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Iran attacks alleged militant bases in Pakistan; Islamabad says 'unprovoked' strikes kill 2 children

The Even Dozen Jug Band at Fordham

Trump Moves to Block Jeff Clark's Testimony

'He hasn't built a damn thing': Biden campaign co-chair blasts Trump - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Joe Biden FTW! Reminding people he's the only person who ever beat Donald Trump.

Kenya embarks on its biggest rhino relocation project. A previous attempt was a disaster

Andrew Weissmann: 'Trump's claims of victimhood aren't working in the courtroom' - Deadline - MSNBC

Grateful Dead - 11/11/73 - Winterland, San Francisco, CA

Simple question on Gaza

This Is What We Need To Keep Reminding People About Tr**p......

Nikki Haley Follows Up Cringey Civil War Remarks by Declaring the US Has "Never" Been a Racist Country

trump as King David

Trump Loses Appeal Over Blocking Access to His Twitter

"God Made a Dictator"

Chuck Grassley, 90-year-old US senator from Iowa, hospitalized with infection

Trump campaign vows to go after Nikki Haley's reputation and image in New Hampshire - Deadline - MSNBC


Toto - I will remember

MSG Exec James Dolan, Harvey Weinstein Sued for Sexual Assault

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley hospitalized for infection

Republicans pause Hunter Biden contempt push amid new talks for testimony

Proposals for new European military to stop Putin under Trump

Post Office paid out bonuses for every conviction under Horizon scandal (UK PostOffice disaster)

Trump victory in Iowa raises alarm in Berlin: 'High time to prepare'

Election workers 'scared to death' about working elections in 2024 - Deadline - MSNBC

I'm Not The One On Trial - Luckovich Cartoon

Trump's lawyers are arguing that if he killed their families they could do nothing about it

The Greg Kihn Band - The Breakup Song

US logistics firm opts for hydrogen trucks after testing and rejecting battery electric fleet

For my 10,000th post

Flood Prevention at a Richmond VA Library (hope this isn't a dup)

Indicted Trump & running from prison? See historian demolish Trump's 2024 bid - The Beat - MSNBC

Judge says No Labels can block candidates from running for offices other than president in Arizona

Tom Keen wins special election in Florida #35 seat, flipping the seat to the Democrats!

Why the cry for retribution?

God please take away Jason Kelce's pain and heartache and give it to Brett Favre

Trump Says CNN, NBC Should Have Licenses Taken Away

MAGA seditionists abuse violence, history has lessons from MLK era - The Beat - MSNBC

In E. Jean Carroll v. Trump part 2, judge orders extraordinary security measures to protect the jury - Glenn Kirschner

FBI Investigating Roger Stone For Assassination Discussions

Cate Brothers - Union Man

this is possibly the first electric hybrid . the owen magnetic.

L.A. County to pay $1.75 million to woman who alleged illegal cavity searches by sheriff's deputies

More losing? Trump starts 2024 spurned by half of GOP: Carville x Melber - The Beat - MSNBC

Ted Cruz Implodes As Winter Storm Stunt BACKFIRES In Disastrous Post

Good News, Bad News In The 2024 Election - Raw News And Politics


Tom Keen flips HD 35 from red to blue in critical Special Election

Trump Instantly LOSES IT at DAY 1 of Federal Trial - Meidas Touch

It's Snowing in Iowa. Snowing Cocaine. Lincoln Project

New Hampshire GOP debate canceled after Haley and Trump won't commit

Tweet of the Day

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Democrats ask Wisconsin's high court to consider new congressional map

Trump CAUGHT trying to sow CHAOS in trial - Talking Feds

Judge Aileen Cannon Is Quietly Sabotaging the Trump Classified Documents Case

The Beach Boys + Jeff Beck - Surf's Up

Trump left Iowa with 'profound weaknesses' -- and they aren't going away - All In - MSNBC

NM-SEN: Daughter of former GOP senator launches Senate run in New Mexico

Democrat Keen wins state House 35 special election over GOP's Booth

Authorities Investigate Threats to Democratic Lawmakers

Highest ever daily average CO2 concentration recorded at the Mauna Loa CO2 observatory.

Cat likes playing a harp.

The House G.O.P.'s Incredible Shrinking Majority

Virginia Senate elections panel debates toughening rules on 'sore losers'

Iowa voting in popcorn buckets exposes GOP 'election integrity' hypocrisy - All In - MSNBC

What in the hell is going on with Dick Morris?

Matthew Dowd points out to Joy-Ann Reid that Nikki Haley is more dangerous than Trump.

Joy-Ann Reid points out all the reasons why DeSantis' political career is over after losing Iowa.

A lawyer exposes the inconvenient truth. The numbers say the perverts are the ones pointing fingers.

MI: Petitioner seeking Whitmer recall says effort stems from his revoked driver's license

Redistricting commission begins redrawing Detroit-area state House maps

Trump must 'pay dearly for what he's done,' E. Jean Carroll lawyer tells jury - All In - MSNBC

Map with 2nd Black Louisiana Supreme Court district clears House committee

Republican debate canceled ahead of New Hampshire primary - CBS News

Second justice this month announces retirement from Minnesota Supreme Court

Since it looks like trump will be the rethuglican nominee,

Oregon braces for freezing rain while cold temperatures elsewhere strain electric grids

NJ: Hillside councilwoman-elect arrested on assault charges

Trump's false victory EXPLAINED. Tuesday January 16, 2024. - FIVE MINUTE NEWS

T-shirts and silver balls: Politics get mixed in with the profane at a Trump store

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Peace Train

New York state Legislature 2024 races to watch

The Iowa Analysis

Rancho Cucamonga-to-Las Vegas high-speed rail project to hire 11,000 workers

'Scared to death': Local election officials on edge ahead of 2024 vote

I hope people we realize we are full on fascism here already.

Goldman Sachs sees much stronger economic growth than consensus, dismissing Wall Street's top concern

'Trump's MAGA extremists still grip GOP': Top Dem on doomsday results in Iowa for Haley, DeSantis - The ReidOut - MSNBC

These wind chills just before 10p are brutal in and around DC

So, I heard wind that the judge in the Carroll trial has told the jury to select aliases....

A federal judge declines to block Georgia's shortened 4-week runoff election period

It's A Gas - Mad Magazine (Listen if you don't mind belching to music)

NC election board says Republican with criminal past qualifies as legislative candidate

More trans candidates face challenges running for office in Ohio for omitting their former names

Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh - Allan Sherman 1963

Explore the world without leaving town at the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Shows

Greg Abbott Is Already Killing Immigrants But He Dreams Of Shooting Them - Thom Hartmann

Antique glassware

Is This the Biggest Corporate Crime Ever Committed?

Congress moves toward preventing government shutdown this weekend

Photograph - Ringo Starr

I hate Trump more than I have ever hated anything in my life.

News about sentencing for Peter Navarro

I Feel Fine - The Beatles

Thomas Zimmer: MLK's Legacy and the Quest for a Racial Reckoning

*Simon Rosenberg discussing results, Iowa and Orlando, Lawrence show NOW.

Trump wants to pry into White House records in bid to argue politics in his Mar-a-Lago documents case

Dusty Baker taking Giants front-office role after retiring as a manager, per report

Couple of paragraphs from the latest ISW - Russia/Ukraine war update

TAKE 'EM ALL DOWN, FANI - A Parody - Cohen & Caron - Parody Project

One Of These Days - Pink Floyd

Ed O'Neill will be on Laurence O'Donell in a few minutes

So is it the Israel conflict that has Biden's approval dropping? Every other metric is improving, inflation, crime


To Sir With Love - Lulu

Lake - On The Run (Live 1977)

Florida Democrat Keen wins state House 35 special election over GOP's Booth

Florida Democrat Keen wins state House 35 special election over GOP's Booth

Young Girl - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap

The media coronation of scantily-clad Trump in Iowa.

Trump's 'fascist agenda' has 'blessing' of evangelicals wanting Euro-American ethnostate expert says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

BTO - Let It Ride

'Fantastical narrative': Trump concocts DOJ, Biden conspiracy theory in new classified docs filing - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Anybody here into credit card churning?

Oscar Aleman - Russian Lullaby

Bradley Moss: New Trump filing a political talking point dressed up with legal arguments - The Last Word - MSNBC

Free Surgeries and Prescriptions: White House Staff Got Access to Military Health Care Despite Being Ineligible

Lawrence O'Donnell: Alina Habba is the 'worst Trump lawyer to appear in court so far' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Feds seek 5-year prison term for IRS contractor who leaked Trump's tax records

Ed O'Neill: 'Slap in the face' for alma mater YSU to make GOP election denier president - The Last Word - MSNBC

Information and pictures of the volcano Cotopaxi in the Andes Mountains

countdown: "TRUMP DIDN'T "CRUSH" ANYTHING. HE WON IOWA BY 2,222 VOTES - 1.17.24"

The Raconteurs - Steady, As She Goes

Trump SABOTAGES HIMSELF inside Federal Trial - Meidas Touch

Kimmel: Trump Graciously Wins Iowa Caucus, Vivek Ramaswamy Drops Out & Guillermo Back-to-Back at the Emmys

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Kansas and the GOP not giving up....

Brian Klaas: The World is Falling Apart. Blame the Flukes.

Mike Pillow Baffled Over Fox Saying He Owes Them Millions - Waldorf Nation

"Go back to China". Full movie

Pranksters add insult to ignominy for Republican caucus losers - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Best of Ed O'Neill as Undercover FBI Agent Guest Stars Miami Vice

Trump suddenly gets dire warning sign ahead of 2024 election - Brian Tyler Cohen

Donald Trump went after Nikki Haley while referring to her by her first name, Nimrata,

'A certain kind of religion': Trump's MAGA movement hijacks evangelicalism; leaves gospel behind - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Salon article rips evangelicals for Trump support. This is what needs to be said repeatedly

1:45 AM The Longest Day (1962)

Convicted Trump Coup Plotter Denied New Trial For J6 Contempt - Rodecast

We are all assuming this election will be "normal"

We are all assuming this election will be "normal"

Everyone in the US needs to get just two things:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine and a Mainstay....

"shield your eyes, kids. it's another oversight committee hearing." LOL! (the alien super show!)

Nikki Haley Visibly Panics in CNN Interview When Confronted About Trump! - Luke Beasley

Judge Aileen Cannon Is Quietly Sabotaging the Trump Classified Documents Case

VP Kamala Harris on the potential of running against Trump again - ABC News

Gorsuch Called Out For Clear Conflict Of Interest In Upcoming SCOTUS Case - Waldorf Nation

Kimmel: John Oliver on Winning All the Emmys, Strike Force Five Podcast & Promising His Kids Pokmon Cards

Appeals Court Judge SURGICALLY DISMANTLES Trump - Meidas Touch

Alleged Trump sexual assault reported on X:

Japanese lawmaker Mito Kakizawa indicted over violation of election law

Not just president, governor: NC's 2024 elections to bring high stakes, broad political turnover

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion/DEI Under Legal Attack, Companies Quietly Alter Their Programs, Affirm Action: AP

Ex-coup leader Azali Assoumani wins re-election in disputed Comoros presidential vote

Cicadas are back in 2024: Millions from 2 broods will emerge in multiple states.

Harris dismisses concerns over Biden's appeal to Black voters

Republican cowards hit new low... but there's a silver lining - Pondering Politics

Went to my Headquarters tonight

DeSantis camp says calling his Iowa loss so quickly is 'election interference'

interesting info on putin influence on American Congressmen.

Finns start advance voting in presidential election on Wednesday

DeSantis is 'betting on criminal cases and cholesterol': Ron Filipkowski on GOP race after Iowa - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Pakistan says Iran violated airspace, killing two children

'Court appearances are politically useful': Trump in court again for civil damages trial - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Russia jails officer for buying wrong hardware to protect Crimean bridge from Ukrainian attack - TASS

Underwear Clad Man Crashes Newsmax Interview - Waldorf Nation

Trump's STUNT at Fraud Trial Makes Things WORSE for Him - Meidas Touch

UT: New details emerge in Cache County's ongoing election investigation

"Impossible to calculate": Prospector accused of damaging 1,000-year-old historical site in southern Utah

Britons living abroad regain right to vote in UK elections as 15-year rule ends

Fundraising off to slow start in fight over Missouri abortion amendment

Democrats Launch New Abortion Rights Campaign Ahead of Roe v. Wade Anniversary

Missouri abortion opponents launch effort against possible signature campaign

How a legal loophole allows anti-abortion prosecutors to obtain women's secret health data

State certifies ballot measure that would overturn Washington's carbon auction market

On the first day of the Utah legislative session, talk of changes to mail-in ballots

Circus Acts, Freak Shows Dominate GOP IA Caucuses - Rebel HQ

AZ: Mohave County supervisor asks judge to allow counties to tabulate ballots by hand

Anchorage Assembly OKs public restroom, Chugach access ballot questions

Intent to Cancel Unless Fox News is Removed from Package

California Psilocybin Initiative Won't Be On 2024 Ballot After Activists Fall Short In Signatures For Third Cycle In A R

North Dakota oil output falls by half due to extreme cold

Wisconsin Republican leader slams Democrats' proposed election maps as 'political gerrymander'

Breakfast Wednesday 17 January 2024

Trump Suffers Major Legal Defeats In State & Federal Court In New York - Rodecast

Of Non-Participation Trophies And The Radical Right.

Tommy Smothers does Jonny Carson

DOJ moves to dismiss lawsuit filed by Hunter Biden against IRS over release of his tax info

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 01/16/24

Feds seek 5-year prison term for IRS contractor who leaked Trump's tax records

Senate clears first hurdle in avoiding shutdown, votes to advance short-term spending bill

China's population drops for second consecutive year - Reuters

D.C.-area forecast: Frigid into early Thursday. Snow possible Thursday night and Friday.

Trump tries to humiliates Melania

Millionaires come together to ask for ultra-rich to be taxed more

Overdraft fees could drop to as low as $3 under new Biden proposal

If Trump is elected to President again

Al Jazeera's Wael Dahdouh arrives in Qatar for treatment

Kim Jong Un's move to raise tensions in Korean peninsula part of North's diplomatic playbook: Expert - CNA

NAZI TOWN, USA, American Experience, PBS: Preview for Tues. Jan. 23 Premier

Mar A Largo really is a Magical Place

Putin accidently admitted "something". Z-Army develops mystery offensive. Chechen base burns down. - The Russian Dude

The easiest and most convincing case against Adolf Trump

Wordle 942 Jan 17 ***Spoiler Thread***

Jordanian army accuses Israel of 'flagrant breach of international law' after field hospital in Gaza damaged

Lawrence: Alina Habba is the 'worst Trump lawyer to appear in court so far'

Trump adviser Peter Navarro faces prison after losing appeal in contempt of Congress case --

FDA clears first CRISPR treatment for a second disease, beta thalassemia

Fox Host Silences Colleagues With Trump Fail - Rebel HQ

Weekly Skews - 1/16/24 - Are Airplanes Woke Now? (No.)

Morning Joe not on Peacock Plus this morning ?

TRUMP DIDN'T "CRUSH" ANYTHING. HE WON IOWA BY 2,222 VOTES - 1.17.24 Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Reconstructed hemisphere

On this day, January 17, 1967, David Mason recorded the piccolo trumpet solo for "Penny Lane."

On this day, January 17, 1967, the Daily Mail reported that there were 4,000 holes in the roads

On this day, January 17, 1922, Betty White was born.

On this day, January 17, 1961, Patrice Lumumba was assassinated.

On this day, January 17, 1961, outgoing Pres. Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex.

Wednesday TOONs

"A Republic, if you can keep it." On this date, January 17, 1706, Benjamin Franklin was born.

Jennifer Rubin: With Trump's win, Liz Cheney and anti-MAGA GOP voters face a choice

Anybody here ever had a conversation with an AI chatbot?

On this day, January 17, 1921, Antonio Prohias was born.

When the Republican Primary was decided...

Senators reject Bernie Sanders' effort to curb Israel-Hamas war but the vote signals rising unease

On this day, January 17, 1945, Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg was taken into Soviet custody.

YOU GIVE GOV A BAD NAME - A Founders Sing Parody with Bon Jovi

He's Always a Moron (Billy Joel / She's Always a Woman song parody)

On this day, January 17, 2019, Donald Trump canceled a Congressional flight to Afghanistan.

Billionaire backers of new California city reveal map and details of proposed development

Senators reject Bernie Sanders' effort to curb Israel-Hamas war but the vote signals rising unease

Robin Vos is a damn hypocrite!

Wave of transgender slayings in Mexico spurs anger and protests by LGBTQ+ community

Gen Z Voters Say They Are Opting Out of the 2024 Election

Shooter who killed 5 people at Colorado LGBTQ+ club intends to plead guilty to federal hate crimes

Haley turns fire on Trump as GOP primary shifts to New Hampshire

We Need To Discuss This China Economic News; Population Decline; Chinese Economy - China Update

Mark Hamill

The Webcomics Weekly #266: Falling the "Verse"-es (1/16/2024 Edition)

China's population falls for a 2nd straight year as births drop even after end of one-child policy

The Weekly Pull: Avengers: Twilight, Cobra Commander, John Constantine Hellblazer, and More

The Rundown: January 17, 2024

You need a Manhattan type businessman

US set to re-designate Houthis as terror group

US set to re-designate Houthis as terror group

New Baltimore Sun owner insults staff, aims to be "more like Fox"

On This Day: Ike warns of military-industrial complex. What the numbers now reveal. - Jan. 17, 1961

I watched the "comedian" Ricky Gervais on Netflix. I guess I have

A conspiracy theorist who blamed the government for forest fires admitted that he started 14 himself

Israel's far-right wants to move Palestinians out of Gaza. Its ideas are gaining attention

Trump accuser shares why she thinks he uses the same go-to defense against victims - CNN

You raised $540.00 on January 16, 2024 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

SCOTUSblog: Supreme Court to hear major case on power of federal agencies

GOP front-runner for North Carolina governor supported banning abortions without exceptions. Now he avoids using the 'a-

'The GOP's death cycle: How the Republican Party turns fascist' ROBERT REICH 12/7/2023

'Long overdue': US workers making Bud Light and other beers threaten strike

For Arab Israelis, Even Wartime Patriotism Is Not a Shield From Unvarnished Racism

Manchin Staffers Cash In With Big Oil

Trump Signals Plans to Go After Intelligence Community in Document Case

They say it never gets old

Republicans Whistling Past the Graveyard, The Troubling Signs from Iowa's Caucuses

Child Tax credit revived?

Sec. Austin's aid did a good job and the right thing. He had his boss's back and

Our Justice System Benefits The Rich

Meghan McCain's sexist comment shows why Nikki Haley has no chance of winning the GOP nomination

What rapper came up with these lyrics: "whole lot of right, add a little bit of wrong, and everything you work

Mt. Monadnock...from forty miles away

Trying to be informed by corporate media is like to learn to swim in two inches of water.

The resistance caucus: A Democrat goes through the looking glass in Iowa

Question about following members

Imagine if it was Biden who came out of Iowa with 51%. Imagine the media reaction compared to

Alexei Navalny today, on why he returned to Russia 3 years ago (17-tweet thread, full text in OP)

*Travel bans already issued for Western New York for today 1-17-24*

Elephant saves the day!!

On this day, January 17, 1944, the Battle of Monte Cassino began.

Deep dive? Not the MSM.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Trump's latest rewrite of history shows Jack Smith is winning

Illusive pools of information.

Americans Are Sick for More of Their Lives

Plug Placement, Darn Dog Hairs

Metaphors Journalists Live By (Part I)

Wilderness Fire Lookout Life: Moonset as Fog Forms (Sepia + Color Versions)

This or that-Bewitched. Dick York- Darrin #1 or Dick Sargent---Darrin #2 Mine is Dick York

Screw The Iowa Caucus, Day 2 Of The Trump Defamation Lawsuit

Retail sales rise 0.6% in December, topping expectations for holiday shopping

If there are any serious and patriotic Republican politicians left, the most courageous, patriotic thing for them to do

Mainstream media

My backyard in Delaware looks like a refrigerator in need of defrosting

Biden Voters Still Don't Believe Trump Will Be Nominee

Tacoma Officers Cleared in Black Man's Death Will Get $500,000 Each to Resign

An Ohio official was arrested for speaking at her own meeting. Her rights were violated, judge says

On this day, January 17, 1966, a B-52 bomber collided with a KC-135 Stratotanker over Palomares, Spain.

Supreme Court rebuffs Apple's appeal on app payments, threatening billions in revenue

Trump-appointed judges give fiery response to Jack Smith winning search warrant for ex-president's Twitter file

Think About It..

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump and the current E Jean Carroll case....

ever see two monkeys fistbump? luckily i had my camera and i got this photo a few days ago.....

Sadly, corporate media wants the big bad wolf

Aaron Rodgers or Ronald McDonald? Which Clown Would You Have Sex With? - Lovett or Leave It (NSFW)

The FAA's 737 Max probe now includes another airplane parts manufacturer

yellow headed caracaras mating in front of my wildlife blind!

Neil Gorsuch has a grudge against federal agencies. He holds their fate in his hands

You all mean so much to me

The fix is in

Why was Martin Luther so good at debating?

"He lied last month. He lied on Sunday. He lied yesterday"

trump SCREWS HIMSELF at Federal Trial with his ATTACKS

Boring But Important on the RNC

You are my sunshine by Emma Sophia (age 5)

GOP backtracks on Mayorkas impeachment appearance, demanding written testimony

ever since we lost andy, i haven't spent much time in here....

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (January 17, 2024)

Alina Habba just found out this isn't a Newsmax interview.

Does the EPA Die Today?

Baltimore Sun's new owner won't commit to print edition or keeping current staff, wants daily RW polls

Trump Pocketed Millions in Foreign Payments. Why Won't Senate Democrats Investigate?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- January 17, 2024

Why does no one talk about the hit our state workmans comp takes because of our screwed up medical

Eartha Kitt was born on this date.

Comer doesn't want to release transcripts from previous interviews with border patrol agents that might contradict GOP

Grady Martin was born on this date.


Israel's War on Journalists

A look back at future Trump voters circa 1980s

90 yr old Chuck Grassley, repub senator, in hospital for infection

Mick Taylor, one time lead guitarist for the Stones, has a birthday today.

Iowa Results Don't Mean Shit -- And Yet, That's Precisely What They Mean

Steve Earle has a birthday today.

"And God Created a Dictator" - a powerful political ad now out

Pic Of The Moment: Putting That Trump Iowa Landslide In Perspective

The Israel-Hamas War But It's Just Guys in a Bar

Name a song with a color in the title. Mine is Blue Moon.

Gideon Levy on How Israel's Press Is Failing to Cover the War's True Toll

Colts owner Jim Irsay in suspected overdose after being found unresponsive

3 officers cleared in Manuel Ellis' death will each receive $500,000 to leave Tacoma police

Trump has mystery cuts on his right hand.

Thom Hartmann: Does the EPA Die Today (at the hands of the corrupt Supreme Court?)

The Legal Crusade Against Trump with Tristan Snell - The Enemies List

sonora ca weather @ 0900

From Red Sea to Iran, Will Israel's Gaza Assault Spark Wider War?

Refugee influx due to fighting in Myanmar causes tensions at the India-Myanmar border - DW News

how to make recipes easier to read on the web

An interesting comparison to Trump's Iowa results

"Take a seat": Judge tells Trump adviser Boris Ephsteyn to clam it during Carroll trial

House GOP Hardliners Admit They Can't Stop New Spending Patch

Judge Kaplan Tells Trump To Keep His Voice Down When Talking To Counsel

I haven't seen Rhian or Rhys, this morning

Two of the country's largest transgender rights organizations will merge

I-84 remains closed Wednesday due to icy conditions

DeSantis Warns GOP Will Lose In 2024 If Election Focuses On Trump's Legal Woes

Liberal Redneck - Trump Takes Iowa

Nearly 50,000 veterans used free emergency suicide prevention in first year of program, VA says

Molly Jong-Fast: Trump doesn't just go away if you ignore him - MSNBC

God Made a Dictator

Today's Tiedrich rant: E. Jean Carroll trial, day one: Donald Trump continues to be a fucking idiot

Google promised to delete location data on abortion clinic visits. It didn't, study says

Trump's Iowa Romp Could Help Biden's Campaign With a Big Problem

Democrats label NY Republican Pilip as 'part of extreme wing' of GOP in new ad

Incest... Not... Opps... Strike That

Mike Johnson: Joe Biden's presidency is God's will

Haley says US has 'never been a racist country'

Sean Hannity Calls Rachel Maddow 'Make-Believe Journalist' In Lengthy Attack

Prescient, unfortunately.

The E. Jean Carroll I Case: Explaining Trump's Second Civil Defamation Trial

Bring back those airline snacks..

House Republicans Are Dropping Like Flies

Why is Hunter making a complete reversal

Transit advocates weigh in on Maryland's $2B transportation shortfall

Stopping car door seals from freezing - isn't there "gel"

Fox's 2024 election denial push is already underway

Notes: Virginia Railway Express approves Saturday service and fare increase

Glowers and gestures in court, then leaves to campaign

Kentucky Republican Pushes Bill to Make Sex With First Cousin Not Incest

New Study Finds Harmful Plasticizers In Most Processed Food: CBS, Consumer Reports; More

E. Jean Carroll trial: Judge tells Trump to keep his voice down

So sweet: George Conway Rat F'd trump by showing E. Jean Carrol how to file suit and linking her up with kaplan....

Low opinion of high fashion.

Blaine pet store fired woman after learning she was pregnant

Just reported on CNN. If trmp doesn't shut up in court, the Judge will kick him out.

Trump Lawyer Gets CHEWED UP by Judge in Trial Day 2

Nikki Haley peddles an implausible pitch about a 'two-person race'

US voters react to Trump's commanding Iowa win

Tesla owners say EV batteries won't charge as brutally cold temperatures hit Chicago

Lawmakers call for IRS scrutiny of Trump-backed nonprofit that aids Jan. 6 rioters

Biden administration redesignates Houthis as a global terrorist group in wake of Red Sea attacks

Iowa voting in popcorn buckets exposes GOP 'election integrity' hypocrisy.

a couple of galaxies,Bode's galaxy and the Cigar Galaxy

MAGAts are losing it beacause Pedro Pascal took his trans sister Lux Pascal to the Emmys

Trump playing with fire in Court

Wishing a happy birthday to our former first lady, @MichelleObama !

Legal help for a friend

Judge threatens to boot Donald Trump from courtroom over loud talking as E. Jean Carroll testifies

Cartoons 1/17/2024

Gaza Strip in maps: How life has changed in three months

CNN now Dean Phillips having a nice long piss on Biden. Good Old CNN

Minus-50 degrees? The coldest winter league you've never heard of

WSJ: Chinese Lab Mapped Deadly Coronavirus Two Weeks Before Beijing Told the World, Documents Show

Midnight Oil - Cold Cold Change (Live 1981)

Trump's trial in E. Jean Carroll defamation case

Texas has until the end of today to stop blocking federal access to miles of the US-Mexico border

Peope asked me about my test. I just got a call. They have to do them over as I have a bulge on my spine. Oh well.They

'Baby Shark' song used to torture teen in detention, lawsuit claims

Sound Transit seeks comment on bus changes ahead of Lynnwood Link

Feds approve 12 months of Medicaid coverage for low-income Texas moms

It's A Stunning Winter Day In SF!

Judge threatens to boot Donald Trump from courtroom over loud talking as E. Jean Carroll testifies

Icy roads close schools in Edmonds, Mukilteo, Snohomish and beyond

Iran strikes 'militant bases' in Pakistan in latest Middle East flashpoint

If the IRS worker that allowed Trump's taxes to be released is being threatened with 5 yrs in jail

Pragmatic advice on border and immigration.

Russia's intense attacks on Ukraine has sharply increased civilian casualties in December, UN says

With 'God's-eye view,' secretive surveillance flights keep close watch on Russia and Ukraine

ID, please: Costco testing scanners at entrances to keep non-members out

Climate Denialism on YouTube Has Evolved Into Something Else

Bunch of small birds flitting around.

Ukraine says Russian missiles and drones injured least 20 civilians - DW News

Nikki Haley Makes Jaw-Dropping Claim About Racism In America

My Planter Box Is Holding Up Well In The Rains

Trump Says It's 'Ridiculous' He 'Had to Leave' the White House

Labor News & Commentary January 14, 2024 the Supreme Court agrees to hear a 10(j) injunction case

Steve Schmidt- trump is Winning the Election- The Warning

Is Trump an "incumbent" or not?

GOP Congressman Jeff Duncan won't run for 8th term in his South Carolina district

The End Of Overdraft Fees? - More Perfect Union

Trump will give Ukraine 'two weeks to work out a deal with Putin' Former US ambassador

Photo: AFP journalists rally for blocked Gaza colleagues

Yellen Says Current US Economic Growth 'Vindicates' Biden's COVID-19 Pandemic Stimulus Spending

Astronomers spotted something perplexing near the beginning of time

Several people injured in factory blast in Russian's Rostov - The Guardian

How Israel Bombed Al Jazeera Journalists & Blocked Rescue of Cameraman Abudaqa Samer Until He Died

So okay, as a former middle school teacher

"I sent him to test you" Excellent anti-tfg political ad (Lincoln Project)

E. Jean Carroll takes the Stand in trump Defamation Case

Maine judge delays decision on removing Trump from ballot until Supreme Court rules in Colorado case

Snow is probable again on Friday in D.C. area. Here's how much could fall.

Apple again banned from selling watches in U.S. with blood oxygen sensor

Johnson Digs In Against Border Deal to Unlock Ukraine Aid, Defying Biden

Case to proceed against man charged in subway death of Jordan Neely

Pittie Rescued From Backyard Breeder Can't Stop Cuddling Now

Has anyone heard yet whether Kushner is making a profit with Bonesaw's 2 billion?

It's time to lock up the idiot for contempt

Kitten Who Couldn't Even Stand Decides He Wants To Walk

Replacement Theory.

Judge Kaplan asked " anyone felt Trump had been treated unfairly..." Trump raised his hand-and folks laughed......

Judge Kaplan Threatens to Remove trump from Courtroom in E. Jean Carroll Trial

Raskin says GOP blocking border deal on 'orders from Trump'

Tree of Life synagogue demolition begins ahead of rebuilding site of deadly antisemitic attack

"Hey, what about me?!"

Boy with autism tazed in his own back yard. After tazing cops express confusion about who they were chasing

Mike Johnson Urges Louisiana to Ignore Court Order

From Hairstylist to Jan. 6 Influencer: Meet the Man Helping the GOP Whitewash the Insurrection

Kitten ninja:

John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett are unsure if they should be in charge of everything

Ted Cruz Gets Ruthlessly Mocked After Embarrassing Announcement! - Luke Beasley

Kentucky Republican withdraws bill seeking legalize sex with first cousins. Refiles with changes

A Tinykittens cat Mandarin Races on the wheel!!

Does Trump Have Syphilis? - James Carville

Escaping the MAGA Movement & Deprogramming Young Conservatives (w/ Tina Nguyen) Bulwark Podcast

'Tragic absence of leadership': Beto O'Rourke slams inaction as more migrants die - MSNBC

Heat Wave!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Congress, shutdowns, and deadlines....

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 17, 2023

What I did with Тяцмp's junk mail

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Article from Alternet: tRump Upset He Has To Follow The Law

Time to boogie around that kitchen floor and make dinner

Mara Gay on Msnbc: "I hope EJ Carroll feels as powerful as she has made

James Carville: I'm humping this thing like a young dog on old furniture.

NASA Study: More Greenland Ice Lost Than Previously Estimated

So Loudermilk is going after Cassidy Hutchinson

Democrats get the news they've been waiting for in key state - Brian Tyler Cohen

Greenland losing 30m tonnes of ice an hour, study reveals

The exchanges between tfg's lawyer and the judge are astounding.

Rescue dog just wants everyone to love her

Trump Explodes After Being Ridiculed In God Parody Ad - Rebel HQ

I swear to you, in my 73 years plus as far back as I have studied, this GDMFSOB Dump is the WORST HUMAN TO INFECT THE US

Just in case dinner prep takes longer!!

The Supreme Court Is About to Seize Way More Power From Democratic Presidents

Fed's Beige Book finds signs of a cooling labor market across most of the country

Marjorie Taylor Greene Flips Out After Fani Willis Calls Her Out - Ring of Fire

Floridians Aren't Letting Bridget Ziegler Forget Sex Scandal

Every morning when I get up....

Russia protest: crowds clash with riot police as activist jailed

Looks like it's cyclone season in the Indian Ocean

Montana Supreme Court upholds climate ruling that said emissions can't be ignored

The NFL has never seen anything quite like the Eagles' warp-speed collapse

Went to my headquarters last night

5th Circuit blocks Texas' book ban because it violates the first amendment

5th Circuit will reconsider forcing Texas to remove Rio Grande migrant barrier

Ex-Abercrombie & Fitch CEO reportedly under FBI inquiry for alleged sex crimes

What will get him?

Revealed: US police prevented from viewing many online child sexual abuse reports, lawyers say

MSF has said patients and displaced civilians at Nasser hospital were forced to "flee in panic"

Still no sign of Rhian or Rhys. I'm officially very worried

Just thought I saw a Sasquatch was reaching for my I phone to record the evidence.

DC-area DUers: good sighting of the space station Wednesday evening at 6:12 p.m.

Judge Kaplan to Trump's parking lot lawyer Habba. Sit down and shut up. A thing of beauty.

Dean Martin - Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup

STOCK MARKET WATCH: Thursday, 18 January 2024

Lena Horne - Meditation

The unpacking continues.

How Trump could lose and go to prison in 2024: GOP voters wary of conviction

Republican Governors Target Children in Cruel Stunt - Pondering Politics

Jamie Dimon: Trump was right about key issues and bashing MAGA will hurt Biden

Feli from Germany: Do Germans Talk About World War II? What Do They Teach About the Holocaust?

Saw a few 'vultures' cleaning up a small animal, but camera battery died so no pics.

Green Day & Jimmy Fallon played a surprise set in a subway station last night. Paul Rodgers loved the Bad Company cover

Florida public colleges barred from using state and federal funds for DEI programs

Conservative Justices Appear Skeptical of Agencies' Regulatory Power

Green Day & Jimmy Fallon played a surprise set in a subway station last night. Paul Rodgers loved the Bad Company cover

Biden administration finalizes prior authorization changes

Cassidy Hutchinson and Ken Burns The Capitol Riots on January 6 (Video)

Predator of the United States by Eleven Films (Trump is a sick sexual predator)

Remember Pat Paulsen?

Russian Factory Fire, Don't Seize Russian Assets, & Medvedev Promises 100% Chance of Continued War - Professor Gerdes

GOP Senators Tell House Colleagues to Take Border Deal

US judge blocks JetBlue from acquiring Spirit Airlines

Substitute sunset, camera charging.

The Supreme Court Is About to Seize Way More Power From Democratic Presidents

'She's a killer': Trump eyes Rep. Elise Stefanik as a potential VP pick

You're Not Being Inaugurated - Luckovich Cartoon

Florida GOP lawmakers seek to ban rainbow flags in schools, saying they're bad for students.

Camembert is an endangered species!

North Carolina GOP Drops Crusade Against Jurist Who Questioned Racial Bias, for Now

Federal appeals court blocks Texas ban on 'sexually explicit' books in public schools

Someday he will brag, "I got away with it all..."

Houthis hit US cargo ship with drone after redesignation as global terrorists

Mitt Romney Rips 'Out of Touch With Reality' Voters Who Don't Care a Jury Found 'Trump Raped a Woman'

Former VP Al Gore unveils new global database serving as pollution watchdog: 'They have simply ignored lots of emissions

Do you monitor your kids phone use?