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US, Britain carry out strikes against Houthis in Yemen- officials

Isaac Chotiner: How the Biden Administration Defends Its Israel Policy

North Carolina man convicted of hate crime charges in 2 separate confrontations

I just learned a term that is new to me: English as a New Language/ENL

Admits "doing services" for foreign governments who paid him

U.S. and British militaries launch massive retaliatory strike against Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen

Judy Blume to receive lifetime achievement award for 'Bravery in Literature'

Civil fraud trial over; judge aims for decision by Jan. 31

texas seizes city park and wont even let border patrol in

David Johansen

Letter from Senators Rosen and Lankford on the rise of antisemitism on college campuses

The man exercising his official duties with immunity was scheming in several states to install fake electors

Mark Meadows moves to dismiss book publisher's lawsuit

I know where I'm going when I die.

I stand with President Biden.

My name is Sue, how do you do?

Statement from President Joe Biden on Coalition Strikes on Houthi-Controlled Areas in Yemen

US president Joe Biden has released a statement on the strikes

The Republicans will do EVERYTHING to make it harder to vote

Ohio Republican implies opponents of her trans bathroom bill should be drowned

If Republicans win in 2024 and repeal Obamacare, this is a preview of your future 👇 #MAGAOffMyHealthcare

If Republicans win in 2024 and repeal Obamacare, this is a preview of your future 👇 #MAGAOffMyHealthcare

"Family values" picture search, help!

New York City built a migrant tent camp on a remote former airfield. Then winter arrived

Larry Hogan Steps Down From Advocacy Group, Fueling Talk of 2024 Bid

Alabama can enforce ban on gender-affirming care for trans minors, appeals court rules

Statement from President Joe Biden on December Consumer Price Index

It took 8 exchanges with a robot to confirm I had a parking space at an event I'm attending tomorrow.

Sound Transit Board approves Goran Sparrman's appointment as interim CEO

Far-right revolt creates another embarrassment for GOP leaders

Pete Carroll details reunion with Russell Wilson and Seahawks legends

Trump Georgia co-defendant wins three-month delay in case

Trump addresses court in closing arguments for New York civil fraud case - MSNBC Reports

Trump can't stop talking about his plan to be a temporary 'dictator'

Archeologists map lost cities in Ecuadorian Amazon, settlements that lasted 1,000 years

Michigan commission asks Supreme Court to let it use Detroit-area legislative maps deemed unconstitutional

Fani Willis Subpoenaed in Prosecutor's Divorce

Feds charge eBay over employees who sent live spiders and cockroaches to couple; company to pay $3M

'Control your client': Judge to Trump's legal team after he lashes out in closing arguments - Deadline - MSNBC

Fox town hall disaster, friendly hosts can't save the Orange Degenerate

Joe Biden: When it comes to gun violence, we don't have to "get over it." We have to stop it.

🎷Benny Goodman 'Sing, Sing, Sing' - Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers Dancing 💕

Blinken sees a path to Gaza peace, reconstruction and regional security after his Mideast tour

Formerly expelled Tennessee House lawmaker says he's been stripped of committee assignment

BREAKING: Hunter Biden pleads not guilty for tax charges - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump loses ground, Haley sees 10-point boost in New Hampshire poll

Oldie Time! Dave Clark Five - Glad All Over

Trump berates NY fraud trial judge at closing arguments

About Moldova

I've become convinced that America well not heal until Fox News is shut down

"birthed" and "born"

The scope of Biden-era job growth comes into sharper focus

World's two largest coal consumers won't be weaning off the fossil fuel anytime soon

New York AG Letitia James on Trump: 'Personal attacks don't bother me' - Deadline - MSNBC

Sen. Barrasshole says 'we need Donald Trump back in the White House' in endorsement

At event, Trump doesn't try to deny foreign money he received

Local (south central KY) schools closed tomorrow -- wind

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

NY judge BRINGS DOWN THE HAMMER on Trump's BIZARRE request - Talking Feds

In November, Rep. Comer insulted Rep. Moskowitz's blue suit and said "you look like a Smurf."

OK, OK. I like the new format. Are there Oscars for websites ?

Hunter Biden's daughter hits back at Greene for 'lying' at House hearing

Can We Stop Next Bomb Threat Against a Trump Trial Judge? - Thom Hartmann

Crisis in the art supply community!

Twenty Years! How time flies

Susanne Craig of NYT on MSNBC reported judge asked how Trump case compared to Bernie Madoff.

Wind storm, waves damage parts of Deception Pass State Park

Watercolor flowers

BREAKING: U.S. and Britain launch strikes against targets in Houthi-controlled Yemen - The Beat - MSNBC

Geesh! Joe Lieberman is still trying to destroy America.

Qatar-led talks in works to get medicine to Israeli hostages in Gaza -- report

Texas blocks federal border agents from processing migrants in public park

Losing again: Indicted Trump lies about violent record as lawyer claims 'license to kill' - The Beat - MSNBC

U.S.-led coalition strikes Iran-aligned Houthi militants in Yemen


Here is where the 2nd civil war could start and it's a bit serious.

*Citizen Kane on TCM now.

The man responsible for linking Southern Baptists to the GOP settles a sex abuse lawsuit for millions

Now that Yemen and Houthi will be front and center in the news cycle

SNAP Tweet of the day (Raskin #MarjorieTaylorPeen)

Chris Hayes: We are already living with a version of Trump's 'SEAL Team 6' argument - All In - MSNBC

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 14, 2024 - Written by Nancy Meyers

TCM Schedule for Monday January 15, 2024 - Civil Rights Documentaries

Catalytic Combo Converts CO2 to Solid Carbon Nanofibers

Sen. Schatz warns of 'new turn' for Trump with 'Seal Team 6' claim - All In - MSNBC

Nearby exoplanet may be rich in life-giving water, study finds

TIL--Mercury is so dense an iron anvil will easily float in it:

Seth Meyers - Trump Rants in Court During Fraud Trial; Christie Caught on Hot Mic Dissing Rivals: A Closer Look

Private Peregrine moon lander powers up lunar payloads despite propulsion anomaly

Texas blocks federal border agents from processing migrants in Eagle Pass public park

How dumb can Americans be?

They're batshit crazy: Laura Loomer Edition

Post closing statements Trump performance. Enjoy.

U.S., U.K. strikes Yemen with support from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Netherlands - All In - MSNBC

Google lays off hundreds of Bay Area workers, shuts down Mountain View child care center

Giving a praying mantis a drink on a hot day:

Trump's Sons Get A Pass In NY Fraud Trial - Raw News And Politics

Did Ron DeSantis Shake His Wife's Hand? Their businesslike grasp of hands set off chatter at Wednesday's debate

Retired Supreme Court Justice will be Lula's Minister of Justice

'The victim is the people': Tristan Snell on Trump's $370 million civil fraud trial - MSNBC Reports

HP Smart app making printing nearly impossible

Why are people still talking about or believing alternative theories about the JFK assassination?

'Bizarre': Trump's baseless rant fizzles at fraud trial that could cost him $370 million - The ReidOut - MSNBC

A long time friend just posted this about the Houthi airstrikes on his Facebook page


Does anyone use DuckDuckGo on their Windows 10 home computers? How about on

'Carbon vault' peat suffers from drought

'Hypocrisy': Hunter Biden targeted for contempt charges by top GOPer who also defied subpoena - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Majority of debtors to US hospitals now people with health insurance

To you, what is the funniest word in the English language? Mine is hippopotamus, when I hear it or say it makes me smile

Scary Reason Violent Threats Are Surging Ahead of 2024 Election - Thom Hartmann

Abortion rights clashes with NIMBYism in California

Speaker Emerita Pelosi on MSNBC's Morning Joe

Half a century later, the military junta still haunts Chile

Like a Hurricane - Neil Young

Wisconsin Supreme Court refuses to reconsider ruling ordering new legislative maps

Has anyone here installed a USB turntable?

Lawrence O'Donnell: Donald Trump's principal occupation is now defendant - The Last Word - MSNBC

NY-03: Democratic super PAC drops ad targeting GOP on ObamaCare ahead of New York special election

Bullfighting to return to Mexico City after legal battle

Former Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf will run for California treasurer

Neal Katyal: Defendant Trump is the biggest litigation magnet - The Last Word - MSNBC

Climate Change Behind Sharp Drop in Snowpack Since 1980s

Wise Words To Sleep On

Dead Voters' Names Found on Vivek Ramaswamy's Rhode Island Nomination Papers

Dems, GOP push to remove language about slaves' skills and 'personal benefit' in FL state standards

I did not meet my wife until I was 38.

Dereliction of duty: Constitution 'is pretty clear' that Trump violated his oath - The Last Word - MSNBC

Israeli LGBTQ soldiers hope the war in Gaza will bolster their fight for equal rights at home

Gabriel Attal, France's new prime minister, says his Jewish ancestry has shaped him

Finding myself

(JEWISH GROUP) Citing safety, dozens of Jewish families are leaving Oakland public schools

(Texas) Railroad Commission claims 'gas leak' to hide produced water destruction

Alison Krauss - You Will Be My Ain True Love

Are we live?

Trump immunity argument 'impossible to take seriously,' historian says - The Last Word - MSNBC

Team Justice Annual Gathering, 2023, highlight reel. Justice is a Team Sport. And Justice Matters! - Glenn Kirschner

Dad, stepmom arrested for murder of 5-year-old who was killed in 1989

Talk Talk - Living in another world

Developer sets up heated (ice fishing) tents in Gatineau parking lot to shelter homeless

"I've got too much self-respect and concern for hygiene." Rep. Jamie Raskin is asked if he's ever stayed at a Trump hote

Federal judge WON'T TAKE ANY B.S. Trump arguments - Talking Feds

How anti-abortion pregnancy centers in Florida get taxpayer funds with almost no oversight

How anti-abortion pregnancy centers in Florida get taxpayer funds with almost no oversight

Trump caps New York civil fraud trial with courtroom tantrum - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

The White House supports the bill on the Russian $300 billion assets confiscation and their further transfer to Ukraine

Why the judge in Trump's fraud trial may have a heavy penalty in mind - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

U.S. and allies launch military strikes on Houthis in Yemen in 'major escalation' - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

'Magical' abilities of water-striding insects could inspire new aquatic robots

Children of the Ice Age

Did Ron DeSantis Shake His Wife's Hand?

Trump LOSES IT in UNHINGED Outburst in Court, STORMS OUT - Meidas Touch

This is how you deal with election deniers and their lawyers

I bought my first Hybrid car last week.

Rep. Schiff Calls Out Jim Jordan Hypocrisy During House Judiciary Hearing - Rep. Adam Schiff

Subway added to Ukraine's list of "international war sponsors"

Rep. Porter Sums Up the Oversight Committee's Hunter Biden Hearing - Rep. Katie Porter

Feds charge member of Md. Bd. of Elections with Jan. 6 crimes

Western Washington braces for colder temperatures after Thursday snowfall

Federal appeals court allows Alabama's gender-affirming care ban to go into effect

Who would you like for Stinky to pick for VP?

What happened in the courtroom during closing arguments in Trump's civil fraud trial - PBS NewsHour

MD: Howard County man sentenced to prison for threats against lawmakers, LGBTQ advocacy group

AZ: Abortion foes launch campaign against ballot initiative, spread misinformation

'We've never seen anything like this': Trump's courtroom speech - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

VA: 2020 election error in Prince William County benefited Trump, officials reveal

Are unstaffed ballot drop boxes allowed in Arizona? Final rulebook offers little clarity

'What is Disney standing for?': Aaron Rodgers back on Pat McAfee show - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

MI: Serial petitioner files for sixth recall against Whitmer

Effort to recall Robin Vos (R) tests power of pro-Trump movement

Jill Biden: This is the crucial financial advice I want all young women to know - Know Your Value Event - MSNBC

Long-tenured Justice Anderson (R) to leave Minnesota Supreme Court in May

The 2024 election on Ohio gerrymandering and the presidency will decide the future of our democracy

Let's talk about Trump, China, and a report....

CA: Cypress Voters to See Big Changes Ahead of November 2024 Election

GOP Debate! See Androids Destroy America - Thom Hartmann

Texans will face another election after approving property tax cuts

Blue-collar male deaths drive Ron DeSantis' revived commitment to Social Security status quo

How Are The Proud Boys THIS Stupid? - Rebel HQ

FL-HD35: Republicans outspend Democrats for House seat near Orlando in election next week

PA: Republicans Continue to Make Voter Registration Gains in Commonwealth

The Philadelphia City Commissioners ousted their chair as they prepare to run the 2024 election

Trump's Coup Clowns - Jan 11, 2024 Updates - Raw News And Politics

How Joe Biden saved the US economy from post-pandemic inflation - Stories of Our Times - Times Radio

Election Deniers Remain A Threat To Democracy In Pennsylvania

Trump Predicts 'Bedlam' If He's Not Given Absolute Immunity From Prosecution - Farron Balanced

Amanda Faras' historic appointment as New York City Council majority leader gets promoted a week late

Taiwan prepares to elect a president and legislature in what's seen as a test of control with China

SICKO Trump Buddy Makes Dangerous THREATS against Democrats - Meidas Touch

LIVE - Israel presents its case at the ICJ

Trump appeared to threaten more unrest if he loses. "It'll be bedlam in the country,"

China in Deep Trouble as Price Cuts & Deflation Raises Bankruptcy Risks for Chinese Economy - Joe Blogs

Kimmel: Trump Did Nothing Wrong, Florida's War on Dictionaries, Goodbye Belichick & Jimmy Guesses Who's High

Breakfast Friday 12 January 2023

Arizona Election Denier's Lawyer Forced Into Retirement For Filing Frivolous Lawsuit - Rodecast

"Shocking Consequences" if We Allow Russia to Defeat Ukraine w/ Phil Ittner - Thom Hartmann

Major development in Trump's New York trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

A Colorful New Dawn

IHOP Mesquite, Texas. Manager informs Black couple they won't be served because on duty waitress won't serve Black peopl

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/11/2024

It's About Color..

trump's new strategy: pretend to be a "moderate".

Even Fox News is Fed Up with House Republicans - Pondering Politics

Texas blocks federal border agents from processing migrants in Eagle Pass public park

Will 2024 be the year dictators triumph? - Renew Democracy Initiative

Montana fire chief who had refused vaccine mandate in Washington state charged in Jan. 6 riot

All 6 survive when Navy helicopter crashes in water near San Diego

Lawmakers call on federal regulators to review Navy Federal over mortgage approval disparities, citing CNN investigation

FCC presses carmakers, wireless companies on connected car systems over reports of misuse by domestic abusers

Parallels between the Trump and Hitler/Putsch Trials

Friday TOONs

Wordle 937 ***SPOILERS***

Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon says he 'won't retreat' after skirmish with critics on social media

Democratic Super PAC To Spend $200 Million Targeting Women Swing Voters

US FDA identifies recall of ResMed's respiratory devices as most serious

ESPN returns Emmys and disciplines staff after submitting for awards under fake names

CNN GOP Debate Recap, Swatting, Iowa, MAGA Madness on Capitol Hill, Trump in Court The Breakdown

Gaza crisis: Over 10,000 children killed amidst escalating violence

Worried about losing in 2024, Iowa's Republican voters are less interested in talking about abortion

BEHIND THE BASTARDS - John Schmitz, Fascist from Orange County, CA

Strict upbringing with no sex education, access to birth control or abortion, teen hid pregnancy / kills baby at birth

For Past Decade, Every Year Earth's Oceans Absorbed More Heat Than The Year Before: 2023 Saw "Astounding" MarineTemps

***Photo Contest - Preliminary Thread 1***

***Photo Contest - Preliminary Thread 2***

***Photo Contest - Preliminary Thread 3***

*** Photo Contest Preliminaries ***

I should save this for Caturday but it's just too good

***Photo contest preliminaries are up in GD***

Face-Planting For Stanley: How Great Big Adult Sippy Cups Conquered The World

Rafah, Gaza Border Town Swells With Refugees Facing Famine And Forced Exile

Poland's New Government Is Halting Logging In 10 Of The Nation's Remaining Ancient Forests

"Profound Implications" For Tropical Forests: Worldwide, 2% Of Species Make Up 50% Of Rainforest Trees

Biden administration to forgive certain student loan borrowers' balances early

Researchers Confirm H5N1 Bird Flu Behind Subantarctic Dieoffs Of Elephant And Fur Seals

Lawmakers introduce bill imposing near-total ban on abortion in Kansas

Eight-Figure Big Oil Ad Buy Will Feature Tractors, Football And The Gaza War - Gosh, I'm Getting All Teary-Eyed

Trump says he won't have time for retribution

Miami-Dade School Board member who advocated for school prayer arrested! school funds $100k spending spree

Toothless TX Energy Regulator Urges Utilities To "Be Ready" For Extreme Cold; Record Demand Projected For Tuesday 1/16

Estelle Nadel, Writer of "The Girl Who Sang," Dead at 88

Ghosts of Comics' Past: 2003

The Rundown: January 12, 2024

This morning I woke with the full realization that the United States is in the grip of a great evil...

The origin of Superheroes: Uncle Sam (comics)

The 6 GOP President during my voting life.

On this day, January 12, 1926, country music singer and songwriter Ray Price was born.

Floating Magician

Winter storms: Over 1,900 flights canceled nationwide including hundreds at Chicago O'Hare

Have you ever heard TFG talk about Economics.

On this day, January 12, 1905, Tex Ritter was born.

It's coming soon - the headlines will scream 'You're Fired' for the Slobfather

Republicans make wild claims about the dangers of immigration. Here's the truth.

Wholesale prices unexpectedly fell 0.1% in December in positive inflation sign

You raised $15.00 on January 11, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

The Proud Boys are collapsing: Surprise! Legal consequences do hurt authoritarian movements

On this day, January 12, 2005, WHFS dropped its alternative programming and became "El Zol 99.1 FM."

Is it madness to build on this $2.65 million dollar lot? Calif Coastal Commissioners are rethinking the approval

On this day, January 12, 2005, WHFS dropped its alternative programming and became "El Zol 99.1 FM."

On this day, January 12, 2005, WHFS dropped its alternative programming and became "El Zol 99.1 FM."

How 'legal terrorist' Trump has waged a 50-year battle against the US justice system

Just got a recruiter email - from an AI agency

Just tested positive for Covid.

MAGA's sexy beer calendar scandal cracks up the Christian right

On This Day: Earthquake devastates Haiti. In 2023, Haiti "trapped in living nightmare" - Jan 12, 2010

Trump Confesses He Took Payments From Foreign Governments While In Office

Amtrak is operating on a modified schedule due to winter storm Gerri impacting Northwest and Central regions

Proud Boy, now undergoing 'de-radicalization,' sentenced to 4 years in prison

South African Cricket Team Revokes Captain Duties from Jewish Player Over 'Security' Concerns

Willie Nelson/All of me

Cold Sweat +

Ron DeSantis suffers a stinging defeat in his war on woke

Close-Up Photographer of the Year Showcases Mindboggling Macro Images of the Natural World

Biden administration tells Supreme Court Texas is barring federal government's access to part of US-Mexico border

Mississippi's capital is under a boil water order after E. coli bacteria is found in city's supply

Ultra Right Beer. Really. ......... The incel energy is strong here.

Is Camilla, the royal consort, as miserable as she appears when in public?

Police Officer Spots Abandoned Dog In Dumpster

Microsoft wants to automatically launch its Copilot AI on some Windows 11 devices

Freak Show - Luckovich Cartoon

Republican governors in 15 states reject summer food money for kids

Freddy Fender/Before the Next Teardrop Falls

17th Class of the California Hall of Fame

Patsy Cline/I Fall to Pieces

The direction of much of conservative, Evangelical Christianity in America is proving to be a cult with a false gospel.

Israel On Trial Day 2: Israeli defense requests ICJ dismiss South Africa's genocide charge

Texas Tornados - Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Biggest federal-state fight since desegregation, in Texas

how to make salted egg

Russia condemns US and UK for 'irresponsible' strikes on Yemen

Johnny Paycheck/Old Violin

Trump's Hold on Rural America Is Key to His Resilience

Erin, Flower Faery

Who in their right, fucking mind believes that Democrats will abandon President Biden in November....

Republicans got ripped off paying $11 each for scignature

Putin, Iran, And Others, Working To Bring Down Our Democracy

Sherrod Brown Builds Massive War Chest

NEW single from the Black Crowes - Wanting And Waiting

Mississippi Fred McDowell was born on this date.

Jay McShann was born on this date.

Former Fox News Host Bill O'Reilly's Books Removed From Florida Schools

First weekend after my grandson and his SO moved out is coming up. Looking forward to it.

Jinny Oops California Rock n Roll

BeauSoleil - avec Michael Doucet "Zydeco Gris Gris"

How a legal loophole allows antiabortion prosecutors to obtain women's secret health data

The Hunter Biden Criminal Referral

IRS says it collected $360 million more from rich tax cheats as its funding is threatened yet again

"Super Trouper" (ABBA) in "Mamma Mia, Here I Go Again" . I have idly wondered,

Laura Loomer Spreads Bonkers Conspiracy Theory That The Deep State Is Making A Snow Storm To Hurt Trump

try that in a small town...

Audio of Roger Stone discussing killing Swalwell & Nadler released by Mediate

2024 Primary Election Calendar (will be updated frequently)

forecast for sonora ca 1/12/24 .

How Charlie Kirk Plans to Discredit Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Act

Brokedown Palace

That lawyer to Trump's right reminds me of the evil:

Shy wolfdog has incredible transformation after rescue

Faith leader compares Trump to Satan after video claiming he's God's 'caretaker'

Dear Iowa: Will you finally concede that spending a designated evening at a designated place

Clash for lunch

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 12, 2024)

Viola Lee Blues

One of my pet peeves

Campaign Finance Watchdogs Threaten No Labels With Lawsuit

Dose Cannabis cause heart dz and stroke? Put it to the test...

jungle DnB galaxy 🚀🌌 a jungle drum and bass mix 👽

If Haley comes within 20 points on Monday

Biden announces fresh wave of early student debt cancellation for some borrowers

If All Else Fails - Far-Right Extremism in Upstate New York


Conservative Publication Tells Readers Not to Vote For Trump (slides)

Jamie Raskin Asks Donald Trump To Return $7.8 Million He Received From Foreign Governments

Pic Of The Moment: You Can Find Some Great Bargains On Trump Advisor

"Houthi rebels vow fierce retaliation after American and British strikes against them"

Zombie Burgers for the GOP Iowa Caucus

Rep. Raskin sends letter to Trump demanding return of the $7.8 million...

Msnbc: Matt Miller from state department. Looks like a sim!

Cape Verde becomes fourth African country to eliminate malaria

New Congressional Report Highlights Mike Johnson's Christian Nationalist Views

Canadian authorities warn porch-pirate victims not to post videos of suspects in the act

...and now, some really wacky stupidity (from X)

I am considering this mandoline, any advice? Thx

Tennessee after-school Satan club holds first meeting despite protests

Adam Schiff introduces bill to help stabilize home insurance market

How the media should interview Trump and Trumpettes.

Texas blocks Border Patrol from stretch of border

We need ecosocialism

Federal prosecutors to seek death penalty against Buffalo supermarket gunman, a first for Biden administration

Swalwell: Republicans are "not interested in finding any solution on the border."

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 12, 2024

Breaking: Judge Kacsmaryk grants the motion from Missouri, Kansas, and Idaho to intervene in the abortion pill case

New Changes to 2024 Iowa Caucuses include Rank Choice Voting and Absentee Ballots for Democrats

Huge ring of galaxies challenges thinking on cosmos

Biden, Trump each pitch existential fear of the alternative to voters

"A Breach of Yemeni Sovereignty": Biden Becomes Fourth U.S. President to Bomb Yemen

Oregon Supreme Court allows Trump to run in the state's primary.

TRUMP IN COURT: We've Never Seen Anything Like This! - Stephanie Miller Show

Do you talk out loud to yourself?

Audio surfaces that Roger Stone wanted to kill Democrats-Eric Swalwell andJerrold Nadler

"Gaslighting & Cherry-Picking": How Israel Is Defending Itself at World Court on Charges of Genocide

What is the most boring movie you have seen or a series that you couldn't watch anymore. Mine was the Matrix. I left.

Ranked Choice Voting Dilemma

Texas And Border Patrol Now In Armed Standoff With Each Other, Jefferson Davis Unavailable For Comment Because He's Dead

Texas abortion bill proposes death penalty for women, physicians

Gallup: Independent Party ID Tied for High; Democratic ID at New Low

Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great Fall?

This Dog Has Demanded To Surf Since He Was A Baby

Another baseball record never to be broken.

my biopsy sites r driving me crazy.

Why is such a big deal made of Iowa and NH?

Johnson confronts biggest test yet: Whether to walk away from his own funding deal

"They Want to Silence Us": Knesset Member Faces Expulsion for Backing South Africa Genocide Case

Willis-Wade tfg prosecution Georgia story just came up on msnbc

Is there a law vs. keeping 'E-bikes' in NY City co-op apartments?

Jeff Davis is buried in Richmond, VA at Hollywood Cemetery

How it all began

Hunter Biden would comply with a new GOP subpoena if issued again, lawyers say

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court rules mandatory life without parole is unconstitutional for adults under 21

The Evangelical Crack-Up (w/ Tim Alberta) Beg To Differ

Be a SPY from your HOME! (100% for real)

Kinzinger Says He'd Vote for Biden Instead of Trump 'in a Heartbeat'

Greg Abbott Orders Texas National Guard to Block Federal Border Patrol Operations

A New York State judge has ordered Donald Trump to pay The New York Times $392,638.69 for legal fees

Barbra Streisand's film company pocketed $200K in small business pandemic cash -- and paid gardener at her $20M mansion

The Facepalm

Hunter Biden reverses course, would sit for closed-door deposition with new subpoena by: Emily Brooks, Alex Gangitano, T

Why is it so rare for the same political Party to win more than two Presidential elections in a row?


Sunak, in Kyiv, Unveils 'Unprecedented' Aid Package for Ukraine

Pre-dawn southern MD 1/12

Down Memory Lane for those who choose to forget

NEW: Judge Ilana Rovner of the 7th Circuit will take senior status upon the confirmation of her successor.

Ice sheen on creek, southern MD 1/12 morning

Southern MD morning, 1/12

Quaker Oats recall: Cap'n Crunch cereal, granola bars and more pulled over possible salmonella risk

Strikes Are 'Extremely Unlikely' to Deter Houthis, Experts Say

James Hansen et al. - Global Warming Acceleration: Causes and Consequences


US House votes to repeal labor board rule on contract, franchise workers

Reaching For The Light

Pennsylvania man arrested for Jan. 6 riot, allegedly hung stolen Capitol sign in bar

Interest football stat on former coaches Belichick, Saban, and Carrol

MTG is a skanky, ignorant ass

💗 Dream A Little Dream of Me - Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong

You know how you can have multiple windows open at the same time on your laptop?

Cartoons 1/12/2023

Dead Rats

Jesus Christ, Just Leave Trans People Alone!

The Winter Garden

Most Americans Willing to See Trump Disqualified

Judge to hear motions in Trump's Georgia election interference case

Chiefs-Dolphins game Saturday

If Trump is Heaven-sent, is it something we did?

Lordy, There Are Tapes

HBCUs receive $100M to boost endowments after government highlighted funding gap

Patriots hire Jerod Mayo to replace Bill Belichick as head coach

Right-wing Republicans pressure Mike Johnson to back out of spending deal as Congress races to dodge shutdown

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 12, 2024

Sources: Washington's DeBoer, Bama negotiating head-coach job

Trump ordered to pay New York Times nearly $400k in legal fees for 'frivolous' lawsuit

More Americans Identify as Independents

Wolf Blitzer Calls Out GOP Governor For Apparent Change Of Tune On Trump

Republicans are coming after Cassidy Hutchinson -

'Hypocrisy': Hunter Biden targeted for contempt charges by top GOPer who also defied subpoena

Trump Judge Spanks Ron DeSantis for Retaliating Against a Democratic Rival

Fox News Cancels MyPillow. Update - Fox told Rolling Stone he couldn't pay for the commercials.

'God & Country' film spotlights Christian nationalism's threat to democracy

Trump-supporting attorney Lin Wood disbarred in Colorado's federal trial court

Conservative National Review Issues Damning Plea On Trump

A downtrodden and distressed Mike Lindell announced today that Fox News has just canceled all his future ads.

Adam Schiff Gives Trump A Scathing 'Suicide Pact' Reminder

Inflation jumped in December, complicating Fed aim of interest rate cuts.

Jamie Raskin says what we all think ...

George Raft DancesTo 'Sing, Sing, Sing' By Louis Prima 🎬

MAGA can't MAGA enough in Cochise County, Arizona.

i have taken again matters into my own hands again on scam calls.

The Terminator and The Hulk casually playing chess

I wonder if Trump realizes he's arguing that our President could legally order Seal Team Six to kill him.

"Angertainment" is all Rs have to offer

Biden says Austin still has his confidence, but not revealing hospitalization was lapse in judgment

'Thinking Isn't His Strength': Critics Scorch Donald Trump Jr.'s Wild COVID Claim

FAA Increasing Oversight of Boeing Production and Manufacturing

Meet the Operatives Who Profited From January 6

Diamonds and Rust

Death penalty mistake.

Rep. Himes: 'There is no way' Speaker Johnson can 'get 218 Republican votes' on a spending bill

Crossed Boards

Seattle light rail service reduced until Feb. 4

This is excellent work by congressman @JaredEMoskowitz

Supreme Court to decide if ticketing people who are homeless is 'cruel' punishment

Breaking: Starbucks Sued over rights violations

Republicans Go Ballistic After Congressman Shares Photo Of Trump And Epstein

Looks like some MAGAt claims to have pic of Obama with Epstein....

Trump Ally Roger Stone Finally CAUGHT After Secret Recording Revealed

Americans say the economy is worse than it is. According to a new study, so does newspaper coverage.

So we now have polls this week showing Pres. Biden leading Trump and beating his 2020 margins in MI, NH and PA

Philly's top leaders play the blame game while millions of dollars of tax revenue go uncollected

Argentina's Mileise: Monthly inflation hits 25.5% in December - the highest in the world

Argentina's Mileise: Monthly inflation hits 25.5% in December - the highest in the world

MAGA's sexy beer calendar scandal cracks up the Christian right

The Great Medicare Advantage Marketing Scam

Today's Tiedrich rant: Donald Trump keeps having bad days in court. maybe that's because he's a fucking idiot

Wayne LaPierre leaves a financial mess behind at the NRA − on top of the legal one that landed him in court

Cat flummoxed by tattoo:

The Weekend Consult

Biden campaign grapples with undecided voters who don't yet believe Trump could be the nominee

Jennifer Rubin: The media's worst lapse: Refusing to identify Trump as a cult leader

Amtrak restores service between Philly, NY. NJ Transit, SEPTA was also impacted

The Speech That Donald Trump Never Gave - letter to the WSJ


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