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It seems to me, in light of all the breathless Iowa coverage, that polls are skewed against Biden.

Poland's crucial local elections will be held in April, newly appointed prime minister says

Fani Willis at Big Bethel AME Church

UK: Labour suspends London by-election candidate who said 'trans women are not female' after transphobia complaint

The meltdown during the 2020 Democratic Iowa Caucus was a blessing in disguise.

THIS IS IT! Trump Campaign Tested as Iowa Freezes (w/ Will Saletan) Bulwark Podcast

Most US Office Buildings More than 90 Percent Leased

Iran fires ballistic missiles at Erbil in northern Iraq, sirens heard at the U.S. Consulate

Washington state sues to block proposed merger of Kroger and Albertsons grocery chains

Republicans: Nixon destroyed any honor, Reagan destroyed any compassion, Gingrich destroyed any patriotism,

Dean Phillips appeared on X today w/Musk & hedge fund chief & Phillips backer Bill Ackman, who attacked DEI on MLK Day

Wow! That MSNBC reporter is doing a remarkable job

When You're The Only Trumper in Science Class (borrowed from Political Nation)

Believe it or not, I'm watching the Republican caucus.

On this MLK Day, we know the arc of the moral universe won't bend itself. WE need to Bend The Arc - Glenn Kirschner

LOL! There's even cult artwork of Trump leading his followers through an Iowa blizzard

Here are the 8 finalists for Seattle City Council's vacant seat

for MLK day

One thing about tonight's Iowa Republican caucuses

Trump's prison nightmare explodes in 2024: Ari Melber on 4 Trump trials & potential convictions - The Beat - MSNBC

A former Israeli hostage fears for the women she left behind in Gaza


I wonder what the age breakdown of those voting tonite?

'A potential win for Nikki Haley' - GOP primary could become a head to head matchup after Iowa - Deadline - MSNBC

Explosions reported near US Consulate in Iraq; Iran claims responsibility

Colorful expressions?

Does anyone else sometimes get anxiety from all this Trump dictator and final battle cult stuff?

Where to watch Iwa Caucus online?


When do we start getting actual results?

Listening to Nikki Haley on MSNBC at caucus.

Trump rolls out the 'MAGA superstar shuttle' of surrogates in the final hours before Iowa Caucus - Deadline - MSNBC

No candidate has ever won the Iowa caucuses by a margin of more than 12.5 percentage points

I had to turn off the Iowa caucus coverage.

Live updates from the NY Times in Iowa:

Why is Staten Island so Republican?

Trump forced to PAY UP over FAILED lawsuit - Talking Feds

Making me nervous.

Couch Pet Potatoes K.C & Shadow

Bond Street - Burt Bacharach (original Casino Royale version)

Couch Pet Potatoes K.C. & Shadow

MSNBC just declared for trump...

AP calls Iowa for sh*tbag...

Work To Do - AWB

Claire McCaskill on Nikki Haley: 'She may be getting serious about running against Trump' - Deadline - MSNBC

You've Made Me So Very Happy - Blood, Sweat & Tears

Two full days in Vegas, what would you do?

Silver Threads and Golden Needles - Linda Ronstadt w/ The Eagles

Not looking forward to another year of this...

Another embarrassment for Iowa as Stinky comes in first

so the repugs will nominate trump

Emmy's Spoiler - one show is cleaning up

Trump now down to 54%, Haley in 2nd with 20%

I think I heard on MSNBC that there were about 50,000 fewer turnout than in 2016. nt

Freedom 'under profound threat': VP Harris warns of attacks on U.S. liberty on MLK Day - Full Speech - MSNBC

Nothing short of a nationwide de programming will fix this country

Lovely to See You - Moody Blues

Fani Willis breaks silence on accusations

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Nothing from Nothing - Billy Preston

Republican Iowa caucus results

Steve Kornacki reported that 2/3 of Republicans in Iowa think Trump is the current President.

we rate dogs: This is Benny. He noticed the weather has been pretty terrible outside. Would be a real shame if that mean

Georgia Prosecutor STRIKES BACK at MAGA Smear Campaign - Meidas Touch

Trump and the "Religion Connection"

Not a good look as pro-Palestinian protestors target a cancer hospital...

I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

Will Trump lose in 2024? Many Republicans oppose skeptical of legal dumpster fire - The Beat - MSNBC

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 17: Adventure/Spotlight: Columbia Pictures 100 Years - The 1960s and 1970s

MSNBC interviewed a caucus organizer

The Delusional Narcissist wins Iowa- The Lincoln Project

No Surprise!!! Nazi Party Selects Hitler

You had one chance Iowa, one

SHOCKING: Trump Urges Iowa Caucus To Vote For Fascism - Thom Hartmann

BREAKING: Trump wins Iowa Republican caucus, NBC News projects - Iowa Caucus - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

California experienced a flurry of small earthquakes in the 30th anniversary month of the 1994 Northridge quake

Good day to remember.

What are Canadians thinking regarding US voters??

Trump wins Iowa caucuses, CBS News projects - CBS News

DFT won with 70% in IA, his base used to be 35%

Decision Desk HQ: Iowa Republican Caucus results

Half of Americans agree with Trump's 'poisoning the blood' immigration rhetoric

Laura Loomer's CRAZY Idea About The Weather

Trump lawyer in NY hush money prosecution, Joey Tacopina, quits the NY case as trial date approaches - Glenn Kirschner

Take a song with the word "girl" in the title or lyric and change to squirrel. Can use Google. Mine "My Squirrel"

FINGIES CROSSED! Trumps Bets on Market Crash & MTG is NSFW!

Jan 6 made Trumpers love him even more

O hai.

The Baltimore Sun was just bought by a Nazi

Biden campaign staffs up, hires Ocasio-Cortez spokesperson

Professor Michael Clarke explains the Houthi missile strike on a US-owned vessel

A Hidden, Handmade House That's an Immersive Work of Art

It seems that Motherfucker doesn't have a total lock on Iowa

'Absolute tragedy of Ron DeSantis': Joy Reid uncorks on humiliating loss in Iowa - Iowa Caucus - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

Four good reasons to turn off TV news coverage of election results until Super Tuesday.

Renaissance Watercolours: materials and techniques

Lost TV footage of The Sweet has been recovered after 50 years (article, Andy Scott intro, 1971 TV clip)

The Baltimore Sun was bought by a Sinclair executive who loves Project Veritas and Moms for Hitler

"Baltimore Sun returns to local ownership; Life-long Marylander purchases local paper"

Two-thirds of Iowa GOP caucus-goers say Biden not legitimate 2020 winner - Iowa Caucus - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

Moltex Issued Canadian Patent for Molten Salt Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing,.

Keokuk County Iowa

Funny line from Ari Melber just now....

Trump's Potential Return: A Threat to Democracy?

'She's getting birthered by Donald Trump': MSNBC host on Haley's challenge - Iowa Caucus - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

Trump's Lawyer SUDDENLY QUITS and Dumps Trump - Meidas Touch

Trump is effectively an incumbent. If Biden got 50% in an early primary I'd be scared.

UN agency chiefs say Gaza needs more aid to arrive faster, warning of famine and disease

Best Craigslist Ad: The Fucking 1999 Toyota Corolla

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Virginia, votes, and verification....

I discovered this amazing pianist, Yuja Wang quite by accident.

This was,,,, interesting. Section 3 and the Specter of Political Violence

2023 Top 10 Worst Sandwiches on Sandwiches of History

Eagles you disappoint me

And now on to New Hampshire, the White Privilege state.

The dizzying malevolence of two days in The Hague

While eating some popcorn today I thought up a new brand name

Drivin' & Cryin', "Scarred but Smarter"

Liz Cheney was "really nervous" for this interview - Pondering Politics

Vivek Ramaswamy to end his campaign

Did Martin Luther King Jr's Warning Come True? - Thom Hartmann

Iowa Awards - The Lincoln Project

Vivek Ramaswamy drops out of the 2024 presidential race, endorses Trump

Republican humiliated on national TV over simple Trump question - Brian Tyler Cohen

The Daily Show: How to Commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Haley running against Trump/Biden now.

I'm so tired of the msm treating Trump like he's a legitimate candidate.

Former NH GOP party chair: 'I don't think Nikki Haley beats Donald Trump in New Hampshire' - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

Anti-Trump Republican Pushes Trump's Conspiracy Against DOJ After Being Criminally Indicted - Rodecast

Trump Called Out To His Face at His Own Rally! - Luke Beasley

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Red Sea and social media posts....


Trump notches a commanding win in the Iowa caucuses as DeSantis edges Haley for second place

Baltimore Sun sold to Sinclair's David D. Smith

AI Will Affect 40% of Jobs, Probably Worsen Inequality, 'Crucial' That Countries Build Social Safety Nets

He Found a Clam, A CLAM!

Vivek drops out... endorses Trump.

The headline in Iowa should be that DeSantis barely won second place, and spent a hell a lot of money in that

In Michigan, the state Republican Party had $93,000 in its bank accounts as of July 2023. A recent draft report shared b

I feel like I'm watching republicans

canned cat meal experiences?

Washington Spent $700k On Anti-Homeless Boulders - Waldorf Nation

Ramaswamy drops out: 'The more Republicans saw him, the less they liked him' - Iowa Caucus - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

Biden's approval rating drops to new low: Poll (But some good news on economy)

IL-22 Damaged Beyond Repair, Farage Says Putin Wouldn't Have Invaded If..., Putin Bribing UA Voters - Professor Gerdes

You proved it, Iowa.

In 2016, around 187,000 votes were cast in the Iowa repub caucuses.

Supreme Court set for pivotal cases that could claw back federal administrative power

Ukraine's Zelenskiy wants China to join peace summit - Reuters

Take a breather for a day or two Texas

If Biden claimed presidents need immunity,

Jon Stweart on the defence department:

Obama vet: DeSantis failed 'searing proctological exam' after Iowa rejection - Iowa Caucus - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

GOP Is Completely Screwed As Multiple State Republican Parties Head Towards Bankruptcy - Ring of Fire

MAGA Convict Sentenced For Voter Fraud - Raw News And Politics

DeSantis Brutally Mocked at His Own Event in Iowa! - Luke Beasley

Is this a good photo? I don't know...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Consulate, Iran, and information....

The flowered meadow

Jim Jordan Gets Eviscerated To His Face On House Floor - Rebel HQ

Ari Melber: Candidate Trump could be convicted in 2024 - Iowa Caucus - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

My personal reaction to the 2024 GQP Iowa caucuses.....

As Republicans fall in behind Trump, Biden faces challenge of preserving Democratic coalition - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

Trump Instantly WHINES Again over Testimony in New Trial - Meidas Touch

My mom, at age 88 was a brilliant bridge player. It's a hard game. If you can do that, you can run the country.

Harris to appear on 'The View' on Wednesday

Last weekend in San Francisco.

Fox News Liberal hands MAGA co-hosts a reality check about Biden - Pondering Politics

INDIA: With controversial temple launch, Modi to start 2024 India re-election bid

Haley appeal to independents comes with ominous parallel to McCain - Iowa Caucus - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

Trump gets nightmare news out of Iowa caucus - Brian Tyler Cohen

UK: Where the election will be won and lost: Key targets and battlegrounds

Tuesday is Election Day for Florida House District 35 special election

Critics Roast Lauren Boebert Over Dumb Climate Change Tweet - Waldorf Nation

Duluth Starbucks baristas win union election

Breakfast Tuesday 16 January 2024

countdown:"TRUMP ROMPS, TALKS ABOUT "4 YEARS AND BEYOND" - 1.16.24" (WTF?? BEYOND???????)

Trump CAUGHT trying to sow CHAOS in trial - Talking Feds

Border battle between Biden administration and Texas officials escalates - NBC News

Rep. Alexis Simpson: NHGOP waging Trump's war on abortion access

False 911 call reports a fire at the White House - MSNBC Reports

Moms For Liberty Linked School Board Member Arrested - Raw News And Politics

World Economic Forum in Davos: Ukraine Will Be Represented by Zelenskyy Himself - UATV English

Black Sea Grain Export Restored by Ukraine, Russia's Blockade Has Been Defeated - UATV English

Drone footage shows lava setting houses on fire in Iceland It was the 2nd eruption on the peninsula of Reykjanes in

Sen. Raphael Warnock on MLK's legacy - ABC News

43% of Haley supporters would crossover and vote Biden.

Will This Be Worse Than Recession? - Thom Hartmann

Judge Hits Trump with BRUTAL Ruling, Lawsuit BACKFIRES - Meidas Touch

Wordle 941 Jan 16 ***Spoiler Thread***

Senator Menendez's wife asks for separate trial from husband - filing

Biden fundraises off Trump's Iowa win: 'He's the clear front runner'

A result of the push for big SUVs Cross posted from auto.

Trump's Coup Clowns - Jan 15, 2024 Update - Raw News And Politics

Vivek Ramaswamy suspends campaign and endorses Trump

1,100-year-old feast -- with a relatable menu -- unearthed at Mayan palace in Mexico

On this day, January 16, 1945, "Night of the Living Dead" actor Keith Wayne was born.

Support Argentina's general strike against Milei's far-right offensive

Water molecule discovery will force textbooks to be rewritten

On this day, January 16, 1942, actress Carole Lombard died in a plane crash.

On January 15 or 16, 1973, the Bruce Springsteen Band performed before 25 to 50 people at Villanova.

On this day, January 16, 1938, Benny Goodman and His Swing Orchestra played Carnegie Hall.

On January 16, 1786, the Virginia General Assembly passed the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.

Top Psychiatrist DOESN'T HOLD BACK on Trump's SPIRALING Mental State - Against All Enemies

Just a reminder why someone like TFG won in Iowa

John Deere and SpaceX's Starlink team up to equip tractors with satellite internet

Explosion of ancient supermassive star contradicts our understanding of space

A Working Class Victory on the Horizon in Colombia

Someone check the election systems in Iowa for voter fraud.

Taking It to Guatemala's Streets

The other losers should say that Trump stole the Iowa Caucuses?

Patience is over! NATO prepares for war. Ukraine receives security guarantees. Kharkiv buffer zone. - The Russian Dude

Gorsuch urged to recuse himself from supreme court case over ties to oil baron

KCMO is up to -3. We will make it to 12 today. nt

On this day, January 16, 1964, Hello Dolly! opened at the St. James Theatre on Broadway.

Thousands of tractors block Berlin traffic over plans to end diesel subsidy - Al Jazeera

The reason why all those men in Iowa had to go to the hospital after voting for Trump?

An interesting perspective on Morning Joe on the Iowa Caucus, and why it isn't good news for trump.

Let this sink in

World's oldest forest is just a short drive from NYC: Grew 385 MILLION years ago and was seen by DINOSAURS

Let This Sink In

State workers protests against President Javier Milei's economic reforms - Al Jazeera

Waqra Pukara: Peru's mysterious 'horned fortress'

New Hampshire is an open primary, and if trump wins the primary in that state, I suspect that

Grandma Brings Home A Rescue Kitten

Maybe we should start referring to magats as Trump Believers.

My first novel is #1 on Amazon for new releases.

On This Day: Hitler moves into multi-room underground dwelling for 3 months - Jan. 16, 1945

Opinion: In the new Afghanistan, it's sell your daughter or starve

My novel about being Korean in a racist town during the Viet Nam war is #1 on Amazon

Tuesday TOONS

Dear National Media: Don't Look Now, But You've been Played

Russian Health Epidemic - Russia Tops Global League Table Putting More Pressure on Economy - Joe Blogs

Trump only got 51% in Iowa

Dangerously cold temps blast much of the US, keeping schools closed and flights grounded

The Republicant Primary IS The Phony Primary

CA cops blew thru stop sign at 103 mph at night, text messages show an effort to create confusion over who was driving

SCOTUSblog: The morning read for Tuesday, January 16

MLK question

He tried to have his vice-president killed.

Organizing Cmte For COP 29 - Head Of Azeri State Security, Gas Network Head, Not A Single Woman

Trump wins Iowa in landslide, but there's bad news for him - Iowa Caucus - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

After years in a cage these 'broken bears' are finally feeling the grass beneath their paws

Who Gives A Damn About Iowa

It does not matter what Slobby's followers fucking believe

Superstar Democrat Torches Marjorie Green: "I'm intentionally calling her an idiot!" - Pondering Politics

55,000 fanatic Republicans vote Trump and the media acts like he's already been inaugurated

Creature from the Black Lagoon Comic on the Way From Skybound

TRUMP ROMPS, TALKS ABOUT "4 YEARS AND BEYOND" - 1.16.24 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Boomb Tube, The Week in Comic Book Television: 1/7/2024-1/13/2024

The Rundown: January 16, 2024

Trump WEAKER Showing Than EXPECTED in Caucus - Meidas Touch

The wealth class owned media is being mean to us?

Orban Is Done? Hungary Could Be Banned from EU Vote - UATV English

Red Oak man was arrested for carrying a firearm on school grounds Monday night.

John Heilemann: Haley comes out of Iowa with enough momentum to win a primary - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Regifting a Christmas present. Unused, in original condition, and packaging.

Starving to get to heaven

Remember Michelle Bachman--anybody?

Pink hat lady from Jan 6 insurrection about to begin prison sentence believes Trump pardon will save her and others

With Donald Trump's Iowa landslide, evangelicals reveal who they really are

Israeli Tanks Storm Back Into North Gaza Areas Where They Had Withdrawn

Shocking Police Torture Case Censored; Chinese Economy: Loan Rate, Stock Moves, Baidu & Davos - China Update

Saw "Are you there God? It's me Margaret" last night.

Observation: the folks here who hate Iowa, hate Caucuses and hate Republicans.....

Russians Sent to War Call Out Putin for 'Promises Not Kept'

Porch kitcat update: Dot is back!

God Made A Dictator (Lincoln Propject)

Elon Musk demands another huge payday from Tesla

'Worse than you think it's going to be': How Trump's attacks impact the rule of law

Iowa Republicans voted knowingly, deliberately, with eyes wide open for Evil

Doctor My Eyes

Early diagnosis with nebulous symptoms. Detecting.

Indian teen invents gadget that may transform dementia care

Haley says she won't debate unless Trump is on stage

Ew, Nigel Farage was in Iowa with Trump last night

Joe Scarborough is on fire about Joe Biden: Please watch. It is a magnificent tribute to Joe

As pissed as we all are remember

How to do a search for a DU Member's posts/

'Sending a signal': CNN hosts predict what's 'fueling' Trump's new 'attitude' in Iowa speech

DHS threatens 'appropriate action' against Texas over border access

Is This Trump Trial Judge Connected To The Mob? - Thom Hartmann

Eastman To Represent CO GOP in Court Jan. 23, Says Fellow Attorney

Little Sian is proving to be quite the mouser. Toy mice, that is

On this date in 1920 Prohibition became law

I am NOT looking forward to this afternoon...

???'s 4 Rs Meme

Give It Up For My Home State!

'I'm not safe here': Schools ignore federal rules on restraint and seclusion

Roy Lanham was born on this date.

More WH for sale in a second Trump term

Recent Public Appearances Stir Health Speculation

Coyote Spotted Playing With Neighborhood Dogs Meets Another Coyote

LBJ got 48% of the vote in the 1968 New Hampshire Democratic Primary

North Korea will no longer pursue reconciliation with South because of hostility, Kim Jong Un says

Russian 'Shadow Oil Fleet' was Banned by the Arab Emirates - UATV English

Upon the horns of a dilemma

Supreme Court stays out of fight over transgender student bathroom access

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Iowa, New Hampshire, Trump, and the primary....

--- NFL Divisionals / Opening Spreads ---

Man arrested for killing dog in Falls Church may have killed other animals, farm director says

Judd Legum: Moms for Liberty activists starting taxpayer-funded charter school

A Missouri HBCU faces a reckoning after the suicide of senior leader

You raised $672.05 on January 15, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Trump ATTEMPT to THROW Lawyers UNDER the BUS has ZERO Chance - Meidas Touch

US lawmakers reach $78 bln tax deal for businesses, families

Trump damages trial begins in E. Jean Carroll defamation case

Group of 27 Shell investors co-file new climate resolution

Ohio mayor orders probe after woman alleges police raided wrong house and injured her baby

Mark Jacob: How media amnesia becomes GOP amnesty

"This is not good for Donald Trump": McCaskill eyes Iowa twist

BREAKING NEWS: Trump announces he needs "ten to twelve months" to properly mourn mother-in-law

I forget who is the dentist here but I need help understanding why all my caps are falling

"The deportations will begin at noon, Inauguration Day."

God Made a Dictator. The Lincoln Project

Capitol Police Investigating Roger Stone Remarks About Assassinating Members of Congress

Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer review - master director's passionate idealism

Florida Man Facing 91 Criminal Counts Wins Iowa Caucuses

Iowa results a reliable metric?

Elon Musk posts video of Optimus robot, gets busted for fakery

What's the "Chevron Doctrine" and Why Should You Want To Preserve It?

Lavender & Gold

Disused Door

They (repugs and magats) are going to nominate a CONVICTED RAPIST for POTUS.

'Here's the thing: this election was always going to be you and me vs. extreme MAGA Republicans.'

Rex Heuermann Faces Fourth Murder Charge in Gilgo Beach Serial Killings

Donald Trump Loses Three Lawyers in One Day

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 16, 2024)

Congress announces major tax deal to expand child tax credit and revive breaks for businesses

Find all the NC candidates running for Congress and statewide office in 2024

Thank you.....Lilly white Iowa republicans. While the majority of you went in for the insurrectionist, at least you rid

Dave Barry's Year in Review.

Hey media, in 2020 Trumpy got 97.1% of the GOP vote. Yesterday he only got 51%.

Asa Hutchinson drops out of the 2024 presidential race

Should We Be Worried About Trump's Win in Iowa? Stephanie Miller Show

New Movie 'Origin'- Filmmaker Ava DuVernay Illuminates America's Racial Caste System: NPR

Something to share with MAGAs

Congress announces major tax deal to expand child tax credit and revive breaks for businesses

Election workers 'scared to death' of threats from 'volatile' conspiracy theorists in 2024

Asa Hutchinson drops out of the 2024 presidential race

Pic Of The Moment: And They're Off!

Trump appears in court for start of new E. Jean Carroll trial - MSNBC

After 30 years, It was time to change the battery on this 1990 Ensoniq VFX-SD

Are induction stoves that much safer than gas? We tested them.

Without hyperbole, where are we sitting after the next election?

Just remember: only two who won Iowa ended in the White House: Bush II and Obama

Memorandum of Shin Bet Law Will Enable Israel's Security Agency to Spy on Journalists

Majority Of US Okay With Banning Trump From Ballots

Biden's Team Finds Way Around Brutal Abortion Ban - Majority Report

Hamas says two Israeli hostages are dead, as IDF calls videos 'psychological torture' of captives' families

New George Soros-backed, Democratic PAC aims to turn Texas blue

The most beautiful sight

New George Soros-backed, Democratic PAC aims to turn Texas blue

US Senate to vote on resolution to investigate Israeli abuses

Why are our legislators and the governor doing *nothing* about the PG&E increases?

I don't think 51% for the incumbent is anything to crow about.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 16, 2024

The Affordable Connectivity Program is being phased out starting Feb 7...

US & UK Strike Back At Houthi To Protect The Freedom Of Navigation. - Good Times Bad Times

One of the whitest and most conserative states, and he still barely pulled in 50% of the vote

Secretary Blinken: Treating Soil as a Precious Resource. Davos World Economic Forum

Saudis could recognise Israel if Palestinian issue resolved - foreign minister

I filled the bird feeders

HAARP and climate change deniers. On KO's "Countdown" this morning, he

What's the most 'disgusting' thing Donald Trump has done? LBC

Labor News & Commentary January 12, 2024 President Biden nominates a former union attorney to fill FLRA vacancy

What voting looks like when white people know only white people will be allowed to cast ballots.

Elton John has officially achieved EGOT status.

Trump grumpy about his nosebleed seat in defamation courtroom

I've decided to boycott

"The People Won": Guatemala Inaugurates Anti-Corruption President Bernardo Arvalo Despite Sabotage

The life aquatic

Trump the most 'anti-democratic' president in history, says Biden - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Is anybody besides me irritated with the "***** won Iowa" phrasing, with its

bumble shooter ? why is a umbrella called a bumble shooter and rain boots galashes ?

Talia Lavin: Abortion, Underground

Iowa, I mourn thee....

We're In a Major COVID-19 Surge. It's Our New Normal

E. Jean Carroll case: Two potential jurors say they believed the 2020 presidential election was stolen

100+ Days into Israel's War on Gaza, Doctors Demand Ceasefire to Address "Apocalyptic" Health Crisis

Sheet of ice on my car window I'm sitting inside warming it up

Nixon says, "Listen, are you going to be loyal to me or to that (expletive deleted) Constitution?"

Israel forbids doctors from speaking to UN group investigating Oct. 7 atrocities

The maga moron motto:

"Relax, you're overreacting, he is just rallying his base. Why do you have to take everything he says so literally?"

Poll: GOP voters back Trump's Hitler-like rhetoric on immigrants

Judge in the E. Jean Carroll said: "It has been determined already that Mr. Trump did sexually assault Ms. Carroll

The Juror Who Found Herself Guilty

Found on FB

It's time to stop being nice with this "poisoning the blood" garbage

The Picture of Dorian Gray ala Donald Trump

Ohio pastor arraigned after being charged for housing homeless at church

'Woke' Daughter VERSUS Trumper Father gets Chaotic

Capitol cops investigating Roger Stone over 'assassination' rant: report

We are family!

I encountered what I suspect was a dark money operative

I spot you!

Desolation Row

Meerkat flashmob:

Has anyone seen the TV show "Loudermilk?"

Neil Young - Old Man

Trump gets slapped down by appeals court as defamation trial starts

Judge blocks JetBlue-Spirit merger after DOJ's antitrust challenge

Nikki Haley says she'll only debate Trump or Biden, suggesting she'll skip NH showdown with DeSantis

Iran Fires Missiles Near U.S. Consulate in Iraq, Killing 4 Civilians

Dis MY brick!

Less than 15% of registered Iowa republicans voted in the caucus last night

Enforcing the Law to Disqualify a Violent Insurrectionist Is Good, Actually

Trump's attorney has tense exchange with judge - CNN

Palestinians will rule post-war Gaza, Israeli defense minister says

when the republican party sends its people, they're not sending their best.

BWAHAHAHA Trump Must Have Dumped A Load In The Courtroom

Whidbey Island rep wants to reduce sky-high costs for EpiPens, inhalers

There is an answer if we take it.

Is this a good time for a cuddle?

Comment: Fentanyl crisis in U.S. requires broad response

Shout out for NanceGreggs

Los Angeles Times endorses Schiff for California Senate seat

Wow! Stunning cat!

Senate Republican criticizes Trump's use of 'hostages' for Jan. 6 defendants: 'There is no comparison'

Frozen, burst pipes close schools in Lake Stevens, Camano, Edmonds

I believe this movie character almost perfectly matches up with *rump from a psychological standpoint

Posted to remind everyone.

Cartoons 1/16/2024

Puppy meets her new friend:

Opal Lee Awarded Childhood Home by Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Greene says Trump will perform 'mass deportations on day 1' if reelected

2nd Circuit Court of Appeals AFFIRMS Judge Kaplan's ruling when he rejected Trump's presidential immunity defense

Oakland schools allow COVID-positive students to attend class

Palestinian ambassador to UN calls on Non-Aligned Movement to pressure Israel to enforce cease-fire

Speaker Johnson Will Reject Senate Border Deal, Gym Jordan Predicts

Two babies:

Water is lava:

No more going wobbly in climate fight, Trump supporters vow

Trump this am in the E Jean Carroll penalty case as he was sitting in the court room posted this

Only 51% of 14% of Republicans in Iowa Expressed Their Support of TFG.

Cute overload:

CBS is going to carry the chiefs..bills game..

Taking a look at what's just below the surface of this pond:

MTG says she "can't wait to see" Trump enact plan of rounding up millions of Latinos

It must be poopy time

Dane Co. judge rules Wolfe legally in position at Wisconsin Elections Commission

Why have Rasmusssen polls been so positive for Biden? 45% approval?

Please write to your Reps and Senators - Oppose Reynold's reckless AEA plan.

With Donald Trump's Iowa landslide, evangelicals reveal who they really are

Trump's own attorney drops surprise bad news on him - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump's Iowa landslide is great news for Joe Biden: analysts

Advocacy groups are petitioning for the end of SNAP interview requirements

Pete Ricketts makes it official, files for U.S. Senate bid

It's Snowing in Iowa - The Lincoln Project

Sorry, but I'm not impressed with Cheato's landslide

Exclusive: US targets Houthi anti-ship missiles in new strike on Yemen, officials say

The New Climate Denial: How social media platforms and content producers profit by spreading new forms of climate denial

Tequila - Fred Astaire & Glam Rita Hayworth Dance 🍹 Fred & Ginger, The Carioca

Iran's Revolutionary Guard deployed in Yemen

Fani Willis speak out about trump Smear Campaign

Trump smears E. Jean Carroll on social media while sitting in courtroom

Curling on a Houston highway with trucks

After helping prince's rise, Trump and Kushner benefit from Saudi funds

Judge Asserts It's 'Determined Already' That Trump Committed Sexual Assault

Green Day Bassist Drops Blunt Reaction To MAGA Lyric Backlash

New York's top court upholds gag order against Trump in civil fraud trial

Snow 'views' in southern MD, 1/16 NBD!

Mississippi slaughterhouse is directly responsible for death of migrant teen who was sucked into machinery, OSHA says

100 + Days into Israel's War on Gaza, Doctors Demand Ceasefire to Address "Apocalyptic" Health Crisis

Trump Wins Iowa, DeSantis & Haley Far Behind, GOP Did This to Themselves! The Next Level

Education Ministry Withdraws Funding of Jewish Event Over Arab Israeli Host

GOP Promises - Granlund Cartoon

Judge denies Navarro ask for new contempt of Congress trial

An Idealistic Cop, a Forbidden Ticket and a Police Career on the Brink

Joey Taco bailed for any number of reasons, but there was another lawyer who smartly bailed....

Giving birth during a blizzard

What is bookshelf wealth? Inside the controversial new design trend

New Yorkers feel betrayed as police radio dispatches end: 'You'd hear about nine shootings a day'

TCM tonight +

It's so cold, Teslas are struggling to charge in Chicago

Pitties People Watch From Their Window Perch All Day

I mean...WTAF???

Biden, Congressional Leaders Discuss Supplemental Spending Bill Wednesday at White House

To all Friday Night Buzz Thread Loungers:

Another Trump presidency will not be easy for Canada -PM Trudeau

US Supreme Court rejects Alaska's bid to let state workers avoid union dues

Rosenberg - Iowa Another GOP Underperformance

Gov. Walz: When Trump tells you he is going to be a dictator, take that for real.

Jewish parents transfer children out of Oakland Unified over antisemitism concerns

Gorsuch urged to recuse himself from supreme court case over ties to oil baron

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about staying informed and whether you should....

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 16, 2024

Ukraine to Receive 'Thousands' of Drones as Latvia Coaxes Allies

Democrat Goes Viral with Epic Takedown of MAGA Republicans - Rebel HQ

MAde pasticcio for the first time in a while

Just a kitty and her box

More people were killed by police in 2023 than any other year in the past decade.

So Donald Trump, who is basically running as an incumbent, got the votes of 51% of 108,000 people who voted in the Iowa

Jack Smith Can Access Trump's Twitter DMs, Court Rules

Video: 12-year-old chef bakes pretzels in Yiddish

Solar modules are piling up in warehouses as a massive supply glut has slashed prices by half, IEA says

Ron DeSantis got the Republican Party wrong DeSantis's campaign appealed to a particular kind of

(JEWISH GROUP) The impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas is a high-tech lynching of an American Jew

Mallory McMorrow: Just gonna leave this here 🦁

Pro-Palestinian protester falsely claims no proof of Hamas rape on Oct. 7

New York proposes spending billions to manage migrant crisis - NewsNation

Fact you didn't know before now: Tommy Smothers had one blue eye and one brown eye.

81% Of MAGAS believe illegal immigrants are poisoning our blood.

Joaquin Castro Calls On President Biden To Federalize The Texas National Guard

Qatar, France broker deal to get aid, medication to civilians, hostages in Gaza Wednesday

RSV vaccines, who pays?

Great Backyard Bird Count reminder

Qatar, France broker deal to get aid, medication to civilians, hostages in Gaza

Lots of snow reports still arriving but looks like 3 to 5 inches is common in the area.

'Make him stop': Jury told Trump defamed E. Jean Carroll with '22 posts just today'

Fake Jerry Jones

Steve Morse, Rob Wasserman, David Grisman 1985 Merv Griffin Show

Sanders forces senators into test vote on military aid as Israel-Hamas war grinds on

A slightly different perspective on Iowa than most media.

ABC cancels New Hampshire Republican primary debate

Morning on a Mountaintop Road in the Bitterroot Range

Jokes so bad, they're good

7-Eleven Just Bought Hundreds of Mexican Restaurants

Last hike(s) of the season(s)

Putin says past U.S. elections were rigged

Brightline: NTSB investigating after 3 killed in 2 train collisions at same crossing this week

'This is not a do-over': Trump jurors told sexual abuse is undeniable in Carroll case

Today's Tiedrich rant: a bunch of dipshits held a caucus

Last Week in the Republican Party - January 16, 2024 - The Lincoln Project

The Kinks - Lola

💲Supreme Ct Cases, 'Chevron Doctrine' Threaten All Regulations on Corporations: Robert Reich

Making the equivalent of the federal minimum wage through passive income

Southern MD afternoon to sunset, 1/16

Transportation System Social Engineering Cyberattacks on the Rise

Cummins to Spend $580 Million on North Carolina Engine Plant

Clever New Lincoln Project Ad: 'God Made A Dictator'

E. Jean Carroll's Legal Team: 'donald trump has all but Destroyed her Life'

Try Not to Laugh When You Hear What Trump Just Said in This Insane Speech! - Luke Beasley

Teamsters Applaud Introduction of CARS Package on Autonomous Vehicles

75th Anniversary of the George Polk Awards for Journalism

Rooflines at sunset

I am making a Museum of unwanted gadgets/junk from any room in your home including garage. You know the "what the hell

John Fuselsang (Facts about Trump win in Iowa):

Sundown on snow

"Dems have not lost an election since August 2022."

Who is Not Watching the News Tonight?

Trump Wants Revenge and So Does His Base

Nikki Haley today, "America has never been a racist country."

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Wednesday, 17 January 2024

trump Instantly CUT OFF by FED UP MSNBC Host, CRUSHED by BRUTAL Fact-Check

Trump dumped by lawyer: Joe Tacopina bails on Trump amid legal firestorm - Decision 2024 - MSNBC

Found on Imgur 😎

trump CRUSHED by OPENING STATEMENTS in Carroll Trial - Meidas

Boeing faces audit, class action lawsuit over 737 Max 9 incident

Azymuth - Tamborim, Cuica, Ganza, Berimbau

AI can now copy your handwriting.

Trump Wants Revenge--And So Does His Base

Joe: I don't understand politicians like Trump that trash America - Morning Joe - MSNBC

US Supreme Court won't hear challenge to WA capital gains tax

Motorhead - Overkill

Neither Cheato or Nikki will participate in next debate, so

I want to talk about lying and propaganda in Politics.