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'I am looking for something to cover here': Donald Trump cruising towards Iowa Caucus victory - Deadline - MSNBC

In second impeachment trial, TFG's attorney stated that the DOJ could indict and prosecute TFG even if TFG was acquited

'Prequel' by Rachel Maddow is an astonishing book.

the big guy upstairs has seen enough

You know what I do NOT do? Taunt my GOP family and "friends" with memes *

My friend

Seth Meyers - Trump Says Civil War Could Have Been Negotiated at Iowa Rally - Monologue 01/08/24

My wife thinks it's weird, and maybe it is but I've showered the same way for as long as I can remember: 🚨

Argentina's Mileise: Argentines bought a fifth less at food and drink stores in December, report finds

Argentina's Mileise: Argentines bought a fifth less at food and drink stores in December, report finds


Trump Could Soon Be Facing Criminal Charges In Michigan The Ring of Fire

Well tomorrow at 8:00am I'll be getting my 2nd total knee replacement.....

Trump tries TIRED ARGUMENT AGAIN - Talking Feds

Judges destroy Trump in court with one devastating question - Brian Tyler Cohen

House GOP faces sudden flood of retirements after holiday break

US congressional panel seeks documents from Harvard in antisemitism probe

Stop harming Gaza civilians, Blinken tells Netanyahu as fighting rages in Khan Younis

DC Appellate Judge Destroys Trump Lawyer Arguing Trump Has Absolute Immunity From Prosecution - Rodecast

Which political podcasts would you recommend?

On persuasion of our friends and fam on the right.

A Judge Has Found Ohio's New Election Law Constitutional, Including a Strict Photo ID Requirement

It sure looks like Donald Trump was disguised as 'Doe 174' in the newly unsealed Jeffrey Epstein documents

Trump RIPPED TO SHREDS by DC Appeals Court - Meidas Touch

Lovely sub zero temps for Iowa caucus on Monday

Tomorrow I'll learn the cost of phase 2

Judge rejects Trump 14th Amendment claim in Nevada by GOP political competitor

Rodgers doubles down on the dumb and then lies about his Kimmel comments.

With apologies to Country Joe McDonald

New federal rule on independent contractors could trigger wave of lawsuits against businesses

Aaron Rodgers denies implying comic Jimmy Kimmel was tied to Epstein and condemns those who do

NRA distances itself from longtime leader Wayne LaPierre in opening remarks at civil trial

Armed men storm an Ecuador TV studio during a live broadcast as attacks in the country escalate

Oklahoma's Ryan Walter pushed thru rule that gives state ed dept control over Tran's gender listing

YOU GOTTA GET OUTA THIS RACE - A Parody - Greg Trafidlo & Don Caron - Parody Project

Judges crush arguments by Trump lawyer in today's appellate court hearing on presidential immunity - Glenn Kirschner

Last Week in the Republican Party - January 9, 2024

Trump was such a 'crook' that Jeffrey Epstein cut ties with him: Epstein's brother

In Bid for Immunity, Trump Distorts the History of His Second Impeachment

Outdoor Dining During a Pandemic

The Latest Dirty Word in Corporate America: ESG

Efforts to boot Trump off the ballot are underway in Illinois and Massachusetts while California takes a step back

The arguments Trump's attorneys are making to claim he's immune from Jan. 6 prosecution - PBS NewsHour

Confirmed: Joe Biden's first appointment to a US District Court in Texas, John A. Kazen

Armed men storm an Ecuador TV studio during a live broadcast as attacks in the country escalate

evening now cast for sonora ca @ 5:31 p.

US v. Trump DC Court of Appeals Oral Arguments Review (Audio)

Picture of Fox News Town Hall hecklers

I had a MRI the day after Christmas due to an elivated PSA. Today I got the news I have a

Who looks younger, Joe or Jay?

Sugar and sugar foods are ...."ADDICTIVE." AND, they kill lots of people.

Let's talk about what Sweden can teach Congress about Ukraine....

GE business to fill order for turbines to power Western Hemisphere's largest wind project

China is experimenting with turning coal into food

Nobody Told Me What It Was Like To Get Older

So Trump and his lawyer are arguing for carte blanche presidential immunity

Utah Sens. Mike Lee, Mitt Romney respond to President Biden's Valley Forge speech

Digital watercolor and ink pelican

The political points made in Trump's immunity claim appeals hearing - CBS News

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Beware the Trump

So if President Biden ordered Drumph killed

Coup-murder bombshell: Trump Lawyer says POTUS may order 'SEAL Team 6' to kill American citizens - The Beat - MSNBC

Violent political threats surge as 2024 begins, haunting American democracy

Trump's "Fifth Avenue" sequel

ABC now: Only Murders in the Building

Housing density bill passes WA House on day one of 2024 session

Poll: Washington voters want to spend more -- while cutting taxes

Trump lawyer: Assassination of enemies covered under presidential immunity - All In - MSNBC

Status Quo, no doubt in my mind that without them, there's no Clash, no Sex Pistols. Not without Status Quo playing 1st.

'Ludicrous': Hear the 'strangest' argument from Trump's immunity hearing - All In - MSNBC

Democrats Can't Keep Ignoring Covid in 2024

I'm dreading a tree falling on me right now.

Throwing the Book at Amazon's Monopoly Hold on Publishing 📚

Israeli MK Causes Uproar in Knesset After Signing Petition Accusing Israel of Genocide in Gaza

Biden slams Trump as 'revealing twisted true colors' after Trump says he hopes economy crashes in 2024

Amalija Knavs, mother of former first lady Melania Trump, dies

What's with Alicia Menendez eye makeup,

Should swatting be a felony?

How One Man's Memes Changed 2016's Election Results w/ Heidi Siegmund Cuda - Thom Hartmann

Republican bill would ban nearly all abortions in Florida

Suddenly it all makes sense.

A secret tunnel in a NYC synagogue leads to a brawl between police and worshippers

Violent political threats surge as 2024 begins, haunting American democracy

Michelle Obama admits she's 'terrified' over possible results of 2024 election - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Bad Dream - Cannons

Fox "news" snowflake host can't even get the Vulcan hand salute right

Michelle Obama UNLEASHES on Trump in MUST-SEE Takedown of the Year - Meidas Touch

Suspect accused of killing trans woman Meghan Riley Lewis released with no bail

RWNJ conspiracy theory floating around Re: Austin

Kansas City media misgender trans murder victim springing LGBTQ+ advocates to action

Trump bound for the big house? Former Watergate prosecutor says 'presidential immunity' a no-go - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Tracy Torme 'Sliders' Co-Creator and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Writer, Dies at 64

Quake II - PS4 - $3.99 Sale

DeSantis says Florida will welcome Jewish students who want to transfer with 'open arms'

BPA, phthalates "widespread" in supermarket foods, regardless of packaging, Consumer Reports says

Supreme Court rejects appeal by ex-officer Tou Thao, who held back crowd as George Floyd lay dying

I noticed that traitor's lawyer and the school teacher who found the door plug

'Perverse': Rep. Raskin says Trump's immunity argument could lead presidents to 'assassinate rivals' - The ReidOut MSNBC

When Jesus was a man on Earth, did he cease being God in Heaven? Was there a Trinity prior to the birth? Were there two

if you are into old phones/ radios or science stuff- WOOD + brass microscope, poke me.

Song of India - Tommy Dorsey 🎺

AJC: Filing alleges 'improper' relationship between Fulton DA, top Trump prosecutor

Seth Meyers - Biden Calls Trump a Loser for Attempting to Overturn the 2020 Election - Monologue 01/09/24

Taylor Swift is a "Pentagon asset"

The 118th Congress is one of the least functional ever - ABC News

Amalija Knavs, mother of former first lady Melania Trump, dies at 78

Assuming you had the money, would you buy Boeing stock now, after the missing bolt thing?

Micro-apartments Could Become Fully Legal in Washington, Again

'An act of sedition': Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein predicts ex-president is hiding something

Television - Carried Away

I've never disagreed with lawrence o'donnell until tonight

The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues

PBS KERA in DFW re-aired the Dec 5, 2023 Frontline about the Uvalde shooting.

Can't fight it,

If the Appeals court were to grant the unthinkable

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump immunity appeal shattered by judge Trump doesn't believe should be a citizen - The Last Word

Astronomers solve mystery of 'Green Monster' in famous supernova remnant (photo)

Kimmel: Trump is a Disaster on Every Level, Musk Fights Illegal Drug Claims & Jimmy Adopted a Dog!

'A ridiculous argument': Professor Tribe on Trump's presidential immunity hearing - The Last Word - MSNBC

Hypothetical question for Trump's lawyers:

(Jewish Group) Atlanta Jewish Film Festival hits theaters Feb. 13-26

Record rains at all 3 airports

James Hansen et al. Groundhog Day. Another Gobsmackingly Bananas Month. What's Up?

(JEWISH GROUP) Among 260 Signatories of Letter to Film Academy Critiquing Jewish Exclusion from Diversity Standards

Loudermilk on Netflix

Trump goes on unhinged rant amid disaster court appearance - Brian Tyler Cohen

Birther Trump Keeps Suggesting People Who Aren't White Aren't Eligible To Be President

Hunter Biden

'Trump's awfulness' being discounted in 2024, Dem strategist says - The Last Word - MSNBC

Even Fox News is cringing at Trump's insane immunity claims - Pondering Politics

Dirt rained down on Houston. Where did it all come from?

Lawsuit reveals details of LASD deputy shooting off colleague's tattoo

Biden vs. Trump: Whose Economic Plan Is Better for You? - Robert Reich

2016 all over again: birther lies, mocking McCain, blaming immigrants, "crooked," Mexico will pay for it

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Florida and tornadoes....

Oops! James Comers 'Legitimate' Company Got Shut Down...Twice - Waldorf Nation

Funny! Norm Eisen and Harry Litman role play district court hearing

Anyhow, Tedeschi Trucks Band (Live in Studio)

'10-foot-tall people' unearthed by archaeologists in Nevada cave

With Melania's mother passing away.

She rioted on January 6. Now she's headed to prison - CNN

The Israeli right undermines Biden's Middle East agenda

Donald Trump's impeachment defense already blew up his immunity argument - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Iowa GOP chairman says winter weather could prevent record caucus turnout

Horse's silly side:

New report cites Trump aides' testimony on damning new details about Trump on Jan. 6 - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Splish, splash:

2nd tweet--LOL! Finland's Hobby Horse Championships:

Trump LOSES IT after Devastating Appeals Hearing - Meidas Touch

House Democrats boost spending to reach Black, Latino, Asian voters

Biden Calls Trump a Loser & a Threat to Democracy in January 6 Speech - Lovett or Leave It

A Second Trans Woman's Ohio Campaign Is Challenged For Not Disclosing Dead Name

Group submits third proposed Arkansas FOIA change to attorney general after second rejection

Petition calls for recall of Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson after party switch

'In the Shadow of Quetzalcoatl' by Merilee Grindle review

2nd tweet--Panda stands on his head so he can scratch his armpit:

IMPORTANT, DUers and others should read/listen to this.

Will Marjorie Taylor Greene Resurrect Segregation Era Laws? - Thom Hartmann

ND: Bismarck lawmaker (R) charged with conflict of interest crime

d'espairsray yami huru kiseki

Chihuahua demands more kisses:

Texas officials accused of thwarting help for bused migrants - CBS News

Serpent Mound: A Mysterious 400-Meter Snake Lurks In Ohio's River Valley

Republicans win both Virginia special elections to retain General Assembly seats

WI: Judge rules Racine wasn't allowed to use mobile voting van in 2022 primary

Panda mum cuddles with month old twins at Vienna Zoo:

North Dakota to follow judge's order for 2024 election, despite appeal

'There was profound skepticism': Trump appears in appeals court - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Armed men take over live TV broadcast in Ecuador

Arkansas attorney general rejects proposed education amendment

UPS guy takes selfies with the neighborhood dogs:

Kentucky Senate leader proposes partisan elections for state school board

Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis faces second misconduct case in Colorado over conviction

Michigan Republicans squabble over leadership after members vote to remove Karamo as chair

'Absolute terror': the dangers of 'swatting' calls on victims - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Drones Hit Oil Depot, 41 Russians Captured, 1 Paratrooper Destroys 4 tanks, Senate Can't Cooperate - Professor Gerdes

As his national profile rises, Democratic Ky. Gov. Beshear launches PAC

Pro-Palestinian protesters vandalize US war cemetery in Los Angeles - report

Israeli nurse spent Gaza captivity aiding elderly hostages underground

INSANE! Roger Stone Wanted To ASSASSINATE Trump's Enemies! - Tim's Takes - The Bulwark

MI: Federal court orders redistricting commission to draw new state House districts by Feb. 2

Discovery of immense fortifications dating back 4,000 years in northwestern Arabia

Ohio House leaves marijuana users in limbo with weed policy

Ohio House trans candidate fails appeal, remains disqualified for not using former name on petitions

Giant iron rings might hold clues about young solar systems

Wisconsin election clerks fear 'ping pong' of ever-changing rules

Sarah Unsicker, Missouri rep who spread antisemitic conspiracies, announces run for governor

Israel's Gilad Erdan commemorates Kfir Bibas's first birthday at UN

SF Supervisors Approve Gaza Ceasefire Resolution, Mostly Pro-Palestine Audience Goes Bananas Celebrating

France gets its youngest and first out gay prime minister

CA: Another OC City May Switch to District Elections After Voting Rights Lawsuit

China's Einstein Probe, an X-ray astronomy mission, heads to orbit.

Trump Plans to Declare War on Who?? - Thom Hartmann

Control of Pa. House up for grabs in 2024 election as both parties prepare for a slugfest


PA-12: MacDonald Declares For Democratic Nomination

Ty Cobb says Trump poses 'greatest threat to democracy that we've ever seen' - CNN

Breakfast Wednesday 10 January 2024

So why were those yeshiva students digging a tunnel at Chabad headquarters?

GOP Candidate BLOWS IT AGAIN in Stunning Failure on Live TV - Against All Enemies

American Workers Are Staying Put

Are you an earthquake "never-feeler"? LA times wants to hear from you

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/09/24

GOP witness in Biden probe says Mayorkas conduct not impeachable

"We are on air!" Masked gunmen storm TV studio in Ecuador as gang attacks in the country escalate

Bertrand Russell at 80 talking about his childhood

EU's Backup Plan for Ukraine: Alternative Aid Package - UATV English

How To Reduce Exposure To Plastic In Food & Everywhere Else: Consumer Reports

Air Force Two carrying VP Harris diverted to DC-area airport after encountering 'wind shear'

ATF director targeted with swatting call over the holidays: Sources

Trump Calls For Building 'Giant Dome' Around U.S. - Waldorf Nation

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert's ex-husband arrested, facing charges

FED UP Officer Catches GOP by SURPRISE with SCATHING Takedown - Burn The Boats

Houthi militias launch biggest attack to date on merchant vessels in Red Sea

NRA Imploding As Corruption Trial Looms - Rebel HQ

Israel is murdering Palestinian journalists in Gaza. Where is the outrage?

US, China conclude two days of military talks in Washington

Ty Cobb says former president poses 'gravest threat to democracy we've ever seen'

UK government accepts Israel has legal duty to provide basic supplies to Gaza

Cartel 'declare war' on Ecuador's President - Times Radio

Wordle 935 1/10 ***spoilers***

$34 Trillion

Antony Blinken tells Israel: Palestinian rights are key to peace

It begins! Russians suffer enormous losses in Krynky. Ukraine's golden opportunity to cross Dnipro - The Russian Dude

Plattsmouth school board member recalled following library book controversy

Top Biden adviser quietly visits Qatar to discuss hostage talks, regional tensions

Republicans voted not to impeach because DOJ will hold him accountable

Amtrak cancels dozens of trains due to storm hitting the region

Anybody know if voice recognition on iphone was created by Japanese speakers who learned English as a 2nd language,

***Five more submissions to go!***

Russian Propaganda in Europe: Ukraine Exposes Fake Narratives - The Gaze

I was thinking about taking a Viking river cruise.

Cockpit Voice Recorder On Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 Was Erased

MK Vaturi: 'Burn Gaza - there are no more innocents left there'

"The only way to punish me is through some weird ritual that has only been done a couple of times and

Wednesday TOONs

New majority Black voting district means 'fair representation', Alabama voter says - NBC News

'We should be worried': Israel faces peril at The Hague in Gaza 'genocide' case

40% GDP Gone: The Global Cost of War Over Taiwan; Taiwan Election; Chinese Economy & Corruption - China Update

DOJ issues new guide for specialized police units in the wake of Tyre Nichols' death

The Rundown: January 10, 2024

The Weekly Pull: Action Comics, Ultimate Spider-Man, Adventureman: Ghost Lights, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (1/10/24)

The Webcomics Weekly #265: Flash! Ah ah! Savior of the Comicsverse! (1/9/2024 Edition)

Israel is starving Gaza - report from B'Tselem

Trump's lawyers should just quit now if they allow him to make


I was waiting for key question in immunity case.

I am getting so tired of the rich screwing the common tax payer

You raised $160.00 on January 9, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Bombed Back Into the Stone Age

When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth (and People Rode Them) Demonstrated in an Old Painting

The Impunity Hearing

Russia Is Going To Lose The War In Ukraine

First They Came for Harvard

Elderly South Carolina Couple Found Dead In Home Where Heater Was 1000 Degrees:

Brace for Impact -- The Worst May Be Yet to Come

Trump Will Not Care When He Loses His Immunity Appeal

Media cause of Americans being displeased with the economy

Gaza journalist Heba al-Abadla and family killed in Israeli bombing of Khan Younis

Been there, done that

Man recalls being chased by by person with machete near Auditorium Shores

On This Day: Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon - Jan. 10, 49 BCE

Epstein "sweetheart deal" prosecutor was REWARDED to TFG's Cabinet LONG AFTER his conviction

Rescue Pittie Screams Like A Seal When It's Time For The Beach

How to think like a Bayesian

Portrait of the Artist as a Conman

Amalija Knavs, Mother Of Melania Trump, Dead At 78

Telegram group with 3,000 UNRWA teachers praises October 7 attacks - UN Watch

'Motion Extraction' Helps Visualize Time

Republican governors in 15 states reject summer food money for kids

3 Body Problem - Official Trailer - Netflix - Streams 3/21/2024

NEW TRUMP TERROR THREAT - 1.10.24 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Importers Face Surging Shipping Costs, Delays as Red Sea Diversions Pile Up

Well, Ted Cruz is now in the "Encyclopedia of American Loons."

New UFO video released: 'Jellyfish' UAP

Have You Ever Been

Private equity firms are gnawing away at U.S. health care

Marjorie Taylor Greene Pushes Back On Possible Johnson Ouster: 'Sick of the Chaos'

As Israel faces charges at The Hague, a Cornell expert in genocide weighs in

So Kyle Rittenhouse appears to have joined some sort of Christian militia group...

Greta Thunberg will be armed wih books while Kyle Rittenhouse arms himself with GUNS! Both turn 21 yr old..........

Man pets moose, moose breaks his leg

Fake News Danger Becomes Top Davos Worry in Year of Elections

Americans are sour on Biden's handling of the economy. The media may be to blame

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Seal Team 6, and rivals....

Northeast seeing heavy rain and winds as storms that walloped much of US roll through region

Crowd Erupts when Biden Gives Trump A Devastating New Nickname - Rebel HQ

Whoa, Hunter Biden is at the House hearing and things are getting heated

Migrant families begin leaving NYC hotels as first eviction notices kick in

Heading to dentist

Motherfucker shouldn't be fooled by President Biden's sunny and friendly demeanor

SC Rethug Nancy Mace just said (to his face) Hunter Biden was using white privilege, and also that he had 'no balls'

New York Begins Evicting Migrant Families Who Hit a Shelter Time Limit

Stanford professor on the future of life-saving medicine Steve Quake

Starfleet Guidance Counselor

TFG and Teh MAGAS Go Birther On Nikki Haley

Maga Mace Hot For Hunter Biden's "Balls"

Perks of being a congresscritter she doesn't want to lose - BOEBERT's ex- gets arrested

To you , what is the funniest word / words in your region? Please let us know what it means,

Biden in dark over defense chief's cancer for month

Jeffrey Epstein's Brother Accuses Bill Barr of Covering Up His Sibling's Death: 'Who Was Bill Barr Protecting?'

Shut MTG down

First ever mullet competition at the 2024 PA Farm Show

On this day, January 10, 1939, Philip Blondheim was born. Oh, you mean Scott McKenzie.

The Hartmann Report: Why is Marjorie Taylor Greene Channeling Centuries of Racist Rhetoric?

Big round of applause for Rep Moskowitz

Rep Jasmine Crockett explains to nancy mace about "white privlege", and their hypocrisy

OMG this hearing in the House is AMAZING! Go Dems!

IMHO: If the GQP has to harass Hunter to fluff their base, they must be worried about losing their base.

DC Neighbors Celebrate 100th Birthday of WWII Veteran, Civil Rights Pioneer

Weekly Skews - 1/09/24 - A Most Violent Year?

From a legal point of view, can someone be forced to testify in secret?

The ultimate comfort food recipes for one

Florida school district removes dictionaries from libraries, citing law championed by DeSantis

Well wishes

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 10, 2024)

Nancy Mace ---

Carbon pollution is down in the US, but not fast enough to meet Biden's 2030 goal, new report says

Do we need a Hunter Biden support thread?

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Latest Legal Timewasting Tactics Further Expose His Sinister Vision For America

16,000 CWA-IBT American Airlines Members Ratify Agreement

How a proposal to remove Welcome Park's WILLIAM PENN statue was derailed online

Hey everyone,

You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's

An insult to hamsters! 🐹

Rep Swalwell "Hunter Biden is sitting in the Oversight Committee,let's adjourn and take his public testimony right now."

Epstein "list"

A year and 10 days from now, Trump could be sworn in as POTUS

Jan. 10, 1917, the National Woman's Party begins their "Silent Sentinels"

Fox Commentators complaining of stunt Hah hah hah, have they never watched Trump

SCOTUSblog: The morning read for Wednesday, January 10

TFG's Comeback Tour

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 10, 2024

New attorney says Giuliani still believes 2020 GA election stolen

On this day, January 10, David Bowie died (2016), as did Jeff Beck and Wrecking Crew guitarist Dennis Budimir (2023).

Starting off 2024 with a BANG

Stop Making Sense Tribute Album Official Teaser

S.I. attorney for Giuliani eyeing Biden campaign accounts

As I posted earlier, Jan 10, 1917, the Silent Sentinels began their protest in

Today's Tiedrich rant: presidents are not kings: an explainer for anyone as dumb as Donald Trump

How a horny beer calendar sparked a conservative civil war

​​Why I Resigned: Tariq Habash Is First Biden Appointee to Quit over U.S.-Backed Israeli War on Gaza

MARGE GREENE: It's not pornography RASKIN: You're the expert

Raskin calls out Republicans for being in a cult

Judge rescinds permission for Trump to give closing argument at his civil fraud trial

Observations about the President's speech at Mother Emanuel this week.

On January 9, 1950, David Johansen of the New York Dolls was born.

Judge rescinds permission for former President Donald Trump to give his own closing argument at his civil fraud trial.

Judge just shuts down Trump and

Observations about the President's speech at Mother Emanuel

Rock and roll lunch break

Hunter Biden Embarrasses Marjorie Taylor Greene after surprise appearance - Brian Tyler Cohen

State Democrats break off-year fundraising record as they look to make inroads in red states in 2024

Hey DU lawyer folks.

IDF Is Using Hunger as a Weapon of War, Says Israeli Rights Group B'Tselem

The real reason the judge is refusing to let Trump give a closing argument

Why Waffle House Thrives on Violence - More Perfect Union

FoxNews: "Hunter Biden Flees Hearing in Face of GOP Questions"

Does Trump dream of submissive sheep?*

Newly elected Rockingham County School Board votes to "temporarily remove" 57 books from school libraries

ICC sets up portal for submission of evidence of Israeli war crimes

I enjoyed the drawings

Record number of guns found at airport checkpoints in 2023, TSA says

Take it easy

Hulu miniseries, We Own This City, was awful

Rep. Jasmine Crockett, y'all!

Back from dentist christ

'We just hit rock bottom on chaos': Battleground state GOPs besieged with leadership fights

We moved Dad out of his home today

Is Israel committing genocide in Gaza? Inside Story

Vienna, Most Livable City - Social Housing, Renters Pay 1/3 Cost in London, Paris, Dublin

Dog Has Been Running In Circles For Four Years

Coal - It's what's for dinner!

Republicans add new threats to impeach Austin and Garland, along with Biden and Mayorkas

Scared cat clings to rescuer

Trump's Lawyer Walked Into a Trap By the end of the argument, everyone knew it.

Trump Doesn't Pass Smell Test - Dave Granlund Cartoon

Does anyone know if there's a transcript of yesterday's (Jan 9) oral arguments regarding immunity?

Mandatory evacuations made in Norwich due to partial dam break on Yantic River

Labor News & Commentary January 5, 2024 SpaceX files a lawsuit contending the NLRB violates the Constitution

Dag nam it!!!What is/was your favorite Western show / movie/streaming series as a child or grown up? Mine was

Affordable housing planned near future Shoreline light rail station

trump Claims Presidents Can't Commit Crimes as Iowa Approaches - The Bulwark

Republican Storms Out of Mike Johnson Meeting

Appeals court action opens door to possible return to office for Andrew Warren

Cartoons 1/10/2024

U.S. 2 closes near Stevens Pass as blizzard hits Cascades

Edmonds lawmaker wants to stop police from lying in interrogations

Trump's Speech is so BAD it Makes Me Feel Hopeful for 2024 Election

Israel taps top legal minds, including a Holocaust survivor, to battle genocide claim at world court

The Taiwan that China wants is vanishing

Austrian Heiress announces plan to give away 90% of her inheritance.

Mike Johnson urges fellow Republicans to leave him alone on social media

GOP Congresswoman dings her party for ending proxy voting: 'Get with the times'

Blinken seeks Palestinian governance reform for postwar Gaza as deadly Israeli strikes continue

Andrew Warren was wrongly removed by DeSantis (11th Circuit ruling)

Congress is trying to dodge a government shutdown. They have to clear 3 hurdles first.

Watch the Elon Musk SpaceX meeting that may have led to alleged drug-taking concerns

This may be a repeat. CNN chyron said

I ignored Trump and the GOP for two weeks. The volume of stupidity I missed is unreal.

Are Trump voters more divisive than others in politics? Yes, and here's why Opinion

These gay lovers were exposed & marooned on a deserted island in 1727. Now, their story is finally being told.

Why are some medical providers (my former chiro, a dental surgeon) not taking Medicare any more?

Opinion: Trump's attempt to intimidate a federal appeals court could ensure his defeat

TCM schedule Saturday, January 13 - Raging Bull, On the Town, Knute Rockne All American, Mississippi Burning

Jasmine Crockett blasts Nancy Mace for accusing Democrats of "white privilege"

Sinead O'Connor died of natural causes, per coroner.

Pete Carroll expected to be gone as Seattle Seahawks coach

Warming shelters opening around Seattle ahead of frigid weekend temperatures

Affordable Care Act breaks enrollment record

House Hearing Re: Hunter Biden

Skepta apologises and removes single artwork after Holocaust criticism

"Fargo" Season 5 Episode 9: Lorraine: "Tell Jerome to call the Orange Idiot." 🚨Possible Spoilers🚨

Hunter Biden makes surprise appearance at contempt of Congress hearing

Really CNN?

Antisemitic incidents in the U.S. jumped 360% after Oct. 7 Hamas attack, advocacy group says

Seattle Seahawks remove Pete Carroll as coach, name him advisor

Seattle Seahawks remove Pete Carroll as coach, name him advisor

Fall River, MA businessman Michael St. Pierre heading to federal trial for alleged role in Jan. 6 Capitol riot

27-year-old sentenced for making threats to school district teachers and staff in Colorado

Crockett to Republicans: "Let me tell you why nobody wants to talk to you behind closed doors -- because y'all lie."

Thousands of U.S. homes have flooded over and over again. Here's where.

This is across the street from me, lots of heavy wind last night lots of dead branches down, ground very saturated

Minnesota to permanently close Upper Sioux Agency State Park in February

Biden Holds Small Lead in Pennsylvania

Press freedom groups call on Biden to act against attacks on journalists

Hamas leader vows to "build on" Oct. 7

Ecuador Declares State of Emergency & Sends Army in After Gang Leader Escapes from Prison - Joe Blogs

WTF is all the hubbub over Stanley cups? And it doesn't even have anything to do with hockey!

Marge is putting porn on the house floor again

Ancient DNA helps trace multiple sclerosis origins in European descendants

Mel Brooks earns second Oscar at Governors Awards, vows not to sell this one: 'Swear to God'

AL: Inmate's organs, including brain, missing from decomposing body; second case revealed...

Lauren Boebert's ex-husband Arrested after Altercation

Yellen says 100,000 firms have joined a business database aimed at unmasking shell company owners

IF you are a beneficiary and taxes were not withheld, act NOW

Pro-Palestine activists from across Europe heading to The Hague on eve of South Africa's genocide case against Israel

This Is a Boeing Jet - Luckovich Cartoon

Forty-four of 50 US states worsen inequality with 'upside-down' taxes

E.J. Carroll's upcoming case

Trump Tries To Delay Civil Fraud Final Arguments

Moskowitz is so good at this...

"Israel Is Starving Gaza" Israeli Rights Group B'Tselem Says IDF Is Using Hunger as a Weapon of War

MSNBC finally doing a segment on 2016/2020 Trump voters not voting for him in 2024.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 10, 2024

Katy Tur said that Hunter Biden bewildered some Democrats???

"She's displayed pornography": MTG called out for tantrum as Hunter Biden walks out on her remarks

New Hampshire town manager whose gay son died of cancer at 35 quits after fellow board member told him homosexuality ...

Video appears to show the Israeli army shot 3 Palestinians, killing 1, without provocation

Police name dead suspect in 3 Virginia cold cases, including 2 of the 'Colonial Parkway Murders'

USDA estimates 21 million kids will get summer food benefits through new program in 2024

In January 1959, American Airlines became the first airline to offer non-stop, coast-to-coast jet service in the US

Searches underway following avalanche at California ski resort near Lake Tahoe

TFG can't speak during the closing arguments

The Ones Who Live - First Look Trailer - Premieres February 25th AMC & AMC+

What Hunter Biden has in common with Andy Biggs and 4 other GOP congressmen

Selena Gomez to Play Linda Ronstadt in New Biopic (Variety)

Train derails in Brooklyn, marking second NYC subway derailment of 2024

George Conway: Trump is fighting for his life and freedom here

Biden administration bans company from tracking medical visits

Museum of waxwings arrived!

Taken by surprise every time!

Trump vowed he'd 'never' help Europe if it's attacked, top EU official says

Conservatives tank procedural vote in revolt against Johnson's spending deal

Elmore Nickleberry, Memphis sanitation worker who went on (the MLK) strike in 1968, dies at 92

Trump goes "birther" on Nikki Haley

Cat shenanigans:

Windy @ Southern MD, 1/10

There's no room for me!

Ultimate milk coma:

Sen. Bob Menendez files motion to dismiss indictment against him

US sets enrollment record for Obamacare plans


first space photo from the US's moon-lander mission is a clear sign something is very wrong

If I don't get this all done today, there will just be more to do tomorrow:

A post that needs some love in the Labor Group

Study Finds One Kind of Diet Linked to Reduced COVID-19 Infection Risk

Analysis Gaza Genocide Case Against Israel: The Key Legal Questions Facing the International Court of Justice

Swalwell to Jordan: How dumb do you think the American people are that you would seek to hold someone in

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Hunter Biden surprising the GOP and winning....

If there are GOP voters afraid to admit that they don't support Trump (EDITED)

Psst: Joe Biden Has Solved the Student Debt Crisis

Let me make this pellucidly clear


DC snow forecast: Arctic blast Monday; chance for snow into Tuesday?

Chris Christie Expected to Drop Out of Presidential Race: Report Christie is expected to make the announcement later tod

Digital watercolor - Fresco

Photos: Rally in Ramallah in support of South Africa's ICJ genocide case against Israel

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2: I

So Trump lawyer asked for a three week delay because Melania's mother died?!

The Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

White House Throws Support Behind Seizing Frozen Russian Assets

Can Hunter go behind closed doors and testify

Oral argument i wish i had heard

SEC approves rule changes that pave the way for bitcoin ETFs

Taylor Swift Meme

Pupper not worried about the threat from the kitten gang:

I'm here. I'm ready. 🤣

How low have we sunk as a nation?

Boston - Hitch A Ride

White House Throws Support Behind Seizing Frozen Russian Assets

MSNBC talking about Christie withdrawing. It's happening!

The Slobfather cannot be holding Town Halls while demanding

Chris Christie ends 2024 presidential campaign

DjT has said ...again...that 'violence could erupt if cases against him don't go his way' - NY Times...

Boris Epshteyn was sitting with Trump's lawyers yesterday?

Southern MD afternoon and sunset plus! 1/10

Oy consultation

Since y'all made me go to Twitter today, I'll post this bit of 🔥 from Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost

Trump's Boldest Argument Yet: Immunity From Prosecution for Assassinations

Trump's fortunes sink with devastating court moment - Brian Tyler Cohen

🏈 Nick Saban is retiring from Alabama

Listening to Christie's farewell speech

Joe Biden Is Producing More Oil Than Donald Trump Did - Newsweek

Biden Takes Lead Over Trump in New Pennsylvania Poll

Liz Cheney on The View - The Lincoln Project

Hunter Biden crashes hearing, causes MAGA meltdown! - Pondering Politics

Minnesota to permanently close Upper Sioux Agency State Park in February

Human's rebuttal of MTG....Ouch!

Why Trump is making his lawyers look like fools in court

We're about to be able to measure the level of corruption in the federal judiciary.

Bernie Sanders Speech 1/10/24: "What the U.S. Congress Should Do About Humanitarian Disaster in Gaza"

Hunter was asked by a reporter today

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 11 January 2024

Bernie: What the U.S. Congress should do about the horrific humanitarian disaster in Gaza

Both Biden and Trump speeches make the stakes clear: 2024 is a battle over white supremacy

Down goes Christie! Down goes Christie! Down goes Christie!

Elie Mystal: Eric Adams's Suit Against Texas Bus Companies Is an Embarrassment

The Water Loophole That Leaves Arizonans Parched--and Developers Richer

CBS radio news is leading with an avalanche at Lake Tahoe

Christie caught on hot mike saying Nikki's

Iowa caucus day

Florida School District Pulls Dictionaries, Encyclopedias From Library Over 'Sexual' Content

Montana fire chief charged in Jan. 6 riot and accused of spraying officers in the face

Here comes the comeback: Biden tops Trump in Pennsylvania survey

trumps Threat To America -Wednesday Baby!

In 41 US States, Richest 1% Pay Lower Tax Rates Than Everyone Else

Hunter Biden Hearing (Lincoln Project)

I wonder if Liz Cheney, Christie and maybe some others like Hutchinson of Arkansas

Two House committees vote to advance Hunter Biden contempt proceedings hours after surprise visit

Green ammonia could decarbonize 60% of global shipping when offered at just 10 regional fuel ports

winter storn warning issued for sonora ca and environs . stay safe .e

Putin Restores Stalin's Traditions: New Repressions in Russia - UATV English

Brazil's Lula expresses support for South Africa ICJ submission

Triggered Fox Hosts Fume as Liberal Co-Host Calmly Destroys Them! - Luke Beasley

Former US Cardinal McCarrick ruled not competent to face Wisconsin sex abuse trial

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos targeted for recall for not supporting Trump

'They've been Lied to': trump amps up Violent Rhetoric, Election Fraud claims

Good on the Reel

Ashli Babbitt's Estate Wants $30 Million Dollars From The Victims She Attacked - Rodecast

Does anyone think trump will attend his mother-in-law's funeral?....

Reporters Stunned When Trump Avoids 'Violence' Question - Rebel HQ

Christie is not saving Haley