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Troubled state GOP operations extend far beyond Michigan

Troubled state GOP operations extend far beyond Michigan

IEEE Spectrum: Daimler Truck Fuels Big Rigs With Hydrogen

IEEE Spectrum: Daimler Truck Fuels Big Rigs With Hydrogen

I heard something in line at the Hardware store. Texans can use Whataburger cups to protect faucets

Many Older Immigrants in New York Are Struggling: 'I Have No Future'

Newly discovered cosmic megastructure challenges theories of the universe

A truck, a wheel change & elephants

Alternet: Hunter Biden just delivered a 'devastating blow' to Comer and Jordan's contempt case

Greg Sargeant's twitter thread debunks NYT column denying 1/6 was an insurrection

As storms sweep across US, almost every state is under a weather alert

Has anyone ever had a fraudulent charge on their credit card? Was it resolved?

Netanyahu says Israel will cut Gaza off from Egypt, taking control of Palestinian enclave's remaining border

Trump looks like shite:

Congressional leaders reach short-term spending deal to keep government open until March

"Seinfeld" Star Peter Crombie Dead at 71: 'a Kind, Giving, Caring and Creative Soul'

Tucker's new spreading lie alert:

Jesse Roper. He can play some and sings better...

Schiff would abolish filibuster, end the Electoral College in his pro-democracy plan

Iconic fishing shacks in Portland, Maine, destroyed as coast sees historic water levels

Do you have a pet peeve about one of your family members

Pro-life activists rally downtown against Florida abortion initiative that could appear on November's ballot

MI: Redistricting Commission begins mapping sessions

My blood pressure just went up a little

Palm Desert council OKs final redistricting map for transition from two to five districts

NY-19: Josh Riley (D) reports hefty fundraising haul against Marc Molinaro (R)

Detroit City Council redistricting: What you need to know

NC: Attorneys argue over Senate redistricting maps; federal judge mulls injunction request

Will 2024 be the year Ohio's GOP loses its grip on redistricting?

Photos of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1963 Detroit 'Walk to Freedom'

Top ethics official says Miami commissioner's planned vote would violate ethics rules

GA: Cobb to appeal judge's ruling over redrawn commission map

FL: Gadsden County plans to redraw county district lines before 2024 general election

Iowa caucuses are 'important because they're first' - but are they democratic?

After redistricting clashes with mayor, Mosby proposes changing the process

I collected my inheritance this afternoon.

72 people applied for the Seattle City Council's vacant seat

AL-02: Eleven candidates declare for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District race

Illinois proposal calls for expanding vote-by-mail

This song is so damn good. I know I'm supposed to worship something from Pet Sounds, but ... NAH.

On the Ballot in Iowa: Fear. Anxiety. Hopelessness.

Pakistan Army guarding ballot papers transportation in sensitive areas: ECP

Another Florida Brightline train crash leaves 2 dead in Melbourne

Spread Love

Revisiting Deshaun Watson trade two years later: Texans fleece Browns by capitalizing on major draft capital

BHUTAN: PDP Dominates Sombaykha and Bji-Katsho-Eusu

AR: The ballot initiatives take center stage

Missouri's professional sports teams launch petition drive to put sports betting on November ballot

UN sets December deadline for its peacekeepers in Congo to completely withdraw

"Southbound" How many songs ?

Des Moines Register latest Iowa GOP poll

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, $400,000, and a myth....

The Babies - Isn't it time

Hamas Supporters Attempt To Breach White House Fence

My prediction for Iowa. The anti-Trump voters will be convinced to consolidate around Haley

Curled up nice and warm in pajamas and bathrobe with a Mamie Taylor.

I just made yellow split pea soup, using ham hocks.

Trump's explosive murder immunity defense 'not gonna fly' with SCOTUS - Velshi - MSNBC

For anyone with Covid and mild symptoms. Here is a suggestion

Rental costs in Maine?

Holy Ship! What's Going on with the Houthi Rebels and the Red Sea? - Velshi - MSNBC

Second night post new moon: Waxing crescent. . .

'There are serious consequences': Top progressive Dem on Biden's strikes in Yemen - Velshi - MSNBC

A message to the parents trying to ban an award-winning novel they clearly haven't read - Velshi - MSNBC

Mom's For Liberty Backed Schoolboard Member Resigns After Committing Crime Spree - Waldorf Nation

Trump Turns on Ramaswamy Just Days Before the Iowa Caucuses

A theory

Larry Elgart - HOOKED ON SWING - HD

PATHETIC House GOP REVEALS their Next HUMILIATING Investigation - Meidas Touch

2 US Bradley fighting vehicles take out Russia's top T-90 battle tank on Ukraine battlefield, video shows

Reuters: Houthis accidentally target cargo ship carrying Russian oil

Minnesota is a top destination for migrants accepting free tickets to leave New York

America - Yes !

'A temper tantrum thrown by a toddler': Trump launches wild attack on N.Y. judge - MSNBC Reports

Miami football. . .cold weather kills them. If they can't host or play crap teams, the melt like ice cream

Governor Abbott's Border Gambit: Politics Over People

A Quote shared by Anne Sterling

FED UP Jamie Raskin delivers DEVASTATING BLOW to Trump LIVE on air - Meidas Touch

Ret. Colonel: This is why the US hit these targets in Yemen - CNN

Inevitable Collapse of Russia: Regions Demand Independence - UATV English

CA-45: With Roe Gone, Some House Republicans Back Away From National Abortion Ban

Trump arrives in Iowa, disheveled and in his PJ's

FL-HD35: Not just Iowa: Ron DeSantis could face embarrassing losses twice in two days

CO-03: Boebert's changing her district. A would-be successor changed his party affiliation--18 times

Congressional leaders agree to deal to extend government funding deadlines - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

GA-06: EMILYs List Endorses Lucy McBath for Election to Georgia's 6th Congressional District Primary

OR-05: Staffers Allege Jamie McLeod-Skinner's (D) Driver Feared Physical Violence From Her

NY-26: New York Democrats rally around legislator for House special election, but a primary challenge looms

If you want a Permanent Ceasefire, then you want Hamas out of Gaza.

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Kicks

When Terrorists Talk, They Listen - WSJ

CA-16: Silicon Valley Rep. Eshoo (D) endorses Simitian as replacement

Peter Steele & Doro Pesch - Descent

☦️ Orthodox Reflection

Will the 1st Amendment Get the Death Penalty in Florida? - Thom Hartmann

GA-06: GOP gerrymandering targeted two Black women. Now they're facing off in a primary

☦️ Orthodox Reflection

Anti-Trans Lawmaker Suggests Her Critics Be Drowned In The "Deep Sea" - Waldorf Nation

ND: Discriminatory GOP map gets replaced, but case is still a time bomb

George Conway predicts what Trump will do if he starts losing - CNN

☦️ Light A Candle

Don Henley "The Boys of Summer" Live on the Howard Stern Show

Hmmmm... I wonder why...🤔

Expert analyzes the rise of impeachment as a weapon of partisan politics - PBS NewsHour

Republicans TURN AGAINST their OWN Speaker...AGAIN! - Meidas Touch

He looks like dog shit.

NY-03: Greassroots organization 'Battleground New York' working to flip the Santos

Rep. Jasmine Crockett: Nancy Mace and other Republicans need to 'check their privilege at the door' - MSNBC Reports

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia, Turkey, eggs, and birds....

Jamelle Bouie: Trump Is Playing With Fire

The way he apologizes!

The media's worst lapse: Refusing to identify Trump as a cult leader

Election 2024 voting information

Bears in a bubble bath:

'Your community is next': Warning on the surge of political violence in America - The Weekend - MSNBC

Russian Storm-Z Units destroyed, RU Orthodox Priest Expelled, & Today's Event Could Kick Off WWIII - Professor Gerdes

BOMBSHELL: Maxx Crosby To DEMAND Trade If Antonio Pierce Isn't Named Head Coach Raiders Rumors

'Turning down the temperature': Gov. Wes Moore's blueprint to combatting Trump era rhetoric - The Weekend - MSNBC

Seattle warm shelters increase capacity as dangerously cold temperatures continue

Texans game vsBrowns

Biden loyalist Clyburn reveals Biden ready to 'clap back' at Trump - The Weekend - MSNBC

Brain Drain in Russia: Hiring Prisoners to Make up For Labor Shortage - UATV English

Trump Launches HAIL MARY ATTACK against Georgia Prosecutor - Meidas Touch

Sunday Funnies 1/14/24

'Crazy!': Trump's SEAL Team 6 murder argument will be shot down, Watergate prosecutor - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Alpha Mike Foxtrot

Texas "physically barred" Border Patrol agents from trying to rescue migrants who drowned, federal officials say

MIGOP infighting rages on, even as members vote in Houghton Lake to retain Karamo as chair

Republicans only interested in doing the bidding of their supreme leader Trump: Rep. Robert Garcia - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Ukrainian figure skater performs at European Championships wearing shirt with "bloodstain"

Insulin Just Got Cheaper Thanks To Biden. Will Voters Take Notice?

'Donald Trump is not business as usual and we can't cover him that way' - Katie Phang - MSNBC

George Conway predicts what Trump will do if he starts losing

Texas Executed This Woman... Without Even Touching Her - Thom Hartmann

Three migrants drown in Rio Grande after Texas blocks Border Patrol from rescue

Tom Shales, Pulitzer-winning TV critic of fine-tuned wit, dies at 79

Donald Trump advertises on MSNBC in New Hampshire to slow Haley

'Nothing is moving:' Families' anger grows in Israel as hostages mark 100 days in Hamas captivit

Crying MAGA Rioter Unsuccessfully Begs The Court For Mercy - Waldorf Nation

Biden admin and Europe countries discussing Russian

Video of crowd's fascist salute in heart of Rome rattles Italy - but not its prime minister

Trump on Very THIN ICE with FED UP Federal Judge - Meidas Touch

Comedian crashes press conference to hand DeSantis a participation trophy

Good Samaritans Spring Into Action, Save Unconscious Driver - Rebel HQ

Family of Martin Luther King Jr. announces new youth service initiative in partnership with NFL - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

Breakfast Sunday 14 January 2024

Carroll Lawyer Asks Judge To Prevent A Clown Show At 2nd Trump Defamation Trial - Rodecast

Congressional leaders reach short-term spending deal to keep government open until March - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

Group of scientists work to create artificial glaciers - CBS News

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Toy Mices Edition

Ukrainians worry about the state of U.S. elections - CBS News

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in D.C. march to demand cease-fire in Gaza

As is his wont, Donald Trump veers off his campaign message...

Siberian airlines ask to keep flying 50-year-old jets amid Russian plane shortage - ABC News (Australia)

Massive Gas Outage Threatens Millions Of Americans' Energy Supplies Amid Arctic Storm

Houses set alight as lava from volcano eruption reaches Icelandic town

Ali Velshi (MSNBC) audience demographics:

More countries join talks on Ukraine leader's peace formula. But Russia is absent and war grinds on

Volcanic eruption threatens Icelandic town with lava flows

Al Franken: Adam Serwer of The Atlantic on What Trump Would Do the The Courts in a Second Term

Indigenous resistance against 'coup' attempt in Guatemala

How the Biden administration helped avoid a coup in Guatemala

Three migrants drown at US border as Texas blocked their rescue

How Wealthy Corporations Use Investment Agreements to Extract Millions From Developing Countries

It is cold in KCMO. WINDCHILL-25.

Biden administration asks U.S. Supreme Court to tell Texas to stop blocking U.S. border agents from patrols

Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu's PNC loses key election to pro-India party

I am listening to Nancy Pelosi on Morning Joe..

UK: SNP faces losing 24 MPs in General Election

Panama Tried to Close a Hated Mine. Not So Fast, Said Foreign Investors.

Deadly landslide kills 34, injures dozens in Colombia

Republican Reacts To Trump Taking Cash From Foreign Governments - Waldorf Nation

What is the 2024 election all about, anyway?

Pulitzer Prize-Winning TV Critic Tom Shales Dies at Age 79

North Korea launches a suspected intermediate-range ballistic missile that can reach distant US bases

Wordle 939 ***SPOILERS***

Trump makes HUGE mistake, puts his OWN candidacy at risk

Villahermosa Tabasco: CJNG Kidnaps Nine Colombian Escorts

On this day, January 14, 1973, Elvis Presley's "Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite" concert took place.

On this day, January 14, 1993, "Marge vs. the Monorail" first aired on the Fox network.

IRS has collected $360M more from rich tax cheats as its funding is threatened yet again

***January Photo Contest Finals*** Closing polls, 6:40 CST

***January Photo Contest Finals are up in GD ***

Taiwan Just Became The World's Most Dangerous Geopolitical Flashpoint - China Update

Photos: Bread and Puppet Theater Group - March on Washington for Gaza

Greg Abbott Laments That Texas Can't Shoot Migrants Because Murder Is Illegal

On this day, January 14, 1969, Dave Grohl was born.

Massive trove of ancient artifacts, skeletons found in Brazil

Given his threats against them, should M$Greedia boycott ads from the

Texas "physically barred" Border Patrol agents from trying to rescue migrants who drowned, federal officials say

Received a text from a friend reading "Bear with me." I'm not sure if he's asking me to be patient or if

Trump's arrival in Iowa. Jeebus! Did he stop over in Tulsa?

Not an adult feral in sight, except for Skittish who is the only one who uses the porch

On This Day: Tito elected president, remains for life, another 27 years - Jan. 14, 1953

Leucistic Great Blue Heron

On this day, January 14, 1996, "The Simpsons" episode "Two Bad Neighbors" first aired.

John Kerry to leave White House to assist Biden re-election campaign

FYI: NFL Network is airing the Dolphins/Chiefs game at 9AM EST (Sunday)

Staying inside today...bitter cold coming...

This week's major U.S. economic reports (January 15 -- January 19)

Israel Tells U.S. They ARE Ethnically Cleansing Gaza - The Majority Report

The REAL Condition of the State - Iowa

Today is the 117th anniversary of the great Kingston Earthquake

DEI opponents are using a 1866 Civil Rights law to challenge equity policies in the workplace

aaaand the cult turns on Vivek. Yikes. 🔪 out. One little clip and all hell broke loose

Tutu Revisited

'It is a time of witch hunts in Israel': teacher held in solitary confinement for posting concern about Gaza deaths

"It Just Disgusts Me": Caller Goes Off On Bill Maher's Stupidity - The Majority Report

XTC - The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead

Merlin the Barred Owl

Almost 9AM, sun shining brightly, and still -13 outside.

Ukraine Is Going To Win This War

How Michigan explains American politics (Long video but good)

How Michigan explains American politics (Long video but good)

TCM Schedule for Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024: Service Men & Women / The Power of Film (feat. The Big Lebowski)

Right-Wing Rift Leads To Sad Elon Musk Simp Session - The Majority Report

What is off with the ABC News / Ipsos poll?

My theory about the enthusiasm gap in polling

If the red and blue population in US were geographically separate like Gaza and Israel

Russian propaganda is dividing America

Some say Putin is the new Stalin, but really he's the new Tsar.

Blind Forever Puppy Melts In His New Dad's Arms

Some light fun for these dark days: The Best of Paul Lynde.

Comedian Ruthlessly Trolls the WORST People Online

Biden "running out" of patience with Bibi as Gaza war hits 100 days

'This is not a well man': George Conway makes case to look at Trump's mental health

Happy Birthday dad.

Reactionary centrism: The toxic force that could elect Trump -- and kill off democracy

You raised $185.00 on January 13, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Laura Loomer: Nikki Haley and the deep state might be using "weather manipulation" to "rig Iowa Caucus" (Media Matters)

Fourth quarter IRS estimated tax payments are due Tuesday, January 16, 2024,

You raised $5.00 on January 13, 2024 unofficial DU 4 Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema!

At the Mauna Loa CO2 Observatory, 2024 Starts With a Fairly Disgusting Bang.

Allen Toussaint was born on this date.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Texas and chains of command....

Mar-A-Lago Assisted Living (Lincoln Project)

Why is this fucking moron still the judge of this trial?

weather forecast for sonora ca at 0738 a m.

Anyone else take cold showers...water temp here now 47 from tap

100 days of Israel's relentless war on Gaza - Here are just some of the children killed

Your washing machine could be sending 3.7 GB of data a day

Robot baristas and AI chefs caused a stir at CES 2024 as casino union workers fear for their jobs

Trump's Corruption is Compensation for What a FRAUD he is (w/ Tim O'Brien) Bulwark Podcast

Question. On the DU page, when you hit the button that says "Mark all" is it just the page your on or

Demonstrations against the far right held in Germany following a report on a deportation meeting

Can we get a fix for the "hide smilies" function, please?

Doonesbury Now & Then

BTRTN: The Iowa Caucuses

From the dark side, trump wont get 50% in Iowa?

How miserably South Africa's arguments fail laws of war - analysis

The First Sunny Morning In A While..

What;s the best thing to do on a very cold winter day like today? Mine stay in and read DU

Pocket listing the 10 most dangerous ads...

Yemen. Be Careful

Wind Chill Advisory here in mid WI-Minus 4 degrees F : Feels like minus 20!

Flyers call for boycott of San Francisco Jewish-owned businesses

Larry Hogan Says It's Time for Republicans to Get Behind Haley

Went ice fishing this morning...

The Internal Trees

The fight for MLK Day - Renew Democracy Initiative

Beat the Cold - Time for a steaming mug of Ovaltine

Ollie ❤️

'Black bodies are not for sale': the battle over an African American cemetery

Trump has been unsuccessfully trying to impersonate a sane human lately

Seasoned DUers: Didn't we resolve this issue of presidential immunity with Nixon?

CNN: Bernie Sanders predicts how Biden backing Israel will affect young voters

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 14, 2024)

'No votes for Genocide Joe': Thousands demand ceasefire at DC pro-Palestinian protest

Solving the gun problem.

Labor News & Commentary January 7, 2024 Google illegally refused to bargain with contractors etc.

Monkey remembers the man who freed her from an illegal wildlife trade 2 years prior:

Mind racing thoughts on mortality

Moses is refusing to consider the bipartisan border bill coming out of the Senate. ....

When Things Were Made To Last

Does an object in a stable orbit around a black hole experience time dilation relative to a region far away?

Cute moves:

The sun is out!!

i was wondering how this iowa caucus works exactly. here's what i found

I figured out why there is so much talk about Israel and "genocide" lately. It's Holocaust denial in disguise.

What Fiction are you reading this week, January 14, 2024?

Aftersun (movie streaming on Paramount+)

TRUMP SHOW 31 Jeffery Epstein Interview, The Zieglers, Aaron Rodgers, Marge the Bounty Hunter + MORE

How is this NOT modern slavery ?!! (Vile Louisiana sheriff)

Fried Green Tomatoes.....

Elon Musk Is The New Republic's 2023 Scoundrel of the Year

What is your worst fast food restaurant? Mine is Wendy's and Burger King.


Imogene's Portal (nudity)

Cincinnati Right to Life leader, on the 10-year-old girl who was raped should carry pregnancy to term.

Labor News & Commentary January 8, 2024 President Biden appears to be competing for these key union endorsements

Progressives say Sen. John Fetterman D-PA has abandoned them. But he says he hasn't changed.

What is the most useful thing you own? or useless

How pretty! Frost flowers on frozen water:

We've got a bobcat roaming around in my neighborhood here in New Haven, CT.

Washington Post today: Economy Improving Under Biden Most Voters Don't Give Him Credit

The deep-pocket groups behind the coordinated astroturf anti-Israel events.

Billionaire Bill Ackman Backs Dean Phillips to Challenge Biden

IS trump DOOMED? He Needs Power Back, To Stay Out of Prison! -Stephanie

'Breezy' and cold southern MD @ noon

(1) Sam Sunderland standing on top of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai; (2) Can't eat anything around young kids:

TCM today

Assange at risk of suicide

How I watched the oligarchy shrink America's middle class.

I took something out of the freezer

Journalist killed by Israeli shelling: Al Jazeera Arabic

Today's tiedrich rant: Texas Guardsmen watched as a woman and two children drowned. what in the actual fuck

The snowflaking of white privilege.

Non-Fiction of the Week 14 January 2024

Comer insists his job was 'never to impeach' as GOP doubts grow about Biden impeachment vote

I support Secular Jews and Secular Muslims.

White House's Kirby says time is 'now' for Israel to move to lower intensity operations

Could Blowhard have misrepresented his need to adjourn trial?

Some guy just interrupted the trump rally.

Another handsome old steel mill

A cat training video I just made

A tongue-in-cheek cat-training video I just made

Strength & precision:

The IEAE Praises Kenya's Progress in Building Nuclear Infrastructure

Time to Cancel this Long Running Disturbing Psychopathic trump Reality Show- Stephanie Miller

Thors helmet nebula

I am beset by small theropod dinosaurs.

PR giant Edelman worked with Koch network, despite climate pledges

Snow potential index: 5/10 (↑) Watching

Why does Taylor Swift drive MAGA nuts?

The empire invades the texas state capitol

"Feeling Very Creepy and Very Dirty"- Meidas

Joyce Randolph, who played Trixie Norton on 'Honeymooners,' dies at 99

Florida Man becomes Doctor.

Homophobic cartoon deconstructed by ex-cult member

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 19, 2024: Cars, Planes, Boats and Show Dogs

It's so cold jokes...

I asked this last year, but what if your dog won't poop unless she goes on a walk? Will not poop in house or yard. Takes

Cartoons 1/14/2024

Zero emissions by 2044 part of Community Transit's long-range plan

Martin Luther King Jr. events planned for Snohomish County

Letter From A Birmingham Jail

Ginger and Turmeric Chicken Soup Recipe

Reagan and Karl Rove told the corporate media what the modern Republican Party stood for,

A bowling alley, a boozy fight and allegations of a new deputy gang in Los Angeles

Abcarian: I nominate Hunter Biden for most perfect troll of the year

BTRTN: The Iowa Caucuses

GOP Congressman Stands By Accusation Some Fellow Members Have Been Compromised

We'll be taking a trip to Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, Buffalo & Niagara Falls & am looking for some historical

DU4 mobile - TOP button on posts?

OMFG - The Principal who tried to save his students during the Iowa

Prez moves to guard our privacy.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries says Republicans are to blame if a shutdown were to occur

Sean Hannity asks: do you think we (Fox) are bad for America? Ted Koppel thinks so...

The Bright Light Social Hour - Eating Out My Mind

A cat training video I just made

Trump lawyer insists he can testify at E. Jean Carroll trial

Biden Administration Gives Huge Win To Gig Workers - The Majority Report

Saw this on CNN website: Perry School principal who was shot on Jan 4th has died.

Joyce Randolph-Trixie on The Honeymooners--has died at 99.

We will go the way of the Roman Empire due to

Below freezing temperatures continue in Washington; thousands without power

Heron out on cold, breezy day

Congressional Expert Says House Democrats Should Introduce an Impeachment Resolution Against Judge Cannon

The Human Benefits of Caffeine - BBC Science Focus ☕

There is no bottom

My Bingo card for 2024 is all about lawyers

Joyce Randolph, who played Trixie Norton on The Honeymooners, dies at 99

Iowa high school principal who was shot while trying to protect students dies from his injuries

All Creatures Great and Small, Season 4: Episode 2 Preview 🐐 Jan 14

Trump: "Even if you vote and then pass away, it's worth it."

House Republicans to issue new subpoenas for Hunter Biden in coming weeks

Scientist cited in push to oust Harvard's Claudine Gay has links to eugenicists

Jeffrey Epistein's New Secrets (with Julie K. Brown) TNL Sunday

Peregrine moon lander heads back toward Earth and should burn up in the atmosphere

MAGA's cringe impeachment theater, Trump confronted at rally - Pondering Politics

You can order a 'Meatball Ron' in Iowa: Zombie Burger trolls the Florida governor.

Almost half of Haley supporters say they would vote for Biden over Trump: Iowa poll

Trump lawyer insists he can testify at E. Jean Carroll trial

Trump's Mother-In-Law

Would a Call From Tammy Help?' Pressure Grows in Race to Oust Menendez

I'm urging folks to cancel their Peacock subscription

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 14, 2024


Los Angeles Deluged in Scandals - The Departures of Michel Moore and Kevin Merida

Ted Koppel speaks the fiery truth:

Fulton County DA Fani Willis speaks for the 1st time after allegations of Special Prosecutor affair

Wizard of Oz Truth

Just venting

Motherfucker's favorite section in Costco

'Bogus': Katyal and Weissmann on Trump's 'unhinged' immunity claim - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Kinda appropos for today--Rainbow.....

How did we get here? Just disgustingly ignorant

Trump's immunity claim would turn 'Constitution into a suicide pact', says Rep. Schiff - Inside w/Jen Psaki - MSNBC

Prime TIme Weekend on M$NBComcast

one of my fav boring movies is called dark star.

Rand Paul still has no new ideas

I watched the first episode of "Criminal Record" on Apple+ last night

Nearly Half of Haley's Backers Would Vote for Biden

🏈 - 🥖& 🎪 - Opening the doors to Jerry World (Dallas Cowboys)

The Cat Burglar

What are you streaming now?

'Blood on our hands': Rep. Raskin's wakeup call if an insurrectionist is sent back to office - The Weekend - MSNBC

"resting loser face" 🤣🤣🤣

Discovery of Enzymes to Catalyze Pericyclic Reactions.

FIA Formula E Racing is on CBS now

Iowa's Sparsely Populated Northwest Is A Key GOP Caucus Battleground For Both Trump And DeSantis

Michigan GOP Infighting Leaves Two Groups with Different Chairs

Southern MD sunset 1/14

WI: Seven sets of legislative maps submitted to Supreme Court, most would reduce GOP advantage

MT: Election errors forced the Cascade County Commission to act

The Angels - "My Boyfriend's Back" (The Ed Sullivan Show)

Once known for its pollution, Pittsburgh becomes a poster child for climate consciousness

Do y'all remember that kid in high school ...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Pope, Marx, and cooperation....

Mel BROOKS, Kennedy Center Honors - feat., the OBAMAs looking *smashing*

Guy Comes Home From Work With A Stray Dog

Snow chances this week

Russian Car Industry Has Collapsed - Huge Fall in Sales as Chinese Brands Dominate Russian Market - Joe Blogs

New Democratic star smacks down Marjorie Taylor Greene - Brian Tyler Cohen

lol this Packers/Cowboys game!

Frigid temps cut US natural gas supply as demand soars, Texas faces possible shortfall

In his closing pitch to Iowa Republicans, Trump says their votes can help him punish his enemies

Paxlovid not covered by my insurance: a workaround

Remembering Ady Barkan Memorial starting now.

James Carville: How to mock Trump (Jan 8, 2024)

2 Navy SEALs missing off Somalia coast were on a nighttime boarding mission: US officials

Musk's SpaceX filed their motion for a preliminary injunction aimed at getting the NLRB declared unconstitutional

eBay to pay $3m fine over employees who sent live spiders and cockroaches to couple's home

MO has decent candidates

Car runs into Whole Foods in Bethesda FOX 5 DC

Let's Go Loins!!!!!

Milei appointee to PAMI (Argentine Medicare) office: "Covid might be a solution to the Argentine pension deficit"

Milei appointee to PAMI (Argentine Medicare) office: "Covid might be a solution to the Argentine pension deficit"

'Texas Guardsmen watched as a woman and two children drowned. what in the actual fuck'

Speaker Johnson reaches a crossroads in leading an unruly House GOP conference

Fears grow that Trump will use the military in 'dictatorial ways'