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*An Affair to Remember NOW on TCM.

Hop on

What does 'Auld Lang Syne' mean?

Ron DeSantis now says it would take '12 hours' to 'flatten' the Bahamas

'Doggie' for Ron DeSantis' kids will have to wait until he's in the White House

Maude - Nostalgia Party

Voters Could Remake San Francisco City Hall in 2024. Here's How

Bangladesh: The election that has turned into a one-woman show

Influential former Texas US Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson dies at 88

Loser of election now asks judge to remove Arizona attorney general

US Navy helicopters fire at Yemen's Houthi rebels and kill several in latest Red Sea shipping attack


President Felix Tshisekedi wins controversial elections in DR Congo

Arizona gets its first updated election manual in 4 years

Exclusive: US to bring back aircraft carrier from eastern Mediterranean

Damn! This guy is going to ride herd on those deciding the fate of our country?

Patricia JANEČKOV: "Les oiseaux dans la charmille" (Jacques Offenbach - Les contes d' Hoffmann)

NASCAR legend Cale Yarborough dies at 84

Louisiana Democratic Party issues statement after Supreme Court denies appeal in Caddo sheriff case

Anybody watching the Twilight Zone marathon on SYFY today?

ISRAEL: Municipal elections delayed again due to war, to be held February 27

Juventino Rosas - Over the Waves

Um, when did Kornake take his shtick over to the NFL?

Today I learned that she is not his daughter

Happy New Year, DUers!

Happy tails to you, until we meet again:

Reckitt/Mead Johnson voluntarily recalls specialty infant formula due to possible bacterial infection

Reflections Of My Life - The Marmalade

Jack Smith WAS MY CO-WORKER, I Knew HE'D END Trump - Meidas Touch

Family treasure found again!

'I gained so much more than I lost' with Jan. 6 testimony: Cassidy Hutchinson - This Week - ABC News

Heart Full Of Soul - The Yardbirds

Rare stuff.....

These Iraqi Apricot Meatballs Have Stood the Test of Time

'Godzilla Minus One' Tops $80 Million To Set New Box Office Record

Eddie Money, Take Me Home Tonight/Be My Baby, Ronnie Spector ✨

Depressing but good


Nikki Haley's Civil War comments underscore America's understanding of our own history - American Voices - MSNBC

Mancini, you magnificent bastard

Tinkerbell has lost her struggle. RIP Tinkerbell.

Happy 88th birthday to one of the best pitchers the game has ever seen, Sandy Koufax!

Happy New Year! Leaving the old. Entering the new...

Trump removed from ballots after engaging in insurrection. Anthony Davis EXPLAINS. - FIVE MINUTE NEWS

These Iraqi Apricot Meatballs Have Stood the Test of Time There's a reason this 2,000-year-old recipe is still popular

Cry, Eagles, Cry

Beef Wellington was great

Happy New Year Loners

Did you win the lottery?

Cats 1, Elon Musk 0


Grateful Dead NYE 1981. Joan Baez and "Me and Bobbie McGee"

George Takei - Trolling MAGA Grandpa FTW !

Maine voter behind Trump ballot challenge: 'It's about upholding our Constitution' - American Voices - MSNBC

Light 'em if you got 'em?

GOP Congress Had INSTANT COLLAPSE in 2023 and it GOT UGLY - Meidas Touch

Opening the door to '24

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ohio, Idaho, and 2 wins....

Ring out the old, Ring in the new...

U.S. grapples with humanitarian crisis at southern border - American Voices - MSNBC

This year I refuse to count down the new year.

Richard Ojeda Roasts Trump's Dumbest Cult Members - Rebel HQ

Farewell 2023, you were mostly crap

"Feast of the Seven Fishes" is on Netflix until January 15th.

It was a couple of hours into 1965. Sue, Pooch, Crazy Bob, and I were seated in a booth in Charbert's

German police say they've detained three additional suspects in an alleged Islamist plot to attack

Happy almost New Year, DU.

Trump Accuses Republicans Of Cheating To Win Iowa Caucus - Ring of Fire

Mike Flynn's Hall of Fame Induction Halted After Board Resignations

My cousin has changed her story with me and I am so confused. After the initial call where she agreed with the sex abuse

On this New Year's Eve...that's here. That's home. That's us.

Happy New Year's to all DUers!

Rep. Clyburn: Choosing Biden is choosing democracy - Velshi - MSNBC

'Wake the hell up': Conservative goes on furious rant about the state of the GOP

Happy New Year, DU!!!

Russia - Putin Rages After Soldiers Fighting in Ukraine Complain About Moscow Socialite Party - Joe Blogs

Social Security recipients struggle to pay back agency after unexpected overpayments 60 Minutes

George Takei:

SHOUT - The Isley Brothers - Music, The Twist Dance - The Beatles TWIST & SHOUT

🎆 Kali Xronia! Happy New Year! A Good Year!

Panthers owner David Tepper throws drink at Jaguars fans as his team gets embarrassed (update)

Rep. Crockett: Holding Congress accountable at the polls - Velshi - MSNBC

In Memoriam, The stars we lost in 2023....

Donald Trump accuses Joe Biden of allowing migrants into US to vote for him

i love this crazy show: alien super show (holiday special) and a perfect way to end the year--with a few chuckles!

"The Holdovers" on Peacock

Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show "Sylvia's Mother"

Legally Clueless Elon Loses 1st Amendment Lawsuit Against Content Moderation Law - Rodecast

North Korea's Kim orders military to 'thoroughly annihilate' US, South Korea if provoked

LEAKED Recordings LINK Republican Senator DIRECTLY to Trump Criminal Scheme - Meidas Touch

Damn Republicans just tried to watch

Evangelical Christianity is...

2nd tweet--baby thrilled to be standing on his own for the first time:

Fireworks for Next Year !

2nd tweet--baby displays amazing skills:

"i'm not a part of the MAGA agenda" (green day changes lyric at their NYE performance)

No fireworks here in my neighborhood as it is raining and snowing. Good night sleep

Packers beat the Vikings!

Lava flow spilling directly into the ocean (Hawaii):

Rep. Bennie Thompson: Trump did 'Everything he could' do circumvent rule of law - Velshi - MSNBC

Texas flies migrants to Rockford, IL, with buses sent to Chicago, officials say

(1) smile pretty!; (2) Mobula ray migration

Ol' Russia Ron Johnson is going to jail

🎆 George Winston plays 'St. Basil's Carol'

Trump in top form, laying down the law

Russia abandons its citizens: Putin doesn't care about Russian prisoners of war - UATV English

Dead, 81, Essen, Gm - Greatest Story Ever Told.

Tired of iPhone space problems?

Sen. Lindsey Graham says "we'll get the money for Ukraine" if White House negotiates on border - Face the Nation

Key West Drag Queen Drop

Happy New Year to all of DU,

I apologize to anyone that this might trigger...


2024: the year we save

Wall Street Journal Releases 2024 Election Forecast - Let's Talk Elections

Not just for our furbabies, but for all those suffering from PTSD, I wish you

Whoa! Did you see that?!

Diamond Disaster & Oil Onslaught: Sanctions Slam Russia's Economy! - The Gaze

Dear hooman furiends, don't forget that us pets hate fireworks

Very affectionate male lion:

Bay Area woman kills person she thought was stealing packages, police say

That's it for a year. Dead in Germany, 1981,,,,,,whoa great video.

2nd tweet--Duck, duck, GOOSE!

☦️ Eastern Orthodox Christianity - Agios Vasileios/St. Basil, 01 January

Judge allows new court in Mississippi's majority-Black capital, rejecting NAACP request to stop it

Trump WON'T MAKE it Through BRUTAL 2024 Trial Schedule - Meidas Touch

Pupper's tail is mesmerizing!

Kindergarten Propaganda: Putin is Raising a Generation of Zombies - UATV English

They must be old friends:

From Food 52: St. Basil's Nameday Cake 'Vasilopita'

2nd Trump term would be 'the end of American democracy as we know it': Griffin - This Week - ABC News

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about New Year's Eve....

Catch me, bro!

How does one move money from your bank to another person's bank account?

This is the best audio/video capture of the Dead, In Germany.1981.

MUSHROOMHEAD The Heresy , happy new year !

There are no happy new years

Retired military dog reunites with previous handler - ABC News

Busloads of migrants being dropped at N.J. train stations to sidestep NYC order

U.S. Navy sinks Houthi boats in the Red Sea - MSNBC Reports

Al-Qaeda affiliate threatens US airlines - NewsNation Prime

Ava DuVernay hammers Nikki Haley and warns the GOP is defending 'the unconscionable' - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

Everything you ever wanted to know about " Uchiwa"

☦️ Orthodox Christianity - All About St. Basil the Great, 01 January

Exploring Trump's 2024 ballot fate: Inside California's Secretary of State decision - Symone - MSNBC


HERE WE GO! Trump's SICKO Behavior will Get FINAL JUDGMENT Soon - Meidas Touch

Japan issues major tsunami warning for coastal prefecture after 7.6 magnitude earthquake

Happy New Year DU!

7.5 Earthquake Hits Japan... Also Tsunami Warning.

A look back at the biggest news events that shaped 2023 and made history - PBS NewsHour

Al Franken - Best Of: Patton Oswalt is Great!

It's after 4 a.m. and my neighbors are still celebrating.

Jewish TV Executives Voice Dismay After Ex-Channel 4 Commissioner Attacks Stephen Fry's National Rallying Cry Against An

Every Aston Martin in James Bond Explained from Wired

Israel to pull some troops from Gaza as war enters new phase

Let's Go Buffalo!

The Sinking of Japan 日本沈没 (2006 Film)

Just ran over huge chunks of concrete on highway

20, 2024 hours to go...

Abbott is sending migrant folks to Blue States

Column: How to have a meaningful conversation with your MAGA dad

Colorado mother suspected of killing her 2 children and wounding a third arrested in United Kingdom

The Unofficial Czar of the Migrant Crisis

Jill Biden: As we close one year and begin another, let's raise a glass -- ....

Wordle 926 Jan 1 ***Spoiler Thread***

It was like the army around here yesterday P.T. Zombie apocalypse training classroom then night time firing range.

Denmark's Queen announces surprise abdication

Bloody Mary! I'll say no more!

On this day, January 1, 1958, Grandmaster Flash was born.

Every year on this day, January 1, New Year's Day, the Mummers Parade is held in Philadelphia.

Every year on this day, January 1, New Year's Day, the Mummers Parade is held in Philadelphia.

China's Military Purge & Taiwan; Chinese Economy: More Poor Numbers; US-China - China Update

On this day, January 1, 1896, Alfred Beach died.

Patron wishes us a Happy New Year.

On this day, January 1, 1900, Xavier Cugat was born.

On this day, January 1, 1953, Hank Williams was found dead in the back seat of a car.

I've always liked Green Day, lol. (Tweet)

24 years!

Russia launches record number of drones across Ukraine as Moscow and Kyiv continue aerial attacks

Crab using the air pump to play in its fish tank (Tweet)

On this day, January 1, 1909, actor Dana Andrews was born.

Real Life Batman

My watch word this year as we start to break the tax breaks to the greedy ...


On This Day: Irish girl becomes first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island - Jan. 1, 1892

NYC: Anti-Israel protesters celebrate a country where slavery is practiced

Monster Hunter World: double hunt Tigrex and Radobaan

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 5, 2024 - Movies on Ice / NYC Relationships

pizza delivery man runs into burning house, saves four children who tell him another might be in the house. He goes back

On this day, January 1, 1808, the importation of slaves into the United States was officially banned.

GOP's Biggest Losers of 2023: Donald "Smells Like a Butt" Trump and His Fellow Insurrectionists

Most of my friends and family took the trump train

Guy Riding Bike Finds Dog Sitting In The Street

A few toons

Brent Terhune: MAGA is pissed at Green Day

U2 - New Year's Day

I'm going to open a "Resolution Gym". It'll have all the usual exercise equipment, yoga classes, and

Nikki Haley's comment on the US Civil War was no gaffe - Sidney Blumenthal. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I need one to open one!🤬Bastards!

"Here's to the New Year. May it be a damned sight better than the old one."

This photo shows Mars in true color. .........

Happy New Year from me and the Kidcats. I pulled up some of my favorite photos

More Than Just Mickey: Chaplin, Peter Pan, 'Western Front' Enter Public Domain

J. Edgar Hoover was born on this date.

Trump claimed people were buying scalped tickets to his New Year's bash for $10K.

New Year's Day / Happy New Year

Japan drops tsunami alert but urges caution after series of quakes

Milt Jackson was born on this date.

The New Year starts off with a 7.5 earthquake off coast of western Japan.

U2 New Year's Day

Screw Paperclips

All year it's Marcia, Marcia, Marcia...

Country Joe McDonald has a birthday today.

"Something new to complain about"

Just Pins

NFL playoff picture: Steve Kornacki breaks down postseason races in Week 17 FNIA NFL on NBC

Is Trump trying to intimidate the Supreme Court?

I am sure there are many complicated reasons,

You raised $455.00 on December 31, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

An old man says to his grandson....

One of the major news networks should start a political show called "Dare to tell the truth"

My daughter got me a tin of Emergency Googly Eyes

Amtrak announces repair plans for rails, bridges across Va., DC-Boston corridor

Normal vs Crazy

Muhammad Yunus: Nobel laureate sentenced to jail in Bangladesh

Displaced couple struggle to keep newborn quadruplets alive in Gaza

My husband got a letter in the mail indicating his personal security info may

Trump Vampire Spouts Shockingly Racist Conspiracy Theory On Fox News - Majority Report

About Trump's J6 Trial

teach your dog to enjoy fireworks Ceasar Millan

Start the new year with a smile:

The Palestine Red Crescent Society announced birth of a baby on New Year's Day in Jabalia

2nd tweet--Could these 2 be any cuter?

The Desert Sessions - Rickshaw

Just wondering if there has been any discusion between states about

Dog adopts litter of orphaned possums:

The Return of the Mental Hospital

2nd tweet--Lion cubs look fierce but act gentle:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, the 14th, and real impact....

2nd tweet--frustrated hawk:

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 1, 2024)

I just felt an earthquake in the San Fernando Valley

Happy New Year to all my liberal friends.

I bit the bullet and reached out UPDATE!

Chinese factory activity slows in December in a 3rd straight month of contraction

Michael Beschloss: "Please remember throughout 2024: History shows that when our democracy rolls into action,

Solar storm activity next couple-three days

It's the start of another new year, better call the newspaper up. Happy New Year from me and The Hip

First winter storm of 2024 could hit Central Virginia this weekend

Motherfucker sold our nuclear secrets to the Russians

Leftover mince pie filling equals

Trump is just a foil protecting the evil Republican Party

BTRTN: While Biden Machinates, GOP Self-Destructs

Israel Supreme Court strikes down judicial reforms

whelp. i am having my first afib attack of the new year. happy new year. rah. will do the usual drill.

Dang forgot the Rose Parade is on.......gotta DVR it so I can watch it all.

Israeli Supreme Court strikes down Bibi's controversial judicial overhaul law

Israeli Supreme Court strikes down Bibi's controversial judicial overhaul law

We're all going to pardon the Slobfather

Best Uplifting Photos of 2023

After 10 years of weekly videos, the great Tom Scott is "retiring" from Youtube

Milan Christmas market

Happy New Year Judi Lynn

What caused Covid? Why we may never know truth about lab leak theory

For the New Year, everyone is invited to my new "The Art" Gallery

Happy New Year, from Pittsburgh. PA

New FAFSA launches after a long delay -- but with 'some minor issues,' Education Department says

It's over: 2023 was Earth's hottest year, experts say.

Toyota switching to Direct to Consumer sales model.

My evangelical cousin is at death's door.

Col. Potter says:

Second Israeli Minister Calls For Return Of Settlers To Gaza


TCM tonight

The Widow Who Created the Champagne Industry

"Free the Truth": The Belmarsh Tribunal on Julian Assange & Defending Press Freedom

Greek Kalanta for St. Basil the Great's Nameday, The 1st of January

If they [Packers] beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon, they will be in thanks to the Seattle Seahawks' loss to...

Baby Cow Rescued From Petting Zoo Snuggles On Couple's Sofa

I am rich

At his Mar-a-Lago home, Trump greeted 2024 with a frown. (tweet with video)

"The Kids Guide to President Trump"

Cedar Waxwing 'museum' flew in and out!

Southern MD New Years noon 1/1/2024

A wet end to a very wet year.

10-year-old in California charged with alleged murder of another 10-year-old: Police

What is your favorite Christmas gift?

General Trivia Thread - Part ll

2023 closing credits

Harvest of Shame... TV as it used to be when I was growing up.

We can never forget how dump has decimated our Intel services. I don't know why it's never spoken about.

Anderson Cooper completely lost it last night as John Mayer dialed in from a cat bar in Japan

Green Eyes, poem by Mexican poet Al Chumacero


Reminder: Photo Contests opens January 6

What it was like to grow up in the Ice Age

Israeli Justices Reject Netanyahu-Led Move to Limit Court

The Monster Returns: Stalin Looms Large Over Putin's Russia -

We celebrated 38th wedding anniversary last night! Now what do I do with a wine hangover?

Donald Trump the Poster Child for White Fragility! Mary Trump w/ Karen Hunter

This week's major U.S. economic reports (January 1 -- January 6)

Putin Says Russia Will 'Intensify' Attacks on Ukraine

Painting from an Emily Olson watercolor lesson.

Gender-neutral toy aisles are now law in California

Ethiopia signs agreement with Somaliland paving way to sea access

Has anyone watched The Wolfman on Netflix?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Challenges House Speaker, Sparks GOP Clash: 'The Honeymoon Is Over'

Happy New Year, dear DUers!

US Supreme Court's Roberts urges 'caution' as AI reshapes legal field

Israel Reshuffles Forces, Prepares for Long-Term Conflict in Gaza

DC snow forecast: Chance for first significant winter storm next weekend

Buckle Up, The 2024 Election Is Here - 3 Ways To Fix Election Coverage, Robert Reich (2)


Cartoons 1/1/2024 Happy New Year

As calendar turns, Lynnwood light rail is no longer 'next year'

Guh Nochi

Despite Texas, Florida brags, California's doing fine


Republicans shouldn't overestimate appeal to Latinos

Man O'Got

Now, if they had them both at the same time, that would be something to see.

Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne

Has anyone seen "Pieces of Her?"

Trump's Idiot Sons Will Lose Everything Once He Is Gone - Ring of Fire

The Democratic Primary Elections In Texas - Part One

Just saw D.J. Uiagalelei is transferring to Florida State.

What word do you remember that your very young child used, that only you or your SO knew what they were saying.?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 2: Star of the Month: Robert Mitchum

They powered Montreal's garment industry. One woman is trying to honour them

I'm loving watching Oregon wipe the field with Liberty

A stable complex of Terbium +4.

Green Day Changes Key Lyric To Slam Trump During New Year's Eve TV Broadcast

When he didn't realize you are in the room

These Classic Characters Are Losing Copyright Protection. They May Never Be the Same.

Christians are mad that a Christian magazine (correctly) said Jesus was Asian (Livestream)

Slade - How Does It Feel

Who knew the National Park Service sorta has humor about its cute animals?

Wednesday, January 3: Spotlight: Columbia Pictures 100 Years - The 1920s and 1930s

'Stakes are really high': misinformation researcher changes tack for 2024 US election

If TFG has immunity from prosecution, then so does President Biden

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what Biden said about Ukraine and Russia....

Israel Plans to Withdraw Some Troops From Gaza

Trump mounting a write-in campaign in 2024 if he's disqualified surges into spotlight - Brian Tyler Cohen

Just watched the new Trevor Noah special on Netflix.

Time Stand Still - Rush and a cover by The United States Army Band

Elon Musk's X gets another valuation cut from Fidelity

For those not watching football

They Sold Everything to Go on a 3-Year Cruise. How It All Unraveled.

These are the most controversial laws that went into effect across the U.S. today

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 1, 2023, New Year's Day

Just downloaded the most recent Firefox update on my HP desktop (Windows 10). It seems to have

I Debated Texas Trump Supporters, Goes Horribly Wrong! - Luke Beasley

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Tuesday, 2 January 2024

In Historic Ruling, Israel's High Court Strikes Down Key Judicial Overhaul Legislation

'Tipping-point state': Analyst says one state will be critical for Dems in 2024 - CNN

SNOWMINDER, New Year's Day

The global elections Washington should be watching in 2024

40% of US electricity is now emissions-free...

Trump's Double Jeopardy Defense

Good Lovin'- The Rascals - On Fire, Felix Cavaliere 🎹

Boom or bubble? High Missouri farmland prices encourage investors, concern farmers

The year ahead for my 11,000th post.

Let's talk about what Biden said about Ukraine and Russia....

2023 was District's deadliest year in more than two decades

White Room - Cream

MI: The GOP bet big on tax cuts for the rich. They got historic labor victories instead

If I rent a room in my house

Iran Sends Warship to Red Sea After US Sinks Houthi Boats

The Effect of PFAS on Colorectal Cancer: Some bad news.

Kind of a spoiler. Im watching Indiana Jones and the whatever.

The Mar-a-Lago New Year's Eve Party Was a Twisted, Teenage Mutant Ninja Nightmare

Eight Days Until the Courtroom Doors Swing Open  Will Sec. Raffensperger Testify About Coffee County Breaches?

Celtic New Year - Van Morrison ☘

US finds Bayer's short GM corn can be safely grown, but hurdles remain

NC sees major changes for voters

LIBYA: Preliminary phase of municipal elections begins

Happy Blue New Year?

Democracy is in peril in the world's bonanza year of elections

Putin issues stark warning in New Year's Day message - CNN

The Woman Who Saved Israel's Fragile Democracy - for Now

Florida abortion measure tops 863K signatures on path to 2024 ballot

Japan Earthquake Update

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker (R) seeks ballot referendum regarding abortion laws

South Dakota Officials Clear Marijuana Signature Drive

Trump social media post suggests major strategy shift in Jan. 6 defense: report


Wyoming Ballot Initiative Aims to Slash Resident Property Taxes in Half

Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

Sununu Hits Christie, Says White House Campaign 'At an Absolute Dead End'

Only player to hit Grand Slams on 2 different Opening days.

CCR - Bad Moon Rising

India launches a satellite to study black holes as it preps to become the fourth country to send humans into space


The Dirty Fucking Hippies Were Right

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

Sidney Wolfe, relentless consumer activist and FDA foe, dies at 86

Spooky Tooth - I Am the Walrus

Auld Lang Syne (Punk Rock)

Bottle Cage (Wow)

Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

America at the Crossroads

Tom Scott: After ten years, it's time to stop making videos.

Funkadelic - Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow

Soulhat - Bonecrusher

Steppinwolf - Monster

MC5 - Motor City's Burning

Israel to fight South African charges of 'genocide' in International Court of Justice

Your New Year's Day weirdness!

Man goes shopping, returns home with something unexpected

Beef supplier recalls nearly 7,000 pounds of contaminated meat