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Alas, Malthaussen needs help

Honolulu overnight temperature plunges to 62 as cold wave strikes the islands......

Indiana University Has Canceled a Retrospective on Palestinian Artist Samia Halaby

Massachusetts Teachers Illegal Strike Wave Rolls On

Calculated Cruelty: The New Phase for the Forced Birthers

Girls2 -Rise n Shine

CNN's Paula Reid actually suggested


Austin ordered strikes from hospital where he continues to get prostate cancer care, Pentagon says

Lloyd Kahn's Dish Washing Method

Germany says will intervene at The Hague on Israel's behalf, blasts genocide charge

Yui Horie -Silky heart

'A very large scale attack': United States and British forces launch airstrikes in Yemen - Deadline - MSNBC

"He's failing on the job": Marjorie Taylor Greene is leading a MAGA rebellion against Mike Johnson

Laundry - A Top Source of Micropollution, Synthetic Fabrics, Clean Clothes More Sustainably; Endocrine Syst.

All in the Family - Edith's Conversion...Link

...the rooms of the house called Science. . . . One thing we find throughout the house--there are no locks...

'He's petrified': RICO defendant Rudy Giuliani makes legal move - Deadline - MSNBC

Supreme Court to hear case on Starbucks' firing of pro-union baristas

Leading tech journalist quits Substack over platform's Nazi newsletters

I hate to beg, but I need help to pay down my credit cards

Jefferson Airplane -- White Rabbit

1/8 Seniors Qualify for FREE Medical Care/Drugs - QMB

Illinois Governor Asks Texas To Halt Sending Migrants Amid Winter Storm

Trump issues most chilling claim yet ahead of 2024 election - MSNBC

Fraudulent marketing lawsuit against Trump is dismissed

Michigan: America First Republicans ordered to pay thousands in contempt of court

Government shutdowns and election denialism are GOP pillars

Texas GOP Chair Backed Group with Racist Ties

House Won't Drop Contempt Charges Against Hunter Biden

Trump loses Obamacare clash with failed prediction as ACA smashes records - The Beat - MSNBC

Biden visits Pennsylvania stores to talk up his record on small business creation

Trump Ordered to Pay $362K in Attorney's Fees to NY Times:

Florida school district pulls dictionaries for 'sexual conduct' descriptions

Trump's prison fears echo as lawyer claims 'license to kill': GOP mulls options in Iowa vote - The Beat - MSNBC

US warns ships to stay out of parts of Red Sea as Houthi rebels vow retaliation for US, UK strikes

annorying phone calls.

JAW-DROPPING CHAOS UNFOLDS in NY courtroom - Talking Feds

Student loans: Accelerated provision of SAVE plan provides forgiveness for more borrowers in February

*Cara Cara is here, time to enjoy an especially delicious orange!!!

Pentagon Denies Fox News Conspiracy Theory That Taylor Swift Is a Political 'Asset'

Trump is 'proud' about taking away abortion rights. Republicans will keep losing because of it.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, NY, and his statement....

TRUMP SHOW 32 The Elon Musk Roast, AI Lauren Boebert Goes AWOL, Ivanka Clones, Mavis & Forehead

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Red Sea and today's events....

Fed-up MSNBC host TORCHES Trump with must-see FACT-CHECK LIVE on air - Meidas Touch

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about international law and realities....

Republican PAC Runs WORST Ad in History Tim's Takes

Microplastics Inhaled Lodge in Airways; Humans Inhale Equiv 1 Credit Card A Week 💳

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about kids, food, states choosing not to help, and the USDA....

Sepultura - Attitude (Live on 2 Meter Sessions)

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread! TGIF!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Haley, Trump, and citizenship claims again....

'Terror as a tactic': Threat of MAGA mob looms over 2024 Republican primary - All In - MSNBC

Many Republicans seek a largely unconstrained president-Reuters poll

*The American Buffalo, part 3, on WETA now,

Skunk Anansie - My Ugly Boy (Live on 2 Meter Session

Friday Night Bourbon Buzz. Ask me anything.

Lucy, from our niece in Grand Rapids

Schiff Holds Lead in California Senate Race

Here is the GERMS painting for Cheech Marin's "Tres Papalote" Mezcal bottle labels...

New Moon Tonight

Folks, it's Friday Pour a glass, do a shot. Let's listen to Jimmy Cliff

The Red Sea Crisis and Operation Prosperity Guardian: The Plan to Stop a Global Economic Meltdown - William Spaniel

Kansas Republicans Introduce Near-Total Abortion Ban, Undermining 2022 Referendum Vote to Keep Abortion Legal

Seth Meyers - Chris Christie Ends Presidential Campaign - Monologue 01/11/24

Friday Talking Points -- It'll Be A Cold Day In Iowa...

The West Strikes Back: 5 Takeaways from the Yemen Operation - William Spaniel

Marijuana reclassification proposed over lower public health risk, documents show

Austrian Heiress - She Gets It

DLCC Launches 2024 Roadmap Memo Outlining Path to Victory and Record-Breaking Fundraising Pace

Let me get something straight

Mushroomhead - Graveyard Du Jour (Official Video)

How To Beat Propaganda - Before It Beats You - Thom Hartmann

Abbott explains why Texas isn't shooting migrants at the border

Okay, it's officially COLD.


'We're not there yet': The risk of a regional war in the Middle East after U.S. airstrikes - MSNBC Reports

Injustice Collector

These swing / pink states may have abortion on the ballot this Nov.

U.S. Strikes at Houthis in Yemen for a Second Day

Democrats Plan $140 Million in Voter Testimonial Ads

Judge denies Trump's request to delay next week's civil trial so he can supposedly attend Melania's mother's funeral

'We want it back': Jamie Raskin demands Trump repay $7.8M from foreign governments - All In - MSNBC

Fox News stops running MyPillow commercials in a payment dispute with election denier Mike Lindell

Boy howdy... Looks like Trump's little buddy had photos of classified docs on his phone

Fantastic magic trick:

Had to go to the clinic this afternoon

This Week at Justice - January 12, 2024 - The Justice Department

Jen Rubin's Green Room: Jen Rubin's weekly review (15 minutes)

Heather Cox Richardson interviews Biden:

Matthew Dowd: Trump feeds on the 250-year poison of 27% unsatisfied with 80% of the power they hold.

Rep. Jasmine Crockett rips Republicans in Hunter Biden hearing: No to closed doors because y'all lie.

UW Huskies' Kalen DeBoer officially hired as Alabama head coach

Rep. Jasmine Crockett schooled Nancy Mace for using the term white privilege against Hunter Biden.

One month ago today, my dear friend AndyS died.

Chris Christie exits GOP Presidential race with urgent & forceful message. DO NOT ELECT TRUMP.

The white flower

Rodney Dangerfield at the Top of His Game (1980)

Trump, violating court rules, rips into Judge Engoron during closing argument in his fraud trial. - Glenn Kirschner

The Republican Frontrunner Thinks Magnets Break When They Get Wet (Ferret)

Reparations committee determines order for reparations distribution

Why Threats From Magats Continue

Kitsap County Superior Court to hold hearing contesting Donald Trump's placement on ballot

January 6 Is Exactly What the Fourteenth Amendment Was Talking About

Does trump Believe His Own Lies? With Mary Trump

A scenario we could face

Trumps request to delay E Jean Carroll trial is denied

'This to Him Is the Grand Finale': Donald Trump's 50-Year Mission to Discredit the Justice System

Prosecutors urge rejection of ex-cop's bid to dismiss civil rights conviction in George Floyd murder

Republicans pour cash into Florida House special election next week

Republicans pour cash into Florida House special election next week

Charlamagne Tha God: 'I may talk about Biden's shortcomings, but Trump is the end of democracy' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Major Democratic group to spend $140M targeting women voters in 2024

Trump Plan to VIOLATE Court Order Gets Exposed JUST IN TIME - Meidas Touch

Laws have changed around parking for disabled Texans over the years. Here's how it looks today.

Liam Gallagher & John Squire - Just Another Rainbow

Bombshell allegation: Trump insider caught on tape plotting to kill Democratic congressmen with cop? - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Numerous Voting and Election Changes Take Effect In States Across U.S.

Bill O'Reilly has books banned in Florida library

Good news but don't get too excited.

(Inspired by CBS Late Show/Colbert) What sort of job or other means of generating income for George Santos?

What Was Tr**p's Cut Of The $2 Billion - Jarad Received?.....

Hunter Biden is MAKING POWER MOVES in D.C. - Talking Feds

Hunter Biden will be the

Citi to cut 20,000 jobs, posts $1.8 billion loss in 'disappointing' quarter

Rep. Swalwell: Voters will bury MAGAism at the ballot box - The Last Word - MSNBC

Fitch: No U.S. Recession Predicted In 2024 Despite Warning Signs

Things we protect

Seems like

Open request for comment

The snow is really coming down in southeastern Iowa and northeastern Missouri.


Just started watching the West Wing a few months ago

This is a good time to be thinking about making emergency plans for power blackout, etc.

Gorillaz - DARE

Dems will be the 'adults in the room' and avert shutdown House Budget Cmte, Dem says - The Last Word - MSNBC

Cat Power - Manhattan

Father John Misty - Mr. Tillman

Gov. Hochul declares state of emergency for Western New York ahead of lake effect snowstorm

Challenging the Criminalization of Trauma Survivors

US military strikes another Houthi-controlled site after warning ships to avoid parts of Red Sea

A school pulled 2 students from a lesbian teacher's class. Their parents wanted a straight teacher.

Newark teens win right to vote in school board elections - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Chaos in Trump's New York Civil Trial Portends Bad News for Jack Smith

Young Freddy Fender

Supreme Court Drops MAJOR HINT on Trump's Future - Meidas Touch

3 people mistakenly eat laundry detergent in Taiwan election giveaway gone awry

Trump mainstreams political violence with normalizing repetition - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Bill O'Reilly Outraged After School District Pulls His Books Under Florida Law He Supported: 'It's Absurd'

Republicans push back on Biden plan to axe federal funds for anti-abortion counseling centers

Evangelical leaders lose influence as followers find new savior in Trump - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Arkansas marijuana group pitches ballot measure for more patient access, triggered adult-use

Montana Senator Calls for Ban on Chinese Land Purchases Following Report

Scorpionfish - digital watercolor and ink

AZ: Hobbs' budget plan is anything but 'unserious' when it comes to flipping control of the legislature

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about cold weather and what to remember....

Don Jr. Linked To Shady Chinese Billionaire - Rebel HQ

Dictionaries a casualty of right-wing book ban panic - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

MIGOP leadership feud continues ahead of Saturday meeting in Houghton Lake

Russia Condemns US/UK Strikes in Yemen, UK Steps up with 2.5 Billion ($3.2 billion) for Ukraine - Professor Gerdes

MI: Redistricting commission sets mapping dates as Feb. 2 deadline looms

Biden announces plan to cancel some student loan balances under $12,000

How Ethiopia could trigger Africa's deadliest conflict - CaspianReport

Trump's Numbers Appear Inflated As Undecided Voters Don't Believe He'll Be The Nominee

Ohio superintendent says state board of education may not make payroll by summer

Wisconsin's embattled elections leader is legally holding the position, judge rules

Did White Supremacy Turn YOU into Snowflakes? - Thom Hartmann

Wisconsin Supreme Court refuses to reconsider ruling ordering new legislative maps

New maps for the Wisconsin Legislature are in. What happens now?

March Ballot Measure Proposes Giving SF Cops Drones, More Surveillance Tools

Texas GOP chair Matt Rinaldi backed a group with white supremacist ties -- while working for its billionaire funder

The House's Newest Accomplishment: Cool New Lapel Pins For Members

Why experts are concerned about the JN.1 variant responsible for latest COVID wave - PBS NewsHour

Trump issues insane, unhinged claim - Brian Tyler Cohen

Huey Lewis - Heart of Rock & Roll (live TV 1984)

Vote-counting begins in Taiwan's pivotal presidential election

DeSantis plans to go from Iowa to South Carolina, instead of New Hampshire, as he targets Haley

Trump Throws TANTRUM in Court, Time For Judges to SMACK HIM DOWN - Meidas Touch

Monday in Iowa. The high is -2, the low is -17. And the DonaldTrump show features.....

'They're attempting to argue no harm, no foul': Clues of Trump's defense in classified docs case - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

'They were having a kids' table argument': The GOP race ahead of Iowa caucuses - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Pythagorean Theorem Found On Clay Tablet 1,000 Years Older Than Pythagoras

Breakfast Saturday 13 January 2024

Bill O'Reilly Outraged After School District Pulls His Books Under Florida Law He Supported: 'It's Absurd'

Republicans push back on Biden plan to axe federal funds for anti-abortion counseling centers

Prosecutors in Trump classified docs case plan to call digital forensics experts as witnesses

One-on-one: Capt. Sully marks 15 years since 'Miracle on the Hudson' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Humorous and True

EPA proposes a fee aimed at reducing climate-warming methane emissions

I'm disabled and live with my brother and his wife but Thursday he died. Right now I dont know

Italy blocks extradition of dictatorship-era priest to Argentina

Rome in push to decriminalise abuse of office despite corruption fears

Lead prosecutor in Georgia election subversion case under scrutiny over alleged affair with DA

Jewish Democrats grill Israeli ambassador on far-right ministers

FED UP Veterans Quickly RIP Trump's Immunity Argument To Pieces - Against All Enemies

US government employees plan walkout over Biden's Gaza policies

Democrats unleash weapon ahead of 2024 - Don't Be a Mitch Fund - Brian Tyler Cohen

I will be a Dad! - The Russian Dude

Feeling Down? Meme

Unmasking the Local TV Station Monopolies

Jan 6th Meme

Nelson Mandela's support for Palestinians endures with South Africa's genocide case against Israel

Updated: Moorings Park Osprey Live Stream Naples, FL. Now in 4K

Nasa unveils quiet supersonic aircraft in effort to revive commercial flights

New blog

Wordle 938 Jan 13 ***Spoiler Thread***

Trump gets what he deserves in major court loss - Brian Tyler Cohen

Taiwan ruling party's Lai wins presidential election

Both sides do bad things

Decisions red beans and rice or chicken and gravy or shrimp and grits.

Biden campaign grapples with undecided voters who don't yet believe Trump could be the nominee

Gaza: Fears for newborns at Al-Aqsa Hospital as war enters day 99

Mississippi quits child food program amid Republican 'welfare state' attack

In London, thousands have gathered in the financial centre of the city calling for a ceasefire.

Greene claims she threatened Johnson with motion to vacate over border deal

Everything changes now: Ukraine new drone "Cossack Mamay" targets Crimean bridge. Prigozhin mystery. - The Russian Dude

Snow shoveling lesson TODAY!...

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Cities Hidden in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Jackson Hinkle: American progressive activist turned Russian propagandist - Renew Democracy Initiative


On this day, January 13, 1938, Billy Gray was born.

On this day, January 13, 1938, Billy Gray was born.

Meet the Operatives Who Profited From January 6

Jan van Goyen was born on this date.

On this day, January 13, 1931, both Charles Nelson Reilly and Rip Taylor were born.

On this day, January 13, 1908, the Rhoads Opera House fire in Boyertown, PA killed 171 people.

Joe Pass was born on this date.

Trump just posted this. Make no mistake, this is a death threat at Judge Engoron and Federal Judge Kaplan.

On this day, January 13, 1968, Johnny Cash played a show at Folsom Prison.

Qubec Workers Conduct Largest Strike Ever (One of the largest strikes in North American history)

So far, this Winter Storm is not living up to its name in my part of Michigan

Drew Abbot, lead guitar for several Bob Seger albums, has a birthday today.

On January 13 and January 14, 1972, Aretha Franklin recorded "Amazing Grace."

How a collection of raw Russian intelligence disappeared under Trump

On January 13, 1952, the passenger train "City of San Francisco" got trapped on the Donner Pass.

Chicago has as many people as Iowa and New Hampshire combined.

15 GOP-Led States Opt Out Of Federal Food Aid Aimed At Children

Johnson defies right flank, saying bipartisan spending plan 'remains'

Boeing Supplier Ignored Warnings Of "Excessive Amount Of Defects," Former Employees Allege

Joe Biden proves TFG was right one time ...

Happy Caturday from Larry the Cat

Rep. Raskin: 'Trump should immediately return the $7,886,072 he accepted from foreign governments'

Nationwide deep freeze. What's the temp at your place? -5 in Denver

A Weakness in the "Death Star" Protein, KRAS.

You KNOW it's a veritable Trump cult

Caturday Whack-A-Toy

Trump lawyer knocked back as he demands Fani Willis turn over already released documents

Shocking 0% Positive Outlook: Investors Flee Chinese Economy; Taiwan; Car Sales; Tourism - China Update

'This Has Been Going on for Years.' Inside Boeing's Manufacturing Mess. (WSJ)


Gaza, Ukraine & China's Global Strategy; US-China Relations; China & Foreign Policy - China Update

A fossil fuel plant is leaving Louisiana families with 'barely enough water for your toothbrush'

Fox News Hosts Snap On Air, Finally Lash Out at Republicans! - Luke Beasley

You raised $605.00 on January 12, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Chris Christie Blasts Trump & Nikki Haley, Exits Presidential Race - Lovett or Leave It

The Fourth Estate (Our Press) is failing Democracy

Democrat Makes Fox Host Regret Bringing Him on Air! - Luke Beasley

You raised $5.00 on January 12, 2024 Unofficial Democratic Underground for Tony Vargas US Congress (NE-2)

PNAS Study: Migration Away From Rising Seas Will Leave Older, Sicker Coastal Populations Behind

Better Not Look Down

Cosplay Kyle Rittenhouse Hilariously Mocked For His "Spec Ops" Training - Waldorf Nation

DOJ To Pursue Death Penalty Against Buffalo Supermarket Shooter Payton Gendron For Carrying Out A Racist Mass Shooting

Former Omahan Symone Sanders-Townsend has new MSNBC show

It's Honestly Impressive How Messed Up the 2024 Primaries Are--Even by America's Standards

Just in case you think you have a grasp upon the stupidity infecting our civilization:

On This Day: U.S. invasion of Mexico ends in California, continues south - Jan. 13, 1847

"Idiotic" $2 Billion Subsidy To UK Fishing Fleets Keeps Destructive Bottom Trawlers In Business

Classified UFO briefing was 'historic'...

No One Wanted This Cat Because She Was Shy

20 Confirmed Lies, Imperialism & Moscow's Propaganda from Robert Kennedy Jr. on Ukraine - Savage Sage

Scottish Bird Populations Shifting Rapidly As Climate Warms; Grouse, Kestrel #s Down 50%

Only murders in the on ABC.

Miramar Mermaid

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Red Sea and 2 questions....

Biz Bros Use Misogyny To Cope With 'Woke' Lululemon's Success - Majority Report

Questions about the Trump/Jack Smith Investigation/trials

Madoc wins the 'King of Caturday' award, today. And a new photo of the handsome prince

Tiny Puppy near Public Toilet was Struggling to Survive Until This Happened

A Little Saturday Boost - WaPo: 'Okay, it's done!' Stranger floors parents, crochets their baby a hat mid-flight.

Where The Rivers Flow North

Sage Advice

Trump Has Used A Brilliant Strategy

Brian McFadden comic

Petition signature validators testify that their concerns were brushed off

Can Anyone Hold Trump Accountable? (w/ Karen Tumulty) Bulwark Podcast

Photos: Global day of protests draws thousands to support Gaza

Rand Paul launches 'Never Nikki' website ahead of Iowa caucuses

Question for Pro-Lifers

Oregon Man Sentenced to Prison on Felony and Misdemeanor Charges Related to Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

I've been asked to be on DU jury

stand for nothing, fall for anything

How many sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes or whatever you call them, do you have? I have two pairs.

If Black Voters Abandon Biden, What Will They Get Instead? By Joe Conason

The Cult of Mac by Cory Doctorow

Let's Send All Billionaires to Mars! By Jim Hightower

Microsoft's AI security tools hallucinate. MS may have cherry-picked answers to conceal that in demoes to the gov't.

Boys helping with laundry

Texas Governor Whines That He's Not Allowed To Murder Immigrants - Farron Balanced

Wow, Democrats and Republicans Agreeing on a Climate Related Issue.

Constitutional Law Scholars on Impeachment Proceedings Against Alejandro Mayorkas

Drama as House GOP can't adopt rule

Barefoot and Pregnant, Gwen Levey and the Breakdown

Barefoot and Pregnant, Gwen Levey and the Breakdown (Official)

New poll: 56 percent willing to see Orange Keister disqualified from some or all ballots

How Trump Is Exploiting Our Scarcest Resource

The Iowa caucuses only matter because people believe they matter

Who is Bill Ackman and why is he so mad?

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 13, 2024)

Turkey launches airstrikes against Kurdish militants in Iraq and Syria after 9 soldiers were killed

South African attorney Richard Spoor on Israel's presentation at The Hague.

Ann Peebles, "Trouble, Heartaches and Sadness"

North Korea halts radio broadcasts, curbs exchanges with South

The Verge of Crisis in US Nuclear Fuel: A Gorgonian Knot

Reposting to get a little more attention for a fellow DUer in need

Need some advice

Mother Jones: Meet the Operatives Who Profited From January 6

Pittsburgh Starbucks Workers United

How Iran, China and North Korea Fuel Russia's War Machine? - Good Times Bad Times

Powerful lobbying groups wrote new Florida bill that would allow teens to work dangerous jobs

A 'warm' Iowa welcome is awaiting GOP caucuseers on Monday.

This is cracking me up...

UPDATE: Neighbors showed up for shoveling lessons...

IHIP News: Trump is a Fascist, and Mike Johnson is in Trouble

Ok, with these cold, cold I have to start my car??? I've got it in the garage.

Head on Over to the Women's Rights Forum and Kick This One Up Big Time With Recs.

Ban on guns in post offices is unconstitutional, US judge rules

A Taste of Honey 🎺 Herb Alpert The Tijuana Brass

U.S. and U.K Striking Back at Houthis After Their Red Sea Attacks Was the Right Call

South Africa strips Jewish cricketer of captaincy over Israel support

How Israel's Inspection Process Is Obstructing Aid Delivery. Senator Chris Van Hollen describes what he witnessed on the

For your viewing pleasure:

Civil War talk in presidential contest reveals fresh divisions on race

Marianne Williamson finds out that politics ain't beanbag - again.

Who's watching Taytay at the KC game today?

Bills-Steelers playoff game moved to Monday amid forecast for dangerous winter weather

Judge Cannon Hands Donald Trump Much-Needed Delay in Blow to Jack Smith

Microsoft lets cloud users keep personal data within Europe to ease privacy fears

Trump's Ascending Absurdity (w/ Ben Wittes) Bulwark Podcast

Trump's appeal.

was anyone else aghast at the mansplaining going on to the Appellate Court Judges

Tuning Out: Americans on the Edge of Politics

Walking away from someone

Anyone here ever try Leonard Cohen's cocktail recipe, the Red Needle?

"A grand and wonderful literary project"

The abuse of unaccountable power is at the wicked heart of the post office scandal

Little Rural Michigan humor...

It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones 🎤

Houthis strike a Russian oil ship - Times Radio

Manchin continues to show us his true character

Here's A Challenge To The MSM......

Organizers Shut Down Port Of Oakland Calling For Cease-fire In Gaza

This pet fox steals his moms camera and runs away laughing.

Editorial: Getting around, on wheels or water, not any easier

I want TFG on every ballot. I want him to lose the popular vote a third time.

Cold prep: generator block heater....

'Whitewashed' Black History Courses Trigger Revolt

Cartoons 1/13/2023

I would not vote for Boebert, but I would go to the movies with her.

Trump Judge Says He'll Hold Hearing on Fani Willis Affair Claims

Moms for Liberty School Board Member Out After Theft Charge

Israel: teacher held in solitary confinement for posting concern about Gaza deaths

Oregon Supreme Court Declines to Hear Trump Ballot Challenge

Ron DeSantis Admits Fox News Isn't Real News

Ban on guns in post offices is unconstitutional, US judge rules

Children living near green spaces 'have stronger bones'

'No one will stop us': Netanyahu

Break-in at Colorado Supreme Court building caused $35 million in damage, left 3 floors unusable

Mississippi quits child food program amid Republican 'welfare state' attack

US Palestinian activists defend terrorists in Yemen

215 people have been buried behind a Mississippi jail since 2016, attorney says

Woman rescues dog. Now she's the third wheel.

Photo: Thousands call for 'elections now' during rally at Tel Aviv's Habima Square

School lunches are Brazil's secret -- and delicious -- weapon in halting hunger

For Donald, winning this year's election is *everything*

Kansans Voted to Protect Abortion Rights. Republicans Are Still Trying to Ban Them.

Trump makes fatal mistake, puts his own candidacy at risk - Brian Tyler Cohen

What? C'mon ya little wussies.

Mary Lou Retton's health insurance explanation sparks some mental gymnastics

Working on books today

Justice Department announces probe into death of Manny Ellis in Tacoma police custody

so my plumber friend said "Don't flush that last sliver of soap down the toilet!" So I don't.

Taiwan elects Lai Ching-te as president. China calls it a dangerous choice.

How about some hot seagull action on a cold winter's day

Abbott says Texas hasn't shot migrants on the border because Biden will 'charge us with murder'

Maher's anti-vax MADNESS Seth MacFarlane vs. Bill Maher

The Regional War No One Wanted Is Here. How Wide Will It Get?

The Regional War No One Wanted Is Here. How Wide Will It Get?

Houthis vow retaliation for US, UK attacks DW News

Joe: 'Hey, big head.'

Talking crazy fast to a scammer! He freaked out

The brutality and inhumanity of Israel's assault on Gaza is no surprise. It's just what was promised

Frank LUNTZ says average age of wingnuts (specifically Iowa GOP voters) is "deceased."

Tascam System 20 modular mixer

Top Five Westerns Ever

US delivers 'private message' to Iran after Yemen strikes

US delivers 'private message' to Iran after Yemen strikes

Never heard of this before. Steelers -Bills football game moved to Monday at 4:30 pm due to terrible/dangerous weather.

Texas tells Supreme Court it's working to give Border Patrol access to boat ramp on Rio Grande

'We are ready for a war': Somalia threatens conflict with Ethiopia over breakaway region

Cancer Is Striking More Young People, and Doctors Are Alarmed and Baffled

John Kerry to leave White House to assist Biden re-election campaign

Six Minute Biker Film

Ban on guns in post offices is unconstitutional, US judge rules

Russia designates one of its most popular writers a 'foreign agent' over his Ukraine stance

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 13, 2024

Southern MD afternoon 1/13

Diamonds and Rust II

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again

How Elon Musk Is Fully Embracing Donald Trump's Billionaire Populism - WSJ

A defiant Netanyahu says no one can halt Israel's war to crush Hamas, including the world court

Maybe something a little more dramatic for a cold winter's day

Road trip! See April's total solar eclipse from one of these awesome North American routes

Caturday, Patches loves the Amazon boxes

Tom Jones - Black Betty

In what may turn out to be the U.S.'s last free and fair presidential election...

Unrolled thread from Jed Shugerman on Presidential immunity from speech in 1778

Midnight shenanigans..

Abbott's blockage of Feds at the border has resulted in 3 deaths

Nice catch:

Tom Jones - Run On

Wild dove made friends with pygmy goats:

Bear cub and fawn:

Trump loses bid to delay New York trial due to death of Melania's mother - as he promotes Iowa visits

Wayne County and the Electric Chairs - Waiting for the Marines

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Speaker, Dems, and the House....

He's so proud.

Remember when the pukes wore Purple Heart bandaids? Dishonoring Veterans.

Cassidy Hutchinson and Ken Burns

Will you be our tree?

Did I say stop?

The Iowa Pizza Chain That Explains How Our Politics Became So Dysfunctional

What novels should be made into films?

Baby Panda practising tree climbing

Fox News Stops Running MyPillow Commercials In A Payment Dispute With Election Denier Mike Lindell

Department of Justice seeks death penalty for Buffalo supermarket mass shooter - ABC News

Taiwan voters dismiss China warnings and hand ruling party a historic third consecutive presidential win

Baby donkey zoomies:

MAGA Rages Against Their Newest Boogeyman... And It's Not Who You'd Expect - Rebel HQ

Looks like rain...

The Big Lie Is the South's New Lost Cause

Troubled state GOP operations extend far beyond Michigan

Why are there so few black people in classical music?

MI: Former Republican lawmaker acquitted on charges in federal corruption case

Kenneth Roth: "South Africa's genocide case against Israel is imperfect but persuasive. It may win"

West Virginia Republicans want to ban transgender people from public spaces, call them 'obscene'

Karamo's Michigan GOP faction votes to retain her, purge critics

Someone is ready to have his teeth brushed!

Donald Trump ordered to pay The New York Times and its reporters nearly $400,000 in legal fees

Japanese passenger plane turns back to airport after cockpit window crack found mid-air

Judge Tosses Trader Joe's Trademark Complaint Against Union In Brutal Fashion

Judge Tosses Trader Joe's Trademark Complaint Against Union In Brutal Fashion

Gov. Evers Submits Fair Maps to Wisconsin Supreme Court in Redistricting Litigation

A Top Biden Official Is Pushing An Urgent Post-Gaza Plan That's Alarming Some Insiders

Former fire chief officially wins Virginia Beach special election

Interview with Jessica Berlin from 2022

National Alliance secures most seats in St. Maarten's Parliamentary Election

George Santos Trolls James Comer Over 'Clownish' Hunter Biden Hearings

Don't forget to vote in the photo contest!

Just a reminder with the cold weather. Anyone that has beers or pipes outside, bring them in. If you're cold

Dead migrants found in Eagle Pass TX

Indigenous Leaders in Guatemala Are Camping Out to Prevent Post-Election Coup

Sanders says Trump reelection would be the 'end of democracy'

They want a "leader" who is "willing to break the rules"

Palestinian journalist Wael al-Dahdouh addressed the protest in Washington DC via a video feed

ELECTION 2024/Huang Jie becomes Taiwan's first openly gay legislator

Tough choices for Israel in US's Middle East vision

Iowans weigh Trump's legal woes as they decide who to back

Ramaphosa targets 'decisive' ANC win in South African elections

George Conway reveals he's 'admitted into evidence' in Carroll case

London protestors: "Yemen, Yemen make us proud, turn another ship around"

UK: Rishi Sunak faces triple by-election washout, polling gurus warn

Do people know about using "" to simplify recipe sites?

I'm trying to organize a hide and seek tournament but

Southern MD sunset 1/13

I Only Want To Be With You - Dusty Springfield 💙

Russia is Freezing: Heating Collapse and Infrastructure Crisis - UATV English

Taiwan defies China, electing a new president Beijing labeled a separatist 'troublemaker'

sonora ca weather conditions ,,, fooooo og. fooooo og. fooooo og.

Minimalist football

Minimalist football

Wow! That Houston quarterback is a

Mark cuban puts james o'keefe in his place

And now, Trump turns on Vivek

Take Five - The Dave Brubeck Quartet 🎷

Appropos for the weather......

Flying the Pride flag is a gateway to ISIS, a Connecticut official claims as town passes ban

Sanders warns Biden: address working-class fears or risk losing to demagogue

Heavy freezing spray in Ohio.

Former Connecticut mayoral candidate Gino DiGiovanni Jr. pleads guilty to Jan. 6 Capitol breach charge

Pritzker urges Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to stop migrant drop-offs in winter storm: 'I plead with you for mercy'

Pritzker urges Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to stop migrant drop-offs in winter storm: 'I plead with you for mercy'

Today in London at the pro-Palestinian, but definitely NOT pro-Hamas, rally today

Do people know about using "" to simplify recipe sites?

I don't see how the weather can hurt anyone more than Trump.

Biden campaign taps Jon Stewart alum for help with media-savvy tactics

The Traveling Wilburys - End of the Line

Biden Says US Doesn't Support Taiwan Independence After Vote

Could You Be Loved - Bob Marley 💚

Which Republican would you prefer we run against?

The solution is to not commit the same crime in multiple jurisdictions

Trump's 'Mr. Fix-It' lands in a Boeing storm