfg and his entire legal team Dark Brandon coffee mugs

Hey DU Demons - They're onto us...

Dawn at the Top 'o the World

The Right-Wing Women's Soccer Understanders Have Entered The Chat

You raised $50.00 on August 7, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024 (nearing current goal)

You raised $10.00 on August 7, 2023 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

The perfect light on the perfect kitten.

Two new Scientific American articles on the problems AI is creating & continues to create

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, August 8, 2023

5 Grateful Dead references in The Simpsons.

On this day, August 8, 2022, the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Largo.

I saw "Barbie" last night. Don't understand why Repubs are so bent out of shape about it.

It's raining in the PHX East Valley, with thunder and lightning this AM

Even frozen Antarctica is being walloped by climate extremes, scientists find

Tweety just said that the Slobfather is scared to death of a trial

On this day, August 8, 1947, Larry Wilcox was born.

"Anti-woke" darling Richard Hanania is exposed: What this says about the "intellectual" right

The Cardboard-Box Billionaires Are at It Again, This Time in Ohio

oh, my back!


Mike Pence is no prize: Pence family's failed gas stations cost taxpayers $20 million.

People are losing more money to scammers than ever before. Here's how to keep yourself safe

Could they be any less subtle? Maybe a warning

DeSantis' affordable housing director suspended pending investigation

8/8/23 Today If you live in Ohio and registered to vote

Is the "America's Manhood is under attack" a Russian produced or disseminated meme?

Pro-Trump Michigan attorney's texts shed light on voting machine probe

Maddow Blog Trump's complaints about the future of U.S. elections turn ironic

Penn State gender pay gap is among worst compared to public Big Ten schools, federal data show

I am visiting Ohio this week and some observations about Issue 1 campaign

Family calls for teen's release after accidental shooting of 12-year-old brother

Why did DeSantis finally admit that Trump lost the 2020 election?

VP to announce updates to Davis-Bacon today, undoing changes that date to the Reagan administration.

Boston man files lawsuit seeking to bankrupt white supremacist group he says assaulted him

MPD chief restructures, adds chiefs, acknowledges not all officers are behind him

Israeli finance minister suspends funds to Arab towns, East Jerusalem

Man is charged with flooding an emergency room after attacking a nurse and stripping

Question about milk

Is Jack Smith In A Catch 22

When the computer tells the cops they all look alike (again) ...

AZ: Lawyer whose wild allegations led to lawmaker's expulsion skips sentencing hearing

Never Forget

Florida school board reverses decision nixing access to children's book about a male penguin couple

'Slitting throats': DeSantis copies Trump's fantasies of violence

Westminster, Maryland, after the storm came through:

florida book banners have a new victim. shakespeare

Australia to Refer to West Bank, East Jerusalem as 'Occupied Territory,' Israeli Settlements as 'Ill

My poodle is having cataract surgery now.

Virginia: GETTING THERE VRE adjusting in post-pandemic world

The true cost of 'refilling' an EV in every state

Judge orders airline lawyers to take extremist advocacy group's "religious-liberty training"

Democrat Chris Glasser joins race to unseat Rep. Huizenga

Psyched out: How the DeSantis administration duped the media (AP Psych class still banned)

Biden pulls surprise move to shut down Republicans - Brian Tyler Cohen

do any of u duers use the word caddywhumpus and other such words?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ohio, and a yes or no question....

Kiss me, I voted NO.

'He provoked you to think': Detroit leaders reflect on Stevie Wonder's 'Innervisions' turning 50

'He provoked you to think': Detroit leaders reflect on Stevie Wonder's 'Innervisions' turning 50

the history of George Takei's oh my

The only mug shot President Biden will be taking:

Florida school board reverses decision nixing access to children's book about a male penguin couple

International Cat Day?

Imagine, the Defendant jealous of someone else's mug shot

trump's LEGAL WAR AGAINST BIDEN'S COFFEE MUG - 8.8.23 Countdown

Just how fast was this person going?

Pic Of The Moment: Ron DeSantis Shakes Up His Campaign Because Clearly That's The Problem

This week's major U.S. economic reports (August 7 -- August 11)

RFK Jr.'s super PAC is paying thousands to outlet that posts anti-Black, anti-LGBTQ, and

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 8, 2023

87% Collapse In Chinese Economy's Net Investment; EU-China: Trade - China Update

Oklahoma Schools Boss Reaches Screwball Territory With China Conspiracy Theory

DeSantis Replaces Campaign Manager in Major Shake-Up

Cost of Missouri abortion-rights petition challenged in court again

DoJ raise the fact that Trump's defense counsel spent all day Sunday on the Sunday shows

PragerU video compares climate activists to Nazis

Say Goodbye to Being Ripped Off by Car Dealers - More Perfect Union

Pelosi calls Trump indictments 'exquisite,' 'beautiful'

How Texas is Separating Asylum-Seeking Families at the Border

Rosa Jimenez Is Exonerated of a Crime That Never Took Place After 20 Years

Former Republican Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan on CNN "These are really serious charges."

Did you ever go on a blind date set up by friends or family? How was it? I only went on one--and I

Team Trump's latest pitch in elections case derided as 'deranged'

Australian police charge 19 men with child sex abuse after FBI tips about dark web sharing

Indictments By The Number

Cuyahoga Falls Ohio ballot counters are down, 11 am 8August 23

Saw "Barbie" last night.


A second Trump term would destroy the DOJ, would destroy the FBI - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Regulators fine Wall Street firms $549 million for using WhatsApp and other channels

NYC Says It Has No More Room for Asylum Seekers as Advocates Demand Long-Term Shelter

The reality of a president pardoning themselves is so abhorrent, why would we allow it?

Fluffy Cow Grows Up Around Dogs And Starts Acting Like A Puppy Himself

Abu Ghraib Torture Lawsuit Heads to Trial, 15 Years in the Making

Man injured by grizzly bear while working in Wyoming forest

He's not exactly suited to being a security guard...

Andrea Mitchell is a piece of shit

sometimes astrophotography DOES work :)

SAG Actors Want Higher Residuals. Here's How Streaming Residuals Work.

Wowdy webel behavior

CNN loses what little credibility they had

Not the greatest pic, but thought interesting how you inadvertently

Will Trump and his lawyers be able to stall and delay all the trials beyond election day?

Jimmy Witherspoon would've been 83 today.

they decided to launch a $20,000 agriculture drone from an active road

How the Texas AG's office became a pipeline for conservative federal judges

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 8, 2023)

Arizona Republican Senate poll

SCOTUS grants the Biden admin's request to keep in place a regulation regarding "ghost guns"

Amazon gets "last rites" from FTC as antitrust complaint looks imminent

You're only as "W.O.L.D." as you feel----Harry Chapin

Apple stock. Ouch!

Jack Smith knows Trump's strategy and doesn't plan on letting it work.

T-bill rates. They're all about 5.35-ish percent now.

good omens

Tweet: 14 southern states about to ban folding chairs. lol

"Shout" Isley Bros.

Is Donald Trump a Fascist? (Robert Reich)

Former Georgia lieutenant governor says he received grand jury subpoena

Christie: Trump certainly committed crimes Abbott & Costello meet the Corleones Stupid & Criminal.

The FAA asks the FBI to consider criminal charges against 22 more unruly airline passengers

Amendment to create a signature distribution requirement for initiatives will be on the Arizona ball

European scientists make it official. July was the hottest month on record by far

Eminem speaking truth about Trump supporters:

Chris Christie says it was a "Mistake" to Support trump

Cartoons 8/8/2023

US Supreme Court restores Biden's curbs on homemade 'ghost guns' - for now

26% primary turnout echoes past 'off-year' elections in Snohomish County

Andrew Weissman on Threads: To understand Judge Cannon latest legal issues...

Help proposed to stem growth of U.S. 'news deserts'

Boston man files lawsuit seeking to bankrupt white supremacist group he says assaulted him

If we get a government shutdown, blame GOP voters

Bursting ice dam in Alaska highlights risks of glacial flooding around the globe

Sinead O'Connor funeral: thousands say goodbye to 'beloved daughter of Ireland' in Bray

Dad Really Didn't Want To Adopt This Foster Dog...

No, Trump's poll numbers don't 'go way up' every time he gets indicted

A legislative imperative

Cuyahoga Falls, Ballot Scanners are Down

On My Way To Visit Minocqua Brewing Company

Republicans are talking up the possibility of impeaching Biden. Is it what voters want to hear?

What was your nickname as a kid? I didn't have one unless you consider Debbie

Is Jan. 6 probe honing in on Rudy Giuliani? Close ally Bernard Kerik interviewed for 5 hours

Couple in the Keys are in custody, linked to Jan. 6 attacks.

Sad Marjorie Taylor Greene Admits She Lacks Evidence To Impeach Biden

How gerrymandered is the Texas House?

Hell no was not a choice on my absentee ballot

Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska's interview with Bel Trew An Independent Original

What we know about the Montgomery Riverfront brawl

A redistricting case in Galveston County, Texas is going to trial

What is the probability the attackers on the Montgomery boat dock Are MAGA?

Cool Thing At Supermarket

National Museum of African American History already has the "Battle of Montgomery" chair on display

At DCA, Crews Race Each Night To Repave A Bit Of Runway Before The Next Day's Flights

Morning Joe Hightlights to get a feel for the Zeitgeist

On Loose Banana Cannon

How beautiful is this - talk about Music Appreciation - Bob died in 1981

Voting update from a small Village in Ohio

I can't watch 'Morning Joe.'

How long before Cannon is Removed from the Documents Case?

Trump wanted to murder Americans:

Why it matters that Trump taunted the U.S. women's soccer team (again)

Amtrak sets hearing, seeks comments on accessibility plans for long-distance equipment

Special Counsel Still Scrutinizing Trump's PAC

Alabama Republicans frame redistricting case as threat to political power

Grand Jury That Indicted Trump Meets Again

Ian Millhiser: The Supreme Court just handed gun groups a rare defeat

How Blue States Are Fighting for Voting Rights When Washington Doesn't

SOS LaRose ran off....

Third lawsuit challenges Missouri's abortion rights petition

July 2023 Average at the Mauna Loa CO2 Observatory is 3.24 ppm Higher Than 2022, 2nd highest ever...

Judge Cannon's PAST comes back to HAUNT HER in Trump Case

Trump's complaints about the future of U.S. elections turn ironic

Under the Woke Radar: The Bronze Age Pervert's & Bronze Age Mentality Plan For an Alt-America Future

TFG's counsel has told Judge Chutkan that TFG's counsel are too busy to meet before Friday

Democrats name Minyon Moore convention chair

And the tfg memes just keep on coming. (Apologies to Steven Spielberg)

It's primary election day in Mississippi. Here's what to watch for.

Texas woman mowing lawn attacked by snake and hawk - at the same time

As Ohio votes on ballot threshold, western Pa. abortion providers brace for influx of patients

What if Trump doesn't win the nomination?

MI: Voters head to the polls today for primary elections in Muskegon, Grand Haven and Dalton Twp.

My Visit To Minocqua Brewing Company Today

WI-SEN:40-year-old Stevens Point college student will be first Republican to challenge Tammy Baldwin

MN-03: Democratic congressman urging challenge to Biden might get primary of his own

Lawmaker's Wife Replacing Little Library Books With Bibles

Asking: is it time to talk about protective custody for trump?

Three men charged with assault in Montgomery riverfront brawl

Some ideas on how to discuss the topics surrounding abortion - brainstorming session

Matt Gaetz outlines wild scheme for Congress to give Trump 'immunity' from prosecution

Michigan mayor faces calls to resign at city meeting as constituents sound off on fake elector schem

NM-02: Yvette Herrell (R) took donation from fake elector in 2022

Florida Students Now Need Parental Permission to Use Nicknames, 'Alternate' Names Under New Ron DeSa

Trump Attacks Georgia DA Fani Willis, Baselessly Claims She Had An Affair With a Gang Member

I know we've become numb but the gall of this

Today's 52 week Treasury bill auction looked strong.

Groundhog finds comfort in food after movie career bust

A Healthy Regard for Workers' Rights: Fellows at the NIH Launch a Union Drive

It's a Biden/Pelosi Tie😀😀😀😀😀

Local 'Star Wars' impersonator 'Fluke Skywalker' faces new charges in child porn case

Supreme Court Revives Biden's 'Ghost Gun' Restrictions

Abortion Remains a Very Potent Issue

To what extent is your "ancestry" part of your family's diet?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, the Grand Canyon, and a monument....

Wondered if anyone had fuxnoiz on between 3:30-4 today?

Dark Brandon Uses Signs and Stickers to Take Credit He Deserves! - Pondering Politics

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 8, 2023

Trump Mocks 'Fat Pig' Chris Christie

Florida Approves Climate-Denial Videos in Schools

'Patriot Front' White Nationalists Sue Leftist Activist for IDing Them, Getting Them Fired

The Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight

'I will talk about it': Trump defiantly vows to discuss Jan. 6 case if slapped with a gag order

And now there are TWO! GRRR (another rant)

How do you sleep??? On your right side, stomach, left side, or back???

Afghanistan's Relations with Central Asian Neighbors - Eastern Express - TVP World

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 9 August 2023

China hacking Japan's defense network could be part of a sweeping 'espionage 101 campaign' - MSNBC

Archer - Final Season Official Trailer - FX/HULU - Streams 8/30/2023

Oh Yay Pence Qualifies For GOP Debate

Florida schools plan to use only excerpts from Shakespeare to avoid 'raunchiness'

Sam Bankman-Fried Will Still Face Campaign Finance-Related Charge, Justice Department Says

Biden designates new national monument near the Grand Canyon - MSNBC Reports

Drunk Entitled Brat Completely Freaks out once she Realizes she's just Been Arrested

Trump-appointed judge orders Southwest lawyers to get 'religious-liberty training' from 'hate group'

EV firm Proterra files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Almost 100 arrested in global child sex abuse probe launched after fatal shooting of FBI agents

Potential & Challenges of Using Hydrogen to Decarbonise Indian Railways -CSTEP

that statue in ukraine.

Comedian Michael Jr. on when he knew he was a professional.

"Mr Trump" should never be referred to as "President Trump"...

We knew he would, don't we?

Premium cringe at Belarusian Paratrooper Day - Break the Fake - TVP World

Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau :

Tampa mayor's big catch on Keys fishing trip? 70 pounds of cocaine.

I'm done

Starbucks must rehire fired union supporters, US appeals court rules

To complete the narrative of his martyrdom, he feels he must be jailed.

Vice President Harris Announces a Major Initiative for Workers

Harris says new rule means 'thousands of dollars' for workers on federal construction projects

NYC: Brooklyn Dems meet in back room of lobster restaurant to pick borough's judges

It's Friday!

Judge Chutkan orders hearing on protective order on Friday at 10AM

NYC: Council. Paladino champions landlords while questions linger about renters in her Queens home

Next level Dark Metal?

Judge sets Friday hearing for Trump protective order in election case

Texas Republican Chip Roy ties US homeland security funding to border demands

Voted in Ohio this morning

Trump attacks Judge Chutkan

Donald Trump's Trials Should Not Be Televised

My Covid blues

Just a damn good song.

The GOP clown car is running in circles

Judge Chutkan Smacks Down Trump Delay Attempt, Sets Friday Hearing

News & Commentary August 2, 2023 eBay faces unfair labor practice charges

Ron DeSantis' Attempt to Erase Trans People From Florida Schools Is Now Underway

The Guardian: Fears over Antarctic sea ice as yearly ozone layer hole forms 'very early'

TFG's Attorneys want to exclude time under the Speedy Trial Act

Florida students now need parental permission to use nicknames

July Legal Recap: From world leaders asking Biden why Trump has not been charged TO Trump being CHARGED!

The Guardian: Here's what we know about Sunak now: where the anti-green extremists lead, he will fo...

Federal Judge Enters BIG ORDER in New Trump Criminal Case - Meidas Touch

People are having fun with the Riverboat Brawl rescuers who came

Dean Obeidallah of XM radio says Maga violence certain

Ari Melber comparing Trump favorabilty with John Edwards.

I Just Hope When This Is All Over And Tr**p Is No Longer A Threat To...

Woman seriously injured by rare shark bite off NYC's Rockaway Beach

Climate migration

Amazon nations seek common voice on climate change, urge developed world to help protect rainforest

Ari has a great program today

Mike Luckovich-It's time to reintroduce myself

The World Food Program slowly resumes food aid to Ethiopia after months of suspension and criticism

Virginia Foxx (R-NC) Chair of Education and the Workforce Committee is not a nice person.

Posted earlier that turnout was light at my OH precinct

Smith Tower, Seattle's original skyscraper, goes on the market

New photos of Carys' siblings, Space Boy and Moon Dust

Trump 'shows no signs' of obeying judge's orders as Special Counsel asks for protection - Deadline MSNBC

WaPo Ohioans voting on whether to make it harder to amend state constitution

Legal experts: Trump lawyers "undermined" their own argument -- and Jack Smith walloped them

News & Commentary August 3, 2023 NLRB ruling overturns a Trump-era employer-friendly standard

Tammy Baldwin has a repub challenger........

GOP Contenders Hate America

In case anyone wants an Ohio Issue 1 live results page...

Misogyny: origins of men's hatred of women

Abortion rights advocates push for 2024 ballot initiative in Arizona

Desantis fires campaign manager... The faster we hit climate change tipping points, the greater the risk to our surviv...

This might come up at Friday's hearing

Far-right nationalists sue Seattle man for revealing identities

The right-wing Barbie meltdown shows how reactionary forces are losing the culture wars

'Only something a Trump lawyer could make up': 1/6 coup plot architect fights against disbarment

Anatomy of a Fraud: Kenneth Chesebro's Misrepresentation of My Scholarship in His Efforts to Overtur

Dobie Gray - The "In" Crowd

If you're taking Eliquis...

My hope for the Ohio 1 result

'Rights are being snatched away': GOP tries to change rules as Ohio votes on abortion rights - Deadline

Issue 1 Getting Trounced So Far

The Beatles - Tell Me Why

Damn it. Some major record labels are OK with AI deepfakes if fans pay the labels

I have seen enough. Issue One In Ohio Is Heading For A Resounding Defeat

"Karen" apartment manager assaults black adolescents at pool

Re: Ohio Issue 1: be careful of a "blue mirage"

Wasserman: I've seen enough: in a major victory for the pro-choice side, Ohio Issue 1 fails


Cher - Cruel War