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Kelly-Moore Paints to Cease Operations, Collapsed by Asbestos Lawsuits

I just saw this Lil Nas X video and the Evangelical and Fox propaganda heads are going to explode !

Bay Area paint giant Kelly-Moore shuts down, closes every store

Jamie Raskin says GOP lawmakers supporting Trump act like a 'religious cult' and will be 'fit only for selling flowers

One week and 3 pots of

Supreme Court set for pivotal cases that could claw back federal administrative power

computer virus... pissing me off

Abbott thinks his green light to kill women is a green light to kill immigrants, too.

Doc Martin on MPT now,

Doc Martin on MPT now, SORRY, DUPE!

Is Ted Cruz at the Cowboys/Packers game?

Online Inflation Calculator 1635 to 2024

A swollen faced trump now making Threats against Joe Biden

Just 23% of Haley supporters say they would vote for Trump in a matchup with Biden. 43% would vote for Biden instead.

CNN's Jake Tapper nails it. We will become a violent mob if Trump and his cabal win in 2024.

Virginia's first Black House speaker and Biden bond over personal hardships during congratulatory call

If I go to the Repugnant caucus tomorrow night and I write "Stinky" on my ballot

A 'striking' finding from new Iowa poll numbers is bad news for Trump


Why are these raids still allowed?

Joe Biden's age was an issue even when he first joined the Senate at age 30! (ABC News report from 1972)

Shoutout to Big Gretch and the good citizens of Michigan as the . . . .

Here's a thought:

Crockett: When you have idiots -- and I am intentionally calling her an idiot -- like Marjorie Taylor Greene...

Nothin' left to do but smile (tonight's waxing crescent moon)

Do you all have that irritating voice

"Trump is a godly man, he really loves us." These fools keep proving there is no bottom to stupidity.

Europe Now Has No Female Monarchs Following Queen Margrethe of Denmark's Abdication, It's the end of a royal era

UW Huskies hire Arizona's Jedd Fisch as head coach

Statement from @POTUS Marking 100 Days of Captivity for Hostages in Gaza

MTG pushes Great Replacement rhetoric, and threatens Speaker Mike Johnson with ouster, on Fox News

Rolling power black outs in Omaha?

Jordan Love leads Packers upset, sends Cowboys into a long, miserable offseason

Statement from Majority Leader Schumer on Bipartisan Agreement to extend Funding and Avert Government shutdown

Opinion: The U.S. is facing the biggest COVID wave since Omicron. Why are we still playing make-believe?

The Vivek Ramaswamy Campaign Approaches its Finale

Should we be taking this talk that Russia will attack NATO in 3 years seriously?

Those we have lost. Please says their names so we remember.

Packers beat Dallas!

A Knight's Tale - We will rock you

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, Taiwan, and One China....

'We are becoming numb': The disturbing reality of three migrants drowning at Texas border - The Weekend - MSNBC

🇬🇧 British D-Day Vet Celebrates Turning 100 - But Big Event 80th Anniv D-Day, June 6, 1944

Why are Americans so gloomy about their great economy?

2024 PEP TALK *locker room door slams open*

Labor News & Commentary January 9, 2024 Las Vegas hospitality workers announce their upcoming strike

Ukrainian Sources: We Just Shot Down Two Of Russia's Best Command Planes

Wrap you up

Iowa Pollster reveals why some GOP caucus goers could vote for Biden instead of Trump - The Weekend - MSNBC

How about dem Cowboys? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NATO 'will collapse' if Donald Trump is reelected John Bolton

This is an oldie but a goodie. Hilarious

Prince William County admits election tally in 2020 shorted Joe Biden

FED UP Katie Porter OBLITERATES Republican SHAM hearing in Must-See Takedown - Meidas Touch

Many Republicans support abortion. Are they switching parties because of it?

Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf seems to be back in business working for the Houthis

The economy is improving under Biden. But many voters aren't giving him credit.

Iowa: 'Wind chills as low as 45 below zero' - National Weather Service

26 Russian helicopters, 12 planes destroyed on ground, not in the air - Ukrainian Air Force

Saw a Bumper sticker today

The Rude Pundit: Trump's Silence on Death Threats Is Evidence Against Him

Symone questions Biden campaign manager as Trump, voters cast doubt on strategy - The Weekend - MSNBC

Nora Zakaria Paves Her Own Path in Waste Management

MLK Day 1994 - the Northridge Earthquake

Jake Broe, one of the nicest guys on YouTube, says FAFO about Russia

"Tomorrow we will inform you of [the hostages] fate." - Hamas

Navy SEALs lost at sea were searching for Yemen-bound weapons shipment

'Worse than you think it's going to be': How Trump's attacks impact the rule of law - Velshi - MSNBC


As Inspired by Mousetoescamper! Tonight's waxing crescent moon:

Did Trump or Biden deliver more for farmers [and why is the answer Joe Biden]?

Critics Choice Awards 2024: Winners List

Watched the first episode of

Hi, sorry I know this is the wrong place but where is ATA now?

The Most Addictive Object for Me & Maybe You Too... "THE COMPUTER & THE INTERNET."

'Stunned, angry, and infuriated': Journalists address US silence on colleagues killed in Gaza - Velshi - MSNBC

Pope says he hopes to visit 'suffering' Argentina this year

A lot of Republicans are essentially already living in a Trump dictatorship

Adorable Mini Horse Just 3 Days Old

so what do emergency responders do if the safety bolt is locked on the residential door as well as the normal lock ?

A teapot tempest over MANCHIN

Just had a jury service which was broken beyond being usable.

I have a reguest to ask. Tomorrow, after both of my tests showed something was abnormal with my legs and spine nerves

Trump is no "working class" candidate


OUT OF CONTROL Trump Gets WHAT HE DESERVES at Federal Trial - Meidas Touch

Tell me why anyone supports Hamas. This is sadistic.

In his closing pitch, Trump says votes can help him punish his enemies.

Border Patrol prevented by Texas officials from intervening to help drowning migrants, WH says - NBC News

Hamas is trying to commit genocide, not Israel - Noa Tishby

Snow potential index 8/10 - Snowflakes that start Monday morning could add up to a couple inches or so,

Eric Burdon And The Animals - Good Times

Snow threat/promise keeps changing,

I hope Campaign for Potus is gathering all the absurdities tmp comes up with, SAYS out loud,

Detroit Lions beat L.A. Rams, 24-23, for first playoff win in 32 years

Detroit Lions beat L.A. Rams, 24-23, for first playoff win in 32 years

Klaus Nomi - Total Eclipse

Thermate - Black Desert Highway

Why are they all triangles, the Bermuda Triangle, the Alaska Triangle, the Great lakes Triangle?

Patience - Guns and Roses

Rep. Clarke on Mayorkas impeachment threat: 'This is all about political theater' - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

How to fix a swastika:

Hurt - Johnny Cash

ERCOT requests Texans conserve electricity Monday morning during expected high demand

ERCOT requests Texans conserve electricity Monday morning during expected high demand

Gaza hostages' fate unknown, Hamas spokesman says

US says it shot down Houthi missile in first attack since strikes on Yemen

Houthi forces in Yemen vow to respond to U.S. airstrikes - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

The Department of Homeland Security has sent a cease-and-desist letter Sunday to Texas AG on denying access

Fifth-grade students' talent show skit - hilarious

UNHINGED Trump THREATENS Federal Judge on EVE of Trial - Meidas Touch

A picture speaks a thousand words

Videos do not play.

CA-SEN: LA Times endorses Adam Schiff in competitive California Senate race

Baby Rhino with his mother (Children behave like Children no matter what species they are):

GOP fight over budget negotiations is 'the same old chaos' -House Minority Whip Katherine Clark - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Texans asked to conserve energy Monday as expected demand likely to put strain on electric grid

New George Soros-backed, Democratic PAC aims to turn Texas blue

Master Calendar of Trump Court Dates

Who's going to win El Paso's $500,000 City Council race: Meet District 2 candidates

Dr. Clarence Jones: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would call Donald Trump a 'moral fraud' - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Putin assassinates his rivals so...

CANADA: P.E.I. by-election could cause first-ever tie for official opposition status

Just heard that former governor Hogan has endorsed Haley.

We feed the war Machine !

Trump Has Made Claims About Caucus Fraud. What if He Underperforms?

Ex-G.O.P. Mayoral Candidate Pleads Guilty to Charge Tied to Jan. 6 Riot

A new date to be set for Kurdistan elections on Tuesday

Filings begin for Anchorage mayor election. Here are the 8 candidates in the race so far.

Comoros holds presidential election, opposition say vote had irregularities

Kansas Legislators to Kansas Voters: You Spoke Loud and Clear, and We Don't Care

Democrats target GOP strongholds Texas and Florida with Senate majority on the line

US anti-abortion group with Trump links funding disturbing campaign in Ukraine

Israel readies for possibility of pregnancies in female hostages raped by Hamas

How Librarian Spies Helped Win World War II 📚

GREECE: Parliament to deliberate postal voting bill on Monday

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Haley, Biden, and polling....

Why is Ukraine discussing its 'Peace Formula' at the World Economic Forum in Davos? - DW News

Mumbai's $30 Billion Makeover Gives It a Global Edge

Black holes don't have singularities!

They were Israel's 'eyes on the border' - but their Hamas warnings went unheard

Buffalo: Several spots in Erie county are already reporting 2 feet of snow or more piling up.

TCM Monday

Breakfast Monday 15 January 2024

Trump sets himself up for disaster with insane court claim - Brian Tyler Cohen

'Jobs may disappear': Nearly 40% of global employment could be disrupted by AI, IMF says

The silence of my lips

FED UP Hunter Biden RIPS the GOP to SHREDS in New Letter - Meidas Touch

This Commercial's Wild Twist Ending Will Make Your Blood Boil - Rebel HQ

FLASHBACK: Barack Obama's Iowa Caucus Victory Speech (VIDEO)

Any Republican who isn't Trump is maga-lite

MAGA Goes Nuclear, Threatens to Take Down Mike Johnson! - Luke Beasley

Hey, EarlG!

Top Congressional leaders prepare for votes on a stop-gap spending bill

What is stopping Guatemala's president-elect from taking office? - DW News

Schumer and Johnson release text of resolution to avert government shutdown ahead of Friday deadline


French officials criticize omission of their involvement in the medicine transfer deal for Israeli hostages

Talk about snow!

83 Countries at Davos, Ukrainian Electronic Warfare Downs MISSILES, Not Just Drones, Domestic Arms - Professor Gerdes

White House says 'it's the right time' for Israel to scale back Gaza war as fighting hits 100 days

Pro-Palestinian activists arrested on suspicion of plotting to disrupt the London Stock Exchange - Times Radio

Biden campaign, allies raise $97 million in fourth quarter

Godzilla Minus One has set another box office record

Democrats target GOP strongholds Texas and Florida with Senate majority on the line

BIDEN DOOMED, DAY 1,460: Nearly $100 Million Raised, Most Ever By a Democrat at This Point

There have only been 3 elections in US history...

Turkey releases Israeli soccer player Sagiv Jehezkel after detention for displaying Gaza war message

Turns Out There Was Voter Fraud in Virginia in 2020.

Wordle MLK Day 1/15/24 ****SPOILERS!**** Three For Me

Iran sentences imprisoned Nobel laureate Narges Mohammadi to an additional prison term

10 Things to Know About the Visit of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. to Jamaica

Africa's Biggest Oil Refinery Begins Production in Nigeria With the Aim of Reducing Need for Imports

Monday TOONs

Federal judge orders Werner Enterprises to pay deaf truck driver $335,000

DNC chair says remaining candidates for GOP nomination are "ultra MAGA"

Shocking New Data Show China's Economic Crises Are Deepening; Red Sea & China - China Update

Would you fire Mike McCarthy?

***Finals - January Photo Contest ***

January's photo contest finals are up in GD

Celebrating Dr. King's Birthday: Inspiring Words and a Game Board - From Lauren's Blog

I don't follow sports, but this is funny. (Found on FB)

On this day, January 15, 1953, a Pennsylvania RR passenger train crashed into DC's Union Station.

On this day, January 15, 2008, Brad Renfro died of acute heroin and morphine intoxication.

On this day, January 15, 1909, Gene Krupa was born.

On January 15, 2009, Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger ditched his Airbus 320 in the Hudson River.

Not only is crime down in Detroit

Nashville's hidden gems (immigrant-owned restaurants)

On this day, January 15, 1947, Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, was found dead in Los Angeles.

😃🇺🇸🧢👒🎩🗓️❗️Your favorite hat?

Sign bearing Trump's name removed from Bronx golf course as new management takes over

On January 10, 1917, Jerry Wexler was born.

On This Day: Wikipedia officially launched, now "last best place on the Internet"? - Jan. 15, 2001

Joe Biden closes out 2023 with a strong $97 million fundraising haul

Frail, confused, old man can barely handle picking up two pizza boxes

Trump says the Republican Party is 95% MAGA (MidasTouch)

Trump: "Even if you vote and pass away, it's worth it." You would think weather-conscious Iowans would bristle

On January 9, 2007, the iPhone was announced.

B.C. gangster convicted of murder in part by his rap lyrics


The insurrection clause -by Tom Tomorrow

How to play with a kitten safely

The Bank of AP is open for business for the Biden/Harris campaign as of this morning

Germany skirts recession at the end of 2023 but faces prolonged slump

Arctic freeze continues to blast huge swaths of the US with sub-zero temperatures

Trump Demands That Biden Launch A War Against Mexico - Farron Balanced

1 Degree F Here In Central Pa.

"If All Else Fails" podcast (Stefanik, constitutional sheriffs, etc.) by North Country Public Radio

US to send 1,500 soldiers to Iraq, Syria amid regional standoff

I Can't Explain was released this date in 1965

The Smart Money Is W/Joe

You raised $125.00 on January 14, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

A toon for my archives

Gene Krupa was born on this date.

Earl Hooker was born on this date.

You raised $10.00 on January 14, 2024 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

Dangerously low temperatures worsen migrant crisis in Chicago

Happy Birthday To Ya / Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day

Captain Beefheart was born on this date.

The good old days?

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Ronnie van Zant was born on this date.

Our complicated past: He became the nation's ninth vice president. She was his enslaved wife. Her name was Julia Chinn

California Has Dealt a Blow to Renewable Energy, Some Businesses Say (NYT)

Trump posts new demand to 'Free the J6 hostages now!'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the UK, North Carolina, and 20,000 troops....

From Right-Wing Insider to Outcast with Tina Nguyen - The Enemies List

Pastime Paradise - Stevie Wonder

'Unpopular' Biden Raises $97 Million In Final 2023 Quarter

Every day this cat brings gift for woman who was kind to her

German Shepherd Rescued From Abandoned Home Gets The Best Holiday Surprise!

Biden's A War Monger - Cartoon

He spent his life building a $1 million stereo. The real cost was unfathomable. (WP)

Cold weather problem in Iowa solved.

Prediction: 2024 Presidential campaign will break hard against Trump by Labor Day

Another Migrant Caravan - Cartoon

Trump's Project 2025, great for the rich, terrible for everyone else.

Today is the due date for campaigns to file their 2023 4th quarter financial reports...

Apple is moving an AI team from San Diego to Austin. Most of them are unwilling to relocate

Great idea just now from former COS in Iowa on CNN

conditions for sonora ca @0734 a

Pic Of The Moment: Total Whiteout At Republican Iowa Caucuses

Huge Boeing Scandal Behind Alaska Airlines Catastrophe

Judge Catches Trump Holding Rally The Day He Asked to Delay Trial For Funeral Travel

Donald Trump Evidence Tossed Out of Court by Judge

The voters wanted a calm, reasoned, competent, honest and steady man as President

Andy Borowitz gem

The American Red Cross has declared an emergency blood shortage

Top Biden ally signals openness to backing conditions on Israel military aid

Majority of Israelis favor voluntary relocation of Gazans to other countries: poll

The fight over plagiarism is the harbinger of a messy new era

Harriot: MLK was a 'woke,' critical race theorist who fought for diversity, equity and inclusion

Houthi-fired missile strikes a US-owned vessel off Yemen in the Gulf of Aden, raising tensions

Hungry Palestinians crowd aid truck in Gaza - Al Jazeera Newsfeed

Man goes on tractor crashing spree in Nebraska parking lot

HOW? Trump Just Fooled Us Again! Renato Mariotti Explains...Stephanie Miller Show

How Americans in Europe can vote in the US primary elections

Austin is released from hospital after complications from prostate cancer surgery he kept secret

Wake Up Little Susie - The Everly Brothers 🎸

I met an incredible woman, 20 years ago,

Democrats Propose Bill to Neuter Militias

Spring Morning Mist

RFK Jr DEFENDS his dad and JFK's spying on and wiretapping of Martin Luther King Jr during the civil rights movement

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 15, 2024)

MLK Day Special: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in His Own Words

Jambalaya - Fats Domino and His Orchestra 🎷🎵

As we celebrate Dr. MLK day, I'm willing to bet that Biden releases ...

Scientist cited in push to oust Harvard's Claudine Gay has links to eugenicists

The war in the Gaza Strip: 100 days in 100 seconds

So far it's a grand decade for billionaires, says new report. As for the masses ...

60 Minutes report on huge vacancies in office buildings is scary.

A Walk in the Woods

Judge Lewis Kaplan Lays The Law Down To Trump

Every day heroes? Do you know some?

Kevin Kruse: If You Come at the King

Holy Crap! It is above 0!

January 14, 2024 - Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, Guest Speaker on The Prophetic Work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Drumpf allies *concerned* about LOOMER, not about HIM or *themselves* working for him!

Modern Guerilla Tactics In Subversion

No Labels Is Big Mad The Secret Podcast Preview

Neurosurgeon works to slow Alzheimer's progression, treat addiction with cutting-edge technology

On tpt (local PBS) this evening: Jim Crow of the North

Republicans are BLAMING BLACK WOMEN for Airline & Airplane Problems!!! - Jesse Dollamore

Watching Good Morning Football first time this morning.

The Chiefs-Dolphins game on Peacock was the most-streamed live event in US history

2024 Primary Election Calendar and Donation Links (will be updated frequently)

MAGA believes that Drumpf is above the law.


Happy MLK Jr. Day from RFK Jr.

Chris Sununu thinks he is the most popular govenor in the country?

Boeing to increase quality inspections on 737-Max following Alaska Airlines blow out

Texans get a lot of crap here

Joey Taco withdraws from Motherfucker's trials

Is it time for a momentous and historical decision from the Supreme Court?

Jesse Watters: I "got rid" of my dog, because the dog wasn't working out.

White House targeted by swatting call, latest in nationwide trend


House Republicans Only Have One Way out of Their Government Funding Debacle

I don't understand

The Cowboys blow it again, and it's time for Bill Belichick in Dallas

The Media Keeps Trying to "Understand" Trump Voters Because They Don't Want to Accept the Truth About Them

How Trump went from disgraced criminal to frontrunner

Buffalo Bills ask for help shoveling snow out of stadium ahead of delayed Steelers wild-card game

In honor of Dr. MLK jr. day, starter song list. Yours?

McKay Coppins: You Should Go to a Trump Rally

Credibility rests on a leader's integrity and character. These Evangelical leaders have lost theirs.

From CNN: "Why Trump's hold on evangelicals is so hard for DeSantis and Haley to break"

The Tr**p Name Game.......

current conditions for sonora ca @ 1025 hours.

Best case Iowa scenario

Map of Texas road conditions - excellent resource -link below

Trump's embrace of far-right activist Laura Loomer worries his allies

Russia dismisses Davos discussion on Ukrainian president's peace plan

The People's Forum, NYC

Nicaragua expels Catholic Bishop Alvarez, priests amid crackdown

Who can identify these common household objects?


Trump's Scotland Golf Course Is Hemorrhaging Money And May Not Survive - Ring of Fire

Has anyone continued to test positive for Covid after 13 days?

MLK Jr. holiday celebrations are planned across the nation, but winter storm is limiting some

Usually, I'm against AI and whatnot

phew. biopsy results.

To get fresh vegetables to people who need them, one city puts its soda tax to work

To get fresh vegetables to people who need them, one city puts its soda tax to work

Columbo free on TUBI TV

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete 16th Season

Shall we dance?

RFK Jr. defends Kennedy administration wiretap of Martin Luther King Jr.

Common medical errors kill scores each year in the U.S., especially women and minorities

As more states add paid family leave, advocates say there's a need for federal policy

The newest True Detective on HBO Plus (max)

Bite mark analysis has no basis in science, experts now say. Why is it still being used in court?

God Made Trump Smell (History Falls Apart video)

Just gonna squeeze in here:

Gentle on my Mind

Just an observation

How does he know?

Hamas is claiming they executed more hostages.


White House targeted by swatting call, latest in nationwide trend

2nd tweet--like a boss:

FL-HD35: With 2 elections unfolding, who's in Central Florida and who's in Iowa?

Snow leopard & cub:

Records show Jeffrey Epstein's requests for multiple passports, travels to Africa and Middle East

Attorney Joe Tacopina withdraws from Trump's legal team

cheetah cub with her emotional support dog:

Biden administration sends Texas cease-and-desist letter on border access

Event: Meet The Democratic Candidates For Pennsylvania Attorney General

The national issue of criminalizing our mentally ill

Stormy Daniels says she's "set to testify" in Trump's New York criminal trial in March

PA-10: Eight Democrats Looking To Unseat Rep. Scott Perry Meet In First Candidates' Forum

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 16: 1950s Musicals/Star of the Month: Robert Mitchum

Here is the Project 2025 Summary everyone needs to see.

In A Caucus Do People Come Together Around A Candidate And Discuss.....

Coyote pup:

Democracy vs. the Economy

Scientists make worrying discovery while investigating Lake Tahoe: 'There's a lot of education we can do'

Here is the Project 2025 Summary everyone needs to see.

Going to be brave, but very scared

Just Had a Fascinating Discussion with a Retired Federal Judge About Trump and DQ

With a view to understanding cricket and politics in South Africa

(JEWISH GROUP) Civil rights icon Bayard Rustin, subject of Netflix biopic, was ally to Jews and Israel

Republicans increasingly divided on talk of Jan. 6 'hostages'

Holocaust memorial in Center City vandalized with swastika in act of antisemitism (Edit: Part 2)

Hamas and the Dangerous Politics of Extremism

Seeing advertisements for the United Football League, a Spring league.......

Why it would be a mistake to see Trump as the 'dove' candidate

Rick of Lincoln Project got "swatted" This has to STOP

Trump Floats Serving a Third Term

Such an insult on today of all days

Cartoons 1/15/2024

Who can identify these common household objects? Part II

If SCOTUS Makes A Decision That Favors Tr**p - Are They......

Planned Parenthood affiliate in Minnesota reaches tentative deal with union on first contract

Houthi missile fired at US warship shot down as Red Sea tensions rise

Time to boogie around the kitchen

Labor News & Commentary January 10, 2024 Google has lodged an appeal on the Fifth Circuit against the NLRB


California-bashing is a constant occurrence on Iowa campaign trail

Bills put out call for more snow shovelers to clear Highmark Stadium for rescheduled playoff game vs. Steelers

Ships and aircraft search for 2 Navy SEALs missing after mission to confiscate Iranian missile parts

Why Letting the Orange Goon Open His Big Mouth might be a Good Thing? - Steph; Glenn Kirschner

Virginia county finds 4,000 misreported 2020 votes ...

How Donald Trump convinced Republicans his problems were their problems -- again

i see the sun from my living room window and have the blinds open for maximum solar gain

Jen Psaki is so good at what she does

US interdiction activity in the Gulf of Aden leads to missing NAVY SEALs... probably dead.

It's here, forecast to continue all day here in southern MD 1/15

Tony Dungy and Brett Favre soil themselves over Taylor Swift

House GOP takes a renewed interest in Cassidy Hutchinson, Jan. 6

New results help prove that the Democrats' IRS plan is working

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Tuesday, 16 January 2024

I'm back!!!!!! I fell asleep during the procedure Had all three done. Brain scan took the longest as I had to get an

Michael Steele on MSNBC just said if Haley gets the nomination she beats Biden

Why it matters that Trump keeps talking about the 'Final Battle'

Michigan Central Station last night:

I miss Nicole Wallace. Hope she returns soon.

Teamsters Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s Struggle for Civil Rights, Workers' Rights

President Biden's day of service at Philabundance

A legal question

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 15, 2024

An Exquisite Dawn in the Bitterroot Range

TCM Schedule for Saturday, 1/20/24 - Blackboard Jungle, Rock 'n' Roll High School, Stage Fright, Fury

Very cute baby elephant wearing a plaid blanket:

Shocker: Lawyer Tacopina Thrown Under the Bus by trump

EV charging

The Psychotic Degenerate's Indianola Speech in 91 Seconds - Lincoln Project

1963 From Chicago to D.C. Studs Terkel boarded a Train the the March on Washington for Rev. Martin Luther King Jr .

deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin / Jaded (2007)

Woman killed, 17 wounded in car-ramming, stabbing spree by 2 terrorists in Ra'anana (Central Israel)

Bang Bang BoBo moving districts - found on facebook

Just spent some quality time with the porch kitcats

Easterly view of creek, southern MD

What have we done to deserve Marjorie Taylor Greene?

NY man arrested for allegedly spray-painting squirrels red after trapping them

its nice to see mr sun in sonora ca .

SUBS tab keeps turning yellow

'Why?': Remembering Nina Simone's Tribute To The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The MAGA story of the poor grandmother unfairly facing prison because of Jan 6

Let's go Bills!

Sprouting, due to recent 'warm' weather, southern MD

Metal Monday! Black Sabbath - Back Street Kids

Houston is shutting down due to the ice

Personally I don't think Nikki Haley would do better than Trump.

The Left Behind

'We will fight,' Harris says in MLK Day speech, warning of threats to US freedom

"Free at last, they took your life. They could not take your pride."

Biden administration sends Texas cease-and-desist letter on border access

Wisconsin Republicans' large majorities expected to shrink under new legislative maps

John McEnroe mocked the idea of Saudi Arabia hosting the 2024 WTA Finals. "Because they treat women so well?"

💲Inequality: World's 5 Richest Men Double Their Money As Poor Get Poorer -1st Trillionaire Within 10 Yrs

Only 1.5 hours til the end of those gawd-awful repugnant commercials

Battle over Trump's placement on presidential ballot has arrived in Washington state

Donald Trump Had THIS To Say To Iowa Voters

I'm thinking more than half

I got a reddit suspension!

Monday night is hubby's turn to cook. But, now that Monday night football is on, that will have to change.

Loses three lawyers in one day

Stormy Daniels set to testify in March criminal trial

In a democratic nation, the Constitution should trump Trump (14.3)...

Anybody else feel like this?

NJ's house cleaners, other domestic workers to see $15.13 minimum wage, other protections

Trump's 'Miracle Covid Cure' Linked to 17,000 Deaths

Anybody having trouble with weather channel internet site?

VP Kamala Harris tells voters to continue MLK's fight at the ballot box

Jim Jordan Gets Eviscerated To His Face On House Floor