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Federal lawsuit against Florida school district that banned books can move forward, judge rules

Liberal Redneck - Donald Trump Argues He Should Be Immune to All Consequences

Saki Kaskas -Toxic Exhaust

Congress saddled scam victims with taxes. A new bill would change that.

George Conway: "trump will spend the rest of his life in JAIL"

Book Ban in Florida District Now Includes Dictionaries

Russian propaganda film to be screened in Italy despite backlash

Delaware judge limits scope of sweeping climate change lawsuit against fossil fuel companies

Liam Gallagher (Oasis) & John Squire (Stone Roses) - Just Another Rainbow (new single - psychedelic rock)

Chata _ Dango Daikazoku

Hunter Biden hearing. Lincoln Project

I'm home from the hospital!

Police release video of officer shooting boy, 11, who had called 911 for help

A little bit of an onion . . .

Pooper was doing well...

Interesting fact about Trump's signature

Elon Musk criticized by civil rights groups over claim that diversity efforts make flying less safe

Local Group: Only a nuclear reactor can make Pueblo "whole" after Xcel Energy closes last coal-fired plant

Zuckerberg derided for his 'high quality beef' ranch where cows are fed macadamia nuts and beer

Ronnie Hawkins was born on this date.

Norman Rockwell's self portrait

Jim Croce was born on this date.

Rod Stewart has a birthday today.

President Joe Biden draws blood.

Ronald Reagan Has Shaped U.S. Labor Law for Decades

Paint Trump as the Epstein Associate candidate in 2024.

Donald Fagen has a birthday today.

The largest great ape to ever live went extinct because of climate change, study finds

MARGE GREENE: It's not pornography

Alabama coach Nick Saban retires after 17 seasons with Crimson Tide

'Y'all lie!'

Which of Trump's court cases will be done before the election?

Federal judge says Alabama can conduct nation's 1st execution with nitrogen gas; appeal planned

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, NY, and closing arguments....

From Houthis to Hezbollah, a look at the Iran-allied groups rallying to arms around Middle East

Horrible Pepsi Boom Boom song

Nude photo of MTG going around?

California Farm Workers Dying in the Fields From Extreme Heat.

An Oregon judge enters the final order striking down a voter-approved gun control law

'Wide range' of possibilities for Western Washington snow as forecasts take shape

U.S., U.K. Warships Shoot Down Houthi Barrage in Red Sea

Am i starting to see a pattern on Faux Nooz?

George Carlin is coming back to life in new AI-generated comedy special

Well! I see Christie has once again suspended his campaign!

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Mike Luckovich-Wrenches will fall from overhead compartment

Trump lawyer goes on defense after assassination comment: 'He didn't kill anyone'

Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of weirdness

Pat Benatar - My Clone Sleeps Alone

Fox News Liberal Shreds Republicans' Hunter Biden Lies - Pondering Politics


How does this make us look on the world stage?

Trump gives aid and comfort to convicted J6 defendants/insurrectionists by calling them "hostages" - Glenn Kirschner

Taylor Swift TERRIFIES Fox News

Motherfucker is in the warm embrace of his moron hoard...

Trump 'chickens out' of delivering closing arguments after failing to meet judge conditions - Deadline - MSNBC

Marjorie Greene Suffers Ultimate Humiliation, Hits New Low in Alex Jones Interview! - Luke Beasley

Simon Rosenberg on Lawrence O'Donnell (1/9/24) - My Optimism About 2024 and Trump's Historic Awfulness

More positive with Biden

BREAKING: Chris Christie drops out of 2024 GOP primary - Deadline - MSNBC

Why James Comer is eyeing AG Garland's possible impeachment

Trump amplifies birther conspiracy against Nikki Haley as she closes the gap on him in polls - Deadline - MSNBC

Removed (dupe)

"Gas station heroin" sold as dietary supplement has been killing people.

Is Russia's Far East Becoming Chinese?

Watching The Defendant in the FOX Town Hall . . . at least I THINut it could be James Austin Johnson (SNL)

Engine maker Cummins to repair 600,000 Ram trucks in $2 billion emissions cheating scandal

Seth Meyers - Trump's Disastrous Immunity Hearing; Hunter Biden's Surprise Appearance in D.C.: A Closer Look

FYI for the corporate media, If I were a low information person, and probable resultant cult follower of his hindness,

Please send good vibes

Human League - Don't You Want Me

Chris Christie caught on hot mic bashing rival candidates - Deadline - MSNBC

Jim Croce's 80 birthday today - Age

Here are the conditions that the Judge was going to impose on TFG if TFG wanted to participate in closing arguments

Ron DeSantis is soooooooooooooooo 2022.

Trump lawyer's 'murder blueprint' shredded by experts, other Trump lawyers and all legal precedent - The Beat - MSNBC

A cute lazy day:

Matt Mays & El Torpedo - Cocaine Cowgirl

They both have adorable smiles:

You've got to be carefully taught.

Losing out in the cold? GOP rivals attack Trump as Iowa pounded with snow: Melber breakdown - The Beat - MSNBC

Anyone who is unwilling to say that he is unfit to be president of the United States is unfit themselves to be president

Aaron Rodgers is off ESPN's 'Pat McAfee Show' for the season after ugly remarks about Jimmy Kimmel, conspiracy theories

Just for kicks, salut to brothers - (I don't have one)

Trump faces HUGE BLOW AHEAD after long day in court - Talking Feds

Rep. Crockett BLISTERS GOP Hypocrisy On Trump Foreign $, White Privilege, 2 Tiered Justice System

Hubble Telescope finds surprising source of brightest fast radio burst ever

George Santos begs for a 'second chance' but stares blankly when asked about the lies

Guitarists. If you know, you know. Danny Gatton

George Conway: Trump's lawyer walked into 'nasty' trap at immunity hearing - All In - MSNBC

Thousand People Were Convicted of Stealing over Decades It Was a Computer Glitch (UK) (

Residents cleaning up after big waves cause damage on Whidbey Island

GOP's Hunter Biden spectacle is about 'pleasing Trump': Rep. Crockett - All In - MSNBC

FACT FOCUS: Discovery of a tunnel at a Chabad synagogue spurs false claims and conspiracy theories

Foreign Asset - The Lincoln Project

Audioslave - Like a Stone

Lovebird perfectly opens packet of sugar with his beak:

'Bitter': Christie slammed for hot mic banter belittling Haley, DeSantis as failed '24 campaign ends - The ReidOut MSNBC

respect the veterans because they tell real history of wars not the revisionist propaganda history

In Florida, New School Laws Have an Unintended Consequence: Bureaucracy

Biden Can Order Trump's Murder - Raw News And Politics

Israel set to appear before International Court of Justice, not criminal court Fact check

'He'll do it again': Conservative group runs ad about Jan. 6 during Trump's town hall

Marjorie Taylor Greene files complaint about Georgia prosecutor who charged Trump

Murdoch Mysteries - George Crabtree (Jonny Harris)

Rep. Crockett Slams the Trump Cult Cover Up - REFLECT

Pat McAfee says Aaron Rodgers 'is done' on his show after Jimmy Kimmel-Jeffrey Epstein remarks

'Normalization of crazy': Trump's 'absolute immunity' coup defense compared to murderous dictators - The ReidOut MSNBC

Donald Donald Donald: all I see is his face everywhere because he's replaying his 2016 greatest hits

Thank you

Pupper steps in to correct her form:

C'mon, lady. Time to pay your tribute:

Hear GOP congressman's response when asked about Speaker Johnson's potential ousting - CNN

Grim Argument Could Let Trump Get Away With Murder? - Thom Hartmann

Asking goood vibes for my beautiful black grandcat

Democrats need a media blitz about how we are always better for the economy

Maned wolf. Beautiful creature:

2nd tweet--good show!

'They clearly hate each other': Haley and DeSantis bring fire in final GOP debate - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

The Beatles - Norwegian Wood

Mission accomplished--eventually:

State Abortion Bans: Pregnancy as a New Form of Coverture

Lawrence O'Donnell: Christie's speech is exactly what GOP-leaning voters need to hear - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

Rep. Schiff Introduces Amendment Citing Jim Jordan for Contempt of Congress - Rep. Adam Schiff

Toucans are such amazing birds:

Watch AOC slam Rep. Nancy Mace's rant on white privilege

I read Biden at one time was going to resign and let Harris finish his term. But when Trump said he was running

Looks like a moving train, but it's wind in Antarctica:

This ad ran during Trump's Fox News Townhall:

This ad ran during TFG's townhall

Andy Williams - Moon River

Kimmel: Republicans Thrown into a Tizzy Over Hunter Biden Surprise Visit, DeSantis vs Haley & Where's Iowa?

In The Jailhouse Now (Donald Trump Song Parody)

Why the religious right forgives Trump's sins

The Conservative Legal Movement's Latest, Wildest Attack on Government As We Know It

Oklahoma ranks as fifth worst state for workers, new study reveals

Is it just me but are the Iowa Caucuses just straight up stupid ?

Guo Wngui's bankruptcy filings name Don Jr., Jason Miller and Peter Navarro

Conway says Trump showing up at court proceedings is 'a function of his extreme narcissism' - CNN

Chairman Whitehouse: Climate Change Is Threatening the Municipal Bond Market - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about ousting the Speaker of the House again....

Watch highlights from the Republican presidential debate in Iowa - MSNBC (3 minutes for those who are interested)

State Democrats break off-year fundraising record as they look to make inroads in red states in 2024

Dems RIP Republicans to SHREDS at Hearing - Meidas Touch

Ohio House overrides DeWine's veto of bill banning gender-affirming care

GOP hard-liners sink procedural vote -- again -- to protest spending deal

Bible-Thumping Ohio Lawmaker Suggests Critics of Her Anti-Trans Bill Should Be Drowned

Rollback of FL child labor laws? Kids could work more than 30 hours a week during the school year

Republicans launch campaign against new state flag

Accused Rapist GOP Chair Ousted - Raw News And Politics

11th Circuit rebukes DeSantis, orders a new trial for suspended prosecutor Warren

Rod Serling on the topic of RACE (Man was he a badass!)

MI: Power-sharing debate dominates House while Senate is 'ready to roll' on first day back

Karamo's MIGOP releases report on potential bylaw violations at meeting removing her as chair

Secretary of State shoots down MIGOP bid to ditch primary elections

Why Trump's Defense May Actually Lock Him Up - Thom Hartmann

Michigan candidates tell court: 'No question' we were duped by signature fraud

Raskin-Statement after the Republican-led Committee voted to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress

Historic, all-woman St. Paul City Council sworn in and ready to work

Why Are American Drivers So Deadly? After decades of declining fatality rates, dangerous driving has surged again.

DLCC Unveils 2024 Roadmap in "The Year of the States"

Christie Drops Out Trump: A President Can Assassinate Rivals Celebs Ruin RFK Jr.'s Birthday

PA-SEN: Dave McCormick (R)-Led Hedge Fund Shed Hundreds Of Jobs After Pocketing State Money

How Chris Christie dropping out changes the Republican primary race - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Asking good vibes for my beautiful black grandcat

Judge preempts Trump ploy to turn New York trial into circus - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

AZ counties call on governor, Legislature to fix election timelines before it's too late

Sometimes we come across the damage

Trump's DANGEROUS PROMISE Gives ROADMAP for when he LOSES - Meidas Touch

Startling Signs of Gravity's Laws Breaking Down Detected in Twin Stars

Astronomers Discover Unexpected Structures In Youngest Planetary Disks Ever Seen

In a Huge First, Scientists Have Observed The 'Missing Link' Between Stars And Black Holes

Judge NAILS TRUMP in STERN order - Talking Feds

Bizarre Galaxy Discovered With Seemingly No Stars Whatsoever

Bottled Water Is Packed Full of Up to 100x More Microplastic Than Expected

Los Angeles radio station KCRW's podcast about Hunter Biden's lawyer Kevin Morris - Interesting local feature on Morris.

Donald Trump's alleged 'sexual proclivities' graphically detailed in new Epstein documents

Will America Turn Into A Nation of Donald Trumps? - Thom Hartmann

MAGAts are modern day No-Nothings... Abe Lincoln

I've been to mountain top: As life winds down, the opening sentence of this paper lifts me.

Drugs cartel kingpin, body double and mystery jailbreak: The narco who plunged Ecuador into national emergency

Katie Porter DROPS THE HAMMER on TRUMP, EXPOSES him LIVE ON air - Meidas Touch

Bay Area tech CEO 'disappointed' news of 500-worker layoff leaked early

Trump screws himself, makes crushing admission on stage - Brian Tyler Cohen

The wealthiest 10% of Americans own 93% of stocks even with market participation at a record high

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/10/2024

Trump brags about role in overturning Roe v. Wade but urges GOP caution on abortion

Maine Democrats will seek constitutional protection for abortion rights

OH: GOP Supreme Court Candidate Makes Her Anti-Abortion Views Clear While Breaking Her Own Rules in the Process

My wife and I were surprised to find ourselves at what, in another time, would be porno movie.

Ohio House overrides governor's veto of trans care ban and restriction on athletes

Trump Whines After Judge Denies Last Minute Pro Se Closing Argument Request - Rodecast

Breakfast Thursday 11 January 2024

Bodies of 9 men found in vehicles near fuel pipeline in Mexico

Suspected Chinese hackers target US research organization in latest spying spree

Oregon voters suing to block Trump from ballot say they don't need to prove harm

Jimmy Kimmel Burns Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Awkward 'Porn' Moment

Republicans Insult Women Nearly Killed By Their Own Abortion Bans - Waldorf Nation

Watch these humpback whales create a stunning Fibonacci spiral to capture prey

Tennessee lawmaker briefly ousted last year is silenced as new session begins

South Africa presents its case against Israel at the ICJ

Ex-Trump Aide Reveals 'Scary' Moments He Wanted People Killed

Trump's Civil Fraud Trial In New York Heads To Closing Arguments, Days Before Iowa Vote

FED UP Combat Vet SLAMS Trump's Latest Speech - Against All Enemies

White House unveils $623m in funding to boost electric vehicle charging points

Bloomberg: Argentina's Caputo Brokers Deal With the IMF He Once Battled

Starbucks is sued for KNOWINGLY claiming its coffee is '100% ethical' - when it knows farms in Guatemala, Kenya and Braz

I just heard that the Slobfather claimed that the markets are doing well

Wordle 936 Jan 11 ***Spoiler Thread***

The Mamas & The Papas - Twelve Thirty

Stephen Colbert Gives Trump Attorney Shockingly Direct 'Murder' Reality Check

Seth Meyers - Trump Warns of "Bedlam in the Country" if He Is Prosecuted - Monologue 01/10/2024

Early morn stupidity, true story

Food Network Star Darnell Ferguson Arrested on Strangulation and Burglary Charges.

On This Day: Landmark U.S. report on smoking published 2 years after UK report - Jan. 11, 1964

Quinnipac: General Election in Pennsylvania with voters 65 and older between Biden and trump

Blue windows yellow moon

Thursday TOONS

New Study Finds High Levels of Nanoplastics in Bottled Water, Health Effects: CBS News

Google lays off hundreds in hardware, voice assistant teams amid cost-cutting drive

On this day, January 11, 1963, the single "Please Please Me" was released in the UK.

On January 10, 1939, Sal Mineo was born.

Bellingcat to techies: Using the Wayback Machine and Google Analytics to Uncover Disinformation Networks

On this day, January 11, 1755 or 1757, Alexander Hamilton was born.

On this day, January 11, 2011, David Nelson died.

***Five spots left in the photo contest***

'Bill Ackman Is Completely Losing It': Parent Company Reacts to Retaliation After Site Revealed Wife's Plagiarism

New Report from Leading Research and Civil Society Organizations Reveals New Information on the Arrests of Water Defende

UN court opens hearings on South Africa's allegation that Israel committing genocide

House GOP feud reignites as Johnson caught between warring wings

Alabama's Nick Saban retires after 7 national titles, most in major college football history

***Two spots left in the Photo Groups photo contest***

Matt Lewis: The DeSantis vs. Haley Debate Didn't Give Us a Single Human Moment

"Rock bottom built more champions than privilege ever did"

Video appears to show the Israeli army shot 3 Palestinians, killing 1, without provocation

Army recruiter shames mother of Enid high school student for not wanting her child to enlist

Democratic super PAC drops ad targeting GOP on Obamacare ahead of New York special election

Zombie Sequel 28 Years Later Coming From Alex Garland and Danny Boyle

Sen. Murphy, Teamsters Call Out Amazon for Mistreatment of Delivery Drivers

Trump told E.U. that U.S. would never help Europe under attack, senior official says

Thursday's inflation report could challenge the market outlook for big Fed rate cuts

OMG, this young soprano's voice brought tears to my eyes!

Nearly 10,000 died from COVID-19 last month, fueled by holiday gatherings and new variant, WHO says

Bragging about Overturning Roe. trump made an Incredible Political Mistake last night. Morning Joe

Bill Barr Covered Up The Trump Tower/Alfa Bank Server

US official says Boeing jets won't fly until safe

Nude man nabbed by police after 'cannonball' plunge into giant aquarium at Bass Pro Shop in Alabama

A man who claimed to be selling Queen Elizabeth II's walking stick is sentenced for fraud


Snapchat to let parents decide whether their teens can use the app's AI chatbot

How Was THIS Allowed To Happen? TX Railroad Commission Suspends 23 Fracking Wastewater Disposal Wells

Palestinian journalist Ahmad Bdeir killed in Israel strike near Gaza hospital

The Rundown: January 11, 2024

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 1/10/2024

Art of the Week: Week of 01/10/24

ICJ LIVE: South Africa accuses Israel of committing genocide in Gaza

American CO2 Emissions Down 17.2% 2005 As Coal Falters, But Decline Far Too Slow For 2030 Goals

US and Allies Accuse Russia of Using North Korean Missiles Against Ukraine, Violating UN Sanctions

A silly question for the technically more savvy than I (which ain't hard)

Raskin SHUTS DOWN Republicans in Most Humiliating Hearing Yet

Bill Barr Was The Most Corrupt AG In Our Nation's History

Last Week in the Shit Show Party - January 9,

George Conway: "Trump will spend the rest of his life in jail" George Conway Explains it All

The Proud Boys are collapsing: Surprise! Legal consequences do hurt authoritarian movements

Consumer prices rose 0.3% in December, higher than expected, pushing the annual rate to 3.4%

Israel labels South Africa 'legal arm' of Hamas

You raised $120.00 on January 10, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

You raised $25.00 on January 10, 2024 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

Mica's interview with Jill Biden on now

Just breaking: Trump Fraud Trial Judge

I think an observation to be made from the "a leader doesn't decide who is right" point of view is that ..........

50 Holocaust Researchers Ask Yad Vashem to Condemn Israeli Public Discourse Calling for Genocide in Gaza

When all the noise is put aside: Democrats are ALWAYS better for the economy

Holly Berry in the Snow

Haille Berry in the Snow

Strategy Session Live "The Battle For Democracy"

Rooster Loves To Read The Paper With His Grandpa

For some reason I was reminded today of a play entitled "MacBird!"

US envoy says 'diplomatic solution' needed to end Lebanon-Israel escalation

Smotrich slams South Africa's genocide case as 'hypocritical debate'

There was a bomb threat at Judge Engoron's home this morning

DjT leans over a chair as if it were a walker, while chatting with Fox staff...barely balancing a cup.

Election manager testifies that fake signatures on petitions were pervasive, unprecedented

BTRTN Debate Report: DeSantis puts Haley on the Defensive, and Ekes Out a Crucial Debate Win

"It starts 4 days": Z-Army begins advancing in all directions. Putin creates PMC "Espaola" - The Russian Dude

TN: Moms For Liberty-backed school board member Keri Blair resigns following Target shoplifting charges:

AI-Generated George Carlin Drops Comedy Special *

PSA: "Dropped" in colloquial American English usually implies disassociation, termination.

Israel's minister Ben-Gvir has joined the Israeli chorus of disapproval about today's court hearing in The Hague

Update: I managed to get more taxes withheld

Princess Salma earns her wings

Robert Reich: new video out showcasing Democrats are ALWAYS better for the economy

America Ferrara should play AOC in the movie.

China's Economic Woes; Space Warfare; Taiwan Elections; Govt. Support - China Update

Police respond to bomb threat at home of judge overseeing Trump fraud case

Link to live coverage of fraud trial....

Jill Biden: My husband's age 'is an asset'

Abortion rights vs Big Tech: A major privacy win against "corporate surveillance"

Trump: It would be hard to enjoy 'golden years' of retirement without immunity

The sweaty bastard is speaking now outside the courtroom.

Jeanine Pirro Rants About The Evils Of 'Black Privilege'

99 more seconds of Rep. Jasmine Crockett 💥

Live feed outside trump fraud trial

Is this spam? Amazon

Slim Harpo (James Moore) was born on this date.

Lego plants?


Clarence Clemons was born on this date.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about another indicted GOP Presidential hopeful....

SEC makes it easier to trade bitcoin in landmark decision

'Nobody expected this': Biden has 60 percent support from voters 65 and older - Morning Joe - MSNBC


Taiwan bombarded with cyberattacks ahead of election

How Michigan explains American politics

The Problem Is FOXNEWS

Great response by Biden-Harris Campaign on TFG's admission that he killed Roe v. Wade

Musk uses megaphone to promote misleading claims about voting, push for severe restrictions

Live updates on the cons fraud trial

Check Your Voter Registration - Don't Risk Losing Your Voice - From Lauren's Blog

Jan 11 2024: Cameras Get Brief Glimpse Of Trump Before Closing Arguments In NYC Civil Fraud Trial

On the second 'civil war'

Check Your Voter Registration - Don't Risk Losing Your Voice - From Lauren's Blog

'I have no rights': Trump gives self-pitying monologue ahead of closing in fraud trial

Pic Of The Moment: Apparently Bored With Sleepwalking To Victory In The GOP Primaries, Trump Starts Making Ads For Biden

Did you ever watch Soap Operas as a young person or an adult? What was your favorite? Mine was The Guiding Light.

David Corn - Trump II: How Bad It Could Be

And here it is - the Biden/Harris Rapid Response

Is it true that Katie Porter's in jeopardy, in the Primary??? edited

Joe Biden: "They showed me the clip of Trump saying he wanted the economy to crash so he could gain politically."

'Swatting' is a Sign of Declining Democracy

Ruben Bolling comic: How the next president gets elected

'Nobody expected this': Biden has 60 percent support from voters 65 and older

Excuse my ignorance. Is a decision expected today in the NYC trial?

Live updates From Lisa Rubin

BBC: German far-right met to plan 'mass deportations'

Amazing rescue of snowboarder

There's something that hasn't been mentioned about that Boeing door plug.

Uh oh! Katie bar the door! Marge is pissed

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 11, 2024)

Trump says he got money from China and Saudi Arabia because he was "doing services" for them

Police respond to bomb threat at Judge Engoron's home

Another pious Christian was caught stealing. Alarm bells should ring when you gone on&on how holy you are.

'Who Killed JFK?'

PSA: Peter Navarro's sentencing is Friday at 2:30 pm EST

Plastic Chemicals Linked To $249 Billion In US Healthcare Costs, In Just One Year, Study: CNN

Tiny hands, tiny stretches!

The Daily B###h**: Telling idiots to go to hell is how I relieve stress.

Nayanthara Film 'Annapoorani' Pulled From Netflix After Backlash From Hindu Groups

DeSantis calls Nikki "mealy mouth"?

Self-service petting station:

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 11, 2024

Company confirms Peregrine mission's human remains won't reach the moon

Family of second Alabama prison inmate alleges body was returned with missing organs (NBC)

Ozzy reveals who does the best cover of "War Pigs"

I'm going through these things like a buzz saw.

Just so you know

Is it my imagination or has Joe Biden largely escaped the oval office age acceleration machine?

South Africa Lays Out Genocide Case vs. Israel at World Court in The Hague

Ohio lawmaker compares gender dysphoria in kids to thoughts of being a bird

Rental giant Hertz dumps EVs, including Teslas, for gas cars

love my senator JOHN FETTERMAN I voted for him

A few photos from this mornings walk

Gaza War Fuels Climate Crisis: "Massive" Carbon Emissions from Israeli Bombing

Trump told European leaders that US 'will never come to help you'

Trump supporters sure love their Medicare

OMG - Have you seen the Dark Brandon yard signs?

US and UK hint at military action after largest Houthi attack in Red Sea

Palestinian Genocide Scholar & South African Lawyer on ICJ Case

According to the label on the bag of Cheetos I just finished, I'm

I am getting so damn sick and tired of

Hunter's Appearance At Yesterdays Repug Bogus Hearing Really Threw It Up For Grabs.......

"After Yang." What a stunningly beautiful film.

Eight 'suspicious' US deaths in Colombia linked to dating apps

Mop Report from Northern NJ

LOL! Joyce Vance said slobby's argument that no one was damaged by his actions and his investments, in fact, were very

Just had some fun with a telemarketer...

GOP's Senator Ron Johnson spreads lies about Jan. 6 at Capitol screening of new propaganda film

Haaretz Columnist Gideon Levy on Israel's Conduct in Gaza - Amanpour and Company

Boeing's design of a part that blew off a jetliner is being investigated by the federal government

Ancient DNA hints at why multiple sclerosis affects so many people of northern European ancestry

Trump says foreign payments to him while in office were "for services" (PS, Jasmine Crockett is a national treasure)

Homemade Potato and Pea Samosas Recipe (video)

Virginia Giuffre met Jeffrey Epstein while working For TFG at Mar-a-lago.

Pennsylvania provides state money for public defense for the first time

AG Kaul Announces New Partnership Between the Wisconsin Anti-Human Trafficking and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Dear President Biden: You've given two really good speeches. Don't stop.

Europe, Election Data Study: Adopting Rightwing Policies 'Does Not Help Centre-Left Win Votes'

Twitter Explodes With Antisemitic Misinfo After Secret Tunnel Found Under NYC Synagogue

41 degrees f this am at 10:17 hours in sonora ca.

Should there be a building named after Engoron

Elie Mystal: The Cops Killed More People in 2023 Than They Had in Years

West Virginia Bill Would Mandate "Curing" Trans People Of Being Trans Under

Let's Face It Folks - We're Never Going To Be Rid Of Tr**p.....

Iran seizes oil tanker St Nikolas near Oman

Per Bloomberg TV: Harvard sued by Jewish students over "Rampant" antisemitism

US applications for jobless benefits fall to lowest level in 3 months

How do DeSatan and Nimarata Nikki expect to win the nomination if

Neo-Nazis in the US no longer see backing Ukraine as a worthy cause

While at my friends place working here in Dallas .......

Today's Tiedrich rant: Hunter Biden is just fucking with House Republicans now, and it's a glorious sight to behold

Jewish man who lost 5 family members on 10/7 booed at S.F. council meeting

Schumer moving forward with temporary funding bill to avoid shutdown as spending talks continue

Trump trial live updates: Ex-president insults judge in courtroom rant

Anyone have a great roasted vegetable recipe?

Grand Jury does NOT indict Brittany Watts for her miscarriage

Moms for Liberty school board member resigns after theft charges

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of #29: The Best Of Holy Shit #3 Edition

Belief, when or why it happens?

See 25 Breathtaking Images From the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest

Democrats Propose Bill to Neuter Militias

Ohio woman who miscarried on home toilet is not criminally liable, grand jury says

Huge ancient city found in the Amazon.

Maryland Elections Board Member Resigns After Indictment for Participating in US Capitol Rioting

No rules for this Nazi Prick:

Cartoons 1/11/2024

Steve Schmidt reacts to trump's "Dangerous" Town Hall event on fox-- The Warning

Bill would make fighting at school a felony for kids, parents

Democracy Now content

Time For Some Traffic Problems in Wilmington

Melissa Murray: Dobbs and Democracy

Tennessee lawmakers are at odds after studying rejection of US education money over its requirements

Will of the people doesn't always get the final say

Mill Creek rep proposes new tax to fund over $3M in affordable housing

😳 Blink your eyes quickly to see the hidden message

update from sonora ca re: last nights weather.

President Biden calls out Donald Hoover Trump for wanting an economic collapse before election

MTG wants to be Trump's Secretary of Homeland Security (to carry out mass deportations) or VP, or else Georgia governor

Terms of Whistleblowing and Love - Institutional Retaliation and Community Response

Mike Luckovich -Maga and Justice

Maga and Justice

Court sends case of prosecutor suspended by DeSantis back to trial judge over First Amendment issues

West Virginia Bill Would Mandate "Curing" Trans People Of Being Trans Under 21 - Fascist Nazism!

I ask myself why TFG has such a devoted following. I can think of quite a few reasons but none of them seems adequate.

I guess CNN is not interested in the bomb threat the judge

Massive winter storm slams Northeast with flooding rain, powerful winds: Updates

MSNBC just had tfg ranting while final arguments were being presented. Where did all the

Bill Belichick, Patriots 'part ways' after 24 seasons, 6 Super Bowl titles

A battered security guard. A 'humiliating' forced apology. Allegations surface in activist street vendor case

Moskowitz Calls Out Republicans Over Trump's Connection to Pedophile

Donald Trump defies judge, gives courtroom speech on tense final day of New York civil fraud trial

SAG Awards nominations have been announced

Comer warns Garland over handling of potential Hunter Biden contempt resolution

DeSantis is forced to defend his Florida record in GOP debate. It's about time

Top lawmakers won't back near-total abortion ban or end to universal voting by mail

Top [Florida] lawmakers won't back near-total abortion ban or end to universal voting by mail

In defamation case, judge tells Kari Lake what she didn't want to hear

Trump Rehearsed Fraud Trial Closing Argument for Days -- And Got Denied

Jill Biden: 'What they are doing to Hunter is cruel'

Greg Abbott-The only reason Texas law enforcement isn't shooting migrants at the border is Biden DOJ would press charges

The forecast for Sunday: Steelers and Bills set to play in historic weather playoff game in Buffalo

Back to Black: first trailer for Amy Winehouse biopic from Sam Taylor-Johnson released

Greg Abbott-The only reason Texas law enforcement isn't shooting migrants at the border is Biden DOJ would press charges

FAA to investigate Boeing after door plug falls off Alaska Airlines plane midair

Which states have the ideal laws to prevent gun violence?

The largest US dam-removal effort to date has begun

Ed Broadbent, former NDP leader, dead at 87

All In A Row

Fruit Stripe Gum discontinued after more than 50 years

TSA Seizes Record 6,737 Firearms at Airports in 2023, 93% Loaded

Breaking...Nebraska commission says the state violated order to pause return-to-office mandate

The River Mouth Before the Bridge

This may be a very controversial thing to say but about DEI...

Behold!!! The "Taco Truck Prophesy" has been fulfilled! (And we're eating better for it!)

New Mexico man pleads guilty in drive-by shootings on homes of Democratic lawmakers

Governor Greg Abbott Muses Over Murdering Refugees At The Border

Former Miami-Dade School Board member Lubby Navarro arrested; accused of stealing $100K with district cards

Jill Biden blasts GOP probe into Hunter Biden in rare comments

Moms for Liberty school board member busted for shoplifting from Target

Some Thoughts on David Grusch - Alien Whistleblower

Biden and Speaker Mike Johnson talk border security amid shutdown threats

Oregon Proud Boys member pleads guilty to transporting undocumented migrants

Court artist sketch of Alina Habba is not flattering.

There's a Huge Covid Surge Right Now and Nobody Is Talking About It

I do hope IF the orange baboon appeals the ruling

We're about to find out how corrupt the Trump justice system appointees are.

Fruit Stripe gum has been discontinued after 54 years

Trending #MarjorieTaylorPeen 🍆

Trump's lawyers: Well, at least he can't make the E. Jean Carroll case worse.

TSA found record number of firearms at airport checkpoints in 2023. Most were loaded

Democrat announces long-shot campaign for North Dakota's only U.S. House seat

Christie had a hot mic incident last night?

I guess I'm as prepared as I can be for what ever this Winter storm brings, be it 2" or 10"

This NYC golf course officially has a new title -- and the name Trump has been removed

Kansas City Chiefs player handing out free Peacock subscriptions after calling exclusive playoff deal 'insane'

Hunter Biden pleads not guilty to federal tax charges after an earlier deal imploded

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 11, 2024

Just a fish out of water

Update: U.S. and Britain launch strikes against targets in Houthi-controlled Yemen

Guy Rescues Eagle From River Just In Time

'Last Hawaiian princess' leaves $100 million to Native Hawaiian causes

No Labels Engages Chris Christie on Potential Run

Trump's Town Hall Crushes GOP Debate in the Ratings

'Swatting' is a Sign of Declining Democracy

ESPN used fake names to secure Emmys for 'College GameDay' stars

Biden Grows Battleground State Operation

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Friday, 12 January 2024

Can Hunter Biden can sue Marjorie 3 toes for slander because she labeled the blown up

Majority of debtors to US hospitals now people with health insurance

Morning Joe hosts stunned by 'old man' Trump's latest 'incredible political mistake'

ESPN's Pat McAffee is a damn liar.

Former Civilian Employee Accused Of Scamming Army Out Of $100 Million

Guess what moron blames AG James over

Is the President properly articulating a plan to restore reproductive rights?

ANALYSIS: As the US Dithers on Assistance to Ukraine, Europe Steps Up

Elon Musk throws more fuel on the racial fire burning down his X advertising revenue by weighing in on diversity debate

Greek government's plans to legalize same-sex marriage win key opposition backing

Greek government's plans to legalize same-sex marriage win key opposition backing

The Unraveling of Brett Kavanaugh's Biggest, Dumbest Lie

Wisconsin Supreme Court refuses to reconsider ruling ordering new legislative maps

y is the stock market so important ove say gdp or gross profits?

Alabama can enforce a ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors, appeals court rules

Republican on Maryland elections board resigns after Jan. 6 arrest

abbott would shoot migrants if he could

Notorious 'Access Hollywood' tape to be shown at Trump's defamation trial damages phase next week

space 1999

Bonus Quote of the Day

Losing Snow... Our New Reality from Climate Change

Ancient cities discovered in the Amazon are the largest yet found

Ancient cities discovered in the Amazon are the largest yet found

Where's that Post about Campaigning for Biden?

Anyone else think Dems should do a better job listing ALL the lawsuits and cases Trump has lost?

Sniffing- Lincoln Project

Engoron: I will do my best to issue my opinion by Jan. 31 and am "reasonably confident that I will be able to do so."

The life of a retired bald eagle

You know who the Republican Hunter Biden is? It just dawned on me and I can't believe nobody has snapped to it.

I just thought of a great dating opportunity for those poor incels.